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GRILLIN' and WINNIN'...$30 Lottery Ticket Scratch Session...INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED!!
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WINS!!..featuring *NEW* "CASINO RICHES" Lottery Ticket Scratch Off!!
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WIN!!..WITH A MULTIPLIER!!..100X THE CASH..and more Lottery Ticket Scratch-Offs
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WINS...with a "S"!! Lottery Tickets and Eating Healthy..WHO KNEW?!
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BAM!! WINNING on LAST lottery ticket scratch of 2017!!
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BIG WIN!! 10X Symbol PLUS wins on ALL games!! HUGE $10 scratch-off lottery ticket
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UPDATE!! Why I haven't been playing Lottery Tickets
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PROFIT WIN!!$ Scratching these lottery tickets was a challenge!!
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DOUBLE $$ SYMBOL WIN!! Aren't Scratch-off Lottery Ticket Symbols THE BEST?!
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WINNER!! $20 Lottery Ticket VS $1 Golden Coin!!
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OPERATION WINNER!! Looking for WINNING lottery scratch off tickets!! SUCCESS!!
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THANKSGIVING WINNER!! $150,000,000 CASH EXTRAVAGANZA and LUCKY LOOT!! Lottery Scratch off Tickets!!
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OOPS!! UNWANTED lottery ticket WAS a WINNER!!
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THE LOST WINNER!! Forgotten Winning Lottery Ticket FOUND!!
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EXTREME WIN!! ACTUALLY PROFITING!$$ From Lottery Ticket Scratch-Offs
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WE HAVE A WINNER!$..PACK YOUR (MONEY) BAGS!! Lottery Ticket Scratch-Off
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\\I thought I had the good because we got a we got a big winner here brewing n't what's going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and blessed jigsaw Jeff back on your screen might be asking yourself just touch of what's a bag of peanuts doing on that lottery ticket well that's serving 2 purposes went down to the gas station get some gas picked up a bag of peanuts also picked up a ... lottery ticket same gas station to begin some big winners that and ... don't look at feeling something very special here look if that I am the yield 10 X. Sir we got on this ticket second number second number in so you know Jack said Jeff here to come back home and get the camera busted out look at this we get to $10 $5000 frenzy multiplier from Indiana Hoosier lottery match and win get deal 10 X. Sir which we got then that's pretty Tony Exeter earned 100 burst so on and so forth yes get DO the areas white line on the top floor looks like white lines paid off this time ticket number ought to get lucky number 13 and what other good because we got a we got a big winner here brewing 1 and 3.60 so little nap after a few minutes to the side and we'll see what else a what else we can uncover on this winning ticket I'm real excited about this one this again this could be of only been waiting for folks at 10 X. 6 is lingering right there look at that in that pretty hopefully my camera is in focus so the winning numbers I said lottery ticket 16559 121159 so let's get going here and hopefully hopefully we can get a big we already got a pretty big winner I think but let's get to go and see if we can uncover some more more winning numbers or symbols here we go all in today I'm sorry folks views just a regular plenty because I'm excited I want to get this to his scripts or see a big of a winner this is so let's go here so hope for some more matches we know we have some big 49 39 nothing you have to boil it 10 X. is looming right there you know that's a good thing number 2 if this tripod up here there with me next number 45 another 10 X. Sir 20 X. theory that would be nice to see 42 21 nothing happened and 8 seen okay that's alright a number 5 55 up there on to the next row number 3 Dale Earnhardt 37 41 well like senior 10 extra hussy 38 and a 40 okay nothing I'm never moving on we got a 43 14 lucky 14 not them the double deuces 22 nothing and number 19 we get a 9 and a 44 nothin Annette Robeck deaths alright go it says is loaded with $5000 prizes so hopefully this was loaded double traced 33 nothing Missy here there we go 47 nothing happenin number 7 20 eighth we got a 29 and a last number here first to add to the winnings Izzy ... dreaded number one we got 11 so we get it 10 X. Sir let's do this cross your fingers were gonna hope for certain bank here we're gonna start out real nice and nice and easy on the right hand side hopefully we get some big zeros we'll see what happens there we go ... that's going does go okay alright here we go the CEO we got worldwide worldwide worldwide hold my gosh look at that look at that ntune times can $100 winner pokes not too bad we get that lucky ticket 13 pays off thought it 10 X. 10 times 10 so we get $100 winner not too bad ... that's a good wind bought one ticket $100 we're gonna eat William easterly green it the world's most prestigious lottery ticket in and though we're gonna maybe I reinvest some of those winnings into a future video but the anyways thanks for watching folks and ... I appreciate everybody's support no the likes and ... thanks for subscribing and stick it would mean everything so until next time I talk to you later Bubba //
"2017-10-26 20:38:11"
\\so what's going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and blessed jigsaw Jeff back on your screen there we go might be Heskey's subjects such divorces pumpkin doing on these lottery tickets here well that's serving 2 purposes just got done with the annual pumpkins pumpkin carving activity family activity for the Halloween season Saad thought come out no shoot a video show you my creation and scratch off scratch up some lottery tickets at though the rest of family bring their pumpkins out I put on a video of my daughter tend to ... carve out a faces that ... Justin Bieber fella ... son try do Selena Gomez and my wife were some ... unknown stories in tried to do a face on the pump and her pumpkin of ... Matthew McConaughey she's trying to tell me so or what but anyhoo so we did this this is my motherhood creation or it's supposed to be a jigsaw piece this looks pretty good though I cut that out jigsaw Jeff jigsaw piece whatever put a candle in there that light that up for tonight and ... you know will enjoy that Halloween festivities next week L. so sit not top of some lottery tickets that we're finally getting get around to scratch in here ... in a bind $31 worth of tickets today ... hands Halloween October 31 so I figure we do a $31 session so to speak we get beat lucky 13 kind of a fitting ticket for Halloween we get this stacked it kicks decks of carriage by dollars we get the $5000 a month set for life and we also got a big boy here we get a $20 $10000 frenzy multiply we'll be doing so let's get going on this $3131 session of parliament fitting today will be used in a pumpkin seed it came from the inside of said pumpkin here good to go on on that see how that works out for us who knows maybe PhDs work out maybe ... logic so Jeff writer's name on it trying to try to get some merch off merch out there scratching tool you know what I'm saying yeah I'm a hill virtually can bio that you find a 13 on this is a ticket to 51 ... exit valor ticket you know not the greatest 1 in 4.71 so let's get going on this binder 13 when that prize find a lucky symbol in the bonus but they went $13 instant instantly quite interesting so let's get going with the pumpkin seeds here hopefully they work come on now there we go for well it took all my gosh look at it it did yeah hold right up there awful well we get 2 matches on this to we all my gosh No Way ... we got a lucky symbol 1313 what the heck what else is underneath here oh my gosh we got 18 there we go to $20 on a dollar ticket flow ntune now one look it then it's beautiful $13 I know who would have thought that $20 and that was set that aside go to the great pumpkin on to the next ticket set for life a match and win Matt you numbers by neo money bag when instantly find 2 X. Sir to turn to buy the exit by times in its ticket of 45 cards out of the gonna be good because I think we're doing to our right these pumpkin seeds I might have to start to autograph the need to trying to yeah maybe if they buy it it's just silly me comment limit comment down below may we can get the going on that look at data right I like this this is cool man at 1313 no kidding $20 and after sitting here we go medspeak in a 13 look at 13 no match 47 8 46 a here some sirens in the background I hope to not come up for me yeah yeah 37 I'm a brigade mood today so this is good 11 44 64 60 40 niner the dreaded one 61 18 7 38 17 36 and a 63 not to know that one alright let's go on to the next and stacks of cash the old standby match and win find the cache symbol when 5 times going to win in the bonus but win $50 instantly this ticket number moon Hellboy ticket number 69 and ... the odds on this are 1 in 3.79 so if you could go on on that ... winning numbers at 18 32 14 I like the 14 has some good luck with that in the in the past it's good to go on here 29 you know 311 offer 16 40 a 20 the leg and get a nice profit session here 11 24 at 2 I niner 36 21 6 10 3 28 39 7 22 ... dreaded 13 were good on the first ticket there it is there we go boom for soon there was good news bonus but we get a chest alright we got a winner folks 1414 boom Bomer gonna come back to that a quick second so we get certain big because we get that the as curry oil in it images cool get a lucky spy and no it's only $20 but that's just cool alright let's get going on this one we'll sneak up on this one real real nice like hopefully we can pull something big out not always going it's going a little wider folks you know that that might be somethin see what we got here 000 okay look at that owe $10 not too shabby not too shabby at all so so on to the next lesson ticket here a $10000 frenzy multiplier match in when get that 10 Exeter 10 times 20 year Sir 20 times 50 Exeter 50 times to her burst when $200 automatically ticket number 18 Bernie pero windy out here odds are that good if we win but the ads in the ticket a 1 in 3.45 so let's hit the going on this big dog here see if we can get a nice proposition here winning numbers 25 35 39 11 36 42 and if 40 so the going here and number 7 there's that lucky 14 again didn't pop go for me 1449 not then you know Jared and number one a number 12 and number 8 57 a 30 63 56 33 come on now 13 there's that and there's a 13 of brand every cards every ticket so far 37 a 55 nope 25 and 35 42 all my cash look at their folks you know we get there we got a match and we also got a proposition I think we're gonna have a practice session here and number 3 a 44 6 34 others could be a big winner 29 nothing 51 62 43 22 and the 60 sorrow with that matching 42 there let's go see what we got start out slow here hope for some big zeros oh yes mothers heroes but that's alright okay we get 20 there and look at that boom alright folks so we get 20 there we get the 10 spot there and we get either as beautiful we got 20 there so we get 204050 we spent 31 so I consider that a Prof so should we we made ... 20 204050 do the magic so Jeff we may 19 $18 so there's your profits station right there not too shabby and ... thanks for watching and ... everybody enjoyed Halloween season in them they will get no video gone before Halloween actually hits so our network is C. did pretty good save someone over gonna roast does that and that I make a nice snack so anyways thanks for watching and now see you next time //
"2017-10-22 14:53:42"
BIG WINNERS?$-PINBALL MACHINES!! Lottery Ticket Scratching..It's a PARTY!!
