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"2013-05-18 23:34:38"
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\\but yes that now when we can schoolboys mas increasing I'm Brian Cassian were on at the bus home yesterday they were no doubt thinking about what they can tough that teach but just a few minutes into lunch and the bus driver collapse at the wheel on the vehicle plowed into part because passengers were understanding the ... understandably panicking but the 50 year olds calmly took control and they managed to get everyone off the bus just before it lurched backwards and crashed for a second time the driver sadly died but the margin and Brian have been pays for the quick thinking and hopefully they'll here with this ... non heroes both of you so welcoming a just to take the sat through this a little bit for us Martin tell us first time when you realized that there was actually a problem on board well we realized when we looked at Java need just hadn't got to use it was you know Paula can amend the news I just went down so we knew it of some adult that Ben and the business to start to tell it go off track a little bit not point and how was everybody else how within the past into the most starts to panic it well when it went to a pond puffin and scripted insist cara Evans went you know Poliquin what were they doing have is people shouting at him a lot you know be less upset wanting jungle off because we thought it was all there was to my action roles Brian now I think you guys took control and how how did you come the mold on this planet was going on well I I told everyone to get him off one by one then also learn all of them after we got off in both started rolling back but but to get them off model you'd you'd actually hit the emergency button here run it against the legends about yeah which did not open the doors yeah for which was quick thinking and then how did you get off the bus you know what it tells us I mean just started shouting Trevorrow Mumbai long conflict while don't panic it's gonna be okay and you just out beyond that people often then does a woman with a promise that any outside often and people started going off away you panicking that told me to sound but used guys just normal day really levels busca that's on both what we feel we such a feeling a feeling of it statement we just managed are you know funky Pavelka earlier yeah but to end run better still I came this moment ... when the I'm panic took apart and not everybody was off on the bus started to roll backwards and you actually home to it you know Superman exalting onto it you managed to sort of close told them that Bob Ryan when Tom McClintock knows why not get people off from then this is amazing bride was you actually were on the bus getting everybody all of and so forth it and then what did you do with the way of the drivers will need to turn that around and got it on curb so you took control of the steering wheel as well yeah not was so loud it introduction to overcast crossroads and into a ball aspirin sars she's sold his vision of the mayor and the fact that you stayed on the bus getting everybody else off and what they want all the passengers really thinking he did they so yeah by what they say afterwards of function said those moments and you know upset symphonic in what can be done after we all got off close to what's it been like since you've been back at school one of the men saying to the home spend our we've been going Fraser off people and out while demand that much more after this interview and I've been on the telly yeah and a new bombs ahead to the sit in the back of the eye and they always a problem guys well done absolutely amazing stuff very brave and congratulations to you both and yet it what school is it sent jumping ship it on that well I'm sure I'm very very proud of you guys welcome tastic like you so much for coming and will be proud of //

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