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#40: Dr. Steven Greer - Sirius Disclosure - Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park
\\and we are as a people apparently and historic ... close to secret societies because if we don't have any secret proceedings show that has questions about why you don't ask questions since fierce inquiries with Allan park welcome to conspiracy queries with Allan park these are there is a clear reason I and I have already use to Perth Lewis words in my own introduction if you'd like to win a contest as to which superfluous words I use send and the entry form to the radio station all I'm sorry I've I've given them away it was actually the Acela twice well I'm feeling a bit silly today because Sam I guess it's global warming aura whatever people are saying is global warming I don't know but it's a nice day and by all rights should be horrible outside where we sit in Canada waiting for the winter with bated breath which I realize recently does not mean your mouth smells like a bucket full of worms now that means bated breath to different spelling look it up but we have a great guest on the show today but ... you know I can say that it anytime because all of the guests on the show so far been great now I'm telling you the listener that I'm also telling the guests that so that they'll come back on hello phones not ringing scariest why that is no actually we do have a lot of people coming back on the show a soon ishe into the new year and ... those people are have that very fascinating things to say but there are also other people out there and there are other topics that in this calendar year of 2013 I wasn't able to get to because there's only one show a week although we're trying to get to happening ... so today our guest before we bring him on I should tell you a little bit about him in case you don't know who he is and if you don't know who he is I don't know why you're listening to this particular program but maybe you don't know is and will ... we'll tell you our guests today is a doctor his name is doctor Steven Greer and he used to be an emergency room doctor which is kind of stressful I would imagine at that's where he realized that there must be more to life on this planet then being an emergency room doctor and so overnight he opened see city or the center for the study of extraterrestrial intelligence and I really overnight I don't think the chain of events was that short are they worse probably a bridge alone or 2 in there ticket sees Saudi organize Butta yeah that's pretty out there and and ballsy and fascinating the center for the study of extraterrestrial intelligence and eventually they manage to gather enough data which led to the disclosure project the disclosure project meaning ... well it's an attempt by many researchers including doctor Greer and many others such as rich Dolan who we've had on the show and other experts and witnesses to come forward and force the government's hand exposing the real facts behind the alien presence on earth and in our solar system and in our lives so that's 2 Steven Greer is a major monumental force in that field will be talking about his research into that field his movie that came out about a year ago called serious which is fascinating ... but before we get into that more bad news if you like this planet ... and that's the only one I'm living on at the moment that I know of so any time stuff like this happens it bothers me ... fracking is a kind of destroying the planet so that you can have a little bit more natural gas which I then assume you power things that help further damage the planet I guess but ... is a bit of a standoff going on while it may be nice here India Toronto southern Ontario part of the Canadian world ... it's a little more snowy and wintery in New Brunswick as the anti fracking protesters fight for quote the next 7 generations and this is from our N. R. I. N. F. for all your crazy news needs and I mean that a good way a snowy standoff took place in New Brunswick between Canada's royal Canadian Mounted Police that's the gang that wears red jackets sort of like the Canadian blunts ... and the anti fracking protesters I recently as Elsa palm tug community members and their allies continue to fight the to protect their land from shale gas exploration which a lot of people say ... causes earthquakes Texas I had like 13 earthquakes in the last couple of weeks I'm not usually the case for Texas back to this story Twitter users captured a lineup of protectors facing police along highway 11 where energy company SW en resources has trucks conducting seismic testing for shale gas basically the Canadian government is putting a lot of money into making sure something that's not healthy and worthwhile goes through I'm sure most of us won't enjoy that but it means jobs jobs jobs that must be great unless you remember that continual growth is also one of the characteristics of cancer a similar protest on highway 11 on Friday I guess that was the previous Friday brought blocked the road for hours and several protesters were arrested breaching a court injunction by SW en crooked horrible nasty corporation at the bottom of this fracking they don't care they just want the money them in their board under terms of the court order protestors cannot interfere with the companies shale gas exploration they must stay 20 meters away from the side of roads where the company is working in 250 meters away from the front or back of its trucks you're listening in the states a meter is a yard or pretty close to it and really let's ... let's get on the metric system here ... in the states like the only country that doesn't do that next thing you know you're gonna freeze out any kind of diplomatic relations with Cuba for the next 50 ship of Sir that's RD happening other Friday arrests brought to total 1414 arrests in 1 week they have tear gas they have guns we have nothing said protester Mary okay that's our name Mary okay they're the ones that are blocking the road right now some people accused the officers of acting like private security for the company will that wouldn't be a first time that the cops that we paid for with taxes would act like a private security firm for those with the deep pockets you just have to go back to occupy to remember the depth of that depravity why is it depravity and then if your depraved it's your depraved but its depravity they've Ralea through mark Thomas a loop with that English the fight represents a global issue protesters say and are calling for solidarity and for Monday couple days ago to be a day of emergency action we are not giving up despite these harsh weather conditions sacrificing time with our families our jobs our homes not only protect land watering people but to ensure a brighter future for the next 7 generations same here where there give a rats about the eighth generation but yeah probably will make it that far anyway we are asking for more