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"2017-08-23 22:56:05"
CNN Panel Defend Trump's Charlottesville Comments
\\show of hands were troubled by the president's response to the violence in Charlottesville if none of you mind did how president trump responded that left them by deceiving wrong with it I mean he addressed the problem I mean let's face reality there are problems on both sides do you think that neo Nazis and white supremacists are the same as those who are protesting now I think it's ridiculous to have me choose between Hitler and Stalin which is what I consider both groups are and why are the people who turned out to protest Nazis not hired a Stalin to the incident to me is totally a very Stalinist a kind of group asa everyone a set fires and burn please to the ground doesn't sound like a very peaceful group to make a baby to both the same evil dating use those tactics in Charlottesville so do not blame the government why do you blame the governor or the government for a white supremacist mowing down a crowd of people and killing some because they need to protect the people the people who were marching with the signs do you see them as neo Nazis and white supremacists I mean it has been investigated so we really don't know who was out there but I'm telling I've seen videos of at the people who were out there who were not neo Nazis you believed that there were very fine people protests I do how do you know that I'm only so you from videos that I've seen that people what the source of your videos where you sing Facebook then I went outside to repost those videos the window on is it possible they're not credible could they but I assume they need to investigate and find out exactly what was going on out there vice didn't investigation of the people who went there with the purpose to March for near Nazis let me just play a clip no I hold that very fine full brown not enough room but those very does does crazy I don't know what else to Cuomo not back breaking the seal TV but they still have the right say those crazy things that's the night before the clash of the antiphon people the protesters they didn't show up Friday night they showed up Saturday these protesters showed up the second day they came there to do battle with them they showed up with helmets body armor clubs they showed up with balloons filled with urine test and I think with the guys and these guys showed up with Tom said NMAC whether that is in Virginia open carry is legal you I lost ownership 3 it seems to me that you're having these guys a green light the White House that is all I why do you seem more angry at anti for them at the neo Nazis and another were angry it's equal immediate is not covering it they're only focus on making near Nazism white supremacy ought to be trump supporters and they're the issue the problem the reality is of what trump said is there were 2 sides there are 2 parties that participated settles problem both sites which are not trouble on both sides I saw Beth from both sides and I'm sure you've heard the argument there was violence on both sides of World War 2 also yeah we were on the right side yes there's but right side on the wrong side not not if there were some people in anti for okay but most of them were students including Cather hire who was killed so why are you got killed because they'd inferred sector the who killed her ... due to be honest with you I don't know because it has been investigating we have heard only knowing when the suspect is like you I don't trust anything that the news media's //
"2017-08-17 06:07:20"
Tucker Carlson Says Bill Kristol is Glued to Social Media Like a Slot Machine Junkie in Reno
\\at the top of the show we address the removal of civil war monuments from public places around the country who make the point that the sudden how rage over Confederate icons isn't entirely about slavery horrifying is slavery is it's also part of a larger effort on the left to discredit the founders of this country and the beliefs they in shrines in law once you believe any figure in history who once owned slaves is inherently illegitimate and should be erased it's hard to take our founding documents very seriously how can you accept a bill of rights when it was written by slave owners we you can't which is why so many on the left don't and ignore the first and second amendments among many others that was the point we're trying to make you may disagree with it but it didn't seem crazy or mean spirited here's the tweet that bill Kristol before the weekly standard editor and fox contributor 7 minutes later referring to our segment last night quote they started by rationalizing trump they ended by rationalizing slavery rationalizing slavery that is not even close to what we're saying by any interpretation went Regis thing to say but it got worse just minutes later crystal suggested somehow we're anti semitic to here's a second tweet quote next Luther Voltaire and marks for anti Jewish so wise in the big deal of the marchers were chanting Jews will not replace us end quote okay that is liable but it's also really stupid and yet bill Kristol isn't stupid I know that because I worked for bill Kristol for more than 5 years in the 19 nineties I knew him well he's a genuinely smart guy who's a good boss to him is humane and fair minded he's the kind of person I never would've imagined would write something that nasty and dishonest about an enemy much less an old friend what happened because you refuse to explain himself place we can only guess at that party explanation has to be the moment that we're living in right now for hysteria has supplanted rational debate with the purpose of political argument is no longer to explain your beliefs but to highlight what a morally upstanding person what would a virtuous guy you are using by contrast with your opponent who is by definition evil it's childish obviously but for many people it's pretty tempting even 64 old men with Harvard degrees fall for it apparently but part of promise also the medium 20 years ago and bill Kristol had something to say hit a magazine to say that he talked through ideas with his friends but he spent hours reading a piece of expresso city is precisely that was thinking involved in the process now is goes on Twitter he stays on Twitter all day everyday dashing off little thoughts and impressions scoring tiny little points against strangers in cyberspace keeping obsessive track of his likes and retweets at an age when he could be playing with his grandchildren crystal is glued to social media like a slot machine junkie in Reno and after awhile of course that distorts you when you disagree with someone it doesn't occur to you to pick up the phone and hash it out you tweeted hoping for retweets it's depressing as hell Chris wasn't the only one who does this obviously Washington is littered with formerly impressive people who now to shout and preen on social media but I hate to see with him I liked bill Kristol once and I thought he liked me wishing //

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