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"2017-07-04 14:11:23"
The Video That Will Change Your Future - One of the BEST MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS EVER
\\if you miss someone take of exit action I can help you change your future the following few might very well change I was told story we you can change a day if you redefine SECN work willow controls hang your downside exterior scary so when I was growing up I I live repeat because I so I would make up stories season set me into your world I would ... everything I did was for someone else to like I had a big change in my life you know that all time low I wasn't going anywhere and I was exactly nearby so those not so check in the film that every morning I look in the mirror was for and I would like to no I felt was a I keep going no where you don't scare in most kids will accept that and look for help the best thing to happen to me no one helped north star from as she means we we want to find out how to be someone else what we don't do we don't go inside so really turn yourself inside out read the book this like we're writing a book every day off we never read that you have to look inside the use of this what when where you have without you know so if you ought to change today if you redefine access is chance formula damage relationship Bill you can figure and items to you can come only by mentor who and we will balance your priorities you can hear all your money and create a stronger I have a you can become the best parent possible you 886 don't wait until hello but maybe after years of repetitive work you will often need to dig hard to find your find your dreams and revive hobbies you let that near extinction the goal is not to simply eliminate the does nothing more than leave you you it's very it's the best in the world we all had injuries it's very scary something to accept the dream that you had scarier still say okay one scared because you're afraid to put your heart and soul female that how you to be fearless put yourself out going go no no for you so we are all great no matter if are bad have you been bullied or no matter if you get back to Iraq Afghanistan you have no legs because of whatever man don't have great just to get a fine courage get up on the courage to put your bone samples on it Silas didn't always out of this world it defined funny because obviously is take hard work courage all the non cognitive all the non cognitive skills the great what do you want to be remembered for what can you do that's to make the world a better place what is your true purpose so we all die but only a small select few so out of the shadow into the light well my great your men from all and just what do you do for you are tonal be twinspires help the war let's get it right once and for all your brain and your body once connected together if you want best it everyone agrees the pinnacle then you must we Bob facts without it shouldnt Patty yeah but which so I mean you're tired of living this fall we wanted why would you not go to extremes to touch so have you regardless of how challenging with now if there is no joy when you wake up in the morning if if you dread the sound of the alarm clock going if you feel stagnant if you have the thought in your head that there has got to be more to life than you know what you should do you should stop doing whatever it is you you will become exceptional the moment you make an exceptional decision the only thing that changes your wife is making a decision you have to be ... so clearly in mind exactly what you want to do and what you want to achieve and for me it doesn't work without any goals without any targets I cannot compete properly that's is when you know after you decided submit to this for the long term works harder easy doesn't matter you're doing this if your other typical type of suffering your relationship is it where you want it to be finances are not rewarded for your bodies that we want to be in your business forward one of the unique take massive action that doesn't work try something else doesn't work try something else he's going with massive answer by the way because it will you open it took you have to be able to see what doesn't 6 in order to be able to pull off she what in most people's minds also at the bigger your dream this I wish I stand upon the ground the bigger your dream is the early web lonely you will have to stay at the bigger your joints more Etheridge you'll never see here for those of you who lost 70 per se summit NBI smoke body piercing the veil as Justin up out of the person I'll do so to me that's just enough for the other person who wants just which one I want you to think about those goals I want you to taste them I want you to I want to be I want you to internalize it I'm telling you dream your dream because I want you to which of the states I want you to know how close I'm I'm watching just like when the weather is changing you can fill out what would be able to see it all when you're getting closer to what it calls for 2 or more importantly I want to know when you dream your dream but the other 3 when you said to yourself when the ball dropped out well I want accomplished you're not the only person that most will probably did and now I ask you this question what do you do when 1000 other people what exactly would towards what do you do when you're not the only one that wants to make $1000000 in your car you're not the only one I want to be the president you're not the only one that will you know when you're not the only one that wants what you want one up there thousands of other people who want to war you have to how it works why you got to get up earlier you gotta sped up later you got ads gotta go what if other people putting a 40 hour work weeks and you're putting in 0 hour work weeks you will achieve and for months but it takes them a year to which stop crying and just keep hustling hostile is the most important work if you want this if you're miserable or if you don't like everyone who something outside of the passion somewhere else work 9 to 5 spent a couple hours for family 7 petunia morning is plenty of time today I mean you start building your equity your brand of whatever you're trying to accomplish after hours everybody has time stop watching lost if you really have a driving you really put your heart and soul into some you can really make anything wanted to disprove everybody well you know I mean I want to make when I was gonna make it regardless of what anybody says this thing you're doing it for you so you know I'm going to find one yes the family supports you difference for a few Bucks identify yourself again //

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