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"2018-02-28 01:22:42"
\\ //
"2018-02-28 01:02:45"
#GoogleGestapo YouTube Censorship & Another Bogus Community Strike For Bullying
\\ //
"2018-02-27 23:01:17"
Abused Child Speaks Out, Mickey Arrested, Marianne May Have A No Exit Order
\\ //
"2018-02-26 17:53:07"
EX CIA Robert David Steele ET's, Mars, NASA, The Illuminati, Gates Sterilization Program & Much More
\\ //
"2018-02-26 00:58:06"
Call To Action , Secret Recording Proves Ethics Violation By Oregon DDA Ethics Violations DDA
\\ //
"2018-02-26 00:40:58"
Urgent Call To Action , Trisha DeLaurent CPS Case - Recorded Tapes Prove Misconduct By Oregon DDA
\\ //
"2018-02-25 17:48:01"
Mindblowing! Our Government Has Weaponized Lyme Disease - Proof Presented PART 2
\\ //
"2018-02-23 18:40:03"
CDC Team Lead & Responder To Ebola and Zika Viruses Goes Missing
\\ //
"2018-02-23 16:30:27"
Why Won't The MSM Talk About This ?
\\ //
"2018-02-21 19:54:34"
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Shutting Truthers Down, Fight Back ! Join Us On Bitchute, Steemit & Dtube
\\ //
"2018-02-21 18:44:36"
YouTube Censorship - Our Channel Has Been Completely Demonetized
\\ //
"2018-02-21 16:39:23"
David Hogg Disinfo Stories Circulating To Discredit Truthers & Propagate Russia Narrative
\\ //
"2018-02-20 23:46:25"
Texas Dirty Politics Huffines Vs Paxton For GOP Senate
\\ //
"2018-02-20 23:28:44"
We Don't Like Bullies, Mr Huffines - VL Endorses Angela Paxton For GOP Collin County TX Senate Seat
\\ //
"2018-02-20 00:01:13"
Former CIA Robert David Steele, Gold Backed Cryptos,China Ghost Cities - Wealth Transfer To The East
\\ //
"2018-02-19 23:34:43"
Robert David Steele In Tokyo, Trump - Deep State Update, Benjamin Fulford & Princess Kaoru Nakamaru
\\ //
"2018-02-19 16:47:18"
Getty Pics Taken @ Florida High School Dated The Day Before Shooting
\\ //
"2018-02-19 16:37:31"
Getty Sourced Pictures Dated February 13th A Day Before The Event Huh?
\\ //
"2018-02-19 01:13:42"
CNN Knew About February 14th on February 1st
\\ //
"2018-02-19 01:05:05"
This Is What Happens When They Are Mad At Me
\\ //
"2018-02-19 00:23:03"
CNN Article Posted February 1st, Mentions Parkland, Feb 14, Nashville, Feb 9 & Oxon Hill, Feb 5
\\ //
"2018-02-18 03:30:06"
PEDOGATE - Bangor Maine Mystery Murder, Tim Hotham Wants Justice For His Brother, Roderick
\\ //
"2018-02-17 23:27:39"
Pedogate Coverup - Tim Hotham Seeks to Resolve Brother's Death by Members of the Deep State
\\ //
"2018-02-17 19:15:03"
Poisoned Skies Of Fort Worth Texas, Oregon & Mulberry Arkansas - 2nd Release
\\ //
"2018-02-17 17:41:31"
The Skies Of Fort Worth Texas, Oregon & Mulberry Arkansas
\\ //
"2018-02-16 23:00:45"
Changes Are Coming Soon 2018
\\ //
"2018-02-16 18:48:36"
Are You Mentally Fit To Own A Firearm? These Changes Are Coming Soon
\\ //
"2018-02-16 00:04:33"
Sunshine Is Good - Fun In The Sun
\\ //
"2018-02-15 22:37:06"
Blocking The Sun, Protects Aerosol Mycoplasma Pneumoniae & Fungi In The Atmosphere,1968 US Army
\\ //
"2018-02-15 18:03:17"
Weaponizing The Skies With Mycoplasma Aerosols - 1968 Publication U.S. Army Medical R&D
\\ //
"2018-02-14 21:49:26"
Breaking - Florida High School Shooting - Many Deaths "From Gunfire" Being Reported
\\ //
"2018-02-14 00:50:25"
Pastor Arrested 4 Sexual Battery of a "Possessed Teen" & Extensive Research On Bio Warfare Underway
\\ //
"2018-02-10 22:31:04"
Mindblowing! Our Government Has Weaponized Lyme Disease - Proof Presented
\\ //
"2018-02-10 00:11:41"
Patents Prove , Weather Modification & Chemtrails Are REAL -You Are NOT Crazy
\\ //
"2018-02-09 23:35:44"
Conspiracy FACT, Weather Modification & Chemtrails Are REAL -You Are NOT Crazy
\\ //
"2018-02-09 19:35:12"
UPDATE - Vegas Cop Arrested For Child Sexual Assault, Guarded Stephen Paddock's Hotel Room
\\ //
"2018-02-09 17:53:26"
Las Vegas Cop Arrested For 6 Counts Of Sexual Assault of a Child Under 14
\\ //
"2018-02-09 01:23:38"
NWO - New Order of Barbarians - 1969 Lecture Reveals Diabolical Plan Of The Illuminati - 3 of 3
\\ //
"2018-02-08 22:03:36"
NWO - New Order of Barbarians - 1969 Lecture Reveals Diabolical Plan Of The Illuminati - 2 of 3
\\ //
"2018-02-08 22:02:26"
NWO - New Order of Barbarians - 1969 Lecture Reveals Diabolical Plan Of The Illuminati - 1 of 3
\\ //
"2018-02-06 23:22:05"
Author and Whistleblower, Susan Lindauer Being Targeted Again!
\\ //
"2018-02-05 22:28:35"
Dow Plunges 1175 Points on 2/5/2018 (666) After Losing 666 points On Friday
\\ //
"2018-02-05 21:14:34"
Dow Plunges 1175 Points on 2/5/2018 (666) After Losing 666 points On Friday
\\ //
"2018-02-05 17:29:03"
Our Deadly Skies - Little Rock, The Ozarks & Dallas Fort Worth - February 2018
\\ //
"2018-02-04 22:26:05"
Gowdy Jumps, Trump Train Again, Says Memo Has No Impact On Probe
\\ //
"2018-02-04 17:23:15"
BIG BANKS BUSTED For Gold & Silver Price Manipulation, but a MUCH BIGGER Problem Looms
\\ //
"2018-02-02 01:34:57"
Ex CIA, Robert David Steele, "I Will Bury Amazon, Google, Facebook & Twitter"
\\ //
"2018-02-01 18:08:50"
Monsanto - Bayer Merger -Merger, NWO Food & Pharmaceuticals
\\ //
"2018-01-31 21:02:10"
Trey Gowdy "The Boss" Calling It Quits, Will NOT Seek Re-Election
\\ //
"2018-01-28 16:51:30"
Whistle Blower Dr. Jill Jones Soderman Sins Of The Parents & The Family Courts That Protect Them
\\ //
"2018-01-27 21:19:04"
Illuminati CERN ALERT ! DUNE - Time & Space Travel & The Mystery Of Antarctica
\\ //
"2018-01-26 01:01:01"
Communication Director For Larry Nichols Gives Update On His Effort To Unite & Save The Country
\\ //
"2018-01-24 21:31:21"
US Debt Clock Drops Truth Bomb Exposing Silver's True Value As Dollar Continues To Get Crushed
\\ //
"2018-01-24 05:41:03"
Former CIA Robert David Steele, Trump VS. The Deep State Who Will Win?
\\ //
"2018-01-24 00:09:30"
New Pentagon Footage - More Proof It Was A Missile
\\ //
"2018-01-23 19:37:25"
Multiple Sclerosis Survivor, Shares Heart Warming Zeal Testimonial With VL- Tear Jerker At The End
\\ //
"2018-01-22 23:19:51"
Former CIA Robert David Steele, Remember USS Liberty & Trump VS. The Deep State Who Will Win?
\\ //
"2018-01-22 21:28:34"
Former CIA Robert David Steele, Remember USS Liberty, Hawaii Missile Was Real
\\ //
"2018-01-20 20:36:55"
Corruption In Clark County WA., Jailed & Targeted, Investigative Journalists Fight Back
\\ //
"2018-01-20 01:23:56"
Former CIA Robert David Steele "Hawaii Intercepted A Real Missile" Denise Wilbank Show
\\ //
"2018-01-19 20:23:55"
Government Shutdown Or Paid Vacation?
\\ //
"2018-01-17 19:35:55"
"New California" Looks To Secede From SH^THole California Counties
\\ //
"2018-01-15 21:57:54"
My Cardinal Messenger Returns With The Snow
\\ //
"2018-01-15 00:21:57"
The Dawn of a Revolutionary & Civil War & My Cardinal Messengers
\\ //
"2018-01-14 17:00:15"
My Rendition Of Ground Hog's Day - It's Snowing Today So Just Maybe...
\\ //
"2018-01-11 20:35:33"
2018 Flu Epidemic - Vaccination Push & Saline Solution Shortage - Bio Warfare?
\\ //
"2018-01-10 03:12:05"
Breaking - 7.5 Magnitude Major Earthquake Hits North Of Honduras
\\ //
"2018-01-09 21:41:09"
#Watchtower Pedophile Predators Exposed By NEW Church #WhistleBlower Site #FaithLeaks.Org
\\ //
"2018-01-08 23:33:37"
VL Stuck In Arkansas & What Are My Cardinals Trying To Tell Me?
\\ //
"2018-01-03 02:22:30"
2018 Will The Government Try To Regulate Bitcoin & Much More With Jeff Berwick & Kent Lewiss
\\ //
"2018-01-03 00:18:23"
Jeff Berwick & Kent Lewiss , 2018 Crypto Outlook & Why Bitcoin Is NOT A Government Creation
\\ //
"2018-01-02 17:00:41"
Trump Accuses DOJ Of Being Part Of The 'Deep State' Calls For Abedin & Comey To Be Jailed
\\ //
"2018-01-01 17:47:49"
Bogus Indictments & Disinfo In The Truth Community
\\ //
"2017-12-26 22:54:59"
Former CIA Robert David Steele – Trump, Putin & XI Must CRUSH The Deep State - Radio Snaga Naroda
\\ //
"2017-12-24 19:14:29"
A Holiday Message To All My Politically Correct Friends - Merry Whatever ?!?!
\\ //
"2017-12-24 16:54:36"
Are Russia & China Planning On Starting WW3 Soon? Trump & Putin At Odds
\\ //
"2017-12-22 18:47:14"
Something HUGE Is About To Go Down - Trump Executive Order, Bitcoin Madness & CEO Resignations
\\ //
"2017-12-19 21:18:08"
Holiday CBD Sale 60% Off - Very Small Supply Available. First Come First Serve
\\ //
"2017-12-18 02:44:23"
Is Bitcoin A Psyop Controlled By Central Bankers? Freedom.Social Founder Kent Lewiss Talks Crypto
\\ //
"2017-12-16 21:59:01"
Targeted & Attacked After Interview With Judge Anna Von Reitz - Prayers Are Requested
\\ //
"2017-12-14 23:29:49"
David Isham, Constitutional Guru and Educator Talks About CPS Issues in the System
\\ //
"2017-12-14 18:39:00"
BREAKING - FCC SHUNS 8 Out Of 10 Americans & Kills Net Neutrality - Full Onslaught On Free Speech
\\ //
"2017-12-13 00:25:35"
VL Exclusive – Doug & Joe From The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Call Out Divisive Truthers & More
\\ //
"2017-12-12 01:39:15"
Google Gestapo Hiring Another 10K To Police Videos - Join Us On Bitchute and Other Platforms
\\ //
"2017-12-12 01:01:29"
Part 2 Joe and Nikki Leta with Pamela Olsen - 5 Children Get Extorted For Cash by State of Ohio
\\ //
"2017-12-11 18:40:54"
BRIC Gold Standard Looks To CRUSH US Dollar & China's Ghost Cities, If You Build It, They Will Come
\\ //
"2017-12-11 16:31:03"
Support SRA Survivor Brice Taylor - Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Slave
\\ //
"2017-12-11 00:50:42"
Five Children Extorted For Cash by Ohio - Part 1
\\ //
"2017-12-10 22:57:51"
Author Of Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State - Joachim Hagopian Interview
\\ //
"2017-12-10 21:06:57"
Heart Of A Lion - Jailed & Threatened, LaLa Little Fights To Get Her Children Back, CPS Exposed
\\ //
"2017-12-09 15:44:26"
Why Your Body CRAVES CBD Oil - Beware ! Not ALL Cannabidiol Is Created Equal -By Request Joe Saxby
\\ //
"2017-12-09 00:01:29"
Breaking - Bomb Threat At Dallas Convention Center - Evacuated
\\ //
"2017-12-08 18:18:06"
Breaking -2 Fort Worth Schools Lockdown After Shooting- Shooter Still At Large - VL Was On Location
\\ //
"2017-12-07 18:09:04"
Apocalypse - California Wildfires - Are God's Judgments Upon The Wicked Of The Earth?
\\ //
"2017-12-07 14:19:13"
Love, Protect, Do Not Inject!
\\ //
"2017-12-06 13:49:26"
FULL Judge Anna Von Reitz interview of 120417
\\ //
"2017-12-05 23:05:25"
\\ //
"2017-12-05 21:47:03"
Exclusive- Judge Anna von Reitz - Taking Back America - Part 4 of 4 - Thank You Judge Anna :-)
\\ //
"2017-12-05 20:02:19"
Exclusive- Judge Anna von Reitz - Taking Back America - Part 3 of 4
\\ //
"2017-12-05 00:02:06"
Exclusive- Judge Anna von Reitz - Taking Back America - Part 2 of 4
\\ //
"2017-12-04 21:03:55"
Exclusive- Judge Anna von Reitz - A Country Enslaved - How We Lost Our Sovereignty Part 1 of 4
\\ //
"2017-12-01 21:57:01"
Ex CIA Robert David Steele Vindicated
\\ //
"2017-12-01 17:16:08"
TGIF !!! CBD 50% Offer Ending Soon, Kevin Harrington Shark Tank Talks CryptoCurrency .IproNetwork
\\ //
"2017-11-30 18:50:42"
#Pedogate - WorldCorpo.Net Still Actively Promoting Pedo Child Abuse Videos - Shut Them Down
\\ //
"2017-11-29 02:54:42"
Though Judge Navarro Refused To Allow It, Eric Parker Finally Speaks His TRUTH! -
\\ //
"2017-11-28 21:44:28"
#Pedogate - YouTube - Google PEDOPHILE Tolerance Called Out By Major Advertisers
\\ //
"2017-11-21 17:56:22"
Though Judge Navarro Refused To Allow It, Eric Parker Finally Speaks His TRUTH!
\\ //
"2017-11-17 14:13:57"
How Fearless Parents Won Their Children Back from DCFS
\\ //
"2017-11-16 18:12:16"
ATTENTION: How To Get Cannabidiol "CBD Oil" At MY Cost From Healthy Place Botanicals
\\ //
"2017-11-15 23:36:47"
Ex CIA- Robert David Steele - Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanist Are Toast
\\ //
"2017-11-15 19:54:17"
Update on Pizzagate Documentary by Anthony Cadorniga
\\ //
"2017-11-14 23:09:28"
Jailed Several Times & Under Gag Order, Fearless NC Mom Exposes State Sponsored Kidnapping
\\ //
"2017-11-14 21:39:15"
France Considers Making Age Of Consent 13, Wait Until You See What It Is Now
\\ //
"2017-11-14 16:30:08"
Sleezy Entertainment Industry Discussion With Sonia Poulton and Her Interview With Kaya Jones
\\ //
"2017-11-13 18:13:28"
HAARP, Nature or God ? - Update On Devastating Iran Iraq Earthquake Costa Rica and Japan Also Hit !
\\ //
"2017-11-12 18:56:44"
Breaking !!! 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Border of Iran and Iraq
\\ //
"2017-11-11 22:23:12"
Anyone Want to be Healthier, Lose Weight and Have More Mental Clarity?
\\ //
"2017-11-11 01:53:39"
Expert Talks Global Warming Propaganda
\\ //
"2017-11-11 00:11:06"
Why Your Body NEEDS Cannabidiol (CBD) - HPB Joe Saxby Talks About The Endocannabinoid System
\\ //
"2017-11-10 15:13:36"
#pizzaGate - Update - Comet Ping Pong Is NOT Being Actively Investigated Any More - My Apologies
\\ //
"2017-11-09 21:45:39"
CONFIRMED - #PizzaGate - Comet Ping Pong Under Investigation By DC Police
\\ //
"2017-11-09 14:10:48"
Who Has the "Ideology of Evil" - Judges with God Syndrome or the Bloggers He Condemned
\\ //
"2017-11-09 14:00:50"
Completing the Puzzle of the Oct 1 False Flag
\\ //
"2017-11-08 22:20:09"
PEDOGATE CHARLIE - Sheen Accused Of Raping Cory Haim On The Set Of Lucas
\\ //
"2017-11-08 20:01:33"
Ex Intel Agent Hollywood Insider Proclaims Hollywood Is Infested With Israeli Spies
\\ //
"2017-11-04 02:29:02"
VL Shirts to Patrons
\\ //
"2017-11-04 01:48:53"
EXCLUSIVE MIND BLOWING Interview W/ Judy Byington Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiple Personalities
\\ //
"2017-11-03 23:26:26"
OUTRAGE WARNING - Evil Priest Performs Abusive Baptism
\\ //
"2017-11-03 21:42:48"
COMING SOON Therapist Judy Byington's Dealings With Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiple Personalities
\\mmhm world ended out one of their fathers had been arrested by you talk to the general sought so special use a ritual abuse investigators did just been hired back he was their first arrest and they should be and said ... they they've arrested him but they're only charging him with abuse of one of our sisters and yet he's abused most of the whole family I think they're worse 7 or 9 children in the family have seen murders almost on a yearly basis when we were children we went out to different sites where they had seen murders difference they would go to the site statements our interest now childhood I wrote it down how long she was trying to she sought murder you know slight NBI it's like least not been able to get a case open on one hand her ... the FBI agent literally turned both of us down but you were here what you're explaining as the satanic ritual that sounds like horror movies what do you say to these people who think that people are making this up and it re all its conspiracies what would you say to them on the through my back I have now met nder satanic ritual abuse survivors what a satanic ritual abuse survivor is is a person who has grown up in the satanic cult once they're usually multi generational that perpetrators is chiefly the fathers sometimes the mothers satanic ceremony is priced so several different gatherings we'll do some initial gatherings where they will take children and they will right down to the lowest yeah I know you said prominent people are into this and I'm wondering how prominent are that you know are we talking about lawyers cops and congressman and as we are talking about those type of people are they gonna protect themselves and each other well that's all I do is protect themselves yes you are talking about congressman //
"2017-11-03 20:33:16"
THE ANTIFA APOCALYPSE & CIVIL WAR - Communist Thugs Demand Removal Of Trump & Pence
\\ //
"2017-11-02 23:12:52"
Introducing Zurvita (ZEAL) & Healthy Place Botanicals - Our Way Of Fighting Google Censorship
\\it looks I wrote some things down here that I want to read to you from my heart to you some things that we're working on religious wants a brother right now first what I want to thank all of our featuring supporters really appreciate yeah you know I will be contacting everyone soon to show your appreciation details will follow many of you know that June of this past year I got pretty sick and spent the month recovery I feel so much better now thank god thank you for all your prayers I also attribute my recovery personal supplement right regime because of that we have decided to share our experience and knowledge to our audience to include health and fitness that's it offsets or loss of revenue because of censorship we've partnered up with 2 health minded companies healthy place both tentacles and Serbia I am letting you know this because soon you will see as our video showcasing products from these 2 companies you know many companies contact that's about advertising on our channel if truth be known yes tell turned most of them down the fact is I will not recommend a product or service unrest and you know I have had a favorable personal experience with it yeah I feel that it will benefit other people bottom line third skills we are a true channel and we feel we were commissioned be of service to people weapon wrong work disadvantage one of the ways people are very disadvantaged despite being poisoned by either air food water prescription drugs of vaccinations and the list goes on and on our service to you in this regard is to provide supplements that have personally help the G. major in many different areas some of the benefits we have experience or a great increase in energy mental clarity and memory Chechen improve sleep overall sense of well being stress and anxiety reduction mood stabilizer and so much more I am not kidding looks really I'm not here's a cool thing about all this there's also a business opportunity for you if you are interested once again I would not even be talking about this if it wasn't something I am doing and believing very much not even a lot of these opportunities is your typical L. M. L. and model that operates like a Ponzi scheme far from it I would not risk our reputation if I didn't believe in the integrity of the leaders of both of these companies I would like to invite you to visit the links you see here on the page just an FYI from the server via a website we take 0 products every day from healthy place Britannic website we use the CBD oral riches foundation which is the foundation products in the short run a skinny coughing which I love and if you was hooked on I believe both sides have a contact us if you have any questions if you are interested in the business side of it as well email me directly victorious limits ostrich then I will answer your questions and if I don't have the answer we will engage someone Dallas Angie and I have not been excited about healthy products like he's in a very long time rats ever and so we're very impressed with the leadership of both of these companies in the business models of both students company so I mean I think that I am doing service to all of you introducing companies in these products you are really cute because they've helped us out a lot they really have I'm it was one of the major things that help me cover from a month long illness it's so la I get it out there votes are really I I'd love to hear your experiences with these products if you use them if you have any questions once again go ahead and email me at all Akan you will get you in contact with the right people because I don't have all the answers but I I do you know the people that do you so god bless you folks take care we'll talk to you soon //
"2017-11-02 22:32:59"
NV resident does personal investigation of Oct 1st False Flag
\\you know what's funny is you know there's not a lot of people talking about it anymore it's been less than a month and it seems like and not news anymore she had as he spoke like all the commotion that was going on well I see over and then I contact my my girlfriend's a nurse her hug her yeah say is the is of Italian she so this story there's so many holes in it and it's very sloppy that's why people we are wondering what is going on prior and video tapes 8 the wall any Gunn sat polls the only one that we saw with one and that was in the jet fuel tanks and now skip ahead an hour later news is no longer stating anything about and that was how the heck did they say it is one person as I went to the call I was young I stacked Hoshi and rounds and still no one there's NMO evidence of anything asking and you know that the employee that was behind the desk she says what about the shooting last night children what are we gonna get comp during the thing is there is there any discount know what happened and the answer is that the women she was over there was no shooting them all I still laugh and bringing bringing her phone with 3 video and she she goes well I hadn on the right path //
"2017-11-01 15:00:21"
PEDOS GONE WILD ! More Victims Come Forth After Kevin Spacey Apologizes For Being A Pedophile
\\given space he has been rumored to be a profile for quite some time we were too frequent Lolita island with the likes of Bill Clinton is in the news again US filmmaker Tony Montana clients you groped by the actor in a Los Angeles Mar 2003 Montana says he was left with P. T. as the first 6 months after he claims Basie forcefully grabbed his crotch it follows an allegation made by Anthony Rapp house of cards actor tried to seduce him when he was only 14 years old can speed he says he has no recollection of that encounter and we was beyond horrified yet in other reports he apologized for doing so that he was dropped so basically we have Kevin Spacey you're apologizing for being a paedophile then there's all the reports coming out though it's that Kevin Spacey has roped them try to seduce them assaulted them and we're gonna get more more these reports coming out floats yes Kevin Spacey is admitted basically that he has had a file and he's not in jail now we have the mainstream media that is reporting Casilla at warp speeds and you have to ask yourself why well my feeling is that they're trying to normalizes floats the fact that they came out Kevin spacey's come out invading and apologizing for being a paedophile and not being in jail lie empowers either peta files to do the same thing it also is desensitizing us to these type of stories when in fact votes mainstream media needs to really start addressing the SR a satanic ritual abuse aspect well Pat aphelia that is torturing Nick killing children all around the world that's what they need to be focusing our and they need to be putting these people in jail as well like Kevin Spacey yeah it's still not be walking the streets right now we'll stay out topless votes god bless you we'll talk to you soon //
"2017-10-31 13:38:28"
WHAT?!? A Halloween Baby ? VL Family & Friends Show Their Love & Wish Angie A Very Happy Birthday -
\\which you Happy Birthday they love you very much and they wanted to honor you chel day and check this stereo few have hymnbook however he you if there to for the first thing you effortless a bridge so said the relative many minimum erase all I here so great right yeah I had baby great hit per day I had later okay so the bird creation say what happy birthday to you anything you I figured you for 2324 but if you're 29 you got one more year until I start sending you a few other horrible flowers I do want to tell you one thing you're not really an adult until you reach 50 so clay hard between now and fifth when you turn 50 you'll have another 30 years which could be an adult so have fun I admire you and Jim very very much and I bless you for giving in my start with my voice bringing out the deep statement also flags are big news you guys are what American should all be like god let's wait wait guy had his say Happy Birthday Angie that number daisy very good I but but even that we are laying around and the birth my mom but it will begin and I and as one who wish you Happy Birthday and I think they they not divert them long I think you can able and hang who would you I am happy hope you have a nice thank you for everything that you have helped us I love you know I really don't know what they do not even on I have a great day well sweetheart I just want to say that I am so proud of you everything that you've done in all the hard work that you put in every single day trying to help people that can't help themselves and in 1000000 years I never thought that we'd be living this dream and that is helping you I love it you love it I'm so glad that I've met somebody that actually feels the same way that I do about life and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you god bless you Angie Happy Birthday and we'll talk to you soon //
"2017-10-26 14:26:15"
Top 5 Whistleblower in WORLD Spills Truth About World Leaders
\\what we're going to do is we're going to use it that that era life's risk yeah it's going to choke in you grew and we're gonna translate into English career and it's a really important insignia the reason it's important is it's never been done in English and just needs to be are in the well you see I was so close in the well needs to be told okay so I'm Chichen I think that's why having me again I am I'm sitting right now is in the state comptroller and the office of the ombudsman in talent the you can use a I never got and this is the right cultural and the office of the ombudsman it were in reason this request saying yeah it is every flew over coming here every week for 4 years and sitting in this office once you know once what skills are up to actually make a complaint corruption so they just stay here we we just good I'm you're gonna hear a story that should be made into a film I it's about politics it's about murder it's back here in the government accurate sheet together I the whole criminal aspect of what's been going on in Israel for a long time and and refugees actually any record brought some is actually being I'm the cloud is one of the top part was the lowest in the world and look at their last few decades so it keeps the company of people like Julia soundcheck but snow 10 and people like this and you're actually in this year really this is rock a but he's going to talk in a greater risk may I have this amazing guy knowing when you speak to her in on you know so I am just no hi my name is known Barcelona and I was reviewing whether I'm you change friends but I think the best thing to do is to ask me how to stop this week yeah yeah I do you work with us obscene you will be issued observers it's the job it was it was brought to my son using text and in just to get in officer at their taxes boutique in Israel ever since early eighties I think something like this happens I'm it well 198319801984 until the 2000 square everything is going to describe started after I was able to get what you and then he became an intelligence officer in investigation to our the record will he has defended one that she had done intelligence sources willing to work on it mafia organizations she really loved it one hope you were so mean and that there at the time with the text how would you must you want trucks it wasn't realizations agreement or not where people take drugs I could both be smuggled untaxed cigarettes I think putting a cool chick wouldn't thank she did the fish died the first dive shop right now in 2002 we will refer to a source we were not mentioned it's name the code was 207 source 270 was reference source from within was a dominatrix some money to some hussy flushing punishment we'll see no hope she looks yeah switching the slim I'm chum case number I am here this ... so skinny both seizure capture of crime you know this over smuggled cigarettes with the net worth of 25000000 don't are what we do 21000000 shekel accent you thousands which which which goes to say how useful was that source and reliable yeah she muttered she she wished that she only knows she no I repeat criminals wants to smuggle the cigarettes had links to you within the tax authority that had their own men inside it may not make it hot you will see on your one of them listed hate I also did investigate it investigative department his name was rusty you know he was in fact Russ Routt also he was the boss British would would endorse what will ensure that I could and he was the head on inquiry armor section it was like a cold beer night skill beach self that are unique about your name school okay I one day source 270 approaches right through a complex even telling listen I'm out I mean I'm exposed to criminals know about well we'll know that can account you see what you need shift that's what that's what the record he says go on like this I'm a student yes to this case I'm I'm a dead man walking right you have to do something to protect you must assume that we're gonna see what you said about you now rude to you what's next to his superiors and Texaco if you could talk people look at that school doesn't mean that you know so that we seem to be well soul bubble that tone people in the tax authority superior some referral okay started taking here started making a price being some kind of slow whistle blower even though he didn't know is it with you whistleblower and back then ladies you abolish it will see we so yeah nothing nothing's going nothing you Sir in his direction to help protect the schools I'm sure Michael was an easy thing jet you see you big danger yeah I'm started to look you approached the district attorney and the police intelligent and wrote up a short little when should you go but ... what kind of evidence to the police and to the district attorney ... will help us change the scheme don't you can I didn't think it was not just her throat to get 14 of the speed isn't politics that arm wrote a joint letter to the police and to our district attorney backing out of I'm backing up our old so recruit him wrote in and said and this letter was also sent to state control are where we are trying if you do not wish to let you put on holiness and district attorney police they receive the evidence but first they started sticking when the woman she could it be nice if you stopped really just to influence their investigation on hold since I'm nothing was investigated on the whole return that earlier on but you know what what route munition and see not all your needs looking to shoot see how the first woman she you know what happened the goats date they located the containers the containers that was smuggled because the criminals you about that they did not approach the containers they did not come to pick up the goods so no criminals were arrested you that's you put your possibility to be seen search engine what you need or another affair was in a state where they were not sexual affair sick is take suspension sexual offense against I'm I'm we can that was subject to subjected to taxi wiring they they had some kind of issues with the tax 40 and then people from Texas would be stuck there negotiating with them connecting sexual bright well what what what behind now the head of the inquiry suggestion so what you know words he committed sexual offenses in sweet women if we get rid cases yeah good luck I would say so it was he he did it on a record because it was hidden camera and it was on record on channel 11 of the 2 commercial channels it is because it was redacted it was not good not to make everyone see where is that doing so spaces were let what do you say it was on television just enough to continue it's just state studies one exposure no continuance what was she Chuck shake up you got it it you'll schlup associate what she up there but you shouldn't boo the show must sure the car or because you know we cannot yeah she will what you will succeed okay so 11 of the victims the sexual offenses she was sweet to ... the crime family a budget to name a budget is one of the top some elite families oaths organized crime the mac in Israel the mafia indisputably pick you up at you with this people know they were also active in the United States I think about your family and that when we we got in in in the US drug traffickers in the world yeah but you're would do you well done but almost you off this thing this person instead of going to trial yeah that's not unheard of to like every summer to escape every seat feeling in his job right now knowing what is right you now know what was going on so you know when you so our might cause it's just 8 Jim there's going to a show or something but I'm not sure you couldn't sleep at night he couldn't believe this is where he's working closely it was one of the people that started this year not the first people to start this investigating unix the diligence unit to work with sources and then couldn't believe that he has no question do tend to ... none of this seniors can help what's your job hope your last week so you I think Shia other SS was I'm trade just just text invoices what millions of shekels I'm between I'm crime organizations it's hard not to keep my options open we are we ate each item should or should not customer one of them not one of those affairs was linked to the crime organizational Millie name Gabrielle now the name Gabrieli's known in Israel because and the niece I think all these guys are gonna be any she was a member of the Knesset yeah 8 if you in that we could she was a member in less than that 2005 to 76 search 2002 she was a member of the press it who knows what she did what she was not requested to enable or what is the minimum number I am the name Ross hear me over the head of the investigative I departments should look on the bright set you up with the one you want to make this guy should still gets to Gabrielle properly well couldn't you clean up a whooshing shut up really if you shot about how Miley keep was supposed to investigate yeah really some early he came to celebrate in some kind of waiting a family occasion for the Gabrielle but you should in our book now they had a Christmas Eve disarming extra labor sleeve shirts with us if you don't know when you're not on it now wrote to me when I school in one of the times you went in somewhere in the house thanks to the folks we sold books numbers of their money illegal money N. they are just ceased this evidence and roughly a meal is sports said no it's got nothing to do with your investigation jonesing it you don't even mention don't even mention that you are well similarly no mail that how would you know that we must get to fortunately not gonna stop arm when it's done objectives off-again are it is that you should not feel Spain Texas but also fighting gambling casinos in all kind of illegal and a rusty amino he was an ethics OCaml yeah it sure beats Gatewood should not chalk it will you can't really family and and that your family had gambling businesses together in Israel outside both inside Israel and outside well CNN is that balance so much selling them shots it would be neat you know them well enough you should read it now soon going in Times Square little or no I don't want to do because she all what we must do not need to log so go if you know what time herb Brooks was already collecting evidence against his boss are rusty India give evidence eat has shown that I am a meal was receiving all kind of assistance and and then puts and ... what kind of things with money from it got really familial abridging yeah we had a family it was arm reached the casinos outside of Israel and he was receiving a minority owned and they shouldn't