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"2017-05-15 19:53:48"
moving out of California
\\the rise but despite this being a very hot spot for jobs and technology some long time Californians are leaving Katie's more email it takes a look at who's leaving and why now he's just gonna go outside and at the news stairwell and into his office is that you know of our garage Jessica Robertson Baird has called the bay area home for 4 decades but that's about to change I never thought I would leave the bay area the mother who was once an executive assistant to Steve Jobs is leaving the sentencing home where she brought her 2 sons home from the hospital despite fond memories and extended family still here the Los Altos hills native and her husband decided the bay area no longer fits their family of 4 I don't wanna raise money on their home in San Jose's willow Glen neighborhood sold in a week and for over the 1.$3000000 asking price and next month the bear family is moving to bend Oregon there is a difference when you go to band organ everyone is waving at everybody and saying hello and I don't see people with their head down in their phone walking around as much as I do here a full release by the bay area council this month found 34 percent of residents here are considering leaving the region citing high housing costs and traffic as the biggest problems according to the public policy institute of California the golden state's population is still on the rise with more people moving in then out when you look closer at migrants the bay area last year had a net increase of 52000 people from other countries blood a 22000 net decrease and bay area residents moving elsewhere in the U. S. it's important note by no means is the bay area and being out in fact the area is still growing systematic that more people are moving here from other countries then from within the United States porting to link did the most common places bay area workers are moving to our Seattle Portland and Austin Texas I see people going to Boise and I think you're going to Austin realtor Myron von raise Phil doesn't just see his clients leaving the state the former president of the Senate Clark County realtors association and settles a city council candidate himself is now looking to move and out of the home that has been in his family for 4 generations in some ways it's really sad it's it's sad that ... we've come to a place where we're looking at leaving the place that we spent our entire lives lan raise hell is literally surrounded by family in this neighborhood but he's eyeing retirement in North Carolina he's even offering to buy each of his 6 children all home if they move to and you got to kids and all the other things to worry about I just see quality of life the spokesperson for the south bay's largest school district San Jose unified says enrollment has steadily declined in the last 5 years the number one factor is the is the economics of it and the cost of living in the area because we're also finding that charter global charters and private polls are having the same ... issues ... in terms of enrollment according to the most recent numbers from the California association of realtors the median sale price of single family homes in the bay area is $837000 a 10 percent increase from a year earlier and San Jose $1000000 gets you this 3 bedroom home and is that kind of housing market driving some people out of the Golden State Daniel and Nicole Gretton burger group in San Jose and Los Gatos felt priced out of the housing market and wanted a different place to raise their one year old son so last July they moved out of this 1200 square foot center as a rental and became first time home owners in their 3400 square foot dream home in Colorado springs seem callous stores retail shopping malls rules just be no well a stressful but you have different but still a piece of glass and I love it I back in San Jose Cameron looks forward to leaving this net behind and living on a golf course in central Oregon surrounded by a National Forest and it's not just him moving there but his entire ad agency and employees as well everybody's coming with us and toto we're gonna be taking 11 people with us and so everyone is looking for to relocation everyone's looking forward to that should be able to buy a house but commuter Paul Brown is not on board the train to move elsewhere the bay area native says the beautiful weather geography and family make this call home but keeps meters family so that's expensive but I was born and raised here in a lot of our families here so and there's also a lot opportunity they on people leave out thinking that they're going to improve their quality of life but also that the job market is very limited a lot of other areas in San Jose Maureen name never came TV you fox 2 news //

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