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"2017-10-10 22:18:15"
TANA: Empowering Youth in Yolo County
\\nnova along soon and unlike drawing Miguel is is ... in a shy very quiet shy and quiet and yet when you see the work that he does on the page try when he's drawing our he's he's making a print ... is not shy at all is exactly what it says are there any level mothers that ... harder and you don by it means workshop in that way we that for many of them it's it's that reawakening not only is that that creation culture as fundamental to formation of identity Tom a strong sense of self and really creating well sure co found I wish that are you know and then that pretty your time for that you be out in the because it wasn't I'm not just study it was a great way educate students but with the creator we were going to handle the new that will come when you phone to look down okay actual it's a massive perfect for Brooklyn but I'm a critical though music has a when you visit click it because I can you want one of my you may also they will call they will well who's going to solve we all know Miguel showed up to to the diet one day ... like so many students just just out of the blue think it was 12 or 13 he would not the really supposed to be student because he was so young we saw that he had a real talent anchor inner space because he comes so consistently because you make so much beautiful art there I think that it can take ... someone years to discover their voice as as an artist and yet is not short on ideas it's just a matter of of giving him the materials and giving him the space giving him the time now and he's able to create this is our I it makes me happy we conduct smite their way I our hope for the youth here and what is that they don't feel like woodland has a place to be escape from but that they recognize that would land in this region is very rich and that stories abound that there are issues that they can respond to and just as they have ... control and have a say over what happens in their poster that they're making in the workshop they also have a say that what happens in their community so we really want to encourage a space that that feels making hard news is a real power the I //

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