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"2018-05-19 10:24:06"
WE CAN'T Ignore This Any Longer..
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"2018-05-19 03:02:37"
MEMORY Transplants No Longer A Fantasy..
\\ //
"2018-05-18 04:12:05"
They're Not From Our Oceans..
\\ //
"2018-05-16 09:34:49"
"HUMAN-Eating" Robots Being Secretly Deployed?
\\ //
"2018-05-15 11:11:53"
Something Caught Moving FAST UNDERGROUND...
\\ //
"2018-05-13 10:37:19"
IS THIS An Alien Satellite?
\\ //
"2018-05-12 05:54:15"
This Is Getting Scary...
\\ //
"2018-05-11 09:03:47"
They NEVER Stopped Appearing..
\\ //
"2018-05-10 09:01:12"
Something's Not Right...
\\ //
"2018-05-08 02:25:01"
"MOON" Of Jupiter Is Acting Very Strange..
\\ //
"2018-05-06 06:27:11"
Is This Just The Beginning?
\\ //
"2018-05-05 08:44:26"
They Dwell In The Lightning...
\\ //
"2018-05-04 05:06:16"
You CAN'T Handle The Truth...
\\ //
"2018-05-02 23:03:34"
What Are They Hiding On Venus
\\ //
"2018-04-30 03:06:48"
Something Strange Is In The Woods..
\\ //
"2018-04-29 02:55:53"
"DARK SKY" Event Coming To Earth?
\\ //
"2018-04-24 03:14:01"
They Don't Want The Truth Out..
\\ //
"2018-04-18 12:51:30"
"SOMETHING BIG" To Happen On Earth Today?..
\\ //
"2018-04-17 13:06:30"
They're Not What You Think...
\\ //
"2018-04-16 06:02:06"
People Are Waking Up To This..
\\ //
"2018-04-13 15:02:22"
Something Is Happening Underground
\\ //
"2018-04-12 13:01:01"
What Are They Trying To Tell Us...
\\ //
"2018-04-10 10:11:43"
Did An ALIEN Vehicle Create This?
\\ //
"2018-04-09 10:00:57"
THIS Just Happened Above Earth
\\ //
"2018-04-08 08:15:14"
They Know What They Saw..
\\ //
"2018-04-06 09:50:03"
So.. Alien Life DOESN'T Exist?
\\ //
"2018-04-05 12:53:19"
MASSIVE "Anomaly" Under Africa Causing...
\\ //
"2018-04-04 07:48:17"
He Got Too Close To The Truth..
\\ //
"2018-04-03 09:58:32"
Is THIS Why Animals Are Vanishing?
\\ //
"2018-04-01 08:40:05"
The Experiment Is Over.
\\ //
"2018-04-01 06:58:43"
The Experiment Is Over.
\\ //
"2018-03-31 11:15:26"
SPACE FEED Shut Down: What Are They Hiding?
\\ //
"2018-03-31 07:01:26"
SILENT "Ghost Plane" Spooks UK Residents..
\\ //
"2018-03-29 11:57:39"
Never Seen Anything Like This...
\\ //
"2018-03-26 21:02:49"
ORANGE Snowstorms Shock European Citizens..
\\ //
"2018-03-26 04:45:57"
Is This Proof Something Is Coming?
\\ //
"2018-03-24 01:54:46"
Something's NOT Adding Up Here..
\\ //
"2018-03-21 11:47:08"
Giant Alien-Like "ARM" Found At Edge Of Space...
\\ //
"2018-03-19 11:34:11"
Are They Trying To Hide This?
\\ //
"2018-03-18 10:52:25"
The Strangeness Is Spreading...
\\ //
"2018-03-16 13:31:10"
CREEPY Voicemail Message Is "Shaking" The Internet
\\ //
"2018-03-15 08:57:04"
SOMETHING Happened While He Was In Space..
\\ //
"2018-03-14 08:31:33"
Did He Know Something We Didn't?
\\ //
"2018-03-12 04:39:53"
If You See These Beings...
\\ //
"2018-03-10 15:42:20"
The Gov Has Approved This Footage
\\ //
"2018-03-10 12:43:38"
\\ //
"2018-03-10 12:36:25"
\\ //
"2018-03-10 12:32:13"
\\ //
"2018-03-09 13:12:13"
THEY Pretended This Didn't Happen
\\ //
"2018-03-08 04:15:19"
Alexa Is Doing Something CREEPY
\\ //
"2018-03-06 04:14:58"
I've Never Seen Anything Like This..
\\ //
"2018-03-04 06:45:54"
WHAT Crash Landed Over The Antarctic?
\\ //
"2018-03-02 23:12:11"
This Infamous Case Is Still Unexplained
\\ //
"2018-03-02 04:03:45"
What Really Happened Above Milwaukee
\\ //
"2018-03-01 06:13:27"
The TRUTH Hidden In Plain Sight?
\\ //
"2018-02-27 18:23:50"
Why Are They SILENT About This?
\\ //
"2018-02-25 17:16:36"
GIANT "Things" Are Circling The Moon..
\\ //
"2018-02-23 14:16:58"
WHAT Is This Line Across Half The Earth?
\\ //
"2018-02-19 19:56:51"
Australien Skies 2 - Exclusive Premiere
\\ //
"2018-02-18 00:16:01"
It's Almost Time...
\\ //
"2018-02-16 11:42:56"
You Need To Hear This
\\ //
"2018-02-15 08:26:54"
Something's NOT Adding Up Here..
\\ //
"2018-02-14 08:50:09"
Skier "Teleported" 2900 Miles Away From Mountain?
\\ //
"2018-02-12 12:23:13"
PURPLE Mystery Seen Above Philippines..
\\ //
"2018-02-11 04:59:28"
WHAT Knocked These Trees Down?
\\ //
"2018-02-08 10:41:52"
MH370 Search Ship VANISHES For Three Days..
\\ //
"2018-02-07 07:48:01"
This CAN'T Be A Coincidence..
\\ //
"2018-02-06 12:36:57"
EXCLUSIVE: Major Contact From Australian Skies
\\ //
"2018-02-05 03:39:34"
What's This Anomaly Under Antarctica?
\\ //
"2018-02-04 09:04:55"
Nothing Is Real Anymore..
\\ //
"2018-02-03 11:48:21"
ANOTHER Mystery Hole Appears In France
\\ //
"2018-01-31 10:24:58"
MASS "Event" Above Utah Just The Beginning?
\\ //
"2018-01-30 07:14:24"
SECRET "Areas" On Earth Just Revealed By...
\\ //
"2018-01-29 10:05:32"
This Is Now A Global Event..
\\ //
"2018-01-25 05:22:31"
Planet Earth Is Acting REALLY Strange...
\\ //
"2018-01-22 01:43:41"
BURNING "Impact" Crater Discovered In Mexico..
\\ //
"2018-01-19 11:04:05"
Something Is WRONG In Hawaii..
\\ //
"2018-01-18 13:19:55"
SPOOKY Things Happening Right Above Us
\\ //
"2018-01-17 18:44:22"
What Really Just Happened Over Michigan?
\\ //
"2018-01-16 10:12:10"
STRANGENESS That'll Make You Question Everything..
\\ //
"2018-01-14 12:20:13"
NO Memory Of What Happened Next..
\\ //
"2018-01-13 10:21:37"
"Alien Rock" Keeping Scientists Up At Night
\\ //
"2018-01-13 05:57:08"
What Just Flew Past The Sun?
\\ //
"2018-01-12 09:48:38"
Is Something About To Happen?
\\ //
"2018-01-11 03:10:38"
BIZARRE Electric Clouds Circling Antarctica
\\ //
"2018-01-10 09:51:33"
WHAT'S Going On Above New York?
\\ //
"2018-01-09 16:00:55"
AUTHENTIC Alien Photograph Uncovered?
\\ //
"2018-01-09 08:11:09"
Mystery Glitch Proves Space Station Fakery?
\\ //
"2018-01-07 08:45:44"
Astrophysicist Lost For Words..
\\ //
"2018-01-06 10:18:14"
STRANGE Things Happening In Ecuador..
\\ //
"2018-01-05 11:40:23"
Your Voice Belongs To Them Now
\\ //
"2018-01-03 13:08:27"
SECRET Satellite To "Speak With Unknown Group"
\\ //
"2018-01-03 10:12:33"
WHAT Is This Mystery Object?
\\ //
"2018-01-01 04:47:41"
Happy New Year From Secureteam
\\ //
"2017-12-31 11:51:53"
The Newscast You Weren't Supposed To See
\\ //
"2017-12-30 09:24:25"
The CIA Just Tweeted This..
\\ //
"2017-12-28 11:06:19"
They're Monitoring SOMETHING In Space..
\\ //
"2017-12-28 04:38:31"
SOMETHING Just Released Over California..
\\ //
"2017-12-25 08:38:20"
THIS Case Will Make You Believe
\\ //
"2017-12-24 05:49:56"
It's Heading Back Towards Earth
\\ //
"2017-12-23 12:05:37"
Neil Doesn't Have A Clue...
\\ //
"2017-12-23 08:51:26"
PILOT Who Chased THIS UFO Reveals All
\\ //
"2017-12-22 01:35:37"
Is Something About To Happen?
\\ //
"2017-12-21 04:29:26"
PIECES Of UFO Have Been Recovered!
\\ //
"2017-12-20 00:13:32"
She's Hiding Something...
\\ //
"2017-12-17 14:16:13"
They Found ANOTHER One! What Is Going On?
\\ //
"2017-12-16 23:59:38"
The Gov Just Released This UFO Video..
\\ //
"2017-12-15 23:32:49"
Is Tom Delonge "Out Of His Mind"?
\\ //
"2017-12-14 11:45:55"
Nothing You See Here Is Real
\\ //
"2017-12-12 16:40:03"
Scientists CONFIRM What We Already Knew
\\ //
"2017-12-12 11:49:59"
Something Is Following The Plane...
\\ //
"2017-12-11 04:42:17"
Do NOT Visit This Mexico Desert
\\ //
"2017-12-10 09:01:41"
If You're Reading This, They Are Already HERE...
\\ //
"2017-12-08 08:23:41"
THIS Mystery Photo Just Posted On Reddit...
\\ //
"2017-12-06 06:23:30"
ANOTHER One Found Hiding In Space!
\\ //
"2017-12-03 11:27:15"
LISTEN To This! What Is Going On Above Earth?
\\ //
"2017-12-01 11:52:15"
PROOF Your Thoughts Can Alter Physical Reality
\\ //
"2017-12-01 04:08:27"
Did NFL Player Just Defy Gravity?
\\ //
"2017-11-30 01:38:18"
THEY Were Here This Whole Time...
\\ //
"2017-11-27 17:54:11"
UPDATE: Flat Earth Proof Delayed Again
\\ //
"2017-11-27 13:19:27"
Channel DELETED Over This Moon Video?
\\ //
"2017-11-25 12:40:47"
FLAT EARTH About To Be Proven?
\\ //
"2017-11-24 08:06:47"
Something Unexplainable Is Happening
\\ //
"2017-11-22 08:17:41"
THIS Just Spotted Leaving Our Solar System!
\\ //
"2017-11-21 05:40:55"
What's Hanging Above The Moon?
\\ //
"2017-11-20 13:14:00"
CLASSIFIED: For Secureteam Fans Only
\\ //
"2017-11-19 11:11:11"
What Just Entered Earth's Atmosphere?
\\ //
"2017-11-17 09:39:01"
BIZARRE "Encounter" Over Oregon Just Revealed
\\ //
"2017-11-14 02:48:49"
The Black Triangles Are Here
\\ //
"2017-11-13 08:07:43"
Something Is Buried On Mars
\\ //
"2017-11-09 01:44:18"
Doctors Baffled As Man "TELEPORTS" Into Ceiling
\\ //
"2017-11-08 07:50:37"
Russian Kid "From Mars" Stuns Scientists
\\ //
"2017-11-07 22:31:34"
THIS 1992 Footage May Prove Aliens Exist
\\ //
"2017-11-05 14:06:45"
Mystery "SHOCKWAVE" Over North America 11/5/17
\\ //
"2017-11-02 19:17:49"
Is This An Alien Satellite? 11/2/17
\\ //
"2017-11-02 13:41:16"
These People Do Not Exist 11/2/17
\\ //
"2017-10-31 12:00:11"
LEAKED 2004 Navy UFO Footage? 10/31/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler who was secure team so the footage that you're seeing here as is alleged to have been leaked by at this point an unknown source and is rumored to be the original video from the November 2 for UFO in can tween a couple of team jets and the USS Nimitz over the ocean now if you've never heard of deciding before it was actually just recently featured in spoken about in one of Mr Tom de longis announcements through his to the stars company where during Mr delong's introductory presentation he specifically singled out this case of the USS Nimitz and that the encounter that screw head now it's noted that during that presentation by Mr delong's he did not actually show any video footage but said that he was working with several people who had corroborated the UFO sighting and was working to get the truth about this encounter out to the public and so within the past week this footage has hit the web it's been featured by a few different outlets in channels and Waldo blurry I is said to be the footage from one of the F. eighteens as they tracked what is being called a an almost Tylenol capsule shaped UFO that was detected on radar by the USS Nimitz where it was then tracked for a period of time before being lost due to a radical change in speed from the object at where the jets couldn't keep up with it and so again we don't have a source of this footage so I'm just going by the info that I have I mean it looks likely G. I. F. 18 infrared footage and so just to give you a basic rundown of what happened during deciding it was a sunny day in November of 2004 off the coast of San Diego where the USS Nimitz battle group encountered a technology beyond anything known to earth it was a mysterious aircraft that was said to be around 45 feet long and shaped like a tic tac or a Tylenol capsule basically like you think of an old blonde white pill capsule and so it beyond jacked came down and hovered and maneuvered for hours defying the F. 18 sent to intercept it the investigation by the U. S. navy of the incident was hushed up and the only public mention was in a little known aviation magazine read by pilots the craft was referred to as an a a V. or an anomalous aerial vehicle and multiple sightings of such craft were observed over a number of days leading up to the Nimitz incident it was said that a U. S. so or an unidentified submerged object in other words the UFO that comes out of the water was seen underneath UFO at 1. where it looked with the object on the water before darting off at an enormous speed and it said that the a a vis unknown technology was captured in this leaked footage now what I can say is that this footage has been corroborated by men who were there and I will post a link to an article down in the video description where you can read more about the story and then we have an official navy document from 2004 that goes into detail about just what happened during this incident and I will post the PDF version to this also down below but just a few things described during the encounter was that apparently for days the USS Nimitz radar system had been detecting these unknown vehicles coming down from above their radar range from altitudes at around 80000 feet and above and so they sent out these F. eighteens whose callsign at the time was quote fast eagle and so the jets cited be airborne contact as they called it we appeared to be quote capsule shaped wingless mobile white oak long pill shaped 25 to 45 feet in length no visible markings or glass at they were attempting to follow and track the object the jet could not keep up with the rate of turn in the gain of altitude by the capsule then losing visual ID of the capsule into Hades with the last visual contact had at around 14 K. F. T. heading to ease the second fighter jet known as fast eagle 100 was flying high cover and solve the engagement by the first jet and confirms the visual ID as well and so there you have it if you want to know more about this go down and read this full navy document as well as heading over to this website where you can read about multiple crew members and government higher ups who have confirmed this sighting and what they had to say about it so tell me what you guys think of this footage any aviation aficionados were pilots out there can you confirm this does this look like your standard Fleer infrared footage from an F. 18 tell me what you guys think and if it is legit footage although pixelated it is nonetheless a piece of bombshell footage depicting one of these you ask those or craft that have been seen multiple times over the oceans entering the water and exiting blasting toward space and I also think it's important to note the fact that de cigar or ... blown or capsule shaped UFOs have been seen all over the place they've been tracked on radar in the past and they have been captured once again in a set of leaked photographs from sometime in the 19 sixties 19 seventies exiting the oceans hovering the cigar shaped in terms of UFO sightings accounts for a pretty large number overall where we have triangles and traditional saucer shaped craft with a growing number of sightings not just occurring here on planet earth and over the ocean but we've also seen these things numerous times outside of earth out in space and whether it be around the moon or around Mars or around Saturn the cigar shape is actually the predominant type of craft that we have seen appearing again and again throughout various Voyager photographs Cassini probe photos landers reconnaissance orbiters and many of you have heard of D. Phobos incident where once again it was a massive oak long cigar shaped craft that was said to have knocked out 2 of their preludes we've seen them what appears to be orbiting around planet Mars and probably most notably is the proliferation of these things out at planet Saturn and not just outside Saturn but in many cases within its rating system so if I would venture a guess as to what type or shape of UFO that we see on earth would most likely be from outer space and not say just some sort of reverse engineered object made here on earth it would have to be the cigar because that is what we're seeing off planet time and time again so with that thank you guys for stopping by today I want to wish you all a happy Halloween and say be safe out there especially if you're going out to get children that are going out my family and I carved some pumpkins tonight and while it's not my best work I have to say that I thought mine came out pretty well and if you don't know well we have a flying saucer here beaming light down below as if to abduct something so I did my best carving pumpkins isn't really my thing but it sure was fun so have a great rest unite guys happy Halloween they will see you all back interested //
"2017-10-30 12:07:57"
What Is China HIDING In The Desert? 10/30/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler you're we seek your team something mysterious is being built in the secluded north east desert of China and nobody seems to know what they are over the years researchers in just average everyday people have been drawn to satellite images like this taken from Google earth of which many probably seen before at one time or another with depictions of these gigantic structures in the middle of nowhere and that have intrigued us for years even after getting attention from various online and mainstream news outlets to this day we are still left with few answers as to what these magnificent structures or why they are being built and just what is going on in the Chinese desert and so in today's video I want to discuss some of the structures along with some new discoveries that have made on my own that to say the least have left me even more dumbfounded let me further down the rabbit hole and maybe even more suspicious about what's going on we found out some very intriguing and them well suspicious information about the satellite photos so first I should start with these basic pics here they've been posted online in the past people trying to figure out what they are again in the middle of no where we'll start with this one here which appears to show a just a sort of random grid of these wide at reflective or metallic looking lines that may have been dug by machinery a possible use for some sort of secret government or military experiment here we have a similar grid just down the ways a bit featuring again a network of interconnected lines within this almost perfect square shape stretching miles and all directions now located in between can be found what looked to me at least like some sort of massive runway or airport except that the color of it is sort of a bright cyan and seems almost to be full of water or made of some strange material next to it we can see almost an identical structure that some have said is maybe a decoy of the first one and then maybe these are some sort of testing grounds and I very well may be but the more you scour this barren empty wasteland the stranger things get and one of the most bizarre and intriguing discoveries and likely the most massive out of all of these that we found can only be described as a massive grid of thousands of almost perfect lines intersecting with one another to create a T. shape that is 30 miles in length and around 18 miles at its shortest and so this thing is so massive that you're only able to see parts of it on Google maps and list your zoomed out really far so let's go in zoom down here and so that here we are we're gonna shoot men and we're gonna start at the very end of this massive structure that looks to be made by some sort of vehicle and just the fact that from this point here or we start and where it ends is over 30 miles and so whatever vehicle or vehicles this wise they did this it almost seems like they traced over it multiple times going back fourth down up back down for 30 miles to the point where you can see it from orbit and as we zoom in closer here you can see but these are definitely tracks of some sort multiple tracks you can see where the curve come up and when we see now the perfection obvious that that's another question I have is just the sheer perfection of this entire massive structure here turn it just as we go up you can see I mean every single line all the spaces in between RM Christine I mean they are perfect perfectly spaced and I'm wondering what the utility of the says and they go over all different types of rugged terrains the terrain changes multiple times and yet these lines may go right through it as if the train has not even there okay here you can see where the cross section is starting from right here stretching across and stopping around right here and you can see with the clowns here they can I give us some perspective about how massive this structure is so we have this T. shape a cross section here about 18 miles we continue going up mon mon mon mon mon and the yeah didn't look alum rugged the train gets and yet still perfect lines hardly any deviation before finally of the structure ends and something else I noticed about the structure when I was zooming in really close if I can find it for you is that there are some other strange grid like patterns in between these lines okay so we have 6 rows of 4 and again you can see they're perfectly spaced apart and you know look like little teeny guts but these are not diets and as I'm looking at these strange patterns here I'm starting to wonder what the hell are these and as I scoured other regions of the desert I soon found out what these are and that's when it became apparent to me that what we're seeing here are rows and rows of massive piles of dirt stretching for 30 miles and on each and every one of these crisscrossing lines so you say well if these are piles of dirt where is it coming from and that is why I'm going to show you now so here we are soon to back out you can see I have some place marks here and we're going to zoom in and you'll notice that these place marks are found right next to these massive runway like structures and each one of these place marks represents an underground entrance so let's go in zoom in here and one of the first things I noticed before I found these entrances is some more just massive great stretching for miles of these huge dirt piles and if you're looking here you can see them they look like it looks like the ground is Sam started and as you zoom in closer you find out that we are seeing 10 Chile hundreds of thousands even millions for scaring this entire desert region of these mounds of Amherst dirt all perfectly placed side by side by side these trucks and all of the vehicle tracks you can find that lead up to them I'll show you some more here now here are some more piles that are in any sort of specific grid pattern and so I'm gonna show you some of these entrances and they are all located within this area of dirt piles so here we have the first right next to this giant to airport like structure and damn one thing I noticed about all these they look all very similar to the same sort of underground entrances that we felt around area 51 and all of the S. secretive basis in the desert of the United States so here we have 2 more do you have on you can see a structure right here built over top likely some sort of support structure we have these 2 massive structures here I'm not sure if he's lied under ground now here we have another and it would appear that whatever is right here in this area it's been blacked out by Google I sell M. that sort of mystified me and made me wonder what it was that ... was so secretive that Google was forced to black it out so we'll get a few more and again we have 2 more entrances possibly one for trucks going down and another 4 trucks coming back now and here we have a whole bunch of entrances and we also have some structures sim tower like structures here we have a building here but here all entrances we're talking miles and miles of dirt being excavated from down below and then yeah I I just I have no idea what's going on here another thing to note is that it was discovered that somebody and we don't know who has over the years been ordering tons satellite photographs of this area and particularly of these mysterious structures and this is according to a Gizmodo article who spoke with a former CI a analyst who said that there is someone out there who is ordering or some unknown entity that is ordering tons of satellite photos of this area since 2004 and that you can see the extreme density of these requests when you turn on the digital global layer in Google earth which basically means that the satellite has received commands to photograph this area many hundreds of times and is also paying a pretty penny because it is expensive to have satellite images taken and so yeah do you guys have it I think that we've discovered some sort of massive underground mining or excavation operation I don't know what it is they're building but when you have thousands potentially hundreds of thousands again it could even be millions of these mounds of dirt well then you're just coming from somewhere and who knows how large whatever it is they are building under their and it's just done it it's baffling so you guys tell me what you think be sure to share and subscribe in your way out I really appreciate it and don't forget to stop by IBM online shop grab yourself a secure team hoodie or a winter cap doing a bit colder out there I really appreciate that as well and you know be sporting my cell stay tuned stay safe sea wall back //
"2017-10-29 00:55:10"
UFO Strikes Plane Full Of NBA Stars 10/28/17
\\a plane carrying NBA stars has been hit by a UFO during a Chicago descent Hey what's up guys Tyler you're was secure team while that is the headline as a few different news reports mainly one from our speaking of a collision in midair collision with something unknown that almost head on struck the nose of an airliner that was carrying the basketball team of the Oklahoma City thunder who were caught up in this bizarre midair incident and this was a charter plane that according to the reports here was traveling at around 30000 feet struck by an unidentified object on its way to Chicago which was then forced to land the collision occurred Saturday morning during the team's flight to Chicago midway ahead of their game against the Chicago Bulls pictured after landing the delta airlines Boeing 757 to hundreds knows was seen badly dented and scratched after disembarking NBA stars including Carmelo Anthony and Josh Eustis among others took to social media posting pictures saying quote what possibly could we have hit in the sky at this time of night and and then we have another posting quote I guess we hit something 30000 feet baffled center Steven Adams even took to Twitter to ask NASA television personality and engineer bill Nye and renowned astrophysicist Neil degrasse Tyson asking what caused this in a statement to the Oklahoman delta airlines moved to quash speculation by saying that the plane likely came into contact with a bird now they have no proof of this that there's no actual evidence that it was a bird but course that's what they're saying and a lot of people are pointing to the just the sheer impact of whatever the object was struck the nose cone and the scratching of paint off of it which you think would be caused by a more rigid or tough for or you know hard object capable of scratching paint off like this and again another saying that that it strikes me as strange as again it was late at night he was 30000 feet the air and most birds don't go up that high there are a few select species that do you fly at their highest point up around 252627 and some just around 30000 feet again at their very highest but most birds you will see flying at 15000 feet 17000 feet 20000 feet but with very few midair collisions at 30000 because again there's just not a lot of birds that fly that high and you know this reminds me of some other planes that have been hit throughout the years I did a report on one that was hit in China a year or so back and in some of these cases where they've been struck in China the pilots have describe the objects as glowing and that obviously I don't know of any bird that glows you know do you guys have so you let me know because they'd be a first for me and the photographs of the China crashes look almost identical to what we're seeing here again with the nose cone being hit pain scraped off in some cases the B. scrapes on the bottoms of the planes you know like something rigid scraped against it or struck it and then obviously UFO incidents in the air especially by pilots are nothing new with you've been happening for years now in fact one of the biggest and probably one of the main UFO incidents that I would point to if somebody said okay Tyler name me a UFO case that is so solid and it's evidence that it would prove to me that these craft exist and that we are being visited and 9 times out of 10 I myself and many others would point you to the Japan Airlines flight 1628 incident that occurred on 11/17/1986 after a Japanese Boeing 747 in route from Paris to Tokyo encountered a couple actually of massive of flying saucer shaped objects described in detail by the pilots of the plane captured on multiple radar systems and flight control centers and in this case is corroborated by countless people all of the evidence is there they encountered something up there and you'll see I'm videos about this here you're saying a I'm a photograph or rendition of 1 of the crash that they saw that was so giant it dwarfed the 747 citing lasted for about 50 minutes and that again is one of the most solid concrete cases proving that these beings are visiting us there in our skies they're being witnessed by pilots all over and by the way these pilots in these airline companies are told to keep their mouths shut and mainly the pilots by the airlines and them I have solid proof of this myself because recently there was a channel that was operated by a friend of mine who was the manager of a corporate fleet of jets who had posted some riveting UFO footage captured in flight and who was later forced to shut down his channel and end all contact after his boss and the airlines are threatened his job he did not stop talking about the UFOs and the footage she had captured and so they're always told I say it's a bird now sometimes of course that is the case I mean bird strike planes but even when they don't they are told say while I was just birds there's nothing more we can say about it go on about your merry day so again interesting story let me know you guys see down below share this video and I'll see you guys back here in just a bit //
"2017-10-28 23:02:17"
Giant PORTALS Caught Opening Near Saturn! 10/28/17
\\ //
"2017-10-28 08:59:58"
UNKNOWN "Visitor" Just Flew By Earth 10/28/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler here was secure team I don't know if you guys have heard about this yet but there's a mysterious object scientists don't know what it is but that it's coming from out in interstellar space and it's the first I guess you could say interstellar visitor that death astronomers have ever detected as in the first object that is actually coming out there from outside the solar system and interstellar space coming in and then exiting and that's exactly what it's doing and so this mystery object which they originally thought was a comet but it turned out that it wasn't will get more to that here in a minute is called a 2017 you one and it was discovered earlier this month by a researcher using a sophisticated telescopes system at the university of Hawaii that continually scans the universe for such phenomenon and so what they originally thought may been a small asteroid or comet that they spotted racing through our solar system may have come from elsewhere in the galaxy and US space scientists say that it's possibly the first ever interstellar visitor observed from earth they have now confirmed what at some points they're calling a chunk of ice other times an asteroid another time saying they don't know I'm from this Hawaiian telescope back on October 19 and it's already passed by and headed back out away from planet earth and while scientists say that they can study it for a few more weeks they said that once the waves goodbye will never see it again and so here some weird things about this subject and scientists are are coming out and making notes you no joke about it they're not trying to hide the fact it's a strange object and that's why they're so excited about it to begin with so it was first dubbed a comet however they discovered that the object doesn't contain any hallmarks of one of the main components of a comet which is the trademark tail or coma which is this fuzzy blob of gas and dust that surrounds a comet's icy court so as they kept observing this thing astronomers kept looking at it and looking at it they didn't spot any detail so that's when it went from comet to you possible asteroid 2 we don't know I mean honestly for all we know it could be some sort of probe or alien spacecraft that's just as good a theory as what the astronomers are putting forth and what's also strange about the object is that this just doesn't happen alright we we have many objects in our solar system and even outside of the solar system that come in and out we have names for most of them they orbit the Sunday orbit earth they fly in a flying out and all of these objects from asteroids or comets they come from 2 main regions out in space first is the Kuiper belt which circles the cosmic block around Neptune Pluto and beyond then we have the or cloud which is a bubble of ice particles that surrounds the entire solar system at such great distances that we've never even seen it now just put this into context the New Horizons mission that flew past Pluto is currently on its way to visit a Kuiper belt object on January 1 of 2019 where as the Voyager missions that launched 40 years ago won't actually escape the or cloud for at least another 14000 years but no matter where these other objects in our solar system come from none of them have ever had a pass like this new anomalous object Paul cherished the manager at NASA center for near earth objects study said that we've been waiting for this day for decades and it's been long theorize that such objects exist as in objects that are moving around between the stars and occasionally passing through our solar system and this is the very first detection so decided whatever it is he could have came from the other side of the galaxy and some people are saying that it very well could be a drone an alien drone of some sort and you know we have long spoken about the theory that's been put forth by numerous astrophysicist in theoretical physicists that if an advanced alien species exists likely when they're scouring in visiting different parts of the galaxy instead of sending themselves they would instead send out these robotic drones or droids and many people talk about the small alien greys as a manifestation of some of these droids which although are basically robots that you know are flying out here in these U. S. those are intelligent and are beaming back information to the actual alien beings in other parts of the galaxy and that may be why so many of the abduction cases and testimony from people have described these alien greys as almost soulless and having a very robotic nature to them and so back to this subject here and they know that it's about 400 meters in diameter or a quarter mile and it stood out for the scientists because of its extreme orbit coming from the direction of the constellation lyra almost directly above the elliptical plane where the planets and other asteroid's orbit the sun NASA said quote it's going extremely fast and on such a trajectory that we can say with confidence that this object is on its way out of the solar system and is not coming back now obviously NASA and these astronomers who are under lock and key I would not give us any real information about the subject and so you kind of have to read these reports and kind of look for any inconsistencies or strange things and one thing that I noticed in all of these reports is that there's a S. single mention of the fact that astronomers have had some trouble tracking this object and they don't go into further detail but that tells me that this object it's not like your typical astroturf comet or you can track it all the way in you track it all the way down that at least tells me that there could be possibly some movement by the subject and the astronomers did not expect and it's causing them to have trouble to track this thing whatever it is and I'll leave that there you guys tell me what you think you know I wouldn't doubt it it could definitely be something artificial now in other news is this enormous glowing orb word ball that was spotted over northern Siberia which originally literally lead people to fear there was an alien invasion happening no joke and so people living in northern Siberia had been left terrified after this enormous white ball of light appeared in the sky hung around for awhile and then disappeared this light show was captured by a photographer named Sergei I need some off he was in the town of solid card which borders the Arctic Circle he described what he witnessed as a glowing ball rising from behind the forest and moving in his direction and you're seeing these photos here I in order as the object appeared hung out for awhile and then dissipated and you're seeing the Aurora borealis in the background or the Northern Lights as they're called so at first he said that he was taken aback you know what he was looking at he suspected her first that he was being tracked by an incredibly powerful searchlight however the speed of the ball and the change in its light quickly made him realize that he was witnessing something very different stating that the ball turned into an arc and gradually dissipate it any Somov headed home where he said he found local children as young as 5 in a very excited state talking about aliens and a portal to another dimension reports suggest that it wasn't only children who thought the earth was about to be invaded adults also took to social media to claim that aliens were here and attributed the light show to a UFO now the source of the light is still unclear at this point it's been suggested that the ball was caused by now the trace of a rocket which was launched although we don't have any definitive proof but nonetheless it spooked the locals and so I wanted to post it here it's good to document these things we can go back we can compare other photographs and then yeah you guys tell me what you think so with that I wanna thank you guys for stopping by I hope all of you or some of you went over and watched the new Joe Rogan interview with Tom to long and was hoping to hear back some of your opinions on that so put those down the comments as well O. M. lastly today I just wanna show you I just got in my first batch of official secure team buttons or pens whatever you wanna call them and I'm actually gonna be putting them up for sale so you know if you want to get them I think I'll price in that maybe 3 or $4 which will also cover shipping and if you want your own security button I will ship you out one so I will post more information about that here in the coming week and of course it will definitely help the continuation of this channel and especially with YouTube's continual I de monetize ation and censorship of channels like mine who are making it very hard to continue this work and and do so while supporting your family but that's how you silence people but we're not gonna let him do that and I just wanna say thank all of you for your continued help to all of my supporters on patriotic I wanna say thank you Petri on has been a wonderful tool that allows you the viewer to help fund this work and we don't have to worry about you too it's a ship or any of that nonsense so thank you guys again stay tuned to see taxes //
