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"2017-06-06 11:08:16"
Day 14 Braverman Still Missing
\\okay day 14 comb his announcement just came out saying we didn't see anything ... with Hillary's emails so I'll get to that but Eric Braverman dated 14 still missing ... Marc Turi still missing I'll tell you who he is in a little bit ... why is he missing it's the same reason that Christopher Stevens is missing the ambassador whose who was murdered tortured and murdered his same reason that Marc Turi his debt other reason September 2012 ... ambassador Stevens was killed here in the months before that he was only there about 5 months they were shipping not only stinger missiles to these ports but they're also shipping ... sarin gas so anyway this story broke in 2015 I go back and to and walk you through the timeline and how this happened that was fox news only a couple months after of the ambassador was killed James rise in of the New York times comes out and says Hey there's this weird case going on with mark curry this arms dealer and they're saying that they're shipping the stinger missiles ... for a better tar the country of Qatar bought them and they're to be shipped to Libya and Syria why is that important they're brave men will air Braverman was the CEO of the Clinton foundation at that time and they were making ... up commissions if you will on that those sales they're getting donations from those countries of for pay to play for those sales and also they have intimate knowledge of those deals because our parents husband was the director of KKR cake in our global initiative Eric brown that's the firm also that has connections David Petraeus who's on the board now but at that time was the CIA director and Henry Kissinger so what did they do that package charm deals to middle eastern governments and the big change was now also to SUNY and she'll tribes okay let's talk about the cover up ... Darrell isa said the simple email ... when at he he reasoned Susan after he reads this article on December 5 Darryl isa sends a letter and says wow that's weird you know I didn't realize that our government was sending weapons to people that were not on the approved list at that we're sending weapons to Syria and Libya through Qatar that's ... that's going around the state department rules so what happens rather than turn over the email say go back to their old friend caljic Peter Catholic whose Peter Catholic ... well he ... goes back to being a good lawyer for John Podesta all the way back to Monica Lewinsky trial is that famous email that said Kathy kept me out of jail and then he went on into becoming ... involved in the book Clinton impeachment all the friends of Catholic learner Loretta Lynch Pete Kendall he so famous my god they know we have the thumb drive for the uma emails Lindsey goes all the way back to the Clinton foundation in Arkansas whitewater Catholic also defended the oil smuggler Marc rich willed 48000000 in taxes his wife made a $1000000 contribution and got that $40000000 wiped off the US slate what is going on here why all the arms to these tribes well it's a very simple there's a pipeline that Qatar wanted that goes through Syria and Turkey to Bulgaria ... ... Assad said no and ... Ergen one it'll exorbitant amount of money so guess what we had a coup here era insurgency here and we had a clue here who reported this well Seymour Hersh she's a Pulitzer Prize winner ... reported the rat line from Libya to Syria diss the arms going from men Ghazi over to these 2 ports and I showed you in earlier slides and also sarin gas that was to gas attacks in about a year apart in Syria one was near Aleppo one was near Damascus ... deep precursors have chemical signature according to Seymour Hersh from the Libya stock supply ... Beckett copycat who's this is also reported on later on at this was totally a concoction between Hillary and McCain and a thing called project timber sycamore a report in The New York Times little bit later on so everybody knows Hillary doubled arms sales are in those countries but what they are not familiar with us is that she brokered an equal amount of sales to KKR and earn commissions to the Clinton foundation for both of these sets of sales I am the mayor's couple huge arms deals Saudi Arabia think one was 80000000000 so you know that was a bundle for a lot of other countries but June 2 names you don't see here you know see Libya and you don't see Syria that's why they sold the weapons through Qatar of the other thing is you see the arms dealers themselves also contributing the Clinton foundation Boeing and Lockheed for the jets and Raytheon for the stinger missiles the reason why you don't see a lot of Hillary's emails in the 650000 human emails as she had Cheryl mills fully brain Rinus and humor do all the dirty work so Raina stood arms deals whom I did bake your ... communication with the tribes and Cheryl mills did all communications a state department so here her because she's a lawyer that is sad executive privilege at Sarah who attorney client privilege and protect so I just talk about the security in 1000 emails reason why that made was printing out the emails was so that you can Chelsea ... then ... Chelsea was given him her husband was a hedge fund who was giving advocate can our ... and whoever else ... keep intelligence daily intelligence briefings so this is that's why it's important that the maid is printing and faxing everyday and then xeroxing for for Chelsea ... the the one do you have it got out was because they wanted to fix of unmarked jury that arms dealer we talked about he wanted to say he was a rogue arms dealer and that's why these ... these stingers end up with you know in these foreign countries it wasn't Hillary ... violating the state park rules of Mrs rogue arms dealer that it so ... seem to the king of Morocco after doing the Middle East deals you're gonna find that their their emails on on the server also are the north African deals with king Morocco was a $12000000 gift to get off the arms ... list are you know prohibited arms list you're also going to see this phosphate person who data deal ... with faded department defense in Morocco giving 16000000 the key here wanted done when braver men went to the press he went to NBC he said follow the money that's how you figure out the Clinton foundation also you follow the arms you follow oil that's going to be here mark rich follow arms it's going to be David Petraeus the cats that should be the caljic a coverup continues we try to set tree up to be the fall guy to be that rogue arms dealer true says no way Jose and I'm gonna go to fox news may 2015 and I'm not gonna you know take the fall for this and at that point are the destruction of evidence comes into play him is starting to destroy all the schedules of Philly Cheryl and her schedules policy system and deputy secretary of state he hastened Shapiro bill meets on the tarmac giving ... Loretta an update on where caljic is on this guilty plea they want they want to figure out where to where we had because this is going to keep this is going to keep coming up we want this arms dealer Christopher Stevens death and all this stuff and the sarin gas coming up right before the election so ... 6 I'm sorry $5000 bribe goes to McCabe at the FBI boom on our immediate surveillance on Terry and brave so or at the shit hits the fan in other words October 5 Clinton foundation refiled its taxes it rolls all commissions from the Clinton global initiative into the Clinton foundation Braverman realizes he is going to be the fall guy for all the Clinton foundation's bad doings he realizes how Chelsea brought an end to launder or be the fall guy if it was ever discovered for those for those CG ideals curry also refuses to take the department just to steal saying I'm gonna go to trial net blows all their plans DOJ drops the case and then Braverman ... ... is now getting he's he's going to be basically blame to be that being a conduit for cake and are October 22 ... brakeman realizes that he's been under surveillance now for over a year 0.5 but Esther knows it was Eric Braverman way back in in March of 2000 15 ... probably it wasn't surveillance all way back to the October meeting ... in non death with Sarah caljic but we don't know exactly could amend the January meeting we don't know could even than the March meeting but he deftly was under surveillance beginning 3/5/2015 pregnancies all the wikileaks people dying a New York lawyer dies in may ... London lawyer dies in August Fatin.McGrattan the founder Dyson the 20 second now bravermans on the run and now they're still missing so that's where we are so that explains pretty much everything yes it wasn't Hillary's emails in the 6 and 50000 she's smart and that she had just like she had the maid print things out for her she had ... Philippe for the arms deal ... email she had shelf for the state department emails and she had humor for her other greenhouse //
"2017-06-03 14:17:31"
3 Kill the Messenger
\\they like to focus on a guy by the name of Gary Webb there's a picture of him serve at the light there but this is on my right website ... report until death ... it's dedicated to reporters who basically have given their life ... ... to their recording of government over Reacher government programs as you can see here ... Gary won the Nobel ... the Pulitzer Prize ... and he exposed the CIA ... bringing up ... crack from or cocaine from ... from Central America to fund other contracts so it's very ... he was killed in a ... well even better for suicide through ... through government harassment and actually knew people who knew Gary who talked about his last days of desperation ... the other there other folks on here ... like Michael Hastings who was murdered ... when he was trying to expose a federal program ... David bird who wrote about the oil industry disappeared for a year ... said that if he fell into a river ... men ... guide the name Michael Rupert who was a ... narcotics investigator in Los Angeles for about 30 years and ... broke the story that the government was involved in selling narcotics ... through CIA operatives in the LA area so this site here I'll continue to add people that have ... given their lives and we've kind of been ... ... forced into a suicide there's Aaron Swartz obviously because I was a big door and government side with the it burned so but other on internet programs so that's a report until death my one good thing is that they actually made a movie about Gary's life if you have a chance go see it it's called kill the messenger and it's not it was 10 Bucks on them ... Google play and other outlets but now it's on red box you can see it for 99 cents it's excellent movie Jerry rather a fantastic actor well made a movie really that the first one since all the president's men really that tells the true story of an investigative reporter thanks that's all for now George Swaggart at no more //
"2017-06-03 14:15:02"
6 My Edited Video
\\ //
"2017-06-03 14:14:55"
5 How We Went From Terrorism To Asset Seizure
\\I wanted to do kind of a follow up to my last video about informants in informants Roland harassment asset seizure and in my last video you can look at it ... we talked about how things used to be more FBI driven in a program called COINTELPRO the CIA then kind of came in with and created department homeland security after 911 and created fusion centers credit volunteer organizations for informants plus a whole series of paid informants Meg gonna change things it kind of went from a public public officers sworn officer kind of environment and his move now more into private contractors paid informants ... and other things in that kind of throws off incentives for law enforcement to one forced now is moved toward identifying people's competitors identify squeaky wheels like people might filed lawsuits or identifying personal enemies or places where there's personal gain ... ... in terms of that in terms of who's on the target list who's on the watch list and ... interesting kind of numbers we have 20 times more informants now than we did during the Vietnam War so even at the height of the Vietnam War with all the CIA and FBI informants it 20 times more now and and how has this been done and and how could this possibly be hidden in the budget well the first thing is felons using felons in their family to work off time is very effective way of getting basically a free inform ... army ... not only do you get a day off when you go out instead of being behind bars you gotten the informant for one day get a day off but if you get in place your family your family your brother and you know your brothers and maybe your wife and even your kids you can get more time off so very quickly can work down your sense of this is been department of justice is very effective method here ... can may remember the exact ... time but dates basically condoms compensating service or something like that ... yet when it is paid informants is for all the different social programs are offered ... social security disability insurance is just one of the ways but if I can help an informant a person is ... maybe ... cutting down on their luck or maybe and homeless by can help them get into social security disability insurance or a group like narcotics anonymous or assume the other groups that'll pay rent pay food Geminorum ... you know it ... food stamps card cetera that is also another great area of way of building up your informant force than the other way I can do is contractors if I can go to the government contractor listen say here's all the people cut my grass is all the people that are on the cushions and plumbers and you know here are all the people that work in ... you know for the railroad gas company or the water company here all those different folks and I have it meetings about terrorism talk about it for guard and asked him to ... be volunteers to identify and potential risks and I get a whole bunch a people that are of volunteers and well I have to do is basically give them an incentive ... for ... you know bringing ... people you know getting people in trouble I'm just kind of like having a private police force or private prison I paid people with incentive of every time they arrested someone you need a lot more arrests and there actually is incentives in place for these informants to get rewarded when they seize assets so we get this kind of informant asset seizure loop going on here with all these folks ... not so much these folks because they they probably think you're proving pretty ... patriotic but there's kind of this odd incentive to ... you know ... do after people that may not actually be terrorism risks it all matter fact they need just have a lot of assets and we can target him a lot of ways we can accept occasions and if they're on you know bad websites or we can intercept their email or we could do a lot of different things ... to entrap them ... to seize their assets and so that's actually how we cannot move from more than a public a sworn officer type thing to more of a public private partnership to now where it's almost all private privatize we privatize the informant industry through contractors and ... these ... these other types of reform groups //
"2017-06-03 14:14:46"
4 Government Harassment and Asset Seizure in the US
\\what are do quick video to kind of update ... my other videos on harassment United States you're all familiar with the FBI she Google this word COINTELPRO this is the system of harassment basically that guy developed over a 50 year period really had ... was ritually targeting Russian agents but ... later who's about disrupting lives of leaders in groups like the Black Panther party ... coupled the leaders were killed there MalcolmX you know we would but everybody say world of ... entertainment a lot of political leaders yeah file ... and I'm Martin Luther king they actually sent a suicide letter that so the sixties very turbulent time lot of COINTELPRO being used to disrupt their lives even was used on groups like Peter later on ... but mainly targeted to groups ... where that changed and harassment change America was the CIA which was mainly focused on the department of defense in the Pentagon overseas operations and so forth ... but in the Eisenhower administration they got into a little bit of trouble ... Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex and folks like CIA lying to him in the light and light tone but several operations and ran operations without the permission the president Kennedy actually want to break up the CI into 1000 pieces that's when the CIA said Hey we have to start getting a greater presence in the U. S. ... which they did armed over that period of time when it really took off was when they basically George tenet sent a letter in these 28 pages the Saudi 28 pages basically outlining ... your creation of DHS something cold fusion centers and if regard ... DHS is a clearinghouse of federal look state and local law enforcement and many other data sources the whole idea you know if you've seen the NSA you know clicking on your tax and collecting all your phone calls clicking all your emails and so forth that's what it's doing it's doing a map database or what they call a graph database of you and all your friends and this is for every person in the United States that data stored in Utah now the 70 fusion centers are more on a state by state basis there's actually a few more pictures like 68 or 69 of them and they work with the local state ... law enforcement to create a target lists so from this massive group of 300000000 people that the DHS maintains ... these fusion centers are more concerned about ... taught them terrorism watch list which has up to 2000000 people on it so this simple no fly list the FBI does uses the terrorism watch list which has 2000000 people ... from this list some sort of a funnel ... you can choose to target people for surveillance you can choose to target them for active surveillance which is more ... involve version of of surveillance where you have sort of a box around the person all the time everyday and you let them know that that you're there being watched then finally this third form of harassment is actually you combine that with ... home invasions at night ... there's a wave of incapacitating the the the people at home and then actually doing home invasions so this is the kind of the blacklist if you will ... where you there's a box around you during the whole day and then at night you have these home invasions and ... live result isn't just you know lose your job or break up your marriage or so forth or ... for her had your friends drop you in your relatives ... stop communicating with you that the idea here is death and that could be there to suicide which is the most common form also death but by cop a lot people commit suicide that way or the other one is you have these active shooters that we see so much now so smaller product really of the CIA's ... derivation and instead of targeting people who are politically motivated ... this can be anybody because since fusion center take money from fortune 500 companies you can take a competitor out with this program ... you could take out innocent people that you just don't like for for whatever reason ... if your critic of the Pentagon ... if you were ... have sexual harassment lawsuit if you had a lawsuit against ... fortune 500 company ... there's many many different ways and this is where it kind of turned from more of a national security focus ... to more of a kind of a homesick government mafia this this system here that's my update //
"2017-06-03 14:14:38"
2 The Disposition Matrix
\\hi George swagger here from no more ... a few folks on the blogosphere put get their ... a matrix of what the disposition matrix looks like this is the U. S. federal law enforcement organizations planned for every person in the United States and how to deal with them ... away from target list down to targeting them poor harassed campaigns and it looks something like this you can Google disposition matrix income wikipedia you're kind of a schematic of the 300000000 a citizens United States ... there's various organizations that are in charge of putting together watch lists are targets ... fusion centers are sometimes neighborhood watch ... organizations like infer garden tour very patriotic people ... but meetings are held to talk about how power plants and water treatment plants could be poisoned and just basically creating a lot of fear so what comes out of this is suspect list and there's our friends right now coming by and adding a little lower background music to our ... I think I hear yeah anyway comes under this target list here and Snowden in his release had 7500 names we don't really know if these are just high level targets or they could be more what they call deep dive targets but once you get to this list of targets actually with the law enforcement agencies takeover to decide on you know how are we going to dispose of ... the people on this list now sometimes people just be watched on this list sometimes are gonna be targeted for harassment but you see FBI CCA D. E. F. E. T. F. ... us we had seats secret service and many others there's about 100 different federal law enforcement agencies believe or not including ... folks like the park service and then you know a lot a lot of different people to you groups that you think would never have ... enforcement capability but they all can basically create of this list down here which is harassment targets harassment targets it's this isn't ... a fun program is a co Intel type program and these 1000 to 5000 people this this ends in death there's been a lot of famous people that have been victims of this program ... it started originally with paid informants ... there's 10 times as many more informants now than there was during the Vietnam War that was a 2008 when the FBI last reported how many informants had but the huge growth is over here in in volunteering performance people who have been kind of ... tricks in a way I into thinking that they're doing the right thing for their neighborhood is doing the right thing for their community ... Lotta times of the folks there for first responders begin that their particular community a basically ... these folks can just say we have a person of interest would like you to do various things too ... harass them with ... various activities make in the list activities that they can provide but ... that's it pretty much that is the distribution disposition matrix it's not just for foreign terrorist anymore it's for US citizens and the ... sad part about this whole situation is the targeting is move more and more and more 2000 way I won away from actually criminals toward innocent people and I can talk about that later a video about ... confiscation and how and informants making commissions and how that Saddam would be incentives for about a month //
"2017-06-03 14:14:30"
1 Oversight Needed Now US Federal Law Enforcement
\\hi there again ... snow is a very strong critic of US federal law enforcement ... per case here in Portland very high profile case called the ... Portland Christmas tree bomber case and ... because of that I ended up in a program in the TI program ... the cooling Zorba modern COINTELPRO I think it might be called disrupted and discredit or disrupt and destroy DND for short of the idea is ... very much like you'll start the program ... to ... basically decompose the person's life room their relationships get compartment job not a money and then they're homeless and they get sick and then they die ... and then do that taught their whole family if you really don't like ... so ... that is a real deal that is a real program that's happening and I think what has to happen is so we need a kind of a church committee ... so committee in 1976 to look at you know the oversight of our federal law enforcement because the 1980 we would wind blew past 1984 well on our way to 2084 with our ... with our law enforcement just having no oversight what so ever and and doing his extradition killings so ... I'm making this disc first of all say no I'm not crazy to its root Israel as has 2 faced and ... and we need to stop it and we need to have some kind of congressional investigation oversight and it just has to stop side of the spectrum these type of harassment campaigns are completely illegal they use all the ... break in ... warrantless search Breakin ... powers through the the patriot act and so all these things need to be corrected from ... oversight point of view as well as from a legal point //
"2017-06-01 12:18:15"
10 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\ //
"2017-06-01 09:24:27"
Day 22 Still no Braverman
\\this is where is Eric Braverman number 22 ... can shorten this up from this morning's version which was a little too long basically advices follow the money ... and then a big part of that is following the arms sales and I'm not really gonna talk as much oil today keep it simple but in him was a success 50000 emails you see a lot of arms applications so what happened for instance in this stinger arms deal is the arms dealer filed an application because that's what was going they went back and does denied the application banned export list so that was March of 2000 and 11 so what he did was he ... he called ... investor Christopher Stevens and they spoke in April he said well resubmit your apps occasion ... the new plan is that we're gonna say Qatar is gonna get the the weapons and then we'll send them through Libya and sent to Syria so's expecting it to get an order he did exactly that he put does that proposal in it was approved but then he never got the business he never got the purchase order from the defense department went somewhere else I'm gonna just posit that it might have gone through ... since KKR was brokering the deal it might have gone through an old friend of the Clintons Marc rich I won't talk about the resources deals of this was told me to get off the arms list for the king of Morocco but there's also resource deals when you follow the money today just going to be mostly about arms ... you can see and and and the emails from when Hillary kinda takes over the state department this is ... about 3 months in she needs to kind of she does a coup in Honduras and men you kind of monitors these 3 spots in a very ... because long term state department employees all these ambassadors they're all actually looking at maybe becoming the next secretary state but forgot the job instead ... but you can see here Phil brightness in in the email kind of planting different things for doctor to put me article but they really want to mention that there's come a firing squad lined up for these 3 guys that these 3 guys are not prolong the state department sure enough Ross had already left ... kind of ... in response to the Honduran crew ... Holbrook believes next year and Mitchell leaves ... a year after that actually Holbrooke died in office ... the channel at the decision makers as far as you know what do we do with this arms order and how do we process it the chain is really Mike morale Mike morale is kind of a stand in for Petraeus he's the one who testified at the gun then ya hear hearings for Petraeus now on the other side on the other side it's constant Blumenthal so there's many many emails I will go through all those but this is one smoking gun email from Hillary to Jake Sullivan saying Hey we should take this in a different actually but she go private Curie which is the more the heck KKR David Petraeus type a consortium so ... we know that Hillary doubled arms sales the way she did it basically was using KK and our duty had insert themselves in the sales as they came across the state department ... ... approval to ask and I'll get out they had to Shapiro and talk about that and the team that evaluates those decisions but may not only sold to all these countries and got donations for the Clinton foundation of for these countries but then also ... dead menu for weapons manufactures aswell helicopter jet manufacturers as well as the drone missile base a drone and and missile manufacture and Philip Felipe right this is going to be the key arms fixer I don't have it on here but humans can be the key fixer when we also want to sell the tribes weapons so in if you have more threat from the tribes Sunni and Shia tribesman you have to that you know these are kingdoms era by more weapons so on any ship hero really is a key guy here as a deputy ... ... assists as secretary of state when he kinda gets put in the server excuse me the Honduran coup happens a week later Dennis Ross as I mentioned leaves in protest ... and then you've got ... Philippe than sending me export licenses to whom or the proposals if I if you will ... you know I really don't know you know there just seems to me off a lot of people the state department are married to CNN people whom this is one of them ... Jeremy bash ... I don't use actually bombed the cover story for this particular ... dealer not ... so I don't want anyone to say anything about Jeremy there ... this is ... another connection Tom medicine area of Virginia mostly who's the DC bureau chief of CNN this is more the investment side you know professor loves you investments and so forth so when ... when ... a topple is about ready to happen or some kind of a change in a government is barred happen this is to feed that happens and you you get the CNN version of what actually is happening sometime before becoming protesters are sometimes of film battle scenes or whatever you need and then over here on this side he's got an investor consortium of of donors basically that are getting this special ... classified if permission to make a lot of money and therefore they feel like okay a make a donation the Clinton foundation so ... why did why is your Braverman missing ... I think the same reason Chris Stevens was murdered and ... Marc Turi it's dead ... this kind of vibe ... could have been a deal that went Marc rich's way ... he's a known arms dealers in on oil smuggler and he's known money laundering so I this is fox news 2015 ... governor Qatar buys the stinger missiles they go to Libya then over to Syria can bring out a gyroplane a this is the structure of the show really quickly here Xander Shapiro kind of before it becomes that deputy ambassador these are you know this is ... Bob Kovac here and ... Beth McCormick and the whole cast of people are involved in making these arms approval so in order for this to happen ... Shapiro has come in and really kind of intimidate the group because these are all long time good state department pleads for the most part ... and you know that that that will be the story is moving in this direction to this next level of people ... this is James rising York times but 2 months after Pretorius killed the arms dealer he quotes jury in this in in this article arms going to tar than being found with the Libyan rebels kick in our global initiative is broken that why is that important fair Braverman Mullis husband is no brown ... their packaging arms deals and oil deals are for Middle East governments and central American go ... and north African governments for that one all over the world ... David Petraeus is running that so he's kind of going into the oil deals and saying Hey Mister ... military person foreign ... intelligence service person McCutchen on the deal but whatever creator Chris structure for you Henry Kissinger's kind the one the godfather of that company ... so ... this is Seymour Hersh rap line talks with the rat line ... textbook missiles here talks about missiles and sarin gas from Qaddafi stores with 6 FedEx Qaddafi signatures excuse me of men 2 years later New York times reports on it but basically the idea was to put a a pipeline from Qatar to ... Bulgaria topple this government with ... without Sunni tribes we'll have a couple of gas attacks are forced upon a bomb it sort of tried to get it done will come out force of vomit a bomb he didn't obviously and then this NATO countries only can do that is you have to have a clue and that obviously was a success like so let me just show you know like people think oh Clinton just pardon Marc rich at all Marc rich was did was smuggled oil well at all and all he did was get $1000000 from Peter Katz ex wife no no no no he's gotten tens of millions of dollars from Marc rich over the years half way after the park so he's been in this arms ... and oil a business for all that time others 1000 hit me this is Clinton cash Peter Sweitzer there's 1000 ... missing hidden donations ... so are a lot of this will come to light his wife Denise rich has offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands that's a nice way if you get thrown a deal to send back your you kick back ... how are these guys related who's a lawyer in the pardon case now here's the ... official at DOJ kind of cut of coming up that Hillary and the ... humor email address issued every knows best describes me about what some a lifelong friends so quickly we get to the timeline I Sask emails cancer comes instead given to him starts to cover up ... interestingly enough Rudy Giuliani is the guy who originally a 33 years ago ... investigate catch the guy took over James Comey and a slight few months ago you let Hillary go with no punishment so the Clintons don't know punishment so history repeats ... caljic had a turn on deep dive surveillance ... on Turi ... he because of this they were trying to pin arms deal on ... he'd finally goes to the press doesn't trust the negotiations anymore Braden sees the article he does the press now we got to leaks now really got a you know now another $5000 goes to the caves wife assist at B. I ... deputy director's wife put Eric Braverman on a deep surveillance beating were looking at everything they do and were following him everywhere they go as far as communications as well as where they go physically human destroys their schedules and then Bill Clinton a year later meets on the tarmac and they I think they thought this thing's gonna get hung on Ontario we're gonna have no problem here would you say it's a rogue arms dealer but Terry refuses the guilty plea Clinton foundation has to file taxes to dump this Clinton global initiative money into the Clinton foundation but they still haven't come totally clean on the hidden donations don't have time here explain how they do it but it's basically reporter range but donations ... Braverman realizes he's the fall guy cut out the plane there ... he sees the email agreements his email on the 20 second realizes you better surveillance for a year 0.5 sees that some of the inner some people is in contact with through intermediaries through law firms are now not having such good health situations that that summer ... tries good the embassy another ball still missing so that's where we are tomorrow I'll have a little bit more information on the state department's site //
"2017-06-01 09:13:20"
Day 21 Where is Eric Braverman
