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"2017-09-26 00:54:07"
The Silver Play Button! YouTube's award to the freeCodeCamp community for reaching 100K subscribers
\\hi everyone I'm Quincy with free co camp and I am thrilled today to accept this award from you too on behalf of the free cocaine community so I'm open this up before before I do I have some important people in my need to thank free co camps YouTube channel would not be possible without the help of several key contributors beau Kearns Riana swift Jesse Weigel Cody seabird preheat Cassie ready and able Wujek these people have been absolutely instrumental in helping the free cocaine pew to kill grow and they've contributed a significant amount of the hours of learning material we push every single week so several months ago we did a survey of about 20000 developers we found that you too is by far the most popular way if people learn to code and 75 percent of respondents said that they use some YouTube channel or others to continue to improve their developer skills so we've really made this a new focus of the free cocaine let's go and open this up first there was a letter it came with it the letter is from the CEO of you to Susan would just keep and she says you've done something that very few you to creators have accomplished you have the astonishing 0 people subscribe your channel so you see that what I think we're ready up to 200000 people who subscribe now so there's a little bit of a delay when we hit that and when they send out but with the Senate seems to be pretty cool let's open it up so first there's this nice box busted open here once you remove the cover it's phone inside peel back the phone there is a picture frame when I get out of the class secure and here it is it says free code camp congratulations for some passing 100000 subscribers so there you go thank you so much for watching free co camps YouTube channel I am linking to in then that description of this video several videos that we published recently that I think are very emblematic of the kinds of videos that we hope to publish in the future and I think you all so much for tuning in and for watching //

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