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Man Sells "Alien Infested" Arizona Ranch 10/27/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler you're was secure team it's good to be back if you noticed I took them off the tour 3 days off it's been I just take a little bit of a breather and here at insomnia team and that's not a joke actually I'd really just haven't been sleeping a lot lately and it got to the point where I cycle right have to take a break I had to go to the doctor to have them you know look at my leg which is still mending still broken but yeah I just figured they're probably tired hear me talk so I'll give him a few days and well it's good to be back and there's a lot to catch up on and there's a few main things I want to talk about today because just today I don't know if you guys have seen this and we're gonna talk about this here in a minute but Tom to long who we've mentioned recently I was just today on the Joe Rogan podcast and Joe Rogan just grilled Mr delong about his company about all of these fantastical claims that he's been making and well we'll get to that here in a minute first I want to talk about this ranch that many of you heard of a there's another ranch called skinwalker that is a much more publicized how let more people know about it but there's also this other ranch where a lot of strange things have taken place over the years and it's called the Stardust ranch and the current owner who's owned it for quite some time is now selling it Mrs been on the news after aliens apparently a try to abduct his wife and so here's a small clip of that from denying news team well sprawling 10 acre ranch property a Buckeye is for sale for $5000000 the reason for the price tag might just be the connection 2 shall we say extraterrestrial life team because Brandt Hamilton talked with the owner today down a lonely desert road sits the Stardust ranch almost immediately from the day we moved and we began to have strange experiences John Edmonds and his wife purchased the property in 1995 with hopes of it being a peaceful place to operate their hoped for hope's horse rescue and live in the country this ranch is been just about anything except John first started seeing mysterious lights in the sky followed by orange wars that's when the uninvited guests arrived literally gray aliens that attacked animals they were in the house John recalls one unforgettable experience involving gray aliens attacking his wife actually levitated her out of bed in the master chamber out into the parking lot and try to draw her up into a crack so again just a quick background about this ranch in Arizona which is again is very similar in terms of the strange happenings to what goes on at the skin Walker ranch which will talk back here in a minute so this couple by the name of John and Joyce Edmonds from Illinois wanted to find a location to start a horse rescue ranch and after searching for the ranch that they could afford without look for about 2 years they finally discovered this ranch in their price range in rainbow valley Arizona so they buy it and they call it Stardust and so strange events happen from the beginning with the previous occupants leaving behind all of their possessions that somehow ended up in the pool outside a strange man with a machete turns up on the property saying that he is the one who keeps the monsters away not long after that the admins would see first hand the monsters quote monsters that the knife wielding stranger was talking about then the story keeps getting stranger starting with these orbs that began appearing outside at night and the US those gray aliens and even what some of said look like Roman soldiers strolling about through the property suggesting there were some sort of possible time travel element Mr Edmonds claims that there are 2 portals in fact on the property were quote beings from other dimensions constantly come through into our dimension and of course then we have the stories of the abductions of his wife add the fighting off even of these alien greys with a samurai sword images of which he posted online of the sort stating that he get tissue samples from one of them and that it's all just come to a point where they want to get out of this ranch so they're now selling it for $5000000 but you know I've known about Stardust for awhile now and actually and had a viewer of mine who took a trip out there she like saved up money all year and took a trip out there just to stay there and she actually stayed with the admins for a short period of time and experience some of the strange phenomenon herself you know she would email me here and there just tell me how things were going and so yeah it's very similar to skinwalker and a second ago you know I mentioned may maybe one of you guys should have done their purchase a place and do a study and all that is similarly what happened at the skin Walker ranch which again is much more publicized a skinwalker ranch which is located in Utah I said to be probably the biggest or one of the biggest hot bets for alien and just all around strange activity happening and in the Midwest and you know there's been a film based on it with the same name it's actually a very creepy film Scott skinwalker ranch I highly suggest you guys go and check that out if you hadn't seen it's loosely based on what happened there but it's a really scary movie it's a big name skinwalker is actually taken from a native American legend of these creatures that they called skinwalkers that would many times up here as a wolf it would actually be I'm you know a creature just mimicking said wolf and so the original claims about this ranch first appeared in the Salt Lake City Utah desert news after claims from the family who had recently purchased and occupied property came out that described as an inexplicable amount of frightening events ranging from UFO sightings at big foot like creatures again wolves and other local wildlife that were in fact actually potentially aliens possibly a crop circles glowing orbs again and all sorts of a poltergeist like activity and the strange events have been happening for hundreds of years with the local Indian reservations and population and they think it's cursed they won't go near the place and then hit the place is no joke you know I'm being dead serious about that there have been close to you well maybe now over 100 incidents that have occurred here including vanishing cattle mutilated cattle sightings of again unidentified flying objects large scary looking animals with piercing red eyes an invisible objects emitting destructive magnetic fields and 1 of the very first times that it was actually investigated scientifically I guess you could say was back in 1951 when a local science teacher by the name of junior Hicks I'm spotted a large flying object across the sky during broad daylight which was also witnessed by students of his elementary class and to this day in not that long ago skinwalker ranch was actually bought out by a multi $0 company who purchased the ranch took it over in order to do scientific studies and you know I get emails from people who tried to visit the ranch today and they describe the ranch as being a heavily protected to the point where you will be escorted away if you attempt to get near it and so to this day or at least from what I can see that that ranch is still owned by the National Institute for science discovery and is guarded under our electronic surveillance at all times and so if you do go out there can only be visited or previewed at least from the outside gate so yeah it's a fascinating topic mother were talking about Stardust rancher skinwalker and it would seem to be and I've noticed this through my investigations in just the research I've been doing that there are points around the earth and I'm sure that these exist in other countries I'm with you and say that at portals exist here sort of dimensional rift am or you know something ancient that we just can't explain but I I do think that there are parts of the world that have a sort of you know at magnetic you need the air is thick you know when you go to these places very thick you can almost feel the presence or the am vibrations of something that cannot be explained and sell them yeah guys selling his ranch and maybe if you got the chatter purchase Stardust ranch and tell me what you find alright so in other news as I said earlier Mister Tom delong was just on the Joe Rogan podcast and I'm I'm a fan of Joe Rogan I I don't agree with everything is to say but anyway Joe is a UFO fanatic just like I am and when things I do like about him is that he grills people especially in terms of the UFO phenomenon when he gets people on he did the same thing to Dr Stephen Greer a some years back he will grill you because he doesn't want charlatans he wants to get down to the nitty gritty anyone stick he doesn't want to you know to to mess around with people who are not being forthcoming and so you guys know I've been apprehensive about Mr delong from the get go he started this company he's a former rockstar he is also an avid UFO researcher and so he recently came out to start this company that he calls to the stars academy or the to the stars academy which he is now seeking investors okay money to fund this company and so from the beginning I thought something was off there's just so many aspects of this company and if you watch this interview which I highly recommend you guys do I'm not gonna break down everything that happened in the interview but I will go over some of the claims that Tom made in it and some of the things I took away from its a very telling interview and again because Tom got grilled I'll put the link down below and it really gives you a good idea about what times doing what he's about you know you listen to his answers to Joe's questions as he tries to explain and fumbles through it trying to explain what he's doing with this company and it just comes off as very and the legislators at the end of the interview you're still left wondering what the hell this company is doing and you're still none the wiser and in the interview I lost count of the number of times that Tom response to a question by saying I can't tell you or I can't reveal my sources or I can't reveal his name or who he works for and it happened so much during the interview he gets to the point we are like okay so I see what he's doing now anytime he doesn't want to answer a question which if he is talking to all of these high ranking individuals and has all of the secret UFO info that he's gonna be releasing you think you'd be able to answer on the spot but instead he says I can't tell you that I can't reveal the sources he states that he is working with some major aerospace companies that he can't tell us about can give us their names he states that he is privy to some highly classified and crazy I information that prove aliens exist but that once again he can't really sit and at least right now I'm there's actually one part of the video that concerns me a lot because during a point in the video where he's talking about and the fact that they're building this alien ship this anti gravity ship he shows Joe Rogan a video or he tells them to go on you tube to look at a video which looks similar to how this craft will act I guess you could say and sort of disappear and jump time and the video he points road into is of a well known CG I fake that has been around for years now you're seeing it here of an alleged and T. R. 3 B. or at triangular black craft that was said to have been recorded years ago but is a blatant fake and it you can tell that just a loan from the camera shake the artificial camera shake and is one of the main ways you can tell a lot of times that a highly you in well produced you if a video is a fake is by this very smooth shaking of the camera that just doesn't stop and it looks computer generated and so in the end this hour interview Tom says that this is real he never once brings up the fact that it's a CG I or anything like that so that disturbed me and the fact that he's not trying to raise millions of dollars from people he's making all of these claims I'm so far hasn't backed any of them up and then they would believe something as simple and easily spot apple as this fake footage here and believe it's really just a raises alarm bells for me I'm at one of the last things Joe asked him is what do you say to the sceptics of which there are many out there I myself being one of them would you say to the sceptics and Tom's response was I quote you don't know what I know and so then Joe asked him well what do you know that people don't know he says I can't tell you how I can't tell you that so again it's just like a it goes round and round you know he'll answer a question gel will press him on in him he'll say well I can't reveal that information to you so again the interview I mean you guys really should go watch it so go watch it take an hour hour 0.5 out of your time it's very telling and I honestly think that well I don't know I'm I'm kind of tired of of giving my personal views on Tom in this company but again I would just say save your money because by the end of this interview I still did know what the hell he was doing so head over check it out come back here right in the comments what you think post to me on Twitter happy happy to you know hear your opinions so thank you guys for stopping by today I'll stop chattering I got much more coming notes so stay tuned and I will see you all here //
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Are YOU A "Targeted Individual"? 10/23/17
\\hundreds of people in the valley say they're hearing voices in their heads those voices are being transmitted by microwave or other methods well several viewers asked us to investigate what they call electronic harassment KMR 6 is Angelman Rowe joins us now with what she's discovered Angela electronic harassment synthetic telepathy voice to school technology chances are you haven't heard of these terms but after searching the internet I found dozens of websites dedicated to phenomenon and several valley residents who say their victims how much more can you invade me then to go into my brain it sounds like somebody else is reading the book only its thoughts were not having a group hallucination it's actually something is happening these men all live in the area didn't know each other before the voices started and say someone is playing mind games with them the most listened to a lot of derogatory comments about whatever you're thinking about only time I ever had a whole sentence he said there is and is not about you which Jess frosted me if it's not about me what what the hell am I going through all this for Hey what's up guys Tyler here we seek your team well today I want to talk about a subject that although it links into a lot of the stuff we've discussed here on the channel I've never actually done a video on this specific topic and phenomenon and up until recently I didn't realize just how big this phenomenon really is so are you a targeted individual well first you have to know what is a targeted individual or a T. I. for short as you've probably got a nice DHEA for eclipse I just showed it's a person who basically has been is currently or who is intermittently under I guess you could say a form of attack bye implants lasers handheld microwave X. ray devices plasma beams and virtually any other type of directed energy weapon which results in a myriad of symptoms from electrical shocks hearing voices and just an overall feeling that your health is in decline due to some unknown and unseen reason and in fact there are now so many victims that the phenomenon can no longer be denied with even the department of justice having verified the rising number of people dealing with this phenomenon through government surveys and so these people exist all over the world they are everyday normal average you know 9 crazy people well I'm sure some of them may be of course you have to say that in some cases mental health or some sort of disease has to play a role but the more the research into this topic of targeted individuals you realize that it can affect you your family your friends and anyone from any walk of life and it's as simple as one day you feel normal you're going about your everyday life and the next you feel you literally feel as if you're being hit or targeted by some sort of energy apparatus that is described by most people as torturous I was living in the San Diego area ... was looking for a federal judge and I noticed that I was being followed by a whole bunch of people according to the website's what bond is describing is called gang stalking him move to palm springs to escape I started hearing as you'll hear the hearing voices and with the cowboys to scrawl a microwave hearing Bob Stansfield says his experience was similar and started a decade ago they were active in following me around here and I started hearing those voices follow up a little bit after the ... for her killer stalking Randall ringers as the voices started when he was undergoing chemotherapy the first thing that was said was Randall Rainer and I sat up straight and I went to the mass into the bathroom and looked in the mirror look myself in the eyes and did that really happen bond says he's found more than 300 victims vocally and is tracking others across the state through billboards in Johnson valley a Freedom House just open to help people who believe they are being targeted to many of you know who find your sounds ... fit the object of covert harassment that there is hope and that you are not alone and that we are striving to ... to undefined legislation ... for and working towards freedom from and then we have the implants which have been found in a number of the so called targeted individuals through various scans X. rays and MRIS and subsequent surgeries now nobody knows for sure who's behind this some say it's the government with references to mind control and rumors of CIA files one of which is called operation Pandora in which in the sixties the U. S. researched biological and behavioral effects of microwave radiation then we have the 2002 airforce research laboratory patent for using microwaves to send spoken words into someone's head and of course you can also look into MK ultra and the government's continued illegal experimentation on the unknowing public since the 19 fifties if you remember we've spoken many times about a man who goes by the name of doctor Roger leader who is a surgeon who is best known as an investigator and remover of alleged alien implants having removed 10 separate and distinct objects suspected of possibly being of an alien nature these objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world and their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to meteorite samples doctor earlier was a pioneer in his work and although he passed away in 2014 D. evidence and proof of this phenomenon lives on today in the form of archive footage this certainly wasn't a film by up to television groups ... from everyone well it was shown Langley and all the other Spanish speaking to the ... countries I could imagine no that was my Televisi euro Telemundo against air well I don't major program case which I will move over here today I think after I moved there still covered biological Cody and we have the which is ... since they are my hospital that ... who is a very powerful optical so were able to in another language open Mike had almost moved the body it was a new side look like now when you do these things you're dealing with the television words fly Gillian cameras sure sometimes you so many cameras they get away each other which makes the job a little bit to hire you but we are not talking organization and as research possible doing a little research and so before I leave you guys today the main reason that I wanted to post this video is not to go into full detail about the targeted individual phenomenon because actually there's already another very well done documentary that you can find right here on YouTube that could say everything that I could have said in this video and it was recently put out by vice and it's called meet the targeted individuals and it is extremely eye opening and it raises some very important questions about this phenomenon and after having watched it myself I thought it was perfect for you guys to watch if you wanna know more about this phenomenon cell head down to the link in the video description check it out and let me know what you think and in the meantime I am going to be interviewing some people who have already contacted me who are themselves targeted individuals and likewise I am also going to be doing an interview for a new film based on Roger so be sure to look out video appear within so thank you guys for by today sure to share this video cried but and of course let us know if you can stay safe //
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This Will REWRITE Human History 10/22/17
\\Hey what is up guys Tyler you're we secure team thank you all for stopping by we all love to learn about our history whether it be the history of the universe history of mankind and we rely heavily on what scientists and researchers and historians and archaeologists tell us the only problem is when you actually do a little bit more digging rather than just what you're taught in school turns out there we don't know a damn thing and so in today's video I want to talk about a few different examples of these unexplainable things that will no doubt likely cause us to have to rewrite history and the biggest of those has recently come in a new discovery and report that has been all over the web over the past week after a set of 9.7000000 year old teeth were discovered in Germany which now has researchers archaeologists and scientists I am well it's shut him up basically and is yet again forcing us truly one of the first times where it actually may force us to rewrite human history and so these 2 teeth that were discovered near the Rhine river could completely topple the understanding of our earliest history after a little over a year ago a team of archaeologists in southwestern Germany uncovered 2 teeth where the Rhine river used to flow in the town of apple Sime near means news at the discovery was announced this past week because the team that perform the excavation wanted to make sure that what they had found was as significant as they initially thought now scientists are saying that these teeth resemble closely the teeth of the 3000000 year old Lucy skeleton which is said to be the skeleton of an early human ape like species which again is dated to be around 3.2000000 years old and so what's baffling scientists is that we have these new teeth which are 6000000 years older and so despite the teeth resemblance to the Lucy skeleton scientists say that the teeth don't resemble any other species that's ever been discovered in Europe or Asia which would mean that the teeth belonged to a species as of yet undiscovered millions of years older than we could have ever thought they existed and so here we have a legitimate discovery that is going to force us to have to rewrite human history and what we know and to be honest we don't know what we know the facts and the evidence change every 10 years or so I in a recent video we were talking about the strange rock carvings in the sides of volcanoes discovered out in the barren desert Saudi Arabia that were created at a time when the area was extremely volatile and active with volcanoes erupting all around they can't explain it and if you have not seen that video go ahead and check it out I posted a couple of days ago so it's a very interesting finding and once again causes us to rethink our history now another favorite of mine that I like to bring up another unexplainable instance that throws a wrench into the archaeologists clean cut account of what exactly happened is the story of the so called see people who in 1200 BC literally came from the ocean and began destroying virtually every major city of the ancient world and we have no idea who they were and this is where things start to get spooky we hear talk of a possible alien race it comes from the ocean there's the possibility that they were Atlanteans nobody knows for sure that what we do know is that the year of 1200 BC was a terrible century for people living around the Mediterranean the major empires of the time the Hittites the missing man's in Egypt shins we're going through a rough decline after a long golden age and to add insult to injury suddenly a massive army of barbarians came out of nowhere and started burning their cities to the ground we refer to them as the see people's because of course to this day we still have no idea who they were where they came from or what they wanted so the first place to face this wrath of these mysterious invaders was Anatolia in what is now modern day Turkey by all accounts Anatolia was one of the most powerful areas in the Mediterranean which is why the king of the Anatolian city Ogar it was understandably taken aback and more than a little spooked when emissaries from a neighboring king arrived with a desperate plea for assistance against a band of unknown attackers Yuri get sent their own military to help ward off the mysterious aggressors but even that wasn't enough see people burned the city to the ground and then March to your get to burn it to the ground as well all before disappearing back into their under water kingdom so then a few years later the same thing happened to kodesh on major trading center in modern day Syria after that they continued to burn their way through the cradle of civilization to such a violent extent that they wound up re shaping the landscape of the ancient world eventually though they got cocky and attacked Egypt Egypt shins were the only nation powerful enough to stand up to the C. people but that's not to say that the mysterious ocean ravagers didn't put up one hell of a fight after 2 massive invasion attempts with heavy losses on both sides this see people finally decided to eat crow before sinking away again presumably back to Atlantis and so who were these invaders who managed to walk over the most powerful civilizations on earth like the aliens in the independence they movie and modern scholars have various theories all of which have never been confirmed because the only human beings who knew and who ever met the sea people were too busy being stabbed or set on fire to ask them where they came from and what they were there after the entire situation in story is very eerie and is reminiscent of a story called the doom that came to Sarnoff which is about an underwater civilization of lizard people who tear down the most powerful city in the world on the eve of its one thousandth anniversary and so to this day again we have theories as to whether these were some sort of alien hybrids coming from Atlantis or some other deep water under Ocean City or base and it yet again does not fit in with our current telling an understanding of our history another great example is that of the giant stone heads of Central America which we have no idea still to this day how they got there now people were surprisingly good at moving giant stones around in ancient times and we have some pretty good ideas today about how regular old human beings could have put these all inspiring structures together but then we have something called the OMAC colossal heads that were carved by the Olmec civilization in Central America now the only ex were thought to be the oldest civilization in the Americas pre dating even the Lucas for the mayors are gas tax by hundreds of years and while cutting a person's face into a giant piece of rock isn't exactly beyond the realm of possibility but what's so strange and fascinating an unexplainable is the fact that the Olmec heads are carved from something called volcanic basalt which at the time in the area was located some 80 miles from where the OMAC ultimately settled with each head weighing close to 20 times and the OMACs never having got around to inventing the wheel and so the question is how did they get these massive immense rocks through 80 miles of sweltering hostile jungle and before you say well it's obvious they did the same way that the Egyptians did you have to consider that dragging slabs of impossible weight across the desert is entirely different than figuring out how to carry a bunch of stones each weighing approximately the same amount as Optimus prime across 80 miles of dense foliage spiders snakes and the occasional 50 foot plateau the same techniques simply wouldn't work and so modern science still doesn't know how or why the Olmecs dedicated such a huge amount of effort into dragging these massive heads through such an impassable terrain and it is for this reason once again that when it comes to history what we know today is at best a rough draft and so yeah these are just a couple of my favorite examples and here we have the new discovery of these 2 teeth almost 10000000 years old from a species we've never heard of and that predate any other bones are skeletons and we have today so very intriguing times I think the earth has a secret and magnificent history along with an almost definite link to an off world presence so with that let me know you guys think as always and thank you for stopping by be sure to share this video subscribe hit that notification bell in stay tuned because I've got a lot more coming in you guys now healthy back //
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MYSTERY UFO Speeds By Weather Satellite 10/21/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler here with insomnia team it is 5 A. M. where I am and I've yet to lay my head down for a nice nap but that's just how I do it you know I come alive at night that's what I like to work and really dig into this interesting stuff and go down the rabbit hole so to say and again I have a mysterious new piece of footage I spoke about this in my last video and viewer of mine I just this past week was tracking the California wildfires using a website called the C. O. D. meteorology weather lap and basically just a tool data gives you a bunch of different ways to analyze the weather in various parts ... across the United States and then it gives you a list of tools here of what way or wavelength that you want to see the data en so for instance they just have the basic visible spectrum they have infrared they have water vapor and they have radar so you have all these different ways and so the viewer was using the water vapor tool which just as the word state gives us a look at the current water vapor or cloud conditions over the United States that's all we see we see nothing else and is he was watching this area over southern California not thinking anything out of the ordinary was gonna happen when he suddenly noticed as an anomaly definitely an ordinary and he witnessed an object blasting up through the clouds I in a direction that looks to be almost like it's coming from the coast a California heading up through the clouds a growing larger and larger so going higher and higher up in the atmosphere to the point where it was above the clouds and that's when you see this very large dark object flying I mean completely blasting through the sky in a southeast direction you're seeing that looped over here so as I'm talking you can see this thing looping the object comes into frame right over California grows larger as it's gaining altitude and that's when we see this black object with what appears to be the producing of almost like you think of a ballet shock in front of the object or objects that actually looks to be like there's 2 objects here we'll talk more about that a minute but as you guys are seeing that right when it comes into frame and you get a good look at it you can see this atmospheric affect happening around the object again like a bow shock and it's technically like when you think of a boat that is traveling through the water which then has an equal but opposite effect on the water and begins to create ripples around the boat as it moves through well take that example and put it to the atmosphere and that's what we're seeing it's a phenomenon that can also be seen with some of the world's most fastest jets the author to see deserved vapor cloud from cultivate per doughnut but it's a circular vapor cloud that appears circling around the craft and so we've been showing you this zoomed in shot at this subject okay and I've been analyzing it here there's a few things I noticed about it cave one it's moving at an extremely high rate of speed coming from what looks to be the coast piercing up through the cloud starts as a small little black. it grows bigger and as I played with the footage and I up the contrast lowered the brightness of it because this is really washed out he gave me some more detail about what I was looking at and as I analyze the footage and slowed it down I noticed that this isn't just one object there is a second object that is flying up the first one almost as if they're meeting and it only happens in a couple of frames before that second smaller object disappears I don't know if it's that you know it it's attached to this larger one but I'm gonna show you that here so we're gonna go step by step frame by frame and they were gonna stop it right is a second object appears so here we are here is the small black original object flying up and right here is where you see this larger object appear see this object that we're seeing coming in from the coast may not even be with this large object is that we see at the very end because you'll notice that the small black. he gets to this area right here and as I posit here and we'll just go through these little 3 frames here you can see 2 objects you can see the small on the left that we see coming up from the coast and that's when we see this other larger black object appear right next to it to its right side and so if that is indeed what we're seeing here and that would mean that this larger object has just appeared out of nowhere and as we go a few frames further you can still see both objects moving together with the black object growing larger and larger creating more of an atmospheric disturbance around him and that's where the frame loops stops smaller black object has now vanished and all we see in this last frame is the large black unknown that he completely mysterious structure as it would appear to be growing higher and higher in altitude who knows is a heading toward space and that is a very good possibility because this is coming from a satellite guy so weather satellite so this is not just some little plane okay this satellite for it to be able to pick up something this large that means that this object is not only very large but it is high up in the atmosphere and is so close to the satellite the satellite can actually pick it up because I can assure you these weather satellites they do not pick up your standard commercial airliners which or much lower in the atmosphere and that do not move at such a high rate of speed and nor does this look like a plane and I do realize it is blurry but it's the best resolution we can get this doesn't look like a plane and so the question is what is it what is blasting over California heading over Nevada and Arizona and Texas where is it where's it coming from is it coming from the ocean which is also a major hub for UFO activity and you know and and again this region here with this thing appears another major hub of mysterious activity testing from the secretive bases area 51 dulce and I'm you know that's up for you guys to debate so mysterious unknown flying object here caught on this weather satellite and noticed by chance by the viewer who was kind enough to contact me so let me know you guys think I'll post a link to this unfortunately on the website you can't go back in time and it's only live but you can go over to the site you can loop things over you can look at the earth in different wavelengths and them I'm definitely gonna be keeping an eye on it see what more we can find flying through our skies whether it's an infrared whether it's with this water vapor and we'll find out and we'll find something so big thanks to the viewer who sent this over what do you guys think and now lastly today I just have to touch on this real quick we have some more recent news about Tom de longis new accompany his new UFO venture that he has so far raised over $300000 for from people and crowd funding we spoke about this and a couple of videos in the past if you're not caught up just Google tanda long and you can learn about this company but I haven't felt right about it from the beginning and then my thoughts were confirmed after UFO seekers posted a video at basically outing Mr delong who would appear has set up this company in hopes of raising this money to offset nearly a 0.$5000000 in debt they he accumulated in past companies that he is operated that have gone bankrupt and this company he's created to the stars again is in the middle of a web surrounded by 16 other L. L. C. corporations and of this new company that he wants you to invest in he selling 50000000 shares and they're valued at one tenth of a penny each but he is selling them to you for $5 each with a minimum investment of $200 so in other words for $200 you get 40 shares that are actually only worth 4 cents but that's not what I want to talk about today okay this is info that's already been out there but what I want to talk about today is this new breaking story after Tom has indicated that he is setting up a crowd funding campaign or is using maybe his current funds that he has raised so far in order to build a spaceship Tom de longis new UFO academy is crowd funding a spaceship the ship will travel instantaneously through space air and water by engineering the fabric of space time wow really Tom is that so so you're telling me with about 300 grand which is nothing you are suddenly going to become the new E. lawn musk and create a space ship that will bend the fabric of space posting on his Facebook that quote we are aiming to build this electromagnetic vehicle to travel instantaneously through space air and water by engineering the fabric of space time our company is called to the stars and you can't invest in all caps invest in our plan to revolutionize the world with technology that can change life as we know it so again when I saw this new report about him wanting to be his first phase of his new company to create what would be that mankind's most greatest achievement to create some sort of interstellar spacecraft that's something it's even even one musk would probably get weak in the knees in attempting and he's gonna do it with 3 or 45 $0 so again it rings false to me a lot of big promises when the mass and the money is just not adding up he's not gonna be able to do any of the stuff for the money that he's investing alright and then there's just the dubious stuff behind the investments the cost of each share and you know in a in it my point here is and I've spoken to probably hundreds of you on Facebook and Twitter and through emails have message me about this that why can't Tom or any other guy like him who comes out and claims to be working with all of these high level government people who are now spilling their guts to him why does he have to build a company a multi faceted entertainment company why can't he just release the information released some photographs aren't released some video I posted you tube of you interviewing some of these higher ups and tell us what they know why do you need to raise 0.5000000 plus more you know gunning for millions here to just give us what we've been doing on you tube for years and posting little pieces of the puzzle as we get them because that is how this search works and I don't think that would be much of an ask for any of you guys do you guys agree my secure team fan squad family I think you do you're all smart Pete so that's my rant for today guys thanks for hanging in there if you did it and it clicked off already but be sure to stay tuned thank you all and insomnia team nnst //