\\what's going on in our budget so Jeff back on the screen my best guess jigsaw Jeff what what you're playing pinball on this here video allow me to explain that pic discern pinball machine up a yard sale few years ago pretty cool guy was asking $50 for gotten down to $25 so down here in the basement rec room so to speak not real fancy but anyhoo it's also serve another purpose because we're doing some scratch offs today got some new tickets from dnia Indiana Hoosier lottery pinball wizard so I found it fitting scratch Caesar said lottery tickets all my pin ball machine oh my goodness we get 3 new tickets here we got star number 82 well yeah 83 and we got 84 ... Mansur win match your your your numbers to the bumper numbers when that price shown match it to the jackpot number when all 12 prizes mention it to the doubler number when 2 times your prize so we got the tickets 8367 if you're going to be scratching on my ... sheeple pinball machine I got downstairs but also a little extra bonus today picked up another one of these gosh darn Super tans nobody's been going have to agree but there are but that we secure set off to and maybe get some winners out of these and though see how it goes and the thought away hope everybody's happy and healthy and blasts sorry I forgot to mention that the beginning so today will be using we're going back old school to Atari 2600 video pinball pinball pinball pinball pinball cartridge just Grachev said lottery tickets so it somebody give me some grief about it last time because I use a cartridge so are you should save those practical actor items well it they're pretty good storage sola we'll be alright we'll get to go on here this now ticket right here looking for 10 audio money bag or the 5 X. or 10 X. Sir yes ticket number 25 so let's get going on this and then we'll get back to these new pinball wizard tickets we got here scratching on Maria pinball machine here we go let's get going here hope for some winners we got a strawberry a crown the moon no winners yeah grave sour grapes ballooned a lamp 7 no tan treasure chests but not killers a bell number Alan lemon dice no dice watermelon fade a higher and faith sunglasses and appear come on now the attacker and the glow bright they're nothing happened in there to go on in the second row here lightning in a bottle now often coins the part time for a chip to show off that always shows up it seems like father and not just apple ... pineapple all my gas sold bones fold their phone number now then we got a winner on this it on this ticket right here I'm glad to pick this one up as a added bonus we get a 10 spot right there so we'll get to go on here we got a firework so while it the name and her dar ring couple more matches have been nice yeah I got Sherri diamond armored car trophy and aeroplane nothing there so we'll get to going over here looking for a super super symbol rabbits for low over candy fireworks ... vaults the blue one test super of command super super duper rainbow ladybug and the ... which bowl once again so we get that one match right there number 10 for we're gonna come back to live here in a quick second let's get the Feelin off these guys right here start over 82 83 and 84 odds I learned this ticket will see here 1 in 3.99 to get going here hopefully we can the pull out a winner here let's review of our numbers first 15 ops no 5 sorry folks hold on fears the winning numbers earth good lord 530 seventeenth 35 and 27 okay so we ordered where to cheat a little bit and put the 15 up their name matched this gift is going here so far old pulled the foreign market dare boom you 1770 we got winners back to back yeah I like this my despair scriptures pinball machine more often 36 worn off for the 13 no pretty cool ticket though pinball wizard okay 33 a number 3 18 31 16 and 8 now so we get down we're gonna check scratch up the jackpot number which will probably won't hit 19 now and then not to double the number when 2 times to pry shown or I will come back to that in a second let's get the ticket 83 that go on here lighting not the greatest down here anyways the bumper numbers as they like to say we've got 288 36 or one and a 21 see if we can go back to back to back 20 and number 9 18 15 nope 22 13 14 nope 351 offer 33 no number 3 no and number 5 and a 34 no let's check out his jackpot number to the jackpot number match your bumper balls to jackpot very let's see here list jackpot 23 we get a 23 bom bom bom now first but just double what's that just 12 doubling them there I see 17 not then no 17 no so that's a loser so move off the last ticket here ticket 84 that's where we get to winter sitting over here here gonna get to a second Emily folks just have to do bumper numbers 816730 and 23 35 36 a 3 31 number 5 and number 20 28 241 on a first and number 12 the dreaded number one which is needed in the last ticket 7 teams and 13 so we'll do it doubler number which is 34 and we get the we get no 34 there so we'll look at the jackpot number see what we got there jackpot numbers number 9 to winnow prizes jackpot number were to all jackpot number one all 12 bumper number prizes so no 9 no no no alright that's alright don't we get a couple winners here looked so the scripture of this winning prize here we would we hit number 17 right there at the top and get a drum roll please here and it was small okay that's alright we get we get our money back for $33 I forget to mention there's a $3 ticket so we get $3 there let's get to this guy here look under this 10 spot that we got right here hopefully this is something with a bit bigger we get to go in here ... this could be us could be are okay this could be interesting okay that's alright NTTA ferret the $10 winner and a $3 winner so that's $13 we spent 19 courses now perhaps not a proposition but that it was fun scratching knees on the pinball machine set my little different I know but ... thanks again for what you folks and we do have some Halloween video this upcoming week so have have a great there evening thanks a lot //
"2017-10-16 19:44:42"
\\all my gosh hold on hold the phone this note this ain't no joke folks look at that what's going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and blessed jigsaw Jeff back on your screen absolutely might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff receptor I was a wax paper doing with the lottery ticket on that and a decorated house so serving a couple purposes Clinton grocery to get one of these a decorate your own Halloween cookie kids come with sprinkles enticing or what have you so we're all sitting around sit around decorate Halloween cookies because it is almost that ... net time a year so do a family activity here and also you can see this is my creation so far yeah eat dead after this video but anyways it's also concealing something very special here yet I've ... room personally never seen on this ticket before we get DR Hoosier lottery set $10000 a month for life we have to ... $10000 a month for 25 years and US Gretchen this off camera yeah nnova 5 Exeter on this ticket I've never I've personally seen that on this ticket so are pretty excited about that so would decorate some cookies were scratching off some lottery tickets there you go hope will win being I'm a set that aside each day and afterwards so the object of the game match any your numbers to the winning numbers get the money bag automatic when up by the Exeter which we have when now 5 times your prize in a 10 X. Sir when 10 times the price pretty excited about this ticket I think this can be a big winner maybe to one we've been waiting for ticket number 44 idea brick answered oz saw shown to 1 in 3.70 step through life big winners here we go let's get going on this thing here hopes with hope for some more matches and today I think we use enough it doesn't sprinkles here with this it is pretty decorous cookie decorating kit so I we're gonna attempts we're gonna tempt you to one of these no park in Sears scratch up to the rest of his life he did we'll see how it goes if it breaks I'll go back to old corner substance let's get going here Florida 5 exit permitido admit alright here we go open person more matches we'll see how this ... the punk in works 34 nothing 37 a number 2 not to have to not tell you why I'm a set that aside grab a corner be right back alright don't you so just echo some new scratching to occur that one didn't work too well so we're just gonna go or resort to a penny here hopefully we can scratch up some more winners all my gosh hold on hold the phone this note this ain't no joke folks look at that oh my gosh another match we got up 5 dexter Luman up here and we got another match 44 this is gonna be big this is gonna be big happy Halloween oh boy we're starting to get a little nervous 33 nothing 21 if the thinnest camera view so we can see this is this this could be historic but it probably not but who knows well known sorry but then there we go we get a salmon boy couple more matches another 5 X. or 10 X. or 16 this is interesting 8 after we get excited here 42 all my gas oh my gosh okay alright we're into some uncharted territory 42424244445 next year okay alright week we could be set for life so to speak on this ticket oh my goodness gracious okay this is this is no joke 26 not the moment pass are gonna get distant view here alright here we go number 6 not them most juries jigsaw Jeff get with the program Tara gosh darn it I get this tripod figured out one of these days folks I'm sorry I know you got stuff to do but this is some vague a 19 a 29 nothing a 38 no okay last row get down to it here a number 40 no our live call our own it was a lose interest Sir already 23 no 46 nothing this is interesting now a number for no of 48 now okay alright so we've got to have big 5 X. Sir right there that's good 44 that's good and a 42 that's good to let's see our boy let me see this get to go on here on the 44 scared out here okay we get some small zeros no that's alright see what we got here 00 pulled on $30 there okay 42 at 20 spots are just click back next year see what that can be but I am already 50 there looking there WNED quickly $4430 it's 80 and a 42 very full of $100 on this ticket sol that's now that's a pretty good here when he'd just cookie drink some milk cash is then we'll have ourselves a great the rest of the day so ... thanks for watching pokes and ... I catch him next time //
"2017-10-13 21:42:54"
\\what's gone everybody hope everybody's happy healthy and blessed jigsaw Jeff back on your screen yeah yeah my BSU so every soldier was is and will do in here with your name on it well I just got back from the grocery store doing the shopping get the mail out the mailbox and ... this was in there no return address my address though addressed to Jay so Jeff I'll put some tape on it to our well you know low privacy thing so some wonder if this isn't our first ... fanmail so to speak so that's a plus celebrate at the camera we can open a sunscreen see what we got here you know I don't know who's gonna found would have to get my address but it wasn't as saying in the undying mailbox with yeah here well luckily for that we go low letter we got some tickets here to look at that we got power 5 from Hoosier lottery although we also got there ultimate 7's $20 ticket let me tell you why in this at least in this area this to this ticket is a more difficult to find than a dollar a value menu at Starbucks so my gosh era we got we got something similar to get the Reno's letter here was like gadget meant to see this Luke Sergeev just wanted to say I love your videos always very interesting yeah clones are a couple of lottery tickets that I would like you to scratch off you want your videos hope you win big garden at night lose it PS please don't forget to clean out the gutters cut the grass wouldn't and take out the trash love your wife moon wealth but okay I see how this is going to play out but thanks honey and know your work right now if thanks a lot appreciate it shout out to my wife so I guess I'll scratch off the 2 lottery tickets here that ... my biggest fan sent me I guess you could say homeowner gets some scratch within just come from a store pulled up okay well you had out of work I guess today will be use and ... I guess some deodorant at the store so we'll be using dnia or acts of power DOD deodorant I picked up at the store sketches lottery tickets been a month pretty good we get sick at 38 this power 5 I think this is our I've played this one in awhile is just ... find a 5 symbol when that price find a money bag when $50 instantly find 5 X. Sir and up 5 times get the power symbols down here you guys know the drill so let's get to go maybe maybe to Mrs got me some good the good vibes here hold on now let's see here you know what cancel that that's not gonna work be right back there's so much for it and do your suits just break out a regular corner get to scratching here still we get coal mines a firecracker flame not then I see some 5 to get a winning ticket here this is exciting my first band first fan mail that ... start come on now go bar dice no today Sierra Odwalla wish bone vaults pearl necklace elected Krotoszyn every every ticket I swear chip and then chipper that wasn't a win every time on the gas alright let's get to the power section here a higher are sent would love a gift lemon yeah but and the sun that that happened there let's get as big dog ultimate triple 7's I haven't seen this one in a quick minute you said this one is a very difficult to find and our game here we get that ticket 19 and basically what you do is just look up purse a 7 symbol get 2 servants within a game when double 3 sevens triple and ... 50 spa 0 spa 500 spat Debbie nice I was on this bad boy 1 in 3.19 so not too bad really let's see if we can not we can pull out a win here let's hit the going here we're looking for some sevenths 16 1416 no 211521 46 1646 42 to 1921 92116 524552 2259 not then 4515 151919 436 third 30 to 60 I have to tell her thank you here just she gets home from work that was that was nice to be nice to get away we get a winner 594141 343429 want to see is 7 come on now 53 nothing happened and 35 glory no winning numbers yeah 282854591659 come on 7 1616 Juan 241313 26826 warning 91329 144014 nothing dart turned us look for his money bag underneath this not then a star and if Pete so my first thing firstly I am now yielded no winnings but that's alright that was that was really nice of her and ... we'll come back for another video in another time so what thanks everybody for watching and I'll talk to you later //
"2017-10-10 18:48:10"
DON'T WATCH THIS!! If you like BIG Lottery Ticket WINS!!
\\I think shifts again perfect chip every time I feel a chip that will be a winner it'll be a good thing they like to pretend ships in your leave late too the what's going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and blessed ... real quick where we get into this shenanigans here just one thank everybody for watching these videos I know some people some people like and some people don't are just try to make it entertaining for everybody I like to do scratch off tickets and this just a hobby of mine this YouTube stuff I got you know work a full time job got wife and kids in do all the normal stuff that normal people do also so ... thank you Sir appreciate everybody watching you know whether you support me or not I I do appreciate it so ... without further ado let's get right to it might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff was a 7 sixteenths ensure are closed in ranch doing on these 2 lottery tickets well that's going to serve one purpose today that's what we're gonna be using to us scratch out these 2 lottery tickets it 2 new ones from Indiana Hoosier lottery to just call just because 77 that's it 7 nothing fancy about it 77 there we go it's a ... pretty simple game find the 7 when it find a double 7 when double get that ... money bag that we all like to see you know when the when all 20 prizes on this lottery ticket like it says so when data giving you started just came out got a 2 of them number 20 and number 21 and then the that voice see what we get here well I was gonna be good if we won 1 and 3.82 so let's get the going on these tickets sure I make this video as quick as possible like I say will be using a 716 since your clothes in a ranch and this these 2 tickets 77 you get my drift so we'll just we're just looking for some 70 here and see if we can get them now we get a start we get a diamond no emptiness saying sharing she is today's waiting Farnsworth drawer the Bo winning we both the rainbow all the I hello we're the moon reports you they're just trying to their dreams fireworks Wallace nmap on to the next year take it though morning Warren red says this is why yeah GM shares pouring yeah go for this question distinct take there's the debt in college day one big doing a video net pretty soon Terry very slow day so far share rainn they're detaining shifted work first shift is paramount dealership ndeb tell me if they knew like ships in your knees late to ladies are not the answer rainbow so they this is the message bar after dinner airplanes things look good we and full lower rent yeah so a total bust and these 2 tickets but the I think again for styles of these now they Gagarina random fire one I think there's another thing is a purple wonder satin like that so nothing happened but data will be back next time with hopefully some more winners or winner I should say our thanks again for a wide chin neck catch you next time //
"2017-10-06 18:52:25"
My BIGGEST Winning Lottery Ticket MISTAKE EVER!!
