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"2017-08-15 22:01:11"
Charlottesville Virginia car attack discrepancies, a more extensive dig, possible driver found pt 2
\\ //
"2017-08-13 20:46:07"
Charlottesville Virginia car attack, discrepancies, brief photo analysis, driver is pictured in car.
\\hello everybody good evening good afternoon good morning whatever time it is you decided to tune into this video thanks for stopping by today I'm going to be talking about the Charlottesville Virginia I'm car attack which I'm just not it's is all speculative information I don't know what to think of this year I'm gonna do a little bit more research into this topic but ... I took a few screen shots that I wanted to present with you guys suspect told his mother he was going to rally and this interview I watched which was complete bullshit by the Associated Press and then if you watch the world press version is the same the same video the budget cuts and they cut out this part where they show the mom's license plate and sure enough it is G. V. F. 11 to to and the car that rammed into people was G. VF 1111 and this is I mean the odds of them being so close are slim to none I mean the only time I've ever had a plate okay I took 2 cars and plated I'm at the same exact time and the place came out there were a few numbers off and I just thought that was weird and I I registered it them at the same exact time so unless the sun and his mom bought and played at their car at the same exact time there's no way that that would happen which I'll show you in a second moving along there you see the license plate do you have the 1111 and people were saying this was a automated car that ... was driverless ... that you're full of shit and I'm about to prove that and people are gonna come into my videos and all about the law that's just a dummy sitting in the driver's seat and all kinds of stupid shit up the inconsistencies in the story are crazy to see this is a horrific photo we got shoes flying everywhere in the next photo much so you can see glass debris people getting injured in this picture of you zoom out to campus at a screen shot maybe I'll bring it up here in a second is this lady is actually like on the ground in a fetal position with her knees up to her chest and her knees are bleeding and it looks pretty real because it bleeding on that that you sitting next to a person and that her blood is on the other person but here as you can clearly see no driver man who's no driver to windows were to 10 and you you can sue driver there's nobody in the car yeah you're full of it because here I'm proving to you right now that 2 hands on the steering wheel seat belt across the chest right here yeah you got a hand on the steering wheel and a hand on the steering wheel seatbelt across the chest okay now this is the picture I wanted to show you as the impact was occurring in to see people flaunt this dude is like this dude is way up in the air he has to be his his put up here the top where you can't see if using this picture out he has to be literally like 8 feet maybe 6 to 8 feet in the air his leg prolly belly higher than that but look at the top this truck this truck is a tall drugs of the Toyota tundra full size tundra okay look you can see damage to the tundra mirror smashed off probably from the car and people flying into it this truck is gonna be tall this dude's leg is way above the truck up here you can see the debris the glass breaking dust ship flying off the car probably fluids from the radiator smashing into people all kinds of stuff happens in car accidents man and then there's a clear shot on the same picture of that license plate Ohio for sure because that deftly matches this set up definitely an Ohio plate now here we go according to the challenger was purchased by its latest owner in June 2015 in Florence Kentucky from Kerry Toyota one month later the title was updated and mommy the vehicle was not stolen okay so let's take a look at this it was purchased ... in Florence Kentucky from Kerry Toyota which is why I think they came out and scratch that scrub Latin set up no no the car was registered purchased in Ohio but that's one major inconsistency right there and what I've ascertain from this and looking into this stuff I mean I'm not an expert on cars but I do know enough that Toyota doesn't sell Dodge Dodge is a Chrysler and jeep brand so if you go to a Dodge Chrysler jeep dealer to get a Dodge not a Toyota dealer Toyota has expanded some places do sell Hondas but these okay here go carry Toyota Florence Kentucky it is an actual Toyota dealer but these are the only brands that Toyota dealers sell Honda Acura Nissan Infiniti scion Toyota and Lexus where is Dodge anywhere on this fucking list I might be coming out with a part to this I'd I'd literally just scanned over some stuff and noticed inconsistencies right away I haven't even dug into this for more than about an hour it mean this story's ubiquitous it's everywhere everybody's talking about it everybody's saying all there was no driver well there's your driver folks yeah took me about an hour to find all these images and I have a I'd really just scratch the surface this probably gets deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper another rabbit hole we have to try to figure this one out yeah those license plate plates though it's kind of weird GDF 1122 G. VF 1111 interesting so that's going to conclude my video when I find more information on this I will be releasing it so thanks everyone enjoy the rest your weekend peace out //

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