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"2017-08-10 19:00:06"
TRUTH OR DARE with Kory DeSoto
\\what drove you to its target and I am here with Cory desoto high you might recognize him the mean girls video from once upon crimes for ... bits per how might I think it's perfect he's the funniest person I know and I be living with Colleen right now so that makes it roommates and it's been pretty makes literally moments where each others that today we're playing truth or dare we just played never however so crazy I admitted that thing that probably should never admit it but today we're us but you could act families when I solemnly swear from the deed to that I that I will be through the vault in my honor and there's an indexers sure there are gay I was the truth okay have you ever lied about your age yes I lied about aids scenes gentlemen callers well it depends if they like and I'm young and go and tell them that I'm like 24 well how old are you then realize and it pays and if they want to know the whole therefore essay on 30 there is you would never think he was 30 astronaut Billy best though the Asian jeans Asian don't ricin not I never had that in my time now is you have you could make a certain sign of marriage okay shooter death death eyes dare use to hand stands to work to work pretend section so leann thank you how to get down I hope I both Armonk if you're watching through there I love you Derek that is requested then there's the you have to choose some bubble gum of leader of that I've been chewing which I think nothing you do for yeah I put a lot of things I'm this so beautiful I love that really will do just fine you better not find out all that later E. kind of family over I did it we did make out yeah I think we do hi you know how true that you could choose any celebrity to have like a sexual night wait you may not be good because they're all bad thing that I know that sexual at all during the day I'm very romantic about the things coming and red light special he's gonna put it down initially you choose me another problem person becomes I think Joe Montana's another low Hussein had you know so we have that I got a phone in my gosh Joan Meg is no a bit like giant doesn't mean that you're going to when Jack annual exam is being thought both are that I'm not because doc and now I'm going to cut it down does that make some money that means day stock and later this goals that exists is that we're having yeah truth I mean their leg got dozens par the cat that lives the latest what if yeah this is that that like borderline bestiality capture clean right here she is anger hello yeah discover thing now you look sympathy for the first time you should ask their I dare you to kiss me without me taught her a I mean do you mean like we're on a first day stop nalo ... all I got is a devoted following governments upon I mean you have to look romantically it's now I that is if you can I I love you before you call I got I baby I love you know users are they queue you keep those are at 8:00 AM Friday thank you guys so much from watching you have soft lips as well I feel that I should tell you that they were the only one we can let symporter again some things it makes you guys subscribe Cory's channel we just play never have I ever on his I said things that I have never said before and I'm also follow him on social media makes you like favorite and subscribe to this channel Hymne later I //

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