\\how's everybody doing hope everybody is happy and healthy and bless jigsaw Jeff back on your screen and never ends okay might be asking subjects said Jeff was is Sir iron doing on this lottery ticket well that's serving a couple purposes on me ... dated I'm filming this got a wedding to go to so I've gotta iron my dress your which I hardly ever hardly ever get dressed up and it's also what we're gonna have to use on this ticket today this is DR $10 cash vault from Indiana Hoosier lottery a play Disick couple times in the past one a little bit but that bad thing about it it's a one of these book deal with fear was that ... 123 for 567 sections you can can win on but the downside to this ticket is hard to scratch me in a book and don't wanna stay open very well so what we're gonna take this iron to it here a little bit and try to flatten it out for you folks so that we can now be it in camera view and scratch it up so there we there we go I think it I think that did the trick up but there are I think we're gonna set that to the side like I said it's a match and win in all kinds of other good gadgetry on this ticket ticket number ... ticket number 19 on this guy so it's got a few are few opportunities where some good money here top price $300000 which we could definitely use so today will be years and they are back scratcher yes a back scratcher picked yeah I get up at a yard sale while back 4 quarter now feel well why a back scratcher why not is seems fitting we're scratching my back it's just sometimes we're going to use to dawn back scratcher so I we'll sit most of the iron deciding get to go in here we'll see if we can get a good shot for your books this first section is our match and win or a 10 X. Sir 20 extra money bag so let's get to going on here were via our winning numbers 1117 5 Swanee 5 and it's 181 alright let's get to go one up here like you said this is not the easiest ticket to scratch so bear with me and we'll get to go in here scratch off our numbers 29 nothing happening number 3 18 no 12 one offer the dreaded one and number 8 6 14 lucky 14 not this time all my gas sold on Paul we get a 5 and we got a 50 OK so we got a winning ticket here alright let's continue here this back scratcher my might be just what the doctor ordered so to speak 26 a 13 and number 9 a 16 okay floors that number at I 24 know a 27 new and number 2 up for and the 28 Samantha manner that you can see we get the matching 5 right there I am alright let's move on to this next section it's got a fast 0 spot get hundreds hundreds symbol you win a quick Connor dollars probably not no we got we got the money clip alright moving moving on it is big and big but you get here this next section you gotta get there are 3 valse in a row horizontal vertical you know faraway around that go vote vote no Nettuno navorro we go vote there so we could possibly went up and down so we have all their no they were here no we got our own money so we can either win ... well we can win right there and we go roll money not than just net than and the afternoon naps alright so next section here game number game number tray as they say find 2 identical amounts and you win that amount let's see what we've got here a 20000 another 20000 will be nice we got a 40 there's a big dog to 300000 probably not another 300 home ... stuff that was 4400 okay so equity investor this ticket the next section thanks for watching I game number 5 match and win get a 10 X. Sir or money bag when accordingly let me see if I can get to send frame here there we go alright winning numbers 14 at 20 there we gotta wearing of a nephew today so far gore gore that you go to a reception and you know how it goes at the reception might get a few of cocktails in me and I have a good time so there's a winning numbers there let's get going here a 15 read it I don't know I think that was a winner 22 nothing happen in a 29 6 product see that 10 excerpt 5 minutes and number we hit earlier which will come back and revealed a prize the 11 one and number 8 a 21 the odor doom was snapped in happen in there disassociated 24 no 13 armor gas old aunt you've worked again this ticket Efraim we got another match 13132 matches looking good what else we get here a number 7 number 3 night scene no a number for this could be a bit disturbing Edgar winter 18 90 like these books purchased they take a minute to scratch if you catch my drift and the 23 nothing there okay moving on as they like to say next section is our 1234 vaults yeah I get a 5060 her honored former nerd under any of these when that accordingly of course see what we've got here we've got a treasure chests we got a stack of bills sometimes that wins on tickets but not this one we got a plank wrong yeah we got a wallet alright moving on to define a section home base price and thank goodness imagine when you get a 5 Ericsson net 10 exor 20 X. or money bag and don't win accordingly let's get to go on here a lot of numbers to scratch off on this one left I think it's gonna be work day here just we got a tray lucky 21 33 this reminds me doing the crossword which I don't normally do to cross were lottery tickets it just seems like it takes for for ever to do those but you know how it goes and I think from a lottery ticket 2636 alright so it's good to go on her first role this evening a couple more matches in this section and that will make it really interesting 23 32 number 19 and number 7 24 28 new 34 or new one off para next 0 number one a 15 No Way et there with you know and number 12 22 17 39 for new year there we go sorry about that and that 37 known up in there next throw number 6 18 35 almost a 40 30 a should make to make this video to party hot it's number and he I'm so sorry thanks for watching know everybody I sure do appreciate and I like doing this I hope you guys enjoy it too to 31 and number 9 25 13 no 29 30 27 and the last member here so sometimes they get the and 6 team now sorrow that big old check he hears produced 2 winning numbers the number 5 right dare so let's get in on this and get a drum roll please nnova now the ... ... date oh my gosh I'm sorry but does the 15 15 are huge Hernandez give her any single some big zeros yeah right I asked my mistake of salsa we got another match here though ... though it we might not be posting this on well we got here number I 13 okay wanna turn from a $300000 winner into the sea here I'm sorry okay we get a $10 winner yeah alright I he we might not post this one but then I will see we got a $10 winner again I apologize man to have me go look at it and then scratched far enough off 15 and I wasn't by any who thanks for watching and and ... stay tuned for a hopefully some better videos coming up to near near future no because that ... jigsaw Jeffrey made big mistake on this one so thanks for watching my back //
"2017-10-02 18:36:43"
\\they just real quick everybody I keep everybody in your prayers and thoughts at tragedy to happen now Las Vegas ... hopefully this video Getcha get to look check allow you maybe take your mind off of it for a second so ... thanks for watching and onto the regular video I was going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and having a great day or evening jigsaw Jeff back on her screen and might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff what's at $10 bill doing on the to ... lottery tickets with well my son my extra special today I guarantee that so I'm just gonna cut my grass promise dumber gimmick $10 bill the feet get that done and is also concealing on this ticket right here look at dad playing him so then Eric symbol so you know Jack said Jeffrey had to get the camera out step to the convenience store pick up baggage ships bart couple lottery tickets Starz Gretchen Carsey no 10 extra so I gotta get homes get home a film this this is big never seen a 10 X. are honest this is a $5 $25000000 prize pool scratch off lottery ticket from Hoosier lottery to match and win are you get that money back $50 stack of money $0 or 10 X. Sir which we have you win 10 times that prize so were on the set real special here I guarantee it so why are we gonna get back to that one here in a second just think it's a little unusual this disrupts unit you know up and down kisses sideways ticket pretty cool anyhoo it 10 X. your boy that's pretty in that we'll get to that in a quick second also picked up $500 frenzy multiplier match in when the death 5 extra 5 times 10 Exeter which we got on the other ticket and a 50 burst when $50 ticket number are 99 99 last when not to roll so today will be using just a penny picked determines graduate in the car to convenience store to head of la buckets it you know give a penny take a penny type things so we are picked up Bernie registers scripts west graduate to just the plain penny today you wanna stick around see what that 10 timer got alright let's get going on this because I got to get back to the other ticket because science I'm super excited about that is our winning numbers who knows maybe we'll get some big on this 71263 22 and 16 it's good to go in here 43 nothing 26 24 37 a number but you should be scratching with the so he's crazy things but we're just give you the penny today folks I'm sorry we're gonna I'm so dang excited about that 10 extra wanna I want to get to dig back into that 17 no 23 a 33 devil trays 38 nothing happenin 44 40 621 offer on now 39 and number 4 49 9 and a 13 nothing on that one let's get back to this big dark here this big win right here to 10 explore that's pretty look never seen that before so we we got a few numbers the remaining describes so let's get going on now who knows maybe we can get some mouse to go along with death a 45 I'm sorry folks this is a ticket number 77 I don't see any year cherished white lines anywhere but ... it's certainly gonna are can't wait I can't wait I hope there's okay when 100010 times $10 up to $10000 in neat debt thing let's get to going here we got a 54 and we get a 25 so nothing happening here let's just shook their hands because everybody likes to look at ... 1 in 3.96 so about typical $45 ticket but you know what I'm saying here and I was I was a good because we want alright we're going to sneak up on this year Q. some dramatic music here maybe NDEs situation let's get the going here boy I hope with some big let's start out here let me hold on let me go up here see what it see what it would be very low it looks like I get to have 2010 times 2000 and be nice alright let's get going here there come on now come on don't tease me don't tease me Gary go all yeah that's pretty wide folks that could beat that man I don't think that's just $5 under there I think that's a that's a little wider than 5 let's see here hopefully it's good to go in here come on I want CZ are there it is that's what I want to see right there 0 see alright so we lease gatt we got $100 come boy it would not be settled that's a 5050 spy come on now let's go let's go jigsaw just can't excited here here we go ... okay okay look another $100 winner look at that 10 external boy that's pretty 10 times $1100 no kidding on a $5 ticket unbelievable excellent well thanks for watching no I wish I could have been $100000 but ... will take that definitely $100 at 10 X. Sir alright until next time //
"2017-09-29 21:53:34"
\\I was going on everybody help everybody's happy and healthy and blessed jigsaw Jeff back on your screen here we go again my BSU subjects such ever set fire extinguisher doing on these 3 lottery tickets well as serving 2 purposes back up a fire extinguishers throughout the house like do a ... check on him every every 6 months or so make sure they're in working condition and fully chars and also concealing duo money bag right here wrote jigsaw Jeff it's the ... Indiana cash blowout with only 2 prizes available either $50 or $100 I got to get that money back well Starz Gretchen off camera sure enough we got the money back so we we got 50 or $0 come in on this ticket ticket number are lucky 7 so we'll get to scratching on that one here in a bit but also got a couple of bonus once here to to talk $20000000 payout from Hoosier lottery and neophyte $0 a month set for life lottery ticket from the Hoosier lottery and I will get to going on now on the secular go to this one first is a match in when get that money money bag Wynette automatically that 3 X. Sir do that and the ticket number 47 no why white line on this one but that's alright to will hope for wind instead they will be using now we use it all down pacman Atari 2600 cartridge JI jigsaw Jeff still got Atari 2600 hooked up down in the rec room I like to play that once in awhile for years I don't know the younger ones Gerry 26 center was a thing before ex boxes in the up PlayStations so we use in that today is our scratching to let's get right to this Leno you folks got stuff to do winning numbers 26 and 19 18 and 16 okay we got a lot of teams there this kid to go in here we'll get back to that guarantee $5100 winner here in a second number 7 nothing happenin 42 no seduce napkins number 10 46 nope number 80 number 4 Hilfiger 41 45 14 earlier you go 20 come on tax man bring me some bring me some good luck 22 40 a 20 seventh 21 40 17 in a 24 I'm also get 2 bonus sections of your $5150 don't count on it too much try again an ounce also got a little bonus on a back here get a stack of money when that get a $25 bill which I've never seen before when $25 automatically listed to go in here we got a pot of gold a star wishbone Corning's wrote key computer winning head a crown nothing happened on that one so we'll go to this side set for life ticket number 65 to ads does a good if we win no no at all my gosh it does it's got the coveted why a lot coveted why line at the top so it's good description here that might be a good sign for us right the winning numbers it's a match and win folks sorry get the money bag when that automatically to Exeter 5 decks or so on and so forth number 3 37 and number 39 and number 10 and a 44 so we'll get to see if we can get some mansions on this one number 60 a 38 year old one offer is they like to say 34 31 come on now 14 a lucky 14 have been good to me in the past Rebecca watched a couple my videos that was a really good 130 17 431 offer 19 I like to see death 5 X. symbol 47 DO dreaded number one a 33 double trays at a F. 36 63 Margo she's numbers go up pretty high and this one we get a number 6 64 40 a 16 and the 49 nothing happened and I'm now so we'll get back to this guaranteed win here on this one I guess said the ads on this one see my other videos azar one in 10 1 in 10 to $150 or $100 so we are to get a winner that's alright let's get this get a nice and tight honest work and we're no no matches just look up for money bags so we'll see what's happening here we got up orange we get a horse you a pot of gold on enough I want more matches are not Lucy piggy bank grade bank slice of watermelon volts lemon Nixon lemonade ring I don't there's $100 underneath that money bag after Tara armored car deadly nice nice $0 hit number 7 the dice yeah apple well ... Omar gash okay there could be our I we get another money bag that's good we get some sour grapes we got it Amaro we got Sherri a clover we got a bar we get the moon stars and the moon we get ships were my favorite favorite shows to watch in reruns this ship's there's a higher you will get a son and we get some strawberry so we get those 2 2 matches right there and we get another match right there I don't know for sure in the ticket ticket number 7 so without further ado we'll get to scratching here hopefully ... but we get 2 matches so we're gonna see some small zeros because there's only ... 2 prizes on this this lottery ticket so let's get going here see what's happenin would do that that could be 25 and 25 comes back told on will keep to sit it didn't look we're gonna keep to suspense going here for another net a few seconds here we get a small $0 and it all my gas poke all and ... football year well you know what that's going to be 50 there you know what this one 's gonna be appeared to top that's my gosh that's gonna be another $50 look at deaf folks Leonard it there all pac man jump jump up does a fragment things you do $50 and $50 for they 100 Salar winner not too shabby that's that's pretty good I'm glad I went picked this up usually user just get a ticket or 2 but I picked up this one too because I've been having such good luck with that man my gosh it did pay off so we get $100 winner nothing on these other 2 but that's alright pac man did me good it did me good this time so until next time folks thanks for watching and have you suffered great day and night //
"2017-09-27 20:38:44"
\\I'm it where everybody how's everybody doing jigsaw Jeff back on your screen there we go my BSU subjects such Jeff was these 2 lottery tickets doing built on this book here with us serving a couple purposes a beautiful day out today that I come out said outside give those yellow sun and ... catch up on some reading have been meaning to do and it's also what we're gonna be users to scratch out today season you know number of videos everybody scratch and books to take it's well for sale jigsaw Jeff budget won't allow for that sort thing my scratch on a book so without further ado unusual perhaps unconventional absolutely fun and entertaining well I'll leave that up to you so we'll get to scratch in these 2 tickets we get they are $5 gold servants from the Indiana lottery it's a ... mansion when I get that ... 77 symbol when they're 5 X. Sir and a 10 X. Sir iwin accordingly ticket 51 the ads ads are good if we win and that we also got a Big Boy here $25 gold boy Yanis took it's been around for a couple years still some pretty good prizes on it ... match and win get that money back on this one no that's that's a cool $0 a good deal to exit when 2 times get the 5 that Sir of course spike times 10 times 10 times your prize also a couple of bonus areas appear stack cash $50 double dollars $100 as get 3 top prizes of about $4000000 you can either get paid in gold or cash and where things are going these days who knows what's going to take so we'll get to going on now in here the second ticket number 3 and it's also got de yeah the cherished white low lying on right there so this that's a good sign ads on this ads are gonna be good if we win on that one too so let's get this $5 one here real quick like scratch you know on a book because OJ Sergeev cannot afford to buy a book tickets so would it be going on this and ... today will be using Maleki fishing lure here to hopefully I won't get poked with that Carter got a lot of ... big mouth bass with this with this particular lure and ... hopefully tomorrow I can get out do a little fishing before the weather starts to turn bad so without further ado if it there we go winning numbers 48 ... lucky 13 a 41 and Jeff Gordon 24 and a 39 so let's see here we get lucky with the fish with this maybe we'll get lucky a big winner on NY ... tickets with this and number 30 6 28 your journal live in and leaves are starting to fall around here 20 21 43 36 no do sits number 9 this ticket been around awhile to 20 34 a 46 come on now 49 we get a get a big winner one of these days what are these videos 31 the dreaded one number 40 looking good sometimes when you say that it hits 38 of 11 offer number 12 a 42 all my gas holy smokes hold the phone ... the full look at that you have focused their we get the 7 last there are possible one scratch so we do have a winner on that we'll get back to that one in the second all right on to the next ticket the big the big $25 lottery ticket here we go let's see here alright fishing lure look at that crazy thing that's got a lot of fish store tell you what you gonna work on the top of the water and that Martin and best come up and bite it any who another would would do another no video are sufficient at another time let's get right to this ticket 14 that's a good number go back and watch a couple learned last 2 or 3 videos at 14 tit 857 58 ... okay I like this up for anything with force and it's been doing pretty good 36 46 had a 6 some interesting combinations in numbers here I think I've got a good feeling this might be a good winner if the going here I like to see that money back for $1000 or 2 timer symptoms and number 12 nope I always get nervous scratching up these big big dollar tickets 28 yours hope of for that win so you know your lease get your money back 48 a 45 Thibodeau 14 apart Flores 49 nothing happened and 43 I'd like to see that 10 next to 42 17 471 offer I'm the double trays come on now 40 27 52 56 ... they'd get all the good it did to me 56 I got 57583646 of course back to it 23 the other day Jeff Gordon didn't pap dough up time 24 25 my goodness this combination in art that there's a 14 16 13 15 boarded dancing around at 14 market that my cash Noura 1315 nothin last row 32 20 19 the dreaded one Cologne and the 7 not the us gov't cities bonus areas hope for something stack of cash maybe no but current double double dollars an open mind darn it $25 down through doing that van alright let's get back to this winter here Lee said yeah we can salvage something out of this start out here I hope it's our hope that 7 big come on now there may be World War I and our own okay ... put before I wouldn't dare look it there were $25 not too shabby we got a much we get our money back from that $25 ticket meant that we're hip to know we had a little bit of the proposition that we will take that $25 for sure and the okay shared intimate may we Michael Vaida next one in the role may that's nobody's body so why are until next time thanks for watching and thanks for your continued support talk to you later //
"2017-09-21 19:52:34"
IT HAPPENED AGAIN!?- BIG WIN!?- Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Hits Again..
