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Shocking Secrets Revealed in JFK Files (Oct. 2017)
\\Hey internet friends 10/26/2017 was post be a day of closure after president Donald Trump promised to release the remaining files about the 1963 assassination of president John F. Kennedy after decades of being dismissively label conspiracy theorist those who still have lingering questions about their presidents mysterious assassination waited around all day yesterday for these files to be published on the National Archives only for the CIA as well as the FBI to delay until the last lingering moments of the deadline ultimately yielding a partial release of these files with president trump approving of the with holding up the remaining documents for 180 day period citing national security and other concerns but if the official narrative of JFK's assassination is that it was executed by one lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald then what is the national security concern over the release of these files Oswald is dead rendering him unable to be a threat to national security that is unless we have men told the full story in the real assassins who benefited from JFK's death are still out there and Furthermore I pose this question to all of you question JFK's assassination clearly you believe that the American government is lying or omitting details so why would you trust the government to disclose the truth in these piles when the government constantly lot either way it's good to stay informed and question everything that's why today we're going to cover the top 5 surprising revelations in the newly released JFK files number 1 a British newspaper received a mystery call minutes before JFK's assassination in a memo from November 1963 to the FBI from CIA counter intelligence chief James Angleton it was documented that the senior reporter for the Cambridge news in England told British security officials that 25 minutes before Kennedy was shot an anonymous tipster telephone and urged the reporter to call the American embassy in London for some big news and then they hung up moving on to numbers here the Soviets believe JFK's assassination was part of a conspiracy documents from 1966 state that the Soviets believe that fascination was part of an ultra right conspiracy in the United States to effect a coup they seem convinced that the assassination was not the deed of 1 man but they believe the assassination was part of a carefully planned campaign and they felt that those who were responsible for the assassination would use it as a means to stop negotiations with the Soviet Union attack Cuba in wage war the document goes on to say that the Soviets feared the United States might launch a missile at the Soviet Union and the absence of president Kennedy's leadership number 3 the JFK files point to a Jewish conspiracy in interviews conducted after JFK's assassination 1 person of interest claim that the Jews were the backers behind his assassination since they favored Lyndon B. Johnson it should be noted that Jack ruby's real last name was Rubinstein a Jewish last name and in addition to being charged for JFK's murder along with Oswald he fatally shot Oswald who as most of you already know claim to be a Patsy strike 1 on the Jewish conspiracy was that JFK was taking shots at the federal reserve the fed is run by families like the Rothschild family who got their own Zionist state of Israel through the Balfour declaration I put in extra emphasis on the issue of the word Jewish because these elite families claim to be Jewish but they are not they are the synagogue of Satan they never made the full conversion to Judaism they simply stole the identity if they did make a full conversion to Judaism what they be funding both sides of the world wars ultimately leading to the genocide of millions of innocents Sheik to occurred in July of 1963 when president Kennedy demanded that the Israeli prime minister allow the US to inspect the Israeli nuclear facility at daimon if the prime minister wouldn't allow this US support of Israel would be seriously jeopardize the room I want to quit but I wouldn't put up with that number revive pregnant remember when I mention about Ireland I've never been a fact that the Democrats never tire grant well I'm not sure of the man and after now number 4 J. Edgar Hoover the first director of the federal bureau of investigation of the United States said the public must believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone the document reads the thing that I am concerned about is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald was the real assassin why would you choose the words conventions and the real assassin if there was outstanding proof that we Harvey Oswald was the real assassin what other convincing with the American public need apparently the American public needed a lot of convincing and still does to this day as we move on to number 5 our final revelation the JFK files confirm that the CIA had over 40 journalists who were undercover agents this was revealed in a document from 1977 so if that was in 1977 how many journalist you reckon the CIA has now from CNN to fox news to the Washington post's what do you reckon a pretty good percentage how many of your alternative news outlets are staffed by CI a target that are chosen leader at a time in history but his character Beijing and is quiet curry have enabled him to chart a course for us save for me Maura ... the show treacherous say's but in a car but the work and now that Israeli they almost superhuman third we imposed on him may he rest in peace who benefitted from JFK's assassination not Lee Harvey Oswald not the Soviet Union probably not Cuba deathly north American people but the federal reserve has more power than ever the CIA is in nearly every foreign country along with American military bases Johnson got to be president and shortly thereafter the U. S. entered the Vietnam War among those who benefited from the Vietnam War would be more criminal Henry Kissinger who is still alive today and still hold quite a bit power the only way the disclosure of something that happened 54 years ago can still be a national security threat today is if those who assassinated JFK are still among the living George HW bush his presence has been established in Dallas the day of Kennedy's assassination though bush claim not to remember where it was when candy was murdered went on to head the CIA as well as become president the United States one would assume you need a sharp mind as well as the sharp memory for those jobs it's pathetic that the American government had 50 years to prepare for the release of these files only 2 allegedly wait until the last minute to delay them but they must spend too busy distributing cocaine and staging coups in foreign countries and working around the clock to brainwash the American public through the media I would have preferred to have watch a live stream from the White House lawn of our elected officials tossing the JFK files into a trash can fire instead of listening to these tired excuses JFK was our last president to stand up to the tyranny we have today was he a perfect man now but he was better than those who benefited from his staff they kill JFK and they killed Robert Kennedy and JFK junior they killed what America could have been what do you think internet friends did you learn anything new from these files let me know as always I look forward to your comments thank you so much for subscribing in supporting my channel impeaching //
"2017-10-25 00:38:42"
What the Media Won't Tell You About the USA
\\8 internet friends once upon a time there exists an empire so crazy that extended all the way from the Atlantic Ocean the Euphrates river but the rulers of this empire were greedy in their political structure corrupt the sheer size of their territory claim through wars of conquest prove difficult govern the borders challenging to secure relying on slaves as soldiers cards laborers so the leadership implemented oppressive taxation funneling more and more money to the military letting the blood flow for the pagan gods and when this document empire eventually buckled under the weight of its own greed the elite fled leaving behind their mighty legacy produced only a mound of rubble in a few choice paragraphs in high school world history the American media which is a proven and document an extension of the government refuses to address the obvious parallels between the fall of the Roman Empire in America's current reality the decline in moral values resulting in incompetent and corrupt leadership the over exertion of the military in foreign lands accessed spending progressive taxation inflation in the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor but why would the American government what to keep its citizens in the dark about its decline going through a great deal of effort and cranking out propaganda for every new medium indoctrinating young minds with a lackluster education system certainly if most Americans knew about the state of their nation at least a small percentage of them would want to work together to find solutions after all we are a nation which largely descended from immigrants in revolutionists people who rejected injustice can challenge tyranny that's why today we're going to discuss what the media won't tell us about the United States of America if there's 1 common thread that connects the empires of the past it's the characteristics of their fall corrupted by power perversion in blood lust infecting the minds of the sovereign destroying the empire from within but instead of erupting into flames the eastern Roman Empire smoldered all the way until 1453 AD only 40 years before Christopher Columbus sailed to America colonization of the Americas is often exemplified by the story of the pilgrims arriving at Plymouth in the early 16 hundreds but the first calling in Jamestown established to find gold and spice followed by the Puritans then slaves brought over against their well in of course an influx of newcomers seeking economic opportunity the majority of that opportunity which was thwarted post American Civil War leaving the American economy in the hands of the powerful few in 1862 in the civil war was still waiting on Sydney Morse the brother famous inventor Samuel Morris but a piece exposing the war is a British Platten sleeve America's entire free population to the money lenders American philosopher and writer Lysander Spooner reiterated Morse's claims in his book no treason stating that the British aristocracy which at its heart is the Rothschild banking family orchestrated the civil war to divide America and how and it worked black people were slaves white people were slaves our history on the civil war is very misguided the United States was bankrupt invulnerable after the civil war and seeing an opportunity to make a dollar in lay a foundation for future plans the Rothschilds and other European financiers make credit available to the American government in the aftermath the civil war as a means to one fight president Lincoln's green back after Lincoln was assassinated for wanting the people to control their own monetary system instead of the Rothschild bankers and to collect interest from those who desperately needed the money which should be the United States government at the time in 1910 there was a secret gathering at Jekyll island Georgia which laid the foundation for the Federal Reserve System the meeting took place right on top of the Canaanite blood altar on the island which I know sounds totally crazy but underneath the Vatican is a pagan altar as well with pagan idols like medusa though in the Vatican's case these pagan idols are attributed the Roman cold Mithras but I digress by 1913 the federal reserve act was passed handing over America's gold and silver reserves and ultimately the total control of America's economy to the Federal Reserve Bank in other words a private corporation establish their private bank acting is the central bank of the United States but it isn't even a government institution but a privately owned banking system existence of which is unconstitutional the federal reserve controls the rise in the fall or the boom in the past of these financial cycles that's been the pattern of this burn constitutional system since its implementation the fed controls the dollar to flood the market and start the economy causing regular people to lose everything sending families in 2 generations that we as Americans do not control our own currency but a foreign system die it's the new slavery well it's really an old practice with the faceless Babylon debt slavery the federal reserve is a hybrid organization it's a partnership between the federal government and the private banks when you look at it deeper than that its essence is neither as a government agency or a private company in reality it is a cartel so what's the purpose of the secrecy it's because when you look at the list of these people who what they were the representatives of the banks JP Morgan Rockefeller's they represent a coon Logan company Warburg's in Germany and the Netherlands child that England this one was only of the United civil war was fought slavery are we still slate do you own your car do you own your home heavy paid off those student loans for that fancy college degree that you earned under the impression that it was a stepping stone to this elusive American dream that you have to be asleep for an order to experience and consequently the federal government would essentially bankrupt in the 19 thirties while social security numbers started being assigned in 1936 tracking lifetime earnings in the number of years and vigils have worked during this time the United States entered wars funded by bankers on both sides the outcome of which was the destruction of the Ottoman Empire the creation of the Zionist state of Israel in the establishment of one global government in our history books were told that Germany was the biggest loser of World War 2 yet we're not really told the full reality the Vatican supported Hitler can boil boy was Hitler Sheehan of ancient Rome former American senator Prescott bush funded the Nazis in 19 thirties through the union bank meaning that Americans gave rise to Hitler if Germany really was the biggest loser of World War 2 why did prominent Germans and Nazis become integrated into the American government with the space program in operation paperclip why does the CIA continue to utilize experiments and procedures that mirror that of doctor mingle has is doctor mean good the doctor green that numerous American MK ultra victims reference I'm Christina Cola Boeing July 9 62 rendering me 32 years of a I was the subject in radiation as well as mind control and Greg experiments performed by men I knew as Dr green arguments have surfaced defending Hitler's intentions pre World War 2 you asserting that Hitler just wanted the best for the German people for their economy that Hitler knew of the Balfour declaration of 1970 the document that promised lord Rothschild a Zionist state in Palestine so why did Hitler allow himself to be pushed into World War 2 by Great Britain he knew what would happen he knew exactly what the Rothschild bankers funding both sides of the war wanted doesn't this make hit where the biggest sinus at her by accident work or by design since the end of World War 2 the United States has only seen more war the US military is in every foreign land imaginable with young Americans being used as cannon fodder like cattle for slaughter just like in ancient Rome United States since the military to foreign lands not to protect our own land but to pursue these wars of conquest the U. S. allegedly fights wars for peace but take the spoils like the oil American currency once had strength because the global oil transactions were executed in the American dollar but times are changing China and its allies are ditching the Petra duller in favor of their own currency which is convertible into gold the industry once powered by the American dollar is now rivalled by a foreign currency slowly stomping out the power that the dollar once held which will impact regular old Americans the most a dozen eggs costs 25 cents in 1971 today at dollar 68 is the price but we don't get any more axe and on top of that according to a 2017 report from Bankrate nearly 6 in 10 Americans don't have enough savings to cover a $500 or $1000 unplanned expense yet the fed continues to print as much money as they deem fit its value created from thin air all of our news as well as our declining education system is designed to keep us ignorant ignorant from the fact that the fed is a parasite on America our government is that the will of foreign lobbyists the Vatican is a super power Hollywood is a circus the breaking news headlines are a distraction most colleges are now daycares expensive with in agendas are being implemented every day to divide us over race religion politics in gender because the empire doesn't want us to know the truth and the truth is evil is a master of disguise crypto Jew crypto Nazi crypto Christian crypto Muslim whatever throughout history Damascus changed but the pattern has not well the masses ever awakened from their American dream or will history continue to repeat itself time after time and this is my opinion but I want to make it clear that I believe as Americans we have it really good by comparison but in my lifetime I've never known a moment when America was not a war I grew up learning only the answers for standardized tests with questions beyond what kind pencil continues to cop a scantron left unanswered by my teacher being told that college was the well worn paths to the American journey but does the American dream still exists to do that difficult for excess what do you think internet friends I always look forward to reading your comments thank you so much for subscribing in supporting the channel on page //
"2017-10-13 01:40:40"
Something Strange Is Happening To Hollywood
\\Hey internet friends would you rather have money fame her truth what they have to be in front of the pretty lights and camera you can never disclose what goes on behind I'd be the brightest star would you keep Hollywood's darkest secrets or what you speak at someone has made their decision setting off the domino effect of the allegations were bottles and perhaps even some change that's why today we're going to shine a light on what's taking place and hands them for quite some time but instead of just reading headlines in listening to sound bite we're going to pull back the curtain because something strange is happening to Hollywood and I might not be what you think graduations you 5 ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein concert promoter turned film producer and co founder of Miramax films Harvey Weinstein is at the center of Hollywood's unduly with a growing list of leading ladies accusing one scene of sexual harassment or saw the incredibly well connected film producer has responded by saying that many of the allegations against him or fall while his spokesperson went on record stating that any allegations of non consensual sex are unequivocally deny among the actresses who accuse wind scene of sexual harassment or solve our rose McAllen Kate Beckinsale Gwyneth Paltrow Angelina Jolie Ashley Judd and as recently as yesterday care daily V. longtime co worker Meryl Streep cold wind seems behavior inexcusable into an abuse of power claiming that she didn't know of his offenses keep in mind this is the same Meryl Streep who said this about Roman Polanski Hollywood film director and producer who was arrested after Jack Nicholson's houses for the sexual assault of a 13 year old girl yes about Roman Polanski I'm very sorry there's a mounting fear that winds team will pull a police excuse that is leave the United States to Dodge prosecution I once seen commented just the other day that he was due to head to Europe for sex recap you know because normal people have to face the legal system if they're accused of rape but the rich and powerful national rehab will do jails for poor people for the last 3 decades wind scene has reached at least 8 settlements with women who accused him of sexual harassment or abuse so the question is why now why is Hollywood growing this guy under the bus when accusations of casting couch sexual abuse as well as child rape have been flying around for quite some time with the only difference being no one before was naming names not to the press anyway perhaps we've learned all that we need to from wind steam the fall guy perhaps the answers we seek remain hidden by those who have been covering up for him for decades let's take a look at Harvey Weinstein's most outspoken accuser rose McGowan who recently got banned from Twitter for taking aim at one of Hollywood's Darling Ben Affleck accusing him of knowing about wind seemed behavior for years and also alleging that he lied about doing something about wind seems behavior additionally McAllen called Affleck's longtime buddy Matt Damon as spineless profiteer who stays silent but are Ben Affleck Matt Damon and Harvey Weinstein really all just spineless Hollywood perfect both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were no name actors prior to good will hunting but here's a picture of them with former president of the United States Bill Clinton the day could well hunting was released the general public distributed by none other than wine teens Miramax films also of note Damon's character in good will hunting is being recruited by the NSA could it be that Affleck and Damon are a little more connected than their humble struggling actor beginnings lead on the answer is yes absolutely 1000000 times yes finding your roots a program that aired on PBS looked into Ben Affleck's routine revealed that his story of being a middle class guy from Boston raised by a single mother was a bit of a misleading tale barely mentioned on the show was Affleck's grandmother Elisabeth Robert Shaw he married a guy she met at college by the name of o'brien bowl who's best man was Tom Brady a man who worked for the O. S. sacks which was like a really early version of the CI a prayed and then held a prominent role in the CIA specializing in using our in film as a means to spread propaganda great uneven snag Ben Affleck's grandma job at the CIA front known as the museum of modern art working alongside her Ben Affleck's mama Kris anvil wasn't just any single mom she attended Harvard and worked alongside the offspring of other CIA spooks which brings us full circle to Ben Affleck after no name Ben Affleck watch the premiere of his not yet popular film good will hunting when then president Bill Clinton at camp David he played a CIA analyst in the film the sum of all fears reported in the guardian there was a real CIA agents on the set advising the actors as they shot the movie Pat same CI liaison went on to advise the set of alias the star of which is Jennifer garner Ben Affleck's former wife basically all the women in Ben Affleck's family are connected to the Central Intelligence Agency and we haven't even gotten to spineless profiteer Matt Damon who has played CIA or NSA related characters and good will hunting for Jason Bourne films the Good Shepherd in Syriana though Matt Damon has a similar origin story to Ben Affleck he presents himself as a middle class guy from Cambridge who happened to attend Harvard where he became a member of the elite Delphic club even though he was supposedly just a middle class the year kid who missed a bunch of class time due to pursuing film roles even going on record as saying that he was yanked out a class to pursue these roles as though he had no say in the matter there's an excellent essay I have listed down below that details and sources all this information about how Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were anything but struggling actors from middle class family they were both born from elite families with the spider web of connections to the CI a do you reckon these connections were severed when they made it big in Hollywood together Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and Harvey Weinstein make quite the tri factor Hollywood serves as the conduit through which the United States government promotes its propaganda Harveian as brother Bob founded Miramax films which Disney bought in 1993 during World War 2 Walt Disney Studios created 75 training films for the military and its documented that the U. S. army took over Disney studio space during this time and they never really left consider the programming that Disney as well as all of Hollywood cranks out consider the propaganda that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been a part of is Hollywood operated by the American government and the Israeli Massad the CIA and Mossad for created within a year of each other post World War 2 so when people say that Hollywood is run by Jewish people it's true Wendy Allen Roman Polanski Steven Spielberg Harvey Weinstein they all turned out propaganda that shape popular culture manufactured consent and ultimately romanticized war and if you bring up this fact you're automatically labeled anti semitic I'm sure some of you are the pounding away on your keyboards right now it's kind of like how before the outlines Steen scandal if you are a celebrity who brought up the concept of the casting couch or said that pedophile yeah I was rampant in Hollywood fewer in attention seeking dealer celebrity 4 if as a normal person you echoed those same sentiments you were just a conspiracy theorist one scene gave many actors there start their careers so it's fitting that actresses like rose McGowan will bring an end his career by illuminating his behavior if he is indeed found guilty of these allegations she's chipping away at the pyramid not the top of that pyramid are individuals who select people who are easy to control by exploiting their perversion or their desires blackmailing them and manipulating so as this Hollywood saga and full it's important to consider that Harvey Weinstein might just be the fall guy in lots of predators might still be out there I'm gonna leave you with a few questions is the secret service so inept that they couldn't figure out all this information before Emily Obama was supposed to intern for Harvey Weinstein why did the press decide to hop on the story now are they trying to distract us from unraveling Vegas narrative are they trying to distract us from the death of the Petro dollars let me know I always look forward to your comment thank you all so much for subscribing and supporting my channel on Petri //
"2017-10-05 02:01:24"
Does This Possibility Make You Uncomfortable? (Las Vegas)
\\he internet friends nothing is what it seems which is problematic especially when we the people are supposed to accept the narrative being turned out of the murky waters of propaganda which is then funneled into different channels as a means to create an artificial defy regardless of your partisanship I'm gonna ask that you hear me now because no matter your political leanings your skin color your sexual orientation or your gender all of our water has been tainted both metaphorically in quite literally in all of these moments the offense of right now our projections of the past leading up to a future that will affect us all it's likely that in the wake of what happened in Las Vegas this past week you've heard on the television or read comments on YouTube or Facebook or whatever online forum that word name calling in directing anger at individuals who questioned things that don't quite add up as though there is 0 chance that the shooting was something other than the narrative that has been set that's why today we're going to inspect what the term false flag really means linking this ruse to historical and modern examples will connect the dots to see if a pattern has been established Michael is that by the end of this video you'll be able to decide for yourself the possibility of a false flag in the great US of a is is just sit as a vessel see historically the term false flag is tied to the not occult definition as being a sort of trick or a ruse in the days of sale in which an attacking ship would fly the colors of its enemy until it was close enough to open fire the term has evolved to be applied to military operations eisa propaganda tactic of deceiving an adversary into thinking that an operation was carried out by another party in the most straightforward way of explaining it is supposes something year 9 in order to fool the enemy a hoax or a black operation is not the same thing as a fault flak the media often completes these terms unlike a hoax which is a humorous or malicious deception people are murdered and fault flax and unlike black ops or a covert operation by a government a government agency or military organization a false flag isn't limited to being carried out by a government institution theoretically a false flag could be carried out by corporation or whoever really regardless there's always a specific goal or series of goals attached to these faults flax so let's look back at the lessons of history in order to suss out what's going on today with both world wars he can have your pick of documented fault slacks that served as the pretext for war wars that ultimately led to the creation of a global government the United Nations the state of Israel Israel's intelligence agency the Mossad in the United States Central Intelligence Agency also known as the CI a the same TI who admitted to hiring Iranians in the 19 fifties these Iranians posed as communists in stage bombings in Iran as a means for turning the country against it semi chronically elected prime minister this must've worked so well that they decided to propose a repeat in Cuba declassify documents revealed that in 1962 American joint chiefs of staff signed off on a plan that involved blowing up American airplanes as well as committing terrorist attacks in America to blame it all on the Cubans and to justify an invasion of Cuba this was after the US department of defense propose paying off a person in the Castro government to attack the U. S. in 1960 did they just recycle this plan and implement it on 9/11/2001 when a series of 4 coordinated terrorist attacks took place on US soil with the Islamic terrorist group al Qaeda claiming responsibility in the in the US went to war with the wrong country as admitted by the defense secretary and a memo stating that the U. S. falsely blamed Iraq for playing a role in the 911 attacks using the threat of weapons of mass destruction to rally support for the Iraq war a war that benefited the military industrial complex the Rothschild banking system in the global government creating a destabilizing Middle East which gray governments could infiltrate taking the resources and strategically located land for themselves as empires have done since the beginning of time but at least before they were somewhat transparent about it but now what we have is a network of global elite utilizing Edward Bernays style propaganda with the invisible leaders ruling the masses and ultimately engineering their consent the propaganda being designed in such a way that yields both enthused an emotional response from the audience much like how the previous false flags listed were engineered to serve as a pretext for war on other countries shootings like Las Vegas will inevitably advance a political or social agenda making this specific variety of tragedy very personal war on the money well real terrorism in real shootings do take place the lone gunman story like the narrative being propagated in Las Vegas shooting coverage has been played out time after time each time yielding a similar effect in following a familiar pattern with traces of the CIA's very real and Kilcher program all over the evidence the MK ultra program was conducted by the CIA and began right after World War 2 through which both willing and unwilling individuals underwent torture in experiments to manipulate their mental state and ultimately their brain function making them the perfect pawn or even Patsy in domestic terrorist events the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 use 1 example with all the blame placed on 1 man Timothy McVeigh a decorated Gulf War veteran who claimed to be a victim of the MK ultra program saying he had a microchip implanted in him while he was serving in the army this account not only served as inspiration for the 2004 Manchurian candidate film in which Denzel Washington plays a US army major in M. K. ultra victim with a microchip implant but the bombing served as the pretext to pass bill Clinton's anti terrorism bill the result of which was the shattering of a constitutional principle habeas corpus or the right of people in prison to challenge their detention no representation allowed me fees to have any I'm getting up out of the coincidentally or not one of the most famous patsies of all time Lee Harvey Oswald the alleged assassin of JFK is supposedly going to re emerge this month as 10/26/2017 is the date when 3000 never before seen documents as well as 34000 redacted files are set to be released well the files reveal what role the CIA in the bush family played in JFK's assassination well the files even be released at all or will October's headlines bury the possibility of ever knowing the truth those who question the media narrative even during the JFK era were branded as conspiracy theorists or not jobs and ever since the media have to vilify those who question the near it up by saying that conspiracy theorists are being disrespectful to the victims but how do we keep ourselves from being victims if we are only offered artificial solutions that eliminate our freedoms like getting a thorough path down by the TSA you work tightening down on gun loans it sounds like to me that the only people who would ever have a problem with us dissecting or questioning these events would be those who orchestrated them in the first place does the media promote purposeful division in bickering amongst ourselves so we won't notice the individuals who benefited from the tragedy so we won't be able to identify potential pattern surrounding these terrorist attacks like with the recent pattern of prince Harry's Invictus games in terror with the games being hosted in Orlando in may of 2016 in the pope's nightclub shooting occurring in Orlando in June of that year or for example this past week with the Invictus games hosted in Canada in the Edmonton terrorist attack occurring in tandem followed up by the Las Vegas shooting the mystery religion of Mithras in the term soul Invictus are interchangeable with the birthday of Mithras being December 25 sol Invictus was the official sun god of the later Roman Empire in a patron of soldiers in the Invictus games are competitions are games amongst wounded warriors likely injured in the questionable war on terror is there a detectable pattern here could the answers to what's going on in the world be found in the religion to which the global government subscribes the media will tell you now whoever says something like that is the village idiot following that statement up with something like Muslim extremists are murdering non believers in their jihad they're spread their flavor of Islam across the world and if they get powerful enough they're gonna murder Christians in the west so we better keep thought not warm tear down question at you know the media will call us conspiracy theorists for even questioning the religion of the upper echelon including the royal family while simultaneously promoting war propaganda in fear porn conditioning the masses to the idea of sacrifice but what if we were able to calmly assess what is happening to our country oddities like the question of multiple shooters the eyewitness account of a woman who was promptly escorted out of the concert venue by police after telling everyone in 45 minutes before the shooting that they were gonna die the lack of security footage of the shooter transporting all of his kinds into his hotel room as well as the lack of motive an eyebrow raising past occupations of the shooter all of these oddities warrant questions from the masses especially given the rate at which the shooting was politicized by both the government and the entertainment industry if we allow the media to ask questions and report on the answers for us then we'll end up with more of the same we won't know the truth about Las Vegas shooter until 50 years later when declassified documents are quietly released Las Vegas is done we can't change the past but the future the future is ever changing the United States was founded as one nation under god but we've become a nation who worships death led by individuals perpetuating a culture of endless war in brainwashed by a media who politicized tragedies before the blood is even dry are our best days behind us as a nation I'm neither optimistic nor pessimistic but I'm realistic it doesn't matter who we elect as president not really and maybe it never did in our government the global government the shadow government the New World order what everyone knows this other countries like Australia have given up their guns in the wake of my shooting there is an obvious push after any shooting to tighten up on gun control to take it one step further with every tragedy as we the people are waking up to the real tear our own government this is exactly why our second amendment X. 6 the power rests in the people in their ability to bring about change starting first within their homes and within their community so who among us has the confidence to lead instead of being led by the predatory median narrative that exclusively promotes fear into fish well will you decide internet friends let me know your thoughts I always look forward to your comments thank you all so much for watching subscribing in supporting my channel on Peachtree guy //
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Why My Saudi Arabia Video Was Deleted
\\hated that friends come out alive from what might be the world's creepiest chair and also what I hope it's a sufficient internet connection you know I like to go straight to the point I don't do live streams often it when I do I'm not I'm not like the biggest fan of them so I'll get straight appointment at a lot of you have been asking me if I took down my Saudi Arabia video the video called what the media won't tell you about Saudi Arabia and it was taken down by a copyright strike so I have appealed that strike in you can find the same exact video either on within me bitch you mines it I think there's copies of it on you to I think but yeah so I just want to take the time now to say thank you to you YouTube for giving me this wonderful platform where I can connect with all of the lovely and wonderful people watching it and also I just wanted to say thank you to you to your car since ringing nonstop throughout what has been the last year my wife and I know that sounds a little bit dramatic whatever people say that I'm like no you're not going to hurt you know you've you've put something inappropriate in your videos you've said something really really offense you bet your radar instead of racial term or something I don't know but Ayame I've had it an interesting experience live YouTube this will be my second strike that I ever see you in the first one was for a few curious it was for a few privacy you violation on my DC tunnels video so I'm gonna take a look at the charts and all be taking questions at the end in thank you all so much for watching yeah I'm sticking with it you know I know are you haven't seen my face since your new subscribers I just hit well maybe we can have a go hit 100000 subscribers on YouTube which is really exciting and I I'm I'm so I think so thank you for all for you know continually leaving me comments whether they be constructive or just saying keep going I really appreciate it it I appreciate everyone who support me on Patreon I took down the super chat today because I don't want you to 0 get your money I'm they take 30 person out of the super chat so yeah there we go there we go that that that's on the way but every time every time you 2 does this not every time a censor me or and I'm not the only one this happens to tons of people every time he said to me it's like it just reinforces the message you know what I mean it reinforces but we're being censored at what they don't like what we have to say Silicon Valley is like a mafia Iran's no we just pressed board I'm not resisting at this point to you tube I'm just finding other ways it's not a big deal where the where there's a will there's a way and right now I'm creating my own website where we can host videos on there and we can all talk on their hands yeah exciting things to come so no big deal you too I am rather surprised that I can actually live stream at the moment because I thought with one copyright strike that means you can't lifestream anymore but I do you have there strike I I I filed a counter strike so yeah because it was all under their use right right Wallace was therefore plebeians so take a look at the chat now I ... I haven't done a lot a live streaming real long time so good for the child to Gimme Gimme one second okay okay younger scroll up well nursery people in here thank you also much for watching I apologize for not putting out any alert prior to this lifestream really beyond within our alert I just sort of I felt I felt like I should do it today beyond I don't feel that way about live streams ever if at all so I just got on your in yeah YouTube is censoring a lot of channels you set up is that that sweet sweet mouth SMR they are censoring our channels I saw where entertain the stars his YouTube channel was taken down yesterday or the day before and Abu had a video about it insurance you know that I just don't live streams all the time he's talking about the Bible and stuff like that why is here why is he getting his Cheryl taken down I don't understand Iran's thank you for all comments of support I really appreciate it okay somebody were saying that Jace that I'm assuming we're all waiting for grace anytime now to talk I'm sorry I was a minute late I don't know if it's fashionably late but William okay I'm going down here the United slaves of Israel you wouldn't disagree with that really Rico .said we need a year we're here to help yeah me too you know and you know what I feel like this is my this is my students on a I'm going to continue to use you to because use your aunts or I'm going to continue to post my videos on YouTube in addition to other platforms because YouTubers where the folks are out but if you all my great elsewhere there's no use for it so it's not it's not up to me you know it's up to you where ever you wanna make your new residents all posts videos they're all going wherever you go so it you tip is that I believe it's the second largest search engine because it's Google eons and it stuck it to your Google so that's where all your your traffic comes from eons if no one was searching America no one was using this platform then they wouldn't have any of this power in D. monetization which I know a lot of other youtuber creator you 2 bursts are going through I don't like that word a lot of other video makers are going through right now I I am still you on that one and it's just again just find an alternative I use demerits I have a page freon I am going to start my own website you know there's there's lots of ways around if you want to myth work so I went out I feel like a lot of people who make videos they may click urgent announcement videos that they're getting demonetized again they're getting censored and I understand that but it's not in the world eons whatever you do whatever hopefully hopefully everything gets sorted out hopefully it calms down in the future but I doubt it will robes chapters rooms sure here which I'm sorry bothered me okay are you in danger of being taken down in what in what meaning in what way I'm that was my then men brownies question do they give you a justification of the reason when they remember video Alyssa asked yes they do and send you an email and they if you do that with the claim its name though they do not address what specifically with copyrighted in the video you have to find that out yourself and in my case it was a photo that was shown for 3 and someone asked grace you need some margin here you have hope clash okay well what you gonna do you just ignore him I don't I don't know like making random people mods whatever you guys they got us that right we can deal with it okay anonymous apple hoops that Chuck just went down Rico.said you gotta watch the key word to use its probably a generic email you know what's funny is this video which has no tags on it it's just called why my video about Saudi Arabia was taken down it was automatically demonetized its units I saved the title so just just a fun fact if you use the Saudi Arabia in your title I assume you're going to be demonetized by YouTube's bots in their system but I didn't have another title for it if you know what I mean I didn't have another title what else what they gonna type it how to behave how to behave on you too what happens at I don't okay yeah they did take you down for a 3 second video yes bait and this this species is insane next shot can you elaborate on that because I'm not sure of which he sees you're speaking Catherine o'connell said grace martial law on social media maybe maybe it just you know what the problem is there are these problems the problem if there are problems and the problem at the moment it is back YouTube ends D. monetizing individuals as well censoring free speech in there even they're even I'm taking down videos I've seen.relates you religious and biblical topics which is apt to it's absolutely crazy you know what I mean it some why what why so you too but it's not the same you to restart it out when you check YouTube Google and Google the CI a just look how many times who met with the Obama movement administration and you know you'll figure that out yourself so yeah there's a real problem but also I'm sorry if here segment would cost it also gives me a lot of hope at the same time that we're making such and a way if we're best were posing such a threat as a community who desires the truth that many years long given us and the media won't get us that they're actually having to institute these policies am really even having to implement it in start the using a false flag of Bennett's felt platinum maybe yeah maybe both flag events on you tube like with Cutie pie in the wallstreet journal they're having to orchestrate those sorts of things which I do not feel are organic not at this point not at not at this point in time beyond not there were others thanks to you I mean dots were were in that situation but you know what whatever AA if companies don't wanna advertise on but if they don't want to advertise on that that's them there their private companies Iran will go find some morals young's if you want to censor these videos if you want you sense of the truth if you want to censor someone's opinion on you too then we just will use you to it's kind of that way for Twitter too and Facebook and other platforms but since we're on you tube will smack Emmett moment I mama frog said 46 subs and I'm losing views and having you're having comments randomly deleted deleted for what reason are they offensive comments sometimes you to Walters comments based on if people post links and stuff like that so I'm not some of these come some of these comments are out of context I don't exactly understand them so they're talking about black pidgin black pidgin speaks I have to watch some of his videos I watched about 2 I watched one about I'm the Holocaust Iran's I believe I watched one on one on how women jumbo I haven't formed a complete opinion yet so but I have watched I want people make you know they really like certain after I notice trends on here people like mess ASEAN opinionated channel is one that people are always commenting on my peers about and I caught his video on is on Zionism and it was really good it was very weak be though are all of these videos like that with it we may be 2:00 hours if I recall correctly sit down get comfy but it was a good idea what I like making 5 minute actually people like to watch 5 minute videos and you just like a lot of 5 minute videos I like at Bella said I like black kitchen usually Iran's Chinese candy Mel said Chinese stole our trees okay dash schools asked do you like Alex Jones Alex Jones about what I didn't hard numbers that have been before I had no I assume honey bee said I didn't refresh my screen in ashes on is that the real honeybee is that the honey bee or is this that it's a generic account answer in the comments a lot of agents typing things here today cleans cleans all operate I'm not really let's have a couple of brain filter that just goes through them I don't see them watch brother ness Daniel I like his videos as well and F. F. you Jen turn FE said you know you've made it when someone makes a video saying really graceful exposed what can you do your people always use videos from 2012 to expose me usually and it's someone recently and it it's it's simply a it's just so earlier at some you know if you're gonna judge people by how they behaved when they were 21 years old I do understand if they put themselves out there on the internet sure everything you've ever been up on the internet everything you've ever put on the internet will be judged and it will not be deleted ever Iran's still find it beer irrelevant argument if you're comparing see where you were 5 years ago 5 years ago were you the person you are today were you the person you wanted to become when you were 21 years old and in college did you make the best choices did you have extremely extremely mature years in an eloquent ways of putting things did you now let me I didn't were you there when the relationship with anyone especially god when you were 21 years old when you were in college if you weren't then I mean I'm happy for you but doc's not I had a little little I had set go through stuff and have experiences under my belt in order to look back and growth from an and be here so I'm not sorry for her what I said in the past not really and I leave those videos up as M. because I like them sue I was and if I presented myself in any other way and I deleted those it would be streaming dishonest of me do you come here to get our biggest failings it never changing it's not it's not life okay what are you working on right now is working on a video on biometrics right now Moesha stormy clouds gathering got Senate Sir to you should really check his videos are not seen his videos but when I if I end up watching the stock all that we check him say it again why wasn't deleted it was the video onslaught Saudi Arabia was deleted because of a copyright strike but I countered that quickly so well well see that's why I'm able to live stream at the moment because the claim is being countered thing when you have one strike on your channel in you not count of the claim you cannot live streams said there's and thank you thank you for everyone if you just joined thank you for watching and where's the fed purple Chad jumped down off this is why I struggle okay the video that was deleted you can find it on that me we can find some pictures you can find it re uploaded by random people on you tube when I try to re upload it on my on my back up channel which is in the description if you and I subscribe to it it told me about it was taken down for copyright strike it wouldn't let me re upload it even under a new account so I'm not sure how others are re uploading in on you too but if you I don't care what you do with it just please some monetize it or like added added it in such a way that ... reflects and not point of media so yeah couplet wherever they are it just do what you want oh yeah Catherine graced you have a backup channel in case this one goes it's called really graceful back up I believe I just said that I don't believe I said the name of it I just thought it was in me description Jay said please do arrive panel with bright insight and beyond science okay I'm can't post links my chat Frederick but what you said yeah just some Justin I'm message someone if you wanna send them a week paths yeah okay okay ... you are trying to post the video link if in the description if anybody wants you click on it do you think the red cross is owned by the Rothschilds there when I when I look at Haiti and what happened with the red cross in Haiti