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Kurt Vonnegut Lecture
\\welcome part of the beauty of being a university is having events like this encounters with great thinkers and artists and hopefully an event like this is also a celebration of that most precious and elemental activities of the university reading I like to tell the story of my freshman year in college when ... somebody in the opening up weakened during orientation told us told the students that you should not graduate with from college without spending the whole night staying up reading not because you had an example because you just love the the writing so much and I remembered that a few months later when I stayed up all night on a Friday night reading mother night I'm Jonathan Sadowski I'm the director of the college scholars program ... before we get started I'd like to extend a few words of thanks I'd like to thank the man dell foundation for its support of the program in the in its early years I'd like to thank the office of the dean for its continuing support of this program I'd like to support thank the provost's office of Case Western for its support of the speaker series I'd like to thank the staff of the college scholars program Benita mac more Barbara Klein today and Laura Caelan for the hard work they did helping to make this event with all of its many organizational tasks possible and I finally like to thank Aaron Wilson Laura caliphate us for the work that they put into this the college scholars program will be described more fully by the next person on this podium but I want to say 2 things myself first is that the program is unusual in that unlike many programs that bring in speakers to college campuses the college scholars program ... makes a special effort to be attentive to the interests and request of its students for speakers and no speaker in the program's history has been more consistently and repeatedly requested by students than today's secondly it's also a tradition in the program to have the speakers introduced by students from the programs but before that introduction comes up a few words from the president of Case Western Reserve University please join me in welcoming doctor Edward hunter the thank you very much I want to also a welcome all of you here today I especially want to extend a welcome to all of the emeritus fat have over 100 Ameritech I ... joining us today one of my favorite groups on campus ... for this occasion we are truly honored ... to share our campus with a true master of a contemporary literature as was just said Kurt Vonnegut is in fact just the latest in a whole series about standing visitor sponsored by the college scholars program ... which is a very special interdisciplinary group of undergraduate students who apply ... they're learning here to various larger world concerns through group study through community service through special programs for leadership skill development and so forth since the 199798 academic year the college scholars program have sponsored such campus visitors through this program as a Cornell west Lech Walesa Ralph Nader Edward Alby Stephen Jay Gould Susan Faludi and Susan Sonntag of course none of these has with that have been more eagerly anticipated than the speak here we are about to hear and I think Mister Vonnegut pry here's this from everyone who introduces him but I had a very similar experience a large part of my high school a P. ... English class thinking about literature centered on the recently released that slaughterhouse 5 which had a very big impact on my entire experience of what literature is about ... Mister Vonnegut is going to be introduced by one of the college scholars ... Layla Ivor heme ... please welcome aside for him to the podium the most readers interested in the fantastical literature are familiar with Kurt Vonnegut particularly for his use buttons of science fiction those readers not interested in the fantastic are familiar with him after being forced to read his books in school although unusual for this for Mister Vonnegut science fiction is frequently comic not just in the black humor mode with which he has been tagged so often but also in being simply funny Mister money get was born in Indianapolis in 1922 a descendant of prominent German American families he attended orchard public school in short ridge high school where he edited the school's daily newspaper he went to college at Cornell for a little over 2 years where he studied biochemistry a subject that which he did not excel he also wrote for the Cornell daily sun in 1943 he enlisted in the U. S. army where he was sent to Carnegie institute and the university of Tennessee for training in mechanical engineering before being sent overseas in 1944 he was taken prisoner following the battle of the bulge in the Ardennes forest of Belgium he returned to the U. S. in 1945 when he was awarded the Purple Heart after the war Mr body get married and entered a masters degree program in anthropology at the university of Chicago he also worked as a reporter for the Chicago city news bureau his master's thesis titled fluctuations between good and evil in simple tales was on anonymously rejected however 25 years later the university of Chicago realize their mistake and finally awarded Mister Vonnegut his MA in recognition for cat's cradles contribution to the field of cultural anthropology after his thesis was rejected he departed for Schenectady New York to take a job and public relations at a General Electric research lab Mister body get left G. E. in 51 to devote himself full time to writing during the fifties he published short stories in national magazines player piano his first novel appeared in 1952 sirens of Titan was published in 1959 followed by mother night in 