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"2017-08-24 11:00:04"
We need to change how we bury the dead
\\when I say funeral this is probably what you think of read the cemetery the casket the gorgeous floral arrangements vin diesel stylishly going 2 buttons undone in the dress shirt but what if I told you that other than Dominic Toretto as effortless style this was probably the worst way you could dispose of a body this traditional casket in the ground that that most of us are used to is what journalist mark Harris calls a modern burial and that is the chemical bombing of the remains the burial of the body of placement of the body into metal casket and then the placing of that cascaded to bomb the body the bottom of the grave that we call the burial vaults that's pretty much the American way of death aside from being a great name for a novel the American way of death actually turns out to be pretty terrible the average because of modern burial runs on average from 10 to $12000 although you can talk to families will tell you that paid a lot more than in many cases a lot more this kiss casket alone will set you back 7 grand no word on if the answer included them the funeral industry has also been known to engage in predatory business practices like selling vulnerable families Adams and services that they don't need they've also been the subject of a number of class action lawsuits including one for conspiring to fix the prices of caskets at artificially high prices modern burials are also incredibly wasteful the average grave site takes up 32 square feet of land in the cemetery and that's just space it uses a staggering amount of resources as well every year we divert and of concrete to the production of those burial vaults to a 2 lane highway halfway across the country and every year we divert enough metal for those metal caskets to completely rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge the average 10 acre cemetery contains enough call from wood to construct more than 40 homes and contains enough toxic formal and which is the main cause of embalming fluid to fill a backyard swimming pool which almost sounds kind of fun right relive some hot dogs tossing diving rings and to fetch not so fast formalin which is the formaldehyde base preservative solution and bombers use is incredibly toxic OSHA deems it a dangerous carcinogen and strictly regulate its use and the EPA treats it as a hazardous waste embalmers experience higher levels of brain colon and prostate cancer as well as the Kenya to involve the typical body requires 3 pounds of this formalin solution and sends 120 gallons of untreated funeral waste directly into the sewage system excluding blood fecal matter organ fluid and carcinogenic chemicals as well as whatever unknown disease is the body contains okay cool so modern funerals suck but what are the other options well let's start with cremation countries all across the world cremate bodies in Great Britain 75 percent of people get cremated in Switzerland it's 85 percent and in Japan by numbers almost 100 percent 2 years ago for the first time in this country's history more Americans were cremated and buried and then pretty soon we're gonna have set of Americans being cremated for one thing it's a lot cheaper fickle cremation costs around $1400 prepared to the 10 to $12000 price tag we mentioned earlier again a little more for that sweet kiss casket cremating the body also requires much less space since there doesn't need to be a grave and it doesn't require swimming pool formaldehyde either sorry kids you can also do all sorts of fun stuff for their ashes like put them in fireworks spread them in a national park or even turn them into a reef but is it actually any better for the environment cremation does use some resources so you're hitting a body for 2:00 hours up to 1800 degrees using natural gas electricity here releasing pollutants into the atmosphere small significantly on mercury so it sounds like cremation is better although it's far from perfect is there no way to do this without hurting the environment Swedish scientists ask that same question and develop something called permission the process re freeze a corpse in liquid nitrogen rapidly vibrate the body so it breaks into millions of tiny particles in just a few minutes then freeze dried the particles and remove the harmful metals left over from your dental fillings you're left with the fine dust which actually looks very similar to cremated remains it solves most of the problems of modern burial and cremation but unfortunately hasn't been approved for human beings at another option is alkaline hydrolysis where bodies put into a chamber which is then filled with water and lye pressurize and heated up to about 320°F the body tissues broken down in a process that's similar to natural decomposition and dissolved in nothing but a skeleton in about 