would suggest that the red cross is that really what it seems but I would have to further investigate that to really see if they are owned by the Rothschilds in any way so I would say I don't do what you think keep sharing the facts for free cool okay okay okay if you have it by the way if you have any questions for me I'm answering them now I'm gonna I'm gonna keep a selection quick I don't know how long I've been on here but I am so grateful for your watching I know it's probably a lot of your lunch breaks at the moment and the rest of you are it's an evening in like the care and stuff like that but but anyway I don't want to get too much of your time if you want me to do live streams more often I will but I don't feel particularly strong about why fearing either way I'll do it I would prefer to put together structured video I preferred to outline my research in a different way of them light shining it's just this is a I'm William okay ultrasound you inspire my wife grace she senior because because ... cosmetic feds I do not expect that word to pop up in a shorter if we sent red pill videos cool I mean you can have an array of interests you don't have to be one or the other you can still like feminine often yeah I want to know the truth about the world because ultimately ignorance is not bliss not and not my opinion beyond all look a lot of pain and suffering can come out of ignorance and for me everyone asks me why I'm real calm in my videos but it is a lot of people miss Jonrowe they shout and scream and they generally are not very calm ignorance I would just say that I'm to be afraid it is it's why it's people who hurt her motions when Mike got you which is the news that keeps you coming back for more each time you see a breaking news headline or you see a terrorist attack or whatever it keeps you coming back to the television screen almost like to get your fix is it going to happen to me is my family gonna be affected well how will the world change after this but there's nothing new under the sun it's been happening for a long time and personally me I I read the Bible I believe in the Bible that I live by the Bible if you just look there you you'll see everything in their sockets not earlier stuff so I wouldn't be afraid and and a lot of people I get a lot of messages that are very alarmist in nature and just chill out relaxed enjoy be happy do things you like with people you love they aren't web outside of all the will that be yes okay do you still use Twitter yes my my Twitter account is don inscription Titus can't get the video to loan which one this one the lifestream Hey Titus thanks for dropping by and Hey someone said I'm so flirty today will this happen to you I get to live stream to all the people that watch my videos and I get to talk to you all on a daily basis on racial social media and I get to make videos about topics that I care about and then I get to piss off people in Saudi Arabia and get my video taken down it's a wonderful life in a very blasts so why would I not be happy if the BBC went after me months ago so that was really a turning point for my channel what you gonna do do you still have a discordant note I got back I infiltrated really really terribly and I to lead a day I'm sorry we this is why we can't have nice things so I'm making a website so most where things can get infiltrated hot hopefully if you do them right yeah I I am sorry for her hyping up to discord channel in then deleting it it was just it was a dumpster fire altogether it really wise if you want to know more about it you can message me but I want I want hang out with wandering on here didn't affect me really affected others in for that I felt terribly okay Jamie Jamie was unnerving maybe maybe he saw everything hegemony how are you okay I want I want to open a driver's ed school in Saudi Arabia now that women can drive you would make a killing and I'm sorry that you support can one and Saudi Arabia but you would really I feel like you would do well but then you'd have to move to Florida radius of their stock but it's great women can drive now in Saudi Arabia did you know about they live past that Monday I believe yes please tell us about your research methods okay so essentially I've always wanted told me about that because I feel like a crazy person because I sit down here and I am thinking about I only make videos about topics that I'm personally curious about all and with stuff that I really haven't seen anybody else do you to the extent there are some topics where I just jump on the band back bandwagon with everybody because I want to have my say but typically work with the whole tender video I wasn't really interested about I never used tender have you I hadn't but I've had friends who've used it I've seen I and I've looked around on it and I was just really curious about what happens to those messages you send a perfect stranger when you send them Rambo you know what's the process for that what do they get deleted and I posted on a Twitter the other day that some woman who was a journalist is a journalist you it's yeah she requested from tender that she wanted her transcripts of all the messages she'd ever sent since I believe 2013 and she got an 800 page wow awful of messages about you know all of her sexual preferences in conversations she had with various men in and they keep all that they save all that and don't think for a second that you're using our products you're not like the customer I'm your ear the product they're selling your data probably that's up now education but based on the investors are tender and how they align with various other AI investments yet they're still in your data so enjoy that but they did the same thing on base but they're very much in line with Facebook sent there it's Facebook integration with them OP item you have to have a second order to pout itinerant preacher sellers but and they look at all your other friends on Facebook who did not he did not sign up for tender so that's cool now with sarcasm grace a friend out cheaper I okay 0 Cole said almost all social media has amassed data mining project yes definitely in we need parent with all the DNA kind of video the video did on and 23 in me any pair that with what they do with their DNA after you said base and your test results on you know what percentage European and then in the end whatever after they send your test results back in your it it you get to see her on your family tree they're not done with her DNA then but it's not like they just throw it in the trash or anything like that they actually sell it so yeah yeah so it's you it it's not only various sure that's not what they claim it's not like ha ha ha gore so you're denying imclone you that's not what they say straight up but they do sell it to same thing with tender people who invest in 23 in me and also it's a struck him with you getting us mixed up they invest in airlines so they're building a profile of you in on their their they bet on you being predictable it's all about predictability and data mining at the DNA profile it's your your credit score from Equifax in all of your identity means social security and your driver's license number your phone and trust it's just we live in such a weird world right whole Equifax thing I was doing a video on that but I think I might trash it was I talking about was I talking about my my process for sure researching these videos I believe I was I 4 months after use this statement much like you do it's like you do in school eons there are you defining the points that I want to go through throughout the video because one my favorite things is organizing the information and such a way that it's easy to digest for anybody and that because that's what I personally like I like stuff that it's very well here here does it earns its side in such a way with such language that it it's not complicated so that's what I enjoy and not SR's my research process sometimes these topics I've been looking into for for him with I wanna do a video on allergies and not one that would have been looking into for your so it's very difficult to explain the research process for about but all I'm in personal experience and then I go on the archives to see what's been deleted to remove from the internet and I collect 00 source list and then I for my paragraphs I write out a script and when I edited a man's yes I do on my own petting helps one asked the other day I do my own editing it takes forever back to comment to the chart why don't you have a Siamese cat synthetic rebel rebellious right now you might say because a lot of people saying that never you're a racist no you know what you gonna say I don't homicide me I knew captured up at my house the other day and it was a boy cat it was a tomcat in it was so beautiful it was like an orange current Garfield cat in a hot crop its eyes were crossed I feed sooner is feeding it kibble it was I'm quite a sight chorus I I will say I hope it comes back dear Arielle iPad you have just random animal show up at your home right you're homeless marks that happens to me that's happened twice so far I've lived here well 3 times 3 times once with the dog as well as a computer science undergrad I find all this a I data mining social media stuff here intriguing Omar said you should do some research on it since you're an expert in the enemy are almost an expert once you get your the great wall semi expect not to downplay your degree expert ash you should you should do a piece of paper on it did you know it that the let me get your opinion on this because I don't believe people need college degree not everyone needs a college degree people need to learn a trade they need to and do whatever all your dreams whatever yeah and with Equifax data breach the security adviser whichever name on here close taking notes the security adviser Susan malls and innocently anti mind you which is where I'm from it was a music major and she has to music degrees and she's the security adviser for Equifax you I believe in Venezuela or in South America somewhere had their password to their site as admin I read that somewhere so there's that didn't in that was suppose to be a question but informant whose question do you believe that your degree in whatever area of expertise you choose should ultimately dictate what's your profession should be me I'm an English major I don't do anything with it well Iraq well you're a pretty girl videos I read have reading comprehension but ... yeah I don't know I don't know about that I can wonder how she got that job and if you don't know Equifax security data breach I wanna compromised a Hearn 43000000 Americans I didn't use so I read that was a third of the population but that doesn't really sound right it doesn't it doesn't sound right but now they're saying that Canada in Great Britain is also a fact and so when you go on their website when you go on Equifax's website you can check in see if you've been affected but in doing so when signing up for your and I did any theft protection program which is odd trusted ID which they acquired prior to the hot prior to not to hack wishing you up for leave 3 to 5 months a year or sign away your right to file a a lawsuit against Equifax any change the fine print on that at some point in the last few weeks but it still stands as ... as a pretty shady practice right RIANZ all this is just really a push per biometrics in the sense that you know you're our social security numbers were never supposed to be personal identifiers for you not a credit score it and that's not what they were intended to be and we share these 9 digit one digit numbers went various corporations all the time so how were they ever cpas be kept secret I recall knowing of bombers social security number so what good is there in that questionnaire leads you down the biometrics kind of Ali rather dark alley it with implications that really affect everyone but where were we were slamming Equifax for all this was the same time with apple were praising them further facial recognition fingerprinting all these different things that are that you deal with biometrics and they go in the store those where and how are we to know that these companies are how are we to know that these companies will assign someone qualified to their security prop department have you know that the cost the customer's best interest in mind when in the case of Equifax what people's identities who were stolen or are actually the customers there the product because Equifax's selling their reports their credit reports 2 other companies so why would they why would Equifax here I'll be interested to see elf Equifax actually has any legal ramifications for that's because they're there 3 executives had a little insider trading going on prior to the announcement of the house eons they claim they do now right C. O. don't know about half water reading the comments now I went off on it Equifax tangent I'm sorry I was boring but I think it's very interesting he listens to my left the woods check out marriage I demand an interview I would do that I would do that if you are inter it if y'all were interested I try to stay interested in into it at the same time our nurturers okay that was like that Equifax clause will not hold up in court right and the real kicker on all that is be trusted ID website that you sign up for in during the are in checking to see if you are affected by that a quick fix data breach in as well as I'm signing up for their services on identity theft protection you will only get that protection for one year free yeah and you have to call and cancel if you plan on not paying for it in your 2345 wherever it's not like your social security number changes after one year and you're funny it you're stuck with nothing for life unless you change it but yeah it's pretty dirty it's pretty dirty of Equifax and they they have ... investments in biometrics as well I was reading there in your corner income how many people live with themselves it's just so crazy okay network its murderous responding the tightest but I don't see what he said okay if not I'll never see it sorry okay and that was pretty much the ECOSOC's video summarize for you can compare it to the failed coup failed financial coup in India in 2016 with bank of international settlements settlements wherein we are prime minister of India took all the specific notes of various our quantities like what would be a $5 bill in a $20 bill and said that the people of India could exchange those for and then you know they are in the specific time but after that time they weren't available to be turned it right and look like half the people in India didn't have a bank account so that really turned out well it was like a financial could have been might still be because it's rather fresh could be with a financial genocide where wherein people cannot pay for their groceries or their housing or whatever it might be and arm yeah so as we move towards a cashless society and world the biometrics we have all sorts of exciting things look forward to Iran's the hope terrorist acts it honestly it's happening it's going to happen it's like it's like a boulder rolling down the hill what's gonna happen you can't stop it even Tom you know what I have heard a thud though the boulder will eventually collide with ... induce in with the same force that fell with it will destroy it so that wasn't like a planet acts reference or anything like that but it's true but the hope is that someone along the line in the chain of command whether it be government or corporate which are much the same in the United States that will have some sort of conscience were you know Madonna monitor them okay Duke jumps again I'm sorry for whoever arts comment it was a lovely comment but I don't remember it okay Titus said finally found her come fifth I wish I could find it for like 10 minutes okay have you seen the duster humming meltdown on Twitter recently I saw where Roger stone hide called protests out for being a paedophile this was 2 days ago someone sent me thank you for who ever said that to me eons I saw pluses response action wherein he was cursing arm and he I am a chain of responses but I find it it feels a lot like theater don't you think don't you think what I mean by that it feels like theater in the sense that they're getting this information out there their innocence Twitter doing right it's like the new dual and what comes of it what will what happens because of it dusters still still out there so hanging out in Waterstones why neat happen on Twitter I just you know there it feels never not never ending like it'll always be and in my circle of here some bait tankettes here we go I will do nothing but pure your search we to suffice you whether it be a wooden Rothschild or ... Hillary Clinton sending out a domino's application to Michael Flynn it just I'm over it I'm ready for something to happen in I feel like there's enough at least to the email emails certainly are word GF questioning now does that does that mean you don't know and there are some supporting evidence to you suggest that there should be an investigation but we'll see where it goes and I I thought that which is number one mistake I thought that trump would address this on some sort of playing and that Jeff Jeff what which is named Jeff Jeff marijuana Jeff war on drugs Jeff what's it what's his last name I thought that he would I thought that he would do something but really he's just cracking down on marijuana I so I misspoke marijuana ever and I still want you are Paglia is his last name Joe are you are high sorry Jeff come but yeah so it feels very inert very stock net very stale and I know what excites slaughter people to see those tweets being right balling back and forth but I just have to ask will anything ever come of it that's what I want to know okay I don't believe it matters hello said I don't believe Equifax with the hack it was done on purpose I I would fall your train of thought there in certain there's an investigation that needs to go out down in order for us to draw conclusions but yeah I our I would be really interested I'm interested to see where this will go into the executives Wall suffered any legal ramifications for it because it very much seems like there's to log in America to to kind of lost for poor people average people and what's that don't have to be abided by by the upper echelon the corporate government the our United States incorporated okay I scroll down to the bottom of the chat full time gig said John Paul Jackson said once the hawks are happening your bank accounts are next do you see the other month where no one could access through crate at chase credit card information their their bank accounts they were able to use their debit cards they were able to check online they were able to use the ACM and imagine lots because that there are always is with the human human error is it's always happy and imagine that when a cashless society where they're pushing this microchip that's going into your hand or wherever imagina imagine that imagine the young the control of it following falling into the hands of the wrong people that would be not sure it's gonna happen but that would be not so great right grace please make something about India memory interim about me grace you ever do you interviews with other YouTubers can give you truth tellers any wise advice do you mean like Nutri tellers like people who make videos or are people who act thanksgiving wanna tell her family about the Rothschilds or whatever I don't usually do a lot of interviews with other YouTubers I just I trusted my lame but I I have a lot of YouTubers I'm like that's not to say I don't I don't like them but I the last interview I did was with guns from face like the sun and how it went down was great I I was on his podcast there he wasn't on my I don't have but typically I don't interview people on the channel because I've had bad experiences with that and once I mean who would have been burned him recover I guess that's not true but I still away from it because I don't feel like it's my saying I don't interview people that welcome Chyna incredible an I have trouble letting people talk at times even I'm not very not very talkative person I find that I suffer from that in interviews but we'll see I'm not writing anything now but I don't typically collaborate with other YouTubers on a large scale which isn't to say don't I don't like them I just don't do that something it as far as other people who you wanna search channel make serious about what you were make figures about and keep on doing it if you care about the topics than somebody else is bound to care about the topics and with me I I invest a lot of time in learning new skills for editing because that's where I feel I'm weakest Beyonce I spend a lot of time learning how to edit on final cut and do things like that that it's visually appealing on some level and if you're in the same way I have a lot of children watch on you tube that I really like for those type of tutorials so if you want to get the message out there anyone to be S. M. visually appealing or whatever aesthetically pleasing then deftly check that out but I would say that if you were to make it you just do it don't worry about it just make a video that the first video was hardest making I'm drinking water the first thing he was hardest make in being consistent I think MC from last week's it you know I was on vacation last week right now but it stopped it being consistent it's very difficult especially when things happen that are for shading discouraging would say because everyone expect but I'm status in time everyone experiences that you're not alone your things happen okay back to back to the comments okay lift the veil to if you have a mac then trout screens low it's that that through like shooting okay yeah OBS is differentiating so you're talking about watching me Greece's future husband said you're editing it's dry thank you so much has been future husband okay okay spill out to you arm okay October 14 thing with the veil I'm not in charge of the interview from delusion truth he got that and you're not me that's for Cathy o'brien right Cathy o'brien interview is that correct can someone let me know during during the spike she I would like that I would like to see that okay and someone's in love county does a really good videos really really good bite size that close I mean I mean it we had so we can make a chill collaboration and love to have you on my channel it's I admire him okay Iran's do video on the red cross and FEMA camps and purple carnations anonymous said remember the make up airmax makeup guy was left out of jail after wrapping raping women with wrapping women with ruffles and recording it then did it again I do not know of what you speak I do not know what your restaurants and just enter said she might be smart but she still just one of millions cool whenever okay ... sounds like graces the Fuhrer I don't I don't know Iran's yeah okay Tyler said yard is for Cathy o'brien I thought you were invited to join NATO if not you're welcome to you as far as I know current what's your what's your opinion of Trey Gowdy thank you so much for asking this I usually really when I see him speak or I hear him speak rather and speak about the topics he does in real we give a verbal beating to people into it like I'm really into it but then nothing ever happens you did you notice that same thing same thing it turns I'm but I I like his I like his delivery what do you all think about him trait trade county I like his his by grace did you see my wife Facebook comment no written Jamie said minions yellow things with the glasses did you notice that the movie wasn't even about minions what were the type of millions were referencing yeah there what first all over the internet like this tragic mean that it was it it's still in use today on Facebook by E. elderly and but so what it'll why those are my least favorite means okay I'm take like 2 more questions and then I'm gonna go I know you are if the middle the day alright thinks you aren't you really graceful do you suck show any signs in real life of being harassed or surveilled for your years now no not really I'm you know I'll get threatening messages from time to time but hello I am the tartan individual kind of stuff is a real phenomenon and certainly it does affect individuals and I I've read some of their stories people have come forward and told me about their own experiences but for me personally it has not happened and I do believe that skier in humming free speech or sharing your views on the internet is a real doctor that please into whether people continue to voice their opinions online and a lot of it is just Scrabble it's just nor is it there they fear monger that's something will happen to your shut you I suppose that's true so should you do this that or the other and you might not think everyone diets do you understand that like everyone dies no one makes it out of life live so when when when that comes up in Winamp threatened them just it doesn't affect me anymore so in short no I think that's the last one I think what's plus we don't deal well into good everyone dies ended on a really high hopes but no it's it's firing units so many people are so afraid to come out with their story or weren't voice their opinions due to their circumstance where they live are their families views with the there are ramifications of coming out with this information and certainly you should always make decisions facts you know the consequences you can foresee the consequences up or you should consider the consequences of but in a large part I feel like wikileaks specifically plays a big role in fear mongering and this when they release secrets like to have secrets or emails like they have and the government's response to it slick talking mouse so in a way that's where I'm coming from you're not saying you should have no fear I'm just saying if she I'm just saying my own personal experience so okay okay thank you all so much for watching I really appreciate it thank you for sticking with me while I have videos deleted off the internet you can find me at all the other links they're all listed down in the description follow me on Twitter follow me on face the whatever home for me and the the M. that links down below if you would like and on my Patreon I do you announce videos and video ideas in yeah before it anyone else knows so if you would like to support me on there I would be very grateful again until I see next time internet friends I hope you all have a wonderful day you know I talk to you soon I //
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What the Media Won't Tell You About Saudi Arabia
\\he internet friends have ever witnessed a moron sh something that appears real are possible but isn't it the term with the roots stemming from the French and Latin words near in Iraq both meaning to look at so it's time we look at the Mirage of the desert the consequences and effects of which have transcended borders in time to and while the leadership is part of the illusion the real deception lies in downplaying the reality and distorting the truth about this kingdom that's why today we're going to cover what the media won't tell us about Saudi Arabia the only country on earth named after a family the house salary while public beheadings mistreatment of women and back door deals with politicians are amongst the practices that come to mind when discussing Saudi Arabia well began with what they're most known for nowadays well money pre Islam the Arabian peninsula served as a conduit for trade consisting of various civilizations along major rivers in nomadic tribes who feuded amongst themselves but after the spread of Islam there was a struggle for control over the Arabian peninsula giving emergence the Saudi dynasty in central Arabia in 1744 when tribal ruler Muhammad even sowed joined forces with religious leader Mohamed Abdul Wahhab the founder of the modern Wahhabi movement in while this new movement was just getting started the mighty Ottoman Empire was nearing its end the Ottomans threatens central Arabia party having seized Islam's holiest sites Medina and Mecca and by 1908 the Turks adultery away between Damascus in Medina but all this took a sharp turn when the British got involved the railway was destroyed with the help of British military officer TE Lawrence during World War 1 as depicted in the film Lawrence of Arabia essentially the British armed and funded a small group of radical Islamists during World War 1 despite their common enemy at the time the item say what becoming for money not the best of them that becoming for Damascus which I'm going to give them you can tell the politicians the benefit of type a not that I'm not Sarah faculty to him that's not all the British were up to not according to Iraqi intelligence documents that were released by the United States department of defense in 2002 included a report entitled the emergence of Wahhabi Islam in its historical roots that details the British spies traveled to the Middle East around the mid eighteenth century meeting up with Abdul hop in pleading to create brand of fake Islam that would later be known as Wahhabi is sin designed to undermine traditional Islam said the British could have a foothold on the Arab world essentially this report suggests that Wahhabi Islam was created to divide and conquer the muscle more the more highly ism became the foundation of the Saudi regime a regime belt from a violent tribe to Harrah's in continues to to this day murder rival tribes the report specifically states that both Abdul Wahhab in his sponsor even sowed were of Jewish origin with Abdul Wahab being a descendant of a Jewish tribe from Turkey plot twist right throughout the past century these claims have been reiterated by neighboring rulers and reportedly even a Saudi Arabia Jim Fassel who ruled between 1964 in 1975 he was reported to have told The Washington Post on September 17 of 1969 that we both Saudi family our cousins that you use that's interesting right also interesting is that the British the same folks who paved the way for the establishment of the state of Israel also helped pave the way for recapturing Medina and Mecca from the Ottoman Empire as well as you 19 regions of Arabia under the banner Wednesday Saudi Arabia which was founded in 1932 the same year the Saudis signed a deal with Rockefeller Standard Oil company in oil production began under the U. S. controlled Arabian American oil company in this is how one of the most important alliances with the United States came to fruition in where the starting point for Saudi Arabia's vast wealth began so why is Saudi Arabia such an important ally to the west Saudi Arabia serves as an illusion upon which western leaders can claim to liability the Saudis or the Saudi funded rebels wage war and murder enemies at the White House while spreading their particular brand of radical Islam this happened while the Soviets were in Afghanistan in 1979 it continues to happen with the Saudis funding Syrian rebels while Russia 8 sign in ultimately with Saudis funding these rebels they are taking aim at 1 of Russia's last remaining allies in the Middle East and in return for doing the west's betting Saudi Arabia receives more arm steel thus centrally located Saudi Arabia continues to serve as the door stopper for whatever backdoor war the west uses to wage this footage was taken during a protest in June by women in Saudi Arabia campaigning for the right to drive but it seems the government's cracking down one protester had faith saves its to 10 lashes with a whip the first time that courts have handed down the sentence on a woman for driving Yemeni army troops to help defend the country against the side gate rations as international rights groups have urged western states particularly America and Britain to hopes that military support for the entire presently it appears that the west is waging a war against Iran and therefore Russia the Saudi royal family is on board since tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran are high and have been in recent times since 1979 when gunman sees the holy site of Islam the grand mosque in Mecca these gunmen were thought to be militants from Iran calling for the overthrow of the house of sound however Iran's leader at the time accused the U. S. and it's real as the mastermind behind the plot sound familiar regardless of who was responsible the tensions with the wrong continue to this day even right now the Saudis are fighting a battle with a role in Yemen this is about all the news is reluctant to tell us about it is overshadowed by coverage of the war in Syria Yemen civil war occurred as a result of the Arab spring the transition from one leader to the next resulted in failure with unemployment at an all time high in an already very poor country as well as food shortages terrorism and of course rival movements that created the perfect conditions for civil war as we've seen in Syria civil war creates a power vacuum or opportunities for outside forces to intervene in fearing that Iran was going to do just that Saudi Arabia allied with other countries to start a military campaign that hasn't affected the Iranian backed Yemen rebels as much as the civilian with over 10000 people murdered since 2014 with Saudi airstrikes of rebel held territories destroying marketplaces hospitals and schools in all of this activity has forced 3000000 people to up and leave their home triggering a massive humanitarian crisis all being aided by those who support and supply Saudis military like the United States in recent years Saudi Arabia has bought more arms from the United States than any other country in the war the US is giving Saudi Arabia record arms but so is Canada in so is the UK so much through that whole war on terrorism in keeping the world safe by selling weapons to the biggest funder of terrorism in violators of human rights in the world I guess are morally bankrupt political leaders have it figured out with Yemen serving as the perfect chess board for a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran for control of the region there's no room for fairness and decency after all once everyone is dead in Yemen while stop hearing about this pesky humanitarian crisis there is something common between the state of Saudi Arabia and the state of Israel which should surprise you the assistance the fact that Israel and Saudi Arabia work together tells you that ice is more realistically stands for Israeli secret intelligence services the agenda of isis does nothing but exacerbate the already draconian laws that exist in the west it is intended that Bob brought but it isn't intended agenda up taking more rights away from the people it's still a more of power into these corrupt governments in the west which are never ending the false falsifying information in order to justify one gore won boogie man after another sold the Israeli Saudi relationship could hardly be any more intimate these 2 are in bed and have been in bed for a long time so what is this grand illusion I keep bringing with the house of Salam known for their underground gambling drinking murderous activities homosexual promiscuity wearing of gold rings and dying of beards all practices for baby by the ideology with which they rule in tandem it poses the question on whether these folks are even drinking the cool aid they're serving up is Islam their actual religion with modern Saudi Arabia controlling Islam's holiest sites as well as being caretakers of those sites collecting the fee when Muslims want to pay a visit there is a direct parallel between house of salad in the Vatican the caretakers of the Roman Catholic Church who also had their fair share of atrocities and sexual scandals so is Saudi Arabia at the Islamic Vatican state the news will tell you and perhaps rush sentences that Saudi Arabia is funding terrorism the same thing that Saudi Arabia is currently claiming to threaten Qatar maybe the media will allude to facts like it's illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia religious freedom does not exist there and Saudi civilians can and will be sent to death for denying Islam or speaking out against their government our media might even throw us a bone with the US house of representatives vote allowing families of 911 victims to sue Saudi Arabia's government for damages but that doesn't stop our government from selling arms to them year after year the more brutality Saudi Arabia commence the more arms they received the media might imply that the house of sounds transfer of power from one leader to the next is like something cooked up out of the game of thrones books but what the media will certainly never tell you about the house of Salam the protectors of the birthplace of Islam is that they aren't even really Arab Muslims there are deaf school who got their start by waging war on their brothers the Ottoman Turks once pagan Kay's ours of ancient Turkey who made a half conversion to Judaism but had no biblical or genetic links to the 12 tribes of Israel yet to this day continued refute overland to which they feel they hold a wry all the while leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake and as long as the United States education system continues to decline creating an environment in which individuals lap up propaganda like milk and distractions are as plentiful as apathetic attitudes the truth will remain hidden in the illusion will process what do you think internet friends what's your opinion on the house of south I always look forward your comments thank you so much for subscribing in supporting my channel on patriot I //
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Something They're Not Telling You About This Dating App
\\Hey internet friends do you believe in love at first sight do you believe a stronger than magnetic pull between 2 strangers on their respective mobile devices can manifest as they both swipe right for each other herbal I am looking for is here comments on this one because finding dates used to require put on some pants and leaving your house but not anymore thanks you millennials most popular source for creating this part the app calls tend pollicis stating up just a convenient way to fend off the prickly pull the form you know or is it more sinister agenda heating up but the supply meek the dating app tinder has become apple's number one apt I swiped right if I if I'm in here and last if I'm not yes is the smartphone disrupting la no I think it's in the main building online dating is over 40000000 singles in the United States a lot of fat are using dating sites dating apsos statistically speaking meeting in real life actually we're going to do the job and grows if you're not sure how tender works I'll brief you imagined a regional human best say with the menu on your phone tender finds potential romantic matches near you narrowed down by your criteria showing profiles with photos of physical attractiveness can be evaluated in a split second and if you're not interested in the individual offered he can pass by swiping left if you're interested you swipe right in the reason why tender is so successful in order to communicate the person and what you expressed interest must express mutual interest before you can exchange messages the idea is for strangers to meet and fall into easy intimacy or at least that's what tender has gotten a reputation for being the go to hookup back behind the multibillion dollar location based dating app is an interesting cast of characters Jewish tender co founders Sean Reid and just in the team and now tenders owned by match group incorporated which is an American company headquartered in Dallas Texas that owns other online dating websites like okay Cupid plenty of fish in but this is where it gets interesting all match group is a subsidiary of the interactive Corp or I AC and American media and internet company with Barry Diller sitting on the board of directors as chairman after working for ABC in the sixties and Paramount Pictures in the seventies until his employment at paramount ended in a bitter conflict of Martin Davis Diller was an executive at Rupert Murdoch's fox broadcasting and according to the director of the fox show The Simpsons the primary antagonist of the show Mister burns was based off of Diller which is curious when you consider that the Simpson's has accurately predicted or alluded to major events like 911 a bowling and Donald trump's presidency practice which some referred to as predictive programming since cartoon serve as the perfect conduit for the unsuspecting my mind ready to be socially engineered and flooded with subliminal messaging well get back to the unsuspecting minds in a moment but first I want to go ahead and go back to this I a sea board of directors under which tender operates former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is listed as director on this board in despite her lack of experience in the internet industry she's paid a reported $300000 a year for this role but as Chelsea Clinton's role just to be a celebrity face on the forefront of a corporation boosting its invisibility or is she a mere half of the agendas being pushed through this new media the online dating scene the truth is that the species what do you mean Sir it appears that Diller didn't and the social engineering with TV program which makes sense since young people are constantly plugged into a mobile electronic device there's a stark juxtaposition between generations in their introduction to the world of relationships and sex the rise of the internet opened up an entire realm of connections both positive and negative the internet and social media has changed the way we day and it's also worked our ideas about sex and sexual norms especially with pornography being so easily accessible can you imagine if someone combined the addictive aspects of social media like instant gratification and validation with let's say the accessibility of sax or stimulating conversation into an app but then use that platform to push a political ideology or agenda through supplemental or even sometimes over messages integrated into the system well can you imagine well you know I have to because I've got a few examples for you let's go to November of 2016 when tender announced that it would be expanding its gender identity choices from man and woman to include a wider range of options so trans gender users could have a better app experience transparent producers Acree Drucker explain the change was empowering to trans people like her adding I think that many people will be opened up the possibility of swiping right on it out trans person into having expanded dating pool why not create a separate app for trans folks in those who wish to date trans folks was that out of the budget Diller with 37 custom gender options there's a variety of flavors on the dating app and it sounds like tender want us to sample the mall still stigma associated with the notion of dating a trans person they were not able to have the same experience with tender that non transient good how this update allows users to hide their vendor outside the binary and also we've added language in the absolute added information and education to inform users about how this features use and about how they can have their gender to their profile while Diller is married to Diane von Furstenberg making fora sinus Jewish power couple he is widely believed to be gay and speaking of Zion there was a surge of Israeli propaganda spreading to tender speculated have been headed by the director of interactive media and public diplomacy at the office of the prime minister of Israel which wasn't the first time where the last time someone utilize tender for a political campaign him all those examples which furthered political and social agendas reach unsuspecting minds on this tender hap what is really the concern is the data mining abusers in order for tender to perfect their AI in may of 2017 match group announced that it was exploring artificial intelligence in order to improve your matches in land you dates without any swiping on your behalf tender users could potentially be able to ask theory to assist them in finding dates and help find potential matches it areas nearby to users leading tender users know who's taken or whose single when walking into a room terror choirs you to register with their apps through your Facebook profile so one can assume that relationship statuses will be curated from your profile in your friends profiles and wall a I is not new it has certainly been around for awhile the worry here with tender in its use of a I is that it's creating a culture of de personalized contact where individuals are disposable in their social interaction my personal opinion is that while we're more connected than ever with apps like tender the behavioral norms perpetuated by tenders hookup culture or highway to loneliness it's an endless game of interaction validation acquisition and trying not to catch STDs or feel I question the ethics of those who have their hands on our personal data and I question their intent with that data have you ever used snap like tender have you ever tried online dating what was your experience let me know I always look forward to your comments thank you so much for subscribing in supporting my channel on pitching I //
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The Greatest Betrayal Never Told
\\Hey internet friends throughout history we've seen empires rise and we've seen them fall but people remain even though their right to exist as question our time to speak about apartheid in ethnic cleansing can even question history and propaganda is coming to a close on the internet and perhaps in real life has videos are being flagged search results are being filtered histories being erased while individuals who dare question the narrative they're being fed are labeled extremists spouting hate speech and sometimes are even jailed as a result so well we can we should talk about things that matter like the individuals in situations that play a direct role in wars and rumors of wars as we all exist in a state of endless war in there are some folks who like to keep it that way because it benefits them that's why today we're going to talk about the Golan Heights or the Syrian Golan 2 thirds of which are occupied by Israel serving as the epicenter of conflict in the Middle East within the hot bed of chaos it's a curious cast a familiar characters stoking the flames in collecting the spoils of war under the banner of a company by the name of Jeannie energy we are the masters of our fate that that Josh which means that it's not about strength that it was paying subdials I'm not beyond our enduring don that we have state not because and and I will conquer my will power salvation will not be denied couldn't we get to this point with Damascus laid to waste an endless array of breaking news headlines Berlanga an impending World War is about pop off at any moment well we've gotta talk about black cool with the Ottoman Empire first discovering oil in the Baku Azerbaijan region in 1846 becoming the world's top producing region at a time in later being pumped out of the ground by the Nobel brothers under the broader bell oil company but soon Rockefeller's American standard oil company entered the black city of Baku the Rothschilds who make their association with the Vatican no secret where there too developing a fleet of oil tankers to operate in the Caspian Sea in 1898 while in 19 array the British Burma oil company owned by British Royals in known today as BP discovered oil in modern day Iran which field exploration and exploitation of a region once called Persia and in 1911 the Royal Dutch Shell company about that Azerbaijan oil fields from the Rothschild family it's important to note that during World War 1 which resulted in the fall of the Ottoman Empire a secret agreement took place called the Sykes Picot treaty and less Trudy was whipped up in 1916 by 2 British and French diploma dividing the region and to states which splintered ethnic and religious communities that were once United and under that treaty Palestine was placed under international control post World War 1 the bricks assume control over Palestine in only 1 year after the sex Pico treaty was signed came the Balfour declaration nestled in a letter between the United kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour's in addressed to Walter Rothschild promising Palestine as a home for the Jewish people keep in mind to this declaration was talkin Zionism or the Jewish nationalist movement supporting a Jewish national state in Palestine this was in 1917 promised to the same people who funded the Bolshevik communist revolution that same year with linen attacking Baku igniting all of the oil frameworks machinery ensuring that communist Russia wouldn't be dabble in in the oil came and the destruction of Baku resolved in a skyrocket oil prices meaning a payday for the rest of the players but we all got to get by with a little help from our friends right before you as the prime minister of Britain before he ever helped lead the allied forces to victory Winston Churchill was born into an aristocratic family with its father being a member of the noble Spencer family an ex mother Jenny Jerome a Jewish American Zionists to status could be compared to modern day Paris Hilton water Nicole Richie as first lord of the Admiralty in the 19 twenties Churchill was German over some oil in the Burmah oil company employed church hill paying him to lobby the British government to allow Burma's Anglo Persian oil business to have exclusive rights that Persian oil in serving as secretary of state for the colonies Churchill drew borders in the Middle East grabbing more oil for the British navy take note of this pattern why summer the oil industry was Bowman pre World War one Pumpin out oil in the Ottoman Empire instead of competing for the prize the rock pillars in the Rothschilds became a team and essentially took out the rest of the competition while simultaneously funding the perfect environment for war and rumors of wars creating a domino effect of chaos that worked in their favor Palestine was already promised the Rothschilds in worst atrocities to get the entire world behind the state of Israel and scare the Jewish population were funded by the same folks to which the state was promised do everything possible to prevent the emergence of another front of terror front against us on the Golan Heights this is a red line we have marked we cannot go back to the days when our villages on our children their shot at from the Golan Heights and that is why into framework of the agreement or realities the Golan Heights you to remain a part of sovereign Israel the state of Israel was declared in 1948 but technically the land was Palestine so Palestinians lived there in ever since the creation of Israel there's been bloodshed in fact there's never been friendly relations between Israel and its neighbors the 6 day war of 1967 was basically Israel against Egypt Jordan and Syria since Israel's neighbors saw Israel as an illegitimate state Egypt decided it was going to liberate the Palestinian state Israel attacked first by air on Egyptian airfields and as a result Syria and Jordan attacked Israel but Israel defeated all of them occupying land that allegedly held a historical significance to Israel in mirrored what some refer to ask the greater Israel please Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula but began settling other claims lands including the Golan Heights which Israelis claim Syrians were using the strategic location to fire upon other Israelis since the 60 war Israel annexed the Golan territory in the 19 eighties though even to this day Israeli settlements in building there is internationally considered to be illegal of course Syria wants the return of the territory and herein lies the main reason for the continued conflict especially since Israel continues to take advantage of serious chaos as a means of settling in the Golan sound familiar sound like a familiar pattern well this brings us to the main point of the video Cheney energy company based in New York New Jersey a company that have lower interest in this unlawfully occupied territory at which there's been at least what my news reports a recent discovery of major oil writers but that's not terrible right people have a right to side with Israel and make a dollar doing so that's capitalism but wait hold up should members of our government former attorney be doing that buying off illegally occupied territory sold by Israel setting an international precedent for any country to invade and occupy a weaker one and got them for the resources well shut they should not be allowed let's take a closer look on the board of Jeannie energy sets Jacob Rothschild Dick Cheney former vice president defense secretary and Halliburton CEO Rupert Murdoch founder of News Corporation and fox news Larry summers former secretary of the treasury James Woolsey former director of the CIA bill Richardson former governor in energy secretary under the Clinton administration Mary Landrieu who is a former senator who sponsored the Israeli U. S. energy bill and finally Michael Steinhardt wallstreet investor been involved with a number of administrations in the Middle East over the years obviously the efforts always been to try to get peace process going between Israel and the Palestinians and what they're essentially doing this white how much I really want to stress this point because it's part of the overall scheme of propaganda and demonization they're white helmets by day and terrorists by night you see many of these people that are dressed in a pristine white outfits ... and white helmets that pretend to be rescuing civilians in other instances you see the same characters holding their weapons and posing as rebels this is Pete on the scandalous ... hypocrisy of the west not only has the west been funding and training and arming terrorist to go into Syria and to behead and slaughter Syrian civilians but now the west wants toward the white helmets with the Nobel Peace Prize in recent years the United States repeal the propaganda band signing off on the national defense authorization act which included an amendment that legalized the use of propaganda on the American public making it legal for information and psychological operations aimed at influencing public opinion to be implemented by the United States government so is this why the white helmets or voluntary rescue workers in Syria who are pooping out propaganda by day with a chunk of the white helmets murdering civilians by night is this why they were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is this why Christians Jews Muslims atheists and innocent folks in Syria are being killed is this why American soldiers are dying from the sponsored war on terrorism so places like Syria can be shattered into 1000 different pieces have a puppet leader installed in the spoils of war are there for the taking is this all to benefit the strategic interests of a few in my opinion there is nothing more unamerican than companies like Cheney energy there is nothing more American than the United States incorporated 100 years ago the same folks were fighting over the soil like they are now whale was known to be in the Golan before the Brits took over Palestine even before the Balfour declaration because PP drilled they're just like the Ottomans did 100 years ago frost Sheldon co clearly knew there is black gold there before it was discovered so why would these politicians and former government officials who sit on the board of Jeannie energy ever promote peace in the Middle East when they profit from war a peaceful solution would involve giving the Golan back to Syria in there for for fitting Jeannie energies cash cow if oil is all they're up to if I've been successful at communicating the point of this video you can see if it's a tale as old as time so now what's the solution let me know your thoughts I always look forward to reading your comments thank you so much for subscribing and supporting my channel unpatriotic I //