\\okay day 21 still know Eric Braverman ... ex CEO of the Clinton foundation his ... famous email to ... NBC now follow the money ... I'm going I followed cut of the money arms of oil on this they do a lot on arms in the previous ... episodes of people watch those medical a little more deeper into the oil so a little bit of this is inside baseball ... that's maybe too deep and you might want to skip to the next one I promise this next one won't be as long but basically to summarize the previous videos it's a ... drug cartels operate in a triangle between drugs then they wanted the money through oil and then they consolidate power through selling weapons is all details well by Peter Dale Scott ... why do I have to associate this with Braverman because he was in the middle of one one of those trade triangles ... this will come out the 650000 emails item I'd will I will mention a stinger missile deal just briefly to Libya and Syria as long with along with the sarin gas I'll talk very briefly about the king of Morocco deal 12000000 to the Clinton foundation is flawless phosphate and like I said the previous slide I will follow won't boil more this time and this really goes to how the Clinton foundation changed between the kind of the bills in the hills is what I call it arm just to remind you what a triangle is yes ma'am Marc rich here ... would ... get money from cartels ... discos always back in 1983 and Giuliani put it in to ... obey called BCC I that he would pirate buy embargoed oil he bought embargoed oil during Jimmy Carter's rain and stuff south African oil money bought well I'm from Cuba I'm so and then sell it on the spot market and then put that money into arms whatever country and they were trying to build up so Iran contra via a classic ... trade triangle his lawyer was Peter cabs if he's the person in charge of the investigation of Hillary's emails and humus emails believe it or not the person who represented this internationally known ... ... arms smuggler and oil smuggler and of course he was pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day in office and that pardon was worked through Hillary Clinton and John Podesta we see these guys emailing each other throughout the whole ... Hillary cycle as well as meeting about once a month for strategies ... this is the deal you can watch my previous videos if you wanna a recap the source ... ambassador Stevens was murdered I believe it mark rich actually did this deal ... looking more and more to fingerprints as I go through this ... through this other arms dealer named Marc Turi sort of a I'm Marc rich you know protege ... you can look at the previous videos but stinger missiles WebSphere Libya was approved by the president ... because ... they did not tell them about the sarin gas ... and then the arms receptive to Syria after though Libyan oil was garnered James rise and I will go through this but this just to show you 2 months after he's so near types Pulitzer Prize 2 months after they had ... this guy quoted with the whole deal that I just mentioned sets can arm side who who got the deep who got the business cake in our global initiative so we're following the money here following arms where they do the package arms for Middle East governments who runs ... taken are well that's no brown policy really Derek Braverman noisy as husband who else is out there taking our David Petraeus and Henry Kissinger real briefly why ... Seymour Hersh Pulitzer Prize you lie ... papers which is a ritual first very famous story ... he writes about the rat line ascending ... these arms and confirming what I just said try to topple Assad in Syria he also adds the sarin gas part of the story New York times comes up later with timber sick Morgan Google that 2 years later basically confirming Seymour Hersh now I'm going to the oil park ... so Neil brown is was at the state department he was kinda protege Richard lugar I'm not saying these guys did anything wrong ... this is kind of the good side of the oil business Macoutes side of the trade trying but here's where it kind of turns a little bit and I'll explain that ... one of the things that David Petraeus and Neil brown did together was called el compacto which was basically breaking the ... nationalization of Mexican oil through Penn exit was a mash oil was nationalized in Mexico until 2013 so that had to be smashed and then and in order to sell these Gulf of Mexico oil leases okay and met Neil Braun is all in involved in this through all the state department way back when Richard lugar to ... putting out a position papers and so forth saying why this is a good thing I'm not explain how that trade works now this is about a few days ago ... Richard lugar's is now touring with ... David Petraeus and what they do in his number on meeting with the foreign minister of Latvia what to do basically is to talk to be ambassadors this is a meeting of 15 ambassadors ... and they convince them to basically let Kate can ourselves oil assets of the country and they say because of fracking it's much more complicated now and you'll never get the financing and will do it for you don't nationalized oil or if it is nationalized de nationalize it same thing goes with minerals and then the US government you know will make weight will protect you at and we'll give you intelligence that you can fight against these as rebels are going to come in ... because of you nationalizing oil so ... how does that how does that work now ... well it's called something as little technical here that's calling will swap so what we do this is true of the United States is sending very low sulfur which is good you know all of sulfur sits that's why they call it light and sweet crude because good stuff this is the stuff coming from North Dakota and Texas we're trading it for heavier crude which is these are industry terms or sour crude ... why because Sylow monitor ... launders money through the oil in that triangle that I was speaking about so ... KKR private equity sets up these drilling companies arranges for the releases this isn't just a Mexican thing it's also you know they're doing the same thing in Argentina there did did it with it does have to be just well you can do it without ... any ... resource the country hasn't I can't remember the concessions that were made here right afterward ... also about 80 percent of the drug flights go through ... Honduras from South America to the United States so ... Venezuela crew is coming ... can see that kind of a Kissinger fingerprints on this over and over ... but this is basically this article if you wanna go to this expert here in the oil business ... they'll explain to you what what happened just last year where we now can do these kind of things that makes no sense whatsoever this makes environmental groups crazies like why are we trading are great low sulfur oil for heavy Mexican crude they're gonna say well Mexico only has 6 refineries and freedom can't diesel fries well they could sell their oil leases futures and then make it pay for their own upgrade so it doesn't make that logic doesn't make sense just wanted to talk about ... state department little bit and then I said it's going to be a little bit involved Tom notices the guy who's kind of the resource expert he's the guy does knows about all these oil plays all over the world and he's feeding information CNN this is his wife the bureau chief of what DC and they're putting out press releases and so forth or or an unnamed source at the state department said and then you can see lots and he's a key fundraiser for ... for pedestrian so he manages all the car the Hollywood crowd as far as getting their investments so ... in the email to keep fixer is going to be this guy ... Feeney brightness he's the one who's leaving the footprints that is allowing these investigative reporter stuff to unwind all this here's M. Shapiro this is their company global consulting company he's the deputy secretary state that actually get to deal with the arms dealer Marc Turi kind of them the next generation Marc rich ... been spelled her name mark the same way ... the reason why I say Felipe leaves a lot of ... fingerprints is here's a a message chain between Philippe and I'm a writer for Gawker he's saying I want you to say this is 20 first takes over with Hillary in the state department what you say she's muscular I want you to say that 3 ... kind of all career highly respected state department people are gonna be sitting all in a row and I want you to say that how Hillary's kinda lining them up as a firing squad ... in true fact I mean ... Ross had already left you know he'd only been at St for months during Hillary's time ... Richard Holbrooke died in a very unusual cafe order care ... and then Mitchell was gone a few months after that the ... cabs it ... the guy told you defended Marc rich ... also is a lifelong friend of Podesta see that there he kind of is the guy brought in to cover up the Hillary emails he's our daughter's arm sales among call in tune but KKR and ours at the center of all of them here's here's all the countries involved ... caljic isn't involved the cover up mainly of this case right here which is the mark curry case that stinger missile case I mentioned we don't necessarily need to see him those emails or Hillary's emails because this case is at the department of justice supplied your case what's the CIA testimony and so forth so all trump needs to do is basically release those notes that case and they blow up the whole conspiracy human destroy state department bill meets on tarmac all these famous events $750000 bribe to the FBI with McCabe and then surveillance Hunterian brave so ... problems Terry refuses to guilty pleas not gonna take the rap for the studio ... you can read about that later on going to that for the second time and then ... Braverman realizes he's the fall guy he really realizes the fall guy when there's a smoking gun in that email from Podesta that always wikileaks people died Bremen ghost embassy doesn't show for Dr sober thirtieth meeting and we're still looking for Eric Braverman thanks //
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Day 19 Eric Braverman Still Missing
\\okay day 19 ... where's Eric Braverman ... if you watch any these videos before I'll quickly summarize but I think he thought fell into what is known in illicit ... circles as a ... triangle a trade triangle ... basic guys explain this before but you get poppy growers in either Pakistan or you get cocaine ... coca growers in Central America you get the money from those cartels you put into a bank like BCC I ... some of us are not old enough to remember that scandal ... but then you take the money you give get a loan from BCC I to buy oil preferably embargoed oil because you can buy it at a discount like March Marc rich used to do ... and then you sell it are on the spot market for cash and then you use that cash to sell arms to the OPEC nations are in question ... so that if Saudi Arabia being the first and and basically all of the middle eastern ... countries are involved in that penetrate triangle I mention Marc rich you don't remember who he is Bill Clinton pardoned Marc rich on his last day in office ... what's interesting about that is his attorney was Peter Catholic ... who represented him and actually worked with Hillary Clinton ... to get his pardon ... the other thing that came out the best emails and sorry about all this kind of hyperbole from Kevin alright site that I got this picture from but ... the ... these guys are he is now in charge of the investigation of not only the IRS not only fast and furious bearing those investigations please also in charge of the investigation of Hillary's server and humus server persecuted 50000 emails he works in the the pardon of Marc rich through job best was a chief of staff for Bill Clinton this is a very tight quadrangle here and ... you've seen best emails this constant flow of email back and forth between these 2 guys and then about once every 2 months is a strategy meeting the strategy meeting now is to how to cover up this Hillary male thing and now how to cover up the human even so you've seen this before but this all that the arms deal that's going on why in this whole thing know Marc rich's debts we got involved in this and and this is before Eric Braverman becomes the CEO of Clinton foundation but the deal that's going on why this is called the Marc Turi case this guy right here mark curry arms dealer who sold the ... arms to Qatar ... could the government of Qatar Qatar we wanna say it sold through Chris Stevens who was only ambassador here in Benghazi for a couple of months ... then our baby toppled this country gave Sam said Blumenthal the oil concessions his investment group and then this set singer missiles and sarin gas over here this came out box news Bret Baier 2015 so that just gives you a background on that deal James Righton rise in New York times Pulitzer Prize 2 months after Christine's death writes about saying Hey this is weird ... Qatar were sending his arms and now the Obama administration's fighting out there ending up in the hands of rebels such as the proof case ... it's funny though because this mark curry is quoted extensively in this rising article and he actually didn't get the deal bid deal goes through K. can't our global initiative ... what if they do well they're basically ... a packager of arms deals and weapons manufactures in United States who is the CEO Neil brown house heat that does he relate to Eric Braverman while he's there Braverman's husband ... who else is in there KKR well David Petraeus the key guy to all the arms manufacturers he's the guy would evaluated all the arms when he was you know running ... sitcom another and you know all the different ... theatres of war that we had she has all the arms connections and then Henry Kissinger so the plot thickens ... I just wanted it I won't talk too much about that time night is but ... he was at the state department he's the guy said oh my god you know we all use email accounts ... here at state department Philip dryness humor Cheryl mills you know Hillary you know all the stuff is off book so he's going to actually be the one who on winds this it's a lot of emails to him at Podesta I he isn't he's working the oil resources side or or any kind of resources a country has he's taking that state department info and sending it over album through Philippe ... to cut him a server his wife's also mostly of ... the washing bureau chief CNN and his his assistant ... is the sister of the president of ABC news so you see it's all very incestuous ... I midget Felipe ... Tom nice setting I email crew Felipe that Felipe setting it on the humor humus server of the maid is putting out daily intelligence briefings she sitting at the Chelsea so the Clinton foundation is getting it cake and ours getting it through the connection to ... Eric Braverman Sussman Neil Braun ... her Chelsea's ... husband is also getting into his hedge fund if any readers also getting it to his PR firms all produce remarketing all this classified information now who is the person at the state department that was the DeBeers deputy secretary of state that was Andrew Shapiro there in a ... consulting firm now and this is Jeremy bashes ex wife was Donna bash of CNN so Philippe's the the the leak here not intentionally but because of his sloppiness and several other things all talk about ... it's gonna unwind this whole deal I hope so their history isa writes the letter says your madam secretary please send you emails Catholic is immediately appointed to the case Sergio Jay's brought in for private practice to run interference to cover up and ... I talk about the good relationship to the Marc rich pardon and ... interestingly enough school way back in 1983 the young ... attorney that ... prosecuted this case with BCC I in all this embargoed oil and so forth was Rudy guiliani the other guy who took over the case was 1 of his junior lawyers which is James komi so the players have not changed at all from the mark rich case ... really quickly more verification or proof ... Seymour Hersh writes ... his famous rat line are going to 0 ... 14 ... basically saying the reason for all this first of all he's he confirms that stinger missiles were set and sarin gas he proves that there was precursors to same precursor signatures that were used by Qaddafi not by Assad not by the Russians the gas comes from Libya and he also ... ... establishes the fact that the reasoning was to do this pipeline from ... from Qatar 2 of Bulgaria ... this is not a NATO countries you could topple it with with SUNY ... tribes that's exactly what did try to do failed this is a NATO country the only can do here is a political coup she was also tried and failed ... New York times catches up to him Seymour Hersh 2 years later and they write a famous article about that project timber sycamore you can Google it ... Hillary and became a completely behind the whole ... idea of both of these topples as well as it would be a couple and I won't go into all of its sales that arms sales but Hillary double arm sales at the center of it always take in our in the kind of inserted themselves and they basically took the book a business that was that the arms dealers were planning to sell an inserted themselves and said okay we get a commission we go toll here Hillary meets with the king of Morocco he paid 12000000 to get off the arms list the brick of prohibited arms list there was also a phosphate deep ... broker who supplies phosphates of the weapons industry ... he had 16000000 that's why we look the other way with his kingdom took over Western Sahara in Western Sahara still occupied Richard prostate still occupied by the king of Morocco all these countries are being worked on shoes sell arms not only to the kings but then also to the tribes in those countries so that there's this constant warring there's this constant need for more arms on both sides humor is the contact to those tribes she's her Arabic and her ... you know picking through Muslim Muslim Brotherhood and so forth that's there her brother and her sister worked for still work for the Muslim Brotherhood ... mad magazine in London ... Phillip Wright S. ... is the arms fixer that I talk to you about he's going to be the thing that on once the whole the whole thing ... so in the in the 6 or 50000 emails is going to be all these types of things stinger missile deal king of Morocco DO phosphate deal ... you know ... daily intelligence briefings arms assessments of natural resources assessments basically classified information being re marketed through 3 or 4 different channels ... waiters company Chelsea's husband as well as ... take here are so where are we at now ... basically with the cover up was going fairly well they thought Turi was gonna take that because you have a you have the stinger missiles being found in Libya and you have to have somebody to blame are you somebody sold those missiles they have serial numbers on and it's undeniable evidence so that was going well until Terry said no I'm not gonna ... he regards the press the first time but then this ... Tober ... at or outside at least after he went to the press in in may he kinda blows up the the the ... guilty plea and so human destroys all scheduled the department state ... bill has the meeting with Loretta Lynch of the tarmac caljic is ... you know costly now meeting with plaster on where they are with the to rethink ... they pay the 6 on $75000 bribe to the a deputy ... directorate yet beyond the cave and curry and Braverman go on surveillance October 5 brave men now start to figure out when to hurry fuses the DOJ guilty plea he then now is continuing to go to the press and he realizes you know I'm gonna be the fall guy for this whole thing ... that same day Clint foundation helps to re file taxes for the last 3 years so that they can declare this a quick global initiative money to put it into the Clinton foundation ... that was exposed because this mark curry deal coming forward ... but now ... you've got kind of brave men on the run about a month ago 20 second Braverman reads just like we all did in the protest emails that omigod they've known I'm the guy on the leaker to the press for the last year 0.5 so these the people at wikileaks die over this last summer and fuck with the final one being McFadden Bremen seen this pattern of promises promises promises and then dead body to body to body so braver man goes up to the Russian embassy ... both of these gentlemen day 19 are still missing so that's where we are today sorry it's a little bit long but there's a reason James comi released all the Marc rich information recently when when Hitler was criticizing him and the reason why he release that information a couple of days before the election was it is the mark of rich case is the key to unlocking escapes //
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Day 18 Eric Braverman Still Missing
\\okay day 18 Eric Braverman where is Eric Braverman ... to help you understand the whole you know Wall Street playing and state department and how this place together with the middle eastern countries and how did Eric Braverman get involved in the middle of all this that's what I want to explain it I want to talk a little bit more about the state department today ... good book if you have it read it is Peter Dale Scott he explains that when you have ... illicit trade in something like drugs you can't just have a transaction where I give you you know 10000 tons of of cocaine or or whatever poppies are you know opium and then you give me $1000000 it's very easy for an investigator to go up there's a transaction smoking gun you're in jail what you do is you get you take the drug money and then you invested in something like oil or some other speculative resources venture you go look for because it's expensive to drill wells and it worked you know do ... digging you know a lot of places looking for minerals or whatever ... and then once you do you sell oil on the spot market then you get that nation that you're trying to control to buy guns so the color marketeer ism or several other words like that so this is exactly what's happening in the Middle East and Peter Dale Scott does a fantastic job of outlining it Pat ... Pakistan grows the poppies that the financing the micro financing comes from Saudi Arabia the money come the profits come to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia uses that to fund the whole budget speculative ventures not just oil but they're setting up a cake in our is setting up a act has set up an equity ... private equity firm there ... to do speculative ventures all over the Middle East and North Africa ... so and then then obviously controlled the Middle East through you know having your guys in in the political positions and then ... having weapons ... and this is really you know you kind and it's a complicated but it's it's it's important understand because it's it's really gives you insight into what's happening ... this was the original arms deal it Eric Braverman was ... I'm not a part of ... but a guy named Marc Turi ... worked with the CIA to get around the rules for ship if the of the export ban against Libya and Syria for weapons so a soldier become country Petar Chris Stevens was the ambassador here brought in to do that of the ship not only stinger missiles which can take down Russian jets but they also ship sarin gas for 2 ... and there that chemical signatures show that they're from Libya ... this came out may 2015 the reason why they're dead is because when these ... deals come to light ... there's no alternative other than to kill the witnesses and killed people to testify against you ... I won't go into this much other than to show you at mention this before games rising New York times he writes an article just 2 months after ... ... Christopher Stevens is murdered any any basically lays this all out mark curry you know here's the guy he says the Clintons you know didn't take his deal with it that the deal was arms to Qatar then will drop the ... weapons to Libya then we'll send in to ... Syria ... where Eric Braverman gets involved is KKR the people at our brokering all the arms dealers with all the middle eastern kings is run by Neil Braun airplay roots husband so you may not have the money flowing directly to a meal brown but what you do have is information ... from ... the state department about you know where assessments of where there are ... image phosphate or gold or uranium ore oil ... etcetera and then their marriage broken that with with weapons dealers David Petraeus is also a KKK in our getting them ... print since the phosphorus from Morocco to white phosphorus ... bombs that the defense department contractors make are these are very horrific bombs that you don't eat your skin care put water can't cover me just either meant to just because you know about pain and suffering ... the same thing with depleted uranium so by finding out from state party information where ... what arms dealers might be able to use those resources you can make a deal and then broker a deal ... for ... do for the arms dealers and then sell them back to finish product which is web that which is weapons and of course Henry Kissinger is a that taking an arse while so what's happening now is Hillary is resisting that trump a not my president campaign ... she's paying for this this is the guy from Goldman Sachs ... night as Tom nighters he is who was also at the state department he was also feeding documents ... to ... CNN feeding documents to ABC ... he also ... was kind of late at the Bangalore for the Los Angeles you know Jeffrey Katzenberg on all those folks for it middle eastern money is wouldn't middle eastern money comes and you can't just say oh we got another 12000000 from king of Morocco you try to disguise it as much as you can and then break it up through different Hollywood stars giving the money so you have maybe 12 people give $1000000 rather than one big check coming in from you know the king of Saudi Arabia whatever so that's bundling unbundling he also ... you know this has a smoking gun you know in the protest email saying up ... Jeez we gotta get this public official I'll you know we have to dump the official emails off the server off human server in off Hillary server and he says I know that the pros and cons of that you know the cons is Hey we got contracts with the people we have contracts with these middle eastern governments to get a state department of formation would take emails a way we can no longer sell it via emails so the other guy I mention this before you were at the best of 36 today were bar to go into brightness of this Philippe Rinus who's Hilary's close aide he's the mail humor basically ... we're about ready to see his emails that's coming soon enter Shapiro they're all at the same company called a begin global ugly but Andrew Shapiro was deputy secretary stated he is the man who go she added arms deal with Marc Turi ... interestingly enough J. Jeremy bashes also there his wife his ex wife who's gonna bash CNN ... so quick chronology ... delisa asks for the emails this guy cads ICQ is put in place which is which is funny because he goes all way back to Rudy Giuliani and Marc rich Marc rich took well like we said before took money from drug dealers put it into BCC I with that BCC I money he bought embargoed oil at a at a discount you sold it for profit on the spot market and then had Saudi Arabia or whatever country Saudi Arabia was first by arms so sorry reviews kind of the you know the the launch pad for all the Middle East and North Africa and ambitions ... and of course he's a longtime friend goes all it back to college without protest of so that's what he featured he's featured so much but he's in charge of a cover up what were they doing with arms dealing specifically as well Seymour Hersh reports it was a spy plane go through Syria go through Turkey ... topple here because you can do a Sunni tribes here funding through Saudi Arabia and Qatar here with Turkey NATO partner you have to do a coup there ... but Seymour Hersh reported stinger missiles and sarin gas this is why this could get out this would've killed Hillary's chances are it will destroy her political career for separate comes out ... also near Times came out later ... with timber sycamore project timber sycamore was a planned by Hillary and Kane ... ... go through too much of this other than to say okay can ours is inserting itself and make them making money both ways the fast this is the king of Morocco ... with Hillary and he gave $12000000 to get off the arms list but also he's got $16000000 from a phosphate ... manufacture those spot that possibly can be using these white phosphorous bombs so this is where like a Tom nidus comes in because he's a resource specialist and he's not arm specialists that that ... and Shapiro is he's doing the other side of the deal which is the resources so they're working these kind of resource deals with everyone at the Saudi Arabian kingdoms of course Chelsea Syria don't see Libya because they were on the on the list the key fixer gonna find out is fully brightness in math that's coming so the 6 are 50000 emails troubles right that is the treasure trove the Libya deals just gonna be one of those deals to scan of Morocco deal is probably the deal of why Eric Braverman laughed the ... the foundation because he also knew about this $15000000 phosphate DO ... and ... someday must've told him about the effects of phosphate white phosphorus weapons ... but anyway he was working at the follow the money email ... was made up of 2015 ... so he was he was talking to press as early as may of 2050 I don't so ... did what caljic wanted to do now is they want to set to hurry up because it in what this the stinger deal and sarin gas deal coming out ... 3 pisses him off and goes to fox news human destroys all the state department's schedules that same month bill has a meeting retirement on the tarmac ... they have to now get rid of Turia Braverman because the store still talking to the press so ... became put surveillance on tree and break them and then braver men finally figures out he's the fall guy when ... the wikileaks email comes out in October October 5 that says it's Eric Braverman you know oppresses says that's the leak so now for the first time Eric Braverman realizes that he's been under surveillance that everybody knows that he's going to be the fall guy ... click global initiative 3 files are taxes these of the arms bribes in arms roping money and that gets dumped into the Clinton foundation for Hillary's presidential run ... so ... tree also turned everything over by saying I'm not accept the deal for the arms still on October 5 met also causes a big problem now I gotta get rid rid of him too so because of the smoking gun email brave men on the 20 second realizes that destinos it's him he's been under surveillance ... 3 of the wikileaks keep people at that died now since may of this year the law of New York lawyer ... London where hit by a train Gavin ... the founder ... dead and now ... braver men and Terry are still both missing so that's the state of play ... put us to 37 maybe today or write us one //
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Day 17 Braverman Still Missing After Election