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SOMETHING Landed On The Brazil Coast 10/21/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler you're was secure team with a bit of a breaking news story here I'm and it comes from basically the biggest at channel and news outlet in Brazil with people reporting residents reporting that something landed in a field on the coast of cell Paulo Brazil so here you're seeing the report translated by Google from which states again translated residents report alleged landing a flying saucer on the coast of S. P. marks on the vegetation and reports of citizens talk about a mysterious event in Peru day researchers and city hall investigate so before we get to this report here as you're seeing in this photo a couple of things stand out immediately I we have you know a big bushy overgrown field here and an obvious indentation made by something I mean it looks like something large and it looks triangular although the report is saying flying saucer this reminds me more of like a T. R. 3 B. or basically beat you know the black antigravity craft that have been seen slowly and silently flying through our skies for years now and data looks like something was laid down right here in the field and so city hall teams and researchers are investigating the alleged planting of this unidentified flying object off the coast of South Paulo Brazil residents reported seeing a light on the terrain at dawn where they've been found the flattened vegetation the area was forbidden by the city hall while they were doing their analysis the property is located at the back of the house on brown 19 in the bow the arrow sell you go back to use the 3 neighborhood away from the central part of the city the marks are slightly more than 13 meters long and 2 meters wide the land was surrounded by the city hall to avoid any sort of movement or walking upon the scene that might hamper the work of the researchers I one of the team by the name of saga Sousa said quote we've looked at it in the last few days and we already noticed that it was something that was not made by a human it was a UFO really that landed there making circular movements so the vegetation was crumpled according to reports of residents gathered by him time of the landing the homes in the surroundings went without electricity said their their electricity went out they said quote we have a couple who report that they sell at beam of light on the ground and in another moment the light approached their house so the entire episode occurred in the early hours of October 7 but was kept confidential so as not to attract attention from onlookers on Thursday the nineteenth when it was released by the city hall approximately 100 people crowded in the area that was being analyzed we are in a research phase but we have already collected images analyze the terrain and heard the witnesses one of them reports that at 6:00 PM on the seventh after that he saw something in the forest that he was not able to identify the residents of the house next to the site of the alleged landing according to saga who has studied for 35 years possible extraterrestrial contacts reported nausea and malaise in recent days which he says quote is a common factor in situations like this the area is being monitored by the local authorities and which have carried out marking of the terrain and aerial images of the vegetation that was altered saying quote it's a detail rich event that can help us clarify other situations in the coming days for several years the CDF Peru bay has aroused the interest of the scientific community where in early 2010 the former municipal administration implemented a quote youthful logical roadmap that passes through various parts of the city now just to clarify here what they mean by a youthful logical roadmap is that basically because there's been so many strange things happening in this area it's almost like yeah a tourist site now and so they've created this project that feature some of the so called attraction sought by tourists who want to come around at people who are am intrigued by the UFO phenomenon and indeed for many years now you know Brazil was one of the earliest places where we first heard about strange incidents where there be UFOs are just over a mysterious phenomena happening dating way back and this isn't the first time we've seen a landing of something unexplained and many of you may have heard of something called beaver Gina UFO incident I which is the name given to a series of events involving the alleged siting and capture by the the local authorities of an extraterrestrial being in Brazil in 1996 with that the first reports being broadcast on the Sunday TV show Fantastico which then quickly gathered extensive media coverage worldwide including an article in the Wall Street journal and has since become one of the most famous cases in modern Brazilian ufology and so again back to this story the alleged UFO landing has appeared have been covered up I mean it has it it occurred in early October and it's been covered up by the Brazilian media and authorities until now now it is not clear why that they did not reveal this for 10 days however the fact that they're investigating this and seem to be taking it very seriously and with again people talking about the lights in their houses going out seeing this light over the field a spinning object I think we have something here you know it's very reminiscent of things like the Roswell incident and many of the other landings that have occurred around the world so there you have it on we will obviously continue to follow this story something has obviously happened here on the coast of Brazil and if we have anymore info of course how post on it maybe if any of you guys any viewers out there from the area can give us any more info please leave it down below and that I'll post a link to these are original stories and reports about this sighting and you know I just have to say god bless the Brazilian authorities because unlike our own government of which cover ups are nothing more than the status quo thankfully we have more enlightened countries in areas where they're much more open to these phenomena and to reporting on them and letting the public know what is going on or at least giving us some details but again they just released it they covered it up so technically they may not be giving us all the info but rest assured I'll be following it and broke quick before we go to dad's staff some show you guys as well as an update to a future video I was just sent this video by if you wear who is getting into the howling spirit now Halloween is one of my favorite months of the year and as you all know I feature a secure team tee shirts on the online shop you can stop over and grab one and well if you are decided to take it to the next level so check this out so I want to thank the viewer who sent this in itself really awesome to me the you grab a shirt and are using it as part of your Halloween display this year at the viewer said it's a great conversation starter with neighbors feeling relaxed and comfortable talking about their experiences with UFOs so big thanks to Jeff for sending that over and while we're on the subject I have another video coming of something very strange that just occurred and what would you say something big was just seen flying over the Arizona and at Texas desert so I'm gonna do a little bit more working digging on that the watch out for that video and a few hours so make sure you have notifications turned on if not just check back channel every now and so thanks again guys stay tuned seems that nnst //
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Proof Of Shapeshifters Among Us? 10/20/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler here we secure team over 400 ancient unknown structures have been discovered in the middle of no man's land in Saudi Arabia many of which have been found on top of volcanoes that are believed to date back thousands of years so what you're seeing here our satellite images that were just discovered I have these spes 400 or so a mysterious stone structures which archaeologists are calling gates based off the loose resemblance they have to old fashioned field gates and most of them take this out rectangular shape has you're seeing these photos and we'll go through these photos one by one very peculiar the story behind these anomalous structures because you know most of them the the majority are found in an area of Saudi Arabia again riddled with volcanoes completely inhospitable to anybody even today and so they were found clustered around this volcanic region of a place called Harod Khobar and as of right now researchers have more questions than answers regarding what the structures were used for who built them how old they are into the meaning behind them the stone structures are all associated with these old lava domes now inactive but that worked highly active during the construction of the stone gates and how do they know that these things were built while the volcanoes were erecting an extremely active well because some of the lava flows are actually going over top with these domes having once ejected this basaltic lava which flowed down the sides of the dome creating these massive lava fields and on top of the fields are roughly built and low stone walls suggesting that they weren't used to retain cattle or something like that and in fact many of the walls mimic an eye shape out while the others are rectangular and they vary in size is the largest almost 1700 long some of them can be seen built up the sites these volcanic domes and you know they're wondering could some sort of nomadic tribe thousands of years ago when these volcanoes were still wrapped thing built these but that would have meant they would had to scale the sides of these active volcanoes building these things while they're exploding and ejecting lava any it just doesn't make sense add on that the fact that this is an extremely remote area and some of the structures in fact they have found predate these volcanic flows so some of more created even before the volcanoes were active and it's M. yeah they're completely stumped why were these ancient people of Saudi Arabia building gates so called gave some people are calling them the gates of hell on top of these volcanic fields and the remote desert the research team that discovered them admits that but with the current amount of evidence it's hard to know for sure the team found some other stone structures including stone kites used to hunt animals and things that look like wheels however it's hard to fully piece together the story while being thousands of miles away and relying solely on this satellite imagery and another thing is actually you know why these gates actually cluster together like this is still unknown this picture of the lava dome that has the gates on it was taken in the 19 eighties by Vic camp the taller lava dome behind it is called Jabbar al I died or white mountain in Arabic the lava domes are no longer active although in the past basalt lava poured from them and here we have a picture of 2 more gates taken again by Vic camp in the 19 eighties where you can see the remains of the lava flow very close to them you know partially covering the third gate here which is I guess that again the gates are older than the lava flows so this is an enigma I think you guys get the point and some are saying that they could date back around 7000 years or more which is pretty crazy you know the fact that they're still so visible they're still you know they're not buried basically and you know for the life of me I can't understand why they would build these near these massive volcanic vents I'm risking life and limb it would seem I'm dodging these massive eruption so you guys let me know you think down below I you know in the last couple of videos we've been you know talking about a lot of discoveries found using this tool that we call Google earth and there's a lot of cool stuff you can find around earth and people are still discovering things okay everything that could you know anything mysterious that's on earth has a lot of it still yet to been found and you know we're talking about things on land things down at the bottom of the ocean and in space you know I don't know if many of you know this but Google maps and Google earth allows you to look around space visit other planets and in fact in a news story Google maps is now letting you basically hunt for aliens on various planets and moons in a new addition to their software which has been very exciting for space fans an anomaly hunters Google maps has now added a new feature that is showing many more of earth's celestial neighbors where you can now get online and not only explore earth and the moon and Mars but Pluto mercury Venus and more you can also visit some of the icy moons that are in orbit around Saturn and Jupiter until recently Google posted to their blog they're revealing this new feature saying that people could now visit all of these planets along with their moons in this screenshot here you can see I can visit all of these different millions a number such as Enceladus Ganymede which is basically the most that volcanic moon in the solar system covered in active volcanoes and so that's why it's always changing color as you're seeing in this image here but you can visit all of them Weah Europa meanness all of these different places and moons zoom down to the surface and so that is gonna be something really cool especially for people like me who have been you know a long time anomaly hunters we found so many strange things on the moon and on Mars and now we have a ton more to add to the list and I'm sure no doubt many of you will be finding some cool stuff and if and when you do be sure to send it in alright so lastly today pretty crazy story about a very famous and well known lead singer rock star if you will by the name of Billy Corgan many of you will remember him as the lead singer of the smashing pumpkins who've recently while on the Howard Stern show in admitted that he had witnessed a person transforming into something that he said was quote not human I which in in other words you could call it a shape shifter or perhaps an alien and so Corgan he was again appearing on the Howard Stern show was talking when the topic of his appearance on the Alex Jones show came into question and that is when Corgan made the revelation of his own paranormal experience that he had saying that he didn't want to add to the conspiracy but that he also had some experience of his own that might come under that category and he went on to say that he was embarrassed about the experience that he had and he would not give away many of the details of what he did say is that he saw a person transformed into something that he could not explain Corgan said that he would only say that he had seen someone wants undergo a quote transformation that he couldn't explain stern asked him whether that person had transformed into something that was not human and Corgan replied that yes he had seen it happen they asked him if maybe he was on something you know during this time and he said no he was completely sober later going on to say that the other person had acknowledged that they had transformed but Corgan refused to add any more details about what had occurred and he said that he was being vague about the subject on purpose so yeah he's not really saying that he saw an alien in shifter which you guys can find a ton of stuff about here on you too you know there's a huge group of people who believe in this phenomenon the shape shifting phenomenon that you don't believe that they're aliens walking among us looking like humans and that can shape shift at will and so he believes Mister Corgan believes that he saw something that cannot be explained by modern science and although he was very vague didn't give up too many details didn't say it was an alien but he pretty much did you know by saying well it transforms into something that was not human and so you what does that leave you guys thinking okay if it's not human Annie's transforming her shape shifting what would have the ability to do that I want to thank you guys for stopping by today a lot of strange things being found and happening around our planet on and off our planet and we will continue reporting on them as they come in so be sure to stay tuned follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you haven't yet and subscribe for future notifications and see you guys back in just a I nnst //
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TWO Underwater Pyramids Found Off Florida Coast?
\\all right Hey what's up guys Tyler you're was secure team I we have a new discovery here posted by none other than Scott see wearing the man who operates UFO sightings along time UFO in anomaly hunter here on the web and after going through some areas of the ocean floor on Google maps and Google earth he discovered what appeared to be very anomalous looking pyramid shaped structures sticking out of the sea and the sea floor so we've zoomed in from Google earth I will put the coordinates to this down below Scott says quote I found these 2 pyramids on the ocean floor near New Providence island it's not far from Florida the lines on the pyramids are easy to make out and are proof that the nearby island was once inhabited by an ancient man or as tech like people so I am showing you some different shots here and I have to say these do look like pyramids you know obviously ancient pyramids that would have some weathering over the years I'm now one thing about the ocean is it actually preserves things much better because you're not out there in the open air where things can Rustin deteriorate so if these are pyramids that could be much much older than say some of the remains found on earth that you know are barely still there must have crumbled to dust so as we analyzing these Anna Scott pointed out the 2 pyramids or pyramid like structures are not the same with one being like a perfect 3 sided structure in the other looks almost have like a M. a layer where there may have been steps and you can see looking at both sides of it it looks similar to the may impair minutes of Mexico Scott then points out that it may not have anything to do with UFOs or aliens but how do we know that these ancient structures weren't built some 50 to 100000000 years ago and what if these are some of the most ancient structures to be found on planet earth at the structures measure around 100 meters at their base around 60 meters tall and again can be found right off the coast of Florida and more specifically New Providence island I will put the coordinates to ease down below Abbas is not the first time that we've discovered pyramid like structures at the bottom of our ocean and if you do just a little digging with the Google maps work Google earth software you can find a lot of the strange almost too perfect you know structures pyramid like that really make you start to question what is going on down there and you know could this be a link to something like Atlantis that was at one time above the waters and many people have spoken about something called crystal pyramids on the sea bed one of which is alleged to be located at the bottom of the Bermuda triangle area where a lot of strange things happen planes disappearing boats vanishing and this was put forth by a man who goes by the name of doctor for lag who is an oceanographer who have recently came out and claimed that he had found these underwater structures and spoke about this in a at a press conference held in the Bahamas so I will put a link to that new story down below if you wanna read more about that enter yeah let me know what you guys think about this discovery could these be ancient pyramids of some sort obviously we can't conclusively tell but very interesting and good finding by Scott over UFO sightings daily it's good to have him back so thanks again guys for stopping by be sure to subscribe and if you have your own UFO sighting or video footage or you know just an idea you'd like me to post a video about don't hesitate to contact me my email is down below and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible so stay safe guys stay tuned and see back in just a bit //
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They Can't Explain WHAT Made This Ocean Sound
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler here was secure team add this is gonna be a little bit of a shorter video and that's why you just saw the short intro nessie intro many using of from now on for the shorter videos like I've done in the past and it instead of just posting long videos maybe once every you know one or 2 days I will be posting a lot more in the form of the shorter videos anytime I find something interesting that I want to talk about and that way we'll have to try to cram it into you know just one long video so I can have multiple videos uploaded everyday so I think you guys will appreciate like that so in today's video I wanna talk about a new documentary that goes into detail of one of the most mysterious sounds ever recorded coming from our Ocean and it's also the loudest sound that's ever been recorded in the sea and it occurred back in 1997 and despite what some skeptics may tell you it has still remains a mystery all the way up into this day so the sound actually has a name it's called the blue that's B. L. O. a whole P. and this sound much I'll play for you here in just a second it's extremely eerie when you listen to it it was recorded by the U. S. national oceanic and atmospheric administration or NO a a where out of no where recording instruments picked up a sound that appear to be coming from down in that deep that has never been heard or recorded since then it's never been heard again and so well I'll go ahead and play you that sound here and we'll talk more in just seconds or current hosted again recorded by founders had phones that were this that were around for still recording device it's all true blue free that lasted and has been repeat now just years ago an article came out by clean to finally solved a riddle and the mystery stating that well according to that in a way and it was likely just in Berg breaking off I shall I but many believe is nothing more than a cover up and despite what the article states the so called proof here there was an iceberg is not conclusive at all and it was actually just what they thought it likely ones however Dr Christopher fox of the in ... any any who originally proposed this iceberg idea has since redacted and now believe said it was some sort of enormous unknown organism which by the way is much larger and louder than the most massive ocean fish which would be something like the blue whale to this day it's remained a mystery you know we talk a lot about how the ocean 95 percent of which has never been explored by mankind we have no idea what is down there you know a in terms of UFOs I always bring up the fact that our oceans are an alien world in and of themselves forget about space intent here could be entire metropolises down there at the bottom of the sea and you know a lot of the UFO sightings and eyewitness testimony would seem to corroborate that with a lot of strange things scene happening out in the middle of the ocean in a new update to this mystery there is this new at short but really cool documentary entitled the blue that goes into detail about this strange underwater sound that has never been heard from again it contains that as doctor Christopher fox who is the chief scientist of the acoustic monitoring project at the NO a a we just talked about him in the short film a doctor fox can be heard saying that it was not theirs and that it is captivating due to the fact that no one seems to have any idea what made this loud noise and why it made it going on to say that he is happy that there are still some things on the earth and the universe that remain something of a mystery you know the mystique of our oceans suggest he continues to intrigue me it's one of my favorite subjects and when it comes to the dark unexplored debts and I think there's a lot that we have yet to discover and a lot of things in future they're going to be coming to light and that hopefully will give us more info about just what is down there lurking that we have so long speculated about so thank you guys for stopping by today check out this documentary links down below and stay tuned because I've got a couple more videos on the way some other things I want to talk about as well as another strange discovery down at the ocean bottom so look out for that I'll have it up in a bit and I'll see you guys soon //
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THIS Literally Just Made Space Bend 10/18/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler you're with secure team a bunch of stuff to talk about today now if you remember a few days ago I talked to you about this huge announcement that was coming courtesy of the E. S. O. or the European Southern Observatory and we're going to get to that announcement here just a minute at first can even more crazy if you ask me is this new report of a Miami based congresswoman or well congressional candidate she's in the race right now to win the congressional seat in Florida but it's no less a legitimate political candidate who aside from just you know being your sort of average everyday politician you know looking to win an election has also admitted that she was once abducted by aliens and can communicate with extraterrestrials the Miami based politician running to replace Republican representative I lean out Ross let men has said in a number of Spanish language TV interviews most of which aired a few years back that she was once taken aboard a spaceship by aliens where they discussed a number of topics with her so in 2 videos dug up by the Miami Herald miss but Tina Rodriguez angularity explains in detail how she was taken by aliens when she was 7 years old and once again around 10 years later according to the woman after taking her aboard the spacecraft they spoke with her about quote a series of things that would happen which she recounted in these television interviews she said quote and they all happened point to point she said quote I went in there were some around seats that were there and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship the 59 year old who was actually corrals first economic developer and was a derailed canceling from 16014 said that the aliens weren't typical with you know the big head the black guys but then in fact 2 of them were female and one was male and that they look just like us and they were dressed in very simple garb that she said reminded her of the Christ the redeemer statue which you're seeing here she said that the aliens appeared before her and telepathic Lee told her to walk outside some of the information that she said she was given I was that about conflicts happening in the Middle East along with the fact that the world's energy center is in fact in Africa and that god is a universal energy and not a man saying quote he's not a person he's an energy he's part of everything he speaks with people all over the world and they interpret what he says differently in reality there are different religions there is just one in a statement given this past Friday miscalculate area told the Miami Herald she's not the only person who believes in other life forms saying quote for years people including presidents like Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter and astronauts have publicly claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects scientists such as Stephen Hawking in institutions like the Vatican have stated that there are billions of galaxies in the universe and we are probably not alone I join the majority of Americans who believe that there must be intelligent life in the billions of planets and galaxies in the universe lastly she said that the aliens promised her to return and she said that they kept their promise when she was 17 when they visited her for a second time so yeah there you have it I'm yeah it's just another story with you guys believe it or not hers are a dime a dozen you know a lot of people out there have stories like this and experiences and there are a lot of similarities that happen in a match up with these cases so very interesting story at a Miami attorney by the name of Rick you bore told the Herald finally that her hard to believe assertions could hurt her political ambitions Miami politics are unusual but this takes it to a new level well I'd say so and you know how the mainstream makes a mockery of anything having to do with alien so I'm sure this will definitely hurt her but you know more power to her for coming out in at least standing by her story when confronted about it and I think that tells you a lot about a person and whether they're actually telling the truth or not so very interesting and now on to the huge revelation that was to come I spoke about this couple days ago by the E. S. O. who were monitoring space with various telescopes around the world where they spotted something happening that had never been seen before ever and that was the first ever glimpse of 2 colliding neutron stars creating some beautiful observations of both white and gravitational waves that were detected from this massive cosmic event so what you're seeing here are some actual stunning images and you can see all of these different colors that this stunning event created I you're also seeing some artists illustrations put out by the ESL you know beautifully detail in this eruption of light and gravitational waves which in other words are these ripples literal ripples in the universal fabric space time that were produced by this event which is known as a Kilinochchi many of you have heard of a supernova which is when a star collapses and explodes well this is very similar but extremely more powerful and it happens when the dead course of 2 stars that have stopped burning fuel come together and this is the first time that we have ever directly observed a killing Nova eruption with dozens of observatories detecting the event using every wavelength of light from radio waves to gamma rays and the event was observed in gravitational waves by the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory or lego so imagine you have 2 sons just like our own that have died out leaving nothing more than to extremely dense cores that are no longer putting out any kind of energy or anything like that and they're extremely small in fact for as huge as an eruption is this thing was these 2 neutrino stars were no larger than say the city of Los Angeles and in the process you out a myriad of heavy elements such as gold and platinum which is then shot out in every which way in direction out into the universe and managing massive chunks of gold and platinum the size of a house or more and you know maybe 1 day 1 of these pieces will actually who land on earth but don't get your hopes up because this occurred some 30000000 light years from earth in a galaxy called NGC 4993 so yeah there you have it that is the big announcement so lastly today I'm gonna feature a few strange UFO sightings and things that were captured on camera the first of which was a set of videos that was sent to me by someone in mesa Arizona who believes there is something strange going on in the desert what you're saying and that maybe they're even some sort of mysterious Tess taking place and this all came about when the source of the footage noticed a formation of lights 3 lights to be precise sitting in the sky changing formations and at 1.moving into a triangular formation and then appearing to spin on its axis and change its position in the sky and at 1.a helicopter can be seen circling the object flying by and flying back so go ahead and check these videos out if if formed a triangle do different formed a perfect triangle what the hell looks like they're rotating now but they're still in the shape what are they yeah okay cell again these solid bright lights spotted in the skies over mesa Arizona forming a diagonal line as well as a triangle wild bees helicopters were seen in the area flying back and forth near them now could easily separate lights or were these all just one large triangular object that was simply tilting moving maybe to a side view and then back to you know a full on view where you could actually see all 3 lights it's extremely mysterious when you have lights moving in unison like this as well as having other you know conventional aircraft flying around it kinda makes me wonder something going on out there in the testing something or were they just watching this occur it reminds me of the Phoenix lights that occurred back in 1997 so you know something strange is going on out in the Arizona and Nevada desert and as long as we have video cameras and found we will keep featuring footage like this so of course if you guys have any more info about it do let me know send me an email or put it down video description so with that thank you guys for stopping by today be sure to subscribe and stay tuned get another video in the making see you walk back in just a bit Stacy nnst //
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ANCIENT RELIC Discovered On Drifting Asteroid? 10/16/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler here was secure team and get a few things to talk about today the most important is a very anomalous structure found on an asteroid that is currently orbiting planet Mars so in this new image and actually it's not really that new and was originally captured back in June of the year 2000 but I'll wager a guess that for many of you have never seen this before or really any of these images many of you probably have never heard of this asteroid well some people believe it's it's sort of like an asteroid slash moon but technically it's an asteroid and so it's called eros and it's just you know sort of elongated lopsided potato shaped moon that routinely crosses the orbit of Mars and fun little fact was actually the first discovered and second largest near earth object ever found with a mean diameter of approximately 16.8 kilometers and unbeknownst to many people it was actually visited we send a probe out to take pictures add the probe was called the new year shoemaker which began its visit with the asteroid back in 1998 and it became the very first asteroid to ever be studied from orbit now it's a new year shoemaker probe visited eros twice first with a 1998 fly by what you're seeing in these photographs here and then by orbiting it in 2000 when it extensively photographed its surface later on in 2001 at the end of its mission it actually landed on the surface using its maneuvering jets and so to this new image here that we've never feature before but it is amazing showing what can only be described at least according to those I've shown it to and from my own analysis we have here something that looks very artificial sitting down on the surface and it's not the space probe okay this image was taken a year before the probe actually landed and by the way this is what the probe actually looks like it landed on a separate area of the asteroid so you can see here in this zoomed out shot sitting in this shallow crater here to the right casting a shadow down on the surface is what appears to be a building or a white reflective structure with what has been described as a corridor or just a smaller building attached to it an arm if you will so let's go ahead and zoom in so here we are a little bit closer and that I can just look at this and I don't really have to say much you know yeah other images you could say okay it's just a case of beer dolia this year sticks out like a sore thumb okay it's it's not shaped like a rock or a boulder or a group of rocks this thing looks like a perfect rectangular white building at least some sort of arm like structure coming off of it casting a shadow down on the surface you can even see right here on the main square a dividing line going right down the middle and as we go as close as possible without completely distorting the image I had this you know this looks to me like I'm some have said and some sort of mining operation factory if you will you know like you have minds here on earth or factories we of the main building and then you have a giant tube coming off of that we're debris is dumped out some of said it looks like that other say it looks like some sort of complex on this asteroid one of the things that's been spoken about in ufology for years is the fact that these extraterrestrial beings out there that we know exist okay in there's likely multiple races of these guys had it's been shown that there are numerous AI artificial structures on various moons and other bodies throughout the solar system I heard that you can I guess call as a jumping off point where these craft can land where there are installations and we've seen them on the backside of our own moon they've been spoken about by former astronauts blurt out by photograph techs who worked for NASA who admitted it in lieu of a congressional hearing that these bases were on the backside of the moon and they did have to airbrush them out and so who's to say that there are asteroids out there that are in a very similar orbit are much smaller and are a lot less likely to be seen were visited by one of our space probes and yet at the same time orbits and crosses the path of a major planet like Mars and where you can jump back in force now of course I'm just theorizing here I'm I'm spit balling I'm speculating okay but at the photographic evidence of these anomalous structures taking early around planet Mars we have found what are called monoliths on the surface not only Mars but of one of its moons called Phobos we've spoken about it many times buzz Aldrin and probably the most famous of all of the astronauts who walked on the moon once spoke of this monolith and he called it a monolith on the surface of Phobos that structure you're seeing here and they've also been discovered on Mars east perfect rectangular slabs of rock or stone or metal or whatever they are sticking up out of the surface standing tall you know in the middle of a barren wasteland like they were planted there by something then he just look at the images you know and then we talk about the fact that Mars you know couple 0 years ago was very much like earth some say that humans even came from Mars and that these ancient bases or current bases are a remnant and a relic of when the red planet was once inhabited and from the looks of some of the structures may very well still be inhabited so that's the big question so I think this is a very striking photo and again as you're looking at this zoom got shot it's plain as day it looks like an installation of some sort tell me I'm crazy but I don't think I am a but as always I will leave it up to you guys and I will put the original link to the image down in the video description see guys can download it check out do whatever and it let me know what you think now in other news am I the very short clip here that was posted online of what is being described as a mysterious cluster of lights moving at a very high altitude over Lisbon Portugal so a couple photographs and a very short video may been like a Snapchat video were posted to move on with the witness stating that it was clearly visible as it was a dark night already with very low light pollution on the riverbank where he was standing and that's when they noticed this grouping of glowing objects I get kind of in the shape of a football you know from my analysis kind of what the shape is were an oval shape slowly moving sky and you're seeing that footage here and I'm showing you different versions and we're slowing it down and so the source said that they moved steadily across the sky seemed to glow we're very high above the clouds and we're following in a straight flight pattern from south to north at what appear to him as a very high speed has since at the moment that he saw them above the right riverbank the moment he looked back they had already vanished from view at but that we're on a path that he said would have had them over flying the Lisbon airport which is documented in this graphic here and so yeah this is a strange one mysterious cluster and we have a cluster of lights heading at in tight formation towards an airport and lastly the source said that the objects did come back into view and according to him once they had gotten near the airport they dispersed and went in opposite directions I'm almost as if they were attempting to avoid the runway at the airport and any incoming or exiting craft so whatever he's where they were not helicopters or drones or anything like that and you know they were glowing emitting light moving at a fast pace in formation before dispersing once reaching the airport which would indicate you know potentially some sort of artificial control here so I thought I'd let you guys check it out if any of you over this area of Portugal some of these things are having more info do let me know alright so thank you guys for stopping by today lastly I just wanna give a special thanks I'm to the 20 or so people who were kind enough to send me packages I went to my at PO box today at the at the UPS store to drop off a package and ... they surprised me with a stack of letters boxes and packages here and the Senate their offer me so you know this completely M. nose caught off guard I know it mentions my PO box before but I didn't really think too many people would send me stuff but I was just amazed at some of the awesome things I got and that I am thinking of doing a video soon maybe a like a fan unboxing video so I can show you some of the really cool stuff that people have sent me so again you guys out there you know you are I wanna thank you again for sending me this stuff I would love to feature and now one of my next video so look out for that thank you all again idea box if you wanna send me something is down in the video description so thanks again guys stay tuned scene back nnst //