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What the Media Won't Tell You About Afghanistan
\\he internet friends last night president Donald Trump announced the continuation in expansion of US military intervention in Afghanistan reminding everyone that 2017 marked the sixteenth year that the United States has been in the south central Asian country making the war in Afghanistan the longest word that America has ever wage a war that the media claims has no end in sight leaving many to wonder if this war is really just about terrorism which is why today we're going to uncover what the media won't telus about Afghanistan good afternoon on my orders the United States military has begun strikes against al Qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan I said a long time ago one of our objectives is to smoke him out and get a running and bring him to justice were smoking amount they're running and now we're gonna bring him to justice I also share will use whatever means necessary to achieve that objective that's exactly what we're gonna do the American people must understand that we've got a long way to go in order to achieve our objective in this theater it's important to lay some sort of historical foundation for Afghanistan even an accelerated history like I'm about to give as he gives context the United States current conflict contact that the media rarely provides Afghanistan 1 it's full independence in 1919 after a century of dealing with British antics their invasions in their puppet leaders for about 40 years things were alright under the leadership of kings to hear Shah well inteligo ousted by his brother in law debuted Han in a bloodless coup however the brother in law didn't fare so well as he and his entire family were killed by the Afghan Communist Party about 5 years later within new leadership came near policies and while they attempted to employment practices and policies like popping literacy rates and making boys and girls sitting in classrooms together ultimately Afghans were a big fan of the new government mainly because it was against their religious beliefs and they along with the Afghan army revolted as a result the Soviets intervened resulting in between one to 2000000 civilian deaths while the media wants us to believe the U. S. intervention began post 911 operation cyclone the code name for the CIA's program to arm and finance she Heidi warriors in Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989 began with president Jimmy Carter the program continued under president Reagan it essentially operation cyclone created and funded an army of jihadists to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and ultimately the Soviets pulled out of the country in 1989 so the United States has been in Afghanistan for nearly 40 years arming the religious fanatics during the time between the communist government collapsing in 1992 the fractured country had jihadi factions that fought amongst themselves for control ultimately leading to the rise in control of the Taliban which enforced Islamic sharia law a month after the 911 terror attacks President Bush announced the beginning of the war in Afghanistan citing al Qaeda a terrorist network of Islamic extremists and jihadists at the organization who orchestrated the attacks in 16 years later the United States is still in Afghanistan with worldwide terror at an all time high I ordered an additional 30000 American troops in Afghanistan when I announced the surge at west point we set clear objectives to refocus on all kinda to reverse the Taliban's momentum and training Afghan security forces to defend their own country I also made it clear that our commitment would not be open and and that we would begin to draw down our forces this July tonight I can tell you that we are fulfilling that commitment instead of going down to 5500 troops by the end of this year the United States will maintain approximately 8400 troops in Afghanistan into next year through the end of my administration situated right between Iran and China and serving as a prime hop from which to run operations in the Middle East and Asia Afghanistan sits atop a wealth of untapped deposit like gold copper iron and lithium above ground there is an abundance of opium in the former poppy fields in fact the production of opium is and has been at an all time high since the war in Afghanistan leaving U. S. soldiers to patrol those poppy fields as the Taliban stands to benefit from that opiate train though side no it's important to note that the Taliban outlawed opium in 2002 adults could possibly benefit from Afghanistan structuring if you're familiar with the allegations of the CIA's involvement with the crack epidemic that struck America back in the eighties and nineties where the CIA trained and funded contras where the rebel groups of Central America that smuggle drugs into the United States to support their war effort it's not too far of a reach to suspect that the CIA is up to their same old stuff utilizing the spoils of war which in this case would be the poppy fields to finance and further their agenda out there still exists a drug epidemic in America today how war on drugs that lines the pockets a private prison lobby in the United States isn't the only country affected by the heroin epidemic around 80 tons of heroin mostly produced in Afghanistan are consumed in Russia annually in the country is thought to be the main victim of the drug trade in Asia I'd like to reiterate my previous point Afghanistan is strategically located between Iran and China with which the United States has Bryce intentions to tear nuclear deals in the fall of the Petro dollars as well as their alliance with Russia well that's the tension I gathered from the media the majority of which is under the control of the Zionist elite so who knows if the headline ther cranking out our true as the agenda is clearly geared towards and less war particularly in the Middle East fracturing countries beyond repair so the Zionists can expand the war machine can chug on with a NATO base in Afghanistan establish for launching attacks on Russia so the military industrial complex can continue to make a killing report in 2014 the state department had given 69 percent of its funding for Afghanistan to DynCorp a private government contractor with its fair share of sexual abuse allegations including child prostitution and human trafficking DynCorp is only one branch of the military industrial complex that has quite a bit too loose from the United States withdrawing from Afghanistan after all would peace keep these contractors in business would piece line the pockets of those who manufacture missiles what interest can be made off of loans to all sides of the war if there is no more if nothing is destroyed and what can be rebuilt my original inst was to pull out and historically I like following my instincts but all my life I've heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the oval office the security threats we face in Afghanistan and the broader region are immense if you look around we've got a flavor of terrorism for every demographic the Taliban in Asia and now in the Philippines and for and as well as home wearing terrorists in the United States all with a seemingly similar list of objectives first to cultivate a sense of terror and chaos within the civilian community through violence secondly to fracture communities and create division amongst groups and third to destroy ancient and biblical artifacts in history of which Afghanistan has no shortage whether it's al Qaeda ISIS the Taliban the klu Klux Klan or into the main function of all these terrorist groups is to create a need for military intervention water is a business so who is funding all of it who is the biggest loser F. global citizens are I'm afraid just trying to live their happy life's who stands to lose the most from peace every day were terrorized by headlines relaying threats of war in the impending doom World War 3 but we've been in World War 3 since the Korean War up until right now those who've made a business out of work cannot afford to have it in thus here we are 16 years later in Afghanistan him that's what the media won't tell you about asking why do you believe the United States has been in Afghanistan for 16 years let me know your thoughts I always look forward to reading your comments thank you so much for subscribing in supporting my channel patriarch I //
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What the Media Won't Tell You About North Korea
\\he internet friends have you heard the war drums beating as the media rattles off and listening to stories about a certain supreme leader's threat coming out of a certain rogue countries that could perhaps rival the United States in propaganda production I've avoided talking about North Korea my channel as I find it to be a massive distraction from all the other happenings taking place but what's going down in North Korea or the coverage of what supposedly going down is undeniably shaping public opinion in reading the masses for yet another war into in the age of information at an age in which information can be and is weaponized what I personally find more telling than the around the clock breaking news headlines is what the media doesn't say the information they repress rather than promote that's why today we're discussing what the media won't tell us about North Korea career best not make anyone threats to the United States they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seemed to understand why tensions between the United States and North Korea are seemingly high we have to hit rewind all the way back to 1945 when Japan lost control of Korea to the allied forces and much like Germany Korea was divided with the Soviets taking the north in the southern half falling under United States control many point to the Korean War as laying the foundation for the turmoil award that took place post World War 2 in pre Vietnam award that allegedly began when Soviet and Chinese supported North Korea invaded United States supported South Korea in when I was briefly talk about the Korean War in high school my teacher boil down the objective to the war stopping the spread of communism all orchestrated and at the United Nations authority but like with most worst the war of divided Korea was undeniably more complicated than the spread of an intangible political theory much like the war on terror is immensely more complicated than just being a worker on indiscriminate violence that results in global fear well both sides suffered numerous casualties the estimated number of Chinese and north Koreans killed in the Korean War by 1953 was away over 1000000 in the war didn't end at a peace treaty instead there was an armistice meaning the Korean War never ended to summarize creo is Japan's vassal state pre World War 2 but much like Germany when the Japanese lost to World War 2 America set up shop in Japan in Senate sites on Korea if you want to draw a parallel you can like in this agenda to the British Empire after World War one setting its sights on Syria in Iraq when empire falls the vassal states are up for grabs so what did the Korean War accomplish the same thing that both world wars and all preceding wars have accomplished more power for a global government aftermath of the terrorist attack on September 11 when President Bush went before the Congress in 2002 he defined the axis of evil meaning Iran Iraq and North Korea states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil arming to threaten the peace of the world I've made a few of these what the media won't tell you videos and by this point I'm starting to notice a pattern the country's bush called out in his axis of evil speech accusing them of being sponsors of terrorism our country's all rich in natural resources and without a Rothschild central bank wealth lex mark Iraq past tense because they were without central bank but then they were invaded on the false pretense that they had weapons of mass destruction in you know the rest from there blunt North Korea has long been regarded as a poor country they certainly have no shortage of heroin cash crops or natural resources an article published in June of 2017 stated that North Korea sits on top of $6000000000000 in mineral resources recent reports suggest that the largest known rare earth deposit was discovered in North Korea currently north Korea's ally in trading partner China produces more than 95 percent of all rare earth materials that are vital in the creation of a big variety of electronic technologies imagine if China completely had the market cornered basically holding all the elements used to make modern day technology in the technology of the future well that's not the only threat that China who is also allied with Russia and Iran poses they've declared war on the Petro dollar which is the unit of currency earned by a country for the export of petroleum instance historically global transactions involve the US dollar the Petro dollars system afforded the United States are really its bankers global hegemony or influence over the oil industry totally shaping America's foreign policy in the Middle East and as some have speculated even being a motivating factor of the war on terror but all that is changing because the Petro dollars system is collapsing it has been for some time according to strategic rest consultant William indole into 14 Russia and China signed to mammoth 30 year contracts for Russian gas to China the contract specified that the exchange would be done in Chinese and Russian currency that was the beginning of an accelerated process have D. dollarization is underway today meaning if the dollar loses its value and influence you to Russia and China using a different currency other than the Petro dollar who's going to be paying the bills for these perpetual war is bringing us to our final point what is all this noise with North Korea really about if 30 and supreme commander of old PC Kim Jong owed now stands on the shoulders of his father and grandfather as the leader of this reclusive nation if one of the world's biggest on the Bosnians as always we got asked a question we gotta ask ourselves who benefits from the United States going to war with North Korea certainly not North Korea the bankers to find all sides of the war would monetarily benefit from interest made off the loans the weapons manufacturers and dealers would benefit because war is profit in peace doesn't exactly generate tons of demand for missiles and what not additionally those who desire global government and currency would benefit specially if let's say in nuclear launch by rogue state were to spurn international crackdown on Iran's nuclear weaponry which has been a point of contention for quite awhile now as he Ron is allied with both Russia and China in while we're at it the mainstream media would make out like a fat cat if war were to pop off which is obvious as they're clearly on the forefront of pushing for war not like it matters to them where the bombs get dropped as long as they get a clip they can replay over and over again keeping people glued to their television screens rallying for support of war just like they did with the Iraq invasion under a false pretense of Saddam having weapons of mass destruction using fear to sway public opinion in before I get accused of creating north Korean or Chinese or Russian propaganda please consider the following obviously North Korea has been in is threatening surrounding countries and most recently the United States in Guam there are stories of north Korean concentration camps from escapees were constantly receiving a stream of crazy narratives about how North Korea has approved hairstyles for both men in women and there are stories about how he found unicorns in North Korea and all that we're aware of what we're told that but what about what we're not told what if everything we hear about north Korea's threats our true but Kim Jong hoon who attended school in Switzerland in get celebrity visits from Dennis Rodman his total control opposition there instability leaves room for the United States invade if there were some kind of attack by North Korea online let's say Guam for example one would assume that north Korea's actions would be an act of suicide like death by World Cup isn't okay how would the wanna be global government benefit from this well after plundering the national resources of North Korea it also benefit from being strategically located near what seems to be a perpetual threat China what global citizen would question retaliation after hearing about the crazy supreme leader's antics like the alleged Sony hacking and the human rights violations Kim Jong woon is the perfect boogeyman whether by chance or by design but remember Warrick freakin socks people die the media the government the warlords are controlling us with fear because they know fear is the greatest motivator and guess what work a subsuming business and those who fund wars either with weapons production or currency have a lot to lose from peace and that goes for the media as well what do you think internet friends is North Korea being utilized to misdirect the masses are they bluffing or are they serious really control opposition or earthy a true threat you tell me I always look forward to your comments thank you so much for subscribing and supporting my channel one teacher in I //
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Is Something Huge Being Covered up in Cuba?
\\he didn't friends well our eyeballs have been clued on North Korea in the craze last taking place there something huge is being covered up in Cuba making hasty vineyards is not really my style but today I'm going to break my own rule because I feel like this issue is not getting enough attention and I would love to get your input on what you perceive is happening while we're looking at their way so some US government personnel who were working at our embassy in Havana Cuba on official duties so they were there are working on on par on behalf of the U. S. embassy there they've ... reported some incidents which of cause a variety of physical symptoms we can tell you that on may 23 the state department took further action we asked to officials who were accredited at the embassy of Cuba in the United States to depart the United States are you hearing what I'm hearing today state department spokeswoman heather knower told reporters that the United States had expelled to Cuban diplomats kicking them out of Washington DC after Americans at the US embassy in Havana had experience unspecified incidents that resulted in physical symptoms the severity also unspecified in the nature of these incidents unclear let's listen a little more the U. S. doesn't have a definitive answer on the calls or source of the incidents why did it ask those 2 Cuban embassy officials to depart the are some of our people I have had the option of leaving Cuba as a result for medical reasons I can't tell you the exact number of that but I can but was it in the tens does I'm not I'm not going to characterize it I do not believe it was that large I've certainly not that large by now we had to bring some Americans home or some Americans chose to go home come home I as a result of that and as a result of that we've asked to Cubans to you I'll leave the United States 0.5 words is is a with Ruth reciprocity thing I I'm I'm not gonna call it as such but we asked to be able to go through to clarify after Washington DC in Havana reestablish diplomatic relations back in 2015 now we have Americans at the US embassy in Havana being sent home for medical reasons as a result of unspecified incident while other Americans at the US embassy were offered a plane ticket home meanwhile Cuban diplomats in Washington DC were sent home on 5/23/2017 yet we're hearing about this on August 30 it does make the mind wonder right I hate to jump to conclusions and that's not my intention with this video house I like to keep the fear porn to a minimum safe find it very on stimulating but we've got to address this the spokeswoman leaves many questions unanswered my immediate assumption is that Cuba implemented biological weaponry on Americans at the Havana embassy at least that's what it sounds like given there's a long and sordid history between Cuba and the United States and of course since this is a hasty radio I did a hasty search on Cuba's history of biological weapons first off let's get some fastbacks going about Cuba number one they are one of the few remaining countries without a Rothschild central bank number 2 and leading security think tank reported that Cuba's biotechnology industry is one of the most advanced and emerging countries and finally number 3 perhaps that's why Cuba has a cancer vaccine that has treated many a patient interesting right cell in my admittedly brief research what I wasn't really looking for a ways any foreshadowing of Cuban by weaponry being place in American media headlines him boiled boy did I find what I was looking for but the headlines I found where well a bit vintage if you go in 1997 Cuban president Fidel Castro compared the United States to a dragon in Cuba to a lamb and warned that if the dragon tried to eat the lamb it would find its meal poison setting off speculation concerning Cuba it's biological warfare capability let's fast forward a bit to 2002 when CI a news outlet CNN officially reported that the bush administration believes Cuba had a least a limited offensive biological warfare program and it might have been transferring its expertise to other countries hostile to the United States those countries hostile to the United States that they were offering to Iraq Syria and Libya ... and taking a little bit further but not nearly far enough a Miami Herald article from 2007 stated that the former chief of Cuba's military medical services is calling for international weapons inspections first secret underground lab near Havana where he says the government is creating biological warfare agents like the plague botulism and yellow fever that's that's a little eyebrow raising right so I looked and yellow fever botulism in the plague well it really depends on which plague are all short in duration with symptoms lasting between 12:00 hours in 10 days and if these illnesses don't Callea looking long term the full recovery for botulism poisoning takes weeks to months so the state department knew about these medical incidents in late 2016 after they claimed I feel like we can rule out any of the afterimage in illnesses as Cuba's format bioweapons based on the duration of the unspecified L. that's all pure speculation and by the way Cuba has denied all of these allegations in the Paris but let's hear a little more let me just mention one other thing about this about the Cuban government has a responsibility and obligation under the Geneva convention to productor diplomats so that is part of the reason why this is such a major concern of ours why we take this so seriously and in addition to the protection security of Americans hold up did she just cite the Geneva convention which basically outlines of the rules of war the Geneva Conventions sets the basic limits on how wars can be fought in these laws protect those not fighting the Geneva protocol prohibits the use but not the possession or development of chemical and biological weapons so it's very curious that she brought up the Geneva convention heather new art statements are so vague that anything I say is truly speculation but when I sandwich her statements between the Geneva convention along with Americans working at the US embassy in Havana being sent home are brought home for medical incidents in in the same breath she mentions the Cuban diplomats that were sent home from Washington DC well my question is why is our full focus on North Korea what do you think internet friends I am undecided I feel that the statements on the very good medical incidents that occurred in Havana are either date or cause for alarm who knows not me Scott Anthony today excellent video on this topic so all direct you to his video and as always I look forward to reading your comments thank you so much for subscribing in supporting my channel on Patreon I //
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Something Strange Is Going on with the Trump Family
\\hated at friends let's imagine for a moment that time travel is a real thing in you have access to a time machine do you use it and if so do you travel to the past or the future and why meaning well I'm blasting back the past because I have some pressing questions that need answering one of them being about some books American novelists Ingersoll Lockwood wrote over 100 years ago among them to children's books barren trumps marvelous underground journey as well as little Barron trump and his wonderful dog Bulger followed up by the novel the last president featuring a character by the name pen ya'll today's video is a serious case of coincidence lasagna with layer upon layer of Quinn's a generous helping of time travel and a little sprinkle of prophecy served up by the first family it's time Singaporean who bought online to turn it on ngga Ursula Lockwood's book barren trumps marvelous underground journey details the adventures of a wealthy boy living in castle trom his journey consists of traveling to Russia depicting a world within a world which young barren explores with his dog poker so okay it's just a series of silly coincidences that the main character's name Barron trump living in castle trom who goes on an adventure using guidebook provided by none other than the master of all masters name it don't just a coincidence right all right well that's what I thought button I kept looking this is what makes time travel possible lex capacity do you know the story about Donald trump's on call in former MIT professor John George trom in his connection to futurists in inventor Nikola Tesla after test was passing his possessions were seized by the US government office called the office of alien property which I know you probably rolling your eyes out right now because the title sounds crazy but basically was a stylish during both world wars the office seize property that belonged to US enemies which really doesn't make sense when you put it in this context because tears low was naturalized citizen but anyway I digress Tesla's property was handed over about 3 weeks later to a few FBI agents who threw John Tromp into the mix since uncle trump had been involved in radar research for the allies in the second World War the United States wanted to make sure that Tesla hadn't been developing anything top secret or sketchy for the enemy at the time of his death so uncle Tom looked over those documents and told the FBI there was no need to worry but what did uncle trump really see and Tesla's documents were there any fantastic theories he had been working on maybe something to aid and I don't know a marvelous journey of some sort even though jontron died in 1985 Donald Trump regularly brought up uncle John an interview sites as well as uncle John's warnings over nuclear weaponry saying my uncle use to tell me about nuclear before nuclear waste nuclear which really doesn't make a lot of sense so why was Donald Trump so cryptic with the statements about his uncle in his warnings was he just babbling on or did he know something it's been suggested by others that Donald Trump is a time traveler with his ability to play 40 chests and always seeming to protect his opponents next move if you take any of these coincidences our circumstances and you isolate them they seem meaningless but did you know that sci fi classic back to the future's Marty McFly's arch nemesis biff Tannen was actually inspired by Donald Trump coincidence time travel time travel well beam me up Scotty to further pick curiosity overbearing chums marvelous underground journey the portrait of Baron in the book series bear some resemblance if I squint I can see it in the present day the first family's dog is called Patton named after general George Patton general Patton is most famous for winning the battle of the bulge the dog unlock wicks novels this name ball Kerr in yes I know we might need a little stretch after that reach but while we're at it here's mention of an entrance to the inner earth that lies in the Ural Mountains mentioned of course in Lockwood's Bucks which is exciting a lot of folks who subscribe to the hollow earth theory while making others wonder if this the real Russian connection the news continues to ramble on about but I want to know about Louis world within a world preference within lock let's book a world heavily inhabited by strange beings rooted in ancient math their several ways we can read into that like with the hollow earth theory where we could take a look at other prominent works at the time which explored concepts of the N. conscience or we can draw a parallel to present day what exists now that is a world within a world there's no one answer but certainly the internet would be a world within a world right let's not dwell on that that we've got more ground to cover with Lockwood's novel the last president the last president reference in the novel ran with the vision of you 19 the working class to make their nation great once more elected in 1896 the last president stage is set in New York and like I said before it features a cabinet member name pens drawing a parallel to our current vice president but what's even weirder is that even though the last president was written over 100 years ago the events taking place within the taxed are eerily similar to those of today the novel follows the downfall of the last president with the major event taking place on Adan list day depicting civil unrest that commenced at the Fifth Avenue hotel in New York being the first site to feel the fury of the ma curiously trump tower is actually located on Fifth Avenue in New York and just looking to the future a solar eclipse will occur in a few weeks on August 21 in some parts of the world due to the eclipse will August 21 beat I don looks today only time will tell I guess we can all keep up with the time by purchasing it Ingersoll pocket watch with trump right on the package guy it's all so weird but is it all just a coincidence that's for you to decide let me know your thoughts I always look forward to your comments thank you so much for subscribing in supporting latching on pitching by //
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What We Weren't Taught About Washington, D.C.
\\he internet friends for many school is about to be back in session and that means a selective history of assorted half truths await within the confines of common core that summer isn't quite over yet we have enough time for one last road trip in today were traveling to Washington DC when I was in school I never really took an interest in history because history lessons were about as billions that saltine crackers with a bunch of dates and names of dead people in memory so that's why today I'm going to spice things up a little bit inventor down the rabbit hole of what we are never taught about Washington DC no there will be no pop quiz at the third city state was officially created in 1982 that city state is called the district of Columbia and is located on 10 square miles of land in the heart of Washington why is all of our government's power located in a jurisdiction called the district Columbia though the original United States capitol was located in Philadelphia today our nation's capital is Washington DC city located between Virginia and Maryland serving is home to the 3 branches of our federal government the DC stands for the district of Columbia which is the federal District containing the city of Washington with Washington being named after the first US president George Washington the official narrative on the Columbia portion is in reference to Christopher Columbus as the first name this country Colombia if you dig a little deeper and you'll find that Colombia is a goddess used to personify the New World so you could say that the district of Columbia is the temple of this goddess giving us very pagan roots at the core of our nation the flag of Washington's district of Columbia has 3 red stars one for each city state in the 3 city empire this corporate empire of 3 city states controls the world economically through London's inner city militarily through the district of Columbia and spiritually through the Vatican ways Washington DC totally separate from the rest of the United States much like Vatican City and the city of London Washington DC has its own sovereignty in these 3 city states are not connected to the nations in which they reside you know how the city of London isn't part of greater London in Vatican City isn't technically part of Rome well many states within the United States have their own constitution and their own flags but Washington DC isn't a state the DC flag which is said to have been reflective of George Washington's coat of arms features 3 stars are those stars representative of the 3 city states that existed corporate entities outside of their respective nations Vatican City the religious hop the city of London the banking central in Washington DC the military way of the empire being its own city state DC has its own police force that shares a direct link with Congress its own mayor in its own set of locks passed by Congress active 1871 provided a government for the 10 mile parcel of land known as the district of Columbia allowing Washington DC to act as a corporation outside of the original constitution of the United States that act of 1871 change our country's founding fathers original constitution for the United States or America to the constitution of the United States of America admixture of subtle yet compact forwarding is well is cleverly marketing this act is a way to unify the territorial government for the entire district of Columbia are contributing factors to how such a major act flew under the radar ultimately overturning the United States constitutional Republic since 1871 the federal government has usurped nearly all the power that was firmly held in the hands of the people how on earth was Congress able to pass a separate constitution and corporate the United States in 1871 the U. S. was going through a lot of turmoil the nation was pretty broke invulnerable after the civil war in the London makers also known as the Rothschilds who say no Wycheck get through video without having to mention them we're ready to make a deal with Congress to remedy that turmoil the Rothschilds in other European financiers made a lot of credit available in the aftermath of the civil war as a means to 1 fight Lincoln's greenback monetary system and to collect interest from those who desperately needed the money which would be the United States government at the time a corporation by definition is a legal entity separate from its owners in its most notable feature the corporation protects its owners from personal liability for corporate debts and obligations well within limits to look at is the president is the chief executive officer of this corporation called the United States of America was the act of 1871 as harmless as some claim just an act to provide a government for the district of Columbia and nothing more well let's look at the ramifications of the act being passed who benefited from if the active 1871 the reason why Congress passed the federal reserve act of 1913 a private corporation establish their private bank acting at the central bank of the United States behold up the federal reserve is it even a government institution it's a privately owned banking system comment below if they taught you that in school because they sure sure didn't teach me consequently the federal government would essentially bankrupt in the 19 thirties while social security numbers started being assigned in 1936 coincidence even today with talk of Russia meddling in the United States elections what's not being addressed but what is a direct result of that active 1871 is that foreign lobbyists have influence in U. S. elections and policies here is one example the American Israel public affairs committee AIPAC convention at which our politicians try to appeal to the foreign lobbyists money in the pocket of the politician in laws that come from the lobbyists that benefit their foreign nation so are the 50 states the franchise's under the umbrella corporation of the United States and our citizens who are signed a social security number and a birth certificate an asset of the corporation we citizens or are we employees finally in the famous words of Hillary Clinton at this point what difference does it me this will be the go to argument on the lips of those who believe that focus on and incorporating the United States is nothing more than the rambling of crazy conspiracy theorists even if we've established that during a time when the United States was basically bankrupt depleted and weekend Congress played let's make a deal with foreign bankers in the east bankers put stipulations in place to ensure that may be paid back and then some that's why Congress passed an act to allow for a separate form of government for the district of Columbia changing the government we had which was a constitutional Republic to a corporation even if we've established all of that in this video what difference does it make what can we all do about it I suspect if you clicked on this video and watched it all the way through you sent something is deeply a mess at the core of the United States in my opinion are already ahead of the curve because you can't look for Rimini if you are I know where the problem exists in this facade of the government being sovereign is perpetuated throughout our school systems are being indoctrinated into complacency and ignorance so on an individual level when a corporation infringes on your human or your civil rights how can you fight that when the corporation shields individual members from liability and what if that corporation case here government it's not right it'd be one thing if the supposedly elected politicians went to Washington DC and worked for the incorporated United States if that revenue was funneled back into the country rather than for an injury Piane gossip of the scandalous extramarital affair politicians are rarely try for their treasonous behavior if this because they function under the umbrella of a corporation in therefore can avoid liability for their trees if they cut us more about Washington DC in school have the real Washington DC beyond the myth of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree in throwing in useless facts like how to US presidents had Pat alligators in the White House would we be able to one recognize the problem to trace the roots of the problem back to individuals in the force behind those individuals so we kicked the reform solutions that acknowledge every aspect of the illness beyond just putting a band aid on the symptom what we continue to fight amongst ourselves if we realize the issue was deeper than right versus left who would be afraid of people asking why history has been suppressed who would try to stop the mass weakening JM winter let me know your thoughts I always look forward to reading your comments thank you so much for subscribing in supporting mansion on pitching I //
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5 Deathbed Confessions that Could've Changed the World
\\he internet friends if all the wonder man atrocities ever World War one day widely published in the layers of secrets were peeled back for all to see in the cockroaches have no where left a high with the general public to be able to deal with them or they just look what news source would be trusted to disclose such a thing the secrets too big for the mind to hold what those who spilled the beans immediately be discredited by whatever means possible by those implicated by the truth just some questions I have since today we're talking about the 5 death bed confessions that could change the world Taisei coda because maybe the world has changed as a result of these individuals confessions every so can't change maybe people like me just don't see it from where I'm sitting or maybe I just need to be patient or something being patient with family regardless we'll start with number 5 on 8/2/1962 Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home lying face down naked on her bed with a telephone interview the preliminary autopsy determined that an overdose of barbiturates where the cause and ultimately her death was deemed a probable suicide in nearly a century later the mystery surrounding Marilyn Monroe's sudden departure from this world remains a mystery especially given her intimate connection to the American government having rumored relationships with both John and Robert Kennedy where she was a tenant invented exchanging letters with the presidential family but in the summer of 1962 all contact with the Kennedy brothers halted in months later Marilyn was dead fast forward to 2015 a retired CI a member Mister Norman Hodges was admitted to the sin Tara General Hospital in Norfolk Virginia and while he was there he confessed to murdering Marilyn Monroe stating that the CIA had evidence that Monroe was having affairs with both Robert and John and also her side piece was Fidel Castro in the CIA feared that Marilyn was going to relate to T. Jake information to the communists Mister Hodges claims have entered Marilyn's room while she was sleeping injected her with a powerful sedated that was mixed with barbiturates and that's what killed her so what did Marilyn know what had she seen what secrets was she about to release our we to number a little over a year ask Marilyn Monroe's death John F. Kennedy was assassinated resulting in Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in as US president that same day well the official narrative is that former U. S. marine Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter may believe that he was a Patsy who was framed and ultimately silenced by the CIA before his death in 2007 former CI a member and convicted Watergate conspirator Howard hunt started talking somewhere between his CIA career in his anti Castro efforts the Watergate scandal serving 33 months in prison working as a screenwriter in Hollywood in writing award winning novels his conscience began to weigh on and how it was recorded saying he had a hand in the assassination of president Kennedy any pointed out other individuals who were involved conveniently leaving out former head of the CIA informer U. S. president George HW bush after hurt staff in January of 2007 his book American spy was released along with his confession tape which has sign Saint John hunt site a son's name a Saint discussed on a radio show Saint said that his father had mailed a cassette tape him in 2004 and ask that it be released after his death the 20 minute long tape was edited down to 4.5 minutes for public consumption with high alleging that then vice president Lyndon Johnson was majorly involved in planning the assassination in the cover up stating that the vice president had almost a maniacal urge to become president in that he regarded JFK is an obstacle to achieving that all the tapes were released at a surprisingly convenient time just in time for the promotion of hunt's new novel if what he said was true that means that the JFK assassination was a CIA plot not the result of one lone gunmen this secret JFK files mostly from the FBI and the CI a could be made public by October 2017 unless president trump declares that keeping them a secret is a matter of national security if they are made public do you think hunt story will be reflected in those files number 3 we're moving on from American royalty to British royalty nearly 20 years ago princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed were killed in a car crash in Paris Dodi's father Mohamed al Fayed billionaire and former owner of Harrods department store claim that his son and princess Diana were executed by MI 6 agent who knew of Dodi in Diana's engagement Diana suffered for 20 years from this Dracula family Fayed said trachoma is an interesting word there isn't when describing the royal family in June of 2017 a confession by a retired British intelligence agent seemed to echo Fayed's submissions as the MI 5 agent confessed to assassinating princess Diana any claimed he was involved with the MI 5 assassinations between June 1973 and December 1999 saying he was part of a cell of 7 operatives who are trusted to carry out political assassinations the fact checking website Snopes was quick to mark these claims his faults you'll notice that as a trend as we proceed Snopes goes out of their way to mark something asphalt without even giving themselves enough time to debunk it there were a series of strange events leading up to that fatal car crash including threatening phone calls made to Diana letter sent by Diana 2 close friends that predicted her death even speculating that it would be by car crash into on the night of her death they switch out the cars before heading over to Dodi's fly in all 17 of the cameras along the route that flat were either turned off or not working post accident Diana remained in that Paris tunnel for 81 minutes I would like to see Snopes put their skills to use into an investigation on if we the people were given the whole truth about the death of princess Diana that is if Snopes isn't too busy hiring number 2 on his death bed the father of ADHD doctor Leon Eisenberg admitted that 80 HD was a prime example of a fictitious disease throughout his life Dr Eisenberg was a band name in the field of child psychiatry and was one of the first to conduct studies on autism and attention deficit disorder there's speculation about what he meant by calling the deficit disorder a fictitious disease some say he meant that children are not born with this disorder rather it something happened children develop throughout adolescence so by by this interpretation he was pointing to you environmental factors either way thanks to pharmaceutical sales Dr Eisenberg made a living off this tissues are fabricated disease he studied fun fact did you know that in the United States one out of 10 boys among 10 year olds takes medication for ADHD on a daily basis throwing pills at a problem seems to be the new nor and that norm is raking in the dough for pharmaceutical a report from 2015 stated that ADHD was a multibillion dollar St more specifically a 13 $0 a year but aren't there other ways to treat ADHD without going to medication right off the bat dude do doctors go to that first you they look for alternative treatments I'd be I'd be interested to know your experience number 1 much like the Kennedy assassination many believe that 911 was largely an inside job after being told he had only weeks to live retired CIA agent Malcolm Howard claimed that he was involved in the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7 a civil engineer by trade Mister Howard said that he was recruited by the CI a in the early 19 eighties and became part of operation new century which took place between 1997 and 2001 in an article released on 7/12/2017 Mister Howard claim to have experience in discreetly planting explosives in both tiny places and in 80 story buildings again snaps was quick to label this fake news because the source was your news wire which nevertheless sources in as a site that is sketchy at best yet Snopes does very little research of their own stating that this man does not exist have they done their research something they found might have given them pause not saying this is a hard factor anything to something I came across that made me go home the judge by the name of Malcolm Howard this same ages are CIA individual with only weeks to live boasts an extensive list of awards and accomplishments among them having attended ranger school which gives you a nice refresher course and demolitions the good judge was part of the United States foreign intelligence surveillance court between the years 2005 in 2012 which puts him in a really interesting position when he put aside what's not Sistine the fake 911 claim all put more links in the comet just in case you wanna check it out so the question we must now ask ourselves in order to assess what's been said in this video is what would these individuals gain by flying if they did indeed singing singing who why would they spend the last moments of their lives trolling I do they have a motive to do so I guess it's possible should be discount what they've said automatically because they have been quoted on CNN what C. N. N. air this sort of material if there was a major deathbed confession that would potentially change the world put news outlet would you trust to area plan right now I always look forward to your comments thank you so much for watching and supporting my challenge patriots I //
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Do You Know What Your Children Are Watching on YouTube?