\\day 17 where is Eric Braverman ... Eric Braverman you remember was the CEO of the Clinton foundation the ex CEO of the Clinton foundation was gonna come in come to clean things up ... he's missing in the arms dealer ... that kind of because the whole ... current crisis with that humans emails as well as Hillary's private server ... is also missing so mark curry is his name ... I just wanted to show you this book ... by Peter Dale Scott talking about when you're trading in illicit arms and trading him ... ... illicit oil are embargoed oil and drug money you need to have these things that are called a trade triangle so ... and I'll use Marc rich of huda Bill Clinton pardoned his last day in office to to ... as an example you get money from the poppy growers need yeah he put that money into a bank ... and and Marc rich's case was BCC I you get loans from that bank to buy embargoed oil you seldom bargain oil you buy it at a discount you sell it at a premium on the spot market and then you turn around and you try to sell weapons to the country ... that you did the deal with so this type of through a triangle here has been done over and over and over again ... unfortunately Malia ... with Hillary Clinton I'm so let me explain how the Libya ... situation worked ... Christopher Stevens was ambassadorial is only there about 4 months ... that we couldn't sell arms to Libya or Syria to topple his government because they were on the embargo punk band lists from the United Nations as well as ... yes Congress so the plan was mark curry came up with this plan arms dealer from Arizona well still though weapons to Qatar and in Qatar will ship them over to Libya and then we'll ... overthrow the government there for Sydney Blumenthal and his ... invest a consortium then instead of destroying the weapons were shipped to Syria and will overthrow Assad there and we'll have the oil concession ... ad in natural gas concession there as well as build a pipeline so ... this all came out of this is 2015 may 2015 fox news broke this with them Brett bear this is going to be the thing that unravels the whole Clinton foundation ... who just 2 months after this deal happen James rising Pulitzer Prize winner New York times ... says Hey this is weird ... we are shipping these arms to Qatar and they're falling in the hands of Libyan rebels if such a long way away somebody probably shipping them there and they probably didn't just missed the drop by a mile or 2 ... then there's another connection here ... to ... he quotes the quotes Marc Turi right right back then and 2012 ... and I'll get to that later how the DOJ kind of try to make in the fall guy Eric Braverman the CEO who is missing is also married to ... hurt his husband is Eric brown from KK and our global initiative there in arms private equity they're the basically a matchmaker for middle eastern countries and I'm a manufacturer's so who who else works there David Petraeus works there he's the guy who was a CI a director ... that originally put this deal together to send the stinger missiles from ... Libya to Syria as well as unfortunately sarin gas chemical weapons I get to that ... in men who is behind that really kind of the boss is Henry Kissinger so this is come out recently there's these kind of cast of characters supporting characters to Hillary that are going to be in the news here pretty quickly ... there's a guy named Tom night it's worked at the state department and he's going to be a key leaker to her about what has been already shown to be acutely critic John Podesta and the pastor now or just a 36 today but he's also leaking to ... ... his wife who works is the bureau chief of CNN in Washington DC ... and then all is his assistant there's also the sister of the president of ABC news so Ben Sherwood so ... this is where the planet stories are coming from this is where the classified information is coming from ... and I'll show you the other weaker and that is ... this is Philippe right S. ... this was the are their arms ambassador ... the imp deputy ambassador department and Shapiro who actually negotiated this arms deal with mark shipped with Marc Turi and Philippe was the person that was transferring the classified information to human server ... there's rumors that he is on the run right now ... with this information breaking and a truck winning and probably connects ... appoint a special prosecutor others rumors of him going ... thinking of going to Morocco if he isn't going to Morocco or maybe Qatar so maybe Casablanca and its future but that's that's the humus email is basically a repository of all these arms deals and daily intelligence briefings this is the maid getting a daily intelligence brief pretty get out it going to Chelsea Chelsea's husband works for hedge fund I hedge fund are also going to KK and our 3 air Braverman so this is just a straight final from the state department threw him a server stretch of these hedge funds Goldman Sachs and so forth ... so it all started 4 years ago ... for the simple request of for the emails nothing relevant turned over the emails as Hillary always does is destroy evidence if they bring in Catholic this guy Peter Katz it who just happen to be the lawyer that defended Marc rich and that oil deal that I was talking about ... he goes way back he he defended piece ... Podesta as well ... in the Monica Lewinsky situation so and the impeachment so the Hillary gate or the pardon gate where ... Marc rich works ... departing for Catholic the last day that Clinton was in the White House that actually was engineered by Hillary she always acted like she did know a thing about until the October 5 emails came out and as I said there this this group the caljic has never been far from this oil trying all the strobes oil a gun's triangle and none other then Rudy guiliani was the man who came down on this original BCC I scheme so he's gonna play into this a drama again what's the why did why why Syria I understand ... why Hillary wanted it to topple Libya but why Syria well they discover natural gas off the coast here and that's part of it but then Qatar the reason why that Qatar was willing to to to by the arms is they want this pipeline that goes from Qatar through Syria and Turkey to Bulgaria now you know the reason why the stinger missiles they also had 2 gas attacks here one near Aleppo in one near ... Damascus that came directly for it they had the same chemical chemical signatures as Qaddafi's are precursors of sarin gas precursors this was reported by Seymour Hersh also accused Pulitzer Prize winner in 2014 ... talk about the rat line from Libya to Syria ... you can also read New York times to ... project timber sycamore updated report that till 2016 so Hillary is doubling the arms sales there also inserting themselves into deals that the arms dealers had because the state department gets to review everything so the answer themselves for a for a ... bribe fee you know sort of a you know a toll if you will all these middle eastern countries are involved obviously don't see Libya you don't see Syria that's why the end around the state department rules through Qatar a key fixture in this is that guy said that was good probably gonna be in Morocco sooner than later in a condo in in ... in ... Casablanca ... because we do not have an extradition treaty with Morocco this is the king of Morocco meeting with Hillary ... $12000000 was exchange to get them off the banned weapons less there was another $16000000 given ... to ... have a phosphate manufacturer a supply ... phosphate for US arms industry and ... I'm sure Philip will get ... immunity from the king of Morocco so that is really what is on the 650000 emails the stinger missile deal is just one of them and as I mentioned the 12000000 in the $16000000 a payment for the phosphate king that probably was the straw that broke the camel's back for Eric Braverman he he goes to the press and says you know to ... Ron Fournier and others follow the money and I also say knowing Marc rich in knowing cats did a cat cast taken off all the other ones ... you've you also wanna follow the arms and followed oil so caljic ... continues to cover up in in ... trying to set up a tree ... 310 ghost fox news as I mentioned before hit ... humor destroys all the schedule in the state department media after that bill goes on the plane with Loretta to fix that you also pick ... caljic also pay 6 and 75 $0 bribe advocates wife and ... surveillance starts on curry and Braverman from ... DHS and and the FBI I took a fifth ... brakeman realizes in public now with the theory of commission coming out that he is going to be the fall guy for the bribes so what has to happen when Terry comes out close Clinton global initiative this was what was taking the bribes that the arms money and arms bribes that is dumped into the Clinton foundation for Hillary's run for president so they have to file 3 years of missing taxes but that's disclosed ... 3 on that same day had refused the guilty plea so that presents a problem now you gotta get rid of both braver men and 3 ... so ... because he was the conduit for the bribes through Neil brown so October 22 Braverman's reading that but Esther emails just like everybody else he realizes that on March ... eighth 2015 protest the new the air Braverman was the leak Bremen also sees these wikileaks people dying he probably went to the New York market ... Michael Ratner for ... he'd probably didn't ever meet with Jim Jones the ... little London where for a few weeks but anyway Ratner a diet about a year later Jim Jones just recently hit by a train Gavin McFadden died that same day are on on on October 22 ... the same day it that this comes out there's Eric Braverman smoking gun email so the 20 third Bremer tries to go to the embassy and we still have not heard anything from either one of them yet I don't think Charlie has a choice here ... you a special prosecutor rule is used for when the department of justice become so politicized that ... crime syndicates are covered up and trump just house to appoint a special prosecutor in this case as the sands are really tied if this isn't if this back channel ... leaking from the state department classified information isn't isn't duh corrected it's going to be ... it's going to be building on a house or with a rotten foundation that's it for today //
"2017-06-01 09:10:39"
Day 16 Braverman Still Missing
\\okay day 16 here braver man where is Eric Braverman ... I ... didn't earlier piece this morning ... about what the ... trade triangle is or ... an illicit trade trying all normal commerce you would sell something oil they would give you money you don't need to go through ... a lot of oops on but if you're dealing in something like drugs you've got ... to money you lately a lot of that money see put it in a bank ... you great pennies farmers grow these poppies put in the bank then somebody has to be able to be willing to take that dirty money and pilots say embargoed oil at a discount they can't sell their oil so they'll take dirty money rather than no money can you sell that oil on the spot market and then you take that money and you go back to that country and get him to buy arms package and that's basically the triangle that Peter Dale Scott outlined between Pakistan ... growers of the poppies Saudi Arabia being oil piece to that and then make the Saudi Arabia the first kind of oil and arms Mecca for of the Middle East and they show you how that's being expanded now to other kingdoms of the Middle East that same kind of triangle ... and and my thesis is that Eric Braverman was kind of hot in this web that he didn't understand it it's he's a very seems like a very good guy any it just seems like events overwhelmed him ... so go on to the next does she deal this is before Braverman got to the Clinton foundation but Clint foundations basically making commission on all these arms sales and ... you remember Christopher Stevens when he was tortured death is only here in Benghazi for about 4 months but the US state department approved a sale to Qatar for stinger missiles and some small arms RPGs and you know that a kid foursevens etcetera ... but the big thing is a stinger missile be a stinger missile can not only take down a helicopter he could take down jets like prudence jets so ... and Qaddafi's jets at work but the following transition of government after Qaddafi was overthrown so ... this is exactly what happened arms were sent through Qatar because it was approved for export license from the state department smuggled into Libya and then after their ... revolution after they got rid the transitional government that brought sid Blumenthal in with his investment consortium that sold well rights here then they move those rather than destroy those arms they move those arms Syria and the ship them to these 2 ports and the key guy here ... is a guy named mark curry is the arms dealer ... who's missing and I I presume to be dead and the key guy and the state department siders guy named Andrew Shapiro who is the deputy secretary of state so I'll develop all this ... but how do I know this is true with this change Verizon only 2 months after he's New York times quotes price one or 2 months after ... Stevens is is murdered ... you get this article saying how are these arms falling in these rebels hands you know where they coming from ... so there is the department of justice came down on this mark curry and wanted him to because they're fighting these arms he wanted him to take the rap so James rising quotes mark curry in this article I'm also you've got these brokers these arms brokers and cake and our global initiative ... was the arms dealer of kind of broker kind of a private equity firm but they bring together players who can make money off arms deals ... and Eric brown was the guy who ran that ... air braver menace not us husband at that time there was a boyfriend at that time so one of the ways of laundering money that's frequently uses through a spouse you have a spouse make it a donation and you have a spouse received money I rather than ... it's probably the most common way of of of hiding transactions ... there is ... who else were true KKR global wealth Petraeus was the CIA director for that deal or by the way it was sarin gas involved in that deal too which makes it very controversial ... and who else Henry Kissinger anyway take in our global is going to become very famous in the future peel the onion back a little bit more ... another player is going to be coming out is gonna be this Tom nidus ... today yesterday came out that he was leaking information through his wife who works for CNN the bureau chief for the deputy bureau chief in DC to ... to protest he also Frickley emails protested directly with the big campaign fundraiser and a bun with a color Butler in ... Los Angeles through famous people so lot of times what we'll do is we'll take money from the Middle East they don't want to look like it's coming from the king of are Morocco let's say so dull funnel it through an investment adviser to a famous star and that's that's what bundling is so this is going to be were ... Nitish comes into the picture ... the other characters that will become famous ... in him is 650000 emails will be as I mentioned before and Shapiro he's going to become a very key person ... in negotiating that on sting arms deal for Hillary and then the other close personal aide to Hillary ... sleep right assists the guy who played trumpet in that practice debates he's kind of the showboat he's ... all about you know ... Hamad big DC I am I'm I'm a big time in the state department he's gonna be the fatal flaw is could be the Achilles heel that's going on why this whole a Watergate type thing arm journey bash also is kinda interesting is in the same company as ... these other 2 guys speaking global ... her ex husband data bash from CNN si could see the connection the state department of CNN ... so who's brought ended when the when the oversight committee first ask for Hillary's emails who's brought in an old pal Peter caljic is the guy who's kind of a clean up artist he he was only back to a defending but Esther and the Monica Lewinsky trial all these other characters that you see in this drama are all from that pit ... Clinton impeachment and guess what else he defended Marc rich who ran that oil triangle that I was talking about he was getting money from BCC I which is called a bank of crooks and criminals are looser slang they're getting it from ... cartels he was taking money buying embargoed oil at a discount selling on the spot market in them ... working with arms dealers ... like I make a show the other people like that so what is our guitars interest guitar wants to build a pipeline quite simply through Syria and Turkey ... you first had to topple ... Syria and you did that they did that they thought well we'll have to arm the tribes with the stinger missiles to take out the Russian jets ... Seymour Hersh report on this another Pulitzer Prize winner on this rap live from Libya taking your weapons from Libya moving into Syria and also he reported on the sarin gas was to sarin gas attack someone near Aleppo in about a year later near Damascus those because of the precursor signatures actually have been tied to this deal as well and this was why this through the poison gas piece of this was what made this such political poison ... and why it was that was covered up ... everyone knows Hillary double arm sales but the other thing we got involved in with taking in our peace was brokering so it insert themselves in straight arms deals that were RD occurring and then say well we're gonna slow this down if you don't you know you know we don't meet certain restrictions so they that's another way they greatly increase their commissions and cake can are you may as well just re Clinton global initiative they even both of them even and in the same a suffix which is global initiative here's all the countries they sold weapons to here's all the ... people here's all the countries that ... got donations to the Clinton foundation you see Qatar here was on the approved list as I mentioned before Philip brightness is going to be the king arms deal fixer to this whole deal that was of the king of Morocco by the way which I won't go into in this film but the 650000 emails you're gonna see Felipe BR order he's going to be getting emails from Andrew is going to be getting emails from ... a nidus hinge forwarding to him and he was going to be kinda it's can come the trove ... the other sources that say that there's other troves for Philippe outside of humus but we're gonna leave that off to the side right now ... the ... king rockauto showed him the last slide ... hilly listening intently to him this myth in the straw that broke the camel's back was 12000000 to get them off the they had arms list but then there's also this prostate DO and a basically ... you could uses phosphate white phosphorus weapons for the defense department so this these are them which which burned children that burns all the way through their skin to there are you know that day they can you can't stop you put water are you covered it keeps burning ... and and I think maybe that's what got Braverman but Braverman said follow the money and and I would just add follow the arms and followed oil ... caljic is try to cover up jury attorney goes to the fox news says I'm not going to be there Patsy human destroys all the schedules bill meets on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch CAD zig gets an update ... forum gives ... McCabe at the FBI 6775 $0 bribe now turian braver men are under surveillance things happen fast on October 5 ... theory refuses the DOJ plea this creates a problem because they say they need to pin this on somebody so first thing has to happen is CG I clean global initiative passed to declare those profits they do their file 3 years of missing taxes they dump it in the Clinton foundation and now Eric Braverman realizes Hey I'm to be the fall guy for this chemical weapons feel so ... he gets nervous he finds out publicly sees a protest the leaks or my god they knew it was me way back in March of 2015 ... I've been under surveillance since then all my gosh I've talked to wikileaks I talked to the New York guy hoops he's dead I talked to a London lawyer poopsie got hit by a train I talk to the founder ... of wikileaks ... investigative reporter oops his dad ... what what your options left Europe brave men why would you run to the ... embassy you would go to the FBI because you've been under FBI surveillance for over ... ... year 0.5 so that's the state of play of this is only going to get deeper this isn't going away no matter filler whence today or not it's ... gonna be our will our generation's Watergate or maybe your generations Watergate //
"2017-05-31 20:02:56"
09 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\it's live with skits and people in here 1 person has joined weight just wait 610 hi everybody were about to do a real quick periscope we just wanna get a couple people in here so please retweet out and get the number of the day George just wants to break some news I will be on Richie Allen show here live in about 5 minutes so I can give you a more complete description of what's happening but I believe I can ... such in the middle piece of that is going I spent all day yesterday with Corsi and he wrote 3 credibly ... detailed articles about AGP van and will be able to get you up you know Nathan Perlman says it and they can she prominence as AGP ... is not doesn't stand for making you prone on the sets for national global political something something so anyway it's Nathan parliament so we're gonna tie them all together but the important point is we keep moving the start date for him run a one is starting in the Congress back to 2008 when the records fry government kind of are gone and then back to 2004 and then throughout the records now to 2000 to pick what I wasn't frightened Arlington jail work crews for is I moved and moved back to 2002 or 2001 now today I can confirm I can move it back to 1998 and I bet you 99 and perhaps even in 19 start date that means he's gonna be starting at about the same time as school on comes to the United States was looking more and more like killer was setting up kind of a spy network for Congress ... to ... for the run up for her run for Senate and and eventual run for president so it it it is a spy network Beezer ISI spies being brought in this morning I broke the story about not bringing in ... people through the New York film academy from my side ... my size all over the world which we broke the story with it to buy a U. E. so forth and this phone rings I have to go with it Richie Allen but ... you have to find a month on the web kiwi periscope that call with Richie Allen why not sure whether you know when we just do it which is yeah I will come back were wrong with Richie Allen guys right well don't why come back to this point here on tripod everything and was still working okay we'll be back in a few minutes so we will begin to do the whole that's him right try Georgia could cut to speaker phone okay that the good Richie ... power you well I actually thought I had a lot in my life that was similar to her break terms of being kind of ... on that persona non grata list my name is Kate who runs our FBI now here in the states and when you get on the kind of bad guy lists or the target list it's a no fun and I I saw a lot of I saw a lot of you know stuff happening that I had gone through myself and I and I look at things that Bremer was going through and so I kind of identified with Braverman I don't know if you remember with John Podesta says is trying to find the leak you know Hillary as article come out in the New York times that she has a private email and think of March 4 in the New York times in 6 to March ... outcomes the ... article about she has a private server and then on March 8 ... she hires of our current FBI director was 6 and 75 $0 gift to his wife's campaign who wasn't running 2 days before ... and so a lot happens with bringing in the muscle and the intelligence of muscle on bereavement and they find out within a day that if Eric Raymond the leak and I think what happened is became frantic deep dive of everybody's conversations the Clinton foundation and found out it was our agreement there's is very cheap there's 2 very chilling emails in the protest emails would say you know New York tendon which is kind of the ... underlying of pesticides who is the Likud to leak and then John best comes back Eric Braverman and then the other a email that he writes is we have to make an example of some and you know if if you know Java test that I'm working with the SEIU ... you know what work at the delis talks about his emails that's not a good list via where well I actually did I read active Braverman's run this morning I have and ... we actually went up tonight first we I'm not too far from the 90 second street Y. if people know where that is ... far off Park Avenue Park Avenue yeah we actually between medicine now Fifth Avenue we went to the embassy and we attended I pretended I was there a great so I said I'd like to get a gift for those who don't know the story of why he would run to the I a better set that up there's 3 wikileaks top 3 wikileaks founders including 2 guys over on your side of the pond again McFadden and John Jones were founders of we and then the other founder work or key guys ... my crafter they'll die within about 3 or 4 months of each other the other thing they all seem to have very fast cancers but John Jones ... gets pushed in front of a train and a camera what town was but maybe Litchfield but I had some real correct me but I don't you know Braverman if you're that there's too wikileaks guys that died as well so ... rich obviously and then there's also Sean ... no set up remember Sean sneakers John Lucas yeah so bad and I said from the beginning of my series that it's going to be Braverman was the other Seth rich so brave men except rich for the 2 people that ... give wikileaks information and it sort of has to be that way because one wikileaks comes out ... with the DNC leaks come out at the end of may 25 that's gonna be the sept rich but then there's another one that come with the press release around October that's good beer break and I I believe the actual handoff happened here in New York on sept the night of the bombing people remember the Chelsea bombing and I can put more I could put more behind that but ... if you're the other guy that didn't get killed you have a whole different state of mind after sept riches killed ... then you do if you are somebody else that doesn't have that association and I believe brain yeah no really yeah sure well there's just you know there's a lot of people are right about the Clinton body count people argue is in 100 is he is a 5 ... but they're not saying that that's 3 or 4 you know so we can have hot debates about total number of the body count but they just keep piling up in my fundamental pieces in the series is if you just keep the people who are having these meetings in people's lives he just let that keep going it doesn't get any better just gets worse and you start throwing in the fact that ... you know you you know the Clintons and I think we talked about this you know first story Hillary for starts really doing organ harvesting because of all like 99 and coke out of the 7 doctors in this yellow house ... but then what you see realize how valuable these organs are ... then you start doing it in other places like Haiti and then if you start saying okay well anybody who looks like my makes a natural organ donor everybody's who doesn't agree with your politics starts looking like an organ donor so you end up bringing it to Chicago at home in square and there's going to be ... working out of the cities right now Baltimore Philadelphia New York Chicago ... where you develop these rap lines and ... it it it's this gradual creep up stuff from the most hideous wars and the most hideous practices were in Kosovo it was Serbian prisoners in ... in Haiti was Haitian prisoners it's getting close to our shores now it's it's prisoners in Chicago now it's people walking around their political opponents me journalist so it really isn't and the fact that Hillary did win doesn't change anything because you still have these kind of supplies and Congress he's a one predators that still have access to some of our top secret so could and I yeah yeah now I in yeah well I have new information day that I want to bring up the Richie Allen show ... that I believe in running low racial sources does the kids management so if you're caught it last week through all through you go in and you Hey all kinds global warming whatever your they start typing on the keyboard they so that's been around since the program because American I believe we're gonna show employment records no one 's come so so that's why and I don't have any doing that but then they then go on to come congressional staffers and then they somehow miss that those first couple years remake fifties do your utmost aggression staffers I took doing must 40 or 50 last week are making in 30 to 40 range when they heard that they want brothers were making hundreds $2000 a year you know I ski mother sockets mode there's a lot of them that interns are making anyway well it it doesn't just stop there because it looks like ... from Hillary Clinton's emails that they're also doing secure phones for Congress they're also configuring laptops for Congress no by themselves about such a dangerous combination when you combine the laptop with blackberry it can be can preconfigured such a way that you can give a member of Congress of the laptop which they call a thin client didn't even know it's pre configured so now I get all of the congressman's traffic back and forth a small desktop sync exactly the same way as humans came to Anthony Weiner slap they remember Anthony Weiner is also in the Congress in 1999 to 2011 I'm trying to track directly the H. one B. visa program and I think it's good through a company called development agency game and I went there last week Chevy Chase Maryland I believe it's going to happen in winter and got a development agency that brings you want initially he had stayed 19 I I I main you not only great anyone that's correct gojo dynamics made a $5000 bulletproof phone that was on hackable basically I said no I don't use that I want to use calls for calls and the emails and staff the reader has to come Floridians said who's tried most people think at the and beneath all that is a very has a very high cloud spider EW worldwide but you were pretty phone has been please blacker to their to their servers as well but ... it's not a klutz everyone thinks you have emails you know cool we can ... Anthony's trusted staff and I know that conjures a bad image but ... she is sent he's hit it big descending the sending of blackberries from Washington DC out to members and different folks on wallstreet I they're no rain I now John you know I no right we why no the I right I think learn America no no my missing yeah like but I I what my I now yes impaired did and what I try to concentrate on is is the data meta data . yeah official documents really getting down to I never went from I was work Washington show me the receipts is that was whether he had a story about and ... in this in this scale one brothers you going to Congress they've got to like a ship that will they got an 18 the Verizon store still today I was there last week the most probably feet because of get our our blockers so this isn't something that you and who use electors the Senate didn't drop blackberries it's months ago and they're still using blackberry somehow and you could you could you get out of one US source pick those up and unwittingly all your email so we have no idea they're the inter American company Iran one worked for had 100 feet work for services we don't have any idea how many hundreds of members of Congress over the last 14 years but to me AB 16 or 18 years have been hacked this way this is the same exact way Hillary Clinton used to go out in the seventh floor of the state department to sing to her up to Cuba evidence laptop human Aberdeen ... okay I know across between second but I just want a good quality for them for the rich young show up in there unfair scoping at same time Richard sorry so ... the yeah but but this it's gonna all come back to this voter database and I met with the doctor Jerome Corsi eventful worst ... over this weekend we did a big took a shoot yesterday I did with a Hollywood producer Jason Goodman our farm director and not so it's gonna be this is constituency software this is what Seth rich was killed for this is this he worked on so the system ... is just NGP for it's it's actually make the problem on the road software maven Gee Perlman is the old system and then the merge with another company name TN VA had but this is the system that Seth rich worked on and the way the system works and this constituents estimate the ones work fit right into that it was it was I believe that the the same system but the ones are working outside connected the once now in Congress the spokes that have stolen 20 laptops with this was exposed they stole the laptops installed blackberries in there ... identified where they were keeping them in a Virginia home in one of the 12 homes that Enron one old so this isn't something about you know a conspiracy theory and we're talking about I talked to a marine who was living in the home it is said that government markings on them Enron said that they were ... Iran said that they were not his and he called the FBI the FBI came over confiscated the blackberries in laptops so this isn't speculation I went to that Hollis nothing that door talk of talk that read ... so that if you watch Debbie Wasserman Schultz ... she has a clip where she's threatening the capitol police the capitol police have a ... a chunk in the middle of DC that their jurisdiction so they were the ones who went over there ... Lorton a long what office building and confiscated his attic they went to a couple of other ones as well but she's threatening but there was much older is threatening him 3 times to cut its budget and then when he finally finishes his answer and says he's knocking immediately turned over the the blackberries in the laptops she threatens him with consequences you know so it's a whole it's this is available any reading on the web and see this we've hang then they're there I American they asked IBM because it's almost exactly you just take the name Christian are out and put one brothers and you basically ... what what yes bigger story what their constituents database from enter a came partly GP AGP van that that is is donors and its volunteers okay it's mega donors and and super volunteers okay so it's really the goal of getting elected okay and you don't that the Democrats but the Republicans do as you have your own system and the other guys in the the Democrats don't work like that they say you rent the NGP they'll software so you use it to find out who voted union before and then you go knock on their house with these volunteers when you're done and you lose all that goes back to the the the monopoly AGP that which I would just say Perlman from now on and if you Ross them in any way you get thrown out and you get cut off from that if you're cut off from the donor data as a Democrat you cut off from the volunteer data murals no way you can win so this is why Seth rich you so mad because he does all this voter expansion to get data into the bed NGP band and then they're accused once in December of looking at Hillary data when it was actually the other way around and then the the big blow what happens when the chair throwing her around the world it gets thrown in in Las Vegas that deputy leaders ... PR firm makes such a big deal about it and then I think that's the last straw on the 20 fifth or 26 but may and that's when steps rich gives his thumb drive to which you yeah yeah not and I mean they right lord you know yeah and no well I didn't I didn't I wasn't the one who said Chola J. O. L. L. E. each that was a fortune had that I'm not for a long time I was the one who can harboring cars theft ring New York car theft ring Jersey the ones work car dealers had all these car dealership Richmond falls church yeah there's going to be a couple of others that we haven't car buying was swipe at one Dale yeah I used to be 45 but anyway the idea was Dr there's 23 or 24 guys in the rain steal a car here and these are high end luxury car so you BMW or Sadie's or Alexis so those are fairly sophisticated alarm system and they would drive them down in his car lots in Washington ... they would sell them ... for whatever ... you're basically $5000 to pay the person for stealing it and then the person buying it would then give a donation to the falls church ... mosque so they were laundering money through the mosque and they were doing they were doing the same thing in Richmond there's going to be a couple more them identify one at Chantilly of one in Woodbridge maybe another one in Annadale ... but that's not how they wanted the money ... they also use that money to provide safe houses for different operatives coming into the country I also identified how the ... pieces were given to these known ISI folks I named it I say ... Pakistani ISI operative today that was given a visa through the New York film academy and you would think only York film academy that's in New York there's actually a New York film academy all over the world but especially Dubai and in and out you a and I believe that was through those connections I I named him a person this morning very violent person I had the actual person who was ... beaten up by the by this eyesight operative she can't come into the United States from Canada where he not only got to be so but he has a U. S. passport this is after being on the worldwide ... this is the Interpol watch list not confirm that through the British and and the sea in Kuala Lumpur so yeah I think pretty much it heated and all the numbers here on on the other side I've also done work in ... with the rat lines in the drugs and so forth in Pakistan as well so I can talk about that as well if you want I okay you're who I don't see I don't yes I called the FBI many times I've done 712 videos France Kate was well ... and I ... call out into a cave in every video publish not that not all the contents of Hillary and 50000 but just the meta data because the Medicare for instance David Petraeus of speaking here tonight tonight in New York at the 90 second street Y. he's gonna be talking about I don't know the new global world well I work well expiration or whatever to be talking about I doubt he's going to be talking about the 1000 emails between him Hillary Clinton email and the 1000 in the 1000 emails to answer the search term Benghazi so this is what people need to realize is that you have people outside of the joint chiefs of staff outside the chain of command in the different commands of the US armed forces deciding what countries get toppled deciding that leave you get stopped deciding that Syria's gonna be toppled it's better so that's the questions I wouldn't have pretty betrayals tonight it's gonna be the same question over and over again at the meditators published you can see all the connections of the spider web of the octopus you will and that's what I'm pushing for that's right push for since day one and then also I'd like to know where well I talked to Jim day here ... in he's the I believe he lives in Lafayette Indiana and the wikileaks person the controls a Twitter account and I think we got off at cross purposes because I've been him and he I think everyone in familiar with me knows I've also been a part of the wikileaks a network of thumb drive network this is more like a sneaker net and this is if this is the backup backup network if he ever the drop box electronic drug compromised I did I did I did I did but I came clean on it I came clean on it when when when Kim no no no that's why I don't have any problem I didn't commit epic espionage yeah I don't commit espionage I was just you know yeah but anyway I I was involved in the network here in New York and I did some drops of for wikileaks I am before that for ... forger Spiegel I'm not saying I did but the ... what my point is you know came forward and and I think we had cannot come on a periscope last night and I just said the Kim you know hip hop he published in the south ridge case he published the FBI document of of getting the phone of sept rich and he published FBI document of getting the laptop heavily redacted but everyone has the same question if this is just a simple robbery of self rich why did the FBI break into the house and go get go get the laptop and we've talked to the lead investigator ... for the family rod realtor and he's also mentioned to us in a private conversation but over and spilling on the rich challenger that there's an FBI bulletin for now the cover story for the FBI bullet now this bullet may have special markings on our special qualities that would only exclusive happy happy I so quickly that I'll be there for the next show yeah I if you you you supported me early you support merely rich so I owe you big time clear the decks for you ha ha the yeah I I yeah I mean now yeah there well the research I've done is that they have a column the Rockies Iraqi the Rockefeller cut to come all in the right and there was a well we're actually gonna be going on Jr first chilly for June to hope to meet up with ... blueprints we are change a covenant Bilderberg meeting it's really where the Rockies try to come to terms yeah so that so that's a teaser for 10 days I'm thank you always an honor rich good on you okay I think we should pick this up so people can hear well because I want to break the story for them as well ... so for crowdsourcing news can they hear the truth that I could see every time I make a mistake it could hurt her a speaker phone I know but just think that I know but the your production quality guy right so no it was his show so to here's what happened all summarized please ... are you gonna crowdsource the truth ... the ... group Richie I got a chance to break the story for ... there wants I said from the beginning that you want brothers were at the base of the whole trajectory of the last I'm gonna I I was back to 2001 with them I now have a key sources in Congress which say they go back to 1999 the same year that should be comes to Washington with his red lines of the same year that Coulon comes to Washington with ... with his red lines ... so ... that I have now reliable sources that worked in the Congress for a long time that say that inter American that work on the database that the precursor to the current I constituencies don't where the one brother's ... that ... as time went by more ones were added basically user user Pakistani ISI operative the re brought into Montreal Canada a Toronto Canada ... the ... identified the operative from ... that had a nice operative there come through does New York film academy today I am identified by name earlier so I think you can see ... a clear path between the current discussion we're having about NGP van which is the Nathan Perlman database that gets combined with the Boston BA and database for the Democratic National Committee that becomes the crown jewels of the Democratic Party from 1999 when Hillary Clinton kind of puts together this this ... really it's a spy agency it's really ... a spy agency I've also tied that back now to 1998 may 19 the 8 and the presidential executive order that Bill Clinton signed and not calling for a ... ... disruption campaign so a disruption campaign combining the CIA's techniques and the FBI's of manpower so when he signs that ... presidential decision directive 62 covert order you can go on my website and look at the covert order that really sets into motion the spy network I believe that the ... crime bill of 1986 ... that Hillary's pushing so much the 0 police we're actually going to be at 100000 operatives ... based throughout the United States I believe the operatives have been brought in ... it was very loosely defined in PDD 62 so that you could have a law enforcement person rather than a sworn police officer and I do believe that there is a large covert ... presence ... being brought in through ... for the lower levels kind of like the MS 13 a type folks for the foot soldiers and then the officer class is going to be here Pakistani ISI again I had no idea the story's gonna go here I wanted to write a story about a pipeline ... going from Qatar ... too hungry ... you know I I had no idea when I started this series ... that I was going to talk about the serious situation I was going to talk about ... Eric Braverman and his involvement through his husband in these international pipeline deals with cake and our and David Petraeus so this is taking us through the full flight of all the different Clinton scandals which include ... and child trafficking unfortunately ... subject I shy away from organ harvesting which I covered extensively ... though and I look at the gradual increase and ... of how the techniques and so forth ... happened over time and how they've come and landed on our shores in in our major cities ... at I. especially open a focus on the intelligence network with you once I just took a I talk to Richie Allen about the fact that ... 