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"2018-05-19 12:00:08"
All Of Buddy's Sisters Help Lisa Valastro Find A Wedding Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2018-05-18 13:00:08"
Bride Wants To Wear Wellies On Her Wedding Day! | Curvy Brides' Boutique
\\ //
"2018-05-17 13:00:04"
Elle King Got Engaged Just 12 Days After Meeting Her Fiancé! | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2018-05-16 13:00:01"
Bride Wants To Find A Unique And Unusual Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-05-15 13:00:01"
Making A "Creepy Ghost" Dress Look Drop Dead Gorgeous! | Something Borrowed, Something New
\\ //
"2018-05-14 14:30:02"
Kleinfeld Bridal Has Their First Transgender Bride! | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2018-05-13 12:00:09"
Hayley Paige Makes Kaitlyn Bristowe's Perfect Wedding Gown! | Hayley Ever After
\\ //
"2018-05-12 12:00:04"
A Big Goofy Tooth Cake! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-05-11 13:00:05"
Finally Finding The Perfect Dress On The 82nd Try | Say Yes To The Dress: Ireland
\\ //
"2018-05-10 15:30:00"
Sasha Clements And Corbin Bleu Are Getting Married! | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2018-05-09 14:30:01"
Elizabeth Is Furious With Her Sisters For Stealing Her Phone | 90 Day Fiancé: Our Journey So Far
\\ //
"2018-05-08 13:00:02"
Giant Taco Cake For National Taco Day! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-05-07 13:00:08"
Sondra Celli Is A Saint! | Gypsy Brides US
\\ //
"2018-05-06 13:00:00"
Jazz Gets A Surprise Tattoo For Her Birthday! | I Am Jazz
\\ //
"2018-05-05 13:00:06"
Carlo Helps Buddy Make An Amazing Birthday Cake! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-05-04 15:45:00"
Fussy Bride Struggles To Decide On The Perfect Dress | Say Yes To The Dress: Ireland
\\ //
"2018-05-03 16:30:03"
The Most Extreme Hoarding Problems! | Hoarding: Buried Alive
\\ //
"2018-05-02 13:00:04"
Revealing Photoshoot Makes Paola's Husband Super Uncomfortable | 90 Day Fiancé: Our Journey So Far
\\ //
"2018-05-01 14:00:00"
Bride Feels Completely Overwhelmed Trying To Pick The Perfect Dress | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-04-30 14:30:00"
Bailey Ends Her Friendship With Lee After He Makes Her Feel Uncomfortable | My Little Life
\\ //
"2018-04-29 13:00:04"
The Wives Argue Over How Manipulative April Has Been | Seeking Sister Wife
\\ //
"2018-04-28 13:00:11"
The Cutest Tiny Cake Made Just Big Enough For A Hamster! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-04-27 13:00:02"
Whitney And Her Family Are In Hawaii On Holiday! | My Big Fat Fabulous Life
\\ //
"2018-04-26 13:00:00"
Kathy Griffin Has A Massive Surprise For One Of Her Best Friends! | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2018-04-25 14:00:01"
Money Problems Make Mohamed Think Twice About Marrying Danielle | 90 Day Fiancé: Our Journey So Far
\\ //
"2018-04-24 13:00:01"
The "King Of The Fans" Shows Off His Fan Collection | My Kid's Obsession
\\ //
"2018-04-23 15:30:01"
Lee Isn't Ready To Give Up On A Romantic Relationship With Bailey | My Little Life
\\ //
"2018-04-22 12:00:03"
Tensions Rise As Neighbours Start Asking Awkward Questions About Drew's Wives | Seeking Sister Wife
\\ //
"2018-04-21 13:00:03"
Sea Turtle Underwater Cake With Edible Bubbles! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-04-20 13:00:05"
Bride Gets One Final Gift From Her Late Father | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland
\\ //
"2018-04-19 11:00:06"
Beautiful Brides In Celebration Of Prince Harry and Meghan's Big Day! | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-04-18 17:15:00"
Chantel Breaks The News That She Is Getting Married In 6 Days | 90 Day Fiancé: Our Journey So Far
\\ //
"2018-04-17 14:00:02"
Indecisive Bride Finally Chooses Her Wedding Dress | Something Borrowed, Something New
\\ //
"2018-04-16 16:30:01"
Diana Wants To Start Dating Again! | My Little Life
\\ //
"2018-04-15 14:00:04"
Drew Moves Into A New House With His 3 Wives And Their 15 Children! | Seeking Sister Wife
\\ //
"2018-04-14 14:00:00"
Epic Cake For The USAF Thunderbirds Aerobatics Team | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-04-13 17:00:07"
Joy And Austin Take Everyone On A Rafting And Canoeing Adventure Day! | Counting On
\\ //
"2018-04-12 16:00:07"
Mum's Wedding Dress Brings The Bride To Tears | Something Borrowed, Something New
\\ //
"2018-04-11 14:00:03"
Anfisa Kicks Jorge Out Of Their Apartment | 90 Day Fiancé: Our Journey So Far
\\ //
"2018-04-10 14:00:02"
Cami Li Sacrifices Her Dream Black Dress To Make Her Mum Happy | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2018-04-09 14:00:00"
Jazz Explores Her Past Life Through Hypnosis | I Am Jazz
\\ //
"2018-04-08 14:00:02"
Feeling Confident In An Amazing Fitted Gown | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-04-07 14:00:03"
Surfing Themed Cake For A Beach Party Surf Competition! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-04-06 14:00:05"
Mum's Old 80's Dress Or A Beautiful Brand New Wedding Dress? | Something Borrowed, Something New
\\ //
"2018-04-05 15:00:02"
The Girl With A Massive Cockroach Collection | My Kid's Obsession
\\ //
"2018-04-04 15:30:02"
Loren And Alexei's Explosive Wedding Day Argument | 90 Day Fiancé: Our Journey So Far
\\ //
"2018-04-03 14:30:01"
Jessa Organises A Super Fun Water Day For All The Kids | Counting On
\\ //
"2018-04-02 12:00:05"
Hateful Driver Verbally Attacks Jazz And Friends At Their Car Wash | I am Jazz
\\ //
"2018-04-01 14:00:03"
Under Pressure To Carry On A Family Tradition | Something Borrowed, Something New
\\ //
"2018-03-31 14:00:11"
Joan Rivers Helps A Family Friend Pick Her Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2018-03-30 14:00:00"
Rollercoaster Cake For Keansburg Amusement Park's 112th Anniversary | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-03-29 14:00:02"
Laura Doesn't Know If She Sees A Future With Joey | My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?
\\ //
"2018-03-28 15:00:01"
Turning Mum's Outdated Dress Into A Classy Modern Wedding Gown | Something Borrowed, Something New
\\ //
"2018-03-27 14:00:01"
The Siblings Help Jinger And Jeremy Move House | Counting On
\\ //
"2018-03-26 14:30:01"
Mellie Doesn't Trust Her Ex Husband To Look After Their Son | Gypsy Sisters
\\ //
"2018-03-25 14:00:02"
Whitney And Heather Visit Buddy In Rehab | My Big Fat Fabulous Life
\\ //
"2018-03-24 15:00:05"
Molly And Luis Already Got Married Without Telling Anyone! | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2018-03-23 15:00:01"
Enormous Realistic Dinosaur Celebration Cake! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-03-22 15:00:04"
Chay Is One Step Closer To Her Gender Reassignment Surgery | My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now
\\ //
"2018-03-21 10:45:28"
Stephanie And Her Mum Go On Their Skin Removal Journey Together | My Extreme Excess Skin
\\ //
"2018-03-20 15:00:00"
Joy And Austin's Honeymoon In Switzerland | Counting On
\\ //
"2018-03-19 15:00:01"
I Am Jazz | New Season | Will Jazz Need A Tissue Expander Before She Can Get Bottom Surgery?
\\ //
"2018-03-18 14:00:01"
The Desire To Feed Your Partner: Feederism | Strange Sex
\\ //
"2018-03-17 15:00:02"
Geordie Shore Star Vicky Pattison Is Getting Married! | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-03-15 15:00:02"
Joe And Sarah's Wedding Day | My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now
\\ //
"2018-03-14 15:30:01"
Andrew Has So Much Excess Skin, He Has To Wear A Sports Bra! | My Extreme Excess Skin
\\ //
"2018-03-13 16:30:03"
Daughter Looks Amazing In Her Mum's Vintage Wedding Dress | Something Borrowed, Something New
\\ //
"2018-03-12 16:00:06"
Child's Birthday Party Turns Into A Massive Fight! | Gypsy Sisters
\\ //
"2018-03-11 15:00:02"
Louise Is Fighting Cancer But Extreme Hoarding Is Pushing Her Family Away | Hoarding: Buried Alive
\\ //
"2018-03-10 15:00:05"
Mini Fashionista Picks The Perfect Dress For His Mum | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
\\ //
"2018-03-09 15:00:02"
Absolutely Massive Pizza Slice Cake! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-03-08 15:00:01"
Joe Is Beginning His New Life As A Husband And Father | My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?
\\ //
"2018-03-07 15:30:01"
Sex Surrogate Helps Couple With Their Problems | Strange Sex
\\ //
"2018-03-06 16:00:04"
The Biggest Bridal Mistakes! | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2018-03-05 16:30:01"
I Am Jazz | New Season | Is Gender Dysphoria A Passing Phase?
\\ //
"2018-03-04 15:00:03"
Mimi Visits The Zoo To Pick Up Some Moves | Toddlers And Tiaras
\\ //
"2018-03-03 15:00:07"
"You're Not Going To Die... But Unfortunately Your Testicle Is" | Sex Sent Me To The ER
\\ //
"2018-03-02 15:00:03"
Whitney's Last Minute Dress Dilemma | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-03-01 15:00:00"
The Man With A Balloon Fetish | Strange Sex
\\ //
"2018-02-28 18:00:03"
Girl With 'Walking Corpse Syndrome' Thinks She's Dead! | Untold Stories Of The ER
\\ //
"2018-02-27 17:30:01"
The Boy With A Tail | Body Bizarre
\\ //
"2018-02-26 18:00:02"
Looking For Love At The Gypsy Ball | Gypsy Brides US
\\ //
"2018-02-25 15:00:05"
Couple's Biggest Fights! | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2018-02-24 15:00:09"
Randy's Story: "Too Big To Be A Father" | My 600-lb Life
\\ //
"2018-02-23 15:00:01"
Busting The Budget For The Bride's Dream Dress | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-02-22 15:30:00"
Crazy WWE Cake For Santino Marella | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-02-21 15:00:01"
Dr Pimple Popper | Giant Lipoma Looks Like Uncooked Chicken!
\\ //
"2018-02-20 15:00:01"
The Biggest And Most Inspiring Weight Losses! | My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?
\\ //
"2018-02-19 15:00:02"
Hurricane Irma Is On It's Way | I Am Jazz
\\ //
"2018-02-18 15:00:02"
When A Gypsy Mum Won't Accept Her Daughter's Gorger Husband | Gypsy Brides US
\\ //
"2018-02-17 15:00:04"
Andrei Meets Elizabeth's Family For The First Time! | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2018-02-16 15:00:02"
Witney Helps Ashley Through The Birth Of Her Baby | My Big Fat Fabulous Life
\\ //
"2018-02-15 15:00:01"
Dr Pimple Popper | Removing Five 35 Year Old Cysts!
\\ //
"2018-02-14 16:00:03"
Buddy's Biggest And Best Wedding Cakes! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-02-13 17:30:00"
The Very Best Of David Emanuel! | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-02-12 17:30:01"
"For Two Decades I've Been Over 500 Pounds" | My 600-lb Life
\\ //
"2018-02-11 14:00:01"
Molly is Horrified Of Taboo Conversation Between Luis and Olivia | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2018-02-10 15:00:01"
Bride And Her Brother Try To Agree On A Dress | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-02-09 15:00:09"
Unforgettable Bodybuilder Disco Routine | Toddlers And Tiaras
\\ //
"2018-02-08 15:30:01"
Ashley's 5 Year Old Son Helps Her With Just About Everything | My 600-lb Life
\\ //
"2018-02-07 15:00:01"
The Most Controversial Couples! | Gypsy Brides US
\\ //
"2018-02-06 15:00:06"
A Toilet Cake Which Really Flushes! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-02-05 15:00:00"
Whitney Talks To Buddy's Parents About His Drug Problem | My Big Fat Fabulous Life
\\ //
"2018-02-04 12:30:00"
Stepmum Wants Bride's Back Tattoo Covered Up! | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-02-03 13:00:04"
Ex-Partner's Curse Ruins Double Gypsy Wedding | Gypsy Brides US
\\ //
"2018-02-02 14:00:04"
The Mayonnaise Queen | Toddlers and Tiaras
\\ //
"2018-02-01 17:23:48"
"Be Real About Your Weight... Because Right Now You're At Your Worst!" | My 3000lb Family
\\ //
"2018-01-31 14:00:04"
"It Breaks My Heart To Think You Don't Want To Continue Our Blood Line!" | Gypsy Brides US
\\ //
"2018-01-30 14:30:00"
Whitney Surprises Her Mum With A New Cat! | My Big Fat Fabulous Life
\\ //
"2018-01-29 14:30:00"
David Goes Too Far During Big Argument About His Drinking Problem | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2018-01-28 15:00:02"
Practicing An Embarrassing Disco Lip Sync Routine | My 4 Wives
\\ //
"2018-01-28 13:18:41"
Puppy Bobsleigh | The Puppy Games
\\ //
"2018-01-28 13:18:19"
Puppies Alpine Ski! | The Puppy Games
\\ //
"2018-01-28 13:15:05"
Ice Dancing Puppies | The Puppy Games
\\ //
"2018-01-28 13:14:41"
Puppies Play Ice Hockey! | The Puppy Games
\\ //
"2018-01-28 13:14:20"
Welcome To The Puppy Games Opening Ceremony!
