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"2017-09-02 04:00:32"
Tucker Carlson Learns FBI Paid For Fake Russian Trump Dossier
\\well fired FBI director Jim combing may have meddled in last year's election even more than we already knew Republican senator Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham say they have found proof economy was drafting a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton of criminal wrongdoing in that email investigation even before the FBI finished the investigation or even bothered to interview Hillary Tom fitness the president's judicial watch ahead joins us tonight can this be true I think credible ... shows the investigation truly was a sham you know because we came out and said well he made the decision in July well his deputies were interviewed ... by government officials and they said well he began drafting the statement and early maybe maybe even early as April before they had interviewed 1717 key witnesses including Clinton forever they gave immunity all those witnesses and everyone was outraged and now we know why they gave immunity because they were going to prosecute anybody why I get in the way that white let ... testimony or grand juries get in the way of this a sham investigation will give everyone immunity and just proceed up attempted investigation I'm really fascinated by this part of the story which I can hardly believe it's true there's evidence apparently the FBI helped pay for the dossier on Donald Trump the Russian dossier that was published also in buzzfeed cannot be right that's right they started paying it looks like the expert behind the ... behind the dodgy dossier during the campaign right during the FBI help pay for opera research on Hitler's opponents that's right I am the firm evidently no that's true what we're trying to get answers about that we ask the FBI for documents that any payments they made to the author of the trump Russia dossier and they came back to us and they said we can't even confirm or deny whether any such documents exist so I I don't know who's running the FBI applied to the but it's certainly not someone with the interests of the American people in terms of getting some transparency about the misconduct of the FBI during the Obama administration as they were working to really nail trot out through this really are awkward and because it was for those who play conspiratorial relationship with the authors of the truck docile if that's treating here was barking about fascism fascism coming to America you know it's armed organizations like the FBI for which I have respect but it turns out there this corrupt you know this is for you this establish worry about this is that I was a good mother to her story you've got calmly protecting Hillary Clinton while targeting trump at the same time that's the intervention in the election we need to be investigating and if I were president trump I ordered the DOJ to do an audit of what the FBI just partner up to last year including reviewing the handling of the Clinton investigations and yes the handling of his investigations as well he's a victim here but the American people are too because they were abusing the political process even more so than any Russians why don't even want to believe that but if it's I'm shocked by taking time for that your //
"2017-03-25 22:07:16"
Guess What Investigation Hillary Clinton Covered Up At The State Department
\\Washington some serious allegations this morning facing the state department that's right according to internal state department memos the agency might have called off for intervened in investigation into possibly illegal and inappropriate behavior within its ranks allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals this concerns the time that Hillary Clinton was secretary of state we wanna get right to and his chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd with the latest check good morning to you good mornings of any you know there's an old saying in Washington that the cover up is worse than the crime but in this case both parts of it are disturbing allegations of prostitution and pet aphelia and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not looked into so the state department's morning is haven't responded those claims and those investigations are involved misconduct by state department officials including by an ambassador and security agents attached to then secretary of state Hillary Clinton and the allegations are that these investigations were white washed quashed all together and that those orders came from high up NBC news has obtained documents related to ongoing investigations into some disturbing allegations involving state department personnel and at least one ambassador a state department memo says the ambassador quote routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children the memo also says a top state department official directed department investigators to quote sees the investigation into the ambassadors conduct it's just one of what another document describes as quote several examples of undue influence from top //

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