1999 was also the year that at the we are starting in the Congress ... if you look back and see what Debbie Wasserman Schultz I think she's not pretty far behind I think she's going to be like his assistant in the Congress think when Hillary refers in and wikileaks emails to Anthony's trusted staff that's going to be anyone brothers I think at the waiter brings the one brothers in it's going to be a ... on H. one B. visa I think it's gonna be development ... it development advancements ink DA I ache but I'm not sure Richie Allen show that you just missed because I did put it on speaker you can you'll be able to find out he's gonna he usually posts to YouTube next days he'll he'll get all this money you're riches questions and more conversational format but on this ... today at least ... a ... ISA operative that came in through the New York film academy that got a full house for not just a piece of so that's the mechanism on the feeder points all around the world column for Mangalore I mean nothing orbit India ... Malaysia so for so ... really at this point I need to put the whole thing together in one cohesive kind of slide presentation that's really kind of where Jason comes in and turns of being able to just to tell the narrative beginning to add and I I don't know what that ... over arching theme is other than good luck that creeping ... retreating octopus or the spreading cancer but that's really what it is against cancer would probably be the best ... analogy because it starts with a malignancy in the middle and if you don't do something about the malignancy it just was going to keep it in in in ... in better rating itself throughout the whole body and soul it actually chokes and strangles the person for blood blood supply or chokes off a vital organ I think that's where we are I'm not sure if we're to late if it's a terminal situation now but as long as you want brothers are allowed any I believe Iran one is still a contractor for Debbie Wasserman Schultz I believe that the 20 laptops at the capitol police having the 20 blackberries there used to say do the sink hacking at the desktop sinking are still the capitol police his hands I still think you want brothers are not being investigated by the FBI unbelievably the FBI's not investigating the ... the the murder of a wise it why is it ... Bernie wise at the federal prosecutor was shot ... not investigative Seth rich nodded not investigating the data transfer from the DNC to ... to Boston on July 7 ... by NGP van ... there which was picked up by various intelligence sources so these are these are things that the FBI always seems to do instead of actually going and and that stuff going after ... ... journalist so I have a minute star read some comments Jason are you off on that other thing I can really come incident caused by so fast so if they okay I'm sorry ... so Congress's compromise and frayed I'm not you know one of things I mean I mentioned Richie is I you know here everyone has a higher level you know generalities statements and so forth I really don't do that I I'd like you said today have 7 Gutenberg bibles of sources and citations most of those are source documents or documents written in own hand of the conspirators if not that government documents like FBI findings and so forth and that not that ... Pulitzer Prize winning journalist like cy Hersh I'm trying to get a meeting with site sigh godfather please ... you know I I haven't I got I just have to call you to get a meeting ... so I've been too busy but I don't know what part of it might have been identified yet I mean there I could put more meat on the bones with with other ... like an organ harvesting I can put more meat on the bones other than talk about Kosovo with the Haiti situation along the north coast of Haiti but in terms of proving out a model for business I think it down there ... yeah you know we we before we get a periscope Jason ... good minute and with crowdsource that truth ... we drove were driving New York film academy trying to figure out you know last night I I mentioned that was New York and he said oh there's an office in Miami in the office Los Angeles and as we're driving to New York film academy all the people start coming in with all the different ... offices they have overseas no white is a New York film academy have to have ... I guess it universities can have offices overseas but I don't want to see those people bringing an I. S. I. operatives that are on the global terrorism watch list a number on talk about the U. S. was some talk about Interpol's list so I had to identify the person who was on the ... ... Interpol watch list that was given a U. S. passport after what he was on the watch list so ... I'm not getting a kid is a camp I can't read it cannot come Stranahan culture and then for a quick update to stranding have to Stranahan have the ... SCF he had not post anything we are you and crosstrek E. someone made mention that economy we laughed he said no he said he wouldn't doubt but he hasn't done any direct okay ... Soros ... sources connection it's going to be pretty much pervasive I think you're gonna find sources pretty involved in a in inter American the people do the constituency system ... for ... the US Congress ... for the democratic side are for sure ... Brookings Institution he's gonna be on the same board as the as executive for blackberry in the name slips mine ... so he's W. finance blackberry for this desktop sync hacking Chelsea well I mean I as I've said before the Clinton foundation it's the hills in the bills and the good old boy bills verses that kind of ivy leaguer hills and Eric Braverman is certainly an ivy leaguer hill if you notice the people that got immunity and I I had the chance to go down to the staff I would fear today to relax reenact the lord Graham you know how to drive a car into that into the lawn at night into the Hudson River ... where she started you know commit suicide and ... she is saying the bills keep asking me for money for their party's because when they do a a big party they get these tremendous amount of of donations and they're very effective you know so this is just a Cooper and and Doug man mailing and then ... leading a camera I never remembers land stand last name a lawyer from Arkansas and and Chelsea is saying Hey we're gonna cut them off work out the whole way we're gonna strangle them often I'm off to get your pushed Jason adjusted how he was doing the windows server we're gonna bring in Hagley on OPEC Miano was more of a lead guy we're bringing we are now cut off duh you know we we need to keep them still bring in money through check to NATO and to build speeches that that's still a good thing will take the revenue but as far as control we want to kind of start moving them out so you have that one email from Chelsea Clinton talking about Hey Justin has all these hacking tools and quick spyware different people staying at you know I just I can't you know take it when he talks about about my father like that I just you know that he's trying to build a stronger crew you know she's trying to drive a wedge between bill and Justin if you look at the immunities all immunities came down on the side of the hills Cheryl mills immunity heather Samuelson who's coming up is kind of an innocent man you know put a fine as a human shield ... Pantoliano gets immunity a corn better who is that ... Platte River networks use it's kind of supporting how we handle gets immunity and there's one other media kept probably get it for me ... okay sessions proper mais he sure seems like it I mean I meta data was yeah I he looks very compromised hence Rosenstiel I don't use compromise it is I just think refine hurt ... it's it's good if you have like rotten entity rather than a long question gets the long sentences I can't read very fast but if you say Hillary Clinton question mark I'll just it's come better yes it's combat ID right it's not quite better sometimes those I have bad eyesight sometimes there are in the end look like in a what advice were so so quote com better that's correct kids I want out or ... a want what you want to go to work who that might be another one cut out because there's a doctor who sets up a kind of a pain killer ... set of kind of backed off this pain killers named ... he's the he's GLAAD's right hand man I kind amanuensis ... Moses far but one must for one he starts company called Iowa so there was another company out there so she to the once called a while walking or want I wanna I wanna I would be interested in knowing that if that's it wasn't just a joke to be says children kids I get it okay I switched from 6 ... I know people want me to talk about the trial trafficking in the decor trafficking I see all the traffic Jack contracted ... in there that I this is the missing exploited children playing and managing telepath just think there are just so many researchers out there that are so good that our work in that angle ... I think everybody I all I see is foggy bottom is doing those been doing those exploits for a long long time this is nothing new and if you're if you're diplomat which really you know foggy bottom your job is to identify girls in the end in modeling ... in you know modeling shows I got a modeling agency throw modeling you know Jon Benet type little things that so that you have people to select from who can be operatives for you ... you need your mission is to compromise everyone in the judicial political and and law enforcement that's your job so it's not like there's a people have this this devil thing on at all and I just don't think that's it I just think you know I use USA ID to set up drug lines and I got a modeling shows to find kids to a compromise people targets I mean if you if you want a real good insight into a CI a agents life you watch ... ... you know ... Snowden which goes through first thing you do is we're gonna take this guy out for drinks from Patrick back which is a well ... pipeline architect and then we're gonna get him you know ... compromise with a D. why they don't come back to us and say can you get me out of this the first thing they do is try to compromise some it's like when you wake up you brush your teeth that's RCI heave person thanks let's see I ... top dog I see I see thanks Hey first except headquarters then we set up regional tort torture centers what's new here you know it's so the problem is when they get back when people see people from dying core and you bring them back to United States I don't think any different you know share floppy and and ... north California Siskiyou county says Hey what you know where's my tribe to grow my putt okay they're they're they are okay we take an automatic wrapped when you threaten with a death we scare the crap out of them and we we start our own ... outlets in we cornered the market on how that's that's how it works of course we have a foundation sweet Waterson funds through that's how it works that's how DynCorp sheriff's run their companies so again it's a model threes might think it's important that the model out there is so that other people watching this look and go Hey I have a DynCorp here hate that's happened meter bringing on automatic weapons of pointing at people you know when there's any kind of protest so I'm stop talking so much on the let's see I so many comics are gone so fast or cast Cathy o'brien okay well ... kick you raise an interesting one because here's the one who just says here's what happened to me and ... you know did yeah I mean have you seen a mutilation tape I mean I don't think anybody would do that to themselves ... and I don't know how she could do that artistically be honest with you if even if she was a I mean that's pretty that's pretty hard evidence there unit you know and you know the hunger games ... where they have somebody that they just give her parents had issues and naked men run and then every change Sir what where's the sport in that really you know we're sporting that yeah I realize you know you're special forces now your CIA really I mean can you just spike call girl up and say Hey I want to go out then you know I have dinner and you know go dancing and maybe a couple movies and you know I don't understand so I think it's just the whole were here to conquer rape pillage plunder you know this is the flash occured thing on that this is the model the flesh for oil company from Oklahoma you know rape pillage plunder that's what we do there is no rule allowed jungle jungle room we have the best technology and so we get everything we get your organs we get we get to you within a week traffic your children and we can and was selling drugs and target of soft target in the countries where we can't just you know take what we want we've seen it separates go anywhere well so I don't know how many people know about this S. V. R. thing as we are foreign intelligence ... network for Russia basically they're looking at these guys who are running around the country killing their diplomats and they don't want to die that diplomats don't wanna die so the Russians use our resources to follow these guys around will one of the phone calls this giallo makes G. O. L. L. a H. or the phone calls he makes is back to somebody an STI you someday whoever his handlers at us you you I'm not saying it's got full law I'm not saying it's Bob creamer but there is a ... stunning ... correlation between the 300 visits of protested to the to the White House in 300 visits of Kramer to the White House we have the gene so keep veritas videos to show that the Bob creamer calls up Scott full blown screwball football calls in Arkansas writer and bad stuff happens so you know that's in their own words saying that stuff so let him no not only but what he reminds me of something because third element all that and if you're only looking at the periodic chart for simple things you just see the you know the for shell the 2 to 2 electrons you go okay there's the one in the outer shell announced to inner you know with the hydrogen and helium and then you have left him at 3 with one of the outer shell all I get it I get a repeating pattern it's either water it's too but then you get to next couple layers of you know past when you know and then there's the HL and that threw people off for the longest time but then Mendeleev got enough shelves on the pet parrots table he goes Hey I got it it's 888 and then 1616 or whatever it is and then like 32 elements first discovered after the model was put out there and that's what I'm trying to do is I'm I don't have time to run down all around let's expose all the red lights I just wanted it's kinda like in biology we show the model organism when you say okay here's here's the or you know whatever you know east so our second meeting is great service I or whatever it is and then here's ... right into the mouse you know them and then the monkey I can from what the monkey model is but that those are commonly known things as of of of you know reference points in model organisms I'm gonna do the same thing for red lights basically saying this is the structure of this is actually how it works you know it's one thing to say jala killed somebody but the actual mechanisms of communication where the money went how the cars travel down the highway to get to the one brothers what exact location on Leesburg road in falls church where they sold out what what mosque in the money going to pay for it that's the real reporting that's what you need to do upside for pointing and that's not agreed but that's what you need for prosecute prosecutors have to prove with facts are facts and the more you put out the model of what actually happened more other people in the community can come in with the to date specifically funny are gonna put on the big screen okay still mad okay ... I know you are a New York but that focus because okay so I think no he did alright I think I would have to say goodbye for right now and you guys were all first I didn't go to my own channel breaking news //
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02 Day 220 May 31 2017
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06 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\I understand why it's not going to get the flag in the back it's like side ways I don't understand how this damn thing work first day on periscope exactly where personal okay there we go alright George so here before we get into anything related to destination hello I just bring up the concept of high Zan have people heard about guys then right then is a Japanese word and it relates to the constant ongoing refinement of a process in pursuit of perfection and and people out there watching help us understand it better because I do believe it also presumes that man is incapable of perfection but the pursuit of perfection is noble towards that end we've now gone mobile phone a stabilizer so hopefully the videos will be a little bit less nauseating that's got a thumbs up for that let's retweet that gives me people watching as possible George talked well the first thing is you too and I had I said I had 5 videos out too he's on the side ... large Albanian Muslim bad modak I stirred I love that song and I said you know what you're gonna be kind of like a star New York you know the one like Johnny see the sun I love it how the community is coming into yeah you know it all in all walks of life they're they're very educate most shall there masters of social work at Columbia yeah I went to Columbia to and I said well I just got teacher I thought that Dante's but ... you know it's just amazing that this is not a bunch of whack jobs that are out in I don't say bomb you know out in ... Palooka bell ... somewhere in a Honda on average ruby ridge you know it's a that's not what it is he's a very sick lights intellectuals I got a master's degrees ... they're just very concerned that this whole thing is out of the control they have no voice liberty crap just like me also realism neighborhoods so that you never know that you here there and all that but he saw his vote being no way would email on I saw his vote being taken away and all that Bates with a question he saw his vote being taken away sure thrown around the world and WW said it was the chair her thrown around will not be at W. W. at the waiter said that Mike kept there said that maybe DC said that there was a chair throwing heard round the world so what that means now they brought down the key thing about that a chair for a heard from around the world where the heck is called yeah that was a reference to the battle of Lexington shocker well I guess where we are were on 90 person Lexington how's that for a segue right or know what's right behind you right behind the 90 second street Y. and so that's ... and 92 ... and this is that if you are social justice warrior and you don't vote of the nineties second why you're missing out okay so tonight's guest is David Petraeus David Petraeus ... you know we're going to love this place with people asking questions Hey you know sid Blumenthal Haiti did you write 1000 emails to hold at what what we want to do you're in New York yeah gotta get your go over there to see him again I think I already asked and then there's some tickets left go online and I would just you know they have question time hope with me and I'm sure this bit couple about you know well you know a lot of women seem to want to sleep with you and I know Paul abroad was not the only one is there more to throw us out no no no no I don't betray us is I have a plan that asset question because he wants to is this idea that I'm a runner and he runs outside of Bilderberg hedge wanted it but you know that Bilderberg IMAX call the shots but industrial you're building so anyway trance is an interesting guy though because he's is kind of this military genius are also you have a whole lot of military gene work I came up this thing called point which is counter ... ... he was acquainted each night now such counter insurgency so basically the idea counterinsurgency here's attack at night never attack during the day attacking opponents to sleep attack your opponent can't see anything attack with a poison gas attack with anything you got kill as many as you got render people go in with the seals spray the place rendering is kidnapping Gregory was kidding kidnapping have you reduce book all in the talks about this he said half of the people that they got in Afghanistan work from kidnap so you mean have they have the people they say that al queda thank god yeah Taliban that they got it they capture what they killed or captured ha half not a shot was fired thank you good that's a direct quote well how does that happen printed all gas tackle you've got a friend you've got to fit the village in order for the seal to grin on not try to give away any see ... still because he says it in his book okay I understand why but he said that's not you saying that they were betrayed so what has happened is chlorine which counterinsurgency has become JJJ yeah here's the plot Paula Broadwell connection university of Denver they bring it to your pursuit Detmer CIA you sorry and they rewrite it have some academics rewrite its biggest delegate security program for the United States so this becomes the ... when a sensual you know ... basis for them patriot act and all that the caves surveillance that call me not Klapper with that intercepted collected all with admiral mullets all that stuff yeah people are commenting on operation Phoenix in the Vietnam War okay operation Phoenix was that where really counterinsurgency start right so the idea is don't attack soldiers out there let's say the battle is in Brooklyn right now and and Washington is on one side of Brooklyn he's getting outplayed yet again ... people you know what 3 items and lost 9 okay but anyway ... don't wanna I don't despair George like but anyway he's down there he's fighting 0 surges he says let's not put our resources down there let's attack all the people here in a in a low grade attack all the civilians that might suit ward the people on the frontline okay so let's ... if somebody is a social worker let's get a social worker that a plaintiff there's to complain that their a sex me or let's ... you know to guarantee their tires just have this constant thing going on this is what happened in Vietnam so they would if you were so she was certain political parties are you'd set certain big red certain aperture gone to certain meetings in Vietnam now the CIA when it in establishing the 50 provinces of 43 provinces Vietnam they first you always have to start with headquarters that that's the first thing you see a dozen they move into a country did you set up torture 7 I mean that's just what you do CA you get up in the morning separate headquarters secure in the country a set of a tortured and they set up 51 of the things you can actually go online and I can't go wrote project now forgetting his name sy Hersh did a lot of reporting on Friday the but the guy who wrote in a hard hard some hard come back but at heart who wrote that operation Phoenix operating Phoenix program Phoenix project Phoenix project but anyway you talk to him would be great New York I think we should talk cypress yeah ... he said that's what they did he has all the receipt built the tortures so this is documentary evidence it was KKR somebody like that we're saying stupid stuff like because we haven't been banned from periscope it must not be true that's not an argument here look look at look up the facts to come out of this one alright check on that metareddit stick on the meditator he's actually got the building receipts was a brown a route or cake and are something like that for building the torture now I did set up to purchase orders to brown and root cake and art he did something he did Westmoreland it's well I'm glad you mentioned brown and root cause I'm always going to bring it back to private practice if anybody seen the photograph of LBJ being sworn in on Air Force 1 there's a famous photograph of Albert Thompson winking and Lyndon Johnson after the sworn in and he was a lobbyist her brown and root which became Kellogg brown and root which today is Halliburton KBR they build all the stuff we go to Vietnam we need barracks may provide food and everything these are the people that make money from war has it really change a change of name about every war reward a change in a slightly Halliburton is kind of kept in there but every every 10 years or so they change names maybe our Cheney absolutely it's amazing to see a change you know and then you got the the dress is there tonight Libya you know you're the CI a director when and how much the tickets cost I don't know I don't actually when we want to go I want other kids his unmarked you know there's no molecular for work that we're gonna go well you tried but it would be better for new Yorkers that live in uptown on the side especially to go over there just ask a question hate true that that's a good idea we got a crowd sourced the ... what would that be the day going asking questions but yet your little it's actually called democracy reacts last question there we don't know who's making Hollis there you go you know the wood to betray us go to the 90 second street wise tonight just essentially just ask are what did you ever communicate with Hillary emails oh yeah did you because the justice department says you did the state department all asking that everybody in the trigger and they say there's 1000 of them that respond to Benghazi so you Hillary Clinton's shared 1000 emails that responded that search Star Benghazi we haven't seen those yet but we know Christopher Stevens died we know that we ... ... took over Qaddafi frolicking obvious goal so why not just answer the question what were those emails about whatever you communicated with sid Blumenthal about the overthrow of other governments outside of the U. S. military generate so we just did a powerful new idea George everyone's asking us to go to the 90 second street Y. tonight but the fact is there's only 2 of us we got a ton to do inoculated and they're going to throw us right out but we got 168 people watching right now if everyone watching retweets this and shares it with somebody who's not on here spread it around play it back you George when I'm done talking is going to give everybody a list of questions to ask so Georgian arguing their national we're gonna get thrown out right away 100 and see 7 people going there and start asking these questions they can't throw everybody out that is democracy but it's much so George given a buddy list of questions you should ask David Petraeus at the 90 second street Y. did you ever have straight emails with a domain emails with Hillary Clinton would on a private email what else the answer is yes with what were they about Benghazi well the answer is yes you can start your question with well you know from this your article 1000 emails you Hillary traded about Ghazi when you think those will become public yes getting thrown out may go viral so and if and if she says well those that's classified those are state secrets would never publish something like that then you would say well wait a minute does a private email that's usurping the constitution you're serving the public records act why would you do that right so I mean what what's going on there what you have to hide so that so these are a few questions other one is hate you know meal you know Neil brown was last August on your router Braverman where there are credited no progress no problem he works in your company he kick in our global initiative or global institute now the change of name after was so close to ... Clinton foundation global initiative where's it works where's Neil brought the CBO Brownlee idea that he works in the same building you ever see me around yeah it's awesome alright that's a good plan okay got to share this everybody on any of our bands that get to go to my try to try to get on your own periscope and if you get thrown out periscope put her on the share your groups shared the crowd sourced the truth own pace but I just got a low battery warning so we're going to go off and and we'll be back in a little bit everybody are everybody thanks that's a new thing remote today that is a great idea that's democracy in action and that's how George and I are going to get a job you know that you're going to continue to think about ways that the audience can help us so we don't have to do everything right alright those guys like you bring everybody in yeah bring everybody into the family plus yeah //