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Astronaut's Cryptic Message About Aliens 10/16/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler you're was secure team I got quite a few things to show you guys today to talk about so let's just get right into it the first thing that I wanna talk about if you haven't seen it yet is a recent interview that was done on a show called good morning Britain in which former Apollo astronaut awarded talks about his participation in one of the Apollo moon landings now he didn't actually walk on the moon but he did orbit it up in the spacecraft so we can only imagine what he saw from his view in the spacecraft looking down at the moon especially when he was going around the dark side as we call it which if you don't know is where it said that all of the bases are in all the strange activity occurs and so later in the interview they asked him what's the point why should we still be putting all this money into finding the space agencies and trying to get out into space and that's when he starts talking about visiting other earth like planets that have been discovered other planets out there that very well could have aliens on them as we speak now what was also very revealing was his notion that aliens not only exist but that we are aliens ourselves and so he makes no mistake about it also kind of cryptically ending the interview by talking about the ancient Samarian said now if you want to learn look into them and of course the ancient Sumerians along with the Samarian tax have been shrouded in controversy over the years a quick rundown if you don't know the Cimmerians and the Samarian culture dates back to around 6000 BC and is the oldest known culture on planet earth even today we still use the same mathematical system calendar and time as they created long ago and since we have evidence leftover today from this time we can see similarities between what they had then and what we have today now many of you have heard of planet acts or Nibiru and this actually ties into the Sumerians well according a to some scholars who have it's them and what they've written but today I just want to focus on the alien part now many of you may have heard of an ancient alien race known as the anew gnocchi and according to the Samarian see Andrew gnocchi were guides that had come down to earth and had ruled the earth before humans were created and many people believe today that the ana gnocchi were in fact highly advanced alien or extraterrestrial beings that actually had a hand in creating human beings now I should be known that the Sumerians had an amazing knowledge of the solar system and what is so interesting about the enoki is that in the ancient texts the Sumerians also tell of another type of being that we would describe in our terms today as an android or an android being some areas directly explained that these quote helpers were not alive but acted so not only did the Sumerians make figurines of the visitors but they also wrote down on stone what took place during the encounters with these android beings and this sort of links directly to some of the visitation and abduction stories today many of you probably heard of the alien gray and it's one of the most known and most described type of alien being that has been witnessed in these abduction or visitation cases you know the small gray man with big dark eyes that is almost android in nature or without a soul and it's been said many times these aliens are nothing more then androids or drowns of machines if you will that are being sent out and are the actual things that have been seen flying around in these UFOs and it's also said that the actual living extraterrestrials are controlling the so called drones and use these drones to do their so called dirty work or send them out into these different galaxies to visit places like earth and to take data or to bring back abductees and so is it possible that the so called alien greys that we know of today were created by the end you gnocchi as watchers to oversee their experiments here on earth and if the enemy gnocchi had actually been extraterrestrials who isn't to say that they haven't created other races of beings on other planets out there in the galaxy and did we all star on earth to begin with are we just weary travelers hopping from one planet to the next and is earth our original home it's all in mind bending stuff it's all you know it's kind of stuff you just sit and dwell on and it can drive you crazy but it's very interesting you know it's a little seed at this astronaut here planted at the end of the interview sell very interesting stuff one thing I will say whether this turns out to be true or not with the Samarian says that we do have a lot of evidence from ancient cultures around the world and mainly in these drawings cave paintings and figurines depicting what appear to be advanced extraterrestrial or antigravity craft things that look like that modern aircraft and that there's no way they could have known about thousands of years ago so it really is some crazy stuff so let me know what you think about that now in other news I have an update for you guys about Mister Tom de long I who I spoke about any video a couple of days ago and if you don't know yet or if you didn't see that video Tom who is the former rock star from the band's blink 182 has recently come out and revealed a new company that he created that according to him will be used to not only research and revealed the truth about aliens but to also help build alien or anti gravity technology and he is looking for investors now I spoke about this the other day and from the get go you know ever since Tom came into the spotlight something just kind of rubs me the wrong way okay and you know I nothing personal against the guy some of you out there called me a hater or that I was salty that he was awarded UFO researcher of the year but I assure you I'm not and just by the way the people who awarded him UFO researchers of the year was none other than open minds which you don't know it is a website that in bodies the commercialized nation of ufology so if you want to pay for a membership or by a bunch of DVDs or books or coffee mugs or open minds jackets feel free to head over to their website okay so when Tom came out and he was making all these huge claims without really telling us anything I started to scratch my head and in my last video I gave you guys my opinion on this new company that he's created in the fact that he's trying to raise money for it and again I said something is just not rubbing me the right way and well today I don't really have anything more to say but my friends over at UFO seekers do so my buddy who runs the channel he did a little research into Tom delong's new company and what he found is nothing short of explosive well let's just put it this way if you're planning on investing money into this company please hang onto it and go and head over and watch this video put out by UFO seekers if you guys want to learn the truth behind this new alien hunting company and what it's really can be used for so be sure to head over when this video is done I'll put the link down in the video description great work and some very eye opening work by UFO seekers be sure to head over and check it out and tell me then if I was just hating or that I was in any way wrong about my original apprehension about this whole situation and lastly today back to the UFO sighting front I'm a very interesting set of images here captured on September 29 by viewer who said he was looking for some photos because he was going to send a photo to a friend of his when a certain image caught his eye and he says you don't actually remember taking it and says he was looking he noticed something strange on the right side of the image something that appear to be moving or at least reflecting light heading in the sky over the trees and as he did his analysis and we're doing the same zooming in a becomes apparent this is no plane and helicopter no drown so we have the Sam rectangular shape to it and it looks like it's almost divided into 4 separate compartments and so you know it does that mean this is for objects flying in form and you know very tight formation is this just the way the object looks I don't know I can't say but what I can say is that we have an unidentified flying object here that is not as a conventional aircraft nature or add anything I've ever seen before so at this point it remains a mystery and I wanna give a big thanks to Jack for sending this over so have you guys seen anything like this is a mysterious one I haven't seen too many your foes to take on the shape and it's those ones that I always say you should really take a good look at because the last that you see a certain type of UFO the more secretive it likely is and the more likely it is that it's some off world craft not something it's being tested and seen all the time here on earth so yeah that's all I have for you guys right at this moment but I am going over emails I got much more coming and I may have I may try to get a new video do look out for that in the meantime check back and watch some old stuff if you're not old we caught thanks again guys have a great rest your day it's so nnst //
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SOMETHING Opened A Massive Hole In Antarctica 10/14/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler who was secure team well if you have seen this it's it's been featured even in the mainstream news the past couple of days and scientists are baffled and they truly are as to why there is a massive hole appearing in Antarctica so this was first at posted by mother board and with the article entitled a giant mysterious hole has opened in Antarctica we're still trying to figure out what's going on the hole that they discover through satellite imagery is as large as the state of Maine and is opened up in Antarctica and scientists aren't sure why the mysterious opening quote quite remarkable says atmospheric physicist Kip Moore he said it looks like something has punched a hole in the eyepiece now there's a name for such massive holes and it's called a pollinia and there are areas of open water surrounded by sea ice at the forum in coastal regions of Antarctica usually towards the edge you know where it's warmer and it you know the water is warm and the crime is just a little bit warmer but that's not what happened here this whole has appeared in an area of the ice far from the coast and is quote deep in the ice pack and according to scientists must have been formed by some other process that is not understood in other words they have no idea how the whole was created had the whole is hundreds of kilometers from the ice edge and scientists have said that if we didn't have a satellite we wouldn't have known it was there to begin with now it is interesting to note that this whole appeared once before before closing up again around 40 years ago a perennial was originally observed in the same location back in the 19 seventies and back then scientists observation tools weren't nearly as good so that whole remain largely unstudied at the time then it went away for 4 decades until last year when it re opened for a few weeks and now it's back again physicist Kip Moore says quote this is now the second year in a row that it's opened after 40 years of not being there and we're still trying to figure out what's going on now it is tempting you know maybe for a lot of you to blame this mysterious hole on climate change scientists are saying nope don't even go there because everything about this whole is pointing away from the typical signs of climate change using observations from satellites in deep sea robots Mister Moore and his collaborators are working on an as yet unpublished research that aims to answer some of these questions about what's going on here he says that compared to 40 years ago the amount of data they have is amazing leaving us finally with the fact that Antarctica is undergoing massive changes right now and that figuring out what because this whole is basically step one that will hopefully allow them to figure out what's causing these other changes around the continent so yeah Allen this is mysterious scientists have no idea why and again usually these holes appear near the coast where the water is much warmer that didn't happen here this this occurred in a region of the ice that is very thick and so the big question is what caused the whole if you remember and Mister Morse comments and he stated that it looked as if something punched it out now is that you simply at that a figure speech by him is it a slip of words is a hint or is he just stating the obvious and that it indeed does look like he's been punched out so what kind of thing would be able to punch out a hole the size of the state of Maine the answer to that I will leave with you guys if you've been with the channel for awhile you'll know I've done a ton of videos regarding the mystique of Antarctica a lot of strange things happening around this continent a lot of things that I believe that we're not being told and it's long been said that a lot of the world's UFO phenomenon and sightings originate from this continent and indeed there have been sightings where you left those have been seen retreating back the southern hemisphere as if that there's some sort of base there you know investigate into operation Highjump led by admiral Richard Burt who along with a navy fleet back in the mid 19 forties descended upon Antarctica and was reportedly met with an onslaught of UFO fighters or drones and that were seen bursting in and out of the icy waters likewise you can look into some of the strange anomalous structures that we've discovered things in the middle of nowhere that just don't look like they belong of what appear to be openings in the sides of mountains some of them shaped like flying saucers which it can be linked directly to all the talk of the secret bases that are said to have existed deep under Antarctica since the second World War and finally you just have the sheer massive number of world leaders presidents and figures who have visited Antarctica I including heads of state religious figures popes as someone now up until this point you just have to look at the ... you know all the evidence and you can you can really only speculate you know we have little crumbs at this point but I think everyone will agree there's something strange and very mysterious about this continent I think there's something very big under the ice in fact we've even posted a video about that which was picked up by all of the mainstream news I about the strange gravitational anomalies detected underneath the ice by a couple of satellites orbiting overhead with data readings that show that there was something massive under there that had such a gravitational pull that it actually pulled down on these 2 satellites more than I did around any of the other areas of the continent and so if there's something down there that large then could this have something to do with this massive hole or is there something deep under the ice that has such a significant amount of heat coming from it that it could simply melt and amount of freezing cold ice size of Maine like it was nothing like it was a little snowball in your hand I'll leave it up to you guys to decide so have a great rest of your day guys and I'll see you back in just a bit //
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"UNPRECEDENTED" Space Phenomenon Announced 10/13/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler was secure team I just wanted to post this quick video after and a news release by E. S. O. or D. European Southern Observatory I if you don't know D. E. S. O. has been in the limelight in the past for some amazing discoveries a such as them newly found exoplanets or so called earth 2.hose that were discovered by astronomers and so now the word on the street is the SO is announcing a quote unprecedented discovery of to this point an undisclosed astronomical phenomenon alright those are the words that they're using astronomical phenomenon that is never been witnessed before so right off the bat we have something obviously happening out in somewhere out there a phenomenon as they call it that's never before been seen and is unprecedented I mean how is that and for putting you on the edge of your feet and that really cycling you up for this announcement and so as per this media advisory posted to the E. esos website is that they are going to be holding a press conference on October 16 at 1600 C. E. S. T. or in other words at 10 A. M. at its headquarters in Garching Germany to present groundbreaking observations of an astronomical phenomenon that has never been witness before the event will be introduced from the E. esos paranoia observatory in Chile by the director general exhibitor bar kinds and will feature talks by representatives of many research groups around Europe it goes on to say that this invitation is addressed exclusively at media representatives to participate in the conference bona fide members of the media must register by completing an online form by registering for the conference journalists agree to honor and in Bargo details of which will be provided after registration and not to publish or discuss any of the material presented before the start of the conference on October 16 on site journalists will have a question and answer session with panelists during the conference we will also take questions from journalists at participating online an E. S. L. press release will be publicly issued at the start of the conference and that is all we have thus far I'm just published on the eleventh a media advisory so what could be this unprecedented astronomical discovery never before been witnessed and that really is that I mean that's the best click bait I have ever heard in a long time and so beyond that there is no other information available regarding this most recent announcement at the last time that astronomers unveiled a groundbreaking discovery of this nature was when scientists working at lego or the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory detected gravitational waves ushering us into a new era in astronomy allowing us to see the universe as never before now just clarify here before that release of information in before these gravity waves were detected we were only able to perceive the cosmos through observations of electromagnetic radiation through gamma rays X. rays visible light and so on but thanks to this recent discovery we can now observe the very ripples of spacetime itself and so there you guys have it so I wanted to post this I'm just a couple days away from this huge astronomical enigma that and you know I'm obviously I'm gonna be sitting here waiting on pins and needles and I think it's gonna be exciting so I as the time goes by I will post links to the E. S. a website where you'll be able to watch this and I will talk about it when it comes now before we go today while we're on the subject of waves a recent video by a fellow youtuber who goes by the name of Mister MBB 333 how we featured his stuff in the past he's a really good anomaly hunter ideas it real eagle eye for spotting strange things happening via satellites weather satellites and in a new video he posted he'd detected something very strange moving across the United States and it came from a weather satellite and as you're seeing here in this looped video I Mister in BB 333 Hobbes color Mister M. I noticed a strange a body of light I guess you could call it or a reflection something that basically wasn't the sun okay this thing is moving way too fast to be the son and it moves from left to right very quickly as you're seeing here so if you can see the light at this is being reversed and then played and then reversed and then play just to show this I don't know what it is you know at first I thought okay that that's just a reflection of the sun but when you you look at the time know that this is moving much faster and normally you don't get this type of reflection from the sun so there's been a lot of theories out as to what he could be I'm one of my first series as well as a something moving in between the earth and the satellite is it some sort of metallic or reflective object that very closely passed by this satellite and so that's why you're kind of seeing that reflective blurred object moving by very quickly other theories are that what we're seeing is a S. sort of a photon burst from a collapsed star somewhere and others have said that this could be some sort of electoral release of some kind from the magma from up underneath Yellowstone I it's said that magma can produce large amounts of static and so what we could be seeing here some sort of a magnetic wave or release of energy from somewhere in that Yellowstone region and of course these are all just spit balls here and did this also reminds me if you guys remember a couple of months back we were talking about these really weird and I guess you could call them energy waves that were detected moving over earth now sometimes they would zigzag up and down like you're seeing in this clip here other times they would shoot across the earth you know over Brazil some of them look to become arctica and it would make this strange spiral pattern very artificial looking and so I'm looking at those was what we are seeing there and here you know is at the same are they linked and is this just more evidence of some sort of strange waves passing over earth or something man made you guys will have to tell me I'm so yeah it's very interesting I'll put the original link down below to Mister MC YouTube video you guys can check amount shown some love and let me know what you think about this so be sure to stay tuned we'll be talking more about this Sam E. S. O. press conference and in a few days we will finally learn just what is going on out in space that we've never witnessed you know it's exciting stuff like this so I love doing this channel you know it Sir you have UFOs that aliens you have a lot of strange mysteries happening down here on earth but you also have a lot of mysterious and enigmatic things happening out in space it's by themselves are enough to you know make you change everything you once thought about science about quantum mechanics and all of the rules that supposedly govern the way the universe works many of those rules that have been bent in the past and even broken so suffice it to say there's some weird stuff happening out there in the cosmos and will be right here to cover it so thank you guys again for stopping by let me know what you think and on a final note I just had to say and kudos to you too for finally getting in touch with me and ... confirming that they were shipping out my 1000000 subscriber gold play button which is just an awesome you know that big plaque you know with the gold play button I got my M. silver play button back when I hit 100000 subscribers that was about 2 years ago and so this is a milestone that I've just been waiting to reach for the past 2 years you know it it's just an amazing thing and it's because of all of you guys really is so I'm gonna hang it proudly here as a reminder that without all of you guys none of this would be possible I and I think it's proof positive that some normal everyday people on the internet can come together and really build something big that has changed lives that has opened up new doors and new data and new information into the abyss of the unknown and at the same time having all of us growing closer together as friends and colleagues who lives this work so thank you again guys I hope you have a great rest of your day or night depending where you are in a city that nnst //
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NASA Admits Planet X Is Real 10/12/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler here we secure team well of a few different things to talk to you guys about today now there's been a lot of the headlines coming out recently the past couple of days with titles such as planet X. bomb shell NASA finally admits alien world hiding on the edge of solar system now just a quick recap here for those you don't know there has been a conspiracy going on for years now that there is a rogue planets out there on the outskirts of our solar system that every few 0 years swings back through the middle of our solar system and crashes into earth and if you've been following at the recent doomsday predictions that I spoke about and there's a guy who goes by the name of David need have your member he is the one who put out the failed recently failed doomsday prediction that the world was going to end on September 23 while when that didn't happen at the date was pushed back to October 21 and the cause behind it is said to be that of this mysterious rogue planet that NASA is said to be hiding from us for years now denying its existence and just a quick note here that you know if you believe in the bureau that's fine I have nothing against you but I just do want to point out that people have been saying that this planet was going to come in and hit us for 20 plus years now you know so if that's any indicator then well hopefully you guys get what I'm saying here and so it is true that recently NASA did reveal and we've had some evidence in the past that you know it did exist that there are and there is indeed a rogue unknown planet previously unknown planet on the outer reaches of our solar system at this comes after the discovery of some strange things happening out there on the outer reaches of our solar system things such as the tugging on planets out there something out there is tugging on bodies and it's also said that this mysterious object out there may even be tilting our entire solar system but I guess ever so slightly and it you know doesn't appear to pose any and so this team of a strong from the California institute of found evidence of a real planet 4 times the size of planet earth which takes around 20000 years to orbit the sun and they discover this last year now NASA has admitted for the first time but the evidence exists for this new planet which the cal tech team is calling planet 9 and they're saying the evidence for this is compelling the space agency has said that the mysterious super earth which is 10 times the weight of our own planet maybe so powerful that it's pulling the other planets out of orbit and even tilting the entire solar system to one side in a recent statement NASA said quote it might be lingering actually on the icy outer edges of our solar system hiding in the dark but subtly pulling the strings behind the scenes stretching out the orbits of distant bodies perhaps even tilting the entire solar system it added quote the signs are so far indirect mainly it's gravitational footprints but that adds up to a compelling case none the less doomsayers believe that Nibiru which they say is the name of this mysterious planet will get close enough to earth to be seen by amateur stargazers before Christmas now the very space agencies including NASA have gone to great lengths to deny that this new planet 9 is Nibiru or has anything to do with it or that it is any kind of threat to us it said quote if the plan is there stream the distant and will stay that way with no chance in case you're wondering I've ever colliding with earth or bringing days of darkness Constantine bat yen who discovered planet 9 with colleague Mike brown said quote there are now 5 different lines of observational evidence pointing to the existence of plan if you were to remove this explanation and imagine planet 9 does not exist then you generate more problems than you solve and all of the sudden you have 5 different puzzles and you must come up with 5 different theories to explain them so yeah that's what we know so far okay it NASA has basically finally admitted it all the evidence pointed to it and we have a major space agency coming out and confirming it so that's where we are and there is no significant threat that anyone can see that whole thing is coming towards earth so now in other news pretty big news I'm getting a lot of emails to post a video about this Tom the long the former singer of blink 182 which was a popular rock band back in the late nineties early 2 thousands and it is said to be well by some at least to be at the forefront of ufology I he was even granted the UFO researcher of the year award earlier in the year son have even gone boldly as far as to say that through the long is the world's leading UFO hunter and you guys watch my previous videos talking about Tom you probably get the idea that I don't have a very high opinion of what he's doing or at least of you know what they're saying about him and that if he is suddenly the top leading UFO researcher now primarily his prominence to the UFO field came when it was discovered through the wikileaks email downs that he had been sending emails to John Podesta and so that kind of sky rocketed him into the mainstream UFO community and and you know into the news and all of the sudden and he is putting out books having to do with your photos he is making claims that he has been in touch with some very high ranking individuals who are giving him information about the alien phenomenon I information that is said to have never been released by anyone else and so obviously you can see why there'd be such an you know an excitement around this and you know I've listened to all of his interviews with people from the moment he was jolted I into this field and into notoriety and to be honest and again this is just my opinion he hasn't revealed anything yet that we don't already know alright he did a lot of interviews where he he's a very well in his well spoken he's articulate he seems to know what he's talking about granted he has done his research but he never really revealed anything you know and and he says well to go out and buy his books of course is putting out books want you to go buy them and if you guys remember back in February of this year he told everyone that he had a huge announcement that was gonna rock the world and it would be coming out within 60 days and well 60 days came and went no big announcement it wasn't until just this past week that announcement was said to finally be going to occur I with new stories such as inside knowledge about unidentified aerial phenomena could lead to world changing technology and that something extraordinary is about to be revealed and now for many of us we thought that this was Tom I finally coming out and admitting some hard data you know giving us some good information that he had learned all year to see and so what was it that he finally revealed well that he starting a company and that he's looking for investors and so he held a ... a live stream sort of like press conference or event where he revealed that he had created something called the to the stars academy of arts and science of which I he is president and interim C. E. O. V. academy includes 3 synergistic divisions science aerospace and entertainment the public benefit corporation is seeking to serve the public good through exploring quote the outer edges of science and understanding of phenomena and it has these different divisions as I said earlier the science division will conduct the research the aerospace division will apply the science to create quote next generation energy and propulsion concepts for transportation and space flight and finally the entertainment branch will offer quote informative storytelling that provides insight into the journey and provokes curiosity into the profound yet unresolved mysteries of the world so I don't know what that is if that you know that means they're gonna start producing TV shows you know fictional TV shows I don't know up but am you know if he does list some of the people that are working with him some of these higher ups as I like to call them and so here's my beef with this I it's it's not even a real beef but I'm just apprehensive so I I I don't ever promised Tom but I just I want to see some hard evidence alright he's been talking about this for a year now and so far all we received is buy my books I'm all we've received is I have a big announcement coming okay I'm gonna reveal truth about the alien phenomenon and now we have this huge announcement where he is once again saying that well we are going to reveal all of this secretive info we have all of the secret higher ups working with us but we need you to invest and the minimum price to invest is $200 and my big question is did you really need to create this huge corporation with all of these different wings and we know why can you just release the information why do I have to be an investor and a put down a minimum $200 I'm sure you can create this venture I just I wish he would just be more clear about it forget the creation of a corporation and generating potentially millions of dollars for it just released the information I just release it you know that would at least tell me that you're serious and that okay this guy's on to something and you know another issue I have is that why all of the sudden are these big name former government high up suddenly coming out and spilling their guts to Tom to long at you know a former lead singer of a rock band who once spoke about effing his dog I mean I'm not making this up and you know that's my question why are they suddenly opening up to this man when they've opened up to no one else and that makes me worry that they are feeding him this info and that this is all just a big set up so you know that's my view on it call me cynical I would just say call that's all and I think Tom has a passion for this or at least I hope you guys but I just hope he's not being used or fed incorrect information and that this really will end up being but you know something for the greater good of humanity and that the info does finally come out and you know until then we will work alongside him and anyone else who's trying to release this info and we'll see what happens sell let me know what you guys think down in the comments I'm just putting all the different aspects of this out there so lastly today I want you guys to check out a really cool new video by my friends over at U. F. O. seekers now I featured then spoken about them before at the number of other UFO channels that I ever vouch for I mean I can there's less than I can count on my fingers and one of them is UFO seekers they do a great job it's a team and actually go out there they got to area 51 they get out there on the ground and the production values are amazing and so recently they were out there on the ground doing some surveillance when they captured a very strange unidentified flying object aware on March 11 they captured a sequence of photographs I'd that contained this very strange object and does not look to be a drone aircraft a balloon nothing and they saw this thing moving well there were a UFO hunting in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Sherman pass road and when you see them show the photos in sequence seeing this thing move and it's it really is hair raising so I want you guys to head over to their channel and subscribe shown some love all right because they are one of the first you know did the fastest growing up and coming UFO research channels and they work well with secure team because where as I am I you know I'm limited to what I can do from my computer and although I can do a lot these guys actually get out there on the ground and are able to do the things that I can't do so I think it you know it makes a perfect sort of partnership and we just love featuring their stuff so head over I'll put the link to their new video down in the theater scratching you guys had over and check it out and tell me what you think tell Tyler said so that's all I have for today guys we thank you all for stopping by featured stay tuned got much more in the pipeline to be nnst nnst //