\\he internet friends when your child what was your favorite television show to watch think back pick far back did any of these programs consistently feature your favorite superheroes in character engaging in sexual violence anxiety inducing or any other form of overt degenerate behavior on the regular from Wall subliminal messages have undeniably been utilizing TV programming in the past with children shows being no exception what's occurring on YouTube right now is unlike anything we've ever seen before seeing how the themes are niner subliminal nor even attempting to be several these videos being produced and curated for children reach millions of children whose parents handed them the mobile device with the tablet and left the internet to teach their children colors or how to count the cut the tablets keep the children occupied on long car ride can they keep him well behaved and silent while they're in a nice restaurant impact they keep them entertained so mama can have just a few minutes of peace and quiet yourself because it's been a long day and I'm not judging you I'm not telling you how to parent I'm just saying and all just decide if you're a parent you might wanna pay attention this video because predators are successful in their prey is either unaware or engine Nile in while it might be upsetting to view some of this content being targeted at your children it's absolutely essential that you do yeah opportunity has been presented with the rise of parents allowing things like television and the internet to baby sit their children the blinds by if you will for predators to flourish imagine that your 3 year here 4 year old child was watchin some kind of educational YouTube video on the YouTube kids app and after watching the approved video that you cued up for them this video are placed next unbeknownst to you but you're a good parent and you look over there for a quick peek at what your child is watching NEC Mickey Mickey Mouse on the screen Mickey campy batarang Mickey is a trademark character after all surely Disney would be pulling down these videos of their characters being represented in such a negative light an acting out the most vile situations while the content maker at the YouTube channel owner is earning thousands a day off of YouTube advertising revenue Disney should be calling for these videos to be taken down so why aren't they what's even more curious is the use of repeated themes and characters that seem to transcend a vast array of languages and cultures characters like Elsa spider man in the joker argues within the videos the thumbnails to key words and titles and appear either as adults in costume or in animated form acting out situations like kidnapping in bondage violence gore and directions belly inflation pregnancy and abortion simulated sexual acts alcoholism and emphasis on urination scat in dismemberment as well as violent acts like shoot out what's and even murder like I said before oftentimes they're actors featured in the videos and sometimes those actors are children being made to cry on camera or participate for the purpose of the YouTube channel generating revenue let's not get it twisted with these videos receiving millions to hundreds of millions of views per upload that some major money being made by both the content creator and the 2 platform in since their videos are highly viewed engaged with those videos are the one suggested after your child finishes up with their pre approved video of Elmo were door ... or pet the pig whatever it's been speculated that quite a few of these channels utilize a bot now or click farm service to get initial views so they can then become a recommended video but certainly a good portion of these views are authentic in the last few weeks with this topic of bunnies people are pretty split on the motive of some of these channels and uploading children's content with these inappropriate dean's the first theory and notice I said theory I did not say fact is that these content farms are channels with multiple syndicate channels applauding the exact same content on each on each channel are just using YouTube as a cash cow these people see what earns money and others have copied the format in a video uploaded by comedy YouTubers H. 3 H. 3 last year they pointed out that one of the most popular superhero channels with questionable content is actually produced by 2 pranksters Ethan and mope Bradbury but if folks are just making a quick Buck coffee you too then why did the disturbing reoccurring themes persist that question leads us to the second popular theory being that it is no accident or coincidence that we have videos targeted at various age groups under 2 years old all the way up to middle school age featuring cartoon characters performing vile acts ultimately desensitizing children to an array of age inappropriate behavior like being kidnapped binge drinking shooting people performing abortions and even committing suicide a lot of these videos display anxiety inducing and traumatic events for young minds leading some to believe that the goal is learned helplessness a condition in which a person suffers from a sense of powerlessness arising from a traumatic event or a persistent failure to succeed thought to be one of the underlying causes that depression in learned helplessness it leads to behaviors like giving up without even trying in perhaps ultimately and nihilistic outlook on life in this theory all roads lead to MK ultra with the facelift designed specifically for the touch screen generation we put all these things together then spread on another layer of theory and we move on to our third theory which is that the content is both generated for children and swore perverse adults we have children being groomed in the videos and buy the videos as well as groomers partaking in the viewership with people who subscribe to this theory pointing out a series of codes being associated with the video content and correlating to the comment section in one of the life streams are caught while editing this video the children's YouTube channel who is live streaming listed their Twitter page in their Twitter page was sweating out links to porn websites that's weird right here and neither am I the only one who finds that weird but let's move on to the fourth in the final theory which is as far as I know a really graceful original theory as people are canceling cable indigent their TV is in droves the traditional cable networks are on YouTube waiting to capture the audience in more ways than one this speaks to every demographic beyond children but what if channels like the once featured in this video were put in place to showcase how dangerous unregulated entertainment could be we have unregulated cartoons in children shows being circulated on you too and they're featuring scab fetishes murder and child to be do you see where I'm going with this perhaps that's why Disney who probably has taken a significant financial hit if people canceling their cable perhaps that's where they have been taking down these videos are claimed them for copyright that is pure speculation absolutely not rooted in the fact that all the let me know your thoughts and as always I look forward to your comments and before I close out this video I just want you to know that while all this information is disturbing in the videos are disgusting it's an easy fix if you're a parent just screen what your child is watching create playlists the pre approved videos don't be naive and don't let your child roam the internet and supervise if you are looking for more information on this topic I've listed some really good videos and the description which I found to be informative so let me know if you have any other solutions thanks for watching and supporting my channel on page soon I hope you all have a wonderful day I //
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What the Media Won't Tell You About Qatar
\\he internet friends with all of the events taking place in the Middle East sometimes it can be really difficult to keep up the details all the details get really confusing especially when we only get bets in pieces in one side of the story from our media since the deadline for his heart a comply with the Saudis list of demands ends tomorrow I figured it was time to make a video on what the media won't tell you that Qatar since 1971 Qatar has been an independent state hautbois is that rich I mean really rich according to this recent article by Bloomberg Qatar has been the world's richest nation based on a per capita purchasing power parity since 1998 and unlike many 1 trick pony states who rely solely on oil to support their economy Qatar has attempted to diversify its economy recycling some of that income from the oil and gas industries to invest in other markets even becoming 1 of the largest shareholders of real estate in London London interesting right Qatar is also home to American command posts from which the United States and its allies basically orchestrate their war on the Islamic state operatives but let's get back to the real money maker the tar shares its major gas reserves with Iran this sticky point because Iran deals and you want or China's dollar rather than the U. S. picture dollar per oil related business imagine if other countries followed suit there would be quite a threat Petro dollar meaning the monopoly of the US has asserted over global financial markets would be compromised if the United States is economically compromised that means the rising global powers like Russia and China could benefit we've witnessed these events play out before for example let's take Saddam Hussein in 2000 black in 2000 when he proposed selling Iraqi oil in euros instead of the American dollar reports surfaced in 2003 that stated Iraq made a killing doing so well that was until the United States invaded Iraq on the false pretense of weapons of mass destruction and consequently Iraq doesn't sell oil in euros anymore nope backed Petro dollars recently the United States has been pushing for regime change in Iran with both Hillary Clinton and president Chomper laying that Iran is the top sponsor terrorism echoing the sentiments have Ted Cruz Mike Huckabee in even Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu who claim that Iran is getting ready to fire up that nuclear bomb we keep hearing about I'm sure you all are familiar way could one of the contributing factors be tied to the fact that Iran deals and other currency besides the Petro dollar password to 6/9/2017 when Saudi Arabia allege that Qatar was sponsoring terrorism implicating prominent Qatari businessman royalty and politicians as backers this claim arrive several weeks after trump's illuminating visit to Saudi Arabia and the same day that the United States issued conflicting statements about Qatar with secretary of state rex tellers and a former chief executive of Exxon Mobil calling for a calm and thoughtful dialog to ease the tensions amongst the senior Muslim states in the Persian Gulf not even an hour later president term commented that Qatar funded terrorism at a very high level demanding that they needed to quit and joined the rest of the non terrorist funding nations like Saudi Arabia who has it was revealed in Hillary Clinton's leaked emails funded terrorism alongside Qatar so why is Saudi Arabia all of a sudden virtue signalling the entire world starting a bloodless declaration of war against Qatar with a Saudi led blockade and a list of demands on guitar Saudis one guitar to shut down al Jazira the state funded broadcaster they want because her article owes a Turkish army base they also want to target distance themselves from Iran so far Qatar has rejected these demands saying the world is not governed by ultimatum the deadline for this ultimatum ends tomorrow but let's go big picture here it's bigger than Qatar Saudi relations let's see amount until we see the full test for can I ask ourselves who benefits from Warwick tar or perhaps the most revealing question here is who has the most to lose if Qatar aligns itself with the opposing side while the tensions between these middle eastern countries have been long standing Qatar shattered any hopes of an air of NATO by refusing to distance itself with Iran which ultimately led to a diplomatic crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia back to the chessboard what if we identify Saudi Arabia as the pawn of the United States and Israel then the question becomes who's the opposing player in this chess game after the blockade Turkey sent troops in supply food to Qatar which was a big move on Turkey's behalf ultimately aligning themselves with Iran not NATO and who is an ally to Iran we've got Iraq Lebanon Syria Venezuela in you guessed it Russia it who's a big ally to Russia China here we have a team not reliant on the Petro dollars if Russia gets the pipeline that means the pitcher dollar loses now do you see what it's really about how it's not about who funds terrorism that's for sure if it were about that there would be more coverage of senator rand Paul's stop arming terrace introduced earlier this year as a bill that prohibits the use of federal agency funds to provide comfort assistance to terrorist organizations like al Qaeda and ISIS or any other associated groups there are currently 0 co sponsors on that bill which should tell you everything you need now we've got a bill that the states in the title that the United States arms terrace in literally no one cares the military contractors politicians and lobbyists all profit from war peace will never shatter nations which leaves no opportunity to profit from the spoils of war do you think that if the media broadcast these events as being about oil and profit or even alluded to the possibility as such motivation do you think people would still sign up to die in their wars if there was no element of fear no bogeyman and play how would you ever rally the masses behind terrorist attacks can be a really effective way to scare people right historically the Saudis have played a key role in getting the United States into war in the Middle East it's provable it seems very clear to me that the situation with Qatar is just another case of the Saudis during their master's bidding what do you think will happen tomorrow when the Saudi deadline I always look forward to your comments thank you so much for subscribing in watching and supporting my channel on Keiichi on and I hope you all have a wonderful day I //
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What the Bush Family Tried To Bury
\\he internet friends do you remember when America set out to show the world how tyranny anywhere on the map might be prevented revolution defined the New World as that split from the British crown drafted up this little document known as the declaration of independence stating that America was independent and didn't need any crown China call the shots instead it shrugged off the rule of an central government and distributed that power the state and while the original colonies eventually became forming what is now the United day how is it that we've done a 180 with American royalty reigning supreme the bush family is 1 measly stone of the pyramid with all the stones supported by the same foundation but with the whispers of the mysterious deep state abound it's time to demystify the entire concept China light on one of the ruling family the secrets they've attempted to bury and discuss why this information is important for everyone to consider we have before us the opportunity to forage for ourselves and for future generations a New World order a world where the rule of law the law of the jungle governs the conduct of when we are successful and we will we have a real chance at this New World order while the bush's claim to be as American as there's quite a bit of debate about the family tree particularly with George HW bush and the claims that he might be more of an apple strudel them pie the story begins with an unlikely character inventor in futurist Nikola Tesla tells Liz assisted in account it was a man by the name of George 8 sure whose son George junior was always snooping around the lab Tesla nicknamed him curious George as you probably already know Tesla's life ended rather suddenly it's been theorized that he was assassinated for his discoveries enough those suspected assassins Hitler's personal bodyguard is one of them among scurries Annie's death bed confessions he claimed that the contents of Tesla safe were given to Hitler who he says never committed suicide but fled at the end of World War 2 and that the true identity of George HW bush was actually George H. shirt junior the son of Nikolai Tesla's illegal immigrant German born accounting George H. shirk senior Skorzeny is the countless supplement by a shoe box a photographic evidence whether former U. S. senator Prescott bush's George HW bush's real or adoptive father did Hitler bush connection still remains Prescott bush was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany this was a job he was given by his father in law George Herbert Walker a banker well George Herbert Walker was educated and a jazz you at boarding school in England Prescott George senior in George junior became bones men at Yale joining the secret society known as school in bones the videotape provides a grainy glimpse into what appeared to be the initiation rituals of a secret society that's been around since 1832 with members have gone on to be leaders of Wall Street and the White House the Senate and the Supreme Court what they captured they say was initiates known as neo fights being forced to kiss a skull then members performing a mock killing why interestingly enough if we follow the post World War 2 timeline we see that the CI a was created in 1947 a year after operation paperclip was implemented which was when the United States government brought over prominent members from the Nazi party to utilize their skill set for militaristic and space technology advances on 11/22/1963 US president John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas setting off a domino effect of dead political Kennedy's to follow George HW bush is 1 of the very few Americans who does not recall where he was when JFK was killed yet in the following document which has been declassified it places him very close to Dallas within 2:00 hours of JFK's assassination this is not me alleging that Papa bush is actually Lee Harvey Oswald it's just me pointing out an interesting coincidence another interesting coincidence is how George HW bush later became the director of the CI a in is still to this day the only president who held CI leadership what experience did he have that made him an ideal candidate for CI a leadership keep in mind that the CIA has implemented horrible programs on US citizens programs which have been revealed by declassified document here some example of project MK ultra also referred to as the CIA's mind control program operation mockingbird or the manipulation of news agencies for propaganda purposes the CIA has infiltrated and dismantled foreign governments installed puppet leaders throughout history and that's only the stuff we know about from declassified documents allegations of child prostitution ring took place during the bush senior's presidency involving prominent citizens of Nebraska now upper echelon of the US government including president HW bush other claims involve accusations of a cold of devil worshippers involved in the mutilation sacrifice and cannibalism of numerous children supported by testimonies of surviving victims this wouldn't be the first or the last time that the bush family was accused of generational satanism a term that makes nonbelievers roll their eyes usually invoking visions of a little red man with horns and a tail but is it so hard to believe that there is a sack of folks who smile and shake your hand church on Sunday by further rest the week see themselves as gods among men putting their desires and their pleasure on the forefront getting a thrill from exercising their power over others especially the innocent in mocking everything Christ stands for news agencies have successfully convinced a portion of the population terrorist shout Allahu Akhbar in crash planes into buildings and detonate themselves in concert halls on behalf of their religion yet people still shrug off satanism like it some fictitious tale the allegations of child prostitution ring became known as the Franklin scandal that is still regarded by many as malicious gossip numerous death of those close to the case were under suspicious and violent circumstances for example Gary care dory the chief investigator for the legislative Franklin committee told associates days before his death that he had information that would blow the case wide open hedonists son died when his plane crashed on July 11 1990 11 years later 2 planes crashed into the twin towers in a series of 4 coordinated attacks on American soil George W. bush was the president at the time and even if you don't find anything fishy about the events leading up to 911 or the data that would lead you to believe that it was some kind inside job work a coordinated effort on behalf of U. S. government Massad in Saudi Arabia among other entities the fact still remains that we went to war with the wrong country under false pretenses like the threat of weapons of mass destruction the war on terror was declared by President Bush in 2001 and still continues to this day as Americans dropped bombs on an enemy of many faces fragmenting not only the Middle East but the psyche of the American soldier who is simply taking orders from old men sitting in a White House from where I'm sitting the war on the American people was declared long ago in this shadowy deep state that everyone keeps talking about is nothing new just a clever rebrand to Mr act the general populace from what's really taking place I would say that the shadow government or the deep CA is our government the same tyranny we declared independence from long ago what do you think let me know I look forward to reading your comments in as always thank you so much for subscribing in watching and supporting my channel on Patreon I hope you all have a wonderful day I //
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One Family To Rule Them All?
\\he internet friends chances are if you've spent any amount of time trying to figure out how the world really operates you've stumbled upon the name Ross child a timer to you during your travels well Rothschild isn't a household name like bush or Clinton the Rothschilds play a lead role on the global stage unlike our political figure had we have no say in their rule much less a say in how they will in fact what I've noticed is that if you even dare suggest that the Rothschilds or any other family her corporation is plain puppeteer you'll get labeled an anti semitic conspiracy theorist at some point in your venture but in an effort to reveal what was once hidden less cast away the fear of being laughed at or shunned this won't be an exhaustive video on the Rothschilds but if you're new around here I hope to give you enough information to spark your interest so you'll do your own research and maybe in a not too distant future we can all work together to form really some solution some peaceful solution well not the only ruling body near the top of the pyramid the house of Rothschild their Jesuit Himmler's and most importantly the driving force behind their actions ... all certainly worthy of discussion don't you think the real owners the big wealthy business and just to control things and make all the important decisions they don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking that I want well informed well educated people capable of critical thinking that I mentioned in that the Rothschilds claim to be a wealthy Jewish banking family that got their start in 1760 when mayor Rothschild established his banking dynasty inset has 5 sons to foreign countries to continue the family business at least that's what the majority of their published story claims but this is just 1 token and jingling coin purse of tracks the story of the house of Rothschild begins long before the eighteenth century the Rothschilds are Kay's are Jews who converted to Judaism but never made the full conversion all this is a sensitive and complicated matter to research and discuss last if you follow the Bible take note that the Bible warns of fake choose not once twice another tip bosses that their name isn't really Rothschild the family did dole switcheroo in change from power to Ross child using the red shield outside their residents as inspiration for the new identity Rothschild German for red shield here's where the publishes stir usually begins after establishing himself as a banker through a series of tactics like offering rare coins and treasure at a discount to nobility Mayer Rothschild secured himself as a member in the in crowd get in good with the prince of Germany by assisting with his retreat business when I was a court Q. he lent money and handle the finances of the nobility and when mayor Rothschild said is 5 sons to expand their family business to London Paris Frankfurt Vienna in Naples their banks caught on by using a system where you could go deposit your gold at a rough town band in one country get a receipt for it take that receipt to another country and withdraw your gold so during your travels he wouldn't be separated from what is yours by theft or any other misfortune and while that was a pretty novel idea it's important to note that a key function of banks in general is to offer loans in charge interest that's how they profit but when the system goes unregulated and the bankers assess the desperate need for money best charging exorbitant interest rate to loan out that money that's when things go south because when a person or government is faced with the prospect of either losing human life we're taking on interest for a loan well most folks are going to go the interest throughout since human life is priceless the ideology or motivation behind the screen is one of the major factors of how we got here today that's the basic foundation but let's keep the real meat and potatoes of the story the wavering moral compass that led to immense wealth well the Rothschilds had a hand in the opium and slave trades the city of London central banking system counterfeit money in the French Revolution Tosha all this is going to be an accelerated history I don't want you ought to have sip from your camel backs slip on a pair of depends to watch a single video of mine so let's move on to the Rothschilds funding of American colonies their role in the American Civil War in this series of events that led to the creation of the big kicker a federal prisoner the American Civil War was financed by the house of broth check they backed both sides and throughout this video you'll notice this trend the funding of both sides stirs in finances the hatred for both sides and since wars profit especially when bankers are the ones who profit from the loans the government takes out at 1.Abraham Lincoln needed more money in the rates he was offered by the New York bankers were too high that's he began printing government take note that this money unlike the money issued by the federal reserve today collected no interest firstly can manage to work around the roster but less than 2 months before the end of the American Civil War president Lincoln was assassinated you might notice another trend the trend of dying figure heads anytime they go against the money trust or the main belief that the majority of the world's financial wealth and political power could be controlled by a powerful few now that we laid out their basic strategy which is to you cause wars or help amount him little 9 inch through some provocation resulting in maybe a crisis or 2 loans are dished out at exorbitant interest rates on both sides of the wars then when both of those governments can't repay those debts the Rothschild bank calls in the loans and takes possession installing a central bank in 1913 the same year the Rothschild funded anti defamation league was founded the federal reserve the central bank of the United States was conceived it is neither federal or owned by the government the federal reserve is privately owned which means it generates private wealth guess who benefit not the American people one year after the creation of the federal reserve World War one began hitting the allied and central powers against each other guess who is funding both sides again you guessed it in the result was the fall of the German Russian Ottoman in Austria Hungary and empire but who cares if there's money to be made off both of the winning and losing sight after all it brings us closer to a 1 world government doesn't in a 1 world government means a central global bank in 1917 through the Balfour declaration the British government expressed their support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine the letter was written to none other than barren Lionel Walter Rothschild with the Versailles treaty of 1919 Britain was entrusted with the temporary administration of Palestine now I'm sure you know where I'm going with this with the Rothschild bankers funding both access in the allies the second World War brought us closer to a 1 world government with this stylish men of the United Nations but money wasn't the only thing that the Rothschilds contributed to the second World War according to a book by psychoanalyst Walter Langer not only was Hitler supported by the Rothschilds he was a rock track Hitler's father was the illegitimate son of a girl who was living in Vienna at the time she conceived and at that time she was employed as a servant in the home Baron Rothschild but as soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home where Hitler's father was born with the house of Rothschild claiming to be accused family in the force behind the Zionist movement their connections to Hitler in the funding of both world wars curious especially given that one of the results of World War 2 was the state of Israel how many lives have been lost in wars funded by bankers Morris profit if worst ceases to continue the cash flow stops thus posing a bagel problem for those who rely on war Prue well in 1963 even though war was over the bloodshed hadn't stopped on June 4 president John F. Kennedy signed an executive order which returned to the U. S. government the power to issue currency which meant they didn't have to go through the Rothschild owned federal reserve 6 months later JFK was assassinated in Dallas Texas in the following decades central banks continue to pop up across the world with the European central bank set up in 1998 from for the city from which the Rothschilds banking dynasty began in after 911 the United States declared a war we've really not been able to get out of and in this war on terrorism that the world is frightened into with each seemingly random terrorist attack hatred and fear fuels each side of the war but only one entity funds both sides keeping each rival distracted from focusing their attention on whose wore this really a I wonder what people like you when there are finally no more wars to magicians can only in chan their audience if the audience is unaware of how the trick is executed if more people knew about how the shadow government operated then maybe we could channel our energy into creating solutions for the future but that's the thing we're too busy paying away our debts working at jobs we hate so we can spend a little time with the people we love we can never truly free ourselves without being able to name who rules over at if you have any solutions to our current predicament I'd love to hear them as always I look forward to your comments thank you for subscribing in supporting my channel on Peachtree I //
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The Day Israel Attacked America: 50th Anniversary of the USS Liberty
\\he did not friends today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the attack on the virtually unharmed American naval vessel the USS liberty position 17 miles off the Gaza coast liberties mission was to intercept communications at the height of the 6 day war well until the ship was attacked by Israel not only thing they were intercepting was torpedoes and bombs and bullets and napalm despite the attack taking place in full daylight with the American flag on display in even though Israel basically shrugged and said what see daisy labeling that's hack has a case of mistaken identity perhaps the most shocking part of this attack is that it's missing from our history books did you ever learn about the liberty attack in school I sure didn't one of the biggest untold stories in our past history deserves from spotlight don't you think just to be fair here you can replace Israel with any ally attacking the United States in this tale in the point still stands with 34 American sailors killed and 172 injured that day Israel committed acts of war that the United States has covered up for 50 years at the beginning of every school day children across America pledge allegiance to the United States of America not the United States of Israel or the United States of Switzerland or whatever or any other nation our tax dollars go towards the future generations education and education rattled with as many holes as a piece of Swiss cheese how can we flourish in the land of opportunity the land of the free the home of the brave and all of that jazz when our government continues to operate in such a treasonous fashion lining their pockets with the endless cash flow from foreign lobby you tell me and my lawyer noodling on your answer I'll tell you about the USS liberty attack that took place half a century ago on 6/8/1967 a crew of 200 94 men were patrolling in the international waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea at 2:00 PM the USS liberty crew noted 3 service reader contacts followed up by a high speed aircraft passing over the ship in a little while later without any warning an Israeli fighter aircraft launched a rocket attack that the American ship following up with a healthy dose of cannon fire in napalm Israeli forces jammed the ship's communications they targeted the ship's command bridges so the liberties crew didn't have the easiest time contacting the United States navy's sixth fleet it's important to note that prior to this attack there was no fire directed from a liberty to the aircraft the Israeli aircraft attacked in a crisscross fashion over the ship striking and 45 seconds to one minute intervals and even though the commanding officer of the liberty was injured from the shrapnel he managed to grab a camera and photographed the aircraft in that was only in the attack from the sky following the air attack torpedo boats flying Israeli flags were noted in the liberty crew replaced their American flag with a larger American flag in an effort to signal that they were not the enemy the Israeli torpedo strikes that followed rendered the USS liberty dead in the water with all power in steering control lost survivors reported that Israeli torpedo boat cruise swept the dax with continuous machine gun fire targeting communications equipment and any crew members about Jack in when the captain gave the order to prepare to abandon ship the torpedo boat cruise targeted inflated lifeboats with their machine gun fire 2 helicopters bearing the star of David were noted passing over and around the ship but were not observe to pick up any person's our bodies or debris so why don't we dive into the murky waters of speculation why would Israel attacked the United States what could be their motivation their goal was it really a case of mistaken identity their attack occurred in broad daylight amid excellent weather conditions with both the American flag in the vessel number identifiable from the air in article released by the Chicago Tribune in 2007 it was revealed that the transcripts from the Israeli airforce showed that pilots who flew over the liberty saw a U. S. flag can we clearly define what the Israeli motive was for attacking an American ship if they did indeed know the identity of the ship United States chose to stay out of the 6 day war between Israel and Jordan Syria and Egypt despite Israel's request for military support perhaps Israel felt a bit betrayed a popular hypothesis is that Israel wanted to pull a false flag to rope in the United States into war with Egypt another hypothesis to throw out there deals with intelligence since the liberty was collecting Intel and perhaps some of what they collected Israel did not want revealed thus the attack while asking why Israel would attack an American ship their ally is an important series of questioning perhaps asking why the sixth fleet abandoned liberty is a more important series question the liberties radio sent a brief distress message that was acknowledged by the sixth fleet who are nearby in the Mediterranean the director of the CI a during the 1967 attack Richard Helms elaborated on the final investigation of the USS liberty saying Israeli authorities subsequently apologized for the incident but few in Washington could believe that the ship had not been identified as an American naval vessel later an interim intelligence memorandum concluded that the attack was a mistake and not made in malice against the U. S. I have yet to understand why it was felt necessary to attack this shit were who ordered the attack Congress never investigated the liberty attack making the liberty the only attack on the United States Navy ship involving significant loss of life that has not been investigated in this way in fact after the attack nearly all the evidence pertaining to it remained highly classified to the White House fear conflict with Israel did they fear conflict enough to sacrifice their own servicemen for the benefit of a 4 nation a nation who committed war crimes against us although the surviving crew members were awarded medals of honor for their plight they've been vilified for claiming that attack was in any way deliberate on Israel's behalf terms like neo Nazis conspiracy theorists an anti semite have been used to describe the survivors of the attack in their efforts to pursue a transparent investigation are these men neo Nazis for telling the truth are they conspiracy theorists for wanting an open and transparent investigation are they anti Semites for having the audacity to survive are the abbreviated lives of the sons brothers fathers and husbands not worth a mention or even a sentence in our history books because a fellow at the hands of god's chosen people were they not god's people to let me know your thoughts I always look forward to reading your comment and thank you for subscribing supporting the unpatriotic and watching my video I //
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What the Media Won't Tell You About Venezuela
\\here not friends the majority of the coverage of the events taking place in Venezuela on the American media at least has been framed as a cautionary tale about the dangers of socialism resulting in a great deal of the public sentiment being a non committal shrug accompanied by an apathetic dismissal sounding something like well that socialism for him dopey me wrong I know socialist but could something else be at play here in addition to socialism perhaps other factors that are contributing to Venezuela's economic and political crisis that has been brewing for quite some time how could a country so rich in natural resources home of the largest oil reserves in the world find itself in such a crisis the Venezuela of today has a population as diverse as its geography but a good portion of that population has United in protesting the country's high rate of inflation alongside a scarcity of staple products they don't want the reputation of living in the country with the highest homicide rates in the world they want a radical change in their government and while Venezuelans are pointing at their government their government is pointing at foreign infiltrators and placing a great deal of blame on them for the disruption so who's right who's wrong and is it really that simple the old divide and conquer has been effective in the past so why would those waging economic warfare in Venezuela cease to utilize it in these videos it's hard for me to explain that just because one side is wrong doesn't make the other right especially in the case of Venezuela where it's apparent to me that the government is corrupt but also the protests are infiltrated and good people are caught up in this everyone wants issues aside the mainstream media is pushing us to choose a side I know which side they're wanting us to lean towards but why don't we choose the side of the people the citizens in this video I'm gonna cover some of the oddities about present and past Consuela will say hello to some familiar players and hopefully I will share with you what the media won't tell you about Venezuela so you can gain a new perspective Horney let's begin historically the value of the Venezuelan dollar has been contingent on its one trick pony economy the oil industry when the Middle East began to export oil in the 19 fifties there was more supply in there was demand in oil prices fell which affected the economies of all oil producing nations so they met up to chit chat and strategize in 1960 forming what is now OPEC which was originally created to regulate the supply of oil so the prices which you back up and everybody would be happy in even though oil prices continued to fall throughout the 19 seventies war changed all of that the 1973 Arab Israeli war led to Arab oil trading companies cutting off trade with the United States and other nations who supported Israel which was good for Venezuela because their oil prices shot up but OPEC members didn't keep their original promise they didn't continue to regulate their supply of oil in the US the market was flooded with supply but not enough demand meaning there were some broke folks and Venezuela when Hugo Chavez came to power Chavez had some economic success when the new oil demand came from India and China but he funded social programs with that whale money prove to be beneficial in the short term but not the long term overspending that he borrowed heavily in as a Catholic who at one time intended to become a priest he described Jesus as a communist which I know seems totally off topic but I'm coming back around in 2006 Venezuela's relations with the United States and Israel sourdough Chavez outspokenly cursed Israel a couple years later during the Israel Gaza conflict Venezuela broke all diplomatic ties with Israel condemning its actions but here's the real kicker Venezuelan foreign minister Nicolas Maduro have you heard of him in 2009 he met with the Palestinian national authority to establish formal diplomatic relations in at a rally a year later Chavez allege that Israel was financing the Venezuelan opposition there were even groups of Israeli terrorists of them aside who he said were trying to kill him but the response was that these allegations and accusations were baseless but that was enough for shopping he called Israel a terrorist and murderous day any curse it by saying I take this opportunity to condemn again from the bottom my soul in my guts the state of Israel they then a fungal Indiana my they may be set up most people say but he also seemed all not one year later the United States imposed sanctions against 7 companies including Venezuela's state oil company for supporting I ran in the energy sector and in 2012 and what they said was an attempt to curb the violent crime rates Venezuela ban private gun ownership Chavez would never be able to see the full effect of that because he died of cancer at age 58 in 2013 Madera became his successor imposing mandatory visas for all US citizens visiting the country this took place in March of 2015 in carelessly he added that former US president George W. bush and former vice president Dick Cheney and Marco Rubio wouldn't be denied pieces into the country labeling bush and Cheney as terrorists Madera stated that the travel bans targeted those who violated human rights and bombed villages in a rock Syria in Vietnam later that month Obama declared Venezuela and national security threat with the White House saying that the new set of targeted sanctions excluded the Venezuelan people in any trade relations with the nation and are instead specifically aimed at government officials the US accuses of violating human rights so keep in mind that during this time Obama was thawing relations with Cuba Maduro responded on national television saying that Obama personally decided to take on the task of defeating his government in intervening in Venezuela to control it Maduro continued to practice some of the same economic strategies as Chavez creating a climate of corruption where private businesses cannot flourish not in a country with the highest inflation rates in the world oil prices continue to fall pieces of paper inclines mean very little if there's nothing to buy from the grocery shelves in predictably crime increase even though mature was said to have pledged $47000000 towards new disarmament centers people are angry they're angry over failed socialist policies instituted by a socialist regime that seeming more and more like a totalitarian regime as the days pass in the defenseless population freshly an armed can only get lost in the fray of protest violence as their disconnected ruler dances on TV so is this a cautionary tale of socialism or is this a cautionary tale of what happens when you allow the government to take away your right to defend yourself what this the plan for quite sometime by those who had their eyes set on Venezuela's natural resources I know I mentioned Israel earlier but I don't think that Zionists are the only faction a plea here when you consider that we're talkin Latin America under Jesuit rule I personally think that Rome never fell them Roman Empire persists even today Masai Jesuits bankers they all want a piece of Venezuela and it looks like the Venezuelan government despite all its faults has rejected becoming a member of the bank of international settlements him you know what that means look at all the other countries who aren't members look what happened in them disarming the population making them lined up for a limited supply of food and basic medicine that's a really effective way to control people like I said at the start good people are caught up in this they're furious with Goldman Sachs for buying the country's government bonds last week which supports that Maduro government in the people starvation this isn't just socialism messes economic warfare this is destabilizing and economy and it's been going on for quite some and that's what the media won't tell you about that issue so let me know what you think I look forward to reading your comments please be sure to subscribe click the little bell button so you get notifications when I upload and consider supporting my channel on Peachtree and as always thank you for watching //