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05 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\so I so I so you build run on 90 brochure double guys this is awesome we got a fair right here this is my first star siding on the streets whatever it does much of it as well my question isn't enough but not much enjoys working levels from day one and I'm glad that you came aboard because we all feel John George and doing a lot of work alone and so you have a partner apart across the border to yeah man of so did you hear did you there's a there I I applaud what I tell people joining and investigate or you know I think you know I don't write okay ... but could be because all it everyone will my own and I spend a lot of research and stuff and say people think I'm crazy I don't think I'm crazy I think what you're doing is fantastic ... and you know whatever I can support and obviously there's no such views no cable and is no donation but judicial watch house yes watch ... but I I I believe I've said money for them as well so so we're gonna turn around here if Jason comes around and behind us we just want to get the subject we just went to the Russian embassy here so we just retrace the steps pad back director please had a sub if you in the shop maybe a we had a real rush I just now there the breed now that happened that morning you're here your member of the news labor of love I'm over here by the news I was and I did so what's your biggest problem so somewhere in the Twin those 2030 day join us experiment with the story breaking in hearings I did find your video children but after that so you were accused it's a way Israeli thing you remember Gavin I'm bad sex that news I remember those stories but you know the pieces were never put together through started yeah so ... bits and pieces glory you know I was a mobile carding supporter ... was it really a chump supporter but at that point it became any anybody who's it's a little so that if there was trump is that Hillary ... I am I am excited not for assault selfless motive if and when the authorities investigate that but if what you say is true that would lend credibility to the 219 days of videos including the other read aloud to Syria the red lines in the U. S. ... the organ harvesting rationalize Haiti ... if and when all that come to life and you know that's a that's a big get there's a lot of power and influence to make sure those investigations ... don't get don't see the date what the life of David but this whole story that were on in the last couple days would lend credibility to everything else well so that's what I'm excited about it so we think about coldly ... we we got up early ... waving like call me saying desktop sync along with the FBI supplements and desktop single black blackberry the laptop that's how it happened we humans and through some method there is a regular practice of emails being forward well but then they have got cold glare but later process but it's interesting how calmly parses words because he's a lawyer he's obviously very well well you know that he is thinking about that is that many people miss that and and and and that right there is a small no ... but there's a lot of power and influence to make sure that a lot of this stuff you like and so cold we could basically perjure himself and the the media that foggy bottom media is it going to hop on that and get to make that into a big issue and that he's fired and then we're not talking about him anymore and now it's Mueller who's from the same stock so so I'm not going to be a star not unlike other what is starting to be a contributor area because well I didn't want to know is SS is it you know inside objects are you Jewish Albania of being your Albania of any Jewish they must obey a muzzle so reason nobody around the mosque near wanting to get the truth the truth that's all that's all you know about the yellow house all from your videos and I did do much research and and so ... and a party felt as a band go I don't really wanna know but if it's the truth and it all comes out like then let the chips about the like but your score Soros is using your country as a landing pad for all these color revolution that is exporting to all these different countries that ends up in all this other stuff the people of all BBR like you that's what people understand the doping overall well being 0 it's only a very select from another another we shall be well I really don't and I don't believe that and I don't believe I don't believe that all of these are good I believe that all people if they're good marriage no idea we salute our personal as you got that hers right George let's move on we really free share it all our pain we I agree and I've got Serbian yellow is one and let you know solid under what I'm saying and their 7 yellow house doctors we've got 4 of them now we need to have given so it's 7 guys we got a little out how would you feel betrayed tonight okay did you guys get it we got all available get get out the so okay here's everybody who follows us gotta followed George which is where for Bernie W. E. BB number for Bernie it also means which is C. S. like crowdsource Trixie Esther true follow both of those on Twitter looking at different stuff on both channels depending on who's got what phone with Georgia where all day yesterday in a week or 2 world to forget about the YouTube videos and we're gonna be all streaming up periscope but me like many other people have had difficult the last of the day switching over there's a much great we're we're not switching over it's just going to be a solo every night I continue going to the series and they just no no no we're going to go the US 5 yesterday one I think 7 but but that would only do that and then there was a lot of stuff happening after that over after that you want to keep my body because I think we can do what I might without personal we're going to try to put the periscope over to YouTube and only reason never use course to get out of that hotel with the see I you protesting right but many of mobile so no regrets listen to a graduate yeah yeah yeah and ... because look will still follow you which study it ... social social yeah I agree live you ... tomorrow overseas I had political threads in New York City and I got my for bush do your masters ... 8 and a massive social I had done it okay great us hate there are many good for me yeah I have a lot a yeah that's a single look thank you very much alright guys we're gonna sign off for now everybody retweet that leads many people following as possible my first one George that somebody that's great but right now we stopped there we go so many //
"2017-05-31 18:08:46"
04 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\you can use periscope I leave it running okay area still getting used to periscope sorry that was too short gotta leave it alone for a minute to let everybody get in there on the 90 first St here Headin over to the Russian consulate George said he was at 90 at the park didn't see in there if anybody could tweeted George let him know and I sure rendezvous front of the Russian consulate nice neighborhood appear if you guys haven't been to the ... abri side Manhattan morning everybody thank you we're gonna get George's comments work out later today we super love all the input from everybody please understand requests for more videos and all that stuff it's tough to do were producing a ton of media travelling around all over the place editing videos I just left HQ we've got rod Wheeler ... audio process saying we've got Jerome Corsi video processing and listen everybody here's who we want to do if you're not following web for Bernie W. E. B. B. number for Bernie follow that's Georges periscope and likewise tell George's periscope followers to follow me here Georgian 9 any redundant lines of communication as we can possibly get so help us do that there is so so in order I got him connected with George they probably only filming there so the next thing we got a workout is gonna be some sort of a wireless audio connection for George so we could do stuff like this with me standing over here okay gonna go out right now where my coming through here hello gentleman but this is Jason apart I don't know turn the thing on it okay can we do that please don't okay no problem no problem so so just so you hear the same thing they're great came Karen asked for asylum yeah he couldn't come at me he would have to get a visa for and that you would get that here or maybe like and he is the first piece of metal to Russia whether or I that applied like on the website or something to get a visa while we serve here in America and want to go to Russia you have to go to Russia to get a visa how can you possibly do that it's going to be sent so Lisa center but I've been to Saint Petersburg so let's say what I go to some place where would I go and see yes airports so we got her fly to Saint Petersburg to get a rough waters that's can rationing okay so I fly to but I don't even like me on the plane to fly there visa passport relate like when I went to China and Brazil I went to the consulate I came and I applied they took my passport process did for 2 or 3 or 4 days man made I don't send it back get through that same process here like apply we knew since I well known in the United States for national always that's it yeah Martin you're talking about a visa to emigrate and so so if we just want to go on a vacation to Moscow we have to first go to Moscow apply for a visa would make it easier right bypass by you Arafat should we get a visa now to go to Moscow why don't we do vis a set where is that media mainly made lamp perfect okay women York we're going to go there but if you're silent you you have people try to get asylum every and I don't want to come here to try to get what you want to get a decent first go to Russia and then ask for asylum thank you I college guys take care groups are doing yeah that was pretty cool do we still have people on this broadcast he really tell here yeah okay there we go George broadcast learn where are we I I had I had it rolling so you're going to hear that we just kind of like the most right over there just at that news part all the all in all that stuff let's walk down toward 96 he wiped his David Petraeus David Petraeus if you go to 192 why don't you just made sex why dont work I don't you know it's a private theater you've been up there your arm works way better for their like I let me let me know yeah yeah much at the cameras on that side Soden 90 David Petraeus is talking about it what's all yeah god we have to go to yeah yeah where I would go to the box office doesn't open till 12 looks good I would love to ask I said you know Tyler Drumheller yeah man we don't go there troll trance do you know Sidney Blumenthal old shit we're gonna shocked you know general Grange you know what a minute what yeah yeah get the phone yeah but we have a brand //
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03 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\okay everybody ... ... appear going a nice 90 first Russian conflict is going to people on right now but I'm trying to connect with George is not answering the phone he's frequently very difficult to get in touch with so tweeted Georgetown to text me back and let me know where the hell is thank you //
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01 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\but what now is that he gets me turn upside supply appear powers ... your way okay pellets good is that we're going 27 years okay which just make this for the folk center that we are any with the periscope okay but we are common okay so so I don't how do we spawned we just read in high somebody I never shut come now that I was doing read the whole I know but we need to cast it to you Mongo ... Kitty older we figure out how to do that ... year among those Mongo cast to them the monster TV so what happened was we were were pieces together but I start on periscope today comments were open I was getting comments you know people saying you know do this do that and then all of sudden all my followers income it's got shut down in my profile city so I couldn't use my ... yeah I could get comments from people well no ... it's completely shut down my my ... periscope apps completely shut down it just goes to black screen but I try to start something no no what your work but ... so this is really shot out for New Zealand and Australian hunka so so hip they have right here to go live right so if you go live or whatever that after this maybe it's gonna workers working that's it's all stuff shown by sloppy OSHA officials restrict some sort only this might work as we were hold on hold on over 5 minutes here how do we flip it double click no man view that works so anyway ... so everybody's Aaron here were on this okay so everybody probably Artie Shaw also I point you no that's kind of the tribe of little goofy but anyway won't know it's coming cool do you know so ... I'm I'm not the brightest bulb on the chandelier by I interviewed a a journalist on the New Zealand and I think I interviewed her ... probably ... day 5051 she was trying to tell me about the network that they have a New Zealand is big saying that kind of a civil liberties union and so forth and she was telling me about it and please somebody if they can tell me who she is but she's an incredible journalist and ... she was trying to give me that that the dove for 112 going keep going this is going to put on the TV doing what all of us use your your throng cast of yeah so she was giving me the 411 she was basically saying so see promise offer you say that I think a lot of you how many people know what promise software 71 people here sort of proto one on there if you know what it is so promise was the octopus they wrote a book about it a camera with the author now what you do but promising was ... called prosecutor blah blah blah blah blah people yeah and ... it what it did is it got all your intelligence for your case files and that's the cool part about that if you were trying to exploit somebody ms you'd say well we'll take this group of comics over here will go over who will say Hey do you want to be on our team to become a operative or an informant for us fort 4 chan following you guys on the set 3 you don't know anything about that I know what chance of big deal fortunes by so fast release was on that subject fortunes a big deal because he's one of the guys are trying to hold so anyway ... talk about this morning I agree with that yeah rather than addressing that question about but I mean I think it promises important Russia's what happened was bill weld came down his department justice assistant US attorney or something like that and the anger solves the camera the name a even solves loses family business that came up with this really cool way of indexing these files her before the old days you know one ... jurisdiction would talk to another and they say oh you have anything on this murder they would literally send a file over to the other detective or ever today would make copies and then and then you the big war room try to solve the murder well promise was different because promise alleged research by the date of incident money basically just index key files each call people you can search by the person's social security number you can search by the ... docket number you search by a lot of different wells will dated it wasn't ... I true database and was a key file system and what happened is that they gave barb Maxwell right ... went around the world and sold it as some saw guy to all these different countries especially to the Muslim countries Middle East well what about maxalt didn't tell anybody of bill weld didn't tell it a bill weld stole the software from a camera or who it was wasn't so many awesome I'm not I'm missing in the bush administration but anyway the bill in a back door so now you have all the police forces in the world collecting your operatives right and informants 40 am so you could go and now not even lift a finger because you had the back door you know who all the people work so let's talk a little bit about that because people here because it had developed here that went hellhounds here's amazing I saw a demo of that on you too helots here just adds you first you go to a database system database system which is a sequel query you could say ... select ... where who the hell is reconoce Guido what is that you're I can't read it anyway ... you could select and and and nor or you want us to connect with 4 chan I don't really know how to do that what we do school work terrified us I mean he'll he'll be smart up to find us George isn't a technical problem of periscopes we switch to my phone but I know how the hell some is expected to read these comics it's tiny I know there's a widget Hey on he was saying what about McKay yeah you make them bigger well okay McCabe let's talk about that people wanna hear about this morning people wanna hear about became a really large do you feel like we saw operatives around today I you know the there's a guy smoking at the gas station here's what I don't want to make this I don't want to make this here's how is surveillance works and so they have 39000 they have 39000 agents there's about 2 or 2 or 50000 the operatives it's easier to find out the promise of Perot's one way before I can do it Pelletier it's easy easy you can buy comi even staying in congressional testimony well the first thing we try to do is flip the guy and then if he doesn't go that way and then we go for the police work so it's an easy way to suggest triple and multiple universe multiplier force by these people who hate you wanna go away for 30 years or you want to become an informant to try to the small crowd act like it no they don't act like an idiot they go in there saying that Hey skip scrunchie you so sick I want to party with you with some cool came you know or whatever and they they it compromise all kinds of people parents kids compromise the other this is what happened in in eastern Germany was stopped on me just basically had the power prosecutorial a threat over all these people and then people flipped in they would flip on their mother there brother and all the stuff becomes kind of one of these ... downward spiral your word so I think I I I I I talked enough about that yeah so what leverage they want to talk about set 3 okay salute me first say this is about I really don't care about the numbers of you know would begin 2000 people are more the ones I've been doing and always get the young I know I know I know but this is better because of the lower number people can actually read Carmen right and ... I'm a figure that all out but this is really about New Zealand and Australia because I wanted it to sound yeah yeah yeah yeah either way and here's the thing we gotta do everybody else on here read tweet it to other people who were on the defense are C. rats sites yeah those are soo rattler good piece but could do a hash tag with HRC rap line then yeah will come over here and us one of these 92 people who's watching no favor chanted everything put it on there yet whatever one of the the cool things about which Jason has going is that they shut down my right we have about redundancy right back said that's exactly what we're doing but anyway if if somebody knows the name of this New Zealand journalists use just brilliant ... and she was working the whole ... ... civil liberties groups and secular name anyway so they see weird behavior today many confuse where people confuse the radical there we go there but I I want to get this message argue sealant yes yes yes border 0 right Brazil in its own Korea because I totally missed it when the seal and I apologize in the combat com I totally thought you were still your flipped and when I got there I got that thing from you today with the tweed and Jason athlete and you know look to these guys they're they they know what's going on and all that so I really really appreciate that him I understand that you can't just say what you got because at that before I thought you were you were just you know hold you know saying no when you get it's going to be great but I understand the legal stuff yeah I understand now that they were just arrest you never get to come the United States gave it song try to figure out a way to do a call out code words and you respond where there's no there's ambiguity have winning gambling's Jewish so like if someone finds a clever way to talk about you know full of hitting some winning number led a full house ... ace spades Jack black shirt right and that would mean that would mean I got the information from ... the chair throwing incident at the Las Vegas primary war that would mean the 70 Meg up loaded that night from one upsets riches ... drives that night or or in that time either about that UP I like to say well in her about the day of such and such so I think it's gonna be inter about the days of their 20 fifth because that's the last day of the week weeks email and I think the crescendo of a motion and a blue and drum corps see doctor drone pursue love doctor course he's such a nice it obviously has an intelligence background in that we we did all the better data we limited it down I'd said this before 20 fifth to 28 he'd still has the window open a little bit further from the 20 fifth of the thirties he was so comprehensive Bellamy was incredible incredible incredible detailed you don't have to see this 3 articles today it's really amazing but the that today being thirtieth right we lose track of time sometimes thirtieth yet so so we would have been like a year ago now back 2 to 5 days ago ... so yeah how they what they can't see the Congress how do we make them larger someone tell me how to make the commerce large we can only do you have the steps are now and I think they got Saddam adults at step one we're told we're occupied is going into it it's more important right now that we get to the news deal in people that we totally miss played there was 3 people octave right from the start there were people that were anonymous that were pulling all my comments are doing better data they were creating these incredible Matthew creating these incredible cliffs notes and I is that one of their people are people are saying they can see the Congress yeah I know they can't okay so and I was like well there must be only one person in Auckland there must be only one person in Christ Church there must be only one person in Hong Kong and I just thought it was 3 people and I was so stupid because I was a part of a network here enough down network from wikileaks here why wouldn't they have that same thing you know it's true and another good question was who is giving the ins and why and can't say who but we can say the type of people want Forsman you've said it on the chin well I mean I'll be real I mean duh the leads are from the intelligence agencies around of people going through their wives I actually think to women they're giving me the suit just so happens or spike women in Europe they're giving me the leads and they're all I mean they don't talk like the wives of intelligence ... agents they talk like Valerie Plame they're all these incredibly accomplished PhD type women so you know we're getting incredible information it's it's as part of my brain and what to do with Jason is gradually ... confirming in having these live phone calls with him so that they did this isn't George's little excellent mind adventure you know did that these are real people and one of the things if you want to talk about such rich yeah ... they're they're in and conduct com ... treated this that there's really only 2 pieces of metal data we know for sure any published in a sweet feed the the FBI confiscated skated separate just fallen and they confiscated his laptop that's amazing and that's all we know did any did everybody if you haven't seen the video that we did about why is the FBI involved in sex reaches a murder investigation that is profound and I because we we can talk about the fact that we had a meeting with an a an extensive interview with rod Wheeler also super nice guy and ... you know we can't release that yet to all users worked up but rod told sada great stuff yeah and we put together well yeah well he disapproved of film I asked him why the FBI would be involved because my thought was it's he's not a federal employee suffrage it doesn't involve murders that are happening across state lines so why would the FBI be involved in this villians murder and he said because the FBI has certain forensic in ballistic capabilities that the police department doesn't have so they often employ the FBI murder investigation and I was very satisfied by that answer but then we spoke about it after why the need is laptop if they were invited either introduced the FBI bulletin right I mean if the FBI bullet the FBI bullock means it's not only a special caliber the bullet and I've learned a lot about forensic since then I am not a forensic scientist but but there's a signature these bullets now some people would say they have a GPS capabilities like well the bullets why would they need that we have we seen evidence of no no no no no no no I'm I'm I'm just saying what people have speculated but I am saying that there is a signature somehow the FBI bulletins it's coded in something or it's it's a loan irradiated I thought we are ... but anyway I all I heard was there something with and we'll throw it up to the internet let them figure it out but I meet there's some kind of signature capability now wore an organ harvest it's not the normal 40 caliber this is the messiah thing you know 22 subsonic not hollow point it's that that that the solid head rich just much much less damage than the hope was sort of like you know the difference between a full metal jacket bullet verses a frangible rounder something like that in this is something that you give to an operator to to shoot somebody below that ... into the ... below the lungs I into the not go grab pair neo below the the sack below the the lunch you don't appear salon join claps one you want to pursue that died because what you want to do is want to take them down but you don't want to killing the white keep you alive till let's say unfortunately this is the DynCorp ammo other organ harvest Jewish let's talk about the other stuff the respecting of the intestines and the fact that it was left at the crazy things that doctors would never do so what we have that time to the whole theory that they left his intestines all first of all the the so we're talking about a subsonic bullet we're not talking about Debbie in Flagler which is a 40 minute walk from Seth rich we're talking about something they have neither right from a lose bar grill and I spent 4 days with Joe Capone looking for their Brendan Warren who's assistant manager and we see in that 4 days I spent a lot of money Joe a lot of money at your bar and I never saw your system manager ... but we did find a brand warned that several ... ... weapons charges and so forth and we have found is address we were going over there and then we got sidetracked with rod Wheeler doubt the Navy Yard but ... what I wanted to say about the facade piece of this is and and you know what I don't argue about it semitism and all that stuff I just want to say the technical the meta data shoot some new low caliber subsonic will it with a solid had to take him down the dorm dad so one goes in through a third lobe of the liver which is up there liver 8 quadrants appear in the corner there's 12 in the front 1 in back is it's a big skewed that way and it just nicked the think just next to the ... liver but that oughta though the report that came out yeah and still there's no autopsy report I know but the report that was on a a social media channel on which all from the fourth year ... surgery right fairly explanatory was 1 at the 22 entries in 1 exit knocked the ball with the ball here to keep the bullet was still in there Rilo 3 of the liver right and no 1 has come out with any to say that that wasn't nobody's disputed tell tell everybody about why it is we think that was written by doctor Saba okay so let me just explain the other wound again really quickly comes through the back ... of pierces the ... untested and they remove a 12 centimeter section of the intestine now here's where Jay's was talking about we push this out all these or dogs we have a tremendous number of ... our docks they're watching this channel yeah they come back I'm not going to my first year doc's son on this sh Amin this is these are people of 40 years in all our E. N. E. R. yeah so in their ... lots of experience they say they would never leave after they would ... resected after they would be sacked the ... the intestine there would never leave a discontinuity it's doesn't make sense at all is what's going to happen is that you know the bad stuff is going to go in the perineum and then causes septicemia right could cause a septicemia and less unless you knew that the person was gonna get taken from there after the bullet was removed normally the bullet would go into it now again you do you hurt the law enforcement professional who is anonymous but she said that we're going to secure evidence ... who secured evidence seal you talk about the F. don't vote of when the book comes out that doesn't that the protocol is in with law enforcement ... you know let's just drop it in the here here that can you hear the 10 in the thing O. yeah OK let's just toss the bullet no that's not how homicide ... things work that they have that evidence is in a secure seal its its tag with a number that's part of the so how does that as that FBI gone in both due to the hand of what's the name of the killer that you gave today Alfonso Abu so what his name well I don't think ... Jola Joel also Chola I actually call for Joe there you go Alfa Joe was the killer yeah well there he saw a guy who hires the 2 of us 13 guys ha ha he doesn't believe yeah poetry here I think it's gonna be a Gilera ... in there was a guy who got burned up no they got shot ... in a parking lot in myrtle beach ... he was the Clinton operatives so so Chola has communications with the Clinton foundation okay it's all gonna come out may ask your report and then also I Gilera has communications go we threw SEIU it's gonna be through Bob Kramer it's going to be through Podesta Kramer and what's that guy's name the sidekick yeah who knows the name of Abbas creamers in underling his henchman his sidekick goes talk about how we're gonna go read crazies out of Arkansas and he was yeah sana James o'keefe video who's seen that was very toss and they did that back thing in the guy said well you can't repeat this and he's in the bar anyway it's that the reasons why I just wanna explain this they were Russians the Russians really don't care about affecting our elections no matter how much Adam Schiff if she were trying to create this narrative they care about their diplomats and their agents being killed in the U. S. reasonable thing to care about and you only have to be have 110 to 123 sources 1 tenth 1 twentieth the technology 1 tenth the 21 twentieth of the U. depending on who you believe the agents so they tend to focus on the things that keep them alive of Scott full that's that fulfill their goals global yeah FOB et al their shows I said horrible with NF FTO F. feel hahahahaha we should have done better than that happier there though you know it now has there we go I feel when I you know it's interesting Scott poll ... tweeted out a kind of some remorseful tweets but the V. look at his Twitter strain ya and he was like you know what I don't be a part of the shit we Haran black right what was that about Arab black you were talking about and we can remember okay so that's a black female Ryan rest Mister black so so let's get down and I'll get your bike is here but let's get down how the hell did the Russians intercept communications between ... Jola and ... full okay why the hell would they be looking at that they're not is so focused so for those who don't know Jola J. Alfa geology O. L. L. a H. he's running this car theft ring here in New York and also across the river in Newark and the 2 final points for the money for car sales here arguably Brooklyn for the new York's the staff's they're also going to be ... Newark for the Newark thefts and lot of people leave her car at the airport these are high end luxury cars right with extremely sophisticated of some security systems what the but there's also a hacking to defeat them I don't know how the game in all these Mercedes and BMWs but the ones have this car dealership it's called cars international ink CIA literally and involves church Virginia and I went there and we we did of I was it was used for you on the road ... anyway you your M. S. 13 you drive a car down the give you $5000 see you later then they'll want Selleck whatever they can get and instead of the money coming directly to cart international Inc it went to the falls church events John foundation or something so I wanna know where Joel is now you went to the mosque over the fact that that of the mosque in falls church is right quarter mile away you can literally walk from so is he still there at the mosque where Joe sure is ... so what happens with Joel is he's rested at as kind of the ringleader but he's kind of played down what the FBI always does this is Mister McCabe again they always say always want to 23 who's actually the ringleader Julissa ringleader he's the guy can go meet with the SEIU ... representative and it's going to be full of all what's gonna be cream on of the 2 and it's not the end one Pierpont with Hillary for America right it's going to be the building next to it the brick building that they're destroying right now that they're tearing down right now that's going to be your safe house it you get video of that building and then I decided what yet so funny now that we're there are very tough to watch a video well ahead you're out to a ship now I know it's crazy but if you see one Pierpont you're gonna see exactly the building they're tearing down right now were all these meetings happen with Joel and you're still attracts not now why would they be following Jola why with the Russians we say ... let's follow this car thief are they afraid of the kid their car stolen no because what happens every once in awhile if some of these people in these mosques for whatever reason want a bigger car or sometimes you just get rid of the old every 16 months to bring in a new guy just to reduce the risk okay so this happened so you can Google ... or look in the series or wan brothers 8 now I don't how much more declared if you can yeah because we have 41 brothers one brother sink okay but I mean the register corporation in Virginia Friday and I put the Virginia ... Commonwealth a number in the tub who is the registered agent for a one brother snake is in it ... to I hear what's his name our shop Mahmoud so who's our shop a mood well he's a guy that's a transportation company called global transport he hires to MS 13 guys and they go down in the murder this car dealer in Richmond and is also key we all in the Richmond mosque the the the muscle must well guess why he's doing both does the money's coming into the Richmond mosque for the payment of the stolen cars and stolen cars are being marketed at that Richmond thing I think in the call at 3 Amigos you can look it up 3 Amigos and hugged the murder was again ... lookup mark my mood and the H. M. O. O. D. and it was at the 3 Amigos car company so many things Joe was already dead why why would he think that well so Julie gets arrested at the end of November 2015 and they're not sentence and this is something the games that McKay plays with people you can still play games where you don't actually you have a you have a hold of them so you can now exert you know prosecutorial leverage on it but you don't have to charge them you can let them go through agreed to do whatever you want to do it's like you can see call me saying well the first thing we try to do is turn and then if we can't then we you know rush it the Zulus bar it seemed like no I mean these are people you want to leverage you know the you want to do work for you you don't pay for your wrath the work you write right so he gets sentenced again ... may 2016 others 2 months before sept group only about 45 days in front of separates is murder no normally running a huge international car ring with 23 people stealing Mercedes off the streets of New York 8090 0 or cars you're gonna do more then 2 months or 45 days time but somehow miraculously recklessly Jola gets off the city connections but a few of us are not but somehow miraculously Jolie gets off within 30 days okay now he is out okay now that trust me the S. S. B. R. is not interested in anybody who's in prison because they know that's not sort of the LP right or not fearing people were part of a kill people once a guy gets out and starts moving around again now you want traffic guy because you want to die your your diplomats to dye your own people dangerous people run around alright now here's where the intercept happens okay biggest communication that they're monitoring of Joel and they're not targeting Seth rich at all they're targeting Chola they're they're they're working for people who are gathering these ad hoc teams they go to the Guatemalan embassy here any day laborer who knows can be $5000 in the case of what my mood it was I think $5000 at the beginning of the job that $5000 at the end the only problem after the murders over Islam tend to kill the killer so these these kids think oh well you know I need 5000 you know and then they end up getting murdered okay that's that's not what happened with feed my mood killings and inch and and for enrichment they just got arrested I mean basically my mood just my mood I aside exterior 7 just drove away you just never give up you just you know figured you guys and they went away to prison but in the case of sept rich what happens is Joel hires the 2 guys if you look at where the Guatemalan embassy is in between where Anthony Weiner is and then W. W. also you know it's NW W. space we up front for SEIU and if you don't know what MW W. is you gotta watch your latest interview that just went up today and we pushed it out so because what we didn't know what was gonna happen we don't really talk that much about this morning that when you were in Brooklyn and so basically we have to understand this whole background that's yeah you being bright though in Forstmann our union and M. W. W. being the public facing I wanna self congratulatory dinner for myself for the murder I just did and I want to be able to hold a funeral and get a lot of donations so it's like not only am I gonna do the web work as job us would say but then I want to self congratulatory dinner on top of that why do the dedication and then I get a whole bunch of of of donations so if you want health is Anthony Weiner know about PR well it worked in WW I mean he knows a lot about PR I mean everybody underestimates and Anthony Weiner you know who'd Beira you know he's he's ... pretty actually sharp operative I know this whole sexy things a big cover ... MW W. is the it's a one of the top 3 PR firms but it is the premier crisis PR for they did the flood water crisis the they did it anyway Burke meant in classic cases Bergman here's the murder of the family he starts a website called who killed separate Shaka $20000 come streaming in because it really wants to solve the murder of who killed separate he just keeps the duo he keeps the money and then turns it into conspiracy thigh side of all these whackos who think that rich was killed so that I conspiracy theories that ties into one of the comments that just came up because somebody said why is it Jeff sessions prosecuting what we need to do is get this number up higher so so he said something about compiling a list Sonya 69 year 2000 before more people are following you that maybe your phone wasn't working so what was so we say about compiling Jason someone said to check last you to post lots of info about how to use this okay good so we need people to do no hears it I mean I was sorry but we we went from my most ... watch video being 15000 or 40000 africana com ... said these are the guys that actually know what's going on so I also Agee Goodman just posted an article about Georgian ion count so if you guys opus short for propaganda sort right so go to counter pro if you don't know about Eiji Goodman he somebody should be listening to but what's happened is are you know Jason's faults is comical and I just turned mine off I mean it it there's no way we possibly answer things so what we would like you to do is just give us a little bread crumbs about what you saw in the in the car in the U. 2 comments that you thought was relevant to what we're talking about and then we'll move forward said makes sense so you're kind of a final you're kind of an intelligence analyst kind of they don't throw water up there chain here and then all and what I know you ever you know people are saying we should go back to Houston who her who says that while we still we still learning this format I tell you what let's sign off for now I'm gonna try to get it on the big TV and then we'll do a wrap up for the night did you get everything out to New Zealand really we got the no no no I didn't become okay let's come back in one second report on the big TV know that we can see the comments mulching we're gonna try to fix all the comments and and we'll be back in a minute okay we're going but I got I got to get //