support through road blocks to be in solidarity this is not just announced that pod tug issue that's the name of the native band by the way this is a global issue and we need to raise awareness show us your support in anyway possible by sending thank yous roadblocks banners even dropping by all in every type of support is appreciated that's what's going on or as we as we have private companies trying to frack into a you know an earthquake kind a scenario while our publicly funded police protect the privately funded interests that if they find this stuff will charge you an unbelievably unfair premium for said use of gas there used to be company goals against average gas never mind we're gonna move on anyway that's a horrible that is and ... just to let you know what ... the police are doing ... and and some of the ... policies on a P. T. N. news the aboriginal people's television network knows that they were ... rounded dancing and burning tires as they refuse surrender that was ... as of today actually so they must have done alright on Monday round dancing late Monday evening after the tires were set afire group of anti fracking demonstrators ... round danced against a backdrop of flames in the middle of a New Brunswick highway while they waited for the RCMP to respond the tires were satellite the late afternoon around the same time in New Brunswick court judge in the provincial capital of Fredericton granted an extension to an injunction against the demonstrators for 14 more days so it's a M. it's a waiting game unfortunately and ... all the time this is happening we're getting news from the west coast of the country that if we're not gonna have the pipeline that critics of Obama wanna have and connect up the as Neil Young would say Hiroshima like western Canada Alberta have the bass guitar sans to the United States that they're just gonna ship it across and trains which apparently blow up every once in awhile and burn the towns that they are snaking through the middle of the night all with no repercussions to the company we just need to think of new things and this is one of the things we will be discussing with doctor Greer ... as much as it may sound like an alien show and it will be as much as it a discusses a other planets it also raises the very fascinating concept of if these aliens are getting here how are they doing that not with a leader or a gallon of gas from the local gas station that's for sure but before we get to that part of the show let's ... let's take a quick step away here you're listening to conspiracy queries on Sirius XM Canada talks channel 167 and we're back and we're ready to go to our interview with us today doctor Steven Greer of the C. seti and the disclosure project and a long time now pioneer in the field of extraterrestrials a press technology those are linked we'll get to that and ... also ... governmental conspiracies this all ties in unfortunately to ... let's say the suppression and ... ignoring of a lot of ... doctor Greer's find work doctor Greer thank you for coming on I wonder if you could tell us just a little bit to get started for those who may not know you and what you've been up to these last 20 years how you got started on this path yes well I ma another E. R. doctor emergency medicine ... medical doctor who got involved with this is ... really because I had a sighting of what the public call UFOs ... back go when I was quite young and began to study the issue and and I have a family member my uncle who ... worked on doodle of lunar module actually was with Grauman we did that Northrup Grummond that designed the lunar module put first man on the moon for people don't remember is a funny looking thing it landed on the moon 1969 so ... my have an airspace family background and that I'd had a very close encounter in fighting and started digging into and I really did discovered that not only was the subject real but the reason that it's ridiculed and Pooh poohed and sort of dismissed is because there's been a very ... deliver it ... attempt to obfuscate and hide the truth on it ... because really what's behind the secrecy is that since the 19 fifties ... we have not needed oil gas or coal or for that matter surface highways between cities that those technologies have been studied and developed ... for over a 60 years and and I think that that's the part that shocks people I know that when I ... some years ago in the 19 nineties I briefed ... president Clinton's team and his out CI a director personally on this matter ... and I think that that that's the very first question out at the CIA directors a man out wasn't our UFOs real because he and his wife had had a fighting years ago in New Hampshire he said why are they keeping this from me in the president and I was stunned here that they were and I said well I think it's because ... the technologies behind how these things that people see in videotape a photograph for moving it ain't using Exxon Jedi fuel is not using a conventional physics and it's not using a fossil fuel or nuclear power plants so you're talking about an area physics and science that's really at the core the secrecy and and ... the eye when I discovered that that was the issue ... I dedicated to starting something called the disclosure project and now people who want to see the kind of evidence we've ... accumulated can go to ... a serious the flick SiriusXM F. I. R. I. U. S. a disclosure ... .com and you'll see that we have dozens of top secret military and ... CIDA and and defense intelligence agency witness's testimony up there on videotape and a government documents and Justin a huge amount of proof that this is going on I think that most people haven't had not figured out and certainly the people at the senior ranks of the political system in the government ... as opposed to this sort of deep national security state which we can get to in a minute but the people at the top of the government that everyone thinks all well the president knows what's going on the CIA director is going up but they don't know anything and as I can say that with some authority because I briefed people like that for no now over 20 years ... in fact it was 12/13/1993 20 years ago when I briefed the CI a director of the for the first time on this issue and ... what I discovered is is something that is you know people think with a government keeping this secret Isobel which government so they're sort of apparent government told the national security state that's keeping the stuff secret not the conventional folks that need we send the Washington every 2 or 4 years okay ... you're you're saying that the ... the disclosure or sorry in the in the a movie this serious a movie that you have and we'll get into that later on for folks serious as you said like the radio station right ... the radio organization right ... James Woolsey at the time he was the CIA director when you spoke with him and he said he didn't understand why himself in the