\\ //
"2018-01-28 13:13:55"
Puppies Perform A Ski Jump! | The Puppy Games
\\ //
"2018-01-27 14:30:02"
When The Entourage Just Say No | SYTTD UK vs SYTTD US
\\ //
"2018-01-26 15:00:03"
Bride Struggles To Please Her Opinionated Entourage | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-01-25 14:30:00"
"I'm Attracted To Nicole... But Just Like 55 Percent" | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2018-01-24 16:00:04"
One Of A Kind Biker Chick Wedding Dress | My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
\\ //
"2018-01-23 15:00:04"
Whitney Confronts Avi With The Woman He Two-Timed Her With! | My Big Fat Fabulous Life
\\ //
"2018-01-22 15:00:01"
No Broken Bones, But Addicted To Wearing Casts! | My Strange Addiction
\\ //
"2018-01-21 15:00:06"
Super Nervous To Meet Daughter's Fiancé's Parents! | My 4 Wives
\\ //
"2018-01-20 13:00:01"
Twin Sister's Secret Pregnancy | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2018-01-19 16:00:01"
Swapping A Dream Princess Dress For A Classic Fitted Gown? | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-01-18 16:00:06"
One Wedding Cake For Fourteen Different Couples | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2018-01-17 16:00:04"
A Cherokee Inspired Gypsy Wedding Dress! | Gypsy Brides
\\ //
"2018-01-16 16:00:02"
Avi Has Been Two-Timing Whitney With Another Woman For 2 Years! | My Big Fat Fabulous Life
\\ //
"2018-01-15 14:30:01"
"I'm Addicted To Dating Older Women, Much Older Women!"| My Strange Addiction
\\ //
"2018-01-14 16:00:02"
Getting Some Pageant Tips From A Drag Queen! | Toddlers And Tiaras
\\ //
"2018-01-13 15:30:00"
Massive Surprise From The Bride's Generous Friend! | Say Yes To The Dress
\\ //
"2018-01-12 16:00:02"
Finding The Perfect Classy Dress For A Super Picky Bride! | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-01-11 16:00:05"
Elizabeth Is Not Allowed Out With Her Friends?! | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2018-01-10 16:00:01"
The Woman Addicted To Drinking Air Freshener! | My Strange Addiction
\\ //
"2018-01-09 18:32:10"
Getting Married In A Controversial BLACK DRESS! | Gypsy Brides
\\ //
"2018-01-08 18:30:00"
SUPER AWKWARD Encounter Between Two Exes! | My Big Fat Fabulous Life
\\ //
"2018-01-07 13:00:01"
The World's THINNEST Woman | Body Bizarre
\\ //
"2018-01-06 13:00:03"
David Make Everlyn's Best Friend Break Down In Tears | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2018-01-05 13:00:04"
Haiti Earthquake Survivor Finds The Perfect Dress | Say Yes To The Prom
\\ //
"2018-01-04 15:30:01"
Liverpool's PAMELA ANDERSON | My Strange Addiction
\\ //
"2018-01-03 16:30:01"
Authentic ROMANIAN Wedding | My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
\\ //
"2018-01-03 15:19:59"
Friday 12th January | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\ //
"2018-01-02 13:00:03"
THE SCREAM QUEEN | Toddlers and Tiaras
\\ //
"2018-01-01 13:00:02"
\\ //
"2017-12-31 11:30:01"
\\ //
"2017-12-30 12:00:01"
The Body Positive Young Bride | Curvy Brides Boutique
\\ //
"2017-12-29 12:00:03"
\\ //
"2017-12-28 14:00:01"
Pregnant Woman Caught In Public Shooting | Untold Stories Of The ER
\\ //
"2017-12-27 13:00:04"
All 5 Babies Are At Home! | Hodges Half Dozen
\\ //
"2017-12-26 14:30:00"
The Christmas Miracle Bride | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2017-12-25 12:00:01"
\\ //
"2017-12-24 12:00:04"
Snowmen In The ARIZONA DESERT | The Secret Santa
\\ //
"2017-12-23 14:00:00"
\\ //
"2017-12-22 18:30:00"
\\ //
"2017-12-22 14:30:00"
THE TIARA TWINS | Toddlers and Tiaras
\\ //
"2017-12-21 14:00:02"
Kody Brown's CHRISTMAS CRISIS | Sister Wives
\\ //
"2017-12-20 15:30:01"
MOST OMG MOMENTS | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2017-12-19 12:00:02"
\\ //
"2017-12-18 16:30:01"
Carlo's XMAS EVE Celebrations | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2017-12-17 13:00:02"
Buddy's Most INSANE Moments! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2017-12-16 15:00:08"
HARSH Comments From THE ENTOURAGE | Curvy Brides Boutique
\\ //
"2017-12-15 15:30:02"
MOST SASSY MOMENTS | Honey Boo Boo VS Toddlers and Tiaras
\\ //
"2017-12-14 13:00:07"
\\ //
"2017-12-13 16:30:01"
Tam Throws Away Her Engagement Ring! | Behind Closed Doors
\\ //
"2017-12-12 13:30:02"
The Most EPIC Light Show In EUROPE | Invasion of the Christmas Lights
\\ //
"2017-12-11 17:00:01"
2/5 Babies Get To Come Home After 3 MONTHS In Hospital! | Hodges Half Dozen
\\ //
"2017-12-10 15:00:03"
Santa Came Down The Chimney And Got BADLY HURT | Santa Sent Me To The ER
\\ //
"2017-12-09 14:00:03"
"If Dad Doesn't Watch His Step, He Will Be Leaving!"| Curvy Brides Boutique
\\ //
"2017-12-08 16:00:08"
Deena Tells Her Daughter Of Her Father's CHEATING | Behind Closed Doors
\\ //
"2017-12-07 15:30:00"
ILLEGAL DIET PILL Causes Girl To Burn Up From The Inside | Untold Stories Of The ER
\\ //
"2017-12-06 17:44:56"
Reigning Champions Of The City Christmas Light Competition | Invasion Of The Christmas Lights
\\ //
"2017-12-05 18:00:06"
Building A Massive Lobster Themed Tree! | Extreme Christmas Trees
\\ //
"2017-12-04 16:59:24"
Giving Birth To Quintuplets! | Hodges Half Dozen
\\ //
"2017-12-03 12:00:00"
Body-Confident Bride finds her Dream Dress! | Curvy Brides
\\ //
"2017-12-02 12:00:03"
\\ //
"2017-12-01 18:00:06"
The Biggest ENTOURAGE NO NO'S | Say Yes To The Dress US
\\ //
"2017-11-30 17:30:00"
\\ //
"2017-11-29 15:30:02"
Abnormal Facial Growth Causes Severely Disfigured Jaw | Body Bizarre
\\ //
"2017-11-28 18:00:02"
Fiancé Caught Texting the EX-GIRLFRIEND | Behind Closed Doors
\\ //
"2017-11-27 16:00:06"
The Annual Father/Daughter Dance | 7 Little Johnstons
\\ //
"2017-11-26 15:00:06"
Victoria Caputo Wants To Take POLE DANCING Lessons | Long Island Medium
\\ //
"2017-11-25 13:00:01"
SESAME STREET 40th Anniversary Cake | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2017-11-24 12:30:01"
Teretha Refuses To Walk and to Get Out of Bed | My 600lb Life: Where Are They Now?
\\ //
"2017-11-23 15:30:01"
Nicole and Azan Get Into An Argument On DAY ONE In Morocco | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2017-11-22 13:00:03"
Anna's SWEET 16 Birthday Party! | 7 Little Johnstons
\\ //
"2017-11-21 13:00:07"
Turning The Family Basement Into The Ultimate Creative Space | Hidden Money Makeover
\\ //
"2017-11-20 17:30:01"
Pookie Flirts With Other Women IN FRONT of Nukkie | My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
\\ //
"2017-11-19 12:00:03"
Teresa Gives A Reading While Buying A Juicer | Long Island Medium
\\ //
"2017-11-18 15:00:01"
New York International Bridal Week | Curvy Brides
\\ //
"2017-11-17 15:00:01"
Lupe Finds Out Her Husband Has Been CHEATING | My 600lb Life: Where Are They Now?
\\ //
"2017-11-16 13:00:01"
Buddy Builds A Life Size NASCAR CAKE | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2017-11-15 12:00:01"
Christian Couple Saving Themselves for Marriage | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2017-11-14 13:00:04"
From Edgy to Disney Princess | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
\\ //
"2017-11-13 16:30:01"
Yukia Books an Appointment at Her Own Boutique! | Curvy Brides
\\ //
"2017-11-12 15:00:01"
Theresa Gives a SURPRISE READING to the Hair Colourist! | Long Island Medium
\\ //
"2017-11-11 13:00:04"
Buddy's Sister Asks ANOTHER BAKERY To Make Her Birthday Cake! | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2017-11-10 14:00:05"
Nikki Can Wear Jeans for the First Time in YEARS | My 600 Life: Where Are They Now?
\\ //
"2017-11-09 15:00:03"
Blair Putman Breaks The News She Is MOVING OUT | Meet the Putmans
\\ //
"2017-11-08 16:00:04"
David Can't Afford His YOUNG THAI Fiancé | 90 Day Fiancé
\\ //
"2017-11-07 13:00:08"
Brother Gives HURTFUL Comments To The Bride | Say Yes to the Dress
\\ //
"2017-11-06 18:00:05"
Plus Sized America's NEXT TOP MODEL Is Getting Married | Curvy Brides
\\ //
"2017-11-05 13:00:01"
Parents Connect with their 15 Year Old Daughter From the Spirit World | Long Island Medium
\\ //
"2017-11-04 13:00:06"
Sister Says "We Can Share a Dress!" | Say Yes To The Dress
\\ //
"2017-11-03 16:00:03"
Brittani has Lost 267LB IN WEIGHT | My 600LB Life, Where Are They Now?
\\ //
"2017-11-02 16:00:04"
Buddy RAGES Over Ruined Wedding Cake | Cake Boss
\\ //
"2017-11-01 15:30:03"
Dad to SPONSOR Nicole's Moroccan Fiancé for a VISA | 90 Day Fianće
\\ //
"2017-10-31 13:00:00"
\\or this morning called in a real poker well yeah Gary here you guys covered us the all party the next the screen to put a little bit of texture in the pumpkin while I'm doing the faces route the scope and the headless horseman topper the great Jacqueline in places near Sleepy Hollow where Washington Irving's headless horseman story takes place as a topper guy who is a Jack o'lantern for had just seemed like the right way to go sue during in the army to airbrush we ... clearly since the cake is going to be delivered outside at night I wanted to hit some lights in it to give it a glow so that it's going to look just like a jackal and this Mississauga is going to leave on a bomb it's like its plan yeah prostitution make some hay pay would be good stood the cake was looking a little sparse so we needed to add some more like fall themed ... elements to it so we put the stack of jack-o zAPOSTROPHEz-lantern some kind of a bed of hay at the bottom doesn't look like Hey 6 pumpkin linguine let's also make calls on their everybody thinks my Hey looks like pasta I made a bowl of pasta he's pumpkins go out of it it'll it'll look more better when they're sleeps livable for the hope is once we did the leaves this morning like 3 pumpkins that led up piles forget actually that helps a lot looks significantly better with Billy I love it I think it looks great alright what do you guys think other that's cool I like I think the way we carve the cake and then add the modeling chocolate milk like focus my favorite part is the leaves between the 2 years I think that really breaks up that ares little mix of pop somebody said the lights will miss you with the lights off all we'll be able if feels like Colleen men this is gonna be a fun delivery I think everyone's gonna really like it that's how you make up balking Kate //
"2017-10-30 13:00:02"
The Twins ALLERGIC TO THE SUN | Body Bizarre
\\ //
"2017-10-29 13:00:02"
Buddy Junior's HALLOWEEN CALDRON CAKE | Cake Boss
\\we should not have body skate do we have any ideas are no do you take slayer cauldron regular fire on the bottom and like a skeleton poking out of it as my vote leave it to Ralph to kind of figure out //
"2017-10-28 12:00:05"
Cycle Studio BABY PHOTOSHOOT with the Quints | Outdaughted
\\yeah I am planning their she needs patching needs that she had who can make a silly face was excited to see the cycle studio later exciting day planned after an early brunch would dealing crystal we're going to take Blake in the clients the cycle studio for the very first time we've already started a little advertising for the studio but I'm still trying to come up with ways that we can promote it so I thought why don't we involve the kids picture with the quints doing something cute at the studio would be a the tension let's take a picture of the girls studia 19 the by but I mean if we post a picture like that people's gonna see Riley page yeah down one and then it's I'm out name get down still when I listen to I can take a photo they may be a quick I'm not saying this is gonna be we just need a harness their energy and turn them into little spin models I mean they're not even going to be able to fit on those huge spin bikes usually with me I mean my camera I think I should be the one taking the photo I know I'm the one that always takes the pitchers and you never take pictures anymore soon like I don't know how to take on something I'm not saying that I'm just going it's more let's just make this competition I think that we're going to take the picture and then I'll take my picture okay deal we both kinda have like our strong suit here Danielle is with the girls all the time and she can probably get them to do what she wants and did and she has a photography skills bye she's lacking in the photography skills area because she doesn't use the camera is much I don't need my camera as long as I just have a quick shot of my phone I'm gonna have the best photo because it's all in it's alright there yeah thank alleys don't be too cute because mommy's photos got a win 18 Daddy yeah her younger have fun who farted today is my day for the photo shoot with the clients and I'm got to seek your weapons maybe spin bikes which I'm doing things here and Mimi Mimi to the rescue he always gets these grow smiling and giggling you want to go see the box and sure and maybe a little wrong they're muezzin Daniel's mom against her take some pictures but this is war I must go ride among us hopefully once these girls jump on their spin bikes I can just sit back and let me work for magic yeah new Brian in a hurry and got the camera on they are just you know you might there you go sit like that and learn the shorter than I thought they were thank you go round again that you need to be the instructor you need to say one to 3 pardon right here if you want to do exercise indeed yeah I mean that storm you know mine were I mean I'm getting grace shots and all but so sure about all the sugar ski go south fast no no where you going not let me have the keys thanking get on your bike you want the game the no there on a full line sure I can I know they're gonna crack saying so I've got to take all the pictures I can for it's over I love the Photoshop us talk about the crisis melted chocolate all over their faces and shared some rain knew little by as many photos that I did take I think that I've got at least one that can be done I I think we're gonna meet mommy good yeah signing it good job market we're gonna beat mama is my day to take photo 4 photo con all charity event is tomorrow and only opera one fully so is here to help I might bring this appeared I'm more this is not going to work beau better word anymore more room now the village in a fiery here wall then I have to go up here okay hold that corner you know the whole that can pull it we're 2 grown adult women me we have to figure this out balloons and babies like that's an unbeatable combination we have one try this lady's why I ... all get //
"2017-10-27 12:00:03"
The Girl Whose Skull Is Crushing Her Brain | Body Bizarre
\\lying on the southern banks of the river Ganges is one of India's fastest growing cities he lives in Africa with an incredibly unusual medical that's forced her to hide away from the world that data of you know no big then he gets eagle that say legal filing that that that the 2 looked at that sort of went into medical school hello done in the US addictive thinking I see but see them 18 well Cheney has a Ragin attic condition unlike most children he skulls expand as they grow how skull if he's shot crushing her brain she grows forcing her eyes to bulge out and damaging Hussite the 23 days time Scheele will travel to 0 kilometers to undergo extraordinary surgery in the hope that it will transform her face and her site to a healthy pregnancy with her eldest daughter Shimoni mum Chandni expected her second pregnancy would be the same then doesn't even if I'd seen many saintly well it's a toss up but I saw him look he's out of money nickname doctor will sit time saying but I wanna say Hey yeah as she grew up eyes began to protrude her forehead grew in the shape and she began to have fits it was a terrifying incident when she was thrilled is owned that made into in Chandni finally seek medical help block a lot I've only gotten a kick out and on local Iraqi so what did what did get what we want is sick had the had each time shady's eyes fell out a parent's popped him back in back then give I doubt that that the law might love you saw scenic upon it I Seguso thing Cheney was eventually diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called cruise on syndrome I mean pregnancy the bones of the skull fuse early preventing the child's head from growing normally yeah incredible number of potential vacations not only was the shape of us come ... baby are because all the growth centers of what's gone refuge for recommend this pleasure on 1000000000 which would eventually lead to see this complication ranging from epilepsy that tragically Cheney's parents feel responsible for they didn't seek help Cena embarrassed that what's let it keep up the middle but too quick on the subsequent us though going gelatin don't nothing I'm came one because then none of the people some of the work that the side of the bed late peak wind up in a minute that the she's further into is a security guard for the block of flats they call home another chanting is a homemaker caring for the families or lay back no more right and I am they act that right now man the split of the close loving family shading is never be made to feel different daily with it in the hands of society well did say how look about log into your voice is saying he is CEO sickle because that lets out the last but despite her family's efforts Cheney's disfiguring condition has made up painfully shy she dreams of going to school like a big sister or yeah I need and I have and I think just a cat thank you one can't get out of my online got on but yeah thank you for that because her eyes for now shady's parents keep inside in case of injury well there are I think that and later so I got it it was on the beach ideal so if somebody that the let's say you could take up okay gay well I kick out until he was cool Botkin making it one of the cuddle time with charities try in good health foundation and beings a medical team bungalow if already carried out the first phase of surgery the printer Chinese scholar using clean the printing now the not if you were to look at this conflict talk plan you can see a lot of bullets now these horrified because the president signed 1000000000 is so high that he directed it but for naked and created holes in the sky with no room to grow Cheney's brain was being crushed by a scholar causing potentially brain damaging solutions but doctors were able to perform a 12 Alan life say duration I listen to put president but low I I compete now but is good is subtitles on acting on a little meeting in me on those cuts told and now 6 months later shady will have another groundbreaking operation to completely reshaped the front her face in the hope of saving Hussite because I bought records so it's very prone being Judy and unless they can get off the only they become black today shady is preparing to leave the safety of her home the operation 2000 kilometers away in Bangalore like I ultimately ducked us out we'll let Kate is a lot of it is a moment to put about low it will take weeks of recovery so mom is staying behind to look off to shady siblings as a devout Hindus Shelley enough of our best for the Jenny how look it's not not that not a lot they'll now absent other this lawsuit did or that yeah when it comes to saying goodbye it's heart wrenching good to uhhuh leann say you got good especially true of the hot //
"2017-10-26 13:00:08"
Julie Finds out She is NOT PREGNANT | My Giant Life
\\I like the idea I don't know I'm so thrilled with the activities of Greg Bryant park and we're going ice skating ice skating dates sizes ... us ice 13 woman's I am la I guess we'll try sex Paris because I'm afraid I have size I think it's I don't know using I say right away ... you know 11 months but I think you have a size 13 you got my shoe size will slow as a really tall person everything takes a little longer what are all right with god sue us 2 we got inseminated and we're waiting to find out pregnant or not I just wanted to get away from all the stress how you like talking on the this remember if you wait for you know saying that requires balance and so I think it's natural bit harder for me because my center of balance higher than you know the average person yeah yeah you're comfortable you know review act the thought the following makes me nervous because I to follow a long way and I have had situations where I've fallen I broke something right away covering the problem I would give my skating at 3 out of town we want to sit over here well yeah I we're feeling great we're skating with your little friend I was skating with my friend and I like a goddess they up I can't my little friend all that's adorable Julie has actually been getting on these pregnancy feelings talking to Zoe the zygote which is what we have named this potential baby in Amazon web so you the psycho out I hear it so you've those psycho this furlough world full of long under living there I wouldn't dare in Julie's womb has that find out what I want to find out for sure because I'm signing it power noise I'm just talking to myself and my god the more attached I recall that my way you like steal something going wrong I felt my mother flowers something yeah well I think it's going to be think positive that every Cup paranoid but I'm like becoming attached some that doesn't exist and then I will be really disappointed and then like I try to pull back chewing on some in the later this week access I'm I'm super excited to I mean I'm I'm really hoping that I worked on the first try and if it didn't work I'm worried about yeah yeah check us out okay okay I was smooth as they call me KBS move you know that that Feb I got pregnant again the Cup a couple cups because I have to pee a lot alright good it's been 2 weeks fans chewing out in some manner and we're about to take a pregnancy test and find out if we really have a little friend or if I saw Ben in our hands okay could you fill up the Cup who is to a few for the Cup gothic we're waiting for 2 weeks and it feels like the longest 2 weeks definitely the longest 2 weeks of my life but in trouble opening this we have our got it it will be nice to get this like and I have worked in lock up yeah like for me I just keep thinking that ... I'm pregnant cistus I don't know it's it's kind of like ... interest there but really kind of like being in that mindset so you feel like you have a friend inside yeah exactly like you think you might have a little friend in there you're ready you got the time I think I'm right you've been reading you I'm not even do that like why yeah exactly Abdolabad and starting the timer I have a good feeling Idaho and yeah I feel something I do feel something so I'm I'm hoping 20 second got such a 20 right I'll tell you what it's been 20 seconds killing me figure out of I've been talking to myself for 2 weeks or if I really have something in there Julie says she's been so walking around New York too talking to Zoe the psycho it because it would just be a zygote at this point we have to bars and then P. bars is almost there and then when I have more that's where they're going with them we're up to 3 it's either going to be pregnant or not pregnant there's been so much build up just to get to the first try him out finally here in like maybe work on the first try this could be the moment when I'm finally pregnant that's yeah well it doesn't seem real in a way what's the number you know it's okay if okay uhhuh getting pregnant hard trying yeah yeah that's a little reality check I think because of this on the first try your sort of dreaming that you're just going to be a couple that works on the first try I like the chosen ones I was very right 5 we bought 5 so we've we have 4 left used one for more so 2 more for without you I them attractive John of Cupertino anything why am I can drink now likeness Larry now or go full throttle as the next ... you I guess ... we're just focusing on that I think that that'll help me forget about this is quite right //