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19 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\the yeah okay ... up on 90 First Street as you can see ... we're gonna go that way about 3 blocks over by Park Avenue ... I think that Russian obvious SCS 9 Park Avenue but everybody else you know why you going up you know retracing the route spare brakeman well I've tried to see all the cameras or let's see maybe took the subway appear we wouldn't have any cameras we have subway cameras of him on that morning of the 20 third day makes greatness run Braverman's run is to give me the morning of the 20 third which is going to be up Monday I believe after get McFadden dies that night so get McFadden remembers the guy communicating with Seth rich so is a direct link between a dead guy Seth Richard Eyre great that's what we're doing steps very brave men and we have seen in the 220 days always seen as a couple of intercept weeds so that's why we're doing this because it's Etheridge is dead so there's no use follow his footsteps I mean other than to solve this murder but the one living guy who may have the answer to this whole thing is they're great just okay I'm talking here to myself in a corner yourself if you just motion so okay don't expect it to some of which were here but that I love the accent thing I got myself my bagel and cream cheese ago locks here you know I'm up but where woody Allen's neighborhood you know Manhattan I think everybody members murdered mural Mariel Hemingway sitting across from a 57 year old about my age would be on that she's I think it's our first big movies screen and ... woody Allen's explaining he can't deter any more kinda reminds me that Jason good story I'm sorry Jason he's not that always like 45 but he says you know you'll get other friends yet she's crying and everything he's breaking up with her you get other friends there's Billy best friends cooter and I always thought that was a funny line was all shot black and white and ... was really beautiful movie here anda lot of the scenes from that movie as well as all day at home with these were from up on the set of ... man at so start the show is really Manhattan I think but that of course there are illegally parked there so I think that's $97 ticket really coming up I went first Avenue and I'm gonna plus 30 Avenue as well and ... to ... the 2 things I was struck with this just cameras everywhere there's cameras galore Soviet come up on a cab I don't think you own a car but if you'd come up on a cat this way ... just cameras everywhere as you get close closer that way so this to ... Fifth Avenue with this is kind of the dividing line the median of New York where you know the east divides east and west the ... the camera just get more profuse and you can see in a in a in these kind of office buildings here you know every person you know there's a potential footprint you know what making a ... ... video like this all these you know there for for Trevor buddy okay so he says daily brave but yeah I'm not gonna follow thoughts daily Reagan made up in Connecticut because I think that's a fake if somebody wants to ... you know it again this is all school place why is it why not just produce are great but I don't care if it's father says what's Merrimack you know how do I know it just come out you know come over by some flowers for Neil or something Eric and then we're done so until I see proof of life in him in the U. S. and taking questions for it at a press conference about the Clinton foundation I don't think we really have to stop here so to Jason's coming up to Fifth Avenue ... we're gonna go to the embassies got all the gear he encouraged me not to just periscope it but you know film and so forth because we have to ask about those SPR reports yes BR reports is kinda like ... you know it's going to be out like office space with the TPS reports you know ... yes your Portuguese you have you done this yeah SPR reports today yeah yeah I actually talked about 8 supervisors about the SPR report ... you know I I don't you seen the movie but it's pretty funny and ... ... you know I can just imagine the state department you know have you have you looked at the SPR reports today yeah graphics tell a few more Russian diplomats were trying to do our national security force ... the if anybody has the ... of this debate used to call it the retreat I think it's on long island ... where these to get all the Russian diplomats drunk and have parties on the weekend ... ... if it took 35 diplomats were expelled I believe that is out on Long Island and I would like to go out there long island just see if we can you know maybe there was some left some beers Arafat can the fridge you know so maybe ... we can cash in on that ... you know 35 guys you can have a good school you know couple of coolers full of beer at least ... here can you imagine the parties ... and footprints around there the stories of the one most limo drivers can tell so ... O. M. get comments no it's weird get kind of some something changed it's good so ... I didn't get Jason met may have it so many so he can text me anybody who's already connected with me please ... tell me about the ... Braverman's ... you know school playgroup ... give me Braverman's quarrel group if you can ... also ... anything that was happening in the morning of the 20 third around Fifth Avenue and 90 seconds that would have produced a photograph a lot of times there's these incidental photographs that you know ... unity of see George Bush a pro Texas school book depository to go Hey that's George bush's in front of the Texas school book depository I would never put those 2 things together so ... you know that kind of thing you know so this is just evidence collection and again even if it doesn't produce a picture of her Braverman we get state of mind a very brave and maybe those car accident there at that intersection ... maybe the trains there was an outage or something like that and it helps keep people when I go and ask questions that help keep he's people's mind ... yeah I remember that one day that that ... you know Mercedes was hit ... or whatever ... with a team leader and and he was he was doing ... a school play for you know ... look the Libya bombing ... or or whatever and WW I'm only I'm member in the unit Debbie came out with the chair thrown around the world that day yeah that that I remember so that's the kind of thing that I want to do is just jog people's memories okay so Meg click off here ... sorry about that and ... I I ... since settled within ... pedestrian I nearly killed the large settlement so he's take care of ... he said he was not an operative so that's good ... I which I don't know if I want to try to quell this mod squad or this Massad squat thing that's percolating up everyone says you know Jason I need ... hot blonde like gold mod squad of everybody remembers Lincoln and at Penn Jillette than in the old mod squad Google if you're under 50 and ... but it was a gang of 3 it was gonna be these new kids knows black guy though why go along here it was going to be the the hot blonde they're gonna solve crimes you know like Scooby doo Scooby doo came out later was kind of an M. W. W. spoof on ... on the mod squad ... but it's got a sixties try to have kind of now sixties up approach to crime solving ... and then Scooby doo kinda came out later as safe a spoof ... but if you guys have any ... and and then the question is XIX or or I'm not these were Jewish week that you S. because that's almost got a negative connotation now ... so XIX or or ... ... a Jewish young lady I think we need to shake so I'm just I'm just gonna say sixes probably will balance out the the mod Massad squash so I'll leave it there okay coming up periscope I know Lori Schiller you're beautiful ... thank you ... I'm gonna try to fix that I swear to god I have a I have internet now and I will solve okay ... that's all for now gonna be next seeing the last Braverman's around the last steps a very brave woman that we know about last time we know he was alive do you have that look it right I every day if the people the usual all //
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18 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\yeah I'm near my old ... house on 28 20 eighth street and ... third ... so it's this area's reputation Murray hill can't afford that ... drama ... ... Murray hill theatre bookie kind of thing like a plume Sperry in New York more votes intellectual crowd so for so ... breakthroughs in a a does repertory theatre company and a lot of times the you know ... let's just call it foggy bottom will go to these repertory companies data for school place so and they'll just like you know you pull the script for a fellow and you know ... Iago a 90 on a fellow in Romeo Juliet they've got plays like okay we're going to do reaction to the bombing in Syria okay ... see we've run this about 700 times so let's change the main actors you know let's give it a twist you know let's have it be ... you know some some social justice of role but it's gotta be I will have you know Chinese lesbian who just had a big can't afford it ... you know sex change and ... and then schedule a self congratulatory dinner and okay what else we need to do so that's kind of how these things run so brave as a part of this repertory group down here now I'm on Third Avenue right now ... so I gotta get through this intersection among third added some stuff that had to be shift okay almost killed somebody gonna stop of filming ... so ... anyway you're all part of that you're all witnesses y'all plaintiffs as well with Hillary ... so ... so what I'm really try to get to a Braverman's ... news really try to get to Braverman's ... I'm gonna stop driving while filming ... try to get the bravermans repertoire group has won over there just say Hey you know this guy was in your repertoire company for I don't know 5 years cheers ... do you ... I don't freak people out almost hit the pedestrian ... while ... but I was nose in your repertory company have you seen him in a year worse see I mean did he also said he just stopped doing what he loves doing is also in this merry melody makers some kind of wacky ... choral group I think ... it at Yale looks like the the missing cock a doodle sort of singing ... humming birds or whatever so he isn't it in there gay men's choir as well so I wasn't able to research that at Yale because of getting a deal ... daily deal was posted in that he owes college newspaper in the country go you know be open to cover the story ... but again here we are day to 20 where is our Braverman I'm still ask that question and date 220 Michael Keating ... you know they ask me gonna wire this ... kitchen with 12220 goes to 20 to 21 you know not not really sure so here we are day to 2221 tomorrow ... I think it's from Betelgeuse I don't remember actually but we're still trying to ... figure out where they exert raven church can run down the foot prints it so you can do you look at the social connections and go to the places where he worked was that I I I think if he's going to be the guy that well it's kind of lascivious add there on the back I mean it kinda looks well anyway you're in New York ... like kinda reminds me that Jason ... adjacent Goodman movie you'd treaty but it doesn't have nudity swung let you know there's a lot of a Kevin Sorbo a lot of hot blondes in the movie what is that movie called I can't remember ... but it's it's kind of a 3 D. thing ... that was was what is one of the best 3 days what one of the worst scripts I've ever seen in my life and great actors it just shows you you can make really great actors into just piss if you have a horrible script I may have just a horrible script about it if OJ so I would just walk out ... and just said look you know and my name's gonna get attached to this ... so anyway I'm not sure the sub ahead with the MC what is it of Doug Julia ... Julia K. what is it Julie K. treaty no Julia case really Julia something 3 D. Kevin Sorbo you can you can go got sort of but it really is it's really kind of cool it's kinda reminds me of the Kennedy assassination photos were somebody figured out gray scaling and by taking the grace killing they actually allowed you to like look into the brain ... and it's kind of macabre but it look into the brain of JFK that's a 3 D. technology in certain ... forensic situations can be kind of good now you can get a full frontal on this at here so I guess you know that is totally unintentional I guess he's got his pants on so took ... but looks like we got some on their mind ... always have protection dumb moving now these are the kinds of things the CIA always does they love that kind of shit ... movie companies are you think about it you gotta move yours shit around for your people you don't want to have you know moving footprints so that's yet another proprietary ... how did it work better and holy fright ... so yeah New York language center we're didn't were going up toward the U. ed on the site here so ... like there are some really great ... and and then that a New York Lange land let a lot logical Largent Medical Center I don't know palatial Medical Center ... but all the interpreter so appear in this side of town it's amazing because you have people that can speak separate languages ... as you get closer to I think Kezia buildings on like EDS some like that seventieth so if my commentary is boring at least we have New York as a backdrop which is always a beautiful city ... but so if anybody has ... Braverman's ... the very the Mary ... twiddle makers or whatever is is is choral group at Yale look that one up and then it gets his ... repertory theatre again why the obsession with Eric Braverman well if it was he was involved then then why kill gotten gotten fat you know ... why submerge him and disappear him for 220 days all we have is a few tweets if he's not involved then what's the big deal come out air air come out where ever you are and get a coffee I have a copy with me right now in this thing but no ... so I do think is on a kibbutz in Israel with his brother I do what I love about this is he didn't his brother did was in a roommate at Harvard ... with ... mark Zuckerberg and then they Google earlier I guess it was now around it was another M. W. W. deal Larry summers so hi other footprints he had a thing called rex ari acts in Washington DC I never did get over Iraq's ... ... but the rex group get it it could be a double entendre for our W. E. C. K. S. so he could be in the in this crisis PR you know he could be the part of a crisis PR that's the front and that's the repertory group is what I'm trying to say that's how it's possibly connected ... you know if he if he's in on it you know I've I've been that guy who's been going in the hamlet version of Eric Braverman which says it's a good guy or is the bad guy but maybe it's it's about guide is in on the whole thing are you going an atomic turn off and thanks for helping me out with that search and //
"2017-05-31 17:12:29"
17 Day 220 May 31 2017
\\for okay ... I have turned the key Jace was actually convinced the car was going to go up in the smoke I'm already crossed the street from Wendy other women who who this person is Wendy Williams oh wait a minute I think I do know the Wendy Williams show the way people are lined up already for the when the leaves hero so anyway the double tap here and go live okay so ... today I will be going to the Russian embassy maybe a couple times you have to ask yourself on the SP our report so as to SPR reports one is the one on June or July 7 and that's gonna be the one where they've been looking at this guy named Jola because the terrorists the hires an S. 13 murders right that's why the Russians are monitoring Jola they're not muttering Jola because he steals cars in New York they don't really care if jealous deals every car on the street they don't care the curator diplomats get killed ... they don't want they want prevent the situation that happened and Turkey at the art museum the guy should the guy in the back that's why they monitored the guys with the guns in the back of the art gallery so it is you know if you just think about it for like one minute it makes total sense that's why SPR is doing what to see ares doing now if they were listening to Jola talk back and forth with ... let's say somebody from I'm not going to say silico opera silico destruction and Long Island but let's say somebody in an SI you ... kinda say because the thing about the construction businesses you control ASCII you there you can control you have somebody in a man in Havana every building in New York especially you know ... well everywhere ... hospital that that's that's that infiltrators dream push of the union organization now I'm I'm not picking on asks me here I'm not picking on I eat IBEW I would be able to show later in this that ID EW and all the other unions that use the ... then GPO P. van software ... that we're doing union organizing ... you know they were rated just as well as birdie I mean it wasn't just Bernie folks that got raided and NGP band ... theft I mean there's a lot of people think that edgy band itself was raided by AGP but I'm not gonna go there because I don't wanna at cast aspersions on bread pearl I mean on the net program but there is this period of time it's 4 hour period of time during backups where they drop the permissions on all the files for the backup still current on AGP then and if you knew that that exploit you could go and if I was I even if I was SEIU I'm going to see all what all your canvassers did all your door knockers did yesterday bring out the union vote ... and you're mailing interested in people who voted democratic in the past because not only are those people going to give you their vote they're gonna probably give you money ... state workers are especially good because they are already retired there are usually pretty good pensions so there there you know you know I feel like I gotta get back I mean getting it back so the NGP then is going to come into the sink what what's nice is when you spend about 3 days researching something and doing interviews and then you go to ... you know doctor Jerome courses house and he spent the last 3 days do an edgy Pete so our our were even though were research and safe things were doing different things I'm interviewing people and Jason is interviewing people regarding the NGP they had suffered a fight out these technical details to find out that reality of of how what really happened on the street we're not stopping at the U. Trotsky ... school play we're going beyond the age you you trust the school play were going the people actually working the streets actually knock on the doors and you know you may call that retail journalism or or or or barnstorming journalism where we call a shot gun journalism we're just journalism maybe I mean that's what you have to do you can't just sit back and go you know AGP then I am in no way am I mean Dr courses research was bah Maisie amazing because just emailed every fact you could tell he's got intelligence background but it was just a perfect couple has come like that it reminded me of ... going back when double 7 goes back to Anne's house or the emms office IBM's like yeah well you know here's what we're really gonna do because I don 9000 of these things ... but thank you all all take that input so ... so Priscilla co the reason why midget basilica so much as he's gonna be the one getting these people ... these ISI Pakistani ISI people ... thesis in the United States and I mentioned New York film academy yesterday and ... I will produce I believe by the end of today at least one of Pakistani ISI for DHS ... that did get a scholarship in the United States from New York film school after being on the terrorism watch list beyond the red list for Interpol so I will produce that ... and Jason Goodman mentioned last night that so this is the cover you know come in under some kind of social justice cover and that's other infiltrating that's how the Awan brothers are connected Seth rich Seth which is just one just one of them murders SEIU murders of hundreds so that's why I say that Seth riches a important case because of huge number of researchers out there working on that and Seth rich will unlock the STI you a chain of command and and how Murs were carried out but I don't want to just solve sift riches murder and I I hope I've made that you know kind of clear you know Bob Kramer you know again I goaded meditative Bob creamer goes to the White House 33 other times protest a ghostly white house about 3 other types of it that's over like a 4 year period Mr thing about that that's going to the White House like every 4 days there's a lot more dead bodies here then ... there's a lot more dead bodies here than just ... Seth rich you know and which means in in terms of investigation lumber footprint so ... but we'll continue to follow such rich case but again so we talk about SPR reports if you don't know the SPR is its intelligence service ... for Russia ... for their foreign foreign service or like our CIA they don't do nearly the covert action because it all of the budget ... for quota for action there's no black budget in Russia believe me they're they're trying to get you know enough money for tonight's Porsche so ... so so that's a really critical thing is SPR reports why would they go if you're that I we said this yesterday but you're the Russian ambassador and you get the information that there because you're monitoring Jola it in the into this SEIU silico ... I'm not saying I'm not saying like Priscilla Coates ordering deaths but he is getting visas for people who are killers who are being brought in the United States not like a set up produce that later today so so Pasila coast bringing them in they're getting jobs and in you know Long Island in New York and so forth and then operatives it S. yeah you like the guy who's you know wait for me in the elevator and the other guys wait for me in the stairwell yesterday that they're the union organizers there the guys who's like you know you see on the street there's one guy watchin you're logged island or Brooklyn especially do you see this phenomenon in the immediate like a good tribe like 10 sites or one guys watching make sure it's a union job Goraj checking everybody's tags tech interprets local that's the guy the way they do it at that extra was called extra work ... every action the way they do every action because we're not just talking about union jobs were Taliban that stuff or or in yesterday's case date date day action but you have the union guy there that you're gonna have a guy who's who's the rocky you know that that the union tough that you know ... is is being brought up through the UFC ranks you know and his other job is Hey you know stethoscopes neck so ... that's how it works that's the action here and ... you know I would just continue like a double their greatness just pile on the evidence that that's exactly how it works if you don't know who 80 days ceus she almost ... describes the full flight of of the the continuity between SEIU and M. W. W. as in WW is is this afternoon winners ... that firm of of how it's connected and W. W. on I've walked by the Fifth Avenue is the social justice front the crisis management they're gonna hire the Braverman Ackerman troop after troops for whatever crisis they want to ... take advantage of it and then get their hedge funds all set up before that before habits and then the other end of the the the street and it was where I was in Brooklyn yesterday so you got to know when you're in the middle of ... lives Dan and kit spit out Superman's Cape I mean Pasila because our you know pretty ... ... heavy duty family construction family I do think the basilica's gonna be end up where the construction jobs are going to be for the people coming in and that's what really bugs me is even even in the old union days they've retired Americans for the construction now you know we gotta bring in operatives with this in a transition to Hillary bringing operatives from overseas that just doesn't make any sense now I understand world deplorable and we all need to be eliminated and harvested but but at least show some American spirit basilica for crying out loud there you can go with the silicone wikileaks and he's talking about the Bradley manning ... thing yesterday our I mean value start about Bradley manning strapped for leaks now interesting it's like Jason goodness got a connection everything ... one of his good friends is murdered in his backyard ... after a strat for Lee can we're going to develop that a little bit more the other thing is working on the main airport movie which I think is going to be ... with coming out a couple months crews ... it's going to be called American made I think ... his friend that did ... I think some of the helicopter stuff a aerial photography and stuff is murdered ... in this guide try to decide you know chemical pro helmet system camera thing and and then vote you know so it's not like these murders don't ... it except rich was year ago and then we're waiting for the next one no they're happening all the time just have the developer a sensitivity to it so okay so given that agenda and those talking points where do I want to go today I'm open to suggestions one of things I mean I literally had to learn how to use ... ... periscope yesterday so I'm not in a periscope expert I mean was it kind of like ... you know life and death type type situation so ... one thing said that Jason defies we can't scrape the comets and watch this later on so I guess it becomes a YouTube later on it's kind of nice because again meditative meta data if we could scrape that later on it we could scrape your comments later on that means I don't have to go through a costly approve all comments when I'm on the road which is big disapproving comments that the comment shadow banning is getting really nasty ... and again the more arcane and the more specific those comments are you know ... the better you know ... you know ... 2 Jews in a blind dog you know it's funny but it ... it doesn't help the investigation at all if you say if I say New York film academy and you say you know Iran a log you know got a scholarship there that's very valuable because then that those all leads because you don't go is it's just like at military school F. especially special forces military school you don't go to special forces military school to learn how to do special forces murder operations and then not do murder operations when you get out okay now I'm not saying New York film schools that but I am saying it is the cover to get people in here Schneider minutes like shenanigans of district over the job of Attorney General in New York is like well you know we gotta worry about the truck foundation and $800 portrait Tropper whatever the hell ... you know just these ridiculous deflections ... did the thing that needs to be ... that's the thing needs to be cracked and it's gonna be now so anyway and we got to the Russian embassy I wanted a Russian consulate I want to go up there with with Jason but again why with the Russians and others in SPR report Russian intelligence report that brave men went to that location or going to today on the 20 third gab McFadden just so happens to have died the night of the 20 second with a really fast cancer you know that does these fast cancers the wife you can't contactor only can only contact or through emails you never see approval life her face same thing happens with ... just seems like he's fast cancers there's just you know they're dead 2 months ... so that happens with Ratner and it happens with ... it happens with which makes bed the next morning the next morning Braverman makes run for the consulate now what reason in the world but as we are have a publishing that other than to say we got a guy here we don't know what to do he sitting here saying a series of CEO the Clinton foundation and he wants asylums as a political prisoner what we do that generates paperwork that generates a footprint that's why the US Europe report happened now you gotta bring down an analyst guy from up stairs and he's gonna use yours form ... watching a very gray area Clinton foundation sure sure he doesn't know the whole back story of the Clinton foundation so a whole bunch of then some more there are you know ... commissar of of paper stamps has come over hit with so stamps of you have been to Russia you know you look they love their stamps and like a power thing with them and ... didn't have 8 stamps it needs then you know we gotta go back to the yellow line kind of thing justice to kind of show there'd control and anyway ... so brave and so there is that its footprint city I mean it's just a profusion of footprints ... that he's he's making what he just said that there that our in our 2:00 hours or 3:00 hours he weighed in that lobby so I'm sure you know it's been over a year almost a year so they've raced all the foot prints I heard they collected all the street camp ... right after it happened and he said come back in a week well that wasn't too smart you know she just said no not leaving and then generated more foot prints with with an arrest ... from the NYPD at least it would have generated publicity but he made a mistake and like I said I still think he tried to get the the thumb drive ... to to not Craig Murray but another contact on September 15 here in the Chelsea bombing was to draw the cops away so to route to to either go in and and and and dopamine drug amend and interrogate him is are fed up they don't go to the explosion until they're fed up and they're tired of warning you and they're fed up and they say look this is it so ... so I'll be going there and we go to New York film academy I think that's an important point anything you have any ideas of other places above but Braverman's in a our drama group done in Murray hill I got can be important remember that both Jerome Corsi I end Jason all agree that that the head off had to be between may 25 and I'm at about now may 31 if you remember correctly do New York type punches out an article and I know the exact day were brave and gets married now odd odd last year about this time now why well if you don't have to testify against your relatives so the big you can't go after Neil brown now I can go after brave men because he can testify that could be it you know Hey you're you're picking on gays thing you know if these called as a witness so that's our trading area just I want to remind everybody correlate that timing is commute to sting the see the exact date on that because if it's the 20 fifth or 26 that's going to be really interesting because that's attorney set things up as cover so the reason I want to do this first one is haven't really thought through exactly all of all the stuff I want to do today a deathly one expose the New York film academy we have 2 other fit New York film academy so what the hell is New York film academy doing and Florida what the hell is New York film academy doing and but Los Angeles I I can understand Los Angeles because Hollywood but now are they accepting visa's from from foreign guy of students there that's just like a up a visa said I mean that's that's almost like out of a Bronco with missile Ronco machines you know we're just stay about the abuses as fast as possible ... in the same thing for LA so we're gonna get to the bottom of it now you've seen news where shards of this and again this looks like a classic ... ... ... okay breaking shit up there's an EP 5 visa case that just broke or maybe it's H. one B. case it just broke again Los Angeles we had a guy get murdered in Florida this that though but wise and ... a very wise at black guy 37 year old rapidly rising and now we've got you know the silico here in New York with the pieces I will produce dented today's at least one person epistle I know but they do have high right back so anyway those are thoughts ... the I guess these are saved so put your thoughts in here Jason be