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"2016-05-05 22:06:11"
Dick Gregory - "They Killed Prince" (RBTV Exclusive)
\\Quinn turned 90 her the queen of the queen just turned 90 was a big celebration and coincidentally was the same day the prince passed away and it was the same day she was here in Washington DC front page under why some poems got her whole family dressed in pink corporal if you in essence you announce that ... Charles won't get skull skip over him upon too low blood imprints is it the same daisy did kill prince they kill prints on the plane and that playing is owned by Warren buffet I and not so those are the votes of the guns employment well let's let's talk about prince could are you new prints you know he knew me you talked about me because up to how hung out when it changes but there's no way you but neither did come out to he died from aids okay well remember the night that he died the next day he was on the plane that same night they put him on the plane he'd do a one man concert at 8:00 and then another one you saw did it looked like he was dying from aids don't we case close why did they want him dead now to you harass me she here that I don't qualify that I know it's a okay why did they want him dead not now because the white folks that killed him then not like niggers in England why folk up till you motherfucker day do it 10 years later not if I had to guess I think when he went into that record cotton top been close with that sleep plan on it that's what god killed nigga for no Monday number chump change you got chump change like a lot of people saying he got the rights to his recordings I got what the rights to his master recording quality to you that's who you repeated high you know set it up hits under his lawyers are you know it was him how you know full well fucking lawyers would not her best when you see you talking to the master but I got to listeners a you know I mean agent the number one government agent it the master called mother how okay I know nothing but see I not so you don't come with a little weeks yet ha no you can't be curious other ignorant how so I just told you what following so okay but they don't tell you the mother father didn't have no insurance no we'll but I got most of the do is halfway garland St mobile was the bag it's called make sure no them on it but they can convince you he didn't have no god no if you hate all your family you do with that woman did the BNL woman in New York here right now for 2 whole goddam dull but yeah okay neem seeds Applebee's part of told you about the Nick ha I got good humor I didn't know most important thing cadet the plane he was on his own by one office use one went to pour and so there were there were pictures with TMZ circulated supposedly a prince riding a bicycle and waiting outside for awhile I'm surprised you asked me that I mean just let the people that was after he came back from Atlanta this they fully died outside the compound a unity no crowds along the motherfucker Brian's it did your father's teams in they're owned by Time Warner it was all the time on his own record company up his old racquet come to cook okay schools and sugar we've investigated the fuckin measured the mad at hotel so you know met prince okay ... okay going who so I mean the last thing on that and I know Tavis smiley after prince her after prince past Tavis smiley said that he introduced you the parts in that you have you talked we gonna do thing to it show ID I've never met prince I'll hang out would entertain us no athlete so you saw when you did the state of the black union yeah and talk about the case you heard turn them on the sub I don't have to truth girl had to be validated by ignorant click I'll have to be validated specify in the techno 2 of the thing Sasuke since we last talked I know you said that ... Michael Jackson his passing he was killed but it had nothing to do with the Sony catalog but the state just sold the rights back to that of the Beatles can walk back they didn't have to let the was dated he bought the Beatles for 12000000 have they killed him they sold it for to begin it's white supremacy maybe you can own this well this this may be unrelated I don't know it just happened yes yes we take this book 2 box mom just passed away yeah well prove important thing but to proxima is the movie that a just came out last Friday with the the number one acting done the world not ... some hate Tom Hanks movie here that the ... but I mean hologram the hologram the first person to use our fucking hologram was to pack up the dad what do you have to put that together if and then all at once he's in Saudi Arabia and nobody seemed to king in 2 years making shit up Kalika head into the dead that day America promote shoe to be down yeah America promotes that this is the way you want to be you wanted rich you want to be powerful you don't want to give a damn about nobody else one do it you want to do is say what you want to say Hey capitalists seem when you look at ... someone like ... but trump and it accrues being popular it means a lot a a lot of people are upset over what these people are saying is wrong with America there are a lot of people who are upset where they feel too many people of color Bhagwan as you Sir their positions and and and life //

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