\\ ... but it'll be very very happy and healthy laugh declared get that going hearing everybody's entitled to their own views let me ask you said you said Jeff was set inflatable air travel pillow doing on these 2 lottery tickets well that's serving 2 purposes do a little wishful wishful thinking here their pillows Zach concealers something here hoping that might be enough but a death of a winning to be able to take a ... trip to ... exotic place so without further ado will remove that we'll get right to this started Gretchen egolf camera and lucky here we get 20 again the $20 $150000000 Dr again to from the Hoosier lottery with that 3000000 dollar top prize scratching already off camera we get warm we get we there we go matches ready on this big $20 ticket so this is gonna be a good one I have Feelin left a couple videos this ticket vin do a real good go back and check them now we get back to that one in a quick second also got another $10 multiplier mania I have been doing pretty good on that one it's a match and win matching numbers down there to get a multiplier section up on tap so we'll get scratching on that one we're gonna come back to that other one we get all these matches on I hope for some big stuff and they will be using a ... one of those fancy umbrellas if they put in you my tie drinks when you go to exotic locations that's what we're hoping that get enough of a winning here to go to so without further ado we'll get the scratching on this one get this right set up here there's a match to win we got our number here 51 24 or 26 I'm sorry folks 21 I'm just real excited to get back to the other winner over here 59 53 and a big deal a so we'll get going on this one here the whole force may be a back to back winners here been doing real well and the other ticket 15 35 36 a big 60 47 520 right in between those 2 Jeff Gordon 24 42 30 I'd like to get a winner on this one too 17 23 that lucky 14 has been doing real good for me lately but not this time 41 13 a 12 double trays the double deuces 57 come on now number 80 40 alas through here that data so we can see what's going on here 28 nothing happened and 48 no 25 34 and 38 so nothing in this world knows the multiplier fries 50 timer now 10 time alright if so Kato Minnesota to the side get back to this big thing and I'm really excited about here so we get 4 matches already we get 2.5 rose to go 12 3 we get formats of this get the going here it's a match and win again get to to Exeter 2 times 5 Exeter money bag a stack of cash ticket number 2 so skip the going here vote for some more matches 45 no the number 10 34 27 come on we know we need a least a couple more matches there are hurt number 3 number 9 of my gosh look at deaf folks there's another match 9 in the 9 now and then a 9 there which there we go that's 5 matches okay we're getting into some serious territory here 59 let us we get here 17 43 Edmundo real good on this ticket the last couple ties some big winners 39 18 37 so alright that we get 5 matches the start up here with this number 41 see what we get with big zeros be real real nice well we got here okay we got 20 we get the number 7 here we'll get another 20 go down to this for or get another 20 $60 so far get 22 as 80 and the last one as I'm sure we all know there's going to be into that Swanee so nicer dollar winner again this ticket is hot Bernie 40 6080 Warren $0 and a bad not enough to keep their exotic trip we've been wanting to take but ... certainly not a bad hit for sure so once again as I always say I appreciate everybody watching and you have yourself a great day or evening till next time //
"2017-09-18 18:16:24"
BIG WIN AGAIN!!$ UNREAL!! Winning Lottery Tickets Streak Continues!!
\\what's gone on everybody hope everybody's happy healthy and blast jigsaw Jeff back on your screen everybody's entitled to their own opinion might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff was that ... tire iron doing on needs a to ... $20 lottery tickets wellness serving 2 purposes got a daughter almost to dry driving age at issue does video get ready to show her the ... finer points of changing a spare tire case of an emergency and it's also concealing our old to Exeter right there so we get to a $20 tickets $150 under $50000000 extravaganza sorry about that and a $10000 frenzy multipliers what $20 tickets yeah real well on this ticket go back and watch my last video check that one out but yeah we got a to Exeter on this and we also number 35 right there so I think we're on to something big here this is gonna be good we're gonna get back to this one is second also got a ... $10000 frenzy multiplier match and win get 10 Exeter 20 exit 50 X. are like to see that there be a big win order 200 burst Wynette prize automatically ... ticket number 11 odds adds a good if we win correct alrighty looks like it's got the infamous white line at the top so without further ado will I get to scratch in I can't wait to get back to the other ticket because I got a good feeling that's a big winner ... today will be used in a ... nickel yeah just a nickel because after my daughter starts driving that's probably about all I have to my name after the insurance rates go call up you catch my drift so let's get to going here on this thing maybe we can get to winners there we go number 45 a 14 65 39 15 to 63 F. 41 okay I kinda like those members of my produce a big winner are let's get going here on this so I can ... show my daughter how to change spin attack her character's videos complete verse number number 34 nothing happened and a 4 perform my gosh look at depth folks a match you're ready 1414 nbastore we had on my last video was a big winner was that number 14 Matt's death I'm excited about this number 53 58 I think this lottery ticket my produced this is gonna be some big I got a good feeling about this 1940 I like to see if 50 exit here 46 17 31 21 to 68 25 27 6 no more multiplier 60 44 we're gonna go back to back on these 2 tickets 2 winners in a row the 3 no dreaded 13 class of roe Jeff Gordon 24 7 641 offer 669 there we go again and the dreaded 11 that this Erica because we get a winner on this ticket that lucky number 14 has been good so far let's see this is just be some icing on the cake here could we get the other big I think that other one of the big the see here what we get all my gosh now we got small zeros SR I okay then we got a $20 winner on now so we'll get on to the next ticket this one I'm real this one I'm really excited about what that 2 acts are there and the and the match on a $20 ticket we still get 2 rows discret so let's get the going here come on we need couple more matches a number 3 Dale Earnhardt a 31 some of 7 42 40 let us throw for some more matches 45 59 this is getting quite quite interesting here 12 oh my gosh 14 bar graph 14 that ticket I just scratched massive 14 my last video big winner on a 14 so we get 3 matches this this is good this is really good and a 60 okay so we go 14 we get a matching 35 and we get to to exit I'm thinking now I'm thinking would go to this 35 first let's check it out are there some some hurtful ticket number one of so excited about this ... mention win 2 X. get their 5 X. Sir money back for instance $0 if you don't have stack cash for 200 which you don't have but let's get going here get in on this 35 okay we guess more zeros but that's alright I like it I like it okay that's 20 continue we kept that 14 well of but only got no small zeros okay another tough one this is quite different very 152040 so to to Exeter I wonder if the 2 actors a $3400 winner let's see I'm I'm thinking maybe oh my gosh 2 terms 306080 $100 winner the winners continue earlier $20 on that one is 100 that's 120 we're that's not bad we're not gonna go ... changed tire tires and ... I catch you guys next time thanks for watching //
"2017-09-15 18:51:55"
\\what's going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and have a blessed day jigsaw Jeff back on your screen NMU I'm I'd be asking you subject so Jeff what's that the to do list doing on knees to ... $20 ... Hoosier lottery $50000000 extravaganza lottery tickets well it's serving 2 purposes after a long hard day at work today I was ... handed this list as I walked in the door so why are from the honey do list so it's a few hours later so we've got somebody's already done we ... needed to cut cut the grass check we needed to help put away the groceries that's a check also dirty clothes off slower Scheck done and the most important thing that we need it done today was get a big 0 winner and you know why martinet fox because on the theory that lottery ticket talk to of them down at the grocery store one on one from behind the counter and one from my and in the machine and as you can see we got a matching number 14 and you can see the remnants of what's happening here we got a big 0 linger in there so we get that list down we found a big 0 winner and we're gonna reveal net here in a quick second so about one behind the counter one out of the machine tickets 7 teams a good one and the 1 out of the machine ticket number 2021 a $20 to $20 tickets ... 3 top prize is a $3000000 a match and win game art get debt to Exeter 5 X. Sir stack of ... the money bag your stack of cash you win 200 automatically so that that big 0 you know I had to stop scratching and start recording because that's looking pretty so we're gonna get back to that one of the second be scratching off this other one here see what we can get honest today will be used and ... actually will be using my cell phone just in case that big 0 over there says OJ so Jeff into a panic attack or a heart attack we might have to call the paramedics so without further ado wanted to scratch into someone and we will definitely come back to reveal that hopefully what is a big big prize on that one so let's get going on this one we got number 17 and number 20 a 34 a 29 Dale Earnhardt number 3 15 59 and 16 okay so there's are winning numbers so let's see if we can get I think we can go here to 2 out of 2 winners let's get going here heart that there was a 3 number 36 a number 45 27 speaking of cellphones I gotta pay my cell phone bill this week 222 a 49 nothing happened yet 43 come on when number 12 the double trays of one offer a number 7 48 Jimmie Johnson 54 nothing happening yet 39 no 46 like the seer 5 next here on this thing number 80 ... dreaded 11 member for one offer 51 the high number 60 number 40 come on now number 21 another one offer 26 47 52 55 and Jeff Gordon 24 and no not done on that one meant nothing on ticket 21 via as you know we get this here linger in yeah big 0 boy that looks so pretty when you see that so just the one match so let's hope it's so percent good or like he teases big zeros here there's a ... that's so that's so nice looking here we go I'm hoping I'm hoping it's a 5 let's see oh my gosh hold ... hold the phone own good phone to all my cash a $200 winner folks $200 all right if the if the big one on Mike well it the catch my breath here second I might have to use a cell phone won a big huge winner why how no kidding number $1600 look at that while that's nice here where well we don't know for a I'm glad I get that list to do today because it certainly paid off that's a really nice winner well I go cash and and and ... spend a little bit put a little men in bank and that come back with some more videos real soon wow thanks for watching folks I appreciate it have a good day //
"2017-09-13 20:43:42"
\\well this is a win win situation no matter how you look at it what's going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and have been a big go wonderful day jigsaw Jeff back on your screen that you might think otherwise might be asking your subjects so Jeff what's doing in backing a van loading up all this stuff into these totes blankets and ... close where have you well got a local church ... donate now some items that we don't really need a more to ... there her cane ... relief funded collecting donations so the missus and I are loading up the van and going down there don't need some will get blankets we get you know stuff stuff animals we get jeans and tee shirts and and and just after the people down there really need at this moment so anyway so yeah stuff got a couple of trash bags and some lottery tickets the figure we might as well make a scratch your video so maybe we can spread the word about ... do us some good on this ... today would be different coupled Hoosier lottery ... $5 tickets we get that stacks of cash and we got the ... Indiana black so without further ado as a missus goes inside and get some more stuff to donate well the scratch up these tickets right quick we got a match and win ... get a cash symbol in 5 times your prize get a win symbol and a bonus area when ... with $50 instantly so without further ado we'll get description here let me get this sharp Pratt said a bright nights and that today would just be used in there would just be using a penny today nothing fancy today because ... we're trying to do some good stuff here so ... will keep the shenanigans and the tickets to a bare minimum today so number is a 39 8 at 33 but to and a 6 yeah ticket number 65 odds what are you know they're good if we win but ... 1 of 379 for those you scared so we need that that cache spot would give 5 times or match any of our number so let's give the scratching here in Mississippi coming out with some more stuff here pretty soon so the mature I get this done as quickly as possible this ticket Greta 10 we get it 18 we got a 20 of 40 and a 22 a no but you see me scratching of with some unusual things but ... click just get right to the point today and thickets number 11 a 3 come on now 19 of 14 nothing happening yet 27 32 390 so we got a winner matching 39 right there that's good doing good things being good big winners are our 12 people don't like to see that cash symbol here's part timers 13 17 a 23 and a 24 so nothing there yet let's just do this ... bonus Scott real quick and a stingy expect anything near clover so we got a matching ... but was at a matching 39 right there will get back to that right quick we'll bring in the Senate ticket here ... Indiana black went up to our 50000 match and win also got a 2 X. around their 5 Exeter or DR stack a cashier window 20 prices that would be really nice skip going here and number 6 boom 69 can't go wrong there 330 a 6 with a 67 I turn to her we get down to this church you get this ... if these donations to the people 41 that number 4 let's go back to back number 10 370 sorry number 3 ticket 3 I'd die to good if we win number 60 a 46 a 64 and number 9 I'd like to get to our 5 exit here 1340 they say ask you shall receive we'll see 16 or a stack of money that went out 20 cries 17 47 63 49 14 31 and number 11 come on now 61 and the double to raise nothing there parent let's get back to stack the cashier revealed this prize let's hope it's a big winner here let's hope this is it is a big winner here let's hope for some big big zeros here let's see what we got not only would go maybe maybe annnnd 5 well that's alright the supply our winner and ... like I said we'll get ready to go donate this stuff here down here and no it's not much but ... I'm sure hopefully to help us somebody but ... thanks for watching and ... catch you next time //
"2017-09-10 15:49:07"
