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"2018-05-17 22:52:05"
Putin's New Hyper-sonic Toy, Important Big Brother "Deep State" Update
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"2018-05-17 00:12:39"
The Real Reason Why Peace Talks Are Cancelled! More Important Then Stormy Daniels!
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"2018-05-15 22:42:31"
Why North Korea Walks Away From Peace? Blow Dealt To George Soros, Monsanto and Google
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"2018-05-15 00:02:29"
What You Need To Hear About What Really Happened In Israel
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"2018-05-11 01:11:38"
What Really Happened With The Next Big Conflict Ahead
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"2018-05-09 21:53:05"
What You Need To Know About Trump's CIA Pick Gina Haspel
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"2018-05-08 18:33:23"
Live! The Clintons Are Connected To What? China, Peace Talks, Q Anon And More
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"2018-05-07 16:09:45"
Will The SEC Crash The Crypto Bitcoin Economy?
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"2018-05-07 01:16:19"
Breaking News! Trump Announces Plan For A New Deal Or No Deal At All
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"2018-05-03 01:21:32"
Why The Chinese Big Brother Orwellian State Got Worse And Is Already Here In U.S
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"2018-05-02 01:30:17"
What The Media Is Hiding From You About The Next Big Conflict
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"2018-04-30 20:49:47"
FREEDOM TEXAS STYLE With Luke And Ernest Hancock
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"2018-04-30 00:39:23"
Trumps Next Big Challenge. Major Cult Exposed!
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"2018-04-26 22:37:07"
Bill Cosby GUILTY, Trump Hides BIG Secret, Rand Paul MAJOR Flip Flop!
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"2018-04-25 00:00:49"
You Won't Believe How YouTube Is Screwing Its Creators NOW
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"2018-04-23 00:06:30"
Major Explosion Registers 2.6 On The Richter! Trump And Boltons Plan For Korea?
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"2018-04-19 23:10:54"
The Nikola Tesla Story They Do Not Want You To Know From Belgrade Serbia
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"2018-04-18 00:38:51"
BREAKING: Failed U.S Raid Cover Up Exposed By Survivor Who Lost 11 Family Members
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"2018-04-17 01:49:24"
Philip Defranco Screwed By Youtube? Another STRIKE! Cohan Exposed Sean Hannity
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"2018-04-16 00:37:26"
LIVE! What Did Kanye And Kim Jong Un Just Say? Thought Police?
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"2018-04-14 16:36:35"
What Really Happened With Trump's Attack and What Will Happen Next!
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"2018-04-14 02:02:53"
LIVE! The Latest Face-Off With Putin And What's To Come. PLUS $500 GIVEAWAY!!!
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"2018-04-12 00:45:56"
You Won't Believe What We Saw In Zimbabwe
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"2018-04-11 01:35:03"
What You Need To Know About The Imminent U.S Face Off With Russia and China
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"2018-04-09 15:45:28"
What Just Happened, And Who Is Really Responsible?
\\ //
"2018-04-09 14:32:33"
What Just Happened, And Who Is Really Responsible?
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"2018-04-09 00:52:26"
\\ //
"2018-04-05 22:17:56"
Cryptocurrencies Are Literally Rebuilding Entire Cities !
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"2018-04-05 00:11:40"
Where Is Trump Moving Troops Now? Really Remebering MLK50
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"2018-04-03 22:07:45"
LIVE: What your not being told about Trump's New Offensive
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"2018-04-03 21:47:11"
How To Bribe A Police Officer In Nairobi, Kenya
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"2018-04-03 00:30:49"
What Your Not Being Told About The Sinclair Broadcast Group
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"2018-03-28 20:53:55"
You Won't Believe What We Saw In Mogadishu, Somalia
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"2018-03-25 22:56:25"
\\ //
"2018-03-23 21:27:01"
Everything The Media Won't Tell You, John Bolton Exposed!
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"2018-03-22 22:55:31"
Trump Vs Biden! The Petition That Could Change The World
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"2018-03-21 21:52:17"
Everything They're Not Telling You About Cambridge Analytica, Blocking The Blockchain, And More
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"2018-03-20 20:58:48"
Jim Carrey Just Drew What? Another Celeb Politician Comes Out?
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"2018-03-19 20:00:48"
The Trump Chaos Theory Explained
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"2018-03-19 00:04:52"
LIVE: Mark Dice and The March Against Freedom
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"2018-03-15 19:56:05"
HELP! Social Media Censorship Must Be Stopped!
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"2018-03-14 22:24:34"
What You're Not Suppose To Know About Healing Mushrooms
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"2018-03-13 23:15:30"
What You Need To Know About Mike Pompeo and The New C-I-A Head
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"2018-03-12 20:28:25"
What The Medical Industry Does NOT Want You To Know
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"2018-03-12 02:47:37"
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"2018-03-11 23:27:26"
LIVE: Putin and Xi Presidents Forever! What Does It Mean?
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"2018-03-11 21:10:42"
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"2018-03-09 03:12:39"
Goldman Sachs Globalist Gary Cohn OUT, New Tariffs. What Does It Mean?
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"2018-03-08 02:34:10"
CNN Hits New Low In Trump Attack, New Alien UFO Breakthrough Video?
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"2018-03-06 23:52:05"
You Won't Believe What President Trump Just Ate For Breakfast!
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"2018-03-05 21:05:09"
Trump! China! Tariffs! Why It's Only Going To Get Bad From Here.
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"2018-03-03 18:04:30"
Central Banks Paying YouTube Stars, Bill Gates Wants Bitcoin Stopped!
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"2018-03-02 01:44:59"
Why Vladimir Putin Is Really Pissed, Sargon Of Akkad Purged!
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"2018-03-01 00:27:33"
Whistle Blower: How To Co-Op and Buy A Politician
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"2018-02-28 01:56:53"
The Psyop To Silence Us EXPOSED
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"2018-02-26 01:21:32"
Trump & China; Communist Comrades?
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"2018-02-26 00:27:17"
WE'RE BACK AFTER CNN CENSORSHIP, Putin said what about cyrptos? Plus more
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"2018-02-25 01:35:10"
Banks Are Terrified of Cryptocurrencies & This Is Why
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"2018-02-23 22:56:30"
The Quantum Age Of Corruption
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"2018-02-22 22:22:58"
Important Reflections On Florida and More Economic Problems Ahead
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"2018-02-21 22:54:48"
Billy Jack Watch Your Back
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"2018-02-19 18:29:06"
Russian Mercs, The Middle East, and The Former Speaker Of The House
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"2018-02-17 23:53:18"
The $500 Billion Dollar Crypto Question
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"2018-02-15 22:43:20"
The Beginning Of The Quantum Revolution?
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"2018-02-15 03:31:32"
What Do We Know About Parkland?
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"2018-02-12 00:49:12"
Annihilation and Amazon
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"2018-02-11 03:14:17"
China Blocking Bitcoin? While Russians Use Super Computer To Mine Cryptos
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"2018-02-09 03:15:26"
The Stock Market, Syria, Crazy Quincy, and a World Exclusive
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"2018-02-08 00:01:03"
The Space Race Is On Also A Parade! and FBI Bombshell Breakdown
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"2018-02-07 00:58:57"
Historic Market Crash As Trump Seeks Out Treason!
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"2018-02-06 01:01:26"
Stop Being A Sheep! Read The Memo Decide For Yourself
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"2018-02-05 01:57:55"
The Memo, Trump, and Kissinger with Press For Truth
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"2018-02-04 18:26:00"
India Loves Their Cashless Society, But Hates Bitcoin! - Here's Why
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"2018-02-01 22:48:20"
Ron Paul On Donald Trump and The Deep State
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"2018-01-31 22:20:38"
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"2018-01-29 23:52:15"
Max Keiser Major Bitcoin Revelation! And Russian Meddling In Mexican Elections
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"2018-01-29 00:52:06"
LIVE: Donald Trump State Of Chaos and Distraction
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"2018-01-28 23:38:20"
LIVE Jay Z EXPOSED! All Aboard The Trump Train
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"2018-01-27 23:29:22"
From 50 Cent To Bitcoin Millionaire, Biggest Theft In History JUST Happened!
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"2018-01-26 23:21:01"
Hillary Clinton Did WHAT! Bigger Problem Emerges For Trump
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"2018-01-26 00:41:34"
50,000 FBI Secret Society Text's Found? CNN SAID WHAT!!!
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"2018-01-24 20:57:09"
A Secret Society In The FBI?
\\ //
"2018-01-24 01:19:29"
The Foreign Policy Problem Trump Cannot Get Out Of
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"2018-01-23 12:01:54"
Vegas Revelations What No Ones Talking About!
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"2018-01-22 00:00:43"
LIVE TIde Pod Chelsea Manning Party
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"2018-01-21 01:41:18"
Will Governments BAN Bitcoin? - What You Need To Know!
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"2018-01-17 01:48:27"
Hollywood Empire: New Boss Same As The Old Boss?
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"2018-01-15 23:28:34"
Scathing Silicon Valley Parties Exposed
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"2018-01-15 00:53:03"
The Truth About Hawaii? Plus Hollywood Hypocrisy Gone Crazy
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"2018-01-14 00:17:28"
Cryptocurrency Weekly Wrap Up - Top 3 Bitcoin Updates You Should Know About THIS WEEK!
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"2018-01-11 23:50:35"
HoT Water for Twitter and Assange Set Free
\\ //
"2018-01-10 22:57:51"
Dave's Secret Message To The World
\\ //
"2018-01-09 22:59:31"
CIA Facts vs Hollywood Fiction: American Made Exposed.
\\ //
"2018-01-09 01:15:24"
Why Oprah 2020 Should Terrify You, Crazy Henry Kissinger Comments
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"2018-01-05 22:52:27"
We Are Change Live Stream 01/05/18
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"2018-01-04 00:48:48"
We Are Change Live Stream 01/03/18
\\ //
"2018-01-03 22:53:57"
Over 1,000 Apps Are Spying On You...And Your Kids!
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"2018-01-02 23:09:29"
Jason's First livestream
\\ //
"2018-01-02 00:02:14"
Where Is The Me Too Movement?
\\ //
"2017-12-31 23:35:13"
Secret Rockefeller System Exposed
\\ //
"2017-12-30 23:35:52"
\\ //
"2017-12-29 22:56:16"
The Craziest Presidential Election No One's Talking About!
\\ //
"2017-12-27 20:29:04"
Top 5 Conspiracy Theories Verified True in 2017
\\ //
"2017-12-21 23:48:31"
The U.N vs Donald Who's Right? Hillary Clinton In Trouble!
\\ //
"2017-12-21 00:17:23"
The Real Truth About Trump's Tax Reform!
\\ //
"2017-12-19 22:17:18"
The Aliens Are Coming, Trump Gets Emails Stolen
\\ //
"2017-12-18 23:34:40"
Trumps New Grand Strategy Broken Down, Linda Sarsour In Trouble!
\\ //
"2017-12-15 00:40:45"
Net Neutrality Repeal What You Really Need To Know
\\ //
"2017-12-13 23:06:32"
Truth About Alabama Senate Seat, Zero Hour On Net Neutrality
\\ //
"2017-12-13 01:52:32"
Putin's Major Moves, Scary A.I Artificial Intelligence Expansion Is Here
\\ //
"2017-12-11 23:24:06"
The Times Square Bombing, WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!
\\ //
"2017-12-11 00:19:25"
Arrested For Calling Someone A MAN In The U.K
\\ //
"2017-12-08 00:34:40"
Al Franken Done For, While Trump Loses HUGE Ally
\\ //
"2017-12-07 01:18:57"
Insult Me As Much As You Can, See Why?
\\ //
"2017-12-05 22:55:12"
Apple Proudly Announces Global Censorship
\\ //
"2017-12-04 23:49:04"
Are We Losing Our Will To Empathize?
\\ //
"2017-12-03 21:35:32"
Its Not Russia We Are Colluding With... Outrageous Flynn Development
\\ //
"2017-11-30 12:03:28"
Testimony from the Prince of Darkness
\\ //
"2017-11-29 23:46:51"
The Truth Behind Matt Lauer and Joe Scarborough Exposed By Trump?
\\ //
"2017-11-29 23:09:26"
The Truth Behind Matt Lauer and Joe Scarborough Exposed By Trump?
\\ //
"2017-11-28 22:57:15"
\\ //
"2017-11-27 23:05:06"
The Story Hollywood Does Not Want You To Hear!
\\ //
"2017-11-26 20:08:54"
The Truth About Black Friday Chaos, And Everything Else Your Not Suppose To Know
\\ //
"2017-11-22 20:40:58"
US Senator Pleads Guilty To Trafficking
\\ //
"2017-11-22 03:54:09"
Paris Hilton's Brand New Invention and LaVar Ball vs Donald Trump
\\ //
"2017-11-20 05:15:32"
Twitter And The State's Battle Against Your Liberty
\\ //
"2017-11-16 23:55:48"
Why We Should Be FREAKED OUT About Amazon, Al Franken Investigates Self
\\ //
"2017-11-15 15:23:32"
Sean Hannity Slams Roy Moore, Wikileaks Espionage In The DM's?
\\ //
"2017-11-14 20:55:56"
The Dirty Deep State
\\ //
"2017-11-13 23:00:22"
The Battle And Future Of Bitcoin In Jeopardy
\\ //
"2017-11-13 00:05:16"
World On Edge During Latest Major Geopolitical Storm
\\ //
"2017-11-09 23:38:33"
The End Of Hollywood? Facebook Exposed, The Secrets Are Out
\\ //
"2017-11-09 22:10:41"
WeAreChange Reaches 1/2 A Million Subscribers, THANK YOU
\\ //
"2017-11-08 23:31:54"
Inside the Black Cube
\\ //
"2017-11-07 23:42:36"
Secret Leaked Cable Proves Major Geopolitical Storm AHEAD
\\ //
"2017-11-06 17:52:11"
Trafficking: The Soros, Spacey, and Weinstein Connections
\\ //
"2017-11-05 22:40:26"
Donna Brazile's Bombshell! Jared Kushner Mysterious Last Min Trip
\\ //
"2017-11-04 21:52:51"
1st EVER YouTuber Restricted Is A Pigeon Whisper
\\ //
"2017-11-02 21:44:48"
Clinton Exposed, Kevin Spacey On The Run
\\ //
"2017-11-01 22:54:37"
What The Left And Right Don't Want You To Know About New York
\\ //
"2017-10-31 23:23:38"
3 Unbelievable Theories PROVED In October
\\welcome back beautiful amazing human beings today is 10/31/2017 then in this video we are going to be going over the 3 reality shattering conspiracy theories that turned out to be true in the month of October to make this video more interesting were also going over the latest news happening now related around these 3 major troops and yes since today is Halloween I am dressed up as a lion so please still take me seriously well the government is still lying to you ice I think one of the major troops that came out this month in October is the fact that Hollywood and the media industry is run by rapists molesters shucks jewel predators and peta files who of course are connected and protected by the elite politicians and mainstream media which makes them believe they can get away with any crime that they want just because of their power but because of breaks the liberty speaking out that's not the case and of course coming out and speaking out against powerful lawless sexual predators comes at a price as we're learning right now from Rosen to go in who has been one of the leading voices against sexual harassment in Hollywood pointing fingers at the head of Amazon for complicity and the fact that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein and now we're finding out that she just had a warrant issued for her arrest on a quote drug related charges stemming from an incident on January 20 of course at the Washington Dulles International Airport now of course many people are skeptical of this since just 11 days ago Corey Feldman another whistleblower was arrested for marijuana and smeared in mainstream media after saying that he would expose the people who abused him now of course Corey Feldman was just on the today show where he accused and BC of slanting the coverage against them but also vowed to to release the names of 6 powerful Hollywood peta files within the industry but to do this he said that he needs $10000000 in order to hire lawyers and to make a full feature film revealing exactly what happened to him which of course led many people to criticize him even his own mother coming out calling him a quote scam artists now $10000000 is a lot of money but ultimately we're gonna have to wait to find out the truth behind the situation but even without the Corey Feldman situation we're still finding out shocking details about the abuse that happens in Hollywood as were learning that it was over 40 years now that Harvey Weinstein was able to get away with assaulting women while of course the police failed to prosecute him the media sat on the stories and you still well connected with the upper echelons of Washington DC worker finding out is just as dirty as Hollywood as not just one woman came out against former CIA head war mongering demand George HW bush but a second or third and even a fourth woman came out talking about how this monster sexually assaulted and groped them while making David Copperfield jokes and in reality this dirt bag should be in jail for this already especially if we had any a semblance of justice but we don't and to add the cherry on top we of course have the Kevin Spacey scandal happen where he was accused of sexually assaulting another minor which even family guy joked about previously before with the one of the characters being a young baby running out saying help I ache scape from Kevin spacey's basement and now more people are coming out saying that he sexually abused their loved ones and he even admitted that there are more stories about him and the story shouldn't be a surprise for everyone since it goes all the way up to the top and refining out that Kevin Spacey Bill Clinton and even Donald Trump have a common friend and that of course is to billionaire peta file Jeffrey Epstein who previously took Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey on rides on his private jet which was called the dole Lolita express a man who had around 100 allegations of sexual assault rape and sexual child abuse with under age girls that of course he settled in court for millions of dollars even as recently as just a few weeks ago and after you had those airplane rides with Bill Clinton on the leader express the sick part of the story is that he even started a group to groom child actors in the same time that spacey was promoting his foundation and searching for eager children the report actually came out and was published revealing his private flights on the Lolita express all facts by the way that you won't hear on the mainstream media who by the way are openly covering up this whole entire scandal the reaction to this entire situation is utterly insane mainly because Kevin Spacey came out and said well I don't remember I was drunk sorry if I did and guess what I'm gay now which in some strange brain altering way actually worked for him the CEO of allied artists came out and defended Kevin Spacey because he was drunk and it happened 30 years ago mainstream media came out and just focused just on the simple fact that he came out as a gay man the BBC which by the way protected the Jimmy Savile peta file came out and wrote why are people so angry about Kevin Spacey coming out ABC news Kevin Spacey comes out in emotional tweet and in reality the mainstream media should around story saying that Kevin Spacey came out as a drunk who can't remember if he was a predator peta file and I can't even fathom how as a responsible news organization to could you even run those headlines which to me proves it is very indicative and how we now know it's not only the politicians it's not only the elite it's not only the police department but it's especially the media the whole entertainment industry that is complicit what horrible sexual predators and peta files with in the media business and if you would have told anyone a month ago that the entertainment industry and Hollywood is infested with peta files and coverups of their crimes you would have been laughed at but now it's become mature by the day and now the second theory that came out to be true this month of October is the very fact that the CI a pretty much still runs the show and controls the mainstream media narrative as we found out from the new released JFK files that came out a few days ago which confirm that the CIA had over 40 journalists who were undercover CIA agents helping stage the national discourse also uncovered in these new documents was the CIA plotting false flag terrorist attacks murder plots conspiring to run a fake terrorist attack in Miami that would kill American citizens and more evidence contradicting the official story of what actually happened during the assassination of president John F. Kennedy before the documents came out US president Donald Trump said he would release all of them for full transparency the CIA came to him set up not so fast but he postponed more damaging documentation coming out of the CIA's crimes delaying the official release for another 6 months which of course is spreading more conspiracies in the name of course of a threat to national security and you would think with the CIA having 50 years to redact this article and you would think 50 years will be long enough for the CIA to re docked some da gimmicks that they're going to make to the public and we shouldn't be so naive to think that the government would expose themselves in the situation but what this ultimately does show us was that the CIA in the deep state made the decision and Donald Trump have to go along with it which should show everyone who's really in charge and if you tell anyone in the general public a month ago that the CIA infiltrated the mainstream media was controlling the narrative and was telling Donald Trump what to do they would believe you but now we have the documents to prove that it is true another third story I wanted to bring you is the very fact that our government is not a Democratic Republic but a criminal enterprise bride by any foreign entity where morals don't exist and you could buy anything like advance US military weapons technology to Saudi Arabia and of course control of U. S. uranium to Russia all of this while Donald Trump tells you that releasing government files from 50 years ago showing what the government was doing is a threat to national security I mean just this month alone we found out how Russia got control of 20 percent of American uranium which of course was approved by the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton state department at the time a scandal that of course highlighted and showed bribery extortion kickbacks shady business that saw Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and their foundations royally compensated for which of course Obama the justice department and even the FBI which by the way was run by Robert Mueller at the time new and caught Russian spies who got caught getting close to Hillary Clinton which led Hillary Clinton to expedite their release back to Russia approve this deal while the legal judicial system decided to turn a blind eye for some reason which the CIA embedded mainstream media as being oddly quiet about as now the biggest story is about trump's ex campaign manager Paul metaphor pleading not guilty of not paying his taxes filling out proper government forms and receiving money from Ukraine and Russia being a cheesy lobbyists who by the way was under investigation for these alleged crimes even before becoming trump's campaign manager years ago now whatever that amounts to we'll see as it develops but ultimately I think we're all finding out about how corrupt Sheedy and unethical politicians are government that will ultimately do anything for a Buck sell this country down a river covered up and get away with it unless your political target of theirs and if you would've told that to somebody a month ago yeah the the okay it I guess I hope we would be you widely known anyway but at least now we have more proof of it so yeah as you could see a lot of the stories that I covered today had to do with big media companies hiding these bigger truth from you which they will always do and that's why I do what I do here on this YouTube channel to provide an alternative an answer solution an alternative to the mass a disinformation and weaponized information that is being used against you I do this without any corporate or government help but only your donations on we are changed our exports slash donate if you believe in this message and want it spread more consider helping us sharing this video with your friends and family members means a lot to me if you count and if you disagree still free to verbally abuse me in the comments section below or in the rare case engage in some dialog which I will be paying attention to I love you guys thank you again so much for watching //
"2017-10-27 18:43:57"
What You Need To Know About The Trump JFK Release
\\what about beautiful amazing human beings in yeah let's talk about the secret government files related to the assassination of former U. S. president John F. Kennedy this is gonna be a very poor video that is going to show you exactly how government works now before we start I hate to say this well not really but I told you so I told you this was going to happen right after US president Donald Trump said he's going to release the long blocked and classified JFK files well actually I'm partly right because some documents were released last night and in this video we are going to go over some of the bigger bombshells that were released in the documents and of course we're gonna cover the bigger story here which is the cover up which suggests to the American people that the same shadowy figures deep state and intelligent indices that had a lot of power when JFK was in charge are pretty much still running the show right now now 6 days ago Donald Trump tweeted that he would approve the release of all the JFK files which spurred a lot of people to contact me personally and say Hey look Donald Trump is going against the state and intelligence aid and then yesterday many people clued in my I'm site waiting impatiently for these documents to finally come out and then we found out he only released some of them while keeping a portion still on released to the public pending review ultimately blocking the full release of these JFK documents after a last minute push by the CIA Donald Trump then said quote I have no choice then he said that there would be potentially irreversible harm to national security if all the records were to come out now telling me translate that for you when Donald Trump says threat to national security he ultimately means we're covering up and lying to you the American people so you don't find out how horrible the U. S. government is capable of being he also tweeted today that the JFK files are being carefully released and that in the end there will be great transparency and the goal it is my hope to get just about everything to public now you would think the intelligence agencies that had over 50 years with these documents in hand had enough time to redact all the information that was quote a threat to national security but no they need more time so we're definitely seeing an internal struggle here between Donald Trump and the CIA with the CIA ultimately deciding what the US president could release to the American public even CNN anchor Jim a car Estes said that he officials whether there were any signs of a conspiracy in the secret JFK files and hero that officials are called reporters would not even comment so it is very interesting that the intelligence agencies are petrified that you will find out what they were up to 50 years ago now some of the files were released last night they're available on this website which will be available in the description below sea could fact check everything we're gonna say moving forward in this video and then to add a cherry on top wikileaks says issued $100000 reward from the with held the JFK documents that of course Donald Trump just blocked from the American public know what these new documents coming out I think it's clear that there is a massive cover up happening right now and we have to understand that these are thousands of files that people are going through which will to vet in order to get you all the information from this latest data.but so far on the internet these are the latest bombshells that people found out from these documents from these files we found out that the former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover said that the public must believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and was the lone gunmen that assassinated John F. Kennedy these documents show how the American government was working to make sure that the American public was convinced that Oswald was the lone gunmen there's an actual document that ends prematurely and is cut off and censored right before deposition that talks about the CIA being involved in the assassination there's a document enclosed talking about how the Soviet Union was convinced that the JFK assassination was a court a top and that it was not a single lone gunmen that assassinated JFK and how the KGB the Russian intelligence agency at the time was in possession of data purporting to indict President Johnson vice president of JFK who was reportedly responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy another major bombshell which I think should be big news for everyone is the fact that in the JFK files they have the lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald and his assassin that killed them Jack ruby meeting each other we before the assassination of John F. Kennedy detail on how they went to Cuba together to supposedly cut sugar cane and that they were discussing a Big Bird saying that they were overheard speaking in code right before the JFK assassination and of course right before Jack ruby assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald the same Lee Harvey Oswald who was speaking out and saying he was a Patsy and was saying that the government was lying about the assassination of JFK you of course couldn't speak out any longer because he was assassinated a what as well by who were finding out was known to him before everything and that was Jack ruby the same Jack ruby who during his court proceedings for assassinating the call loan gunman came out publicly and said Maradona trepang of what occurred my motive people have much to gain and have the material voted in addition I mean remember that bag however the world they sleep really very hard Jack ruby said he would testify if he was transferred and had protection in Washington DC which never happened by the way and then on record also said burn a lot of credibility played without a good number right back with well 2 of them and pointing a finger directly at the person who took over the presidency Lyndon B. Johnson also in the documents we have a Surgeon General report that talks about a second shooter being involved during the assassination and even what older documents we have evidence suggesting that Oswald the lone gunmen was actually trained by the CIA previously before hand which of course December missed made a very important video on this YouTube channel about specifically what the exact of documents that he wanted to come out from this entire case which of course did it you'll be able to click on this video right after this one I deftly recommend you watch it and even outside of JFK's assassination we're finding out even bigger bombshells when it comes to the CIA's involvement with the U. S. mainstream media as the documents confirmed and talked about how there were over 40 journalists who work in the mainstream media who are really undercover CIA agents will of course weren't working as journalists but really propaganda outlets for this intelligence agency which practices information warfare and disinformation to guaranteed that the American people will never find out the truth of what their government is doing the documents also talked about introducing a biological 8 across crop failure in Cuba and the importance of covering that up and most importantly what you have to note here is that this is the stuff that they are okay wit telling you now imagine the stuff that they're still keeping secret from you it's still gonna take weeks to find out the whole truth behind all these documents and some of them will never be released which of course adds more mystery conspiracy theories and the rightful mistrust of government clearly the government is still lying to you about the assassination of John F. Kennedy which means essentially the same powers and institutions that covered up this crime are still in charge today and this is what most Americans don't believe the JFK official story and they don't trust the government and now we're just being vindicated because we have every right to John F. Kennedy was a very powerful leader who went up directly against the federal reserve and the CIA and ultimately what happened to him will never be vindicated by the US government but it can be in the hearts and minds of American if you disagree with me let me know in the comments section below I look forward to your comments and responding to him if you agree with me share this video and get out there to your friends and family members and most importantly thank you for all you amazing human beings who make this broadcast possible by going to we are port slash donate and donating to us to keep us a fully free independent media outlet which unlike the CIA controlled mainstream media we're willing to tell you things that they of course want covered up thank you again so much watching I love you guys //
