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"2015-11-27 03:04:00"
90 second persuasive speech
\\a good morning everyone I called you again this morning to talk about an issue that's very prevalent are sitting today did you know that Philadelphia has the highest rate of the property people whose incomes are below half the poverty line Philadelphia's rate is nearly 12.2 who is 185 cool 60000 of which are children I see this every morning on my way into work I drive need from you that are racked poverty I see families in in struggling and I'm tired of it the level of poverty is honey the book is happening right here in our own backyard as successful business leaders I believe it's time for us to giving back to the what I see I put a lot of thought into this mentally there's more than one way for us first I feel it is necessary I suggest partying with nonprofit agencies to help provide food and clothing but it's more than that though I believe we need to take time to educate these in the so they will begin to have I looked into multiple centers in the area who are more than willing to work with us classes on interview skills job readiness skills and motivational I'm requesting that will break into teams to tackle this issue head on I would like to see 3 groups formed one for food one for clothing and one for it I strongly believe that we are in the wrong with with by and let this happen what good is our success if we are willing to help other sick it is said that if you are in deep poverty he eyes that's a client out or substantially against you these people lack the skills needed to succeed in the labor force as your company's president I am looking forward to the challenge ahead of us but I am also certain that our involvement with unity and the development of skilled workers //

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