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"2017-03-30 01:43:29"
Bruce Lipton: We Communicate Through Energy
\\that the world is in a state of evolution and one I mean by evolution is not a physical evolution the humans are not going to change into something different the evolution over to really ... experiencing now is an evolution in consciousness a consciousness that has in the past separating us as individuals a consciousness of has been programmed with the belief that life is a struggle and there were out here ... to survive we have to be in competition with each other and under card and undermine and we were acting as individuals looking for our own individual power but in today's world there's a new the evolution as an up I'm evolution and expansion of we are more than just a that there is an energy involved in Newtonian physics the conventional ones that most people have learned atoms are physical particles like little granules okay 1925 physicist came to another understand because I said so what of those particles made out you called Adams and they went inside and they found they were smaller so call particles electrons protons and neutrons but that still wasn't the question goes what are they made out of that's when the world change because when quantum physicist started to say what is an electron or proton or neutron made out it's made out of energy not physical no substance then Adam is like ... nano tornado spending force field there's an illusion that we are physical entities you're an energy field I go so what the heck differences that make it I go we'll hear Sam trusting part particles I can separate here's a particle here's a particle let's talk about one particle energy just mixes altogether I'm sitting in a field of energy right now so fine made out of energy which I M. does it mean that the edge of my energy stops right here answers no and quantum mechanics iyman energy fields wherever I go I'm like a broadcast broadcasting in energy wherever you are right now you're broadcasting energy and so on a Newtonian world we grew up with this is separate from this and that's separate from this I go in a quantum mechanical world nothing except everything is an energy field with no borders to it so what I do in my world is not just what I do in my world what I do in my world is broadcast through everything else and if a resonator is in harmony with you my energy can affect your energy or my energy can actually cancel your energy everything is interconnected the chair I'm sitting on his energy the air I mean briefing with this energy I'm energy your energy we're all connected in this energy but the fact is energies are communications and we vibrate and broadcast just like a radio we're broadcasting who we are out into the field and we alter what's going on it is beyond language it's a communication has nothing to do with words this an energy that's available if you just want to feel it and I think that's the bigger issue feelings because feelings are telling you you feel good yes I'm having more energy you feel bad you feel weak I'm having less energy I sure wiser relevant it's more powerful than words energy can tell me that my with people that are supporting me because I feel good around them or do I have of little quasi feeling of this doesn't feel right to me so we have a New World that we're coming into and it's based on the energy and if you can read energy you're being guided if you can't read and urging you don't know what's going to happen next if you follow the words that's where we have been sold a bill of goods where people say yeah these are good word twentieth thank and I know I'll buy that because the words and I say yeah but if you ever stop long enough to say how do you feel about it not how what you hear about it empowers you beyond anything in the world so the wake up call now is yeah listen to people find but feel feel that people feel where you are feel is this what I wanted to do I want to do this or I want to do that I think you can ask your head an rationalize anything but I say don't ask the question your head asked the question of your heart your heart is the monitor of the vibration your heart will give you an answer more accurate about anything in your world then your rational thinking //

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