12:00 hours damn spooky it's more environmentally friendly since there's 0 toxic emissions and it has about 110 the carbon footprint all that said the simplest option might be natural burial a number of national cemeteries have sprung up across the country were uninvolved bodies are buried in biodegradable contain or sometimes nothing at all and allowed to decompose naturally it's an expensive natural and can actually help preserve and restore vulnerable land and wildlife not to mention it's how humans have done it for most of accorded has no matter what the method though it's clear that we have to reform the way that we bury the dead in less than a quarter century 76000000 people in America alone will get to the average life expectancy of 78 years if all those people were buried in traditional grades we need a cemetery the size of Las Vegas to a the point is we're all gonna die the question is what are we gonna do with all the bodies //
"2017-08-08 10:30:01"
The tiny island in New York City that nobody is allowed to visit
\\yeah that's me you're probably wondering how I ended up in the situation to see how I got here we first have to talk about islands you may not realize it but New York city's full of them Manhattan itself is technically just 113 0.4 mile Long Island you've also got governor's island liberty island as well as Staten Island but there's one island in New York that you may not know about and no it's not the tiki bar jade island which is fabulous by the way do yourself a favor and try the pu pu platter it's called ... thatthe island and it's one island in New York that nobody is allowed to visit it's it's in the East River right below Roosevelt island near the UN had and for something so tiny has a pretty fascinating history in 1892 construction of an underground rail passage began that was meant to connect Manhattan to queens via a tunnel under the river builders had to drill through the granite under water and that excavation produced excess landfill which accumulated and eventually produce a tiny amount of rocks or as we in the biz college an island the island was originally named Belmont island after August Belmont junior the man who financed the construction project the original tunnel is now used by the 7 train and as for the island minus the occasional Tinker collision up until recently has had a pretty uneventful existence then in organization called the peace meditation at the United Nations a Buddhist group that followed spiritual leader prolific artist and super rip dude tree Chinmoy lease the island from the city in 1977 they re christened it booth that island to honor the third secretary general of the UN former Burmese diplomat name who's that who is a friend of Sri Chinmoy they also did some light landscaping and erected a 30 foot metal one this arch but they were only allowed to visit a few times a year because of the heightened security around its neighbor the United Nations all remain peaceful a new fan until 2004 when New York City hosted the Republican National Convention a filmmaker an artist named Duke Riley decided to protest by rowing a boat out to you that in the middle of the night unfurling a giant glowing the dark flag from the navigation tower that's on there and declaring it a sovereign nation before being apprehended by the Coast Guard so I called the New York office of land management and try to schedule a visit Hey I wanted to call and see if it's at all possible to set up a time to go visit with an island on the East River no it's not at all like for anybody I did some checking and he's actually right nobody's allowed to visit the family turns out it's now protected sanctuary for migrating birds including a colony of double crested cormorants that nest in the oneness arch so you can actually go on it but I still wanted to get as close as I could despite a total lack of experience in the quickly approaching thunderstorm I jumped in a canoe and headed out to the lovely East River we paddled through the water passing Williamsburg on Roosevelt island until we finally sighed in all its glorious tiny splendor to most people it may just look like a pile of rocks in a filthy rivers and I guess it sort of is but there's also something kinda wonderful about it too being up close to it made me realize that there's something special about amidst the hustle and bustle and millions of people there's this 25 year old speck of land have to wait so I learned a thing or 2 about what not to do when your canoe starts tipping over as it turns out I sort of did make it on it with an island after all since it was in an effort to not drown in the East River but it technically still come I didn't die which is good and I'm glad I was actually able seat with a close up but for now I think I might just stick to this island which is a little bit more my speed //
"2017-08-02 16:44:11"
What happens after ISIS falls?