talk hotels de at the Ritz hotel in London I'm Texas of course escorts so there I am this book go set ends what else arms that's enough no it doesn't undercut time rescue meal did not know that all this information is exposed unit which would minimum 6 excellent I am rescue me out and the name we mentioned earlier thank you my good man yeah it wasn't anything both women are linked to the clip art gunman endlessly stumble when she called should we are now the director the manager so would you describe 16 years ago in the early 2 thousands it can rule you can work it was the managing editor doesn't 5 he was appointed by the minister of finance in those years was Benjamin Netanyahu and ... she and it I'm what else we can say that he was a friend of such a moment they were both working under you must be some sites like Monday anything this is how we should boil clearance should work order they are not so so so you know she gets it supershuttle right search more then you'll he was start sharing an apartment with Simone Shalom was a minister for many years very well known a throw and ... okay let's continue with the crime you could I possibly should not be done take one on do you know who doctor if you don't know if he's going to use it too tycoon in Israel until a few years ago it was so unfair so affair so come on I'm no butcher fighters in Israel and the it was a nice guy so 10 years ago who I am so you can see for you can do the tax authority and yeah loss and I took aim tax yes will double school shows how did not automobile checked out by what we do and then instead then instead of painful tax for certain delete at it approached 8 from Ruben member mentioned before and he received some kind of far reduction in the taxi had to pay worse off $400000000 1.4000000000 check sure there now is that it could take weeks workload was supposed to be that's gonna rookie Ben gill wants I took the tax authority would have been appointed scorch estimates of what you know we don't anything more than 12000000 shekel year I think I deeply concerned ... working for paper industries in Hadera not so nothing I'm still cost whistleblower we go back to where the appointment was hold 6 and he did not right so it was arrested and he was also learn acting she so he was arrested she said what she said about it I'm not so not to be cynical but should look up lunch at that time when yeah 18 room former manager of the Texas though it when he was at rest he's ... oil was very popular name by that old you don't want you to lunch and just person you is after you came chief prosecutor of the strip but at least it's a minute since they shot in December 2009 which one will Stein and I'm gonna need you to channel 2 didn't shell I mean you can I turn into the most popular channel Israel said ministry of justice eyes confirms what I should make it it will be possible a general wants you guy could you not fair but it was closed some Cornish Kristen rabbis today almost a month later he's on Hank's is ex lawyer you devised MP com's yeah I think chief prosecutor of Israel seeing other nonsense again yeah everything's drops yes coupled with what would be everything you do also against his ex client no I can tell you that formerly only it was not the one signing the dropping of charges put one of these arm wasn't it one is this if the ladies underneath them are another prosecutors but of course he had final say about everything and he was probably charge closing and dropping although goose charges okay so what should I be in the finals and also I was you know what her name was ... because host then we'll see you scrub which you yes it will go she announced a 2010 towards that there was no more case against a drum roll yeah let's look at the whole motley you double that she I'm she announced even after she received evidence from you want run out a civil tone about everything a little Intel about state who you know the tycoon is name is a ton and art you know Gretchen she'd done nothing done nothing with peace with this evidence your real age you're gonna go to die she's the solicitor all 3 states and our well you'll surely 0 shekel Dionysiou devices at the moment crossroads and find out that the charges against 18 group good looking amused on August you went to the police to find charges against against you device then who was the chief prosecutor of Israel now I am this was supposed to explain why I didn't really notice that year that was in either September 2000 so he was serious your we'll deal so it would not want to arm wrestle autumn is giving the evidence does anyone else orders it would urge he was arrested at the police station came there to give arms to give evidence to speak about the case and he was handcuffed and it was put in a cell what do you tell you if they don't know why they got ultimately squelched and what comes what charges because in some charm before equal to certain arm metal slowly pulled a corrupt person and for that some months 2 years later he was put in a cell in some you know my name well in now it's impossible to school to when he started just speaking about everything he witnessed yet nothing against them not even a bokken or speeding tickets nothing it's a whole new it was a ship shape collection recorder let's you wasn't special investigative arm Bruce new units he was helpful in the in the discovery of the movie murder experiment he had no not judge you in Israel you got all kind of loans and credits and then able to Chuck whose ideas are you received all kind of weren't commendations from his superiors about everything he's done until the coins he opened his mouth I should like to stick up it was the last to be stopped at the moment he stopped shutting up and start speaking too depressed to the police Corp I'm sure I'm sure every time you had to ... it was something that the media when he was interviewed in the media every time like that should look so good wishes she would already be short even though he was sick hormone in Kabul supported by many journalists arm in the papers are television radio even though that's it was arrested every time after a show he was contacted well you don't you don't you sometimes you work you get some rest and was detained for hours sometimes for full nights it's up in the more you hear so much so that it's there it's up yet what what you do but it's what I want you to I try to pin everything on him just find any excuse to make his life miserable I'm there was some kind of murder dramatizations in a suburb of Tel Aviv will keep much well and then you can make a glossary and then they contacted you to send to you so you and your car a few a few hours earlier they try to pin him and make his life miserable on it was like a heat you wish to where else you should you should stop everything you're doing otherwise we're going to make your life hell unit was shot a look as it shot a look at that you could not she must was not what am I would I think most courts and name once they're important names this is there is the chief armor but it's the district attorney of Tel Aviv for criminal offense in name was Ruth defeat I'll show you say what she's doing now now okay so she was I think we can hear this or for a long time she was footage used was that some of these are chief prosecutor ensure received all the evidence about everything from rock to rock tunes from his friends licensed I'm going out with one weekend she received from the police 22 boxes over everything so I think about what that was videocassettes aren't testimonials will kinds of documents really some some evidence even if it was like it's got you know about it your call sheet now the same thing Thursday okay a July we will screw it so I think that's ... it was 7/8/2000 she and her deputy bicycles monotonous it delivered 22 boxes of material evidence of documents for I'm the chief prosecutor of Tel Aviv route to beat an adept at you nothing after the weekend 2.5 days later 3 days but it was not looking dazed with just 2 weekends they closed the case they said all we read everything no kicks clinic there's no possibility in the world that they managed to read all that material in that particular week so wouldn't the just about to send out a lot of pressure you feel on the decision to close it after it was closed doesn't nothing is not yeah I'm still and then the deputy with the with the vida our deputy monotonous roughly went to the police station and I'm also and he said yes will choose to 6 you can should look women are shouldn't Shia or brittle she'll look up what you don't know it's an honor and it's so I don't feel she wants you to you saw the show wasn't she some cheap trick let's hope somewhere better next year I know how to do that but you can sure learned while munching she she other slowly aerial you can look it up a bit I am he said the trestle autumn threatens him and I'm sure the tires of his car and I am what do you think this is going to try his his his his will swept archer but he was also dealing with our kids up both crimes criminal organizations talk ... criminals really dangerous people a country are real Rico should rasi you know we should just watch over this not even feel was was sentenced to jail in America for drug trafficking in New York let us yeah look Shirazi 8 if you don't if you took very dangerous people all these people you said he's still at the top suspect from our cheap puncturing either Israel's is this bus I don't know what that was he when he was still at the tax authority comes true now they took this complaint and they used it against Russell autumn in many occasions nature are yeah I mean someone you need to clean off your warrant now I'm sorry sometime later on lesson pulled out the RDT it was some areas giraffe and yet it was the deputy US commission know the deputy deputy manager of the tax authority skull was one of them show up that was once so far and am question I read it in the police at the police station for our all kinds of criminal affairs element you when we set the station and said the truck who wrote them has wanted us some kind of loan some kind of fun improvised on you at his house yeah so that was that she now I am restaurant and had more than 100 he says 107 I'm criminal cases against it thanks if you are reliable because you is it except except assisting in enemy assisting the Iran are authorities he's been he's been ... ECUSA tossed a little yeah it's limited to email it to you but also look I'm not off the space to stock closed it's all been held only I'm just to act against it what's also fit the sluggish in itself the ghost you know remarks even though you know some starts openness about you know those times he was arrested in no case did the judge that if the evidence extends the arrests they all said there is nothing to continue their arrest this bus we was released each and every time the case is one of a close and what do you what do you think what do your subject is slim how much sensing somewhat so the hope you have some I almost 20 times it was held detained in the illegal so why do you need to he was handcuffed one insubordinate I handcuffed and led costs 2004 hours it isn't so that is all you need are unjustified many Dutch you bright walls you know banks no joy let's I know we want to know arm basic yeah we seek out things he needs problem during those arrests not say anything hello all I am you have any questions yeah not yet so he goes to the judge the judge us about these charges and the judge doesn't send them did yeah our charge and what keeps the case open when does the case get close mom I think you have to you have to approach the police and ask them to close it in many times I went to the police in its relate think they recommend to close but just the okay anything she loses it is that a tiny stars so yeah I do something police let's just what the police doesn't close you're going to watch it shot so you know what more cynical shots guy so he says several of them up police officers that arrested him all themselves I own could you fix you got it to their sense of them neighbors she there're so if one of you know one of the times in 2010 she well she knows what about something but once the school that he he doesn't get intimidated from all the arrests so it's been a sugar sugar on songs please police officer is not a policeman got into the cell check your progress along he was handcuffs and leg crossed you just sort of they caused him can caution because they're more kind of Bruce's and it was hospitalized trip hop it one role circle Shawnna didn't show up signature some and they wanted to extend the arrest even though he was hospice was because they wanted to extend yes it was a judge cooled down more so the evidence is so these conditions so it was just it was lies bigoted you you sold excludes traces of blood on on them and then you have just written and very decisive their decision we should look yeah hopefully it is then you because you didn't extend the arrest something about more when I finish school so maybe just a no other screen should exist blush let's go get it they said he was our post concussion they affirm that define us against them because there was a concussion and he was our last sentence all along the songs over here it was so I was stoned agrees face something about literature decent charge that wrote several very angry things against the tax authority against the police instantly how he was somehow found in their arm random ... random check he's the tax authority well you know it farm state so to make it Kalachuri people this ensures that you're doing rest just don't Watson because we want to use this just give it to get this out because it was something I always like sewerage so you're having something that's more important than anything he's ever done is 15 years just so you know if the judge just signed got on it did and then he still a judge or more yeah you're gonna charge anymore I don't know what's what critics they found but you know what I mean research your amateur to receive such is in communication with them or done more tells them go on you you your rights and you should continue with your whistle blowing and don stay strong okay so I'm I think now we need to tell you the story we mentioned you are source earn so little changed from little okay source 272 once in the containers containers smuggle contained what about him what happened to them to eat he thought that his show you went he testified at the police not in court but at the police about the involvement so ... a US attorney who will speak Benjamin Netanyahu Bibi Netanyahu that was the minister of finance at that time 2000 or so 2000 and she was a luncheon next he was linked to releasing the smuggle container that the owner the risk in schools this containing lists I manage the bot well she looks in it that it is not that 6:00 Pacific smuggle container I will comment house LCD arm TV screens should very very expensive the electrical equipment and they were not allowed to date calls the new order from the minister of finance Benjamin Netanyahu you testified that on camera at the police station because the real sure but you can just decide that this liquid person recruited from the from the open call someone who he said the beat I need my goodness I need my container and he receives this interview so you're much and of course Benjamin it why Benjamin Netanyahu because as a minister of finance it was in charge of the Texas court about what Sir don't you know gonna need of course this source source 270 did not receive proper protection strong this aren't the chief prosecutor of Tel Aviv route you name it we mentioned that we should be but my smashed one month after I throw them squire was kicked out system of the drugs according in may 2005 trees he's 12 years out of there your records what do you say this just seems okay physically to the investigative department at the tech school when you say I need protection now so little I I can even be arrested just arrest me to protect political criminal usually mission if you or do you approached I think because I think I can it looked both honest investigative officers showed off your mere words gosh what's on that and then the I'm weak approached because they would you know protection it wants to be it would request that you want you want to be in in witness protection even wants to be arrested for his own safety love the initial yes well you go your own way and with it since nothing treatable unless it's with women you know it don't show on him on a slow boat she's a little bit my mother she yeah I'm mistook if you want to make money elevated in a month now I just don something it but he tells me so we will not get a free dinner deputy Menachem pollutants methods roughly I'm they need hat the complaints about you will good men and they said okay we will transfer you from the destination departments you telling me you shouldn't be here why should you be you should be enough snow all sure this is where the smart will contain use your team is awesome okay so you must vote the pushed out of where he could influence but he was pushed directly to where he would instance now we're getting back to the source story what is your question documents are McCool makes money off to rest wroten was quiet so it's 270 was found did I do that and 5 well I'm a you don't go in there and not have do you think it at that David intercontinental hotel in Tel Aviv he was found in his room or one of the stories up in another town dampening run out and he was found at the floor woods little strip out now he was he was fine is room I'm or near the shore 2 of his fingernails taken out global growth bruises on his back it's the Cuban I'm gonna meet up handcuffs based on the band was just a little and the key for the room not sound until this day and the old city I know so I can set you an honorable shows is that suffocation why my own sure sure hope they should reach what street do what Mohammed and hope you do it and I'm not a whistleblower person names kind kugel who was a doctor can Google was then I'm a joke arm doctor at that logical used you to this drug when it must make you show me where they sent 6 units are you I'm sure there was no possibility for someone to commit suicide using a nylon bag put on his hat now health official cause of death it wasn't an investigation but it was not true this week investigation it was early on it was said that he committed suicide number it will show you just you know coroner rich let us come October the same offices that should have been investigated is a murder there were the ones implicated by his aunt test equipment will not on one of those people whose name Nexon glass yeah got what do you remember some of the names so so the cops that were invest my money murder where is this themselves investigated themselves as far as whether they are guilty I can expect well then thank you hadn't had a GM motives all's deeming it a suicide and not what I meant it yeah I mean on Monday but Venus no need to learn what happened that yes we do prosecuted the state of Israel so I'm sweat extension conversation because they didn't protect shut your I'm I'm the chief and the chief arm I'm witness in this court case should have been Ross you ought to but as the state knows how to do in this film armor weapons but I don't know who holds down but there were nights you chair maybe work on this really yet so okay so it was a court case in this court case could have released all the demons and then it was a message to do with it what do we know and to grow throughout the keys eat comes to testify you will be arrested inside bookcase and withheld from giving testimony about what he said I will come anyway but the result was done a deal was such a shake it with a book you know but I your days before it was supposed to to come and give me Sir testimony you know she markets we just decided to pay do you have to deal with does the plaintiffs what do we know and there was no it was no stage of evidence I am his that testimony was Chuck took what are you gonna go what do you call them national sheet which I would not want my personal stories stories like you know this is a story of our a police source I know I am I'd done a crime organization anything since so I was going to say what she does street there because you know delivering evidence delivering evidence are ever since 2003 about is he knows about pursuits it is right should the blame where it should it not me unknowable you seem to shut up or so but will just come she you know chick now the evidence was revealing so are that tax North Bay you know you know those kind of business is this ship tycoons arm criminal organizations I mean some rock mafia and all these kind of shady business says sums up to 50000000000 shekels year estimation yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's about Josh $0 $12000000000 wow or who was the best she could not now this source is code name was 30 he was recorded was on camera it should be there was a unix like a shot turning that in some kind of our onto your innocence where he has I will kind of criminal was in this event probably a name she wouldn't admit watches bomb explodes under your spell now some people will link you are I'm illegally with joints on screen one of the banks in Israel in it causing the collapse of this bank it's gonna I'm stunned me to these people it should not see a movement of you see something you see little now you discover that they are friends with this certain roughly imia any mere Rossi I mean any was shocked when he got those people are friends with Mr since the tax authority needs water warm with what little beetle she's just later on do you see through someone threw a hand grenade next to his boat from that moment on he told the police listen I'm not cooperating with you anymore I am a cool but she admitted it and you do you still do not have a source from the town of watchdog which would be the first bite there let's check you just elected you agree not to accept it you could see the amount they about or was recorded by Russell autumn on camera I'm at least units this trip so please I am want America to North Dakota yes you can yeah apparently not socialist you agreed to a deal well yeah I'm and if we if he had done partner lover that she was in some kind of business some kind of trouble with it a small trouble with tax authorities this thing was absolved and in return he was hosting it evidence you know it's a pretty much what we shouldn't consulates smugglers international which don't just look at the town of much good is aware you one of the biggest and seaports open so I'll be finishing final shot him in Oregon now we are back in school be understood dressy Emil is part of the gang not that she doesn't school scruffy a meal did not did not allow do you write your songs to use distills what are my so would it look dumb cannon jump you know how old these things are good evidence illiterate to the state comptroller of this road one which is still no which is which is well the current which is that if the current US state controller and the once before the current one is the you'll see they are in the one before him elitist scripts just gonna cut back scandalous Arab restart bait and her team I'm what you have to Marie Christine she's not and also the prosecution know that rocky wrote some of the yes I'm on it yeah text manages to actually went to prison a few months ago when I was here I know the payment of fine $20 actually trimming child I was in the lead during this time I was so blurry they aren't you you told me last year it that they're not going to stop Subic unit that's basically how it feels until they kill and they're not gonna stop execute you so what we have to address it Wagner while what I'm telling you about routes to beat we'll be a little bit sick but we the court on the quartet show him something horrible coded yes not ever since she was exposed to to get dean so fruit defeat in 2005 ever since he was telling this about her shoot everyone wants to hear at the yes it's you that I think that's it just certain members of the Knesset to depress you are the least of course you you said that to everybody not to state controller so I'm not so sure what you no one is ever really done anything yet not saying it's a bad line published in 2015 because of them really strange are strain of offense Sir change the censorship of children among us will like you get a better we need she had the connection she she armor yeah she quick I the persecution in I think 2011 around that time that you became independent lawyer and I'm she worked in the same office we've met with how long with someone who was said to be a lover which they use to work and cooperate when she was still a prosecutor and he was in the defense and now he became our well it is a crime because what he was doing it was approaching all kind of people in trouble in real trouble over and say trouble in telling them this if you do live from me money I have any connection to whatever you want when she was still the prosecutor says listen I know how it works you give me the money and you'll be straight 9 people who did you see that they should pay the money because they didn't feel that you're so we're not paying the money one of those people person from our school or and then he opened his mouth you opened its mouth and he said listen this is what I'm required to do and when we defeat was already I am an independent lawyer the person from the inside with the city police and then it's all good stuff it must outside the intended use crack bass and the question was if you would read up implicated only in things she's done this as an independent oil or could it be that she was also implicated in things she's done when she was a prosecutor now what happens if you don't mind I told story the way I understand it now 2 years ago I think it you prosecute Europe Israel one stain heat and at this time I did you want to come to one of the I man deplete he started now despite the question should you would beat me charged with things she's done while she was prosecutor this question was was waiting on the line for his decision because I think that was in the pew and everybody wanted to know is she going to be charged thing she's done one she was a prosecutor I know underscores she knows so many things that she has always yes evidence against corrupt judges for example what if you would be charged with which you can release this information and also all kind of criminals are going to say we want to be retried and once that it was like a hot potato and you didn't want to close it but he didn't know what to do so he waited until the end of his term I need recommended to close it and what you said we should close it but didn't close it and then when mantle blitz replaced him as the chief prosecutor he said well I see that you want to replace sea recommended to close it let's not get into too many details it's a very complex thing we should close so right now she's only charged with things she's done isn't independent lawyer which is really just like in the red smoke there at 10:00 tonight so some recruiting should I ask yeah arm it sounds like this there's all of these people that are high up that are involved are implicated in this corruption and a if one person goes down everybody's gonna go down that's what it sounds like so they're gonna protect them they're gonna protect each other no she did well well so how how is everybody gonna go down is my first question how do you how do you foresee that happening and what is the best way we can protect Buffy road yeah okay such question how are they going to go when I was in a sequential in Hudson V. I'm sure it looks even even if you miss a lot of shouting you okay eagle cortical that's like a Toyota dealership she wanted it so what I was watching this thing here how do we go to publishers of the clinic if that's so it's all okay suit your needs a little bit so what traditionally if you because of the evidence that structural Tim gave 2 policemen early on they did start an investigation because they didn't still know who is going to be implicated so bad wire tapping into wiretapping they heard I was one of the chief people at tech support you talking about appointments political appointments like take this person and he's a favorable from this reason or another and we will put them at the tax authority sort of without him being yet but 6 what Joe so that makes sense so they had one at that time one wire and now it looks like is there so much to love should do now I'm a very strong woman at that minute discussed a very strong woman that's how all these people get shorts at the tax authority was a woman cold shoulder socket and 4 Israelis this name is very familiar because she was the personal secretary of I would Olmert's the ex prime minister in Israel it was imprisoned for 2 years she was his faithful secretary state yes I am when he was I think it was when he was a prime minister or minister or minutes I mean we mine I mean we also so it was that for talk for certain time also almost Olmert you was the minister of finance and what we say when it was Wierd does people went to jail okay and certain people did serve time it goes off roughly was an existential so you got some it seeks languish away because I can and that representative of Israel off the tax authority Israeli tax authority at the United States you god saw was also implicated and it was sent to prison I have a question then I lost it you can hear me nice yeah yeah yeah things are in wheelchairs 15 years how wasn't gonna and what what's the and not gotten us who can limit the number of people to reform just no good reply for that trust your he said that's a World War that's will do and he was quite this battle until its last drop of blood okay Sir do so that that gets us to hear because I get what you're saying a lot of that happening in the United States is well absolutely you see the small fries getting arrested but that that the big fish sure they're still in power so what I see here is how do we keep Rafi safe that's that's what our get well I can I say something yes Sir now he just want to say that I'm he was he was involved in 3 car accidents and the sense I was since he was speaking now he can run accidents yeah with no investigation no yeah your yes life don and I am and they were I don't know if they want to kill them but they said he wants to hurt him and make him ... shut the shut up when you need your weapons not let me just second I think night current state many that were you know each each day that bridge the Iran it written your transparency international are we look written well or I'm gonna pop from having it was recognized it was lower in the sky so this is a huge hurry you got a lot of detail near the crime that's going on here is that the current prime minister which will look at what was actually involved in this from the very beginning when you step on it and people dying cheering also this search crews got rid of it so she's gonna take not only you're just not right that she's going to take our government down with him I'm not quite frightening unless you will never ever stop talking and he was convicted last year so Alan I'm here was actually made some money so is it wasn't officials you know how it works in its surroundings shows it I'm I can talk to you soon you you can die we know this because of our guys in if the situation restoring her son I'm not his partner partner in Indy if they say oh shell house or the beans Christmas and the document tree I 6 year is really worthwhile putting a little distance because it it reads like yeah I mean bait and explains how they didn't just use more side and shit act they went to the highest levels where infiltration into these people's homes and you know Raffi am Shuki plus that I'm pleased to note that even I think raffey send it up on the street practically it's like I am he's not putting compensate you for it why or anything Sir as he sees it that's no end yeah he did ask me near and that he'd love to be able to go to another country and just tell the whole thing and try to look up some international out but we don't know any countries that I'm right index is traveling on au I don't cooperate signature yeah and so this is just become a life you know that every week week in week out is calling for the indictment all I restart hit show that it should not just a symbol that's you know I see automatically see it's I can't tell when it is this is the same I'm coming to you see the house okay yes okay yes yeah this is my land Dennis I need says armor rough to go to him you shall never walk alone in this mentality is by yes Sir very good friends and ... not seize the final reports of the football club and this is a family football club those boats gonna beat sounds like you'll never walk alone will be sent to Liverpool signature here gets shot it might be good so you have no exit order I am and is being chased them for all the usual time how secure shouldn't they do one year this this crime is still costing to this day this is dire 50000000000 which means all the people in Israel are living in poverty because they're still carrying on with the tax crimes to this day I'm not swung but when you step on your money coming from America search that you're not stealing this dying dire and he knows where every company as you know rabbit tracks gratis I might believe that yes tell everything up some amount on us or you shouldn't read it there annals what so it or act will be you told everything is told everything there is let me just say you asked a question and I understand the question how can you help them time sings how he is not at that time this week or in Hebrew and English this last time I plan we've actually managed to get it into your language is this just my career or is like this constantly at risk you know you can be run on our own we can be finished I'm a one seemed to stop soccer hidden the testing is to shut it should Netflix or as many people as possible I'm actually understand that this is going to class just the biggest McCrea I'm government cooperation in the street or the model well and that's how it was described when it was put out that it's just that it is corruption in any country that separate beings came into in good districts while I know there is good news names to Mr not me up there making people call people like dying for it and I can't believe it's no increase in when you think about guys we know right and who are in jail and if you aren't staying crush he's still walking but it can be tomorrow that can happen Sir not paying is deeply ready to snap at you Knox I'm anything he does east risk of being taken away child and you knows what will happen should so the fact that we can do distinguishes is probably one of the most important things we been able to do //
"2017-10-25 22:09:53"
HOT! Corey Feldman To Expose Hollywood Pedophile Rings In New Documentary - Support Him On Indigogo
