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"2008-10-25 00:43:29"
John Stockwell: The Third World War
\\per you know in the I a marine corps 3 CI secret wars I had a position on the National Security Council and 1975 as the chief of the Angola oz task force running the warning role it was the third the eye to your world as part of national security ... law creating a national unity government guys you know was passed in 1947 the I a was given its charter forms such others use them function of my being that's left through the national security interests and given a big story protected forfeit sources and methods I think it was in the middle attacks Cohen is great the third third World War because in my research I realized that we were not attacking the Soviet Union and the ice activities we were attacking people in the third world and I'm going to just quickly and then the prize give you a little about what version of what that means the third World War we have the third part believe in terms of loss of life and human destruction of third bloodiest war all of his sister they undertake runs operation hello I just totally about all they had you will to kill so close for drug a life to do all kinds other people and other sites that violate of international Harlow all of my working together for a healthier full ... world me battle creek Berg so but you way that it role of our society now we have in the match this documentation the Cold War the arctic we yeah regulate we had the church committee investigate them in 1975 gave first really in powerful look inside the trust your senator church that and the 14 year reported that and but he found that it runs on your operation thousands great and if you extrapolate that over the whole period of the 40 odd years that we've had yeah yeah you come up with 3000 great over 10000 right everyone of them illegal everyone up destructive of the license might use of other people and many of them bloody gory ... beyond cost free it all goes ... extensively we manipulated and organize the overthrow functioning constitutional democracy is another crime we organized the great armies arrested them might just about every continent in the world we encourage ethnic minority right doesn't fight people like you and you Nicaragua for purchase in the Middle East long stemmed clout the statement of course we have organized and we still do it on death squads countries around the world like the treasury police help out the door was responsible for most of the killing of the 50000 people just in the eighties than it was 70000 before that and orchestrations PI secret propaganda let us directly in the Korean War we were attacking China from the island going much too Thailand Tibet saw a lot of drug trafficking involved in this by the way until eventually we convince ourselves despite the Chinese Korean we had the Korean War 1000000 people were killed same thing for the Vietnam War and we have extensive documentation of how to be I was involved at every level of the national security complex the very cooperative things into manipulating the nation and to the Vietnam War and we wound up creating the Golden Triangle at which the CI a our American airplanes were flying an arm or allies flying back out with the girls we lost the largest something harder did admiral Turner brag about it the operation ... and I'm gonna biggest single operation I'm told an industry of the eyes picric wars and sure enough very quickly we produce for gold bill the largest source of heroin perhaps in the world today right summarize the third World War that the idea of national security complex with the military all interwoven Edison many different ways had been waking let me just put the weight that I coordinate with getting that thing we can count at least minimum figure 0 people who've been kills and the long board your warm weight against people of the third world sick or not though via quit not than parachuting pains in the Soviet Union kill a person laying people mostly not 1954 when they develop actually capability dropping atomic weapons on the United States they are written British French we will go down we don't do bloody gory operation ... and the countries of Europe these are all people of the third world are people of my country like her Congo Vietnam Kampuchea and only Nicaragua workers vigorously stay northern governments do not have the capability of doing anything that will hurt the United States they don't have ICBM they don't have armies and navies they could not hurt if they wanted to there is rarely done any evidence that they really want to and that in fact perhaps the whole point if they had had I guess we probably would have done the things go on work here retaliation the clouds appear world village people of other countries of the world school cannot defend themselves under the guise of secrecy and under the rubric of national security the I //

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