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The Kennedy Files Revealed
\\everybody Jason Burma's here reporting for we are and this week there's been a lot of media attention surrounding Donald Trump saying he will finally allow the in famous J. F. K. assassination documents to be declassified now there have been a number times in the past that these documents were finally supposed to come to light so a lot of people are treating this like a big deal however I gotta tell you folks although I'm someone anticipating them I kind of already know what's in them the reason is that a document was made available to the public in the early 2 thousands and it was even included in my 2010 documentary invisible empire a New World order to find so what is this document and why is it so important well first of all it's a document that's dated 3/3/1964 and it's a correspondence between the chief of the U. S. secret service James a Raleigh receiving from John McCone the director at the time of the Central Intelligence Agency and really the only way to do this document justice is to read it in its entirety taking pauses to point things out momentarily in response to the request made by your office on 2/24/1964 a response to Leon Smalls activities and assignments on behalf of this agency and the federal bureau investigation A. K. A. on behalf of his involvement with the C. I. A. and the F. B. I. there follows a narrative summary of the internal subversive actions of the Oswald subject I recommend that unless the commission makes a specific request for specific information contained herein that this information not be volunteered this agency has a reason to assume that some junior commission staff members may be potential sources of leaks to the news media or to other agencies due to the highly sensitive nature of the enclosed material it would certainly be in the national interest to withhold it at this time unless there is of course a specific request made it is my understanding that Mr Hoover has certain sensitive information within his agency which he transferred to his own personal files for safe keeping he concurs that no material should be voluntarily given to the commission which might affect the status of field operatives or their safety so basically right here folks they're saying they're not going to share this information with the Warren Commission he is particularly concerned about the debris memorandum it's central intelligence has attained and which I understand you have obtained it is imperative that this information at least for the time remain under wraps so what is the debris memoranda well the fact is that no such memorandum has been declassified to the public but let me give you a little background on who wrote this memorandum wearing seat a bruise was born 12/26/1920 he served in New Orleans and LA and in Mexico City from 1943 to 1944 as a special employee in the F. B. I.'s counter intelligence role including matters related to clandestine German microdata communications he was instrumental in Dallas during the Kennedy assassination investigation where he also directed the overnight analysis composition and assembling of the first report consisting of 800 plus page so folks if all the documents relating to JFK are actually declassified we should see this 800 page report by Warren see debris debris since passed away in 2013 at the age of 92 years old continue at the document the Oswald subject was trained by this agency under the cover of the office of naval intelligence for Soviet assignments so right there the director of the CI a is admitting that Oswald was trained by the CI a under the cover of onih during the preliminary training in 1957 the subject was activity aerial reconnaissance of mainland China and maintained a security clearance up to the confidential level his military records during this period are open to your agency and I have directed them to be forward to the commission the subject received additional indoctrination at our own camp here recite from September 10 10/17/1958 and participated in a few relatively minor assignments until arrangements were made for his entry into the Soviet Union in September of 1959 while in the Soviet Union he was on special assignment in the area of Minsk it would not be advantageous at this time to divulge the specifics of that assignment however if you wish this information it can be made available for your personal inspection within the confines of your own office or I can send it by career on the condition that it not leave the custody of the career now here comes a bombshell piece of this document I am concerned that this information where it anyway disclosed to the wrong persons it would lead the media to erroneously claim this agency and perhaps others were directly involved in the Dallas action while the persons involved were in the employ of this agency as well as the federal bureau of investigation it is virtually impossible for this or any agency to maintain full 24 hour a day responsibility over its operatives so right there McKeown is admitting that the assassination in deed involved operatives within both the federal bureau of investigations and that the Central Intelligence Agency it's right there in black and white folks at the time of the Dallas action the Oswald subject was only sell them in our employ after the Soviet the sign we found him to be unreliable and emotionally unstable he was of little use to us after his marriage and a brewery from what I understand concurred this he was provided with a few unimportant infiltration assignments and proved of little or no value it is possible that Oswald given his instability might have been involved in some operation balding Hoffa as noted special agent in charge Bertram's report to your agency David 1364 Mr Hoover advises that his agency is trying to determine whether Hoffa might have been involved laterally or vertically with the Dallas assassination I have advised that I would be interested in seeing the results of that investigation special agent in charge Bertram's 1364 report are basically correct his agency has advised deputy suite against any further unauthorized statements to the news media which might adversely affect the investigation Mr Hoover advises he has no knowledge of how deputy sweet obtained his information and there is no record of the agency distributing any such information sweat or any other member of the Dallas sheriff's office it is regrettable that this information has come to the attention of the news media but I am sure Mister Hoover will be able to clarify the situation speculation within this agency and this is only speculation at this point is that Oswald subject may have become unstable following surgery 4/1/1961 in the Minsk hospital he may have been chemically or electronically controlled a sleeper agent the subjects spent 11 days hospitalized for a minor ailment which should have required no more than 3 days hospitalization at most 6 days after his release he met marina Prisco this agency is particularly interested in her intelligence background and I have requested a report from our Soviet embassy contact so here McKeown actually talks about Ostwald possibly being under mind control whether or not it's this rogue element in the FBI and the CIA that he says carried out the attack or whether it's a Russian agents is really unclear but it's pretty stunning that this is in the will dock between the director of the CIA and the head of the secret service after his return to the U. S. Oswald worked in New Orleans through the anti communist league of the carribean and friends democratic Cuba his case officer was special agent in charge guy banister from the Chicago F. 131 office he was transferred from his assignments there after he was arrested and fined stemming from an incident of this distribution of pamphlets for the fair play for Cuba committee well our files show no further assignments or contact I am requesting each check on the subject from our New Orleans and fort worth offices please direct any further communication on this matter to my personal attention so that your request will be expedited or feel free to call me anytime my office is always available to you John McCone so there you have it folks a bombshell document that shows Oswald was trained by the CI a work with the FBI that he admits the director of the CI a at the time admits that it was carried out by rogue elements of both agencies and he even alludes to MK ultra style attacks by US walled as a possibility so again be on the look out and let's see if Thursday we get to see this 800 page memorandum by this special agent in charge in the beginning debris as always if you like this video please share it on social media gota we are follow me on Twitter at Jason Burma's and if you can please make that donation folks it's only through your financial support the reports like this one are possible //
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The Hidden Story Of Whats Really Happening In Africa
\\with the rescue of we are tears of organ of course a lot of news is coming out of Africa with 3 U. S. soldiers that just died in Niger United States building a drone bass and of course the major terrorist attack that just happened in Somalia Mogadishu that has killed over 300 and plus people but the story that we're getting in the United States is of course a lot different from what is actually happening on the ground I am so sorry these for a man died and operations but I will say this about the operations I can't keep the details they died in the defense of America this war is getting hot places where it's been cool we gotta go with any takes time out to talk about that I have my good friend met mark hello Bella here who just came from Somalia Mogadishu and was just at the hotel from a major terrorist attack that was just bombed ... in Mogadishu Somalia and mark old what were you doing in Somalia well I was just visiting because I had to make sense of what's happening on the ground pretty much tonight visited and there's only really 2 or 3 big hotels that welcome foreigners and I was at that very hotel there's 2 of them there's a safari hotel there's this I have your dial ... a few hours after I left the whole thing I was bombed out of existence unfortunately ... a lot of terrorism but I think these things need to be explained it needs to be introduced in a different light and I think it's important for us to take a few minutes to talk about what really happens but the whole city the downtown is a small city all of it was blown out of existence unfortunately just recently I mean the story we're getting from somebody in the United States is that is just a bad place what pirates and terrorists but this story is a lot more complicated than what we're getting from a what you experience down there ... starting off with the Somali fishermen and of course of the terrorist organizations and their finances against up people who actually support them not for terrorism but for other reasons as you told us what the story is not very different it's the opposite like it could be 180 degrees on the other runs of what the real story is all the mega corps boats ... all day if you can just go and you know look at all that the thousands of companies that are quoted on them on the U. S. market get military support pretty much to go in places where technically they shouldn't be that's not their lands to fish final these mega corps ... goal and scooped the entire ocean ... and they you know all these companies must be U. S. companies European companies Japan is complacent they just go on his bottom you know bottom scooping they destroy the entirety of the ocean and by doing so they just it it's free chief supply for all these companies in the U. S. that we know the McDonald's and whatever he needs to sell that their mac fish whatever the name is for 2 or 3 Bucks a pop I did have to go and loot and rob the oceans of the planets and they don't have to destroy the the corporate now is not corporate anymore it's not a private entity is not free market at all that I've anything it's a it's a fascist system because the government is in bags but it's backing up and what happened is a lot of war somehow the fishermen unfortunately got angry lots of these mega Corp boats destroying the entire ocean and scooping all of you know the streams that grabbed the fish and destroying everything that came with it they try to protest but first you know that the size of the boats if you look at you know any TV in here I will see them on YouTube the boats that come from the U. S. are these may god you know they they look like gigantic start V. their wish you know boats and these these fishermen from Somalia are in these you know wooden boats that fit to meet people at tops these people tried to rebel the boats the big boats start of water cat eating all of that out of you know their sites the poor fishermen were losing their job there were losing their their food pretty much so what they did is they came back weights ... guns they came back ... in an attempt to fight back and they were angry because they were they were seeing their biggest I the way South Africa ice thoughts to how the biggest post but I see a Somalia that has the biggest coast of all the 55 countries in Africa so they came back with guns they started shooting they it was disruptive to the goods functioning of all these mega corps of votes that one it's the robin lutes although the you know the face in the crowd that all these things so what happened is the U. S. decided to ask for Somalia to intervene Somalia said no we are going to back these fishermen unfortunately what the U. S. did that mean is it science Somalia on its side office of foreign asset control all FAQ which finds its roots in the trading with the enemy so what happens is the U. S. this is the whole faca officer for nothing controlled allows Washington to dictate any bank around the world who they want to start so that say tomorrow the U. S. is not for you know doesn't like what Iran is doing or what's among those doing Barack Obama our truck the day he signed the letter saying you know I declare all the citizens of this country the be an enemy to freedom in any bank facilitating a wire for a corporation resident the citizen will be seen as an enemy of the United States and what happens is that sends the whole country which is not being cooperative with the U. S. on the bank carjack arise it implodes pretty much they cats imports toilet paper water you know nothing you know the whole country freezes and implodes pretty much on itself so the Somali government could not by the fishermen the UN mere words the acts of Washington so the U. S. which decide at the start of the poor country of Somalia the UN decided to do the same thing before you know it all these fishermen the port fishermen were in prisons so the UN and the U. S. and the U. European forces were complicit in taking all these poor fishermen 500 man and they're only you know the job was to face for the country all of them in prisons it laughs you know god knows how many orphans on the beaches of Somalia and today the mega corpse how the last words of the U. S. one ... the media than the murdocks and all these fox and CNN and other you know once again they look like corporate media but they're not corporate media they're just you know state media pretty much it's a state of artists ... makes the entire planet listen to the fact that also Bob and all these people are terrorists when in reality the irony is also Bob gets most of its funding from shops so it's a private cast from local businessmen who actually agree willingly the fund because they need the funds they need the help they need the support to help them fight against these corporate boats that come and destroy eludes the ocean out of the might all of the military which backs them some of the small one for the American public needs to get ready for more operations not less we're going to build on what president Obama did and some of these were probably going to go to other places because that's where the name is taken is taking us were gonna be more aggressive what's really interesting is the United States con of involvement in Africa ... they did set up Afrikan they're kind of Central Command in Africa they are operating with a lot of forces with a lot of different countries of Africa 3 US soldiers were just killed in Niger ... and of course if this latest terrorist attack in Mogadishu and Somalia ... that you were there right before happen ... now we're hearing reports that this was a kind of retaliation from a local tribe after a failed to U. S. raid in Somalia that killed 10 innocent civilians which set the kind of local tribes in Somalia to commit this larger bigger terrorist attack how do you see the role of the kind of U. S. military and ... disinformation that we're getting about their involvement in Africa so the people in Africa have successfully until 2000 1112 pretty much until the death of Gadhafi ... they've successfully refused U. S. ... presence in Africa and so the U. S. you know interestingly enough AFRICOM which is one of the big 6 or 9 holes of control AFRICOM ... has its headquarters in in Germany and Stuttgart instead of having them in Africa because most of the countries in Africa rejected them now the irony is the first African American presidents since Reagan the frights the guild is got off a guy since 1986 they tried to get Libya and this guy who is against U. S. presence military we will put on the ground they tried to kill Gadhafi everyone from ... Reagan from 1986 they bombers palace they've killed as kids the only administration that finally succeeded in killing this this man who was rejecting US presence in Africa the administration was the first African American presidents Obama we Clinton they maybe remember her saying you know all we came she was laughing we came we saw and we kill them or we want or something to that effect in an interview with the arrogance of of the the you know herb playing the the empress the U. S. is increasingly ... presence in Africa what is interesting also is the U. S. hides so it plays this stealth mode which is something which is unique if you study all these other empires in the history of humanity if you look at the Roman Empire if you look at other empires that have built that with time in Asia even the Japanese empire it was very clear what's happening it you know and nobody had a doubt what would you who was the military who was a bad guy how things are portrayed today this century were going through a very unique ... empire building scenario which is that the U. S. is successfully through a lot of thing thanks a lot of you know ... media control and maybe it was the same thing back then but the U. S. to successfully convincing people that they are the good guys so if you listen even though the narrative which is sold in Somalia for example the recent government which was ... invite it's the power as a puppet to the US so we're back to you know the scenarios that we've heard about in Iran and other places and so the government now is helping the U. S. so the U. S. is increasingly trying to position itself in Africa I think Africa has been very friendly also with China up until you know the recent years and this has invite a lot of good cash to leave Africa to go towards China instead of going going towards you know you S. R. accompanies a but increasingly I mean I was in Kenya for example you go to the supermarket take a bottle of water flame bait one by Betsy called are by about you know all these big guy I you know coca Cola company ... you turn the chocolate bar it's owned by Mars all the 4000 companies certain you know slowly but surely they walk into the the the fabric of the society and they loot on both ends so the companies that do research grabbing are there and back by the military and that companies that resell their shitty products that you know that I'm the pod that aren't worth all that much to chocolate all the medicine gets a free access or get an easy access to the market well it's what we learned from ... economic hit man Mister Perkins in the great book that he released ... would everything that's happening kind of behind the scenes with people ... mass corporations bribing them or using the threat of a gun to institute more power and control over other foreign lands we did see China also set up a military base in Africa just like the United States did we are seeing that I'm also have a huge involvement they just did a live fire drill in Africa as well so you could see that it's nothing that area that a lot of global powers have interesting but what was the kind of attitude well what is the kind of situation in Somalia now ... what were the people telling you where the where of the situation and and ... how do you see their government kind of moving forward the local people have a very limited understanding and this is where I mean you have to bow because it's so it's so well done it so the whole thing is so intelligence they control the media CNN just signed a deal I think would gain your network news ... so most of the news you know they they share some of the articles they share you know some of them the filters are the same ... and that people don't understand what's happening but to come back to Somalia it's fascinating because people are tired if they have to choose between slavery and fighting a losing their life and losing their son human nature at the end of the day dictates that they will opt for slavery and this is what's happening slowly people have resigned people are fearful of opening their mouth because they've had enough and from both ends they they get if the U. S. boat salutes they lose many of the rebel they lose and in the you know big equation take my money you know just stop stop torturing us stop killing us because even also Bob that even though the rebels proves to be a very destructive behavior so that people are tired so I you will I mean look at Somalia send them all all all the love you have been and you know I'm value to travel there and unless people in the west those job you do and unless we try to you know I agree that we should stop looting these countries I we don't want we don't need the black face shots you know $2 50 will pay for box please stop killing people abroad and stop lootings stop destroying the ocean these politicians who talk about you know the very a bomb and all these people who speak about the weather and all these things they in there if they could not be more hypocritical that they tried pretty much from one hand in a from the back door it dilutes the ocean to destroy all of its the finance wars and killing people in imprisoning poor people shooting them joining them looting the ocean and when they're on camera and they talk about you know we're going to tax you more because we care about the weather the whole thing is a huge farce and I think it's time we we we stop and we posit we reflect a little bit of what's happening because a lot of people are suffering because of of this giant circus video lot of the stuff that you share today ... I had no idea about someone at the a kind of thank you for your for sharing your insight and ... if you have anything else to say about your experience in Somalia just kinda want to give you the microphone to share that I invite everyone to travel as much as possible going visit Africa go now go today that's an amazing continents it's an amazing people and they're much more you know I mean and I invite you to travel it will be good for you will be good for the people there because the people there also needs that refreshing exchange of of resources of discussions and only through traveling do you get this alchemy of discussions where people wake up to the fact that they had everything wrong you said you know what I'm saying today's is a bit of news but it was news to me also I before I went to Somalia I left they're convinced that Somalia was nothing but a country of pirates ... so I invite everyone to travel as much as possible don't waste your money on anything and just take everything everybody you have invested in and traveling it's the only way to live is the only way to especially today ... the nomadic lifestyle will prove to be ... healthy thing for a lot of people to do but forget.aspects traveling is is a cure that is the only solution ultimately definite cure against ignorance some advice that I've taken very seriously as he could see where I am right now ... this information is very important if he founded import as well please share it with your friend the family members how to thank you guys so much for watching a supporting real independent media think //
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Russia's Biggest Mistake, Putin Goes Off After Uranium Clinton Deal Exposed
\\alright welcome back beautiful amazing human beings of course geo politically there's a lot of things brewing behind the scenes secrets are being exposed and that's why in this video I really wanted to talk about the warnings of yet another 911 trump's new executive order readying the troops asked who in doesn't hold anything back against the United States while his uranium business is just being exposed to the entire world or as you know bribery extortion kickbacks and a lot more the first of all this week the acting department of homeland security Elaine Duke came out and said that another not 11 scale attack is still a very severe threat she said that the Islamic state and al queda terrorists are plotting to take down a plane and carry out a devastating explosion on the scale of 911 United Kingdom also came out with a very similar statement this week with the MI 5 chief saying with the MI 5 chief coming out and saying that the UK is facing its most severe terror threat adverse so for ... year gonna die not personally I do believe that there's a lot of fear mongering with the statements and news stories why we do have to understand the threat from Islamic terrorist Israel mainly because the UK and US governments have finance them I'm not looking for more war news Donald Trump has just amended a major executive order expanding the state of a national emergency that was originally declared by president George W. bush after 911 this new amendment to the original executive order will allow the Air Force and other military branches to recall as many as 1000 retired pilots to active duty as Donald Trump is making sure that the U. S. military's combat ready and as John McCain said won't face any pilot shortage during a crisis but more really war and who have the neoconservative another war hawks like John McCain been dreaming about going to war with well of course Iran which of course Donald Trump has been very tough on and the United States and Israel have been preparing for war with the U. S. mainstream media still continues to lie about them saying that they have a nuclear weapons program when they don't and after Donald Trump just to certify the Iran nuclear deal we're now hearing from Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah alchemy who just came out and said that Donald Trump is mentally retarded now no 1 really knows if they're actually will be a war between these countries but seeing the rhetoric the tensions and the preparedness all escalate I think it's a board to update you on the situation and now in other geopolitical escalation of tensions we have Russian president Amir Putin who just came out on national television and said the biggest mistake our country made was that we put too much trust in you the United States and your mistakes was that you saw this trust as a lack of power and you abuse did as he criticized the United States for failing to keep their end of the bargain and a host of international disarmament agreements which he promised an instant symmetrical response if Washington decided to quit on any of them from now on he said quote from the Russian side unprecedented openness and trust was demonstrated and that quote what we got in return is well known a complete disregard for our national interest support for separatism in the caucuses a circumvention of the UN security council the bombing of Yugoslavia the invasion of Iraq and so on the United States must have seen the state of our nuclear weapons and economy and decided to do away with international law he said that the relationship between the United States and Russia quote are returning to the relationship between the 2 countries to the 19 fifties though noted that at least during the Cold War there was at least more mutual respect between the 2 superpowers now of course looking tough against you dates works in favor from a mere Putin and his political image back on that Russia but he gave some very interesting details behind some of this tough talk as a last month of Russia declared that all of its chemical weapons stockpiles had been disposed of which he said that the western media decided to stay silent on while the United States persistently delayed its own destruction schedule and now plans to complete the process in 2023 at the earliest saying quote we destroyed everything and then I were American partner said not yet we don't have money so they have a dollar printing press yet they don't have money but we on the other hand Duke of course that was a jab at the quasi private federal reserve U. S. banking system and you have to keep in mind this is the same Russian president who just months ago said that it doesn't matter who the U. S. president is because the policy stays the same because of men in dark suits that would put an ushering such strong words against the United States not keeping its promises I do have to believe that it is a little bit personal since this week in the U. S. western media a Russian scandal that he was involved in is being completely exposed as refining out that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery kickbacks extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin's atomic energy business where even the FBI uncovered and found evidence indicating the Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the United States designated to benefit former president Bill Clinton during the time that his wife was secretary of state and served on a government body that provided a favorable decision towards Moscow a deal that Hillary Clinton personally signed off on by granted Russia control of over 20 percent of American uranium making that company 1 of the world's largest uranium producers which of course brought Vladimir who in the closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply and now we're finding out that former US president Bill Clinton not only sought permission from the U. S. state department which is being run by his wife at the time to meet with these nuclear officials but as you're just starting out he also met with Vladimir Putin at the same time which he was receiving what many people call a bribe as he was being paid twice his speaker's suite $500000 from a company connected to the scandal now very interestingly one of the leaked Hillary Clinton emails that came out from weekly leaks actually states that the top of vulnerability tested in polls against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election her top grown ability was of course this entire uranium scandal which very interestingly a lot of the top mainstream media outlets have remained completely silent on all these developments or they try to skew this entire situation like Newsweek that road that Bill Clinton did receive to deliver a speech at a Russian bank that was promoting that uranium company and that the company chairman did donate 2.35 $0 to the Clinton foundation from that companys chairman and then the total sum accumulating to over 145 $0 that went to the Clinton foundation's from those linked to this Iranian company but as use weak states but it went to the charity organization and not the Clinton family and then they declared after supposedly fact checking this claim that there's quote no evidence the Clintons were paid by Russians to push through their rainy India would just bull crap if you look at the Clinton foundation according to many independent auditors exposing it for the slush fund that it was for the Clinton family so according to Newsweek bill and Hillary Clinton were never given money by the Russians for this uranium deal they're just given money to their charity organization that they use as a tax write off that they control minutes really their slush fund a really dirty slush fund that won't even return the money of Harvey Weinstein and to make the situation so much worse we're also finding out that the FBI knew about this all along and that they originally uncovered the Russian bribery plot before Barack Obama's administration actually approved at this nuclear deal the FBI arrested 10 spies in June of 2010 which by the way Hillary Clinton worked feverishly to return to Russia in a hastily arranged a lopsided deal with poo in an operation by the FBI called ghost stories that handed the US intelligence community 10 highly trained at deep cover Russian spies which Hillary Clinton made sure were sent back to Russia which still Obama administration and knew all about and what this FBI investigation uncovering and proving all of this the Obama administration still approve this deal while the U. S. justice department Barack Obama and the FBI all decided to cover this up from you knowing full well there was actual Russian collusion from an FBI investigation with Robert Mueller who is director of the FBI at the time included in this cover up by hiding the evidence of this Clinton Russian connection the same Robert Mueller who right now is the special counsel in charge of the Russian investigation supposedly investigating and looking into Donald Trump ties with Russia you know those same ties that Hillary Clinton was speaking out against the U. S. mainstream media would not let go that they made a major talking point in this country that they use as a bowl full point for impeachment of Donald Trump and now the very people who were accusing Donald Trump of all this collusion but Russia we're the ones actually doing it this whole entire time usually when human beings have an issue that they have to deal with like say that they're liars or say that their colluding with Russia being bribed by them for bigger political favors usually the other person projects their problems on to others which is exactly what Hillary Clinton was doing and Robert Mueller and of course Barack Obama and the entire system that now has a good on their face so yeah I think yeah another reason why you should never believe the mainstream media was going on and on about Russia and from which we've been telling you was fake news for awhile I think you can understand why Vladimir Putin was so angry at the US not keeping their end of the bargain in his latest statements and with this information coming out now I deathly do suspect a bigger power play rightfully so if there's any justice this should be exposed and people should go to jail for this but I kinda doubt that's gonna happen because Washington DC in their den of vipers is laden with secrets and deals and things happening behind the scenes that of course we do not know so turning it back to you why do you think this information about Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin came out now and do you think there ever will be any justice behind this original case let me know in the comments section below and looking for to your comments and of course I wanna thank all you amazing viewers who support us on we are changed our ports slash donate if it wasn't for your donations because it's nothing not you to monetization or anything else really are we going to be here we wouldn't exist and the only reason we do is because of you that's why I love you guys thank you again so much watching stay tuned for more //