\\I think this is being reported by fox news former child star Corey Feldman revealed on Wednesday survived a near death experience after 2 trucks apparently tried to run him over all because he's working to expose what he calls a pedophile you're running that's like Hollywood for decades the star posted an ominous video social media explained that he'd collect money class attendance scribes how is physical safety is in danger because of his plan previously the star posted vague tweets promising a big announcement about the pedophile yet that he's been recording happening to him at slumber star Corey him for years in his 2013 memoir choreography star disclosed that he and Hannah were the victims of sexual abuse by people in the industry when they were children just get it started in show business on Wednesday never released a video announcing it indigo campaign to make a documentary about his experience ever since I discussed the fact yeah I have this plan my life was turned into utter chaos he says in a nearly 7 minute video below I've been silence my whole life but just over the past few days since I made that announcement I've been arrested I had a near death experience last night where I felt like I was almost going to be killed to trot scheme speeding at me at the same time across walk Starr also says that something's flipped his bandmates promoting that sit up and quit the band out of fear for their lives he's unsure of where exactly what they're afraid of and what might have happened I need to protect myself I need to protect my family he says I need additional security I need a legal team our to help represent movie that I can fulfill this mission star claims that you can name 6 people involved with the Hollywood peta file right one of whom allegedly link the crimes to a major studio the news comes on the heels of the now infamous scandal surrounding the disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein however if Feldman is able to prove his allegations are true it could expose a much deeper criminal conspiracy I propose to do this by making a film that will be the most honest and true depiction of child abuse ever portrayed by telling my own story in a very real way very honest way with no learning no censorship no studio behind he says I will make the sale I will direct the film I will produce the film and I will self distributed to guarantee it gets theatrical release with more donations additionally it will help me by the security and the legal team I need to protect my family as of this writing Feldman campaign as or more than $31000 so it's flexible goal of $10000 according to the site a flexible goal meets Feldman will keep all the money urge even if the goal is not met believing his life to be in danger over this document sorry the almonds wife of courtly explains that the money is worse for their security and that he's taken measures to insure his secrets can help with hand this is much bigger than raising finance were well this is about the balance of good and evil in very real terms she writes on indigo page firstly as a security measure Korea's already written down the names and details of the events and given them to a trusted personal power in case anything I should happen to him or any member of his family before the film is finished well folks we're going to donate to the US we believe that Corey Feldman definitely deserves ... help here financially not for everything that he's been put through since he tried to out since he's been trying to out the pedophile your ring that's been going on in Hollywood for years now so we have the link to his 7 minute video and I'll leave the link to our it only has the link to the indigo page if you want to Tony god bless you folks will keep on top of this we'll talk to you soon annnnd //
"2017-10-23 20:05:17"
Hollywood Shakedown ??? Corey Feldman Arrested On Marijuana Charges Sets The Record Straight
\\well we saw this one coming Corey Feldman details recent arrests for marijuana social media Corey Feldman is trying to set the record straight about his recent run in with the law and Louisiana start took to Twitter after multiple outlets reported that he was arrested for possession of illegal marijuana the former child star 46 was on his way to a gig with this band when their bus was pulled over for speeding according to new star Neil officers search the vehicle after detecting the smell of marijuana Feldman and the rest of the people traveling with them were arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana driving under suspension it's feeding because the charges work felonies he was able to pay the $640 fine rather than posting bond on Sunday the star took to Twitter where he explained his side the story in the series of all caps tweet hi everyone and happy 20 second for the record I was not arrested were put in jail I received a misdemeanor in Louisiana through a member of my crew having medical marijuana with a legal California prescription I had nothing on me but was charged because it's my bus also by others were charged due to having legal medicines without their particular bottles no legal or street drugs were found on the bus at all which is why nobody spent the night in jail however we were promised that these charges could all be dropped with proof of proper scripts who's a bit of a good old sheep down after we paid them in cash they asked for pics and autographs and then called my local paper to do interviews I thought the timing all of all of this ironic Feldman went on to say that his band is continuing its core stopping to raise money for Houston Houston next as US weekly notes his statement about the timing of the situation being ironic likely has to do with the fact that he recently spoke out against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein propelling him back into national attention Starz claim for years that he and his former costar Cory came with the victims of peta files in Hollywood well folks there you go you're protecting each other talk about data files and you get targeted prayers for you Corey of the strong god bless you take care we'll talk to you soon //
"2017-10-22 22:39:20"
#GDSI - Penny Stock We Introduced In February Up 500% Since - You're Welcome :-)
\\if folks want to give you guys an update on the video I did on that you are the third about a company called GDSII global digital solutions incorporated that got into some legal problems so with previous leadership and though they switched out leadership that new leadership guys name is bill Delgado and we did some research on him he's doing a fine job of turning things around getting legal problems but taking care of but we felt that the time that point 002 was a good buy but for this company and that it was gonna rebounds no one let you see what has happened since then we said it was a hole and you said that it was probably gonna take some time because you know if you know when you legal problems take time to resolve themselves are so antiquated Sir like I said we bought at point 002 now I certainly by a few $0 so it's not a lot of money expel money hanging around and I said if somebody had a few $0 that they could afford to lose we say that when it comes to investing because all investments are risk that we thought it was goodbye point 002 and hold well if you hell open till now a close on Friday at over a penny that's 500 percent on your original investment here that you are my mate video not bad now when we see Monday we're probably looking at it pulled back a bit not sure how much but we're definitely I think that we're gonna look at a pullback cousins just such an awesome day out Friday ... so if anybody think about getting into GDSII I would opt wait to see what happens on Monday and then the ovaries do your own due diligence when it comes investing and never never never invest any money that you cannot afford to lose focus however I would never what's your somebody raw and have them all lose money that they could not afford to lose anyway something that you might wanna look into folks god bless you take care we'll talk to you soon and I //
"2017-10-21 19:17:12"
Proposed Legislation Would Criminalize Boycotting Israel - $1 million Fine & 20 Years In Prison
\\free well folks I just did a video about how Texas flood victims are having to sign a waiver promising to not boycott Israel in order to get ... 8 financial aid from the government a lot of people were baffled by that story Sam what does financial aid from a flood have anything to do with boycotting Israel and what does it even means of boycott Israel and I was reading this in even mentioning this story that I'd reported out a few months ago whiskey to it because a lot of folks haven't heard about this and this is also from the Washington post's this piece of pro Israel legislation is a serious threat to free speech woke you gotta listen to this the right to boycott has a long history in the United States from the American road revolution to Martin Luther king junior's Montgomery bus boycott of the campaign for the vestments from business serving apartheid South Africa now days we celebrate those efforts but precisely because boycotts are such a powerful form of expression governments have long sought to interfere with King George the third to the police in Alabama and now the US Congress the Israel anti boycott act legislation introduced in the Senate by Benjamin Cardin Democrat in in the house by Peter Roskam a Republican would make it a crime to support or even furnish information about a boycott directed at Israel words businesses call by United Nations the European Union or any other international governmental organization violations would be punishable listen this violations would be punishable by civil and criminal penalties of up to $1000000 and 20 years in prison the ACLU the ACLU where we both work takes no position for or against campaigns to boycott Israel or any other foreign country but since our organization's founding in 1920 ACLU has depended the rights of collective action this bill threatens that right Israeli anti boycott act designed to stifle efforts to protest Israel's settlement policies by boycotting businesses in Israel India in the occupied Palestinian territories the bills particular target is the boycott divestment and sanctions BDS movement a global campaign that seeks to apply economic and political pressure on Israel to comply with international law folks I'm gonna leave the rest of this article India description but there you go folks a this is the sole Orwellian it's not even funny I thought most people knew about this already evidently not but the will keep on top this god bless you folks take care we'll talk to you soon we have here with us tonight even shelling you gonna be talking about them part that's cool and don't that's what's going on tell us what's going on and you know this is coming this weekend right Saturday Sunday it's going to be in Boston I was hoping I could make it but I've got my show my art show in Pittsburgh but it's called unity and hope you know it's being held in Boston by a group of targeted individuals a girl called the Alice in Ireland contacted you she's a really great work aren't she became charted we're now looking at and I'm not kidding you are I think in America alone BAT I mean that people that are out maybe 30 or 40 or 50000 people around America are realizing that the beads argued it I know they're not schizophrenic you don't develop schizophrenia and your late thirties early forties these people are getting gangs are beginning here but directed energy weapons I did in that program for 22 years so I know it's real all I am gonna be screen my film either Saturday or Sunday it should be on their page there they'll be a length what's called you know it's gonna be in Boston we're going to screen my film which is a feature film are you know it's a dramatic feature film I did make a documentary lots of documentaries get made about him shows you engineering about a lot of different things I try to incorporate the targeted individual like India of a film idea hoping that people will go see the film and walk away realize you wow I wonder if this really happens and then hopefully some money especially someone that's at this conference unity in all of us in this weekend they'll say yeah but the guy that made the film is a targeted individual so I guess credibility to the TI community targeted individuals are generally considered that's all yell arm released feeble they can't get anything together it's like really is that true or not I managed to write direct and produce in enacting this show that deals with this subject so I want I can't go to Boston unfortunately but I want to give a shout out for the people at unity and hope arm it's their first conference and I think there's 150 people go rate at at the moment are Shiites also get very nervous they can help but be paranoid if you're being followed it or ask yeah your brownie get Adric Karen I you know I guess so it goes with the territory until you figure it out but it's our yeah it's just look it up online it's I. W. W. W..2007 she'd unity and hope jawed com if anyone in that area arm should check it out in the gonna be screen in my film arm it's Eileen tomorrow night or the next night but it's certainly worth checking out anyway and even if somebody isn't it targeted individuals out there's there's a consensus or a theory out there that we're only getting face and they're gonna roll this out as as more and more of us absorb the chip shows the nanoparticles masses of us we will all be under no I can control what's considered targeted blobby under that if we're not already I mean all they got to do lists basically flip the switch //
"2017-10-21 18:47:02"
Join Hope and Unity Conference in Boston THIS WEEKEND!
\\we have here with us tonight Stephen sheller you gonna be talking about some art festivals and don't that's what's going on tell us what's going on and you know there's nothing this is coming this weekend right Saturday Sunday it's going to be in Boston I was hoping I could make it but I've got my show my art show in Pittsburgh but it's called unity and hope unity and hope it's being held in Boston by a group of targeted individuals a girl called I Alice in Ireland that contacted you she's a really great work aren't she became targeted we're now looking at and I'm not kidding you are I think in America alone BA be I mean that people that are out maybe 30 or 40 or 50000 people around America realizing that there be argued it I know they're not schizophrenic you don't develop schizophrenia and your late thirties early forties these people are getting gangster are beginning here with directed energy weapons I've been in that program for 22 years so I know it's real all I am gonna be screen my film either Saturday or Sunday it should be on their page they'll be alike what's called unity and how it's going to be in Boston gonna scream my show which is a feature film are you know it's a dramatic feature film I did make a documentary lots of documentaries get made about him cherished you engineering about a lot of different things I try to incorporate the targeted individual light into our a film idea hoping that people will go see the film and walk away realize you wow I wonder if this really happens and then hopefully some money especially someone that's at this conference unity in all Boston this weekend they'll say yeah well the guy that made the film is a targeted individual so I guess credibility to the TI community targeted individuals are generally considered metal yell arm lily she bought a cake anything together it's like really is that true moment well then how did I manage to write direct and produce in enacting this show that deals with this subject so I want I can't go to Boston unfortunately but I want to give a shout out for the people at unity and hope arm it's their first conference and I think there's 150 people go over it at at the moment are Shiites also get very nervous they can't help but be paranoid and if you're being followed her past yeah you're bound to get a bit paranoid in I guess so it goes with the territory until you figure it out but it's our yeah it's just look it up online it's I. W. W. W..2017 unity and if anyone in that area arm should check it out in the gonna be screen in my show arm it's Eileen tomorrow night or the next night but it's certainly worth checking out anyway even if somebody is in the targeted individuals out there's there's a consensus or a theory out there that we're really getting face and they're gonna roll this out as as more and more of us absorb project shows the nanoparticles masses of us we will all be under my control what's considered targeted well lobby under that if you're not already I mean all they gotta do is basically flip the switch //
"2017-10-21 17:44:50"
Texas Flood Victims Forced To Sign Waiver Promising Not To BOYCOTT ISRAEL To Receive Financial Aid
\\free well more Orwellian stuff here in my city taxes this Texas down offers working really if your politics are right is from The Washington Post nearly 2 months after hurricane Harvey sock the Texas coastline residents are still in the early stages of the costly and complicated clean up process now in one Houston suburb residents hoping to receive aid to help relaunch their lives after factoring Middle East political tensions into the recovery efforts city of Dickinson Texas located about 30 miles southeast of Houston recently posted applications online for relief grants from the funds that were generously donated to the Dickinson hardy relief on the city website says the application however includes a provision requiring applicants to promise not the boycott Israel section 11 of the 4 page document its title verification not to boycott Israel the text read by executing this agreement below the applicant verifies that the applicant number one does not boycott Israel and to will not boycott Israel during the term of this agreement the city attorney for Dickinson told a local television station he was only following is state law forbidding state agencies doing business with Israel boycott the a grant application has triggered a strong rebuke from the ACLU the first amendment protects Americans right the boycott in the government cannot condition her cane relief or any other public benefit on a commitment to refrain from protected political expression Andre Segura ACLU of Texas legal director said in a statement Thursday night Dickinson's requirement is egregious violation of the first amendment reminiscent of the McCarthy era loyalty oaths require Americans to disavow membership in the Communist Party other forms of sin a burst of activity the language is not out of no where inmates Texas governor Greg Abbott signed the entire B. D. S. that's boycott the the vestments and sanctions bill into law statute group prohibits all state agencies wrong contracting with certain public loans from investing in companies that boycott Israel according to governors website anti Israel policies are anti Texas Babbitt said the bill signing we will not tolerate such action against important al earlier the rest of this article in yeah description but I still like Greg Abbott I'm gonna have to rethink how I feel about him right now his this happening in our state of Texas is just mind numbing to me one explain something else as well as we don't support I know that we have Mary is easy on our but I channel lot talking about the plight of the Israelis and I want to tell you some there is a plate over there and yes we do have there and we support the citizens in Israel that are fighting against their corrupt government and I want somebody to rail on me for that tell me either fault in me supporting Israelis that are fighting against their corrupt government that's what we're doing here is well marked week so no we don't support the Zionist government that's crud absolutely not we do not support sending $45000 for every woman and child in Israel Marion is easy does that she also knows that none of that money is getting to the people that need it the most so our look this is ridiculous it's Orwellian it's here in Texas Robert you folks take care when we thought the same comments clearly are welcome on this one and //
"2017-10-20 15:49:47"
West Coast Babylon - The State That Continues To Slap God In The Face -
\\free well folks in genesis 5 to says he created them male and female bless them any name them mankind when they were created well California continues to slap god the face it's good in this story will call this California news because we've got 3 stories we wanted briefly discuss transgender and non binary Californians can choose third gender option and state ID's transgender Californians can now legally embrace the third gender on government IT is a move advocates hope will open the door for more states to be more welcoming gender non binary residents the bill signed into law Sunday by democratic governor Jerry Brown allows transgender in non binary citizens just like that third gender state issue documents allowing the letter acts as a gender alternative 2 male M. in female F. supporters of the gender recognition act say the third gender option simplifies the process of legal gender changes for transgender people a further slept on the face challenge to California's prostitution bandmate proceed judge's role federal appeals court gave the go ahead Thursday act was seeking to overturn California's 145 year ban on commercial sex a 3 judge panel in 19 U. S. circuit court of appeals in San Francisco said the plaintiffs legal challenge against the band may proceed Plano say the current law violates the right to engage in consensual sex described in a 2003 U. S. Supreme Court ruling that revoked criminal laws against gay sexual acts the San Francisco Chronicle reported but as we get a report last year about this floats in the stories together I see something very nefarious happened California decriminalize prostitution reminders after government Jerry Brown signs bills the trafficking victims now this is from last year on a legal links all well the stories in the description the fact is I believe that something very nefarious is going off that's when you couple of the legalization prostitution and the decriminalization prostitution for minors we have a recipe for disaster and what I feel is the attempt to legitimize pedophile you sex with children folks pain is also that we need to move that wall vertically a great week I //
"2017-10-20 01:57:09"
CPS Kidnap Educated NY Couple's Children for HOMESCHOOLING
\\Hey guys our 2 guests tonight and the mother is a homeschooling mother of 5 wife of 11 years an award winning publicist for fortune 500 brands entrepreneurs and advocacy organization she was selected a pre production finalists for Donald trump's apprentice to and listen to this list she's been a delegate to the hope and the art but shit of Canterbury at Vatican City and Lambert how it she served as the director of public relations for the American Bible society an external relations manager at a global public policy for Time Warner including HP L. New Line Cinema and tying in brands however CDS somehow found enough substantiation to seize her children and in court the judge found her guilty educational the correct due to distrust of the government that he claimed had mentally impaired their children with contacts like hers it's pretty certain she made someone mad let's hear her story and his story welcome to the show autumn and humored black yes if you I guess I need to have coming yeah thanks so much for taking time out of your day guys so yeah so we are so pleased I have you and we've been looking forward to this story for awhile and when I first got the email you guys thought that our audience in particular would be very interested in this case and I weekly agrees so would you give us some background to the story yeah so we are there 5 beautiful children printed their names out of it but they are all under the age other small children to our sponsors and so they can home school parents higher Huey are exceptionally smart as well all over my home school children yeah me I read several college level ex I mean we teach with all sorts of different manuals so we have tried need Fellers which include got first I mean each Amer and right now I am an artist can interrupt introduced second got seems to be a very general term used that so we'll see he I got what I feared it scriptwriters the mind not you know the guy we don't serving it I got so I just want to know that in this little long to clarify very good okay right right Chris yes I and so what well it's been he should now makes merging techno and I understand your no nutritional we are warm colors and of course we cover all of the required subjects yeah but see also ashes are shocked see you and one of them all season opener church okay or we we were doing this out for awhile we have here in the building where there was you said you mentioned someone was angry and I'm gonna tell you that person watched great feeling slower slum lord where we need several complaints in ask for repairs not really you want to have a capital Houston's for your home I don't this landlord works with I would just look people I don't to conspire together 8 feet east yes he's against that we knew that we were homeschooling and they made an anonymous call too hot and anyone who's W. system knows that once you get that call once that all comes through you but it's our motion slew workbench write your name never dream of in your life take place I am we need a chance to I at that time the first is a king I wasn't at home it was work no my husband was home and we got a knock on the door yes from my seat yes investigator in she simply asked genes to camera general letter saying I only been accused of maltreatment reply taller no official letterhead yet there was no personal matters really CD that not surprising yeah we we did I thought it was a joke I was like you gotta be kidding me like what is this I didn't know his name anywhere on the documents I just didn't know about him yet so what once they find out well home everybody you right so I mean it was initially she came back up over time I need your jewel reminds later I had seen this lady I sort responds reminds later I need her for the first time I'm she examines the arms and legs are children New Delhi just absolutely humiliated I'm chic look in the kitchen cabinets she looks at their clothes arm and she says I see no signs of abuse or neglect in front of my children she meet the state I'm I'm no we we had a longstanding brand or sleep this building that we had many complaints about so we looked at New I it tends my husband's your ... there'd been an incident with an upstart scares me she likes the rain water she had a drug problem you could bring water onto our kitchen nonstop 7 days a week I mean hours and hours and 1:00 hours a day was not a problem in that city needs me when it was all in the spirit it it was all of us agree yes I you see what she would do what now she would break Ebert Turner washing machine and let the spin cycle run out on the floor in leaked down into the it will many times any you know that the buildings in New York are very old you know your your your when you are in much structures in architecture your you know you can drive once or anywhere in Manhattan you're really you're dealing with some of the oldest buildings in the country aren't in this is this building was one of those older building and she surrender washing machine and okay it would be on our you can look it would come through our kitchen la address it spoke with their ... I am treated her as a mother I'm obviously not going to raise my voice your be unseemly with an elder woman because I happen well while those yearly and I just was a race that ... this happened several times you got to be a bit annoying but here you know is saying I'm sure you've heard it it will not only to fall to the level of their training and my training you we go not moved with elders arm you're respectful I mean that's a great quality that we've lost it somewhere along the way now I understand she's she's really not watered down yeah in your kitchen okay okay it because the lecture I wish right local yeah okay right long and evening with X. what welcome homes 90 days Rick well there was we should so so I'm not gonna not on our group he was motion the building that they were getting rid if you saw mostly from you would never know it worries me issues building as their wives and it's right near the water it's right near you stadium arm right near high let me look very convenient you know you're coming in work on super you are not to be affected by the tragedy its use would be all if you live somewhere else not affect outright was actually looking to purchase a building to lesson less less than 2 miles down the road wow so you're you're in you're in the Bronx we're not threatening Yankee Stadium ... and sun because of some commotion outside of right or open my door to ask consider his name's well my neighbor later thank you because he seemingly was an impression was okay to conduct consultants arm in Britain com I have not been also on that day my wife was off it was a holiday person you get anywhere so new year just you join the new year's Christmas just end it arm crew in there I went to the local precinct bomb to report with the place and how he needs to get a police report can I ask how old the kid was all while he ears using this turns out okay so that should know better than yeah you thought you would have known better looks ... yeah some challenges and when I looked it they gave me a are when I when I got sued actually 3 sting bikini couldn't be called so why not Alaina slogan different people that they're looking for people that have warrants for it and I saw it states I didn't know his name are Arkansas are this is probably the first time in a row ridiculous situation where I found myself in a recent normally open takes place in a reasoned with IT bird been reason with the local community any just going about shellac nail it most it you know most situations you're not my you're still got why ask children and none of us written a gaming being by any kind of will track he he worst local I'm not star search certainly not in saying building where we live why ... she got word of these on March slip which was a morning bit she are again same situation worse not she's running a washing machine leaking in our kitchen I will just say please you turn the washing machine are on your side to call the police on me this there I what we saw me on I was in my hole with my children of the flu I open the door at gunpoint so you should not between the my go I did everything us at least that I held my hands not just the leakage need good I was reaching for a weapon or anything of that nature well I didn't want them to make any mistakes because I have no reason our own they decided to rest mean follow my children which they later sipping eating due in court arrested me in front of my children arm I was taking into Lincoln hospital in here in the Bronx and up they conduct the bill me for 2004 hours was chained to a Gurney I kept asking why is this happening why does that mean to my knowledge this evening as well as any what they refer to as a desk work ... include better maybe you have a court appearance arm I had no criminal record I have no history of drug use as a matter fact all alone I'm kind of neat I'm most my friends a person who has more has been more given more thorough background checks were given background checks it may be that person I had all up the good license it one time very difficult to get New York Erica I mean not NY difficult to get in New York City you don't get a gun license in New York City if you have a criminal record and it's a lot of your process my so yeah I didn't know it was possible I he's from New York yeah he still has family I was born in Yonkers okay I have family no yeah it won't settle she really difficult in the city probably a little easier now doctors strangely difficult in bar harbor right home and I was discharged I was let go from the hospital woman to discharge me yelled at the officer who was guarding me for that 2004 hours and made the statement why do you keep sending people here to solve your problems that is an exact will come east Indian woman who is charged me I was literally asks with the president's name what time of day is it ... basic general questions and then later told us by Dr well a different doctrine wouldn't just charging me there's nothing wrong with you I was told by the PCS investigator had you been mentally ill or something been wrong with you it would have killed you for longer than 2004 hours no food there I go to E. arm I have a court appearance seems that not me just tell me when to what's in ... another court appearance in its bill a prop this kind of process I was later offered to lead because I have no criminal history ... and I took it because I could not that scene of the court hearing with the sub steers neighbor which untimely offered me the plea I was on my fourth quarter peer sort third quarter appearance where you you show up you need so you can just give you an up I don't think I what was the charge charges was I believe menacing wow it's so they arrest you and take you in and hold you for 2004 hours on that yes and what happens is or is that arm drop date which are which are neat clean was for me actually so harass you excuse me athlete so harassment Oman because again I couldn't I couldn't couldn't seem to keep showing up for these court it's not only that I was reading this statistically when you don't take a clean government comes after arm in there already after me on the C. S. side arm and I'd read how draconian or I'd been reading out accordion that is how how they really put the pressure on so I'm being fox in several different angles and I'm just hoping that I can get to some conclusion here where I live it lead around estimate we arm this okay wanted out I wouldn't consider that justice because I've created it must still we is managing my relationships and making sure that I didn't well all of us making sure we don't have a record you know ... and to have been on my record long it will be on your record was it was justice sometimes told exactly going to be sealed districts amber but none the less you all know nothings really seen what I saw on your on your record my arm yeah I'm I'm still disappointed about that so great degree because we were the ones being harassed yeah but you see the irony in that it just blows me every time that we were the ones who are being harassed you were the ones who you should be dealing with this woman and her son and this took place on that day I wasn't there that day I was actually on wallstreet at that time at a meeting ... that my husband encouraged me to go to I am treating academy learning how to using binary option trading things like that I'm the police officer in your call and say there's an incident with your husband your neighbor are come up where your kids are going to foster care we're happy sitting in an emergency yeah I was like what I knew I could not believe my ears I'm coming out of this meeting great meeting what I posted to