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Something BIG Happened On Mars 10/10/17
\\was ET looking for traffic jams on the grand parkway last month a person who was driving along highway 99 north toward I tend in Highland Olsen Katie shot this video of several unidentified lights in the sky the real life can be seen flying in close proximity to one another before a for flight emerges the mutual UFO network said it was she'd the video as part of a Katie UFO sighting report Hey what's up guys Tyler here was secure team well I want to do a little bit of a news dump today I bring you guys up to speed on some of the interesting fascinating things happening around the world the first is this mysterious UFO sighting that just occurred over Katy Texas where as you just saw in this news report here other person was driving along highway 99 grand parkway north and when he noticed several lights just sitting in the sky no we've seen this many times before I'm often it will be in a triangular formation sometimes they disappear reappear at other times they will completely change formation and going to different shapes but these objects they just sort of sat there and at times you can see 1 of the lights it appears to be moving upwards which would kind of defeat the idea that these were military flares which is kind of the go to excuse anytime you see lights in the sky I was the excuse for the well known Phoenix incident back in 1997 and then it was obviously not flares many people reported seeing a massive black triangular craft moving through the sky these lights sat here for how much longer will just say then flares do and am even to this day it's still kind of one of the young cover stories that they use and so you're saying the full video here posted by ABC 13 and ... obviously I wanted to see if any of you guys saw this have you seen something similar I'm yet just wanna maybe try to get some more footage of it now onto another breaking story very fascinating and it gives us a little bit more info in truth about our own moon and for many years people said that the moon was just dead cold dead planet you know nothing there at all and besides our investigations proving that their ancient structures on the moon evidence of ruins and UFOs a lot of strange activity and we'll get more into that here in a minute it's also been discovered or the scientific community has now admitted that the moon actually had clouds on it at one time it actually had an atmosphere and it had this atmosphere for around 70000000 years and it's actually quite fascinating when you think about it because you can picture yourself walking up on the moon and you know when you have an atmosphere you don't have a black sky 247 you actually have a colored sky with or be blue or orange depending how the sun is hitting the atmosphere but that's really awesome and they say that it was created billions of years back after a bunch of volcanoes erupted spewing giant clouds of gas above the lunar surface and this new study that is pointing towards this being you know illegitimate finding now today's moon is covered in that so called dead volcanoes and planes that consist of hardened lava the lunar atmosphere is so thin that it's not even technically an atmosphere instead it's considered an exosphere but again it behaves more like a very thin gas the new study suggests that the moon's ancient volcanoes produced a temporary atmosphere that lingered well 70000000 years before finally dissipating into space samples of volcanic glass is collected by Apollo astronauts in the seventies revealed that magma beneath the lunar surface billions of years ago carried gas components such as carbon monoxide ingredients for water sulfur and other volatile species in the new study the researchers calculated how much gas rose from the lava that flowed from the lunar volcanoes and they determine that and now asses accumulated around the moon form and fear and that this atmosphere grew faster and it could escape into space as I said earlier speaking of clouds on the moon while this says this happened billions of years ago there's been a little bit of evidence to say there may still be clouds or at least there were clouds within the past 56 the years so I don't know if you guys have heard of this but back in the mid 19 sixties before the Apollo moon landing missions NASA compiled a report and is most known today as the name our dash to 77 and in this state they compiled a comprehensive report from astronomers from the past all the way up until that time who had witnessed strange or anomalous activity happening on the surface of the moon through their telescopes and believe me if you read through this each page is filled with weirdness the report became the single most complete listing of all observed lunar anomalies that have been recorded by astronomers all the way back to the year 1500 and it refers to over 450 years worth of notes recording a myriad of observations of unique or unusual phenomena seen on the lunar surface these include reports of seeing areas of the moon's surface with strange colors streaks of light at appearance of strange mists and clouds and yes you guessed it UFOs moving across its surface and when you're going through this report it's astonishing just how many astronomers observed what they could only describe as clouds or a massive nest literally moving across the moon and there's just report after report of these things happening so I can't does make you wonder are there areas of the moon that still have an atmosphere or that have clouds hovering over them some researchers have said that there are actually parts of the moon where the craters are deep enough that you can go down to the bottom and actually briefs fresh air just like you would here on earth but obviously that's just what has been said and information that is said to have been leaked by insiders who worked during the Apollo moon missions but still strange you know and it's good that space agencies are actually admitting this and you know for the longest time they said the Mars just a red dead planet no atmosphere no nothing covered in red but as we found out over the years and as was once again finally admitted by NASA Mars has a very thick atmosphere despite what they say because according to them they say that the Martian atmosphere is so thin if you do the calculations the sky should basically be black if you're standing on the surface it should look exactly like you would look if you're standing on the moon but it doesn't as as shown in these photographs here taken right from the Mars surface with rolling clouds and if in a thick blue atmosphere rivaling earth you know and I and I think if I showed you these images without telling you they were Mars and maybe said well they're just from the Arizona desert would you really be able to tell the difference and you know while we're on the topic of March this reminds me of a story we reported on a year to back about these mysterious clouds that were discovered sort of coming off Marge drifting into space clearly baffled scientists and you're seeing the image here at with this invention what's highlighted on the last I have this sort of rogue cloud a massive cloud no less but just over a row cloud plain as day coming up high off the surface of Mars and it's it and you know it's a massive plume is what it is reaching around 160 miles above the surface some have said that this you know this isn't something natural from the atmosphere this is a plume coming from something down on the surface that is objecting this dust or this plume out into space a people have linked it to a possible mining operation or just something very pate that would be expelling such a massive plume but the evidence is right here and again in this case scientists could not explain it but yeah I just wanted to give you guys some examples of these bodies that have historically always been said to be free of any atmosphere and how the evidence despite what NASA finally comes out and tells us has always pointed to the contrary so it kind of makes you wonder what else are they not telling us that they may sort of drip feed us you know 20 years down the road and so I'll leave you guys with that very interesting about our moon I highly suggest looking into this report again it's caught our dash to 77 featuring a myriad of some of the strangest activity ever witnessed by astronomers happening on our moon you know maybe I'll do a video one day you know or multiple videos going through some of the strangest things so yeah I think I will be sure to look out for that now pry do that the next month or so and ... ya wanna thank you guys for stopping by today boys got videos in the works checking emails going over new UFO sightings so be sure to look out for the next video I may have it up later tonight thank you again for stopping by see you all back in just nnst the //
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They Tried To ERASE This Man 10/9/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler who secure team well today I want to talk about Amanda and he's a he's one of the most well known guys in all of ufology and it you know when it comes to this man Bob Lazar many if you have heard of them but I know many of you who are new to the channel to this topic probably have it but you should because this guy is probably most well known for bringing did mystique and really the mainstream spotlight to the highly secretive area 51 military base and just what it is that is happening there and more importantly what is being stored there now I have a clip to show you I have an interview that Bob Lazar did however just to start off if you don't know who he is or just to refresh your memory Bob Lazar otherwise known as Robert Scott Mazar who was born on 1/26/1959 is a gentleman who claims to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S. for near the area 51 test facility and that U. S. those use gravity wave propulsion something we've spoken about many times on the channel these craft were said to have been powered by at the time undiscovered element 115 he further claims to have read U. S. government briefing documents that describe alien involvement in human affairs over the past 10000 years and in the late eighties his story came to the forefront admitted being seen as one of the world's very first UFO whistle blowers having said that he had worked as a scientist at the Masan physics facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory it was here that he claimed to have worked at it underground lab called S. for that is south of the main area 51 base at first he appeared in interviews with investigative journalist George Knapp and eventually allowed himself to be filmed in the light and shared his true identity with his story and the area 51 base itself becoming famous in the making now what made the mystery even more compelling was the fact that at the time area 50 ones very existence was being denied by the U. S. government now as I said earlier and this man and his story is it truly unbelievable and you will have almost up a clear line split right down the middle of those who believe him and those who say he's a liar or hoaxer and he made it all up now I personally believe that he is telling the truth because when you watch his interviews and you study him and you just you look at him and you gauge the man you gauge his overall I intelligence his way of speaking he comes across as someone who's telling the truth and I think all of us have that sort of sixth sense where we can look at someone and say okay this person is a charlatan but we can tell when another person is being truthful now after he came out with his claims at the Los Alamos laboratory and even the college universities that he attended are said to have erased him from their records however an old phone book for the laboratory was discovered with Roberts name listed as an employee now many of the skeptics to Robert story will say well when you check into his background and you call Los Alamos are you call in my tea or these colleges that he said to have attended they have no record of him they deny his existence and employment completely but when you guys expect that at the very least and of course we've heard this many times would you really think that the government wouldn't erase every trace that you worked for them if you came out and leaked classified information specifically that have to do with alien technology of course they would they done it before there many stories of this they will do anything they can to discredit a whistleblower Furthermore there has been a significant number of high ranking and credentialed members of the scientific and military communities that have privately substantiated Bob's claims and even recently a witness came forth or was found who's willing to go on the record admitting that Mister Lazar did indeed work at Los Alamos and this was confirmed by the man who worked alongside him who goes by the name of doctor Robert Crandall who was doing some contract work for the government and so this is a fascinating story it's a fascinating case especially for those of you just getting into ufology and today I'm gonna show you one of the most prized interviews for ufologists and it's one of the more rare and earlier interviews that Mister Lazar did I with investigative journalist George Knapp and it truly is a gem and it can display to you better than I can what Liz are did what he knew and what he worked on while at the secretive facility so go ahead and check out this clips only about 6 minutes long and let me know what you guys think down in the comments the American government denies that this place even exists but this Russian satellite photo tells a different story showing huge hang as an enormous runway the place is area 51 in the Nevada desert it was built in the 19 fifties test top secret and across the stealth fighter was developed here security is tight inside and outside the base American scientist Robert was on claimed he worked in the highest security section cold ass for the security was unbelievably oppressive there were a security guard everywhere follow you all the time ... you there was never any free discussion allowed which is the basis of science recently Lizotte caused a sensation when he revealed that had been ordered to investigate the propulsion systems of captured alien spacecraft my work involves a back engineering of an extraterrestrial craft specifically the propulsion and power source there are pros are very typical as far as a typical UFO as 2 inverted dishes to inverted pie plate if you wish and without a hump on the top metallic looking no wings no fan no visible propulsion socks or inside they're very far ... if you come in the main entryway he'll be 3 see the fence or reactor and waveguide that because feeling ... the 3 gravity amplifiers surrounding it you'll really see just about nothing else the authorities immediately denied his claims now he says they try to erase his identity for more official records George Knapp is a well respected investigative reporter with Kaylee S. TV he broke the story including the claim that lists all worked at Los Alamos in New Mexico with the atomic bomb was developed the lab denied any knowledge of his existence denied that he ever worked there we came back with a phone book from the lab to chose Bob's name and that he was he was in fact there may still the night any knowledge that he ever worked there I asked Bob he be willing to take a polygraph test and he didn't hesitate the polygraph examiner after conducting a series of 4 different tests concluded that Bob is telling the truth about what he saw out there about working at the base about seeing the flying saucers about working on anti gravity propulsion system telling the truth by a former employee quiz him for a period of 2:00 hours about simple things not where the flying saucer stored but ... where's the cafeteria how do you pay for your meal what's it look like inside those sorts of things and that employees convinced that Bob really was out there where you threatened I would threaten and my wife's life threatening and why do you think that those threats were not carried out probably because that I went public how these craft it into the hands of the US government I really have no idea how the crap out there I don't believe there were crashes because the crap current damaged ... and that's about all that I can think how do you know that these were extraterrestrial craft first of all we were back engineering the technology which means we're taking a finished product and trying to figure out how was originally designed to develop ... second of all the technology that we're dealing with something that did you have a seat apply there are frequently there existed normally on Wednesday night traffic was the lowest in the area I saw one test close up and ... several passes at the distance of about 15 certainly the American military have been tapped so also shaped cross this top secret research film from the 6 just come to life even after nearly 30 years purity services still refused to talk about more recently welcome so called black projects has been carried out of area 51 including the stealth that Crofton strategic defense initiative weapons to be used in outer space but where they only developed to protect America against earthly enemies all was there a more urgent purpose behind president Reagan's Star Wars project perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bound I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this work //
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WHAT Is Following This Plane? 10/9/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler you're we secure team so I had a very interesting piece of UFO footage to feature for you guys today now I've had this for a couple of days now and I was waiting to hear back from the source of the footage and after speaking with him I have to say both he and I are kinda stumped as to what was seen in this piece of video here following up what appears to be a commercial airliner so I'm gonna play you the footage first and according to the source of this there's actually multiple UFOs that pop in and out that you can't really see but we're gonna show you an analysis here in a minute but the main focus is what appears in the contrail or someone say Kim trail others this commercial airliner begins following it and then approaching it very closely so go and check this out we'll talk more in just a second when what yeah okay cell I'm it's just an awesome piece of UFO footage we have an unidentified black I'm a you know in some instances it looks like circular object but in others and the maintenance divers people I've shown it to use it it almost looks like a tea or 3 D. and in other words a black triangular craft that does not give off any sound does not give off any sort of exhaust or contrails behind it and that's almost what this thing looks like and we've spoken about the black triangle or I otherwise known by its secret name here on earth T. R. 3 B. or T. are black manta which if you don't know is basically said to be a black project aircraft that was said to have been started back in the eighties but then given up a case of the government completely denies its existence they said that it never got to the point where they actually built it but many say that it has been built and it's been witnessed all over the world there been major sightings of this thing silently moving through the night skies it was a mass sighting of in Belgium back in the early 19 nineties with most describing it as not only moving slowly and silently through the sky but with no wings you know it's it's utilizing some sort of anti gravity technology technology that said to have been taken from a reverse engineered alien craft possibly something that we recovered after it crashed here or that maybe we shot down and so we definitely have some sort of unidentified object you're following this plane it comes out of no where and according to the source of this I'll read you what he wrote to me in his email and he actually works on a TV show a number of TV shows and he says in his email quote I receive the footage from a co worker who goes by the name of neck to check out neck and I work on a TV show called the blacklist together he got the footage from the onset gaffer or another co worker now the onset gaffer gaffer by the way is a term used in the television movie industry as the person on the crew that is the head electricians and who is responsible for the execution and sometimes design of the lighting plan for a production so that's just that's what a gaffer is so he continues he got the footage from the onset gaffer who said that it freaked him out and to get the video off his phone Nick removed it and text me the clip he knows I'm into UFO's so I look at the footage and once I saw how many UFOs read there I couldn't stop tracking them and I think it's a bombshell I mean couldn't some high level intelligence officer or scientists look at it and determine without a doubt that it's intelligent life activity up there in our skies and invading our air space to do it so there you have it and he got the footage from a co worker on the set of this TV production and along with the wrong piece of footage here he also sent a very well done analysis clip where he does a very good job animating and tracking every single UFO or unidentified object that comes into frame so what you're gonna see in this next clip is just that anything that flies in the frame that is existing here or moving around besides the planes you'll see encompassed with a circle and that even includes this little blue glowing men's flair and that moves around with the sun so everything with a circle is a UFO so go ahead and check this out all right so after I saw this tracking analysis I thought to myself man para lot of there's a lot of active opening in the clip that I never even now I do again one of them is a lens flare it appears to be but the rest these little dark black points of light come into frame some of them could be birds others sent flying in a straight line you know gym changing direction suddenly you know it is a lot of them and so I was very impressed by and this gentleman's ability to track the use and he saved me a ton of trouble so huge thanks to Tom for doing this and just for bringing all of this to my attention how it truly is and a bizarre case what do you guys think visited jet and is it a T. your 3 be is it something else that we don't know you know according to the source this didn't look like a jet or anything like that I mean there was nothing no exhaust no sound the thing came out of nowhere he apologizes for serve the shakiness of it but he's on full zoom trying to wash this plane and and you know capture whatever's flying around it and I'm yeah that's just how it is when you're trying to film something that's really far away and finally he just ended it and there sat on the footage until a he hooked up with a friend of his he knew was in the U. S. those in a and you know that would check it out and finally it was sent to me so amazing stuff you know I don't think there's any much more to say about it other than I think our skies are full of this activity in fact I know they are on it's just a literal UFO highway we spoke about this the other night but Donna our skies as well as space so many unknown things and the US will just have to rewatch this footage analyze it for yourselves and up put your comments down below tell me what you think I'm open to well whatever you guys come up with so again big thanks to Tom for sending this through have any of you guys seen something similar if you have be sure to send it over to me and remember to keep your cameras ready for the next time something like this could happen and with that I want to thank you guys for stopping by today be sure to hit that subscribe in like button on your way out I really appreciated and stay tuned that and much more coming see you guys back debate nnst //
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Is THIS Where An Alien Space Portal Exists? 10/7/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler you're with secure team so a few very interesting things to discuss today on the UFO sightings front and the first case comes from a man who was snapping some pictures of the night sky beautiful shot of the stars while his power was out during hurricane Irma and so this photographer who was in Florida took some pictures at about 10:00 PM with a high powered telephoto lens I would be exposure turned up and this is what he captured here you're seeing the full photograph now it wasn't until 2 days later when the power came back on and he loaded up the pictures into his computer and he noticed the strange almost will look like a beam of light in the corner of one of the photographs and so when you zoom then that is when he noticed what appear to be a strange glowing at triangular object it was moving in front of what appear to be a long beam and so here we are zoomed in the photographer went on to stay after submitting it to move on quote I am no UFO hunter or enthusiast but I am curious of what this is I would guess advanced military craft I've showed the picture to people I run into a no one has a clue what he could be I did not see this with my naked eye so maybe the camera is the witness and so it's going just analyze this here so resumed in and this is an obvious object of some sort I'm obviously I think at the forefront we can rule out it being a meteor meteorite a comet an asteroid possibly a piece of space junk but you have to be pretty hard for us to be able to see it I mean you usually cannot even see satellites moving in the sky unless you have you know a high powered lens you zoom in sometimes if you're in the right spot you can see just a faint little.of light sort of moving through the sky this is different whatever it is and as I have a zoomed in here as close as possible it would appear this thing has a definite triangular shape to it now it's not a perfect triangle you know looks more like a stretched triangle then again we could just be seeing the object more from the site and so it just looks like that but it does look you know like a year a rigid solid structure with components to it how we see sort of this dark area in the center and it has an opening and then if you also notice around it there some other little dots of light you know I'm not sure if those are just stars in the background or if there's something moving along with it you know I really wish we had some video but will take we can get and it's still an amazing photo and you know it's really got me scratch my head what can this be you know say in this guy obviously captured something mid flight you know it's just one of those perfect opportune times where with the snap of a shudder you can unwillingly but luckily capture evidence of the unknown of the unexplained and so let's move on to this beam of light behind it now th is this some sort of propulsion technology you know blasting this thing through space or is it the beam of light that's moving with the triangular object moving behind it you know is it a beam of light at all is it part of the structure here and is it just emanating light from within I am it's really really strange and as I was looking at this I said this looks really familiar and I said I swear I've seen this somewhere else and I'm pretty sure I've seen a similar structure capture near our own sun and sure enough there actually a couple but the most intriguing in the one that I thought looked almost identical to this one was this object here it was captured right above the sun or moved into position and needs very very close it brings up the obvious question is how can something get this close to the sun without melting but then again you have to imagine that these other beings out there in the technology they're using is hundreds of thousands if not millions possibly billions of years ahead of us and so you know parking ship near something as hot as the sun would be nothing to be child's play but as you're seeing here and the obvious similarities we have the triangular shaped object at the end and a very long pole or beam coming out the back of it now this here looks like it's actually more part of the object and once again here's another photo again from the so ho Helio of your alpha yet another object this time a little bit further away from the sun down at the bottom showing similar characteristics we very well could be seeing the same thing in this new photographs so I will leave it up to you guys very bizarre I'm so big thanks to the year who upload this online we love that and ... if you guys have any of your own sightings be sure to email them over to me now in other news also extremely interesting so many of you have probably heard of something called the UFO highway mostly it's just been one of those terms that can be used anywhere but my question today is is that is there actually a highway if you will or a specific stretch or point of longitude and latitude or parallel where unexplained events have taken place that you can actually document and look on a map say okay something strange is happening on this very narrow specific portion of the world and well it turns out that the UFO highway may actually be a very real thing and a couple of UFO hunters say that they have discovered jest that a UFO highway across America so according to this new report a brother and sister alien hunting team had discovered a UFO highway across America along which hundreds unexplained and mysterious events have taken place from cattle mutilations to alien abductions Chuck visit kowski and Debbie is legal Meyer have spent years traveling across the U. S. investigating hundreds of UFO sightings and other paranormal occurrences it was said that during one cattle mutilation investigation that Chuck realize that many of these unexplained events that he had looked into you had taken place on the 30 seventh latitude he called his sister who noticed the same with her investigations in Missouri and the pair began researching the phenomenon discovering that there are clusters of unexplained events taking place across the same latitude line the pair believes that the 30 seventh latitude line is kind of a UFO or paranormal highway along which extraterrestrial craft enter and exit herbs their theory is actually now the subject of a book called the 30 seventh parallel and is about to be made apparently into a Hollywood blockbuster in the next few months recently Chuck said quote back in 2006 I was looking at my cattle mutilation investigations there were huge similarities between them all with most of them laying on the right side most of them also lying east to west and that's when he noticed lots of them were laying on the 30 seventh degree latitude he called his sister that night and asked her didn't you have cattle mutilations also on the 30 seventh degree latitude in Missouri she replied saying yes and that's when they started looking more into it and they soon realize that it wasn't just cattle mutilations it was all kinds of strange events he said quote we were up until 230 in the morning going through all of these cases and started seeing these amazing patterns the 30 seventh latitude line runs from California through Nevada Colorado Kansas Missouri Illinois Kentucky and across Virginia examples of cases along the line include the Joplin spook lights or unexplained balls of light that been appearing in Hornet Missouri since the nineteenth century the S. take Nevada incident in 1948 where a flying saucer allegedly crashed and Piedmont Missouri where 500 people reported and mass UFO sighting in 1973 the infamous area 51 in Nevada and the dulce base and alleged underground alien base are also located on the line for the next month they also started looking at all of these cases and had all this data started looking at the GPS coordinates everything from native American sites to underwater caves he released all the info on his website and actually mentioned it during an appearance he had on the science channels unexplained files we seem to think that this highway is a major highway in that these craft to use they seem to exit and enter from here so I guess my big question is what's the deal with the 30 seventh parallel you've all probably heard of something called the 12 vile vortices which are these 12 points or spots on planet earth that are situated along particular lines of latitude the idea was taken up by many on the so called friends who have argued that the vortices are linked to subtle matter energy or electromagnetic aberrations and are said to be the sites of some of the most strange and unexplained activity that's happened around the world for example the area of the ocean known as the Bermuda triangle is probably the best known of the vile vortices where we've had a lot of sunken ships disappearing boats at vanishing planes you know just disappearing out of thin air as well as UFO activity some of the other vortices are the devil see I which is sort of like at Japan's per meter triangle and the south Atlantic anomaly of Wharton basin the Easter Island megaliths and more and you can research ship on this I've done videos on this in the past and so are there areas on earth specific areas very specific where the so called magnetic aberrations create a terror or a risk in space time and where they open up portals or gateways to other dimensions or to other areas of space strange things come in strange things and exit and is this pair of brother sister UFO hunters on to something here only time will tell and you know I'm excited to read the book and see the film if it ever does come out it's a very interesting report and story so let me know what you guys think down below at this study in 2 things such as the vial Ford says otherwise you know just Pacific points on earth were strange things happen it's very intriguing to me and I know there's a lot of guys out there probably a lot of you who have your own views on this a grand theories and I would really love to hear those down in the comments so be sure to post and tell me what you think let's try to get a dialogue started alright so I wanna thank you guys again for stopping by and being patient with me got a lot of things coming so be sure to stay tuned see you guys back nnst //
