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"2016-09-13 04:15:05"
1 Minute Speech Sophmore Year
\\most girls can't say that over 6 feet but I sure can hi I'm Jersey where is it and the weather's pretty good here no I don't play football or basketball but I am a swimmer I am also the ocean something in December I'm going to use you want to learn more about life pretty I love traveling and I've been to prove Croatia Italy and Mexico outside the United States the future goal of mine is the revenge we make it to every single concert I actually told my family which consists of my mom my dad my brother and hopefully dog soon I someone come up with the name for my dogs so if you have any good suggestions feel free to tell me after class in general I'm a pretty artistic person and I love photography playing piano and singing and fashion and design hopefully one of these things will become a career might in the future if you have any more questions or like to know more about me feel free to talk to me after class or contact me at G. O. where 61 0 I student taught each view HST.EDU thank you //

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