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Everything Strange About the Murder of Seth Rich
\\he internet friends today we're going to talk about a certain DNC staffer who was murdered last year during the turbulent election cycle he was the rumor tours of the DNC we and his name was Seth rich usually when I research and write these videos I have a general idea of the trajectory which will guide me to my conclusion but in the case of Seth rich I've hand nearly a year to marinate on the case in the conclusions I have drawn are not the ones I believed I would ever arrived at I thought I would in this video with more contempt for the Clinton crime syndicate in the DC police that I'd already had and I thought I might make some opening or closing statement about Seth being a patriot whatever I've seen retweeted 1000000 times on Twitter but I've realized that people like Seth rich will keep dying as long as we keep politicizing their death when we address the symptom instead of directly honing in on the illness spreading in fostering within our power structure it won't ever bring any justice it will just further the device which is what news outlets in the propaganda machine and the powers that be that's exactly what they want on the coverage of Seth's murder I've seen anything from news outlets whispering about him in hushed tones with fingers pointed at and never ending Clinton body count too big to jail they say dissuading the masses in stoking the hatred for the other side the other side that's really saying the exact same thing yeah differently any coverage I've seen of assessed murder covered on the left leaning news Alex has been dubbed fuel for those pesky conspiracy theorists and generally frowned upon but I say if we take a step back and look at it there seems to be a reverse psychology at play here even within the last week I've seen Newt Gingrich avoid talking about trump's visit to Saudi Arabia by using sats murder as a form of deflection so it really seems like the powers that be actually want us to discuss a topic that they've dubbed off the table for discussion be careful what you wish for because in today's video we're going to talk about all the strange happenings no quote on quote coincidences surrounding the death of Seth rich so to navigate a labyrinth of information I suggest we start at the beginning Seth grew up in Omaha Nebraska in as a child he dabbled in acting in fashion modeling and although he grew up Jewish he attended a Jesuit university he'd sometimes call himself a Jew with jazz you it values his father said Seth was reportedly the guy with the larger than life personality a guy who would show up to a party in appendices in quite the collector of americana tire what is linkedin page self described himself as an experienced an impassioned data analysts his page said that he had worked as the DNC's voter expansion data director since 2014 and before that he was and research data associate for Greenberg Quinlan Rosner he was a boating education director and staff programming director at camp Ramah in Wisconsin which describes itself as the camping arm of Conservative Judaism with its mission to create and sustain excellent summer camps in Israel programs that inspire commitment to engage in Jewish life develop the next generation of Jewish professional leaders Seth was also a research intern for senator Ben Nelson he was a member of the campaign staffer than Nebraska Democratic Party in a numerator for the census bureau in a field organizer for Senate campaigns in with a resume like this don't you think Seth would have met some interesting an influential characters along the way by the way here's a picture of him with one moving on according to Seth's father south received an email 4 days prior to his execution requesting for him to quit the national DNC into joined the Hillary Clinton campaign but there was no known reply or follow up a few hours before Seth was shot he was seen at lose city bar in Columbia heights where he was a regular once the bar had closed around 1:45 AM on July 10 he walked out of the bar and onto the sidewalk and started talking with the manager Joe Capone information has been swirling around the internet that Capone was in a private room in the White House just days before Steph was found dead coupon said that self declined a ride home and decided to go to the Wonderland ballroom another bar located a couple blocks down the street sets walk home from Columbia heights to his home and the Bloomingdale neighborhood would have roughly taking him about 30 minutes but he never made it home he was shot at 4:20 AM so how long was he at that other bar why did it take him so long to walk home was he so sloppy drunk that he couldn't navigate his well worn path was he picked up and interrogated by certain intelligence agency then drop back on the street burst the surveillance footage where these body cameras that were listed in the police report in a press conference given by his parents after his death they revealed some interesting tidbits about the morning he was shot like how Seth was talking the police well being taken to the hospital this same police or police department where heather Podesta Tony pedestrians ex wife in John peces axis during long sits on the Washington DC police foundation Furthermore the parents revealed that there were 2 men who shot Seth twice in the back nothing was stolen from Seth he was almost stable at the hospital but then later died in finally something I find very interesting is that he had bruises on his hands in his face serve 2 men with a gun come up to you and want to rob you are they going to scuffle with you first with their fists before shooting you I can understand if he was shot in the back twice and maybe he fell on his face or his hands back it's just a question on her so when I'm getting pharmacies Seth was sitting up talking at the hospital if he died about an hour 40 minutes after being shot they said he was almost stable but he died anyway Seth's next of kin can request all of his hospital records so I'm sure they have a better idea of what happened than we do but I'm not sure they're ever going to tell us take a look at this video filmed 3 days after Seth's murder everything about us videos we hear one of the things that struck me was how unaffected everyone ends I can't tell whether his brother is suppressing laughter or tears the Disney theme background is odd in the parent in the corner which makes an appearance in several other videos and photos of Seth's parents is noteworthy but it seems to me like the family as a reading off a script bullets and people don't match well acting is though everything is hunky dory even though their son died 3 days earlier maybe they're acting that way because they have other kids and grand kids they don't want murder it's weird that they started a gofundme page with the goal of raising $200000 to hire a private investigator to look into their son's murder yet each article I read about them the parents they're condemning anyone spreading conspiracy theories about life song but isn't the active opening a go fund me page with the intent of obtaining more information beyond what the please have given them that would imply that they themselves do not buy into the official narrative right it's strange that the family is being managed by a DNC crisis Himmler Brad Bowman who is outspokenly rejected any and all conspiracy theories surrounding the murder even sacked supposed girlfriend who was on the phone with right before his murder LC mall Kohut who's a big turning gives me pause because it shares a few too many letters with and cables she said that conspiracy theorists are basically the worst people on earth in an interview she gave between 2003 and 2017 within 1500 feet of where self died 2 other fatal robberies have taken place there and there were immediate arrests in the other cases and asking why is not the equivalent of spreading conspiracy theories speaking of conspiracy theories they were absolutely refueled when Mister we never reveal our sources heavily implied Seth rich was the source in I get it wikileaks doesn't reveal sources because it would endanger the sad sewers but if the source is already dead what the Hey right who cares about our family later we he leaks offered a monetary reward for any information on the murder and the beginning of 2017 astonished told Sean Hannity that Russia was not the source of the DNC leaks enough Seth is proven to be the source of the DNC leaks then that would blow the whole Russian narrative to smithereens so fast forward things were pretty quiet up until last week when fox news revealed that rod Wheeler a private investigator hired by a third party suggested that there was tangible evidence on rich's lap top that confirmed he was communicating with the wikileaks prior to his death Wheeler is a former DC police homicide detective and I paid a fox news contributor keep basically said there's a cover up in the police department has been told to back down from the investigation he believes the answer to everything resides on Seth riches computer which he does not know the location not he said that he thinks there that it's either in the hands of the FBI or the police department so he doesn't know what's on the computer he doesn't even know where the computer has but I'm sure wikileaks could silence all the questions that we have by providing their into the emails if the story is true with a renewed interest in sex case many internet detective or those who pose as internet detectives uncovered a plethora of sass online accountants most of which involved a love for pandas in Bernie Sanders while some of these accounts have been confirmed some are still suspected but I love her Bernie Sanders certainly would provide motive for releasing these DNC leaks one and an interesting plot twist internet entrepreneur has become the mouthpiece for the Seth rich investigation in the last week stating that he has Intel implants release that Intel at in while you're there be shared by his mixtape or whatever this website is ridiculous so what conclusions can we draw from all of this who would have benefited from murdering Seth wretch consider the key players the DNC hurry Clinton's campaign the trump campaign there are in C. in wikileaks what the DNC have benefited from murdering Seth after he leaves the emails that would put more attention on the DNC right more negative attention more suspicion could have been a crime of passion I guess so maybe they were mad at 7 in they wanted revenge or to make an example out of him put surely the arms he would have benefitted more set because his murder cast suspicion on the DNC and their practices in reinforced the Clinton crime syndicate it also would have benefited the over arching into T. that controls both the RNC and DNC access murder could serve as a way to dissuade the masses from stepping out of line need I remind you the key players those folks are too big to jail y'all it doesn't matter if you wrap on them will kill you nothing will happen also wikileaks seems really fishy in all this since they were known that Seth was absolutely the liquor they've gone out of their way to imply that Seth was the leaker with without ever actually saying they set out a monetary reward for any information on his murder that would be a really good way to keep a checklist of those who are getting too close and I'll just throw this out there as a random consideration what except bitches actually in some sort of witness protection program maybe that's why his parents seem so unaffected in their interview who knows the truth is I don't know if Seth rich was a hero or if he was a villain or if he was just another pawn in the global scheme unfortunately the answer is not obvious to me not as obvious as I thought it would be at this point but what is obvious is that this young man civil liberties have totally been violated for the benefit of those who are supposed to uphold the law his entire case stinks to high heaven and we've been told it was a botched robbery in if we ever get a clear answer on it on anything about the strange happenings in Quincy did says surrounding his death will only be prepared for the truth well we accepted if it doesn't fit our political agenda let me know your thoughts and thank you all so much for watching //
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Let's Talk About the War on Drugs, Seth Rich, Ransomware Attacks & More | LIVE
\\you can live I'm gonna give it a minute and look at the chart real quick but Hey everybody how are ya I'm really happy to be doing this live stream by just fair warning I don't often do live streams because it's I I feel like I suck at them and there are a lot of good people who do live streams and they make them look real easy so then you look at the Chapman will get started I want to talk today about how Seth rich manipulative seen headlines Seth rich and the rank somewhere attacks and also Jeff sessions renewed war on drugs that's the video marking on behind the scenes right now editing and everything Iran's yeah //
"2017-05-09 00:10:03"
Something Strange is Happening in Texas
\\Hey internet friends in shadow telly all living along the 30 third parallel I'm Wixom incredibly odd and devastating events have taken place bringing me to the topic of today's video something strange is happening in Texas and perhaps the events taking place there require more attention but does that mean that my goal with this video is to scare you and make you paranoid now I believe worry to be S. total waste of energy at least in this application it's something that festers within a person's mind and creates like a tornado of fear where everything seems so out of control in all of that chaos it's so hard to see through and beyond awareness on the other hand maybe I should say awareness is Michael because awareness is what happens when you stop for a moment look around you and that's what we're gonna do today but I've always had this really romanticizes and admittedly stereotypical view of the state estate almost separate from the rest of the United States with its citizens who my once envisioned commuting to work on horseback picture them as a people not to be messed with unless you want to say hello to the beloved second amendment but there's definitely a more complicated facet of taxes marked by a constant stream of devastating natural disasters assassination of president John F. Kennedy the massacre of Waco and of course assorted in bloody history with Mexico Texas was never really on my news radar until the beginning of 2017 when a report from the university of Texas in Austin revealed that there were more than 300000 victims of human trafficking in the Lone Star state with nearly 79000 of those victims being minors which made me consider that slavery never really went away and this is just its modern form back in March I did another double take at Texas when he was a headline that came out saying that a Texas team was slain as a sacrifice to that peace is gang members were arrested on charges that included kidnapping a teen girl physically and sexually torturing her tattooing her against her will and ultimately killing her for insulting their coal got the name of the girl they killed genesis since my video on operation Gotham shield I've had a lot of folks send me photos and links and videos of military equipment being moved to Texas out what they say is an abnormally frequent rate so this will surely be a choose your own adventure video since there's a lot to cover wrote just over the last month of happenings in Texas so let's first covered the violence that's taken place within the span of just about to day he's on may 1 a stabbing spree on the university of Texas campus took place killing one and injuring 3 the suspect identified as 21 year old Kendricks why was armed with a Bowie style hunting knife whites classmate reported that he had recently been absent from class and when he returned he seemed depressed in a lot of these articles that I'm reading about him say that he had mental health issues and that he's been committed to a mental health facility in another city one thing that stuck out to me about the story is report of Kendrick white appearing calm as he stabbed one student then another and then another appearing to choose his victims at random into 12 before white was ever student at UT Austin he made a 14 minute video at his home that shows he and other classmates reenacting the murder of white people by Haitian political figure teddy Bookman on may 2 a gunman opened fire on emergency responders treating a gunshot victim in Dallas the suspect in this firefighter shooting was under federal investigation according to the FBI over a decade ago he led protests against the Dallas police department and was previously the leader of the new Black Panther party the suspect's name was Derek brown a father of 18 children who worked as a janitor at parkland Memorial Hospital after officers returned fire on Derek brown he ran into a home where he was later found dead unfortunately that's not where the violence or even the campus violence ended last week on may 3 reports of 2 dead in apparent murder suicide a Texas college surfaced within an hour of declaring an active shooter at the north lake college the Irving police departments and one victim is dead in the suspected shooter appears to have committed suicide aside from a really violent week in Texas the weather mainly made headlines this month did you know that the deadliest natural disaster in the history of the United States occurred in Galveston Texas in the year 1900 where category 4 hurricane hit the island city this isn't directly related to that yeah I guess it could be by the state of Texas openly discusses their weather modification programs in what they call their cloud seeding programs which they say helps with agriculture what are the long term effects on April 25 dozens of Texas politicians and business leaders urged president Donald Trump to commit $15000000000 towards protecting the Houston area from a devastating hurricane when they wanted to basically is build a massive coastal barrier that would protect Houston and they need 15000000000 box to do it then on April 29 violent wedge tornado hit king in Texas leaving a trail of devastation with a number of dead and injured this tornado was particularly large though not the largest ever recorded but I thought it was worth noting I brought up animals in my at lance had video and well not directly connected to the news or the weather anything like that it could be a sign of of something so I thought it would be worth mentioning in this video on may 1 lightning killed 32 towels on a Texas farm and not 2 days later 395 birds collided with the tallest building in Galveston certainly factors like weather and the birds not being use you tall buildings in the area could be factors playing into their ultimate demise but that's certainly not Texas is only weird bird activity not even this year a huge flock of black birds was captured on camera as they descended onto a Houston highway around January looking like something from Alfred Hitchcock movie in according to Texans this was normal migratory behavior it's totally looks apocalyptic there so let's move on to the final segment of news which really didn't get much coverage this month due to all the other happenings in Texas but on April 8 in Dallas all 156 of the city's sirens were activated more than a dozen times officials still don't know who is responsible for the hacking this concerning on 2 different levels one minutes concerning that a city system was that easy to hack I mean if they can hack the sirens what else can they hacked into well this alleged security floppy used to push her less individual privacy online speaking their freedom and privacy or lack thereof a bill recently introduced in Texas thought too blurry the federal reserve's much maligned monopoly on currency by establishing gold and silver as legal tender in a lot of folks think the fad rules the world and they would never allow Texas to establish Gould and silver as legal tender outside of the dollar nothing happened people would be murdered before that fat ever loosen their grip on society and since we're talking about murder I might as well tell you that on April 28 a report came out that Sentinel deaths were rising in central Texas but going on tract now if you don't know because I didn't before this internalize a synthetic opiate narcotic it's a prescription drug used primarily for cancer patients with severe pain minutes 5200 times more toxic than morphine and the real kicker here is that heroin cocaine and other drugs can be cut with Sentinel in powder liquid or pill form he can't see it you can't smell it you can't taste it so ya know it's there so when we factor in the connection that the US government has with the drug cartel in then we put Texas into perspective this makes for a topic I'm really interested in discussing it further detail maybe in a future video because the fentanyl epidemic is sweeping America hitting hardest in what looks to be the most impoverished areas as the people dying are those who are addicted to drugs obtaining illegally I guess the idea is when you buy it illegally there's no one watching over you to see if the drugs are properly regulated or meant what where you doing drugs nobody Scheck received the buttons on Fenton Alan so it seems like a really effective way to take out a lot of people on may 2 Texas governor Greg Abbott signed an anti BDS bill on Israel's independence day BDS it stands for boycott divestment sanctions and according to their website BDS upholds the simple principle that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights if the rest of humanity the bill that the Texas governor signed fancy entities from engaging in business with organizations and companies that support BDS did you know that Texas is Israel's number one trading partner in the United States also on may 2 a bill written by a private prison operator to assist its immigration detention business could advance through the Texas state Senate the legislation would allow family detention centers to be classified as childcare facilities enabling immigrations and customs enforcement to detain women and children for longer periods so we'll come full circle in this 2017 is the year that the public should be able to see the files on president John F. Kennedy's assassination if president trump decides to make them public do you think he'll release the estimated 3600 files related to the assassination that are still under seal at the archives if so do you think former CI to to her president Papa bush will be in another Texas hospital with a bout of pneumonia or tea or are now so I want to know what you think I always look forward to your comments and thank you so much for watching everyone and //
"2017-05-03 00:31:43"
Privacy Is an Illusion: Watch Before Taking a DNA Test
\\okay internet friends this video started with the question I asked on Twitter what do you think places like ancestry deny and 23 in me do if your DNA after they send you the test results I gotta say young Hudson really intriguing responses ranging from speculation on creating databases in the use of those databases to answers like organic or human cloning so I was curious and I had to find out the answer to my question but my research led me to an unexpected conclusion being that social media networks Indian a test sites have a lot in common specifically as it relates to data collection and third party involvement because spoiler alert outlined in the terms of service that you're supposed to read before respect into 2 and ship it back to the testing facility both ancestry DNA and 23 me disclose that they will store your DNA and might even sell it to a third party doesn't this sound familiar to you Facebook's treatment of your data the data that we willingly give them telling the social network where we where who are friends with and one are traveling the social media network knows what we look like in wearing Ben based on the photos we post they have our emails in our phone numbers in our physical location based on our IP address in in this respect the connection between data mining and DNA mining as you you are the resource they're not the customer here the product in the age of social media and open data were comfortable sharing highly personal information online in I guess our own DNA code is no exception except in the case of DNA testing you're actually paying the companies to make a Buck off the most unique thing about you but again it's all seated in the terms and conditions which I'm not saying makes it right but it means you should know what you're getting into so what exactly are you getting yourself into any shook off a tube of your own spirit Tony's testing centers let's take a closer look at the 2 most prominent companies in the DNA to sing field disclaimer I'm not a scientist and I'm certainly not an attorney through cover myself from a legal perspective all things that henceforth will be.purest speculation though I will leave a breadcrumb trail links in the comments latest began with who currently markets their DNA kits with the lure of tracing your family generations back to family tree or uncovering your ethnicity with ancestry DNA and in their terms of service it states that ancestry DNA will internally in eyes users results to make discoveries in the study of geology anthropology evolution languages cultures medicine and other topics what has become the largest for profit genealogy company in the world was started by Paul Allen Indiana tagger they originally started out as a company called info bases which offered latter day saints publications on desk in 1990 and now decades later what they started has morphed into the world's foremost site for people to go research their roots was bought out in 2012 and Paul Allen remains a serial entrepreneur now living in Washington DC in curiously in 2016 cofounder Dan tiger was sentenced on for third degree felony charges 3 for attempted forcible sex abuse and 1 for attempted sex abuse of a child the headquarters are based in Lehigh Utah a town named after low high a profit in the book of Mormon and I don't know about y'all but I certainly didn't know this one the core tenets of the Mormon faith is that the data to be baptized into the fate after their passing baptism of the dead evolved from the beliefs that baptism is necessary for salvation in that the family unit can continue to exist together beyond mortal life if all members are baptized so I guess that explanation explains why the Mormons are so interested in tracing back family tree for them genealogy as a way to save more souls and strength in the eternal family unit follow up question to that statement I read directly off the internet instead away to trace back family units or is it a way to keep track of bloodlines it's reported that Utah's population is 67 percent Mormon but Mormon temples aren't the only thing you'll find in the Salt Lake state we'll find our NSA overlords layer there otherwise known as the Utah data center achei the intelligence community comprehensive national cyber security initiative data center which is a data storage facility out in the middle of nowhere for the United States intelligence community and its design to storm maggot amounts of data interesting right when you factor anyway ancestry DNA and steering let's take a peek at ancestry.coms investors and also the companies that those investors invest in tow is difficult for me to say non let you need on that while I move over to 3 in me through their DNA testing you can learn a lot about yourself how your genetics can influence your risk for certain diseases you can trace your ancestry and if you're thinking about starting a family you can find out if your carrier for certain inherited condition the company was co founded by an widget ski ex wife of Google co founder Sergey Brin fair warning I'm one of those people who are medically associates Google with government intelligence because there's evidence out there to support the blurred lines between intelligence agencies social media networks in search engines look at less cool interactive chart a found documenting the amount of times that the Obama administration met with Google at the White House speaking of the White House in Google you might have seen Sergei in the news recently he made headlines when he joined a protest against trump's immigration order Sergei's family emigrated from the Soviet Union and the United States in 1979 to escape Jewish persecution in as a child he attended the John Hopkins center for talented youth in academic institution with famous alumni like mark Zuckerberg in lady Gaga Sergei in his ex wife her fascinating folk back in 1998 Sergei set up an office in in sister Susan's garage since season is now the CEO of you to be you would think that when her sister uploads ... video to her 23 in me channel you I think that if she's gonna boosted up with fake years that she would at least throw some box in there to you I don't know like it dislike it comment on it if this strange millions of years 10 likes ancestry.coms you tube channel is my only marginally better if you look at a video with comparable views then you see that there is there's much more engagement on the video also I noticed 23 Emmys leading technology from a San Diego biotech firm called Illumina 2 genotype your DNA and 2014 answer that 23 in me would have one of the largest databases out there if not the largest in that would enable her scientists to do a tremendous amount of discovery into the possible genetic causes it ailments like Parkinson's disease and I just wanna say this before all the signs enthusiasts out there start Shamen me for criticizing scientific research just because you workrooms who work with integrity doesn't mean that your bosses were or that anywhere above them holds them to any standard of integrity what's the government going to do police itself also you were my train of thought is going throughout the twentieth century thousands of Americans were sterilized without their knowledge or their consent in the name of improving the gene pool if someone like me was to come out and say that while it was happening and match in the public ridicule I would have received wino that research and scientific advancement saves lives I also know that questioning what's in the cool aid before you drink it also saves lives here's an example from 23 me with their customers being there biobank on which to capitalize with various patents through this biobank that customers paid to be a part of the were able to patent the technology for making designer babies in 2013 idea is that you could say I wanna have this type of child in generated DNA without profile the 23 in me assured the press they wouldn't be utilizing this patent which makes no sense my simple mind but the fact is the customer biobanking DNA was utilized for this purpose invest why it was outlined in the legal agreement chlorine now let's take a look at who invests in 23 in me let's also take a look at the other companies they invest in so that pretty much covers the stand out tidbits about both of these companies but when I look at both and 23 me I see the government and military fingerprints all over which makes me wonder is the government one of the third parties this data would be sold to we wouldn't know there's no transparency in the legal contracts on these websites that disclose who the third parties are leaving people like me guessing asking more annoying questions like well they sell your DNA information to you an insurance provider although there's legislation that protects Americans from discrimination and health insurance and employment decisions on the basis of genetic information which is known as the genetic information nondiscrimination act the law has a loophole it only applies to health insurance it doesn't say anything about companies that sell life insurance disability insurance or long term care insurance over the past few years a growing issue with these DNA databases is that though Hannah results over the government if there's a warning there have been cases where the warrants to search teenage databases have been trying to link people to crimes incense genes determine our facial features scientists can build a 3 D. model of a faith based on a person's DNA and that also means if please find sufficient DNA at a crime scene scientists will be able to build a model of the culprit the overlying issue is scientists have demonstrated that it's possible to fabricate DNA evidence undermining the credibility of what was once considered the gold standard of proof in criminal cases if you are shifty character it would be a dream to have a database of denying that you could plant at various crime scenes right which brings me to my final point on this how can we ensure that the data and DNA will be handled ethically at all and like I showed at the beginning of the video you could speculate that DNA could be used for cleaning purposes they've been able occurring in animals for awhile why not humans the movie called boys from Brazil released in 1978 is about doctor mingled cloning Hitler 95 times giving pretty precise and accurate instruction on how to clone a human and hoping to raise the resulting boys in Brazil with the ultimate goal of forming the fourth Reich and at the time that movie was released everyone believed it to be fiction but the third Reich really did move to South America in North America for that matter in there is documentation of mingle us setting up clinics there know which part of that movie was fiction the Likud mayhem where 94 times instead of 95 in okay Holland meant this is an extreme care to follow but I thought I'd throw it out there my personal theory is that Google is the main third party buying up this data story not only your online habits emails and personal information in a database but also your genetic makeup in in the case of DNA even if your family doesn't often and do their own DNA tests it doesn't matter Google still has the information on them because they have your DNA it's sort of similar to the way you don't even have to have a face that profile for Facebook to build a shadow profile on you they can build a profile about you based on the information that friends and family co workers are just anyone out there has about you even if you don't have an account while all this information is sort of disturbing iconic conflicted on if it even matters hospitals have been pretty newborns heels and collecting blood samples to test for genetic metabolic and developmental disorder since the 19 sixties if they didn't get your birth you got to do a DNA test if you join the military enough they don't teach you with any of those things are gonna get you at your workplace the March 2017 bill would allow employers to impose financial penalties on employees who don't participate in the company wellness programs it would also allow those wellness programs to mandate genetic screening for participate and Furthermore it would allow the results of that screening to be shared with third parties including non health professionals in my opinion all that is overtly intrusive which makes me ask if everyone is aware does anyone care in general were all pretty complicit in the annihilation of our own privacy we had a chance to defend it but we chose convenience and sign in with merchants of data mining noun cahoots with DNA mining we know that the more information there is about you the more predictable you get and I wouldn't think for a second that this information will be used to benefit you let me know what you think and as always I look forward to reading your comments thank you so much for watching in subscribing I //
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What Happened to Bill Nye the Science Guy?
\\the internet friends I feel like I woke up in some distorted nightmare world in the iconic quickie scientists from my school years is no longer done neither science now he is more like bill 9 P. Indian guy although I'm sure that buildings actions in views have little to no effect on actual scientific opinion however as a TV personality who is establish a sense of trust between his brand and his young viewers who are now adults bill Nye certainly has the ability to influence public opinion which is why I'm bringing him up now science used to be about questioning everything but now I feel like we just accept things and move on so let's put a magnifying glass on the history of the internet's favorite scientists so we can hypothesize what's going on with him right now I'm not going to hone in on every eyebrow raising kids this is a choose your own adventure sort of video so here we go please consider the following Williams him per 9 or bill Nye was born in Washington DC in 1955 bill Nye's mother was so adept at math and science that she was recruited to become a navy cryptographer during World War 2 working to crack the infamous Nazi enigma code I wonder what she would think of her son attempting to get into the astronaut program at NASA since after the war much the German hierarchy was recruited to come to the USA and adopted to mastermind NASA all of that is outlined in my operation paperclip anyhoo back to our science guys childhood he attended Sidwell friends school notice the Harvard of Washington's private schools where the children of many US presidents attended I'm really intrigued if anyone knows who his classmates where bill went on to get a degree in mechanical engineering any move to Seattle in work for Boeing but then he hopped over to acting doing his car keys yet educational experiments on the comedy show almost live in 1992 Bill propose an educational TV show for a preteen audience which came to fruition in September of 1993 each episode of bill Nye the science guy focused on a specific scientific topic using fun visuals humor and a thorough explanation the proposed objective change the world after the show's run bill tried his hand at a few more production he became the CEO of the planetary society and evolved into a passionate spokesperson for rallying against creationism being taught in public schools bill became a strong supporter of abortion in Planned Parenthood a proponent of climate science in vaccines cannot deny here of the idea of race but bill shifted his stance on a hot issue genetically modified organisms or GMOs witcher prevalent in many crops but most notably in beets potatoes corn tomatoes squash soybeans and animal feed his former stance was that GM rose were not a great idea in a book published in 2014 he said that scientists didn't have a clear picture of what GMOs could deter the ecosystem but a few months later bill changed his tune after visiting Monsanto the corporation known for genetically modifying agricultural products the sudden shift in stance may people do a double take sure people change their minds all the time that's part of life but Monsanto is responsible for Agent Orange DDT PCP in Paris pertain the active ingredient in their most popular pesticide roundup was discovered to be a carcinogenic as far back as 1981 it's a direct reason for increased cancer rates around world in the same interview bill said I went Monsanto and I spent a lot of time with the scientists there and I have revised my outlook I'm very excited about telling the world when you're in love you want to tell the world at this point in my research I started to notice a trend the written objective of bill Nye the science guy TV series was change the world his book released in 2014 was called undeniable evolution in the science of creation his book released in 2015 was called unstoppable harnessing science to change the world in finally we arrive at his new series on Netflix call bill Nye saves the world fun fact did you know that billionaire investor in self proclaimed Jewish Nazi George Soros holds $13000000 worth of shares in Netflix in sort of spy almost 900000 Monsanto shares in 2010 I wonder if those under the Soros banner have any say in which shows are aired on Netflix because bill Nye saves the world might be the most propaganda laden thing I've ever seen the show is targeted at an adult audience addressing topics from a scientific point of view refuting myths and claims that Rabin science familiar faces like model Karlie Kloss appear on the show alongside you to burn Joanna Hasnain curiously Carly is currently dating Joshua Kushner brother Jared Kushner owner of 666 it Avenue and then habit of the White House alongside father in law president Donald Trump bill's new shows produced by Bunim Murray productions which I'm gonna call BMP from now on its most famously known for reality TV shows like keeping up with the Kardashians MTV's real world and even Howard Stern show as well as the documentary autism musical which follows the lives of 5 children who are on that autism's BMP was founded by Mary Ellis Bunim in Jonathan Murray Mary Alice died in 2004 from breast cancer but her daughter Julie ana works at the university of California San Francisco's Medical Center in children's hospital in G. she's publishing really interesting articles on the benefits of vaccinations autism studies my connection to sugar can't be city and children but I'm not noticing any studies on the dangers of asper tame hopping over to the other founder whose name is Jonathan I notice that he has partner Harvey had adopted a sign in his name as Dylan Marie and he's a pop star and then there's the chairman and CEO of BMP cool chick Gil gold chain who's responsible for producing I am Cait following the transition from Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner now that we've got all of that out of the way my first exposure to bill Nye saves the world was a clip called my sex junk featuring Rachel Blum I knew she looked familiar but I couldn't quite place her but deny relacion a viral YouTube video a few years ago where she starred in a sexy music video that takes place inside the mind of a 12 year old boy after he falls asleep in Hebrew school comment below if you can read my mind right now and before you get to the clip of my sex junk they wanted to address to anyone who identifies as anything other than straight doesn't bother you hear that hypersexuality is always ruins the media uses to focus on you do you find these depictions offensive since they're basically making a mockery out of your lifestyle here more than your sex junk right last time I checked were we were all people non objects yeah all data this segment which I encourage you to watch if you want to share in my thinly veiled out rage has to be one of the worst things I've ever seen on you too I wish I could play the entire clip for you but I'll get smacked Duffy you tube for coffee right I have seen the point of this episode is to reinforce the notion that there are an unlimited number of genders into cherish the diverse city and explore your curiosity the people who star in this episode are enlightened and forward thinking and everyone who disagrees with them is a big hit there are so many problems with this I don't I don't even know where to start first bill Nye starts off by assuming my gender how dare he and then Rachel begins talking about her vagina then sings about how she will have sex with anyone then recommends those kind of activities with strangers all while bill Nye it's off to the side rock now I mean he's chairman over there the song ends as she tells close minded folk to get off their soapbox bill pulls it all together and in by saying it was exactly the rightness there was so much science in not performance that I could hardly comprehend day I believe in the same episode an ice cream cone animation was used to demonstrate close mindedness on sexuality citing heterosexual person as the Noah but by the end after praying to god the vanilla cone was looking at all the other flavors in one giant Sunday April in at some point bill Nye stated that 3 year olds could determine their own gender should children be worried about that kind of stuff when you were 3 did you question whether you are a boy or a girl in other episodes Phil knight interviews Monsanto executives he talks about why vaccines are necessary intakes on climate change deniers debunks homeopath the interviews NASA scientists and pokes fun at chemtrails I say all this for a reason while we all know bill Nye as the science guy at the end of the day he's an actor in la you could make the argument that his new propaganda machine of the show is just one example of selective science being used as a political move to silence an opposing argument I would argue that based on the information I've provided it might suggest that the propaganda machine had its eyes on bill Nye before he ever was our science it's almost like they're rolling out this propaganda just at the kids who watch bill Nye if public schools are reaching voting age and thinking about starting a family think again now what's wrong don't you like science 2 years let me know anything and as always I look forward to your comments thank you so much for watching in subscribing I //
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Is the US Going to Nuke Itself?
