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The Deleted Interview that George Soros Tried to Ban!
\\my understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were rubbed his adopted got so it looks when out in fact and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews aside I mean that's that sounds ... like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many many years was it difficult and and the other a not alive and not at all not at all of all the financial Titans and philanthropists of the twentieth century not a more complex or mysterious than George Soros like Carnegie JP Morgan and the Rockefellers he amassed billions through ruthless business decisions only to turn around and give away most of his fortune to advance his own personal philosophy you can move world financial markets simply by voicing an opinion or destabilize a government by buying and selling its currency he also pledged more aid last year to help people in Russia the new U. S. government did but now George Soros is worried he thinks the global economy is coming apart at the seams and that the world needs to be protected from people like George Soros Britain may now think that everything is fine but the fact is that the system is broke and it needs fixing what you're doing is is is asking ... some former regulation protect the world against you well I am a player and I think all players should be regulated that have to be rules of the game well like any 548 0 969 0 why you know them right now he is quantum group hedge fund moves $14000000000 of rich investors money around the world every day looking for profits and answering to no one Soros make huge bets on whole countries in economies last year we saw cracks in the Asia boom he began selling the currency in Thailand traders in Hong Kong followed suit triggering a financial crisis that plunged much of Asia into a depression in the last 2 years you've been blamed for financial collapse of Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Japan in Russia that ... all of the all of the fact that not all of the above are you that powerful no I think there's a great misunderstanding the prime minister of of Malaysia ... said that the region spans 40 years trying to build up its economy and along comes a moron like Soros with a lot of money and it's all over he called you a criminal it's easier for him to blame an outside force and then to admit but that if they were mismanaging at their economy and their currency at the French finance minister who talked about to hanging a speculators from lampposts Soros's the Asian currencies would have collapsed even if he hadn't been in the market they were overvalued he says people tend to follow his lead because he's been so successful I think that that I've been played blamed for everything I am basically they're the 2 of them to make money I cannot and do not look at the social consequence all of what I do this man is a carnival or the first order Jim grant is the editor of grant's interest rate observer and one of wall street's most respected analysts he never tires of watching Soros in part because of the huge bets he's willing to place on his haunches here is I'm always amazed the people he's worked with at his audacity and his willingness to back up his and that meant enormous sums it causes the blood drain from ordinary mortals faces like risking $2000000000 in Russia when the Russian market began falling apart in August Soros was the country's single largest investor he called the U. S. treasury amassed Uncle Sam for $7000000000 to prop up the ruble when you S. officials failed intervene Soros wrote a letter to the financial currency 25 percent you words from Soros or enough selling fueled the crash what's it like to have a statement that you make have such serious grievous consequences I mean you couldn't it it looks to me like in a number of situations you can take a position against the currency or make a statement and the whole country falls apart but it's a tremendous sense of responsibility actually ... ended in the salsa humbling experience because I am actually trying to do the right thing and sometimes what I do and has an unintended negative consequence as it did in in Russia for both the Russian middle class and for Soros who lost his $2000000000 whatever his motivations no one can accuse him of greed he's backed away from the day to day operation of his businesses and is giving away his billions now with the same determination that he made in places like Haiti a country that has less money in the bank than Hida last month he brought the First Lady with him for a look at some of the projects is foundation this fund visitors are so yeah he's help us this year stores plans to give away almost $500000000 around the world Bosnia when the water supply to Sarajevo was cut off at the height of the siege it was Soros who wrote a check to jury rig a pipeline through an abandoned highway talk $5000000 up front can be more valuable than $50000000 a year to later ambassador Richard Holbrooke brokered the peace in Bosnia at 1. after the Dayton peace agreement some Bosnian 1995 for fro consumable period time George had given more money to implement the peace agreements then the US government had he just could move that fast in Russia he pledged $100000000 to help scientists who might otherwise have sold their expertise to bidders like a run or a rough in Eastern Europe he's educated a new generation and in Ukraine spend millions retraining the old Soviet military at the center of George Soros there's an inherent contradiction beaches which is on one hand you you're the you're the capitalist who does not care about the social consequences of his act and on the other hand you are a philanthropist who cares only about