Instagram I pose in front of the raging bull I saw the photo up there ... and now I see hot minute Wilbur cap and I make my way up to the precinct my children are you scared to death their parents are sitting in a cool you know yeah ambulance I'm in the police officer is like intimidating and threatening you know if your mom doesn't come get your one foster care told me later that idea trying to bribe them with happy meals can I ask how old your children are hi my oldest was 99 in he addressed all of his brothers others time ... himself and got them yeah remove the cops and away and sit out dressed I'm good for him in the quite the you did not speak if the and the cat I see took not all of them public apologize raise the children for not so that was a few of them but to creek in one she actually reporting that I was delusional well I didn't when I was bad I seemed confused I guess so yeah the town but somehow I know but somehow she was able to direct the uber cat pick up my children but she was delusion or a computer I what I think coming from walking very well and you know I don't know this in the hearing not only you don't believe well I don't know this character hello so tell us because I didn't say that in the in the bio tell us what the degrees are and where you study that thank you must excuse knowledge of 2 that it's never university unicamp shins my parents opens in that era and so that's where I grew up right next to Google Facebook in non monogamous fun places I was fantastic I went on to I mean New York University got my masters degree in their twenties program between the stern school of business and the Steinhardt school of education and then I had to continue education at Harvard Law School ought to their program money that she's so I I mean nothing York you don't have to have any special I'll teach kids to homeschool yeah yeah you you suck me ... it would teaching and what they call no assume that's why he struck my professional background it is incorrect ... everything we would have point see ... all the information it would've been a citadel then it hit us he struck from the record up wouldn't yeah dude with the situation and it's it's very common all across the entire nation of these type of things are happening owe anyone here that's our home I was away arm as you when it was mentioned that we are distrustful of government both of our parents fought for this country not my father took fire for this country laudable discharged neither one of our family are all well our fathers ... received a dishonorable discharge when they fought for his country I would pay taxes I don't stand how someone is saying I am a distrust for government neither one of us have criminal backgrounds also I wanna say neither one of the state description minutes I'm just saying these things because seem like wherever I go arm I'm asked the question well why would you see happening with all the information it's ramp it up the covers ... will reflect government corruption OB for some reason I still have to Wayne or street name while I don't mind doing yeah because you can search the record today all over this country what is happening to us is happening that people from all different ethnic backgrounds over this in different socio economic backgrounds yes well my here and it's been tested twice clean where he would have been it would have been mentioned that there was something wrong notifying tomorrow you're just got his coffee exit and bottled water owned it it's just unfortunate that this is happening in the families would be disrupted well I'm for nothing I would also mention that I'm sorry up so I'm trying to piece everything together do you feel that they were targeting you because your home schooling or this is chief Yasser because it seems like you know all I I'm not sure why they're picking on you when you when you went up stairs well here is the thing is that one CPS what got the ball rolling as well CPS is ever involved they just make up everything else and whatever it might they that they might can use and homeschooling has been used in many other times and yeah so what was the main what was the major reason why CPS got involved are gone yeah but ABCS case wasn't it prior to the instant or prior to the incident with the Sears name a wealthy business owner you're in this city a wealthy European geo decided moves very powerful so I did that ICANN opening he was gonna open a case against me I had to take any legal action against him I was having an interface like human interface we welcome building management now I guess in the future from ever having an issue with someone business why otherwise I guess I should just go to work lit again I'm used to speaking with people I say that I agree to do something I want to do it are and I you think we hand shake you say that you're going to do it and we go our separate ways and and and keeps what we sit on agree you are on it this is not the first time that this particular land owner arm has done this in the matter fact is actually an article about him in the Gotham newspaper here in this city yes several different aliases that uses arm and you've got powerful attorneys army he's a no smoking lower let us reason Supreme Court he wasn't Supreme Court for 10 around so I mean yeah he's attacking you homily here's what happens but but the first allegation after they make a general outline eventually narrowed it down to education the lack of a 7 week old but now you're wow ... and then my young daughter Kurt current after going in for that dressed there's neighbors incident immediately part of that trial is a good family work he was arrested on the spot put it to you 13 days in that period of time he called me and said look are you gotta come bring the children you gotta bring children that was the last time I would spend the night all I'm so sorry I was there for 13 days because I didn't want to report on my family have cops come in the middle of the night or early morning ... I was hoping that and we ask them a visual art page where all my my sons were just the way I'm dressed now anymore you know probably come in and be able to handle the matter I didn't want people knocking on our door love you know my wife doesn't you know unsuspecting and you know has children whisked away I am I thought that would be very traumatic so what happened I being in jail in New York on open 13 days right and I brought the children in the immediately removed and they arrested me as well immediately remove the children and put them in the foster care they in their 489 you know we've been fighting this case for 489 days they're still in foster care right now you're still in foster care they have the heat granted custody to my mother I'll in California 3000 miles away so I'm they're very close right now to the where these fires are taking place on deeply concerned yeah I's just it's been up in a huge mass on what happened was after they could not prove educational it like they immediately took our put our children to public school for the first time being the worst public schools in the Bronx immediately tested them it was standardized tests were state passed with flying colors everybody was like my god is your kids are so smart but they would never show us what records sent I'm we demanded school records number shown asking 489 never seen the report cards yet we heard in the children's that I am not a on all these tasks that they've been taking so we clearly are not challenged in public school we know that because they were always given challenging assignments I'm a homeschool when they couldn't prove that they came up with ex parte allegations inadequate who clothing and shelter this is a bundle package that often hits you after the first allegation doesn't work out receipt yes work out eat it got our CDS investigator suddenly resigned she would be available for testimony it was hot ECS commissioner resigned it we had several caseworkers resigned and would not eat rice 9 resignations related car why we you not lead east yesterday's ACM some respite care are she's the very crux of the case she's the one that's been having the interface with the family in which she had been having any interface with us because she said out of her own mouth when she saw my children I see no signs of abuse this in essence Zach woke from her but even it once we got to the court process why will you excuse your atheism resting later when she is the very reason that we're there why what why so why should she testify why does she have any notes I asked to see the a CS investigators notes in court they said they were not okay while it can you you continue with you know this game we're playing in court did there there's there's some case into you mentioned how they make up he says they got when asked precisely true it's not just ask me we heard so many people have reached out to us since we made our story public we waited 138 days before we say anything because we just wanted to get our kids act be quiet our heads down get over the embarrassment of course this is embarrassing humiliating it hurts me all where are you but we waited 130 days but it just got to the point where we were not getting justice the lawyers were doing a standing order army we have these police officers lying in say makes our children any reason why would we ever read our children need your this is what's fascinating and our children were taken to the hospital here I said look at them and they had no easy on them though urine on them in there what she said was that that rainwater coming down from the neighbor was your ... up to me and she will never very first time that our children were inspected was the day that I was arrested on March well I was the first time actually were taken from us wife leaves Wall Street shop at the hospital to get our children back well while that was taking place my children were examined by nurses had those nurses found any signs Rumanians DR at imminent risk now there had been an easy yes investigator differ from the initial one who had been dispatched because that's protocol in New York and look up up police officer who arrested me was also at the hospital so our children had been seen no you had been viewed from every orifice you know they're asking them questions and there was no guarantee that we're going to be given our children back that day more school was a Saturday they gave my children back to my wife nurses how my job so my wise because they saw I will be here to Europe my children want bouncing off walls happy sometimes and we associate more than one or 2 or 3 children with a wild fan well my children are manageable excellent or right since my children being gone having gotten up by eating once I it's a little worse holes in the ground safe is slapped an abuse to mold in school teacher has a bad report about any of my children how does this happen how does this happen if we all are this narrative it's been trying to be depicted are well we brought up in use that was taking place up our children and you know I know this happens you your children go off they never knew abuses they got Oscar care yeah what would a foster care now they're starting to be started the mention army there being slapped by other foster children in being locked in a room they're being happy tree at a bathroom faucets because they're so thirsty and they will begin their work they're not given water we reported these things to the judge in court he jailed us for 3 days mia reikers island and my husband and they also and I never did is it not that I don't want to make it seem as if I'm explaining these things are describing needs to dance hello I am coming from a place of complaints I'm only stating these things own I'm so have you got to speak to you because north in New York whether it be the law would it be entertainment trends in only 6 sets a precedent for the rest the country right in our district secular aw apparatus it is also 6 true to the rest of country bomb so I'll continue who I was owned when you describe these things are happening to your children in foster care name will look and see the wool are continue to antagonize more ... my former lawyer said to me Mister black they are going to antagonize you once you get to the foster care agency she said don't worry about it just had your visit but this is what they're going to and this is what they do arm in response to one of our more recent videos that you put up a what was actually happening at the for security agency the district attorney for Manhattan owned rewarded just for security agency without the soul run under $1000000 only 5000000 yeah in action fund the habit agency ones are sheltering sits on the task force for 8 yes you yes you are newly established task force so we know that and we've appealed to him many times are you must get ignored his name is just stand out your CEO brown went on and that he's he has a very high position on the border task force or the new and improved ACS ACS was getting I am accused of neglecting children to the point of death I we we've noticed since our case began we have lots and lots of propaganda New York Post New York times I'd the New Yorker were avid readers of all trade magazines and publications and Robert publications and what we noticed is that there was that it increase in this CPS propaganda especially as related to very well behaved children especially as it related to 2 loving parents who you wouldn't suspect would be guilty of child abuse armed as a related to you're never getting your kids back up no matter what you do you know what yeah screen propaganda yeah I you know ultimately we stayed very faithful we we've tried to keep our kids encouraged most of all because they just demanded they wanted to come home from day one and of course there's no such thing as a real lot guardian in this case you are not being so we have a couple a queen yeah go a couple questions first of all I'm really I'm pissed right now but you don't have to say that I'm gonna say ... number one where is the physical location of your children right now California are then California now in Brentwood California all right in your desired they're taking place not too far away from the fires that are taking place in California right now I can't think and there was when her mother with your mother right so what is the relationship with your mother like yeah I think I'm because if for this all took place I read Carlos as was it was a great you know pop polished moralis is and one thing that you mock to me that was frightened me was that if there are people that have grievances with you yes will go to those people to yeah but there's a story yeah my mother agreements with me yeah because there I am we're getting married she didn't she just doesn't care for my husband in there were now she doesn't care for me I'm and I always knew that if she did not she could let my house which I love my children I'm it ends she's pretty much display that she's she has right arm disdain for them being there I I think it was out of fear that she took mine arm and ultimately she said a lot of damaging things to see yes about me mom prior to even knowing there was an open case so they didn't address the gays in before I even knew was personal matters their hands not think that have nothing at all to do with an AC escape because you've been example I was not able to attend my one other instead others funerals because I wasn't told about aids by her seat in what we present she later told CBS investigator but I was I'm well what what was the word this year's are you saying I rejected my family such yeah I was mentally ill because I rejected my Hugh Saint you mentally she said that you had mental issues I know it will hurt bathroom or CPS takes those those words and they use it embark on our worst service were you in makes it worse it makes it seem like you're an unfit parent because somehow my relationship with my mother equated in on it unstable mother not economic area she's not apologetic she's sticking to her story I asked you know why don't you just tell the truth mistake children astronauts and we're just not a point now where I'm conversations are not I hope the army and we're not able to come to an understanding because she just will tell the truth I'm about me but about my husband but the department of health department of health and hygiene here in our New York City states that our own imminent risk well I just described wouldn't fall under mental issues unless all harm to yourself or others you're not even supposed to be taking a mental health because their own again I have no history well use it use prescription bands I don't harm people shuttle with your blessing to my neighbors matter what background it from my life to say I think her background if we're just going to talk about her only she's that she spent too much time in classrooms to really be focused on trying to harm anyone you don't you think I think basically what's happened some adults you know they made a movie the Fokker some you know now I think it was a very relatable movie on shouldn't mean near couples they work like are there in Los but I think you use use going beyond our means over steps a certain language you make the choice to choose personality or principles you know I don't necessarily have to agree with everything someone in their sixties or seventies believes it from a different time of mayhem different set of experiences you know my grandmother lived through the depression my wife's grandmother lived through the depression so that's that's a different tying those living owners of older woman online or forget she she has a channel she's dead now she was so revered by the whole black community because you simply being so it just for you depression meals what it was called maybe you seen it arm but all you do community love church no longer living now reveals still up I'm sure we none of us can relate to everything that she went through or people who slept on Central Park beaches because there was no work and got up the next day so hopefully maybe give her a Cup of soup or maybe find some kind of work to make it as a different kind of okay existence when you lived through those kind of times appear to us talking about recession depression times today we were still working but maybe you know they're just other economic factors in place there are creating a a much lower ceiling you know financial ceiling today so I know it's unfortunate it's unfortunate because I CP us or were you you call a CS is that what you is all great yet duration children's services here but I know it's hot topic the Serbs so it has a C. S. giving you guys a plan on how to get your children back have they legally been adopted by your mother you have to be legally adopted owned the concern that our head owned but it certainly bulkhead let alone when you go to take a mental health exam because we believe the industry is structured I actually will be your ally agree included the deal Alta mental health industry explodes arm we will circulate a documentary on line and it talks about how the industry was set up in such a way that up you're going to find something I will and he's that's just how it is that you step up their narrative all the cards are stacked against you so did they give you a working outline of things that you needed to do in order to get the children back very very far down the line we there are children had been seized or it least 3 or 4 months we finally got an email because he kept asking what is it that you need yeah you need records do you need I we've got the most logical thing was sure you homeschool records you know what else do we need to talk about but they are not being tested initial claim was educational neglecting already been tested numerous times own state of New York state this man is not a criminal but we can't just let you go given the mandatory service charge of $150 given the harassment clean let him go this is what it is just a distributary decided so our home yes we we we got planned I'm way down the line our children had already been taken and traumatized in the whole thing arm and it was for BPM me like 12 weeks of bad mojo weeks anger management mental help exams on it was that in any other I guess I'm evidence based school their keys they wanted to give both myself and my children and my husband and they wanted him to go away for 6 month pretty enough in my time now so yet they always they always want to break up the family forced the divorce crazy and I have not I I said you know why you know why is this apparatus being used to it created a war situation I didn't bring him here or even bring me here or right you know isn't saying why she'd been the risks not on the non responded mother and these terms right I'm but you did say that the when you when you enter a family court you are both D. at first to one another right yeah so they have the same lawyer home based set up so that all along you're going into the process you can have the same lawyer on so this 3 lawyers is a children's lawyer there's why single year in that I'm schools that counts right in what they told me is the easiest charity children's guardian in the judge I'm will give you your children back into it hostages sometimes hostage agreement will give you one by one if you say that he domestically appears this year yeah up perjure yourself from the stand tell them that he abuses you go move into a domestic violence shelter with your children as you get one at a time and it will decide when you're ready to our gate therapies and all this other nonsense that had this I did anything you know there was it within her maturity was like when you when will it end so our our our concern was that you have this need this in examination they come out with a fighting and now your mandate to take psychotropic drugs just I just watched you order the drugs after you take examination but you can not order a mental health why did you work who are ready and they said that my child drawing a house with it should be indicated that he was a means one hundredths yeah document that speeding is everything they were saying we have documents to rules none of what we're saying is hearsay you have documented evidence everything that's come out of my mouth today is my wife's mouth today we have documented evidence coming from day one that's what I would highly recommend your audience we stay what I call cocked and loaded with SD cards because you have to know these people we have an on-again okay come on now its on line and that was the same in the response today video was the armed right to terminate the district the district attorney ultimately happened stating your marks this 25000000 or so dollars for this our grand Windham agency wow you know if this doesn and raid you I don't know what story would I'm just think I'm really flabbergasted right now to be honest with you they have look it yeah I'm listening to your story and they've beaten the book both of you down so badly that your you're you're telling me that arm you know we're not trying to attack the government we're not we're not I know I know they've got you so defensive right now it's unbelievable it this is like Orwellian I I this is like 1984 Orwellian stuff that were listening to when I can't believe it I'm just so really angry right now I really know what you know and we say all the time it can happen to any one anyone just in your wildest dreams doesn't matter where you went to school not doesn't matter you're black or white now a doesn't matter if we could hold our not okay please your base it doesn't matter I was actually really for the sake of my children separate from my wife will not also we later found out what we like here found out was that what they were going to do that was going to be a restraining order against al yeah yeah so I didn't know what the day that I was going to do this 8 position court officers to my rear my lawyer was all on my right hand side and I ask for permission to speak to the church as I was asking for permission literally the lawyer grabbed my shoulder in she's shaking me because on this particular day they were looking to try to incite some type of pain lawsuit it well I'm a pretty big guy so I guess they were thinking okay armed you lose control he'll be upset maybe he'll it or maybe he had no history of domestic violence Weissman recall now let me I never I never hit a woman in my life I never had a girlfriend that I heard that you never yeah things are all about groups the guy I'm not perfect but I've never ever hit a woman yeah on and on this particular day I think they were under the impression that you can incite angered day with you Sir good in this case right and we can recycle bin prescribe services right after it happens when this happens I was under the impression that it happens for good reason and that I wasn't supposed to separate from our why I was desperate at times later fi I later find out they were going to up it would be a restraining order in place which he later put in place for the both of us because you're supposed to be able to stay in hospital visits with your children so as my children were being forced me vaccinating ... like are all my students the stain vaccination author my little daughter's eyes were rolling back in the narrow line here well I'm sure visitation works alright my second son had warts all over his head my second son is very fair skin cook wall E. R. had warts over say it at his feet my up third son had a big lock on his hit my son my oldest son always look like he was sweating all the time like he looked extremely tired he looked ... look how do you look as if he wasn't sleeping at all but the judge will order with it with out giving us an opportunity to appeal his order he made the order on in August we have 30 days to appeal that decision before they forcibly vaccinated them and he didn't allow time was on the second day when I had him vaccinated are our children we couldn't we couldn't take it back it was it was absurd for religious insincerity now me I don't know if you are you are your host will children don't have to be immunized no you are a public if you get a tax issue waiver for religious reasons I think so ... argument we submitted a written our philosophy but I'm against that yeah and he tossed out the window that it's you know you're religiously engineer who are we kidding here I buy the anaconda I'm not against hospitals not at all ... I'm not a gets ... treatments it might be beneficial for adults or children right you're too I'm sure trees maybe you will go soon research on helium array in the different types of illnesses that are arising outlook on this theory vaccinations absolutely ET may be it would be more beneficial for children to wait be vaccinated because I noticed that my senior role was not physically exhibiting some of the are adverse reactions to that vaccinations F. milder for work and that's because he was the Elvis you know I believe also known let us we did get a chance to kiss her reasons here I'm and then they just work help them the records for ever we had to keep asking for them over and over and over to the state prior to the forcible vaccinations owned the bloodwork it and take it now their blood work came back in my children did not have any committee local police communicable diseases whatsoever no abnormal findings no one no one finds it would take in the building that just point this was the second time that I'm aware of my eldest son cry to need was solely Shane strangers were looking is Janet tell your particular time of day had been armed screen or valiantly BT he didn't even tell me he says that Eddie so why didn't you tell me son so because I was ashamed Hong Kong and his new markets in Europe will sit so there's a if we keep playing of him saying mommy they took us away to abuse okay yesterday couldn't you that's I am in the as a parent you're looking at your childhood like got like of course urinate you you want to protect your children and they don't allow you to protect your children yes how dare the state make the decision to vaccinate your children that's your choice that's right you I'm just really not right not under constant moody of government protocols no because you were already living in a police yes we are yeah my mouth closed for a long time and the greatest rewards you need will be for people to just get the word out I'm hoping very soon up once they decide to actually allow us the opportunity to receive the doctor transcript that they're going to give us all the active acne change dates arm and maybe they created information is not accurate but the one thing that he hadn't been able to do what going to use any sign of imminent risk or any evidence of imminent risk whatsoever which is the only reason according to the law to the statutes you you're supposed to be able to interrupt parental child relationship yeah so we're 16 months in no sign of imminent risk which imminent risk is minimal I even ask who will be hearings as they were bantering back and forth what does this have to do with him at risk judging me immediately be hearing for that because he knew the only reason it would responses still been there echoing and that what I was looking listings in was there any risk in fact he worked he was reminded of why you supposed to or the only means only because the schools to be able to remove children from their parents there was this big yeah I know yes money is is in there it's all money driven yes it's also smoke and mirrors any you keep them on track yet they don't like that I don't like you to keep reminding by the way yeah did they put your children on medication at all I don't know of any it's well I did but how did you while in false for the no it just it were being bullied yeah that happens a lot being caught synopsis it wasn't it'd make you speak worse no food stripped ... only lettuce tonight you know who will not gonna get it immediately so all this talk of behavioral conditioning I'm also they are called security agency has engaged in rural linguistic program arm what occasion get my children showed up for visitation out of the blue they were all saying we need freedom we need 3 dogs Europe we now we know and what I asked when I passed yeah so the next time before you hear up here is it bias share that with you all ... please also share with them that with freedom comes great responsibility from a biblical perspective and from a natural perspectives we're all expecting you know to whom much is given much is required role expected with all the rigging whether it be monetary within the responsibility whether it be information to be good stewards up so great it you know that's the big dangled a lot so even though my children were not restricted arm I mean even if if if you could see me or if somehow I could cheer and if you look online you can see my children and you can evaluate yourself because we we had filled them ... home just in their natural state name it's it's it's all money if they have the the target young children yet his years artwork aren't worth much money to them but I think the young children we have funding stream for each of those 5 children for everything I need that they find against each of those 5 children is another funding stream that's opened up at some time or money so after my child had been with me this foster the first part of our neighbor split apart wooden multiple different homes over and over and switched out again and again people I'm if she'd been one week in with them in this cluster guardian comes in and says I hope your son has anger management issues what my what is the most he's all sweet Hong yeah no harm to anyone as a matter of fact my son's had been teaching children who works in public school academics my son came to me and said Daddy the group of the young lady who was actually hitting must so I don't know if it was happening purposely because they're looking for him to react or if you were just happening because she was being mischievous but he shared with me that you cannot teach your I sort of course that's why you have more to teach and this is what we began doing this is what's been happening home school works if I can you know the message across as well owned it doesn't make sense street a child your children in the classroom ... 