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How To Transcribe A YouTube Video In 5 Different Ways - Tutorial
\\hi this is about how to transcribe a you tube video if you want to boost the rankings of your videos on YouTube upload a transcript of the video content you too will cry captions all the words spoken a new video this means that the hearing impaired can also read the content contained in your videos here 5 ways to transcribe a you tube video role number one using automated service on you tube welcome to you to channel on the video images selectivity of the Jewish too and click subtitles and CC click English automatic and here's the automatic transcription of your video and as play the video that it will show the captions on the video so to edit these just click into play a video text when you finished editing a transcript click publish edits and I'll see English or manic and English and just check the video does have captions appear quickly on the video of it to use Google voice actual use Google chrome browser and log in to Google docs textile document because tools host type click to speak as you speak the words will appear on the screen here it it may not be exactly as see in the video but you can always edit it later them uploaded transcript you're NMO 3 download audio transcript from you too pick a little money actions trumped up select VT tea is up to you SPV select about his hot tea his transcription of the video content just gonna select OLAP pasted a text file and just ahead of them numbers he finished editing transcripts of the outlook commute to a 4 transcribe it yourself click hadn't titles KCC click upload a file had you try trip here to file for you attentively transcribed ordered some just like old text transcribed popular and paste into the box except timings but for a few minutes click English so it kind transcription the district public health seem to agree bugs here illegal so check subtitles pig to captions plainclothes video of a 5 pay someone else to do it for you the go down to transcription where it says about a minute convert audio or video text his list of well attempting services we can also use captioning software KP 3 important things online number one make sure you include your main key words and the number 2 at the transcription to the script a new video of the 3 includes a link to it and the title and tags that's it and I know how to transcribe a you tube video in 5 different ways if you wanna see more video to twirls like this one every week please subscribe to my channel or check out the other videos my playlists click this image to download my video upload checklist you learn the 10 things that you need to do before going live with you video on YouTube take this image download it now will click the link in description below this video thanks watching //

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