\\I'm the terrorist group ISIS is losing at the end of 2014 explain to territory the size of Great Britain a population of 11000000 people but today it's lost about 60 percent of that and its population is down to about 2.5 it's the result of fighting its enemies on all sides to the west and north isis is fighting armed rebel groups and the Russia back Syrian military and its allies is also fighting Turkish troops and US backed Kurdish forces in the north to the east and south there's the U. S. backed Iraqi army it was this Iraqi army that deliver the latest blow when they took over ice is biggest city muscle the group's capital in Iraq it was a symbolic loss most holes where the group declared a caliphate or Islamic territory in 20 this set them apart from other terrorist organizations they were just a network of jihadist strung out across several countries like al Qaeda they governed actual territory which they call the Islamic state now the loss of most all the fall of this ISIS caliphate seems imminent so what happens when isis is gone number one is that these fighters and want to go home so in 2014 when isis captured a huge swath of territory Iraq and Syria tens of thousands of foreign fighters came from all over the world to join the caliphate at Corning to UN estimates as of July 2016 are upwards of 30004 fighters I must these fighters came from countries like Tunisia and Morocco Jordan Saudi Arabia but hundreds also came from countries like Belgium Germany the UK and even a few dozen from United States so the spider for drawn Tice's for all sorts of different reasons but a big one was that it had actual territory in response to be building a caliphate and based on its own extreme interpretation of Islamic law isis propaganda push this narrative in flashy violent videos and magazines online encouraging people from all walks of life not just writers to come and help build this glorious Islamic state and the people who came were not just young men they were just fighters there are women children and even families who came as well but now is isis territory shrinks and the state that they tried to bubble collapses anyone who survives will have to find somewhere else to go and that's a major problem because many these people are now indoctrinated there now well connected in the capable of carrying out deadly terror attacks a similar dynamic actually happened back in the 19 eighties and Afghanistan so thousands of foreign fighters flock to Afghanistan to help the Afghan mujahedin fight Soviet invasion and after the Soviets left a lot of the spiders dispersed to various different theaters of jihad including Bosnia Chechnya Somalia Sudan and elsewhere these fighters ended up forming a loose network of transnational jihadist most of whom had links to Osama bin laden and al Qaeda thanks to their time fighting Afghanistan and some of them actually went on to carry out attacks against the west including attacks against United so the worry now is that ISIS fighters will do something similar but this time they might actually make it home to places like Europe and launch attacks there second problem is what to do with the U. S. military after ISIS fall right now the US is helping local forces in Iraq and Syria to defeat ISIS there are currently around 1000 US troops in Syria and around 6000 US troops in Iraq most overtures isis is capital in Iraq has fallen and right now the U. S. is helping Syrian local forces to defeat ISIS and Rocka its so called capital there so has those 2 cities fall ice is been spreading out to rural areas drug administration has 2 choices option one is to keep the US troops there which would lead them in harm's way option 2 is to bring them home which increases the risk that the region breaks out into work option one is a big political risk for trunk you promised during the campaign that he would not get involved in foreign wars that he would actually invest American money ... and time at jobs in research in the United States and so trump or to keep troops in the region it would be admitting that he's going against the political philosophy your spouse during the campaign and currently during his presidency option 2 is deathly also risk if US troops were to leave that open space for sectarian violence to break out in the region let's take a look for example at what happened 2000 lives the Obama administration took most of its troops out of the region that gave the Shiite government in Baghdad the space to crackdown on SUNY populations throughout the country and I says take advantage isis was seen as the defender against the Shiite government and was able to gain support and allowed for its rise to continue so while it doesn't necessarily mean that its troops leave and isis type group or isis 2.oh itself around about absence of US troops but that was certainly exists deadly California shooting rampage alone gunmen the pledge of allegiance to license both incidents carried out by so called lone wolves problem 3 years ice is moving from place to an idea up until now isis had one goal defend the territory already had in Iraq the territory already have the seria the problem is on the verge of losing both and when that happens ISIS goes from being the kind of place people go to fight to being the idea that people fight for yes I do that's compelling it's no idea that its followers willing to kill for that's followers willing to die for when I first came to power people saw the group that has some territory the want to control the territory but it's not a kite it's not a terror group that wants to carry out attacks outside of its borders in the west there was proven tragically wrong not to over 2015 this is the bomb ISIS claims they used to bring down the Russian passenger plane over the Sinai Peninsula in their online magazine the posted photos of the bomb that they said had been used to blow up the plane and I was reminded who is about to come we've ISIS attacks that have killed hundreds of people in London and Paris in niece and have inspired attacks that killed dozens here at home in California in Orlando it's worth remembering