\\folks we got money bags we got more money bags we got unbelievable odds you're gonna want to stick around for this one what's going on everybody thanks for taking a couple minutes out of your day to watch this video jigsaw jump back on your screen now take that into consideration might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff what set was that 0 0 candy bar doing on the user to lottery tickets you got here well that's serving 2 purposes as a convenience store get some gas picked up a ... 0 candy bar here because I had a craving for some chocolate a couple lottery tickets search Gretchen among off in the car and look at their what we got already money back there and a money bag on this ticket known this ticket to some real special we'll get to that in a second you want to stick around for that we get here on the new from the Hoosier lottery $5000 a month for life ... mansion when ... get their money back when it automatically to Exeter 2 times the price 5 X. Sir 5 times of course and we are to get hit on a money bag in the second row down to more rose to go back to that ticket in a second and also a special one here DR cash blowout from the Hoosier lottery ... to prize is only available on this ticket a $50 prize or $100 prize get that money bags symbol right there you guarantee to 50 or $100 prize look at ease out here though 11 in 10 here we go again so we reveal a money bag so release got $50 winner coming on this one so I'm excited to get that one scratch stuff will come back to that one in a second let's get going on this one right here see what else we can get get on this one not today will be years in ... the back of my TV remote with football season start negative change the batteries out real quick here before the season gets kicked off here so I found it fitting to use to track my river my remote so any less good to go in here see if we can get some more winners we got a number 9 at 38 and number 6 that appear Llobet so we can see what's going on here a 13 a 61 not denounce and number 40 the ... dreaded 11 the number 3 Dale Jr to number one go back and watch my last video I did hit something on a number one and number 60 so we just get the money back here so let's get in real tight here see what we can get underneath this money back on these new ... Hoosier lottery tickets drum roll please de all ... okay room that looked the net new ticket why doesn't a month for life them alright have to decide that builds now to the big dog that I'm really excited about here so we are to get the money bag we're you know we're gonna l'islet $50 but let's see we can get $100 winner out of this thing I got a ring so I would do is no match and win on this lottery ticket just money bags lemon a diamond you can only hope of for one match that might mean is that the big zeros are gonna pop out on this one armored car ... vaults ... Benno sorry but there we go however I a dice but a gold grapes apple a day there are just watermelon piggy bank barged number 7 see last row here I'm kind of hoping for no more money bags on this one that might mean a solid $0 $0 winner here off others to money back this alright though that could be a good sign votes that could be a real good sign that could be 58 and 50 of 50 so we get ... one money bag we got to money bags so ... obviously we're going to see ... Lou zeroes here because as only 2 prizes on this here lottery ticket like I said 50 or 100 so without further ado Jerome Morrow please nbatickets some little zeroes I know because there's no $200 prize alright let's go on you know all okay hold on let's go back hold on let's go down to the let's go down to this one to stretch the excitement a little bit here we go okay 25 and 25 for a $50 winner windows 3 if you go with your lawyer when a ticket would that one in 10 odds of winning a prize in a $10 there since $60 we spent 15 so that's a pretty good day forget session per day so gonna eat dessert 0 candy bar change batteries in my remote and ... kitchen next time have a good day or night //
"2017-09-08 22:08:57"
\\hitting on everybody you know what you don't want to miss this one what's going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy jigsaw Jeff back on your screen and here we go might be asking a subject sergeant was that the double one domino doing on this here lottery ticket well a servant couple purposes a jigsaw Jeff just with a rousing game of dominos and it's also concealing the dreaded number one leann it's a match we match to number one bones so anyways we're doing this at $10 Hoosier lottery multiplier mania it's a match and win that's also got the bonus multiplier appeared at you cannot multiply your winnings either to 51020 or 50 times your prize so ticket number are 25 it's got to is get the coveted white line at the bottom that everybody loves including me now because it is a winner but ... would get that match you number one and I think that's a good sign I think we might be on to something big here so we get them only match there and like I said today would be use enough a lucky domino here to we just got done playing so without further ado we continue scratching hoping for some more matches a number 15 not from happening I got a good feeling about this ticket number 39 new a 14 no dice or dominoes whichever you prefer 59 no 43 Richard Petty 49 ago one offered air 22 and the other one offer I wish somebody would make me off make me an offer I couldn't refuse 32 nothing happened in last row number 4 studs double 440 for nothing a 17 52 not the last number a number 26 so we got nothing there but we get that done number one as a match so well please are from the right hand side as usual see what we got here okay we this hour I would guess small zeros all ... we get a 20 spot so we leave got $20 let's see about this more this multiplier bonus to our increase our winning here a 28 or 20 times a 50 would be nice now wouldn't that be $1000 and be awesome when and I know I could use it let's see what we got here drum roll again nbastore I we got no no bonus but ... we got a nice so nice $20 wind on the dreaded number one so it is possible to ... when what the number one so anyways until next time I have a great day or night //
"2017-09-06 20:43:48"
\\just give me a dang second up I'll be right there dominance scratch your video n't I what's going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and have a great day or evening jigsaw Jeff back on your screen yeah here we go ... back it was a real quick video Mrs waiting on me to go out grocery shopping got a couple couple $5 out $220000000 payout lottery tickets from the Hoosier lottery tickets are 86 and 87 as it convenience store against some gas yes I did pick up a couple tickets yeah lady behind the counter says a guy bought about 12 to 15 of these did one now then I said well that it's good timing maybe hopefully we can get a big winner out of this so without further ado adobe use and they ... crescent wrench today and live like a scratching too because you know I like to make it interesting when we're scratching ... match and win game get the money back when that price shown gives 3 X. Sir 3 times 2 bonus spots in the top $1500 bonus and is also a game on the back guess second money when that when that prize earned a $25 bill which I have never personally seen a $25 bill you want $25 is $25 instantly so without further ado couple quick shout outs does to us I missed the fun uber game to get a video a couple days ago are ... name everybody into scratching communities does scratch off tickets I thought that was very nice of him to do and ... kind of pretty pretty cool videos here but is out there doing scratchers and are not a shout to Mister Jack garlic I've got good scratching channel ... does allow commentary loud scratching a lot of women so I occur Jim by go check out those 2 channels a course so without further ado because I got to get going here and I know you folks got stuff to do the second worst or what that ticket number 86 scratch off our winning numbers would decide crescent wrench here she said if they simply grab bar about 15 of these in particular take in a row not them so you know what that means there might be a big 1 brewing 194746 and a 28 so we need a money bag or we need a 3 act sooner or match we get a number 18 and number 7 DO dreaded one number 4 a number 41 49 nothing happening yet 17 40 a a 40 a 26 6 and number 8 21 and number 5 number 10 get down here 45 no one offers a course 29 44 a 42 and it too so nothing happened in there let's check out the bonus boxes probably not then try try again when we get there I would get another try again of course so what could have back we go we get a safe com law something roped is the lottery tickets stuff I think house Koreans there are and a son boom right into the trash that one goes next take Mexico 41 26 no love and maybe that 11 of pop 22 here we go again folks and number 12 a 5 15 Carmont Sompting 27 21 49 6 46 a 20 24 25 to 14 40 a number for 16 28 45 17 and if if that then there that's true that's out there go again try try again just and try again Clara this check out the back here maybe we can pull something out a piggy bank a safe how are my gas npower attack one of my goodness there we go we got a winner stack of cash okay good listening gonna be a bus we got a ring we get the sun of rope alright so we got a winning lottery ticket here let's check it out NBER warning here maybe not all that pretty wide zeros given zoomed in on this so we can check this out looking pretty good come on now focused sort of folks they can see the big when it would do that namely look if there are wide well I heard come on another 0 ... 5 well there you go hello $5 puking winner ahead there you go that big one less again ahead are still brewing and noticed so about 13 tickets to go so Anne hill $15 back out of the 10 and so on thanks for watching doctor later //
"2017-09-01 20:48:14"
\\what's going on everybody hope everybody is doing well living life to the fullest ... jigsaw Jeff back on your screen and here we go again a year before we get started on his video ... just wanna let you know ... objects such Jeff took 7 M. money he usually spends a weekly on ... lottery tickets and ... went ahead and donated it to that ... JJ what's he's a professional football player with the Houston Texans you gotta donation drive going for a flood victims down in Texas so I took a to summon a paycheck this week and ... donated that money to that good because trying to help them folks down there in Texas with that devastating flood that to happen so ... this week this would be doing a couple of our global $5 tickets from the ... Hoosier lottery ... like I said donated some of that money to a good cause you might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff are what I said was sent fake pink diamond doing on his lottery ticket well I found that downstairs rummaging through summer yes I was looking for something to come across this after got where I got it from but anyways the tickets will be doing today part a double diamonds from the Hoosier lottery yes I get 3 like symbols when that prize get to like symbols and a double diamonds when to turn to get a win symbol when $20 instantly so I find a fitting to use this Sir think last dime to scratch out these tickets today we get ticket number 77 yeah we get a ticket number 78 sorry about the lighting this senior high production studio here as you can well very well tell so that's without further ado will get scratched into the unease tickets I guess act courage anybody to they got a few extra Bucks donated that could ... good because because it is very devastating down and let's get to it here looking for 3 like amounts we got it I cue a strawberry no other strawberry we got a son a son and a gem we get a cherry the chest in a pair a lemon a pair and a pair watermelon slice watermelon slice preach Vera club a club and a Jack got a joker bar and another bar sure but day we get the moon the moan and the moon there you go this ticket let's keep going now like to take up too much cheap folks it's time I know you got stuff to do not then there we get some sour grapes of course you another great watermelon slices sprayed water melon slices strawberry club they said Jack water melon or orange what have you so if we can get a big winner out of this I'm these tickets here that not then there I got a cherry Menander and now the manner so we get those ... winning moons on this one get back to that a split second see if we can get enough back to back winner on this one the seer tickets double diamonds using a diamond scratch chick said Jeff 40 thinkin anyways I like to keep it interesting you guys know that you know hopefully enjoy I hope you know ever is entitled to own pinion king king GM creates bell joker nothing cherry cherry lightning bolt get up to here yeah I forgot to tell you the odds well you know how it goes ads are good because we won no I don't know how much yet but we want just a moment noticed chest F. Hoosier lottery post become our some new tickets next week so why they get to go to selection these days king a summer sun a preacher dice and a dice they use to get back to back winners here but not too much anymore 77 Jack watermelon they and a water melon sell nothing on that one this ticket 78 let's come back to this one right here ticket 77 we got 3 moans a soap limit zoom in here so we can see if it's a big order were we'll get a nice up close at that second focus come on now jigsaw Jeff get what I write here we go drum roll please well or I think we got some right zeros maybe more than $5 no $5 where you go like I said we use the some of that money are big pride buy lottery tickets within the donated cells folks down there so till next time thanks for watching have a good day //
"2017-08-27 17:38:00"
\\first going on everybody ever have one of them days where nothing seems to be going right well I'm having one of them days today but ... anyways I hope there by else is doing good ... jigsaw Jeff back on your screen yeah and not today not today anyways you might be asking yourself but you said your forces ... bowling trophy that he won in a youth bowling league many years ago doing 9 the Middle East to ... lottery tickets well S. serving a purpose today we get ... 2 of the Hoosier lottery gold 7 tickets that we're gonna be scratch enough hopefully change my luck a little bit my mood see if we get some big winners on here but ... duties gold service from the Hoosier lottery they'd been out awhile and they still got some top prizes on so without further ado today we're going to be ... using the top portion the Dow portion of this ... trophy here I can get it and spirit there you go earlier that we're going to trophy will put it back later there are gonna be scratched enough said lottery tickets get ticket number ticket number 4 and ticket number 5 the match you win also if you get a 7 symbol you win that prize automatically 5 Exeter moon skis me are 10 exit we're gonna win that so they've been out for awhile these tickets and they still got some top prizes so we're gonna get to scratch in here and a see if we can get something here so we'll be using our lucky trophy here that we want and you bowling league many many many many moons ago let's get the scratching number 8 number 40 33 and number 2 and the number 26 so there's our numbers right there and let's see get scratches see if we can get ourselves a winner here change my change my mood a bit 20 a 6 come on Mr bowler a 4 48 13 nothing happened near 30 and number 9 43 over if some big winner of big when it would be nice today and number 3 ... lucky 11 nothing happening there 22 44 12 18 31 come out winners 21 46 36 and the number 20 so nothing on that ticket net that's ticket number 5 there folks nothing on that one let's get to this next one here I said use of this Danko ... like gas 26 and number one and number 19 and number 4 I hope everybody is doing doing good today just the trying to enjoy life because that's what it's all about one day at a time however I number 18 and number 40 31 42 come out winners come all give me something today 34 pesky 11 again and number 39 and number 8 what we need is that in the last ticket 14 41 24 all all all hoped they goodness ... I got saved by the bell the 7 there okay that's automatically in that's good will to see if we can get some more here number 2 a 13 F. 30 Esther some top prizes left on this ticket has been around for about a year now but ... we'll see what we can get here maybe we get a top pride maybe we won't who knows one of those days 32 nothin and the 28 so and is here said lateritic here we get the I sent one match that number 7 so let's get to scratching here hopefully maybe we can get something he may receive some big zeros big winner owe it looks other zeros but it kinda it's kinda wide there the sea Assange scratching with the trophy head stay with gatt okay already we get it we get a 10 spot there folks no script that trophy back you can learn a bit and we get a says a $10 winner so what they call a brick a break even session who was what we got so anyways slow scratching on a okay crappy day for me but ... thanks for watching and thanks for liking to subscribe and I appreciate it talk to you later //