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Dennis Kucinich - Americas Addiction To War
\\alright this is a good athlete we arches that are here at the nexus conference and we have the distinct pleasure to be joined by the one and only Dennis Kucinich an incredible human being former congressman and the stories that we can still hear you just told me hasn't been told yet ... last time we talked we're at burning man but then there was a reelection that you're going through can you tell us what happened during the reelection well my district which I represent in the Cleveland area for 16 years ... was ... part of the redistricting that occurred Ohio and was interesting ... well I never I sell them voted with Republicans they felt that based on the approach I took that they'd be happy to protect my state but then the Democratic Party intervened and said that if you attacked Kucinich you see we will take you to court and throw out the entire redistricting plan so those successful redistricting plan in Ohio ... in 2000 and 12 was contingent and meeting the Democrats the Cleveland area would be cut up in a for 5 essentially limit and I'm I don't mean because I feel I was deprived of a people Cleveland city we always said for congressional we were deprived of his is done by the democratic and you were one of the most prominent Democrats out there and also one of the few and one of the bravest once who was giving out a message of anti war which critically important seen similar redistricting in collusion with Democrats it prevented her from I think it was your antiwar sentiment that really call to go against you party addicted to war now not all Democrats the party leaders have made it so that it's ... words are funded I voted against funding so wars are prosecuted I voted against prosecuting wars and I I and I took on my own party on this question over and over and over saying if there's any what is the difference between a democratic Republican Party and when they when Democrats vote for war or when they say they're opposed to wearing a vote to fund wars they keep up a system that is depriving the very people we say we want to help of the resources for the kind of life they want this is this this addiction to war is the most serious problem confronting our government it deprives the American people of trillions of dollars that could be used to build a good life it puts us at odds with people all over the world kills innocent people it kills it it it causes thousands of American servicemen and servicewomen to lose their lives often for wars based on lies today ... the department of defense can pass an audit no one knows where the money is going so to rack and become self perpetuating in both political parties are involved in it so I had no hesitation to talk about this and to call for votes one time after another press votes on withdrawal I'm not going in standing up for the constitution article one section 8 where Congress doesn't let undeclared wars proceed so that you know these are things that made my own Democratic Party leaders very unhappy because they they you know they're looking for people to kind of go with the status quo and right now the status quo ... puts us on a trajectory towards death not life your honey person right about that and the hypocrisy is highlighted who just happened a few days ago in the Senate would record supposed to defense spending those past bipartisan lead by the Democrats and the Republicans it it does seem that the U. S. empire is not only addicted to war but it is their main kind of Avenue from my understanding it's kind of related to the petrol dollars ... in and my understanding is it's the only reason why the US has it's kind of world standings because of its military standing I wanted to get more depth to you may be on some of the foreign policy moves that Donald Trump did because as a candidate he promised a lot of great things he said we're going to defeat ISIS work with Russia and now it seems like he's battling and moving his chess pieces contradicting Russia starting conflicts against ... against the Syrian government harsh words towards Venezuela harsh words towards Iran harsh words towards North Korea harsh words towards China how do you see Donald Trump now as president would its foreign policy and is there any difference with Barack Obama's foreign policy well ... it's neo conservatives have had a tremendous sigh impact on policy in the United States ... beginning with pushing George Bush to attack Iraq and they ... encouraged Barack Obama to ... knock out the government in Libya ... to find an effort to try to knock out the government in Syria and now ... although president trump campaign 2 against this kind of interventionism the very people whose policies he railed against during the campaign and now basically captured his presidency and they will ruin his presidency because there they will put America in to ... ... intensification of the existing conflicts and they you will put us ... on the precipice of a potential nuclear ... war this is a very dangerous and ... this is not what Donald Trump promised but I'll tell you I don't I don't feel that he has the awareness of how he's been led into this and maybe he'll wake up and changed directions certainly hope so the moves are very significant I mean Libya I think is a perfect example of that and you were personally involved in that you were in contact with the Qaddafi family sending over information to the state department your phone was even tapped ... with this kind of information and I think Libya the failed state that is now shows you an example of the kind of U. S. war machine that is out of control but might my next to last question is where is kind of the antiwar movement it it kind of seems like the anti find all right have captured this kind of protest movement and they're fighting each other and there is no longer an antiwar movement well on once war starts it's very difficult to stop that take take a headline momentum money resources the the way to stop a war is to have the election of a president depend upon I think Bernie Sanders had made that's the issue he would have defeated Hillary Clinton's if you had had the nomination he probably would have won the election but he was reluctant to raise that issue as a major issue in may 2016 campaign and I'm sure that he's yes thinks about that often now ... we we need to make it D. compelling and defining issue but the American people decide if we want to spend a treasure and and the life blood of this nation put our sons and daughters on the altar of the military industrial complex forever or more to reclaim the nation and reclaim our capacity to meet the needs of the American people they hadn't really had a vote on that in a very clear way //
"2017-10-15 23:44:23"
U.S Inches Towards Battle, Hollywood's Dark Secrets Exposed
\\welcome back beautiful amazing human beings to the we are chain Sunday recap show called what the hell really happen where we go over all the important news that happened this week of course a lot of news this week revolves around the Las Vegas shooting pedal would I mean sorry Hollywood being exposed but this week we actually get to come back to one of our niche topic and that of course is the US Petro dollar foreign policy and war now of course know where we're gonna give you a point updates about the Las Vegas shooting and pedal would but I think the most important story this week is how the US government brokered deal with Iran while the same week making a deal with isis stay with me for a second as I explained what happened this week U. S. president Donald Trump took to the world stage and D. certified by Iran a nuclear deal now if you don't know what the Iran nuclear deal was it was the deal struck by Barack Obama and the Iranian government that significantly reduced their nuclear weapons capabilities in exchange for relieving and ending economic sanctions on the country that the United States imposed on them now according to many independent government bodies and investigators Iran it was compliant with this deal and following the rules but Donald Trump still one on the world stage and said ... that no no no no and decertified the deal that they that they work client with because he said that Iran is destabilizing the Middle East financing terrorists and said something to the likes of making weapons of mass destruction which I think now most Americans know was cold works for us we're just gonna lie to you which they did so with this decertification now Congress has to decide whether the west will remain in the deal or not Donald Trump also levied new sanctions on Iran which Iran responded by saying if you put more sanctions on us your regional military bases that surround our country would be at risk now if you've been studying American foreign policy you understand that and Iran war is a wet dream for the neo conservatives in this country it's been planned and talked about decades ago and of course tax on the left the democratic side and Republican side have been pushing for it when all of this news happening even an axe George W. bush official was coming out and warning that trump's latest action is itching for war and said quote if you think Iraq was a bad war wait until you see Iran he said quote I think we are doing the same thing as we did in 2003 and I was very intimate with the process in Iraq and that we are marching down the road to war Germany's foreign minister even came out and warn that Donald moves I are increasing that risk of war he said quote by doing that he assured that the new agreement will fail ultimately and then what you have is one choice war the endgame is to provoke I ran a not so we can go to war and yeah I have to say for my analysis that the chances of war are becoming more likely but honestly we have to ask ourselves who does this war actually serve I think Julia signs of weakening the X. put it best saying that Israel has colonize trumps foreign policy even more than Obama's and that it's not America first it's Israel's right wing political party first Saudi Arabia second and we have to call a spade a spade here because this aggression towards Iran works foremost in the benefit of Israel because Iran supports has blocked and now has a very important presence inside of Syria right on Israel's border at the end of this big Syrian conflict that's happening right now then second Saudi Arabia whose chief oil exporting competitor who religiously they are at odds with and currently have a proxy war going on in Yemen also benefits from a more aggressive US pop and the reality of course you'll never hear on the you stream media and now with the Iran nuclear deal looking like it will X. buyer who did the United States cut a deal with this week as the Washington post unfairly reported that quote a deal was reached to evacuate civilians dash local militants from ISIS held Rocka I hope you're able to see what the Washington post did here because many people viewed Rocka as the capital of ISIS it's pretty clear ISIS previously controlled the entire area so when you're talking about militants quote militants you're really talking about ice is that the United States just struck a deal with other people verify the validity of that claim as even the A. F. Pete wrote that ISIS fighters are leaving Iraq up but failed to mention that it was because of this US brokered deal and now the United States will bust out ISIS fighters out of the town of raka 2 gears or where the Syrian government along with Iranian and Russian forces will meet them and have to fight them oh Gee whiz yet another fact that the U. S. mainstream media establishment that is interconnected with government intelligence agencies does not want you to know and then white of all of this Iran actually responded to the United States by saying stop worrying about us your government is about to collapse and I do have to say economically the United States doesn't really look in a favorable position after these latest moves as we saw even China France Germany Russia and even the United Kingdom plead with Donald Trump to assist them in this Iran a nuclear deal and with Donald Trump just saying Askeran I'm just going to de certify them anyway we're seeing very aggressive actions by China and Russia as they just announced and launched a wand ruble payment system and of course will have a negative side effect of the US Petro dollar China is even trying to compel and saying that they will compel Saudi Arabia to trade oil in one instead of the U. S. dollar very aggressive moves which of course the threat in the U. S. dollar as the world's reserve currency as we know China is EC my partners with Iran and they're very displeased by Donald trump's latest moves which only escalates the economic warfare that has been happening between China and the United States which of course is leading many experts to predict the death of the US Petro dollar which would end the U. S. dollar being the world reserve currency and of course create economic chaos within the United States if that was enough for your plate former presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul came out and said that the U. S. federal reserve's a massive bubble is creating a world of economic pain domestically which of course just create some new money and credit out of thin air and what do you expect for a country that is in over $20000000000000 debt in pursuit of a failing war on terror that is creating more terrorism creating more pain and havoc around the world while trying to start new fights in new wars okay so now moving forward and other authority figures lying to you we have the Las Vegas police department and FBI yet again changing the timeline of what happened during the Las Vegas mass shooting this is the third time if not more that this happened offering up a completely new timeline contradicting themselves look like they have something to hide and with authority still not even being able to keep their story straight of what exactly happened during the Las Vegas shooting this is the main reason why people don't trust authorities and to make the situation more confusing than it already is one of the key witnesses I contradicted the authorities timeline Jesus Campos the security guard and keep and this in the biggest shooting disappeared as he was set to do 5 interviews one which was supposed to be on Sean Hannity show on fox news and even his union president said that they lost all contact to him and that curly his whereabouts are unknown meanwhile we're getting more disinformation from the U. S. me stream media about these as they claim to.this Las Vegas shooter was a successful gambler and has earned over $5000000 in just gambling winnings and independent media proves them totally wrong an estimated that he actually lost hundreds of thousands of dollars during his gambling sprees and all we could say from this contradicts very confusing mess of a situation is that will keep you updated on this very important story enough course continuing on with more cover up news we have courts have more critical information about the sexual abuse in media mogul Harvey Weinstein and we're finding out that it was Harvey Weinstein that actually paid for bill Clinton's legal fees during his sex scandal coming to his aid with donations to bill Clinton's legal find during the height of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal of course uncovering how sexual deep attacking each other also this week famous actress Emma Thompson came out and said that Harvey Weinstein is not a sex addict that he's a predator a sexual predator and far from the only one in Hollywood who by the way Hollywood was dropping hints about for over 30 years as even Courtney Love in 2005 said do you 30 years or so being of course one of many Hollywood figures dropping hints about the behavior of Harvey Weinstein and now which finally more celebrity speaking out the dam is breaking on Hollywood's criminal horrible behavior as people like Katia Jones a former member of the Pussycat dolls came out and said that the truth that she wasn't in a girl group she was in a prostitution ring that happens to sing and be famous while everyone who owned us made the money actress Rosie McGloin actually came out and said that she told the head of Jeff Bezos's studio that Harvey Weinstein previously raped her and that they did nothing about it this of right after this actress was a lot out of her Twitter account for some reason and the cover up is really indicative to a larger problem that's how here as celebrities politicians media organizations and even local police departments are covering up these heinous acts that happen in Hollywood former famous child actor Corey Feldman came out and said that word the people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working they're still out there and there's some and then out and they had not saying what I'm saying I I you saying that they're part of files yes and that are still in this bitch yeah that's what yeah and that's what you're saying your bug when you talk to when you talk to bear in here right now Chuck Lorre they're dead there are a lot of parents out here who want to put their kids in this in this business they their kids are cute they're great actors today what would you say to a parent who just has the best of intentions is coming here with their child amusing that there's a lot of predators in this industry it's a many feathered bird okay be careful what you wish for that's what I'll tell you you know don't go into it with my entity don't go into it thinking that it's all roses and I'm tired strong's accusing Corey of damaging an entire industry is sick this industry is clearly filled with sex abusers and peta files that are being covered up from the general public while lying to you about their illegal deprived horrible behavior we look into the minds of the sick human beings like Woody Allen who he says that he hopes this whole Harvey Weinstein scandal doesn't spark a witch hunt speaking out to the fender Harvey Weinstein now saying that he feels bad for him and this is a man who has been accused of sexual abuse himself as his own adopted daughter detailed Sir jul Buse that he committed against her where she claims she was sexually abuse at the age of 7 by him I'm so in and my work yeah yeah we need a fricking witch hunt right now I guess he's predator sex abusers peta files against these powerful freaks that are being protected by news organizations local police department celebrities and other politicians and the scary fact behind all of this is that powerful people were protecting Harvey Weinstein for over 30 years and it's clear that there's more protected untouched individuals in Hollywood who did and are doing worse things than Harvey Weinstein it's pretty clear that the upper echelons of Hollywood are sick individuals and the need to be clans what a good dose of truth and reality and justice for their crimes yeah if you agree share this video yeah I I'm pretty much at a loss for words at this point so I wouldn't let me know what you think in the comments section below so we can continue this conversation and of course I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for keeping this independent media operation live by going to we are fort slash donate and keeping us fully independent and free through PayPal regular mail crypto currencies and most importantly did generosity within your heart to support something that you want more if it wasn't for you guys here I wouldn't be here that's why I love you guys thank you again so much for watching //
"2017-10-12 22:33:22"
Uncovering The Ongoing Hollywood Conspiracy
\\alright this is gonna be a very big import video because we of course are going to be talking about the open Hollywood conspiracy that is being exposed right now one of the main reasons why I really want to make this video is because the big media industry the entertainment news business will never admit to any wrongdoing and criminal behavior and this time they have been caught red handed covering up aiding and abetting being accomplices to not only sexual predators but also peta files and in this video we're only going to get to the tip of the iceberg which many people feel will destroy this entire industry there are about you but for me an industry that protection harbors monsters should be toppled now the tip of this iceberg is of course the media mogul Harvey Weinstein and this case just in itself proves that there is a conspiracy happening so far dozens of women are coming out talking about the sex abuse that they suffered under this politically connected media mogul and as more details emerge the situation is be more disturbing as we're finding out that Harvey Weinstein preyed on victims that were also only 70 years of age and try to get them drunk and sexually abuse that and I know a lot people are shocked with these latest revelations but they shouldn't be because Hollywood has been giving us hints for years now the actress Deanna Russo tweeted in 2010 that quote my friend says I need to have sex with Harvey Weinstein to make it in Hollywood cut I opt out for getting beat up instead like in a gang Gwyneth Paltrow talked about this in 1998 but he will coerce you to do with it so it's a Harvey sanity would go on and admin protect about your movies over her mission and when in return what will Harvey do 30 rock even made a skit about this one of the actresses saying she's not afraid of anyone in show business that she quote turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein and I'm no less than 3 occasions out of 5 Seth macfarlane even made jokes about this graduations you 5 ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein and people in the industry new well about what Harvey Weinstein was up to but still remained quiet about it for over 30 years while Hollywood it demonstrated its complicity while dropping hints about Harvey Weinstein out in the open for everyone to see and ultimately what we're seeing from all of this is how the corporate Hollywood media empire industry loved this sexual predator until he only got because all the while when the media celebrities politicians and even local law enforcement knew about this and still decided to cover it up I mean this man was praised and thanked more than god at the 2015 Asker's while everyone was still running inside jokes about him being a serious predator and the cover up here is wrong really the most sinister aspect of this entire case as you were learning about how NBC actively protected Weinstein the top NBC executives squashed the bombshell Harvey Weinstein story and a reporter had to leave the network and give the story to the New Yorker after facing months of opposition now NBC is responding saying that they call let the story slip away but in reality they killed that the entire story with the reporter on the case saying quote NBC did everything they could to delay it complicated and ultimately kill it the New York City police department had secret audio of Weinstein admittedly claiming he groped a woman while sexually harassing another woman at the time and they still never pressed any charges against him The New York Times sat on this story for over 13 years with the reporter who originally worked on this piece in 2004 saying that quote I was told at the time that Weinstein had visited the newsroom in person to make his displeasure known I knew he was a major advertiser in the times and that he was a powerful person overall with her also claiming that she got personal phone calls from Matt Damon and Russell Crowe personally vouching for him and the story never ran until 13 years later the Weinstein company was aware of the pay outs in 15 the money Harvey Weinstein would pay his victims to sign and D. A.'s and their life over so they couldn't speak out against his crimes and they still didn't do anything about it now imagine being a victim of Harvey Weinstein and NBC the times local law enforcement his company other celebrities are actively covering up his crimes for him imagine viewing all this cover up and the pressure of actively speaking out against this man and the odds of even getting justice and because of this cover up for over 30 years there most likely won't be any justice in this case ads were learning right now that Harvey Weinstein just fled to Europe on this private jet to allegedly turned himself into sex addiction rehab we seen a very similar move made by famous director Roman Polanski who by the way raped teens and under age children ultimately were fleeing to Europe to avoid the persecution and sentencing for his unlawful sex with children a man by the way who still seen as a big hero in Hollywood and praised by Hollywood celebrities even Harvey Weinstein in 2009 a road that Polanski has served his time and quote must be free now you could see how the predators and peta files all protect each other because they're in the same industry in the upper echelons of it of course the FBI just open up an investigation after Harvey Weinstein after the feared he would flee the country and that's exactly what he did because he could just never come back like Polanski and never be held accountable for its horrible accidents and the reason earlier I stated that Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg it's because Hollywood it's filled not only what sexual abusers but also peta files as Corey Feldman even said that the number one problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be paraphilia children ria not the same way it's all done under the radar nobody talks about affiliate it's the big secret then it's widespread oh yeah I was surrounded by them when I was 14 years old surrounded literally 10 even know it it wasn't until I was old enough to realize what they were and what they wanted and what they were about the types of people that were surrounding me till I went my god they were everywhere label chirs not Corey Feldman came out afterwards and said that he would love to name names but he still hasn't Terry crews has even come out and talked about how he was sexually assaulted by yet another high level Hollywood executive so that James Vander Beek and even a rob Schneider who said the mobile is not alone wolf and rob knows it because he too was sexually harassed by director Elijah woods even came up previously before and said that Hollywood has a pet a file problem this industry needs to be exposed needs to be toppled because it is filled with a pair of files and sex abusers with a lot of these abusers being so powerful that they have still yet to face any Reppert questions for their horrible actions would many famous powerful celebrities even being afraid to name the individuals that still do this to this day and of course they're not only connected to the police the news business but also a high level politicians which we all know the same exact thing is going on in U. S. politics as we expose the horrible actions by Dennis Hastert former U. K. prime minister Ted heath Jeffrey Epstein and of course the Jimmy Savile situation but the B. B. C. actively covered up and made sure that Jimmy connection to the U. K. establishment was never exposed and it's not just Hollywood that these crimes happen they happen also in the upper echelons of suppose that a leak community especially amongst politicians and to make the situation worse were also finding out that the actress who has emerged as a Hollywood voice and Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal has just revealed that Twitter had locked her account on Wednesday night as she posted evidence that multiple producers were involved in this entire scandal and we have to understand kind of the bigger dynamics behind everything that's happening here because if you look at sexual abuse it's really all about power and the powerful being able to get away with it once you reach a certain level of fame once you reach a certain level of money sadly human beings naturally seek something more than just those 2 basic things damaged human beings who have an empty void within themselves try to fill up that void which at those 2 superficial things fame and money and when they reached enough of that they seek other things like power the power over other human beings being able to dominate them control them hurt them silence them and abuse them with the elitist perversion of being able to completely get away with that if you look at the upper echelons of any kind of industry whether it's political or media you see rampant cases of these kinds of abuse and it needs to be stopped and the only real way to do that is to expose it is to shine the light on the darkness and showed these deprived monstrous evil dark energy vampire human beings for what they are and we can only do that with a free and open press and not a corporate or toward Tate of press that will ignored the victims of such abuse which by the way you tube is now deciding to take away voices like mine and other independent journalists censoring us while choosing authoritative and new sources those up door Tate of voice is that of course cover up and protect peta files and sexual abusers this is why an independent and free press is more important than ever and could only be possible because of you and your participation I'm very curious about what you guys think about this situation and how far the rabbit hole goals in this story are we paying attention very closely to your comments and of course I'm gonna thank you so much watching this video and financially supporting us on we are fort slash donate allowing us to be a free and independent news organization that is able to talk about these very important issues without any fears or concerns I love you guys thank you again so much for watching //
"2017-10-11 23:12:43"
The FBI and Las Vegas Police are LYING!