"2017-10-25 12:00:03"
My Giant Genitals | Body Bizarre
\\the I the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya lies the bustling town of kissing here is the Tempe home to 20 year old hurry so we TPO 90 as friends and family as Florence Florence has been hospitalized because of a crippling and dangerous condition Gabor you guys enough to sign on a CD thank me for the last 10 years Florence is being a recluse as his witness his body changing and he doesn't know why nearly one meter Florence's scrotum and penis way 5 kilos but it clean and a little now can I give you the in the new millennium when Florence has scrotal elephantiasis and is unable to function sexually but can Martin Matson undo the devastating effects of his condition American I'm glad yeah my PGP can I know my time between a Guinness quiz Seneca okay but more because you do need Tokyo noble can you see the US my inferences village was always haunt both his parents died young so foreign to his siblings live with their grandmother Greg we we know can you know me mom we're gonna newbie mama where mom which are our core along with I thought cool account Macau yeah yeah yeah within our danger in the nebula that was when Florence notice that things were not right you can mondiale Josh among I do when you when Hank in a minute she kinda Kissinger Khamenei Talisa Keenan he soon bungling and even unless I got some locals believe herbal medicine can cure disease so far it's initially turned to traditional treat bill Mitchell quit going kidnapping a teen yeah it's you wake it of course I knew soft you're missing dinner with apple actually killed when a comma I mean it equipped what kind that rubbing the wild herbs on his skin make the condition worse no chewing it comma stream came in which we I couldn't go I see new is W. we see when I talk with Dan get reviews desperate Florence sore doctor in his local hospital it is hopes of a queue with dashed again he quickly global nomads to kiosk I do you do if Bill Clinton wind up this have done well or not I mean and it in a last ditch attempt help forums Duncan one of his friends shed photos of his affliction on Facebook I took the photos then I should them in the evening with friends a friend and I am not only that though I mean cut down by law though in consumer data so that's so ADD it's the internet instantly took over the photo went viral 36 miles away the consumer county governor his wife levy around given sole Florence's picture online I talked to a doctor and the Sunday school his photograph who sleep they could assess and see so well that would Libya sends an ambulance out to the bush to collect forums and taken to hospital when I first met was a little withdrawn because some he opened up quite fast like give me I'm that week after meeting him equips talk freely now in the carriage John much you Gina it in the hospital doctors diagnose the cause afarensis extreme swelling so conditions that medical language because that if India how you have ... selling well duh Salem that tissue is making his case is now their genitalia so something called I elephantiasis scrotal elephantiasis can be caused by a mosquito bite injecting lava into the bloodstream the law fine tune into invasive parasitic worms which brought up the bodies drainage system causing lymphedema or tissue swelling and thickening of the skin it is rather outside the tropics and the only treatment is surgery no sex at a scale partition and died some extensive site addy and ... again I just said that it might take a lot of time in theater so it's something that to my time to stage it maybe more than one sitting nestled deep within finds his scrotum unhealthy testicles he's hearing retract his with June into the folds which surrounded even I'm not home masculinization a local black vessels into this area we could use a little bland and he loses his life into technical social the operation will be delicate controlled with danger for Florence Nico framing and composition Missy for GOPAC you owl would be me cool but when I found //
"2017-10-24 14:14:41"
Jo Confronts Mum and Teenage Daughter's Relationship | Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour
\\so you've got off because I have a calm but you don't think but you should do anything around his house but your insult of those things that I when you put it that way yes they should what's hot I could think of any of the way we would be putting I don't really think about it like that I feel like his home on day 2 Shiseido mom she should clean thinker because and it took me forever love can you got to Benjamin playing a bedroom for a moment of lights have a private conversation between your mom and your sister thank you I really appreciate that please thank you but let let's Mstislav this conversation here for a moment how much time do you get them all I'm 9 times it was time to give you total at it varies depends on what's going on her life and I speed rail notice Cup that no one is the real way this be real that one station that was the 2 of you and you had your little go okay as usual precious logo and you spent time with her and then he met non Kate's time and how much time was then given to Sierra as Stephanie limited doesn't know anything about my mom as I can't really get her attention and might try to talk to our fine China Tochter issues society condemn ourselves I hate that thing how do you feel when your mom put shoes and pushes you to the side at doesn't make you feel socialism care on me she's obviously cares more about what's on her phone than she does what I have to say what you need from your mom if I come if I'm just sitting here I want Tochter I want the phone down and I just want her to look at me in my face and talk to me and really listen to me often likewise has former well yeah hearing I've never heard this you know coming that she's never spoke to me like this I find that quite Santa thing that be quiet side for any parent who lives too hair dye teen I stole to termina Sam the asking so mark touches to her so many times it's trust me but the times 181920 comes along it won't be a should be coming to a day that now would be if the attitude is Russia happy you don't look at me you don't see me I'm invisible so wash it off to even do anything for you I can't really blame the feeling that way tumbling among the feeling much is planning ahead on a brick wall because she's giving you the opportunity to have things like a young woman I don't be lazy flashy why should be upset too you love your door scars he turned into yes probably not as much as I should Karen Marie last signs that that means them probably when you're Virginia sorry hotly in July July mmhm what chanyu enemy stops you from feeling compelled to tell your daughter that you know I think just so much negative things have happened between us I a performer I gather you've both been angry each Java and use both said mean things mean things nasty mean things to each other to hug each other because you've both been in pain and then saying I want to sit down and talk and just talk and not are you not get in a fight can you both trustee chopper to make steps moving forward today to walk home deep do you want it I do want I don't want it yes analysts here say series please on Friday it broke my heart she felt that way and never told me I wasn't aware things that I was doing to make her feel that way I was a little skeptical I felt like you know some lady coming into our home is not going to change everything but I think it was really good knows helpful and I think that me and my mom are going to learn from that and it's going to be a lot better and smoother //
"2017-10-23 16:59:16"
IAN HUNTLEY | Faking It: Tears of a Crime
\\Britain's biggest manhunt ever hundreds of police officers and volunteers all focused on the quiet village of 7 in Cambridge Holly wells and Jessica Chapman both aged 10 had vanished on their way to the local sweet shop so in college can't take it Ian Huntley apparently the last person to have seen the girls told the TV cameras he'd noticed nothing unusual I find very cheerful happy Chauncey Ian Huntley had put himself at the center of the search for holy Jessica uhhuh but what if he's into user feel our experts watched listen and analyzed when stuff to sentence with the girls which sounds a bit familiar he realizes that Hamdi backs off Han said well I don't know the gills look out that I don't know the gals so of false starts showing us that he's trying to manage an impression he's also trying to polls an expression of sadness all consuming his eyebrows only north of polls because this asymmetry the this that eyebrows on level his right arm broke his 23 millimeters high than is left Tom this is what happens when you try and fake concern genuine sadness is shown with symmetrical eyebrows how did the same to you Sinn Fein very cheerful homepage Chauncey what we have here is in describing the gills is being happy in Chelsea and he's forgotten to take the sub expression of his face is indicates a wall of deception indicated to ease contradicting these affirmative statements with a slight head shake no and in addition we go gestural leakage from shola it's raising a couple of millimeters on his right on site which contradicts the positive affirmative statements he's making got is a strong signal of deception Sinn Fein virtus mobile shop this number to sit very slight movements of his rights on children the raising of the shoulders signal I don't know if I'm saying something affirmative and I want you to believe me any leaks from one or other of the shoulders on a small then .'s is a contradiction his body his questioning that statement is a contradiction but listening to Huntly he was attempting to keep his story as accurate as he possibly could if I have to point type it was the ghost initiated contact with it he said a sex and they just came across the they approach 10 from Boston dug down should run away like bev a mass and they just came across announced Thomas Kalasin issues to the signs Andreas and I just wanna go to show on the job please tell about what I saw so it all sounds very plausible he's one of those people that mixes trees that mice so the best way to tell a lie up the most will convincing my tele credible my keys to stick closely to the trace so it's it's likely that he was good in a tux deflected it goes to come over to it he's very good at using the tree send them using it to his advantage did hold moments police face betrayed him it's an element of him enjoying season enjoyed their time it wasn't trying believing that was gotten away with it spray frustrating knowing that we have people that way inclined amongst those of us not knowing who the hell people that way inclined what we've just seen there is a flash of pleasure that way inclined where you can see is his eyes are sparkling desert huge crease down his cheek ... days of muscle from his mouth is pulling is moved sideways into a smile so he's not he's being cheeky here he's saying this people amongst us ... though it that way inclined that way Klein anyone who gets pleasure from rific deeds like we're seeing here this is a murder is a an indication of psychopathy so that those who can't pleasure of someone else's pain is not something that you would feel proud of unless you're psyched about last I saw that the psychopath and someone who was pointing the finger of blame at others all of us now is basically to looking in neighbors think by United Press that has the left of a host of the lights I think of any strange behavior or anything like that it's time I think it's a good idea since this is a person's commit the crime saying yak on the cannabis knowing all the time that he's the person that the neighbors need to find up until the point the honeyed Jessica present themselves to and he had got away with some hideous acts and so his confidence wasn't that makes placed about time 3 young man about of 28 so have the appalling case straight the Huntley how'd including let's not forget an allegation that he hides Probst a young girl from behind knocked to the floor in right tack he was go to commit a very very serious offense but for now Ian Huntley was free because police forces were not contacting each other and he was featured prominently in the search for the girls he has got a role he has got some soul of importance in state tests as the person who was the last that we know off to see the girls alive how far a little space called spacer novelist person speak to them so the last witness but all size somebody here is part of the community in organizing the community being that it neat sayings send and helping out so he's being seen is that all around good guy in a live in the conversation and thinking crops something difficult inside props Kevin had a bit longer made a change of ends is portraying himself as someone who really really wants to help when in fact he he was the one he taken the lives of the girls //
"2017-10-22 11:00:00"
Boy has Jaw Ripped Off by Hyena | Body Bizzare
\\it was in this peaceful village of Cabana that apple mess fins incredible story of survival began most of his wounds actually healed so they had to launch and flap from this talk of his school which was taken and was hanging down the side of his head but as you can see he doesn't have a top click patrol and the bottom jul completely gone as well 5 months ago 5 year old apple was attacked by a hyena hyenas are opportunistic hunters and apple who's playing outside his family home was just in the wrong place at the wrong time now he'll be undergoing surgery have his face reconstructed apple's Muffet chase the hyena and rescued her son he was rushed to hospital in the nearest town unseen by doctor Muhammad when I can remember it's vividly Joseph I thought about it type of movie part of his face artificial hand part of his is less economic and the other thing is I'm courses so we had to take into the intensive care unit and to assist victims had to look at give us an event can the state I was afraid that you would not pass away here but the tactical market but we come with his lovely children muscles torn away there was a danger that his windpipe might collapse so Dr Mohammed performed an emergency operation inserting a small metal frame to hold his airway open and the supporting such a family and what they think as absent so what we did was what was that fail so that it's not for nothing prevent them from coming here desperate to save him is.insisted he should be sent to a major hospital in Addis Ababa 8:00 hours drive away as those that the path I went all the way tribes I giving 110 percent because of efforts to after almost 5 months in intensive care apple is now at the many cash of rehabilitation center couldn't believe how much damage been done to the school boy and how we survive and how he continues to survive as a miracle really NMO volunteers surgeons working for the facing Africa charity hoping to start rebuilding his face you need to know if you can say that the muscles that that we need for swallowing as well have been affected here but the surgeon said I am very hopeful that what we'll do is remove the bone here from the like and reform the joke even though it's unknown if surgery will work the operation has scheduled to take place within the next few days taking time to play with a fun loving boy hobbles parents and making the most of the moments they do have together but just a day before the operation knees from the hospital is that surgery has been put on hold obviously the surgeons are waiting on equipment to arrive but you know the spares bits and they don't have a fatal just delaying surgery when I went but powerfully once they arrived it seems name man who didn't with no where else to get treatment apple's parents await his long as they need for mmhm the whole of his boss in June town than right here toward a way given just a 10 percent chance of survival he's proved to be a fighter and is now on his way to hospital in Addis abba to see if his face can be rebuilt surgeon Calvin my sin is in Ethiopia with the facing Africa charity a form apples operation which has been 3 months in the planning when we first saw up was picked is required horrified when many concerns about his treatment on whether we can do anything born here but we feel that this was trying to make a new jewel so that we can get to swallow and then hopefully it fairly normally so we're planning on reconstruction is slow it you'll in the scheme I'm buying from his lower leg there were 2 long bones in the lower leg keeping up on the outside to be almost entirely removed without affecting the ability to move using CT scans of apple's head specialists have created a detailed plan for how to reconstruct his new tool using his fibula Calvin and his team using that pan into day surgery starting with preparation of the jury area the blue area study tool but it's been left behind by the hyena we then move on to the next part to the process which is third rate area not PC potlucks opened its eyes in fact he's or damaged by a hyena and we climbed to cut those bits away Jamaica fluctuates for the new jewel by number pretty well actually we thought we have much more to so an American love Scottish we expect out of bones good quality and reminds so actually where through its minimum sourcing fossil fuel the second phase involves using apple's fibula to create his June they're cutting 3 pre measured the length of the bone which will fit into a bespoke titanium plate above them the compass mutual once the figures cut the doctor start to construct and fit apple's new jul after a complicated operation the surgery is finally complete it's difficult for apple's parents to see that way like this but lead surgeon Kelvin my sin is confident about the outcome it'll be a long night waiting for apple to wakeup you know just 2 days after the operation apple is already using his new teacher again during the day it's 4 months later apple in his family has moved into their new home on the outskirts of Addis appetite apple has found new friends and I showing dilemmas of the pay for boys who used to be apple's wounds have healed well the bone from his 59 feast with his June on the skin has to spotted well so he now has a basic to unchain //
"2017-10-21 11:00:05"
The Quints See the Beach for the FIRST TIME | Outdaughtered
\\we had this past still need everything all the allow I need all their blanket so if you get there 9 blanket they're lovely name going ours it's mother's day weekend ... all had soon stirs their husbands and kids and even Mimi on the yeah and we have Taylor on our baby sitter I mean I know it's a bit of a splurge but I think it'll be worth it because I want this weekend and stress free as possible so that you can sit back and relax methinks thing Riley Remy those glasses need to carry those glasses get over here nose on goggles a month given to me quit taking her glasses Doug Kato Kaelin all of you gotta stop letting them do that me here you mean voice got her you see you too nice pesos just too darn sweet she just needs a stick up for herself how may we should clear light karate a mmhm to attack Clinton 10 I think a lot of high fives I yeah nnova lane and you given the curtains came ... no man's you know better than that get out the cards for all she just great partners throwing up I wouldn't be surprised forget to Galveston in all 5 of them through via nmhg the king did this get this out for you today not start having the green and no we went on the when I a blueprint as is our memories remain now hairs lost the courts are set only terrified of water and how we're running late and we might have a bunch just a baby is a deal with I'm trying to stay positive but I'm starting to think that this weekend this person be relaxing for Danielle is going to be a disaster like a lot I think that Mimi conducted the beads the I we're leading the pack which means we're gonna get the best room global one of which might be then last year I got stuck with sleep with the quints of bono that better not happen this time because that means no sleep for me me and that's not good you want to play in the sand who's not gonna like the sand pays off yeah move yeah I let me see the beach Busby's have arrived NBI my arm in a reckless they were saying in this big beach house it's beautiful I mean it's perfect for all the fish tons of space tons of bedrooms for all of us long as I don't end up with all the key is yeah women in the bunk bed or you know this is a room I guess I did get a room and I'm unit with Tyler the babes I have the baby sitter marine but nobody so that's no this is cute there's I mean it's just it's amazing how we move here I he's got plenty of room they can run everywhere to be chaotic yeah I can Europe can hope to get that the see the ma no for Parker she still not feeling well by likely should include in the car so hopefully that fresh air will make you feel better well I ... the water is September to the beach the courts have never been to the beach before this was the first time I've even seen the ocean so I'm hoping they're going to like it I'll be happy if we can avoid 5 meltdowns because all of a sudden they're scared of the water is there any big mama San Hey yeah why IGN what do you think I was always paranoid about Yasser fans in the stands locally with some mining I'm playing in the sand at home so they'll be used to the beach smart but if they start to freak out guess who gets to do I love the taste in the sand yeah okay 9 now no none of it are you one of those women in that out on the water no it's good to see you you see the one during the Texas alright since the moment truth how do you think they're going to react when they go into the ocean for the staying positive think they'll be fine how much you're willing to bet on that which now much data I well deep PMR my I mean more status using ... like all we're hearing I did you maybe the Latin N. and then there Mavis then handles woman in okay so that he might Badwater has time for that wasn't too much of a right yeah what about tomorrow we go to the does nnova //