that these are not always attacks carried out by people who are part of isis in many cases these are people who were radicalized in countries where they lived and that's the danger of the idea take what happened in San Bernadino California where a mere couple killed 14 people when the Landau where single shooter killed 49 people in both cases ice cream responsibility but in both cases there is no connection between those people and isis they got radicalized over the internet isis is no the propaganda matters nice is really good at it yes people all over the world to use English language Arabic language to have Facebook page and Twitter accounts they're full of incredibly slickly produced videos they're really compelling if you're some predisposed half that worldview they can push you over the edge from just thinking that's an idea worth killing for to actually killing for it ISIS take it so seriously that refers to these people is media operatives and says those media operatives are carrying out form of martyrdom I can to killing to literally killing for the cost at the end the day that's the hardest thing about ISIS you can be beaten on the ground in Iraq and Syria it is being beaten on the ground in Iraq and Syria but it's going from being a place to idea and it is impossible impossible to defeat 90 I'm but I //
"2017-07-21 12:00:34"
Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson
\\this is tough across and then you came on cable news he took over bill Reilly slot in April and since then he's had the most watched news show on cable fox viewers love him because he takes on the liberal elite and fox executives love him because he's not embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal but there's someone else who really likes Tucker Carlson and replaceable Riley we get Tucker who I think is a much better figure he's certainly more intelligent this is Richard Spencer one of the most notorious white supremacist in the country he at least has to kind of open mindedness in a way that bill Reilly ... never would Spencer isn't the only professional racist giddy about Tucker show here's David Duke former grand wizard of the KKK tweeting god plus Tucker Carlson and here's the white supremacist website daily stormer calling Tucker literally our greatest ally so ... what the hell is going on here where white supremacists so excited about Tucker Carlson the in a lot of ways tougher is a typical box in his house he complains about political correctness attacked liberal media interviews Favio okay that was weird but what caught the attention of white supremacists if the way the tougher talks about immigration normally conservatives focus on illegal immigration all Americans should welcome legal immigrants folks who will be our laws and go through the proper procedures but Tucker is different Tupper spent the first few months of his shows depicting both legal and undocumented immigrants as potential criminals we decided to take a more detailed look at the link between immigrants and crime in this country we really don't have good numbers on the crimes committed by immigrants illegal and otherwise we do that does he knows Mexican citizens make up more than 14 percent of the entire federal prison population because after Muslims why is violent terrorism an inevitability in Europe a lot of Muslims living in Europe now and he goes after refugees who would have thought that all those migrants are having a big effect on the primary that's talking point is of course this shit native born Americans are incarcerated at higher rates than both legal and undocumented immigrants cities of high refugee populations typically see their crime rates decrease and the overwhelming majority of terror attacks in the EU art religiously motivated but that hasn't stopped Tucker for making that met a central theme on her show foreigners come to our countries and kill our people you think are leaders would blame them but no they blame us for foreigners been hard at how hard at Carlson's major reason for existing is to create a frame in which immigrants are grave threat to the survival of America as we know it this if chip away he's a journalist who spent decades studying the language of right wing extremists that's the classic right wing populist idea that there's a group of threatening people they're not like us and we need to stop them before they stop us cover obviously isn't the first person to do this American history is full of demagogues who used the myth of immigrant crime to smear marginalized groups look at the crime rate change terms in the immigration and innocent people that are struck down in criminal behavior it's a myth that's persisted despite the fact that the crime rate has dropped as more immigrants have come to America but what makes Tucker different ever makes white supremacist like him so much is that aside from the hair cut he doesn't look the part of a David Duke he makes anti immigrant propaganda look main street Carlson is kind of a restatement of all of these things in a kind of neat well dressed one of the ways Tucker does this is by cherry picking focusing on individual stories of immigrant crime to smear immigrants as a whole in March for example Tucker fixated on the story out to undocumented immigrants who were accused of raping one of their class little did plenty about that horrifying well Marilyn why wouldn't we it highlights the critical downsides of existing American immigration policy it was the perfect truck across some story because they let him pedal old school racist trope about immigrants being rapists without having to actually say it out right white people embarrassed to point to something that actually happened and draw obvious conclusions from he only had to hints sometimes when foreign countries and the people here they are not sending their very best this hallway packaging make sure is designed to give plausible deniability plus some matching the bad idea not mine yours that case ended up getting dropped by the way after prosecutors found that the facts didn't support the charges but it didn't matter Tucker had already