\\everybody Jason Burma's here reporting for we are and unfortunately we are going to have to continue talking about the mass shooting in Las Vegas why well because the Las Vegas police department and the FBI are clearly lying to the public and let me first state that my sympathies go out to share of Lombardo as it is clear that the FBI is handling the dissemination of this information through their special agent Aaron to rouse who seems to be in control of what the public gets to find out about this investigation now though FBI special agent Aaron rouse seems to be the agent in charge he hasn't said a lot of these press conferences usually he's all working over SharePoint Bardo or his assistant however he has come out and said 2 major things in these press conferences one he has asked people with information about the event not to go to the media but to come to the FBI which seems to be a means of controlling information we're starting at an information campaign seeking true knowledge as to what happened in the events leading up to and involving this incident the billboards will be displayed throughout the Las Vegas area it will have the bad John of the Metropolitan Police in the seal the FBI on it along with this the terms if you know something say something along with the phone number which we've agreed will be 1800 call FBI this is critical for us he's also got out there and said to trust the FBI so that they can get it right despite the fact that they continue to feed us disinformation we cannot given the conjecture we cannot respond to every little Twitter feed that may indicate the theory we need to focus on the facts you need us to be right you expect this to be right and we want to be right the fundamental trust of the American people in the FBI is based upon our discretion this is about and for informing on an investigation this is about resolving investigation so specifics regarding any individual contact cannot be answered you need us you trust us the way we have that trust is by using good discretion about what we share so let's get into the proven lies now earlier this week they were forced to change their timeline and admit that he sues Campos a security guard engaged whoever the match shooter was 6 minutes before the attack now this raises some very very large questions last week we talked about the single person whose action help pinpoint the location of the suspect and that was the Mandalay bay security guard Hey suse couples as you might imagine Mr Karpeles was not only injured when he was fired upon as he did his room check about the door alarm down the hall from the suspects room but he was also extremely shaken up by what happened to him he was able to confirm for us exactly what he heard and saw in the moments before the he was shot really no I never there's never been anything out Republic form about knocking so he was investigating an open door I became a little by drilling sound bear with me while I get that for you 2159 that would be 959 I don't know where you're getting your numbers but your are correct he was ... injure prior to the the massive Ali of shooting now as far as the shooter engaging a security guard before the event this information was almost leaked days prior by the assistant sheriff in Las Vegas however he corrects himself as he realizes he's revealing too much the question is was it was the security officer shot before the suspect was shooting into the crowd the answer to that is yes we believe he was shot I'm sorry that we believe that he was shooting into the crowd and then the security officer was shot during that was it now remember originally they stated that Hey suse Campos engage the shooter after shots had been fired on the ground which would make sense somebody up on that floor hearing shots coming from her room and then confronting that person what is not clear now is somehow Campos engaged him a full 6 minutes prior why why was he suspicious apparently campus was checking on a door alarm at a separate room so how would he have even come across room 135 or any suspicious behavior taking place in that room the police have also admitted that at least 200 rounds were fired through that door well if 200 rounds were fired through that door 6 minutes before the shooting then why was the response time so lax know another thing that is extremely suspicious about the security guard angle is that originally police thought that there was a shooter on the 20 ninth floor that had engaged in a firefight with security his own were told that security is taking fire from a suspect on the 20 ninth floor and that we had other officers that were identifying the suspect was in room on the 30 second floor so so we're taking multiple shooters at this point now this information dovetails with quotes from Brian hides that were widely reported in the media Mister hajj apparently had been checked into the room next to the shooter and coming up from the hall after dinner before and then when the shooting began now one of the quotes that is a tribute to him is that a security officer had been shot and killed now the reason that we can't really tell whether this is true or not is that Mister Hyde was also attributed a quote saying that there were multiple shooters on multiple floors however he denied this himself on his own Facebook page all days after the attack now another thing that we know that law enforcement has lied to us about is when Stephen paddock checked into the hotel originally they told us that he had been there since the 28 barrenness and on Thursday the 28 hotel I believe that's accurate and then a receipt from his room on the 30 second floor room 135 leaked to the public on this receipt it is clear that there are 2 guests checked in and 2 dinners were ordered now the police continue to lie about this despite the fact that they have admitted that he was checked in on the 20 fifth really ... best my recollection we have information on the 20 fifth ... I had told you previously the 20 eighth and we're trying to confirm his actions between a 20 fifth in the 20 eighth I'm I'm I'm under the belief that he was not occupying the room between those days they are claiming that to their knowledge he wasn't in that room until the 20 eighth however the receipt clearly says the 27 so we know that law enforcement continues to lie about this angle as well why it's also worth noting that the police have now said that they have gone through a massive amount of the video footage and followed paddock throughout Los Vegas for days well if this is the case they know full well when he checked into that room and who he was with at that room at all times on a final note I'd like to point out that although this video showed no violence of the Las Vegas massacre it will probably be de monetize anyway despite the fact that all of the major networks that have shown violence in their clips continue to be sponsored financially by you too and others this is a huge problem folks and what it amounts to is censorship and that's why we need you to share this video on social media we need you to subscribe to we are changes YouTube channel we need you to visit we are change .org and make that donation so please folks get out there spread this information and as always thank you for watching //
"2017-10-10 23:10:25"
Henry Kissinger Orders Madman Theory For Donald Trump
\\welcome back beautiful amazing human beings and are you today's date because you're 10 out of sorry okay sorry I I couldn't help myself apologies in advance let's just get into that we already crushing cold hard facts about the world that we live in that of course the very few and powerful don't want you to know about in our daily we are change news broadcast and in today's video we are going to be talking about the chief globalist mass murder in the White House telling Donald Trump what to do very important update on the media mogul sexual abusing monster the authorities changing the official narrative of what happened during the Las Vegas shooting and Gee I wonder why it's hard to trust authorities who keep changing their story so many times and of course a very important update about the USA liberty act in Congress right now and can you guess we'll give you more liberty or take away your liberty now let's start off the most important story today and that's the globalists kingpin himself Henry Kissinger meeting with Donald Trump just moments ago with him saying the media as a movement the bill would do that a friend if a photo of the very on your constructive peaceful world order said the mass murderer as Henry Kissinger is meeting with the U. S. president Donald Trump right now to advise him on North Korea and China now there's 2 reasons to worry abroad Kissinger is 93 years old and he's still continuing to play the most important role when it comes to American foreign policy until he's not right criminal who wanted for mass murder in different countries all around the world he's a megalomaniac who proved through his actions in US government that he is in different about the deaths of all untold numbers of civilians that were casualties to his actions I mean Kissinger purposefully hindered the U. S. effort to end the mass killings in Argentina millions of people died in Vietnam after Kissinger prolonged bill ward there and trade the treaty in exchange for of course the political power play it probably just keep going on and on about his crimes throughout history that would take probably 234 even probably 12:00 hours to make in 1 single video navy in mentioning the crimes he committed in Vietnam Cambodia and how was fingerprints are on the birth of American militarism so now what Donald Trump asking Henry Kissinger what to do with North Korea I and you shouldn't be really hopeful about a new can struck give peaceful world order and if you look at a lot of the important foreign policy decisions Donald Trump has made they come directly out of Henry Kissinger's own book would Kissinger insisting on the importance of I'm pretty ability even irrationality in diplomacy it's called the madman theory that of course didn't work with US president Richard Nixon when Henry Kissinger was advising him a theory that you're supposed to scare your opponent into concession by cultivating an image of recklessness and I I don't know about you but when you have the largest military in the world when you spend 70 percent of the world's military spending on just one country alone I don't think you have room to become a reckless I mean Henry Kissinger is the same person who advised Richard Nixon to openly used the threat of nuclear war fare for their suppose it diplomacy but that that's not diplomacy at all that you do what I say I'm gonna kill you is not diplomatic especially with an unstable unpredictable North Korea and emboldened China but doesn't want a north Korean War and yeah I remembers sitting here telling the audience even before Donna Troy became elected the relationship between him and Henry Kissinger is extremely troublesome and won't make America first to which I got a lot of responses about being a big nose CNN loving cock but but honestly and my wrongs but but I honestly am I wrong on this issue it do you guys not see a problem with this but please let me know in the comments section below and now in unrelated news about mad men protected oligarchs we have more shocking revelations about the media mogul Harvey Weinstein has been caught being a sexual predator for the last 3 decades and now to other victims of Weinstein or coming out and accusing him of rape even Angelina Jolie won that Powell throw said that Weinstein sexually harassed them before now of course this major media mogul denies all of these claims if there wasn't enough accusations and proof right now we're also finding out that in 2015 to New York City police department ran a sting operation where Weinstein sexually harasses another victim and then says and admits that he groped women before I won't be playing the full starving and from all the information we're getting from journalist another pundits and his victims many people are insisting that this was not a secret and that everyone knew about wine steam being a sexual predator I think one of the biggest kind of shocking take away from this entire story is the cover up that happen why didn't the NYPD arrest them in 2015 why did The New York Times sit on the story for over 13 years why was he allowed to do this for over 30 years and yet their entire media and use business just stayed completely quiet about it and if they were able to cover this up for over 30 years imagine the stuff that we still don't know about that they could be hiding from you and even CNN the most despised discredited fake news organization in the United States came out today and Rhoda article talking about how good long term friends of wine Steen Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama calling them out for staying quiet during this entire situation and I've seen on us to remind you to do the right thing you know you really messed up alright so now moving forward and other sexual abuse stories we're also finding out today that one of the largest peta file sites in the world has actually been securely run by a police department and governments in an international operation called operation Artemis now of course this controversial issue has sparked a lot of debate a lot of the police departments and other people are saying that this was a good thing that the police needed to set up a child pornography site in order to catch child predators and on the other side peeper saying the police shouldn't break the law to catch other people who are breaking the law victims of child pornography and their families are coming out saying that they should be used as bait having their images put out by government when they were are ready victims of such horrendous crime people are asking the questions did the government and least create more sexual predators because of having this largest online pedophile you website and for me would be very interesting to hear your point of view on this issue where do you stand on this debate where the police right where they wrong let me know in the comments section below and for me personally it's very hard to trust any kind of authority figure since a lot of times they don't always told the truth which leads us into the next story on how the FBI and the Las Vegas police department have just changed the official narrative the official story of what actually happened at the Las Vegas mash shooting a few and in our drum shift the police have laid out a new timeline of what actually Vegas saying that a security guard who encountered the shooter was actually shot at 9:59 PM local time minutes before the mass shooting originally the police department said that the security guard were shot after the mass shooting police originally said that the shooter fired 200 rounds into the hallway and now they're officially telling us that the 200 shots were fired 6 minutes before the mass shooting on the concert and yet still with that new information it took the police over an hour to respond to the shooter's room and the reason that they said that they weren't in a rush to get into his room is because that they said that the security halted the shooting which didn't happen the police originally said that the shooter got into the whole tell on September 28 and now they have changed the story to say that he actually checked into the hotel on September 25 3 days earlier than originally claimed which by the way people knew before hand because of a receipt that was posted by the waiter that served him room service in the room on the date where the poor said that the shooter was not in the hotel and they're still many inconsistencies no surveillance footage released and the fact that the Tories have been caught changing the story and the narrative when they're giving out false information before makes you wonder why aren't they telling you the truth about basic facts about the case that the police really not do their job and send out unverified information about this shooting or are they covering some up is a very poor questions that need ask and questioned him with these leaders actions though authorities are the ones who are fueling the fires for all the conspiracy theories out there and they're proving some of them right with these latest actions there's already a lot of witnesses and testimony as well as forensic accounts of a second shooter on the scene which Mike Adams actually made a complete video about which will be in the description below and naturally its support to be skeptical of any authority figures especially during these big major events that will have larger implications on our life is just common sense and now in other news is a very important bill in the US house of representatives right now called the U. S. say liberty act and can you guess what the U. S. say liberty act does well it evaporates and totally destroys your liberty as it renews the currently active N. S. A. mass surveillance program on you which allows the US government to spy on you without a warrant me does it does have a really good name but it does the opposite of what is actually represents you know just like a new cohesive piece for world order that is really about U. S. militarism in foreign wars of aggression dislike police officers who were supposed to stop crime and not actually commit them themselves and dislike authority figures who you rely on verified who were caught lying the world this completely upside down it if you didn't dare to talk about these things you to boil make sure to send you down the memory hole screw you over take away your income and sensor you total oblivion so that of course they could put mainstream media propaganda in front of you even talk about Las Vegas and you're not a part of the establishment media you will get screwed over by you too they want to control the narrative they wanna keep you dumb you wanna keep you scared and they want to keep you under control as they watch every single one of your moves and the only solution only answer from all of this is the very fact that our own compliance that an informed public people power could actually end this at any moment if we are actually armed with the correct information of what exactly happening in this world if you believe in that message share this video get the word out and try to be the change that you actually want to see in this world I wanna thank all of you guys for spending your energy and time with me on this journey it would be possible if people wanna go to we are changed or afford slash donate and keep us a fully independent news organization that is only behold that to you since our operation only runs on your donations I love you guys thank you again so much for watching //
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Corporate And Deep State Takeover Of YouTube Almost Complete
\\welcome back beautiful amazing human beings for another important independent media news update and today is 10/9/2000 at 17 then in this video we will be talking about Republicans warning about World War 3 cyber gonna go over all the countries we're gonna win the coveted prize of freedom and democracy on their homeland in this video we're also gonna be talking about the scary updates between the relationship between power for figures media and of course the sex scandals that been going around and of course more extreme YouTube censuring crushing the souls of independent entrepreneurs who want to make a job telling you the truth that the corporate media of course well first of all let's just start off with maybe the the World War 3 you know it's trending and its World War 3 as right now Donald Trump is publicly sparring with his own Republican U. S. senator Bob Corker in which by the way many people are saying this public feud will put an end and a full stop to the tax reform that Donald Trump is trying to push but in this feud Bob Corker said something last night that made everyone go who as he warned that Donald Trump is steering the United States towards World War 3 now Bob Corker is a part of the Senate foreign relations committee and is privy to a lot of classified information any said publicly that Donald trump's governing style is fit more for a reality show than the White House with him a further fueling the bitter public row between former allies now whether this comment was made in the heat of the moment between arguments between the 2 or whether it was an actual warning to the American people we do have to admit that Donald Trump is threatening war on a lot of countries even recently it what is cryptic cliff hanger telling the media with the full military brass behind him that this is the calm before the storm so I think it would be import to examine which country will receive the distinct honor to have freedom and democracy reign down them through barrel bombs which are going to take a look at right now could it be Venezuela which Donald Trump threaten military action just a few weeks ago at the UN General Assembly where we're get the get this he said he wants the spread of freedom and democracy he impact country and I'm sorry laughs but we all know the United States is not in the business of creating freedom and democracy all over the world it's really because Venezuela declared war on the US Petro dollar but that's a whole nother subject in even though there's a lot of tough talk there from both Maduro of Venezuela and Donald Trump it seems very unlikely that something will escalate to something more serious in South America but could it be I ran the country that has an agreement with the United States that was signed by Barack Obama called the Iran nuclear deal which prevents I ran from expanding their nuclear proliferation I can't say that but that doesn't matter you know what I mean in exchange for ending the sanctions against that country which independent auditors have said that Iran is complying with this deal and holding up their end of the bargain and this is according to European allies and the United Nations watchdog task what monitoring the situation and even what all that information Donald Trump is still saying that he will declare that Iran is not compliant even though they are and possibly put more sanctions on the Iranian country of course this is worrying a lot of people because this would re instant economic warfare between states and Iran and to make the situation worse the United States is planning to designate the revolutionary guards Iranian military forces as a terrorist organization by the way this is the same Iranian military that has been fighting against al Nusra and isis inside of Syria which the Iranians responded by saying that they would give a crushing response if the United States does this and as you probably know from watching this YouTube channel all war between Iran and Israel as Newsweek puts it is not only very likely but is only a matter of time till it happens as we have already seen the Israeli military attack Hezbollah Iranian forces inside of Syria that were fighting against radical Islamic terrorist groups and the rebels Iran of course supports Hezbollah and the Syrian government which of course don't have a very favorable view of Israel and as the Syrian war ends we are seeing a more Iranian has blood dominated presents right on Israel's border which Israel says that they will not tolerate which of course would bring I ran into the click and Israel would of course be supported by the United States like they always have been the likelihood of an Iranian U. S. war I think are very likely it's been the neo conservatives wet dream for decades now where neo conservatives even openly talked about false flagging an event to start a war with Iran which of course coincides with a lot of the decisions Israel Saudi Arabia and the United States have been making inside of the Middle East so yet that situation is likely but also very unpredictable mainly because Russia and China are major economic partners with Iran and have even said recently that they hope that the Iran nuclear deal stays intact and criticized Donald Trump for his hawkish comments against Iran but I think the most likely disastrous situation would of course be with North Korea which just moments ago Russia and China declared and called for restraint on Donald Trump would his latest comments on North Korea as we know Donald Trump has been hinting at a military action in North Korea on it Twitter and just moments ago defense secretary James Matt this told the U. S. army to be ready on north Korean military options the United Kingdom is also preparing for a possible war with North Korea right now as we're speaking of the north Korean situation is very confusing I deftly recommend you watch some of our previous videos just on that country alone but I think after examining all these countries North Korea is the most likely country that the United States will engage in Warren will it happen we don't know we also have China and Russia who really don't want that to happen and would engage with the United States and butt heads on the world stage if a scenario of war what happened to be honest with you guys what will happen I don't know I don't think anyone else knows but I think it's important lay out the situation for you let me know what you think in the comments section below now moving forward in other short fat ugly disgusting despotic political leaders news no we're not talking about Kim Jong nam we're talking about Sir Edward Heath the now deceased former prime minister of the United Kingdom would have very important news update about the child sex abuse or worrying that this former prime minister of the United Kingdom was involved in the police chief who investigated the former prime minister and a row a report talking about how he abused little children when he was in power just came out moments ago and said that he could have spent 2 or 3 more years investigating the sex child pedophile your rings but he was stopped from doing so any was prevented it from digging deeper on this extremely important matter by of course the UK government and now this brave police chief is calling for a new investigation into the most powerful politicians in the United Kingdom who were caught being peta files this police chief was when the blasted by cabinet ministers and peas peers members of the judicial and media moguls for investigating Ted heat they said he was being stupid leading a witch hunt see all the people covering up actual child abuse by the rich and powerful which of course ran a relentless campaign by the establishment to undermine him and yet still under all that pressure use do able to file the report that proved that the former prime minister of the United Kingdom was an out right child abuser and peta file now in a related story about the media cover up of sex abuse we're also finding out that media mogul Harvey Weinstein who has been exposed for sexually abusing women for over 3 decades that this latest information that's just coming out right now with this latest abuse scandal was actually known to the New York times 13 years ago and the New York times decided to to sit on this story the editors killed the story according to our reporter within the New York times because of alleged pressure this of course allowed at this abuse of monster to continue his attack against women even as recently trapping a reporter in the hallway and committing a really lewd disgusting acts in front of her and the reporter that was originally investigating whine steam in 2004 said that the story was killed after pressure from A. list celebrities like Matt Damon and Russell Crowe is of course puts the New York times that are very tough spot which initially broke the story a few days ago which shows you not only how the rich and powerful could commit really horrible horrendous acts but just the evil ways that they are able to get away with it because of their power and money and now the Weinstein company that was started by this abuser is set to not only changed their name but have also fired that their founder Harvey Weinstein amid all the sexual harassment accusations we covered the story yesterday Sir if you want a full perspective just watch yesterday's video and we have to understand this is not just a single case of abuse this happens in Hollywood an elite circles more than you think as Corey Feldman a former actor came out and said I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be paraphilia that's the biggest problem vultures who Feldman says abused him the late show actor Cory hame costar boys what happens if my mom was dating half vampire Feldman says the trauma of that pet aphelia tribute to Hames down there's one person to blame in the death of Korean and that person happens to be a Hollywood mogul and that person needs to be exposed but unfortunately I can't be the one to do it but the person that knows who did it and knows who he is is watching right now I guarantee you that as we learn from the Jimmy Savile case in the United Kingdom sexual abuse doesn't only happen in the entertainment business but is well connected with the political sphere that of course the authorities and mainstream media will cover up for and lied to you about as curry fell mend explained here sick corrupt people in this industry and there are people in this industry who have gotten away with it for so long that they feel they're above the law and that's got to change and as we reported to you yesterday this is the same entertainment industry that you too busy laying out the red carpet for monetizing Las Vegas shooting videos for while D. monetizing D. incentivizing censoring and deleting real independent media who are not caught up in this massive corrupts fear of money and influence like the mainstream media and days ago when you tube announced algorithm changes because of the Las Vegas shooting I told you it would be used against everyone and it is it's not just crazy conspiracy theorist that they're going after they're going after people like Prager you which Google is not even allowing them to promote their videos saying that it is dangerous and they argued Tory content to talk about 2 genders they have censored Mike srna bitches documentary on Sweden made it restricted even though there's 0 nudity in that documentary the even deleted a recent video that mark dice made on his you tube channel wildly monetizing our content and other independent journalists content as well while at the same time making sure that BBC and other corporate giant media mobile companies however the list and the priority when it comes to search results recommended videos and of course major monetization now face value that's a lot to worry about but it gets more sinister and I'm worried about this because I know for a fact that this corrupt a big powerful influential media institutions that YouTubers pushing is not only harboring sexual predators but they're also working hand in hand with the deep state and intelligence agencies of the United States as the FBI and CIA play a very large part when it comes to making producing and promoting influential movies and TV series and just from the CIA alone we recently learned that over 1800 movies and TV shows have been directly influenced by the CIA in which most of the situation day push for more war propaganda and censorship of anti war messages playing an active role sometimes even changing the scripts of TV shows and movies to fit the line to work as government engineering propaganda information warfare against you and even though some of these documents came out it is still unknown the extent of the shadowy involvement of the CIA and the entertainment media business and that's why we all have to share this video and all other alternatives like D. tube and bitch you which we started uploading our videos on because unlike the ABC network we're not influenced by any corporate or government influence the same ABC which is being pushed and promoted on everyone through you too while our channels and everyone else questioning the narrative or the status quo is censored pushed off the platform or just deleted and yet now the corrupt government involved CI a propaganda information war media corporate empire has now taken over you too it is very clear people who are waking up to the propaganda going to YouTube for real news independent news not biased by any government or corporation going to a platform those supposed to be for everyone and a bastion of free speech has been officially destroyed and it's critically important for everyone to understand this the next time they decide to vote with their cliques so yeah that's the news for today ... another not so often stick news update but critically it pouring information that needs to get out there to the American public I appreciate everyone who goes to we are changed or fort slash donate because obviously with the D. monetization it's only you and your donations through this website that allow us to still be here I love you guys thank you again so much for watching //
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Putin Switches Alliance Trump Warns Of Storm Ahead
\\welcome back beautiful amazing spiritually inclined in that no human beings to the we are change Sunday recap video where we give you all the important news that happened this week that you should know about but the full truth behind them is probably being denied to you in some way by the U. S. mainstream media corporate talker see so today is 10/8/2017 and in this video we are going to be talking about how you tube is destroying the dreams of hard working independent people in exchange for more corporate Cocker see a major politically connected media mobile that violates people sexually what a surprise there more news about the war machine excuse me I mean U. S. foreign policy when it comes to Syria and North Korea and Donald Trump then of course we're also going to get into the Catalan independence day which is suppose to happen tomorrow now just 2 days ago I made a very important video talking about the new YouTube changes to their algorithms where they admitted there going to be trying to stop people from watching videos about suppose it conspiracy theories regarding the Las Vegas shooting and I told you guys this algorithm change is not just going to affect the crazy fringe people who make up theories out of no where but will affect everyone who of course doesn't bow down and give fellatio to the corporate overlords and that's exactly what's happening as even Philip DeFranco one of the most prominent YouTubers tweeted dear you to your response is B. S. it's not true people are tired of this be better in response to another youtuber who made a video specifically raising all the AdSense money that he got from that video for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting who was partly demonetized by you tube which then youtuber spawn that's saying we love what you're doing to help but no matter the intent our policy is not to run ads on videos about tragedies which of course is an out right lie as Jimmy Kimball's EBC conglomerate news organization video with him talking about the mass shooting in Las Vegas is still monotypes even very pop you are told the line YouTubers who are not a part of the corporate conglomerate are being affected by this which should make everyone understand unless you're living under a rock that you too has now replaced the you with the ministry of truth brought to you by mega corporations to and they're even going further with their censorship by even removing private play lists that people made totally deleting them when they're a list of Las Vegas shooting videos that question that event personally we've also been hit by this as the last 4 videos I did have all been de monetize and yeah I I know this sucks it needs to be called out will something change probably not so deathly expect more finagle wing of her independent media organization on this platform this is why we also move to bitch shoot and detour and a need to rely on you the viewer to go to we are changed our ports slash donate to keep us independently running either through PayPal or mailed checks or big corn because honestly if it wasn't for random is being generous and deciding to give $5 a month to this independent media organization we would not exist she has a more porn than ever as we try to navigate and still continue to do our job as best as we can through the minefield of censorship brought to you by the mainstream media corporate overlords who want to censor us and hurt us even more now moving forward another mass media big money horrible corporate news we have shocking news coming about Harvey Weinstein who is a major media mogul who is very well politically connected and now is putting the Obama's than Clinton's in a very tough spot because this week we learned that this media mogul one of Hollywood's most prominent producers and executives has sexually harassed abused and controlled women for the past 3 decades and because he had vast wealth and power he was able to keep this secret for over 30 years with NBA's nondisclosure agreements and contracts that he would pay off his victims of course no one would find out about the horrible things he did by the way this was a person who not only lived next door to Hillary Clinton but Hillary Clinton even used this man with his connections to Hollywood even his house for private fund raisers wick a list Hollywood celebrities this is a man that visited Obama in the White House over 13 times that even Michelle Obama publicly declared him as a wonderful human being and to make the situation worse Obama's own daughter even personally worked for this monster who by the way hired a very powerful legal team to even stop the New York times from releasing this information to the public which now prompted the New York times to ask of the release of the N. D. A.'s the legal binding document that prevents his victims from speaking out against him in a court of law now of course because this man is so powerful were not even for the full extent of his criminal behavior but there's more disturbing details coming out like the fact that he once trapped a woman in the whole way of a restaurant that was closed to the public and masturbated in front of her until he ejaculated and sadly a lot of the victims are fearful of the power that whine steam wielded in media and have remained silent now face value this guy's a monster but the case gets even worse as we're finding out that he also wrote up adds protecting other media figures who were sexual predators and called for their release and he even responded would a letter against these quote accusations in which this man proved he has no semblance of any reality by plugging his movie that he's gonna be making against Donald Trump which was suppose to be done what Michael Moore and trying to shift the blame against the NRA saying that he's going to give them his full attention and do his best to make sure that the head of the NRA will end quote enjoy his retirement party which he's going to do at the same