"2017-10-20 16:05:14"
Haleigh GIVES BIRTH to Beautiful Little Girl | My Giant Life
\\what are you feeling now thing directions are out yeah but it's a hard right now yeah I agree can't copy former spot it's traveler in your belly looking for me older than that McMahon I had the full Senate previa but fortunately it finally cleared up in the last few weeks of pregnancy it was having normal like natural labor contractions but they weren't doing anything and so they ended up inducing me the night before my due date suffered so long cost night because it makes me anything please get out awful I was very like pro not but they're all like I can do this on my own every contraction China is like one contract because it really I finally after about 10:00 hours I tapped out got after all she officials because time does go at it again I height was a factor during the delivery because of the size of the bad in the birthing room was small and stirrups tempted Healy's legs and didn't fat at all so it was up to a nurse at nights like hold up it is late as she gamers had our baby here and it's a girl famous kaiet James she's amazing beautiful and a sweet as we could not be happier more love so all I know it's bright I sorry ha ha I have is your house now being let's measure penny can you relax means but axilla lakes and I for Sakai I just follow I overwhelming night and you know how to put it like in the words of the is this real you know I don't think it's a federal I go to sleep deprived Clinton have at 722 0.5 year as a 20 an intern have since birth baby girl hope so tall even though my parents wanted us to stay in California and have the baby and I want you to be California I want you to live here I want you know Reza family here if you 2000 miles away that's so real it to hold my heart right now it is it's devastating I value your wanting help us if we come back but like that about the up through a newborn and with a back across the country again you know and I think that's not smart for me I have access see it for the first because this a newborn like percentile I would have loved for prior to its members of our families that we have in California but I know the bomb I heard this is the right decision was what was best for Kaya you're so tall honey looks longer torso as we stayed 6 days in the hospital really nice her round the clock care but now it's gonna slimmer but feeling that for sure I don't know okay that money around the earth elemental bunch a Bucks and you know all this stuff but like I don't think any of that prepare us for the reality of what we're experiencing pagans so big and growing the car stopped colonel I already in hand having a baby is a whole totally romanticized thing you know I seen ever in movies and then you actually get into the thick of it and it's totally different you know to get any bigger help and they don't just to I yeah my details that one the a bigger engine put on a Wednesday yeah generator we have this expectation that it would be this easy wonderful and just been really hard you know what I look at it as thinks little small we have a bigger office this is gonna get around her head they've and I think very close stretch uhhuh or something apathetic parent thing now married the kid freaking out higher as ... not even a little bit well every year the the naked baby because no clothes fit us I'm proud that guy's RT so long and I mean take the tallest in the shoes of stand yet she's in the 90 fifth percentile right now for girls her age I mean look poor little thing I think there's some 6 month clothes in the dryer okay it's been a little trying you know with sleep and lack there of wouldn't you know learning all these new responsibilities apparent learning what to do Sir time what time I exactly ... and what sleep really yeah yeah that's right yeah you want to go when you have your head up a little more can changing in feeding in timing and pooping 10 times a day and waking up 5 times loves you just put 10 times a day I tell you live and there's no you know there's no there's nothing really that can prepare you for it really to make sure that ... a little then nineties yeah anyway I hadn't good job Barton on bed I but it's tough man I mean anybody tell the difference selling some because it is exhausting element a messy eater and her hands her after mom yeah but I think our certificates other out and make adjustments accordingly yeah you gotta get on track Berber and then I'll get up be good to be here check it is the Brian me a wonderful hands on that that hi adores has a wonderful gift number I don't when it having a daughter spotted us like of whatever thought and we've been in a better place and I think they have a band how much trouble or yeah I think that her knee earlier how the hell out of how that was blow out I've seen Hayley push yourself to the absolute edge make a chart anything cara super proud of her as a mom and torches down how does a really mean and Brians the nature perfect I'm so terrified of going in the never Americans she's gonna get you if if she heard about my hair twice //
"2017-10-19 15:55:56"
Mum FUELS the DRAMA Between Her Kids | Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour
\\yeah how do I tell you tune called get to see after this year sloppy coloring in the spring out thank you my co I did you know this is Lauren yeah cool okay ... this catch up okay buckets of paint mmhm thanks for the SMS yes it matches perfect doesn't have strike underneath those orange the other thing is the dynamics of the setup in your home yes they play a lot in that but also they sleep in that bedroom as well and I think you've got to deftly exercise the reality of them use in this space as well let them come out here they can clean up the mess off to its well off FIA that they will bring the stuff out here guess what you do you confine every sink into the bedroom and you got to give him more freedom come no what's happening I need to do anything what did I do then earlier watch this for example Gracie Michael can become a place Gracie could become he plays come talk to me come over here pricing what was happening putting up sets about it was crazy folks about she kept on seeing movie now is moving but she can't carry because I wasn't moving fast enough so you if you would just sort of expecting your brother to move quick because it I'm today's one it's a time okay Congress into both at the same time but when he we both have to say tell him what you say I see you you felt that Michael is putting his bottom in your face but you you wasn't I didn't mean to I or I alums putting down something if she saved and move so be patient with one another okay because he's well I see you see the patron if gold a train sets out everywhere okay and it's taking up a lot of the road so to get around the train set you kinda have to bush pasta to over a little bit to get around that makes sense pricing okay so thank you so just be mindful that when a plane topic trying to say United Arab Muslim to move what do I do that you were the peacemaker and you defuse the situation my contacts Satan between the pair of them listening to them both and then based on that decision on what I know the truth is it allows you then to be up to make the decision that you make moving forward and you see you see how much on Michael is very nice hit us I don't know that I really realize how much I was fueling the fire ... until she actually laid it out mean and realizing I was in fact is running towards the rescue but I wasn't rescuing her and while I believe you need to talk to a counselor about is how you all continue in those drama pockets with the children because because that's what I've been talking to you about being a 5 star on a piece mica cried when ever you also chosen to do something ask yourself first I might asking them to do something that is reasonable you want power and control you don't want to feel like a victim you don't feel helpless but you're projecting your past now on to your children I say they tied to a situation where they've got they've been in dysfunction Uyghur K. they've seen you know should temper as well yes I can I they soon you got angry as well yes how you'll feel immensely emotionally is impacting the children some of your behavior is very controlling I worry if I cannot control certain aspects of my life everything's just going to snowball into a big huge merasa without control human beings your rights we're tight control children because we break the spirit yet the privilege in this world to raise another human being you have the ana you respect children fast and they will respect you Jeb did put me on the defense of psalm she was attacking me she was just making me see the truth she was telling me the truth showing me the reality that this I just don't know how to see right now what happens is when she gets like that you take it personal and it's hard to think connect with her you gotta recognize that Gracie's love this behavior I realize that I was making a lot of mistakes how I act shows the kids how to react and if I'm in a negative place then they're going to be in a negative place last night's yes I don't think I've heard a bad word you so many times within an hour's time okay from her through grace yes I said something I think walked back to the kitchen and I turned around and saw her stuck her tongue out at me great you know I've been in and a little yeah I know we know that he did not get your tongue out at me you not she knows that he was not allowed so neatly covering Tom out yeah if you he did not kid you yeah holographic since screen seeking the door she did everything she did get up I reset the timer in a he it he all I I ... he's wish you were dead and does all kinds of hateful stuff mmhm last night I still like I did it properly which yeah tell me the correct method yes you told me to walk away and then we did the timeout thing and she stayed the full 6 minutes without getting out right a cat and I do it for the procedure a hug yeah sorry and it up and she told me she was sorry she says she was soaring Hutton case yes and our whole I think I told a good girl she would the band close the door brought a cat I didn't freak out didn't pan it I did it I did it on my own so that was a good thing you'll be an assertive and do what you need to do once you continue to be consistent you gain their trust this is about the bigger picture hope behavior will change the mole you see those learning opportunities to step pain and as such if we do the right thing the more the show realize that when you need to be firm you all but when you'll fail you all and when your son you all right I think it's a great technique I think every parent should use it just because it does give you a chance to think before you react //
"2017-10-18 15:41:37"
The Brothers with BENDY BONES | Body Bizarre
\\L. calm Saba just outside Omaha Nebraska in the midwestern United States it's home to 2 brothers with one of the rarest a most extraordinary conditions in the world usually when I walk around me he and while pulling for that little rant usually when I look around I feel fine except when they get like turning the Sean H. 9 and 6 year old Johanna have a debilitating condition that leaves them with flexible bendy burns major corrective surgeries have already been carried out on their necks but soon they will travel across America to discover whether they will both need another painful operation nnova native culture show much P. her school brother we well so what Sean and Joe Holland has been battling their weakened things since birth leann that condition seems to be getting worse as the bun spending then Nexen owns these ones are very much like putty or as something and I did like some kind of Plato like you you can call them the condition does cause a lot of pain especially when walking the story of the fight against this rack condition really begins with Nina the boys 39 year old mother you also grew up with weakened bones and she stands at just over 120 told I spent 10 years in a wheelchair before I could walk ... and I don't know I don't want that for them despite injuring over 30 operations I grew up Nina continued her education eventually becoming an English teacher by that she met and married an American out in when they had an apparently healthy baby Sean at that 0.2 we had no idea that there was anything wrong with him but it soon became apparent that was a problem about a year 0.5 you really started the show the bends it has legs and on that's when we started taking around this neck clinic to find out what this might be Nina was already packed which may diagnosing Sean's bendy burns even more action when I was about 4.5 men pregnant with John ... I shined head you know she had started getting visit me slower in his walking and he started ... you know he we could see I have very clearly now that there was something eventually the family turned to doctors back home in America he told the Machon patent incredibly rat condition could Johnson's meta fees he'll contrary displays here and they informed me she had also been suffering from Johnson's how entire life it was incredible I think more than more than the shock of it was the relief that you know you'll find even mean to the can finally you know you can do something Johnson's meta fees you Condrey displays here it's a very rare condition in which growth plates from which the bones in our arms and legs grow don't mature properly they remained weak and self the limbs grow from them abnormally and a much shorter than average astonishingly 3 of the 22 people in the world known to be effective shin now lived under the same roof seeking out expertise the family moved back to America but doctor William mackenzie skeletal specialist based in laws house that way examined in X. rate the boys so when I first saw these boys I was most fascinated by their ex race where would the joints where with the growth plates and where was the deformity occurring because it was such a complex visual picture doctor mackenzie could see that the boy's legs performing abnormally I'm not early intervention was crucial my long game is to producer just copper improve their mobility and improve the quality of life in July 2015 doctor mackenzie in his team decided to operate placing wrote some plates into the boy's legs in an attempt to straighten them having gone through a similar procedure when she was a child Nina struggle to see has sounds undergo the same what do you they've got us hoping that we had I come far in that you know medical science a changed a bit but if it hadn't so that was a bit of setting Xena wanted something more than stopgap surgery for her boys she wanted to find a cure I know how much you can strip them off of their childhood and so we are you know full steam ahead in finding this care and making it available for the boys Nina has volunteered to take part in clinical trials which may help with treatment check nnova now Sean and to hone may have to undergo more surgery we do expect to review it again and see whether we have to if we intervene correct there lower part of their thanks surgery is something that desk to avoid sure she paints a lot yeah compatible through a tiny little from living life only a full assessment doctor mackenzie and his team can reveal what's next store for Nina and her voice still to come Nina faces a dilemma about the potential operation on how boys likes I surgeries are rough but stay realigned came as to where the kids are again without the lateral the hit the right knee joints there and then the ankle here and actually it looks pretty straight in this plane and in this plane they both they both look good enemies is encouraging the X. rays look very similar to the last ones ... but as of today there is no on new realignment surgery that's required ... or any other form there that senior care thank you how happy we can have surgery again very very very there's a reason to celebrate but at the same time we know what's happening to them and ... all this just ... makes us even more passionate about finding a cure for the boys //
"2017-10-17 13:30:01"
EPIC Piñata Cake for DJ Themed Party | Cake Boss
\\alright so I just had my sister Mary come to me she did a consultation with these 2 11 year old DJs they're good okay like yeah we really we really do Jeff done cakes in the shape of a pinata but didn't have to have can the spoon out of him okay is not empty cavity a key is usually full just created was one of the S. as though on it with a stick yeah I don't want to beat it have time to come out I I I I I get it when you think of a pin Jada everybody wants to kiss that could be that but you would have to watch what hate point shot is over so look imagine this was the pinata our boys my cake I am and it's all and if you want to eat the cake afterwards you can't beat it to yeah all over the floor this text not gonna work what if on top of the board we're gonna build up sheets what about as we build the sheets we have potholes like we cut out like a 10 inch circle or something out of them so each layer is like a toilet seat things like a toilet seat and then we'll fill it out there on the next and they will point one layer on so that it'll it'll you know I like the lid on its way like the lid on the toilet so my theory is to kind of fill it filled the key conscripts so the we create like avoid okay and then I figured that when you call into the cake is you cut a cake you know PT cake with a stack all the candy will spill out we're gonna fill this toilet with Kenny so it's pretty I think is going to be in the shape of a donkey to me when I was a kid growing up opinion autoship like a donkey so this one 's gonna be dark who who is a dangerous source the so we make up job first hard shell the outside colorful yes okay red green blue purple whatever suddenly Joey chat lead to different hard candies to fill the pinata with we've made different kinds of hands over the years very precise things have been done a long time so if we get it right first time so the news is I hate that I can next one machine that's going to put the candy coating on the outside it's awfully we're gonna do just talk but we're going to call it a little more started to dry up we started the judging going that kind of rolls them a little bit and they kind of pull them up they'd because that would shudder and color and hopefully we'll get the right color round hard candies that we want yeah sure gardeners start come together a start ran out nicely a little heat from the sugar mill some chocolate in the circular motion makes around any kind all India WNED I was like a pinata had right yeah so once we get the structure done profits go start carving out the center of the cake and then we left filled the center which candy and they want to cut into it it'll work out what then making cakes making would you do serves up to one our what is he going to do something whatever he can my hair nnova make you know who indicate it so I can pull little balls and you'd think that these candy ball bargain amount who married I don't think anything I just do what they tell me I don't know if it's going to work I don't either you know what I think's going to happen do you want me to tell you know and I don't know how to make a cake I just know what's wrong with your cake okay I think that everything's gonna add the combustion inside is gonna get all stuck together and all the candies gonna stick together and it's all gonna stick together and now I'm going to come out when you cut the cake and I'm gonna beat this party not I want to be embarrassed I think that to do you think we agree so who thinks it's not I don't know the guy told me do it this way I know you figure it out I'm Mary have a good night now we have the keycard then all set up it's time to end the hidden inside the pin Jada a key third so that's done I'm gonna miss piada Kate go with the piping because I don't think that any other icing is going to give it a lot what then think that fight I mean a pinatas gallica fuzzy texture to it I think that she will put across we got a pipe straight lines in the colors one of my former pattern and there will this villain Louisa started because a thing to get the right shape to look like a pinata toward technique makes it look like a fuzzy petunia the the insides the hardest for once you get a couple waiting was the hardest part as I keep pipe in you can already see altogether it's going to really come to life what we don't the board there confidante I was thinking like butter cream and then candy I want the board to look his call for the cake we had all this leftover candy because Jolene Chadwick candy happy surfing was put it all over the board and I tell you the board was probably whereby the vertex it looked awesome bowl pinata Kate maybe what I think guys really simple yeah this is a really good one like it or simple Cape really awesome festive it's upon there is no other detail or anything complicated but everything that's on it works and all works together every part of this is the right thing to do this one 's really good like like cottage more candy for the land of oz that's that that's a surprise which is going to be great and Jada Kate to so to date parties incredible I today Amiri keyless 11 per state so we got to do something special and celebrate their birthday within the party ... and and we were excited to have the cake boss come I we all right really up well we don't trip around Jesus god looks good a view polling in all the work so what do you guys think well if you do you like him now wait till we got into it and then you really love it or //