1962 cat's cradle in 1963 god bless you Mr rose water in 1965 and his most highly praised work slaughterhouse 5 in 1969 a true master of contemporary American literature and the graphic artist he has written many more books both fiction and nonfiction plays dozens of short stories and essays and created numerous drawings in different mediums he has taught at the university of Iowa Harvard University City University of New York and Smith College there's also an unbelievable amount of bands including the Grateful Dead who have been influenced by Mister Vonnegut's work apparently they're also forced to read his books in school over the years Mister Vonnegut had come to speak of finding writing more onerous his novel Galapagos in 1985 presented scientific as well as literary challenges and his labors with his novel time quake in 1997 extended for several years as he describes it writing is labor and the writers reward arrives when he or she hands the manuscript to the editor and says it's yours on a personal note I wish to thank Mister mom to get because I have also attended public school study chemistry for 2 years a subject that which I did not excel and I find writing onerous as well thank you Mister Vonnegut for giving me hope ladies and gentlemen it is my honor to present to you Kurt Vonnegut for thank you I look at it well you Adams and eves that realize how wide duration I used to be an Adam but who's the lead now and ... you get to be my age start asking kids life is all about so all about I gave what I think is a very good answer we are here help each other through this thing whatever it is I tell you that I want to say to no matter corrupt government and corporations and Wall Street news media may yet become the music will still be perfectly wonderful and if I and if I ever die god for bid I I want this for my epitaph the only proof proof we ever need it of the existence of god was music a good place to say that in that now then I'm here to make news this afternoon the Cleveland on the map the I am not running for president although I know that a sentence in order to be complete has to boot have both the subject and a verb we nor will I confess that I've sleep with children I will say though that my wife the oldest person I ever slept with here's the big news I am suing brown and Williamson tobacco company of Louisville Kentucky billions I hope and do you though you lawyers here those in law school be interested in this case I think I have never smoked anything but Paul mall since I was 11 years old this is up brown and Williamson product on their package for several years now they've promised to kill me but I'm still alive 81 years old thanks a lot you dirty rat it the last thing I ever wanted who is to be alive when the 3 most important most powerful people on the face of the earth we're named bush Dick and colon if if you think if he no who who do I want for good run ... on the democratic ticket for president well we need an actor's our form of government now is television a made for movie made for television movie so we need an actor like Arnold Schwarzenegger yeah an actual movie star is I think Paul Newman maybe I would say Peter Jennings ... but he wasn't born in this country is born in Canada I have to say that it must be kind of spooky for you people here case to a being a great institution like this one with its laboratories in lecture halls and libraries and knowing that this institution is within the borders have a country where truth and reason yeah and the lessons of history did not apply and ... there's good news and there's bad news this afternoon case the bad news is that the Martians of landed in New York City they're staying at the Waldorf the good news is that they only eat homeless men women and children of all colors and they pay gasoline now only kidding of course not at and if you know so you'll know whether I'm kidding or not ... I'll go like this that means I'm getting if if it turns out to ... Cleveland is likely to be attacked by terrorists I'll go like this is don't no get the 2 signals mixed up yeah now how do I have an experiment here is if I would say something I obviously don't believe and and signal that the that I I'm not being serious is ... alright how about this it is joined the army and defend democracy okay I'm sorry that's wrong signal judge it's her but anyway seriously if you go up to keep up with current events where I do and supermarket tabloids then you know that a team of Martian anthropologists has been studying us for the past 10 years ... they went home last week because I knew her really awful global warming was about to become ... their space vehicle incidently ... wasn't a flying saucer it was more of a flying soup tureen ... and they are a little alright there only 4 inches high but they are green their move anyway by way of farewell their little move leader said in that teeny weeny Tammy when he told the little voice of hers that there were 2 things about our culture no Martian could ever understand who and I won't imitate her voice is like you can go that high what is it she squeaked what could that possibly be she squeaked about blow jobs in golf what is it like to be this old thanks to brown and Williamson I can't parallel park with a damn anymore so please don't watch when I tried to do it yes and to all practical purposes I am now a flaming neuter I am a celibate if 50 percent of the heterosexual Roman Catholic clergy but I've found that celibacy is no root canal the it is so cheap and convenient you don't have to say anything afterward to do anything afterwards because there is no afterwards and when my TV to which I call my tantrum yeah wave moves in my face and tells me that everybody but me is going to get laid tonight and this