\\okay internet friends if you if you requested that I do a video on operation Gotham she'll in while I was doing research for this video I noticed that the majority have the information and media I stumbled upon was fear porn you know what I'm talking about the chicken little sky is falling in the world is ending type rhetoric if you find yourself on that sort of ride and one on I've listed a couple of even him operation Gotham in the description since it is not my goal to fear monger I would rather informed and prompts you to do your own re so then you can turn around and make informed and rational decisions that aren't fueled by fear but rather your foundation of knowledge so have you noticed the narrative being belts off the impending nuclear threats to the United States tension rising in the Middle East not full blown red scare across all media pair that with the tornado of questions with the events that took place earlier this week with the power outages reported coast to coast from New York to California in we've got a collective suspicion that something big is about to go down but what exactly right now all eyes firm operation Gotham shields did you know that Gotham is a village in England its name comes from the Old English word for go home the village is most famed for the stories of the wise men of Gotham details depict the inhabitants of the village is being stupid I'm sitting here wondering if there's any connection to the co authored tunnel in Switzerland you remember the one with the weird opening ceremony any him to summarize operation Gotham shields it's an alert that has surfaced on the web describing an exercise which will conduct a simulation crisis by detonating at 10000 times nuclear bomb over the New York City New Jersey area next week agencies involved in the exercise which is said to be a routine drill have noted that it will simulate a large scale terrorist attack but some believe it may turn into actual disaster I read that summary author of and in my opinion when bigger news organizations start to report on it it's not gonna happen which is good on one hand there is an argument to be made that we should all be prepared for such a scenario at every level of our infrastructure but on the other hand so many strange events have coincided with drills happening the same day in the same area which makes people say that these events happen on or around the same time of these alleged drills all provide you a couple of examples starting with the proposed 1962 operation Northwoods which was proposed by the US department of defense for war with Cuba involving scenarios such as fabricating the hijacking or shooting down a passenger in military planes sinking a U. S. ship in the vicinity of Cuba burning crops thinking of both filled with Cuban refugees attacks by alleged Cuban infiltrators inside the United States and the destruction of aerial drones by US aircrafts disguised as Cuban aircraft the proposal said these actions would be blamed on Cuba in that would be a pretty good pretext for an invasion of Cuba in the overthrow of Fidel Castro's communist government but that entire proposal was rejected by president John F. Kennedy who is shortly thereafter assassinated password to the 2 years before the September 11 attacks the north American aerospace defense command conducted exercises simulating what the White House and was unimaginable at the time hijacked airliners used as weapons to crash and target can cause mass casualties one of the imagined target was the World Trade Center in another exercise jets performed a mock shoot down over the Atlantic Ocean of a jet supposedly laden with chemical poisons headed towards a target in the United States in the third scenario the target was the Pentagon but that drill was not run after the defense officials said it was unrealistic NORAD in defense officials said which was reported in the USA today article from 2004 this is not speculation that Lester Batman back in the mix since we're talking Gotham remember that Aurora Colorado theater shooting or refresh your memory if you don't remember on 7/20/2012 a mass shooting occurred inside a movie theater in Aurora Colorado during a midnight screening of the Batman film the dark knight rises according to the Denver post article in reading the tragedy that play out ironically paralleled a classroom learning experience in a medical school in Parker the same day one of the scenarios being use to train the students was how to respond if a shooter fired at people in a movie theater and also used a bomb in the time in a year later in 2013 according to the department of homeland security document the agents were planning on conducting training exercises centered around a fictitious terrorist group a group that would plant backpacks full of explosives around Boston that the detectives would be forced to track down and ultimately this fictitious exercise came to fruition with the bombings at the Boston Marathon what could be some possible goals of a false flag around this time I believe this could be answered by asking ourselves why is our government lacking at the moment to a meeting in my opinion it really seems like they want to take action against supposedly dangerous regimes that North Korea yeah Iran and whoever is it controlled by a Rothschild banking so they wouldn't need now all they wouldn't need it but it would be the cherry on top to have some public support some public anxiety some approval to take this kind of action I suppose another goal could be furthering the pre state that's been pushed since 911 what could be some other goals of a false flag I'm sure I missed a bunch goals but I'm too caught up in thinking that particular thought do you believe the coverage of operation cross and shield could be a massive distraction from actual happenings that are taking place limit now I always look forward to reading your comments and thank you so much for watching please be sure to subscribe and then we'll talk to you all soon I //
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Something Strange Is Happening in Atlanta
\\he internet friends something strange is going on in Atlanta it needs more attention of course I'm a little biased because I'm from Georgia infrequent Atlanta but I like to give you a timeline of events in maybe you can tell me what you think is going on if you've never been to Atlanta there are few things we gotta get out the way for the first thing is Atlanta traffic is ranked amongst the worst in the world with the average commuter spending 70 hours in traffic each year secondly Atlanta is home to the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport also known as the busiest airport in the world third day CDC headquarters are located in Atlanta which makes the city a perfect backdrop for the walking dead TV series following the events after the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse and finally if you recall Atlanta does tend to catch on fire civil war jokes are generally not funny moving on to the timeline at 6:00 PM on March 30 downtown streets in Atlanta were closed amid how bad mercury investigation we received a call regarding a male coming into the facility carrying red mercury from Africa Atlanta police officer Stephanie brown said red mercury is reportedly a substance used to create nuclear bombs but according to the article I'm reading its existence has not been documented on Thursday evening March 30 an elevated section of northbound interstate 85 a major north south artery for the southeast collapsed that evening in Atlanta after a massive fire in the official narrative on this bridge fire is that it collapsed into a fire that was allegedly started by a crack head with the key witness being Sophia Brower the same lady Sofia Brower supposedly located a man's dead body on the train tracks in Atlanta here she is being interviewed here echo it could be a coincidence that she's connected to both of these events but he's also home and she's in the area pretty often so it's not out of the question that she would be connected to these 2 events but I thought it was worthy of noting but she did say that the main suspect Basil L. B. had confessed to her so since Ellerbee's arrest 5 prominent attorneys have offered to represent them pro bono saying that he was quickly singled out and hustled into custody to fulfill the desire of public officials to quickly identify and punish a culprit and perhaps absolved the department of any responsibility port storage and dozens of giant spools of petroleum based conduit under a critical section the city's highway infrastructure following the bridges collapse the US department of transportation announced plans to spend 10000000 in emergency relief dollars to assist with the cleanup and repair efforts on that portion of the IEP fat fun fact did you know that I 85 is 666 miles long there's been tons of speculation saying that this was you know an inside job that we have to see who benefits from this bridge claps murders been called out as a beneficiary of this collapse in an anonymous said this bridge collapse was a result of Islamic terror the very next day the Braves won their first game at the newly built SunTrust park if you recall Turner field which was in Atlanta proper was the Braves home from the 1997 2016 but many SunTrust part knees many brave stadium is now about 10 miles north of downtown Atlanta so on April 3 an in house lawyer who works for UPS was shot dead in a busy intersection early that morning in what authorities are calling a targeted killing in once again many rumors have been swirling about why this particular lawyer with targeted some say she was looking into a lead header file rains while other people say that she had filed paperwork for more information on the bridge collapsed now when I look at her biography it certainly looks like her experience might make her interested in the bridge in outside of work she was a member of the Georgia asylum in immigration network which provides free legal services to immigrants victims of human trafficking domestic violence sexual assault and other crimes so could she have been targeted for looking into the bridge collapse or looking into the LeapPad about sure that means further inspection I would suppose a man accused of gunning her down had allegedly stabbed 2 people on a construction site the day before the attorney shooting surveillance footage captured her shooter approaching in leaving the area he was super calm before the shooting incident in after being arrested he missed his first court appearance after guards found him biting himself in spitting blood Tuesday night on April 4 CBS 46 ran a story reporting that someone or something is killing thousands of birds in Atlanta since bringing the death toll began rising every week in on April 5 a former business manager for the Atlanta police department said she was let go in April of 2016 just him months after discovering that funds dedicated to buying patrol cars for Atlanta police were allegedly being diverted to find car purchases premier reads use Maher read as an interesting fellow last year he was found traveling to non emergencies is vehicle while using flashing blue lights and sirens which makes it sound like he's the driver but he's probably not but it certainly doesn't help his case that he attended the Bilderberg meeting and in 2014 many say US officials attending this Bilderberg gaining violates the Logan act at least in part after all what we know about the Bilderberg group aside from it being a shadowy collection of the world's powerbrokers who gather together every year but maybe that's a different conversation from the one we're having now on April 13 firefighters put out a fire that flared up underneath the railroad bridge in Atlanta there is still no confirmation on the cause of this fire yesterday part of I 20 buckled in all westbound lanes were shut down an underground gas leak was originally blamed for the buckling but now they're saying there was no evidence of a ghastly yesterday with the pretty hopping day there was also a toxic chemical leak yesterday morning after the truck carrying it was involved in an accident with an SUV on I 285 according to officials the truck shouldn't have been on the highway and the first place and all display I'm that you need to watch this video is super strange it looks Omer it looks purposeful they shut down both north and south plains in Italy into the spell of Ben's all chloride which the truck was carrying which the CDC states because Ben's oil chloride is corrosive short term exposure can cause anything from tears and coughing too fluid in the lungs and just last night there was another fire under a bridge that caused the roadways to shut down firefighters said a debris fire started under the Peachtree creek bridge shortly after 9:30 PM since traffic is terrible now worse than it was before it was already terrible people have been taking the public transit system here which is called marga which might sound you know not a big deal to you city folk but down here are public transit is an absolute joke it it's been a huge debate in Atlanta for sometime now regarding the expansion and funding for it anyway and we're going to much of Maria about that but I thought it was important to point out that in 1956 president Eisenhower signed the federal aid highway act the bill created a 41000 mile national system of interstate indifference highways that would according to Eisenhower eliminate unsafe roads inefficient route traffic jams and all other things that got in the way of speedy safe trans continental travel in at the same time highly advocates argue in case of an atomic attack honor key cities the road that would permit quick evacuation of target area now let me ask you this where our roadways that were built decades ago I believe IT 5 was still in the late seventies where they designed to last without being no beat being updated B. M. reinforced I don't I don't think so that's what our tax dollars go to write so I mean if there was any criminal neglect I suppose that those contractors then officials in corporations who would normally have the finger of blame pointed at them would have a lot to gain from blaming citizens for their failures so I think in order to decide or or have the stamps on what's going on here all the oddities that have been taking place in Atlanta over the last couple months we ask ourselves who benefits from all so what do you think's going on here is it failed infrastructure we just see crumbling infrastructure that needs to be renewed it's nothing nefarious it's nothing to worry about it's just growing pains for a growing city with a lot of travel overthrow babies where do you think that maybe there's one too many coincidences here going on what what do you think I work I wanted because I am not entirely convinced either way so let me know in thank you all so much for watching and subscribe by //
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What the Media Won't Tell You About Israel
\\Hey internet friends speak about Israel and the extreme Zionist influence over our government is a discussion that should really be taking place but is muffled by accusations of anti semitism often when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government I am I people here calls anti semitic at what is your response to that as an Israeli Jew only to click we only see Lizzie went from Europe somebody's criticizing Israel then we bring out the Holocaust I mean this country people are criticizing his well then there are I'm to semitic which is funny because by definition SMI is a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a semitic language including in particular the Jews and the Arabs and I can with impunity criticize the rest of the Middle East who are also semi because the definition of anti semitism only refers to the prejudice against Jews but I totally get it up until very recently I believe that anyone who questioned Israel was a neo Nazi back in high school I attended this church where they pass the plate around the congregation once for donations to the church it a second time for Israel the holy land got depressed but chosen people the patriarchs in the profit of the Old Testament but I digress I get the sense that a lot of you who watch this channel are Christians so maybe you've shared in my experience of Christian Zionism maybe you still subscribe to that belief system and you'll find this video incredibly offensive I recommend you crack open the Thomas the cornerstone of rabbinical education which calls on Christians to be harmed both directly and indirectly but I'm sure I'll have someone call me saying the mere fact that I brought up the town it is anti Jewish lander its old religious fanaticism and since I'm not Jewish I couldn't possibly understand the laws that are written in quote them in context but on the flip side we can bring up any other religious texts like the Koran in picking apart with virtually no repercussions the time is drawing near when the window of opportunity to speak freely will eventually vanish in some parts of the world there are laws in consequences for anti semitic speech and day by day the internet is becoming more and more censored for those of us who just want to know the truth about the Middle East in doing so we have to take Israel into consideration because they're part of the Middle East into further that problem Israel has hired university students to post pro Israel messages on social media networks without needing to identify themselves as government lean but I came here to learn more about how we as Israelis and its truth can defend Israel online on the internet particularly in wikipedia okay wikipedia's got it about complex put them in a I think it's hard to figure out the rules I personally tried anything ... in wikipedia that work in Israel I frankly think that crisis initiations really tough and it's very hard for me to see how the night states a president can get us to war with Iraq ... which leads me to conclude that if in fact conferences not company that the traditional way of America America gets to war is what would be best for US and I mean look people irradiance submarines periodically go down someday one of my not come up who would know why we can do a variety of things if we wish to increase the pressure on not advocating that have you ever heard about the day Israel attacked America also known as the USS liberty incident of 1967 during the 6 day war 34 American servicemen were slaughtered in 100 73 more were wounded after Israeli forces repeatedly attacked USS liberty in international waters the liberty was not a battle ship in was entirely I'm able to defend itself for decades the US government threaten survivors with jail if they spoke about it in kept the truth from the public survivors of the attack have long maintained that Israel intended to kill the entire crew and sink the USS liberty as a means of scapegoating the blame for the incident on to Egypt but why would Israel want the US to believe that Egypt was responsible for the attack it's a classic false flag right shifting the blame for an incident as a means of drawing the president or the U. S. public in 2 U. declaring war in Egypt while Israel claims that this attack was standing error idea evidence confirms that the Israelis knew the identity of the ship as an American vessel Furthermore it did you know that Israel has nuclear weapons in 1986 an Israeli whistleblower and former nuclear technician revealed that Israel had amassed a secret stockpile of nuclear weapons this whistleblower spent 18 years in prison after revealing classified information in 2014 a lawsuit was filed against US charities that funded Israel's secret nuclear weapons program I don't know all the facts and I think we all know all the facts but I was deeply concerned that this could have been ... ... in another constricta of organized highly organized attack on the country and it still may be I again I don't know the facts but I do know that it's really hard to protect the homeland what has the media told us about 911 before the attacks there were many stories coming out about Israeli espionage on the United States did you know about Israeli art students who occupied 2 entire floors of at least 1 tower did you know about the Israelis arrested on 911 did you know that at the time Masai had in urban moving company as a front they were seen by New Jersey residents on September 11 seemingly celebrating the fall of the world trade centers and photographing themselves in front of the wreckage these men were caught by police held for questioning in quickly sent Israel by the United States government so didn't aside no about the attack on the twin towers before it happened did they have a crew ready to film it what do we actually know very little because it's anti semitic to bring it up what has the media told you about the Israeli Palestinian conflict Israel has successfully wanted to prove to the world that it is an innocent victim of the Palestinian violence and terror in that the Arabs and Muslims have no other reason to be in conflict with Israel except for an irrational hatred of Jews in most of what we see on the news is Palestine as the aggressor in very little of how Israel responds and don't get me wrong Israel has a right to defend themselves from attacks but for over 5 decades now if killed Palestinians with impunity there seems to be a hierarchy of death propagated in our media and when we see certain groups of people as less than other groups of people that's when the injustice occurs unchallenged and leaving room for prejudice to faster an example of this would be Israel's years of white phosphorus targeting densely populated areas of Gaza so this is that basically something that is mandatory that every Congress person has to sign saying that what Jerusalem you said is the capital of Israel and what else ... ... you make a commitment that you will vote to support the military superiority of Israel that ... ... it the economic assistance that Israel what's that you would ... vote to provide that what if you learned about ISIS from the media I've learned fact ISIS has attacked the USA isis has attacked France isis is attacked the Philippines ISIS even boasted that they were going to destroy kabaha in Mecca but isis does an attack just around the corner Israel I guess they would rather attack distant countries in 2015 Syrian president Assad spoke about the connection between I since in Israel he responded for the first time to air strike attributed to Israel saying it's very clear that Israel supports the rebels because whenever we make advances in some place they attack in order to undermine the army that's why some in Syria joke how can he say that al Qaeda doesn't have an airforce they have the Israeli Air even as early as this morning Assyrian UN envoy claim that Israel was directly supporting ISIS by bombing regime sigh there have been claims made that Israel is the largest buyer of ISIS oil but when it very search for sources to verify or debunk this claim all I find are long rants on anti semitism in 2015 NATO said it wouldn't send ground troops and to fight ISIS is it because I see this is actually our ally in the goal is to overthrow Assad in Syria and install that Israel and the United States friendly puppet government instead of the Russia Iran puppet that's currently in place we're just really really can view Israel can stop ISIS but they can't stop people from their own rocks had if that does happen right I'm just really confused because in order to have clarity on something one must having answers to their questions in order to get answers to your questions it must first be acceptable to ask them when I see things like evidence and the money trail to support that my government is acting like a cheap whore selling out to the highest bidder makes me think that we'll never find anything that remotely resembles as long as the wolves among people are above the law //
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Destabilize Syria: New World Order & Freudian Slips Compilation
\\the goal for both of them noble goal for the United States is to fall as I've stated it's one to make sure that we destabilize Syria ... destabilize Syria ... destabilize here ... down down down down down down the world watched in horror as men women and children were massacred in Syria in the worst chemical weapons attack of the 20 first century and that is the time to share the word that America keeps our commitments with respect to Syria when I have consistently done is taken the best course that I can I cannot claim that we've been successful so with the additional steps I ordered last month were speeding up training I've also forces the affirmative task we have now is ... ... create into ... a New World order prepared if we have before us the opportunity to forage for ourselves and for future generations a New World order our enemies are innovative and resourceful and so we they never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people and neither do we the United States know that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction which could be activated within 35 minutes there was no question what's away those weapons of mass destruction gotta be somewhere the main reason time was we thought he had weapons of mass destruction turns out he didn't we came we saw all that he died different at this point does it make I think the New World order is emerging and with it the foundations of a new and progressive era of international cooperation people we are fighting today we funded this destructive cycle of intervention the cabs lost finally vocals come to an end are you optimistic a global system can happen if equipped happen in Newburgh or they can be created a great opportunity and the fact it seemed to work and I will tell you it's already happened that my attitude toward Syria and the side has changed very much so in conclusion ladies and gentlemen east want change NPY prepared if we destabilize Syria what difference at this point does it make you know //
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The Globalist War Machine is Hungry for Syria (a Timeline)
\\okay internet friends I have a question for you throughout our lives within our school systems and through our media do you believe that were educated or that were indoctrinated that's a question I never really thought about up until recently but now that I'm aware of my own indoctrination I can't help but notice the indoctrination on a global scale particularly as it relates to the ongoing war in the Middle East and specifically with what's going down in Syria people are cheerleading Anwar that they only catch glimpses of on their TV screen with our government conditioning young people to go to war only to abandon them when they return from a broken pawns in the global scheme on this grand chessboard we call freedom I uploaded a video on what the media won't tell you about the war in Syria I pointed out that Jacob Rothschild Rupert Murdoch in Dick Cheney's oil company Jeannie energy have been drilling there in recent years with permits from Israel so I did a forbidden thing in the eyes of those who see the world in absolutes and since I held Israel to the same standards as the rest of the countries in the Middle East I must be anti semitic and since I dared to criticize American conflict of interests on unlawfully occupied piece of land I must be pro aside pro Islam and pro terrorism I must want to watch the world burn but I'll ask you who benefits for more in Syria who funds the war in the Middle East who finds an arms ISIS our bogeyman who benefited from 59 missiles being launched this week at 1.$6000000 per tomahawk resulting in the U. S. taxpayers borrowing at least $100000000 and immediately spending that money all in one day to shot of the blow open air filled in some an operative jets in a country that was as early as February of this year sending government representatives who needed Geneva and peace talks I'd like to offer you a timeline of events leading up to the past week in Syria and be forewarned its arrival narrative to that which the media propagate what I say is not meant to be taken as gospel but only as a consideration so you can then turn around do your own research in form your own opinions on the matter in 1948 the state of Israel was proclaimed it began the nonstop war and conflict between Israel Palestine and everybody else everybody's got serious beef hostility against each 196760 work complicate things even further with Israel's capture of the west bank from Jordan the Golan Heights from Syria in the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt constant unrest in the Middle East fueled the following decades with even more bloodshed Belfast for past the 1970 Israel Egyptian war of attrition pass the 1982 Lebanon War passed the 1991 Gulf War into a day all of us remember 9/11/2001 today a series of coordinated terrorist attacks were allegedly done by the Islamic terrorist group al Qaeda the ongoing narrative being circulated by the mainstream media even today is that a handful of young Muslim Arabs mainly Saudi Arabians who came from neither Iraq nor from Afghanistan out weighed in not only the CIA and the FBI all US intelligence agencies and all intelligence agencies have our allies in response to terrorism the war on terror began putting troops in places like Afghanistan Iraq and Syria in March of 2003 president George Bush that Saddam Hussein's removal is necessary to eradicate the threat from his weapons of mass destruction in possession of these WMDs was cited by the United States is the primary motivation in instigating the war in Iraq in December of 2005 US inspectors ended their search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq because there were none in following this delayed reveal in 2011 secret memos were published exposing link between oil firms an invasion of Iraq citing that in 2011 Iraq raised its oil output to the highest level for almost a decade 2.7000000 barrels a day to the delight of British petroleum the article I'm referencing even stated that we see that whale was in fact one of the government's most important strategic considerations in the Iraq invasion in it secretly colluded with oil companies to give them access to that huge prize now give yourself a moment to absorb all that we went to war in Iraq over the false pretense that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction killing thousands of civilians and whoever stood in our way but everyone is dodging the blame while they relishing the spoils of war so let's stick with 2011 and let's jump over to Syria pro democracy protests erupted in March of 2011 after security forces opened fire on demonstrators killing several the unrest trigger nationwide protests demanding president Assad's resignation opposition supporters eventually began to take up arms first to defend themselves and then later to expel security forces from their local area and by 2012 violence had escalated in the country descended into civil war then by June of 2013 the U. N. stated that 90000 people have been killed in the conflict also in 2013 Jeannie oil had been granted license for oil exploration in the Golan Heights which is pretty murky water works Golan Heights the Syrian territory unlawfully occupied by Israel but at this stage it's only exploration also in 2013 the Daily Mail published this article which has been deleted but exists on the archives that stated US backed plan to launch a chemical weapon attack on Syria you blame it on Assad's regime in October of 2015 have big oil deposits had been found in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights with enough reserves to last Israel for decades according to the country's media a month later Israel annexed the Golan Heights after their 0 barrel oil find in during that same month the Obama administration said the US wouldn't recognize Israel's occupation of the Golan in November of 2015 there were a series of coordinated terrorist attack in Paris ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack saying that it was in retaliation for the French airstrikes in Syria and Iraq in among the attackers the Syrian refugee passport was found at the stadium bomb scene not a day later recruit Murdoch's sun calls for ground troops in Syria saying it was time to take the fight to isis in April of 2016 Netanyahu valid that the Golan Heights would remain for ever a part of Israel in August of 2016 after 13 years U. S. released 28 pages for the report containing numerous redactions by stating that some of the 911 hijackers were in contact with and received support or assistance from individuals who may have been connected to the Saudi government in in November of 2016 the White House a volunteer organization that currently operates in parts of the rebel controlled Syria Pollock jockeys for their bizarre merely can challenge video where very much made it look like what they were doing and who they were rescuing was all state in February of 2017 Netanyahu encourage charm to recognize the Golan Heights is part of Israel and also during that month for the first time in 6 years Syrian government representatives met in Geneva with leaders of the armed opposition in hopes of toxic and also in February of 2017 Netflix's the white helmets documentary took home an Oscar in on 4/4/2017 a report came out that and Syria at least 100 were believed to be killed in a gas attack on April 5 CNN featured a 7 year old searing girls heartbreaking cry for help shoes reading off a teleprompter what do you want the world today I that word Weeknd we yeah we can save 1 on April 6 at 10:19 AM an Israeli publication release that they were 100 percent certain Assad ordered the Syrian chemical attack at 8:19 PM the same publication released that Assad blamed Israel at 9:30 PM Donald Trump ordered Syrian airstrikes after he claimed aside took out the lives civilians on April 7 a truck attack killed 4 in Stockholm Sweden with terrorism being with suspect some saw this attack is the boogeyman being reinforced on a global stage and by 4/8/2017 trumps liberal critics were all praising his strike on Syria I've heard a lot of arguments in support of Tom that took this plane 5 detest any showing the world how powerful the US's but there's a lot of debate surrounding it even from prominent figures so separate from that I'd urge you to consider that 2016 ended with 762 homicides in Chicago flint Michigan can't drink their own water and our healthcare system is a total mess and last year it was reported that Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of US foreign assistance since World War 2 today the United States has provided Israel 127.4000000000 in military and economic assistance and as soon as you suggest maybe cutting that budget are not going to back for Israel every single time there's disruption around them you're automatically labeled Hitler in lawyer busy trying to be anything but Hitler CNN is showing you a 7 year old refugee girl whose verified on Twitter saying I'm a Syrian child he suffered under Putin and the side and I welcome Donald trump's action against the killers of my people so in conclusion I pose the same questions I did at the very beginning who benefits from war in Syria who funds war in the Middle East the war machine is profitable and our media wants it so you'll be glued to your TV waiting to hear whatever Tibet propaganda they're willing to give you because can we can any of us confirm it we're not over there we don't know what's going on over there because we're in America too busy experiencing what we believe to be freedom //
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What the Media Won't Tell You about Syria
\\Hey internet friends yesterday on the hundredth anniversary of the US entering World War one the US launched missiles at a Syrian airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack that reportedly killed more than 100 people but the question buzzing across the internet is what did a side have to gain from gassing his own people thoughts we have whispers of a false flag orchestrated by the very groups nations and individuals who would benefit from the fall of a sign maybe over the last couple of days the idea of a false flag is crossed your mind to maybe that's why you're watching them in I would propose that it should give you pause that even for a moment you consider that these attacks were manufactured but you're not alone a lot of I sent something isn't right the last few days have been marked by rash judgments the mainstream media funneling their selective outrage putting up graphic images of dead children and adults in Syria mix that together with tensions with Russia building along with the hostility between Israel and aside giving us many factors that might point to a planned invasion but the mainstream media will never tell us that don't ever tell us the truth and we should stop waiting for them to in the town of Newark New Jersey Liza company called Jeannie energy the porn of tractors that this company include big names like former vice president Dick Cheney media mogul Rupert Murdoch member of the Rothschild banking family an investment banker Jacob Rothschild an axe CIA director James Woolsey among others on the other side of the world there's a coveted plateau in western Syria rich in natural resources in history at the tail end of the 6 day war of 1967 Israel seized the Golan Heights from Syria leaving Syrians to flee while almost immediately Israel began to settle there in violation of the UN charter Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights is seen as unlawful before his death Israeli general Moshi Dan and minute that it was deliberate Israeli provocations into Syrian Golan Heights that gave Israel the manufactured pretexts to invade and occupy the US it's been nothing but a dumpster fire sense with Syria trying to retake Colin in 1973 and with both Syria and Israel signing an armistice in 1974 but Israel unilaterally annexed the Golan Heights in 1981 but this move was not recognized internationally in for Israel to seek to exploit mineral reserves in occupied Golan Heights was plainly illegal in international law you know what else is in Golan Heights beside Syrian and Israeli settlements in a whole lot of contempt for each other oil lots of oil and natural gas that's why Jeannie energy is there anyway does this bother you maybe it should while Murdoch Rothschild and Cheney are pumping black gold out of the ground Turkey the U. S. Russia and a bunch of others have been fighting over serious geo strategic location so who benefits from Syria in disarray war in Syria means Israel can expand its occupation and settlements and it also means that a European pipeline can be built while the media claims to be fair and balanced how can you stay fair and balance when you have Dick Cheney are oil guy Rupert Murdoch are propagandist and Jacob Rothschild the banker controlling the media politics in the economy how can you expect the media to deliver the truth of what's going down in Syria or in the Middle East in general when they're too busy brainwashing your children to go to war in igniting fear in the hearts of citizens with what is in my opinion manufactured terrorism do you think US intervention in the Middle East particularly with Syria has very little to do with fighting terrorism and may be far more to do with the region's rich petroleum reserves I think the board of directors at Jeannie energy could answer that question for us and of course the media won't tell you that the consequence of imperialism insisted international meddling for corporate oil interests to stabilizes the entire Middle East and it led to the formation of radical groups which aired then funded by those who want Syrians in particular to either die or seek refuge in another country get out so we can have your oil and we all know Iran is next especially since British petroleum formerly known as the Anglo Persian oil company will never forget the wealthy sucked from the oil fields of Iran as they were in fact the first company to extract petroleum from Iran Iran's oil was a global prize in one that BP had no plans to let go when Winston Churchill help sees it in the 19 twenties he called it a price from fairyland beyond our wildest dreams so the rival narrative to all my gosh these pictures of dead children from this chemical attack are horrible we have to act their rival narrative is that this is all to overthrow the Syrian government so the powers that be can install their own government then they can install their own central bank and of course the reconstruction process from war Israeli profitable and you could equip the Syrian army which is a big market for the arms manufacturers and then they can also get the coveted pipeline from guitar to Turkey and all the oily why in Syria graph course all this also benefits Israel taking over Syria gives the more a safe zone around Israel but there's one problem there is one thing standing in the way knots Russia on March 22 US secretary of state rex teller sin convened a U. S. ministerial conference of something the trump administration calls the global coalition working to defeat ISIS the state department said that a combined 68 nations and organizations were present Washington explicitly stated that the 3 most important states with deep interest in defeating ISIS in Syria and 3 parties essential to any serious moves dislodge isis in Syria Russia Iran and Syria were not welcome when asked secretary of state tellers and quit they are not part of the global coalition and if you remember correctly tellers and joined Exxon Mobil in 1975 and rose to serve as the chairman and chief executive officer of the company from 2006 it is 2016 ExxonMobil is the world's largest publicly traded international well gas you know on that for a minute while he say this the culture of endless war the establishment of the terrace day never ending fear that motivates people to emotionally and financially backed the war machine this is what they want this is their plan and they want us to die for don't you think that those who desire war should be the ones fighting //
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The Clinton Dynasty Must End
\\Hey internet friends just when you think the Clinton dynasty has ended you get bombarded with Chelsea Clinton propaganda conditioning all of us for the moment she runs for office even though she swears up and down she will not run for president at least not in the immediate future can you name a Clinton who ever told the truth let me know if you've noticed it's were being set up usher in the next generation of Clinton's specifically Chelsea Clinton she's achieved very little besides being cornered Clinton has recently received a lifetime achievement award just for that but there are folks who were actually cheerleading her rise because they're so polarized by politics that they refuse to see the obvious truth staring them right in the face and I say this not as an endorsement of any other political figure just because Clinton's are bad doesn't make their alternative whoever it might be automatically good I'm just saying the media is trying to condition you to be open to the continuation of the Clinton dynasty the Clintons have kept their money and their power through their family business the Clinton foundation selling government influence assets whatever in appear play format if you objectively look at the Clintons track record you can see that the Clintons are family of promises and favors and undoubtedly some promises never came to fruition through Hillary Clinton's presidential loss there's a money trail to suggest that many folks paid thousands to millions of dollars for something Hillary Clinton couldn't deliver enter Chelsea the only hope left for the Clintons let's get real it's not like these folks are going to be deterred by one failed elections they've regrouped they're laying the foundation for her rise and I know I know she looks harmless she was even awkward when she was 18 so she's sort of relatable how bad could she be I don't care if you're conservative or liberal or Green Party your libertarian or whatever the corruption of the Clinton crime family will never ever go away Chelsea Clinton continues the family legacy take a Gander at my Haiti video of how the Clintons among others split in Haiti's 2010 earthquake capitalizing on death and destruction in the most brutal and awful ways imaginable and that's only the tip of the freakin iceberg napping I didn't even cover Chelsea's involvement he had a $3000000 wedding paid for from funds stolen from starving Haitian children but money doesn't matter to Chelsea she's on record saying I tried to care about money but I just couldn't and then she married an international investment banking executive not to mention NBC paid Chelsea Clinton $600000 a year for occasional work just because she's a Clinton and if she runs for office people will vote for her just because she's a Clinton during the 2016 election when she was campaigning for her mom she sat in Bernie Sanders planted and mass incarceration as worry did you know the US currently has 2.2000000 people behind bars 600000 more people than China some of them are in jail for selling a dime bag of weed but the prison industrial complex needs folks to fill their jails which I guess according to Chelsea selling a dime bag of weed might as well be murder because she suggested that marijuana is killing people you know prescription drugs kill thousands of Americans per year but we need is the real threat here I'll just go ahead and go on record saying that I think more people have been killed by the Clintons then marijuana I guess one thing Chelsea does have on a resume is her authorship her children's book she persisted will be in bookstores everywhere and may and according to the description Chelsea Clinton introduces tiny feminists many activists and little kids who are ready to take on the world to 13 inspirational women who never took no for an answer anyhoo all ways inevitably and without fail persisted you'll be seeing this book at every scholastic book fair every progressive nasty woman mom will be reading it to their genderfluid kids who'll be voting for Chelsea Clinton in the future election which means tell he's gonna be pretty busy sched me occupied she's not gonna be alright the sequel she resisted a coming of age novel documenting all the women Bill Clinton interact with at any rate as much as I'd like to see Chelsea Clinton poet Jeb bush in future elections we can't let it happen we can't let the Clinton dynasty continue so please let me know your thoughts below I look forward to reading your comments and thank you all so much for watching //
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#YouTubeBoycott Explained with My Lifetime YouTube Earnings
\\Hey internet friends before I get started I want to know if you still have cable nephew ditch cable how calm I bring this up because that advertising boycott you too is broadening which a lot of people see is a sign that big companies top the goals of the to prevent marketing campaigns from appearing alongside racists or offensive video stocks the narrative any Pepsi and coca Cola Walmart Starbucks they've all confirm that they've suspended their advertise are you 2 after the wallstreet journal a dying pup catia I found that Google's automated programs place their brands on a few videos containing race content racist in quality and the fallout from that is that Google has overreacted and basically alternative media and opposing points of view are being taken away from the internet on all forms of media because apparently censorship is an American value now and it's funny because the mainstream media remains totally untouched by small alternative media is getting content flag like crazy in my view this is Google making it very clear that there is an information more taking place and they want to emerge the Victor by suppressing the opposing voices YouTubers are getting demonetized meaning they can't make money off their videos you know how acts play before you 2 videos while enabling those acts what makes you to burst money I think most people understand that I don't run before video aren't usually related to the videos con 10 in anyway and certainly are an endorsement of it by apparently those who write articles for the Wall Street journal don't understand which is not altogether surprised but that being said I can sort of understand both sides of the argument if private companies don't want their ads running before video on a heated topic then I understand their stance but on the other hand I can't ignore the sequence of events leading up to this also entered around the emergence of the term faith news not too long ago mainstream media dictated the conversation now they have competition from a bunch and nobody's making videos from their living room because unlike the mainstream media most decent YouTubers actually have a relationship with their audience whereas the mainstream media forfeits their relationship with their viewers by putting their agenda first and since I'm guessing a lot of you have gotten rid of your cable and your cable bill just donating a dollar per month to your favorite you tube channel would make a heck of a lot of difference taking corporate funding an advertising out of the equation totally so in the spirit of transparency disclosure and really showing you how you to bits forcing its platform tibia basically in a mind numbing thoughtless content all use myself as an example here is my YouTube dashboard it gives you a glimpse of my analytics for the past 28 days overall I've got 33000 subscribers and a little over 6000000 views which is peanuts compared to other YouTubers but Hey I'm simple and I'm psyched about my numbers so for the last month I've received a little over 200000 views in this little jump here and shows you that my views are up but wait my revenue earnings took a dive at the same time my views jumped up how does that work let's take a closer look have my estimated ad revenue which is way higher than I actually me and I'll show you why here in a minute but each day is broken down to what ads paid out that day in which video got most traffic dust the highest earnings but unfortunately after the last few months you'll notice I've been having popular videos de monetize left and right which means YouTube team them not advertiser friendly probably based off of key words in my title or tax I used in the description I getta and okay so yeah I've seen an influx of demonetized videos over the last few months just like the rest of you but let's go full picture here I'm partnered with fullscreen a YouTube partnership company he splits revenue 7030 in favor of the content creator but they do absolutely nothing I partnered with them back when I tiara member back when you tear 1 allow you to choose your own time now he had to have a U. to partnership in order to monetize your video and she's a dumb now anyway I have no idea it's against my contact show you behind the curtain fullscreen by but I really don't care for the last few months I've average between 200000 and 400000 views which Yeltsin the payout of between 100 and $60 and $200 per month with the exception of December during which ad rates were higher because of the holiday season let's do a little comparison shopping back in 2012 when I started my channel during college I was earning way more making mindless content beauty fashion comedy videos look at this $900 one month 1200 the next which was mega Bucks to me back when I was in grad school and I don't have any money but course now earnings tapered after I abandoned my channel to start my real job but I was still consistently getting a check every month from a stupid videos and over the last few years I've made $7000 off of YouTube the majority being at the start my channel it even though I put way less after into my videos then than I do now I earn more got more views in the threat of censorship was the last thing on my mind so if I look at that model in compared my earnings between then and now and wanted to make you to my full time job and pay bills with my videos which type of content do you think I would make the kind you tube would reward me for mindless content but I have a job outside of YouTube so this channel remains a hockey even though I'd love it if I can make more videos and commit more time to that she now but that's just not a reality at $180 a month and that's okay I abandon you to before because I didn't care about what type of content I was creating it was and then nothing to me but now I feel passionate about the type of content I'm making and part of me knows there's a collective awakening taking place and I feel really blessed that I can be a part of it some of the solutions I seat for you to boycott aside from crowdfunding your favorite channels through page now I propose that you in all your favorite companies or businesses maybe an email campaign to those who support and suggest that they take up act based on you too or maybe someone should build a different video platform because YouTube seems to have the monopoly on on line video if you have any solutions to this YouTube boycott and repent online censorship I'd be interested to hear them but as always thank you for watching I look forward to reading your comments and I hope you all have a wonderful day by //
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How Haiti Became the Epicenter of Crime Through Exploitation of Death and Destruction
\\Hey internet friends to give you the full understanding of how Haiti became ground 0 for the present day global crime day we need to start at the beginning little little xcelerated history in fair warning the history of Haiti is one brutal nightmare from beginning to end Haiti is a country on the island of Hispaniola one third of the island is Haiti and the rest is the Dominican Republic the juxtaposition between these 2 countries stark where the 1 side marked by well in other by poverty the Dominican Republic being a product of Spanish colonialism in Haiti a country descended from slaves brought over during the French colonial period but all that changed in 1791 when the slaves are revolted against their slave masters but that's not where the story takes a happy turn in fact the Haiti we know today began as a war torn country a general public with no interest in returning to the plantations where they were formally subjected to brutal enslavement and a massive debt and reparations to be paid to their former slave masters side note y'all might find of interest on this data is that Haiti's government was forced to finance that debt through loans from a single French bank which capitalize on its monopoly by gouging he exorbitant interest rates and fees Kenny all gas what family on this bank sorry let's get back to history with an extensive period of non wrestling Haiti's initial establishment German businessmen had taken notice in may taking control of their economy by the early 19 hundreds into being on the brink of World War one and the U. S. didn't like that so after taking control of the central bank United States occupied Haiti and assume control of the island which lead to bloodshed and depressions hollowed by democratically elected presidents who didn't want to leave power which led to dictators and the depleted economy and then the aids epidemic and then when he finally caught a break a terrible earthquake rattled Haiti aftermath being mass casualties a wave of displaced persons and devastated country rife with chaos and confusion creating that ideal grounds for corruption to flourish now I know I'll get comments on this asking if the Haitian earthquake was a natural disaster or a coordinated attack courtesy of heart but I'm not here to make a stance on that issue I will say that there is evidence to suggest that weather modification in climatic warfare is a real thing in regards to the 2010 Haitian earthquake there seems to be an element of foresight or protection that lend itself to the benefit of criminals exploiting death in chaos the country of Haiti does sit over 2 clashing tectonic plate so the 2010 earthquake wasn't really a surprise to seismologists but not all matters for this video what matters is that a devastating earthquake happened in criminals exploited it and they continue to you so who are the key players in exploitation of Haiti an already weak place with now defenseless people and how did they manage to make a fortune off the tragedy of a country well let us consider what resources Haiti has up for grabs after the earthquake whale cold minerals children in organs and guess what Haiti is not only a trans oceanic shipping point for the America us but also for Africa and Europe as well convenient home it's always the same players who desire these things because it's always the same syndicate of families willing to do anything to keep their power wealth to influence for the elite minority to exploit the week majority specifically in the case of Haiti corruption hasta faster for awhile maybe for decades through dictators and democracies in coops that seem organic but they're actually controlled creating a foundation of filth on which to build a house of cards that's where dying work comes in the CIA's privatize covert services contractor which by the way was created within the same year as the CI a tank corps has a sordid history of sex slavery great and child abuse and where ever they go from Bosnia to Columbia it doesn't matter dyne corps is consistent since at least 1994 DynCorp has been actively engaged in military activities in Haiti and they're still there today training local police in United Nations please among other things I'm sure but that's just 1 piece of the puzzle these criminals have to fly under the radar by being disguised as non profits so we have the Clinton bush Haiti fund naturally because bush senior Daddy bush is Mr CIA himself and we also have the Clinton foundation on the ground for relief efforts in Haiti after the earthquake with Bill Clinton the United Nations special envoy to the nation and Hillary Clinton as secretary of state creating long term development plans for the ravaged country and then we have the red cross the red cross received an outpouring of donations after the earthquake nearly 0.$5000000000 the red cross says it has provided homes to more than 130000 people but the actual number of permanent homes to group has built it all of Haiti it's 6 factor number I'm coming crossfire the Clinton foundation and the money missing from the Haitian relief efforts is to the tune of 2000000000 where did all the money go to answer this question I think we have to look at where the vultures were circling after the earthquake certainly some of the money went towards giving Hillary Clinton's brother permit this Haitian gold mine maybe some of it went toward bailing out lower Silsbee who along with the other members of the new life children's refuge help themselves to 33 Haitian children most of whom were not even orphans they said they were taking them to an orphanage they have yet to build and were caught smuggling these children over the Dominican Republic border without papers which human abit and was quite interested in as she forwarded emails of news articles covering this story repeatedly to Hillary Clinton I think it's safe to say that some of that money went towards jet fuel for the Clintons to fly out to Haiti in bailout Laura still speak organ try paddling now now Arabia for the victims of the earth now so you know that for sure yeah I know that for sure it was discussing Mario during the call and do you know for sure that children of being traffic very good is sehr children trafficking for children and other person also because they need a thoughtful gone so no but I mean live children they being traffic now the report I received yes then again maybe some of the money went towards various medical instruments for these doctors who were harvesting organs live on camera but you know it's interesting to me that nothing more supplies they need the right supplies on the one hand they don't a tourniquet and they have 2 blood pressure crops for 200 patients but on the other hand is what they do have sorry I my cornea yeah either actual corneas romp with APRS that people lovingly donated it outlined their organ card and they have corneas that button cornea surgery nearly there barely able to do and he placed him yeah so I mean no one knows how these ended up here I found them underneath the table next to a box of granola bars organ spooky story a complete mess thinking again when there's hundreds of thousands of young people waiting on a kidney or heart transplant so they can have a shot at a full life how else is an 80 something year old oil tycoon supposed to get a fresh heart to live another 30 minutes fun fact people actually travel all over the world to Israel to get an organ transplant which is interesting because Israeli defense forces medical team was praised for being some of the first doctors to help out in Haiti one unit has become legendary the Israeli medical unit a liberal and democratic spikes passed in the house of lords has just been signed for accusing the Israeli troops of harvesting body parts in the Altamont that the earthquake Israel admitted removing bodies hearts during the autopsies 19 nineties without asking the relatives of the deceased as required by the old bridge denied every author I know I've probably skipped over a bunch of key players in the exploitation of 80 but I feel like I've given you the main one I didn't get to go into a vaccine testing in Haiti but you know maybe George WebCT channel it's a great place to start and maybe we'll get closer to the truth and covered by an assistant director at a human trafficking center who reportedly committed suicide in Haiti there's a rumor going around from close friends and family that Monica Peterson within Haiti investigating that Clinton foundation their gold mine and the textile factory they run in she was murdered because she got too close that Washington post on by Jack basis who recently secured US $600000000 contract from the CI a assured us that was all fake either way everyone knows something sinister it's going down and has gone down in Haiti so I look forward to your as always //
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The Real Reason Why Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Are Staying Married
\\Hey internet friends over the last few weeks we've seen hurries BFF him abba Dan hanging out at Disneyland scandal's Tony Goldwyn on what looks to be a day though if you believe either of these people would be caught dead standing in line at Disneyland the rest of these plebes you're kidding yourself nice photo op though and while human was riding the tea cups at Disneyland Anthony Weiner was hobbling along Manhattan street on crutches taking public transit according to this article human avidin is working hard on her marriage with Anthony Weiner even though he's been involved in 3 sexual scandals related to sexting among the scandals an underage girl was involved a 15 year old girl and also which I think might be one of the grossest things ever he sent a picture of him in bed with an erection with his toddler son sleeping next to him but more talk of Anthony Weiner and who has devices being seized by police resurfaced when the Clinton emails were leaked in perhaps staying together and working on this marriage is more convenient than we all realize since this criminal couple can't be forced to testify against each other if they stay married we all know the disgusting skewed by yet being leaner but what about his wife to give you an accelerated history and biography on him Abbott and she was born in the USA but when she was 2 years old her family moved to Saudi Arabia living there for 16 years when she was 18 him I returned to the USA after 2 years in college she became an intern for Hillary Clinton while simultaneously working for her family's business institute for Muslim minority affairs which is owned by the Muslim world leak Saudi owned company where humans brother and mother still work Amarna Seth who helped find him admittance family business also funded the Muslim World League who turned around and funded al Qaeda and Osama bin laden Omar was found guilty of funding terrorism by the US state department all link the video below which gives you a great break down on him a and her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood but to summarize humus direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood lie in her involvement in the Muslim students association unofficial Muslim Brotherhood organization in fact humus mother Selena avidin is a leading member of the Muslim sisterhood the sister of the Muslim Brotherhood with all these organizations main goal being the destruction of western civilization and helmets association and family ties to these organizations link her to 911 if you take into consideration that the Muslim Brotherhood was allegedly founded by miles Copeland in the CIA and Saudis fund the brotherhood as their for hire army with the goal being to take over Muslim lands abundant whale you might be able to draw the conclusion or at least the suspicion that 911 was orchestrated to fuel universal hatred towards Muslims so war invasion would take place on their lands in their prized oil could be stolen making the rich richer and putting a big question mark on the secrets that lie within that Anthony Weiner laptop that's been sees so what do you think is on the way your laptop let me know and I look forward to reading your thank you all for watching I hope you have a wonderful day //
"2017-03-24 19:07:33"
ALERT: Number of Missing D.C. Girls Spikes
\\Hey internet friends something very alarming and sad has happened 14 black girls have gone missing in Washington DC over the last 30 6:00 hours making a total of 25 missing children in Washington DC since February but the story got a surprising lack of coverage across mainstream media as it was unfolding up until this morning really but are you actually surprised CNN ABC box and whatever other mainstream media outlet they're all too busy working on dividing the country to actually care about its people a person on Twitter sent me this fox news article which covers these 14 missing girls and it states the congressional black caucus is calling on Attorney General Jeff sessions and the FBI to help in the search for missing black girls in Washington DC phone an alarming string of missing children cases from the nation's capital however in a press conference which by the way if the main police chief here doesn't he look familiar are my eyes fooling me I can't remember you know faces they all the all go together after awhile but anyway in response the spike of missing DC children police officials said there has been no increase in the numbers of missing persons in their jurisdiction they just said they've been posting them on social media more often which makes it seem like there's an influx of missing children but if you consider that the Virginia area has a disproportionate amount of missing children in relation to the rest of the United States it's really curious could be due to the close proximity to Washington DC what's interesting is amber alerts are being brought up here and the idea popped into my mind that maybe we could put in a personal request for Laura Silsbee F. alert since a company that manages the technology for amber alerts that is if she's not too busy after all if you're new to this and you're just paying attention because these girls are missing you want him to come home this is been going on awhile now in those who are supposed to protect children are actually the ones who are harming them take Laura still see for example after the 2010 Haitian earthquake a group of 10 individuals including ourselves we were caught trying to sneak 33 children who were not or fan they had families over the Haitian Dominican Republic border they were arrested in now Boris Silsbee works for a company that issues amber alerts how messed up is that in lower talking about disturbing things let us bring up Tamera lose auto DC its own tam Rosato the hawks out her own children ruby Emerson and may lose auto ages 20 and almost 7 according to this email she sent to Washington DC's elite for their entertainment her mother also has a blog where you can spend time with these girls raw and uncut what could that possibly mean so she's doing this to our own children a match and what would happen to your children are your children actually safe under the watchful eye of those who govern us and as an aside I want these girls to come home I know everyone dies and maybe you should stop looking at what's in front of you and look below because underneath Washington DC is a complex system of tunnels and Dr 2 wires catacombs which dump out at Rock Creek park which would be an excellent and convenient way to smuggle children and also consider that there is a common denominator with these children are all about the same age with the exception of a few they all fit a physical profile and I would be willing to bet they were all contacted by predators online or at least some of them are and if that's the case why can't the CIA who has been spying on our phones it has infected or computers and phones with malware track these phones down see who they were talking to online if they had answered a craiglist ad were they had spoken to someone on Snapchat her Instagram where for it put the pieces together what else are our tax dollars going to to fund the CIA if they're spying on us why can't they use their methods of spying lotus actually benefit us it's just a question another question I would pose that I do not mean to be county or negative by this but this one is directed feminists do women only marks when it benefits their political agenda worry all too busy sewing Percy hats make a fuss about the missing girls I know in painting at all with the same brush sorry I can't help but be frustrated at the silence speaking of silence black lives matter we need to will you protest do these black lives not matter did you know there are currently 64000 black women missing in the United States according to Natalie Wilson of the black and missing foundation and I know this is a crazy outlier idea but human trafficking is not a partisan issue actions of those who kidnap abuse and murder children are not fueled by politics learn from the past the mainstream media is not your friend we can not solely rely on A. B. C. organizations and police and a lot of bad things go on in Washington DC so when mac I hope you all have a wonderful day I pray these children come home beyond just just spread the word on this it takes 15 seconds to share a video or an article or in the face of these children just do it //
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The Curious Case of Miley Cyrus: Is Something Sinister Going On?