watchin he's he's back at you know command central today do in the ... drum corps C. editing and also the rod Wheeler editing ... those are still gonna be great ... my first part one is up from my interview adjacent I go through a lot of this in a conversational styles you can really understand it because he has a lot of great questions and really lays out the big part 2 is coming up pretty soon but here we are day to each one pick I am so ... the what will be will be ... taking these thoughts that come back from this ... so this is more of a stream of consciousness again it's not prepared or whatever it's off the cuff but I will freeze the New York film academy with least one for trump sessions whoever to drill down on once I expose deliver the rat line that will happen today then what do you do that you go oh well you know ... one stinger missile guidance so we're pretty much done no you got to say well or what one truckload of sarin gas got and we're done we they probably did ship anymore you can't really approach national security that way in the way McCabe is handled the humor case and the Hillary case and completely buried Brad Johnson Casero mills's ... where you where are you Jason when you say on there I don't know where there is other than ... you mean he finally got the ... well I got this up so I just use this as a way of planning in the morning I think I think periscopes a good tool we're on a last night we did a lot of them we were good we did a special one for a New Zealand last night talk to a lot of his New Zealanders found out the story you know I'd said he was finishing German ... for your personal budget good okay Jason's watching these clinics capture all the comments what was good comes on to the to the periscope witches witch's it's good and I'm pretty sure about 80 percent sure it was him because I asked him immediately accuracy whether they read your house you can back Jerry twentieth 2012 and ... so ... I don't it was a time even hit 3 keys before he came back with the answer tell everyone will figure we'll figure out comments today yeah so we're gonna figure out comments but we are getting them are you can't conduct our somehow my battery keeps going okay alright sorry that would I can count as I'm just okay so just lay this out ... those are the kind of agenda items for today ... we we will I really don't need a college that to break they ... ISI rat line in New York because I already know the answer to that one ... silica I will break that today I promise you one brothers I will break that today it's going to be the same rat line Montreal to a New York that's gonna be ... ari ever gone in and done all the rat line and ... in Montreal with with his dad because dad got it in houses just got in and I Abalos names already so that's kind all prepackaged and ready to go I just need to break the the film academy knows way to get to the arc break the filmic academy story ... to be interesting to see if the Celica still has his art director ... cover a and the state department cover right next to each other on a lake and I mean that but sometimes it's just too easy okay that's that's gonna be it ... were missing SPR ... if anybody can search the SPR reports and get any more than what we see now like you know 4 chan followed me all I got a good agenda conflict yeah so I said okay I did a quick litmus test and I think it was him and and then I asked him I said well is there any meditate I don't want though some that would get you in trouble you know get you put away for 30 years but is there any meditative that you can give up and he said he said Seth rich had a mega upload account now there's 2 ways to look at this you could say okay about Tom that's just another Napster you're just using 14 year olds to steal intellectual property so then you can resell it I get on a global basis for some hedge fund you know ... this is another Sean Parker Facebook you know you followed Ford again and don't think I just like you know I'm glazed over roast can up come so I'm gonna stop analytically thinking you know I know the CIA is don honey pots or whatever you wanna call them ... for a long time to get free electoral property so they can re Badgett it as a as a hedge fund and I know that okay and I know that could be why they're doing the mega upload thing and it is kind of a like a cool way of you know street advertising so I give that about a 20 percent probability them the thing I give more probability to is that maybe he is actually going to Congress and gonna go to testify but he can't give away too much now he said he'd never been to Las Vegas he said he never been United States that's easily verifiable that means that it out the handoff that thumb drive handoff is out I don't believe after thinking about last night I just don't think that's the way it happened set riches to smart he's gonna make 10 thumb drives and the perfect place to give modest Los Vegas you got 400 delegates there are 3 other delegates I think was 15150 the perfect place to that we can just go hate anything happens to me a bone here you know you've 20 you know how much is cost me 20 sundress there's no fingerprints there's no intercept there's no NSA intercepts sets riches smart guy knows about NSA intercept we try to make him out to be this politico guy you know political long but he also wrote this application if you say we live it went in and and charted how to walk your precinct so he knew at least API's to Google ... Google maps which you know and not everybody knows that you know so ... I I I if it's me and I look at all the inflection points along the way and it charted a mall that did the 3 debates to get Bernie meeting on the of February 8 usually people do stuff like that and go over the ticket's really courageous things when they're when they feel like they're boxed and they have no other alternative and that's when they do the most courageous things usually and ... that's why I say was the 20 fifth and that coincides pretty well with the last date of email them and who would get make the email and thumb drive now you've got sedition and 30 years in prison you're looking at Brad Bradley manning time and you're gonna wait 3 days to have at your apartment and just legally around for DHS to come in and and take no you're gonna want to have that your head is too little time as possible if you correlate to chair throw and MW W. by the way AB day see again and that after the winter and Debbie Wasserman Schultz in my cabinet all the crew the ones who did the blackberry sinking with and picked at the waiters laptop ... blackberry and laptop ... Gee that might've been valuable information ... MW W. for crisis up your tapes but anyway the chair throw they did the chair throw around the world story I did do the chair throw around the world story so they made a big deal about it so in 2 days later if you hadn't thrown the chair and you had this in WW making this big deal about it you'd be like Hey this shit is completely ass backwards everything that they are choosing us of doing Dave they did it to us the same thing happened with the NGP van stuff with them accusing of Bernie people have looked at their data you know ... in it at the end of December with all you Trotsky thing so it it already happened to Seth rich once with you Transkei ... thing where they have been accused and he's just like Hey I'm out here trying to build the vote plus I get screwed over in New York were all of get out the vote for the college students of college Bernie students get suppressed I think that was June 1 and that was really the last straw I think for Seth rich so that's why I say it's got to be in that time before you know there's all this vote suppression thing going on with with that in June ... so June 1 so I think that's the end time because grew server comes out of the 50 ... and to do the wash your posts comes out with on the fourteenth so it's really a close time so like as a doctor from Tor course he looked at this and he's the PhD from Harvard on that and he looked at it for 3 days spends whole Memorial Day weekend a couple days before that and he says it's the 20 fifth to the it now but I'm saying the 26 because you can't you know for one day for taking it over to ... to the embassy so ... Seth riches in Washington DC is not stupid he knows where the embassies are I comes back from Las Vegas he's pissed off ... he's given out 10 different AGP van databases with that is given out all the the email the zip file email it uses Hey would give back your hometown wikileaks this thing now it could be that the cave has you know it hurt has intercept that intercept epic McFadden everything going to make that justice intercept it you know McFadden's in this 2 year cancer ... 2 month cancer declined in these just intercepting everything so but somebody somebody out of those 10 ... drives others 10 thumb drives is gonna make a copy I'm just trying to really think it through and I'm not saying it's had some guys I don't have proof of that could //
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16 Day 219 May 30 2017
\\you'll hear me young arrive with George's we'll hear me so there's no no hollow show that part of the place okay homeless on my part well I'm just I'm in tight here a mental you should no this is Priscilla go this is the guy who's not at your hand me oversight the hold on hold on there you go okay so I look at who we have on the fall it's AJ it's H. A. Goodman okay so this is important because he's a good they are dead are dead man's switch right fellow good yeah not related now related okay hold on so I'm gonna go low here and there's Priscilla co he's the upper silico he's the guy got ... ... do wants their piece of cynicism here this is the guy who if you watch look at them they also they did today you can see the the guy would get up now I wanna move over AJ now he's reading an article right now and AJ tell us what you're writing because the Supreme Court George is a cynical at writing is a a piece that it's going to be talking about how you how you are both of you and share it back ... Elizabeth back all 4 of you are risking their lives battling ... book really in a quest for truth so ... I want a this is a counterpart of all the issues to is computerized group of for those who are unfamiliar with it is called is really short for counter propaganda right a checked yes that shows a heads up and I just I want everyone to know it doesn't matter if people disagree where is well you guys support shared or me it's not about what do you read the agree with it's not about ... look what their political views are this is for I am with your people at Hillary voters who just don't want to see good people the heart so my thing is this is an article that I want everyone to share and it's simply going to say that look there are people who have been who have died already sets rich yeah Armstrong Lucas parents in shape wise and yeah and if they are just so the most ridiculous narratives ... botched robbery and ... ... just 3 chemicals are found in his body to very difficult to just you know combined together so there's a history of their recent history and then there's the whole business behind the Clinton body count where all these mysterious that the test take place I just want to let me know let it be known that you know George web chasing Goodman I chaired back ... you know here you can keep you guys are doing things that are dangerous so if anybody stupid not to hurt you they know that a whole lot of people already know your lives are at risk or that you're doing something very risky and a whole lot of people would you know put your safety on their radar so thank you for doing that AJ and and my pleasure each year there's one other lawsuits that's out of Columbus Ohio yeah ... for the exit polling and it's about 32 states it was another Bernie supporter and does that guy's name again for travelers will pick the track as the group attracted his though attorney's name you can Google it yeah and I think I did we did a segment on it I think so yes yes yes and ... so but he is I think that is also proceeding as well so so ... back we should call them again today because we hold them over the weekend that we did ... ... we were a little preoccupied not getting killed yet Jerry back and I wasn't I wasn't Brooklyn I was I just to turn on Tillery street you know to go over to Camden square which is across from the SEIU ... henchman headquarters that was being torn down next to Hillary's Hillary for America him and ... you know I just did a outed the ... you know that jala the the guy who ran the car rain here and it was the democratic operative and ... you know we just talked about Mister ... basilica over here as the guy who ... got on the pieces so ... these very the stairwell gets closed off to me and then there's all kinds of funny things one of the elevator then I see the elevator repairman and then I saw ... guy I'd see the day before who said he wasn't staying at the hotel and yelling at me now shows up in the elevator with a guy who looks like Marshawn Lynch and I was like in all I think I'm gonna have somebody right over with me over to Jason so ... so so I get really the most troubling aspect of the whole thing is that I had to cancel my reflexology appointment yeah we play solitaire so would applaud that site again ... which is ... proba probe counterproductive I'll go ahead ... it'll be up in about an hour 0.5 and ... you know this is something that you know to have black is a thrill powerful progressive voice and he is doing a lot of work ... also got a whole bunch of things but you know he's done a great segment assets ridge that great segment some Southridge Niko hapless who has done a phenomenal work of saturated should not as I caller ... keeping just so is a lot of people and you know if we are we all stick together this whole this is a bunch more people have it measured but if we all stick together yeah and we have that kind of powerful reach but I'm gonna have to head on out now yeah eyes Steve seriju thank you so much thank you was Isaac oboe okay AJ Goodman everybody I M. really knowledge yeah so so we have a little bit of wine left and you know me hopes are ... I'm not I'm gonna at the end of the day you know stressful day I'm sorry I missed your speech you know I'm gonna have a glass of wine you know issues we were I was in the shit you know and ... they closed up the closed up the stairwell on then they close off the elevator and yeah no news we're gonna figure out the comments we're gonna get some food and we really appreciated by his listening to our rambling so I'm here to Tim that come ... I don't know it yet you're gonna get all this drum corps see footage backed up so we can start anything that will do thanks everybody Aaron Swartz //
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15 Day 219 May 30 2017
\\I would absolutely say so for everybody you didn't see became it cannot come this is significant not so much that Jason got you know the the thumbs up from cannot come on I know you like it here unless exit from beginnings ... subscribers are great but searchers are gold you know and ... I would flip the screen ... I just double tap this well right so here's the thing both George and I one of the reasons I think that we connected and became such fast friends is that neither of us have ads on our channels were not trying to monetize don't take money we're doing this because we want justice and we want American to be what it's suppose to be and I suddenly cries when they came to stop bothering me my family and yeah I'm solely selfish in this site you know I I if it their symbol downstream by products for other people that's great ... you know my courage I don't really have courage I just want to see my kids I mean you don't have well you know a courage when you win you know better way SO if so nonetheless I did so so anyway I ... I thought his compromise there wasn't really it was kinda like taking everyone great assault but then he posted that freakin ... FBI ... doc on this and its website and Twitter he didn't take it down I'm with with that hate the only thing we really know by document and this is what your own course he said is you know sort of education with going to the school play and ... and saying here's here's what is freaking out that they're not we have to job you know friend them on our own Paris I know I'm right now I'm sorry we just can't we I know I don't know how to figure out what's for gonna so what will but we had to friends but yeah we we just say friend everybody we just friend ever that as Fred everybody know so stupid this guys this is the first day the only reason I did those comments restricted to only the people you follow okay so how do we make it's that everybody what we have to cross that bridge we got to the ultimate outcome of you keep talking all right now okay so no I need you in here and I love because I I need you to commentary yes yeah well I need you to next broadcast will have a system that doesn't make you gotta say he's ... assets in your question or whatever so ... so says I mean that's a ... for some reason is not can't take we it's it's gonna take I can't take a lot of concerts and things route just the next one world will do that but but ... we have to figure out how to ... tease the information from from Kim ... without him yeah getting ... ... you know they're going to put up with espionage it's the Bradley many things going to be the 30 year thing so he did he offer to testify if you clear under Congress under Congress you have congressional immune here I am I mean that not immunity but you can go there under oath and speak under oath and and then implicate but you have to work for everybody when to get that I don't yeah you got to give up your laptop yeah you know you're left out to get him a similar after give your all and yeah if you're on the phone trying to Bruce Lindsey and you got attorney client privilege you go so you can't ... discover it then you can give up your laptop yeah well by the way I just wanna comment on the on the Cheryl mills think Bradley Johnson this is the most under reported story 96000 emails Bradley Johnson a CLJ whose Bradley Johnson ... Bradley Johnson's you sister of Cheryl mills so you want to talk about how they always push stuff down like protested pushes the dirty work down a creamer in them reamer has that one guy can member's name so I said yeah who's cream creamers underling yeah I can't take any questions right now because it's just it's just too distracting so please don't stop of questions I I will will figure it out taxing yeah people just chill for a minute still a but here's the thing ... what I've done with ex FBI and what I've done with ex ... field FE I have talked about not McCabe's ... counterintelligence FBI or CIA FBI but a what I don't feel FBI is I've had a people go to libraries give that thumb driver give the information to their kids so there you know anonymous computer then upload to wikileaks ... I believe there's a couple of other sites around the world but you can upload to that will then merely make wikileaks I don't know if those are people out there take that one Meg upload was about yeah yeah yeah Megaupload I I I thought Megaupload was a honey pot after Kim was a loser use mega I never use it either but I mean I think but they're trying to do well on the go go there but ... so so Kim is but now no he's not compromises in the network it's common for but he can't give the secrets out is under pressure till he testified because then they go arrest him and it's a rally many things can often goshi no you never see him again they never seem to get so he knows he has something but he can't say it otherwise it's going to 30 years well it is 5 eyes thing that was in New yeah he can't see anything about that you can't see anything because as soon as he says something that says violate state secrets he gets tried for espionage and that's you know death penalty so we gotta figure out a way to tease out what he knows although I think really delivers lawyers figure out no no no no no no no no no you want all the stuff to leak for he ever testifies why because now the internet is out there searching searching searching on every little a bread crumb and it it trestles the story Russell you're saying just like when you were brought cast just like I did just like I did so if the information you need trestle under his story okay hive and he's gonna have a mega upload and again that supply networking noses supply network you do you know your upstream you know downstream in the in the head off now I have reason to believe that Seth rich made like 10 thumb drives at the chair throw at the chair throw in Vegas I think he was at the chair throw but he wasn't at the chair throw bombs and that means that Las Vegas convention but you know M. W. W. ... our friends at monster worldwide which you know I call another need to this interview just ... in WW where 80 Dacey Hey Amy Hey scrunchie who scrunchie they do so so what sort of people I think you're getting confused between searching on you tube for George web searching when you too for crowd sourced the truth okay George wet me is is me ... crowdsourced selfie daily videos of the the shaking man or ... why is the production quality so bad ... ... Jason is more a platform for all George Webbs ... to come forward too low and focusing more on look me to start one more produced stuff well enough as a prelude as a prelude as an intro to a very nice Polish 60 minutes for camera that's one aspect of it but also like you know people have been enjoying like when I went over to a Braverman's apartment I try to get like you know stabilize video in little of facts and I'm doing kind of slow light stuff in and then when I you know we did hidden camera we're looking for Eric Braverman smart in the beautifully produced stuff is very helpful because you know I got somewhat down the street I saw the cars at the precinct the 20 first I said fuck this is why they had the the bomb over us PGA fans like us sorry sorry yeah this is how I really am but I'm not at all but I know I have ... it on the U. Cuba get at a dinner if I do that but ... 3 strikes you're out he's a true yeah to make it yeah 3 tracks and then get 3 strikes so ... so they here's the the challenge this is kind of almost like zodiac puzzle and ... member zodiac killer killer yeah published a crossword and it was obvious you know it's like a well you at all the words a continuous you know it was John Leguizamo wasn't well but the one guy circled it and then they ran it for 3 we thought the movie was in the movie yeah but that mean that that that that the puzzle was well this is the other I mean it was all continuously like one I don't know that much of it is very accurately they'd supposedly got the zodiac I either had to go off the topic but they were gonna published some decrypt come back to that we're gonna put well let me just explain the lady I live publishes secrets zodiac and it was this crossword puzzle like you would see in the New York Daily Times New York times and it literally on like a fourth line if you start with that word letter yeah it was the whole message was right middle and and in the middle and like 500 people solve it within the first 6 seconds one yeah 5 other people saw the news per 6 seconds but the graphic that read the chronicle of the examiner but the chronicling the examiners ... suppressed the fact that 500 people saw it and figured out the first 5 seconds users Mississauga difficult this is so difficult like people on the coffee shops but yeah you go to the fourth wind and down over 20 letters and use circle and then you don but if you look up you know what I would like to do George because I think you have any but but here's my point on the zodiac silent on is is that's how we have to do this we have to figure out a call and response from can I dance that I know I know but it's going to be really interesting because we have to throw out a call like America say because I got to think about that before it on a compromise but but then the response of the come back and he has this talk about whatever soon I'm saying like ... I don't know I mean you've been doing that the whole time on your channel hold as a matter fact that's how you and I got connected because when you try to reach Lee I'm I'm the only for years and years so I seniors number a seemingly happily broke a big piece of this I don't think anybody realizes that given the credit the I'm gonna break right now because lead had Somalis stranded lease Stranahan ... Mister Breitbart whose experience for yeah and Andy grill good friend get in it he stood up and they would let him in the White House ask your question he said I'll be walking you know I'd start night department it was bright part that didn't want to go so I don't really a guy who I don't know he doesn't Matt Boyle who write it in a bipartisan way more writer but anyway ... Stranahan had the conus to stand up to it and then he immediately got 3 job offers and I was the ... ... Ruth Chris and watching the planes command and Reagan and and the song was blown up you released redheads available and then ... demand love steak he loves to sit here drink though so my bill was she the other day I was Gosselin and anyway ... Bannon all in all I did protection for public he did the WTF and they do not use like it was like strat ever looks at least now obviously bright I mean Ben was at the White House at that time but ... so they're tied in so this I hope anyway ... leave well first of all we had Syria before anybody had Syria of I us he was in Lebanon Susak actually in Syria but he was like this refugee crisis you refugee crisis 2013 here were on the corner this thing's really gonna blow up again there's all kinds of red lines going on here and you should use people he should repost those we ask you ask it reminded me of Walter Cronkite this is what I said and in 1963 ... you know just before Kennedy's assassinated he goes situation in South Vietnam is getting worse this could end up being a protracted war and then you know that so you know what yeah no machine where they are going to slow you down there I know don't get on also full of shit hold on hold on okay let's not go to the other but anyway ... be ... strip anyway Stranahan has crowd strike you know crowd strike is brought in a day after one day after gush do wrote that who's too because good good ones in jail so now we need to go to and this one says all I did all hacks I did this when we talk about your own course the O. I did I did yeah yeah I did the DNC heck we I did the DC it the third democratic costumes do ... I think I think I did the best act you I can't remember ... so you know he was taking credit for all these hacks and what it is what comes back is that Stranahan has the source not in Romania but in Ukraine so he's a crowd strike eager to see it in testimony by source in Ukraine and none of you know the Heian here let me just explain so the first the first story is around Christmas story breaks that ... they'd that Russians have hacked a Ukrainian artillery right Ukrainian yeah howitzer cannons yeah I or or whatever the guy seemed cozy bear fancy bear whatever sand and then Ukraine was like no they didn't yeah I like elegant they later ... and crowned you guys soon I would have who would have been hacked and ... approach Rick was a and which do you know we were sent from across a gray hair they could come out incorrect that is that if they were yeah but maybe you know they should say well we the last time because we talk about us we're completely wrong and then the only time one day for the Ukrainian government say you know actually that's ... name even happen full on fake news so now enter McCabe and call me in Mueller pulling their whole thing ... though so we say they can't see us kit you can you see them yes and no sort of figure out how to work this for you to I think I think it's sick before so I think they're all people on wow that's a lot area so we had almost 2 K. for drug courts why does such a great interview with Douglas horse was you know sort of okay you call you Bob no I mean it was it was just he broke it down I mean it was like a fully like intelligence ... assessment was again analysis of the thing because this is what we discussed with him was about I was with Wayne Madsen before noon when Mets and went over to the dark side I like Wayne Madsen I need to I love Wayne and he he drug her and I are you hurt my heart wink come back come back come back to haunt you know where the red lines long you now get away from Washington national harbor way get away from all in a come clean bro who that's where we G. 4 S. get out of that get out of it anyway the thing that's exciting about the doctor Corsi is that you know since this whole ... hacking an email scandal broke there's been a really really concerted effort to kind of like conflate the different leaks hacks you know of the ... engine NGP van database the Clinton you know the domain the server the email addresses all of that Hillary Clinton the Democrats they all think that you guys are too stupid and they can you know fool you with a lot of ... Shikon hurry and Dr Corsi cuts through that and I would then I add the color too that's right up here that's right and I had well do you do you have to let me check come back of the foot right now he could you know were ... you know were ... jobless who was at that time and you know were inter McCabe was at that time do you know where ... your children are the sites you know you're a but so there is a picture behind me and here's a quick question what is it that I know why I'm this question for them but we can't communicate with them to refer gonna use Leno I don't know I know this is a rhetorical question okay so I will like the only reason you know that's Abraham Lincoln and it's been Abraham what this is your ... your brush act well here here's the thing okay that's actually perceptions of perception right that is actually a Comercial ized reproduction of work that appears in the museum in Figueres spank ... Dolly I believe that's hang out of room sale of the Dali museum the Dalai himself design and the whole museum and really overall are safe dollies body of work is based on manipulating viewer perception now this is a very small reproduction that has a lot of actually substantial differences from the original but playful say ... is set to go to music and and you know will grow up day and a lot of part del Museo ... of love as Espanol so in one part of museum they speak Spanish in the other part if you walk across the room luxury no I just went up dried might spend even steamy said yeah but guy one is more like it he said thank god there so be there TransAfrica work is gigantic I think it's what son I saw is like 40 feet tall or something in the way the museum is laid out when you come in what you see is Dalis muse and wife gala staring out of the Mediterranean Sea and as you go throughout the museum you are later in the in the process of you know walking through you see it from much further away and it's quite clearly an image of Abraham Lincoln and Dolly was fascinated with the pixelation hooter technology and everything so we work with someone from MIT I think the work was done in the early 19 seventies when pixelation was just hit here graph yeah just knew but what I would also say the office but the audience is that I do believe that ... George Seurat created the idea of the picture sure the women's final is married but I think it's we tease him in French and point to what meaning what what what eh all your French scholars but anyway ... me as a great painting what is a good afternoon on the island of loans log roll shot is not is not Rocha I don't mac is a shot is a bit of a great cat logo logrolling shot give the Jay I think place I don't know some real no but it's a lot of dots it's a lot of dots that much to take it forever bullets is that's the perfect analogy for this story dropping off from in Borno though that well no that is a perfect that the reason why I went there and we together the dock yeah and Henry's why when here is huge ... analogies if you if you if you look at and you've never seen an angelic Dr Phil man I know driver and in New York he goes I'm driving because of drive in this as car the size of a massive area but anyway if you'd never seen intelligence up before or never seen Abraham Lincoln before you would know who that is yeah but so he comes over goes here's a picture link it here's a picture we can here's a picture like and here's a picture link and then you go oh yeah I think it right so if I do Kosovo Haiti ... Iraq and has got to be ... obnoxious at you know decor in Afghanistan ... it's centered center Bosnia 000 Homer square Chicago you know ... you know you a II ... a Carol is mixing up Cleveland Clinic so who do by with ... Mayo Clinic then everybody ... if you watch a channel while you go well yeah that's that's that's the last mile that's the black metal scene where people are now like Johnny Johnny T. today it's the cargo loss shoddy little everybody should follow Johnny T. one here yeah ... exhibits that you could hear the audio in here you could hear the audio I or whose problem here because they also could upload to YouTube are simply somebody tell me message me and tell me that you're the audio is that I listed as that ... what cities because large cities you know you are ... tell me ... Quad Cities amenities color quite city she broke the convenience store scandal and the visa scandal that the DVD was running and ... 2000 in Clinton County move into 9 and then there was all this ... say which is incredibly brave individual I get super hungry you're going to go get some dinner I don't but we gotta finish this okay how do we do the call and response so got to activate all these people on earth we gotta do that but I I gotta I gotta figure out a way to have a lot about this but now with him here he's got the evidence she's got the evidence and we got to do with such a way that meta data meta data right that he can get us the thing bread crumb buy bread crumb I think it will so what is he gonna say so here here here's let me we don't understand is predictable Solti composition just keep on going one stair stepped out of the time okay also the composition is did he ever meet Seth rich okay think so please in New Zealand we don't know the answer that so the first question is I think he did he says he did hello how are you sure okay so if ... you give me words for meeting rendezvous and don't fall say ... ... us data specific data doll ... it in that Espanyol did not hear Johnnie alma yeah I did not enjoy it ... flock of you so funny O. will get him back on well anyway ... Noah Besser about bad language just watch where you to feel bad language or anyway ... some Williams's stairwell I could hear over yeah okay they probably cut the support me probably no we could not hear the law please somebody tell other tell me you're sending just don't limit all rights okay ... we probably feel that the comment box okay so so here's the thing if Kimba com Matt ... in the stairwell but not in the car who I don't know which ouch ouch I was asking Johnny about all these places along the way and he was just delivering the best impromptu improv I've ever heard in my life that's too bad okay somebody though god I wish I anyway I can't do that right now ... so so the first step is did this Kimba com ever meet ... 