"2017-10-16 12:00:00"
The Most OUTRAGEOUS Bridal Requests | Say Yes To The Dress
\\at customer empire my fiance's name is for Sean were perfect for each other I like to be different from everybody else //
"2017-10-14 11:00:02"
Adam Seeks Help For His Depression | Outdaughtered
\\what is that what is it as if it wants to elevate say what's it say where there was out of his say I while we may have child care figured out for next week and we still have a ton of logistics to sort out so Daniel was out running errands get ready for the trip and I've got all 6 girls by myself for a few hours yeah Parker is over there I see here raising her hand who's a bad girl raise your hand if you bad right grades says that first time we're leaving all 6 girls for an entire weekend and I'm really gonna miss some so I'm trying my best to just cherish this moment that I have with the girls before we go the bad I'll be a step that be a new you know I'm doing pretty guilty about leaving my babies by I know some writing India I mean this pastor experience the same depression after his kids were born so if anybody's gonna understand my situation it's going to be him and sure there comes this scene minds there hello would you get you gotta hand for stepping down to take that out of there we need to fix that take it out a sea monster has nothing on quintuplets Q. haze of one thing that I do know is I'm at my happiest when around hanging out with my girls but I want to feel that way all the time so I think this trip is the key to getting my life back on track you bad me a day all I wanted to bring this up to my sisters for quite awhile but we don't really talk about our relationships with their husbands and that kind of way and I don't even know if they would understand long story short is that we're going for Adam he's been going through a hard time in he's I hate to say I'm happy but it's just like he's been different and has been gone for awhile for almost like 2 years before the quints after the clients around the time the Clintons what storages happen is that he just disquiet distant finding ways to pull himself to be distracted about something that wasn't in being involved and he was hiding from it hiding it from himself because he didn't want to face it and he doesn't want to see medical doctor but he basically connected with this guy in Nashville he's talking on the phone a couple times and just really connected with his story so he just wants to kind of take a step forward to meet him and I feel like we could sense that there is tension between you all are something going on because Adam just been so quiet yeah that's the big deal of it is that he's done something in that way to say okay what can I do to help me so how are you dealing with the song you know it's just it's hard you know mean once it finally got to the point where he won a start tell me about it then I start to feel guilty then I'm like I don't give him enough time or I I didn't I I haven't had enough time to focus and pay attention to what's happened I mean all I wanna do is is help but how do I help what do I do I'm glad Adam has finally felt strong enough to talk about it but part of me is sad because you can't help but think what did I do wrong to not initiator tall occur you know focus on him more or whatever the case might be you know it breaks my heart what's up man she it's your chair lastly your credit yeah I look in the Nashville man I'm in a city we've never been to me I'm guy that we've never met to you know find out what's going on right now minutes it's a little nerve wracking just going to yeah there's just a lot of unknowns here thank you so much something's meant ... alright and just managing and all telling managing Italian ice yeah I mean it it feels like I'm mean and you're going like that 10000000 calls since the babies and I suspend constant like figuring things out as we go I'm just because everything you once knew is now changed yeah you know when I'm having bad days I discuss why yeah Mike that's how I deal with it a discount warnings away and I thought that's what I've been doing in a special like Mara ship with my wife out if our ask Danielle how she thought you were doing right now what he thinks should set I am probably I mean should price half propping not managing it as well as I was standing there and I believe with all my heart man that our wives can just see things about us that no one else can being more open and honest ... with Danielle will help you guys tremendously and what are your thoughts on seeing a counselor taking that next step they're pissed half right out of the gate Jerry tells me I need to seek professional help I wanna come all the way out here to Nashville to get that advice so I guess what I'm doing right now I'm not like a city council member call myself counselor I'm ready for that I can tell you that when we had our first son I was really distant that's also bad because my wife is a Saint she's so perfect she so sweet and I felt so bad that I was making my wife feeling like she was doing something wrong because the way that I was acting depression is one of the things that wants to attack and take hold of is me being present with my family mean not getting help didn't just hurt me it hurt everybody else around yeah outfit I've always felt like you know people have to go see it there this unity can control things can do things on our own and yeah Anna and a big part of this is you know I'm still kind of scared I'm just gonna that's for me men don't give yourself that burden to try to fix yourself because it's not just about you now it's about your kids and your wife I know I owe it to my wife and I owe it to my kids but talking to a therapist is a huge deal I know it's gonna be a long road and once you start there's no turning back //
"2017-10-13 15:00:03"
Fetish Wrestling | Strange Sex
\\I love restlessness in mind awaiting first couple weeks when that she made a process is holding the legs on me and I think that about 2 seconds so but if I if I see a rustling of note terms no the I became eligible to compete in national bodybuilding shows and 1002 I believe in what other much that ... whatever but that doesn't build as much is perfect I'm from a strict Italian family women are suppose to be muscular I come from the old school fact what women should look like when and you know that the man be muscular I put so much hard work and dedication to my body I love the way I left I think Michelle is totally sexy she has if we lined up 100 women in 100 men on the street and ask them to give their opinion as to the beauty of an extremely muscular women overwhelmingly they would describe it as freakish or protests people feel it is okay to be fat not a shape people feel that is okay to be really skinny rather than a woman the muscular and I don't feel that's fair I think that a lot of times that when they feel threatened men women to they will automatically say although she's discussed issues muscular she's deathly not over the top and I think his his beautiful body through those and yeah training hard cats to the ness of our relationship if our difficult say her best body parts of it to save her group or groups or or her legs it's great legs but the thing about my biceps you symmetries excellent I believe that working out and our physiques work into our amazing sex life hello sacks at least one to 2 times a day every day I can go from 20 minutes to an hour to a little bit longer take 99.9 percent of population probably couldn't do the stuff and do in our society there's a value in women being dim your and and T. it's a reversal of the power reversal of control look at my body what man wouldn't like this really when I'm walking down the street men always there I attracts attention I was in a jam this man approached me asked me and I was interested in doing a wrestling video I never heard of such a thing nter my first wrestling video the man that I did to be aware sets me Michelle I have a friend of mine that you can teach you some wrestling moves after that started doing my day wrestling so with men I would say I can probably ask for $75 maybe $100 for 15 minutes and I became very intrigued with it knowing how much money I can make you know if it is quite on the ground are a growing number of men you are admitting to 5 a whole fetish subculture there's actually a name for it it's called analog mia Tommy there's nothing more erotic force to submit to a woman who stronger than they are don't get the jealous or possessive at all I think it's a healthy outlet ... for men once in awhile they won't give up control of all the fetishes this is one of the most taboo I think people might mistake that far latent homosexuality and wonder if really you're just a if you want a woman that looks like a man maybe you just really wanna man but afraid to admit it I'm feminine somebody question how family mixed wrestling is women that are wrestling that for a little 3 bit about you I have option both selecting one of these you know whether the school family about in order to for me to get ready to move actually wrestle anyone I'd like to look good and how am I going to attain that by doctor you are the more definition is don't show and I like to look for it enough to show my stomach into my legs I'm a rack before my best I want everything to be perfect I I am the lights again my mom right breast I love women come together what do you it's not about who wins or who loses a about having the chance to roll around with a beautiful powerful one pound we have fabulous was the main here though because phone female figure I call myself soon on me because I'm a force of nature nothing manmade can contain Nnamdi if we huge turn on for me especially being a you on a couple of my positions knowing that this woman could actually if it bit people like I want to do something like that I think it's more that the clay the fantasy I thought he was gonna be a little more of a challenge and in some surprise at how easily I was able to get him so about the idea of surrendering power is extremely compelling and liberating so finally I want them to take that little bit of an advantage of you know man actually pay for certain specific wrestling moves off holds a very popular one is I have a woman bush there had between their it is actually a great advantage for the women has a lot of money it ranges from $40 $50 $60 me and my my mind it's a form of prosecution people you're basically paying to touch somebody there's no there's no sex or ego immoral or illegal activities going on I married isis get out you shouldn't look look best man win one but I've been told many times earlier so you're lucky guy I wish I was you just really is feeling of empowerment and I love it //
"2017-10-12 16:00:04"
HUGE Toddler Tantrum in Restaurant | Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour
\\skivvies Kitsilano in India I think Dan me their manners order and he laughed and runaround when I mean rude anything you guessed it on the other side when when I first arrived amid the same but gave of the used to use posse costly pain so complex here can you give me your fax instantly chipset kids take a look at the menu all yeah he's the one the way you know but right now you gotta put always keeping he the money in your face down this is why your kids doing that these taste on this tape in the space my parents really hear that despite in front of in the chat the trash I'm going to can you trust that place try it plays now how bring close to and John Gribbin all you game really you have to show show find I so this 8 the leann now if you in 0 pruning right now you've got me cleanness it's embarrassing well you know might not to the people you know what there is business and I are you come I don't know all you some you are you going to it may are you going to hold mummy's hand it's I think yes I want to hear your words yes it's such a yes are you going to hold my hand right but you do that because if you don't hold mommy's hands high picking you back up again do you understand me do you understand me do you understand me the whole mummy's hand that was all he could can you back up again trust me home of the kind this family been avoiding going to public places but games out bus there is no 2 ways about it mom has chosen to pacify gave on every level and so when day pitches a fit me what 24 it's what he wants and they use the penalty for it nobody gets to come out as a family there to hold a children behaving beautifully acidic nor in the situation and avoiding going out public how about doing the tougher option and that Jefferson at home so that you can have these moments like a supplicant to countless thank you thank you for your patience alright tell me what we learned from this experience tell me tell me something for this tenet that we think are for this but nothing that tell me to be mark Fuhrman game at home at all times so that when we get there there won't be like that fantastic I'm so PC that look if it makes you feel any better opportunistic 25 is you know you won't be the first month of us in a restaurant wave and handle the situation alright but the you know that was a tough love lessons as I write you know I needed to put in that situation right because you needed to see the importance of you being out of it with KP my I hope it brings you to a point of it's had enough on capital I mama's got this keeping with this come right through the act and that that's for sure when I leave here to die I'd like to think that we will work towards you telling me there isn't a pacifier I'm that actually you'll improved when it comes to guide with game he's going to be obvious that the hardest one we've got to say that and you've got to stick with it and be firm with them and hopefully he will grow up a little bit so now what would you say you wanted to hear right now you're like now will think it is fully booted feet I really think the whole experience has been awesome but Hey just take their little world and implement them and that it's easy anybody can do it connection Dennis all along it was it is also not just be honest and yeah it seems like he's come they'll get it today days and I need to follow through I mean you know I have to say checks I that's kind of voice you know god gave into the car he was how I was really messing around the call but mum funded through people say a we got to the restaurant you handled gave appropriately in the restaurant definitely muscled up but tone of voice and did what you needed to stay in on the stuff some mafia small Stein any can I just wanna say thank you for coming to help our family we really needed some help and some wire I think he gave us some real advice even if it was hard to take they just want to thank you for that and I do think your life is going to help us out all around it's been a pleasure the Napster because I hope we will carry on talking though okay you're welcome you know I'll cry easy don't just when we look back on the we're gonna look back on it very fondly and a full I praise for any job //
"2017-10-11 16:00:06"
Days of the week as told by the wise Honey Boo Boo | Honey Boo Boo
\\I've always usually well the lan hurled it be easier if we just get I'll take now thanks to god are free of mass murder of that no even when they were our yeah sure yeah such just no hngn it's so a lot unsealed the right answer laugh and I have read books again they may be useful for hire we put like annnnd wannabes for many games see is veggies well days for David Brown for 5 and this is all I was 84 the because I tour he blew look what zoo animals mama thank you have an account in the normal dog our state land I mean I don't indoor track what is that Arab Arab I was a foreigner who does that our Derek is sustos is not high how little order effects in order to grab one we why not 3 bags hi no way and current Sharon this drug don't you think evenness well moon how can we out the latter routed chess imam poem mmhm I'm not afraid of our cats they can't tell the difference yeah yeah I wish you so beautifully holding the those who you soon one I wanna you know she they're more house and I'm very hungry Biggers got this so in the shed she's so June yeah I think it is like best thing wouldn't the our own now it's not I mean this is I yeah I have a nice night women they why doesn't it white usually the little mom yeah yeah well mama I don't think I mean it this boy now now well I mean during the day now yeah me not here right now how //
"2017-10-10 15:00:04"
The Heaviest Man in the WORLD | Body Bizarre
\\32 year old Hon Petru Franco weighs in at 590 kilos equivalent to the combined weight of 8 average Mexicans he is officially the world's heaviest man nothing else a sinus can also yeah because he could not coming novel forget no way they are 7 of them up with coming out Ripley Sally's done so law can within its own up to the light one picture has an underactive thyroid gland so he left sufficient thyroid hormone which normally turns food into energy I mean if it doesn't not matter you will play little rock school while he waits for admission to hospital one picture is being carefully watched over by his mother Maria movie care for complete ile phrases that live in those who call me very similarly to lag which camera pulling out of the NBA and Kamal David is it give it a lying is lucky because today amidst a media circus doctors away in palm pictures to ensure that he's lost enough weight to make him fit for surgery you know what I will have a vessel and sell some I'm not from I'm in this imperfect impacting my Bedouin obsess select the most so you left what she seems it movies hard work paid off incredibly hot hedging has lost 170 kilos almost a third of what he weighed just 6 months ago now weighing in at 419 key he is transported to hospital by them with the medical team from gastric bypass Mexico bill Kristol the ownership of guns that we seem to be in court we seem to commit give him would you not that evil look ask you about the book with them more Little Italy some would say they don't know any more plant but I CQ I Hutch hospital Esposito alley deja deans to Guadalupe hot pictures Hotham mother with him in his hour of need Bob okay wrong let's just go get the you couldn't have when that doesn't scan all the cover them and made a real pork if new S. rattle escolas he very place celery and wreck ceased mmhm the operation a gastrectomy would involve removing 75 percent of one Petro stomach drastically reducing capacity delete the main risk be the strain on his home and keeping him briefing I also think it's I think it's awfully have been battle at the line asking us about if it wasn't for you I wanna compete soon concealed from let let me that very well and I think he already well the land Morrissey that the fast challenge is moving Hon Petra from the war it even though he has lost 100 kilos he still weighs almost as much as a grand piano yeah they are not though they were it takes 12 stall just to get a prom picture off the Gurney onto a specially reinforced operating table when he's in a position he to teens Stott was one picture is sedated and an endoscopic prone with a camera in the tape is inserted into the stomach through a 3 millimeter home a moment on the so we are far better for me on all next the surgical team in such smooth stitches into the stomach and then sewed the 2 sides together nter Conoco number now wrong it was opponent the president of course are listed here inclusive superconducting and whenever I'm wishing flips and or not knuckle because soon casually setting the stomach sack together who would use its size by 3 quarters careless tomorrow no no no no mom's it's critical that the surgeons don't accidently damage surrounding organs ... I was finally they cut away the excess lining the fun Petra stomachs and remove it surgery is complete with no complications I love how most of waiting outside Maria and her media in these as soon Manlio game if I'm not going to love this but I assume that my medical gonna Khalil still unconscious the sun is wheeled straight to intensive care what doctors give him oxygen to keep him breathing if I heard her say families move just right yeah and that's it go over some of that no alright he will need constant monitoring as his lung capacity is restricted by his huge weight the a after a long night parents by one picture recover not when they are still upset not any longer level could get me out of the only source you know when fully maybe we can there will be more procedures to calm but for now one picture is delighted with the results I'm looking forward to the future I had and yeah NPO more throughout the fifties they got in this the impulse in this way you know go more coming out of the problem he in the wild but yeah civilised process but to be honest some say he's Sydney the singers sing it //