made his point on Twitter David Duke said Tucker's coverage of the story was one of his best performances this is a common trick that demagogues here's to shape the already entrenched prejudices of the of the audience another way Tucker normalizes hopeful joked about immigrants is by inviting anti immigrant extremists to do his dirty work for him with the Maryland case it was people like called there all these Americans who wouldn't have done children who wouldn't be raped but for our immigration policy after the terror attacks in the UK it with Katie Hopkins a woman who literally called for a final solution on Twitter final yeah people talk about integration I always had the word to colonize a should we have opened I told everyone to come out effectively take over it's basically that handing off of the car turn your group of people who are more than happy to take you by the hand and turn it into a fist also don't talk about the annoying eyebrow thing Tucker does when he's talking to someone he agrees with joy that will he asked what his mind is being blown by the most basic comments he's doing right now but the thing white supremacists love most about Tucker Carlson is his rejection of multi culturalism Tucker argues that the problem with Mexican and Muslim immigrants is that they're not like us they come from different inferior cultures hit Israel a country founded on European culture is the western civilization or talking about carrier to the culture that these immigrants are bring success welcoming those different cultures is making America a worse place to live our leaders worship multiculturalism so we encourage immigrants to reject our culture because all cultures are equal except they're not all equal discovery goes about saying but that's really similar to how white supremacists talk about immigration millions of people crossing our borders illegally and not having the same values that we have share western culture is what we are about time we in America stood up and defended and tough propel this idea on his show constantly if you believe in multi culturalism then by definition you're not gonna rise to defend your culture because the court every other culture in the multicultural society were we're going to war that we seem to be losing their roots and values that are that our country is built upon countries in which people who live in the country of nothing in common tend to break apart never gonna do about that we're headed towards a multicultural America public fragmenting America probably some things can be totally unrecognizable maybe I don't wanna live in a country looks nothing like the country gruppen is that big event also you got a lot of nerve talk about the sanctity of western culture for a guy who went on dancing with the stars and it got the your have rhythm where you come from my don't ever invented hits kind of a language means that occurs in immigrants actually about immigration it's about people who seem to just white Tucker segment about the legal immigration suddenly veers into whites Spanish speakers are making schools worse it'd make a school better when people move in who don't speak English by segment on that Maryland rape case suddenly becomes about how the defendant's should've learned English what they should have done is put him in some sort of remedial English words in English first Tucker is training the biggest audience in cable news to be suspicious of people who aren't like that this is having an effect on my kids school of my culture on the economy and your point is you're not allowed to have a lot of people because I view them as threats I'm talking about terror threats I'm talking about writing I'm talking about a massive spike in crime as invaders invasion of Europe intensified this weekend more than 7000 African migrants arrived in Italy and that's why white supremacists love talk across and not because they think he is one of them but because as long as he's changing his audience to view difference as dangerous he's making their job a lot easier I'm no fan of bill o'reilly but even he recognized talk of European culture as a dog whistle for white supremacists someone to preserve my heritage like every people does consumers your heritage what is at me how about European heritage what sent me there people all //
"2017-05-12 12:37:42"
Why the world is worried about Turkey
\\this is something that I say those children over again this is not a system belonging to tie your Adwan is we never a good sign when a person one first himself in the third person I mostly being I can die it anytime and then 2 more plainly asked you repeatedly denied that there if you say ballot box prove she uses a dictator now will be on so the blue books process on April 16 Turkey narrowly voted yes on a if random that will dramatically reorganize the government allows changes that give sweeping powers to the president type everyone he could have complete control of Turkey's budget and military will be able to appoint judges to the courts without a vote can dissolve parliament whenever he chooses and can stay in power until 2029 this is prompted concerns that he's becoming too authoritarian and these concerns aren't that outlandish mostly because Turkey was built by an authoritarian if you look at the arc of modern Turkish history it begins with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk first president of the person Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal during the 19 twenties is now granted dictatorial powers and is himself christened editor meaning father of the Turks attitude was a military general who created the Republic of Turkey out of the collapsed Ottoman Empire in 1923 during his 15 years in office he enjoyed similar powers now held by air to one use them dead bill Turkey into a modern and secular state Turkey's new government separate church and state sweet and head coverings do Kamal this headgear the fares symbolizes Turkey's oriental fatalism and he will abolish put mosques under state control Islamic traditions are shot immediate basically illegal to discriminate against women