40 to 50 kids there's one teacher there is not even an assistant in the classroom in most instances interscholastic just you know a teacher middle grooming to beat teacher okay staff when I was coming up I'm not sure so prevalent now but owned 40 to 50 kids per class in New York City as of 1/1/2016 we're please see me was just beginning to brag about us 70 percent high school graduation rate yeah okay and it was lower than that when I began teaching my son but it is just 50 percent prosecutes yes once they hit that system we just forget about 70 percent of the kids in foster care wind up in penal system Yahoo yes almost like a supermarket protector of success that you planned for them and we mapped out for them before the committee we're here and I put them on a mediocre are sure to fail prison the pipeline track yeah and I mean it's just and it it's just interface and while this is unbelievable yeah I never quoted too by the way right they have a quota which which hath increase every year also so just yeah I want everybody to understand that CPS they see us as a quota and what's in in unbelievable so it doesn't behoove them to keep families together behind them to write families apart like they're doing with you guys I mean this is I'm trying to I didn't know that the family court when you to go into court they have you guys as divide it and you have to be represented by a different attorneys I didn't know that why lawyer would see let's say the same thing they talk wells sorry I have talked about you you're after are you so and yeah yeah are you allowed to say no we're not adverse we love each other where I get a bloody nose that is over and I know when is that when is the appeals that for but we have we don't have a date yet it in your family court you have to get approved for an appeal so we're in the process of reading yet they will approve our ability to appeal your I mean after he said it will be a year so before that happens we're praying for a miracle of course we did see some victory in Connecticut where they needed a lock where foster children can not be vaccinated against parental consent ... that's that's happening when that's happened since our case I mean literally maybe 6 weeks ago right we may be less than 12 weeks ago and I believe it was directly connected to this case considering the Connecticut is our trusty area right into me we've we've been we were members of the home school legal defense association I'm a Leo which is lacking education at home organization and they've been extremely helpful in our crafting words for you know parental rights in the US constitution defense out of our of our claims I'm in our perusal out right in our ability to have a familial association with our children arm which unfortunately is is even being destructive right now because we are a because they're very infrequent they're very you know unnecessarily straining up there we get hung up on a lot moon's I also like to say you know for anyone who may be on an impressionable Howell E. in law if there are maternal grandmother Hess takes issue with the maternal mother maybe something's wrong with him wow just what he wants to own leave it to 30 first chapter solo genesis it's really the story of Joseph where his own brothers sold him into captivity all right it initially had planned to kill it you know so it's not one family who the look well I've yeah for a lot interracial again your to god's word in to see it this is not a first time yeah he weary statements yeah my wife's mother is at me have nothing to do with this Crichton now here now if I may I mean I I have gone through a little bit of that kind of stuff too what you're explaining is not buzz I don't I love you I conditionally love you I love you if you do what I want you to do with you I want you to do when I want you to do it but if you're not gonna do that then I don't love you and that's not love that's control and a lot of people have a lot of difficulty with that and there's a huge difference and by the way and by the way what your guys describing right now it is not uncommon where this several times that of people that we've interviewed that does somebody in the family didn't like this crown lands a lead and actually work with CPS yeah we're like all my god do not work with CPS on that you lose your children it's so difficult to get them back went CPS ACS gets involved has really it is a nightmare on you guys your story is incredible I know they're so much more detail it's difficult to squeeze a you know a several years into an hour but I want me yeah I want you to and tell us about your telescope at the name of your YouTube or your website and then tell us what rethinking is and I'm gonna put all of this down and in the description for and send everybody your way and then I think I also have a I CP us contacts I in the New York area and that I now want to be sure to get you in touch with him a lot Olson also we want to get a couple of balls rolling to help you guys out however we can so we our our block is rethinking southward I mean and are you to peach is my username is crowd of his glory ground worry I'm so imprint you 2 got home slash and it is for a good product loneliness journey right since my ... sorry wire that you need of our children readings in Jesus name that's pretty much it eyeliner using odd reading the king's was worked out of hearing other people's stories and we wanted our need be there trying out so as we share and that's what we would propose that the aging you know we're not bottom you certainly have limited hours in the courtroom up no power and I'll I'll actually so we wanted to encourage people in their faith as the base travesty are happening hold on to what we can do through information because there's so many things that if we had known you know back then it would position does matter to me different choices and maneuver differently I don't know outcome would have been different we just would have known you just knowing sometime quite quite comforting like I know these resources like agents out yesterday on Leah our chapter on parental rights stock work sonic milling California who's fighting for for people out there I'm coalition for children and families and then I am 40 hearing about your resources but those kinds of resources habit help or so that's what we want to offer you reading he's foundation not only information telling our story documentaries documentaries and podcast interviews with other people who have been through the same so that we can use information sharing and collectively themes or no at sea yes Anna and I know you know there's a lot of conversation today you know surrounding the trumpet ministration and in his constituency aren't all right in other pictures groups there take experience with our what they would call repression or Christian of their rights here in America all when you look at our peach everything may not suit you there may be certain that you find offensive arm demographics of mark's immunity may not look saying mom we may not even be able to eat with one another armed I personally in one of those people that are don't take issue I'm rounds asked a question awhile back and someone said to me well I don't want white men see it I don't want my daughter nearing a black man you know and then someone me you know the impression that that's a racist comment I personally don't take that as a racist comment arm we're all different right at me you can lift it will be with one another you might like cross stitch I might not like Ross you might like least years I might like C. bets okay do you might live there next door to me are you may never may never want my family over for dinner but we're peaceful with one another I don't disrespect you you don't disrespect me you know what I see your son being not handled properly by the sex offender in the community and I grabbed him including make your door but we're not like intimately involved with women because maybe that just is not best for our fans I'm only pointing this out as I did yeah because you know lots of statements are made from people from different backgrounds on it it's unfortunate well we have a common problem here yes yeah yeah yeah yeah it is that our government is becoming more draconian today than ever yes gobs is not a crime faces the Martin who's but this one is not a criminal Morris this we're not right people are families fought for this country lit for America my grandfather was in war World War 2 my father fought in Vietnam my wife's up both her fathers fought in Vietnam stepfather flawed Vietnam or natural father fought in Vietnam Earl stated near distrustful of government scurries and again our teams owned it may be we can work together should work together arm you know seem like there's this divide in America today and again I don't know even harder best articulated it put it into words our own I think it just needs to be an honest conversation and I will just say it amongst the races it needs to be honest conversation you stating that you don't like something doesn't mean that your races yeah statement yeah I don't like something doesn't mean I'm rates right now you saying you don't want to eat red lobster with me doesn't mean that your races mange rather sit there's people use will comparable are yeah or many E. what Sir with whoever was someone did not move an end if I can also once again if I may you know saying that you don't trust the government I'm does not mean that you don't love being an American and you don't love America and you don't love American people that that does not mean a day you're going that you think the government knows what's best for your children because they don't that parents know what's best for the children well and the fact of matter is when I look at what I listen to your story there's a reason why people don't trust the government is because they're not being trustworthy right now so you know what government maybe they need to start gaining our trust back again and that's a problem okay because there's a lot of people that don't trust the government and for good reason yeah it's on Wall violation of any of the state costs or many of the home rule charter but many of the statute colorable law or constitutional law I'm not a legion of many in the state you're still saying on just what will go I don't know the federal dummy money on my taxes what are we talking right yeah thing as they grow terms around they throw names around they make up names and they never get asked what is that what exactly does that mean what does that mean described give me a definition of not trusting the government which is that mean that you guys are really good question what does that mean that you don't trust the government does that mean that you're questioning the narratives all the time because I hear things in the mainstream media all the time that I don't believe frankly so if I don't believe their narrative does that mean I don't trust you got your terrorists does that mean that we all have to be zombies do are we living in Nazi Germany is that where we're at right very close and is yeah that is so so it so our founding forefathers told us we'd better question the government it's our right to do so and that's what I call patriotic yeah absolutely so you know I work works when you're old religious organization where the president's words French is that he you it'll banner talk with the items you know I I was proud to represent that we're how to either Walt back on the biblical tenets that inform the constitution and warm our rights today as citizens and it was you know I think that we was that it was a real Hitler got to hear somebody say you're not religiously sincere and you must not me after all that I need collected we've done as a family for this country and I and what and how we believe in in not just in what in the business long what America yeah you try to instill that in our children we want them to contributing members of society we want to be global citizens and not not support us well I'm so glad you should educate your children not no matter what background it for background educate your children up right shoulder better name glass your house the very ones breaking it Jordy from not stake in the Jordy or you bast prison since a large small world Jordan went there for economic crunch yeah yeah legal they didn't have something you being here to us take care of themselves I mean if you're if you have what do you have knowledge entrepreneurship knowledge if you create problems you know if your teenager and you can make where you do have some system of being able to fabricate toilet paper fabricate women in men's underwear you are stab me in the real estate here someone in high school for you ever got to college if you wanna think about you know if you were on a scholarship for college and yet you had a little business that you were working on the beach here because as production production production has been driven home in your ma how much better off as their child when he yeah numbers are all American you it's exactly because a yes that makes a good neighbor and also makes a good father it makes a good has been it makes a good you know sign it makes a good person period well I gotta tell ya I'm really happy that we had you guys on here and to to tell your story and I really admire how strong that you all have remained through this and I just ask that you continue to remain strong you do what you can do what you're doing and be strong and of course I know because your faith in god everything's going to work out I really believe that and we're gonna do everything possible on our end to help you and people you know like you that are going through the same thing so god bless you guys really thank you so much for coming on //
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Orwellian New York CPS (ACS) Corruption - Children Taken Away 4 Parent's "Alleged" Distrust Of Govt
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More Israelis Face Persecution - Update with Marianne Azizi
\\for Hey guys we are back with one of my favorites and your favorites Mariana CC she also has 0 back I understand he is going to be leaving soon and we want to update and figure out what's going on over there so yes tomorrow I'll have ... gonna have another so I'll wear it just a portion of it week trial that that goes on here in Israel we have a bunch of stuff out there a social activists were actually where okay she sent off to go to ... at the head of bank out one of the big banks your initial speak out and tell them that many things that we are not agreeing with some of them are one of them is that the National Bank of Israel I'm gloomy I actually found guilty in fraudulent dis United States yeah the money that they are should pay for the public or achieve privacy is a fine they going up would only public going out bullet until the public to pay and the public specific but I am talking about the you know there are DR Holocaust survivors and why because the majority of the money doesn't move from place to place in that band is the money all the Holocaust survivors you talking about assets talking about huge sums of money in the use that money in order to create their own fines and their own ... back the way it and it's not the first time they did it in the eighties and the nineties and it's like every day if you are found guilty in some sort of crime right now economical mind somewhere in the world nice states Israel and again I'm saying are we as a social activist here in Israel we comp bills people not in with guns or violence or anything just back us being in their houses makes us criminals so there work tomorrow will have another set just another question small portion of the huge trial that could last for 5 years least are yeah let us all that we ask how do you know how do you know that the bank intends to collect money from her all of the citizens in order to pay the fine how did you find out how so there is a waiver that the US C. E. O. not bulky doing me a Catholic also I mean not that's her name she signed a waiver says that anything the back room you wore I achieved by the state any criminal I actions would be our made against the bank so she won't be responsible because she just got a CD all meaning it's not but she is the one black person we should just make she just doesn't do our job so yeah so it means she's not the one to blame she signed this way where many years ago went to day Prasat researcher we found them guilty and also that she does not want to appear there responsibility you know the money so yeah we know for a fact okay nurses on the sock Kapalua journalists only and guy medals they for the past decade Eliot they when they did read documentaries about all those are ended east that he's Holocaust survivors money one of the biggest is popular with me so that brown now but there are millions and even more than 1000000000 Scheck yeah 16 that there are banks balls which are belong to the Holocaust survivors and their families and they're not money's not being given to anyone because again you know and send money they want only the money not to give away so Israel day we do just 1 and 1 together because the back said we not going to see all that said we're not going to take responsibility or any personal responsibility for the crimes but on the other hand they being told to pay money so how do you take out money which year which is not your it's because it's not your responsibility you know you're not one lane but you still have to pay money so you get money but it's not your money and lose my money in the bank this season the bag and it's not you see all the clients now what is the biggest client while doing me with the biggest amount of money that doesn't move from one place to another the Holocaust survivors because their soul most would not even know about the this money the ones you don't as.well below are but this is this cappello journalists only then guy they found out that this money actually sit snowballs for many years collecting dust they need shirts for the bands and Warrick many entities Jewish and you 16 know your and they are not are I don't know but Sir there not you don't have to listen to anyone from Israel okay not go along yeah they're not accountable to be sure the la do you know what they say yes and this is their their main excuse why they won't even are negotiate with Israeli local entities are people such as our goals I journalists those journalists we're prosecuted why the backs of my those entities that they mention that's 6 and you know and we all night state I am playing losses goblet journalists only our guy okay I will tell you that they're popular in his jail I won't say that they're the best journalists I know many people even me that hot themes are there not disagreements but own basket Holocaust survivors the money that's 6 in the vaults of the Manson who meet the national not be and the fact that other entities such is not the meat farm or should their car which goes down now based they blocked yeah I'm focusing my to see bowling for example they took tromping feet that does all the survivors couldn't claim because they're too old to work every day from this to run away from the Nazis manual and so that they have on you that dole's our assets are still sitting in Poland so what they did was coming we taking those assets buying them not filling the goals are a Holocaust survivors it might not making themselves richer because they built on open the dying that bill Bakshi's with no money literally sold out really need them is sinking so why are we going to trial spent new out okay I had some nice story I and I so we'll look at this trial again it's like many other Archie's eat your social activists were not been a civilian citizen that speaks out yeah against any gone wrong deed over any eating that whatever you are going to be prosecuted received your career in you not that story with that that will are you so I hope this over there in Moscow you good Sir his own be believed to jail for for prolonged periods of time year in Israel we have also got this kind of thing that you'll say something if they don't meet Joe while it will end up in the U. scoff bit you'll be yeah there will be a great nation so we are being prosecuted or about 7 or 8 out of the safety coming there are seals although not home of the best we have several bands that gold dust those kind of back east then we come to that what desk and you do it also work out there are corporations that I'm guilty and it is really a simple because most of that and these are not you are fine we discover those things like every Monday barriers are so you Josh and the judge and he's also a house yes around them job you don't yeah yeah he had everything soak up that I will judge are apparently he's best friend ease the father although we'll secure to do so I know query although that's fair yeah indeed banks are I'm I'm look all I'm among them I'm not happy discovering and then realizing that because again it's just a it will allow where it will allow would change the judge it land and to make him even somebody else lease was more worse or cynical or whatever but you can see it's a small place usually you have to remember that me la city of Milan in Italy has almost 7 out of people in residence that's usually yeah I mean you just okay inside using it earlier this small place you know many people would know we hear each other and we know we found out that this judge actually is so friend is the prosecutor spot so this prosecutors Norman but the father and death and the judges is always already you seem to go whatever happens you're not the judicial system in a show that different than the United States I mean that you're absolved that you did that judge Judy knocks me out where do the facts of the case he presided and it's quite bizarre because if you do not say so Jacobsen just to hear it judges them move jewelery I don't think we have no you're in I got you starting Ginny in so you lower economic decision 3 that he can make a decision on your appearance and he's impression okay so so if you don't like the look of fear the reserve clause inside and all this I just don't want you you don't see me and that's enough a lot that's going on because it's not jury I'm because everything ready you much you supply principally you are landing with me any just because you look a bit got she I think you'll see her a few miles so there was the case with this set up again after this ... use they are whistleblower not reluctant Jim Morrow you only see so little tomorrow getting worse you was not and for the most but the most BDS being in the world gave for it insulting 8 public worker we know now thing yeah public originally I'm now if the judge said that the truth should not be paying they got back will defend you it's not that shoot at will defend you act again I'll say differently because the judge said specific at are you step it's even been shoes if you'll tell it's it's true even if what you're saying is true not it it's not a defense were you not are yeah so it's it's I mean yeah hi there will find no fly any angle you find you guilty because I think that right judge on the cards are stacked against you for sure so I didn't hear where you're going I didn't hear where you're going tomorrow okay so do more than just go it'll be that the local court until the VP okay now the local work yeah it's a local court if they have names in Israel and it got the name needs how high the quarry is so it's like the lowest suit less than the local or and the point saying is that we've got it be there tomorrow just like 10 minutes you know what all its delays upon delays we have 7 people indicted we have about 6 different there are alone ... since it looks different no you can does not seem to make sure the facial no charges 7 yes surcharges jobs I wonder you know what are you being charged for yeah jockeys are some of the truth intimidating public in a public space making noise and public space space aren't doing it more than one gone are because we've made it I mean that it's a 6 or 7 times so so the judge said it was one time it's okay but because you did it that that ... 6 not tighten up and how many times it's okay to express one 's voice like when you need one I'm is okay so we had those are the charges and one of them died the most severe one is that we are harassed a minor in a high optimizer yeah in his school which is me and my friend who is a lawyer criminal lawyer we approached a school off-again she heard bar studies at that school and high school in middle of Israel the most view full some better me Aaron she lost you know all why people so we've never met the girl I would not what am I even look at her and she was at the time 18 yeah I think long minutes a week it's legal she's not all but they decided because it was in the high school so it's he's a minor yeah then it's illegal and whatever it's all then we went there yeah but we all over the megaphone to the public not mentioning names saw her partner not like nothing she didn't see that young lives very so yeah we use that that notion is that we talk to the minor for that matter and focus you get all that done feel the mother S. if we doing it we've never did because we will and I think when they hear what the judges that police officers that they may be delegated US then you know that we basically never met a girl never spoke to her in anyway not even a third party we just spoke to the public legal review in a public space outside and the names that we use because it's the mother want your studies specific school so she nearly got me speaking about a mother anyhow we saw the face that made us criminals just worst about Nixon when nothing and we're being treated as if we are at this guy them appear in the stomach you're going to shoot someone got big you know like I I sent you or he was not I want the politicians here you declare the agenda that children are in danger biological parents and the policy should be that they're all taken by the government and that marriage the published I'm and there's a one hour machine and I'm sure not strike you watching hot school now when you get you can doubt that minus the low to the state's Fisher it anywhere you go in this country and make a noise that's gonna be a minor in the street a minor in the school of minor in the cafe and of course when it suits them they become and I proceeded they can use to cross it yes this is the gender and you can see I'm I'm right this moment you should set so here we are again you know with the lowest number as well mind is our news all the time as excuses to prosecute people who are speaking out for things okay I'm going home as the riots going on with the match I mean you know he corruption check anywhere on the street or anywhere near and you we are worse when I was a kid you think how they tried to convince me that my mother she's the bad person because I am is 8 here I'm strong streaks running down there alone and like how how come you know and then he successfully convinced me that my mother she's a criminal well you no way entrar no because time really does one thing Richard you I do it you few months ago you in actually it's you regularly since the knowledge that the Arab yeah how many investigations I'm going on right now not just some hidden I am interested to know what kind investigate all of going on I'm sure world yeah show you can just go 123 so the secretary of defense was secretary of defense house they and you know issue is our second that in in you know why she was indicted just recently if I met you somehow I she was she from his spot uses second are here in lead and she found a she was indicted for fraudulent said that and and money laundering you call us and US policy shekels with the NGOs with that Washington ... guys and she did it with the help of this I mean there are ways they use the minister but he was found guilty she does she did ease how funny now cock generous oh my god you big knobby unable ... general there that that many people that forces them try me and the general Chinese model is because China because he looks like Chinese so if you they hope none of them are really really really no thank you okay this is friends nickname from still back then so named because like a Chinese really mother she's from some kind of gross some Asian US state that she's out and he's the story when they found out first of all 10 years ago maybe you now in a brothel and it was a big scandal and now you're going now with you was the one you did business with that the submarines with that the Israeli I I'm gonna be at all beyond their Arab prime minister of Israel and and ya know and German decent group company now is it reasonable that you did that or others like you Jansson ears 0 percent absolutely yes yesterday a poncho a mid level and the offices in these really army and civilians work or eat bell guilty you know the same thing in taking one money and if you think you money from 1:00 if we did it in in other plots markets without job where some of the service is being taught me or any of that no agendas antebellum guilty they said yes we admit it and those are our officers big going ranks yeah yeah as long as nobody hears about their deeds and wanna be calm if admiral in the navy is China or any day allocates these are interrogated and maybe hopefully will be indicted yeah thank you no hearings area that have a lot of my money we build money it's and it's manpower it's it's it's it's human pile 8 human life you think they also want to build something 12:00 hours a day 10 years for you to be day not it's not all because of that nature because he believes what he does will go to the people and everyone being betrayed in Israel and we lost people their youngest movie all this we all are lead excerpt the Israeli IDF as the mother who you and we being that BP bonds and we have my cases against BB number all of them but the fact that the scene dedicated in one case 3000 that's that means game 9 yeah so rapidly beating delegate they've released opportunity in the last week the prime minister what's so he blamed the chief of police electing the public know this fact you blame the chief of police all we are now basically that do you want this through yes because of the proof what they want me I'm sure you think although police in Israel he'd been chosen all of the bullies Scott doing the police where the highest ranking that we will all because it's not what's the plot okay understood Benjamin Yeltsin's Bologna safe you'll be my guide in the or leasing you accept my nomination you'll be do you have it all Mossop ... when you're sure said well I know my ID I have no experience and not only a yes and so yeah why not you did it but eventually he didn't know why he didn't know how the thing you know who how we there is no memories are no match so we just well you're going to spend each live you really trying to me awfully you wouldn't know that babies okay but you have to understand everyone I know who you go shine though focal lengths because this is the only way to go higher in the ranks you'll labor chest oval going to snitching about people what are competing on the same ... up on the same job so you listen to John and that they did even if they didn't do anything just because of that bill lose that job and you know that we remember what he said bone pain well what I so the chief of police so the chief of police was on the B. side then he was an ally well he was chosen by a BBC no and then for them being me and them being we can we blame them be be blamed term yeah in the United States we call that throne somebody under the bus yeah well ntfc so let me let me ask if if Bibi is indicted a water the chances that he actually will be removed and then what will that mean for the people of Israel yeah it is okay think about future in the found guilty of 250 are ... case where you're not either use people that is all so still do not condemn yeah it's okay like you know nothing ya won't kill you well thank and play and do what ever but behind the scenes even we know it but if you if the coalition will be stronger or bigger than the opposition not politically speak but he also sure Marguerite sold all position would be afraid there now to do anything knowingly everyone knows that their alcohol was in the fields know when you are the big 2 now the only thing there was a recall it was backstage should hungry all you need well nobody knows how they can not because he's a violent guy you want as if they want to go to open up a woman got signed there bundle of joy then we got ice which it tells us it's own mysterium fences are you exposed to your you do seem hospital in this EP off-again yeah what is beyond me if we all Vietnamese being told us on our existence I did because the enemy of peace I like where you've been all prime minister it's all just to show then you think about it this is this is like psychological warfare because it's like I'm guilty and so what right you gonna do a big it's not a guilty its look items look that I don't use it you know though yeah look you know you could you can go ahead although if you look at him job does something with the nuclear agreements all yeah well this quarter you step rushes by some idea US will escort you know you know school you get its existence song not doesn't you got your wish anything go right and you are going to use with its own citizens alliance yeah owns we grab do you wish everything that has to do with being a prime minister in the oil ESPN and east Greenland it all use love whales lifestyle ye are use your parents you know it was my minister yet there he was there come Julia and then you found out that older government yes although there are houses private house be refurbished origami are on them you'll need there sorry you need to resolve product house because he said well I'm eligible and I minister which wasn't sure what so you literally takes arum lily every line every cent that every year right she's not been given to them but it just makes any sense I'm eligible under prime minister he's my she doesn't want to go not not gonna jobless year you know she walks because she's a private citizen she doesn't bother to fly she's not also going to send you in Jerusalem she earned the municipality Jerusalem does not there company that nobody tell us how many hours she works there that week or even a day and well they only you will have to say that she is working for them as a child psychologist but if you look at it she's more involved in the psychology of good state of Israel them in the in the psychology behind her own operations now can I ask you many problems many not eat you say he used to be there are I mean not having many that perhaps he stroked it was you do you have your body guard here used to be a body guards simple guy used to be a body gotten believe everyone in every being who this is you went up to be in that I owe bodyguards I'm do we became the actual our our housekeeper lowering the prime dislike done the rest it's like with the chief of staff of the White House then we use based on the fact that if the lady First Lady doesn't trust this guy you'll be somebody else okay it's safe position that means the press lately trust you and she put you there you said she needs mania are you great or why do you think and he's a molester sure lost the case you when she lost you want the case 109000 check in she paid him because he was right if it wasn't enough she said well I'm the First Lady I could lose she said to this lady work or the Graham do going complain about on this so I did not that young hip they eat molested her and make some numbers also claimed system works and it's that I you know when my ex will you come or how else thanks let I mean you can see all joining scatter that this woman I am it's she touched you will stop a lot of people here she can my proposed claim and ruin his life I'm I'm when he's acting take that paper is not you know it's not breaking the arm because it's I think it's not so much like you can see how they use their own people legally that all yeah writes this second not let these they are them off because they have there oriental people not the east why skin Nazis you there are good people while it's the old friends and they say that they are lying in what about as the chief of police the same as there are no but are double my house why would you we want to 647 weeks use the at SMU general use the Attorney General also being that ... I called my head Benjamin Netanyahu addicts and then see ... monarchy and Benjamin ya'll where Los actually yeah I thought that this guy would do the you know with heat back any I know but our house of this there I think there are it's up to him actually write the charge to die all of these rituals you the signs and wonders we've got the brunt of the prime minister or not and so far he's gonna great job not doing anything not not not only not going any say in telling the public and people who hold acts as this guy and then it maybe not by me ito's also in all the public that we are it's not enough you know it's not enough to do a thing working investigate like we have that over here to consider all the time yeah another another peek out not even comparing because I know that I'm for it on my side is that old beat Floyd did in one or more crap doesn't only in one way off tensions will either Ryan both Korea who do you mean that there is there a need that is the best hours that people know how to be bill led to believe that our legal is the best yuppie hell and goals in my sweats and like we know that eventually my god we've got to reset my or we've been living through the Penikese that eighties off a few also in Russia you call me out even the United States where the jobs are to be out there told you know we know how it looks how primitive people be Hey how do the athletes that prevent and and and and make sure that the sasi data arrived just in the he's okay we know we and so