\\Hey internet friends ever since Miley Cyrus emerge from her squeaky clean Hannah Montana packed and worked her way into a new phase of bizarre behavior including but not limited to her tongue constantly dangling from her mouth to a strange emphasis on pizza imagery to the sexualization of infants people have not stopped talking about her curious in drastic behavior her fans have come to our defense arguing it smileys body Miley's life she's an adult she can do what she wants while others whose children idolized him in Montana and still look to Miley as an influence today are worried about the message my listening to those glued to their TVS and computers absorbing celebrity culture like a sponge so have we witnessed a form of growing pains were are we witnessing something more sinister taking place something that was decided long ago as we come to the past and dissect the president maybe by the end of this video he'll be able to tell me you could say Miley Cyrus was born into greatness never having a chance at Monday at any she was born to country music star Billy ray Cyrus and tish Cyrus the film producer before their marriage tish got pregnant by a drummer Baxter Neal Hellsing in while married to Billy ray had a rumored affair with Bret Michael that's important to know because if we're going to consider the full spectrum of what was going on in the country music scene before Miley was born let us consider Cathy o'brien's testimony a one whose claim to be a former mind control right now allege that the country music industry provided a cover for mind control slaves like her to be taken around the country to distribute and deliver large quantities of CIA cocaine she states that Nashville Tennessee was the hub of carrying out these operations so is it possible tissue or Billy ray had some sort of knowledge or interaction with the MK ultra handlers did they know what was going on in Nashville side note Tisch has a pentagram tattoo on her shoulder and at one time on Twitter had a butterfly cupcake background and a keen affinity for butterfly symbolism which often represents monarch programming a mind control program of the CIA but the symbols alone mean absolutely nothing many more material to formulate a real argument so let's take a look at Billy's father Ronald ray Cyrus he served as a representative with Alan Greenspan the federal reserve board Greenspan is noted as being heavily responsible for the 2008 financial crisis what fat lip Federer's serve you say grand Papa Cyrus was a politician Daddy Cyrus had a quick 10 month rise to country star fame tish Cyrus has a rags to riches story and together they created one the most influential pop stars of our generation okay now we're getting our first real glimpse of Miley was with Disney's Hannah Montana starring a seemingly normal teenager Miley leading a double life as pop sensation Hannah Montana her father played by her real life dad Billy ray Cyrus is a successful country singer into really boil down the entire plot of the show here in Montana is all about Miley's double life league she goes through to keep it a secret in the consequences of the people close to her learning the truth could this fictional show really be paralleling Miley's real life her adoring fans receive one version of her well ignorant to what's going on behind the scenes well let's take a closer look in a GQ interview Billy ray Cyrus gave in 2011 he stated that his family was under attack by Satan not he was scared for Miley by Satan did he mean Disney Channel and by scared for his daughter did he mean her drastic transition from nice girl Hannah Montana to something else entirely did he know what was to come momentarily considered the drastic shift Miley Cyrus underwent and also consider the impact it left on her young followers this same followers who clap their bedrooms and Hannah Montana posters and toted Miley backpacks to school and dreamed of living extraordinary lives outside of their Monday in day to day just like mine has Miley been an effective public brainwashing tool if so for what purpose I would like to propose that in the beginning at least the decision to become a child superstar was not mine these or if it was she lacked the full spectrum of understanding as to the sacrifices she hops may think about it deeply young Miley would have wanted to work tirelessly on sat at Disney within the belly of the beast do you believe that as a child and a teenager she and her younger sister Noah called paparazzi is take photos of them invading seats at the beach do you believe Miley wanted to sing ballads to her dad packs on Saturday Night Live why do you think she has an I. tax you on her finger Furthermore why do you believe she and her friends made a disturbing video about Miley being drugged and someone stealing her brain why do you believe she starred in her music video called baby talk video blatantly sexual Ising infants and most importantly in regards to this behavior were seen do you believe it's a case of Miley can't stop as one of her songs suggests or is it that she won't stop which possibility is more disturbing leave your thoughts below I look forward to reading your comments and I hope you all have a wonderful day I //
"2017-03-21 16:57:48"
Are the Georgia Guidestone (Blood?) Stains Growing Larger?
\\Hey internet friends one of things I've been keeping track of for the last few months is the scenes on top of the Georgia guide stones but when you agree these stains look a lot like blood stains enact these are blood stains in there during ritual sacrifice on top of the stones why isn't the blood washing away with the train fall in fact why does this seem like the stains are growing larger and larger over time let's take a closer look shall we no 1 really knows who built these guide stones I mean there are some theories this granite monument erected in 1980 and Albert county Georgia this structure is one slap at the center with 4 other slaps arranged around it perched on top is a capstone which is reportedly astronomically align some folks called the Georgia guide stones the American Stonehenge carved into the stone are 10 commandments for a new age of reason which many associate with the commandments for a New World order one of the commandments is to maintain humanity under 500000000 in perpetual balance with nature referring to the population which is troubling because the world's population is much greater than 500000000 another troubling taping apparently there is a time capsule 6 feet under the guide stones what do you think it is and why has no one dug it up that seems like an open invite me anyway back to the states there's a drone video from 2015 showing the capstone from above the stains are not visible from the letter as you'll notice the red stain is reflective fast forward to 2017 stain is larger but dole in appearance in dripping more over the sites let's do a comparison so are these blood stains are they some other sort state night I was going through a couple different possibilities as to how the students got up there and you know a logical sense one thing that sticks out to me with this place seems to get vandalize pretty often so I don't know maybe someone keeps repeating the throng of pain balloon up there and it splatters everywhere but in the same place every time or or maybe a bird of prey is taking its donor up there and enjoying it or maybe they're sacrificing animals or people up there I don't know I don't I don't I don't claim to know the answers well let me know your thoughts in theories and I will talk to you all see my friends by //
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6 Surprising Facts about David Rockefeller
\\Hey internet friends billionaire banker and philanthropist David Rockefeller died today at the ripe old age of 101 in honor of his memories so that no one ever forgets about the Rockefeller legacy I found together 6 surprising facts about David Rockefeller let's get started number one the Rockefeller family is considered one of the most powerful families if not the most powerful family in the history of the United States they made their fortune in the oil business David's brother Nelson Rockefeller was the 30 first vice president of the United States serving under president Gerald Ford from 1974 to 1970 set other Rockefeller family members have served as governors and senators but David Rockefeller chose a different path which brings us to number 2 billionaire banker David Rockefeller of the chase National Bank won the world's most powerful financial institutions was one of the earliest advocates a building the World Trade Center in New York here he is on the cover of Newsweek magazine in 1960 7 just after the twin towers but ground to build his wrist watch is set to 911 number 3 in his memoir published in 2003 David Rockefeller said the conspiracy about one world order is true which is particularly interesting for him to say as he is one of the founding members of the mysterious Bilderberg group if you're aware of the New World order it refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government to establish a New World order the population must be controlled overpopulation is a problem for those who want to rule the world so deep population is key this starts with propaganda focused I'm destroying the traditional family it involves mass surveillance in mind control and weaponize in food water viruses vaccines just to name a few things throw eugenics in there too which brings us to number 4 David Rockefeller's father funded eugenics in 1930 millions of dollars from the Rockefeller Foundation funded racial science eugenics programs in the US and Germany let's fast forward in 1952 David Rockefeller compiled a report for president Eisenhower which concluded that arise in the birth rate in the poorer nations would create instability endanger US access to important resources through US funded projects by 197935 percent of women of childbearing age the U. S. colony of Porto Rico had been sterilized speaking of sex that brings us to number 5 number 5 Alfred Kinsey's research was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation through the national research council's committee for the research and problems of sax if you don't know who Alfred Kinsey years he is one of the most influential Americans of the twentieth century he conducted landmark studies at the male and female sexual behavior I helped usher in the sexual revolution of the 19 sixties 19 seventies which also involves systematic child sexual abuse mostly boys as young as 2 months old and the name of science Kinsey published his findings have orgasms in infants and children also in the name of science Kinsey created field that advocated for the normalization of sex between adults and children including infants in use as well sex with animals which brings us to our final fact our final David Rockefeller fact David Rockefeller die 101 years old on March 20 the day of the spring equinox which really means very little without contact a man from the most powerful family in the United States a man from a family who Patton the Zeca virus funded eugenics and funded a man who masturbated children for a living was rumored to have underwent multiple heart transplants allegedly 7 he died on the day of the spring equinox and day known for pagan sacrifice chew on that my friends and thank you so much for watching and subscribe please leave whatever Rockefeller facts you have down below so we can all continue to remember the impact his family has left on all of our lives //
"2017-03-18 22:51:19"
Jason Derulo - Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign) | Hidden Messages
\\he cannot friends before we get started on the studio let me preface this via icing my music video breakdowns are targeted at those who consume this type media young people young people children there all need deep in the swamp of pop culture but it does every clearance hand motion or symbol have a double meaning no of course not not only but it's always good to question the culture imagery and symbolism that you're being condition where employable way does this Jason drool video have a whole lot of symbolism I don't even know where to start y'all I suppose I could address the hand signs that keep popping up so frequently that they have to mean something or I guess I could focus on the fashion traces of our star here always clad in black and white for duality he's a good little Mason like the rest of the guys who released a music video this week and hack wall were added I guess I could address the Saturns Cuba mature your these classes that remind me of virtual reality conditioning or or perhaps I could touch on the fact that these women featured in the video seem to be activated for Saks as they're either shown asleep or they're showing us how babies may or I guess I could be a real net picky and say that you're supposed to disclose in the video description of your video it's hash tags sponsored but I don't want to discuss any of that not not in this studio in this video I want to talk about something in that is my captivated and Whitney parallels between Jason Derulo's smaller video in Katy Perry's dark course music throughout this wall of video women are the object of desire in their constantly shown with phallic imagery in the shape or form of junk food so we have lollipops we have Twinkies and we have little candy burns okay and that's not a particularly unique concept but what does stand out is this tattoo of the eye of chorus on this dancers rib or breast enhance I guess there is that I have choruses also known as the all seeing eye it's an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power in good health worse was a falcon headed son got in some say that I've chorus represents parts of the brain used to manifest the consciousness also known as the third eye you or your pie Neil Cleveland which is a bit new AG and it said to be a center of spirituality and of spiritual insight which can be developed in a person why do we keep seeing as I've chorus in these music videos said to be Illuminati symbolism but what does it really mean and if these people were really ... and they called and also into sort of weird stuff why with a showcase that sort of thing are they backing are they trying to tell you what's going on behind the scenes you tell me that I have horse appearing in these music videos is a salute changing Egypt perhaps the most overt salute to ancient Egypt we've seen recently in a music video has been Katy Perry's dark corners in which the I have horses prominently featured alongside junk food in the same junk food in the same my as the swell of video but in the dark horse video a figure offers Katy Perry Hachiko which kinda looks like warm repair site which she then accepts and swallows it even though it causes her pain the result issues granted powers in material things that I have horse imagery never leaving the screen which might suggest that the parasite she accepted activated her third eye or Piney Oakley it's almost like Katie Perry was given power and diamonds in exchange for handing over that control if follow so if we go back to swallow video heavy in may sonic gestures and odes to freemasonry what has Jacinda Rouault received in exchange for has a leader warm bodies for the sole purpose of sax English drink power what parasite did he swallow a pun intended una is just a theory I'm not preaching gospel over here so let me know what you think and thank you all so much for watching and since by //
"2017-03-18 13:34:39"
Aleister Crowley, the Wickedest Man in the World | Explained in 5 Minutes
\\do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law is an ethical code that has seeped into our culture infiltrating Hollywood circles and spanning to the highest years of our power structure it's known as the law Philemon found in the writings of Alistair crudely in while some have labeled Croly the wickedest man in the world others have affectionately dubbed him the most notorious of cold magician of the twentieth century so who was cruelly and does he really deserve the title of the wickedest man in the world or was he just a spoiled rich pervert with nothing else to do well hopefully at the end of this 5 minute video will be able to tell me Alastair Crowley is real name is Edward Alexander Croly any group in England with evangelical Christian parents even attending a Christian boarding school growing up parolees life did a 180 when his father died of cancer his father's death marks the start of Carly's dysfunction accented by growing hatred of his mother in the church which spiraled into destructive behavior drug abuse and an obsession with sacks from the diaries of Alastair Crowley hero called this period of his life and his resentment of the church's this I wanted sent a supreme spiritual send but had the slightest idea how to go about it so cruelly separated himself from west high star publishing his erotic in lieu poetry like Cambridge documenting his rapidly growing obsession with promiscuity their Cambridge his interest in magic secret societies in the cold ignited and thus his desire to become a black magician manifested which became the driving force propelling him throughout the rest of his life the golden dawn a secret society of literary and other notable figures wasn't enough for Croly he craved a darker variety of magic and practicing dangerous rituals with the risks of setting loose evil spirits sort of satiated his hunger but he wanted more more send more power at whatever cost Crowley join covens but never stayed in ditches lack of respect for the practice as of the coven as well as his homosexual inclination he also became a high ranking free me holding membership at several lodges engaging several Macy Hunnic degrees on his honeymoon Croly and his wife visited Egypt his wife was said to have encountered a deity or a spirit or a demand on their honeymoon during a ritual 8 when Crowley prompted her to reveal what spirit she encountered she showed him an exhibit at a museum in Cairo the exhibits number 666 the number of the beast in the book of revelation and despite his well publisher documented gobbling or really summers and Anthea colt he was hired by British intelligence as an agent he even played a major role the plot to overthrow the government of spammy crow police use of drugs is no where not only his self medicating but also his drugging of others unbeknownst to them he would invite individual over for dinner drugs and can document their behavior Crawley's role in World War 2 involve propaganda he became the editor of a pro German magazine called the fatherly pitch ideas to help the allies and dropped a cold pamphlets to the German countryside which painted the German leadership a satanic tossed his prowess in propaganda might explain why is practices and teachings are still in vogue today an emphasis of curly's teachings is sex magic which is really part of a formula and rituals that make use of sax itself as an intercalated crow only identified sex is the most powerful force in life in the Supreme source of magical power now that we have all the facts laid out let us discuss some of the theories surrounding crony and his impact on the world curly was recognized by the BBC as the 70 third greatest brit Nepal time perhaps one of the most intriguing theory surrounding crony is a theory that he is Barbara bush's father making him George W. bush's credit meaning that Barbara bush was a product of sex magic and occult blood exists without our United States presidents another theory as Alastair cronies connection to the founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard and beyond that Nathan Crowley and admitted cousin of Alistair was the set designer for dark knight rises which featured the names sandy hook and the film before the event even took place so was Alastair Crowley over high heat are we giving him too much credit was he really the wickedest man in the world despite his depravity despite whatever he dabbled and despite his practices he was still in the inner circle and they accepted him with open arms kinda like they did today let me know your thoughts below I hope you all have a wonderful day thank you so much for watching it's great we rode the when you once had a match miscarriage you show them the fetus in the drug are now really into churches before ... but I'll get a letter in a jar want //
"2017-03-10 20:27:09"
The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk | Hidden Messages Revealed
\\Hey internet friends I want to preface this video by saying that I do these music video breakdowns to reach out to the younger generation that the music videos themselves targets so does every glee acts him Moshe nurse tumble have a double meaning now not all ways but it is always good to question what you're told the imagery you're being condition where in the culture that's being force fed to you on a platter so with that let's get started to fully understand the meaning of the weekends I feel it coming video we must consider his previous videos detail his journey to stardom or more specifically his rise to stardom given the context of the week in struggle with drug abuse many believe has can't feel my face song is about his addiction in the video we see the week in performing in front of it just interested audience but suddenly a strange androgynous figure enters the room lights a cigarette and tosses his lighter at the weekend after someone throws a drink on sending him a flame in with his magic touch gave the weekend the boost he needed in the Max video the hills we see the weekend emerging from a bloody car accident he's on the same clothing is the previous video so we can assume this is a continuation of the story he's accompanied by 2 women who striking holler at him as he slinks through an upscale neighborhood and up the stairs to her room illuminated in rat occupied by none other than the figure from the previous video offering the weekend to replacement women for his pleasure moving right along in the tell your friends music video the opening scene is a burning bush which biblically represents the presence of god next year is the weekend clad in the same attire as the 2 previous videos Darren himself out in the desert curiously the weekends real name is Abel remember the story of Cain and Abel from the Old Testament those brothers you know Cain killed Abel this this ring about the burning bush representing god's presence is an interesting touch to because the only figure out there in the desert is the same person from the 2 previous videos androgynous figure the weekend shoots this person I seem killing them so in this video he's killed both himself and the person who gave him his rise to stardom in the next music video starboard a it's once again feature in the weekend killing himself this time he's brandishing a cross around his neck and into the hallway there's a red cross he takes it off the wall and destroys all of its accomplishments and luxuries with the cross killing yourself multiple times in videos must mean something right whether it means you're constantly reinventing yourself or your having to sacrifice parts of your soul in order to rise to your full stardom I don't know but it could has to mean something right he is walking out to his garage there's a cat next him the cat hops in his his nice car and they drive off into the darkness in the cap transforms into chapter this is where it gets interesting it's interesting because I seem a panther has replaced the figure or influence from the previous videos curiously the Panthers featured with daft punk a beyond who likes to disguise themselves but not their Illuminati symbolism so finally we arrive at the I feel it coming music video a creative and collaborative effort with daft punk what exactly does the we can feel coming we're seeing a creative representation of his literal rise and fall throughout his career orchestrated over just like a couple of music videos our first look at the videos what appears to be goddesses erected in stone on a far away planet next we have the weekend who finally changes wardrobe and in this video he's channeling Michael Jackson very clearly in both his fashion choice in his damn around the weekend is a solar system moon phases and solar worship is central to those who practice pagan religions generally an eclipse brings a goddess like figure into fruition in this video but nothing lasts forever with another eclipse she turns to stone in crumbles a serpent slithers from her body but she's not the only one crumbling soon the weekend realizes he's about to share the same fate in a last desperate attempt he reaches out for the serpent now the stupid obviously has biblical implications so can you guess what he's actually reaching out to help for well maybe not what but who time passes snow falls and daft punk appear scrubbing snow away to reveal the mystery that remains there or rather a force that remains there which I seem is the devil kind of funny in a sad sort of prophetic way the mask faces unchanged by time seeking out the same influence to continue on even after the false idols they've erected have phone do you see what I see let me know in the comments below and thank you all so much for watching we'll talk to you all soon I //
"2017-03-09 17:08:32"
Congressman Responds to Pedogate
\\Hey internet friends last night my friend called up his congressman congressman bill Posey during his telephone town hall guess we asked about my friend asked about pedal gay congressman Posey said he had heard of panicky but claimed there was no hard evidence to convince him of such he said he hoped it was not true and that local authorities were investigating potter gay meaning local DC authorities he promptly cut the lines to my friend cast no further questions I don't know about you but to me this is a very dismissive and troubling response of course if you've been paying attention you know that the D. CPD never did an investigation and here we have an armed DC police chief Peter knew sham standing in solidarity with comet ping pong from congressman Posies response we can assume 2 things 2 possibilities maybe he just scratch the surface it he doesn't know the depth of the investigation so is ignorant he's answering a question out of ignorance and he's hopeful that someone else will take care of it and then we have the other possibility the other possibility is that he is lying how are you congressman in you don't know what's going on within our own government head okay is not tin foil Harry let me list a couple of government sex scandals that are pretty recent in 2011 former U. S. representative Anthony Weiner sent explicit messages via his Twitter account to a young female follower former speaker of the house Dennis Hastert admitted to sexual abuse of a teenage boy when Hastert was still a suburban high school teacher and wrestling coach he since come out against his other victims because he paid them hush money and they've spoken out against in 5000002000 aired Jeffrey Eckstine friend to the global elite he was accused of recruiting dozens of underage girls into a sex slave network this took place at his mansion in Florida and also took place on a private island known as orgy island if I had to guess what the true function of apps dean island is it's a place where they take high ranking officials to go appears children in they blackmail them doing so Eckstine island is probably a function of the Masada operation but I digress if you wanna go global let's look at Sir Edward Heath let's look at Jimmy Savile let's look at operation darkroom in Norway let's look at the man of examples we have to pull from that give validity to these accusations were putting forth with peta gate making the scandal at hand certainly worthy of investigation congressman Posey doesn't strike me as a spring check it he's been around for awhile does he travel with a blindfold to Washington DC so he can shield his eyes from all that's happening around him has he no memory of the past in no want or desire to stop it from happening in the future it doesn't matter if congressman Posies response was rooted in ignorance were and deception what matters is people like this with do nothing attitudes who would rather shut their eyes then open them to reality are the people in charge so assuming congressman Posey is speaking out of ignorance he needs to understand something he can either cover up for the government or he can help the people there is no middle ground let me know your thoughts and I hope you all have a wonderful day bye //
"2017-03-07 17:50:20"
Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed | Wikileaks
\\Hey internet friends today wikileaks released some information on vault 7 again they've titled it faults 7 CIA hacking tools revealed here's what wikileaks has to say about vault 7 today Tuesday 3/7/2017 wikileaks begins its new series of leaks on the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency codename vault 7 by wikileaks it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency the first part of this series 00 comprises of 8700 61 documents and files from an isolated high security network situated inside the CIA center for cyber intelligence in Langley Virginia so why release this information on vault 7 now and what are we even seeing here here's what wikileaks as are the highlights CIA malware targets iPhone android and smart TV so they see hanging how's sophisticated surveillance techniques that we are George Orwell's 1984 then extends from the smart phones to Samsung smart TV's to the malware infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks it looks like the purpose of such control is not specified but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations food and they have various techniques to permit the CI a to bypass the encryption of whatsapp signal telegram we BO we buy a boat confide in cloak men by hacking the smart phones before in Christian is applied so the CIA and is hoarding these minor abilities in this knowledge for their own benefit so they can have these devices even though they're aware of the vulnerabilities leaking leaks as cyber where programs are a serious proliferation risk cyber weapons are not possible to keep under effective control cyber weapons are in fact just computer programs which can be pirated like any other once a single cyber weapon is loose it can spread around the world in seconds to be used by pure states cyber mafia in teenage hackers alike in our time the internet truly has the final frontier it's like the wild west moving right along the US consulate in Frankfort is a covert CI a hacker base seems like information you don't want out wikileaks breaks down the CIA programs but I'm gonna leave you to explore on your own and do your own research though I do have one thing to say about wikileaks one must question why wikileaks releases information at that time you in my mind keeps going back to that series of tweets back wikileaks released back in October I believe and that they were a series of cryptic tweets so I'm not sure that we're being told everything we need to know here what's going on with those pre commitment tweaks what's going on with the leveraging of material I'm not trying to discredit what they've put out I would just say that when we get these little nuggets of information always good to question why we get and with that I leave you to do your own research your own exploring the find anything interesting or if I find anything interesting be sure to share all sugar and I will talk to you all later my friends have a wonderful day //
"2017-03-03 17:46:25"
Rh Negative Blood Mystery | Explained in 5 Minutes
\\Hey internet friends to remember my video I did on doctor DC him and screen bombs please in about a week in the lecture he gave was over multiple personality disorder his patients with multiple personality disorder dissociative identity America action to satanic ritual abuse and mind control now in this lecture he gave he connected his patience too well he repeated reference to certain bloodline that the programmers went after yeah this bloodline some people have expected they've speculated it's the R. each negative blood type yeah you know a lot of people who are in power a lot of our presidents frailty they all have this are each negative blood types of it implications and I'm not stating that it's it's a theory the implications are that from doctor DC human speech we can infer or speculate that the programmers on these military bases are going after abducting children and concentrating on certain blood lines that have this are each negative what type and thus building an army of Manchurian candidates I know that sounds crazy but often the truth is stranger than fiction so in 5 minutes or less I'm going to explain to you the mystery surrounding that aren't showing up what blood type let's get first off I want to give a shout out to the outer dark who's the first person I know because he made the connection between the green thumbs an army snack so check out his video listed in the description now let's get the science he talked out of the way we know that everyone's blood falls into 4 major types a B. a B. R. O. either positive or negative when we talk about our age factor are each stands for recess for the rhesus monkey which the antigen was first observed it's a type of protein on the surface of the red blood cells so if you have the are each factor you're our age positive if you lack the R. H. factor you are each night the scientific explanation for other kinds of our each negative is that it's a mutation that occurred over time it's important to note that while in animals in most humans are arch positive between 10 and 15 percent of the population it's our it's negative with Europeans holding the highest percentage for example the largest concentration of our each negative individuals lies and passed a mountainous region between Spain and France ask also has language unrelated to any other in Europe curious right question didn't do you believe we evolved from monkeys only view day after that in the comments line we have on the real mystery which is written in the origin of our age negative blood there's little research on how are each native blood came about almost like a blackout of information which is kinda weird sense that treats observed in the majority of our each night of individuals are pretty darned intriguing include but are not limited to an exterminator vertebrae lower body temperature higher IQ a sensitivity to heat or sunlight some site psychic abilities and in general they are more prone to mental illness most are physically distinct with lighter hair or reddish tint their hair and light piercing I in pregnancy is a whole nother issue are each negative blood in a pregnant woman can fatally poisoned a fetus that has positive blood causing miscarriages are complications with pregnancy aside from scientific explanation there are several theories surrounding the origin of our H. negative blood whispers of not flown in fallen angels and aliens influence continually seep into discussion even exciting Adolf Hitler's rumored interaction with alien life could these are ace negative individual speedy actual area and rings Hitler was so obsessed over well some folks believe aliens are just fallen angels could the Bible provide the answers were looking for after all the Bible does function like a family tree enough I'm also known as fallen angels are giants were the offspring of sexual relationships between the sons of god and the daughters of men mentioned first in genesis chapter 6 verses one through 4 Q. recall Noah's ark the great flood biblical scholars say that the nafta on where the primary reason for the great flood and then the flood happened but after the flood there still mention enough women the Bible possible that traces of next one blood existed in our in access stars and been passed down through generations and now we have it's called our each negative blood type I guess it's possible it's all very interesting and I'm not here to share my opinion but I don't want ply that being are each negative makes you superior to someone who is our age positive anyway I'll leave you with some questions do you believe it's possible our species has been genetically altered have you ever wondered why past kings and queens believed in the divine right to rule have you ever wondered why many of those in power even it with American presidents half the R. H. negative factor known that while he mentioned this I would not have made this video if I had not stumbled on to this little nugget ganic fees are each negative registry sites where they want you to register yourself and your children in context with the green mom speech where doctor him and mentions that they are seeking out a certain plotline for brainwashing in programming on these military bases seen this sort of thing gives me he be cheap not saying that every child red shirt on here's gonna get kidnapped or anything sinister is going on with these website or groups but it is something to consider thank you all so much for watching in subscribing and I will talk to you soon but I //
"2017-02-25 16:26:30"
BuzzFeed Calls for Censorship
\\Hey internet friends last night buzzfeed news weeded out about pizza gay between it out best video in midweek sad you too has become the content engine of the internet's dark side I wish I could play the video for you here Bethel slapped me with copyright so I have to summarize it for you in this video senior technology reporter don't have burned steam goes on a rant about pizza gate fate news in conspiracy theorists on you too he uses Pizza gay at the foundation of his argument back YouTube conspiracy theorists should be censored there's some purposefully deceptive editing in this video where my friend Titus frost I'm pretty sure it's his waist is talking about Pete the gate and then it goes on to Alex Jones talking about Hillary Clinton in that a clip about Holocaust denial plays may want to paint anyone questioning the propaganda being fed to us as a conspiracy theorist inside note on the skill from Hitler did nothing wrong to you never question the Holocaust I fall somewhere in the middle no topic should be off limits for questioning when it becomes off limits for questioning that's a huge red flag after all didn't Auschwitz changed its numbers rather recently I digress I am fired up about this because this is such a clear push for censorship it's a direct attack on our freedom of speech I mean it is but speed the only YouTube outlet who can talk about conspiracy theories and monetize it is the only okay when they do it in trickle out half truths how come they're not being targeted for putting out harmful content all of their content is engineered to program the young people watching it look at all these posts about pornography and gender cross dressing how did they ever find time to make a video about pizza gay if we take a step back what are these videos really intended to do pornography are if you're watching pornography on the regular are you really going out to search for me and repopulate the earth juxtaposed to heterosexual couples are gay couples more or less likely to have children Gee I wonder are fat obese people of more or less likely than average Chinese people to die of some kind of health dis order whether it be diabetes or heart disease and not live out the average lifespan you know where I'm going with this but all that being said I believe it is buzzfeed's right to publish these videos and all this crap because I'm not gonna mess with their freedom of speech the same way I think it is well we are well within our rights to talk about certain theories certain coincidences in question history because that is alright we are supposed to be living in a free country where the freedom of speech is upheld and not censored I feel like I'm living in some kind of alternate reality but let me tell you this more people are going to wake up to what buzzfeed is doing they're going to stop watching this stupid news outlet which can you even call it news at this point this stupid propaganda outlet in I hope in a not too distant future that buzzfeed will run out of this money for their propaganda have to close down shop Phil demolish the stupid headquarters in maybe the ... and I hope they put a chick fillet there in its place maybe hobby lobby either way but anyway let me know sites in thank you all so much for watching I //
"2017-02-25 00:16:21"
Operation Paperclip & Its Consequences | Explained in 5 Minutes
\\Hey internet friends to fully understand the Franklin scandal the disappearance of Johnny Cash the finders called MK ultra imperil gate which is happening now we've got a travel back the past it along her bumpy journey back we've got to stop at a post World War 2 United States so in 5 minutes or less I'm going to explain to you operation paperclip its relationship to the CIA in the national security act of 1947 so let's get started Nazis fascination with the occult has no matter the Pergamon altar also known as the sea of Satan depicts a battle between not Fulham an Olympian gods the pantomimes original home was an ancient Greek city of perk of mine in Asia minor a German engineer began excavating the ruins in the late 18 the new program on museum opened a Berlin in 1930 Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany and 33 inhalers architect design Nurnberg grandstand after the Pergamon that's where Hitler held as Nazi rallies and ceremony so let's fast forward after World War 2 ended the US military rounded up Nazi scientists and brought them to America under project signed by president Truman in 1946 also known as operation paperclip the objective was to snatch up a scientist before Russians had a chance to you denying the Nazi expertise to the Soviets so the United States could have imagined during the Cold War over 1500 not teasing almost 4000 family members were brought me and among them were top notch who had done horrible acts though there have been after to whitewash the list of Nazi came over here downplaying their role in World War some view operation paperclip as Zionists rewarding their puppets after World War 2 since scientists funded both the axis and allies in an effort to establish the United Nations and secure Israel among other goals as a result Nazis were injected into banking industry in aerospace in the United States for example the Nazi rocket scientists Wernher von Braun initiated the US space program curious pictured with JFK curiously enough around the same time operation paperclip was initiated the national security act of 1947 was signed giving way to the Central Intelligence Agency also known as the CIA one could say that operation paperclip and the CIA were created within the same thought one of the CIA's programs was project MK ultra which is sometimes referred to as the CIA's mind control program this too is not a myth it is a fact the freedom of information act revealed that beginning in 1950 the US government started using unwilling civilians as their test subjects utilizing practices like hypnosis sensory deprivation isolation drugs to verbal and sexual abuse as well as various forms of torture though they admitted goals of MK ultra were to develop torture and interrogation methods some historians believe that the project aimed to create an army of Manchurian candidates program to perform all sorts of sordid axe assassinations child abuse snuff films rituals in covert operations doctor GC Hammond's cream bomb speech supports this assertion stating that amongst his and other clinicians patients of those who have experienced abuse the majority cited a doctor green performing the mind control practice who could this doctor green P. perhaps another Nazi doctor who documented trauma based mind control at the Nazi concentration camps the same doctor who traveled to South America after World War 2 and was said to have multiple clinics the question is did doctor mingle our lead to South America woozy brought over like that other Nazis by the US government did his research service basis for MK ultra in finally where the Nuremberg trials simply theater being played out on the global stage did the Nazis actually lose World War 2 or did they just become the secret government of the United States there are so many unanswered questions but the answers are out there if you're willing to dig deep enough and keep your eyes open please let me know your answers below and thank you all so much for watching in subscribing gather around me while I sing you a banner fun prom a man whose only chance is a ruin it by expedience non Hammond he won't not say should not say says van are fun but Sloane 6 foot long term rates beyond charts then we had lots and the this //
"2017-02-22 22:41:20"
Lynn Rothschild Calls Podesta a Loser on Twitter: Real or Fake?