it takes pleasure in the company of emancipated women women's education compulsory commit literacy rates rising meet schools opened everyone to make a modern nation all Turkey must be sent to school adcirca also industrialized country under his watch the industrial sector saw sharp increase and his liberal foreign policies built a close relationship with the west it's paved the way for Turkey to join the NATO alliance in 1952 we know the Ataturk succeeded because for decades it was a modern secular western country like he wanted to be monitored is dictator so the Turkey may never again have a dictator now you have present everyone present everyone is going in literally the opposite direction he wants to make the country much more openly religious he wants to get rid of a lot of what editor can done but how does a religious conservative leader acquire so much power in a secular country to understand this you have to know what happened Turkey after at a took step for 5 decades the country was constantly in a state of upheaval added circuit given the military the responsibility of keeping Turkey secular and they did so by staging coups in 19607180 and again in 1997 well the interventions were meant to keep Turkey democratic instability left the country in poor shape in the nineties and even the early 2000 Turkey had totally completely stale economy to GDP growth would slow it on a plane with very high it was seen as a very corrupt country the government in function enter receptor site everyone he was the mayor to stumble from 1994 to 972 years later he was arrested for public reading of a politically charged Islamic poem by Turkish nationalist Turkey was still majority Muslim country and his arrest made him popular with many who felt oppressed by years of the secular military rule after short jail sentence he formed moderately conservative political party the AKP which went on to win a landslide victory in the 2002 elections and he became prime minister of Turkey everyone went on to pull the country out of poverty by giving more opportunities Turkish entrepreneurs and expanding access to foreign markets this led to a sharp rise in the GP and inflation plummeted Turkey success even prompt efforts to join the EU this all made air to one wildly popular it was like he came onto a boat that was listing in taking on water the match to get the water out of the boat and make the but sail straight again so for many years you could see why men like this to be as powerful as he became then he went too far over the next 10 years Turkey continued to grow economically but everyone started pushing more Islamists and authoritarian policies he was quoted saying that he did not believe men and women were equal and that women were meant to be mothers his government also began arresting protesters and journalists under the guise of anti terrorism laws the start unrest in Turkey's more liberal urban area in 2013 there is a small peaceful demonstration in Istanbul's Gezi park the protests everyone's plans to reconstruct military barracks that would include a shopping center and mosque seen the demonstration as opposition everyone send in right please remove the protesters which weekly attracted more protest it got bigger and bigger because as a proxy and more from being a protest over park during a protest against anyone against her religious he is becoming an act of violence she just for this to be everyone began removing avatar laws more aggressive he ended the band I'm wearing head scarves tight restrictions on alcohol sales and freed masks from government control then in 2014 aired 1 was elected president which in Turkey is a ceremonial role with little real power but that didn't put an end to the arrests made across country which indicated that everyone was still in charge and there are 2 groups of people who are terrified by this one to kind of secular Turks who look back to editor consent tells happen to our country the other was the military and they were the ones again who believe that their core mission in life was to keep Turkey secular and that he was a threat so on July 2016 is staged a coup and it almost worked there's just 1 problem the military couldn't get the public support this time everyone had found a new way to reach its supporters did you miss it I want to encourage more people to the streets and invite them to the airports and together as people gather show them by letting them come with their tanks to see what they are going to do do it right that to the people everyone had this amazing moment where he is face time as iPhone to kind of rally the country and say defend the country defend us against the military com Turks come to me come help rally around me and it worked you had secular Turks for the first time in years defend everyone you have religious Turks literally stream from mosques into the streets to fight the military the military overstepped you had Turkish F. sixteens fire rockets and missiles at parliament Turkish tanks fighter people on the streets that was very effective for everyone emerge from the fighting more popular than ever and ramped up his purge of the opposition more than 100000 journalists academics military officers and politicians have been arrested since the coup attempt tens of thousands remain in detention this brings us to the recent referendum which follows everyone's post coup popularity he set it in motion to acquire more power and make it come the boat was much closer than it was anticipated suggesting that much of the country wants to hold on to the secular Turkey created by Ataturk and they're willing to fight for I do think you're gonna have the inevitable tension of a president who believes he's entitled to more power taking more and more of it and what remains a somewhat secular country that isn't comfortable giving that power just had just play out politically in court or just play on the streets if it's actual fighting and violence then what we know of as a Democrat turkeys over //
"2016-01-20 18:05:31"
The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history