"2017-10-09 17:00:01"
Dealing with Body Dysmorphia when Pregnant | My Giant Life
\\the possibility of Julie being pregnant have sort of I'm I'm deathly concerns how juries pregnancy is going to trigger her body image stuff and ... hurt eating disorders your furnace here would you like some probably not in your giants Allan but that's yours food and working out are the 2 constant topics virtually care because I know you got away your stuff out if every day she talks about calories every day she talked about burning calories you know I read a she talks about having to go back to the gem exhausting for me and I'm not well I I didn't realize there was taken in here I think we're gonna have some happy puppies are going how big in France why Julie was always the can and she's gone through a variety of that skill sometime right with you because anyone that's actually lost a large amount of weight and get off like you need to do stuff like that someone I can like trust my intuition in terms of okay I've had enough you know I'm satisfied because I'm never satisfied I it always hungry and never feel full you know for the average woman and you know they put on some weight Terry they look in the mirror and then like us you know I found some wait let me go back to this gem and it'll healthier for Julie when she looks in the mirror and thinks he gained weight it's like the world was coming to an end you know you're gonna need calories when you're feeding another human being call let me just such as this into that after and then who will be right with you and I have faith that she's just going to do whatever us right for the baby but that doesn't mean that she's not going to be extremely stressed dealing with her demands and so I'm a little worried about her like I work so hard till late keep weight off until I get a look a certain way and it's like you know I'm gonna be losing control of my body at some point you know like late my friends say I'm going to feel like that fact you again like that kid that had trouble like physically moving on now god when did all the time and it's a real challenge to have to change my mind set so much I know in Julie's body image issues a pretty serious it's like beyond the point of of where I can really understand this but I know what that feels like to be income the ball your own body you know I am not alone in this right like you're not the only person in this world with body dysmorphia actually there's this woman that my gym who you know she she's a mom now super fit you can tell it's it's very important surrogate worked out obsessively I would love to meet someone that actually understands me and doesn't think that I'm just crazy and write me off I don't know maybe we can link set up a meeting with her so you can talk to somebody who's been through this and I would be very nice we can go together and maybe you I work out with her little bag in his ask some questions here's here's someone yeah absolutely I think me with a thick moment be beneficial I'm kind of curious seem like but she look like they're her pregnancy is I wonder if I can so that like how she dealt with stuff and what it's like training so how much a ship a modify you know her routines and things like that I think they'll be great if it good ever done profit for lunar while you can find Gillian I am going to meet this but mom that I know from the gem and we're just going to ask you some questions about working out while pregnant that her yeah thanks yeah I'm really hoping that those fit mom is going to talk some sense into Julia and you know let her know that you really have to listen to your body in slow down while you're pregnant yeah Zulu I've seen cuts here on the jams but I had not met Julie so it seem them side by side I was like no she's been getting anxious about ... working out through the pregnancy Julie was always the cans and it's a person who died when she was 10 years old and then I think eventually she discovered that the healthiest way for her to deal is just to work out a lot because that gives her control basis it across that you'd probably be intense sells like I need someone who's like minded they don't let the title you hyper price that it actually had nightmares about like losing control of my body but you know I've I want a child and and I'm I'm willing to to push through but I I do you dread the psychological turmoil that is going to cost for me so I've never done crossed that before I am like bodybuilding so this is like all new to me I'd say you guys want to do some on the condition while Wall yeah sure okay so you want to grab this one here goes out we have like T. rex Ryan patio here can hit a higher as I get I am anxious about her just you know being super consumed by you know every little change that she sees I'm pro I think that's CATIA's cut you go down there is your group is going to be so long zona anything eating out pregnancy who's gonna be another one but you know that I noticed you definite appeal an omen just all of that's tough now on this really good it takes a toll so this is to anticipate that being magnified at that given the level of anxiety I always bring my kids yeah I always have had like a playpens and the court over there I work out something so almost the last minute they waste yeah I'm the baby right here on the fire every girl just like we would be mmhm really not what I wanted to hear because I just want to want to talk some sense into doing your husband was cool with those I have then why is cool weather it because he wants to see me happy and healthy and but you know I would have loved to see me left thing 200 pounds that 6 months right now yeah I mean I did all my guide even if your allowance as per Dr's orders to work out them nervous about that little worried about her this is fighting for 195 at 8 months and and and at no no point like later on in the pregnancy did they say I know you have to stop yeah growing that belly was just out and has your husband seen this video he has been kind of just give me the role of the I I want to do that I guess this meeting wasn't such a great idea after all kind of blew up in my face so excited for you guys and hope that you know your journey is a good one and a healthy one till you get to keep so you're pregnant yeah he joined the kickass mom club NMO gets assigned a nervous hobby club //
"2017-10-07 11:00:02"
The Busby's Argue About Danielle Going Back to Work | Outdaughtered
\\I'm really looking forward to the cycle studio help me become me again I feel like I'm the woman that's known as that lady who has a dozen girls but I mean I had a career and I love my job and really excited about I mean I don't know hi ready all schools but I can still time to save cost some money I'm I know we're all equal shares and partners in this but I mean Adam out of our share I want to be here more than that I don't think you ever communicated that to me because I'm just talking out loud who's gonna wash our kids that that's why we have to figure out not seen a wonderful time all the time yes we need to hire staff I'm all for that let listens like we're gonna have to hire staff at our house now I'm shocked that Adams being so passive aggressive about this I've always said that I'd have a bigger role in the studio and he's acting like it's just coming out of nowhere my involvement will make it more successful beat will find a way to take care of the kids I mean we always do and it doesn't mean I'm doing it every day I haven't thought that far down the line expressing feelings allowed well I know if we start doing interviews and kind of looking at your availability in all of fires and then in meantime maybe you guys have at home discussion and figure out this with everything going on this week I just really wish that Daniel would not have brought this up in front of all of our partners to mind just because I don't really see it been very realistic carribean at the studio all the time and I'm just worried that we're gonna end up spending more money on child care then she's going to be bringing in at the studio among I mean is that even worth it while Laura bush the fifth one I told you see this as a gravelly yeah Khan implying we would maybe if I was unexpected all I was saying was out of the 33 percent that we own I see myself being in the studio more than that don't you think that some you might want to tell me like one where by ourselves I said I'm just bringing that everyone might not that was your intent that the question was got run up and I just it is however you can just tell that all the other part and then they when we first started this I said I want to be in the studio in you honestly know that from the day I mean you above any by your time I'm the spare but why is it that because I want to say I want to go to work I think Adams upset about me going back to work because it's just going to change the dynamics of house don't get me wrong I mean I love being a mom to these girls and I wouldn't trade it for the world times I just feel like I need get away just to feel like I'm a normal person there's a lot of stuff that has to be thought about before you can do is I up and go to work but Eli is how I see a whole reason use that you quit your job I mean that's the whole reason you had to quit your job and so now you're just going to jump right back in I mean we need to talk about that and I'm not going into the studio and dropping my kids off for a day care whatever all day everyday that's not what this is I can I please just be a human being in and have something that makes me feel good it makes me feel happy about the only way I mean now how does mom even keep up with you all day long everybody's always asking Danielle how do you do it and after today I don't even know I mean I know she likes staying home with the kids but this is tough nmsiis think Parker one had been able will happen Lubin eva's arm rather I a living active mere by her arm by time out I livia Marie for Daniel to say that you know she needs a break from the kids and I mean in a way that's hard to hear but also I mean it it it makes sense draft nbspit no ma'am after my dad home with the clients I get where Daniel's coming from you know I I just got I think about her needs in her sanity as well I'm just don't really know what the answer is yes but I know we'll figure it out together manning I totally get it you don't have that luxury to do what you want to do because it very much your job every day to think about meeting the needs of everyone else I I was no we've been through my more than this so knowing we'll figure it out yeah yeah these are coming today as pretty crazy you're covering because he's here can you do Sunday tomorrow next week and then you have the nicer kind of watching Daniel running around and taking care of things in the studio and makes me see that totally in her but sorry that's exactly what I envision when it's making me feel mom got 6 kids going to be in here in Iraq so I just thought that I would just do Tuesdays and Thursdays here while the girls are in school and maybe that would make you happy main no I mean I see how you are here and Macklin so that how much you enjoy it I know that if you're here it's gonna succeed I mean if that means you know may stand home more and and help them with the girls sang and giving your chances to be over here and not just 2 days a week then then that's what I'll do of course some concern I mean it's a brand new business and 50 percent and new businesses fail but we don't talk about that because positive thoughts get us to positive results and we're gonna make this work that's the man I'm married living near //
"2017-10-06 16:00:00"
Huge Face Tumour Started as a Birthmark | Body Bizarre
\\WNED leann Munger renea as a small rural town in the southern Brazilian state of paranoia I it is home to 37 year old professor of finance Luciano do Rini today she's getting ready to celebrate a student's graduation well let's cut the wires leading my soul from my Zale man's one of them was found about Luciano lives a completely normal life but it's against the odds mmhm nonna on the right side effects face she has an extremely rare achievement prone to hemorrhaging it is never stopped her from living life to phone but now often 19 operations troll the pleading the gross is changing shape Luciano must decide whether to have it removed you see honor was born with a tiny almost unnoticeable birthmark on her right cheek half past 7 days SMB Obama quiz for number 7 efforts in weightlessness well no my song ma hygiene measures you to them from the house passed from match for me Argentina I use since group watch how micronutrients in throughout her childhood Luciano's comes would readily hemorrhage and needs to change I have taken a misstep debilis Atlanta GA so now I'll suffer about you see on a cruise the past month well but no medical connection is made between leading summer temperature programming ill addicts to their parts Paul Volcker provide the news can be a scary chatting with the song you are listening to are there frenzy swinging and the team Luciano started to become more self the growth and the plastic surgeon offered to remove the bus mock permanently a little exception it exodus 7 wells looks for almost why does he look fit for America's kids Kim Ohio Kinna they'll match some Buchanan does the intelligent discourse of been the camera in Malaysia mac dead vandals doctor had cut through in a normal ought to NBC on his face at the US markets actually in Ontario venous malformation pool AVM it's a tangled mass of arteries and veins which is swollen and thin walled making them extremely fragile and prone to excessive bleeding DC on is a V. M. became more prominent even the tiniest bumped because a life through Carlos was as chairman of the call me their ways here all Syrian who wins where a cynical socially member of the momentum or anything over the next teen years C. ana how including having Hoffa lower teeth removed after the REITs cut through the ATM but only on patrol flies look I think if you that's cool I almost crushing swam okay commitments to force mmhm 6 years ago vascular surgeon Dr Maya moto contacted Luciano with a possible solution to have problems check out my site from a fussing we do we do that then election year but I screeched as she put it up on I'm offered was so don't usually stiff SS opponents I keep on lost buddies should Washington what is that she we can do she up much it costs you but it worked because the Luciano and watching spiffy refined so that the the empath isolation treatment would block blood flow into the sea on as a P. M. and help stop the hemorrhaging in 5 operations Especiais liquid agent was injected into the most fragile blood vessels the liquid Hodgins upon contact it's blood blocking the vessels and redirecting blood flow away from the ABM a it was a more collaborative don't but the main thing training and more by the so much chosen for fast foods singer Killin me ever but she didn't bother me because I can I say about it but the and the lies ation is not a permanent fix Luciano's AVM continues to grow and change shape and the hemorrhaging may return what a technician that they said this is a jiffy so simple model shot by by someone though signifies depends upon them and took sitting here I 6 sold them all for months so don't tell my Emoto has cooled Luciano and to to it's the option things go for it was available to all men the movie fifth caller asks if I want to and for that I think there action tool yeah if she knew go if the more good social action British sing better installment is not many M. easily away from a cyber park I will leverage this year my fuzzy kitchen she that the decision super survivor no 6 to make sure that I have 6 so there's some awesome thank goodness suffice info center searchers who mailed from their mobile remotes from a pro bono from old chain USAir S. as a popular fad see him old bedroom Boone ephedrine purposely obscure this little group of something should Luciano choose to have a AVM removed she would have to undergo several difficult procedures from user fees forks of the open forwards you know many of the males are the call kind of giving his school for solid considers Syria in so for ever more Ross who also have a much persuasion over societies you know I think that someone to bay because of listeners really cheer about as simple as men to come without me expense despite knowing that had a V. M. may continue to grow and starts hemorrhaging again Luciano does not yet feel ready to commit to having it removed this is true also dispatch script here moment badminton lab quadrature move all of this have the bill signed us up the submitted bad listeners yeah yeah closeness home the civil movement west putting chrome tomorrow because the coach Marvin Lewis J. cheapest //
"2017-10-05 15:00:08"
Most CRINGE Chat-Up Lines Ever! | My Giant Life
\\yeah good luck I think are you go a meeting Wednesday at a local bar in she's going to observe how I talk to guys and how I tell them about my virginity see is that it's a little like first thing in tax me Miley who have opened the flame and know that you are looking for you feel like gardening come up and then ... CV go back to that like free happy place and then to talk about the idea is to start practicing what she learned in the coaching session being more open and doing things differently than how she's been doing I'm gonna pretend like I don't know you okay and I'll just be here and listening and then we'll talk about that okay having someone listening to the way that you talk to guys is weird but it might help me uncover something that I wasn't aware you're I don't I what's your name Alicia on the second Patrick I think it's you know yeah I really care things like calls I'll do not important fashion anything I'm actually a blog called false flag Alicia was really tall it was very intimidating I'm not use to having a look up to somebody when I'm talking to them so it's my baby by my passing so yeah Patrick is shorter than I'm used to try to be more open to guys of different heights but I have to admit this is really really strange for me and also talk about something that's like really near and dear to my heart is my virginity because I'm waiting to have sex until marriage Democrats ... if you think you need I yeah how could you have that box you off guard a little bit yeah it was like awkward silence for a good 3 seconds and at this point I'm just like what am I doing Lindsey told me that she wanted to observe me talking to guys and actually telling them about my virginity it would be very hard for me to date somebody ... who wanted to wait until marriage to have sex because you could marry somebody that it's just not good sax I was very bored to know beforehand home was great meeting you yeah since yeah alright have a good night listening to Alicia talk to Patrick I noticed that she really fast about her virginity and it just felt weird in that I think it threw him off and threw her off and it just was a very natural and sprouted up way too fast got it okay Murray next question right well I think that this yeah I wish I knew what was George only 7 lesson into what would you do I definitely don't think that George was used to a tall woman talking to him because he kept looking up and then he would look past me around me to the side like he just really could not focus on me so I think it was a little intimidated yeah yeah I love it just takes a lot of time and so I feel like my dating life in some ways has been really ... impeded by that because I've been so busy so the second time I had a Lisa practice slowly and calmly coming from a really good place about I'm really starting to make it a priority get back alright you know I I'm I really want my husband to find me Holly I also wanted her to lead it let the conversation have space so that he could ask her questions and he could pursue her even if it got awkward I'm actually waiting to have sex is on me so virgin some waiting for that I'll committed yeah alright so I if this 10 that conversation was still pretty awkward and kind of Bobby she was practicing the thing that I told you to do and it I felt like she learns how to do it for the next time you do your thing slow calm grounded you okay will do okay they're you Ventana instant omega it you we no I really like your jacket over it now I I I like it I'm the color and everything yeah which is what out to Lisa to me NO a a from Oakland looker long so what do you do not hear the process of writing a book what's it about was what about okay I guess like a guy like me Berkeley doing nothing doing nothing but I can see that telling someone when I was listening I felt like he was really kind and really sweet and one see what criteria was not getting mad because I could feel how she was not interested in him do you come here often business once logged more nights a com bill Drake so is this a hard night or pull blower motor people like that so I it is what I'm going to check in with my friend but it was great meeting I have I hope next time she gets off for that kind of intimacy from a man she takes it and runs with it and see where it goes and I think that there's more intimate vulnerable conversation she can bring in the virgin anything beef way last out of the blue part of my social yeah yes I am home why I'm because I kept going and I think about it yeah and I found something interesting go with whatever they give you pay your entries are curious even if it's gonna got to set the goal moving forward for Alicia is to keep being vulnerable and open and to talk about her virginity in a really neutral com grounded way much like she talks about the other stuff in her life good job yeah here really deathly feeling hopeful for the future because I think any tools that I can bring into my dating life are gonna help how many more times than I did //