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Time Traveler Has Warning For Earth 10/6/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler here was secure team I don't know if you heard about this very intriguing story this just hitting the web well of a man who claims that he time travelled from the year 2048 to warn us of an alien invasion how in one other thing he was drunk according to the reports this drunk man arrested by police in Wyoming this week says that he had traveled back in time from the year 2048 to one civilization about the imminent arrival of aliens officers arrive to find Brian Johnson warning and aliens would be coming next year and that people should leave as soon as possible Johnson was so concerned about his mission to save humanity that he requested to speak to the quote president of the town cops said Johnson had blood shot eyes slurred speech and a blood alcohol reading that exceeded legal limits but the alleged time traveler had a perfectly logical explanation the only way the aliens could send him back in time was to fill his body with alcohol and make him stand on a giant Pat use of course arrested none the less now another thing the man Senate was that he should have actually been transported to the year 2000 at 18 but he ended up landing a year earlier so I'm certainly not the first time that we've had someone claimed to be a time traveler although I'm inclined to believe this guy was probably just blitzed out of his mind and you would think that if aliens had the technology to send people into the past they would at least be able to get the year correctly and ... despite how comical or real you think this story is at this reminded me of some other stories where people have legitimately and seriously claims to have been time travelers and with many mainstream scientists today admitting that time travel is actually theoretically possible from Stephen Hawking all the way back to Albert Einstein it really does make you wonder even if all of these people I'm about to list turned out to be just faking it all along what if just one of those turned out to be legit and what that would mean and just how much of a mind job that would be so the first case I wanted to talk about was about a pilot who is said to have entered a parallel dimension it occurred in 1935 where a wing commander with Britain's Royal Air Force name Sir Victor Goddard flew his open cockpit biplane from Scotland to England on weekend leave on the way he passed over dram airfield near Edinburgh which had been constructed during World War one the tarmac in for hangers were in despair and barbed wire divided the field into numerous pastures filled with grazing cattle returning home a day later Goddard ran into a violent storm and lost control of this plane when he finally recovered from a downward spiral that should have resulted in his death he was just several feet above a stony beach as he climbed back up through the rain and fog the sky suddenly filled with sunlight below him was dram airfield only the farm had disappeared and hangers we're no longer in disarray at the end of the restored tarmac stood for bright yellow planes and one unfamiliar mono plane these were surrounded by mechanics in blue overalls notable to Goddard since our A. F. mechanics only wore brown so the question was had Goddard considered to be one of the founders of the R. A. F. simply being confused about his location or had he traveled forward in time he later died in 1987 so we may never know the truth unless of course he returns from the past to telus there's one fascinating case of a journalist who experienced an air raid 11 years before it occurred his name was Jay Bernard Hutton who along with his photographer Joe keen Brandt were sent by a German newspaper to do a story on the Hamburg shipyard in 1932 it was an uneventful visit until the bombs began raining down Hutton and plant realize that they were caught in the middle of an air raid and high tailed it out but not before snapping some photographs when they got back to the center of Hamburg no one believe their story they develop the photos they took intending to prove to everyone that they weren't crazy in fact they prove the opposite the photo showed no signs of an air raid 11 years later Hutton was living in London when he opened up a newspaper and was shocked to see a story about something called operation go mora an air raid on Hamburg the accompanying photos looked exactly like what he experienced in 1932 in 1996 a man and his wife for shopping in London when his wife went into a bookshop while he took off for a CD store down the street as he walked away from the bookstore he noticed that everything was suddenly quiet then a van that looked like it was from the 19 fifties honked and swerved around him somehow he noticed that he was standing in the middle of the street and stranger than that everyone around him was dressed in 50 style clothing confused he tried to go back to the bookstore but it wasn't there in its place was a woman's clothing shop named Crips so he went into the clothing store but as soon as he did it was a bookstore again he was back in 1996 but he couldn't figure out what happened to him the man who was also a police officer found out later on that Cripps had actually existed but not since the 19 fifties probably one of the most well known as stories of time travel came in the year 2000 when a mysterious man by the name of John teeter claim to have traveled back in time from the year 2036 so in November 2000 the time travel institute forums saw spike in unusual activity nestled among the usual conspiracy theories and far fetched UFO sightings where a string of posts from a man who called himself John teeter he said that he was a soldier based in Tampa Florida from the year 2036 the government he claimed sent him back in time to 1975 to retrieve an IBM computer which they needed in order to debug some computer programs he hopped off his time machine in 2000 for personal reasons and since he was already there he figured why not warn everyone about how crappy the future was going to get he claimed that civil unrest would begin in the United States in 2004 and by 2008 there would be a full blown civil war by 2015 he said the U. S. would split into 5 different regions and that World War 3 would have come and gone course none of these things have happened so you're probably wondering why did people believe this guy well it was because his posts about time travel we're so detailed the description of its mechanics and his machine so thorough that it seemed almost impossible that he wasn't telling the truth and besides if it was all a hoax surely the person behind it would have dreamt up a better home town for himself in Tampa Florida I'm just playing guys shot I'll tell my people from Tampa and so the stories go on and on and for the sake of time these are obviously all you know over simplified versions but I can send what if only one percent of these turned out to be true and of course then we have the photographs all of which I said to show possible time travelers in action probably the most known is that if the time travelling hipster snapped in a photograph taken back in the 19 twenties notice the man strange hair glasses and outfit yeah all sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the much more reserved crowd we have a a photograph that said to have a gentleman in it taking a picture on what appears to be a cell phone of some sort only this occurred in 1960 to here is a super hold photo taken during the gold rush we're sitting amongst the normal looking people is a guy that has become known as the surfer dude and finally we have one of the most famous photographs of a young boy standing in a crowd during an address by Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg the boy in the photograph claim to be that of Andrew beside go who in a nutshell basically is said to have taken part in a top secret government operation cut project Pegasus back in the 19 seventies Mr beside go stated quote I am the boy standing in the foreground of the images center left looking to his right my shoes were lost in the transit through the quantum planum that took me from the plasma confinement chamber at the time lapse in east Hanover New Jersey in 1972 or I was then transported to Gettysburg Pennsylvania on the day that president Abraham Lincoln gave his famous address in 1863 so there you guys have it you know I can go on and on but I think you get the picture tales of time travel although very hard to prove are no less bizarre and intriguing to those who start taking in to the data and the stories in the testimony and at the end of all of it again I say what if and on that note I want to thank you guys for stopping by today so be sure to share and subscribe on your way out and stay tuned because I got more videos in the works I'm glad to be back amending and researching I'm checking emails so look out for the new video soon see you back in just a bit stay safe nnst nnst //
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Something Not Right In The Rainforest 10/4/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler you're secure team well at first of all I just want to apologize for the scarcity of videos lately I haven't been posting a lot this past week mainly due to the pain that I've been having in my leg many of you know I I was in a little motorcycle accident and although my leg it it just feels a lot better like it Sam swelling is gone down a lot of men up on crutches alive but it seems like the more I heal the more this thing aches I mean it just aches and aches and aches to the point where I just can't do anything I can't focus so that's why I haven't posted video past week I have my good days my bad days but I'm happy to be back posting I'm just taking it can one day at a time and that thank you guys for being patient with me so the first thing I want to talk about the main topic of today's video some of the strange activity that has been witnessed happening in satellite imagery over the Amazon and by Amazon I mean the rain forests of Peru and mainly Brazil so I guess it just kind of give you some background on this if you're a member about a year or so ago I posted a video featuring the first of what would be many have the strange I'm I guess you just call them unidentified objects spotted hovering above the Amazon rain forests and that first sighting how we discovered through Google earth satellite imagery I where virtually in the middle of nowhere high above the Amazon tree tops we started discovering the strange formations of these they look like rough I mean large reflective orbs and they'd all be in a straight line and you're seeing that here now this particular object or set of objects caught sitting here hidden within the trees or sitting just above them was located to be in the Brazilian state of rondo dnia is located in the northwestern part of the country and just judging from the distance and the size of the sayings I have say they look pretty large that was definitely for sure I mean the fact that they're even being picked up through the satellite imagery and you can see them even when you're zoomed all the way out it's like the singer really reflective or their emanating their own light and as time went on I started discovering more of these things I scattered all over I heard the Amazon again from Brazil to Peru is it the whole general area and we find these things in multiples and you're seeing here were again we have another straight line formation of these things and then next to it we have another very idea formation as so again in the middle of no man's land it does not make sense to me there's no man made applications for these whatever they are why would there be massive spheres in a line sitting in the middle of the rainforest and again in many of the M. damages their they seem to be above the trees so could these be you know craft some sort and so that was sort of the very first strange thing we discovered in the Amazon as a recently ... viewer of mine sent me some coordinates to what he called some very mysterious blue lights that he discovered emanating from once again the tall tree tops and so here you're seeing the first discovery and of course I put the coordinates to these down in the video description and as we zoom in here it becomes clear you know something's out of place here this light sticks out like a sore thumb I need these these blue lights and I'm gonna show you a couple here are almost intrigue me more than just the formations of the reflective spheres because at least with those I could say okay well maybe there's some sort of strange application that they're using these out there for that maybe we just don't know about but to see these massive blue lights I in the middle of nowhere emanating from these deep secluded forests I'm just it makes no sense that's what makes it so mysterious and so the one you're seeing here was the most bright or I guess the most easily seen of the 3 that I'm about to show you so let's go to the next one away just like before we see a clear distinction from the green and the blue here sticks out like a sore thumb same characteristics does not belong I'm I mean who do you guys think what would be emanating a massive blue light in the middle of the Amazon rainforest in a you know part of the rainforest there's no one there you know we're talking about undeveloped fully natural areas of the rainforest virtually untouched by man and finally we go to the last but certainly not least image yet another one of the strange lights this one is really fascinating to me as well because that I like the others not only do we have the blue emanating light but this sort of takes on the shape of the war you know you can actually see what looks like some you know like an orb shaped a structure along with a possible reflection coming off the top of it how you get this hot spot so it's caught it was just you know the government of white light appear to the right side of this thing almost like you think of the sun reflecting off of the highly a Metallica reflected object and that's kind of the impression I'm getting here so that leaves me with the question not only are these objects emitting blue light but are they sell it to the point where they're actually reflective and reflecting sunlight as well it's mind boggling to me and I'm gonna my experience the more you look the more strange things do fine and you know the Amazon has been the subject of its own mystery and intrigue throughout the years and is certainly no stranger to UFO activity and many of you may have heard of something called operation Prato which translated from Portuguese basically meant operations saucer and this was an investigation carried out in the 19 seventies by the Brazilian airforce following a string of mysterious UFO sightings in the city of Cologne areas where 4 months reports began coming in from over 400 individuals of these lights in the sky that would fly in in actually fire beams people the local residents claim that the scars on their bodies were caused by the lights in the sky and name the lights to put Cuba which literally means soccer soccer believing it would keep the lights away residents of Clarice organized night vigils where they lit fires and ignited fire works in hopes it would keep the lights away and it wasn't until finally the mayor of the town requested help from the airforce that they began this operation to investigate what happened ultimately of course being shut down with claims that quote no evidence of unusual phenomenon had been detected now here's a creepy little fact about this in 1997 nearly 2 decades after the operation a man by the name of captain your rank who headed this operation gave an interview to a couple of ufologists where he recounted his experiences living alongside his men 3 months after the interview he was found deceased in his home after quote seemingly hanging himself using the belt of his bathrobe I which obviously prompted suspicion and speculation from ufologists worldwide so yeah I am a lot of strange things that what do you guys think of these blue lights here you know if we can figure it out great I want to know but you know from all of the experience I've had with investigating these anomalous things sitting above the trees that I've yet to find a definitive and and logical explanation as to what these things could be so I definitely think we have something strange going on here but you guys let me know you think down below and before we go today I just wanna give a special thanks to a few people who have sent in some more fan mail I'm after I published my appeal box well it's not a PO box the UPS box but just some people who sent me and some get well some really cool stuff in fact just a couple of things here at the first I wanna give a big thanks to the woman out of California who sent me and this beautiful homemade wildcard and made at entirely from scratch you can see it's literally hand made everything on it even created my logo here and it is just beautiful and it's a beautiful card wishing me well with my broken leg and so I wanna give a special thanks I too have you're out there you know who you are it really meant a lot to get this and now also I want to thank at the guy who along with another get well card sent me this really cool am unopened V. H. S. movie and if you are not over the ages 15 you probably not know what VHS is our well VHS is what we used to watch 4 DVDs came out I know it's really crazy is that magical but yeah it's a never before opened 1993 documentary called U. S. those are real and and you can see here says now after 30 years of government and military cover up the truth is revealed for the first time and that yeah Hey this is cool footage never before seen am gosh I if I had a VHS player would watch this but I don't know I can't I don't wanna open it and can it you know just keep it as a really cool collector's item so big thanks live you sent this and you know who you are I don't know how you found this but and it's a really really cool item is a blast from the past back from the good old days so thank you for that now here's a really awesome collectible it was also sent to me from a viewer who collects figurines and has this really cool alien figure here it's actually nice and heavy you know it's like made out of stone so it's going to look great on my mantle really cool little alien guy and lastly today big thanks to the viewer who sent me in at this sort of all natural vegan care package a full of the healthy alternatives a to help me as I mending in healing as well as a bottle of supplements filled with all the vitamins that you need to heal a broken down so I definitely could be taking these and again I just want to say thank you all it really means a lot and if you need guys out there wanna send me anything doesn't have to be a care package or anything like that but just you know anything you want to send in fan mail and UFO sighting a drawing artwork anything go ahead and I should be Jimmy I'll put my UPS box address down in the video description and I'll feature them down the road so thank you guys can for stopping by today I nnst //
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Mystery Towers Appearing All Over NYC 10/1/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler you're was secure team well I don't know if you guys have seen this but it would appear that the strange and metal towers have been popping up all over New York City and that the residents around New York are becoming concerned having noticed these towers popping up at local tunnels in according to reports they're also about to start appearing at bridges as well and here's where search to get strange because those who are in charge of the M. T. A. otherwise known as the metropolitan Transportation Authority which is apparently in charge of the towers cannot and will not say what these things are being used for what's in them and why they are popping up all over the place and with that many people believing is some sort of NSA spying apparatus cameras I'm something that's there maybe be used to handle crowds but these towers they're just very strange and so what I hear is a clip from the local New York CBS news affiliate who did some investigating so check this out but at night it like some really nice Jose Lugo says these tall metal towers quickly popped up after Brooklyn battery tunnel toll booths came down we don't really know what's the purpose of this it's all $100000000 MT a project full of secrecy with 18 of these for the tunnels and bridges so what are they exactly are you saying you can't call a comment to me that's the MTA's man in charge tunnel Cedric Fulton dodging our quest not even late I later can we talk about it economic when T. a board member Burke say they know too little about and what about powers up one of the more members telling me to they would have long included residences there is much more going on with these hours than they I wonder will they ever know what her age 10 it's a bit today's approving a alors for big her death leader of the Albany what we're asking for is trained the MTA we Joe Lhota we were on board member ... that are going out whatever ... 5 Sherri for the phone the items other words knowledge day in alright so yet that you guys have it and obviously when you have the CBS in mainstream news media doing courts about it and even they are not get I run around I make sure why would they why are they hiding it to be course you boil it down to me purity but question is are we going to be seeing more metal towers popping up in cities all over the country so what is the true purpose so I wanted to post this see if maybe any of you guys out there seen one of these things before and can give us a definitive answer as to what we're dealing with so let me know down in the comments below and stay tuned because I'm working on a much longer video but I saw this wanted to post it so stay tuned for that follow me on Twitter for future updates as to when the videos are about to be upload it and other information so thank you guys for stopping by and I'll see you back in just a bit //
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"Shocking" DNA Of Alien Mummy Revealed 9/29/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys highly here was secure team well if you remember a month or so back I posted a couple of videos on D. discovery very famous discovery and everyone was talking about it of what were called these 3 fingered out mummified alien skeletons discovered in some tomb out in Maska Peru and Nasca is very famous for the Nazca lines if any view of heard of that which are the yet massive geo glyphs etched into the desert sands covering an area of nearly 1000 square kilometers featuring around 300 different figures all of which you can't really see unless you're very high up in an airplane or from space many people believe the area to have been an ancient landing site for aliens I with many of these geo glyphs taking on the appearance of runways ancient runways so nasco by itself in these geo glyphs have been a very intriguing mystery for years now and according to researchers back in June of 2017 a website I'm sure many of you have heard of college guy published a video purporting to show the excavation and the examination of the mummified body in nasco Peru with several more of these mummified remains being found later on and as you're seeing in the images here at they took on a sort of a human slash alien shape and featured only 3 fingers on each hand how which led many to believe or you know what was at least proposed by the researchers and the discovers as a likely candidate for an alien being and you know I I spoke about this before it from the get go I've been very apprehensive about this story first of all because a lot of the people who are involved with it primarily a man by the name of Jamie Masan who is very popular in Mexico is one of the leading quote UFO researchers am I is part of the team and is well known for being a part of countless hoaxes in the past all of which you guessed it had something to do with the discovery of a mummified alien body and all of which have turned out to be hoaxes and so when I heard his name that made me worry that kind of that rang alarm bells for me and that you know despite whether you're a subscriber of guy or not I know some of you are they do have a history of providing a platform for false and Spurrier's pseudoscience I conspiracy theories and paranormal claims including this story here I mean I'm not saying everything they post is bad but all of these things together they they bring alarm bells for me and so I said alright I'm gonna give it time according to the people who discovered the mummified remains at least they've been doing tests DNA tests scientific tests of all kinds and today and you know that on the on the one hand I'm kind of happy that my original inclinations about this have now been validated on the other hand it's kind of a sad day for ufology because the DNA results are now in on the so called mummified aliens and they are actually real beings however they are 100 percent human so scientists were unable to get DNA codes from some of the samples sent for analysis however DNA types work confirmed for the 3 fingered hand and from a brain tissue sample and in a blow for people hoping for proof of alien visitations of earth the samples were concluded to be a 100 percent match to human D. N. A. both the hand the 3 fingered hand and the brain tissue were found to come from a male homo sapien and this is according to a report published by the paleo DNA laboratory at Lakehead university Ontario Canada now I also want to point out that these bodies were carbon dated to between 200 and 45 to 410 a D. however genuine scientists believe they have been created to look like aliens using the quote grave robbed mummified remains of ancient liberi humans the organizers of the ninth annual World Congress on money studies place in Lima Peru last August issued an angry call on Facebook for an official inquiry into whether archaeological crimes have been committed here the Congress said that it believed real human mummified remains had been mutated and rearranged to create bogus alien looking figures commenting on the new DNA results British UFO investigator Nigel Watson said quote this shows that it has a male human skull and hands another fake bites the dust now with all of this coming out the people over at guy are not giving up that easily having since released another video suggesting that although the DNA is human the remains could be closely related to humans that were still from outer space in other words I'm there they're basically saying that these are still aliens but they're just humans and they very well could be from space you know flying around in UFOs up coming from another planet somewhere at which you know I guess isn't out of the realm of possibility you know over the years we have had countless a testimonials abduction stories and reports of people who witnessed aliens who actually took on an almost identical human form but again you know you look who's involved with it you look at the way this discovery was released to the world through this membership website you know I guess that from the get go I didn't think that this would really come to anything and it didn't so you guys leave your opinions down below and let me know you think this is by no means a true blow to ufology in this study and it does not stand up at all I mean it's a speck of dust compared to the ocean of evidence that we have that proves the alien phenomenon is very real and at the end of the day all this really did prove is that the same group of individuals I continue to come together every couple of years to push another hoax make some money off of it before it is inevitably found out for what it is now in other news I am I know a lot of people ask me to do videos about the flat earth but I I I I just don't want to waste time on it add it does blow my mind just how many people out there today are buying in to this flat earth nonsense and you know it's not just regular people and there are celebrities now who have also been very vocal about their beliefs that the earth is flat and probably the most notable is that of a guy named P. OB who is it who what well at at one time was sort of a famous rapper and he has probably been the strongest proponent of flat earth been very vocal about it and is most famous for getting into the sort of Twitter wars with Neil degrasse Tyson the famous astrophysicist who has actually been responding to these tweets and trying to talk some sense into him but obviously it never works and so in the news this week we have multiple astronauts who have come out and said point blank to the rapper we've seen the curve or in other words the curve of the earth is real and we've seen it so this all comes to the news after last week the Atlanta based rapper kicked off a new crowd funding campaign to raise get this $1000000 so that he can build and launch one or more satellites to settle the question once and for all of earth's shape and so in this new crowd funding project he says help me find the curve a please that has now elicited a response from former NASA astronauts the first one coming from Terry verts who said quote I can save POV a lot of money the earth is round I flew around it then Apollo 11 moon Walker buzz Aldrin responded to Mister verts tweet saying quote I did too it's called in orbit the curved path of a celestial object around a star planet or moon retired astronaut Scott Kelly also chimed in Wednesday posting a time lapse video of our planet as seen from the international space station saying quote show you a curve here you go one full orbit around earth further saying that maybe he should donate the funds he raised to Porter Rico relief and so there you have it to I think to any comments since person it's obvious that the earth is round but death for people like B. O. B. and he has not been swayed as it by the thousands of satellite photos the circumnavigate tion of the globe and just the endless amount of evidence that proves without a shadow of a doubt the earth is round but Hey what are you gonna do you know it can't be helped his seems and despite the sad news today about these alien mommies do not lose faith because as we've shown this phenomenon is very real and we're gonna keep marching forward and continue our releasing more bombshell information you will throw footage and discoveries so stay tuned stay safe now see back just a bit I nnst //
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You're NOT Supposed To See This 9/28/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler you're with secure team on this channel we we talk a lot about UFOs aliens dad the unexplained mysteries in our skies and in space we show a lot of footage a lot of photos and a lot of eyewitness testimony and based on that evidence alone I think we've been able to build a very strong case over the years that yes indeed there are unknown things in our skies unidentified craft if you will we know that likewise there's also been much mysterious activity happening in space but due to the subject and the fact that these craft in this phenomenon is so elusive and it is so hard to peg down today I'd like to feature some documents that come straight from the horse's mouth and that provide proof that this phenomenon is not only real but that it has been on going that there has been a cover up upset phenomenon and finally that it doesn't show any signs of stopping anytime soon so without further ado today we will discuss 5 government documents that prove the alien phenomenon exists for good reason this is one of the most important UFO documents we have on 9/23/1947 right at the beginning of the so called modern UFO era general nation twinning head of the U. S. air material command or a MC wrote a classified letter to airforce general George Sheldon regarding the quote flying discs he said the objects were real and not visionary or fictitious they may possibly be natural phenomena he wrote such as meteors however he then went to say quote the reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb maneuverability and action which must be considered evasive when sighted land belief to the possibility that some of the high trolled automatically or remotely 20 listed several common descriptions of UFOs they generally were silent had a metallic or light reflecting surface more circular or elliptical in shape and often flat on the bottom many descriptions indicated a dome on top several reports indicated they flew in formation quite specific information indeed UFO skeptics have pointed to twinning statement that no wreckage of flying disc had been recovered and it's true that he was probably in a good position to know however what we don't know is whether twinning would have been able to tell Sheldon about a UFO crash if indeed such a thing had happened simply put if Sheldon lacked a need to know twinning could not have told him on the other hand twinning did state that UFOs were not secret American craft this came as a surprise to general Shelton who expected to learn that there was nothing to the affair and that everything was under control looking back more than 50 years the idea of the military at that time having some sort of secret craft has pretty much fell to the wayside there is simply no credible evidence that the US had any craft like this in 1947 experimental or otherwise that could duplicate the reported maneuvers of these flying saucers this 3 page document is just as extraordinary and mysterious as the twinning memo where on 1/31/1949 the FBI issued a memo on UFOs entitled protection of vital installations the classified document was sent to director J. Edgar Hoover along with the army's G. to the office of naval intelligence and the Air Force office of special investigations it mentions a meeting among these groups concerning UFOs with a key statement of the document reading quote army intelligence has recently said that quote the matter of unidentified craft or unidentified aerial phenomena otherwise known as flying disks flying saucers and balls of fire is considered top secret by intelligence officers both the army and the airforce now mind you guys this was just a year 0.5 into the modern area of UFOs where for quite some time the government had been telling the public that this phenomenon was nothing more than a combination of hoaxes hallucinations conventional aircraft and misidentification so why then was the subject consider top secret the answer is contained in the memo itself where in it it discusses a near collision by a commercial airliner with a large quote rocket type craft that had windows on it no less and that was travelling at an estimated speed of some 2700 miles per hour more serious the memo explains were invasions of sensitive airspace by unknown objects in the vicinity of the atomic energy commission's installation at Los Alamos where on multiple occasions the witnesses of these unexplained phenomenon where special agents of the office of special investigation airline pilots military pilots and Los Alamos security inspectors the memo goes on to explain that quote recent observations have indicated that the unidentified phenomena travel at a rate of speed estimated at a minimum of 3 miles per second and a maximum of 12 miles per second or a mean calculated speed of 7 and 1 half miles per second or 27 0 miles per hour you know then refers to quote scientific reasons why the objects could not have been meteorites this document describes a rather close up and personal UFO encounter on 7/9/1951 by the pilot of an F. 51 fighter plane from Los an Air Force base in Georgia the pilot a combat veteran from war to provided quite a bit of detail which was recorded in the report the object was described as flat on top and bottom and appearing from the front view to have rounded edges and slightly beveled the object was completely rounds and spinning in a clockwise direction no vapor trails or exhaust or visible system of propulsion described as traveling at a tremendous speed pilot states object was 300 to 400 feet from the plane and appeared to be 10 to 15 feet in diameter pilot Stacey felt a disturbance in the air described as a bump when the object passed under the plane pilot is considered by associates to be highly reliable of mature judgment and a credible observer from late 1989 to the spring of 1990 hundreds of reports have lighted objects often described as large triangular shaped craft recorded in Belgium the most spectacular sighting took place on the night of 3/30/1990 where thousands of witnesses saw 1 or more low flying triangular UFOs with bright lights flashing in the center Belgian Air Force sent to F. sixteens to intercept the UFOs which were tracked by several NATO radar stations the pilots also track the objects on radar but the F. sixteens among the top jet interceptors in the world were thoroughly outclassed by the triangular objects not only being able to accelerate at incredible speeds but also having the ability to change altitude almost instantly major peeler brats of the Belgian Air Force general staff did not seem to think these were American craft his report on observation of UFOs during the night of 3/30/1990 includes a detailed chronology of events and dismisses several alternative hypotheses speeds measured at the time and the altitude shifts exclude the hypothesis according to which planes could be mistaken for the observed UFOs this slow moves during the other faces differ also from the moves of conventional planes those speeds greater than the sound barrier have been measured several times not any bang has been noticed here also no explanation so as technology has advanced along with the government's ways of hiding this information it's been much harder over the years to get a hold of documents or minnows they now know what these things are and that this is very real and all those documents have been scarce over the past 20 years I have to say one of my favorite revelations that came in a set of secret documents released recently by a man who goes by the name of Victor Vince Yanni Indy 11 files that come directly from NORAD otherwise known as the north American aerospace defense command detail the fact that over the last 5 years alone there've been on average around 1800 tracks of interest with at least 75 actual UFO intercepts what this means is that the fighter jet pilots managed not only to get close enough to the U. S. those and establish visual contact but also to get a target lock along with an air traffic controller port about an incident in which 2 Canadian C. F. eighteens scrambled from the Comox Air Force base pursuit 3 UFOs at an altitude of about 35000 feet where they've been gained contact and engaged the unidentified craft Paul Hellyer the former Canadian defense minister has also spoken about this 2001 UFO intercept incident and so there you have it today we've spoken about 5 of the most important and in my opinion telling documents that prove and shed light on the early days when the government was still trying to grasp what exactly was happening all the way up to now we not only did we know what they were but that there was no way possible they could be natural or created with our own technology I am Tyler was secure team thank you guys for stopping by today let me know you think down below and stay tuned for a future video where we will be documenting 5 more of these once classified documents that once again further proof that all of this research we've been doing on this channel is not in vain and that we are definitely on the right stay safe the //
