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"2013-05-25 17:54:45"
Opposition Leader Stephen Harper Comments on PM Stephen Harper
\\my difficulty with the prime minister this point Peter is that I don't think he's been forthcoming and honest on a fairly simple questions when there appear to be contradictions but my instinct is when somebody doesn Nasser answer questions even simple and fairly innocuous questions in a straightforward manner there may be something else the media had been invited to watch our free speech and tried to avoid the prime minister to account so right and he's in San no doubt reporters quite what yeah and when the room finally sat you take some questions please about we take some questions Harper refused to answer a single question thanks everyone he goes into the media didn't budge and neither did Stephen Harper question he ignored the media and soon caucus members came to his rescue miss when you're under the kind of cloud the prime minister admits his government is under I think you would use every opportunity to be as forthright as possible can you take some questions please around we take some questions we //
"2009-06-17 07:45:37"
Pushing Daisies: The Ending
\\he at that very moment time stopped as it is one to do when present past and future collide when one 's existence ceases to be measured in days hours and minutes but instead in the immeasurable quantity of life for lily and Vivian Charles the reappearance of it torturing needs life event it would eventually overshadow a 15 year old betrayal result in a speech reporter the roar of the crowd underworld clean tool around the world private investigator Emerson called would spirits of light when life found him through the and he was reunited with his own little come I'm can we just come private investigator you used to the first opening how hot to formally friendless I missed the 6 by opening the culinary palace did Kimberly and she it's called the internet for the playmaker and to date June named Chuck they shared life event because we became the promise of a new family brought about by the words from a life movement in the town of could occur events occurred that are not will not would never be considered for Indians as it is known away everything //
"2009-06-08 04:01:49"
Tank Man (now with more raw footage)
\\I I WNED I //
"2009-02-01 03:06:51"
Children Full of Life (5 of 5)
\\it's March only 10 days of school left for great for class one they'll be broken up shuffled to load of classes next year so the last family project has to be a classic surprising that you use your own colonel I have a brain scan I you last me they make their pitch look yeah one that you know she doesn't know what does that mean bill because I do not think I need him to go it 2 US ally yeah about it today and that could have been removed to make my day to day on the Ethernet is actually no kite yeah Khaleel I'll look I style they don't look there then you know March 20 latter day great for class one can't get worse fast well a hello they're ending 2 years together with an act of the truly creative compassion they're writing giant notebook letter to the dead father's to blossom and Murphy world well I wouldn't the scratching their message in the Hartford each student which one character alright right I thought that well the it's ready my but I well and it's big enough clear enough careful enough that you could read it looking down from heaven yeah he he he that more I mmhm the I'm Steve school March 24 after 2 years students are going separate ways one final time canon Maury breaks his favorite word bond snotty al don't you law you did got step you know I I don't know I you will love love them or not that such data modot you'll lock title to use Seoul you l'acadie outdoor you they should only then these catalog McCloskey data not get all it's not like that of you need are I know not to look at you guys another thing you you know I how do you not let him I they're not all we sat they're not always will be there are 35 children and perhaps they know something most other children about trust respected friendship and although they're not always had perhaps they have chel inside track on happy after 2 years with Mr Ken the more I I //
"2009-02-01 02:30:32"
Children Full of Life (4 of 5)
\\it's January the final semester and cannot Morey's blend of academics and life learning continues yeah I'm my gripe is about it for a while miss signs each student to draw a self portrait inside and outside patting mine and I say well I what you can who'd of your body traced 100 people you fill it in with who you are came from where you're going yeah well if I didn't know what I don't cut the Jose net it will only get rid of it when the hood of crap shoot up Tsubasa which you Chinese poetry doesn't look like super awesome annnnd it's helping you the new body but there's a reason to Basra was shaking because those 2 people to yeah kill Japan died you know shield stylus you don't got none of it and looked at what I do not Michael so that's how I got killed because he dismissed pickups take up when you are not out yeah and I so that's Arnold does harm not because our position not at the saloon gonna cut it will not cool Emilio out but I still not you got there me who you are so I decided to save me what does how well bout Polygala so the ticket okay came to Delhi school nice jokes don't screw night credible kinda she kinda in which you are yeah Tita please yet so glad I that's right up until they can do what they are you know it you'll sky collide machines and so I felt how am I skills how much does tall order father's dead they're 10 we nmap Montague coming home I'm you know it clearly here's the Starz after school yo Enomoto and 3 friends Collins who brought us up some snacks yeah yeah but I know I know it I'm sure we can all P. that'll great benefit well I think a good evening about from that yeah yeah that's that's thankyou go nah you know Mike already got them yeah nnova business everyone in grade 4 class one rights to bossa a comforting letter I don't I and 3 days later are yeah well I I my yeah well how about that next right I we well but you don't look good tsunami current level click he jumped right but I mean not now it got me the market would react dead do not try to weed out we're not what happened I don't think that a lot them all goldeneye in there mmhm individual letters from children's hearts and the calligraphy painstaking meet is you know and the motos letter I you've lost your dad and a happy way culture name cried when I think about we can't make it better but if there's anything we can do to help tell us Slater from before you the girl whose father died she was 3 sue masa I expect your dad dying still hurts really badly but someday you'll be able to tell us about it you've got to live on for your dad saying don't rush things just hang in there ... //