is a national emergency so I've got to rush out and buy some pills or car or Jim knows you navy among Fulton hide under my bed ... I laughed like a hyena when television tells me that you know and I know that millions upon millions of good Americans are not going to get laid tonight present company not accepted and we flaming neutered vote I look forward to a day when the president of the United States no less who probably didn't gonna get laid that night either pro claims neuter pride day and out of our closets who will come and we'll go marching up main street all over this boob crazed democracy of ours our teams will be higher shoulders squared and we'll be laughing like hyenas is all you flaming new orders you found your leader here now you and the cops are certainly entitled to know that ... since I'm going to spend the night here in Cleveland that I'm both a luddite and a humanist I'm a stage of black mass tonight if I can find a and a neocon baby to sacrifice it up a lot of it is a person who hate certain newfangled contraptions Forbes magazine asked a bunch of us awhile back today my favorite technologies and I said the entire encyclopedia Britannica and my address book because they were alphabetical and corner mode mailbox I like a lot to could look like a big bull frog big friendly bullfrog and when I give it some days ago the rabbit and I also like sharpies I think that this is a major a major event give credit where credit is due if they'd asked me which technologies I hated most I would have said nuclear submarines and armed with Poseidon missiles with hydrogen bombs in their war head how did we the people ever come to pay billions of Bucks it's such a preposterous genocidal ultimately suicidal corruption we were harmed so ogle by super salesman for our armaments industry which is to say our federal government hold on Lucius would we have for this thing and look we have a couple of Middle East you know slumbering ... infield words off Iceland or whatever when on earth would we ever turned loose such get that we owned by god I hate computer for kids too they treat the kids out of the vital experience to becoming instead of becoming the kid learns how to make these computer become quite himself or herself could have become without one no actually a computer can do the same thing to a grown up have a son in law's been lobotomized by his computer he doesn't have to know anything because it's computer knows everything no and and I ask him anything any asses computer that's all I wanted one and I wasn't I answer when what I really wanted was a son in law and I tell you is I my self I have had a terrible experience with it and there is no longer such a thing as a typewriter no longer serve and that's as though they took away my violin you know and I'd been a good violinist but I think back in the old days when I had a choice between a typewriter or computer I have it I an apple now who'd which I just use a word processor I mean it talk tries to talk to me sometimes and I just felt you know goes engaging airborne and of course with the whole on a rolling doughnut I anyway back in the old days when they were still typewriters and ... you could choose between either a typewriter or or a computer ... I saw of course chose typewriter and it was my violin and Derry New York my wife and I ... work at home we both have offices in our home is a 4 storey house if New York I work on the top floor she works on the ground floor she's the photo journalist Joe Clements ... who is published 3 books everyone of my 11 I'm very young dancer for instance anyway ... back in the days when I still use a typewriter IBM up on the top floor and you know and I'd be typing away and pages it will you know be quite messy and I'd Markham up with penitential make corrections and everything and then I pick up the telephone and call up my typist can you imagine I used to be have such a trade S. typist and all over this country with mostly women who made substantial contributions to their family incomes because they could type without making a mistake I should've been concert pianists they were so deft I hope they have an alternative crime now I anyway in the good old days I heard of a bunch a page find that a bit really messy but responsibly added pick up the phone to call up my typist cara I said hi Carol how are you honey it's it's a hiker what's up when a nice yeah and talk about safe sex anyway I'd say a I got the more pages sure okay good right send them over and ... so I'd ask do you know about her I know she had back trouble for awhile and she's got a husband to ... well never mind what her problem is with him ... anyway I tell right I'm gonna millions marry these pages and she said okay look forward to seeing him and so I taking these pages knife put them together with paper clip and so I take these messy pages down 2 flights of stairs to the ground floor room my wife works and I dance on the way down this is very good exercise and you know what what Microsoft what's the name of the guy who runs at the richest man in the world ... anyway he doesn't seem to realize we're dancing animals anyway I danced down the front steps and doing some pretty good stuff massive and my my wife here is really going past your work station and she says where you going and her favorite reading when she was that a child was Nancy Drew girl detective as so I say I'm going to buy an envelope she said one envelope why did you buy 100 envelopes and put them in the closet up where you work and I pretend I have murder and I and I hope in the world I go with my pages and what a figure I am I am a man with a mission and I go dancing down our front steps and out on the sidewalk sort of a ... and the the understated but good morning I would say and ... inode if people are so tiered up against excited to see a man so full of purpose what can those papers be they must be terribly important and he must be terribly important Amanda said I think I look quite sexy anyway I go down the sidewalk and I'm headed for a new store ... where they sell not only magazines and newspapers that ... lottery tickets and and stationery and so on and you know on the way you know I may just stop a woman Nasser what kind of crazy dog that is she's walking you know it looks like I half Labrador and have 2 woah and ... of a fire engine has gone by I might given sums up because I'm all for Fuhrman anyway off I go the man with the purpose and I go into the new store there and ... there's a long line mostly for lottery tickets ... but I know their stock and so I go back and I get and they now have by 11 outlook Manila envelope and who people are very I'm a celebrity but everybody is very polite and pretend they don't know who I am and could and so dislike another Joe I take my place at the end of the line ... who if my envelope and you know I like to talk to Pete and also I I like to look at all the it moves on the cover the magazine's anyway you know did a do you know anybody who ever won the lottery here one anymore money in a lottery here you know what happened your foot and that sort of thing in the chat and everything in it time goes by and finally now look this store was then no longer who was then owned by Hindus who own behind the cash register the wife headed jul in her forehead now that's a worth a trip right there anyway I finally reach the head of the line acting like just any body else and ... pay for the envelope which is now mine and I take my pages and I put them in there and there inside there and the flap on the envelope very cunningly decide ... has both new slid and has a hole in it to serve it ... ... of AB easily bendable metal prong can be spread out to see la twice well alright so they're in the store so I ... licked the underside of the envelope which is pretty sexy and anyway how silly envelope and the little Findlay the metal friendly I don't know what it's called it yeah comes up through the hole now spread that out now look at this to the largest parts of our brain is devoted to the most sensitive parts of our body our fingertips and come and I have exercised both of those totally involved them in this process is simply feeling the emblem so I put Carol's envelope earned an address on the envelope and I had 2 blocks south to oppose to convenience and now my heart was beating hard when I first talked to Carol on the telephone because it's you know erotic a where is really pounding as I approach a postal convenient center because I back then ... who is secretly in love with the woman behind the counter there she just disappeared out of know what the hell happened there I don't know what'll happen to Carol if anyway this is very very near the United Nations and ... so what what's it like you know every every of magical races represented and what is what it's like to live as close to the UN as I do it was like being at a dog show a all the different breeds you know their interest anyway I go into the post of convenience center there and there are all these foreigners in their and ... the woman I love is there again there's a long line ... is behind a counter I've never seen her ... from the armpit up because she's always behind the counter and she's also she's in a ... blew a smock the official blue smock the post office department with the eagle on the bosom but what she does with her neck and head cheer us up every day it's so generous it's never the same thing and she knows she's doing this she's making us happy and it's so Jonathan her because it must be a lot of work as you know sometimes are terribly all frizzy and that's kind of funny then next time it'll be really straight you know sometimes it'll be in braids now this is to entertain us because she knows how to drive our lives our and I don't know if she was born without eyebrows or whether she plucked amount in any case every day she looks different because she can paint on a different set of eyebrows is one day she'll look like Betty Boop the next day she looked like the the sister of Count Dracula as I missed this but I heard that one day she actually painted on a Hitler mustache and I wish I had done that what she was doing that sort of thing to cheer us up and so alright I talk to foreigners they're in the line ahead of me and ... not giving a sign of how much I love this generous woman and ... you know it's a if if if if the Chinese ... I might say to him is you know who's how how grateful ... Americans are to the Chinese for movable type and postern gunpowder ... if it was an Arab obviously an Arab is I might thank him and say you know further the Arabs for the numbers we use for algebra and you know that's why George Bush hates the Arabs invented algebra with the well anyway a and finally I get to the head of the line and here I am face to face with her and ... god she looks wonderful I think it was black lipstick that day and I'm not kidding you talk about lipstick good beef heck yeah could be axe murder read it could be any color and it's also exciting that all chooses up and there's all kinds of stuff suffering from mers around their neck all the time one time she actually hung fresh radishes around their neck to cheer us up anyway I keep a perfectly straight face and I think so does she and I just simply I handed the envelope and then asking her the way it tell me how some of the proper number stamps descended on its way and I think I think if I'd broken the spell if I'd suddenly blurted out I love you we both would have fallen to pieces 0 made of glass shattered because I