president were unaware of these right for you he was that what's called the DC I the director of central intelligence which that harm common parlance would be to see I a director and a friend of his who was ... on my team set up a meeting because the CIA director and the president had made enquiries into the UFO issue and basically had been denied access or been told lies about it impact Webster Hubbell who was the third highest ranking guy at the justice department for president Clinton I wrote a book called friends in high places where he states that the president asked him to look in the 2 things who killed Jack Kennedy what's going on with your photos and in the book Webster Hubbell admit some we later spoke to her what Webster Hubbell about this that basically they weren't happy with the answers they were getting and knew they were being lied to so ... there's this sort of misunderstanding in the public that they think a well of president Obama or president Clinton or George W. or whoever really knows what's going on and its vast national security state apparatus that's out there and they know some of the stuff going on and I think they don't know anything the presidential daily briefing the PTB have some information but it's really that there are deep black if you wanna call on that or unacknowledged projects and those projects really are outside the reach unfortunately of a lot of these people that that the common person on the street would just be shocked to find out that that the how broken our system to go on and add to that is in the movie that ... in your serious movie it's mentioned in there that ... later on James Wolsey ... denies having that conversation with you certainly that depth and merely bags off by saying all he had been a doctor Greer it we had a dinner with some other people and write in anything that he said on this level has been taken out of context so I think James will they did find out or was told by someone ... please back away from the trough or he did back away and that was offered a plum position as chief counsel at Booz Allen Hamilton which is all been in the news for the us here Houghton affair they're the ones who do all the contracting for the National Security Agency and a whole bunch of other US secret government programs and so ... he took a golden parachute after the bean si I director into that world and ... so who knows what happened I mean I hadn't really been in touch with him since then I have for very good friends of mine who've been in touch with him and but that will luckily I saved the letter from a about the CI director Woolsey's friend who set up the meeting and when it explicitly says that the meeting is to do this and that briefly because of that the PCI director has not been given access I have this letter in my archives so unfortunately went when the wealthy and his henchmen tried to deny this it was like they were caught flat footed in another cover up but ... that my course I mean that you won the things I say about the Spokane Washington it's I mean it's I know it's rather cynical to say this but you know how do you know their line of their lips are moving that while you're preaching to the choir there I mean I mean it's just ridiculous with that in mind how do you ... man I mean you you're just so prominent in the field I guess that's how you manage to get ... involved in and get yourself down to Washington as you did earlier this year for the ... this citizens hearings ... that you were a late April early may this year and you write give much testimony to of former members of the government and it's a very ... ... government friendly operation but right ... it and you're you decry them at so many levels and I'm not that there's not a criticism that's in it I'm in full agreement with you there as far as the suppression is concerned which then becomes a conspiratorial how do you get yourself ... how are they okay with you going into Washington shaking it up for a few days well either not okay but I mean I've had a lot of problems a lot of harassment a lot of folks have pop video stalkers and hacking into our systems and all kinds of stuff over the years but the thing is is that I'm persistent and ultimately I don't talk about anything that I can't proven that they don't have what they would call actual intelligence on whether it's ago as a deep ... source that's a whistleblower or documents or some proof of it so ... when we say that we you know for a fact ... that we have been working on these technologies and one of the year this is that the highest ranking scientists at the naval research lab in our elf which is the biggest ... defense department defense lab in in in the in the world for the United States that's there and and and southwest Washington across from national airport ... is is someone I've known for many many years of maybe 15 years or longer and he told me that he was and what they call the vault a quote unquote where a lot of documents dealing with this and other issues are kept and he saw a document where basically it ... stated that in October of 1954 now it's almost 60 years ago is when they mastered what's called gravity control through these electromagnetic prophetic systems these electronic systems that control for ... things that look like they levitate move the way many people see these UFOs moving so what I tell people is that you SO means 2 things that can be an expresso vehicle and they do exist or it can be a man made ... anti gravity vehicle and that's actually more secret than the EP stuff why they don't want to admit that our tax dollars have been working on technologies that if they were disclosed would completely bring us out of the coal oil fossil fuel nuclear power world you know I point out the people that everything we're using is basically from the 18 hundreds with the exception of nuclear power plants which were generating our generate electricity by splitting the atom but all that's doing is creating heat to turn a turbine generator steam engine like in the 18 hundreds coal fired power plants 18 hundreds the internal combustion engine from cars 18 hundreds so now let's look at aircraft you know 190 wait were you know propeller planes with the Wright brothers there North Carolina on the Outer Banks Kitty Hawk but jets were the thirties and rockets were burner von Braun from 19 early 1940 so are we really image people really believe that there have been no advances in the physics of propulsion and energy generation since the early to mid 19 forties so I tell people there's almost a century of messing technology that is the heart of the secrecy and the reason for it that is the multi $0 Petro dollars and ... oil and macro economic powers more than you can imagine who absolutely don't do not want this information al-assad's you can't you just cannot seem to profit from what this next wave this next field of propulsion and and for and for black a better word fuel is well you could