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Photos TAKEN BY Alien Spacecraft? 9/26/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler here was secure team and that today's video is about to have very strange story that has been occurring over the past couple of days on a very well known online posting board where ed images or photographs whatever you wanna call them have emerged that allegedly come and were posted directly by an alien being and that were taken from outside of one of the windows of the alien craft so I many of you have heard of 4 chan as well as read it these are both the online posting boards you know you can find a lot of strange things on these websites any pending virtually any topic you can think of people go there they post about and yeah there's no shortage of that mysterious things regarding aliens strange happenings it's very similar to the you know UFO research channels here on YouTube but it's just a you know using text and photos and posting it and so I was sent a link to this by a few people and so I'll post a link to it down below and you guys can go and check out the entire thing but basically the gist of what is happening when I can take from all of this is that on this website there is a place where you can post stories or threads about things having to do with the paranormal and the original post it looks to the peered on Friday the 20 second so you're seeing that original post here and the actual very first post in India op as it's called her the operator of the post is this alleged alien bean and as you read through his posts and his writing here it almost sounds like it's been roughly translated and even at the end of each post it'll say translated English and so the original post started with quote hello I miss him from Varner Homestar so apparently his home star is called foreign he goes on to say quote I have a spacecraft that travels across the galaxy in just a few hours but requires special fuel that scares I ran out of fuel right in front of your planet and no longer can travel at such a great speed now I only span links of your planet in a few minutes which is not fast enough to reach my home star I stuck here for a year until team finds I or I'm guessing he means team finds me he then finishes off by saying for time I will prove I am Newseum by posting photos of my planet X. F. C. 0422 he also tells the posters on the board to give him any type of coordinates on earth and he will fly over the cordon it and taking image from his spacecraft and then posted in the thread proving that they are actually an alien in a spacecraft that is outside of earth and so this thread is actually very very long and you know at the beginning people are wondering if it's real or not you know there's been a lot of strange things on red in the past just to do a quick pause here we posted 2 videos on these there's been some very mysterious things on reddit and on 4 chan I've you remember we recently posted a video and featuring the mysterious photos that were taken of what appeared to be a man who is about to be abducted and that it's a photo that he does not remember taking he says he went to sleep when he woke up these photographs were on his phone and in the photographs you see a man standing there with this giant and ship or craft hovering above him it's got lights on it very very Yuri photographed and again does remember taking it he says that he doesn't know who was taking the picture and either that it's actually him that is the man taking the picture or it's him that is standing there in front of this UFO but yeah does remember taking it we've analyze these photos very mysterious I. if your member and as a couple months back we talked about another poster I believe was on reddit's possibly 4 chan where apparently someone made a post featuring a leaked photograph of an actual alien gray from area 51 standing at our side and sort of like a court yard or some sort of open area and what was really strange about that if you remember there is like it at probably 30 or 40 different photos or alleged photos of this alien were posted online a most of which turned out to be fakes if not all of them and it seemed like someone somewhere was attempting to flood at the website with all of these fakes to cause confusion some strange things actually did happen win that post first appeared in the story goes that basically the post was made with an actual real legitimate photo okay the real photo of the alien this thread was then within seconds shut down and then the entire website completely went off line for around 20 minutes I after which she came back online the original thread and post in photo nowhere to be found completely scrubbed from the website then they started flooding it with these fake images here I mean it just it reeked of a cover up so those were 2 very mysterious cases and so now back to this one here an alleged alien can mutating that he is stuck outside of planet earth and so people start posting coordinates okay they wonder if this is true and obviously you want to see what would happen I think you and I would want to do the same and without hesitation this being well just call him the poster begins posting these you know very I mean they're very yeah glitchy low resolution but none the less interesting photographs of all these different coordinates that people asked him to visit and that you know people started doing research at started doing a Google reverse image searches to see if maybe someone had just taken some photos off of Google and doctored them none of the images that this person posted can be found on Google I Furthermore none of these images look to be taken from Google earth the software program and in many of the images you can see what look like clouds and they're highly detailed or as detailed as they can be and it does look I I have to say and other people of posts about this that they do something about these photos that just looks real you know it I can't exactly explain it you'll see as I go through these photos I'm showing you these different photos from earth okay so imagine a spaceship flying to different coordinates people are giving him he's posting pictures and this being orb or person or alien almost visits every single set of coordinates so what next then somebody asks the being if they would fly to the moon and sure enough the being then begins posting photos on their way to you at at the moon and then behind the moon which I'm showing you here in sequence so here as you can see they're flying towards the back side for the moon which is in darkness or just the area of the men that is you know not facing earth in is not lit up but you can't see the edge of the moon here that is being hit by some sunlight and so the next image is then taken from what looks to be a part of the men that is lit on this very well could be the backside not exactly sure what the orientation of the moon was at the time that these were taken but I mean you can see details you can see craters here and then finally the last image which shows the most close up shot of the moon you're seeing here how are we can see that the terminator line and we're seeing a lot more craters stretching across the surface and again you know people are trying to look these photos up trying to figure out where they came from and you just can't find it you know it's it's almost like they are their new you know and again it just it's weird added to the validity of it so that's just kind of white so strange so we then did being posts a picture of his home planet again which is called X. F. C. 0422 someone finally asks in a post I if the being would visit these coordinates which go to a street in Australia and that practically begs for the alien which again it goes by the name of miss him I come down as low as they can and proof that there are real being so then a few minutes go by and the L. Australian poster comes back how literally half of it wetting his pants almost and screaming about how he had seen the craft which she posted along with the set of photographs and as you can see in the first photo if you look appear towards the top we see what looks like a triangular object with 3 lights one on each corner very similar to what we think of the a to your 3 be the black manta and in this zoomed in shot gives us a more close up view that indeed add this is nothing that you could consider man made so then the being of missing him finally comes back and basically says that her team had reached her earlier than they had thought and rescue her after hearing their and distress calls after which she had to being host one more photograph which is a distant photo of earth I guess it's traveling away from our planet and you're seeing that here and damn yeah that is where we are so I guess over the past week you know people have been kind of freaking out about this discussing it trying to figure out what had just happened I'm you know that the fact that someone would go through all this trouble and basically you know some thread somewhere on a website that you know not many people are gonna see you know obviously with a ton of people who are gonna pay attention anyway are gonna say it's fake go through all this trouble post these images that cannot be found online it cannot be found on Google earth I'm showing you know that very real looking snapshots from above our planet and visiting every set of coordinates that was given to them flying to behind in from the moon I posting a photo of their home planet and then posting photos of earth as they're leaving a solar system all very mysterious I'm still trying to wrap my head around it sore the people on reddit and 4 chan so you know it's just one of those things it's another one of these mysterious happenings that we've posted on the past we will likely post on again in the future where you just you don't know you know you you don't know you know it's very easy to say all that's fake and move on but I think you do a disservice because in the past as we have found out of people have called things fakes or overlooked certain evidence in the past that later turned out to be solid as a rock the real deal and them you know that that's kind of where we are and that's why people are really sort of heavily discussing this so I I wanted to post it here and see what your guys thoughts were pretty crazy so you know look at the image I'll post the original link to the thread down below there's a couple different threads and posts about this you guys can go and check it out and but yeah very intriguing so thank you all again for stopping by today be sure to like and subscribe your way out follow me on Twitter and if you have your own strange story or piece of UFO footage mommy to post about don't hesitate to send me an email so stay tuned stay safe nnst nnst //
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Disturbing Alert Interrupts TV Broadcast In California 9/24/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler who was secure team well we made it it is officially September 24 and why you know the world did not end we're all still here just like I said we would be in like most of you knew already sell to all of you guys out there may have been frightened by the fear mongering videos hopefully now you can breathe a little bit more easy and just a quick update to this if you remember in the last video I spoke about the man behind the September 23 into the world date a guy by the name of David meet who is the self described numerologist and a predictor of the calamities to come on the 20 third and just as I suspected and said Mister Mead has now stepped in after nothing happened and is now claiming that soules all just a big misunderstanding and that this apocalypse will actually start in October the astronomer and author has now come out to reassure the world that things were actually not supposed to come to an end on the 20 third but instead he said that there will be celestial events on that specific date which he refers to as simply quote time markers and finally that the month of October will be the quote beginning of the end with regards to life on planet earth starting with October 21 which will signal something called a 7 year period of tribulation where during this time the elusive theoretical planet Nibiru will begin coming closer and closer to earth's orbit and begin wreaking havoc on the solar system and our planet so I mean they you guys have it I mean just like I said it was September 23 yet another date that didn't come to fruition into the day has now been pushed back so stay tuned for updates on that hole and probably the most important is remembered a purchase Mister Meade's new book oh boy but anyway just wanted to update you guys on what happened with that situation but on to the main topic I DO something happened at very eerie still trying to figure out the details of it but as all of this may lay was going on with the September 23 date something very mysterious and strange happens it's frightening to some people and it mainly happened in California southern California to be exact where on the 20 second just a couple of days ago viewers across the southern part of the state had there at television broadcasts interrupted with this Apocalyptica emergency alert that once accompanied by this ominous voice promising quote extremely violent times to calm you're watching flashed across some television screens in southern California just after 11:00 this morning some heard what started as an emergency alert turned into a warning of the end of the world it no I no I I don't know what at home I don't little the emergency alert appeared on the screens of the southern California residents at around 11 A. M. on Thursday video shared online show the warning against the black screen followed by the man's voice other warnings were said to have included that of what appeared to be a terrified breathless voice speaking about a secret space program at their beings from off world that are not what they claim to be and that there'd been an infiltration of the military establishment particularly that of area 51 now it said the disaffected people who either had Cox or spectrum as their cable provider with one Cox customer saying quote it sounded like a radio broadcast coming through the TV now it's still unclear whether the messages were broadcast intentionally or by accident but broadcast signal intrusions by pranksters aren't unheard of even in this digital era that we're in now but it's not likely we'll just say that spokesmen from both cable companies say that the companies that don't know how many customers were affected and that it's still trying to determine where the originating signal came from Cox believes that its system got the message after a radio station or multiple stations were constructing their monthly emergency test which cable networks piggyback on usually radio stations transmit an end tone to complete their alerts however this time it seems no such town was transmitted spectrum and did not immediately respond to a request from Gizmodo a for comment but a spokesman by the name of Dennis Johnson told the register quote we have confirmed that we were fed and incorrect audio file and yet many viewers reported being alarmed scared and confused by this your rebroadcast I especially the fact that it happened just the day before the 20 third with many assuming that this validated at the prophecies in the claims that something was going to happen to earth and there have also been reports from people in Hawaii who also heard the emergency test at around 11:00 PM later that night now obviously that there's people out there including probably the cable companies although that they're not saying yet this is maybe some sort of hacking a tent I am but however other people are already starting to come out and put theories force that this was something much more I with some saying that it's simply a B. S. explanation and that this may have actually been some sort of beta test see how the masses would react they've been other people people who have actually worked in radio for 1020 years who have actually ran similar tests themselves and say that there's no way that the signals could got mixed up and that it had to have been either a prank or the real deal and was done on purpose for some reason but of course these are just theories and that I thought was very interesting so let me know what you guys think did you guys hear this message and if you didn't you know there's videos of it all over you too and that yeah I I think you'd be very disconcerting to hear this even if it does turn out to be a prank but it was a strange that happened the day before the 20 third and and then things that they were saying talking about you violent times to come talking about aliens and that's just one of those mysterious things and if you guys remember I posted a video while back about another instance I believe is back in the 19 seventies where it said that an actual alien being hijacked a television broadcast and ... spoke through unsuspecting people's televisions and it hasn't only been televisions where there have been several of these so called mystery broadcasts or unknown broadcast I it's been heard on radio many times throughout history with sounds and what sounds like children's voices coming from so called numbers stations they're said to be these elusive buildings spread across the world turned many of them have come from Russia that emanate and broadcast at least eerie recordings have children just repeating random numbers and works and there was also a case if I remember correctly of something that was called the backward music station I which it actually doesn't play backward music that's just what they call it what it is broadcasting instead is something that has been said to have come from the bowels of hell itself where people have reported hearing a high pitched grinding with some banging thrown in perhaps it to make it sound that much creepier and of course we have the mysterious signals that emanate from outer space at but yet again yeah as far as television broadcasts go this one from the 19 seventies maybe the early 19 eighties truly was a kind of spooky are good and put the link to that down below as well it's a fascinating case people are split down the middle as to whether that was real or not as well but I will let you guys be the judge so thank you guys for stopping by today be sure to leave a like and subscribe on your way out if you haven't yet and if you have your own strange story or UFO footage you wanna get out there Simeon email my contact info is down below and again I just wanna thank all of you guys for the well wishes and messages as I sit here ending this broken leg but I feel like I'm getting better by the day and are they say I'll be walking in about 4 months so thank you guys again I love being back to work and see back soon with I it's nnst //
"2017-09-23 02:24:02"
Is Tomorrow The End? 9/22/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler who was secure team well tomorrow is the dreaded day the day that it's all supposed to come to a final end and after receiving so many emails about this day well I mean I felt the pressure and I just use I said you know what I want people to be frightened have been getting emails from a lot of younger people up and some are older people wondering all about September 23 and which is the date and it's been like a plague for the past year and you know seeing things all over the internet about it getting emails about it from people wondering is the world coming to an end on September 23 and well that's what some people are saying is supposed to happen there's been a ton of videos about it home videos that have been getting a lot of views you know and that's added to the the frenzy and you know after I was just going through some emails preparing for the main video for tonight you know I just received one more from from a woman who is terrified and she said so in the subject over email asking about September 23 tomorrow and I assured her like I'm going to assure you that absolutely nothing is going to happen but I just wanna talk about this day little bit you know where it came from why you know every all the focus is on this date and what not so if you don't know there's a guy by the name of David Mead who is a Christian numerologist and a self described researcher who has been saying for quite some time the September 23 is foretold in the Bible's book of revelation as a day of a series of catastrophic events that will begin and as a result a major part of the world will not be the same according to meet who says he studied astronomy and an unspecified university in Kentucky the great change in our world will be the result of the arrival of the infamous Nibiru which if you don't know if you've been living under a rock is a hypothetical planet famous in conspiracy circles and that is said to be you know this rogue system that has a very elliptical orbit and every 20000 some odd years depending on who you talk to at least it swings back in comes through our solar system disturbing all of the other planets and ... wiping out earth and so these videos put out by people like and Mr meat I have been viewed millions of times and you know when it comes to Nibiru and I've rarely post videos about it just for the simple fact that I get actually a ton of hate it turns out that a lot of people out there and a lot of the viewers who believe in the alien phenomenon there's a marginal group and that's been around for awhile now that believes in this planet or system and they believe it's gonna wipe out the planet however there's been no evidence show that there's any sort of rogue planet or body that is heading towards earth I guarantee you if there's anything near us are heading toward us we would have seen it by now now you'll get a lot of videos out there showing lens flares pictures that people take of the sun and usually there's a little spotter circle next to it penicillins flair okay I've taken pictures of the exact same thing and many times you will get these image artifacts which many people believe our second son or a rogue planet for some reason I always seem to be in these photos and they've been in the photos for years now and yet they never get close to earth and nothing ever happens now that's not to say however that there are rogue planets out there on the very outskirts of the solar system in fact there are so called a planet axes that have been discovered you know some of them are the size of for that Pluto others are said to be the size of Jupiter but they're way out there and none of them are on a collision course with earth but again I'm not dogging the new bureau crowd I'm not trying to you know I I really just don't argue about that it's not the topic I like to focus on if you wanna learn about Nibiru and watch the other videos there's plenty out there and you guys watch me make up your own minds alright all I'm saying is that the world has never come to an end and we've had so many of these dates come and go where this was suppose to happen I mean there's been so many just in the past 5 years I can't even count anymore where again I need your room was supposed to come or their response to be some other cataclysm and you know nothing thankfully ever happens and so here's a few dates where things refers to go wrong okay in the world was supposed to be wiped out wishes go down a few things and go down the list where it was said that the staff was about to hit the fan 1/1/2000 there was a widespread concern and theories that computers couldn't handle the start of the new millennium and the world would end this was also known as Y. 2 K. and of course the year 2000 came and went the computer systems were fine and all of this mass hysteria was for nothing 4/29/2007 was predicted to be yet another time that the world was supposed to end this time by former southern Baptist pastor Pat Robertson who made the prediction in his book quote the new millennium in 1990 Harold camping a former evangelist convinced so many people that the world would end on 5/21/2011 with a series of earthquakes that many people quit their jobs and donated money to camping's family radio network after the world was still very much intact on may 22 camping change the date to 10/21/2011 and when the world still wasn't destroyed been camping apologized for his quote sinful statement he later passed away in 2013 probably the most infamous date that you guys have to remember was that of 12/21/2012 where conspiracy theorists a numerologist and self described profits looked at December 21 as the day that the world would officially end also known as the 0 apocalypse they predicted that the world would end with a massive solar storm that would knock out the power grid or from a comet blasting and earth neither of those things happened and then Mr meat is a just yet another person pushing a date that will no doubt come to pass and then there will likely be another date or another reason why it didn't happen ironically a producer at a Montreal Canada radio station tried to book an interview with Mr Mead recently but he said he's not available until next week and on the face when they see these videos about September 23 and they've never done researcher now you have never experienced a date similar to this where nothing has happened it can frighten people and it does and that's the type of fear mongering that truly does make YouTube a hard place to go to work to have you know have fun and enjoy and it puts unnecessary stress on people and that's a fact because you read through some of the emails I've received from people who are legitimately frightened and it is for that reason that I wanted to post this video today so of course let me know you think down below and you know let the hate began from those who believe Nibiru is still coming look I don't have a beef with you guys I'm just telling you like I see it and as I've seen it in the past so we're all friends here with this research going and not only will I see you back on the 20 third in the 20 fourth in everyday after I've got another video in the works so I'm gonna try to get that up tonight if not early in the morning so stay safe guys thanks for stopping by in a scene insisted nnst nnst //
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NAVY Is Watching Something In Our Ocean! 9/21/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler you're we secure team well the truth is down there at least that's according to one UFO experts who says that the U. S. navy is and has been for quite some time running a top secret program to quote detect alien spacecraft under the ocean so this new report comes about after a leading astronomer and ufologists by the name of mark Dantonio says that not only did he witness a U. S. O. which stands for unidentified submerged object or really just any unknown craft into the ocean but that he witnessed it while aboard a navy submarine in the north Atlantic Ocean Mister Dantonio an astronomer and the chief video analyst for the UFO organization new fine said that he witnessed what he believes it must have been an alien craft traveling at impossible speeds while he was on board a US navy submarine after the sighting mark then hurt and naval officer ordering the sonar operator to log the unidentified object which was traveling at quote 700 knots as part of something they called the fast mover program currently most submarine and torpedoes can only go up to about 40 nights due to the resistance from the water with the unidentified object again moving at around 700 it said that the Russians reportedly have a torpedo that can go in excess of around 200 knots but SPD of several 0 knots would appear to be impossible for human built craft so how did this all happen and why was this guy on a submarine to begin with well mark who runs a special effects company called FX models and he has undertaken several naval contract and so as part of a thank you for doing some work for them the navy asked him if he wanted to go for a ride on a submarine and so obviously who wouldn't do that and he said yes of course he said quote once we got under I was sitting in the sonar station and the sonar operator was sitting right next to me submarines are loud people think that they're very quiet and it's true that they are on the outside because the sound doesn't get out but inside you hear fans know ways and it's a constant Dan on the setup he goes on to say quote I was sitting there is zoning out a little because I was seasick and all of the sudden the sonar kid shouts quote fast mover fast mover and I'm jolted awake thinking to myself what's happening be executive officer comes out and the operator shows him the path of the object in the officer says how fast was that going even reports the sonar operator stated several 0 nights with the officer then replying can you confirm it so then it said that the operator went to another sonar machine and confirmed that it wasn't a machine anomaly it was real with all of the men obviously thinking how incredible deciding wise he then says that the sonar guy said what do I do with this to which the officer replied quote log it and delegate which in other words means write it down in the log book and bury it 4 years later mark said he was doing some more contract work for the navy when he spoke to a senior naval figure about what he saw he asked him about the so called fast mover program to which the officer replied sorry but I can't talk to you about that program in turn obviously confirming that the program existed without really having to say so what he did say however was that these unidentified submerged craft are very common and it's now obvious that we at least have a program in place to classify and log these unidentified craft and to determine the speed of them before going into the vault so yeah and this is a very interesting development I it goes on to confirm what I've believed for years and I've talked about this many times on the channel which is that our ocean is an alien planet on its own alright forget space forget her outside the solar system we have an alien planet right here in a body of water 90 percent of which has never been touched by mankind only 10 percent maybe a little less of our oceans have ever been explored and even in many of those cases add these scientists and these researchers and explorers never even get to go down to the bottom see what's there and for years now we have spoken about these U. S. O. sightings that have been logged the eyewitness testimony and yes some video and photographic evidence people who have been on the water or from pilots who've been flying overhead and of spotted strange lights emerging from the depths below these objects have been observed coming up from the bottom of the ocean and blasting out of the water toward space and vice versa as I've always said what more of a perfect place for UFOs or other worldly craft to height in right in our own emotions and here we have been the whole time thinking that this is an off world issue and phenomenon when they've been here all along I mean you you hate you sit for a minute you imagine just how much of the earth is covered with water and for miles and miles down or there could literally be a you know in an entire city or cities you know complexes of these under water bases from which many of these objects may be originating and it's said to be called again the fast mover program so I if any of you guys have heard of the fast mover programmer having more information or maybe your own U. S. O. citing put it down in the comments alright let's get a dialogue started and as always you know whenever you guys are out on the lakes or the ocean to the rivers keep your camera ready because these things have been seen everywhere and yes again on lakes and rivers is not only the ocean so again very interesting let me know what you think and before we go today I want to show you guys some really cool stuff that has been sent to me or sent to Maya PO box by viewers trying to I guess you know put me in better spirits as I'm healing up you know I'm still sitting here leg swollen I covered in bandages and I pretty much just sit here all day with my leg propped up can't walk can't move and a so my wife went today to the UPS store and picked up some packages instant fan mail that were sent in and so I wanted to feature some of those today so the first and package I received was sent to me by a man named Jordan from Sweden and who took the time and was nice enough to create these really cool alien had buttons that were accompanied with a very nice letter and I'm really really cool and in fact I put one on VM it's like this little bag that I attached to the side of my crutches that way I can we put pop senator Paul my phone in it when I'm up stumbling around sell big thanks to George for sending this I've got it on the crutches here and I'm really really cool so the next item said that I opened came from a I guess a glass blowing artist out of Kansas city Missouri assuming he's really cool and necklaces AB created them out of glass himself were you like heat up the glass and you create the shapes one is of that this really cool 3 fingered alien hand that you're seeing here and then I had this really funny alien head with its tongue sticking out so really creative big thanks to Jake for sending these out next I I receive kind of a goodie package from viewers Jay and Dana out of Palmdale California who sent me these really awesome meteorites each of which is in their own little I'm a collector case here and there are these really small and cool a fragment of meteorites that were discovered tells the time and date of them so really really awesome and obviously that really resonates with me so thank you for these they also sent me at this little gizmo here that you turn on and it has like a little antenna you pull out you pointed at stuff and it can detect whether your phone is bugged or whether there's any sort of wireless secret cameras or devices or bugging equipment like that so I took it out was playing with it and for some reason it was really lighting up towards one of my cats so apparently the men in black at some point got to and recruited my little feline friend here but unfortunately for them their plans have been foiled sound nice try guys next I have a really cool and I don't know if it's made out of clay or what but it's really awesome and it's of a like a little disc here and of you who sent this and says that I it's a bunch of little aliens on the surface of Mars you can see here it says spelled out in little rock's greeting secure team and it's got the little tiny little alien standing here and one inside of a saucer sell really really cool and lastly today I've actually featured this before when I just had a photo of it but what arrive today was the actual painting that was shipped out to me from Tom of lefty creations out of good old Las Vegas Nevada I who was kind enough to create this just awesome painting work of art of what looks like some alien planets here in the background and you can see my alien head logo so really really awesome gonna hang this up with pride and to everyone else who have sent me things and I just have say thank you you're really warms my heart and if any of you guys wanna send in any pictures or fan mail or anything like that I will put the address to my UPS barks down in the video description it's not a PO box UPS bar so thanks again to everyone for stopping by be sure to subscribe and share way out and stay tuned because I've got more videos on the way more mysterious things embassy back in just a nnst //
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Did You SEE THIS Over Hawaii? 9/20/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler who was secure team I just wanted to post this quick video we've sort of a developing story of some strange lights over the island of Oahu in Hawaii where according to reports yeah thousands if people were completely baffled by the appearance of these lights that are just appearing in the sky according to one witness there were around 8 to 10 of these bizarre lights in the sky at 1.during the evening this was reported in the nineteenth 1 man by the name of mash had take claims that he woke up at around 230 in the morning went downstairs to get some water when he spotted the lights flashing in the sky and that's when he took the video and started dead distributing it to the local news outlets describing what appeared to be it at some point to look like formations of the super bright lights it's one of the things about these they are extremely bright and large and outgoing and show you a clip from the news agency here in a second but I just a quick run down what we do know so far is that the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA has quote played down reports claiming that they have not received any unusual information for members of the public also with a narrative of these possibly maybe being military flares we do know that the Hawaiian Air National Guard U. S. army and the nearby Schofield barracks have not claimed any responsibility for these lights and have made no statement as to what they were what they could have been but anyway I wanted to feature it I'll play this clip from the local news and you guys let me know what you think so in the meantime do you stay tuned I've got another video I'm working on a much longer videos so watch out for that and I'll see you guys back in just a bit a strange sight in the sky last night over a lot who caught the attention of many people our new chefs can join Bob Joe that's the question what was it what did people see we did receive a lot of reports via are reported feature on our website lot of viewers wondering what those lights were over west o'ahu check out this video from 1 of our viewers mashup time he said he woke up at about 230 this morning going to drink water and missus what he saw in the sky certainly caught his eye who took the video from kaka arco and thinks the lights were over central or west along who hard to tell from his vantage point you can see the 2 bright lights and then slowly a third light appears how tight believes he saw about 8 to 10 of the lights total he says he believes that we see thanks for probably flares it looked like ... where ... implicated in basement them in one area ... ... began to deflect probably wears nothing letters definitely really unusual that the ... they're they're super brain arm I I guess I couldn't really ... it all just because it was my cameras at the soap bar where it really really praying I I mean I looked at my Lai 9 but at first I thought no we did check today with the F. A. A. whether they received any reports they did not they also check out the whole year National Guard the US army Schofield barracks in the past when we receive reports about similar life it did wind up being due to military training still waiting to hear exactly what those lights are when we do all that you know tell I I ... //