"2017-10-04 16:00:06"
Man Lives as an ADULT BABY! | My Crazy Obsession
\\I think about acting like a baby every day for me it's it's a big part of my life it's something you can go to bed doing I like to have a bottle each night when I go to bed got to have my past Stanley might be 31 years old but for the past 18 years he's going to remarkable things to remain young at heart very young don't be mean assembly to kids satisfaction by dressing are acting as a baby either like to put on my crib toys or my mobile and let them play as I fall asleep and he doesn't just took the baby talk he dedicates 8:00 hours a day role playing as a toddler it's not sexual at all it's a feeling of being safe something I didn't have when I was growing up and being an adult baby became my way of coping with the world and my own problems anti if people turn a room into a nursery but Stanley has transformed his entire home into a playground complete with taka toys and decal and even a playpen for me I'm in baby mode on and off all day what I'm trying to get into my role I try to imagine what a kid might be like some would feel that I'm obsessed with acting like a baby with all the props and everything I have is more than most people do when I role play I tend to like to stay around that age to arrange I find the whole environment of being in a nursery very calming my favorite pass a fire I like the blue one and since it's a lot of fun struck Sunday mmhm websites catering to adult babies actually sell cults built for grownups but it outputs of 1000 pounds that far too expensive so he painstakingly own twin bed into a cozy because this is my crab it's 3 feet wide 7 feet long adult size of course we go up and down like a traditional crap for make it a little easier to get in Sir and on top number rail I haven't felt crowed so you can actually open the door aside I feel having a crib is the most important thing the bars signify safety and it's something that babies have when they grow up they know that they're better safe when you're 5 feet 6 inches tall a typical high check can be a tight squeeze so he designed and built his own strong enough to support his weight I really enjoy it you makes you feel like a kid I chair I wanted to get one for a long time the ones online a couple $0 that couldn't afford that kind of thing so I'd made something that was simple few tools that I had Stanley eat all of his meals in his high chair and he has a taste for toddler food and and I do have my meals E. summer watch cartoons come have fun Stanley has even tried baby formula bot like every other toddler he can be extremely selective it's not like too much of them banana flavor it's not too much of the strawberry fields it's a perfect blend most 2 year olds have moved on from baby bottles to because that's Stanley still isn't ready to give his out just when you get home break out the bottle and have some fun refreshing he he sleeps and eats like a baby but his greatest tribute to the infant lifestyle is something he keeps under wraps no technically he's fully toilet trained Stanley was unhappy everyday when I was 13 I started having been reading problems and for using diapers and that does work started for me I like to keep my diapers close to my crib so it's easy to change but Tucker not these aren't exactly made for an active grownup lifestyle so he had to get creative combining adult size not peace with the baby's one to make it more absorbent they can go up to have between 8 and 10:00 hours without needing a change I kinda have ... mixed feelings when it comes to the divers there's times when it's like been there a lot of moving around also there's fluff fallen out the back of the diaper electrical part I just can't really baby powder treats a layer between you and the diaper now the diaper can move up cousin Arash I feel like when I'm wearing a diaper that it's like a constant hug from mommy hi standing on my hands wanna play yes this isn't a bad knees first baby who's old enough to grow a bit over the past 4 years she's mother to other adult babies need seabed sea spa I understand down came the rain and washed the size rounds out came the sun and dried up fog and rain and then you'd see admits his 5 and I up the spout again yeah do you practice song puppies that being a mother isn't only about playing the nursery rhymes it's lunch time I'm with the tundra like Stanley that can be trouble alright Sami ready for some food ntune the our insanity yeah open my Nnamdi smooth sailing since again high in the law very good how Stanley now call now no we don't want to make nice snow not what if they read your really fun story first we can cuddle up with the puppies send your favorite book oh okay I'm very much into the gentle side sonic been tucked into bed ... maybe half a bottle it's the love section one summer day terrorists knowing eyes when spot some delicious just now being that put in the crap and get a bottle of tucked in ... turn on a movie on the way out inotes basically how you would tolerate her child in the long in life it's another happy ending but sadly Stanley search for a mother isn't over because he wants more of a commitment then Evadne is willing to give him so he will continue looking to fill that void I really enjoyed playing at the mommy ... but I think I want something more full time but I'm sure we're gonna be amok time friends I'm positive there's a a money out there for me is just finding Aaron and the US clicking //
"2017-10-02 15:00:06"
A Divorce Celebration Cake! | Cake Boss
\\we all like trying to think of something to find the voice you know because it's it's a little hard since we've never done it before I guess if they get the boss that weren't happy and begin the Watson that none of you have been solved by should they could be fun alright Sayonara what do you think Ralph a but some twisty's on echo this celebration that's an excellent idea we get sealed guys someone facing that way I like the expression on his face the war it that's my favorite part of this cake is definitely the guy that's getting kids usual expression the twist is getting up a little bit I guess this this is really out of our lives is helped along that give a lot of fun it's called for so oils out as Stephanie celebration now comes that old machine serious thing here look this machine watching golf NDA lead to ways to get a forum like this by Penn or spinach yeah not a machine so listen for me I could meet any cake for our grandparents but the fact that they're going to see the original wedding cake and and and and remember that day is really gonna be the cherry on top bring all but a little tear over here so I cannot get out of doing that old fashioned Kate brings me back to my dad teaching me all the old school piping and me just freestyling Hambach as rose boredom bread almost sold almost home go I was aggressive Sir name school beat up on them bring buttercream baby we I no I I do I do that a lot but I think it's gonna be very nostalgic for them no I'm love freight for this delivery I did use money may nnst it's yeah and I was celebrating my moving on to be about it's fine going on to the next it's like he's not going I I well you may think you yeah yeah yeah you we would hear yeah yes divorced now who are living here really hard okay you I think this Hefley a great way for free and anyone who has been divorced to start over and to say listen life is too short you have to move on and bounced back and just live life to its fullest everyday gonna go the I had a really no the names of the characters and that I yeah hold my god I was so taken by the keg the cake was a great way to start over because he just leave truth to the action that I took Mary I think it's in the room but I know so well I think I'm gay I yeah or no marriage they were done we're moving forward when we're out here yeah we're done that yeah all right moving on the next chapter but I think a lot of over a little I got tool my best delivery guys delivering this key for Lisa's grandparents anniversary a no holds up well done yeah I NDA say I got a lot of trust in my guys and I know they're gonna get their say but leases right so I'm gonna pull one a minute back called up the cake we've now got so I got I there was never a doubt in my mind that the cake was going to be beautiful so you are my dad came from the delivery of yeah I see it in person other doors in the inbox I don't trust anybody or anything tell that this little bit socially and go on the move wolf pack John design all 9 days yeah yeah the case in one piece bowlers and I'm proud of you made here want peace pro I trust my engineering skills but at the end of the day I trust one of my delivery guys holding up the whole way even more this was the case did your grandfather use to make laugh is so horrible I know now we made you guys a replica of your original cake divorced that Dion yeah young clerk will see thank you any more money love you know no not real ale doesn't sound up yeah so it looks just like their wedding cake years ago I was so happy and so no no we couldn't be happier that you you know you guys have always been soul love so in sync you planted the roots of the family now it's grown so they you know no thank you what it was you god bless you we love you and you too thanks he's now god bless you know is sort of the 60 years backpack about now we're gonna have agreed upon Iran yeah who enjoys thank you I think she's beautiful gave may we find what we need if you say yes it they'll never forget what what weapons they believe the //
"2017-10-01 11:00:03"
Jazz Debates With Tomi Lahren! | I Am Jazz
\\when I walked into the make up room I see Tommy again and you know it's a little bit uncomfortable because I feel like she's a bully she's a hater she's mean so I just want her to leave and then on them and make a Hey Tommy girl yeah hit time 3 minutes bay with Matt's lap I'm deathly nervous about not knowing what to expect this is new territory for jazz but she's prepared she's done our homework and I'm confident the Chaska holder on a beauty queen this is a little bit terrifying we know that Tommy is capable of saying some pretty hateful things but I don't want jazz to see that I'm nervous I want her to think that genetic higher totally cool and calm chassis Ranney so we're gonna continue to portray that and hope that it's contagious it's I just to clarify I'm if I want to restate something that I said I can do that great I can be like that walking on the set I am a little bit nervous because I'm not sure what takes today I've never done something like this before where it's kind of a debate I've seen her videos and she is a little bit of a bulldog it's not really the drag queens they're worried about a North Carolina it's the creeks that will use it to self identify as whatever gender will get them closer to their victims those on laughter all about feelings while the rest of us just don't wanna get raped in the bathroom user can be friends right into this trust me on that one of the amazing give it's kind of a stretch Tommy makes fun of transgender people and it's insulting and hurtful I think Jennifer she's trying to make it all rainbows and unicorns and butterflies and everything's going to be a great help wary as we found out not going to happen as non training is not is not joining Mazandaran off can't June a 7 youngsters has come rice had suggested on just somewhere where jazz conceiving me Tom exact places to and being a think we're gonna learn a lot about it about each other through this that I know I don't as you see my stuff online that the ups and the things that I'm very aggressive I'm the least aggressive person Yummy maybe her definition of aggressive is different than the rest of the world if you don't get up stem area in 54321 fescue because I have you here homes that have both of you ladies here I think that we have misconceptions about each other I think we don't have conversations with each other if we perceive we're so different then they were human beings and we all wanna be loved me I wanna belong but for me it my biggest question for you is what does people like me people on the right what we get wrong about your lifestyle or your way of life okay well I think one of the major misconceptions is that a lot of you guys think it's a choice or that one day I woke up and decided I wanted to be a girl and that's not true I was born this way as soon as I had verbal expression I was stating that I was a girl I get it if you feel that you're a woman I I get it but why do you have to surgically change yourself so personally I just feel uncomfortable in my body the same way you would feel uncomfortable in your body if you had the wrong genitals and for me I completely have a girl mind and brain express myself as a woman and when my body doesn't match that I feel like I'm trapped I'm trapped in the wrong skin you know if the surgery operation is gonna make me happy then that's all that matters what I will say this has ever known is known with myself and say listen I see here is a conservatism public and icy limit government I say do is you want I just want to pay for it I will right into how strongly I feel about the bathroom bills I think we have common ground in the sense that you and I don't want the government overreach government agents standing outside bathrooms looking at people's for certificates are asking for a physical inspection feels to me very intrusive and the opposite of what I would assume conservatives upon I really wanted to hold her accountable for some of the language is used because I'm pretty sure you describe transgender people as drag queens are sexual predators China coaster their victims you know and I want to talk about that because I feel as though there are individuals sick individuals they're gonna take advantage of someone and then they're going to use the guise of being transgender to do it it's just mythology the 17 states that have inclusive laws around their bathrooms have 0 incidents at any assault so the fact is there isn't a basis for this fear I'm still someone that said I think it opens up a can of worms but the reality is jazz is the most unsafe person interested if I had to use the men's restroom imagine you know the harm that does to me when I was in my early years at elementary school I was not allowed to use the girl's bathroom I had to use the nurses bathroom and even at that young age I wondered why I was being treated differently and in second grade I actually snuck into the girls bathroom and I got in trouble for people calling you a pervert no not at all I was just doing my you worked but when they saw you going into the women's restroom is that the feelings that they got I was second grader who looks very innocent with pigtails I do not think I was a pervert at all but do you think that you've got that reaction anything that's why they could understand you think that they felt like it was a safety issue I'm just trying to understand this isn't about sexual predators we're discussing equal rights and there is no right and wrong and I don't know how you can disagree with that and it will also vote yet know how do you feel about the next 4 years you know I I don't want to live my life in fear of being judged by someone who doesn't even understand the content of my character and if I claim being my authentic self like I am today and you know expressing myself as a woman and being proud of who I am then I probably wouldn't even be here I think this is something that we have in common that's what I like to say people say speak the truth tell the truth where as a stand in your truths but yeah I think you guys for having the conversation and you know it's always easy 0.5 but yeah thanks for being here truly truly thank you so much for being here while I don't know if Tommy team full circle I know that some of her audience members are going to watch this and be like you know what transgender people do deserve equal treatment and acceptance in society I feel like I toughen up my skin a little bit and it's a must serve a little bit of courage in order to face someone like Tommy why new was gonna have an opposing opinion okay I feel like off camera Tommy is probably like ... I'm wrong but she I mean she was very different than what we've seen is it's very hard to be that confrontational when you're face to face with a kid I do think that Tommy went home and still felt that traditionally minded people as you call them are entitled to demand restrooms the way they used to be I don't think we changed her mind on that issue this could have gone 100 different ways maybe we could have been a little more confrontational there were certain things that we wanted to call her out for saying that in a moment it felt that she was Tommy extending an olive branch to us and my kick the bear you know what our viewers are watching this another listening and they're hearing from Giles who they would never have heard from and right there as when the if enough of us like one person out there is like you know what I can and I accept trans people now that I wouldn't have in the past that's a win //
"2017-09-30 11:00:05"
Little Girl Bakes to Raise Money for Ill Sister | Cake Boss
\\thank yeah now all he leann the only your commodity soon I got a special guest visiting today Lee is a 7 year rule from Malaysia who started a cupcake company to help pay the bills to bring her sister over to the U. S. all the polls all I how are you good when I met Lee a first time a Malaysian she was such a special little kid and we spent like 2:00 hours together call me uncle buddy //
"2017-09-29 16:00:09"
Bride Fights Against Her Family! | Say Yes To The Dress UK
\\I laughed all going through your mind I do if I like if it fast stay quite that Spock enough for may people that believe his arms thinking particular that you'd really love about the track at this and the big top he sat system right stay out of the way it's not love it love it I absolutely love it I know how I'd sit hill he buys home and it's just not the one thing I ask is yeah one things just one thing the scene with the sparkle yeah listened to eat now Anya looks absolutely beautiful but she's a bit hesitant because that's not enough beating on it which is a shame really that was late see in Spain you take it out for you and however I'm touched on what I want and what I like to buy date I know entourage cleaning it up this account but you as the bride you've got to wear red and we need not lost in thoughts come in and save big red I'm gonna stay strong and this is not my draft I don't have that didn how yeah but if Clinton had like what have it but I think it will yeah my name is Joe say I'm 20 going on from Dave and his life that's just within the last also addresses 5 months ago I heard a lady he's much crayon shin when's the wedding itself 5 breaks yes I know I saw it then I met my fiance to me chance asco defense get Bob to many 5 years he's my best friend and I love what you worries about you for seeing today I had to but just a just a hate letter if it's my hope that my less not messed I is that my dress doesn't fit I like concrete into it why love it saying hi I'm but yes it is much better yeah yeah yeah but I want absolutely gorgeous and okay and there is an extra bit of problem it would appear that where link missing I can I think Hey best with what one person with daily such as I Love Kong que that may okay I'm really upset and angry accompli that salute missing in my dress sigh well again today well I I thought the other one shocked with their own choices lessons with reaction to the dress she loves I still prefer to talk about W. refuses to relinquish her dress streams what country a long time the other trusted I didn't get off the lead safe made up addresses our this is why I am vision I stared at the envelope economy of one guy I'm good at stake strummed the extra I think we need that about to keep you overnight yeah you'll see what I how much is we had a fellow fast season though the price of the strike NDEs 1200 that's a 5 pound it's not about the money it's about what she looks like I'm gonna change the entourages opinion by getting debate on and given it not finishing touch that it may well would she's clearly a self to it and because of that you know how I can say no means absent beat all now what would you say ups lately yeti spamming my mother in law cry and my mother cry and I feel that they find in a joined their my vision 98 not the tower NBI acted it that you've got a higher price my nana still isn't convinced however that she is a hard person to play I doubt that that's a lot I'm still hoping chip it in the first round it longstanding out does do you feel like the bio is the final finishing top yeah us up that's eliminates peaceful yeah mmhm sat I also the magic question that are you saying yes to the dress I say yes to this him like Cinderella like go to the pool niche be no deficit I'm going via the phone read it I was down to one and now reading lights I mean we focused our opinion at the end of the day it's a choice yes we've got one person with daily so does it look Kong que with the loop missing on her dress Chelsea's understandably cross with only 5 weeks to her wedding needs to address to be fix what are you doing today and but just as if it may I don't wanna whether it NBI I think we should bring around here on trust thing rarely left leg stunning absolutely stunning yeah like if it's a problem yet I'm really pleasantly it's what does it yeah well I don't know what that's all about it once but nothing on it would appear that we've got one the missing so that the dresses on balance it's a lot of money to pay for something that's not perfect needs to be fixed we should Corning maxing I we're gonna need to remove would be easy yeah we are going to have to let this stop when's the wedding 5 weeks so out of luck Maxine you can have potlucks stops we have to get this job done will make that happen it will be to the wire each distrust of okay I don't trust her toe I don't know what the ... she can get it done in time whether there is enough time will you be able to do it time 9 I need to get my hands on the dress a sap at C. sit down seems seasons well that I get it done in time then I'm not gay marriage it's because we don't so I have sorry I roped sometimes Saipan Ohio so soon it's amazing address classic I think it's you do need to thrive prognosis around her husband and wife and you make his the you this day been everything I hoped it would day I feel very happy on its that crowd to be housed //