"2017-08-25 21:47:30"
\\well I certainly don't think we need a scope to see is big a lottery ticket everybody just wanna say real quickly thanks for watching these videos and comment in like in and all that good stuff I really do appreciate it jigsaw Jeff back on your screen and here we go again might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff what's ... you size 10.5 workbook doing on this here lottery ticket well as serving 2 purposes inside to demonstrate how big this ticket is jigsaw Jever size 10.5 I guess this guess is about average size I don't know but anyways that's in the sky it's also worked his semen ... winning number the object of this ticket is a $10 ticket from Hoosier lottery get to get yourself a tense symbol a money bag a 5 X. or 10 X. no scratches off screen where to get a 10 sow we got a winner here so without further ado we're gonna continue to us scratch just send your lottery ticket some big ticket today will be years and they are Jack pose a piece here scratch your ass in this ticket off big ticket big puzzle piece you get the picture about her alright let's continue to go here got myself a new tripod so we'll see if it does does a little bit better what we've been doing here get the zoom did hear a little bit we are to get that 10 acts or the 10 spot I'm sorry so we'll continue to scratch over some more matches got a joker well by the way folks sorry but that ticket ... ticket 47 there everybody likes to show to take its we're gonna show tickets the odds were good good if we win which we did sell I say this is a good odds on this one we got a balloon are all we could be a big year we could be under the we could be on to a big winner that's 22 matches to tans let's keep it going we got Aladdin's lamp there course you a half pepper hot pepper we get a dice a bell couple more tends to be real nice are not money bag for is to $0 all my gosh NDA there we get another 10 well ... were starting to shake a little bit we got 33 matches so far this could be it this can be a big 1 with their weight non I get a little nervous now we gotta calling this giant piles of peace is doing alright peach and we got some sour grapes there so on to the next row but we get here symbols we got a lightning bolt come on G. subject get you step together here we got a pineapple my gosh Kristin beloved alignment apple safe fireworks Katy Perry firework water melon armored car and maybe we'll have to carry the winnings away enough armored car fare sunglasses I drink but now are killers the state ... harder a trophy all my own dispatch no way got another 10 for tens yeah but first we get this bonus section around forget tell you about our guest super symbol when $50 instantly into those whichever he seems seeing described some of them might just so dang excited n'est pas apiece a duo to go up anyways we get 4 chance describing this is a big winner I've got a feeling we got a ring and we get a pair okay this is interesting interesting combination we got for for winners on this side zoom out here will get to the Super side here see if we can get it a super symbol under any of these would not be nice to see that work super we get a key there are a scratch stuff as a ball Janet clover and see where we go a pot of gold the pearl necklace rabbit's foot no good luck there candy let's get that were super we gotta terse and we gotta palace so let us keep description here because I'm really anxious to see what we got here 4 matches let's go are old here we go we get some wide zeros okay 5 another 5 that's 15 probably another 5 that's a rare look at that ngga 5 55 and that well we're sure could have been a little bit bigger but still pretty good win so I thank you for watching pitching next time //
"2017-08-22 20:26:54"
\\my goodness this this isn't gonna end well I what's going on everybody hope everybody's havin a great day or evening jigsaw Jeff back on your screen might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff what's this ice scraper doing on these 2 lottery tickets well serving a purpose here because we got to of the white ice multipliers from Hoosier lottery died dollar tickets hence but I scraper so we're going to be scratching these tickets off what does ice scraper we don't need to get the ice scraper are quite yet in this part of the country but the it's coming soon so anyways without further ado the match and win game matching numbers and get the bonus spot appear multiplier bonus you can now multiply your winnings on the lottery tickets by ... whatever's underneath there so without further ado take a 61 tickets 60 an ice scraper let's get description we'll see how sick my gosh we're seeing is that there isn't gonna because let's see how this works a winning numbers of 43 48 40 focusing easy doing this with the ice scraper 23 and a 16 so winning numbers let's get to scratch and see if we can get some winners here up 38 it's that as a way sorry about that 38 a 491 offer 21 33 of us hope this ice scraper brings us some luck 19 nothing happened and this isn't easy folks 13 don't go get me a new drive about 45 come on now all this work we deserve a winner act 812 27 a number 7 42 28 and number 6 number 4 nafta near let us throw number one L. number dreaded 11 14 31 and a 41 so not the no not one when someone offers what was the multiplier effect of course the 10 the 10 X. Sir I'm right now get this taken up away here move this one over a bit next ticket number US 61 do our winning numbers here number authority a number one at 27 at 30 and at 33 so so we get a match here because the like I said this same easy scratching with the ice scraper 47 come on now we need some winners number 3 and number 9 that 18 41 a one offer again 35 43 13 a number 19 at 37 and got a 27 that that don't do any good 46 but for 28 another one offer and number 7 34 there we go another one up for my cats these tickets I tell you 23 25 49 come long 15 then the number 8 so I guess this ... ice scraper didn't help out any we get nothing again what was the multiplier and of course a 2020 X. 6 songs that'll do it for that hopefully next time we can get some winners because a vote on the bill of a dry spell lately but ... thanks for watching and now talk to you later //
"2017-08-20 17:36:05"
\\foreign aid I say you could have won one or the other not both my goodness what's going on everybody ... hope everybody's happy and healthy and ... have a great day or evening a jigsaw Jeff back on your screen that's not very nice got it extra special surprise here today we got a special guest on the scratching scratching show here today a miss jigsaw Jeff's outside Hey everyone there you go and ... were outside doing the yard work and ... she won't see me ... fill somebody videos that we put up so why are got her out here and now watching us but anyway let's get right to this ... might be asking yourself you said Jeff with these $220 bills in this ... nail file doing on this ... these lottery ticket of blowing away it anyways we are I've been promising this jigsaw Jeff a manicure for awhile and ... here to deal with the gonna give release $220 bills to go get ... herself a manicure or money giver ... whatever we win on needs a tickets ... but if identical $40 a but if we give these $220 bills so I know she'd been Nina manicure for awhile I am in way 90 year Nestle shabby well wellness do suggest that that's another story for another video these people just by one to see if I get to scratch in here so maybe we were maybe to the love of my life will bring us some a lot here so anyways that's $5220 bills off the table it's going to be going towards a manicure 1 way or the other so ... we got the ... 2 tickets here to $5000 frenzy multiplier and we got a $10 a multiplier mania $1000000 top prize ... lottery tickets here pretty simple ... match and win ... 10 X. Sir twentieth 0 to 0 burst down there ... match and win you got a bonus area up there to top that you can no multiply your winnings by so without further ado leaders in this ... here nail file sure dish to Mrs will begin a nail file used their nails later on later on today but ... we get tickets 30 a on that when we get taken number 9 on that one so as quickly as possible we'll get to scratch you know knees check out our winning members here 1412 worn by 35 so if we hit the every year when they hit a pretty one on the ticket the research here he's going to have worked well for 8 days ... probably go on a little shopping spree and share no it'll blow win on these things record you know promised 38 of the winnings or at least a $40 let's keep it going here and that you know a all good little for playboy we've got a very clear we get according to top 50 not that happen in 18 46 a number 7 not boarded for 39 a war of one offer as they like to say 48 21 29 30 nothing happened yeah 49 33 6 27 23 number 8 I might have to use this nail file for a minute later 43 53 and the other one offer 45 both pretty ... like that that's what I get myself into 31 that's alright though she did he he's a big gap to deserve that a little pampering once in awhile number 3 and number 22 from not going on now so the ... $40 film a still the standing off so we get something on this multiplier maybe I like to get some of my money back winning numbers of 49 30 to 55 looking so but 27 and a 43 so let's get going here 44 that's another one off sorry but votes a 23 36 well worn down a number 28 and number 14 number 6 13 45 25 the number 4 41 and number 9 24 22 46 over here 2 more road for gold soul are see what we can get 38 34 52 number 12 a 29 that's go this way here folks sorry but number one a 37 18 get local figure for these last 2 only banquet for giving track 548 and 31 so it looks like a what was a multiplier to 10 Mexico wars so looks like a will be given to Mrs here to $40 in us you can go get our nails done and ... have a good ... good time doing that where I wish we could get some winners but ... it was still fun video and that thanks for watching talk to you later //
"2017-08-18 21:33:54"
\\Kay Kay are my goodness n't I we've gone on everybody I hope everybody's happy help the let you know everybody's in careers ... jigsaw Jeff back on your screen yeah we get it ... back at it with a little scratching here we got duh 5 $545 tickets from Hoosier lottery stacks of cash the power fives a ruby mine nynex Sir and needy out $500 frenzy multiplier and these 2 companies take a seat due to been around awhile 2 fairly new so anyhoo without further ado let's get to scratching ... today will be used in our a 9 volt battery my nasco while using a 9 volt battery jigsaw Jeff well just got done changing the smoke detector alarm batteries ... recommend everybody do that at least once a year but that's another story for another video so let's get right to this ticket a ticket 000 didn't even see that as seen in the first or last one out of the role depend on how they do it I get 3 like symbols when that ... to Exeter nynex Sir and you collect ... the rubies throughout this ticket and ... UN accordingly so which I make this is quickly as possible started scratching here as a nurse ticket sorry folks ability showed odds odds are good if we win right 1 in 3.85 so our normal for $5 ticket us get going here you had a gift we've got another gift yeah fireworks okay funding goal but to go crowd bring fireworks well for a minor rating nothing happening yet for some rupees also they're always going to swallow it you know one built on this one there scratch here our lips are moving 7 current moon pearl necklace Kiki all my goodness alright there we go we had a winning ticket right there get 3 seasons ago you know Paul rainbow pick ax ground judges just to number 7 treasure chests approved me how we get to one ruby okay so that's just one that we don't get nothing for that anyways we get the 3 keys so we will come back to that momentarily get distracted cash going here stood because 9 volt battery will bring us a big winner here hope everybody's doing good when it big by the way thanks for watching the video was folks as our numbers number 172816107 ... get that cash symbol 5 times mansion when he got a bonus spot over here get a win symbol went $50 automatically ticket number on 19 27 30 chan no number 3 14 23 21 39 does 36 19 us a ticket number Dedede no matching number 37 22 40 32 see here there we go number 6 12 24 20 and the 13 not then there will look for that wins wind symbol here doubtful but no part to go alright nothing I'm not taking moving on so the power fads ... ticket number 56 ... get a 5 win a prize automatically money bag $50 instantly a 5 X. Sir when that price shown okra also got a section down here find a power symbol of power if Power symbol when $25 automatically so without further ado will get description on this I will get a gem a moan ladybug dice no dice airplane bush who is on a airplane going somewhere close urged and Dan pearl necklace and likes to pop up everywhere in these who is your lottery tickets star thank chip ships spit it armored car dar Sherri wish bone name on my cat gold bar diamond set of wings firework Katy Perry fireworks alright and treasure chest this look for a power symbol beer if we can get lucky a yeah so did I never have sun that there gifts if going on here and Aladdin Aladdin's magic lamp nothing there alright last ticket folks try to wrap this up I know you got stuff to do ... $500 frenzy multiplier loaded with $500 prizes yet to see one fight back Sir 5 times 10 Exeter 10 times 50 outbursts $50 ticket number and ads on this 1 to 1 and 3.97 that's of yeah you know Denny the greatest dads this gift is going here number 6337 3221 and 11 focus lottery ticket man we need to get when I hear our voice to get that win over there we'll see what that's all about here to second no number 24 17 39 62 comal winners trying to win here for you to for viewers come on now cooperate with me 36 18 13 12 14 a to 20 seventh 23 come on now 28 last row pull out America here maybe doubtful 20 behind 26 3 and a 40 nothing happened in there let's get back to this winter right quick so you folks can get back to our dinner or lunch or breakfast or whatever is going on alright here we go nmls where are my gas okay NMRA saved by the bell speak at the end 20 data for $20 winner folks why how will we gotta we got our money back there with the 3 keys that's the key to success right there who but Jack so Jeff don't we was gonna have a losing session there for autos gonna be $5 under there but we'll take data we'll take that 21 ticket 000 so why are there we go a break even on this one and ... well ... will not to scratch another day ... thank you for watching talk to you later //
"2017-08-13 17:26:57"