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You Can't See Them, But They're Here 9/19/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler who was secure team I get some really intriguing UFO footage that touches on actually one of my favorite subjects I am and it's a goes to a specific type of UFO alright a specific type of unearthly crafts maybe earthly I don't know but it's one that's rarely seen and I happen to believe that there's a certain type of UFO or a certain shape at least and it's this type of shape that we rarely see and because of this I believe that the sightings are that much more valid I it is the types of your foes that we rarely see that are the most mysterious because usually that likely means that they aren't from our planet but they are from off world somewhere in that the ones we see all the time live a much larger chance of that being built right here on earth Byron governments through black projects and such and so in this first piece of footage here that we truly need I did it kind of makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up watching it because at first you don't see it so let me just go out and play these 2 clips where a man and his girlfriend were out running some errands out right on the ... Ohio and Kentucky and West Virginia border right now tri state area when they noticed something in the sky that was done damn near invisible will just say and it didn't become clear until I was actually able to analyze it and that messed with it a bit so check these down tell me if you see it the who one good luck okay so many of you may have seen it a lot of you are probably thinking why am I looking at a blank sky here well that's what we thought to so we actually contract into the brought down the brightness of and that is when we witnessed now would be the so as you can no doubt now see amongst the mist and this spree rainy cloudy day we can now see what the viewer saw when he took out his camera he said he was going through a drive through when he noticed a what appeared to him to be a a faint line in the clouds along with some lighting that gave him the impression that there was some analysts that geometric and how right he was 2 almost done maybe there's a balloon hanging somewhere or maybe it was says something on the window but it wasn't you got out of the car and same object was there and as you're seeing here what was once invisible virtually to the naked eye unless you're looking really hard we can now see what I can only describe at least at this angle as a square were cube shaped UFO unidentified object sitting static in the skies near the Ohio Kentucky border and it becomes obvious that we have some sort of 3 dimensional object here that I mean even with the the contrast enhancement you can still barely see but I think what we're seeing here is sort of an indirect to look and I've spoken about this many times before one of my favorite subjects is the UFOs that you can't see and that the only way you can see them is when they in directly affect things around them things such as clowns where the clouds will be moving around these invisible objects and it will be the very effect that is happening on those very clouds to where you can indirectly start to see a shape as the clouds move around it and you know had this been just a clear blue sky I highly doubt we would have been seeing anything at all and so then you have to ask yourself okay my seeing some sort of cloaking mechanism because obviously clouds do not move and form perfect cubed geometric straight line shapes like we're seeing here as I was saying earlier the cube or the square shaped UFO is one of the most mysterious because it is the one UFO that we rarely see and it's one of the most elusive unidentified objects that you can ever see or you know rarely see but there has been a few occasions we've captured the so called cubes but the video we posted your to back stream infamous footage of one of these cute with it was actually seen with the naked eye coming out of the clouds over el Paso Texas one of our most popular videos I it was witnessed by multiple people seen coming out of what was called the dark portal that had formed in the clouds that had been ejected by all accounts this square or cube objects sort of looks like the Borg cube and it was witnessed by multiple people we did an interview with one of them and to this day it remains to be one of the most mind boggling UFO cases I have ever studied we had other sightings of the cube as well and there was one in Florida a couple years back where a number of photographs were taken of yet again a reflective cubed object sitting in the sky not moving captured sitting above the ocean off the coast of Malibu hand Florida and observed from the balcony of the viewers hotel room before the object made its way back into the clouds disappearing here's yet another photo of a similar craft hiding in the clouds and I I've said before I think that these crafts especially if you're using cloaking and one of the easiest place you can hide in plain sight is up in the clouds you know you fly up there you park yourself and either sit still or you to slowly move with the clouds no one Storwize very mean that's why we have so few images of these things in the clouds at least the cloaked once but every now and then if you're lucky and if someone has a sharp enough I to where they can spot that the signs of one of the sinks and know how these objects are made known in directly by the clowns you might be like enough to capture an image of it or video and yet that's why it's so interesting because there's so little footage because these things are seen so little of the mystery factor goes out much higher as to where they're coming from what they are and why they are so elusive so yeah I'm a big thanks to the viewer who sent the San if any of you guys spot something similar if seen something similar email me more at posted down below something is definitely in our skies hiding in plain sight proving once again and then in fact we have no idea what is above us what is above you outside your home right now as you look up into the sky they you don't even know was there watching so let me know you guys think now in other news I wanted to feature a a short clip here of this gorgeous view of none other than area 51 this secret base and we all love to talk about had the base in the desert where it said that the secret black projects come about and that were alien bodies and crash wreckage of UFOs are stored reverse engineered and where some of the world's biggest kept secrets are securely locked away so the footage that you're seeing here was captured by a fellow UFO research channel called UFO seekers to feature them before these guys get out there they get on the ground they hike up mountains they have high powered telephoto lenses and the capture amazing footage so this is actually area 51 and the reason I wanted to show you guys this I want you guys to head over to UFO seekers channel where they have much more footage like this footage that you just can't get unless you're out there on the ground and you know although we're not seeing a UFO flying out of the base right now you know as I was discussing with UFO seekers this is a beautiful shot some of the most intriguing footage is that where you have to use your imagination you know that's why I wanted you guys just check out their full video and just watched quietly as they pan over cross give us this view of one of the most mysterious and secretive basis in the world and just sit there and think to yourself just what was going on inside this base as they were recording it what types of things were hidden in these hangers what secrets were they holding deep underground and surface that feels so close yet so far away so yeah I'd be sure to head over to your foe seekers channel I'll put the link to on down in the video description and big thanks to them for allowing us to share this on the channel amazing footage and kudos to these guys who actually get out there they hike up the mountains and they get the type of footage that no one else does so lastly today a couple things just a couple little things first is a photograph that was brought to my attention by actually Scott see wearing over UFO sightings daily who would appear is back posting I have your member Scott who runs the website UFO sightings actually it ended early stopped posting about 6 months ago and said he was finished it appears now that he is back so you know good to see him and he noticed something very interesting in a photograph that was posted on the BBC website found in a nebula around 400 light years away from earth of what looks like a clear face you know obviously I'm not saying that this isn't a real alien face but this is one of the coolest images have ever seen because when you look at it literally does look like someone has carved a face perfectly out of the star guest I mean you give it looks like it you know the side view of the face very angry sort of demonic looking face we have that the head the eyes the nose the mouth the chan the eerie you know it looks creepy and you know I'm not reading into it I'm just saying it's just one of those cool photographs you now so kudos to Scott wearing for always finding creepy things out there in space and speaking of creepy before we go today I don't know if you guys heard about this but apparently anyone of you for the price of only $5000 you can have your very own cloned alien body in a jar and that's right you heard me correctly someone on eBay is selling I what they're calling a baby alien smuggled out of area 51 I in this jar as you can see and it's very real and as I'm looking at this it would appear that someone has actually bid on it and the current bid is $2500 I am now obviously I don't actually believe she but this is an alien body smuggled out of area 51 because I guarantee empty you it would not be on eBay and the person that had it would likely have already been swiftly taken out and you know from looking at this thing it almost looked like someone's taken a tissue twisted up and dropped it in a jar of mountain dew which funny enough you can actually see a can of mountain dew next to it I but yeah I am it's just one of those weird stories I think that someone is trying to make some easy money here I just pray that if you are one of the bidders on this thing that it's just a joke in that you don't plan on following through with it on but yeah put a link to it down below said just one of those things it's so crazy just gonna have to see it for yourself so I never a shortage of strangeness talk about here on this channel I wanna thank all of you for stopping by today and as always if you have your own footage your story like me to talk about don't hesitate to email me my contact info is down below it's a tune because it got much more coming you want Stacy nnst //
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DO NOT Record This UFO 9/17/17
\\it's Hey what's up guys Tyler was secure team a in returning to my channel after my little accident and I posted a video yesterday about Saturn but I really wanted to post something about strictly UFO activity and so today I'm gonna show you guys some really intriguing stuff in fact I've got a backlog of footage so I've got multiple videos coming in I'd have to say about 20 pages of emails that I have yet to check since I was in the hospital and I have to go through and us all get to that but I do want to share the first some very mysterious and interesting activity happening in our skies a bit over here on earth as well as some more strange activity that I discovered in some of the a Saturn time lapse footage that I featured in my last video has some strange things happening in a part of that footage but we'll get to that here in a minute now I originally I wasn't gonna talk about this but this just occurred on another channel and I just wanted to touch on it real quick because I already got a few emails about it and so if you hadn't seen this yet a man in LA captured some very mysterious lights a sort of sitting in the sky disappearing re appearing at taking on different shapes and what not any posted to you too it was then featured in a recent video by third phase of moon and when I saw it I said can you know I I yeah I think I know what this is and so I contacted the owner of the video gave me permission to share it here and and you know I spoke with them as well but they appear in 2 specific shapes the first one you could say it's kind of like a cigar type shape a straight line they disappear for a moment and then you see them appear and a perfect circle alright and so then in the second video he posted we again see far in the distance AE what appears to be a much larger group of these objects appearing in and turning off all at the same time skies then completely dark and so when I originally saw this and through third phases video I which is entitled Stargate opens what just happened over L. A. well I'm you know I I looked at the footage I think got a few emails about it and I I just have to say especially after talking to the source of it that I really don't think that this is some sort of alien Stargate appearing above the Los Angeles guys I really have to say that these look extremely similar if not identical to many of the drone light shows that we've been witnessing they happen all over the world where you will have people flying up hundreds even thousands of these little drones all of which are equipped with LED lights color changing LED lights and they will create together these beautiful magnificent light shows and different shapes and formations all in unison and we had companies from all over the world all over the U. S. use these things for you know advertising there's you 2 videos just search and drown light show and very similar to what we're seeing here the drones will appear in a color disappear reappear in another color take a different shape and you know it was just a little bit of research I found out that just around the same time period hope Warner brothers the movie studio was holding an event called Wonder Woman in the sky it was powered by around 300 Intel drones showcasing imagery related to the new film so again I'm I'm not hating anyone I saw the footage I wanted to do my own analysis of it I talked the original video honor and he was pretty sure it was drones to I mean that was his initial thought so I'm gonna give a big special thanks to the YouTube channel called ... the anthem and of course I will put the original links to these down below you guys tell me what you think I mean Accorsi could be wrong but in my opinion these look like a drowned light show and if you look at other videos online I think you'll you'll see something very similar so now onto a you know a very I'm bone chilling I guess is the word I would use UFO sighting that actually occurred back in 2011 however this is just come to me and not many people have seen this have never spoken about it on the channel and it's a really creepy and compelling stuff the gist of what happened is I was by a guy named Mike okay he's got Joe out of North Carolina who's telling me a story about something that occurred back in 2000 Levin after he had simply recorded a UFO sighting and then what happened next is ... the bone chilling part so first let me go and show you this video clip that he sent over to me he actually did his own little analysis here shows and still images but check out this video of what he saw and we'll talk more in just a minute okay so this is the UFO footage that he captured and he said in this email that he actually had a YouTube channel back in 2011 under the name of patriotic space he said it was a very successful channel but then he was harassed by the NSA and select government agencies for putting out info on classified information nothing to do with harp receivers things like that he's also a fellow sky watcher and so one day he noticed a strange object in the sky which he said made a straight line across the horizon as it rotated counter clockwise he said that it also appeared to shape shift a little bit throughout the video with the nose as he referred to it growing longer and shorter and he said you can see in the still photos the shape is definitely symmetrical at can be identified as a weather balloon debris is something like that now by itself you chalk it up just your regular UFO sighting but what happened next has led this man to believe that whatever he captured here he wasn't suppose to capture it in is one of the reasons that not only soon after this was his channel taken down after yet uploaded UFO footage but he was then followed and harassed by helicopters as well as having an attempt on his life and you're seeing the helicopter food each year where according to him this thing was following him down the road he pulled over started filming and this helicopter came down almost to the point where the skids were touching the tree tops and where he was able to actually make contact with the pilot and as you can see this thing is I mean this thing is a lot well any lowered pray crash into the trees so after this happened he said that there was an attempt take him out where apparently he was forced off the road where he then rolled 7 times down in 80 foot drop playing it out as you can see roll down wasn't too nice she so yeah and vehicle here completely demolished and data yeah the I mean what can I say you know and what I can say is that this happened before we've seen it happen we've heard countless stories of it so I yeah big thanks to Mike for sending this over let me know what you guys think and leave your comments down below crazy crazy stuff now lastly today wanted to feature some footage again that was captured by the Cassini space probe long before he took it said a final descent into Saturn never to be seen or heard from again I and ... as you're seeing here when I was going through this time lapse footage of Saturn we see Saturn's rings I noticed something very interesting happening just above the reins and what I described what it's been described to me as what looks like an object that appears above the ring system above these rings that been shoots down what almost looks like a glowing laser beam or portal or whatever you wanna call it that actually goes down into the reins and so this happens very quickly sun gonna show you the slowed down version because it's just a snap of the fingers it appears and disappears because again this time lapse footage so here's the slowdown clip and I want you to watch this area right here okay see it see how it slowly fades in and gets brighter and then as it disappears again starts to slowly fade out as opposed to when you have space debris passing by or an image glitch in only appears in one frame it's boom it's there it's doesn't sit there for multiple frames slowly fading in or powering up and doing the same and powering back out and what I'm showing you here isn't just going back and forth okay showing you guys it appear and then going back rewinding it showing it disappear and I just give you guys a just of how this thing you know very smoothly appears over the reins and you can see it before it it almost looks like it turns on lights where the whole thing then begins to glow and yeah I mean look at this this is a very interesting to me we documented here last video a lot of strange UFO activity that was occurring around Saturn in other planets captured by Cassini others know down my mind is this activity is real it's happening out there it's been said that their massive ships proliferating at Saturn that have been captured in to see me in Voyager photographs and it's been said many times at the ships interact with this ring system with some saying that the even a create the rings themselves or or harness energy from them and so that very well could be what we're seeing here you know could be set up an object appearing above the rings shooting down some sort of beam or something that is creating the rings or taking material or energy from them I just don't know you know but based on the way this thing appears you know kind of powers updates its light so yeah and I don't know what's going on here but with all the talk of the crafts to you know proliferating is senator the talk of the ring systems being built so it's all very interesting very mysterious solve this didn't see a fast enough for yesterday's video but I wanted to feature here today so let me know you guys think now that I am out of the hospital and getting back to normal I will be announcing soon the winner of the secure team art submission contest and that will be sending out prizes and what not so look out for that stay tuned and stay safe in a C. back here in just a bit //
"2017-09-16 05:30:42"
SECRETS Of The Cassini Space Probe 9/16/17
\\the Hey what's up guys Tyler here was secure team well it's been a couple days since I posted a video I'm trying to get better and he'll a deal with the pain in my leg but I feel good today so I wanted to post a video I'm actually working on 2 videos so obviously I wanted to talk about the Cassini probes final end which has now come and gone has flown its //
"2017-09-14 15:50:01"
What Is INSIDE Planet Saturn? 9/14/17
\\to Hey what is that guy's Tyler you're with secure team the images that you are seeing here where just a few hours ago beamed back from the Cassini space probe and are of the closest images ever taken of planet Saturn where we are getting this gorgeous clamps and again the closest ever views of Saturn swirling chaotic atmosphere and a massive hurricane I was captured moving across its surface this all comes as the space probe made its first dive in between Saturn and its rings and continues with its so called grand finale as it weaves its way between Saturn and its rings in a series of 22 dives that will culminate in what the agency describes as a quote science rich plunge into Saturn's atmosphere on September 15 and that will be the day when Cassini meets its glorious their minds this after traveling over 1000000000 miles through our solar system capturing thousands upon thousands of all inspiring photographs Saturn Jupiter and the various moons ranks and asteroids that lay in its path so if you guys saw my last video we ended that one with a very short montage a compilation if you will of some of these Cassini probe images and we were able to give you a small glimpse of what all of these photographs look like when put together into a fluid animation and so after I posted that video I got a way of of requests from people wanting to see more and so I I felt it only right to post this video and as a tribute to the Cassini space probe and the previous probes that have followed in its footsteps here I am going to show you a compilation of images that spans over 8 years and hopefully this will inspire you guys to want to know more about this universe and this research that we're doing so without further ado sit back relax and enjoy the film I it's yeah nnst this I had to I and now we'll I this I it's I I I this //
"2017-09-13 02:57:49"
CLOSEST UFO Image Ever Taken? 9/12/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler here was secure team I'm finally back home still in terrible pain but I have a really cool Walker now my wife got me and that I don't have a really long video for you guys today but I do have some really interesting footage that just came to me that on a feature as well as a really awesome UFO photograph he's really perplexing ... that I hadn't actually seen before so deftly wanted featured here and so we'll talk about that first and so what you're seeing is said to be an actual photo of a flying saucer type you a photo taken directly over top of the photographers head so he standing below it and so according to the report this extraordinary image of the underside of the UFO was right yield to the audience at the outer limits magazine 70 years of the modern UFO era conference in whole earlier this month I UFO investigator goes by the name of Malcolm Robinson said to have been taken at the Grangemouth and I hope I'm saying that correctly oil refinery in Scotland in 1991 and that the image is only one of many in a long line of reported sightings of your photos and bizarre things happening in the area known as Falkirk triangle which apparently draws in UFO researchers and spotters from all over the world so the image is headed been taken by 2 friends who were taking photos of this giant Petro chemical plant in Grangemouth which is near Falkirk in Scotland and during this they were snapping photos and they spotted a distant red UFO hovering in the sky on the horizon which then flew right towards them at a very high rate of speed continuing to then say quote but this red ball of light shot across towards them and was 2 to 300 feet above when he took the photograph and that he literally had to bend backwards to take it Mister Robinson who've run strange phenomena investigations or S. P. I. which is based in central Scotland originally published the sightings in an article on that and photo along with their filled Travis the or for who went on say that it was roughly 2000 above the ground then it dipped and increased dramatically in speed the point of the photograph it was about 2 to 300 feet directly above us it was then that we heard the light pulsing harm of the object my friend and I were quite shaken at the time but afterwards had an overwhelming sense of excitement and so they did thorough checks I wish that refineries owners who were at one BP British petroleum and damn obviously they've they found no I aircraft activity in the area that night and no evidence came about to explain what it happened and what have been photographed and it remains to be one of the most intriguing mysteries in UFO sightings to occur over Scotland so I'm yeah it's an amazing photograph and the area again where I guess a lot of the sightings are happening is called the Falkirk triangle so I wanted to see if any of you guys have experienced something similar I'm Unisys activity still going on to this day and if it is I'd sure like to have some more info about it and them study this area more so really cool photo you know it reminds me of another photo we featured that to a guy took out another one of these massive craft that apparently he took what he doesn't remember taking it he woke up and found these photographs on his phone run his camera of this massive craft rising above him or rising above someone else I I I think that he said the man in the photograph I'm was not him but that it was someone else but I'm not sure it may have been him but he said yes I remember taking the photo we see this massive object with these lights on it shining into the camera and yeah he has no recollection of how was taken who took it but it's one of the most mysterious photos that I've ever seen so deathly reminds me of that and of course we've seen other al UFO videos and photographs showing the undersides of these UFOs when they do happen to come directly overhead it doesn't happen much though when it has we have got some amazing footage and photographs so let me know what you think about this and out onto the video clip that I was talking about how this came to me earlier and was taken from a viewer who was on a flight from Brazil to the United States and this is almost a 10 minute long video but the action starts at around the 8 minute mark so the whole videos him video going out the window of the plane taking off shooting the clouds at the window and then about 8 minutes he sees something in the distance a faint object it looks to be hovering and then checks up into the sky at an amazing rate of speed and disappears so go and check this out and then we'll soon men I'll go ahead and start it right as the object appears I'm there's a weird white speckled left first so I don't I don't know was a does it anymore and okay so I yeah I was emailed this video and then I source email me back and him and his father side of the plane father instructed him to film the iPhone and you know taking video of the flight so they could send it back to their family in Brazil and about 8 minutes off the ground he said he was admiring the clouds rolling in the sky when he notices little white speck he said it was really weird and so he tried to zoom in as much as he could and when he did he realize the object was moving and that it suddenly moved up words at a very fast pace and then disappeared and I'm showing you this him then shot here trying to give us the best view of this and damn yeah he just he tried video it the best he could he saw the object he said he was filming it and he looked away to tell his dad about it not knowing that it had zoomed away in the when you look back it was gone and that's when you can hear in the video saying and it's gone so yeah that's basically all the info you give it's an amazing citing what could be I mean this high up we're talking who knows 2030 0 feet what could be the subject that's you know doesn't look like a plane doesn't look like a jet that's just sitting there relatively close to this aircraft then just jet straight up into the sky like that I'm at some amazing stuff so yeah I will put the original link to the video down in the description so you guys can check it out and I just wanna say I'm really happy to be back making videos I got out of the hospital today and I really can't do much my leg is still really messed up so I've pretty much is have it propped up here and I've just been going through all the emails people been sending me with their you know kind words of encouragement wishing me a quick recovery since one say thank you to all of you it's good to be back and I'll have more videos on the way snow thanks for stopping by guys be sure to subscribe and quick note especially to those of you who ride motorcycles please stay safe it's nnst //
"2017-09-12 11:23:21"
Mystery Shadow Cast Down On Mars
\\the I it's Hey what's up guys Tyler you're secure team a lot of strangeness to talk about today I was sent an email from a viewer who had said he discovered a very strange and artificial looking shadow being passed down on the surface of planet Mars and so I looked at this thing and then what really struck me as being pretty damn mysterious is when he linked this shadow to a photograph that has been around for years of what is purportedly the legendary black knight satellite which for those of you who don't know is alleged to be an alien satellite that has been orbiting earth for thousands of years it's even been tracked and was discovered first back in the 19 forties they don't know who this satellite belongs to they don't know where it came from but what they do know is that this thing changes speed it changes direction and eventually they lost sight of the thing because it was moving around so much up in space they lost track but we'll get back to that in a second so here we are on Google Mars and we're gonna put in accordance here and zoom down to this very strange shadow and I'll show you what this year found and here we are now if you can't see it yet it's right here in the middle it's pretty largest being cast a down on a mountain and automatically this struck me as very similar to another anomaly shadow it was captured during the Soviet Phobos mission and we'll talk more about that here in a second as well so this is the shadow here and immediately as you guys can probably tell doesn't look like your standard shadow this looks like something artificial that has been captured here flying over the surface of Mars casting the shadow down below as it moved over the surface and this thing looks very artificial it's got the pointed end it almost looks like the side profile of a fighter jet or some sort of airplane and even looks to have what looks like a tail at the end like you would see on some jets and so what really struck me about this is when the viewer who discovered it had compared the shadow in the shape of the shadow to a photograph that was taken from the international space station which you're seeing here and unless you've been living under a rock you'll know this is one of the most famous photographs in UFO research and is thought to possibly be the mystical black knight satellite so I'm gonna show you guys now and you guys make up your mind alright I'm not saying that this is what this is I have no idea but the similarities more in my opinion definitely worth showing you guys and so here we are we have the shadow and here I have rotated and overlaid the photograph of the objects snapped above earth and now I'm just gonna fade this back and forth to show you how similar these 2 shapes are I mean identically matches this anomaly shadow from the point it tip the kinda curves down to this what I can only describe as a strange fin or tail like structure at the back of this thing I mean I think this is definitely eerie which begs the question is this proof that whatever this object was captured over earth is it now above Mars or did it visit Mars or is there something similar in shape to it that was flying over Mars at the time that this satellite image was taken and the shadow was being cast on the surface and as I mentioned earlier this isn't the first time that these huge shadows have been captured moving across the surface of Mars infact it's happened multiple times Yuval likely heard of the Phobos incident and for those of you who don't know the Phobos program at consisted of 2 unmanned probes that were launched by the Soviet Union back in 1988 and when these probes reached Mars which was their stated destination one of them was almost immediately knocked out and all signal contact was lost and the other probe went on to take some photographs of the Martian surface before finally also being knocked down and losing all contact but in the last moments before it was knocked down it snapped a couple of photographs that were then beamed back to earth and what was in those photographs can only be described as a massive cylindrical object that was seen floating above Mars near the moon Phobos what you're seeing in this photo here that was featured in newspapers across the world and we had this massive cylindrical ship that is thought to have been what knocked the satellites out and not only that but they also snapped pictures of the shadow that was coming from this massive cigar shaped object as it moved across the surface of Mars many of you have seen these photographs as well but I'm gonna show you some new images of the shadows they show this thing moving across the surface never before been seen on this channel so you've seen this photograph here and what you're seeing here is archive footage from the day that these photographs were actually beamed back to earth and had just begun loading on the television monitor here where this massive shadow first came into view now few of you have likely seen these photographs here that were taken at this same shadow and which truly show the nature of how massive and long this object was that was casting it down on the surface eye shadow so long in fact that the photograph wasn't large enough to capture all of it and the Soviet scientists were completely perplexed by this and yet again here is a sequence of 2 photographs actually showing this shadow as it moved across the surface and so the Phobos incident is yet another staple of this research and I highly suggest you look into it if you haven't yet we've done plenty of videos on it but I just wanted to give you guys some context and some evidence to show you that the shadows and these objects have been seen Overmars many times and so as we go back to this new shadow I will of course leave it up to you guys I thought it was very intriguing cell moving on and while we're on the subject of strangeness in space here is a new clip that was recently discovered by my buddy street cap one where he discovered what he described in his own video as a possible worm hole opening up above earth captured once again by the cameras on the international space station and where for a brief moment we see this anomalous green object pop in and out of you very quickly if you blink you'd miss it that's how fast but you're seeing a still image here freeze frame and some are theorizing that it's some sort of many warm hole or portal opening up above the earth it's widely thought that UFOs use these worm holes to travel in between dimensions and to traverse large areas of space within only a few seconds on the other hand this could be an object UFO in and of itself passing by very quickly so great finding by street cap one be sure to head over and check out his channel and lastly on the UFO footage front again some more strangeness in space I have some new night vision footage emailed to me by a viewer of some very strange things caught moving through space using a high powered telescope and at night vision video camera say you're seeing the first video here where he is scanning the nice guy and he suddenly sees an object moving through space making some very erratic maneuvers ants again this is zoomed into space what we're seeing here is night vision so the only things that we're gonna be seeing in this footage are reflective or metallic in nature so we're not seeing any birds or dogs or anything like that everything you're seeing is reflecting the light from space so in other words satellites or unknown craft but look at this thing look at the way this thing is moving and at even see another object flying past above this thing going in the opposite direction so this certainly I obviously wasn't a satellite because satellites don't move like that now another clip he sent where he discovered a formation of 3 lights flying together you're seeing that here where we have 2 objects at the top flying very close together and a third object tagging along at a distance but what struck me is that these objects stay in perfect formation with one another and at the end of the footage here you'll even see another object that comes into view and it's just I think it goes to show how much activity is happening up in space course there satellites we have the I SS that is unless you're a flatter 13 you don't believe space or the I SS or anything exists but for those of you who do space is full of activity and not all of it comes from us or comes from satellites and now here is the last piece of footage that he provided of what possibly could be a satellite but as he describe to me this object that you're seeing here although looking like a glowing circular object in the video I was said to be actually a triangular shaped object I as was seen by the camera operator and his wife who looked at the thing through binoculars and with their naked eye described it as a large dark triangular object it was moving very very slow and steady through the sky until he finally lost it so I don't know of any satellite that is triangular in shape which again makes this yet another very mysterious piece of footage and I wanna thank Daniel for emailing these over and I'm gonna keep in touch with him and so anytime he captures anything strange he's gonna shoot me an email so very exciting and I look forward to sharing more videos of his all right sell a lot of cool and mysterious stuff in today's video all having to do with space weather above the earth or above other planets and I think that it's a very exciting time to be alive to be doing this research I don't know if you guys saw it but the other day secure team was featured on fox news in Atlanta and they were doing a story about how UFO sightings are ramping up all over the world and they were kind enough to shout out the channel and so I wanna give a big thanks to them maybe we're doing something right for a change but I'm just happy we're reaching people and I'm doing what we do best all with the help of you so with that thank you for stopping by today if you have your own strange footage don't hesitate to email it over and stay tuned because I got more strange stuff coming your way and I'll see you all back interest the this nnst I //
"2017-09-11 01:58:59"
Hospital Update - Secureteam Will Return 9/10/17
\\Hey what's up guys Tyler who is secure team reporting live to you from my hospital bed alright this one at their post a quick video here on the way you got me pretty heavily medicated him in a lot of pain basically shattered my left leg but I just wanted to say thank you to all of you have sent me messages and it's been an outpouring of love and support from everybody I just I had no idea how ... how many people were going to come out and just be as sweet as all of you have been and it's just been amazing so I thought I'd just gonna but you guys a little bit more about what happened but if you saw my first video was basically in a motorcycle accident now I was actually hit by anybody but it was more of kinda like M. just a freak occurrence ... it was about 10:00 at night and I hope that my motorcycle just a ride to the gas station and as I pulled back into my house I'd route through the grass to get into my driveway and when I did that I got my tires way so as soon as my motorcycle and the tires hit the concrete the bike slipped out from under me and I put my leg down to catch it and the whole full 400 pound weight of the bike just completely snapped my leg backwards and Helen Tommy broke my leg in half and ... pen to me down on the ground and so I laying their pens on the ground leg snapped backwards ... screaming at the top my lungs thank police and neighbors heard me screaming and ... were able to run down and take the bike up off of me before I suffocated but yeah I was rushed to the ER where I basically them cleared just broke straight through my tibia and Fabia I think it's called just basically both bones in my lower left leg and ... and to have emergency surgery and ... although it really don't have any US sewer alien news today I do have a picture of some unidentified metal objects it can be seen here floating around in my lower left leg so I think we have some so maybe ... ride here some screws maybe some bubble gum and some Scotch tape I'm not really sure you guys let me know you think I but the I just know that I I want to say thank you to all of you and I know I sound we hear them come out of it which I am but a source I love all you guys and ... I m