probably initial device but the supply line of fuel is nonexistent other worship Pauline energy out of what's called field and you know that one of the senior writers for Jane's defense weekly that's J. A. in yes it's a very prestigious defense journal had a breakup Jane's defense weekly who we briefed the end up doing now expose on this and then wrote a book called the hunter of 0. and ... a Nick cook is like C. O. okay as last name and basically you know he discovered a same thing I'm telling you now that the stuff that's been unclassified projects for a very very long time at places like my uncle's old company Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin and at the Boeing phantom works which is to be McDonnell Douglas phantom works these entities have this sort of technology and ... but that but when you look at where it says what it says field well it's basically the energy that and the space around the outer space but the space around us and once you set up an electronic system that pulls energy out of that field you're not having to pay to burn oil or coal are split in Adam or do any of that so it's essentially for quote unquote free energy it's environmentally free energy the way sunlight is free much more powerful and so then you get to this question okay let's take your average out Chevy suburban well the engine in that things worth maybe $5000 but over the life of the car running on the road is going to use 40 or $50000 in gasoline that's where the money if the money isn't in the engine it's in the supply line same thing with your heat pop your heat pump cost you a couple $0 live the life that he published gonna use tens of thousands of dollars in electricity so that's where the money is and that you have to do a macro economic analysis to understand what's behind the secrecy in this is one the things that I I began to teach and share without the honourable Paul Hellyer who was the former minister of defense for Canada who stumbled across this issue and who he and I did a press conference up in Toronto a few years back and ... he when he looked into it has within that makes complete sense because you're really talking about really changing the way we would live on this planet now course would be no pollution probably in a generation me no poverty in the world but that that the kleptocracy of Petro fascists that kind of run the world and run the banking system and the Patrick our system they're going to have to find something else to do with the and and they're going to lose the centralized power they have so in a sense is really not about money if that if the power behind the money or is it that the root of it and and I think this is what most people don't understand that the whole UFO in ET issue gets trivialized into thirds silly season of stuff went win what when I knew I also the briefed personally for a very long time ... the head of the defense intelligence agency which is kind of like the C. I. A. imply the Pentagon in general Patrick Hughes was a 3 star general asked me to come in and do a very extensive briefing for him and that he was mortified ... because he knew he you know he was you know he's sending his young guys out on the battlefield in Iraq and in Afghanistan with you know being blown to pieces and limbs being blown off ... and that so much over activities in the world have to do with ... what's called our national security interests in the Middle East what it translates to oil it doesn't it because I mean Israel has 3 or 400 nuclear bombs they can defend themselves so it really comes down to this energy sector and so we have a you know multi $0 operations in those wars and all these interest in a course were hated for being over there but at the root of it is this ugly 3 letter word oil and that's what people don't seem to get and and so the secrecy behind you oppose is directly related to that and that's what we've been exposing and people wanna really see the evidence for it they can go to ... a serious disclosure about com and there's just hundreds and hundreds of pages of material and in that ... in that regard is that where is that part of the ... are we discussing XO politics here or can you put a finer point on that well you know that that you know I don't really ... that that's a term that some people use I tell people there's another dimension of this and the at the other dimension of it is sort of the the fantasy world of the whole ET question where people say oh my god they're aliens invading us and doing stuff when you pull the curtain back on the wizard of oz behind all that you find out that yes Sir ET events that have happened and there have been people who have had and made contact a periodically I I head up the diplomatic team that works on this ... but a lot of the information in that area gets into what I call crafted disinformation that's designed to create kind of fear in the public because what you know Werner von Braun for those of you don't remember with the guy who invented the rocket for Adolf Hitler his spokeswoman for the last years of his life is on our team and and she said oh yeah it all he talked about for the last years of his life was that they were going to eventually now only go from the Cold War to ... global terrorism but then move from global terrorism to add a threat from outer space and he and it's all a hoax there is no threat from outer space but they would like people to think there is because that's the next big thing in military and defense spending is to to put things in space and say oh we have to protect against something out there regions rather than old canard out as I recall yeah I know I wouldn't be 90 percent of the UFO research community is and has been taken in by that nonsense so you know I want what I say to people is that it's kind of like the peace movement or the environmental movement they do you know they did a 4 year thing and and found out that if you were at a ... an antiwar gathering in New York City and in the sixties or seventies would be 18 people there in 15 or more on the payroll of the intelligence community but they look like hippies and were smoking pot so what you find in this subject is that there's there's a lot of false information that's pervade out there that sounds scary as hell but it really it really just has to do with how do you create a new enemy because you know Leon Panetta who I put everything together for him when when he was CIA director for Obama hippie he basically admitted that we're spending $110000000000 a year in Afghanistan to chase down 70 al queda 70 count them 70 and not 7000000 or 7070 so you know if you're going to be spending $1000000000000 a year on homeland security military a C. I. A. D. I. a all the south of the NSA you're gonna have to have an enemy and if you can't you know create one you've got a you know you gotta start creating the next one and the next one in my opinion ... that Werner von Braun was on the inside and warned of this