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"2017-08-24 10:35:33"
The SURPRISING results of Weight Loss Surgery - Good and Bad
\\what's up William Yeomans you do but we do 90 day coming at a level to get through the power of the internet and today I'm 3 weeks and 2 days out from a gastric bypass surgery and I want to talk a little bit about some of the bad sides as well as the good sides of the surgery a lot of the stuff that kinda surprised me that I wasn't really expecting when it when it came to this procedure now let me say right off the bat that my surgeon and his staff been incredible job of preparing me for the surgery and all the different possible outcomes even making sure that I was aware that there could be major complications even death so they did a very good job of getting me prepared for all eventualities in all probabilities and most possibilities as well but that doesn't change the fact that I have a very human brain in the human brain did not anticipate any really major complications are real issues I did not expect ... did to feel the way that I feel or how my body reacted the way this reacted I just thought I was going to be one of those best case scenarios and I definitely am not a worst case scenario or anything close to in fact I'm doing really well are but I think there's some stuff that I just wasn't prepared for the first thing that surprised me as the incredibly rapid weight loss and I've been experiencing I cannot express to you how crazy fast and losing weight and those you know when I sort of liquid diet was 500 35 pounds the liquid diet got me down to 400 92 pounds after 3 weeks here the day of surgeries for 92 and I just weighed in at 400 58 pounds that's like 3030 some past 34 pounds of weight loss that's incredible in 3 weeks and 2 days 23 days 30 some pounds I was not expecting that at all no matter how hard I crash dieted and how much of calories strict in my life I've never lost that kind of weight is unheard of now don't worry I don't expect that to continue on my doctors in my support group in my nutritionist and other people I know we've talked about you who've gone through the surgery all tell me to expect that to eventually slow to a crawl of a couple pounds a week there probably be a month or 2 in which I lose no weight at all whatsoever as my body finally goes into starvation mode and refuses to burn calories that's all expected but as it is right now here right after the procedure I'm losing weight it's such an incredible rate I'm almost euphoric because I can tell the difference almost every day that I wake up I can tell a difference in my body the way I fit into my own furniture in my own bed in my chair my clothes were produced following often you're gonna have to buy a brand new wardrobe in a month in it that were drugs are lasting for 2 weeks I guess I'm going to need bring your clothes soon after that at the rate I'm losing on I think that tuner 60 pounds the originally anticipated I think I'm a lose almost 100 of that in these first 3 months at least god willing knock on wood but with those body changes comes some real downsides I am no longer comfortable in my own body at all whatsoever all of the chairs in on all the furniture even my bed is no longer comparable whether sitting or standing or moving everything just feels weird ... setting down his especially uncomfortable because I don't have as much padding back there is I used to even when I padded with cushions is just not comparable laying down in bed I just feel we hear it all the time I hit it's my body is shrinking it feels like a completely different experience because it is a completely different spirits of 6 weeks ago I was 7080 pounds heavier so ... it's hit it's it's not fun dimension how cold I am all the time too with these body changes I cannot get comfortable similar views to keep the air and I 60 degrees year round 2004 hours a day now I've got up to 72 and I'm still cold my hands are cold my feet are cold I can't get the right temperature in bed so they can stay asleep is is miserable and I've been told this will also get worse as we continue to lose weight eventually ever be or less people to wear sweaters all the armor be literal Mister Rogers and people call me the Mister Rogers of you 2 ever once while I'm literally everywhere in 5 or 6 sweaters okay talking you guys like he kids can we turn the air up because I'm fucking cold but when it comes to the changes from the surgery itself I guess I wasn't as prepared as I expected to be specifically when it comes to the size of my stomach you know I was told by one doctor that would be about the size of an egg another doctor said it would be about the size of a phone I think it's right around those 2 sizes because I can fit literally nothing in it at any given time and what comes the food I mean this is great don't get me wrong I you know I meal for me right now is like 2 scrambled eggs and they'll take me an hour to eat toast to eggs arm and I don't even want to eat I have no real desire to eat I know not mentally or physically right now the only reason I'm meeting is because I have protein goals and calorie goals and I'm supposed to be meeting every day and so I'm only eating because my doctor told me to otherwise I could just do without the problem is there are still nutrition goals and protein goals especially water goals that I still have to meet so food has become this eternal struggle run trying to get into me and I just can't I also nauseous on top of that if I try to put into much my body will expel it so I end up throwing up a it is super frustrating especially when it comes to water and I'm supposed to be drinking at least one of these every single day and I can't even get through half of these in a day I I certainly a small set for me is is a tiny tiny tiny little amount and I have to be drinking every 5 minutes and if I do that I still can't get through for these debates it's driving me nuts their mission everything has to be a room temperature too by the way I can't stomach anything hot I can't something anything cold and even our filter water this isn't even the official Fiji water to free refill this bottle because it's BPA free our even our filter water I can't tolerate it hurts my stomach it makes me very nauseous I don't know why I just can't tolerate water and that's the primary thing I should be putting in my body every second of every day no that is a good trade off because I gotta tell ya I start having a half of a banana for breakfast each morning and I only thought about half of a medium sized banana into my body and just be stuffed but that banana tastes so good it tastes home good so it's been a it's a good trade off the one thing that really surprised me though is that my recovery has been so incredibly slow I am exhausted all of the time All I Want to do is sleep and I am sleeping 8 