\\I'm myths about the Israel Palestine conflict is that it's been going on for centuries all about each of my legacy in fact my religion is involved conflicts mostly about 2 groups of people who claim the same land and it really only goes back about a century to the early 19 hundreds around then the region along the eastern Mediterranean we now call Israel Palestine then under Ottoman rule for centuries was religiously diverse grinning mostly Muslims and Christians also a small number of Jews who lived generally in peace first more people in the region were developing this being not just ethnic Arabs Palestinians stick national identity the same time not so far away and Europe more Jews were joining a movement called sinus Judaism was not just a religion but a nationality when the deserved and nation of it's after centuries of persecution many believe the Jewish state was their only way of safety it's other historic homeland in the Middle East is the best hope for establishing in the first decade of the twentieth century tens of thousands of European Jews move there after World War one Tiananmen empire collapsed British and French empires carved up the Middle East the British taking control of the region it called the British Mandate for Palestine at first the British allowed Jewish immigration is more Jews arrived settling in farming communities tension between Jews and Arabs grew both sides committed acts of violence and by the 19 thirties the British began limiting Jewish immigration response Jewish malicious formed to fight both the local Arabs and to resist British rule then came the Holocaust leading many more Jews to flee Europe for British Palestine and galvanizing much of the world support in the Jewish state in 1947 as sectarian violence between Jews and Arabs their crew the United Nations approved a plan to 5 British Palestine into 2 separate states one for Jews Israel and one for Arabs Palestine to your Jerusalem where Jews Muslims and Christians all have holy sites was to become a special international zone a plan was meant to give choose a state to establish Palestinian independence and to end the sectarian violence of the British can no longer control the Jews accepted the plan and they declared independence is Israel but Arabs throughout the region saw the UN plan as just more European colonialism trying to steal their lan many of the Arab states who just recently won independence themselves I cleared war on Israel in an effort to establish a unified Arab Palestine were all acquitted Palestine state of Israel one but in the process well past their borders under the UN plan taking the western half of Jerusalem and much of the land that was to have been part of Palestine they also expelled huge numbers of Palestinians from their homes creating a massive refugee population whose descendants today member about 7000000 at the end of the war Israel controlled all of the territory except for Gaza Egypt control in the west bank name because it's west of the Jordan River which Jordan controlled this was beginning to sting decades long Arab Israeli during this period many Jews in Arab majority countries fled or were expelled writing in Israel then something happened transform the conflict 1967 Israel and the neighboring Arab states fun another war when it ended Israel had seized Golan Heights from Syria the west bank from Jordan in both Gaza in the Sinai Peninsula from Israel was now occupying Palestinian all of Jerusalem holy site this left Israel responsible for governing the Palestinians people it fought for decades in 1878 Israel and Egypt signed the U. S. brokered camp David accords shortly after that Israel gave sign it back to Egypt as part of a peace treaty at the time this was hugely controversial in the Arab world Egyptian president Anwar Sadat was assassinated in part because of outrage against it but it marked the beginning of the end of the wider Arab Israeli conflict over the next few decades the other Arab states gradually made peace with Israel even if they never signed a formal peace treaty but Israel's military was still occupying the Palestinian territories of the west bank and Gaza and this is when the conflict became an Israeli Palestinian struggle the Palestinian liberation organization it formed in the 19 sixties to seek a Palestinian state fought against Israel including through acts of terrorism initially the PLO claimed all of what had been British Palestine meaning it wanted to and the state of Israel entirely fighting between Israel and the PLO went on for years even including in 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon kicker about it because it tells us of the ceasefire in southern Lebanon was shattered today by the sound of guns bombs and the PLO leader said it would set dividing line between Israel and Palestine the conflict continued is all of this was happening something dramatic was changing Israel occupied Palestinian territory Israelis from moving in these people are called settlers made their homes in the west bank and got but the Palestinians one of them or not some move for religious reasons some because they want to claim the land for Israel some just because housing is chief often subsidized by the Israeli government some settlements are cities with thousands of people others are small communities deep into the west bank if you're always felt yearning for now it's a once in a lifetime of not only just but also build the home of your dreams sellers are followed by soldiers to guard them the growing sediments force Palestinians are their land divide communities short term they make the occupation much more painful for Palestinians long term by dividing up Palestinian land and make it much more difficult for the Palestinians to ever have an independent state today there are several 0 settlers in the occupied territory even though the international community considers them a legal by the late 19 eighties Palestinian frustration exploded into the intifada is the Arabic word for uprising or began with mostly protests and boycotts soon became violent Israel responded with a couple 0 Israelis over 1000 Palestinians died in