on his death bed it is this sort of the threat from outer space which is rubbish when you look at ... those threats from outer space arena and and you say that you said earlier at and casually and I loved it was that ... at yeah aliens do exist later they obviously are and we'll get into why you know that in the next segment but I am not ... it'll be very interesting I'm sure but are you saying that ... these aliens are obviously they are coming here with whatever means of propulsion order ... wart driver maybe time travel I have no idea but they do come here and they are observing us ... at a certain level would you say that's accurate well I think they're they're idiots they're coming here clearly out of a by several things one at you know there's some of one of the witness testimonies we just put up with what what was an old Gordon Crichton who was an old British intelligence guy and he said look when we get started that made in a nuclear weapons atomic weapons in the forties basically it stirred up a Hornet's nest where there were civilizations had been observing this planet for a very long time and once we went from you know blowing each other up with them muskets and cannons and machine guns 2 weapons that could story the entire planet and if put off out in space could destroy other planets we became viewed as an existential threat to ourselves and possibly others and I think that's when the modern era of UFO sightings began if you look at the forties fifties sixties that's when there were so many things the insane and our airforce was encountering them and there was all these reports in the palm of media before the media stop reporting on this issue because their own collusion with the intelligence community but I think that if you look at that that that trajectory it clearly had to be that someone out there they're not hostile to us because you know when I think I tell people you I was at a right Patterson Air Force base where the remains from the Roswell crash with percent and that is that if it did happen by the way and I was meeting with the colonel in charge of the foreign technology division that then became the foreigner space science and technology center and this this colonel no was its name out he said he looked at me so what if one of these visitors or threat I said Sir with all due respect given all the stupid things we've been doing if they were a threat they would admin point set match and it would have all been over by 1945 he has made it the first atomic bomb I said the fact is that we're still breathing the freer ever shows how pro possibly enlighten but certainly restrain they are because if you have the ability to go from 1 star system to another if you I saw that you had a hit with it if you if you want to take care of was shall we say the problem here on this planet it would just be over so I I don't see that they're they have that minds I think they have 2 concerns one is the possibility of us becoming a threat the second if the possibility we could destroy the entire bio sphere ... and also engage in these ... a nuclear weapons destroying the planet habitable place herb and but also I think they're hopeful as I am the reason I'm now doing this instead of medicine I'm hopeful this information can get out our technologies can advance to where we can stabilize this planet and go forward and go out into space peacefully and I think that if we did that as a civilization we would find the universe would throw its arms open and we'd be shocked at how quickly we be accepted into a a sort of a new interplanetary culture but you know the entry ticket to that is living at the what what that would mean Chicago called that a level one civilization and a level one civilization is worth the whole civilization on a planet is peaceful and is no longer the story its environment to to ... is success than exist we're not there yet world were level 0 civilization no we're still ready to go out into space without as many weapons as we can Ryan or if it's stupid really M. M. but at the same time you know are higher angels foot say if we could come together to people and make that change happen I think that we see that there would be an amazing level of contact that would begin well we are going to explore that possibility as soon as we come back we're with doctor Steven Greer and data stick arena if you're just joining us we're with doctor Steven Greer he was ... that just recently explaining the ... lack of benevolence that we seem to share the lack of trust and so we bring our sling shots and bows and arrows into outer space and Riske a good relationship creation or or at the very least credibility with anybody at that might be obviously far more advanced than we people a doctor Greer ... with them ... the aliens and where ever they may be from as you're saying they are obviously very well restrained I don't know how I would be as an alien ... shooting by here in one of my incredibly fantastically powered craft if I were to notice what the hell is going on in Fukushima right and the spewing up first of all I was so angry at myself for not even knowing that the decision was already made up by Japanese officials to use a nuclear power and to build them on a volcanic ridge seems a height of stupidity ... and and I couldn't believe I didn't know that so now we know where we're at with that disaster that it's actually some say many say ... in far worse shape now than the day it hit March well actually you know at the left but point a finger at the Japanese so much the Senate no free power plant there north of San Diego near camp Pendleton a marine base on the coast of California is built squarely on the trip but that the San Andreas fault and I'm I mean are you kidding me with this stop by the ocean so the same thing could happen here very very easily alright so but if I'm an alien seeing that and I have a unbelievable ... technology to your tiny mind I I'm very tempted to do something about that if if not for the sake of these little earthlings than for the sake of this sector of the universe well I think we eat we are are by the way I use the word ET difficult I think of alien is very as Xena phobic term okay ... so but I think the tees are more concerned with scene if we were a rise to the occasion ... antics these big problems ourselves ... it it's a little Star Trek you but it's sort of like that the prime directive not to interfere too much now with that said ... there have been events where ... my my understanding is that where we were getting close to ... ... nuclear launch with the Soviet Union there were some things that were done that the word atomic weapons and nuclear system to shut down or would be taken off line and some of our witnesses were at Udbina work to code when that happened a maelstrom airforce base al and 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles were were taken off line at the same time and there was this huge UFO outside the file