7 rich okay no you could never come as well because I still have to activate them okay okay never comment okay Altran Cummins ever is in no never isn't over until I touch it and then it breaks ... so so the key is if I'm not mistaken cleverness when hell though I have to put get okay let by but I need you on the killing stop at each of the camping right so so so somebody's got to tell me what the timeline for Kim in the United States is I don't know if Seth everyone overseas during that period but I think I've I mean way is more likely that super rich I'll come to the United States than that well he was to go to New Zealand he got busted here huge raid on this house made they filmed it like it was a ... Hollywood production at self oh yeah there's like 80 guys wouldn't mean work for I don't know that much about will I mean he wasn't uploader he you know freedom of the internet you know kind of a ... a ... Aaron pope Pepto but kept above so but ... here tired I'm gonna forget Aaron's name last name I'm the guy who made Napster no the guy they killed in the the jail in DC they're gonna put him up for 30 years Jeez somehow guy own anyway Aaron well the prickly Minot harassed and he was in Chicago they did his thing in this funeral I was going to try to interview was dead I can't believe I'm forgives periscope editorial people don't do that right I I got a head looking again I don't know who that guy is that are we talking he was on Marchi coming are too low the guy who rail no no not lessen the guy with the hair Aaron Aaron Aaron ... Shigu it yeah yeah yeah Google R. T. and Schwartz got thank you very short thank you thank you thank school a yep we live about from okay we got to get some dinner pretty soon I watched so what I have no social well we're gonna find out is ... what ... did he meet was camping in Vegas so so Kim said something about what his day go to big yeah with all over during the chests throwing thing in yeah yeah so what stays in Vegas there's 10 what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas share Trogus I we work this thing out bracketed down them me emails come up to 2050 meters the zip drive the 20 fifth it's got a comics it's got big because you think all in all those rooms member that McCain goes in all those rooms on the 20 fifth I don't know what we have after Las Vegas convention her they go into all these rooms it busted all the troops in the Jim what about urban areas in the hotel all yay buses what are you he busted thought god thundercats hello Richard he's busted because they want today who did the bus on the caves guys you know okay you know I think that thumb drives I'm I'm looking the the thumb drives I'm sorry you know I was just thinking about that kind person that Bernie supporter we met on the table of though good so so it's gotta be thumb drives I think it's going to be a lot of fun drives I think Joe course you agreed with me that it's gotta be bracketed between the 20 fifth and the other to me and may he said that today that yeah yeah yeah that's a telling this guy with I ... with a lot of background ... and he Paveway Madsen Hey scrunchie have ... you so sick you know you you should you should collaborate with me ... yeah so like Wayne that's not what I love we met soon yeah and he should be a part of this you know ... Neeson is incredible so anyway ... SRT call ya but man where it's at ... so so ... Dave if if you can if you have any kind of FBI docks or have any kind of testimony personal testimony what happened at your throat chair for around the world in W. W. called it the chair throw around the world and then they and then they blame the very people from the chair that's there that's then does this hit a 7 up it's as you slide to the upper right hope that all the slide to the upper right slide down to double a camera ... swipe a career well what's up that don't stop broadcast you know we're gonna fuck you we have to figure out later we'll get our training but I guess you can do that get more great yeah ... but we got to know ... I'm almost 100 percent and you know poured over those you know the most 0 percent that was was was the chair throw right after the chair throw give Kim would have been there at the did would visit I don't know DNC primary and that was the Las Vegas primary and what had happened was bent close he came in and said you're all being that Democrats you know for wanting to have democratic vote you know you yeah and there was somebody the chairwoman ... Kim member who she was going to stuff her own into a mango that's fine throw chair you're out here well the in the brief people intro the chair that was the healer people this year you know the power of 2000 the FBI you janitors were the ones that were the security guards at that if you recall ... so this isn't an anti Hillary thing I just want to reiterate that it's in it's a criminal thing well it is it this is this is hack war it's week after week if if if such riches that half of the leak it there's no such thing as the hack no joke bush course he did make a good point that that there are several leaks multiple ins and their several hacks but if your goose to you certainly think he and I don't know if there's a heck he didn't claim credit for you know it's like that because a prolific hack right now he's like well let's say if you have the catchall hacker here and then ... by the way it's none of the signatures none of the meditator that I use when I was doing that in Europe but duh you know yeah you know I think we we gotta get that interview process to me so huge so here's the thing that we do with that stuff is that we're shooting it with much higher bit rate than the video on a phone discovery process through a lot of different things 66 gigabytes just for one and there's 3 the chair campus and plus plus the other option for K. cameras were doing a closeup extraction so this 5 she might get him school well I forgot to give the gifts ... Shannon props way but we don't advertise anything let's no no no no god no I I know just an aside people got mad when we forget was advertised forget it but ... Stranahan had ... now anybody name maybe Chiluba how did you do jump at you but I don't I don't believe each loop but there are soggy bottom tell yeah maybe chalupa where Bernie Sanders had ... it I mean if you believe baby to live as a real person but anyway there are those in those quarters su casa mi casa yeah and there is a super modify in this story on on their side all of them remind you will receive for sure the next periscope I'd like to do George because I think you still haven't seen the undercover video of where is there room as mom I want to see an ally of the weird behavior of the neighbors because I'm telling you that crazy there's a lot of people who are commenting on my channel on crowdsourced move through one of them say we're good active where you came to mind is one of the yeah yeah one of the entities said that Corsi uncovered that we didn't have before was Greenberg's the Greenberg magic show voted to say about that he said that they put the whole thing to the the the whole thing together the 2 ladies well I mean he had ... the founder of of Greenberg and blahblah Seth rich work for Greenberg and say that yeah almond through it for a night in the early detection home Perlman head cross the street re she was also Greenberg and I thought that was a little inside me last name I know I know I just thought that was a nice week maybe out to Greenberg there's so create see the the part that nobody has has said in this that in between sept coming to Washington after graduating from grade in political science yeah I know ma ... 2012 he works on I think this a Senate campaign I'm not sure yeah but then after the senator of either or low I think lost to I'm not sure if it was Ben Sasse or not or maybe the senior senator but ... he goes to work report and guess who else is working to bring Greenberg I think Brian peg we all know is working agreement thought of her trip with his name on no no Trotsky is is ... NGP band that's later on Hadley ano wears Decca peg neon was to Mister apple server he's he's the one who's who stole rains from Justin Cooper who was Mr window server for Hillary and him you know it that with that the Hillary people look at the bill people as archy does in the health the building hills like that's down hill the hill is I cannot and bill is down at the bottom of it ask and they wanted you Quinn foundation kind of in the party mode no the Clinton he she wanted to make the Clinton foundation this ID the think tank came in the hills will use it part of a lot of like yeah just where does a little boys you know they just want but just wanna have party you know is scratchy right yeah if and I don't want to do it with any other organ harvesting it's like what we have to do this listenable Occoquan has blown up Bill Clinton well no we kids well I like well anyway ... so so there was hills in the bills and and Justin got and justice motive to go back to motive Justin got forked out and what he got 5 shooed by ... Chelsea and Chelsea was going to be the the broom that cleaned out all the bills Saloni sandwich and call that means you're dead right just the other okay really get that cigar grip told me that I'm ... OJ seasoning younger can you Bologna citizens because you see what else are you ... I got your guy okay bowl anyway ... Chelsea sweep it out of the Clinton foundation and ... brave men comes and Mr Ivey league you know Mister we you know who knows his background but I I think it's safe now I think is mob save or get back to that then that's interesting insight that we got from you yeah I love it that we've back onto where's our brave men okay a lot of people begin crap for not knocking on the door at the goes to a L. passed to a and it was more like CI a safe house apartment with shitty air conditioners in the window that too fancy stylish gay men would not live and die at all by the way ... Neil brown is also ... well no but I think he's the Neal brown of the open road scholar yeah Rhodes scholar and Harvard I think he went to Harvard I was afraid Imran Juan was good and the door I meet in the lobby Serpico the gun in the face which is you don't want to die there now I mean lugar who would you pick up a wouldn't start a foreign affairs meeting without having Neil brown sitting there because he was Mister pipeline he knew everything there was he was a genius plus use a guy would which is why I think it's a knock would go out in the field and he would he would yell do the field trips which is you know to Jervis stand up under jirgas Europe's primitive part do many bitter thought John if you I would you to jerk instead of all of them to a tax burden ... well where where can we go see Johnny T. former C. is funny as hell but you know what I wanted to do the same yours save the bacon of men you know it was just so fun and promote Johnny T. judges cried our but but back to ... back to Chelsea sweep in sweet and people out the motives are developed because Chelsea writes that one email we she goes Justin he is reading all my dad's emails and Justin has spyware he's putting spyware and everybody's email that he knows everything him see that this spy game the spy versus spy inside of they the Clinton foundation what you Chelsea Clinton yeah I don't know honey Chelsea Clinton I never my father he she never says prev accurate your voice sounds like yeah it's hard it's hard to do I of Chelsea Clinton nothing against her but anyway ... ... so there is this pack liana verses Justin Cooper tag Leon ... gets immunity Cheryl mills gets immunity heather Samuelson gets immunity and I care of the other 2 I think it's gotten better and ... so all the hillside total right yeah I can remember Santa since the blind dog and the things she's it's put out there is you know ... for those the classification of the emails but but the 5 hills all get immunity so guess what that means bills you're getting set up Doug band you up dude and you know Justin there set me up you're gonna be the first people they throw on the fire boss you're gonna be the first people to throw the fire now's the time special you Justin because you've already seen it they already were thinking about throwing under the you know Cheryl mills was there cleaning out Vince foster's office before the investigators come and this is the way back machine it's great if there's a lot of parallels pattern and a practice that's July you a huge cleaning documents out of the office before the federal investigators can go in there why can't they invested hunt the magic suitcase or you have mentioned matters grief case where they this happy enough just not aware all its form and send them there's a there's a suicide note torn into 20 pieces but no pick another thing a principal but they get the conspiracy they might put a lot of people have looked at at the evidence Hank and I think that there's any other message I want to repeatedly put out there if the New York times the post C. N. N. 3 little pigs tell you over to debunk conspiracy theory you say well okay what actually happened where's the evidence of what actually happened if someone just says Hey that's a conspiracy theory that's like saying man you're stupid it's not a debate right good point good point so so I'm back to meditate at at that in Las Vegas that night because they break into those room for some reason so J. work in the it's not together it's not to get OJ area he was not going to go to live in Hilla in Las Vegas to but it's not to get Bernie ... buttons ... you know away from the kid that the delegates it's to get something and it's usually national secrets when the FBI goes in so I'm looking it would be great to hear from the actual delegates that did have a hotel rooms broken into and and and figure that out and then rat might've from there because Kim got the mega upload from somebody that night but a little pigs gets a ha I like it through the windows if you will I sit throw you separate us only listen to me so if we don't listen to directions will tell you this Hey I'm gonna give myself but F. F. no you listen here's the thing this brain inside here isn't working on all kinds of things make a right doesn't register her well Yummy courageous registered something other than a hunter who I guess is all the rat line that was you can't even understand so ... I think I give everybody credit me European Intel groups and I and I we talked to you that I'm slowly introducing Jason's Anne's Intel sources so you mean like this morning when you told me that I met on televisions etcetera had no idea until today I don't know either you know results broadcast on the on the you channel that phone call went out when I thought it might be your last moments who did you want me to do that I think none of those good is good ... so Cindy Cindy has it yeah or have said what is it you need she was it yeah yeah and cherry hill Cindy has it ... and and you know that she's air Graham's mom and a brave was gonna come back to this I'm not saying Graham was US Vegas during the chair throw but but ... I I'm not saying yeah I know I'm not saying that I'm not saying that but I do thank you is very Bob in the primaries I'm just going to say that it's going somewhere along the primary trail there's a couple of key inflection points one is to get Bernie meeting on the that's the on the 8 there's this big long conference call everybody wearing shoes and the Hillary campaign is on that list and everybody's coming up with well he's Jewish no my city was an atheist nature ... Arai radio and you did there just coming up with all this crazy crap about Bernie and then so that separates would have known about that I think maybe that's a trigger point debates the 3 debates are all possible trigger points the New York primary I know he was really pissed stealing the questions the debate not see I I like Donna Brazile Salonika Haider and and and but I'm saying with that of upsets maybe alright listen I think I have no interest or let me I know your just hold on one second go on finish off on this somebody did a mega upload somebody did a Megaupload was it Seth rich war did find out about one of the people who gave the thumb drives to or was Seth rich the actual hand so is made up so we'd load is it is it like go we send it or something we can just suck wikileaks spot yeah yeah but if I want to upload steel spider man 3 D. and and mega upload it to the world to let the anonymous go after it I wouldn't want yeah spider man ... it was a terrible sorry Sony use outlook are you pissed about the 4000 little bit Pune old means where this isn't for Ariel hold a part that was the fact that was accused for access to thousands of the 2011 or 10 that happen 2000 did you know Amy Pascal did you know the guy she was doing the Obama jokes with no but I mean how stupid do you have to be send racist jokes about the president the United States can you think Biden did their yeah I think by them well I mean no no you don't know the naval observatory and can operate a blackberry O. you know Joe Biden is the site I thought the tuba Biden you know with all the touching and refer to K. that's a strong broadcast for for yeah you will look just go the new living just within our scope when you do that and in just put off the hunger pains for a second because I wanna get all this out there because it generates meta data like family so so the naval observatory is on Mare Island Massachusetts street you know you got Connecticut if you want to go for pizza right ... from dupont circle but then the other sh offshoot of the parts are collecting his Massachusetts and and that ways the British embassy where where Craig Murray we've got his credentials and then a little bit right next to it is you know that there's a dim sum like a Chinese dim sum place there called ping pong on that street in dupont circle well they used to have a pizza place downstairs in the end they had the trolley running up and where they put in the the ... begin to offer true well no I just saved for another piece of gay guy but there is that I mean it's not like there was a tunnel like I mean you can drive your day look in the hole and see that it was a tunnel is a whole battery of she's made a Connecticut Avenue hold us strictly I would use it the way to get to to ... to camp David as goes all we kept it so the fact that simply says oh did you know directly on the line ... for a Connecticut Avenue that cometh pizza might yeah that's about a one tens of the way to you know towels everywhere camp David I mean why would you stop there hummus president get out here gets a pizza was during the during a nuclear Holocaust be really crispy yeah that's ridiculous so anyway ... I think Craig Murray got the ... player Greg Craig Murray got the credentials the key was credentialed by the ... British embassy ... I don't know if it's good what was an addict Pat passport but they try to keep him out on September 5 and 60 tries to come in this is the whole crew here that what is that do we do that I don't know I don't think let me just comments I don't know yelling just finish on the Craig Murray thing because he's an important player in the peace intercepted right because we're sending all the stuff out the Craig Murray in the last time you really talk honestly about this I think was that NPR broadcast on the thirteenth of love to speak Craig Murray we love to talk to me is a good friend of Julius size so why wouldn Craig Murray right now with all the stuff swirling with Canada com everything why would why would he go down from Blasko he's the rector of Dundee or whatever I think and ... ... SNOMED is director of one of those as well as I think the rector of Dundee it in the human rights in in UK ... ... is kind of a driven out of Ireland and Scotland ... and ... northern England let's just say that but in Scotland they the directory which is where the priests live right yeah has become this honorarium for real ... fighting for human rights so ... I believe Craig Murray was made director of Dundee and then snowed got elected rector of the other one I came over the other one so he's going to tell me ... it is so it's a very honorable position it's kind like a Nobel Peace Prize for people that aren't in involving the D. state how so so Craig Murray Anita if he's been really mischaracterizes the Scottish lobby ambassador he he that's not true at all he will exercise that one discredited because he's coming out and telling you would actually have yeah he's the guy up another guy he's the guy AJ you picked up I think we have often heard her but I've got all this intelligence sources I'm I'm I'm feeding him did Jason one it one day at a time now that yeah just think about its history ... and ... it anyway when you have all that brainpower behind you tends to make you look way the hell smarter than you are and every person that you accumulate you keep getting all their accumulated knowledge but that's your audience also and that's the thing is if you're credible audience investigations incredible audience and so like your nurse with the stars will you know doing it delivered ... thing in and ... stands were you present and they go on UPMC and that 70 else working at UPMC airport figured out fed ex so and so this other guy ... in the intelligence business goes drives this weekend or a shout out to west would going to say the state we drives to oh okay I wish I knew you want periscope I guess just got there just so so so many post H. this first day and was only room for ... saved a life it was approval levels SO well she no longer seemed like a house look we gotta go gotta hold on hold on I'm in the middle Mike Craig Murray okay hold on within the mill metric Murray so ... pseudo a creek Murray's been downplayed in the media yeah any kind of disappeared and I just wondered if you got snowed in and by that I mean there's an intercept in front of a home is not sending anything out anymore Hey you know we you were telling me in the interview today or would be from weeks ago the post today about how Snowden's account change too at Snowden underscore via is there some way that Edward Snowden can indicate to us that is there anybody you you go see university of Dundee or whatever the university is there and can verify that Craig Murray is still alive is in books and Edward Snowden also still well ahead that's me a little bit more difficult but if anybody wants to do that then that be great to ... everyone saw his on an interview Michael awhile ... but ... he's in support of the deep state now according to you with this altered Twitter account yeah it's like well you know Kobe has point you know like what is said over Snowden I mean yeah did you know work out there on the Avenue of American future whatever I can Disney movies it was a good if I saw what I saw in the theater you see perpetual fact I don't see the guy they want to see it again I love Oliver Stone although he was a little crazy a couple times but I like his movies a lot we had the Hollywood film filmmakers they the the the a right across the street from ... I I called them ... Wilson and ... Valerie Plame and and the other Wilson guy ... government Joe Wilson how can they remind me of Joe Wilson Valerie Plame because you know how a blonde in the super smart good looking debonair blow ... filmmaker guy we know we know we're still trying to figure out how to use it yeah does someone said we have to follow everyone so your share broadcasts as the ship asked to follow order we do that follow requests in the toe do they all Xander like up everybody suicidal maybe that's everybody's listen let's just see what that what happens is fading out only do that if that's what happens now now we'll see what happens what summons calling maybe that pregnant worries been tweeting I know but the tweets we have don't count please don't have that ... tweeting that's not meditative I see ... ... Dundee times today with Craig Murray ... saying ... Hey I'm a go see Julia Sarge at the Ecuadorean embassy with ... the latest and greatest a trump news then Dino is real but you know my kid can set up ... fronts all day long now if you if Mick it now here's here's a meta data right this is meditative there were the break ins at it at the throw the chair they almost always who I think is Las Vegas convention center I'm not sure if it was trump so that will be what the Hilton hotel no Las Vegas conventuals that's on hold yes no but that yeah there's a bunch it's not even the overall there's like 6 L. V. then they changed it again yeah but I think there's a lot of hotel there's concourses that go there renaissance hotel is connected to the use that tonight yeah people pose I we can't cut away voto O. years John okay you don't have to follow everybody how can you units of volume but how can you catch that there's a switch someplace locate jobs more tech savvy than I am who came over since like I know but he did not tell you what you're saying is already hold on her high of already secured sure we know handlers lives all day thank you heck personally kept persons weaken so ... anyway so I think the place to start with is people in those hotels if Kim says no given him says of the order of like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas although that but he got the Megaupload from somebody in Vegas but then so will McKay because you just said it no no no he can always denied it plausible deniability Kenda complex and George Webb and you're right what's yeah plausible deniability or he just uses Vegas or feed uses the word chips we give makes more angled at work here is the word cards or the EP we says or I don't know if I have a very good poker hand Sharif shot and how we so any of that stuff will the chips and cards poker dice it's more bad how parable about if anything they replace him if if I get any of those that means he Andrea if I get any of those that means that Kim was in hers he was in Vegas for the sheriff throw who who said that whoever is there a right on the money ... hungry western work ... she's ... that ... wave of Sisson message here to Kim okay yeah we're done I just want to say Kim if you're out there anything gambling oriented but just be embedded somewhere in that we but yet plausible deniability out what about if it so could scraps right on the come out roll in craps you get the 77 or 11 you win and if you get to more 12 your added we hear you lose thing you have your graph up yeah so if Kim tweets is said no let's not make it too difficult let him tweet 7 we know he's yeah feed Jason Jason okay alright everybody he knows that a 7 means when not chicken then now what K. cassette full house today it was can knock on wood you know what's ... I get I get I get so you say for what kind it is and so you can staple house you could say 2 pair yeah I dealer to that's not good but a full house for Black Jack or anything okay it any gambling related is going to be Kim got the the upload Megaupload from someone I had biggest okay alright everybody able to feed Jason peace but alright I had I had to come up with was something because //
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14 Day 219 May 30 2017
\\vacuum cleaner okay so people come in biblical minute okay that focus and hope yeah Mister director back it up I think Spiderman okay here got hooked on it will focus I know we didn't import meet again alright so we can okay that's good leave there so I think everybody saw that right yeah so with move overseas don't give way so so ... here at ... ... spider man 3 D. had yeah I know what it's going to be 3 B. that's not on what you are I usually we trailed source investigation about sewers well I think what happened was when you told your Accorsi that ... well by the way I was a ... convict him of the Sony hack and ... ... he's like I I came a voice said like that he will you don't have money those are really your week it's like a you know right at the part where goose said homage issues Robert on tawdry with so gruesome goose wondered whose ... he says oh I go out is I look at Hillary's emails in the morning and then I go out in the garden and then I really was the most well when I come back in you know he's lives in a little shack but I've never seen Lee was in jail in our well yeah I think that he was in jail at the time so they had to come up with goose to right into housing for he had 2014 goes in jail so that they have to they need another goose they need a goose to to cover their ... hacks wins this whole thing around us well ... we're throwing cold water on and I think they will if we don't act if we don't it's like you know the Kennedy thing if not us who you know if we don't do it then you know ... I don't think Robert Mueller is going to do it I don't think Robert Mueller is gonna do it but dish that that he I cannot come just ... put out ... thank you cannot thank you for the shout out on Twitter yeah I I said it this morning I I I blew it on cannot come because they knew they flipped the money they put a huge amount of pressure and I think everybody knows now that I've been working a lot of different intelligence agencies and an anonymous is one of them and I had a couple of people in New Zealand they're really pentathletes did you say that anonymous you see every time you say everybody already knows this I'm like wait a minute I don't know that well up revenues are good though so so just just for everyone's sake here ... the periscope is gonna be reality no at it no cut it's not I have 6 but it's really good but it's not gonna be that home super cut thing just gonna be us really reality can I drop a little reality on you sure spider man 3 D. I absolutely work don't don't don't don't know I swear straightened out spoken in over time I worked on but my son never got paid no no I got paid for that it was the design of the 3 D. camera that Sony screwed me on and that's going out on periscope that was sure to do so through me it was a lot of money was more nervous for him it was a lot and spider man 3 D. I was the second units had thought it had a solution Panasonic's broadcast through the camera also use technology that I developed but I stupidly revealed to them in a way that made it not the fact this is the non stereo can you get too close yeah we're getting way off that I have not bought one all say it is amazing spider man is like that much of my work and if people want to see my work it's very difficult to get it but really with Julia acts the film that you saw here in 3 D. that you loved I was the cinematographer on that or what's his name ... the guy from Kevin Sorbo is great in that at all and ... nudity warning nudity wars non that's part of the reason the sell it anyway off of that back will you know what what is interesting though is you did have a guy with cut out the ... a Larry we need about 2 inches tall UN well yeah stevia ... sorry with ... this like I said this is wrong cut here you one just where the thing put put that in okay alright so sorry if you're going to get this out kind of uncut version better ... so ... Kim dotcom is all over it and ... like there was probably a group of about 20 people in New Zealand feeding ... feeding ... info to me through the 2 people on that one guy was in Hong Kong do you want to reveal all this but a bit in these are cities you know there's nothing you know to a bad about that and that in the I mean people say they can't hack proton male to 250 how is there anything they can't be hacked there isn't is there I don't know I mean that's my nightmare here of Snowden cryptography guy but I mean ... the hammer on you know think I don't think a ... clapper builds the hammer with with bread and he's kind of an old guy in a schmuck how could he not alone no no no and people got I think if they have more wrong I mean the clapper CG he I think he's you know why don't from line on the issue here is talking like wind laboratories testifying at that hearing the city looked like he was waiting for a bus it was pretty funny I like what he's waiting for that and the last word of the sentence would be when the senator says this and then you will look into the camera with sincere eyes say let's just talk of assigning you didn't know I lowered user listed with a bit more sleep thing way off right so yes I'm running him them not calm thank you Kim that wasn't me well I think our people might not know the whole Kimba com thing but I had thought he was compromised and I I about 2 years ago and the people in New Zealand had said that he had men flipped and then call me was pressuring him and everything and ... I wasn't trusting anything coming from Cuba comment is Symantec's of snow got intercepted winning what ... at Snowden under bar yeah it was just about that in the end because what today yeah and ... so I did trust and then when he came out with the FBI docks that said they they got the phone and the FBI got it this is a separate phone and they got the laptop and that is when I went 2 the only thing we really know outside of the school play in the school players to the barman ... thing is the meta data again I go back to meditate I throw aside any of them other craft school play negative meditating the only we only know really 2 things now if the F. Mueller declare state secrets in the us we know 3 things their state secrets involved which by definition means Seth rich well no does mean set rigid because there's something there that they can't well it's in no way to meet some issues has he was murdered well right right yeah it's rich it's these right now the FBI women it was somebody just I think we've got to do is on this format Geller in Iraq's with the audience of somebody just said we have to folio what does that mean we don't mess fully we are ... ... periscope idiots so helpless out people I think how come there's no comments going up like when Leeds owner there's 1000000 comments we have said that was our shit we just hit a button asked to follow can you follow so why don't we we was at me that what is that ... there's questions Georgians ation have to follow us on periscope before we can comment ... I have followed them okay against system falls on her like I do I go back to click it the whole show clicked as any that do anything okay give us give us a couple days guys will figure this out we are we will fall on periscope a guy just drop well old yeah is this the going with //
"2017-05-31 17:10:14"
13 Day 219 May 30 2017
\\ //
"2017-05-31 17:09:23"
12 Day 219 May 30 2017
\\George is the pillar of cellphone batteries well were were alive no folks and so I'm in the office here with doctor Jerome Corsi thank you doctor for making your time available in your gracious so hospitality here in this room who with filmmaker Jason Goodman as well and we have all the fun going on everything see that's real time yeah so that's the proof of life I'll give it for real time that's going on right I have had well the doctor courses been through this for some so you're really yeah yeah and I just like to interview quickly doctor well we have folks coming on about the 3 are suppose you were there's our friends at fort Meade yeah ... about the 3 articles that you wrote today right it's not what we're gonna talk about them now of these articles is really to prove sort out there were multiple packs and that there are different leaks that one and to you know really identify who who suffered too is in terms of state yeah personalities are here Democrats want to use to summer 2 was it was hard to get everything yeah it was the one who are got the voter data he's the one who got the files for the PNC ladies what I got that's the emails and also the democratic caucus files Lafayette in capital funds bonds got tallies so a group whose or 2 is their big gulp and as you go through this and this is kind of a analytical exercise because it's a good way intelligence a