would have broken something very magical and so ... all I said said you knows how much and and so she tells me how much and and ... I pair and out I go in here I've got this what was once a blank envelop empty envelope full pages and it's a dress his become up animal raring to go it's got a stamp parliament it's got stamped on it what a transformation this is no ordinary envelope anymore Franconia mailbox my friend on the corner in the big bull frog and I feed at the envelope and it serves a rib then swallowed it and I go home I have had one hell of a good time and let me tell you we are here on earth to fart around and don't let anybody ever tell you any different now see what I've got here it's and got some of the good I have alright so now you know a luddite is and I'm also 7 humanness that is a person like both my parents and all for my grandparents who behave as honorably and decently as here she can without any expectation of reward to punishment in the afterlife the humanist serves as best he or she can the only abstraction with which he or she has any real for Marriott familiarity which is our community Anna I am honored armory president of the American humanist association ... having succeeded the late great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov and that totally function this capacity we had a memorial service for Isaac awhile back and and at 1.I said Isaac is up in heaven now this was the funniest thing I could have said to an audience of human that it rolled him in the aisles and was several minutes before or it could be restored and if so again if I ever die god for bid ... I hope you some of you will say that that the current is up in heaven now that's my favorite joke both the luddite and a humanist you know what a trip was when I was in high school in the Indianapolis a long time ago it was a guy who stuff false teeth up easier and then bit the buttons off the back seats a taxicab I you know we're snarf once the guy who sniff girls bicycle seat now where the hell are we I lost track of how long I've been speaking because I didn't start my stopwatch that I they a I have had a technical education and ... every time I every time I've been in a sauna faculty have been an English department although I've never been English major and I have try giving scientific thinking to le literary criticism and I've been very little gratitude for this alright the stories have very simple shapes wanted computers can understand this is the G. I. axis good fortune ill fortune death terrible disease poverty boisterous good health happiness up here this is the B. E. access beginning entropy now them I'll give you a marketing tip the people who can afford educations and buying books and magazines and all that you can read don't like to read about people who are poor sick so start your story up here with now the simplest story and if you stay home and watch this on television ... use it it'll be told again and again and again nobody every every nobody ever gets tired of the story eye color man in the whole bit needn't be about a man and a whole somebody gets into trouble get out of it again yeah a the far end of a little higher than where we began because you know the reader thinks will plug up I'm a human being too I must have that much in reserve if I get into trouble and whatever now another story is very popular and if none of these are copyrighted is is I can I call it boy meets girl but it needn't be about a boy or a girl it's somebody who on a day like any other day comes across something perfectly wonderful all but I this is my lucky day shit you get the back again yeah as had been said as I I have a master's degree in anthropology from the universe to Chicago soda Saul bellow so and what you wanna make of that ... anyway I and it was a big mistake I can't stand primitive people are so stupid that her anyway Prue for their stupidity was I you know I I went to the library and dug up stories they told you know they'd been gathered by missionaries and ethnographers and imperialists of other sort and boy they story stunk they were just dead level ... like the B. E. axis there if you know we came to a river we came to a mountain little beaver died you can't you can't tell you can't tell what the good news is and what the bad news is you look at the wonderful rise and fall of our stories and you know they deserve to lose another story very popular and it breaks my rule starts down here 2 young girls teenager I guess maybe 1718 why she is so low where mothers died written enough runs and her father has remarried almost immediately to a terrible battle axe with $2000000 and there's a party the palace at night you heard it alright so she has to help heard new mother and her sisters her new sisters get dressed for the party and ... she doesn't get the goes I know knows she did have feet not good enough to go but they are so did she get even sadder no hissed out hearted little girl its maximum grief is death of her mother very badly for the party the very god mother shows up and give her patios mascara perfume everything means of transportation carried with horses and everything everything you need to go to a party and have a good time so she goes and the prince falls in love with her now you must realize she is so heavily made up that her own relatives don't recognize okay so the clock strikes 12 as promised and so she loses all that stuff it's all taken away in that fairy godmother said I was going to happen is very steep drop here it doesn't take long for a clock to strike 12 does she dropped down to the same level no for the rest of your life if you remember the time she was the Belle of the ball so she moved along at this certainly improved ... level until the shoe fit and she becomes off