social consequences how do you resolve the 2 that realizing dad dad dad as a as a competitor I've got to compete Devane as a human being I can I I M. concerned about a society in which I live which George source of my talking to now the amoral George Soros or the the moral George Soros at its one person it's one person who at one time engages in amoral activities and that the rest of the time tries to be model to understand the complexities and contradictions in his personality you have to go back to the very beginning to Budapest where George Soros was born 68 years ago to parents who are wealthy well educated in Jewish when the Nazis occupied Budapest in 1944 George sources father was a 6 ask a lawyer he lived on an island in the Danube and like to commute to work in a rowboat but knowing there were problems ahead for the Jews he decided to split his family up he bought them forged papers and a bribe the government official to take 14 year old George Soros end and swear that he uses Christian god side but survival carried a heavy price tag while hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps George Soros accompanied is phony godfather on his appointed rounds confiscating property from the Jews these are pictures from 1944 of what happened to George sources friends in neighbors Europe I'm Gary into who escaped the Holocaust by posing as a a Christian and you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps I was 14 years old and I would say that that's when my character was me in what way that one should think I had one should to understand and and anticipate events ... and that one line is threatened if a tremendous threat of the fall I mean was it a very personal experience of evil my understanding is is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were rubbed his adopted got so it looks when out in fact and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews that site I mean that's that sounds ... like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many many years was it difficult and and the other a not not and and not at all not at all that day maybe as a child you don't you don't see the connection ... I had to it was the it created no no problem at all no feeling of guilt know for example that ... I'm Jewish ... and here I am watching these people go I could just as easily be there I should be there not of that well a 88 if because I couldn't and I could be on the other side okay I could be the one from whom it it's being taken away ... ... but I there was no sense that they shouldn't be there because and that was ... ... well actually the funny way it's just like in markets that if I were a data of course I wasn't doing it but as somebody else would who would would be taking it that way anyhow university whether I was there or not I was only a spectator the property was being taken away so is it that I had no role in taking away so I had no sense of guilt are you religious no do you believe in god Soros told us he believes god was created by man not the other way around which may be why he thinks he can smooth out the world's imperfection they I when we went with him to Ukrainian was treated like a visiting head of state and was received by the president then he was received by the prime minister and finally the central bank thank goodness sending trash they even allowed him to look at the books and ask him for advice lots of people want George Soros's advice most recently south African president Nelson Mandela actually president Mandela and asks me how could South Africa protect itself against speculators like you and I told him I don't him a memo the time to give him the best advice I could how to ... V. juice did dig it dean yeah exposure of South Africa to spit too speculative attack that's the old stop me before before I kill again approach I where telling this is what you can do to stop whether I or somebody else ... does whatever is happening in the markets did it doesn't make any difference at the aka I don't feel guilty because I'm engaged in an amoral activity which is not meant but to have anything to do with kept part of the reason he is so rich is that the Soros hedge funds operate offshore in the Netherlands Antilles to avoid scrutiny by the securities and exchange commission so even while Soros tells Congress and the treasury that hedge funds must be regulated to stop the global crisis he's avoiding the rules why is it that ... that Americans can invest in the quantum fund but some offshore fund why is that because we define a fund is outrageous to fit security cynics a so so ... creative they are not license to do business in the United States that's because beat because we are not I just a victim securities and exchange commission because if they find it more convenient to operate without it so in some ways is to escape regulation yeah that's right you've been sitting here talking about the the need for regulation yes and that whatever regulations outing pose revealed a 50 foot she feels that I mean we already confirmed to have it conform to everything if the beneficiaries of Soros's billions do not understand the intricacies of SEC rules and offshore hedge funds they do understand what he's done for them the president of Haiti is reading his new book the crisis of global capitalism so is president Clinton will all the attention spoil George Soros George Soros in a way is ... as Donald Trump without the humility one of your money manager told us ... that Tegan of his speech is George really does think he's gotta you think that your god and you're going to financial markets they are bound to come out broke so the fact that I'm not broke shows that I don't believe that I'm caught welcome the Glenn Beck program America tonight I ask you to watch