"2017-09-28 16:00:06"
Boy's Skin is Falling Off | Body Bizarre
\\today because ito's going back to the police state university in sao Paulo but he hopes to get a new face prissy since that will allow him to hold his head up because don't let your love handles no feet high Yamaha as little as of yet will be cheaper this is hardly the slowest months away genome so they shot in the face my cousin across a hint they got this one so that we do is we don't have it not content with denying you it's the moment of Carlito can now see the results Nnamdi so I don't visit yeah one of the both no less pronounced no one kilometer n't once more there's something that really needs to hospice was yeah yeah you know ... equipment on now not only me on March on one of was that on the surface I'm one test is a city in the state of California 17 miles to the north of Los Angeles I it's hard to Sylvia clarity okay I'm coming she is a devoted mother of 2 who spends her days and nights tirelessly struggling to relieve the suffering of her eldest son Mickey maybe nnova 20 year old Nicky spend his life wrapped up in bandages to prevent the skin on his entire body from falling off but he's currently undergoing ground breaking medical treatment turned his life around it still is a very factual I can't really burned pumping campaigners are scratch to hire yeah Nicki was born this epidemic ISIS bullosa the rat genetic disease known as E. P. that causes skin to placed at the slightest touch it Nikki has the most severe form of the disease which can be inherited when both parents are carriers of the mutated June responsible for creating the protective lower under the skin basically his body does not produce a protein called college in type 7 so the minimum pressure the skin comes right off leaving behind a second degree burn like bone in this is everywhere you know I touch and gets hurt it's just basically help for him him screaming all the time with his incurable condition deteriorating as he gets older Nikki ready leases hive and is now confined to a wheelchair because that years ago he could walk but now he's just sitting at the computer I guess being together no not yet like many young men Nikki loves computer games which he plays as often as possible with his younger brother Connor well I don't yeah earlier it's they news live is around video games so trend lines of everything life expect EP suffer a very rich east mostly due to the condition developing every night Sylvia has to change Mickey's bandages try to prevent his wounds it's an agonizing process you can they're slimy McCurry put these extra fragile today one night we do legs one night we do arms we take a look and see how there wounds are doing and then ivory wrap everything I know every inch of Nikki skin I know his skin better than an online a very close you know I feel like he's like part of part of me is like my own feel better I love you so much we don't know and I didn she's playing nice Israel sky everything everything everything Nikki who saved us we can't help others he's agreed to be part of clinical trials that needs the college in 7 protein to replace the missing gene in his skin I'm trying to help me even better or take shrieking I think he's also testing you healing cream effective these treatments could help EP sufferers around the world this is part of the screen trial I notice a difference right away when we tried it you see in a good increase a great improvement on the healing today Silvera Nicky a making a 550 kilometer journey to take part in the medical trials I here at Stanford University they will visit Dr Jean tearing the damage on a gist whose conducting medical research to find an effective treatment for E. B. terms of recessive distro think he'd be I would say Mickey is a severe side one type of aggressive skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma can develop in the chronic wounds his heart aim is to kill the chronic wounds and hopefully modify the disease so it's more bearable doctor time checks Mickey's wings any improvement it looks strong current misled and then decide this one on the Z. looks very good to it's been a real hero because nobody likes getting blood drawn her biopsies but he's going to do all these things not just for himself but really for other kids with the blue I think spoons are looking good before we could get nothing healer was just big right right I hope that you know with all of this effort had participation from written be patients that in the next 5 years will really see a drug approved for E. be I I impressed every single day by their strength and how they go about just taking the best out of life and living just incredible having spent the day helping towards finding Kilifi Mickey and Sylvia taken one of California's most stunning movies before heading home I like to have fun are much better the keen Sylvia are strong family is every moment this who wrote to against one of the world's most painful and least known disease and they have developed a post it is truly inspirational most days hope is there it's gonna happen just picture yourself that'd be Emma in the recesses of the lover right I have a lot of hope //
"2017-09-27 16:00:01"
Addicted to Cheeseburgers | Freaky Eaters
\\ntfc their lives on cheeseburgers and cheeseburgers alone I love burgers he eats for burgers a day 20 each week which is nearly 1500 burgers every single year I don't eat salad my own state I stay away from chicken out any vegetables or fruit I love fishing but there is no I for herself from his burgers Victor consumes over 88 pounds of fat every year an approximate so we the reason why I enjoy cheaper so much is because I know exactly what's going on inside their simple I like it a lot but Victor keeps the extent of his burger session hidden from his wife of 11 years if you're an app thinks maybe I'll have 3 burgers a week I'm really having over 20 in contrast to her husband Viktor's wife loves nothing more than to experiment with new foods I am going to culinary school I love all food I don't eat anything she makes 9 to 10 times I'll stop on the way home let me get a yeah she's murder plain and get really evidence and come in the house and then kinda pick at what she made Everytime Victor doesn't eat something that I me I take it very personal no breaks her heart you know but I it breaks my heart even more because you see this breads that she makes and I did not touch it all done if there's a version to his wife's healthy dinners also makes an impression on the couple's 2 children it's difficult for me to push healthy eating habits on my children if Victor is sitting there with the hamburger how the it's important for Victor actually see how many Ferguson he is eating in a year either I'm JJ I'm an interest it's very nice to meet you by seeing it who can really come to terms with it got something to show you come with me K. I think it was gonna be good I assumed she was gonna show me or tell me something bad real burgers in there the burgers fell out of the truck first thing I did look over major Anna so Victor what do you think all of this represents I'll miss filming it represents the mounted burgers I eat in there 5 year span try on one year span ... 1460 burger boxes right here what's it like to see more here just disgusting it was very shocking and a little sickening really Victor is it any big shock that you've got diabetes the question is really when's the blindness gonna send and when you can have to have something amputated once a stroke happening are the heart attack Victor is in the midst of a major health crisis it's going to take you stepping attaching I would like for you to order a burger with lettuce just straight lead us astray let it burn with lettuce let me have a cheeseburger with just lettuce I have never ordered a burger with lettuce ever it made me extremely nervous so I feel right now about it ... smell the lettuce really gross amount All I Want connectors one bite I'm used to picking off one or 2 pieces of lettuce this thing was covered I don't know if I'm gonna be able to it or not trying so hard to have they do this if I understand that I'm asking him to do something that he has not done for over 25 years I realize that I have to do this and if I want to get better than I have to for step toward the it after I charge you for awhile and so on it I realize you know it wasn't the end of the world sky didn't fall so what did you just learn that I can do this okay JG has Victor try a bite of each of the new burgers chicken but just didn't taste right then G. and spinach until he finds one that he can stomach Turkey some back so you can develop we've got a lot of flavor in the burgers were the big unknown but they were still familiar when I moved into the condiments me here are vegetables this is a man who runs for vegetables WNED just so much going on I just don't know firstly that caused a lot of anxiety I just can't see myself doing it bush too many flavors I couldn't wrap my head around you know I was just I'm not used to all of that this week this is gonna be your dinner each night now seeing I'm playing ball with you because I'm giving you burgers but it's going to be a healthier choice for and you're not gonna for Sanka stop overthinking yeah the awesome is this a deal yeah scared that I might by the third day Victor is struggling with his healthy burger options the menu that you wrote out sorry for my neighbors too much I want to real burger and I tell myself I think draws blood I have it cheated on this at all so far as I think it the cravings down then you know I don't have to like food alright is there this thinking about eating fish is making really nervous when we got here I think we have bass okay it's really going through my head like crazy right now I don't know if I'm ready there is there is there's a lot of things going through my mind like one why I really wanna do this brakes apart real easy I'm really trying hard to keep my mind off that's good alright success Victor has made those first steps which are always the hardest he is now going to have the self confidence that he needs to team you to make progress and change everything you're going to bear before starting this came to as a nation I was gonna die young but now I feel like I can do it John how you flown over there I never thought that this would have doctor Dow in JJ king me my husband back and I owe it to them //
"2017-09-26 16:00:06"
American Tries Haggis for the First Time | The Little Couple
\\just not a big Laker fan changer really drink Scotch and all all my goodness greatest satisfaction I think she probably would treated more like think of varnish sure maybe ... like a paint thinner so in science class you get to measure different things and beaker like this is pretty cool hand and then he ends soon you will be able to properly now with this say kids isn't as fun all new there I got a chance to make my own blend of Scotch and so did my dad concerted hours wise respectively mommy's having fun basically that we kind of like you and the kids were kind of there for attendance for the most part yeah can I have the kids playing with you know liquor too much all you want to go along with any going to go someplace that you guys will like it gadis and really he sang in 9 years they wanted you know clearly this is not a I can hardly and what we'll do is we have a group plan kids right a I think it's a castle that's how it's done wow that's pretty neat and it is you get hungry I I think I think I'm gonna do hagas I'm gonna try someone that's from Scotland they only do it here since I'm like a good idea now or try it I new idea hagas cheeseburger now after a couple of sips of Scotch we're going to go to a pub to grab something a Scottish person witty and of course most pubs in Scotland happen to have an animal farm in front of it because you know that's what you do in Scotland do you drink booze and play with animals this all I've learned so far we'll find out if they offer anything else as the week goes on who put this all rabbits in here love first thing you see is this big rabbit cage to the right noon to that my kids are like a magnet to it I ... there have been so much fun which is good because as brown Jr distillery so it's only fair they get to have some fun Dominick patted gentlemen this baby came apart finger of the hand that fed now yeah nothing now it would be very gentle ... download print this is not making for a nice easy entrance into the pub this is time life series presents going to lunch in that regard no K. area thank you now Chris welcome distractions for the kids you know thank you my terrible distractions for dad who's on Greek grandpa is hungry and the kids could Washington on the pristine thinking hard that's just a little bit there thinking maybe for you today yeah alright so I've heard about it I've never tried it okay you know about that so what is in hagas exactly it is I am so heartened liver NTA estimates of the sheep yeah and when do it don't do it is delicious we talked a little bit about hagas on our way to Scotland and the discussion was more along the lines of what is it and I'm never going to touch it that was what she said however I'm more open minded I guess and just more worldly and this is the way it is from out of that area and you know there it yeah yeah greenness something else welcomes a chicken yeah it's yeah China's Jagger thank yous I figured when in Rome right you know so when in Scotland a border you know a bag of sheep organs hello macaroni and cheese one ... let's see going to the dragons should I use needed changes and the final bureaus are great you know hi good so how is it great idea who good you know and it tastes like Scrabble now you cry actually like this tastes liverwurst liverwurst I probably would yeah Hey I'm gonna try to tell my dad that was good because I wanted him to try I'm over that foot and you'll be fine I think it's a foot but that's what we call goading your parent and trying something very yeah another way we'll do it together yeah the go ahead yeah not as bad as what I thought as I can think I'm going back to the attic what are you guys doing tomorrow when mom is working because I know modeling Morrow going to a castle move yeah I think I have to ask Sharon why what else you got like well have you ever been to a castle before is is an actual real cast this is not normal going to go tomorrow yeah but in the back to the motel money's gonna go back to where it is rondo with ketchup missing NCLEX so after lunch unfortunately I had to go back to work review all finished yeah is there really no thank you know very well I have to get back to work okay who has little playground resident you know the toys away and was gone playground well and was able to spend a lot of my time with my family I only have a limited amount of time so and then you know that I'm a big girl mommy can't sing go to work and hope that they take a lot of really good pictures alright bye guys upon how you gonna be okay watching them at the playground course who we found that okay go ahead just sit down sit down some reading I'm gonna hold you very you climb growing up that's pretty cool say goodbye to money I you for any working parents you realize how hard it is and for me it was and then I had to leave them and they were really coming a grand time but I know that I'll see them you know soon a couple of hours and data glad that they're having a good time as most of //
"2017-09-24 12:00:05"
Krista Embarrasses Lindsay On Stage! | My Giant Life
\\are you familiar home tonight I'm meeting up with Brian since third comedy writing me wrong ideas rounds I got you some Greta who I just booked a show at a local comedy club so it's gonna be helping me ... with my set lists think yeah yeah whoa not hand yeah I'm not considering this that day but I am nervous attractive Sam our tax it's a taller guys I like the feel feminine soon I don't wanna feel like I you and shorter guy play some connection there and I'm not so what that means yeah run a notebook alright and I do have some ideas like no one know what you think okay I'm really excited that I you know met somebody that's my height I think I'd be good sounding board for just from the fact that I can relate to a lot of the things that she had you know to deal with growing up what would be your strongest opening bit like what would be your strongest joke to you know start ... for sorry well I was thinking about I guess is like right off the bat addressing like how all M. but not in an obvious way I don't know that that makes sense maybe you know come at them with a you know like this is what it's like to live at this altitude absolutely no this is now my reality and you know as weird as I may seem to you you seem you know where to me you know Ryan is very easy to get along with I always appreciate when a guy can make me laugh so I mean just the sense of humor is very attractive so the well I think one thing that people don't understand is how often people approach me and there's you know ask the same question quickly now will yeah the mascots all your parents really buy your clothes all this kind of stuff like that would be pretty funny if I kind of throw that back at them and you know I thought all your parents like I'm guessing they're average you know yeah I think that's great I mean it's all about you know doing something unexpected surprising audiences ... relationship for you talked about hall it's frustrating dating and you have weapons right how ally like I am pretty good girlfriend the if you had a taker convincingly yeah that I it I think that there are definitely some sparks let's Ryan tonight I don't know it's just it's on automatic annex and if that makes any sense ... yeah I'd love for you to come to the show are you able let's make that as long as you go promise laughed at everything I say answer I'm pretty happy that Ryan took the time to come and meet needs and I hopefully we can get together Marin yeah work on comedy I would this I'm done Ellen I am getting a little nervous but you know I I'm go out there and live releases you might us tonight is the night of my comedy show I am definitely feeling a little nervous right now Lindy's possibly coming to see me tonight as well as India and possibly awry and I'm definitely scared I'm deathly on my comfort zone nnova good show for you guys to know so I decided to put some jokes about Lyndon IBM room aids in my act I'm hoping she will have a sense of humor and not get offended but of course I can't guarantee that but we'll see what happens I'm saying it anyway I am Hella dope for Chris Darden do for comedy routine I don't care if she goes up on that stage and bombs like I am there to support her and I have 0 like I am there for her 110 percent this young lady right here she is just starting out comedy and she is 6 foot 6 no no I like holy crap that's the biggest crowd I've ever performed in front of the fantasy don't you know I'm getting myself into raggedy leads to low the 6 foot 6 call because of my height interesting things just seem to happen to me for example the other day guy comes up to me and whispers would I just want to eat really I know the hungry but now I you know I remember I like tacos so yeah yeah my whole goal of the comedies that was to really paint for people real stuff that Agylla just because I'm in this body so can you guys just raise your hand if your average height please okay I'm looking for a monster how about you right here come on up here so we're going to ask her the questions I get asked okay first of all what's your name just getting no never outside that yeah this is yeah the crystal was really comfortable our own skin and I thought she was quicker Phaedon scale out potentially you know doing stand up how tall are you 54 I I actually think you're certain that nnova lying about inches not women and roomy that is 6 foot 9 great remains always interest you know I mean this is the very first time I've ever been able to share clothes Romanians so I'm gonna stay on stage about wins in the living situation and makes me feel super nerd press I have so what's inside of you so all this takes up the other day a little voice in my closet and I like where the hell is this takes off I'm like Hey Lizzy you see nothing takes up I bought yesterday this is another yeah it's on my Christmas self what the Christa she starts telling this joke about borrowing her clothes you know just bring it up in various me in front of an entire audience up that's fine she literally has a shelf in her own causing public Krista self and I'm like I have a Christmas album because the I met Chris server room go ahead and buries me by jokes on you in fact I'm wearing her shorts right now and her top here yeah hurl interview out that this mind as well it the blue Sir ashore at //
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Cake Boss | 'It Tastes Like Antifreeze!'
\\but I put it out and down carefully looks better that's not bad I like how this technique came out it looks good and I like it which was not to make to make me to me yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah put some windows on this thing