please media tells us doctor Benjamin Netanyahu and those people that surrounding you he chose them because he is a criminal you know that one day you're going to be caught with all of those things then you know that he has to have the chief of police on his site then when somebody from the chief of police is it's not people minded all I might read do people my people Miley kitrey leads by nothing you know but these 2 people minded because you're not being all Benjamin Netanyahu you thanks to you know the Larry there are reasonable secretary going down the affair you know I don't think he'd like that second reason is been in prison for 3 years I got this job how did you go to prison in the first place well that's crazy that the UN into use not he's not guilty I I I I I I kid you not the whole way was chanting with these bunch of ... I'll forward you use mobile be obvious not guilty it's one of the most famous person Michelle because that's the Thomas things that I did not know what is in prison anyone want color that he's not guilty you say are your very yeah it's a so called a smack workers I know you want me all it speaks me now that they how many assets that they are doing legislation yeah we are complicit in the Israeli parliament to make it easier what that will work better do manage their assets without the taxation so we have in this log out that station on third bass that you got 3 assets you will move you are you are you know you put out for a little break to whatever you get money for it you have to pay taxes yes but I mean that he won't be gamer richer wealthier after you were not present yeah and these any business is then used that authority in these children also yeah now and they need to let me be in Jerusalem and in all of our or god forbid yes all the affidavit yes he's your I have been indicted setting present left the brief that means Jeff got 3 chip even again doing bad things and now is being dedicated but not by not very good you need more thank you merit yeah I think that all I know this because the goal replacing all their own you know evidence yeah although not 3 days ago Minnesota well I'm cots we go I I do indeed see where there are ahead of Israeli army SO sorry I any I Israeli aviation industry well yeah I know I have well what risk hi Gus weaved his son that now you are doing what he did he called all the people even they are not is forcing street do you think you have all their of the one we want employees union you you know you still the head of it getting money for doing nothing and he's also an MP the problem is member and he said anyone who will vault not be not been doing that and you know from the I a I know Joel you've got something going knowing full bounty actually that the ro well where the yeah so I hope it's okay usually knee high that's okay he wants you so he time and money yes many structural well and he was questioned on TV I mean you're out why they were profiting from their tanks are asking children that which I think you said it is not that we should reduce that are not good guys and dolls up the perfect maybe they won't take his how now you know he I what is the secret shopper lawyers are we really all over yeah so like it's not Sweden that you have just be heard that is a ruling that ought not any loaded you gonna make a suicide just because a little bit longer than all year and you move it up even if you if not even within got it we did then Bronfman and people seem to be big and everything yeah it doesn't mean anything them up or are they out bias not one sided yeah okay we are you know I think for the quiet in the street while nobody's there yeah we owe it to the children we have an interesting time this week so okay I love your sis but I think that is not related directly to me I hope you less on Monday night at all anyone with schools but yet some with you know the thing up really I will ask the disability are like a suit brought this people from Israel after this if you tried to get into their accounts through your phone doesn't matter if it's the 9 to 8 or iOS you being picked up in the op wouldn't but alas if you mean if you're trying to read an article like one of their blogs we mean their account where the profile of the few bands of the profile of one of us you can yesterday you did that yacht would collapse you know No Way be specific people who has something very very uncommon and the fact that they are all active but my uncle at yeah me and okay all I have to stay on journalists but they're also in in the atmosphere and I'm gonna corpuscles this place is cool you needed some Yahoo up because we all know I know that watching from the mainstream so we won't are it's just kind of unique happens all of us all at the same time we have army people saying that that is a called the building thing happened there yeah and because of this cold building thing it's specific to try to fix it operates mean bake you order more someone you know someone you have mixed with Ernie the action right now yeah only think anything poppies and you know Billy's really media does not follow any conspiracies conspiracies also got sore but this time the beat any means something up and now we know this is what we are outside and you being in a hell in the car you took Mary and watch these false pretences we often group and I'm hoping we get if they allow any evidence well we got you and we have to talk it must what is really being established they've established a national identities as they can telecommunication which the name all best over by them best this company along the years was privatized it's B. Fulton this guy ... his name hung up on whatever and how long do you have to be solved in the results bank loans and mobile this time basic what happened is they started to build shell companies to see all that sick or be all I should say you start to deal with shell companies ET electric shock companies and you'll call company of Nokia yeah and they did many things basically sucking money okay because again basic what's used to belong to dis jail he our government and because it's being sold if we sold out there are circumstances that are pretty good too no one 's what are you this nope just seconds yeah bought basic but you also bought real estate many people doesn't know McDonald's for example it's not they will get it's that real estate all you bloggers in this place this but man Robert even may not money easier here as they could sell there is no there's there's told at the days of the telephones used to be you remember computers used to be in the side rooms there therefore you have to have it that a lot of real estate in Israel not like United States or other places their real estate eat delivery instead of Israel and Israel there is general he's very very badly their expenses no leaving bill many no show companies this Ono basic any legally owned by the satellite companies bikini companies that the telephone companies the cell phone companies because he owned it almost I yeah I actually got up there everybody everything he found guilty starting up on you he wasn't like that when older entourage E. out with these personal assistants annoyance and secretaries and all the people see also that you just got to like the movie company what got someone yes all yes there are look and it's neat right at it you might mention 6 series which spring summer but it is true it is you know I know satin right yeah one or another after another Unna stand yeah how why or how they bring up the indictments it's just a waste of time and money if nothing ever happens in the epilogue limit no that's the punishment week thank you grab you we we for 67 years we okay I wanna hold our high school in our ways that work in London on that Thursday so ways they might try out there is that I'm leaving to do my job I would wish to me well that's good but because of this trial 56 years all we have to come back I'll be have to be here on behalf to be with the police usually audience wire right and the big ones and any guy yeah from is that nothing yeah I know it's not easy that's a question I have because we know we know the true I'm we know that judiciary we know but here like we know nothing will ever happen they never even get indicted like they don't because that would give us hope that maybe justice may happen but they just they never even get question nothing ever happened yeah well at least your guys get indicted right on the thing's gonna happen you know I I I'm looking I'm looking at other yeah I was gonna say are the next time that you guys comarcas is gonna be many times I'm picturing something right now I'm I'm picturing Netanyahu's head between the 2 of you so can you get him on next are yeah it's not about me well yeah I can even that I just described pretty sure we we be indicted and last.that's the yeah yeah error leave I do not believe Benjamin Netanyahu he is responsible or ease some kind of magician and that's you know it's like a disease years that this evil or the one I believe that because you eat dust Suchy really like me schemes that things that only criminals low level criminal after us so I believe is only exploiting his position knowingly that it's not going to be or yeah I yeah he's going to run away let me know said did let you know does the right I am we'll you know so well and no you I no no no no our is so and when you next speak to me it's going to be about the what is it the greatest yeah government crime that well scene our job is which is for years and do you have what it looked at real numbers were I'm incensed what's going on here will next be telling you it's not getting any nothing's changed and now what you will say that since they took soaking it so well yeah she doing what the settlements and it just own all the children it was Michael armies holistic and once you come on in because they put a lot I am I'm which are more the right side just reading what what it feels like any company back in the Europeans yeah I think I see this year he cherished dream I think it works better I'm in London I'm gonna be the Hague also speaker and I don't in the fall of men from the 80 in one form or another I'll update and I'll be also in London speak about that are that speak about it the English probably in the committee's rail connection why are these Jews I beat Fulton believe that there are 4 declaration we just ended this week about 100 years exactly wow what Wharton why was a bluff and why we stop even though it's a Jewish state across Selby London on here in about a 3 row you all know how I yeah Natalie fear you know you just one last question before we go have you have you written your first book yet the //
"2017-10-19 16:46:26"
#SaveOurChildren Operation Cross Country XI Rescues 84 Children
\\free the stings took place in hotels casinos truck stops in on social media in just 4 days the federal bureau of investigation and law enforcement partners in the U. S. and abroad recovered AT for sexually exploited miners 20 track the FBI national center for missing and exploited children operation announced Wednesday the results of operation cross country 11 the goal of the yearly operation is to identify and recover children caught up in sex trafficking the latest operation ended October 15 and involved 55 FBI field offices 78 F. B. I. let child exploit exploitation task force is made up of more than 500 law enforcement agencies Denver's rocky mountain innocence lost task force recovered 17 children across Colorado and Wyoming they arrested for pension 18 predators who are looking to buy sex with children a task force and local enforcement arrested or cited another's 27 adults for prostitution along with 10 potential customers on October 15 FBI Denver rescue 3 month old girl and her 5 year old sister the girls have been offered up for sex by a friend staying with the family Frank was arrested after making a deal with undercover task force officer to sell the girls in the sex trade $600 during a press conference Wednesday the FBI said operations across Wyoming and Colorado led the most rescues in the nation Arapahoe county district attorney Jeff Rouch lawyer said he didn't believe the numbers for you inflected in epidemic problem of sex trafficking in Colorado I just believe that we have a kind of partnership and unique environment of experts who are willing to put themselves on the line to rescue as many as possible and that's how you get these phenomenal numbers for outlier said FBI assistant special agent in charge taught poor agreed it is because we devote a lot of resources to this initiative and we have very talented investigators and other individuals that bring us together and work around the clock to rescue these kids poor said last year operation cross country led the recovery of 82 sexually exploited children and the rest of 239 people across the country in all more than 6500 children have been rescued since 2003 the FBI said countless traffickers have been arrested more than 30 of whom are 6 serving life sentences for their crimes this year operation cross country took place with the help of law enforcement partners in Canada the U. K. Cambodia and the Philippines god bless you folks take care I thought these annnnd //
"2017-10-19 00:02:20"
Corey Feldman On The View - This is a test
\\for well folks recently ... Reese Witherspoon is come out ... revealing that she was sexually molested when she was 16 years old by a Hollywood producer America Ferrera has come out also saying that she was molested ... the other day judge Jeanine came out with a scathing monologue against the Hollywood para files hypocrites predators and warning them that this is just the beginning there will be more and I have the last little bit folks at the mainstream media because they're reporting this as if this is a new revelation this is the first time that we've heard or that they've heard that there is a problem in Hollywood peta files predators no one explain another thing folks this isn't just a female issue or problem no this is a male problem as well as we know that a lot of these directors and producers in Hollywood have homosexual tendencies and love little boys it's like the Romans did folks I have to ask myself why has it taken so long why has it taken so long for Hollywood to be outed like this and it needs to continue enough folks I'm gonna show you what the problem is and that is they all protect each other here we have Corey Feldman on the voice and he is ostracised he's almost chastise not almost he is chastise for revealing that there is a big part of file problem I feel your problem in Hollywood this was a few years back and he ask yourself and you wonder why why do these people not come out this is wise people like Barbara Walters that protect predators peta files in Hollywood check this out folks god bless you take care we'll talk to you soon I'm saying that there are people that word the people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working they're still out there and they're some of the region's most powerful people in this business and I and the how did not want me saying what I'm saying I are you saying that that peta files yes and I was still in this prison yeah that's what yeah and that's what you're saying a bug when you talk to you when you talk to bear him here right now Charles Murray there there are a lot of parents out here who wants to put their kids in this in this business they their kids are cute they're great actors today what would you say to a parent who just has the best of intentions is coming here with their child amusing that there's a lot of predators in this industry it's in many feathered bird okay be careful what you wish for that's what I'll tell you you know don't go into it with my heavy don't go into it thinking that it's all roses attire industry on someone and they're trying to say that I'm just trying to say that it's a very important series topic and you said that there was one gentleman in industry who did not take advantage of you he was not a paedophile he said it was Michael Jackson Hole piece of land I'm I'm //
"2017-10-18 21:40:24"
SICK REWIND - Corey Feldman Chastised On "The View" 4 Warning About Hollywood Pedophile Predators
\\for well folks recently ... Reese Witherspoon is come out ... revealing that she was sexually molested when she was 16 years old by a Hollywood producer America Ferrera has come out also saying that she was molested ... the other day judge Jeanine came out with a scathing monologue against the Hollywood para files hypocrites predators and warning them that this is just the beginning there will be more not the last little bit folks at the mainstream media because they're reporting this as if this is a new revelation this is the first time that we've heard or that they've heard that there is a problem in Hollywood peta files predators no one explain another thing folks this isn't just a female issue or problem no this is a male problem as well as we know that a lot of these directors and producers in Hollywood have homosexual tendencies and love little boys it's like the Romans did the folks I have to ask myself why has it taken so long why has it taken so long for Hollywood to be outed like this and it needs to continue enough folks I'm gonna show you what the problem is and that is they all protect each other here we have Corey Feldman on the voice and he is ostracised he's almost chastise not almost he's chastise for revealing that there is a big pet a file problem I feel your problem in Hollywood this was a few years back and he ask yourself and you wonder why why do these people not come out this is wise people like Barbara Walters that protect predators peta files in Hollywood check this out folks god bless you take care we'll talk to you soon I'm saying that there are people that word the people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working they're still out there and they're some of the region's most powerful people in this business and that out and they had not one is saying what I'm saying I are you saying that that peta files yes and I still in this prison yeah that's what yeah and that's what you're saying a bug when you talk to when you talk to bear in here right now Charles Murray there there are a lot of parents out here who want to put their kids in this in this business they their kids are cute they're great actors today what would you say to a parent who just has the best of intentions is coming here with their child amusing that there's a lot of predators in this industry it's a many feathered bird okay be careful what you wish for that's what I'll tell you you know don't go into it with my entity don't go into it thinking that it's all roses attire industry on someone and they're trying to say that I'm just trying to say that it's a very important series topic you said that there was one gentleman in industry who did not take advantage of you he was not a paedophile user that was Michael Jackson Hole piece of land I'm I'm //
"2017-10-18 16:00:04"
Exclusive Interview With Jeff Berwick The Dollar Vigilante -
\\for we are so excited about our guests today Jim and I have actually been watching him for many years yes the founder of the dollar vigilante a and the founder and host of anarchy he is a master mind on the subject of many and crypto currencies he is an open minded critical thinker he believes them freedom just like we do and he considers himself an anarchist so today we haven't Jeff Burr wake on with us to explain what the word anarchist really is about and how I had been demonized by our government and we have a few other subjects to talk with him about also welcome to pictures Libertad Jeff early enough I think it was my pleasure so Jeff tell us when you first knew you were an anarchist ha ha ha ha well I actually think I was always that where the gradual or not like no one is born it comes out and says well we gotta start using violence against other people get what we want I read out redder the will I end most kids that know that Sir pretty inherently up but it's it's sort of poker goat putting people at the start chants and a government adoption nation counts for 12 years and it was a Leninist that give me your choppers for years in this you know that will never be approved it now in the USA are like well you SSA because it's becoming so fascists and communists at the same time I have them in 12 years and then they really are welcome to go for another 4 or 8 more years repeating the same nonsense hand.going massively that that actually turning it on ... others and that's going on and so yeah as far as when did I know why the case was a matter as I was actually in the year 2002 approximately I was having dinner with that Casey and at the time I was running Canada's largest financial website called stockist icon which right started at my house in 1993 and your 2000 at 1350 people working for it scripts but June of $40000000 and then right after the tech bubble collapsed so the tech bubble which was caused by the federal reserve are that company was almost worthless again and so I ended up selling it hardly anything and really searching for what happened that during that process but right around that time I had I met don't use it for the first time and he asked me a number of questions when you said that you just asked me about my thoughts on life and all that and by the end of it he said you know what you are you and I said now what am I is that your libertarian and I had never heard that word before it never once heard in my life few 2 so lots actually change that's that because most people that I actually heard the words so this is actually a pickup proof right and if you actually go back at 30 years before I even anarcho capitalists and things like that certain libertarians as as Marie rob part but it was only about 10 real ones in our world night but he's so Iraq is actually been quite huge are but as I mentioned got that stuff that was libertarian I didn't know what the word was and ... I actually thought it meant like liberal side so you mean like you know like the rules is like now and he's like out words but changed he who'd yeah we'll use it I mean such a libertarian they took over that weird and then a you talk a little bit more any asking more questions that you know you are you and I would not let whatever you said your head or just tell us that what you mean those people throw bombs that you know that's it but that's all I knew about it back then in 2002 so again likely not word has I've gotten a lot more well known over the last 15 or 20 years it's not not that well known and that's on purpose and it's actually part of all the government not based council was her ex they don't want people to know what it means or our talents even an option they want people to just believe that they were born and slaves up but they are in the freest country the world and you ask what it is that they are enslaved to the government even some of the founding fathers or the quotes I one of them was there's only 2 things sure in life it's death and taxes is I know what what are you talking about see the founding fathers of the U. S. I'll work quite status than that and really want to enslave people rule over people and things like that but it was around 2002 the dog first told me that and and really what happened was I after that I went and I read everything I could not libertarianism let me to enter is a minor capitalism all chariots of all these sort of things and read and read rat like Murray rob a little bit not so much that the books but you know it's points out all the hobbits for people who are written over the years including boxer a lot all kinds of people including Jeffrey Tucker in so many other people anti Casey at and are it's pretty much by 2000 for her so she doesn't 5 that I realize that this is really what's missing in the world this is what the QB answer to everything is now that there's an answer to everything but when you look at the world and I looked at the world back then I used to say Manama's clot warriors there's a lot of poverty up there's a lot of problems ... what's causing all this stuff and actually looked into it and I I got as far as politics and I said something doesn't feel right about this it doesn't turn you like that's the answer and I couldn't figure out the answer so actually went on and I just became an aunt earnest sort of my companies are doing a financial website Canada's wanted out and die and then junkies it came back and pointed out that you thought I was libertarianism libertarian organic instead and once I looked into it it was like a light bulb went off my head I'm like this is what they've been hiding this is if people knew this was even a possibility then the world would change dramatically for the better because people would realize because what they want you to think as yet there's just always kept it saying you know I look back and those years I was governments look tempos here's the vision is good the government's tax yeah you just pay your taxes taxes the price we pay for a civilized society is all propaganda are the same people who control all the governments and they just don't want people to know that there is another solution and that's why they whenever there's so up window broken into Starbucks during some sort of a Ryan I usually buy Armenia's they will always put it does say all its energy down there in Seattle today overlooking the anarchy is breaking windows that's because they wanna implants in you through the television programming as hope programming surgeries that literally brainwashed street all do you so whenever they see is some sort of violence is something that makes them uncomfortable they go energy and that and they turned away from that's what they want people to do so anymore since I point forward I decided that I had you devote a lot of my life you are getting people to understand what this says getting the floss with you know Erin as well get them to understand Austrian economics not so much that it or understand that little cock it but you can understand that central banks are just as bad as that governments almost in in what they do and how the district attorney so that's why I started out just wanting to thousands and after a long retrieved you travel the world it's like you might sell but not the sort of things that are 2000 and I decide I'm struck out which locked in which I said was American capitalist newsletter based on Austrian economics with the goal of helping build a survivor prospered during and after that our class which I still expect it's going to happen surely soon and then it does not lead me to starting up and her cast my art has which knock largest market apples are cast in the world and not let you starting up America logo which is now the largest America kabbalist national terreus conference in the world so why you could say that dinner with Doug KC colonel let me tell you a road show that Sir as a you know brushed off and everything I'm doing so that well just you just covered up questions 127 have you got a lot of them lie under to answer it don't you know I'll tell you what we've watched a lot of your interviews and you're you're an easy interview I love interviews like this you're very informed of ... Mexico how how's Mexico doing were you affected by the earthquake well actually during the big earthquake I was in the airport in Mexico City so I was very little of the entire thing I think the airport in Mexico City was nice that you bad I assume that the airport is not true withstand large earthquakes and so there was some minor damage but not you but there's a lot of people panicking I I just kept eating I was like well what you gonna do leave run around screaming about not updating as we just you know I just kept digging a watch him people etcetera eyes at lego at what age you know I don't see how that helps I know I sort of live streaming I'm but I when I got out of the year or next to the closed airports that entire day house trust your or Nicholas up field in the sun all day and you you know you can get a taxi for got up like nothing really everything sort of stopped for awhile and I was kind of uncomfortable and not that I'm complaining though because what happened to a lot of people because it was our our our grant where so ... once I actually got out of their axial which recounts let's I met up with Jose Rodriguez use one of our people it so what are you going to change Mexico and he had been helping all day big people out of trouble and stuff like that sent out he started actually it's sort of like a fundraising campaign I'm not meeting with I'm not helping to raise funds using crypto currencies out which is still ongoing actually and and it's not some from the crypto shows still raising funds that will be coming out next week there's still lots of stuff that needs to be helped certain and re-attempt yeah yeah we'll get we'll get to crypto currencies here on earth in a couple minutes so you to talk about a lot of controversial things especially on government it's like that I want to know have you been censored at all and I know that we talk about a lot of controversial things here we've been censored on a lot of the social media particularly Yankee team I know Facebook I follow you on Facebook and I know you talk about it on the air well first well nothing that I say is controversial at all if you heard he decent human being Rollins saying is that people shouldn't be enslaved and maps are you shouldn't rob people action extort them with things like taxation and the fact that some people think it's controversial absolutely areas are you right in this world that's a date you Corso doctorate brainwashed and slaves that they don't even realize that slaves so it seems crazy when we come out and we got a you know I have to be on slate well are you crazy get out of here al-assad's but as far as censorship goes I've been a little lucky on that I think there's a partners a reason for it I think and I'm fairly smart about how icky things I'm aware that if I do or say certain things in a certain way it will attract more attention so I am careful I also one of the things that struck I sort of noticed is if you come out you sort of like more like news organization that's what we are changed look or does he and then express for truth and you're sort of competing with the mainstream media that yet actual true information out as a journalist they will definitely go out to you with that because you know that's what side they don't want people to know that I'm sort of tribes you be more a public conversationalist sort or editorial sort of just talking about my thoughts on these things not being as you directly in the face in some ways although many other things I say many people would say they're incredibly extreme amply gotten tonight and stuff but there is a way of doing things that you can kind of be a little smarter about top loading some of the censorship are yeah absolutely at their house so that's why I have no doubt that all continue to be such I have definitely been censored a certain extends arm I try to think of some of the best examples watch it not is just restart you took a lot of that is your down for no reason are so it's it's quite likely that they're starting at you block out certain things I'm doing are deathly if you look at all the stuff I've been doing were what is it about 7 years now I should have a much bigger audience than when your attic talk to people they're like yeah how come you don't have state we can more subscribers on YouTube away more use and I'm like I'm pretty sure they are limiting at third adding it down to her knees next steps arm I seen it myself I've seen actual you can't go down have seen that the electron it doesn't go down 30000 that's like sh okay out I was in the old days are getting smarter about it Sir are you know they're obsolete don't expect that to continue actually a lot it's going to get worse and worse are and so we just have to be smarter and smarter about how we get this information out there and how quickly we try to awaken people because they don't realize what's going on is that you know they're already so behind all I in so many ways so many people because they're like I said they're brainwashed in the government schools for 1216 years our E. 20 here because some guys are a big omission on the television program as culprits reason there's going almost pure propaganda just like nothing to do with reality are all propaganda information never shows a show about how the cops states I wonder how the presidency somebody like it is basically like living in North Korea I it's just different it's like it's you but they've done it way smarter sloop people haven't realized yet so I mean the real important thing is to each contributed to what we're doing as much as possible and as quickly as possible because the window is closing I we do have this opportunity because they are slow up that that's the one thing I can say about you know the world controllers the people control delete structure banksters needing whatever you wanna call you can use all the different names for the minerals some degrees true Illuminati freemason you can do it Jesuit you can use their all's there's not been a big group of outside people controlling a lot of things in the control most immediate control the government to control the central acts our ends ... but the one thing is they're not very fast and so when the internet first came out I actually didn't know it was and is last winter is back then but I would have that's how it was so I was like I can't believe the government has to realize this is going to be a major problem for them hats and this was like 199495 and it wasn't really until about 5 or 10 years ago that I first saw the hands that they were starting to catch on and that's when John Kerry came out a few years ago and it's sad this little thing called the internet is making it hard to covered hand covering it yeah vehicle and now so it was only then you know you're Bill Clinton won't Hillary Clinton's talking now years ago about what we should censor this if we're getting access to information we don't want them to yet was truthful information what they've been slow about it and so it's really just now in the last 5 years I should just last year it's really becoming catching on and they're really shutting out loud real information on the internet that's where this whole game about big news I need help don't troubling life it's just insider I'll be just out there to ... gives you some okay I'm not like those guys like I'm I'm a billionaire Yassin unconnected told these people yes but I'm an outsider and I'm going to change it while whatever where you're at nothing's changed whatsoever up in my biggest complete inside out you know you could have some good arts are I don't know but I'm rich but I'm you know you talking he even came out so it takes me so does like I mean they're kinda propagating and out what they're trying to do is say anything that is not approved by the government or the mainstream media which is one of the St mainstream media propaganda arm of the government at this point in question US most