place that he had his bar mitzvah early one article Jeezy for some reason yeah ... I'm if there's anything we could get an understanding from this case is how some of the rich and powerful think that they could do anything and get away with anything just because of their money and if we ever had a fair U. S. justice system there were of course focus on the elite criminality in our society more powerful an individual becomes the more likelihood there is for abuse now moving forward in more abuse of power news we have US president Donald Trump would just a few days ago with the top brass of the U. S. military behind him gave us these I'm than this comments live music on the blues what's going on create not everyone to sit around hi there I nnova rain military people Christmas holidays and things you have a great evening thank you all for coming one former president Bill Clinton and but I think I have an idea of course Donald Trump has been tight lipped out or making those kind many people are speculating that could be in regards to the Iran a nuclear deal which the decision is coming down on soon some people are saying it's a hint at war with North Korea since Donald Trump took to his Twitter yesterday and said sorry but only one thing will work after talking about that failed a diplomatic relations between the US and North Korea which by the way when 1446 random Americans were polled can't even find it on the world map but yet still while 36 percent of Americans on average cannot find north Korean on the map we still have 40 percent of Americans that support the bombing and war with North Korea and I don't know about you but more war more entanglements overseas I don't I don't think it arm are making America great again or putting America first but let me know what you think in the comments section below and the news gets worse as were also finding out that a fourth U. S. soldier was just killed in Africa and the country of Niger after another deadly ambush on U. S. troops which makes me ask the question why the hell are US troops fighting in Niger right now seriously that's that's a serious question what's up what's the what's the fake reason that they put out there for the U. S. general public and what's the real reason I I don't know if you want me to make a video about this and do more research about this also let me know in the comments section below and then other putting our troops in harm's way for what news we also find out 4 days ago that the US is going to be something more than 3000 US troops to Afghanistan now and for watch to continue the same mission that was started by George W. bush sick teen years ago which failed over and over and over again while increasing the world's population of opium all over the entire world in getting our country and losing men and service women of country for what I was telling you guys this was going to happen while I got Flack for calling it out couple weeks ago other people decided to believe other alternative media that was telling you is really a drawdown in reality it's not also this week to spread more democracy and freedom all over the world the U. S. state department just approved a $15000000000 sale of advance tad anti missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia you know the same country that just this week be headed 3 more people the same country that the United States just sided with and failed to condemn it when it comes to the death penalty for gay people in their country of I won't what else do you need to know about you explore Paul just selling the most advanced military technology to a despotic countries like Saudi Arabia out of course finance supported the rise of al Nusra ISIS al queda and other radical Islamic terrorist groups all over the world which by in fact this week we also found out that a majority of them are surrendering in mass right now in Iraq were over 1000 ISIS fighters have turned themselves in to the authorities and will face repercussions for their horrible actions which by the way if you didn't know were supported by Israel the United States and Saudi Arabia which even Russia officially as they have officially accused the United States of helping ISIS inside of Syria and now in a very shocking geo political news update this week we're also finding out that Russia and Saudi Arabia announced $1000000000 energy military deal that will also grant Russia's advanced military technology allowing them to buy the Russian as 400 surface to air missile systems to Saudi Arabia which not only creates a new Middle East dynamic but totally reverses Russia's foreign policy when they were butting heads with Saudi Arabia when there were involved in a proxy war in sight of Syria this is a major geopolitical shift on the world stage which I could only understand as the Russian strategic move trying to court Saudi Arabia to advance the D. dollarization war against the Petro dollar that Russia and China being against United States an economic war that hinges on Saudi Arabia's compliance with the United States and Saudi Arabia treating oil on US dollars that's just my personal opinion as Russia has been supporting and backing many countries around the world we're making geopolitical economic moves against the United States I might be wrong but if I am let me know in the comments section below and now in other confusing news around the world we have a very interesting situation developing in Barcelona right now and after recent vote for independence by the Catalan people which was marked by violence by the police people are asking the question what's going to happen next 4 days ago Catalan leaders said after the vote that they would declare independence this Monday October 19 away from the Spanish government the Spanish government responded by suspending the Catalan parliament in wake of the independence vote to prevent this from happening we're learning from European press agencies that Spanish commandos have deployed in Catalan and are ready to see key infrastructure if Catalonia does declare independence right now as a risk being there's a protest inside of Barcelona with people calling for cattle and to stay with Spain what some of the protest members openly performing the fascist salute and ultimately really the situation is still very up in the air and very tense to see what will develop but we will be following it closely on this you to chat so yeah ... I'm that's that's that's that's us that's that's the news very river for this week sorry I wish I could be more optimistic yeah that's what that's what's happening around the world the truth is not always pleasant but I would still rather prefer to be awake then asleep if you enjoyed this program share it with your friends and family members don't forget to support us on we are changed on for size donate because gosh darn if you don't know what else well thank you again so much for watching I love you guys //
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Las Vegas Unsettling Details Emerge
\\let's be honest with ourselves as an independent news organization it's been very difficult covering the latest developments that been happening in Las Vegas there's been a lot of mass confusion a lot of speculation a lot of people making up facts lot people playing the blame game with news organizations and naming unnamed sources that supposedly fit the shooter in with their own political confirmation bias sees which we have been personally calling out and trying to give you the facts of the case the latest developments and the details like we will try in this video and unlike other news sources try to do it with integrity but now it's going to become a lot more difficult as we're getting very alarming details from you too that just announce that they will be tweaking their search results as Las Vegas conspiracy theories rise to the top now to be honest with you there are a lot of bad troop crazy conspiracy theories that muddy the water with this information and propaganda to make look like anyone who's asking any critical questions of a major event to be just a Looney crazy tinfoil hat wearing insane person those people do exist and the reason why this new YouTube policy announcement it's frightening it's not because it will stop those crazy people but because it will stop anyone asking any critical questions of any major event in the future as you to pronounce the company said it is a salary reading though rollout of planned it changes to its search engine on Wednesday night the company began promoting more authoritative sources in search results especially for those about major news events now who does YouTube Google alphabet view as an authoritative source of news well they will tell you but most likely it's their establishment voices of mainstream media corporations like CNN or MSNBC CNBC and I could go on and on and on all establishment voices that are seen as or toward Tate of that just push the status quo repeat what is said to them by other authority figures have utterly lost their reputation with the American public that's why people are no longer watch the news they're going online to get their information from unbiased independent news sources and now those sources will be silenced will be muted won't be in the suggested video won't be in the search engine what being a recommended video and then these authoritative voices which previously lied about wars lied about banker ballots and so many other things those will be the institutions that now will control the narrative while side sing anyone not establishment mainstream media and toes the status quo line like this channel and many other legit independent news channels on YouTube that are asking legitimate questions of authority and now you the viewer are more important than ever when it comes to sharing actual legitimate criticisms of authority so now you too will only make sure the general public sees the authoritative voices which of course are from mainstream media outlets that regurgitate everything that the government and other authority figures tell them which have been caught multiple times lying to the general public in order to hide either their incompetency or just criminal behavior sometimes those same authoritative voices like The Washington Post that is literally mocking survivors off to Las Vegas massacre by making fun of an Instagram star Dan Brazilian who by the way almost died that night saw a girl next to him get shot in the face live through horror and the Washington post is deciding to make fun of him calling him a hypocrite and a coward because he fled the scene during a mass murder shooting what else are you supposed to do during our mass shooting making fun of a survivor of this horrendous event this really shows an all time low for disk rated piece of rag that some people call a newspaper that in reality is just the propaganda paper that also has their own YouTube channel that YouTube would most likely see as an authoritative voice that will be pushed and recommended to everyone in that some other bull crap along with the other rap is the mainstream media is pushing on the American people which we will get into video but first let's go over some of details that have just emerged about this latest Las Vegas massacre that happen because the actual details of this matter are actually very important we're learning today that the Las Vegas shooter transferred over $100000 overseas and days before this attack his brother came out and said that their quote wealthy people and not $100000 isn't that much money for them we're also learning that this Las Vegas shooter had 50 pounds of explosive materials in his car and an additional 1000 sitting around in the whole tell parking lot of the MGM grand he had cameras set up inside and outside of his hotel room so he can monitor the entire situation that went down we're also finding out that he worked as a government employee for over a decade inside of the department of defense IRS and even the US post office the Las Vegas review journal even reported that he was prescribed a psychotropic drug that one of the side effects included violent behavior which he was prescribed weeks before this incident and even though the medication he was prescribed is used as a sedative and calming medication the side effects of this medication or confusion hallucinations unusual thoughts or behavior unusual risk taking behavior decreased inhibitions no fear of danger depressed mood thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself hyperactivity agitation aggression and hostility we're also getting new information from the authorities that they have seen evidence that this Las Vegas shooter actually plants to survive and possibly escape this mass shooting photos leaked from inside of his hotel room apparently show a letter that he laughed authorities have since admitted to the presence of this letter but said it was not a suicide note and in true on transparent fashion however they have remained tight lipped on the contents of this letter and the discrepancies don't just end there as there has been a room service receipt leaked online that is a leading many people believe that there was a second person involved in the shooting that list that this room service was for 2 people and shows that the shooter was in the room on September 27 and not the 20 eighth which police officer stated before now the whole tell employee posted these receipts on his Facebook page before later deleting them and even wrote that quote I think I talked to the Mandalay bay assassin and I was alone with him for several minutes the assailant's name is on the receipt and directly contradicts the police reports of when this issue into the hotel we're also finding out that this shooter booked 2 rooms at the Blackstone hotel in Chicago overlooking the Lollapalooza event and has rented multiple rooms the looking over 2 separate festivals in Vegas and Chicago previously before one of them being a rap concert which directly contradicts info wars that attempted to to assert without any proof that the shooter was an anti trump liberal with ties to anti file an ISIS the Iraq war vet that gave the exact location of this Vegas shooter just came out recently and said that it took police over an hour to respond and said that if felt like it took them too long to get over there to take amount now of course there's a lot of theories and speculation out there about what actually happened what was the motive why did this happen some of them that I believe have been thoroughly Diplock but this still leaves a lot of important questions that are not being answered by a very tight lipped authority who even themselves say that the motive still remains elusive to them and whatever the truth may be it's still important to ask questions to get there and not just speculate and make up theories which I refuse to do on this YouTube channel but there are forces behind the scenes that are looking to benefit from this tragedy not only by politicizing it but by pushing other political agenda this significant event will create changes for our way of life as we've seen the New York times write an op ed today calling for the repeal of the second amendment we've also seen a very strange post on 4 chan made 3 weeks ago by an anonymous poster who called himself John that wrote 3 weeks ago warning users to stay away from any gatherings of large groups of people in the Vegas or nearby Henderson area stating that he had insider knowledge of what he referred to as a high incident project where he even wrote that he can't guarantee any thing will happen tomorrow that was Setembro eleventh of this year but Las Vegas is quote on their minds and then he went on to specifically name former head of the department of homeland security Michael Chertoff and casino owner and billionaire Sheldon Aldo's in as the 2 men set to profit most off the wave of new regulations set to spring up in response to this Vegas incident now this is just a random 4 chan post so take that with a grain of salt but the fact does it remain that people like Chertoff and those behind similar companies do stand to profit costly in the months to come from the new security panic this incident will likely produce and we're already seeing the push by media organizations like the Huffington post that right article saying quote do you S. hotels need metal detectors already metal detectors and body scanners have been put into some a Las Vegas hotels in response to this incident and then the former chief of staff of the department of homeland security a former CIA agent now CEO of the shirt off Group 1 on CNBC and said in a free society there's no way to eliminate this kind of risk in a free society you will not be safe freedom is bad and then recommended that in addition to intelligent sharing you can also do a number of steps to per establish a secure perimeter using a various types of screening technology screen technologies A. K. A. body scanners metal detectors which the shirt off group which he is CEO of this security consulting agencies includes a client that manufactures the machines his company directly represents the companies that make the scanners and that's why even Gawker put it into 9 that Michael Chertoff is so excited about full body scanners company that people described in effect is a shadow homeland security agency that has recruited at least 11 top officials from the department of homeland security as well as former CIA director Michael Hayden now take this information with a grain of salt but I important for the stand that the same authoritative voices that are having representatives and CEOs of major companies that are pushing for body scanners are also the ones who are going to be in cooperation selling them to you let's not jump to conclusions let's not speculate here let's stay with the facts and of course we're gonna be following this event very closely on this independent news channel that isn't supported or backed by any authoritative figures but you the viewer and we are for it slash donate where your donations whether through PayPal or mail or big point help keep us fully free and fully independent doing the important work heaping us fully independent and fully free to give you this sort of news if you appreciated it please share it we are friends of family members let me know what you think in the comments section below and of course stay tuned for more here on port slash we are change //
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Las Vegas Shooting. The Facts So Far
\\everybody Jason Burma's here reporting for we are and today we're going to have to talk about the events in Las Vegas at the Mandalay bay and at this concert as we know them right now now first of all when I first heard the news I was in shock ... opening fire on a large crowd of people indiscriminately with heavy ammunition is probably one of the most deplorable things you could possibly do now when this first began and the and the actual stories began to run I thought to myself well this is probably somebody who is on medications SSRIs antidepressants and that that is probably the cause of it if the narrative we were being given was in fact the truth now in this video we're really not gonna speculate we're going to put out evidence and let you the viewer decide how valid that evidence is because right now we had people out of the gates saying this guy was a trump supporter other people saying he had M. T. for stuff on him both of which sound extremely speculative Timmy so as far as the official narrative has gone this is a lone gunman in his early to mid sixties who had a lot of money due to gambling he also apparently wired his wife $0 outside of the country just prior to these attacks and claim them because he was there since the 20 eighth several days before the attack actually took place they've now said they found over 20 weapons in his room which he took up on multiple trips while he was staying at the hotel now the speculation begets obviously people have tried to pin this on one side or the other so we can benefit their own political rhetoric and others have claimed false flag out of the gates but once again we're going to look at what's out there now 0 hedge has posted an article showing the majority of the videos out there that claim to show the possibility of either a second shooter or the shooting happening on the lower level 8 K. not the 30 second floor now will show you a few clips of these videos and what they're talking about ... basically a flashing other videos have also claimed to debunk this fear oh sure right with her boyfriend start a claim everybody was going to die that night and then was escorted off by security I'm not sure if this has any relevance or any significance whatsoever but it's out there and we figured we show it to you yes because she had been messing with the lady in front of her and telling her that she was gonna die so we're all gonna die so they escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people in front of them but none of us knew that it was going to be serious now apparently there's also footage that is surfaced of the shooter Steven Patrick in one of those pussy hats which would align him with feminism and possibly the liberal or progressive left again I don't know how well this is we can't confirm it Steven paddock but it is something that's going around so we want to show you that too now I'm going to reluctantly include this information as well I have a contact who is a former professional athlete and I'll leave it at that who also resides in Vegas and he gave me some second and third hand information that I cannot verify Lou going to put out into the public arena in case any of this evidence later comes up on the police scanners or somewhere else he claimed there were reports of multiple shooters from multiple areas including the New York New York the Tropicana and the Excalibur and that at 1.they had somebody in custody who is dropping I. E. dis on the strip that were found I am so lastly I would like to remind everybody out there that this no matter what it is not a left or right issue this is truly about right and wrong who would dare fire into an open crowd of people executing innocents everywhere at random it has nothing to do with somebody's political beliefs but everything to do with their own mental illness and I really hope that this issue does not become a divisive one and that the truth does come out as to what actually occurred as always if you like this video please subscribe shared on social media follow me on Twitter at Jason Burma's and if you can go to we are changed out or make that donation it's only through your financial support that videos like this one are possible //
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Breaking Out Of The Cancerous Divide and Conquer Matrix
\\this is like asking of we are changed in Oregon today we have the distinct honor and pleasure to be joined by the man the myth the legend the one and only G. Edward Griffin ... very important scholar the man who wrote creature from Jekyll island in in this video we're gonna be talking about a lot of important information that you need to know regarding cancer the cancer society red pill university solutions and so much more but first thought first of all before we start ... Mister Griffin you've done so much incredible work for so many decades now I'm wondering from your kind of perspective are we 3 year than we were before are we more divided than we were before what is your kind analysis and understanding of the current situation of humanity from where it was before well I think that's a pretty easy and answer because ... if you have any kind of historical perspective and you can mentally rewind you're in your consciousness back to say even 10 years ago certainly if you go back 20 or 30 years ago you can see that our freedom to to act to say things freedom to earn a living in the way we want to freedom to travel all of our freedoms are greatly reduced to what they were in it's a continuous just continues that way and it's it's accelerating at the present time so I you know we could this is the growth of ... we're living in an era of the growth of government control and regulation all supposedly for our own good you understand they keep telling us that because we have terrorism out there and we had drugs out there and when we got pornography out there and all these bad things so ... we have to be content with giving up our liberties in order to gain our security I mean that's the party line and unfortunately many people are buying into that because they think it's real well I think a lot of it also has to do it kind of psychology and propaganda and misinformation with either corporations or government or the powers that be using our own kind of weaknesses using our own kind of ... emotions against us what do you think is the biggest purveyor of this kind of bigger divide and conquer agenda this kind of bigger eliminating of our freedom well I'm glad you said the purveyor because that too is easy to say it's our media it's our ... we caught the mainstream maybe I don't think it's mainstream anymore its dominant that's for sure but it doesn't represent the mainstream of America its purpose I think has become too ... engineer the mainstream change the thinking of the mainstream people and ... and is doing a good job by the way ... and here again it's easy to see that happen I remember too long ago were that the mainstream media as we call it now was pretty well being able to ... hide behind the facade that it was neutral it went to great at ... strides to preserve the appearance at least being neutral and and that was very effective when they were doing that people said well here they've looked at both sides and other honest people and killed will be influenced by their opinions in their direction but now it's all out in the open I mean they're obviously participant it's in the debate their activist themselves they are the contestant there on this there are one of the contestants and yet some people still have forgotten I think that the the to look at that they still think that the media is a neutral so anyway to answer your question is is clearly the media and that that leads to the other issue which is the rise of the alternative and again I hate to even use that word alternative although that's the one we used this is the rise of the new media I would call and ... and you yourself for a major part of that you see in its its think one of the great advantages of the technology we have with the internet and ... all the smart phones in it at all wireless this wireless that weekend as little individuals have our voice get up there into the air waves and and it's very democratic because people can choose well the powers that be don't like that very much in the course are trying to clamp down on the internet clamped down on broadcasting clapped and everything in the name of protecting us from terrorism and pornography even crime and all of that because that's the trick that people fall for but they're just working as hard as they can more and more controls on even the new media this is a very dangerous thing happening because they could succeed and it depends on how vigorous and we are in pushing back I couldn't agree with you more because information and knowledge and and power are the most important thing truth could bring down corporations an empire and its critically key for these people to control the narrative and we saw the internet when it first came out it in red paled and and woke so many people up to the real issues that really was concerning everyone and now we're kind of seeing it being more restricted and I I I kinda do see kind of weaponized information pushing people either to the extreme left or the extreme right also with suppose ID independent media now today ... so I just wanted to get kind of your take on this anti 5 verses all right fighting over statues fighting over ... these kind of celebrities fighting over things that really have no effect on our lives what is your take on it's kind of bigger dividing conquer happening right now I think it's a very important issue that you've touched their it it should be obvious to anybody that stands back a little bit and and looks at the scenario out there that the the high visibility of the so called alt right and the so called alt laugh what is the basis of that is high visibility every time you turn on your television set ... or even go all go on the internet all the speeds up there you see the you know the anti if ... against the white nationalism all the stuff from the statues commendable it's it's theater it's good theater I end not why is a good thing some people would say well it's because it sells so the media does that simply because that's how the stupid public wants to to be entertained where would I be scared like looking at a horror movie kids like ghost stories because it scares them you know and there's some expected some truth to that I'm here to tell ghost stories to my kids they loved it at all wound that was scary things well I think that the public is in a little bit ... it in a category like that but I don't think that's the main thing that's ... when you look at these groups are the so called right leapt who's financing them are these just ... rank and file people that have regular jobs and they are all on fire because of their ideology in their their ... affinity to some issue Noel that all of them will the ones the leaders that you see her on a television being interviewed they're all working for some school are always on the payroll of some university so there Vera or some grade school even now in high schools they're all on the public payroll but they're just the organizers and you look at all of these people and they're professionals they're professionals and season supper the same anti but people showing up in one city of annexing and they're bussed around where is this all coming from where the money coming from for this well even that is not hard to find and we all know this our good friend George Soros is putting hundreds of millions of dollars into these kinds of organ and then there it that did most of that money goes to the so called left but there's another source of money that's going more obscure going to the so called right and that's coming from the deep state I think it I guess it's probably coming from the CI a or something that we don't even know what it's name is and okay now this is my opinion based on I don't know what a study of the strategies of these things over the years so it is it's my opinion on and I think that both sides are being financed by the group that wants to convert our nation into a totalitarian and there'd financing both sides for the so sole purpose of creating as much chaos hatred and animosity and violence as they can they can't do it all across the country so they pick their spots and they make sure the media is there and then they buster people went and then they put on a little war and it's it's theater but it looks very real when you're looking at the television set and usually only got this happened in Cincinnati now look what's happening in Detroit or in Florida now and so forth and so the average viewer says on the whole country is burning burning a package coming up are burning up when in reality it's theater and why are they doing that I think they're doing it because they want the semblance of civil war and actually they're trying to bring about real civil war they're trying to trick innocent people into it big they got fed up watching this stuff and they they look at one side or the other depending on what their view point is and these theater is creating genuine animosity and hatred and creating hatred so that I think what they want is the red next to come out and all the extreme lefties to come out and start killing each other shelf the real goal but thereafter you see I you see how much violence there is out there we must declare martial law and so many Americans will say oh thank goodness you finally solved the problem and they don't realize that martial law has been the goal all along and that's the reason doing it that's my analysis yeah it's a perfect Hegelian dialectic of problem reaction solution which we've been talking about a very long time on this YouTube channel and more people are saying well we need a bigger police state and we've seen Donald Trump with his legislative actions meet those kind of concerns and needs from the people and reality were all losing fighting over statues meanwhile ... the middle class is being Visser rated were being bankrupted with all these foreign wars there's no antiwar movement our food and water supplies being poisoned cancer's going up male male infertility is going up ... and there's corporate government war against humanity and and and people like well loan that there's a statue over there to think I'm needs I just wanna tell people to wake up in and kind of moving on to the next subject do you also did you know kind of working understanding cancer and understanding some of ... the solutions towards that would you mind you just sharing your kind of research and and the information that you talked about that because I think this is an important aspect for people to understand sits and sits it it affects all of us but not many people know exactly what's happening yeah that too is a really ... important topic and I appreciate the opportunity to talk about it because I don't get too many opportunities to the people don't ask me about that they're more interested in what's happening in the street but when you think about it there's more death and destruction suffering going on in hospital wards and in the bedrooms of dying people around the world certainly in the United States from cancer so talking about a great challenge to humanity there is so I got into this some years ago quite by accident I had no background in medicine had no interest but well I'm young I would get along and it when I get sick I go to the doctor who picks me up kind of ready made attitude and I looking looking back on it I realize how that was kind of fed to me too trained to believe that now I realize that we all have a risk ability for health I can't just slough it off to others because if you do that you'd be running the risk of becoming victimized because there are powerful I learned are a powerful commercial interest in the health industry and the cancer component of that is probably the most powerful of all there's more money spent on fighting cancer just about anything I can think of unless it's fighting wars and it does so anyway there's a lot of money there and when you think about it if they ever found a cure for cancer what happened all about employment it will be gone and I have had people in the medical profession tell me quite frankly but they want to find a control for catch a control but not a cure the control especially if it's a patented medicine means that you can have an income for life because you can sell your pills for your shots to somebody all the light they had to have that they have to have it you care what it costs they have to have it and this is the ideal this is the business model but I discovered exists and the cancer industry it's a it's a horrible business my so having said that now we deal with what it's cancer and Isher control for that doesn't cost a lot of money is there a cure for and we don't have a lot of time to go deeply into this but my conclusions after 8 years or so to really get into it ... with a lot of help from doctors and researchers who knew a lot more and I ... conclusion was that ... cancer is not caused by it's caused by the lack of some something in our diet actually no it's aggravated by electromagnetic radiation it's a deadly that's what they used to treat cancer it makes a lot of sense but we all know electromagnetic radiation radiology like honest of causes cancer that's what they're using to treat cancer and is done with catcher's because a triggered I should say by toxic elements in our environment maybe a lot of toxic preservatives in our foods and so forth but the actual the actual cancer itself I learned from these professionals these doctors is nothing more less than the healing process of the body fighting against these things the body heals itself against damage and it it's constantly replacing damaged cells if they didn't do that we wouldn't couldn't live so it's a natural process and what happens is because of a primarily because of an inch sufficient dietary substance talk about that moment of the ability to heal gets old tweaked the cell structure reproduce and replace the old dead ones sick ones and then they come to the point where they're already healed now what do you do well something happens to the chemical or the electrical and electrical signals to say okay sealed stop and it just continues to create new cells it over heals and continues to heal and that's what we call cancer it's sort of an oversimplified view of it but so you come to the startling conclusion the cancer is a normal process gotten out of whack well you don't you don't to treat that by surgery or radiation or chemotherapy you treat little lack of what what was that thing lacking causing those cells to go to get out of order so that's the basic theory that I ... was introduced to buy a lot of doctors and researchers and makes sense to me so I really dug into it and that did my own independent research and confirmed it to myself that's what cancer really is not what is this food factor it's called amygdalin its native form is it's everywhere by the way it's ubiquitous it's found in some 1400 edible plants so why do we have cancer of all we have to do is eat the stuff was because we don't eat we don't eat those plants why a better that's one of the trademarks of amygdalin it has a bitter taste if you ever ate an apple seed chewed up the apples I'm talking about that is the substance with the taste like and it's found in now seeds a lot cut sheets peach seeds plum seeds even Terry seeds it's found in grasses it's found everywhere consist bond loop in some of our foods ... but we select against those foods we hybridize against those Lima beans used to have a pretty good dose of a big deal well Lima beans still don't taste very good to me that kind of black but if they were worse I 80 or 90 years ago and so the hybridize them so they got rid of the amygdala and so now they're not so bad and everywhere you look you see this process of selection against amygdalin in our natural foods and that happens mostly in advanced societies where we can afford to do that and primitive societies that can afford to do that eat the natural foods and wouldn't you know primitive societies a lot less can in some cases Nokia meanwhile we in the civilized world in the advanced nations that were our cancer rates are going through and that's a clue ... out that I'm good thank you so much for sharing that information with me I remember ... my mom once I had ... apricot seed shoes like take this the government doesn't want you to have those and I'm a good amount money mean a leg and and ... my mom wasn't really a week to all this stuff and I started to give her information given information ... and then she even surprised me ... but I know that the problem solution is is such a so much bigger than we can even talk about we talk about this for hours you wrote a whole book on this topic a but I kind of wanted introduce because I'm always interested in okay this is what's happening it's not plain to the divide and conquer this is a real issue that you should know about do more research about which will actually help you ... and you've been doing really incredible work helping out humanity you know you have a new project called ... you'd our rental university ... could you tell us about that yes and then there's a huge topic but I'll try to make this short on many of us have been aware of these and similar problems for a long time and as you said earlier some people just don't wanna hear about it because it's too controversial is to mind bending is too depressing whatever the reason it's just too heavy and it's always been a challenge to me is how do we break past that resistance how do we get more and more people to the point where they're at least look at what we're talking about and not just close the door automatically and ... I think we found it a year ago ... we decided to put on something called the red pill expo okay I think most of your viewers know about the red pill versus the blue pill and the movie called the matrix and all of that but the ideas if you take the red pill you you can see life the way it really is you break out of the illusion you break out of the matrix but if you don't like it if it's too harsh and you'd rather just be comfortable and not be aware of the truth then you take the blue pill and you go back to sleep and you can to be exploited by your hidden masters well I thought it was pretty good allegory for what's really happening in the world so we built the red pill ask ... expo around that theme and it and the idea was that there are a lot of illusions out there it's not just politics but about health we're talking about health now and a lot of things ... so we thought we would open this up and use that theme is kind of a popular fun way of getting slowly into some very heavy and serious serial and it worked we all of a sudden people that have any though the red collection that sounds more like more fun than going to a constitutional revival with it and that so I was kind of surprised I really was surprised but not as much as I was surprised it really worked well and I'm delighted so we decided that we had a great a conference by the way in Bozeman Montana of obligation and ... OP a 600 people came from all over the country they came from 12 I mean all of the U. S. the caper 12 different countries and was so so so successful we decided we're going to do it of course every year but when I walked out of there look I thought you know we can't just let this drop we can't wait any year we have to keep this momentum going so we decided to create the red pill university it's sort of a continuation of the expo but it's a goal never going on 365 days a year a nap will of course keep the whole thing together that's the the communication channel but more than that morning far more important than just a nap in the a conference and emails and stuff like that is the fact that we're in the process right now installing little campuses physical campuses in every county in the United States we'll have boots on the ground so this and this is really exciting because this is what the the the extremists of I'm one even used the word left because it's not that the people that really want to change my for the worse and put asunder tele turning rule they have used this technique of little groups in local communities all around the country and we just stood by as at all my gut gutter here they're there and we have done nothing about it so now we're in the process of the country building groups in every county right now United States that's the promise and I think the goal that future reality the red pill university lots of sounds a bit of a project I'm gonna be lending my support and try to help you guys as much as I can ... with that project because really information is key if we had of really ... good media and mainstream media we wouldn't be having these kind of mock civil wars that we're seeing in the streets we wouldn't have out of control corporate industries that take advantages of your illnesses ... so I I just want to say thank you so much for all the incredible work you've been doing ... I always have and I think Donner pleasure to be able to listen to you to talk to you I hope everyone else did as well if you did share this video the link to Jed rigor friends website will be in the description below and of course I want to thank everyone so much on the bottom of my heart for watching and supporting real independent media love you guys //