\\mnbound murdered thought that because the world would be playing for with going on everybody helped everybody is a happy and healthy and ... have a great day or evening jigsaw Jeff back on your screen I thank you very much ... outside your little outdoor scratching on this windy day so while we're using the old the clipboard to hold the ticket in place they say if you are look serious secure clipboard around you can get away pretty much anything so we're gonna try to get away with the get no winner on this ticket we're doing a $25 Hoosier lottery $3000000 fortune ticket ... I observer ... 1 in 3.89 is on the back like a flip it over because I got a clip board and also got ... first ticket out of a roadie do a backwards here in Indiana good number 19 so without further ado you might be asking yourself a J. surgir forces so Phillips screwdriver doing on this lottery ticket where I think you know by now that serving 2 purposes as ordered you search if you get a Cup of screws loose I believe for doing these videos yeah and it's also a Cutie music please is so so concealer the winning number already and number 74 and number 70 forties numbers go up awfully high no ... quickly ... something interesting about this ticket is a $25 ticket but the price ranges are from $40 to $3000000 so therefore there are no break even prices so therefore if you get a match you're guaranteed a ... winning traffic on this here said ticket so without further ado we get the one match let's get description restless ticket because I'm pretty excited to see what we get and ... today will be years in ... Maleki ... demi Moore late last night Scrabble you don't know electronic game gravel supporting script was a board game we played is not August electronics that came along so any who area to let's get serious ticket get this camera jester this try product I give me new tripod this thing is not that great so anyhoo we got that number 74 we're gonna look for some format guarantee $40 already so it's a good day help number 39 a 34 69 well Eric go again can't go wrong there I'm sorry folks I get a money bag when the innocently 5 X. Sir a 10 X. Sir and you 20 exceed your standard ... standard deals on the no I right now 14 the big man another big number number 70 not a marriage still number 6 not gonna happen the thought of 32 for number 2 27 ... dreaded number one that I 33 yes see for all my goodness folks hold on we get another match number 47 number 47 that's 2 matches but in a motorized $40 go keep on going here a number 22 after I number 67 this W. tile is working pretty good implicit value of it is 4 points on a Scrabble game that's pretty good number 28 and number 4 are you by the way we also got a section appeared to tap find a stack of cash into a $50 spot $0 spent $200 spot when it accordingly let's get back to scratching his last few numbers number 41 number 24 Jeff Gordon no help and ... Dale Earnhardt down at the bottom number 3 no help so we get 2 matches that's a pretty good sign this book please bonus spots see what we get here stacking catcher look of borders the bank take these warning that this is a big winner would take it into the bank right away we get a crown Millville yeah we got a wallet alright we'll move it put some money back into my wallet anyways here so we got to 74 and we can't do you know 47 right there so without further Nkrumah rule please well hope for some big zeros here maybe we can get some squeezed out of here would get those heroes SR I we get all my goodness folks alright we get $25 right there it would probably still we get right here this could be sometimes India Alexa puts $75 spots on here so this could be a $75 spot let's see ever go we get the little zeros we got a 5 we got another okay so that's a $50 winner right there that's not too bad 25 and 25 or $50 winner on a $25 ticket thus a profit of $25 so not too bad and ... we'll go caches soon ... see what happens on next time thanks for watching no longer talk to you later //
"2017-08-11 19:58:35"
\\when is the keeper of my gosh the winners keep on coming going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and when in big a jigsaw Jeff back on your screen okay who today ... we trying to sell a $20 Hoosier lottery 100 or $200 cash blowout it's pretty simple there's 2 prizes in this ticket you're gonna win $100 or $200 so here's the ads 1 in 8.97 to win 100 or $200 pretty bad out but you never know you might be asking subjects subjects were set that to down their offer coffee coupon doing on this here lottery ticket well that's serving 2 purposes and number one money uses that guy gets me Selma coffee for in the morning and ... so before we get to the big reveal here let's just look at this it's gonna wind up hit that money bag you gonna win that prize automatically $0 burst over there $0 $200 burst over there that's $200 so you get to do is ... hit debt money bag and I said look look at these ads 1 in 8.97 the just let that sink in for a second so where who so we're going to remove this Sir coupon here and I'm gonna give you a big surprise here check this out scratch yourself camera but I am right there we got a money bag so we least got $100 come in because there's only 2 prizes on this ticket so ask yourself in that a little bit of it let him I know the money bag so put that coupon aside going to scratch it up this ticket we get my camera just sit here that I had a digestive but apparently net so we get ourselves either $100 winner or a $200 winner because we get the money bag and that's our guarantee winner at least $100 so without further ado sorry but the glare I finished scratching this thing off can there be using my lucky ... pairs dispenser here hollowing says dispenser the green and orange just like this ticket so I thought it might bring me some good luck and sure enough it has so we get the 2 money bags we get for rose to go so let's continue to scratch got a piece of pie apple ... hurt stir your room Walt paired the other big curry interesting if we get another money bag so we'll see all my gas oh my goodness gracious look at that we're that folks alright now not get serious tickets against serious now we get 33 money bags so tape this grassy give anymore n't so there 11 all my all my yeah my ... that's for money Warren to 3 for money back so far alright did this is get this is fun and it wouldn't know we know we're gonna win at least $100 so we can just the scratch cheered him current where I work net bank vault I bet we don't get no more matches that but it's for so I got a philosophy here 7 all my gash words what is going on their desk 5 money bags so we got one to 3 45 money bags alright so if it's $100 prize I'm assuming there's $20 under each one of those and if it's a $200 prize well that would be ... that would be $40 under each plus we get these 2 bonus but so my data 200 if we get 100 down below so without further ado like to drag this out a little bit but I know I know you want to see what is that due to because the I'm pretty excited about getting a win on this articulate decides so any who's this go we know we're gonna have little zeros obviously there's a low 0 we'll see what this is were hoping that ... 40 okay that's alright Doris 20 I bet you the mother was going to be 20 we still got a chance to 200 cloaks because we get a we get that burst up at the top so that's 40 so far good here already we get that we would have had the money bag right there there's another 20 alright we'll get down to this one right here and that's gonna be another 20 and then the ... one down here in the bottom corner that's gonna be another 20 so that's going to be 100 stole it like I say we get a chance for another another 0 so Janice out a little bit here we get the 2040 6081 0 so far so as for just for Stephan giggles the scratch off this 2 hunters but we know during gonna be nothing underneath there that will be $300 which which is not possible because there's only 2 prizes on here so scratch up this hunter burst hope there's a hunter burst underneath there drum roll please and we got a lady but that's alright though okay so as you can tell we ... would beat the ads here so to speak and ... get ourselves a nice $100 winner on this ... ticket that's crazy just 2 prizes 0 or 200 but the anyways I'm happy with that win so ... hope everybody enjoyed now the I talk to you later //
"2017-08-08 23:32:51"
\\what's going on air Baria where bodies a happy and healthy and feeling better now jigsaw Jeff I didn't catch the last video scratching off into port a potty and think I picked up our little bit of a cold so not feeling the best today but it's not going to stop me from doing some scratch you here ... will get that 3 tickets from the Hoosier lottery the $10 $120000000 cash spectacular ... $5 $20000000 payout and we also got the new one here from the Hoosier lottery ... stacks that catch ... will give these a try like I said not really the best today but ... Neptune low ibuprofen and sprite won't deck here so anyway this get right to it and ... today abuse in our well office lucky but I've been using a thermometer I've been yousendit take my temperature like I said I'm not feeling the best so yeah any you let's get right to this so imagine when game get out find a cash symbol when that automatically find the wind symbol over here in the bonus by you gonna win yourself up $50 instantly so let's see here we just get get some winnings and a break my spirits a little bit Grachev phone number here we get number 7 number 11 of couple lucky numbers right after that 2233 and 8 so let's get right to it sorry but camera work folks if we can get some winners here number 9 14 32 13 30 excuse me 20 a 23 16 number 3 26 come on to monitor 31 27 22 well my goodness my spirits are lifted already like their we got a winner ready number 22 number 22 this is making me feel better already see if we can get some helpers is they like to say number 34 number 20 not forget to show the ticket number again sorry about that ticket number 69 well M. you can't go wrong there with that ticket anyhoo let's get back to scratching number 21 24 number 6 number 4 and the number 29 this go to that bonus spot see if we can hit the wind symbol nope we get a parrot gold there so we have a match their number 22 we'll come back to that real soon get over here to the next one yeah $20000000 $20000000 payout so imagine win game get a money bag whenever I get that 3 X. Sir 3 times a prize to see if we can keep the winning streak going winning numbers are 28 surprised 40 in a 20 cent neither getting them a 48 Jimmie Johnson not them sure looking number 11 ... number 15 no number 7 this is a ticket number 7 alright you know it's just not number 18 number 29 the dreaded number one is it like to say number 21 47 17 14 number 4 number 49 number 25 26 a 11 offer famous one offers 45 to 41 16 and they also got a section here on the back well some different you can win on a baguette stack of money when that price get that $25 bill symbol and ... you win $25 so let's see if we can get thing on the back here okay a key the monitoring work to go ahead and Maggie pata gold piggy bank crown roped and the house SO damn little section on the front window quite yet ... give 50 spot under here with $50 get 100 spot under there you $100 in fact try again try try again or I always tell me and try to get no nothing on that one necessarily get one more left against the $10 $20000000 cash spectacular ... ticket number one so it's ... right at the beginning in a row something that's a good sign we all know that sometimes it's now so let's get a winning numbers 291 24268 33 I already I'm going to sterilize us to monitor before taking temperatures Gandalf bit 21 nothing happens 30 a has ticket number taken number one like I said with that money back get that 10 X. which I got a feeling we're going to hit to be optimistic number 27 number 22 44 the 341 offer again goodness gracious 37 31 number 20 36 16 come on now 48 Jimmie Johnson announcement number 3 23 number 7 25 read them recommend those to do 26 and 24 we got cash don't number 4 my number 39 produce random number 13 synaptic Annapolis so we'll go back to that one here we got on this stacks of cash number 22 then hoping for thank spect in too much but you never know soon we get here see may we get some big 0 as of this month and knows just a $5 winner well there you go like I said one feeling the best after scratching at port a potty so I thought I did Houston tickets do a quick video but ... there you go $5 so no profit but ... but thanks thank you for watching and ... I catch you soon //
"2017-08-06 17:09:45"
\\what's going on either but I hope everybody's happy and healthy and bless jigsaw Jeff back on your screen you're probably right let me ask you 76 such efforts during a Porta potty well I tell you what is represent some pretty soon here and also we got prescription off a ticket today at $20 $0 or $200 cash blew out from the Hoosier lottery a look at this like it is that 8.97 Ms pretty bad out pretty good yet so I found it fitting come to this port a potty and here is his take it off crazy perhaps unconventional absolutely fun and entertaining well I'll leave that up to you so what we're gonna be doing sketching a self get my camera set up here is not easy scratching in the port a potties well Jack said Jeff a break here basically a pretty simple all you gotta do is find a money bag you're going to win 100 or $200 so today gonna be use another well lucky our hand sanitizer because after we get done scratching this were are going to need to sanitize correct over a so that's your right to this we just need to find that money back and we got ourselves a guarantee $0 winner so $200 announced that number ticket number 12 but I like to show the ticket and it's got the white line above the ... legendary white line on the tap yeah you and I both know that white line could be pink which got a purple polka dots and it's not going to mean much you don't wait so I did you first get description let me get that money back got a banana case pair let's see that money that we know we got $100 come under this lottery tickets Feb binoculars except generous referred hand sanitizer certainly going to come in handy second out of I'm here they which ball crown pineapple I have never seen such out of the ticket $20 ticket but you do when you gonna win big flames got a drone lemon Cole and I don't see no money bag here yeah I'd give or think that left the gift in this toilet here Amaro yeah chest grapes a pot of gold water valve apple dice no dice here yet forced to got the bank discover but are number 7 armored car got a higher sun Kamal money bag well Vogel who I am yeah fire works well get to more chances appeared all we get that ... $0 bonus symbol there are $200 bonus first appears so let's see what we get here could get anything ladybug and the men would go for that $200 it's the least we can get for a scratching at a port a potty decider kick it at oh my goodness what a like thinking but we get there that key well no so there you go but the odds like that I wasn't the expecting too much but ... yeah so the crazy lottery ticket and this is a what crazy place to be scratching this thing so I hope you enjoyed ... perhaps or a little entertain my by another one of these in the see if we can get a winner but yeah until next time thanks for watching books and I might go away sanitize here real quick ductility //
"2017-07-30 17:25:20"
\\what's going on everybody hope everybody's happy and healthy and blessed jigsaw Jeff back on your screen outside doing a little ... early morning scratching you must said you're going to go to make sure the animals didn't get into it and up again disa big zucchini added a garden well anyways that's another story for another time let's get right to this ticket we get the Hoosier lottery $120000000 cash spectacular match and win the game matching numbers get that money bag when that automatically get it 10 X. Sir when 10 times surprise ticket number 21 a very like his show to ticket numbers and the the ads will the ads are gonna be good if we win a right so today we use in the Maleki spoon actually I don't know if it's lucky yet or not use it to work still my morning coffee but anyhoo let's get right to this ticket see what a winning numbers are number 25 number 40 so Jeff never strategists tools before I number 20 number 18 number 37 and and number 45 alright let's see if we can get that big winner we've been looking for here at a 10 X. or somethin don't know number 15 a number 40 ... phone look good there ready second number and number 40 here we go maybe just spoon will be brief be bearing and make some good luck number 6 some money bags 7 to go along with this number 2 number 17 and number 47 number 28 lucky number 11 ... number 13 number 12 nothing happened yet many sins helpless to go along their number 32 number 43 number 5 number 39 number 27 this hope there's a big winner Sydney death 40 so we get we want some more number 50 number 16 number 3 26 worn off is it like to say one offers oh my goodness look it there we get the money bag also so this could be a good winner just give little normally been waiting for here so we get that number 40 we're going to start off that way start out here on the right hand side he rose to power make this a big winner it would go see what we get here of ... would get it oh my god oh homage guide no gloves heroes okay we got hotter there it will go down to this money back see what we get it was their first paragraph worried though okay Sir as a $15 winner a pretty ticket though and the yeah we get our money back in and then they're little sound so well into the next time a I hope hope everybody has a good day //