western countries our is vague and they want you that's right and get rid of that and you're saying look you're not sync Facebook do that and they're going to continue to do that so we need to get this information out as much as possible as quickly as possible we still have the chance are few years from now it could be much worse although there is an entire evolution not even a revolution happening in blockchain crypto currency destabilization which could be the real key and hope for the future because if we can get all of this information decentralized so they can't fully shut it down or stop it including the internet itself which there's a number people work got decentralizing entire internet which are then we have a chance to go out get this information out and wake people up local sports too late are if we don't then it will be delayed anyways hadn't I will see what happens after that so it is incredibly important time in human history my opinion and that's why I pretty much work from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep every day and I've been doing this for years great half is because I I I considered to be not or yeah yeah I'm running out of time I wanna talk more about crypto currency now since you said it is decentralized is it truly it well are all crypto currencies truly decentralized or some of them are and some of them are not well there's literally thousands of crypto currencies now that you can start up the currency so now it's like I could I not see how it started if you just replying to see what happens our butts out I you know every cricketers is different really when you talk about trip to currencies and decentralization you eat top one is required that the minds eye and it was the leader it was the first one which I did it's quite to centralize the biggest sort of issue without it going is that the mining has become quite centralized another's like 10 miners control most of the mining it quite right now so in that sense if I have someone that would be people like the governments or I should admit wanted to shut down it going out they could attack those 10 major minors and would cause major problems for it when it wouldn't stop declined but it would deathly cause problems for a period of time as more miners got online at got decentralized again I would slow down it would become more expensive to use so get started now now if if they did you do that arm you know that should be a wake up call anyone watching that we're getting pretty close to the end of this battle up because if they really come in and try to shut down things like that are traditional internet I which you know they talk about the internet tools which all the time in Congress ... and job and there's a reason for that because they're starting to realize if they don't you know the people who'd been controlling the world not for centuries and it could be millennia I don't know sort of figure out because there is so much history but I don't think for centuries and it's our ongoing sort of families that you need to do this thanks they are becoming concerned up because of we have well first what it didn't hurt crux was the first sort of big sort of it that's for humanity for a chance for humanity it you can access information which will allow them to become less and slayer and then the next big that's was the internet and I was absolutely not so of course in the 19 nineties and we seen how that's really changed thanks continues change like the stand now done next evolution what scripture currencies are and so you know we're going to see so many things changing her but if they try to stop it in and they might because these days people are starting to realize because there there's no being that they're being home are exposed on every level now you're seeing people liked it they all media exposing every false flag every hoax every other criminal act like 911 who actually did it and you know you can look at all these things and that was not available or the internet I am so they're starting to realize this becoming initially might get expose they might lose our people might wake up and take control back up their own lives I'll become like an enslaved and say you don't owe me only I only I don't care about your taxes I don't care about your rules I don't care about your piece of paper I want to travel I don't care about any of that get lost if if enough people do that W. not absolutely massive awakening and we will see peace and prosperity earthquake would never notable also see those people lose all the control at Howard currently house and you might see a lot of people actually go after them really wanna get back at them for the things that I'm humanity for decades in need and their their their families for generations stopped yeah I am anyways when I when I talk about this stuff I always like to throughout their too easily but I know some of them are watching at some level they get this information to them at some level that we can work out a truce I hear from the from the people to you if you will let go of this controller power peacefully and without violence I we I will do my best and I will work with whoever I can't you make sure that you know you're not strong upper whatever out for what you dont just walk away now and let's just move on and just consider this a really bad part of human history and just move on if not know yet that they will do whatever it takes to stay on our because they're so scared it it's really fear based course what is the real essence of Voluntarios summer energy it's somewhat self ownership is a lot of it is Lubbock yourself and only love your sub level all human beings and you want them to be free as well the opposite of love is fear and that's exactly what I'm not sure what they have for centuries this all goes back actually out years but she when they were really attacks up by other religions of this goes back to you that the Kazakh region and these people are felt so it's hard under decided that they were going to use sort of take everything over you know sort of like underground also needs to talk over certain religions that took over certain nationality they they they said they're investing in that you were in the Bible they say they do there are Jews but they are not used to you know this goes back thousands of years are and that's very fair based on their very fearful that if they ever lose control there are going to get killed and so I'd like to just throw it out there that let's not let's do a truce if they wanted just let go of all the control and let's all try not to kill and then they make a lot of you know but that's really what we're getting at what this is really gonna be interesting on next year's to see how this all plays out because people are waking up across the world right now and a lot of technological innovations are happening because of that to give people access to more information to get rid of the central acting system which is being each other control system are if that Nick when becomes used by most people are they lose the central bank in what it was central banking they really lose the big government control because the government can't do a lot of stuff without the inflation and the manipulation dumb but some drawbacks so it's gonna be interesting because it's it's amazing to me like if we don't watch movies or watch television programs because like life to me right now is the most interesting movie I've ever seen it's coming to a climactic and in the next few years yeah and most people have no idea they're just you know sitting there the football game yeah he didn't stand up my arse our special song yeah I'm angry at work o'malley realize what's going on is the way bigger than anything you've ever had yeah well but you are you know most people don't know but there's people waking up so this is not going to come to a head at some point yeah but you know what with big corner at Mike my only hesitation or fear is getting all everybody excited and into bitcoin or these other crypto currencies and the government stepping in and somehow shutting things down or is there a way that the government can take over I mean you believe that there's that they're trying to go toward at a one world currency right yes no government one world currency right world religion yeah one oral everything all of that so wouldn't dare step there must logical step we try to take over pick one and make that that one world currency yeah what stopping that well first of all they wouldn't want to make up one world currency because as I pointed out a lot of the control comes from the central bank sick look back to the rock child's 0 years ago and he said I care not who makes laws like your who controls the money and I control the money and that's still to this day what's going on with the central banks alright for people out there if you haven't heard this one just look at the back of your one dollar builders 80 pyramid well and also I don't know I like that they put it in plain sight it will you know if you look in this my hunch so if they were let's say all government some outside to go to the one world government which would be enough lance for decades and jobs and they want a one world currency they would never choose something like that going and the reason is because they can't wait about you equity hands like the money supply require a big point is a computer program that has a maximum amount of 21000000 to quit whatever being might most of their power comes from their ability to inflate the currencies that's how the robbery that it's a giant it's the biggest on the scheme in the runs biggest count one of the biggest camp ever called on humanity is central bank and you and I gonna crew was was shorter or somebody it was Kane's are yeah John Maynard Keynes perhaps it's sad that's are not met one man in 1000000 understands inflation are and it was actually Henry Ford is that if people understood how the money system works Serbia revolution tomorrow I and so that's why inter company docked mission caps that will never teach you about how money works what money is how central banking works are ends up I was really just been lost her 20 years that you were starting to wake up to that stop you like ... Ron Paul really up on a lot of people into it the end the fed movement is still a sort of an ongoing sort of a movement are now it's not so much shop people standing outside with placards as much anymore it's people just getting into the grass is because you can actually and central banking with crypto currencies I but as far as your point because this first them taking over control becoming we catch really so this is the beautiful thing about Dick lugar is a computer program it's open source software are you can't just take it over there's no where to go to check it over there is no place to pick when it says it's on millions of computers across the world I inside there's no one who runs it there's no CEO back when you can't arrest hammering the arrest a long time ago but jails for for money laundering whatever they were you know all the sick things they say are crimes which are actually not and down so they are they catch you that and and they wouldn't want to even take it over and use it as money because that would limit their power dramatically because most their power comes from the central banks so she your question of candy shut it down the only way really chip really shut down pick one would be to turn off the internet or turn off the power or books and that would have to be pretty much worldwide were whatever regions weren't affected would still be able to run obviously so I it's a very very difficult but this is you know they bring up the internet kill switch all the time I think it's for this reason because they were worried and concerned and are still concerned about the internet but it's still not that big it's still a small percentage of people on the internet have figured out what's going on and they're not able to spread the information asked not because people like you got it look at all these things are slowing down so they're they're still my god still a small minority were still okay but unlike waits thank could I take down the central banking system that is really laid the group up their power and so they talk about miracles which all the time to talk about I'm they will talk about MP attacks quite often the the north Atlantic cherished what's it called NATO the North Atlantic terrorist organization yeah sure our talks about is our are you MP attacks quite often this year to get ready for EMP attack by Russia or North Korea Russia North Korea all control missing people control the but this is just all a big game and I think state unit Shakespeare all the people written about this over your leg exchange are it's big game that most people just don't realize is aimed at all caught up minutes ago I'm so worried about North Korea not that that's a that's all sort of controlled by these people so if they do you do it I think you get so concerned that this is going to take over I and destroy their their central banking system and take away most of their power they might try to turn off the internet and or the power now if the character of the just the internet but not the power that's gonna be hard because there are things like national or is it is very hard to turn off your neck lately it's not that centralized still to this day up there is enough things including satellite aids cellular all kinds of things that it be a very very difficult you just turn off the internet for an entire area like U. S. for the entire world you know almost impossible really are you know you would be possible to do a certain extent that deficit low and it stopped for awhile until people found ways around it and that's a beautiful thing humans always find ways around thanks and also think they can charge up enough but the it be difficult and now the other one ways truck the power not actually be a lot easier I did power isn't very centralized control of just a few sort of a companies which are all owned by the same people were all in bed with all these other people so if they really wanted to do it it probably had now there's people generators there is all this risk out so you know we always have a possibilities that end but they could do that and you've seen will be US department of all fan switches are stationed in the pentagram are getting ready and band and wargaming or what if the power goes off and they talk about they've done that numbers on their computers and 90 percent of the world's population would die not enough that you're not in a good debate that we would be absolutely insanity for a period of time if power went off you can just imagine of course all the what we don't know big claim to be bad we have no bank side each yeah I'm so debate really no money except for the paper money I Angleton supper of course and a third be no internet so we would build a contact anybody all that food systems most people are getting their future halfway around the world I'm just on time inventory service system so opportune days most the food's pretty much gone for most people living cities that's going to be really bad are there's no and no way of people yeah yeah like I'm I'm just talk up Tom had here I mean a lot about what happened but I would be pretty bad if just like all the power went off for a long period of time we could be had to sort of like Mad Max type scenarios for a lot of people quite quickly within weeks or months out maybe one day it's who knows and you've seen them the U. S. a paternal you imitate art some area for even just like okay there's riots and it's chaos and it on any nation don't I mean don't forget the medication so you know I'm gonna just think about Manhattan you know square mile 8000000 people are no food and water you can't flush toilets you know ... through through 3 or 4 days yeah you're right it's gonna be a halfback situation let's give us so okay so I get what you're saying if if it gets down to the point where they shut things down bit coin I you better live on a farm you better have a format that point because it's gonna be really bad up the economic situation right now the global ... debt problem that we have this current a fiat currencies you see a reset coming up I mean how how long can we go that United States is what $21000000000000 in debt right now nobody's talking about it yeah we're reaching the very end up this financial system this monetary system a lot of its but by designing my from what I can tell ... so that's why I started the dollar beach lots in 2010 the whole tagline of garbage longest surviving across bring during and after the tower collapsed and some 2010 expected would happen within the decade so were 2017 now almost 2018 are cut a couple years left until my predictions wrong up but I think it's pretty still pretty good chance that's gonna happen next couple years like this is how close we are now and they've been planning for this for awhile I again this all planned and things like older Bergen always her thanks I'm gonna so last rebuilt rich actually was first one of the first people actually get inside fielder Brett wallows under lock and actually I'll challenge the White House press corps just like Obama's left but I'm confrontation yeah come on now I was taking a look back yeah I got a little out so it was kinda like joking but I was like come on guys a pastor in the excitement of they were it was kind of funny like they actually said yeah we're not real journalists actors and wrote and you know I wish we'd recorded early but I'm anyway we are getting very close to the end so this system I talked about this for awhile you talking about attached I you know they $20000000000000 now when it was brought up armor the Nobel Peace Prize winner never happened it she's tired president's name and I it when he got in August 2008 but that was under 10000000000000 so there you go sense Rakel bomber to Donald Trump I 8 years later that total debt up US government has double that is absolute insanity Abbas banana Republic levels end of the game games almost over tight numbers and it's not going down whatsoever under chump we've had even be out of the biggest upsets ever had that I said this is gonna happen there's it doesn't matter who's on TV in the White House it this game is all ready going to go where it's going to go led by elites and they are a controller so every every area completely I'm not completely but in so many ways so how we have the debt situation if you look at the U. S. tap $20000000000000 that so I can you if you have a calculator that can do the math our doubts I'm I'm just gonna guesstimate your think that's about $40000 per person in the U. S. but a deep total jab and liabilities of the government our US government alone including a socialist in security and all the other monkeys games are up it's over $100000000000000 it's estimated be between 100 and $200000000000000 and a this even by like me you know government people saying the sort of things up this is not hidden information they don't know because the US government hasn't really been fully audited in decades and the auditors Everytime go we have no idea is a giant mass theme going to the department will answer this like we lost $6000000000000 they announced they were missing chip quite $3000000000000 us have protested as one and the next day something blew up the accounting office in the Pentagon and the guy was like alright and I know we'll talk about it again so things just out of control it's done I if you add up that let's say let's just say it's $100000000000000 that's a bulge are I believe children $50000 for every man woman and child in the U. S. at U. S. government debt and liabilities not you have a family or anywhere legal what it's like anywhere in the us harmattan inner Kansas state now I know I whatever you want every single house that has like 4 people in it you as $1000000 of US government debt lively's overhang at and if you look at the numbers your average American and this is like I think about half of Americans today at least are living paycheck to paycheck also the the ability to pay off those debts and liabilities is absolutely impossible never once has like not even to speed when I first got started talking but this did not attend this was actually disputed all the campaign off we just need a few good years you know blahblah blah as like no there's no chance they get paid ever I know I wouldn't admit it's not that's just like known now any of 3 stages of truth first they mock me and then they they they attack me and then they just going out obvious also another like yeah it's obvious no we never paid off but we just keep the ball rolling but it's you going and going and going and it doesn't take Cheney up was quoted that doesn't matter I'd like yeah I'm pretty sure that matters check up but so and I was with the PlayStation and and that's what they try to sell it but that doesn't records were somehow so the boat the game's oversaw all they're doing is always houses 2008 which we we really came really close to this complete total collapse which were headed towards in 2008 the only thing that that does happen then that that kept it from not collapsing is that they've lowered interest rates down to 0 percent and they printed up trailing the drawings you dollars to keep the bank's solvent for a period of time so that's all they've been doing since we're still at less than one percent interest rates 8 years later and what is it 9 years later yeah almost 10 years later now yeah yeah it's just like times is going on and are you having your leg negative interest rates which is absolute insanity you're actually paying Govert some governments in Europe to lend them money knowing they're absolutely broke and it's sometimes letting the money for like 30 or 50 years like the euro's you're going to exist that it's whom there's no chance there's a 0.0 percent chance I give it mount no higher chance that match your way not exist by next year how close we are to end up the slack and that's all we're doing now is just printing money keeping interest rates at your parents because they can and they're just going to continue to print money until the system collapses through hyper inflation which will happen eventually over time it might take a couple years up but so it will happen where us Jodi sink or something just in incredible like numbers out there ought to go to college in the US now it's estimated cost like $100000 like well that was like $2000 like sh 3040 years ago I'll you look at some of the prices on the house lacing only all was happening as it were money so the house you're staying in London and you are hurting for sale in percentages of $1000000000 like I remember when 1000000 are used to be someone who is rich afterwards like all your 0 Arab well I hope you don't lose your job a time how much you got I I'm yeah yeah so you know people just don't see this happening around them and it happens just slow enough that people just don't really notice oh yeah we're gonna notice one day when it all falls apart and it's gonna fall apart soon so hopefully enough people wake up because that's what certain my goal of the whole thing is too weak enough people out that they are prepared enough Flores that when it happens it's not like everyone dies service discrimination yeah might go meet your rights as a lot of South Florida interest them as that's why you know we don't get enough people like present what happening grease from the banks close rapid cypress if enough people understood what was going on and got into pick going before that note some gold and silver nothing would happen it would've been like all the banks are closed like a who cares but people didn't report ready for us to think about it already kind of prepared enough for it that when it does happen hopefully it won't be cheerful horrible for too many people and that we can move on and hopefully get on to having the free world first time in history yeah so what does a global reset look like Jeff I mean what with the STR with you know what are they gonna try to do the remedy this yeah it's really hard to say are you know they have a lot of plans they put these plans in place decades before for example on the front cover up the economist magazine which is actually owned by the rock charts themselves throughout China family in 1988 I said are in 30 years let you 18 not be next year are there was a hot new world currency and dump and the picture was in the Phoenix burning it's always that always got us Egyptians are up there now Maria culture and stuff like that always are very at you I am down below was Japanese yen burning the U. S. dollar burning and that if Phoenix had around its neck we are a chain which is interesting and then not gold coin which is interesting are and it's sad that we decide on it but it you guys member but it it sat down I'm not familiar with until I I remember that I can look it up yeah yeah PMR signal look up isn't talking here because it is kind of interesting are areas you just look up 1988 economist cover you'll probably find that ... anywhere point is that they actually planned the springs are decades in advance okay Sir hold up it's got a number it's hand on it and then I like is 0 with a line through which I I'm I'm not sure that means omega possibly not just doesn't handle number 10 Phoenix is actually written on it and then 2018 and the ... headline is get ready for a world currency sub think you can look back at the documents they planned for the euro currency at Bilderberg in like the 19 fifties sixties they'd they often find these things 2030 years ahead of our I'm not certain why these guys have retain power so long and have done so well is they're incredibly long term thinkers they don't think in terms of you know let's make some money next year they're they're planning generations ahead ... it's it's really insane what they do are are that's what they get so we had that is one hit not possibly 2018 is going to be the year that they're going to try to bring in world currency how they talk a lot about yes dear the special drawing rights they look that over quite a bit hasn't gotten a lot of traction out it'd be interesting to see what happens ... you know in my pin elected last what's going to happen is really hard you know ... because a lot of these things are kind of like not a by happenstance are kind of planned it planned an instructor in a serious way so you know the part of the reason the weights I kind of know what's going on is to watch the hence they put out there and not to be the front cover that 88 magazine all the cut outs and stuff I I it as you do but how it's all gonna play out who knows I could never have set out 2000 it was going to play out are they the other and a lot of the stuff will be sort of happened spontaneously as well it's not all control item surge up a lot people say how was it a house the US started a club and I was saying well actually all the others yet currencies in the world book class first U. S. star will be the last I am so I expect and you look at Japan we talked but US numbers just happened is so far beyond done the government I it's it's got far higher jet.should you get even even the U. S. which stop one of the worst in the world I it's got so and a pretty up massive amounts of money added Japanese yen will probably be the first major currencies are now when these currency sort of all we've seen in the past when like just like the Argentine peso has a problem or a debt problem over each very small countries it's because like worldwide problems because our it's also connect that we've never seen in well not not my lifetime anyway 8 a major ... country how their currency collapse machines that are way which we latch and let's try one of the bigger ones there's been problems urge to you know make Mexican peso sort of crisis about 90 but we haven't seen like something like Japan or the eurozone had the year old like we get of the eye absolute disaster legates it can't go on much longer and the Japanese yen is even worse are if one of those goes down and they will if they wobble you can't beat can't keep going for ever hurt there are limits it's you to reality there are limits to numbers their limits to match I you can't just keep reading and it's still worse up and at some point is it's going to go to work let's not stop who knows how it's going to happen but it but the thing I like to say is it's part gonna take awhile to happen in a house where and I said that's why certain 2000 canisters are gonna happen next to yours I said at soonest 5 to 10 years and so we're talking to those that think you got what we're still not period but when it does start to happen it will happen incredibly fast so fast I'm not just talking days but like weeks and months it'll happen so fast that most people won't believe how quickly everything just changed and so when a lot of people ask me this question should I start getting prepared for the furthest yes you should've gotten prepared like yesterday actually should not not even 5 years ago and other ways to get repaired is don't think like that but you could've been doing very well at another way that you're prepared his own gold suffering that's gone up a lot in the last 10 years so I you know all these things it's kind of interesting what people I'm I don't know what your risk of getting prepared 6 not at risk in fact it's been very profitable because we're getting prepared for what's going to happen that's going to increase the value and gold silver coinage and other hard assets as well I'm but if you don't get repaired and I'm going to be just like the people in Greece I was lovely I I hate laughed because it is sad but every time you see a country have a major financial crisis and the banks close there's no line ups the day before the crisis at the banks to take up the money ricin at the close all the banks people start lining up it's like you're doing look for her they could you know and not you know again it's people have been just so brainwashed by the government inductance because they don't know what that is arteries that we know how it works if they get no how works I don't know how that how close we are to the very end of it yeah not and that they're not told by that the media because the media has it in the same insect of just keep everyone in the game as long as possible say turn on CMT 0 like arrogance I'm watching stocks you know invest in Europe in Europe are really in need you 30 years of yourself that's like you know it's like that the term not operate now alone clear head if people just you know for whatever reason they just did a stoic up but I can say just from my old growth over the last years that a lot of people are waiting how much what the top YouTube channels for finance and economics on-again years ago people even know about what so things are changing you are waking up up but so you know there's still a huge amount of the passes that happened and who knows maybe date and never well that's what we have you tried your best now and even afterwards to get the systems in place so they don't go back after the collapse is now demand an even bigger government this time and even you stronger central bank I because and and get them to realize to review all that stuff happened that was because of government back so hopefully we don't have to go back again through this all over again drives you mad at me lots for another few 0 years until all classes again that we have another open freedom over time hopefully it's after this next collapse yeah I want to clarify some just you know one of our other viewers said all you're going to have the Jeff burly guys show he hates Americans I say I so we got to talk about that yet real quick I see if does not hate Americans a he does not like corrupt governments yeah did I did I get that right can now you're totally wrong I hate all Americans 350000000 people have hate every single one of them and just because of where they were born ally not obvious that's absolute sanity are I did you a you're absolutely right I I I have to like these were 8 and I sat like be careful not or how powerful words are words actually spells and and ... you point out when the cult spelling and that's why when you're right it's called cursive actually casting a curse us satellite use up those weird because it brings the negative energy I get all the service not now but I do heavily just like all governments because they are illegitimate illegitimate they are ... use violence against peaceful people and they export people ask accession and so I just like all governments and I focus a lot on the US government because it's one of the worst out there right now and it is one of the biggest and out of the U. S. it's kind of a special place in many ways and in that it it did have a lot of freedom in the past it was a complete freedom of course but there was a real belief in treatment for a period of time amongst most of the people who lived in that area now that's been really whether down over the decades and centuries but there's still a lot of people out there who still get it and so I really like to focus on really attacking the US government Morton most governments I could attack them all right now do you really insane stuff there although judgment aller are criminals I can attack the Canadian government but there's not that many Canadian not insult you know I talked to US is just more well known and is doing more damage as well it's got more all the wars are you know I couldn't talk E. Israeli government you know that's it solely another criminal government out yeah but you know it's small and whatever I prefer to focus on some of the biggest sort of one so I I focused on the grave if you ever ask me I I just like every other government just as much as I dislike US government and just because I dislike the US government doesn't mean I don't like it Eric in the facts I'm trying to help everyone who lives in that geographic region to become an enslaved from those giants oppressor are extortion rackets he called the US government the CIA the NSA is spying on them everywhere they go out of all the wars that they're involved in all the ... back from those words a lot of those tracks done by those 3 letter agencies themselves all the things that Americans in general thank are there any meaner talking now is actually mostly their own governments and setup the fact that I dislike the US government is so I've kind of shows I'm trying to help a lot of Americans to realize that so that they can get out of this Sonae others no group of people in the world that I hate or dislike I I I look every individual is being a bitch all are but when it comes to governments that there's not one government out there that you like all right now to that individual you can leave me alone please I think yeah out their death because there it we put up like a little Hey here's what's coming up on our show and they just swoop down and early odd yeah yeah yeah yeah well you know it's just because they don't now and we've been following you for quite awhile so we know where you're coming yeah how Ellen yeah people just get surly via the little snippets of things and it is this similar things that that it might have good reason to hate me its third straight US are enough they really think status of awesome them you know that I can see why they don't like me about a lot of people you definitely can hold up a misinformation as well as problems when you're on you tube in the internet for like 10 years on like literally thousands of interviews and that people will come up little pusilla and stay out like this knees and all I heard about this in the propaganda in the gossip and not to mention there is even government trolls literally al-assad's here I don't care what anyone thinks I'm just going to continue to do what I do and whatever people think I can think I don't care well I'm getting there yeah we're still yeah he was so thin skinned when we first started every negative comment he which as you know labor over and I'm like yeah you care we're editing this on camera yeah I okay while others people affect you that I'm because when you think about it when you do that it's usually like some 12 year old kid in his basement track but you wouldn't like it there what does this dream is like a rag it wouldn't bother you I just think about it that we were there eating our what a good here's what I don't know who this person is at home or on the edge why would you know and really think about that you because you're upset letting some person on the other side of the world somewhere you don't even know affect your motion it now you're like watch your athlete like we actually almost magical really when you think about it like he's casting a spell through all this technology and like you can actually make you do things right yeah money right away areas I know absolutely right I know were ... reaching timing and I have other things to do but now we do not need to be talking all day Jeff about different subjects so we're gonna have to have you on again please I hope so yeah it's my pleasure you want to add up but any projects you have going on the dollar vigilante yet for me but that the day if you don't know but it's garbage locked in his letter is just television wanted a calmer all over each year at we've optics we we recommend a decline of $3 and 2 dozen lab at $6000 we pick recommended tournament you dollars not $300 each arm so we made a lot of a lot of money for a lot of people and it's late kind information that they've just won't talk about on television program so if you watch CBC discount you lose the money I stayed tuned into what we're doing and we have a chance to get the real information shoot you make out good money whatever all kinds and it's not just crypto currencies also gold and silver and gold mining stocks of all kinds of other things like that and then we have but I think what I have mail I guess energized and then I will just update that I like it but you guys don't you is an arc of cocoa which every February rate you're not local Mexico which is amazing up pants up 3 reminded people and it's just it's hard to really hard even on how amazing it is that there's no little next 500 people last year I I was a mixture all very like minded mulberry watching she changed the world get more free all a very positive way which is really really nice right on the beach in the middle of February in Mexico so you can't argue with that so are those of the main things I work on and I appreciate you guys have not thanks so much yeah really enjoyed we look forward to talking to you again but how the heck it's a character but //
