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"2017-08-20 17:07:26"
How to be an Anime Superhero!
\\yeah so I've been watching just a tiny bit of anime more than usual and on to be honest I he I did not do my hair you know what you once again yeah there we go like I said I've been watching a little bit about me lately if you grow up watching anime your whole life like I did you tend to not hear about or even notice all the really weird things that happen well for awhile like I I stopped watching enemies and only recently got back in you know one of those binge watching shows how to watch a bunch of episodes in a row and then stop for awhile so the episode showed up so that I can watch a bunch again I know it's just it's upsetting to me you know it really pisses me off the always end on a cliffhanger that week make you want to know what's gonna happen next but you can't know until we and you know what's even more upsetting without amazes when you wait the whole week for an episode and you finally to name it is hard to watch a new episode and it turns out food is a dare I say it is Phil that you guys doing here flock is taking too long seriously you complain about delays and this is literally turning into one yes so get to the point already okay welcome to ha ha the other I picked Hannah may stuff welcomes a heartbeat enemies to be here let's let's get started lesson one the characters first step in being an enemy superhero is to know the different characters why did they have very similar Karen cool as or goofy and funny and then there's the main support actor who's either the main card a friend or the main character's rival and character is based off of the main character is literally the opposite of what the main character who is the main character is called in this guy's goofy characters cooperative in this guy's cool after that we have another means supporting character known as the attractive but appear which for some reason I always this is one of the other major whoever's playing the goofy one also there might be a random the falls again run as well re much your group of main characters is also the lesser important well such as the pretty little bad character girl who always talk her eyes glowed the guy was animated differently from the others for some reason the chubby it's always eating or the really skinny girl that he so on I really need to actors because important to the story line even though you probably will leave at you learn everything 2 anime motion so you know of the enemy a very big I mean motions that all anime super heroes need to galoshes basically or whatever your love interest and the room pans overhead left brain nervous situations are trying to hide a secret of some sort to use the head's overhead love the thumbs up shiny teeth thing yeah full time this white mild starter and of course cannot forget the classics the nose bleed whatever a man specifically an old man sees something even the tiniest bit sexual for some reason he has a little mostly I'm so sorry alright tell me you thank you I love their live stating here so we are you know when you try okay the isn't 3 battling every good anime has some kind of battling whether it's actual fighting or super after a fighting somebody not even fighting at all regardless there's always some kind of battle and in order to make an enemy battle you have the full speed set of rules in most real fights you want to win as fast enemies the opposite you are prolonged the fight as long as you can to your opponent the entire time even right in the middle of the fight I Jeez what coming at least take a moment so I can say something like well we're lot stronger than I thought you were something big against key will well lunch stronger than I thought you were well what would you have something to say back to me the boa I think you another very poor tool for battling like an enemy heroes to take turns in a real fight you might want to dominate the entire fight win right away but it has you and your point turns having the upper hand and also very importantly you guys are doing the back and forth make sure that you're thinking about it loudly in your head so that the viewer knows who's winning at the time I don't want them to be confused well even stronger yeah breath I Israel be destroyed flower never I wow for yeah Scruggs what do this but it's what great we're already one would not yes I can your mind yeah total disgrace you have you done this before hope this my first box same here I guess we can only reach others minds what that means maybe like we're related sites spoiler lesson for Google it now this is a very important lesson to be unanimous especially for someone like me every green enemies in Japanese if you're just like me you don't speak a single word of it hands lesson for Google it we have to do is type in what you want to say listen to what it sounds like and then repeated back perfectly it's 100 percent accurate every single time or should I say my god class and don't think I could my car goes to let's apply and making up so the last thing you need to know to be a true enemy superhero is to make a true anime episode yes there's rules here as well can just jump right into the story that's not how it works in the enemy all you need theme song which pretty much sums it Japanese rock music with the occasional English line and your company that theme song with a bunch of from the show whether its characters are people punching and kicking or trees or water whatever it is it doesn't really matter because the part of you is gonna skip anyway next you have to recap the previous episode is beyond all the enemy watchers at the memory capacity of a 2 year old and last but not least all you have to do is tell the title and the episode number that the viewers on and you're ready to begin the episode right after you recapped the recount that the viewer just sol very heavy if you follow all these lessons and put it all together congratulate you are in and super hero did you look a little something like this why I now this the right day but I you the not got order you would no longer we go what a law call going north comedy what time so I shooting good S. stay you out of the old woman at all all the more well I only got you'll get through to get to go to one I we on our side global one it's going all ward old ball all those moves you know I so I want you to know that I'm not but he also wanted get your my gosh you are what you going to call I you Scott a lot they want you got a good look at the night she'd accordingly also IT no plus doesn't florals broader for many on on Wall that's all well better cut this but boy I don't know toss you out a gala Tommy no chikai one it's real items sure so you this what do you do you so we quickly quizzical somewhat easier very you look very sure what don't we could discuss he what role always seem so the you need to eat if you are or what you might be yeah only you I this //

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