father around the same time a group of Palestinians in Gaza considered the PLO to secular to compromise minded created Hamas a violent extremist group dedicated to Israel's destruction by the early 19 nineties it's clear that Israelis and have to make peace leaders from both sides signed the Oslo Accords this is for it to be that big first step toward Israel maybe someday withdrawing from the Palestinian territories allowing an independent Palestine the Oslo Accords establish the Palestinian authority allowing Palestinians a little bit of freedom to govern themselves in certain areas hardliners on both sides oppose the Oslo Accords members of Hamas launch suicide bombings to try to sabotage the prime the Israeli right protest peace talks with rally yours calling prime minister Yitzhak Rabin traitor and Nazi not long after being signs the second round of Oslo Accords far right Israeli shoots him to death and telling me this violent showed how extremists on both sides can use violence to derail peace keep a permanent conflict going as they seek the other side's total destruction that's a dynamic that's been around ever since negotiations meant to hammer out the final details on peace drag on for years and a big camp David summit in 2000 comes up empty Palestinians come to believe peace isn't coming right up in the second intifada this one much more violent than the first by the time it wound down few years later about 1000 Israelis and 3200 Palestinians have died the second intifada really changes the conflict Israelis become much more skeptical the Palestinians will ever accept peace with its even worth Israeli politics shift right the country builds walls and checkpoints to control Palestinians movements in early trying to solve the conflict just managing the Palestinians are left feeling like negotiating didn't work violence didn't work Mr stock under an ever growing occupations with no future as a people that year Israel withdraws from Gaza Hamas gains power but splits from the Palestinian authority and shirts civil war dividing Gaza from the west bank is your puts Gaza under suffocating blockade and unemployment rises to 40 percent this is the state of the conflict as we know it today it's relatively new and it's unbearable for Palestinians in the west bank more and more settlements smothered Palestinian often respond with protest sometimes of violence the most just want normal lives in Gaza Hamas and other violent groups have periodic wars with Israel findings overwhelmingly kills Palestinians including lots of civilians in Israel itself most people become apathetic for the most part the occupation keeps the conflict relatively removed from their daily lives with moments of brief but horrible violence this little political will for peace no one really knows for the conflict goes from here maybe a third intifada maybe the Palestinian authority collapses but everyone agrees that things as they are now can't last much longer Israel's occupation the Palestinians is too unstable to last and that unless something dramatic changes whatever comes next will be much worse I I //
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Why does the US have 800 military bases around the world?
\\early in the history of warfare and learned that the best formula for victory was compounded up striking power mobility I'm self protection uhhuh U. S. is easily the most powerful country to have ever existed and it certainly spends more on its military budget than any other country does today so pretty well but less well known is the fact that the US has around 800 military bases around the globe this map can even show that many dogs these are just 200 or so dots to give you an idea of where these bases are cluster these bases are everything from massive military compounds to small airstrips in the middle of the ocean if you combined all the foreign bases that every other nation has outside of its own borders you get a total of about 30 mmhm there's never been a country with such a massive global presence and the big question is how did these bases get there in the first place how much is it costing U. S. tax to open space is the U. S. set up in places but we can't slowly steadily they must talk the fun even though these stable group U. S. still have 4000 where we now 1000 a Cold War made the U. S. expansion corner of the globe imperative to U. S. strip goals bear and Russia you see the reason why we are spending billions of dollars in defense production why your family is paying the highest taxes in our history but even now that the Cold War is over is not a place on earth not still covered by US military in this includes everything from naval compounds like those at Guantanamo bay small drone bases like those in the art of Africa 2 little known posts in the middle of the Indian Ocean like that Diego Garcia it's not cheap US foreign bases open cost taxpayers between 70 and $100000000000 per year that's more than any other government agency and money besides of course the department so taxpayers pay between 10 and $40000 more per soldier stationed abroad than they do for those stations here domestic but this cost seems to be worth it to most lawmakers the idea that US military leadership provides an indispensable stability to the globe is now a fixture of our global strategy and our foreign policy uncertain world full of breathtaking change but one constant American leadership you can't have stability without American leadership there's only one nation in the world capable prowling the freedom loving people this planet front even American leadership is not just respected it is required so over the past 7 years the US has set up bases all over the world in response to threats and then they just never left these 800 bases around the world represent a massive system of military power that isn't often talked about and it's us the American taxpayers that are financially supporting we've all decided that it's worth it to pop $100000000000 out of our economy space is open on the far corners of our clothes uhhuh //

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