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Las Vegas Mass Murder: A Deeper Perspective and Understanding
\\it feels like the worse a national tragedy is the worst comes out and people and of course I'm talking about the hundreds who were injured the dozens who are no longer with us on this earth for simply wanting to view a concert in Las Vegas while I sit here trying to carefully watch my words or my tweets are my Facebook statuses to try not to offend or hurt anyone during this time of morning during this time of trauma and pain for hundreds of people other people are not really doing that and they deserve to be called out so in this video we are going to be talking about the mainstream media and also parts of the independent media that we're gonna call out that are really tensors on this society and not only how they need to be stopped but how we could actually help with that which I'm gonna bring up at the end of this video and actually have a time stamp in the description so if you don't want to watch the rest of this video you can just skip forward to that very important part that I'm gonna get into what happened in Las Vegas just a few hours ago is a horrific national tragedy and yet still people try to make it all about themselves we see a lot of nitpicking of information like this treat that said that the shooter supposedly shouted trump and many people on the left saying that this was a white supremacist trump supporter that committed these heinous acts we have major news organizations putting the blame on white American men calling them a bigger domestic threat than Muslim foreigners there's politicians and pundits who seed this suffering and yet still want to use it as a platform to push a political agenda like we just saw Hillary Clinton who even herself with complete lack of hindsight said that we quote must put politics aside but in the same sentence say stand up to the NRA and we don't even know that the exact details of what exactly happened or how it happened or why but a lot of the loudest voices now are the ones who are most disconnected from the emotional suffering that people are going through like one of the top executive that CBS who said quote that she had no sympathy for the Vegas victims as they were as she puts it country music fans who are often Republican gun toting now of course she was just promptly fired because of those public comments that she made on our Facebook page but the delusion doesn't just view from the left but also the right the news is lying FBI HRT did they hit on the guy and I found a anti fog information in the room and photos of the woman in the Middle East shall he did not kill himself the FBI hostage rescue team killing because he was firing on them no he did not let me take a live and die reportedly he did it I and it was ... anti for crap everywhere and other things I'm not supposed to mention and where is this a narrative that fits perfectly into the fear mongering that this right wing news organization has been pushing for years now where there is this information come from who put their name behind this baseless claim that this was an anti far ISIS member what evidence did they have and surprise it's quote a deep level intelligence insider an anonymous source not providing any evidence but very conveniently providing this suppose that news organization with the boogie man of all bill demands that they could combine together in order to scare the crap out of you and works conveniently with their business model that is mainly a fear mongering operation that then sell this entire article starts off with their first premise that they use to base on everything and that is that the Las Vegas police department lied and that this horrible human being didn't kill himself but was shot and killed by during the raid they even have a screen shot of the communication that happen on the police scanner and put gunshot in the official transcript which if you actually go to the actual audio of the police scanner at the time wasn't dare reincarnate 30 seconds wars wondered boasted reach everyone in ongoing needs a little mac all units move backwards ridge ridge and I suggest everyone will listen to that audio because you don't hear a gunshot you don't hear police officer saying shots fired suspect shot and down and then they add that 2 officers were injured because of a shoot out meanwhile the to Las Vegas police officers worship rock when the madman was shooting from his window down into the crowd and during these traumatic mainstream media events it's impossible to understand who's telling the truth because pundits personalities and the media are jumping the gun to make sure that they get enough clicks and revenue from a story that everyone is trying to desperately find out what happened and they're shifting the blame on either anti far white supremacist ISIS members NRA members it doesn't matter but they will put and blame a group for this what out any actual evidence and there's so many different theories mention right now one of the ones that I criticized could be right but it's important for you to understand the agenda what people have to gain from these accusations but most importantly how they're doing a huge this service hedging their bets so they could be right and that people will forget about their misrepresentations in the future and we can't let that happen for very specific reasons I'm going to get into in just a little bit and let's also be honest here governments don't have the best track record with telling the truth the during these big major events and unlike the personalities and media who do it for fame and profit the government usually does it to hide either their incompetence or compliance during these major events but moving forward with more details about this event it is clear that isis is supposedly ability for this even though the suspect is a 60 year old white grandfather that the FBI said had no connections to ISIS and there's actually no evidence for these claims that all with ice is having a long history of bragging about actions that they never committed before we also learn from the brother of the suspect that we shouldn't with anything as far as we know people will begin to learn your every word why no witnesses and there's there's nothing that's what I mean I used to things for a living among my job to find the answers and this is like then walked now that's the suspect's own brother which means you should take his comments with a grain of salt but even authorities are baffled at the motive behind this him this crime that happens there's another witness to this attack that says that there was an actual lady 45 minutes before the attack that said that she was screaming that quote we were all going to die tonight which should be looked into but could be accidental we know the suspect was also a pilot and had 2 planes his father was an armed robber on the FBI's most wanted list who reportedly had suicidal tendencies and should be Sittard armed and very dangerous when he was on the FBI most wanted list we know the suspect also worked for Lockheed Martin the world's largest defense contractor about 30 years ago under predecessor a company and that he also recently had very large gambling transactions where he gambled sometimes more than $10000 per day and it's some instances greater than 20 or $30000 at Las Vegas casinos with the which some of them he had major lawsuits within the details here are still very murky the government and authorities are being very tight lipped about what they're now because it's a I'm going investigation and that's impossible for me or for anyone out there in the media business to tell you what else certainty this was one group or another or this was the motivation unless I'm just totally speculating and taking things out of my buttocks and I'm not and I refuse to do that because the truth is more important than anything and I could sit here and lie and speculate and probably get a lot of you ad revenue but I would never want do that on the graves of innocent human beings and one of the main reasons why I am making this video is to think about another critical idea that I believe has a lot of truth in it from this forensic psychiatrist who said we've had 20 years of mass murderers throughout which I have repeatedly told CNN and our other media if you don't want to propagate more mass murders don't start the story with sirens blaring school day it impeaches 3:00 hours and did it do everything you can on edge in the car awesome 6 15 people are dead killer anti dressed in black combat gear the gunman opened fire at random to localize this story to the effect community and make it as boring as possible in every other market because every time we have intense saturation coverage of a mass murder we expect to see one or 2 more with an open and that's exactly the coverage that's happening right now with this latest tragedy in Las Vegas it is being incentivize because of peoples clicks because of people's attention to be as loose with the facts as sensational as emotional and that's white media executives are talking about not having any sympathy that's why pundits and politicians are using this as a way to push their agenda because ultimately these people are not only making about themselves but they're making the situation a lot worse and a lot more dangerous than it should be wall forgetting about the true suffering that's actually happening to individuals and human beings and you could stop that you could turn off the television you could stop a clicking click bait titles that are totally wrong you could stop supporting media organizations that have a clear bias a clear agenda and are driven only by popularity and fame would add revenue to add to their bolstered ego and pride now understand you vote what year clicks and you shouldn't trust anybody even myself personally I made mistakes during major breaking traumatic events to get the jump on my competitors to be the first to get the story for getting the real traumatic events that happened in the people that were suffering and I made very critical mistakes that I will never forgive myself for and I promise never to do them again because they're just wrong if you disagree with me let me know in the comments section below I'm looking forward to your comments on what I'm sure will be a very divisive video thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting real independent media staying with us during these hard times I love you //
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Truth About Kurd and Catalan Referendum For Independence, Disgusting UK Prime Minister Exposed
\\welcome back beautiful amazing human beings to the we are chained Sunday recap episode where we go over import news you should know about and don't distract you at CIA propaganda about the rocket man or people kneeling which of course I see is a big distraction over all the other distractions that the mainstream media pushes on you so in this video we will be talking about what fascism actually looks like a former U. K. prime minister committing the worst act possible police fighting other police officers the war on drugs and other things to make you critically think and inform you about what's really happening in this world that we all share together as you know I've been doing a lot of traveling lately I got sick and of course I just missed one of the biggest stories happening right now and that is the Catalan independence movement where police officers from the local Catalan and Barcelona police actually clashed with the national police force of Spain and the Civil Guard during a vote that was supposed to happen for Catalonia's independence from the Spanish government and it wasn't just police officers clashing with police officers it was also other firefighters from the cattle industry that got brutalized and beat by the national Spanish police who in very large numbers sworn the cattle in area to prevent the voting for independence from even happening and as someone who has covered Spain's protest movements during the evening not ... before even occupy Wall Street I could tell you that the Spanish National Guard does not play around and they are one of the most repressive and brutal police departments out there in the world but I think everyone's realizing that right now and as we're talking right now the ATP is saying that over 460 people are injured right now in Catalunya and from my experiences and knowledge that number will be even close to the official people who were hurt from the videos that I'm seeing online pouring in all over social media and the crazy thing about this this was done and not because of people protesting but because of people going to the voting booths where masked men from the Spanish government and national police force came in and ripped away the ballot box and voting boots from the Catalan people who wanted to cast their votes against the Spanish government leaving even the elderly be in and bloodied on the streets of Barcelona today I mean they even aware after a man and his dog a dog who wouldn't leave the side of his owner who's getting brutalized by the police today shocking images of grandma's with bloodied heads masked men at taking away people detaining hundreds with the pure brute force of government repression and ask the chaos ensues in Barcelona in Madrid the capital of Spain people are singing the fascist and dumb and giving the fascist salute in city town halls right now as we're speaking Google has lent their support to the Spanish government by censoring voting location naps US president Donald Trump and other world leaders have put their support behind the Spanish government which not so long ago was an actual fascist regime and historically speaking the tensions between the Spanish government and the Catalonia people have been going on for a very long time with the Spanish government being especially repressive for decades now against the cattle on people and the tension between the Catalan and Spanish government hasn't been higher ever since the fall of Frankel's military dictatorship in the 19 seventies and the real main issues boiling down here are not only historical or not only out of respect that the Catalan people want but also economic reasons the Catalan government says that they pay 11.$8000000000 to the Spanish tax authorities money of which that they say does not go back to Catalonia the Spanish government is saying that the number is more complex and that there isn't an official number of the tax dollars that the Spanish government takes away from Catalonia and the Spanish government is saying that the Catalonian government is violating people's voting rights and privacy is and that this vote in referendum is quote illegal but knowing anything about mass movements and protests and ideas the more that you tried to repress them the more popular they become and right now the cat alone independence movement is stronger than ever I deftly see more international support of the cattle on people now and this only being the beginning of conflict between the Spanish government and the cattle on people which of course we will be keeping a close eye on here on this YouTube channel and for freak 6 okay but hopefully won't get sick and I'll be able to be there on the ground next time and it's not just the cattle on people who want independence it's also the Kurds who are located inside the Middle East more specifically Iraq who want their independence which I think is a very important story since a lot of international players are actually involved in this Kurdistan independence movement that we're not really hearing much about in the U. S. mainstream media and just a few days ago on September 25 the Kurdistan region held a referendum on independence with the majority of 92.7 people voting in favor from succeeding from the rest of Iraq as a newly established state which gained support for many neo conservative house of representatives members of the United States government including John McCain himself who is John McCain made a secret trip serial last and you know wherever John McCain go seek early you know something's afoot here as him and other neo conservatives idealists like the prime minister of Israel president Benjamin Netanyahu have fully supported the Kurdish independence movement which it actually happened would create a better geopolitical situation for the United States Saudi Arabia and Israel and of course counter Iraq Iran and Turkey which had been at odds with those countries and that's why Israel supported the Kurdish independence movement which even the president of Turkey are gone claim to that Massad supposedly interfered in their independence vote a few days ago which of course Israel denied and this is an important story to me because it could lead to another potential conflict within the Middle East which is already riddled with conflict of course sectarian violence and conflicts among different Muslim sects and religions that have made the Middle East the destroyed place that it is right now and that's why Hezbollah's leader who are connected to the Iranian government are saying that this could lead to an internal war which it hasn't so far but the internal implications are very grand Iraq of course does not want Kurdish independence because it would take away a very oil rich area and as we're speaking just as of yesterday they're staging for civil war as the Iraqi government issued the Kurdish government an ultimatum to hand over their airports and control of their borders or will issue an air embargo on the Kurdish region threatening civilian air traffic of course this has sparked a closer alliance between Iraq and Iran which are now going to be conducting a joint military exercise which is going to be a show of force against the cards Iraqi parliament authorized the prime minister of Iraq to deploy troops into the Kurdish stand controlled areas and we're looking at a succession that could lead to a more violent result than what we're seeing in Spain right now also interestingly enough partisan girl who who is very critical against the Kurds and just had her face okay account deleted there's also alleged video from ISIS member saying that they are for a bit in to attack Kurds inside of Syria and Iraq which would make sense but can't really be cooperated other than this ISIS prisoners confession but that's a whole nother issue that we will get into into future we are change videos but most importantly what do you think about the Kurdish independence movement are you for it are you against it what do you think about this matter I'm looking forward to your comments in the section of this video and most importantly an opportunity to try to learn from you and now moving forward to more shocking and disturbing news today we are finding out that the former prime minister of the United Kingdom Sir Edward Richard George heat according to a police report or be used furloughed T. tune children boys as young as 11 after an unknown official investigation by the police which reported on the person who was head of the United Kingdom as a pet a file no this should be shocking news that someone in such a high level of government could commit such atrocious harbor wax and then never faced justice Fort Hood heat has already passed away and he will never face enemy judicial system for the horrible crimes that he has committed including the lives that he has damaged and it should be shocking to everyone the higher level numbers of peta files with Iran governments like Anthony Weiner who was just sentenced to 21 months in prison after sexually courting a 15 year old girl on Skype and Snapchat and the story becomes more disturbing when he learned about the complicity of the media and entertainment industry which just like we saw with the B. B. C. covering up the Jimmy Savile peta file scandal we're now seeing the New York times saying in an op ed why the quote admire Anthony Weiner I I I I I I am at a loss for words many times doing this job but I I still I'd I don't get this and I think it's very clear politicians should never be trusted however because mainly they're evil people only looking out for their best interest and do really creepy dark magic occult stuff especially when you go into the higher echelons of any kind of authority and what people become addicted to power don't do anything to keep it and expand it as receiving from our next story where we're learning that the trump administration is now ordering this book to hand over private information on anti trump activists as the department of justice is demanding Facebook hand over the personal information a potentially 6 thousands of its users to the U. S. government and now with Facebook complies with the DOJ which they most likely well it will mean the federal government will have access to the personal data including private messages of nearly 6000 users who simply like the disrupt a J. 20 page a huge overreach of power that would send from supporters of running for the hills if Hillary Clinton did this imagine imagine of Hillary Clinton was doing this to trump supporters and I don't like any government authority and I think we should all agree that this is an over step of power it's critically important for trump supporters to raise the alarms for this to let know that trumps base is not okay with this because in the next election if a Democrat comes in they will also have the same power and authority over you and this is the same government that it was just revealed days ago ruined the lives of 600 and 532 0 49 lives because of marijuana and cannabis you every 48 seconds the government bust down somebody's door or arrest somebody for simply using a plant that of course either makes you sleepy hit a lot of food or laughed a lot something I don't personally partake in but I believe in the freedom of others to partake in especially with cigarettes and alcohol being legal and the prohibition the being run by the state by the prison industrial complex by the pharmaceutical industry looked ridiculous back then and it is ridiculous now and needs to end and people need to realize just because your person is in office does it mean you should still support the expansion of that office because that office will soon turn against you and you have to understand as an American the government interests are not your interests as a U. S. senator Chris Murphy said it's worth asking why we spend $600000000000 a year on the military if we can't get more than 500 troops and 50 helicopters to Porto Rico that should make you think just for a little bit about where the interests really live okay moving on now actually some good news Monsanto has just been banned from the European Parliament as they have restricted parliamentary access to Monsanto after allegations that it unduly influenced studies into the safety into many commonly used pesticides assured the Europeans are weird but they actually did a good thing here since you know the power of Monsanto lobbyists and scientists Arab under handedly allowed the mass corporation to become one of the largest food suppliers of this world and also some of the very people that set policy since a lot of the American FDA directors were also for Monsanto executives and now that lobbying it stopped in the European Union and they won't be able to buy government like they always did before so yeah that is the news here for you today and remember it is only the ignorance that is allowing society to be acceptable the way it is right now and it is the stopping of this ignorance educating yourself empowering yourself understanding what's really happening in this world and changing your decisions that will really make impact on this world that's truly what I believe deep down and that's why I do this every single day so stay tuned subscribe to this YouTube channel and if you want to see is growing expansive artists on we are port slash donate because unlike the horse stream media prostitutes we don't have any corporations or governments dictating what we could say and do because we are supported by you only I love you guys thank you so much for allowing me to have this incredible opportunity stay tuned for more here on fort slash we are change //
"2017-09-29 21:07:06"
Sargon Of Akkad On Trump, Google And Who's Really In Charge
\\alright this is proven sun and Billy Mays here reported for you and you see Berkeley okay in all seriousness this look out give we are change that are gonna have the distinct pleasure to be joined by Sargon of a cod Carl Benjamin were here at the university of Berkeley and of course as I always want to talk to you but there's so many issues that are happening right now ... right now there's this whole kind of like free speech debate here which I think is really a distraction but I really wanted to talk to you about what I see as a bigger threat and that of course is the police here telling us to him of our cameras ... I really wanted to talk to you about something that I see is a bigger threat and that is cool cool the monopoly intelligence agency back that what's with their seed funding that has government subsidies that is really controlling the information highway right now and is censoring and altering in filtering what they deem as acceptable or not acceptable we both have been personally hit by this but for me personally right now looking at the news looking at all the developments happening around the world this the biggest concern to me because if you control formation you control everything how do you see it and how were you personally affected by the kind of Google monopoly CI a corporation that is ... right yes so it is definitely disturbing the amounts of market share the Google's monster minister crew I'm on the problem is that they've done it ... really through being gives Google is amazing it provides Amazin services that billions of people use love they even know it or not and with for example Google AdSense so many people myself for yourself included rely on that for our into and as soon as Google says right will be changing the terms and conditions we have the recalls we ... I have no choice and we don't have any rights to even complain about it because we agreed to in the first place and maybe we should be more wise bouts of both so basically we should be trying to diversify arms gets off Google as much as possible if for no other reasons to weaken that power in the market because of what has he seen for James to mobile Google is a highly ideological company there is no reason that an engineer I'd be able to write a manifesto of any kind that could bring the company to a screeching holds get the get summed up the chai the CEO to come back from his holiday to reinforce the orthodoxy to come back and say to Evernote this engineer was wrong Bubba they should simply have said thank you for your information got actual testing carrying adult if they had done that's nothing would have happened it would have meant nothing big just show you something about the culture this obviously taken holding vehicle the diverse city culture and it's 8 because the panic in the house Susan Majeed he writes in fortune magazine that no there were no biological differences between men and women and it was like why she was in this this is ludicrous this is hoping a flock of the when it comes to gender this is the hub being up science deniers and it's insane but this is the this is the attitude around divest the that is controlling Google and given the phenomenal power of Google I don't see why we would expect him to remain neutral and and the worst part is I think that we really experiencing what John Stuart Mill was worried about when he talks about social tyranny it's not necessarily the the worst tourney probably isn't from the government because the government is like a lumbering over with one eye you know they can see some things but not everything not everywhere all the time but some here one more time very odd yeah ... continue on yet so I think we will be experiencing what John Stuart Mill was describing when he was so much social charity in on let it see the serve the government is completely legitimate of course because the government's the monopoly on force in the country but there is such a thing the social charity where a group of people can be persecuted merely for holding her own opinions and this can be seen in denial of service and I hate to I hate being the defender of the daily school well but unfortunately they did nothing wrong all they did is post controversial opinions on the inserts and now they've been hounded off of every service provider there's been using pulleys on social media and this is a far more on this year and IT than any government would ever be able to muster because this is volunteer citizens in that time just finding and putting social pressure on whoever GoDaddy which have a hosting provider it you know they using for political reasons it's not what they've done anything illegal it's that they didn't like what I have to say and I don't like what they have to say but I do believe in the right to say no matter how violent students and it was nice naval said the surviving as a biographer of his that was on the coin the phrase but it does sum up his philosophy and I'm completely in agreement because this a really does count come down to mills consent to liberty amount should be free to think and say exactly as he pleases with no repercussions or he is not free and I think that you can the dismay put the case full that there are so it's an old rights figures who are being persecuted I don't like feel rights but I don't like post you should either no I want to take kind of your understanding of this argument because many people are saying well Google's a private company they could do what they want use them or not I don't really think that argument is valid because Google has been working hand in hand with the government spying on American citizens getting government subsidies having seed funding ... the Google math program wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the US government working hand in hand with Google to make that happen so I kind of see more corporate democracy establishing itself and now to me it's more frightening because they're working on godlike powers with a I intelligence of quantum computing and the ramifications of that ... having so much power I don't think the argument saying that their private company they could do their own is valid what do you think and do you have the same fears as I do unplug the lesser of the Lawrence is a valid out by the leader by the letter of the law yes they are private company that offered to do this but the problem comes in when we talk about again the the social tourney aspects but more importantly I think come what worries me is you have to remember that when the services are free then you'll the products they'll selling you'll days it takes money is a huge industry and they all look hoping it both ways of having the cake and eating it too and if people don't start voting with their wallets so that their social media tweaked so whatever and they will always be in the pocket these people on this simply no it's not the moment to voluntarily use a different service there are alternatives home you can you can use gap thoughts I owe my insults calm or anything anything other than the big ones because the big ones were very quick to take advantage of data mining and the profits that can accrue from such a common sense it when you cannot you cannot be Fulton for but you have to be an informed consumer when you're using these things I personally use steam it and bitch shooting de too but at the same time Google makes it so convenient for everybody else they're so much better than their competitors because of that hand up that they got from government so do you think it's possible or are we facing a real Google kind of tyranny that's quasi state quasi private as I understand those as remotely history of Google the other day they came outside of Stanford University I'd I don't know if they don't have a from governments I I know they I mean they did deathly receive investing money buys needs check when I came from but some of they had to a revolutionary algorithm though the the tongue traced back the different some links to various sites to to show how they should such open rankings this is at the time revolutionary and this is why they became so successful and then was a series of wise investments and other innovations those allow Google to become the leader overwhelmingly dominant share of the market that's the free market and only see that is kind of how should work and so really what we need to do is just Holtz alternative tak Akan think of anything that would be not suppressive because we've got our members the people of eucalyptus port rights Tuesday you know they started a company audible 6 and up the trunks company away from him you know I just would like to see viable competition and if someone's created something was off the since anything has got potential growth don't be afraid to invest make sure use the platforms and don't be afraid to tell over other people we're gonna switch things up and I can't wait to get your perspective on Donald Trump okay bigger find ... much visibly and Donald Trump ... what do you think of is kind of presidential run in the president he has become now in more specifically his kind of foreign policy aum the TV specifically the tweet will with Kim Jong and ... dad said I dug the kind of shift towards blaming Saudi Arabia now blaming Iran a shift on his Syria policy saying he won't support the rebels now he is supporting the rebels covertly ... the kind of bigger ... push against Russia that has been made geo politically all of the world at war games and faces and and China as well they the kind of shift that you saw with Donald Trump and and what do you think happened I think that Donald Trump has succumbed to internal pressure from the military duster complex I think come his books one old man and there's really so much that he can do against the combined forces in the government and the various other establishments the are opposed to him and they very much on and so you can see that