this program with an open mind I ask you to put your partisan differences aside and really listen and then do your own homework don't take my word for it research yourself this is far too important the topic tonight and tomorrow night George Soros the things that are happening in this country that don't make sense van Jones said something that bothered me over the summer I mean he said a lot of things over the years that have bothered me but one comment in particular over the summer stuck with me it was this you had all the top down but it's also bottom up and inside out top down bottom up and inside out so now your challenge is you leave here Archie image is to take care of that bottom upward in that inside out part part part I this bothered me because I know this guy is he's a communist revolutionary anti who who behind for the days of Stalin the Iron Curtain went down sums wrong there well it really bothered me until recently when I started looking into all the George Soros connections in the size and the scope of his reach and let me tell you something I said here read up on George Soros there's plenty of ways to read about him these are all books about George Soros many of them written by him so there's no shortage of information and read them read them the comment doesn't bother any me it doesn't bother me anymore I understand what it means and that's why that comment now frightens me and I will put it into perspective tonight and tomorrow pull back the curtain and reveal what that actually means and it will terrify you there's a couple of other things you'll understand first law in 2003 Soros and a partner funded the new $5000000 liberal group will move what what exactly is that will you remember this is the group that ... originally called general Petraeus general betray us it was despicable well who had they tapped for the executive director of this guy Zach Exley I never heard of them before you know who is well he previously had trained activist for the anarchist group the ruckus society days of the riots in Seattle helped orchestrate by this guy more on that in just a minute or by the way he's also a blogger for the Huffington post which is interesting because the Huffington post gets money from George Soros ... and he's also a fellow with the George Soros open society institute violent radicals all and by the way it's just not that phrase that came George Soros has been following him as he originally funded the Ella Baker society or ... the center for human rights and then of course he was on the Apollo alliance and then when he got fired from the White House he went to center for American progress which is also funded by George Soros radicals radicals over in the open society institute in case you don't know what this is don't worry you will in the next couple of days the open society institute is George Soros is most important group is really spectacular it is his philanthropist arm this is where he really he looks for Mother Teresa to give out his precious money and boy did he find Mother Teresa well not exactly he found to head this organization the founder of the violent activist group SDS students for a democratic society you don't know what they did in the sixties you will one string $425000000 every single year the strings that are being polled by the puppet master hello America there are a few working parts to a a a puppet show there is the the puppet master here there's a stage there is the audience there are the strings to each Papa and then there's the story there's also why why is the story why is this show happening what is the puppet master what is his motivation is it for the money is for entertainment is a personal gain what is it make no mistake we are watching a show the stage is the world it's television it's newspaper it's speeches it's the political elections it's what's happening in Washington you are the audience and like any good show they do have one goal in mind they want you to feel something but most shows don't have ... hidden meaning behind it is functional laugh they want to be entertained this one not so much at the end of the show you have a choice to make they want you to get up from your seats of course they have in mind what they are planning on you it choosing and they are just using this stage to try to make the case and convince you of it it's really propaganda ... there is a propaganda book here is this is actually from la one of ... Wilson's nasty nasty guys this this is the book that I've told you before on propaganda that Hitler used ... durables I just wanna show you and propaganda this is the now this is what's taught in schools D. democracy is administered by the intelligent minority who know how to regiment and guide the masses that's great this is Edward Bernays we give you the whole quote here he says the conscience and intelligent manipulation of organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a dime democratic society those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government an invisible government may be almost a shadow government remember that which is the true ruling power of our country do we have a shadow government answer it now remember how you answer it and then answer it again after today showing tomorrow show the question is do we have a shadow government and if we do who are those intelligent minority that is that is guiding us through and who where they guiding us to if you skip past all of the ... puppets in the strings if you stop looking at the puppets themselves you have to see who's behind the puppets who is choosing the puppets in the players who's the puppet master George Soros now I am sure that this will be called a conspiracy theory and quite honestly a year ago 2 years ago I would have believed it