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Tsai Steven
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"2017-05-08 15:40:09"
One Minute Speech
\\no I am I'm I'm feeling that my company is my favorite type of I like to watch them without one I wanted is my memory allow one title please hang up Lewis Hamilton seat time allowed one long championed his breadth as one of the greatest them out long driver and on Xbox heck yeah because my Olympic visible and the film knowing and call it I want to address for you one day I want to address phone my arm if so that he won't admit it them out right now someone asked me Hera's David you can go take action probably yes at because he's in this job content with my other drop form my house kinda get aids from a long drive he's up on the sideline sorry go ahead law and if one right tell me tell me that to make your thing comes so not only way also one hot realized feel good thank you for this //

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