\\he internet friends I want to share with you something that gave me pause Lynn Rothschild tweeted this asshole earlier and it says she tweets at at John Podesta this is put that Hillary Clinton lost because you and Erica out of touch campaign you have destroyed a great family and are a loser now she's referencing this link of John Podesta doing it interview on Russia fake news the election and pizza gate in this interview John Podesta squirms the entire time while he addresses pizza gate and James Elefante as he blames everything on Russia a about the leaked emails about wikileaks working with Russia to release his emails even though this dude how his password as password doesn't take our Russian how to hack that it also doesn't take the Russian hacker to do anything any country in the entire world also this whole hacking thing it's not exclusive to Russia you know that right I average 14 year old could hack into your computer if you send a USB drive to someone at a government official Cindy to their family innocent to their wife or their children you know and 9 times out of 10 not plug that baby up to their computer in boom you've got access I'm sure that was an over generalization but I digress the fact of the matter is John Podesta doesn't take responsibility for anything that happened during the if he also doesn't deny any allegations of Paris Celia molestation or spirit cooking destiny has literally been accused of eating murdering molesting children not in that order and he doesn't deny anything he calls it fake news but what part is fake that he didn't eat the children he just molested and murdered them which part is fake I don't understand if you were accused of this sort of thing if you are accused of the most awful thing ever molesting children would you be skirting around the issue and not denying it if you were innocent now you'd be standing in traffic on a street corner with one of those counting shalt not your lungs about your innocence I want to know your thoughts on what I know I am open to entertaining the idea that this is just a distraction that she's just tweeting this out or that he is just going to take the fall for everything he's going to be their farming and they're going to blame it all on him even though it does not begin or end with John Podesta pizza gate Perrier now it is injected into all of Washington C. N. beyond probably to the Vatican so I know this video is scattered but what do you think I want to know and I will talk to you all see my friends by //
"2017-02-22 20:51:05"
Katy Perry "Chained to the Rhythm" | New World Order Exposed?
\\Hey internet friends few it'll mean year ago I'd be sitting here in front of the camera about to dissect the Katy Perry music video for symbolism of the agreement IBM occult for ID that I would have told you were crazy because those videos that pop up anytime an artist releases a music video that are like Illuminati exposed and women idea puppet exposed always thought they were such a waste of time until now if you consider the immense influence celebrities have her culture one might assume that the product they put out are meant to be influential as well let's consider Katy Perry music video it amasses hundreds of millions of years potentially in the target demographic is children and young people now let's look at Katy Perry over the last year she's injected herself into politics in racially charged movements what's the motivation for the motivation be found within the symbolism hidden in plain sight in these music videos let's see if chained to the rhythm can give us an eclipse the first shot of this music video is a wide shot of the theme park and at the center of the theme park which fear looks very planetary looks very similar to me doesn't you we have 3 pillars which could be interpreted as masing ana pillars but the number 3 is really important this video in the next shot we see the name of the theme park which some Bolivia into be oblivious means to not be aware or not be concerned about what is happening around yourself everyone looks like they're in the Jetsons in this music video the style is somewhere between 19 fifties and futuristic attire Katy Perry seen here internet theme park with the same kind of enchantment and awe that everyone else has on their faces again we see the 3 pillars about the name of Bolivia and she enters the park we see these people taking selfie except I don't know if you've ever been out with your friends and they've been too busy documenting your outing on social media to actually engage with them but the house to me all the time with this just like my generation we document our lives on social media to project this state of I don't know what this fault state of being that I just simply do not exist in this perfection this it's an illusion in this music video we see Katy Perry engage with 3 different rights the first ride is called the great American dream drop it is both the rise in the fall of the American dream that's being portrayed quite literally Katy Perry bends over smells the roses in gets picked by the one that's disengaging her from a Bolivia for such a happy upbeat song the lyrics are quite dark and the American dream is at the center of the interpretation the American dream as romanticized notion but the reality is prickly next we see Katy Perry on the second rank she engages with and it's called left me they go through a tunnel of a mo Jeez and they get derailed at 1.8 and at the very end we see the snapshot at the pair and it's called Love Me at validation station we oftentimes validate our relationships or ourselves online walkie Peery is on Love Me from the coaster we see shots and these people who all seem so mindless and synchronized waiting on a ride these rights range from people getting catapulted into the high gets up Libya and Iran seeing no landing so it's almost like they're lining up for their own demise for their own deaths but the wait time on this is 1980 4:00 hours could this number for to George Orwell's novel 1984 which is an illustration of what the world would be like without the freedom to think it's ... wanting to mankind to go with my point of the number 3 being significant to this video it's also significant and George Orwell's 1984 in the dystopian future represented in 1984 there's a divided world divided up into 3 states under totalitarian rule in the survival of the 3 states is based upon 3 things the first one being to subdue citizens to mindless mass for big brothers control 2 constant war fueled by hatred against the enemy amongst the citizens of that state in 30 with state switch alliances so that the 2 states don't body up against the third state which is about the world order 1984 in some ways mirrors the New World order of today which some suspect that Kim pairings apartment here we have the greatest right in the universe which people are lining up to you it's a hamster wheel which is a metaphor cancer will in some ways is interchangeable with the American dream if you see the hamster wheel is a metaphor for what many of us think if in it with we do market will have more so we can be more that in itself is the American dream if you try hard enough you'll get there you'll succeed but just because you run faster just because you run in the same direction doesn't mean you're going to end up somewhere else oftentimes you end up in the same spot because you're not putting your energy toward something meaningful we've seen this bombs away which I would assume it's represent if war in then we see the soldiers who picked Katy Perry up and take her over to you inferno H. 2 O. click this becoming Terry on the words were fighting in the Middle East which are about oil there drinking the liquid that comes out of the palm which Catholics like water Eiichiro inferno could that be an emphasis on the chemicals that are in our water that we know are in our water finally we have everyone sitting down for the programming which is very much indicative of 1984 George Orwell's 1984 you'll even see a dial on the television set which is in front of everybody that says BBC that George Orwell used to work for the BBC he works in propaganda do you think it's any coincidence they call it TV programming everyone puts on their classes in they sit there mindlessly while Katy Perry takes off her glasses and sees others cannot which creates a kind of chaotic finale where everyone ounces synchronized and Katy Perry is not she gets on the hamster wheel starts running and then stops Katy Perry hasn't figured out she stopped running on the steep hints here we are in New World order Illuminati the shadow government whatever you wanna call it this is a mockery of society this video as they've created a program society that is both narcissistic and mindless at the same time and they're making fun of it with this video so Illuminati exposed thank you so much for watching Ian subscribing in I will talk to you all soon by //
"2017-02-19 18:14:24"
Don Lemon Snaps Over Fake News, Storms Off Camera
\\Hey internet friends I wanted to share with you something that gave me quite a chuckle yesterday in maybe you'll find it equally amusing just to give you some context before we watch this clip together I 1 and 3 eighths to you CNN host don lemon abruptly into this show Friday night after a commentator continue to call story they were discussing fake news while defending president trump Limon was moderating a discussion on the cost of trump's visits to Morrow Lago in Florida when Paris Denard a political analyst and commentator who formerly served in the George W. bush administration fake news Paris what's your where you think I suspect is this is this is not it is not a new story not only what about us Baker the president is not breaking any laws and he's not doing anything to have okay parents hold on the dance it as the US you out of it you know I'm a let you finish on that you finished you actually know the definition of big news is what we're doing right now no okay because then I heard you was horrid the fake news because you on that front and I part that no fake no no when I hang on I'll be displayed myrtle out there watching you with big news is fake news is when you put out a story too intensely deceive someone and you know that it is wrong I don't know of anyone who has put out a story in them that mainstream media that I can think of right now to that to intentionally deceive anyone now people get things wrong but no one that I know is put out anything too intensely deceive someone I'm gonna skip ahead to so we can get to the point where don lemon does but don lemon does best if you don't want to participate in the news stories on this network men don't come on to participate but don't call them fake because you don't agree with them go on don this is a fake news story in my opinion because that Clinton I think I'm very much everyone thinks everyone thinks watching have agreed we can unite all I'm not here to defend Donald Trump and his spending habits I'm not here to vilify CNN I'm just here one could say for the walls I think it's so hilarious that mainstream media was the one to queen this fake news turn and now they want everyone to stop said I mean after don lemon goes on this rant about what fake news as he defines it and then he claims no one he knows actually propagates are perpetuates fake means in Paris this just over here trying to explain his point as to why he believed the story to be fake news but don lemon can handle it he cannot handle any person or argument that challenges the narrative he is perpetuating those are my thoughts let me know your thoughts if you laughed at this or what you thought about and I hope you all have a wonderful day bye //
"2017-02-14 17:58:43"
3 Possible Goals of Hillary Clinton's Pizza/Michael Flynn Tweet
\\he and I friends my Flynn resigned and play Clinton tweeted about pizza gate we're is not so yesterday work problem this morning at 12:41 AM her Clinton tweeted out her retweeted her former political adviser Philippe Reines history about my plan where he references commenting pong and pizza gate dear my plan and my plan junior what goes around comics around in giving your pizza he gives our domino's pizza application with on my application so comment it is clearly a reference to comment being Kong Pizza Hut pizza gay putting together maybe we've got a reference right here so Hillary Clinton retweeted Foley so organic so so quirky so not clear and in all and she said beliefs got his own way of saying things but he has a point about the real consequences of sake neumes now I find this very very interesting given that it really is fanning the flames of pizza in the conspiracy but who cares I have we have only you are the Clinton crime syndicate in you can flex your muscles of corruption live on Twitter like in real time for people to see so let me go through what I think some of the goals of the street could be and please let me know your thoughts below so I think we'll also would most unlikely to most likely something I have 10 minutes just got 3 so the first one is that PCA is actually fake news it is actually just total crap in there are consequences to spreading fake news let's take you literally what's not inferring thing maybe that's just what she means okay okay let's move on to the second possibility which is that Hillary Clinton is bragging or her team it's bragging about being powerful just because she did when president of the United States doesn't mean she's without power honey they're still a shadow government employee here began flexing the muscles of corruption hidden in plain sight for all to see okay so no third possibility is that this is a warning to anyone who dare speak out eons try to lump the Clintons in their administration in with any scandal look what happens I think it's probably a combination of the second and third possibility when you take out the phrase consequences of fake news which we've heard paddled by every mainstream media organization throughout I don't know the last 34 months consequences consequences being that Mike Flynn had to resign they found something to get him for so let me know what you think the goal of the street was it fair unfair flames of those rumors room in our and it also my dad picked the interests of those who were otherwise not going to look into Pete's the gate //
"2017-02-09 22:47:33"
RE: No Pedophile Ring on YouTube
\\you know not friends earlier this week former employer of Jimmy Savile the BBC covered the U. to pen a file ring on their website Iran they interviewed me for the article even attempted to discredit me based on my low subscriber count in the fact that I cover pizza gate on my channel so that automatically picks me as a conspiracy theorists even though I consider myself a coincidence theorists but I digress I would like to address all the reporters who would like a follow up statement of been trying to contact me have me their publications or the radio shows I don't trust any of you I don't even I'm not going to trust you again until you pull a Ben Swann and do your job and have some actual integrity so with that I would like to respond to the BBC and it's not going to be a response based in conjecture or opinion or ignorance like the BBC's what's to me so with that I wanted to first say that in my video of the year 2 parafoil ring in my interview I said there's a paedophile ring on you too I did not say there's a child pornography ring on you too get a dictionary they're different different meanings okay so let's move on Jimmy Savile was a children's entertainer he hosted a children's program on the BBC and he had close ties to Margaret Thatcher he was knighted by the queen he out all these ties in government and guess what he abused children he also had a fascination with the dead he visited morgues in there are rumors that he was a necrophiliac Jimmy Savile died a free man he was never tried for his crimes they never came out until after his death the filth that also emerged after his death was that the BBC had known about it unknown about his behavior and covered up for him here's an article that says former BBC boss mark Thompson lie it over saddles evidence you wanna take a wild guess where mark Thompson works now he's the CEO of the New York times Dame Janet Smith report into Jimmy Savile peta file case concluded that BBC bosses must have been aware of saddles activities when he sexually assaulted numerous young girls some as young as 10 years old loss he was presenting the BBC's top of the tops program a report on what Savile got up to in the UK Channel Islands said that children there were raped and tortured in the most horrible ways dungeons on the premises containing bones have been discovered children were rarely treated to boat trips we're rich and influential people would rape them another BBC employee TV presenter Stuart hall was also found guilty of sexually molesting children after veteran BBC entertainer Rolf Harris was convicted of 12 counts of indecent assault in 2014 the B. B. C. rejected calls from child protective groups for an inquiry claiming the convictions do not relate to the BBC while the BBC seems to be the the common denominator here fact Jimmy Savile was a monster fact Jimmy Savile abused children fact BBC cupboard for Jimmy Savile fact Jimmy Savile was knighted by the queen fact BBC has had a history of scandals regarding child abuse and sexual abuse fact the same journalist who interviewed me publish this article few weeks prior to publishing an article about the Hutu peta file bring the article is titled solutions that can stop big news from spreading fact on his Twitter account right now he has all of these instances where he's making fun of pizza gate and fake news fact I gave him a quote on pizza gate and how connected you to peta file rain fact he did not included let me read it for you right now when I referred to pizza gay in my video what I really meant was pad okay as the situation with peta feeling and society extends far beyond a pizza shop many individuals are waking to the reality that's been hiding in plain sight in regards to the web cam from videos majority were uploaded years ago yet the issue is being addressed now the pizza gate scandal deal with allegations of corruption within the US government many trust their government to work for the people in their best interests we expect powerful companies like Google to adhere to an ethical standard in not cash in on videos of innocent children however through the awakening that began decades ago with the Franklin coverup reaching every corner of the earth with Jimmy Savile in the UK in operation dark Freeman Norway and now through the protests to emails ordinary people are beginning to realize that predators have injected themselves into our power structure into every facet of it as a result regular folks are becoming a voice for these children who are victims in a society where existing power structures failed to protect them my opinion is that they already knew how they were going to spin the article before they even wrote it on the U. to peta file ring they were just looking for a quote to use so they can pack me out up propagator of fake news but is it really fake or do don't no one trusts me to interpret that if I haven't been knighted by the queen //
"2017-02-09 16:54:07"
Snapchat Exposes Secret Societies ?
\\Hey internet friends I wanted to share with you something a subscriber of mine shared with me so thank you Catherine for sending this to me basically are on Snapchat yesterday they had a quiz on their an interactive quiz for the fellow used to determine which secret society that they belong to Iran's I it's not here anymore but this is basically like what Snapchat stories look like you know you get a Snapchat story and sometimes it's interact so let's go through the quiz and read what it says tired of your friends wish she could play a bigger role in humanity subjugation argue a list of person then you should join a secret society but which shadowy international Kaballah is right for you we've done the homework all you've got to do is tap do you like rustic cabin retreats do you go to Yale do you like hanging out with that people are you a president if you're a high profile student at Yale you could be tapped the join you could be jackets be tapped the join the skull and bones if you're a high profile student you know you could be tapped the join school the school and by someone did not preferred that okay a secret society that of the rich and powerful that meets our chairman sometimes a secret island what I one could that be also members are called bones men which is awesome and if you look on the side bones men are an elite branch of the Illuminati who perform strange ritual ritualistic murders instill family another quiz results gets you to the Bilderberg group it's an international club of influential individuals including politicians businessmen and academics they meet once a year to bolster a consensus around free market Westbrook western capitalism unlike other secret societies they also have an official website and if you look to the side there an evil consortium of the world's elite that gathers to strengthen their grip on the world politics by influencing governments in huge color corporations they also play 18 holes a very sinister golf this is funny to them this is funny there will not be where Ben Vereen era fraternal organization created to end the influence of religion and super cyst superstition but they ceased to exist a few 0 years ago now Illuminati is a catch all term for any member of the end of an all powerful super secret society flip for what they don't want you to know would have to read this upside down okay the Illuminati exists to this day web members at the highest I Chalon of political and social influence their goal is to create a pacifist fascist New World order it's all on the one dollar bill man open your eyes is this year is this you see the inversion here as above from below sort of thing this so tannic element are you in a frat do you believe in a higher power do you have good character do you like old white guys another quiz result will get you this join the bohemian club their private California based club that owns at 2700 acre campground called bohemian Grove where the world's most powerful men relax admits the redwoods and shed their material worries in the cremation of care ceremony soothing right flipped to learn about the sacrifices good god again I'm not sleeping I'm just gonna read upside down the cremation of care is actually an occult ceremony where children are kidnapped and sacrifice to the dearly Molla mo Moloch that's all you have to due to sorry it just I'm struggling ... given with the with the power okay that's all we have to do you just have to sacrifice children to Moloch look at this Pete's appear man I the all seeing eye right brother I am just a figment of your imagination it's a quote from agent K. and from the moving men and block people have been speculating that Snapchat is trying to light burst the bubble on the set secret societies but they're not they're treating this as a joke this is a joke to them it's true it's not funny it's not cute it's not like a quiz you would take right after early ask good doing a quiz on which Backstreet boy is right for you know ... based on their you know favor colored favorite food and stuff like it's not okay yeah by the way I would never believe Snapchat is up to anything good because I don't know if you know this but nothing you'll put online is ever deleted one of one of the fellow you use Snapchat fort they use Snapchat for sending nudes okay and whatever incredibly easy way to file away based on age whose newts are you know gonna make you money think about it okay a lot of under 18 on Snapchat under 18 children on Snapchat what do you think the point of Snapchat putting the squeeze out there what what do you think it the point is let me know yeah I will talk to you all later my friends he'll be saying I'll be filming a lot of it yesterday okay by //
"2017-02-05 21:22:12"
Johnny Gosch | Explained in 5 Minutes
\\my internet friends the world is full of secrets the kidnapping of Johnny gosh is one of them so in 5 minutes or less Amir explain to you why Johnny can't come home on a Friday night in 1982 the cost family was cheering in the stands at a high school football game when their 12 year old son skipped away to go buy popcorn from the concession stand when he didn't return with this popcorn his father John wondered off to find him underneath the bleachers speaking with the western white police officer thinking nothing of it the family left the game disappearing into the inky blackness of an all American evening only to be awoken at 130 A. M. as they had many Saturdays before John gosh I was reported that the caller had the wrong number whatever his wife Noreen asked who the heck was calling at such an hour but on this particular morning the father said yeah OK the caller instead of probably sang wrong number and hanging up the cautious on rose before this star on his paper route a route that his father usually accompanied him on but this particular weekend the boy asked to go alone previous Datsun with them for company as he pulled his wagon in newspapers across the sleepy eye when neighborhood but when neighbors began calling the gosh come to report their papers had not been delivered John found his son's wagon full of newspapers 2 blocks away from their home but their Datsun tied to it it took 45 minutes for the police to arrive a slow response time Noreen has come witnesses including other paper voice Sam and pulled up in a car and asked all of the boys for direction and after he sped away another witness reported that a second man emerge from between 2 houses he was on foot and he followed the cautious who without as much a whimper vanished then there desk boy's name was Johnny got the day of Johnny's disappearance search party started combing parts of the city to find traces of Johnny Noreen recalls that the search party in the national park was sent home by a police chief who drunkenly climbed atop a picnic and shouted through his megaphone that Johnny was nothing but a damn right away police departments from surrounding county sent back up to 8 in Johnny search get the same police chief turn the men away and even though police ruled Johnny's disappearance of the kidnapping they wrongly marked him in the system as a runaway desperate the cautious took Johnny's disappear calling on ordinary citizens to keep an eye out for their son a few months after Johnny vanished Noreen said reports of her son in Oklahoma circulated he was seen yelling for help as he was dragged off by 2 men a few years later Johnny's photograph appear on the side of a milk carton this nationwide he was among one of the first publicize but again nothing ever came his kidnappers showcase phenacetin expertise the practice of abducting children leaving no trace so time passed more children went missing the Franklin scandal in the finder scope scandals broke scandals involving child trafficking implicated those at the very top of the American power structure get those same individuals remain untouched by the law their victims who spoke out against where silence either by incarcerate ridicule death but one of the victims by the name of Paul than Archie who refused to be silenced told us attorney John decamp that he had been abducted into a sex ring with Johnny gosh as a teenager in that poll himself was forced to participate incautious kidnapping more time passed no Johnny but Noreen had been keeping a secret 1 morning in 1997 she heard a knock at our door waiting outside was Johnny gosh accompanied by man Johnny look to this man for approval to speak and Johnny proceeded to tell marine what exactly had happened to them he had been held captive by a ring of peta files he explained Noreen the details of how they traffic the children and then he laughed without word on where he was living or where he was going into 6 Noreen reported that she found photographs left at her front door they were photographs of 3 boys bound and gagged boring claims that one of the boys featured in the photo as her son with his mouth gagged his hands and feet tied in a brand on his shoulder even though authorities insist that none of the boys featured in the photos have any connection to Johnny Noreen still believes the pictures to be ever sign with Noreen to insistence that her son is very much alive rumors and speculation have swirled regarding his identity but that's a debate for another day Johnny represents a case from a time when the public wasn't ready to stomach the truth how many more Franklin scandals need to have how many more finders called scandals need to happen how many more little boys Pierre will we continue to bask in blissful ignorance because our children are safely tucked in at night or will we tackle the beast had on so that the children had disappeared can finally come home //
"2017-02-01 18:22:13"
Why I Care About Truth
\\yeah friends how are you me in I'm good obviously we are casual today like we don't have the DSL our our we are on the web camera to in final cut pro because you girl has been doing that for is 5 minutes or less videos you know and yeah I just I need a web Kimberly my life so I wanted to address a frequently asked question and making and it's not a question it's it's a question about me and it's not a question from the majority if you it's rather from from prominent figures in the truth movement and they all want to know where did I come from and why do I care about truth because I guess to them since I'm not in the surf I'm not in the clique ya ... bit but I just it seems like I just came out of no where but the truth is that I was over there on the smoky eye shadow tutorial video on the other side of you to and then I came over here into and now I'm watching frame by frame the JFK assassination and so that's where I came from in why do I care about truth I would say or I would question if you're interests never of fall throughout your life like yet I'm still interested on what kind of lipstick is best for my complexion you know what I mean but if your interests never fall throughout your life if if you never obtain any other interests then what you start out with are you really living or you just are you just a bystander in your life hi I don't but they call it getting red peddled Lana I feel like it's getting red pills I have overdosed I would say that I can go back to making beauty videos or eat yet making beauty videos because when I open it when I was younger I didn't wear glasses like I don't think I wear work classes until I was in school and you know it was one of those things are you just staring at the chalkboard yelling what does it say you have you know what you're likely his essay ... and then you get glasses in the world is in focus you see everything said differently the details are prevented my colors are fry and eons yeah you just and now like I take off my glasses and where did I put them what is it scientifically what would you know I can't read a text message and I I can't go back to seeing the world is blurry once I've seen it so when the focus and that's kind of how I feel about truth about knowledge and what you do with it you can't just go back to caring about or putting emphasis on the things you cared about before when you see if you see things so clearly and you have questions and you want answers sits do you understand what I'm saying I hope that made sense but yeah so a clear answer that question fully hopefully so I will talk to you all later my friends and I think you all so much for watching and subscribing in commenting let but you know if you have any suggestions for these 5 minutes or less explanation videos I really like making them but they are quite an undertaking so let me know if you have any ideas if you will talk to you all later by //
"2017-01-28 18:06:56"
The Finders Cult | CIA Connection Explained
\\hi internet friends effort to be brief I'll keep this introduction short and sweet because today I want to talk to you about the finders colds and I'm going to summarize the entire scandal in 5 minutes or less to fully understand what is taking place now we must travel back to the past to 1987 a year before the Franklin credit union scandal broke an anonymous person in Tallahassee Florida phone police upon seeing 2 men in their late twenties both dressed in dark suits traveling with 6 children bruise and shoveled they were living out of the van in a park of the 6 children tune showed signs of sexual abuse and the men claim they were in route to Mexico to what they describe as a school for smart kids local police discovered that these men were part of a cult our Washington DC based cold the finder scope townspeople had seen the finders before sightings of middle aged men in dark suits were abuzz the witnesses spoke of the finders following the town's home taking extensive notes and pictures the finders were even seen at local council meetings silent but observing the finder scoured locally and deeds at the courthouse getting a better idea of who owned away in the town they called home when prompted on child abuse queues Asian a finder's describe themselves as having an unorthodox approach to child raising they practice communal upbringing which was virtually free of supervision please rate at the finders compound located in northeast Washington see and they observed a multitude of children's items clothing toys diapers yet no children were found on the premises what they did find were detailed instructions for obtaining purchasing trading and kidnapping children on a global stage and a so tainted network for moving chilled a video room with production equipment was observed as well as a satanic altar passports implicating embassies in foreign governments burn covered and paraphernalia pointing to the finders interest in terrorism in explosives was documented what they found next was even more sinister photo albums of robed adults and children slaughtering goats toddlers pulling dead baby goats from the mother's womb but go ahead person to to a child were among the photos they found what's particularly curious is that law enforcement reported that some of the finders cult member names are found in the FBI's counter intelligence files the CIA took over the finder scope case due to national security and as a result the charges against the 2 men in Tallahassee were dropped and the children were returned from state because and thus the investigation and child trafficking was blocked by none other then the CI a paper stopped reporting on the finders and the whole scandal fell from public interest everyone quickly forgot about the 6 children but Florida congressman Tom Lewis didn't forget he was quoted saying could our own government have something to do with this finders organization and turned their backs on these children that's what all the evidence points to and there's a lot of evidence I can tell you this we've got a lot of people scrambling in that wouldn't be happening if there was nothing there only years later did the finders cult leader speak out his name was Mary and Patty and Air Force master sergeant Mariana bedded that his wife worked for the CIA and that a son flew for the CIA airline Air America course the CIA has denied any can the finders as I said before in the Franklin coverup video we do not learn from the past we are doomed to repeat how many where Franklin coverup scandals do we need before we learn how to deal with the opposite their Achilles heel during the Franklin scandal in the finder scope was that mainstream media covered both instant your next asking tough ... giving credibility to the idea that corruption and evil hasn't our government now to me dear quite master ask yourselves why is it because masters have repeatedly demonstrates what how when you try to get rid of //
"2017-01-26 23:13:41"
Franklin Cover-up Explained | Conspiracy of Silence
\\Hey internet friends I'm not going to beat around the bush here I if you have delicate sensibilities that cannot be offended by facts and reality then get out but I think it's in America and all of us who live in this country need to know about our country's history and part of history is the scandals that are covered up by those who write history right so today I'm gonna talk about a huge coverup and it's called the Franklin credit union scandal I'm gonna try to summarize the entire scandal in under 5 minutes the Franklin coverup begins with one man a prominent Republican figure of the 19 eighties warrants came her Larry King because he was known and no we're not talking about the talk show host Larry King ran the Franklin credit union and a few other businesses in Franklin Nebraska a man who charter private jet hosted extravagant parties and maintained bodyguard was simply in charge of a credit union in a little town Nebraska which happen to be located near boys town a Catholic institution for or friend do you things bright yellow sports car was frequently seen on the boys town campus and later king was linked to embezzlement he'd stolen over $40000000 from the Franklin credit union and his financial records reveal the close knit relationship with boys town kings lavish lifestyle burst into flames in 1988 just before the Republican National Convention when 7 victims of king's child abuse and prostitution step for the victims claimed that came and took them to various parties that he threw for the Republican elite and at these parties the children were abused rusty now send the photographer for Larry King attended these parties documenting powerful men in compromising positions with minors as a form of blackmail for king in a court hearing in 1999 rusty Nelson revealed his close relationship with king Nelson relayed that he had witnessed king phone president Reagan when other individuals could resolve this but problem in other words a man with abuse in child prostitution allegations had a direct line to the then president one of king's victims who spoke out 2 years before there even was a Franklin scandal was Poppin Nachi Paul relayed that at the age of 8 he began attending kings parties as a child prostitute pop claimed that democratic senator Barney Frank had abused him and he was given midnight tours of the White House only to be taken to a separate location shortly thereafter an abused by judge awarded $1000000 to Paul in his testimony against came but king never paid the other victims who spoke out against king were awarded only doubt in contempt for naming their abuser a list of 271 victims of king's abuse was compiled all recalling the same story being taken to parties by king and abuse by prominent figures in New York Times revealed that both federal and state investigators were given thousands of files from abuse children and their testimonies but instead of bringing those victims just Douglas county in federal grand juries ordered the files to be sealed neglected to interview witnesses even filed charges of perjury both grand juries agreed that the 2 victims who spoke out were abuse but deduced that the adults they testified against were innocent instead of getting these victims the help they so desperately need at the state appointed attorney Lee mock the allegation some of the victims were thrown in jail and discredited by local media Larry King was never called to testify evident shown to the grand jury had been tampered with victims were targeted it's a result of their testimonies after giving his testimony one victim was found in a hospital room down there was evidence that he was drugged and beaten prior to his death in total there were 15 suspicious deaths surrounding the Franklin cover up in 1993 a documentary detailing the Franklin cover up called a conspiracy of silence was produced by the Discovery Channel in the day it was set to be aired it didn't rumors where that someone paid 0.$5000000 to revoke the television rights but now you can find the documentary on line so why is the Franklin cover up important to bring up now I believe if we never learn from history we're doomed to rip yeah immediately started discrediting the witness what came across to them how well especially as the last 3 victim witnesses were demolished by the press actually they are my whole world Herald Canadian national very much about lurking around our are you gonna Alan there at all they treated the allegations were made about the unpopular views me almost like a joke carefully alright folks were combing through Clinton campaign emails hacked by Russia and published and noticed there seems to be more references to pizza and pizzerias than they had expected a lot of uninformed global people fell for the clip the desk theory so we clearly Alex Jones some reddit sub geniuses and I mean this in the nicest way possible growth //
"2017-01-24 20:27:32"
Former House Speaker Says Child He Raped Should Pay Back Hush Money
\\okay internet friends chairman share some disturbing news with you it's on a story that even the mainstream media is running with it it's about former speaker of the house Dennis Hastert the headline reads Dennis Hastert want sex abuse accuser to return his hush money this is a story on NBC news we go ahead and read you the story gel former house speaker Dennis Hastert is a man who accused him of sexual abuse should return 1.7000000 and hush money because he broke the silence by talking to the feds now I have a problem with the verbiage in this first paragraph because if someone is accusing you of something and you pay them hush money but it must be true they must be a victim not really an accuser you know do you see where I'm going the demand was made in Hastert's response to a lawsuit filed by the accuser known as individual a who's trying to recruit the rest of the money the politician promised him to fix it any contract existed between plaintiff individual a and defendant passer plaintiff breached that contract Hastert's lawyers wrote plaintiff breach of contact resulted in damages to defend and plaintiff is accordingly required to return 1.7000000 to defendants Mr hacer has decided that rather than live up to his promise to compensate his victim for his molestation and resulting injury he will ask his victim to pay him she said in a statement Christy brown individual ace attorney he admits to agreeing to make payments but then denies that it is an agreement he has to keep his response is predictable and we look forward to entering the discovery phase of this case hacerte 75 years old was sentenced in April of 215 months in prison for making illegal cash withdrawals to pay individual a in quash allegations he abused teenage boys while he was in high school as a wrestling coach decades ago although the disgrace power broker was not charged with any sex crimes because the statute of limitations had passed the judge in the case branded him a serial child molester in order him to enroll in the sex offender treatment program hacer agreed to pay individual a 3.5000000 have forked over 1.7000000 of that someone federal investigators began looking into his unusual bank withdrawals Hastert claimed he was the victim of extortion but after FBI agents interviewed individual a they found his account molestation credible after Hastert pleaded guilty to the financial crime individual a suit him saying he was still owed 1.8000000 in his response Hastert says there was no legal contract and even if they're wise his accuser would have broken not only does hacerte want his money back he thinks individual Asian pay his attorneys fees at his sentencing hacer admitted he mistreated and took advantage of former students who came forward to say they were molested 3 of them anonymously what I did was wrong and I regret it