he's become more hawkish and it's your he surrounded by generals I'm not surprised but overall with Donald Trump under which they come to pleased with how he's doing high I would hope I mean I think most people would have paved long before from hugs and I I like the fact that he is actually addressing calling Yeltsin socialists is the dog genuinely of concern I mean like his UN speech was fun listening he he condemns socialism in the most stringent terms and with kids in stride and tons of good measure because he was rights whoever wrote that speech is absolutely correct and there's no question that the corporate media is an oppressive force within society I think I honestly I'm I remember seeing a study that was going around but enough time to read it in the abstract walls that being cold it'd be people being told that bad for being whites had influenced them to vote for Donald Trump on I can believe it's he's against political correctness it's oppressive force I think he's done a great job by fighting the media and everyone I mean it's the bungled the media of the opposition party and that's exactly how they've acted but the Russia conspiracy theory they propagated that with absolutely 0 evidence in an attempt to unseat the elected president it's not it's pretty impossible in my opinion I mean not it's at this the press is not meant to be an activist establishment then it's been objective neutral stance with the reports the I mean I don't need to know who what Jim Acosta thinks is racist couldn't give a fuck about his opinion on what's racist on the if I see something I will judge for myself if it is racist or sexist or homophobic what's up I'm not interested in his opinion on so have to really applaud Stephen Miller for nailing him on his cosmopolitan bias because that was a fantastic didn't a bit ago so funds as a cultural milestone to be on a cycle I disagree with you really because when Donald Trump kinda gets on the U. N. stage he's like we're gonna go after Iran Venezuela no script and they says but make America first and still kinda placate his base the words are great ... that's what galvanize a lot of the people who are anti establishment he still uses some of the words but when you look at his actions critically unlike while Goldman Sachs is there the bankers are there and he's not saying that's what I was saying about I think he's effect being coopted by the establishment there's only so much you can do so now I think really I don't think we can expect Donald Trump to change the I was tickled the industrial policy of the US but the full right I'm I oppose the state's policy of the U. S. I I think that that's honestly been kind of out of control for awhile now exit consequence being the world's hegemon could somebody comes to social issues social issues which may sound less important but us the strong and cohesive country is the base of everything America does in the world so I think you know the roots of the country all genuine importance and trump is actually doing a good job at least bringing them to the form put him on the public platform because the media would depart for all of these issues I'm people care about you know people legitimately up all that by these things and it's good that at least he's at least has become but I agree with you on the foreign policy he's becoming excessive the whole case he's often Socceroos stay it's you've gotta take the victories we got a yeah I'm hit hit Hillary would have just been the opposite to done exactly what we don't want to do and she would also have played into the next of socialists isn't continued compounding the problem and I think people could remember the it's they they look you think local companies connaissance left on the looks of things him he was full gay marriage long before Hillary he's he's fall from a card carrying Republican they they genuinely don't like him because a he bullied his way and conquered the pots and you know people a bad spirit just like his own Republican he's not a conservative he met the husband and even if it was Hillary it's the more the same in full 5 year for use on the next elections you might get some way worse than trump you know you could legitimately have some really far right guy who's maybe almost as count as charismatic and you do some crazy stuff so you could be with us fabulous I think it's pretty bad right but but but we can talk about that later because for me ... the kind of system an establishment in the Goldman Sachs military destroy complex people every 8 years they bring up a new phase for sewage George W. bush you promised you's gonna be a non interventionist does Barack Obama again and now it's Donald Trump and everyone else every time every years like given the chance don't worry he still saying those nice things given to set and and that which leads me to my next question is there really a power behind the scenes do you see some kind of force ... that is really running things how do you see from where they you know and now system perspective so we've just pretty new Donald Trump he was certainly ... anti establishment their little people say well look if he's a billionaire how can he be anti established but then there's no doubt by the way he's been treated by the establishment he delivered the exiled himself and then he used he gained a power base using demagoguery basically to gain the presidency survival tactics and one that puts him in the driving seat but again he's just one man and there is a lot of power behind the throne I mean there's no denying that I'm but the problem is I'm I'm real dumb ever to become cold so wanting a by the don't turn off the deep end and he he stressed that those those trapped in the eighties who got into a build a big reason the journalist and he came out of it a lot more afraid than when he went in his he was expecting a wealth conspiracy of some of that money came out saying no it's worth us with flying blind there's no one at the helm these people on the control the desperate trying to preserve what they already have then a little hole in a public hearing that that badly in control does the problem there is no winning control Peter this adult free society it's it's moving along and we have to make wise decisions as among weekends trying to vote catastrophe nothing we can do so do do you see this just being forces vying to sustain power or do you view it as maybe top down these are the guys who call that call the shots here I mean that there are people at the top who are calling the shots but the a its insulin ski from rules radicals he explains how close power dynamics work and that their old ways within these because they're they're close interests and then their internal power struggles within the close and various power centers needs kind of close are always struggling to cannibalism sells specially the people at the top the haves call them these people will obviously trying to protect their class interests in on the positions but if one of them goes down they will not hesitate to cannibalize each other but there isn't an overall directing full speeds just people operates in their investing trust fascinating ... I see a little bit differently because like I see the same kind of policies I thought I do believe it is disorganized but I do believe this kind of a push an agenda to kind of create like of like ... farming class this this this is essentially what the list you so month plus interest yet they're out there definitely because interest it's in if if it's in the collective interests over the rule in of the ruling class of that as it was I don't know you know the not the mysterious that I mean just you know the the the the rich and powerful society of the various Nina methods they became rich and powerful they'll do show a certain interests and they will act in each other's interests because they know it's it also acting in their own interest see as they would robberies if there weren't people with class mobility so that generally for open borders that generally for globalism because it benefits them it doesn't benefit the workers on the ground the speed the slugs like us couldn't care about us you know that in camera to film the plus side they don't care about your soul see not being taunted by that they could be worse they could be malicious a malevolent instead the just greedy we can work with us he added that if if they were actively in a malevolent then we would have a problem sorry to god thank you so much ... we we don't agree on everything ... I like the spirited debate and I'm like a lot of people here we could actually still be friends still converse which I think is critically important to exchange the dialogue and to understand each other and bring it out to you and ... be part of this worldwide web where we get crazy you 2 comments and were able to get actual constructive criticism and try and strive to be the best version of ourselves trying to show the world exactly what happens I think you for all the hard work you don't appreciate you very much //
"2017-09-28 17:28:16"
How Humanity Will Be Robbed By The Banks Soon: Max Keiser
\\if you look out your where change it or joined here by the one and only Max Keiser good friend of mine we have talked in awhile Max he had stiffly been awhile but at last time we talked we talked about kind of the financial system within the United States and with the debt now reaching $20000000000000 and so many bubbles out there whether it's a derivative student loan bubble real estate bubble financially you've been covering this for very long time ... since the last time we talked what kind of economic troubles are bubbles are you as a major problem for the United States because it we've been talking for a long time now it's only a matter of time debt and all the bubbles catch up to each other I would say the number one bubble is the bond bubble and let me explain a little bit when talking about their so the sovereign bond market whether it's in the United States or in Britain straining at multi 0 year highs so in America we haven't seen bonds trade at this high level in 240 years and Great Britain have not seen bonds trade at these levels in over 300 years in other words the inverse of this bond price bubble is interest interest rates are at historic lows why are interest rates at historic lows because the central banks are in the business of keeping their brother in banks from having to declare insolvency by buying from them all the junk on their balance sheet so whenever these banks accumulate some nasty ass that they then sell it to the central bank and they stored for them and that's how you get to that 4.$5000000000000 worth of assets on the federal their balance sheet and Johnny L. gone TV and she'll say mom you know we need to unwind these assets are going to start selling these assets but that's in impossibility because that would mean interest rate to start creeping up and that means that all the efforts to keep these banks and declaring insolvency would Falla they'd have to start declaring that they are insolvent all the major banks in the U. S. Deutsche Bank major European banks all the banks in the UK the big 4 technically insolvent so they must keep interest rates lower and let me say this look what I think is happening because many people say it's a bubble Scott burst and telling matter time I think that there's a alternative Avenue an alternative path and it goes like this what we're seeing in the U. S. is effectively the entire stock market is being taken private what I mean by that is when you have a leveraged buyout on Wall Street when one company buys another company using debt you know the way that works they pledged to collateral of the company they're going to acquire as the collateral for the loan that they need to buy the company they then by the company and one stay on the company they start selling off assets to pay back the loan that they use to acquire the company that's a leveraged buyout and in this ... there's an easy in an environment like we have today where interest rates are near 0 so you can borrow billions and billions and billions of dollars in your interest cost on that is almost nothing because it rate is near 0 and there's no regulatory to turn to this don't stopping any these deals some going through in the media business is consolidated down it just 2 or 3 players in the banking business just a few players at all verticals of American industry it's all narrowed down to just 2 or 3 players from this process of consolidation of being able to buy everybody out and now we're at a point where the tire market is at threat of being taken private and no publicly listed stocks of any consequence available at all and see that could be the endgame is another artists are saying all is going to bomb collapse interest of spike is going to be a huge ... coming back to normalization not necessarily not if all the assets held that are totally in the control of a very small minority of players are stretched to the point where they control effectively the entire board the entire monopoly board is taken off off line and then he'll he'll have that wealth and income gap will stretch to feudalism you'll have feudal lords and then you have service in New York have the prison industrial complex is already paving the way for this ... you already have ... the average American has less than 100 Bucks and savings are one paycheck away from insolvency there's the healthcare costs are beyond the reach of about everybody education costs or not de commensurate with having a well educated population so in all the the pumps are being primed that's what I see as the end game so isn't a bubble yes but could this alternative finale take hold of the most extreme form of well the income gap you can imagine the socially medieval Islam is that is that is in the cards is that possible the trend the trend would say yes so look there's a trend reversal then they were heading toward lords answers you bought meat exactly to my next question because very few people I think it's one percent that control over 83 sort of all stocks on the publicly traded market so we're seeing that control happening there and I was going to say and and I have to bite my tongue on this if there's one thing that we have to give up to a kind of the banksters dubbed the big Goldman Sachs JP Morgan chase players out there is that they are resilient they're making up new rules they're playing by their own game that they're making up on the fly and they're getting away with so much even during the housing market crisis Pete I saw that a year before he was going to happen but they were still able to hide that postpone it for year then when it hit and happened the use that as an excuse to generate more revenue for themselves from the state and get bail outs for their mistakes when their words robbing everyone else pretty much blind so I I do think that there is a possible future in this kind of feudalism because they're not playing by normal economic rules at all ... and there's no way you could continue economically with so much debt and and no decoration and I really kind of see the war industry as a big kind of transfer of wealth especially within the Pentagon if you look at taxes in the United States over 80 percent of them go toward suppose a defense spending what do you see ... the military destroy complex or do you see the bankers more kind of responsible behind the scenes because it is war that is ultimately ... making the empire strong as it as it is right now sure the war is the greatest business of all because you make the most profits you drop a bomb the cost $50000000 to make you make me made the money selling that bomb and you know I blow up a bomb so he can examine the bomb the others 2 industries and make a lot of money war in prisons and that's where you see a lot of the activities of corporate America migrating into war in prisons and then interest rate arbitrage or financials nation games or they're just playing balance sheet a games to rent seeking extract wealth of from the system and leach money out of the system and damn you know this is an interesting point in in the whole history of finance and markets because in America the point of the checks and balances that are part of the set up of the government with houses of government and the way that you also have the press set up as the fourth estate to be another check on power and this is all meant to encourage competition I'm totally free market competition ... proponent but do what you have now is complete absence of competition so without competition there can be no ... organic GDP growth without actual growth there there can be no savings without savings there's there's no I capital and without capital does not capitalism so you can't have capitalism without capital cannot capital without a great of interest that pays people to save money this no incentive to save money there's only the Senate's commit fraud centers on sensei money then there's no capital and without capitalism capitalism so you have ... unfortunately now ... the situation where it's the survival of the a look of the most ... fraudulently inclined its attack a Stocker sing which is ruled by the least ... capable of a society it deliberately sounds like kaka which is you know with the kids would say cock I mean shit and that's that's that's a Greek I believe it's a Greek to profis goes back to the ... Greek a meaning shit and it's a it's a it's a shit talker city it's a cactus talkers I couldn't agree with you more ... the last cut a question I would get into his of course ... bitcoin and alternatives because we've seen big corn and reach a lot of people but there's also a lot of worries with Google Goldman Sachs and other major players getting into the game do you think crypto currencies and encryption and all the new latest technological advancements are gonna help deal with a lot of the problems that we're dealing with with this kind of fake economic system where we have socialism for the super rich and capitalism for everybody else do you think cryptocurrency could be that and do you think it could be possibly even taken over by the same powers that are ... destroying the economic system that we have now well there's 2 questions are self first question is yes I do think it's a solution because you have people I would then be control their own sovereignty because you have wealth on up the private key that is unavailable to a regulator any government you know it's your wealthy no nipple money the bank the bank of the money you don't have access to the money to the bank says that they want the money they'll have the right to take that money we've seen at a time and time again he sought obviously with forex being I'm sorry with the the swift system being shut down they know with Iran we saw the PayPal being shut down for Julie Sasha wikileaks you know they they can shut down the systems anytime they want for political reasons but with bitcoin you they don't have the ability to do that you that's why Jamie Dimon and Wall Street is so freaking out there out there saying because of fraud because it's horrible did did you know you have to understand that if if or if if it were possible this is the second party question if it were possible for Wall Street to quietly manipulate the price a bit going down and or to quietly take control Bickley we wouldn't be hearing from Jamie Dimon he wouldn't be screeching the top of his lungs this is a fraud it's amusing that it's come to this where this most powerful back on while she is reduced to shouting on the street corner you know that you know that about the evils of pickling he sounds like some tin pot street corner Jesus you know the Bible thumper you know because of the evils of decline because it all stuff he grow up doing his whole business model his wealth is banned entirely built on traction illegal extraction raunchy a ... and and every other underhanded Ponzi scheme tolerance slating political you know ... game possible and now easier each reached the end so that that's the that's the second part of question is it I don't think you I think it will be resistant it's resistant bitcoin is resistant to the type of games that we've seen while she played with the money Max you're awesome thank you for your news analysis check out more from Max to link to his you Jenna will be in the description below and of course on what they call you amazing before human beings for watching subscribing staying tuned to real independent media love you guys //
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Berkeley and ANTIFA Hypocrisy EXPOSED!
\\everybody Jason Burma's here reporting for we are and today I want to talk about the left and Berkeley but out of the gates I wanna remind everybody that I lean neither left nor right I believe in right and wrong and I think both sides need to be called al when they are acting inappropriately or just downright insanely and I think that's what we have here at Berkeley university I think we should discuss whether was again you know they come dressed in uniforms they have our news crews found that most of the servant of demonstrators in the park yesterday at work trump supporters who repeatedly Nazis and racists Nani and now I'm going why etcetera so you see it seems like people can't go and speak their minds there and have the freedom of speech that we are all a lot it without some kind of a violent protest breaking out or the event being cancelled altogether of course I'm talking about the likes of Ben Shapiro and Milo you novelists and again let me say I don't agree with them all the time either I think some of their points are very valid ninth that they present them well and should have a forum to do so my point is that groups like anti far quick to go to these events yet when there are more important issues to protest they remain silent case in point in the beginning of September left leaning publication published an article that paint the president as anti science but to the rescue came Jeffrey Epstein convicted had a file to give hundreds of millions of dollars to scientific research and they pointed out that Harvard University is getting some of this money yeah where are the people pro testing at Harvard now Eckstine has his own foundation that is funded research and HIV cancer artificial intelligence and beyond it has even worked with people like Stephen hawking now folks I don't know about you but I feel like that is something worth protesting that accredited universities are taking millions upon millions upon millions of dollars from convicted sex offenders it's outrageous and it's not the first time that this is happened back in 2012 it was a very unreported story but there were rumblings that the Penn state case with Sandusky was really a child trafficking ring for people who are donating to his second mile foundation and Penn state university itself are you are you know the rumor that there would be a more shocking developments from the second mile foundation and only under Stalin for uses gross I will you know that I I use the only language I can that Jerry Sandusky and insert a mile were pooping not young boys to rich donors okay being investigated by 2 prominent columnist even as I speak well as the school administration grapples with an explosive email sent this week charging preps late football coach Phil fugly Atta who spent 25 years in his post until the early nineties was tied to a child prostitution ring once utilized by disgraced Penn state defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky the email was written by 48 year old Greg which Roni of Philadelphia who told the Daily News he was a child prostitute when he met folk we added through Jerry Sandusky and in 1979 state college event for Sandusky's charity the second mile and it was published in radar online that witnesses saw billionaire donors molesting young boys with Sandusky on private jets yet this is never really come to lay in the mainstream media and we know now that his son is also a convicted had a file so obviously there was more than one person doing this folks yet the left remains silent I think it's time that all of us start picking and choosing our battles based on relevant information and issues and stop chiming to one side or the other and whatever is being hyped in the media and on television as always if you like this video please subscribe Sharon social media follow me on Twitter at Jason Burma's and go to we are make that donation it's only through your financial support their reports like this one are possible //
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Bitcoin Jesus Is Creating His Own NAP Voluntarist Country!!!
\\this is about your we are change that are here at the nexus conference in aspen Colorado with a lot of amazing speakers and a lot of incredible ideas one of those incredible ideas is by the one and only Roger Vare whose transitioning from big corn Jesus to the career of a new country that is not a country Roger so to be fair were trying to create a non country ... so for anybody who's read a book by ... base we're trying to implement those ideas so the idea that we've already raised more US dollars ... we're planning on figuring out the for a proper way to allow the public participate as well I think will raise over 0.$5000000000 we're for governments around the world and ask them to sell us some of their land and grant sovereignty with that land and then we'll set up basically a free society where basically the main rule is don't address against other people the non aggression of course since we're gonna have the world's freest ... non countryman Tiger world so it's a really exciting thing and I it's in the works it's happening and we've already started some negotiations with a couple of different countries and we're really pleasantly surprised just how interested they work yells gonna ask you how is the process of starting your own kind of sovereign territory that's going to be ... you're talking about this during your speech it was gonna be based on the principles of non aggression on voluntariness some how do you even get started that process and ... obvious you can you can get into great details but what kind of agreements are you trying to work out which are countries that the ideas for them to just tell us the land and say you guys do what you want with it and will probably have to make some concessions will probably have to promise them that we won't export any drugs to the original country or you know knew no nuclear weapons and things like that but for the most part like this is gonna wind up being the freest country entire world and look around the world the free of the country is the more economic prosperity they have so not only is gonna be the freest country the world pretty quickly it's been going to become one of the wealthiest countries in the world as well and it'll be a non country to be clear so there will be no taxes whatsoever no government whatsoever everybody'll deal with everybody else on a voluntary basis it's just kind of like a Hong Kong China ... kind of relationship that you're looking forward to establish a different country yet that the devil's always in the details so hopefully we can have an even better deal than ... in China and Hong Kong and and all that because you know 99 years ran out to now Hong Kong's reverting to China hopefully this will be permanent and forever and and a good deal for everybody involved now of course a how do you even ... goal about some of the because you need some kind of rules you need some kind of ... deadlines and some kind of like strict line of how you're gonna operate this who you're gonna lead in who you're not going to let in what are some of the provisional basic ideas that you're looking to incorporate into this ... new country that's not a country the property owners themselves will decide who's loud on their property and who's not will basically set up the initial constitution with the initial rules and can kind of think of it like ... like ... homeowners association that lays out the ground world ground rules and everybody has to abide by that for forever mark so that's that's going to be basically the idea and off to the races from there that's a big idea but what made you go after this venture what problems in society made you see this as a possible solution moving forward if you look all around the world there's no place the people that believe in voluntary human interaction can go and we need a place like that like I even if you're not a libertarian even if you're not a voluntary just should really support this project because if you think governments are great still supporter project because if we go there and we set up a place with no government and it fails and it's you know chaos in buildings are being burnt down and people are being killed you can look at point say that's why we need a government all those libertarians are crazy so give us a chance to try to help us out participate how would society run in this kind of ... new country that's not a country I think pretty much the way everybody deals with everybody right now everybody in their day to day basis deals with everyone in a voluntary basis Starbucks asks you to buy their coffee they don't tell you to buy their coffee you asked me to to be on your show you didn't tell me I have to be on your show everybody deals with everybody on a voluntary basis all the time every day with the exception of you know robbers murderers rapists and governments so I don't think we need the course of government either we ought we all know we don't need rapists robbers and murderers we don't need to question for government either so we're gonna try setting up a place that doesn't have that either so it's all gonna be based on voluntarism and the non aggression principle ... so as far as taxes or any kind of authority or security or police how will you get around some of the bigger kind of societal problems that people face in this kind of things I know this is very you know kind of bare bones still starting off still just starting to talk to governments I know this is still beginning but the duh the idea of this is very fascinating and I know a lot of people online a problem I have a hard time grasping how this is even possible so if you just lay some of those details out ... you know who's gonna build the roads here who's gonna ... be the police officer in this country who's going to get taxed in you know on and on and on so first of all there will be no taxes whatsoever on taxation is theft so there will be as we want to minimize the amount of stealing coercion I it's hard to build the roads people who want to use the roads will come together voluntarily and figure out how to do that here's an iPhone right this allows me to cut connect with anyone anywhere on the planet just like that communicate with them this is an amazing piece of technology that you know thousands or tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of people had to cooperate together to produce this is a lot more difficult to produce in a flat spot on the ground right what's a road it's a flat spot on the ground so I have and I've not worried at all that people will be able to figure out how to build flat spots now but if you really want to know the details of how this is all gonna work going get a book called the machinery of freedom by David Friedman a fantastic book and I it really lays out all the details of how how we think and envision that this will work but at the end of the day we won't know until we actually try and we're gonna try we're gonna find out and there and I think there's anyone that could pull it off it's deathly you and all the incredible projects are you you were working on before is there anything else you want to tell the public about this new project or is there any way people can get involved in this new project right now yeah visit free sign up for our mailing list read our white paper learn all about it get involved and we have a selection all set up a is going to happen and we already have $100000000 for the capital committed and we have accepted any money off in the public get consume we will be doing that as well gonna be a big deal this is going to happen it's happening get vault of it one last question are you gonna be president or leader our founder or how it happened like are you gonna have any role out there will be no president there's not gonna be any sort government we want issue passports for not to join the UN we're gonna sell off all the land to private people and then they'll get to do what they want with their land within the provisions set up by the initial constitution in the land title deed so no president's no leaders no masters no no rulers no slaves none of that awesome idea thank you so much Roger I'm excited about this project I'm gonna be staying close contact with Roger about this so stay tuned for more developments on this YouTube channel and not think you so much for watching and subscribe //
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NFL Taking A Knee During Anthem, Uncomfortable Truth
\\everybody Jason Burma's here reporting for we are and today we're going to take it on me you see it's hard to get away from this now and for those that don't know the history this began with comic perfect taking any for black lives matter now I feel a lot of these issues are really police brutality issues and not race issues in fact I believe all lives matter and I know some of you will call me a bigot for saying such things or say that I have white privilege but the bottom line is this came down to individual decisions and individuals need to be held accountable after the incident with Eric Gardner his family was asked what they thought and they refused to make an issue about race and said yes this is a police brutality issue noticed that fell right out of the news because that doesn't go with their narrative I feel that he was murdered unjustly I feel like I don't even feel like it's a black and white thing honestly you know in my opinion I really don't feel like it's a black and white thing and the police knew it'll they knew it wasn't like it was a shock they knew you know they know him by name they harass those they said things to us this is not a black and white issue this is a national crisis by I believe that that this is a crisis I mean for white people to come out and show the show how deeply they was hurt and like Asians then you know different people from different nations he said this is not a black and white issue but do you end that to you so you say this is not an issue of race of shared you think it's a racial issue I haven't really found it it was about the offices pride it was about my father being in 64 and 350 pounds and he wants to be you know the top cop that brings this Big Bang down because he just bake I mean my father was innuendo anything all that being said I would like to say that it is okay to take a knee during the national anthem and I know that's going to offend a lot of people however let me make my case ever since 911 all bets are off our government is no longer a constitutional Republic for and by the people it is a national security state run by corporate and banking interests that's the truth that's what's happening so if you want to take any Hey more power to you but I'd like to point out that nobody was taking in the for 911 truth nobody was taking in the for no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq nobody is currently taking a knee for Afghanistan for Syria or even the threat of war with North Korea you see I feel that right now all of these NFL players that are taking any are taking in the for a very selfish reason we're taking in the because the president called for a boycott on the NFL and that's all it is so basically it comes down to greed and then they're going to mask that into a racially divisive issue it really does make me sick folks and I hope that most of us can see past this no I understand of the national anthem is supposed to represent the best of the United States of America a constitutional Republic where we the people govern ourselves and every man woman and child is free and has the right to pursue happiness but is that we're currently living under the fact of the matter is if you believe that you are a very very naive person at this point there are plenty of issues right now both foreign and domestic that need addressing that need discussing however the media loves to feed into our sports obsessed celebratory culture and the fact is this isn't going to go anywhere this is just going to get worse and worse and the president is going to continue to play into this conflict and it's very unfortunate would you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now out spider why is because folks are we really going to start dividing each other over a game over football I hope not I hope people can see past this distraction and continue to search for the truth and continue to push for a better government for trump to deliver on his better promises instead of continuing aggression in the Middle East and really not doing much domestically at this point either as always if you like this video please subscribe share on social media and follow me at Jason Burma's and go check out we are it's only through your financial support their reports like this one are possible //
"2017-09-24 20:45:05"
Live at Berkeley Milo Yiannopoulos Protest