"2009-02-01 01:52:47"
Children Full of Life (3 of 5)
\\yeah go for it muchgames alot cana Morris 3510 year olds blowing off all the extra I he it may not be tidy that it's good for grade 4 glass ones so do and October and one of the biggest events of the school year they've spent a month working in 3 teams building rafts today they go rafting the the rest of their work he designed them scrounge the materials built them by themselves yeah data yes and today they're all at school a half hour early for the final 3 launch checks yeah not at the it's a long wait in fifth period but and there's trouble when they get there Mr Kanamori is furious you too Iraqi has been chattering and goofing around all morning Mister canna Marie's warned him didn't work what type of on this I watched isn't enough though why don't for some people to you got thank you to the you know it was a bit of luck lacked in the let's see how my style bush gonna look at a nightclub genocide just under my that day deflected off after the moon that is 9 ouch well of course not Cisco not well I don't everybody rafts but usually he stays on shore plus one doesn't accept yeah but I was in England again I don't looking will you move in a motor was in the same row after the con team is to to and he's first on his feet to take on the teacher a lot of thank you we know this thing here yeah yeah you know I did so no pretty good anymore hello saying he had studied when this is a very dangerous challenge to a powerful authority you always fly but he keeps going many yeah the list in nobody yeah yeah I do you know I can't even you know yeah he is that yeah so bush played up again he yeah it the it everything choke so and a classmate moves in to help good luck leann no well but when they get home for awhile on the we don't know then then explain them up I know buffoon reporting on putting yeah well you know me know no family yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean yeah you would think it is but you know thank you I think that you'll says who way even the well I know so the study go a little right launches 40 minutes late but the rafters perhaps the next day Puteaux describes his feelings in a notebook left you new because a lot of trouble yesterday I'm sorry I want to thank my you because she stood up for me to the point of crying on my behalf you know when to keep the were choked up to still kept no thank you uhhuh annnnd everyone cheered me up on the way to the should the need crying though I I don't know if it's got all the facts thanks a lot most of yeah my skin nbae Saddam will not over by the I get through out the year you got while well I with a little you 40 I know one of my other ones I no no no anomaly in my all you are gone yeah yeah we IGN and 12 that's about all I don't WNED I don't think you know to me yeah political let's well mmhm the yeah they if a complete Ndola and coming down I story got the hump sustained I the they are both I have on a late for class one it's a little closer to a family //
"2009-02-01 00:34:47"
Children Full of Life (2 of 5)
\\how I memorias fifth he believes the world values life unless a day he believes the teacher's job show how precious life is other teachers visit his class to watch and learn only add up close to one another make him yeah I Japanese language class the character names to rent we're in full college Kanamori says have evolved from the image of a woman carrying an unborn child notable because Tony la right now I'm not bulbul 15 not hi I'm glad John more clouds on now died he slowly pushed a pipe what is a hot topic north we are not blue countries all good teachers connect theory life governor who do you need a lot Amy when I look back no June halfway through the first semester and the problem a nasty one a few children are being teased bully the bullies laugh at their test scores and make up stories about them it's a vicious destructive and Kanamori says it has to be talked out and stopped cold right now bullying is contempt and hatred completely indefensible but I given the state up to look like you must home by yeah one dialah so it'll knock on my block you out you and yeah you know not that I mean I didn't know that you all missed target date who hope auto doll looking at them out fine as far as it goes but nobody's admitted to anything Katamori once the bullies to confess and explain their behavior so you don't feel they don't I think yeah I think it in a scene I live with that overblown yeah I this yeah anything ndaki though and nbspit yeah and I'm like yeah taking acid with those number the stars then comes up again well so you're in luck nobody admits any can a Maurice had enough at this moment time to get off Monday business she did a little bit who left last summer he got the picture you know what dory up buddy come on the stage telling that I imam Ali got I got that I've looked all hope you got a double open to get it up put it out so what about the idea I do we are detailed Donnelly denies it Lucy you dial they go to get I gotta let update on this road you lock tell us about no I don't I you did not result she does you'll you know they still Joe stopped what do you all this talk instead I mean nobody I mailed the Musta category tells his grade fours think it over and get out the notebooks the discussion