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"2016-06-21 22:06:13"
90 Second Elevator Speech
\\yeah her tiny grabs someone's attention and hold it for 90 seconds doesn't timings Elizabeth evenings and I'm star workshop now the 90 second speech also known as the elevators is designed to capture attention and convey your message in the nineties relax you know what it's like to have someone's full attention focused on just you isn't that awesome yeah since your messages so darn import should be re harassment I mean a casual conversation so be prepared be excited be prepared and show your passion and be prepared I guess are getting repair the 90 second speech is a type of dialogue that you want to Sir because you wanted to say that your experiences and discoveries first each week we will give you my top practice skills and we meet on Friday how we will share our experience imagine you only have a sure elevator ride tell us about all of your disk be prepared your past no one cares if you mess up right nobody messes //

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