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"2017-08-25 17:00:06"
\\a lot of Dixon is it is my latest pop it is kind of like a like a bug command so famous story that you will check how he moves thank you thanks very heavily on my mind a puppet design from over a year ago now insensitive some of its general shape constructible cities hands the clipping Clayson and fingers the complaints a and this level of dexterity enables them to pick things up like that and in the end he yeah he's made from a very different serial that he's made from a kind of lightweight plastic how his life form fitting very comfortable for me to use very light ... which I think it helps me get a lot more subtle movement out in say instead of like having him look alive 3 because of the love high energy stuff which is considered well you can also make him look like he's kind of thinking only Xena yeah so the more obvious difference much beyond the fact that he has wings so these these can help himself jump a little bit or just kind of use an expressive subtle way what else could fly around this place entirely in a I'm another thing that this one can do is at its own glaze so the other one could glow but only under UV light and I am actually using it you can live the moment but it's not necessary to go out and buy some light so they check the sadness wonderful Subi playing around this for about a week still blows me away it's like the just the fact that I can disappear completely into the background just have him just occupy the space unhindered by me all my city face again I so you can have all sorts of things going on in terms of 5 composite thing as well as on the Duke of post production stuff yes he's duplicate himself a little dance oracle soul Burstyn's like our whole swore himself maybe as 30 wonderful that's why I'm planning to do some more videos with this guy in the coming weeks ... next week well Friday I'll be doing a live thing in Bristol see details of that confound much with the open details of any future live stuff ID there's well other laid eyes my Facebook and you cheat and the low that if you're feeling super generous is a link to my page one account where you can support me on the work that I'm doing if you like I'm a good eagles is fully able conventional way by simply I sang this video with every single person in thanks very much I //

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