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"2017-08-16 11:58:11"
NSA Whistleblower Explains How The Agency Monitors You
\\the NSA that's our domestic spying agency claims that only spies when I has a warrant but a former NSA senior intelligence officer and current whistleblower is challenging that with us now the well known whistle blower and my friend bill Binney bill I always a pleasure welcome here to judge the Pantera filling in for Rick Kennedy is it true that the NSA has the capability and does in fact by and everybody all the time everywhere in the U. S. yes and they have about 100 tapping points inside the fiber optic network inside the 48 states the United States just let alone to make that possible they also have a similar array of ... tapping devices around the world and they've got cooperation with the 5 eyes group the UK and GCHQ and ... that connect Canada Australia New Zealand and they do ... but better virtually try to capture everything in the world isn't everything in the world such a massive information overload that they will miss things as complex as San Bernardino and Orlando or as simple as that nut job driving his car into a crowd in Charlottesville this past weekend yes in fact they've been pretty consistent with doing exactly that ... and that's what I've been objecting to ... they should have focused on if you have a focused the prep professional the job looking at known a were ... extensions from known terrorists or criminals I mean that would get them they fell all these people that have committed crimes ... Eric and terrace attacks even before 911 would have been picked up by doing that now the NSA claims that it follows the law you know they make this claim they claim they go to the FISA court they in fact 2 of the FISA court they claim they get warrants from the FISA court they do in fact get Wyatt wants applies a court is this just a charade the FISA courts involvement in NSA spying on Americans that yes in fact ... is the real the real spying is done under executive order 12 triple 3 second to 3 say he thought they use that authorized this book acquisition of everybody that and that none of that is coordinated with the FISA court that's all done in secret even the intelligence ... committees don't really know all of the extent of what's going on there how can we stopped us that well I think a big easiest way to do it would be to cut their budget because then they wouldn't be able to do all the spying it takes a lot of money to do that and and they're all they're making themselves dysfunctional so you know really rewarding failure to continue giving the money and do they think they're actually keeping us safe when in fact they have so much information I can't separate that's the allegation I think they know exactly that they can't because internally Snowden really some material internally the analysts inside an essay had been ... is sending out articles in internally in their network to other analysts saying you know were overloaded with were burdened with too too much data we can't figure anything out because we're over burdened with this blue overload gato at and they have a like at least 10 articles or publish saying that from from bow years ago so they've known for a long time effect that's why we did the program we did internally in an essay back in 19 nineties because god even back then they were overloaded //

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