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"2016-04-23 19:48:40"
Sun Gazing Update (14 Months)
\\what is up you variety and love the foe you ambassador or of planet earth here we are again you 19 and is this an so I'm going to love sung gays and update for you ... I've been doing it for about in this body it is a practice very familiar when you start doing it you realize you're like wait a minute has there ever been a time when it wasn't doing this ... but in this body I've been selling gazing consciously for about 1415 months a 14 ... so first off on to say if you guys see my old videos ... or if you have them go check those out if you really want to get a better feel for the differences even videos that were you know 56 months ago you can see a huge difference and the way I I speak and my face and my energy my power so so I encourage you if you really want to get a like a vibrational feel for in addition to the words and other stuff I'm gonna say in this video check some older videos out that's my marketing campaign take some older videos out and get a feel see check the dates on these videos compare and be like wow this guy's changed a lot in 6 months and I attribute most of it too will besides ... following my heart and all that ... the sun as long as far as physical upgrades go but again physical upgrades go with soul upgrade it's all it's all tied it's ... it's not like the one compartment compartmentalize things ... through it they say increase energy you're not gonna really you're gonna start seeing food for what it is and it is a toy it is a pleasure it is information it's like going to watch a movie you can go either papaya whole seeds out but can get nasty with them ... it's just a papaya guys take it easy its not a pussy ... so you gonna seafood and you're going to see things for what they really are as ... informational experiences they're gonna see yourself as being a researcher here trying out different kinds of information how are you getting your information how are you nursing yourself how are you giving yourself information how are you releasing it are you eating food how are you releasing it or whatever ... and as you can make more more of the sun your era by of circadian rhythms well just you will you will find yourself waking up needing a lot less sleep waking up right before sunrise well before we because because it's almost like your body's turning on and and truly if you see the birds and all the animals most of the animals guys are very excited to see the sunrise they're all chirping and they look at you know it's like a first time it's happening every time and it really is because it will alter your perception that much by ... connecting with the sun so you'll be excited to Herald presents to welcome it again and it's and he I feel my nice boom shine and right on my heart and in these videos to he's a he's a friend of mine he's a friend of mine and ... you you will begin to feel that where ever you go ruffling 5 grade in my heart right ... where ever you go the sun will be there and you will have this intimate connection with this band and inevitably you'll find yourself connecting with ... the earth more to you know you got the male energy son female earth energy and and then you will become this ambassador of life of the cosmos of the universe C. gap band son feeding you from this this way and then the earth energies coming up scanner yet and young thing and then it's like spiraling out of your heart so wherever you go you get you too supporters your 2 biggest fans here to help stage humanities evolution here to help support you ... on your journey on our journeys helping sustain our physical bodies and help making us realize that guy we don't need to be so dependent on this food math that don't go to work and get a job have safe house so that I can eat they can even thought back on a meal and it's great to eat but you really understand Irishmen for what it is when you get it from other sources like I say food is just one section one possibility of inertia a great one so is laughter so is you know playing music so was drawing doing doing whatever so was hanging out with friends that's a meal you know if your music at her each juror you know it's not a vamp here because it's a it's a give and take it's information exchange ... the sun will just catapult your life sang gazing it will become this most exciting roller coaster that you're like how was I not even on this before and I like I like this analogy before sun gazing guys it's like remember your life before you were awake how it was just kinda like leading up to that like these little steps and you can see now with a bigger perspective more conscious you can see how certain events helped trigger you to wake up slowly and slowly degrees right boom boom as we keep Goa keep waking up ... well as just like your life felt like kind of a shadow before you woke up just like Socrates says there is Socrates or Plato the unexamined life is not worth living just as it felt like a shadow before you woke up like my life is way more fun now the same thing is going to happen with sun gazing that's another one of those big fucking band boom reality boosters breakers whatever you wanna call ... you know maybe I am in this yeah yeah so so if you're not sung gazing at do they said no keep on being sold are only I'm not bipolar is that please cast //
"2015-10-01 17:38:05"
Sun Gazing - How To Do It and Why
\\nnova Subir to planet earth whatever else is watching but the beat sounds almost setting so I figured it's as good a day as any talk about some gays in how to do it now why start off with the basics ... there's a man by the way Indian man beautiful guy named here are aids high are a here are right title members lies starts with an R. something you type in sun gazing usually the first guy that pops up ... because it is made it is like many spread the thing ... and it's great this is where I learned it from ... hero run them tech I don't know I think it's like 3 names ... but you can find amusing Indian guru ... so most of the stuff I came across a video of his is a documentary it's like an hour long so try to condense information and you know like 10 minutes ... but that's how I got started doing it ... so sensual and gazing is the practice of looking at the sun for increased well being ... just to help enrich your life ... it doesn't necessarily have to be stop do it for that by no means do you have to stop reading ... because we derive great pleasure from ... side been experimenting stop you know what's stopping I don't like stuff I like eating still little bit so anyway so essentially first our that the sun is rising in the last hour when the sun is setting so to summarize sunset ... the UV rays sun are not harmful ultraviolet rays coming from so ... are negligible they they won't affect you so it's okay to look at it and we do anyway ... so you could do this either ... sunrise said if you want to begin a practice ... so the practice involves ... day one if you decide