and under with it I'm outside the underground command center and we have the documents and the testimony for this and it's on our website at Sirius if I. R. I. U. S. now when you go there and see this testimony remember that acted the men who were there at the time felt that basically it wasn't a hostile act it with an active ET saying look please don't blow up this beautiful planet but if you go to this level of launch that would destroy life on this planet we can easily shut down that system now this however set off alarm bells all the way through the Strategic Air Command and all of that because they hear they're going way of his 16 to 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles each of which had multiple nuclear but hydrogen bombs on them being completely taken off line they were damaged but it was complete they were rendered unwatchable and so win win win and that by the way the same thing was happening in the Soviet Union and Sam Donaldson did a piece ... for I think was prime time live but years ago that that talked about that and you begin to look at this you see what's really going on I think they're saying look you know we we will only in intervene if it becomes so bad that you really are reaching the point of no return and we have reached that now ... I think that with with the environment I found that with many of the sightings if you analyze them they are around ... atomic weapons facilities space versatility and the other the third category we see a lot of UFO activity or ram seismically unstable areas volcanoes and fault line so there is apparently some kind of monitoring that is an ongoing project of the E. T.'s having to do around those parameters that we've been able to document I it makes complete sense of me and when in fact ... we might well have been amazing bit of footage that we have in the film a serious which if people really want to see a summary of all the work I've done we have a new documentary out called serious F. I. R. I. U. S. again I'm like the star system or like the radio network Sirius and ... radio ... and that film you can see online now at our site you can see a video on demand or get the DVD but that film in it it shows some footage of one of the things coming up out of and and going around this volcano ... in Japan ironically we years before Fukushima happened ... and also out by the volcano outside Mexico City the Popocatepetl I believe college they call Popo issues 18000 foot volcano and I actually went there on an expedition where we set up our contact protocols when we have a program for making contact where were you to live a certain set of protocols to try to vector reenter guide these ... ET crap then and we were there on the side of of this volcano in Mexico in this massive trying to worship comes right out from it and there were others that were going into it ... and around it and so obviously they had some concern or were doing some sort of monitoring around these large unstable ... what they call the Pacific ring of fire which is the ring of fault lines in volcanoes that are up and down the Pacific all phone then only the U. S. side but also the ... Asian and that of the western Pacific side ... of ... of that area of the earth and no it what I've found over the years is that it makes complete sense one of our ... disclosure project witnesses with a if the colonel Dietrichson who was in charge of ... the wattage the department energy used because the time Atomic Energy Commission and he was in charge of all nuclear weapons storage facilities and research facilities for the Atomic Energy and he he says on videotape that we have this is the carnal thing every single one of those facilities was overflown or observed by the CT craft and he was in charge of those programs in the fifties and sixties and ... it's a really fascinating interview from increase high ranking credible ... military witness and even how many of these guys have you met with vice at over 550 and ... we have over 110 of them on digital video tape out and people that are always Laventille where's the evidence for any of this when I talk to someone who's in the the lame stream I I'm sorry the mainstream media out there you kidding me with this I mean you know it can you read and you took it easy on your busy ignoring it I just leave it ignoring it and Pooh poohing it right yeah the thing that doesn't exist let me ask you about ... a I want to get into a little more of the human interest aspect of this ... you came up with C. E. 5 there were 4 see ease before that close encounters right so he could run those down again for the 5 people or so that have not seen the movie a close encounters of the third kind which is obviously not knowing you are you actually meet the aliens bitches get just give us the one through 4 and and tell us a little bit about the 5 which is a solely your ... awareness in creation as I understand it right where the for a first one is a close encounter the first kind is when is when there's ... an object that scene a quite clearly all usually ... you know ... it you know it it but that some defense ... and then a close encounter of the second kind is when they're some kind of landing trade with his little evidence that's left now is Pete zip people are new to this should know that we have over 4000 cases where these objects have landed in less physical evidence when the most famous ones with the Bentwaters Royal Air Force put a case back in the early eighties when a craft landed at Miranda from Flores and was documented we have the ministry of defense documents for that by the way and the military personnel on our site it's serious disclosure about comp then the closing of the third kind is when there's someone actually season have encounter with ... an actual extraterrestrial biological ... or or if it's not biological and maybe holographic or electronic we can get into this in a moment sort of encounter at closing here the fourth kind is when an individual is is have encounter and then have an experience where they have been taken on a crafter maybe off planet had and that kind of experience at the closing her the fifth kind was a term that I coined a back in 1990 ... and it is when a group of people decide to set up ... a diplomatic effort to overtly now instead of you know sort of add significant secretly in the in the military but overtly and openly make peaceful contact through a set of protocols that I developed ... between 19 ... 