10:12 hours a day sometimes sleep over 10:00 hours taking a 2 hour nap my body is just exhausted and I know that's because I'm getting a fraction of the calories my body my my brain needs to function within on top of that there's this weird intangible thing that's kind of hard to describe I try to describe this feeling as best they can but I don't think it's gonna make a lot of sense to you but I don't feel like a person I don't feel like the things in my life or the things that are happening to me are real and I I think a lot of that has to do with my mental issues arm you know I've been told I have a dissociative a personality disorder where I will like distance myself from my own existence around body and I guess that kind of makes sense are my friend Jesse from the big drug in August channel he said that after his surgery he experience kind of a brain fog and maybe that's it and certainly combined with the armed the dizziness and that that that tiredness in the fact that my brain is functioning at a much slower pace than it normally would I think that is part of it but were for whatever reason I just I kind of feel like I didn't survive the surgery I kind of feel like this is some sort of weird afterlife for something that and every day I just kind of wake up and I just do what I'm supposed to do to get healthy and do what I'm supposed to do to get better and it's hard to worry about or think about other things ... and I I don't I just I mean I mean my wife put on a TV show and I I work when I can handle it and when I can't I sleep and I just try to take care myself and this feeling really sucks because it's kinda robbing me of everything I enjoy my life I can't really play video games very much that we get in there couple matches a hearthstone everyday I'm watching some shows with my wife and certainly my wife is still a joy my dog is still a joy I still love my beautiful home but a lot of things that I I really used to take for granted spending time with my friends I'm getting out of the house ... streaming on twitch in in in making YouTube videos for you guys with you guys something that I just do right now I don't know how much longer to be and that's really now I'm told is my body begins to deal with them the new lower caloric intake and I think if the clerk and take up as we get more water and more nutrition and me this stuff will begin to regulate self regulate itself my brain will start to feel better ... and I look forward to that I'm pushing towards that harder and harder everyday in the hopes that I can finally get to that point though I don't know how long it's going to take I hope it's sooner rather than later we're never gonna push yourselves next week we're going at a town to go up to Michigan arm to see family and spent a little time there and I'm gonna try to enjoy as best they can but I feel like a zombie ever to be a zombie during it how my family's not too disappointed I'll be a zombie I'll be skinnier zombie but I'll be a zombie I think I guess this probably shouldn't come of too big of a surprise because I I talked to a lot of people he said they had personality changes and mental changes are from this diet from this way is surgery in and the way that it affected them on a mental and emotional level and I guess I should've expected Pat arm but I did expect exactly this the I guess it has chilled me out quite a bit yes I'm a lot more calm and cool and collective and that's what I said when I said I don't know if I feel the Frances rage in me all right now ... because I'm just kind of ... I'm just going to chill on but I hope I hope that I get back to it I guess I hope I get back to the old me because I I like the old me I like the new me too but I like the old me and that's what I say when I I don't really know what my outlook schedule my stream staff schedule going to be like because I just don't seem to have full control over my mind right now and I certainly have very little control over my body what with the nausea and the diarrhea and all the other miserable stuff that's happening ... but I do believe I do believe I will get to a point where things are going to get better and I hope it'll be in the next few weeks certainly the next month but maybe in the next couple weeks maybe the next week who knows ... and I hope that I'll be able to return to quicker than would rather than later that's sad and we continue to do my bare minimum or continue to do my best here and talk to you guys as frequently as I can and stream as frequently as I can even though I know that's going to be very infrequent because most days I just feel like I can't do anything and that's why I wanna take a moment here to thank you guys who have been so supportive who've been watching the old videos in the catalog of the watching these new videos about the weight loss who've been so kind and so supportive those you continue stay subbed on which you know you're not getting 5 shows a week you're getting one miserable show weak at best thank you guys for being so supportive because without you guys well obviously this is not something I could do you know I as somebody else who's working a 9 to 5 job who's working from paycheck to paycheck they'd end up on the streets and I'm so grateful for this opportunity from the folks at YouTube from the viewers from people like you who made this possible for this recovery to be possible so that I could do this monumentally scary and difficult thing and I can only do it with your support structure that's something they stressed so much during the surgery you have to have a decent support structure I am must have one of the best support structures in the world because I have used part of it but now here's the good news out with all of these changes the good absolutely so far has seemed to outweigh the bad even if this is how I had to fill mentally for the rest my life and I know it won't be it is certainly been worth it just for the rapid weight loss and I've experienced so far the fact that I'm currently no longer on my blood pressure medication I'm no longer on my diabetes medication I and I'm I'm have both very controlled is certainly worth it in this is going to mean I'm going to live a much longer time so even if I had to live like this I would be glad to live like this for 10 extra years if even just 56 years it's worth it so I don't want you guys worried about me too much but if you do worry because I have an upload a video or or anything like that for Peter time no I'm just in recovery known just doing everything my body my brain needs me to do to recover and I want to thank you guys for wearing thank you guys for Karen thanks for for all of this I hope the good even as we are always the bad I hope that you enjoyed the video ... as always guys thanks for watching I love you very much because you can //

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