you want to start Sunday you have nothing to lose really ... if you can find a few seconds out of your day few minutes and it's and do you know so they want to start out without 10 seconds that's all doesn't need to be anymore just 10 seconds I'm doing it right now yeah 10 so you just look at the sun like you'd look out of I don't think you can look at a painting just look at the signing of and you'll know you'll know if it's ... not harmful for your eyes you'll know this you can look at it use your eyes your eyes no so look at it so day one start off 10 seconds ... that's it look at the sun 10 seconds or so takes date 220 seconds so again find sometime you know vente children look at it for 20 seconds take 330 seconds so you keep adding 10 seconds every day ... and you do this for at least 9 months obviously you can keep doing it for your own pleasure and you probably will anyway ... because you'll come to love it I and a lot of people forget that the sun is there will be and it's a beautiful sunset and you see him just driving by like nothing's going on so by the yeah sold for 9 months you increase every day by 10 seconds and ... if you're actually doing this personally I don't I I started now adding in increments of 10 seconds but then I said you know what I'm just going to look for as long as I want you know I don't I don't want it after I can sit there with a timer so you might prefer to just you know looking at first one is the one ... but the only advice I would give for that is take some caution beginning because the sun is very strong and ... it's it's nice that take this process slowly so you can start dealing with me ... increased energy flowing ... so how does this work what's up was a big deal son lives even sun makes everything grow here and if you some of the most abundant the most abundant life forms on this planet ... I think what plants right my but I mean look they're everywhere plants trees and what if they use the computer for their lookup big trees are what they what they feed in non water and sun that water inside and of course I take an art crap part of CO 2 you know so it's a harmonious relationship ... so get some gays how does that work when you look at the sun like I am right now the sun emits ... bio photons like particles fans who were like part and these bio photons and tear your eyes when you're looking at it in your eyes in terrace a picture like this goes boom because your highs connected to your brain via the optic nerve right so clearly goes like this does some light book and it's absorbed in it goes through the eyes which is one of the quickest way ... to enter the bloodstream ever taken out thanks Steve on jackass to he was shot in the size of sugar squeeze lemon I can remember chick goes straight to the bloodstream ... so all of this energy is entering because that's what by if I mean its energy opposites the purest ... form of energy ... here because again food you know I mean it's a peer mentors the sun then come lance you know ... them is like water than plants then the things that eat the plants will Boumsong these foods you know then the animals that eat the animals and so on ... so the further down you get the food chain ... the more diluted the essence it comes that initial energy there's the the further down you go the less there is so if you want to be as healthy and if you wanna be as a lie as you possibly and you want to stick to the top of the top of that there you want to stay around the plants the water death sun ... if you still want to venture down of the animal okay then that's cool ... you know he would you money whatever here's the thing though with that with the sun gazing around month 6 and even months 5 you will you will notice a slight you will notice your appetite starts to grease and ... you may find you are a lot more sensitive to to and to things especially your own feelings certain things might not sit well with back to food so you might find surely that crease the amount of things you're putting in your body right you'll start to differently when you realize that food is not the ultimate energy source right it's just that it's a diluted ... mort dance version of what we really need ... just so you guys know there are definitely people all around the world they've documented him to they put the guy in the room the envying goes on about 420 days just to sure it was ample seating ... they had him in a hospital but about and they monitored him 2004 hours a day 7 days a week ... just to make sure because you claiming he didn't he food or drink water so they did this and he found that he wasn't not once did he drink food Patty drink water or he so and there are people who've been living for ... under its years actually and ... and decades to that have gone without water ... he gets into your own investigating and then that but it's true they won't tell you but people like that because ultimately where life beings of light right that is the ultimate source ... so doom you do this trying to sound you know by the time you get to around 9 months ... would you say you can stop because he says at that point you'll be like a battery right that's been completely charge like a bucket completely filled day by day 10 seconds 20 second with water so you become full of sunlight and then you'll you'll start radiating this out right you feel completely different any physical problems you had any emotional sings a lobby it is is that power any spine issue you might have everything no it's you'll be like you'll feel like you're on and some of them ... you know what with so at about 9 months he says I always go off track 9 months ... then you can stop completely if you one and all you have to Bob that energy of ... if you decide to stop eating like I said you don't have to technical ... all you have to do is walk every day for 45 minutes ... on earth because the camera cut out but ... like I was saying yesterday after you've done the 9 months ... keep in mind by the way that some days obviously you'll miss it you'll miss the sun will be doing some you forget about it us that's fine just pick up where you left off the next day ... it'll just take you longer to graduate sounds cool as he calls it ... and of course you can you know if it's wintertime where ever you are cold outsider if you happen to be in the car of course you can look out the look through the window it's the it's the same thing ... and ... so after 9 months all you'd have to do to maintain your energy levels because they should before by then ... and doing it anymore I don't I don't know if that's really gonna gonna help much but to just to maintain you just need a walk on earth guys can pee sand ... they can be shared but Dick grass anything that anything that's earth guys so ... says to do that for 45 minutes a day ... every day and you should be fine which is quite a bit I get that ... anyway those are his words ... this helping spread the message thanks so watching guys have fun //

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