77 in 1990 ... that deal with making contacts so that we are fighting them to calm and inviting them to to make contact and ... that includes meditation has a right well it's interesting that the people say well watered the modalities or the techniques that are use what we use ... laser signaling we use electronic signaling we have a lot of electronic equipment on fight when we do this and the and the most shocking and disturbing part of this step to most people although it was the thing that I found that that the CIA director's wife was most interested and pay ironically who was the chief operating officer that the National Academy of sciences ... which it was is the fact that interstellar civilizations to go faster than the speed of light by definition if they've gone from one star system our galaxy to this one they have mastered an entirely new physics that I call trans dimensional technologies so if you're going beyond the speed of light you're crossing into other quote unquote dimensions those dimensions are intimately related to the energy field of coherent thought residual ice bought it for like a lucid dream if you will and so in a meditative state you can train yourself to not only do well what the CIA is train people to do that the remote viewing part of it we use consciousness to see a remote place in a meditative state which you can turn it around to something more active where you can remotely see that where the ET crafter planets are and then create a coherent stream as a group of thought were you connected their electronic systems and show them where you are where you literally vector the man like you would factor in a jet to ... JFK airport in New York and that's a technique of that is at the center of the sea a fiver close encounters of the Sith initiative and right now we have literally thousands of teams all over the world there's a bleed or not there's an iPhone app android app ... that you can get to through our website to call the contact out that has the entire training program for doing that and so thousands of people and how well they're doing this evidence amazing sightings and experiences ... practicing this and the reason it works and this is the part that most people can't believe is that ET civilisations when they're communicating or even when they're flying their craft they can just think they'll be touching a control panel and think to it and the craft will go in that direction so there is complete ... what was being developed ... at UNLV by Dr Jean rain at the psychics which were the thought process itself can be very subtly picked up to electronics and with machinery I'm talking now the really advanced stuff for not talking you know stuff that we would have now too much on earth but and those technologies are at the core of the communication systems of these interstellar civilizations which is why so many people who had contact scribe they'll see the craft there are the EP there and they're getting a fall directly in their minds that they're here and they're not hallucinating that would explain breaking through what people labor under as the the speed of light the speed of sound this reminds me very much of of the book the Secret Life of plants exactly where that the communication is instant well ours Rupert Sheldrake doctor Sheldrake who who I know in any night lectured it at ... things together ... where he talks about the that the more fortunate fields where in the field of consciousness self that you have the ability to break out of time and space and the barrier time and space and what I've done is take that knowledge scientifically internet into an active for a diplomatic protocol using thought and consciousness and the reason I was that that the way I stumbled across is a very long story when I have time for it but when I was 18 years old a 17 years old I had a near death experience and then from that near death experience I went oh my god there's something that's beyond the physical and I began to learn meditation and were and suddenly found I could remote view and do a lot of have allowed these experiences so then I turned that into ... I remembered the contact experience I had and I had a subsequent when I turned it into a protocol to make contact with these ... ET civilisations ... now year I did at the time when I was 18 year old kid I certainly didn't understand what I do now about the science of this but I subsequently came to understand that the CT civilizations have if you will electronics that interface with very clear intent and fought when is emerging out of this non locality of consciousness this sort of on the present field of consciousness which is the Secret Life of plants and also refer Sheldrake Smurfit genic fields and this is at the core it you know I do up for 5 things to your right take people out under the stars and teach them all these techniques and that we don't have a schedule for 2014 yet but we just finished doing 1 up in Arizona ... last month ... and it was just amazing because we're up there 5000 feet and then amounts outside Tucson we're doing these protocols and suddenly this object is materializes over the valley floats up takes a right hand turn another right hand turn and takes a harsh so yeah we have so many photos and videos of this happening in the context of us practicing these protocols and people are just sort of stunned that this is this is going on now getting back to the first part of our discussion the reason the CIA director in these other people asked me to come in and brief them even though even in the U. up a subculture what I'm doing is highly controversial which I will admit ... it was because they knew we actually had made contact interestingly one the early events that happened was in Florida on the coast ... not far from Pensacola and we have 40 or 50 people there on a weekend sort of training expedition I was doing and there are a couple Air Force ... people there one with the colonel and the first one then 2 then 3 then 4:00 ET crap materialize in the sky quite near us which we we have on video tape but it's not very good because it was the old high 8 film and we did have night vision scopes back then but it was of 92 ... 1992 but what's interesting is that that made its way up through the chain of command all the way to the guy who had been head of army intelligence who called me in for a meeting so and then that led to this other man finding out who was good friends with the CIA director for the president for president Clinton in 93 so who was the thing that was most interesting to the intelligence community the high end of it I mean the really high in was the fact that there were humans able to do that which breaks that out of the secrecy think about it if humans know can learn this and take some discipline I'll admit it but if humans can learn this then you can completely bypassed the stranglehold that the the governmental entities have had on the secrecy and I actually had that this they are who the former head of army Telligent threaten me is this what the hell do you think you're doing you've discovered the Rosetta stone of contact and I said yes Sir we have and we're going to do it and what are you going to do about it I said you can kill me but I don't believe in death so that a matter ... I'm a doctor so I'm not rich and wealthy enough you can't you can't buy me off he tried to I was offered $2000000000 would it be in 1992 to stop what I was doing back in 92 that