scale happy I there's a Franz Kafka story very pessimistic stars down here there's this rather unattractive not weekly nice looking not very personable young man ... who has a really lousy job and disagreeable relatives and the so it's time for him to go to work again and he has turned into a cockroach I but all right now does it does it have any use and and ... criticizing liver to well I think perhaps it does I think this rise and fall is in fact artificial it pretence that we know more about life and we really do and a course perhaps a true masterpiece cannot be crucified on a cross of this design alright astride hamlet okay well I don't have to draw a new level sex is a reverse that he's in the same situation the Cinderella I'm a little older fathers died and his mother's remarried his uncle and so he is depressed a Cinderella so he is feeling very unhappy and depressed and everything and his friend Horatio comes in and says Hey Hammond there's this thing up on the parapet I think you better go talk to it yes physician if your father and so hammer goes up there and this thing whatever it is now we don't know is any of you who've horse around with ouija board there with any sort of seance is there anything you know their malicious spirits around we're looking for Pfaff like you who are going to find ways to hurt you give you very bad advice so this to this day we do not know whether that thing up there on the parapet was really the ghost of his father and whether it was telling the truth the thing said I'm your father I was murdered by the man who's now the king and you've got to avenge me well since we don't know what it was what it is in a good news or bad news because we don't know so alright hamlet says I know what I'll do stayed to play again higher active can get them to act out the way the murder who was described to me and I have the murder suspect suspect what and what's his reaction well okay so he does that it's a flop none nothing much happened until hamlet is up in his mother's chamber ... talking right after this flop when talking and ... news curtains waiver they Aris waves drapes wave and so he figures his uncle is back there he's new father supposedly and so you gonna finally be decisive and he pulls out a sword sticking through the drapes who falls out this wind bag Polonia the Shakespeare regard him as a total fool and it yeah you know giving just the kind of dumb advice parents give their kids when they go away in those neither a borrower nor a lender be thanks a lot dad put a swell time anyway is this terrible it's is it hammock gonna get arrested or what no neither good nor bad news to something that happened alright so finally hamlet gets in the dual killed a Getty if he goes to heaven is off scale happy like Cinderella fees fees going to hell off scale unhappy like Kafka's cockroach as but we don't know I doing hamlet believed in heaven and hell anymore now I do I mean that Shakespeare didn't so I would if proved to you that Shakespeare was of poor storytellers and Arapaho or but I haven't I have in fact told you why this is respected as a master we are so seldom told the truth hamlet hamlet Shakespeare tells us we don't know enough about life to know but the good news is and the bad news is and we respond to that thank you bill now if you think it will only do it if we pretend to know what the good news is and what the bad news is and you think about our training in this matter all we do is echo the feelings of people around us imagine a little kid 3 years old maybe for and the parents are so excited they have the most wonderful piece of news for this kid knows little kid it'll blow it can be in this knife here's the terrific news the bombshell it's your birthday what could be a more empty piece of information and so the kid of love love love love and you know it goes on is our team won love love love love our client candidate one love well so it although I don't believe in heaven I would like to go up if such a place once you have to have somebody in charge Hey what was the good news and what was the bad news if we can't be sure now every lecture I've ever given ... has included my tribute to my alcoholics my brother kid whether do it graduate of Harvard and a wise man the distant insurance salesman then the Annapolis he was childless but what uncle Ike found objectionable about so many women being is that they so seldom noticed it when they were happy and so we would be sitting under an apple tree for instance on the July afternoon drinking lemonade them you know talking about this and that there's practically buzzy long honey bees and all all ex would stop everything and say if they wait a minute stop if this isn't nice I don't know what it is so he would do that again and again very good advice and I've taken of them and I hope that you we'll take up this habit too of noticing when things are really awfully nice and say if this isn't nice I don't know who it is now then I don't know how long I talk to have lost track is I'm supposed to speak for 45 minutes and I know how long I've spoken how are about 45 most but alright well I'm going to as for a show of hands now so get set for that and this is for everybody here everybody ... no matter what age how many of you have had a teacher at any point in your whole educational career primary school high school college grad school how many of you have had a teacher who made you product to be alive happy to be alive than you had previously believed possible would you show up your hands please those of you have ... it no then would you please say the name of that teacher to someone sitting next to you well done I'm if this is nice I don't know what is music please we I I //

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