"2017-10-17 22:21:56"
EXCLUSIVE - #SRA Survivor #Illuminati #Whistleblower Cheryl Hersha Interview Part 2
\\I okay so I just want to ask personally out obviously astrology as the one in there somewhere but why why are the planets and the stars and astrology so important with numerology why is all of that stuff where it because Satan mimics god in the Bible in genesis it says that god set the sun moon and stars in the heavens for a sign he didn't say follow the stars and predict your future but he said he set them in the heavens for signs sure Haddon's so the perversion of that you know curious strana me is one thing the perversion of it making Jupiter god making Saturn the god making the son god rah a guide sangha yeah you know it's the absolute you have to remember that Satan is not a creator he is a member curries just died to see where he is the father of lies so they copy cat everything they were talking the mystery religion and that goes back to memorize then the tower of Babel one and Babylon Tara babble correct myself of so we're talking eons of this this stuff and that they learned it when I read the book of Enoch it was late our son my our home moment you know not to quote Illuminati Oprah but ... it made sense it made sense that they would get all this information and who would know what's going on the heavenly is even at this point but you know the answer to mention all as they want to cut column what you wanna inter dimensional beings Damon's following ones they're gonna know what's going on in the heavenly is of god's preparing something they're gonna know that and so they can say well if you do this and this and this because this is going on and they have ways I think right now we're in the biggest church about all that we have ever been in in our lives I know that the eclipse was a sign to America that judgment is coming because we have had nothing but judgments hating America since the eclipse and the sign of Jonah when Joe no went was supposed to go to an end of the and you just obey god and got on the ship and was going away to escape god to go preach to Nineveh to repent I and he got swallowed by the whale we almost story and then spit up on the shores to go preach to Nineveh one Nineveh moon had had and the clips and even back then they knew that in nightclubs was a foreboding foreshadowing of judgment coming so by the time Jonah got to them they were SO prime 23 disasters to hear a message to repent or die that's that's why it was successful because from the king on down they are dressed in sackcloth and ashes and fasted and prayed and they repented and god relented did did not destroy a man of so that's if you take that and you put that today we had it eclipse we should be ill repenting and getting back to god because that is a sign of judgment coming I don't know about you guys but since I did the last interview for first of all I paid for it as far as I a you know they can target me easily because of what's in my head so I don't you know I had the most unrelenting horrifying migraine for about a month straight lot of different tones going off some light years doctors don't know what to do to help me kind of saying so I had that and then we've had course the hurt gains in the fires and I have had friends or family in the past of this of everything I said I do and G. ... believe that the hurricanes were weaponized I saw one video model AHS cloud seeding that was going on outside of Harvey yeah before it hit Texas and how fast it ramped up in I know that the harp weapon is portable well I didn't know that oh yeah they closed down the Alaska operation they said and they didn't move to people out from staffing it because it's portable the from other survivors I know people wonder where I get this kind of information I do have contacts yeah I have contacts in the military in the secret stuff and hard kit has been able to they have built stands out in the oceans for it or they they actually clipper ship what it it was like everything that they invent with technology they can learn how to shrink it down real fast means there's one shall I watch it is just a guy here in Arizona that watches does the maps and the strange energy pulses that are coming up from Antarctica and then strange things happen afterwards are crazy yeah and they've been able to control the weather since the Vietnam War or a long time it's very long time it's been a long and so it's just advanced technology they can just soup it up they they actually made it so they can actually interview intervene and it worked to knock down storms but we're seeing the opposite absolutely they always do the opposite of what they say they're going to be used for yes and by the time we know what they've been doing at least 20 years and and I know that we didn't talk about this before and this is off topic but I'm we're always bringing this subject up and you just brought it up what are your thoughts about Antarctica I think that's where the fallen ones are chained up do you I do interest I think that it's a ... we hit you know Hitler films Antarctica drink more water to and set up bases there I think they UFOs as we've seen him through the years I think we have that technology I think they had it back then and the word there you want to talk about the future this is what I think Throop project blue beam which I knew about when I was a kid and MK alter they talked about how they were going to be able to deceive by projecting images into the sky and if things like that to deceive the people the I think the it is such a time in in biblical prophecy that there were the ones that are in the pit which could be located in the center of the earth which could be Antarctica I think it's time that they're going to come back and the they're going to fake an alien invasion strip project blue beam I think part of the cam trailing in the solar sprain that we see is priming this guy to be reflective for basically they're putting a screen of yeah to project their images yeah right we've actually said that for a few years that's why that's one thing that they're spooking Iraqis chemtrails yeah where these ... yeah yeah we we actually felt that I'm that they can trails was or the use of heart and for leading him as what we've always thought I'd write size and to make the population sec oh yeah that's just a bonus yeah that's a bonus all these auto immune problems yeah I see her so I'm a multitude of I'm of and you know it's such that my 8 year old grandson can tell the difference between a cam trail in a contrail in regular clouds well you know you know what's funny too is I was asking and you bring the allergies start when did when did like trees and grass become the enemy of man exactly yeah well I hope you know it's a real question really don't know I because it seems like it hasn't been that long though I think since the 1800's really right I do know that the Pena allergy which both my daughter and my grandson do you have some you know which is anaphylaxis and deaths very quickly it's that bad was started by immunizations back in the 19 fifties because they do use peanut oil as an ingredient and so we have this epidemic now of people allergic to peanuts specifically but then there's cross sensitivities and if you study immunizations like I have what why they inject aluminum aluminum causes an increase in the immune response so anything enough vaccine that goes in with that aluminum you become ultra sensitive to how we found out after my grandsons MMR anaphylaxis and encephalitis and autism and everything that happened to him we found out that the FDA doesn't even label peanut oil in that vaccine they just call adjutant 65 yeah rename stuff that makes it easy for them great right you now they'll call formaldehyde they list the yeah you if you start looking up the things that are in it and yeah so which starred out is just a peanut allergy for him became cross sensitivities to soy which is found in some of the vaccines and Serena said and ... you know just all kinds of weird if like food allergies look at look at the end but to make of celiac disease and gluten intolerance well the good intolerance it's it's different from coeliac disease celiac disease is an autoimmune but you know they they playoffs each other I know people with gluten sensitivities I know somebody that suffers really bad from coeliac disease however look at this epidemic of gluten allergies well we know 2 things we know they spray the we would like to say yeah to increase the harvest yeah and since they're finding that now in vaccines Clive to say in vaccines this whole they're also finding it in the fish in the food all I know is high what's what's safety anymore word breeds yeah drink yeah yeah were constantly detoxing in this house we are to I mean you have to you know I mean you literally have to detox everyday I so we got a little off subject but maybe this would bring us back on subjects is that do you feel that the Illuminati I designed all of this that we just kind of talked about yeah because Mirai first interview I said the roots of the CI a are intertwined with the Illuminati yeah my grandfather was ... SS unit before it was CIA at the same time they merged with the Illuminati families to learn their truck trauma based mind control so the very roots of the CIA and other intelligence agencies are inter trying probably more than you could separate out now there are good people in those organizations and we do have the occasional people like the warning that came out on social media earlier in September about if you're in Las Vegas don't go into you know big crowds and things like that I'm there we are in and they want to destroy the United States the United States in particular and then the rest of the countries are okay why it's are now there they'll they'll they want to depopulated weren't were an agenda 21 yeah I'm you guys probably know that people that went missing in a hurricane harbor is specially the people that went to the female places they're missing they're not accounted for in the course you had the great interview with the man on the ground that was there and saw what was going on yeah we are totally an agenda 21 and so the are particularly wanting the United States to implode this was part this was also a false flag to help stimulate a civil war because of the target audience you know they're trying to rile up the conservatives against the liberals they're trying to make and to 5 verses what about blood now I I a watch the common sense show on you too but Dave Hodges out here in Arizona he said that they can confirm through his sources and ... the government that not just the isis and MS 13 have all they're all assassins number one they are all trained assassins who created ISIS really who created ISIS so yeah I mean they're mercenaries their mercenaries and they go to the highest bidder so what is ISIS is it really Islam or is it the CIA and yet awkward yeah yeah we I feel sorry for you really don't know no yeah well yeah yeah they choose to not know that 2 they don't want it we are conspiracy theorists did you know that they weaponized them the term conspiracy theorists in a CIA document is that from now on the people that are the true thirst that are not going in 1967 they weaponize the charm conspiracy there a conspiracy theorist for the ones that were telling the truth so it would become this word they could throw out to discredit everybody is an actual CIA document what does it matter to the people here this sixties 67 I believe a 67 no yeah craziest thing I guess so long as they knew that that it wouldn't take on some of us at your house yeah you know and quite frankly I yeah until I started remembering and stuff I was one of them I'm not condemning people you know for that is so slimy and ongoing there was actually subliminal program now I'm old enough to remember this you you guys look like kids to raise so but I'm old enough to remember when the black and white TV went off at midnight they would play the star spangled banner and show the flag and then everything would go to snow and would fall asleep at what they had subliminal program here even going on in that yeah really yeah maybe they started it way back then it was underlying words in that well no they don't even have to be subliminally more it's just out there out there out there if you know the symbolism yeah but that's why they called programming right you're right TV programming being program you know when people call me a conspiracy theorist I just say thank you yeah yeah yeah yeah say men I do care yeah yeah arm and so what do we need to look out for the future a the fake alien invasion it's good to be fake a there now yeah we're gonna see people talk about the reptilians I'm sure you've heard about this you know that live inside people basically there are just ranks of demons the reptilians of rank of demands the grazer rank it demands they do not they all especially the greys flee at the name of Jesus now if that was an alien wire they clean bowing to obeying the name of Jesus if if it slows bean not Jesus created somewhere out in the universe you know and they say they smell and good yeah yeah so I'm starting to think your way on that too you know I it you know you actually have set out for awhile you have me saying that you have said that without the reptilians we're actually all the demons yeah yeah different there's thank you know like I said Satan didn't do anything originally there's ranks of angels in heaven there's gonna be ranks of the fallen ones and you know I believe that the strong big solid ones are the ones chained up and CERN's looking to destroy that through their yellow piercing the veil kinda saying they're looking to Pierce the veil and bring back they want that pit opened with those they're basically the ancient gods of they can do and everything they've they've released pictures are discern where it looks like that's Khalid right there that face looks like Khalid and different ones and so I think I do think that they're looking to release these things back on the earth whether we are going to be here or not I believe that a pre tribulation rapture whatever happens happens so I'm sticking with Jesus is got me this far but so I would be looking for that I'm really concerned about New York City because we have a couple things predicted still on our money that haven't happened yet yes when that's the Hoover dam being alone New York City being hit with the title wave in New and Washington DC can't really figure out I don't know if if it's like that cloud like nukes or if it's another title wave you know coming from behind it don't get out they building I'm gonna say to Washington DC thing not so bad yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean if one would isn't easy what is or isn't there a building with building is it enough is in Washington or New York it's it that's got carvings of New York City being hit with a tidal wave now there's a sea there is a movie near all done by the Illuminati artists all what is last name is fairy that Chris Herren fairy shepherd's very he does a lot of the luminosity our work you did the famous Obama 2 toned color it sure for time magazine he was because he was contracted to do a mural in Jersey city across from New York of a tidal waves overcoming the statue of liberty and if you look at the mere all you can see the statue of liberty in the harbor in the distance ray and then so you're looking at this mural and then you're looking at words supposed to happen it'll et it's crazy and know that we know the statue of liberty is actually isis not not the terror group but the goddess isis yeah isn't so coincidence to yeah isis yeah and will you know if France gave that to us for a reason so rate in the you know what a pitcher of you have the statue of liberty and then the twin towers burning in the distance and did you know that the statue of liberty is on unleavened pointed star base no get the base of base of it's on 11.a star so you have 11 there 911 in the distance it was crazy while the symbolism is crazy saw again I'm really I'm I'm worried about New York City I just it blows my mind how long this has been in the play ends and if it does it I mean is it a human thing or is it not plus how humans have to be the vessels of it what what are their motivations power my knee they do have this mindset that they are way above us I I why is that why do they have that mindset because well you know I have I don't live there in that mindset you know ... they do believe something about bloodlines they think they're they have ... fallen the fallen angels nepheline kind of you know blood quality is that's why they interbreed whether that's true or not that's their their problem not mine of I know that was a big thing there were constantly injecting me in my back in the cerebral spinal fluid with the DNA of quote unquote the forefathers they were trying to change my DNA I have brown hair brown eyes up and they were always doing experiments like that with injecting what they told me was DNA of the forefathers my mind went immediately to Hitler and stuff because they were such Nazis but I don't know who they meant by the forefathers I just don't know I just know that I have a massive scarred up area on my back that you can even touch that you know is very painful and when I went to have my babies and I had to have see sections they couldn't I it one time they did 9 sticks before they got it in in to the you know the epidural space for the epidural and I'm so there they do a lot of that DNA experimentation and trying to change that though does have DNA lying around somewhere it's like yeah it's like they have been able to extract it ing and store it and I think with Hitler especially going down an arctic and having the basin having if we say the following lines are there they would know how to do that so well I mean there are a lot of bases in Antarctica right now yeah everybody's got a base down there country yeah is there now and meaningless pretty when I say heavily populated I mean there's a lot more people there than what they would have us believe and I have heard that they have transported captives down there to start the transhumanism experimentation process owned or which is now what we're moving into do you know what we what I worry about you know the strands human thing I know Zuckerberg just came out with his virtual reality classes to interface with Google you know that's getting things all set up for her 199 yeah ... you can have your virtual reality glasses to interface with your computer and have it be more realistic as we all know what went wrong with Pokemon go which was a beta test to see if people would actually engage and a false reality in a real setting and we know what happened with that my son's a police officer that work nights at that time and he had people he was full lights and sirens going he had somebody playing Pokemon go that step right out in the street and he barely missed them and he didn't hear the lights or sirens was so absorbed into his iPhone they knew facial recognition iPhone that's not a good thing all these cameras you know and as David a Robert Davis still scares me pointed out in your shows the the owners and stuff when MGM and they have investments in the security companies that are going to profit from this they when wanted you know to have I mean the day after this was ready set go with you know more invasive screening procedures they want like the TSA scatter back machines whatever those are called I'm not saying that right but I'm backscatter I I always have to get you know the TSA scan and then they look at my devices in my body and so that I always then I get the ones in the Pat downs and everything else because I do have a pacemaker and you know it takes me awhile to get your security everybody else my family but as a sort now that they want more cameras and they want facial recognition and this is not good and they use these terrorists to push people into that psychology of accepting it absolute can yeah it's gonna be gun control is gonna be this invasive all monitoring monitoring scares me you know security so it's not a good thing and I a I a I I encourage people to go back in time god spoke to me so I go back to 1898 so I researched 1898 1898 had spotty electricity they had you know some some places had it out here in the wild west there was no electricity so my mind said is tried to try do moves to things that are off grid learn learn stuff to do you know go back to your campaign days and with the kids and how all those kind of things on hand yeah I'll get to it I got it I have to get puncture proof tires for my bicycle because we have some wicked thorns out here that just pop right through the tires you know so you have to get these heavy arm one should prove tire so I'll be able to get to other like minded individuals out here in the country you know that do homestead do home school and just be prepared Helmut plan I'll I've always taught my kids the same it comes to the front door although the mosque you're going out the back door yeah because wherever I go I can be tracked and so yeah we have a secret me up area things like that I'm Neal I go down with the ship here because anywhere they would go because of the device in my head they can track me so yeah it's where where we're very vulnerable right now especially in the urban areas ... with millions of people in such a small dance you know area well I if you're out of power for any extended period of time your yeah you're out of water you're out of power ... there's either heat or air where is everybody go where you're always the millions of people because I think there is only a 3 day supply of food on the grocery shelves friend and people freak out whenever they look at the weather and find it's gonna rain or snow for a day you know I know that it's the Radeon we have that here because the the big sitting next to me is a popular retirement city and so you have snow's coming they lose their minds yeah I don't we got the snow comes and goes pretty fast here usually but people lose their minds you know it's late it's just no yeah let me elderly population especially and then we have everybody has a pick up truck where I live and listed pick up trucks and oral drives and you know I'm I'm out in the country owes cowboy country and so then we have the slick Willy's who think they can speed than their big trucks not realizing that you know when it melts during the day and then it freezes that lie at night and it just you might as well have skis for your big truck yeah swirl and you know what we say is just a managing not having electricity for a month or 2 months what would you do could you survive me yet y'all just have that answer that question right now ask yourself that question and answer that question to yourself not even a month but what it what Sir we some you know some people go to the store every single day and by the food that they're gonna eat that day as nice as it is to how very fresh food every single day how what's cool is that our state is that it something happened yeah exactly and that's where I am very fortunate or I love this is all cattle ranching country there are a lot a like minded people like me you know we all have acreage yeah well the family next door gives us do you know are a eggs ands things like that so everybody has we had our organic garden we just harvested you know and we had some some problems this year with our harvest which I kind of figured on because the sun was so intense so we were able to put away what I would've wanted to put away and so we talk about you know we do have 2 phone homes on this property and this home we would have to shut down or I meant the because it's on propane then it needs electricity to start the propane going in for heat and everything you can't put a real fireplace in a guest house like this especially a mobile home you know so a we would we we would hole up in you know my original house on the property that has a wood burning stove in that we incurred gone right it's a huge wood burning stove in a house the cooking area on the top so we were we were avid campers when the kids were little and we know how to you know get it will want we've got 2 habitats for the wild quail here we've got a lot of well in rabbits said yeah we've got I've done a lot of research on what we've got we've got a hand pump on the wells so and I have guided you hit you knows output tent so I I II member the first time that you went camping she put all that stuff I still had often that why I can put it that don't know about all this stuff you're talking about I grew up that way I've done all of that do all that we always through our garden and that and that my dad I'm I think dear you know we raise cattle that and rabbits and turkeys and squirrels yes I ate squirrels yeah all that stuff so yeah I wish you know I grew up on the beach in southern California and my mom was from a farm and her dad was a butcher and she had all those skills that I never got to learn because that was in her past and she was the modern beech creek so all that knowledge you know so now it's like I need to learn how they can and I need you would learn how to you know yeah we don't he very much me in this house to begin with but with the food allergies down a ramp fit I can't even buy lay the organic like really good companies for food storage we have to learn how to do it on our own imploded away not just takes a bunch of money I'd really like to have my own food dehydrator that's like $3000 right now I have my my laptop ducks take take yeah you say well it is like I can't send this shop until after the interview work what you're everybody's you wonder why you have to take your laptop together when you're charging so much money for your book dry yeah exactly I got there it so no one can you can you we so I don't get it this side to get there but it's gonna probably check out your book or want to see your book can you explain to everybody that you don't set the price was you never even get any money you know I'm not getting anything she doesn't just got nothing I mean I got it okay this is how the deal when I got $1000 for telling my story so did my sister the Dale and Ted were supposed to get $20000 a piece to go investigating the lady at we had so much government interference okay so the lady that handle the money absconded with the money and disappeared sue an island that you can extradite and prosecute crime so they didn't get the money up front to go investigating they pay their own money to go to Washington DC and verify you know all the places that I named they went and they did the research so they use their own money Ted Ted and his wife have 4 adopted special needs kids they spent their own money they ended up being foreclosed on their house and I felt so bad but in the end it turned out to be good because they had a series of catastrophic illnesses they hit the family and so it worked out for him and Dale is just a very wise investor and and things and yeah he's he's good they're all of us I heard very sick Ted Galen I have help challenge after all challenge but okay so they were supposed to get $20000 to do the investigating part but the lady took off with the money so they use their own money and the course they got poisoned and almost killed during the research so they had not medical bills of so did we make a profit the last statement I got from new horizon press we were still -8256 dollars of and the other thing was the government at for some reason and nobody will admit to this but they just aggression the publisher just stop distributing at so I was out there doing my work and everything but the book wasn't even available to the public even in that year may just yeah also so I what I did get was 40 free books to give to the people that I interviewed me and yeah give those away and so my copies of the book if I want to give it to like I just gave one to my doctor I but it like you did Angie off of Amazon used before the interview hit yeah I did come I did complain when they raise the candle price you know to the publisher they never acknowledge me but it did give 6 that we can take them back to their original prize so they don't talk to me but at least they took it back to 1499 I guess it was flat and that you know the thing that I noticed too about the first interview is a lot of people may have listened to the intro but they didn't hear it right because specifically I did say that the book only room only covered some tip of the iceberg of my M. Kilcher experiences friend it was also a G. rated book that the public we're still trying to feed them Pablo met that time you know to get the public to accept the fact that the government would do this to their own people yeah especially children so it's I colony G. rated version of this story so it conflicted people that day go out by the Buck said but you said your life was like horror and you know this looks like your dad was confused and you know all he just got sucked into this and he was a patriot and yell at I a and I took time to personally write those people and say that was a professional author trying in packages so the that the people would accept that much we know the horrors that I talked about in the in our interview I've never talked about before publicly rise so up and there are there are some things I will never talk about publicly because my therapist had to get there so stood to listen though to what I went through so ... indolence again we just thank you so much for telling your story to you and and I do think it was well received and I I mean when I say they say well received I think people did you know I feel I am at sea and live and want to reach out and understanding as much as we can also yeah array array and it does shine the light on what the kids are going through now then that's that's the only reason I started speaking again after 15 years I couldn't live with myself to be quiet un once that Pete like I said when the pizza gate story broke a sleepless nights you know days in tears and and and yet I wanted to get on an airplane and take care of myself you always have these fantasies of going in rescuing the kids and you know even when I was ritually abused myself since they were going to go after younger kid I would try to distract them and interest them and me you know like I was 12 instead of the 5 year old you can have more fun with me because I know how to please you kind of say again and sometimes that would work you know so I was low he's I had a death wish you know if it was I'm one time they stood me on a cliff and they wanted me to pick which child would they throw off the cliff into the ocean well I was a phenomenal swimmer and I had been thrown off cliffs by my father into the water just for the fun of it where we live so I knew how to get off the cliff safely and they were gonna force they knew I didn't care about me and they could get to me by little kids so choose it was like a Sophie's choice kind of thing you choose which one of these kids were gonna hurl off the cliff well I just turned down a job loss I can because I knew how to do it safely and I a new how to swim and I don't you know I know how to go us when you don't know what the bottom is like I know how to go into the water like that because I was a junior lifeguard and all that kinda stuff so it's like you're not gonna put me in that position you know for all your love and heard about your old story there's a we did a 3 part series a couple months ago and you might want to go back to our channel