\\the guys were live here at the university of Berkeley has delivered us give we are change in our reporting people around here already the situation is extremely tense here share this broadcast we're gonna be going to live here of course of the protests against my log on and off and he will be speaking here there is one broad support bulls are you getting guys this is live the ground great yeah that's a or at the university of Berkeley and already it's only 10:00 AM it is suppose to start off new at noon this invincible sword off the police have already mobilized over there but I do have to see if we a number of less police officers and then there was her Bencic hero and obviously this event will be they're all bad since many protesters many of our members we're hearing new here just to be for free it's canceled broadcast the times here slowly escalating and start stating this count me out here for you as independent media organizations are simple chatters greenness broad yeah they're not they don't right to be so as you can the board there's already a number of people let's take a crack adjourn the which is get them right down here yeah well as you can see there's a very small number right movies here in here they're very strict rules on entering the campus as you could see today has gone see so you could see so police officers mobilized here there's a crowd of about 5075 people here this is the sign that they have ... with anyone who wants to enter the university of Berkeley here today ... I don't stand too close behind as police officers ... sons going to show you this sign here that's the sign with the prohibited items that are not allowed in to sprawl plaza where the Milo young novelist be supposed to happen at 12 the right now we heard counter protester mobilizing attend as soon as we got down here already we're seeing ... so confrontations between the left and the right will only get my ... no plot out here Sargon over cloud is also out here we're gonna try to get a comment from him let me set up my model cloud so I can get you guys better of video footage delivered here but ... shares this broadcast we're here ... friends family members and to do that right now on my Facebook page and Twitter page okay we put all my gear I have like you're out here as well alright I shared it off to my Facebook and Twitter audience of people know that I live yeah protesters are trying to stop them right so looks like the cops even the blocked off the entry into Sproul plaza right now and they're not letting anyone in and out of the venue they're setting up metal detectors right now so looks like these are some supporters here then I slowly Xiapi officers there ... armed with a less lethal munitions as you can see a police officer in front of us but already the situation here is extremely tense alright so looks like we got a good upstream going on here ... already the very beginnings here of the protest I know sorry honorary brother I'm live just a you know among the we are to yeah are you I'm gonna ask you how are you out everything going on no interest any conversation there any interesting debates why they can't and ... they a note from after all the outdoor means I want there there's a lot of chanting happening here with anyone who has a man around them start bowling warning them but this school district yeah this is still just the very beginning of it all yeah I know you probably and now for hi of ants and everyone's like which is I've been to in my own a little bit losing it's a little bit of a cluster and face but ... you're obviously can be sooner videos for your honor you can channel yeah this goes it's just is that my and 1000 jobs 69 he knows some this could you just yeah it's only gonna get more in this wasn't Sam but now she wanted she like seem to recognize me now she won't even say I on his part that they had posted holder of wires and all yeah some the news on a dummy the US open to him yeah yeah very the people along like people are very nice and all be right there being around we know give check check check good to against my well whether for the I don't is that right Gennaro I don't see with those a poll on the side of the Barry white supremacist so it's been I don't care if they're motherfucking speech one is the like the prior you know people vannatter glad president they want to take we're these basses better like the I think better try to legitimize so today analysts on this college campus what a consolidating fascism all across this so that's why we're calling up people to stand up against Milo fuck you know is mine will give up a rally applause that in the name of free no fucking way over our bodies is I happen and we are here today yeah to announce to the world that I am November 4 November third mark that on your calendar November 4 is the day that we are coming out on the streets and we are not going to leave it so well and parents and no fascist regime are gone are gone tribespeople no ministry will but this is 3 a lot of fans here Blair stayed on both sides as you can see the riot police you can have someone mobilizing again very interesting a lot less significant than what we saw during the Ben Shapiro rally the Bensenville rally we saw a lot more police officers ... this is a very limited compared to what we saw here on the street just a few days ago when we were out here covering the benches hero that's I think it ought to pull cried and cried and already there's not much board between individuals I start going to the plot is also a lot clearer a lot of people mad got passed around here and already there's okay since happening between Israel that are not and this is only the beginning yeah super cats are appreciated is it more real leading media this really does it taste happening at all looking yeah streaming out of the other you know I don't throw you know I no no no I no no no no one of god has a gun there it is we yeah yeah yeah yeah with the coalition and everyone the summer interestingly all first please you know anyone no now I yeah right not quite well no no I leann no well world you yeah you no yeah I think it's very good articulate point made by both sides really interesting here not the whole war king definitely a lot more and not I love really my please of NDA yet very little police officer this is gonna be a recipe you know what everyone does not gonna be I already know I cover the defense program along well you know it's a this is amazing both like no it third police officer arming themselves with size does that for ... during major protests so the police officer 30 ... and again terrific news lower number of them saw during the bench appear all of that we saw a lot more police your prevention hero and this is more of a tumultuous I bet more on I would rate event then of course emancipator so yeah this is going to get very existence it will be very interesting to see how the Berkeley PT responds ... today lots of arguments rock'n lots of pushing and shoving look for going off near the 30 number of people who amassed number already helmets in the but so the police are not letting anyone in crown plaza right now and here's a list of all the things that they're not letting it we're not letting in fruits or vegetables A. umbrellas Montel Tom a laser pointer thingy balloon it is very strict where to get into it row by not even half this say soda or pets they won't even yeah side here really keep moving around property for sale right some we you know no well you know well Fred lebron it was right when he about well I'm it is not no honor just in the White House you was right Milo is that does we supposed to Daddy H1N1 what well you you know you know we leann you you have now appears moving in this way or the right of the net already call arguments and shoving screaming at each other has escalated into without them mobilizing over there one and of course wrong here waiting for a Milo yet or not while people all no one no well my people are standing here next up please so there's a number of barricades set up here but of course a metal detector and this is where the Miley out enough with is supposed but right now a whole entry for awhile non and there's fear radic got rightly thought to ... within this area people yeah most likely if they do start letting people in I will not be allowed in you have a monologue you have a and on a I do have a gas mask those are the rules to get in there hello are not the guns get here the argument right rainn his office is like a yeah he's around on serves me photo right yeah what's the not ironic yeah also yeah I'm using is one way of disk there's actually a lot more for me 0 yeah well there's some some black locks out over there yeah and there's a couple down down over there yeah they're not yeah they're moving away from the just yeah yeah I mean I I see getting bad there's around they were 3 I'm up in the raw so yeah getting that time 30 let me sum so 45 police are not letting anyone in then we schools and grandparents yeah I'm really hearing but all this yeah I think by the only getting it interested yeah it's just like tumultuous confrontation that the complications with autistic screaming from both sides going they you came in here and you think of the ... loudspeaker I guess those are not of a copyright and other you tube channel looks a lot more coming up now the guys will create a screenshot from photos from there live we me and look we are came a lot of incredible but it's clear I'm just a dividing time in between the left and right the police out there like an extremely difficult job yeah yeah unit the only man no more please right they're going to kill a guy who says make going to my all in real need our money well on your own the best way to start if not hardware so system away from you know random of social social I'm already on limited as they is that where they're going currency we thank you well you're tired you when we are taking it makes you remember awesome there's a great house we are came they see it's good but I the threat well I do like yeah I think technology I am especially since you did not most of our advertising that is the big one community that makes us or them you are operate here on lap one you got one side chance in USA Carl bill never again this news makes me to think I am now get my battery pack going make sure that the stream never dies you give me a second well some give me a second ally make sure my battery what did so looks like the number of from supporters the number of anti from borders are have about equalize and obviously everyone's waiting for ... 12 P. M. Milo young novelists rally that according 40 what have you seen today we use all let's just screaming about that one nothing more complications are happening over there right now police officer to move people back make sure lenders claim hunter walking around of course many people are predicting a rise rounded pushed around you know like the guy from North Korea we we thought there'd have started moving people back the look protesters offending their way yeah absolutely you guys are the catalog me to be out here and work independently but on a corporate account well if you are watching on both their relative had a yeah put ourselves on the line right I think that's one of the guys right one person being arrested one person being arrested police have just arrested no we thought of them taking the situation more seriously now seem to arrest just on hold right now and then shutting down the loud here forced to an Milo protest people call back we're here the rest have been made one guy thing defending himself a look alike a guy saying U. defending himself with going after anti my approach telling them not to reached out through the living everyone back protesters are sitting down on the ground go to a restaurant and the police took away the sound stem from the protest against my will the terrorists leann good to arrest it was the same guy in the original birth saying he is defending himself it was originally he was going to get not on the protest because I was writing and now looking the anti model how does that yeah more to printed on them no let a lot the left wing wing protest the American yeah looks like the left leaning protesters there who in milling down and will probably will know probably will be bigger because there is less than one showed up and there 300 of them for but so far number yeah the police are going and Pfizer and they're taking away people's bull horns yeah is an ordinance here that they cannot use apple pie and that's why the police are enforcing our right now and they're taking away the bowl ... people are using them now finally everyone's ears get arrested yeah well there's an ordinance here saying that they cannot use amplified sound so now the police are going to everyone with a bull horn around lights on away from the ... there's one person trying to make sure that sign wasn't a yeah right right I want in the well yeah yeah not no you got not well 13 yeah what's a civil discussion happening here as you can see dialogue being exchanged yeah the time 1145 so we stayed up 15 minutes well when reportedly Miley Annapolis's mostly show what's here no you know if you will still nothing and major it's they worry a predicted here is very tight there's a lot of shelving small plant I have decided to take this more seriously it's got rid of a lot of amplified sound finally hear each other top cal's chat name basic man just arrived on the situation on the scene here and of course late for a very few things around I mean him and one of the professors here we will very yeah that's the yeah not not no now there media so showing up telecom flying overhead right yeah if you'll come Joseph was of course numbered pretty tired this hasn't even begun so looks like police officers sign up amend barricade down the street of telegraph Evelyn perimeter here but as you can behind me there's a in vehicle moving in some barricades I mean it's like they're gonna close up here yeah they'd I closed off by on cross way I nearly as you can see ... meaning a because at the moment allied to some of you know until a break right around 3 hot out here as well ... lot of contents let people watching I really appreciate all you guys watching sporting railing at media it was a you guys watching sharing donating I would I'll be able to be here you I am ... and I can see by some the comments I'm reading that the cover 60 this just is heated in the comments section as it is here in the streets Luke Perry grass made they had a Gilbert yeah ministry of course that's how you feel about ... naked I've been calling out front for that for a very long time because I don't remember that yeah okay no no no you have your your you know your point but in December of last year I said trump is meeting with Kissinger be very careful the global it I wouldn't have their gentran you that's what I did right off the bat I did Alex has gone on yeah well I yeah how it's not what you make to being on camera how much yeah no I understand agree with you Alex is totally went towards the trunk Kool aid and will protect them no matter what atrocious acts he does that make excuses for him I've been extremely critical of them especially with the Goldman Sachs globalist executives that really run his administration right now and are doing a worse job than Barack Obama did when it comes to American foreign policy United calling out his horrible foreign policy moves ever since she started making I'm flighty so posting on ... it's not that I'm opposed to have the same like out your against the same things that I'm against power and authority I'm against which any how and NO I am hell bent on their young kids with masks on what you know I understand ... no ... I'm not making any arguments for or against you have I've watched a number of your videos but give me wondering right after 15 yeah I was of like village about on our show to come talk to me about it and I've most most gladly will talk to you about it because I would like I have always been on the side of protesters ... I know how you define close and I still am and when police act unjustly I report on it but at the same time what I'm seeing actions that hurt the entire movement those actions need to be called out as well I had histone I mean I had I I got the job ... normally naturally person if that would happen somebody else would mostly reacting joined off right and join the right I haven't I still call like it is as a suede my core ideology my core principles which is always ... freedom which is always liberty which is always anti authoritarian anti corporatist and anti government and that's my stats I never changed it ... but at the same time I'm seeing some actions especially from the left that are gonna kick it in the butt and destroy the entire movement that should be about the bigger things that are happening I agree we have to get a critical you know I'm an anarchist thought nobody adversity exactly so yes don't do things that may be a black what does sometimes yeah and I'm like that's not how I would handle no but because you know one of the little fucking baby out with the bath water is not a habit of some window down and punched yeah I mean I have it well you'll see in our leftist for like the circus ring the critical of news from yeah just a you know the people details on but as a journalist is not my decision to throw anybody out it's my decision to call it like it like it how no one yeah I'll go with referring to you as a okay no I I nice and I respect yeah I know and I let my main bias and I let my audience know this one John Anthony I mean biases of course anti corporatism anti government over and I'm always going to the goal of any power and authority in the lead on the of going against and I always and they never change and if you look at any Chris Donald Trump pulling out the I believe the rest is there is a boy no I think it's crap I think what he's doing right now in Syria is doing with Iran what he's doing with him in yeah nuclear Venezuela holding it's really means to get U. S. petrol dollars to go against them I'm just later down saying freedom and my in Israel and how that ever work out any I've been extremely please everything channel then you guys whether coming out told me that but well most of you will hear yeah but my I love because if people don't dialogue going on I'd never but my enemies and we well there's we don't know Seles and hundreds of new exactly and we have to go with the movement please include under protest that is I want the state's economy and that's been my main reporting for wireless immediately went looking let and the real stories that ... their debate their whole there there herpes nothing the reality a lot of the let us they have a lot of reasons there's a lot turns Beatles concerts or money I sometimes state and so exactly yeah lies yeah we got so the bottom line we all right in Charlottesville no they are military I've been like Sudan that ball you also bought so that those were I got you line and never let that that's I will apply to what end a long list of murders committed by anti you don't I mean you have the guy that shot that the senators too old for and it is everyone's murder I need to he supported burning right so there's all these misconceptions in reading the election we on the left all the supporters not I didn't I was going no there's truth supporters in Nazi it's different we're not getting from the alright we're all yeah I answer supports note here we got our phenomenon any delegitimize whether it really yeah with does Bob privacy there's not season white supreme here but they're not all Nazis and yeah it was just as an aside to or they just hate I mean all big well look eligibility community on their side the money thing of the waters is a is I believe that civil discourse and we've been seeing and hyper sensationally vixen of that especially with Joe and other people on the left well excellent who are just generalizing in reality the truth it's a lot more deep they're bad they're good but that's on the building up the and more secure people I get all the attention instead of the real causes the real issues that really matter to me could make it we all come together because reality I think there's a lot to ... you can come in you know it's whether it whether it's in the anti war we all others on campus job growth yeah rolled down no part is either written Indiana crap the middle class the of the horror classic becoming more and more our food and water supply being poisoned corporations are able to do what the hell they want big government coming in and and enabling and given government so it's socialism for the super rich and capitalism for somebody else and it's even quasi capitalism that's happening here and I've been calling up a one because all agreed system that thrives on dividing and conquering so we fight each other instead of saying Hey we don't like them or we don't like eat percent of our taxes going to defense spending which is really authentic spending we don't like Monsanto getting government subsidies for Google getting government subsidy we don't like ... but a police state that is encroaching and taking more power away in a more civil liberties away from us every single day ... so leann Nichols things we don't like Goldman Sachs the PA system that was you see that the cooking on I reported on it and I think part of the system they got other people or it's not going after people because of the ordinance of Milan as I see 2 people arrested so far you know what can you do I mean this is this is the realization of of dividing conquer police officer full military right here America more common than they think they're both anti war or both anti Goldman Sachs that both against the bloodless the banksters the court the corporation thinking it over they both have the same issues they both had the same problems they both have to deal with an embedded system that is robbing including our people blind ... and they both agree on that but yet still here you wanna kill each other and that's sad you know and that's why the United but like I think I would of course we will agree on everything was not but I appreciate I appreciate the dialogue are you on Twitter I know my partner apartments does the Twitter you can get me on Facebook page okay and then forced on you give your face but basically I like I like I like having this is dialing I think it's productive in a port for all of us to Medicaid and talk to each other area okay those and all of your men in the box give me the phone this page up fact there just yet contact you need to ... conversation ... things after that the flight sound kinda would away things kind of calm down here a little bit ... but right now I think it's well then I still haven't seen Milo and novelist anywhere still saying he's not going to show up still there's a lot more grueling than what we're actually seeing no worries all messages and then we're staying on deck and I appreciate die like okay this is New York because maybe I maybe I don't hate 7 FF so would you say about that conversation when you know the comment section ... below I think it's a point to talk to everyone and not be afraid to talk to anyone they will be cool up Peter say ... loading the comment section is very interesting right now ... okay if you don't want to know what comes 6 if I was to bring the 3 other people want ... the conflict which is not even being optimistic side by some of the comments that I'm seeing here ... but it's okay people hate me but I will never change person I am I will never change ... what I speak of what I represent looks like the police finally allow people with it looks like right now people are trying to go inside free speech rally they're really looked at 3 to be honestly ... a lot of items have been banned pretty much you just have to walk in there with ... nothing except itself on contact with him a few sorry allowed like you're not allowed my opinions are on their terms overall the body bottled water they become in their 0 they stick man it's a great war great alone in Florida that we help this it's all political correctness ... I think free speech all over the world like some of protesters are trying to come in put a freeze political correctness no place Saddam from absolutely absolutely hates contact us beach nobody's work my times I'll check so looks like from the protesters are blocking or not letting you off and it is harder to everything the honorable you throughout you know if you agree humn so looks like event will still be permitted to go on ... sadly because I love my mind alone okay come into this event ... and a bag of the bag yeah in this event yeah re much anything I think the only thing they're allowing in here is literally just yourself and yourself are no cigarette lighters little nothing the various one is we're having some interesting dialogues happen here between the protesters who do want to come into the of course they have to go through metal detectors research by Berkeley PT and ... Berkeley campus a soft security guards hot here throughout you we're gonna put you in prison no the police are not letting certain people who are protesting model route is growing over there blocking says to the free speech of advocacy a lot people trying to get in here you well we very little what little boy little glory all points bulletin for little boys bashes if you for a little boy because of taunting going back looking for your level for prison bitch one they're not what you gonna do with them no longer gonna wash my clothes you my dear 575 they've gone down over there well you will no longer going we get the camera CSPC an aerial view of what's happening well I I'm gonna get over there and I have a lot of hoops who the man is here you give everyone who can have hopefully everyone will hoops it's a no no they're not learning anything in there bottled water bag yeah I where do you water you know yeah on this standing there I mean they could everyone could simply just cardiovascular ... exercise in the and then let go of all this tension those guys right yeah so this is the free speech zone doesn't really if you look at 3 every other now it all in ndem still apparently okay section over there well thank you I appreciate that very much we're gonna get another angle going guys go out here is not on any side it is with everyone if the parents yeah thank you Chrissy very much but we simply don't have any but on the other side you can just stand in front of the barricade where it was saying it's a long so if you walk around you just and that we can't hear you I mean yeah this is wrong money applied really makes a heck of a difference yeah on the live he was awesome too you could go all the way in there the stuff the barricades set on better job but few arrests already and I thought I really goes here depending on how you got both the growth just to better just as the sizing balls really great who I am not no longer living here another angle sorry to hear that we go over there all if you got to bear more barriers set up here the night hello world weary Bloomfield we ever hear now so looks like well 4050 people people are still trying to get into the place but as you can see that smile young athletes right there and he is supposed to be starting in March here lots of barricades lots of rightfully so all right here as it currently 43 people here on this call to lots of that are turning on free speech event police officers on the roof well so young vitamin sorry Minnesota 3 ... not could accomplish such degree change photos from this event yeah it's really hot out here I only met him really good thing Milos just fighting autographs right now yeah obviously everyone's attention is on the walk around here from the other side house of police officers are now playing around here for some reason still letting people crowd in this area it's very difficult if you have a camera fear journalists to go inside the free speech rally so that's why we're here on the outside of it seeing what will transpire but isnt right Horry it's at story thanks sorry your story having a little fun with us Canada really have things really ... discussions happening right now so far things been fine people here on this site like your IQ thing a large southern times to hi everyone glory I think so the average very quiet here as obvious as recent very hands mom I love come on out if you don't bring me you don't want somebody here you then it says that publicly.come on out I'm here got out here where people can hear you your brain is my bag of bones preview of my bag of bones let me let cleaning people rightly people greet people walk back on that one say anything new at this early well until it my little come on our they why don't you I'm not allowed over there what the megaphone Sir what I'm suggesting is if he comes over here about inside Sir have you ever had a one that should be I know so that I may not be the first okay I would welcome the wombat pop right well obviously filed Monday late because he one after pay for you have you know it's well that's a shock or they decided to cancel 2 weeks but they just let everyone know yesterday angered a lot of people 2 weeks the news not gonna happen but like the Milo on free speech river singing something little trolling here from this side are they saying our national anthem I well right well right okay really one of nder by where is the online he looks like miles actually leaving right now I think that that is already over that's pretty short I guess the same way the national I guess he sang the national anthem and then but that no no no like I was going to be able to hear I would I yeah so we are I love those ordering up in that line why not a good idea well up there looks like there's some protesters inside free speech area a lot of journalists are moving now let me see us or mountain climbing in and out yeah sign here saying jail anti pop for life right so it looks like miles leaving right now 1225 so that that was that was first officially start yeah work with you wouldn't my mom Milo what leann across all my little problem with okay 9 personal security convoy John probably in one book 6 Clark convoy while yeah Ron mother fucker they got out here but they the protest in front of I'm here but they put it looks like one person being arrested right now looks like Milo gave a short speech then the national anthem and got out of there under you minutes away from this ... UC Berkeley campus in the process of thought to follow him a police officer there's been numerous sporadic arrest all throughout the day classes 7 let arguing ... between obviously the left right alright small little complicated here but he felt the moon I've there's they get sick yeah bush shoving and pushing I Theodore Huff reviewing and screaming at they don't think everyone who keeps growing yeah I'm sure we are tailored for slash don't and support us so we can actually do the work of relativity media that's not left right but corporate misled but that's free oil people information knowledge is power and Lori diversified the more we actually see true power more we make our lives better more amazing unless crap unless divided unless stupid honest to goodness never seen hitting ... and that of course is because of ... weaponized information is being used against you to divide the fellow American against each other so we need each other on race gender creates religion political ideology doesn't matter they'll divide you on anything ... just so you fight against each other and not look up at the bigger problem that we're all facing and that of course is the government we're still so keep streaming here during this live broadcast miles did show up for a few minutes spoke for a little bit gave the national anthem I think it was less than T. minutes I don't just have high tailed it out here he has been able to leave left out of this city and this area right now for me what you're seeing ... the some of the protesters from the left and right you know this screaming at each other again yeah yeah this is the second of our civil liberties eroding away from us as we fight everybody Lewis everybody we'll see how this event will conclude our and you still haven't seen any major yeah I think presence here will be interesting to see if they do show up where they do show up later Milo made sure to get in and out they live and as soon as he could there's a course this or screaming and shouting and arguing you know what the right over there you have your yeah police is kind of thing is left this area this media people mag out and people in the leftist revolts my my my my mom the other people are like Pearl that's really all too if you came here to keep yeah you know Joe conversation at all visit where Syria is a yeah take a little break it's certainly not a lot of people who want to their lives free speech been ... weren't allowed in because of the strict security first because it's a lot of people who wanted to miss the men weren't able to ... because the line to get in with a very very long and then as soon as mild showed up and left that's ... they're still Larkin or people on the line so never seeing the kind of overflow that happening right now there's just some questions let me know in the comments section hello Lucas and year phase Lucas showed up 10 minutes you guys Thomas I mean if women see you can read hugs that's original deadline ... looks face did nothing wrong I agree thank you there samplers I appreciate that Milo did leave yeah unfortunate comments on here surprise okay go make my cock please explain this now that's an area you so much from some guy here for being a counselor because I would not let's do that licks do we know about him my boobies sorry guys never repeated jets I I do find this kind of obtaining the quite frankly Luke Luke we clues person because I do like to come I don't get offended you guys can go go go ahead give it to me among we is it so far however the surplus alright no my love is over will develop further here we don't know staying don't no it's going Luke's face matters I appreciate that the civil war ... looks like Majority the speakers did leave I do see Kyle Chapman basic mental still talking live look exactly I don't delete comments little bad people our growth a lot of the tip I don't ... been on YouTube for about almost 10 years now and once you do you do nothing could hurt you or its impact you porting this guy is on I can't say these words what of Pamela Geller looks at him so now turn the camera turn the camera yeah my my face into account or you guys this situation and how the team seeping out it was ... from the very beginning is from the left right screaming at each other Luke Thomas house I'm not a comic my family with 300 my family fought against communism my family was imprisoned tortured by communists in Poland where I was bored we're not fans of communism and also not fans of fascism a Polack tell you ... both sides are wrong and we know that there are his when the Germans and the Russians the commies in fascist invaded our country enslaved are people it I did cover Chapman earlier in the city going to go back you can still come knows it is like a builders elbow yeah I do have through the crowds there thank you there you arrest them I would tell him Rahmon lotuslive matter appreciate that make a high I got you comment in freaky Pacific gas ... perfectly so much ... wakeup people block kinky show Martin about America that the project you're awesome I think ... there's so much you too discord I'm sorry for acting like a fool here knows it's fine yeah I know my nose fine on through the day without Lou pinning on research funny autism autism United already you know what trolls okay look you're going to do that thank you I appreciate you guys Watson supporting another comment toward an exact representation ... while it's happening different lockers there yes he is documented her going up to a lot of some lawyers and surrounding them what's happening on November for yes No rental with Phoebe exciting Catalonia I want to go to Catalonia but when Roger if it's in the budget I am going to Barcelona talk about the Catalonian independence vote that's happening there where the Spanish government is trying to repress the people's vote to separate from state owned and I'm surprised it's not getting any major mainstream media attention it's getting a lot of attention ... course online like doing the signs ... from artists like media leaks we've been covering it very closely on the suit you can only covers news and I think it's gonna be very corner store event I'm a do everything I can make sure all the way over them so the camera crowd please okay got yeah I know learned actually by my face to think through to arrest me why I don't know if it was a large locking the 3 obvious getting a cousin with Stalin god bless Luke knows the change we all need to be the device argon yes we did files are gonna public on me from the love life matters you were saying my life from now it is in the budget look at all the money even though I haven't been able to see everything 11 recording here you guys so much Alice Cooper Lehrer will really appreciate that screenshot Poland I will add you there I think you William I will call you back on Thursday for the spring a documentary another thing that happens here ... people ask me if I'm a centrist I am a centrist of but I do have strong beliefs the government and against the corporate I guess ... everything that really happen in this world ... let's do this face you guys double faith and autistic screaming in the background the left right fighting each other she so this kind of works out to zoom in on the nose good for well infowars about there was salute sound is crap stories the sound is proud ... making it to the UK next week look are you this is a comment yeah listen live pay for the next next week's terrorist attacks I hope not audio is only better the other way around okay all okay now you now I get it why you want me to yeah around this I guess audio works that are here yeah my heart is crying but it is sunny here and ... number when I read that Panama they the nose to nose no your name your Michael and terror sounds fine stop rolling I'm gonna talk about tonight your honor is much better now okay proof I'm gonna make sure you got there's a lot of them think working comment Lucas stopped occurred throughout the disinformation old don't you dare right now I've been very critical of Donald Trump for a very specific reason and there is reason to be difficult someone especially when the president of the United States an absolute power and authority as they do I find it very interesting that in the United States you have the majority of people in the mainstream media a lot of policies saying from patrol but when people like you S. senator rand Paul proposal lock stopping the US president being able to start a war bomb anyone who wants everyone including the mainstream media including all the politics because we don't like from the column on hate all protect the president's power to start useless wars there's an agenda here drugs will be supported by major media whatever it becomes a warmonger whenever he sways from the status quo them automatically who gets it was actually just met some of the act especially by the mainstream media really know good to me for a minute accent on the front end their ridiculous that's about pneumatic 2 scoops of ice cream it's it's it's asinine it if it's going escorts and really not providing any criticism of the power and authority of the U. S. president view with the log files go back here let's see what's happening you guys want to stick screening good debate we have a dialogue or talk the money from the did you know no I haven't now the irony irony is now yeah I was a little more freedom with me that are dead it's it if the majority of people here that shouting that they are what what do you get along we tried why are you trying to describe you say no I really hope no I say not okay yeah I just will be serving you said okay seamless United I think there's a threat I've been very much in support of violence what we create something and not people that promote that is where we're going to well it is where general have you know I don't well what organization highway right would organise on radio California I started generalizations now and tell you that you know I thought I don't hear that's what I do know that some of your there now was I understand goes inside say Muslims are like a job with first amendment will have a service and quietly one added black men are going to be control I'm one out of 3 wonders you know I talked to her it is the goal you came waiters and you understand glass water now why did my okay I know why you're here I don't like having Milo there'd be right forcing he's not telling you