"2017-07-27 17:30:01"
\\what's going on everybody hope everybody's day is good jigsaw Jeff back on your screen and that's not very nice might be asking yourself are why is my cat appear eat your food under Slattery ticket and Wes is $50 bill doing on this lottery ticket also well my explained that as quickly as possible they are about 3 ... have something in common but we're gonna be doing today is some real special ... jigsaw just gonna be donating his winnings from this are $20 ... $10000 frenzy lottery ticket to our the Humane Society as were get ... this one at right here that's wishbone here's the plan we're gonna scratch just take it off and plus jigsaw Jeff you put another $50 in we're gonna go down to the store gonna NDA winning lottery ticket in by some ... supplies for animals and we're gonna donate that ... to the Humane Society though some different here today but that we're gonna be doing some scratching and and ... some winning here and what's gonna be doing some good stuff and not donate needs a winnings to charity ... stick around to the whole video please ... see what we got with this ... money and ... go down now do some of logging down at the ... Humane Society can see how easy it is to donate so without up further ado we'll see how much we got here and please make sure to ... like this video we get this cat food out that way we get that match under that 35 right there let's just stick get is last rose grassy if we got anything else to go along with it and to ... donate we get 31 that's no good got a 23 nothing happened number 2 a number 69 where can't go wrong there anyways lesson number we get a number 19 so looks like we just got that one match but deaths are a like I say we're gonna use his winnings the cashier them and ... willow would go do some good so let's get to scratch me will get some big zeros here like we've been having on the last couple videos check them out if you ain't seen them yeah appreciated leader like nnova zeros etcetera though it could be a 50 spot matches 50 a guy sitting over here via $100 to the animals oh my goodness okay already but I just got here to the Humane Society local Humane Society here when in in the US castanet winning lottery ticket and you can is the goodies we got with those winnings right there we gotta I was able to get some big bags of cat food yes dog food there cans of dog food also got a a ray of us some miscellaneous items worked out for 3 dogs dog biscuits conceivable yes cat food okay growth and rawhide bones there or we can always the good thing Kitty litter and scooter is therefore litter you know you gotta have been scooper scored a letter anyway chick said Jeff fear that kept ... we'll bear here in Cuba which donations and take it back up to the up to the sidewalk there so anyhoo we're gonna get this loaded up in ... like I said this is just a reminder of ... you know what you can do with the money instead of you know maybe maybe ... donated once in awhile instead of a you know buying lottery tickets don't get me wrong jigsaw just loves to do lottery tickets but this ... is money goes a long way in ... helping animals and ... yeah Humane Society it's just a good charity so ... we're gonna get this loaded up into the ... wagon here take that up I'm sure to be much appreciated but the if we get some pretty good stuff there you know $90 worth their day is you know it goes a long way in helping out these animals so ... chicks are just gonna blow this up I'll be right back with you once again everybody thanks for watching and know that felt good do a low paying it forward act ... lady was a came outside after I took that wheelbarrow full of those goodies up to the sidewalk numerous thank you the thank you card from the Humane Society seeking is that for tax purposes etcetera and not I set out on the data set I just do that kinda somehow are so ... anyways like I said that okay urge you to do ... donate and ... you know wish we could have had a little bit bigger winner but ... it was still good and like I said it goes to a good cause so ... until next time ... I talk to you later Bella //
"2017-07-21 19:26:34"
\\what's going on everybody hope everybody's days blessed jigsaw Jeff back on your screen here try asking you so what sets slim Jim doing on that lottery ticket well S. serving 2 purposes Nick said Jeff ... outside again just get don't cut my grass practical one and drink that Cole one have the slim Jim and it's also a concealing a look of surprise here scratching off this $30 Hoosier lottery tickets the mega cash the one jigsaw Jeff trying to get that $7000000 top prize on we get deal to Exeter again so you know Jake so Jeffrey had get camera how court see what's gonna happen with this one ... to get that 123 4 rows scratch stuff we get 2 more to go so without further ado let's get to it see what we got here they'll be used in the well lucky sand dollar found that ... one early morning stroll along the beach down in Florida awhile back so moving on we get that to exit on a $30 ticket that's always a good sign see what else we get here 22 no help 33 nothing 51 new a number 19 number 7 lucky 7 59 didn't look like it oh my gosh there's another match number 6 we got a 6 epitaph so we get a 2 X. and the match research it like that keep it going if they send out a world a work out for me 40 and number 29 and 37 net them up there new we also got dissection habitat we did the stack of cash soon and stars get that Mao check that out we get a veiled moon star everything's in the sky and these are very okay was god and number 7 net consult and I gotta get to the slim Jim I gotta get this ticket scratcher for everybody get my bare drank so let's start with that number 6 I'm curious about this system be this could be another another big winner as you were Bradley no from go back and watch my last couple videos and get some pretty good hits so so we got here we're hoping for those big zeros you know Jack subject like the big zeros we get a so yes so slow 0 that's alright though that we get a 10 spot and quite interesting playing Hoosier lottery gonna tease me again ... so it would get under the 2 X. summer 0 that but that's a 25 the FSF 25 that's Erica we get attempts 20 this 40 close to 10 that's 50 there there we invest in some more tickets in a I guess the more videos out for you guys out make sure to like and subscribe ... like I said I really enjoyed doing knees and ... I hope you enjoy watching him to ... till next time //
"2017-07-18 18:27:44"
\\what's up everybody up everybody's doing good jigsaw Jeff back on your screen outside doing a little outdoor scratching might be asking yourself what's that packaging hot dogs doing on this lottery ticket well it's serving 2 purposes okay side you have got that grill fired up it duties hot dogs on here after we're done scratching and also is concealing a number 53 right there then there's the match up there the surge if those had pretty good luck with that number 53 and I wind blowing around I think we're on the set special on this one so I make sure I get the camera here so everybody can see so without further ado let's get to it be using my lucky Susan B. Anthony going here they give me that is a change one time that that it was a quarter well it's a doubt get on it yeah I get these hot dogs on the grill no rights that we get that number 53 up there see if we get and helpers here 47 no 32 no 49 nope 20 new 22 nothing number 18 and lucky number one not that 39 no number 12 no number 35 just that one match but you said you have got a good feeling about this plus no one scratches sag his affair hit big I don't want to miss it to know how much I want hack yeah who let's get going hope for some big zeros there ... mug ... here we go again ... ... ... you see here there it is the road in if you missed my last video a big 0 and that will make you go back and watch that ... of mercy oh my goodness alright SO for less so for $500 found innocent there's the other big 0 the ceiling yeah oh okay ... it will take that hit $0 yeah yeah yeah there you go I knew I had a good feeling about the 53 so ... maybe which had a Mrs about this will maybe we won't but ... regardless nice here and ... thanks for watching to make sure you subscribe because a they suggested we do have some Ortiz videos all winners all the time how's that sound alright take care //
"2017-07-16 13:22:40"
\\what's going on everybody up there but it's having a good day our evening jigsaw Jeff back on your screen try asking yourself was that white piece of paper doing over their lottery ticket well we'll get to that in a second the jig saw Jeff we just finished up its honey do list but one of them ... DiGiorno pizza is an airman decided to do ... scratch off lottery ticket waiting for that to get done after we get that pizza down we're gonna watch a movie with my favorite actor one Mr Robert deniro well anyways that's enough for that so scratching this off camera started scratching Desmond numbers off look at their what we got already on the second second number there DO 2 X. Sir so you know Jay so Jeff and to get the camera how hopefully get you guys a big winner here on camera so let's continue to scratch your soft see what we got hopefully it's enough for a jigsaw Jeff to retire but who knows let's get to it get that 2 X. he's a liar lucky quarter today found that parking lot body year go been doing pretty good anyway let's get to it need some helpers what that 2 X. 59 all of there we go then that's a good sign got another match 15 all my goodness this could be to what we've been waiting for let's keep it up a 36 for 19 57 come on now 49 380 my goodness gracious another match jigsaw Jeff started to shake a little bit now sorry about that 54 22 number 7 oh my goodness lucky 11 53 Dale Earnhardt number 3 no come on now 47 couple more matches be nice 26 29 last row Paris is a matching when ordered to acts or 5 acts money bag or stack of bills sorry about that so just just pretty excited here last row number 9 34 a at 31 56 alright that's alright don't so we get to 2 X. we got a 1015 what else I think there's another match here somewhere sorry folks 1759 let's just get to scratch and see you again I must say that to act for last see what's underneath this 10 like started the right side hopefully we see some big 0 what's that we get low 0 that's alright that could be 50 as a 20 spa alright 15 all my guide oh my god look at that you see it see that big 00 my goodness jojo all year alright hold on give me a second here 36 for 195749 no 38 I rather sit at 38 up hope for another big 0 via small 0 there go another twining this if you're interesting a combination we got here 542271153 Duri Earnhardt 4726 29 9 no 34 no 8 no 31 56 alright so we got $40 so far we got a big 0 lingering over here which I like I said that to accept I might come back to that big 0 here in a second there we go we're guessing those zeros under their I'm willing to bet I don't know what that could be let's see though oh my goodness we get a 30 there so we get 3050 70 we gotta be missin the number somewhere that I be 60 I'm sorry folks 60 80 or 0 that's got to be 100 spot under there for $200 when I bet you look at that jigsaw Jeff did it now we get 6080 180 and 200 $200 that is a good hit well I'm glad I could do this on camera glad I saved descended us on camera for everybody ... thanks for watching them now Margot cashier said in ... have some fun thanks for watching //
"2017-07-14 19:36:47"
\\what's going on everybody jigsaw Jeff back at it got another scratch you hear from the Indiana Hoosier lottery $30 Big Boy and this thing is big too $7000000 Maggie catch 3 prizes a $7000000 jigsaw Jeff could do some damage was $7000000 pretty much a match and win when game get yourself that money bag is $1000 a 2 X. course 2 times 5 acts 10 X. and so on and so forth as long as we get some so forth up at the top get that money bag or not stack of money under the star spots get damp mile we got a $30 one here so let's hope it pays out they say Jack subject you spent $30 on a scratch off lottery ticket you could want to that dollar dollar store and get some damage dirty candor beanie weenies 30 Pariser with dollar sunglasses a break after about a day Brian hunter hunter packages a Raman noodles well I don't need sunglasses and I am very hungry right now and this looks like more fun and this might pay me back so let's get to it scratch after winning numbers he's my red ... lucky poker chip that poker chip could talk it be ... well it just say I am very good at poker alright let's get going 13 43 56 50 41 48 one and the twelfth so let's get going here we got a 32 34 and love and 47 59 the first row not very productive 27 30 a 25 23 42 come on now 15 21 55 a team 30 number 3 nothing yeah 37 number one there were go alright we get ourselves in number one use that number one never hits this time it came out see we get some helpers are next number 20 46 26 52 Napton 36 16 Jeff Gordon 24 54 40 22 therefore so just that one member one there you go up top and never have to good luck of curtains taps number 7 we got a bank I don't think I'm gonna be going to the bank and maybe a few notes got a diamond and we get a crown you let's see what we got underneath this number one here for the big reveal 7000000 maybe probably not there are always like to start at the right hand side ally similar video some people star scratching randomly I like just start over here because I've seen some big 0's Papa for the big 0 pops no it's gonna be a good one and now we got a little 0 yeah this is act out we get 30 when we get our money back anyways not go out and buy another one for another day so thanks for watching Lisa one bust make sure to rule I liken subscribe like to be doing some more the scratches scratch your videos are fun so a buddy take care thanks for watching //
"2017-07-11 19:25:21"
\\put some guys jigsaw Jeff S. Travellin ... few days ago to Indiana and stop we got some gas and saw this hour scratch off lottery ticket let me tell you why it's it's huge look at this thing yes my god barely fit in the frame I bet they'll take major out measure I know that as a but long by 9 inches wide my god that's huge scratching off here and let's hope we got a huge winner and that's the biggest biggest taken I've ever seen in my life let's get going on here give my lucky poker chip out here see if we got I think gotta get a cycle gear to get a tan money bag by that Sir tenets I'm gonna section down here give super symbol under any these guys automatic $50 went we'll get going on here hopefully that move the camera around think think so bake Chuj that's what she said yeah I wish and whatever to evoke a good one an armored car water melon another watermelon but orange both the lightning no pineapple sounds good right about now moon dice airplane and Russia's on one right now the joker and that's what I am for pride 9 this damn thing