goes on for days slowly some true this guy creeping out story yeah they listen to me but then again factor medicinal Michelle you know clinique I stuck with this unit gave it thank goodness solution connecting to your family you're gonna cut it dismissed and and I believe that Casey Van families that came there instead of Spain that they see 98 collecting them from going back but if the names of the US embassy speak at it's even better than that going he could not have been at a family that's a great thing but those that do not be returned within that that because of this did not commit a lot and then today the discussions spills over into lunch time and not yeah and then a Yummy Yamada stands up and talks about life as a target nnova but you know what I mean it my so cycle po lineup of the like I need you I didn is get up so it so there are so yeah you know month then do you want to know yeah thank at the end leann it's I I she knew how much it hurt to be picked up laughter it hurt so much she was afraid to shelter someone else she is remorseful yeah okay I orthodontist right we yeah my camera NPY Estella yeah the lesson we're all vulnerable we must admit it and go on NQA bye for now adult //
"2009-01-31 23:41:30"
Children Full of Life (1 of 5)
\\is the Manami coated soon o'connor's noble municipal elementary school read for class one April 2002 a new school year grade 3 years past faded but not for god aloneness here's someone from back there overjoyed to see their home leave teacher Toshiro Kanamori sane has last the best kind tough funny about nnova all June kanzenban yeah on the line I'm 18 flew out nicely stone I no my book you know you don't need to the this is a guy's guy United nothing going on will you tell us where you might help but this sounds strange question I the chorus school grade for is to understand how to live I think how to care for the this do the goal the Mr categories claims has a tradition but you're right about every day in homeroom 3 is to read aloud letters they've written they're called notebook letters have written to the other students and there are true surprising record of what fees tenure rules really think mmhm irritation the termination granted she whatever is real Xena their children will pick up whatever is I late April rinse waiter comes to class for the first time in 4 days his grandmother died you right yeah I funny guy in his notebook ran writes about the death funeral his looks yeah TeenNick yeah me they'll let a guy that out by Dow in there that day that let down last name Lydia that thing that they were worried they didn't know why room was away now their moves to hit his passion even saddened by his what they make this guitar that xango know about writing now way local and then yeah little one of the things that mean number 98 that but isn't it classroom way that a TV and then I Orlando lampooning the yeah yeah that is the very in touch with letter unlock some brutal and long hidden memories so but yeah the noun he will blow and before long the notebook has other memories rising to the surface he got up again looking up with those like us that they say that you look good stuff let us enough time doing the nice you know my needs no you don't need deep down Monday now but on the it serology call me it isn't me then Mifune who has been holding down her memories for more than half her life yeah then so this so they get all yeah she'd been afraid to talk about her father she didn't want to seem different she paid a price I so nothing better to get all then you don't want to one another yeah hymnbook at dinner soon he what is the biggest but now at last she feels safe enough to talk about her missing parent yeah then go nah I don't like you today he won't move will go out tonight Kay Carroll monthly not really ductal yeah do I look like I'm really last little the mobile what'll you should not feel that I yeah number yeah but I you know I mean who well does sound a little me none of my day the whole I'm not ugly novels battle not published in well so local going all night then John Miller peyote mostly I get picked up the thank you I they're trying to understand they all find it painful some find it unbearable boy no not say there would be no you have NO moto is the class part high energy charming now he's remembering the death of his grandmother so we I hello I go yeah I I can give without hi we keep our web but it took on Donald no militant I die skin of what about me Khloe she does smile I said you quality team when I cut out said day me 90 cut that day me 90 kill Christ him without day don't equal jiggle I get a little good day you look a little enough I'm still a sweet selected by militant no when those little can I connect now the foo use gotten up the nerve to bring sure to class her most precious Nnamdi it father sign this is his last work a model for a parade exhibit he died before it was built no up stuff back playing a lot but 13 now does not allow more 8 on a set up plus a lot Neil don't want that you know clocked in respect Clinton a little but I know you did she didn't want to see you different now she's more a part of the class than ever the and now she can talk about her father and smile mmhm I //
"2009-01-31 05:51:19"
My So-Called Love: Gay Scene
\\huda singing a song but mmhm user moved the show song shown tongue I so awesome awesome failure by law it wasn't so you along see America so I think you know for okay the hot Schlosser's only dimple stories it will result I don't think we no when it comes out knowing yeah so you I think we yeah up that yeah well yeah I'm I'm I'm I I I I mmhm //
"2008-10-23 21:53:53"
White Light/Black Rain
\\WNED one yeah I the you I we think it owns a gun in the you got some weakening money open if you have it Michael a couple see we got I'm nice yeah Lana no this we I we //
"2008-03-12 21:43:28"
\\it's I I that by Quinn I told him I had to go cultural to even jump yeah because L. I I well we yeah where yeah WNED yeah yeah and Kantana sticker Daniel couldn't screw up there the //

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