myself but it is right out in the open I encourage you do not take my word for this do your own research and don't go to conspiracy websites are in the house go to his own books you go to the biographies written about him good things that are well documented up like 60 minutes ... things that are well known for their accuracy we have all of the materials that put the show together at Glenn and in my free email newsletter I want you to see the footnotes on this program do not take anything I say as gospel tonight I want you to decide for yourself I want you to question with boldness is George Soros a man who says he asked you will be perfect and you will be perfect is he really a puppet master and if he is how does he control how does he control well let's start with this let's just take a couple of examples here find what George Soros his head and then see if there's any connection to anything sorrel spoke at Columbia University he talked about an urgent need for campaign finance reform I want you to remember questioning our elections is important to George Soros you'll understand in about 20 minutes well he wanted to have a campaign finance reform he thought it was important he spoke at Columbia University about it will open society his his little group open society started by the guy with SDS it was one of only a handful of groups who spent $123000000 to push finance reform Soros quote said do something about the distortion of our electoral props prop up process by the excessive use of TV advertising so he wanted to make sure that lies couldn't distort things well it wasn't long after that speech at Columbia University that lo and behold senator Russ Feingold a progressive and a few months later ... with ... ... John McCain a Republican progressive head came with a proposal in hand for what would eventually become the McCain Feingold act the irony if it is is that McCain Feingold ultimately led to the explosion of 501 C. 3 groups which can advertise and will 51 C. 3 groups ... 501 C. 3 groups you mean like sojourners or color for change or the tides foundation or media matters or people for the American way or center for American progress the Lisle the Apollo lines eller saker for human rights you mean those things you see we had the McCain Feingold act and then mysteriously almost 0 notes to everyone those groups became very powerful much more powerful and guess who controls most of the most powerful George Soros George Soros in the aftermath of 911 talked about police action as an alternative to war now did anybody pick up on that this is what he said war is a false and misleading metaphor in the context of combating terrorism crimes require police work not military action George Soros here is the democratic candidate for president adopting crimes require police work not military action positions what we've learned is that the war on terror is much more of an intelligence operation and a law enforcement operation the war on terror is far less of a military operation and far more of an intelligence gathering law enforcement operation and that's what we have now in our office starts with George Soros days after president Obama was elected George Soros again set the agenda he said quote from I think we need a large stimulus package which will provide funds for state local government to maintain their budgets because they're not allowed by the constitution to run a deficit for such a program to be successful the federal government would need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in addition another infrastructure program is necessary in total the cost would be between 300 and $600000000000 range well what was on Obama's first thing on his agenda the $787000000000 stimulus bill Gee I remember this and I remember saying at the time who wrote this it was too complex it was too early in his ... yeah that's right the Apollo alliance where is the Apollo lines come from tides foundation and where does the tides foundation get a lot of their funding George Soros Soros also heavily promotes green jobs in cap and trade also days after Obama's elected he called for a new energy bill I think this is a great opportunity to financially deal with global warming and energy independence the U. S. needs a cap and trade system with the auctioning of license for emissions rights I would use the revenues from these auctions to launch a new environmentally friendly energy policy that would be yet another federal program that could help us overcome the current stagnation well Congress introduced but you stood up you said I don't think so in in the audience started to revolt cap and trade failed now through freedom of information act we find out the department of energy and the EPA actually coordinated their response to damning reports on green jobs from Spain with the help of George Soros and his center for American progress which it's their funding problem here George Soros it is 12/9/2004 ... also there is ... ... this piece of information ... this guy where is ... Eli Eli ... appraiser various he headed the Soros group the front group MoveOn.pack now he wasn't upset the Kerry lost why he explained this in an email this is important you understand quote in the last year grassroots contributors like us gave more than $300000000 to the Kerry campaign and the DNC and proved that the party doesn't need corporate cash to be competitive it's now our party we bought it we own it and we're going to take it back do you understand what just happened George Soros got rid of all of the corporate money through McCain Feingold which then allowed all the 501 C. threes the con man this one might help and this one might help in this one might help and all the fireball ones //

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