was really worth something yeah 2000000000 with some serious money and you know the guy then I said no when he approached my wife believe or not and then ice and then it happened I said you can't fool me about what's real and what isn't you know I I've whether it's real or Memorex hello and the I know you we've had contact were not deceived by your little silly games of scaring people with ... all the made up stuff ... and take stuff like conduction simulation sites that I know who's doing that the intelligence community so what ended up happening from from that is that he just kind of shook his head he turned to his 1 of his assistants who had been an NSA National Security Agency guy and said well we know exactly who the son of a bitches like that I said yeah that's right so you know there are you know they're people who really hate my guts and but that that that the fact the matter is that that it was seized it would please contact events or what really captured the interest of these people in the government believe or not more than that even the technological stuff dealing with a 0.anti gravity well in this you very few minutes we have left I have a few questions for you ... in your documentary there is a prominent ... amount of time spent with a 6 inch creature that ... is the whole other common skeleton of fascinating little guy and you had him tested you had the DNA look that you were doing cat scans and in the movie it is pretty clear that it is a deceased alien life form again folks 6 inches 50 millimeters long ... later on the story goes ... after you movie came out apparently there's genetic evidence showing that it was a human child skeleton with this incredibly distorted now now we live and this is the whole span that the media does I'm sure yeah and I want to get hoping I'm good I'm going to give this to you on a platter but not allow ME here it is IV that the problem is that there's a guy who's not very well educated and science at the Huffington post who who started writing about this and had 45 0 views on it the geneticist at that doctor Knowland at Stanford University it had the top team in the world run the genetics on to this day neither he nor I know what this thing is but does it have some genes that match to humans yes because don't forget the we all that well in the wait a minute guerrillas have 98 port 0.4 percent then a coal genes to you and me even a fruit fly has admitted zillions a lot of genes that are the same if you look at ... you might there 70 percent identical to you and me ... if you look at a Neanderthal which is a different species from than humans if 99.45 identical per percent identical genetics but it's isolating the it's a logo now at this point if mining that the best match he can do with a 50 time run through with the best that all this 2500 databases of human genes in the world is 91 percent so this little creature is only 91 percent matching to humans that is much more difference than us in a champ or us in a Neanderthal or us in a guerrilla so now the other part of this is bad the ... none of the genes for dwarfism are there that you would expect to see because this is a 6 to 8 year old child that's only 6 inches tall now how do we know that the world's expert at Stanford named doctor Ralph Walkman wrote a report and find it and initial every page and it's on our website go read it and he states that this is a 68 year old child that only 6 inches tall now is an emergency doctor I have done emergency deliveries for premature babies which I have never kept anything alive it's only 6 inches Nevermind a live to be 60 years of age it only has 10 ribs instead of 12 which there are no genetic syndromes for that you know the research still Cinnaminson many anomaly thou so we end the geneticist put up the report that it has jeans without a doubt that match with humans then that the bunkers came in at that see it's just the deceased ... yeah human child of some type well it isn't the first of all how many people in a remote this is found in the attic comedies are in Chile how do you keep 100 or 200 years ago which is when we think this this creature lived how do you keep a human child alive it's only 6 inches tall for 6 to 8 years of age so that its bones have developed to that point how do we know that you look at what are called the epiphyseal plates or the growth plates that are in the long bands all of the long bones not just in the leg for all of them show that is the 68 year old child so how do you square the circle the fact the matter is to this date as of today's interview we have no idea what this creature is the people who are out there saying they know what it is are liars the bunkers are untutored uneducated people in the fine if you don't know any science it is fascinating to me though that with that claim that they have decided it's pretty much ... just a child from a Chilean woman that so many people would believe that based on looking at this thing ... the camera work that's in your film highly ... you know depicts this as the it's impossible inconceivable to think it's a human child right well I think the problem is that people don't like things not to be nailed down ... and when that geneticists unfortunately word to his report that it has he called it human because he's looking at Stanford he's not gonna call in NET number one number 2 I'm not calling it ET why because we don't have a genetic data base of an ET race that matches this because no one has a genetic data base of Wheaties is all in the last decade that we've had a genetic data base of humans alright so we have to be conservative and so he's been ultraconservative because he's a senior professor that had 30 or 40 postdoctoral P. H. D.'s that work under him in his lap he's the Harris chair at Stanford very prestigious he's plugins all that sure might not knowing protect himself desist been scientific by saying we have to could we have to consider this human toll proven otherwise asserted doctor Lachman but stepping out of the politics of that for a minute let's just analyze this go show me a human child that 6 inches high that live to be 60 years of age and how do you keep alive in our most advanced intensive care unit for children today we couldn't do that how did you do it 100 to 200 years ago in a primitive area of Chile yeah it's ... conceivable it yeah it is the linchpin of your film and I once again I will plug that film the movie is called serious you can find out all about this research in wonderful work that doctor Greer his team were doing it serious I do have one more question where you come on in the new year yeah we'll do it again if the great okay thank you so much thank you thanks for listening to conspiracy queries with Allan park please offer comments or complaints by emailing conspiracy queries edgy or on Twitter at Khan underscore queries or at our website conspiracy thanks for listening //

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