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"2018-05-14 12:55:39"
HIDDEN CAMERA: Michigan Union Boss Neglects Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse
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"2018-05-09 11:07:53"
BREAKING: Alleged Child Molester Paid Off in MI AFT Teachers Union Negotiation
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"2018-05-08 21:37:37"
Federal Judge Rules in Project Veritas' Favor!
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"2018-05-08 17:33:21"
James O'Keefe Promises to Release Michigan Union Footage TOMORROW
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"2018-05-03 20:11:36"
RESULTS - NJEA Investigation
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"2018-05-03 11:01:22"
HIDDEN CAM: Union City NJEA Protects "Teacher Who Had Sex" w/ Student
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"2018-05-02 17:50:34"
James O'Keefe Confronts HTEA President David Perry
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"2018-05-02 12:52:12"
BREAKING: NJ Teachers Union President Will "Bend the Truth," Cover Up Child Abuse in Schools
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"2018-04-16 18:50:37"
James O'Keefe Interviews Siena College Student Targeted for Exposing Professor's Bias
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"2018-04-09 18:52:14"
Woman Takes Microphone from James O'Keefe at ACORN Documentary
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"2018-03-27 22:30:31"
James O'Keefe Discusses Amerircan Pravda on the Rush Limbaugh Program
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"2018-03-23 15:45:25"
Fox News Notes the Hypocrisy That Some Hidden Camera Tapes are More Ethical Than Others...
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"2018-03-15 14:37:39"
Truth to the Masses- James O'Keefe on CSPAN, 2/24/18
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"2018-03-12 16:46:55"
Ted Cruz Grills Twitter Policy Director Over Project Veritas Videos in Senate Hearing
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"2018-02-26 17:17:23"
Suppression of Conservative Views Panel - James O'Keefe, James Damore - CPAC 2018
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"2018-02-07 21:58:23"
Dave Sussman of Whiskey Politics Interviews James O'Keefe – 02/05/18
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"2018-02-07 17:09:04"
Deconstructing the Media: The Observer
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"2018-01-29 22:09:14"
James O'Keefe Talks Journalism With Legendary Undercover Reporter Clarence Jones
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"2018-01-29 19:08:46"
Antifa Protestors Surround James O'Keefe
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"2018-01-26 21:47:38"
Rush Limbaugh: American Pravda "Will Inspire You."
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"2018-01-26 16:22:14"
Michelle Malkin: James O'Keefe has Gathered an Incredible Group of Citizen Journalists
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"2018-01-25 22:36:30"
James O'Keefe: Journalism is an Activity, Not An Identity
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"2018-01-25 21:48:34"
American Pravda Book Launch Party in DC
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"2018-01-23 23:54:44"
UPDATE From Federal Court on Democracy Partners Lawsuit
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"2018-01-19 18:08:24"
James O'Keefe Speech - American Pravda NYC Book Launch
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"2018-01-17 17:53:46"
BREAKING: Twitter Bans Political Dissidents for Foreign Governments, "We Do That a Lot for China"
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"2018-01-16 17:38:04"
James O'Keefe on Hannity - January 15, 2018
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"2018-01-15 15:59:16"
BREAKING: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View "Everything You Post," & Private "Sex Messages"
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"2018-01-13 04:04:25"
A Message for Jack Dorsey: O'Keefe Teases Next Undercover Twitter Video
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"2018-01-11 13:57:50"
BREAKING: Twitter Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning"
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"2018-01-10 13:57:16"
BREAKING: Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trump's Private DMs to DOJ
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"2018-01-02 17:48:09"
Solutions for Dealing with the Media: James O'Keefe and Bill Whittle
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"2017-12-29 16:52:05"
Project Veritas Year In Review 2017
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"2017-12-22 16:23:11"
RAW VIDEO: O'Keefe Deconstructs Mediaite's Defamatory Article
\\ //
"2017-12-11 21:57:30"
O'Keefe Deconstructs an Associated Press Interview
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"2017-12-07 14:55:45"
O'Keefe Talks Moral Courage, Fighting Against Mass Media
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"2017-11-30 19:13:40"
James O'Keefe Speaks at SMU - Highlights
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"2017-11-29 14:04:37"
BREAKING: WaPo Nat'l Security Reporter: Russia Story “f*cking crap shoot…Maybe it doesn’t exist.”
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"2017-11-27 23:00:00"
BREAKING: Undercover Video Exposes Washington Post’s Hidden Agenda #AmericanPravda
\\ //
"2017-11-27 21:43:35"
WaPo Video Reporter Reacts to James O'Keefe
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"2017-11-27 21:33:05"
O'Keefe Confrontation w/ WaPo Reporter, Announces New #AmericanPravda Video
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"2017-11-14 15:42:44"
James O'Keefe Interview With The Epoch Times
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"2017-11-06 17:11:12"
AGAIN? CNN Deceptively Edits to Preserve Anti-Trump Narrative
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"2017-10-31 15:44:32"
James O'Keefe CONFRONTS NYT Exec Editor Dean Baquet
\\we recently released a series of videos inside The New York Times expose their lack of objectivity and how they use the news pages of The New York Times to advance a political agenda called slate insanely crazy than me Lorena and you're gonna read all the other times where I I will be a yeah one they the times reacted saying they would open an investigation and they also dramatically change their social me all in the effort to decrease as parents that's New York times executive editor dean Baquet on 2 occasions he commented about our videos it's bizarre attacks on both project veritatis and me personally for those of you saw it it was a an undercover operation in which James o'keefe I think is a despicable ... person runs a despicable operation their sin was greater their sin was a scent of lying subterfuge just they're just awful so earlier this morning we met Mister Baquet on his way to work I came back Hey this is James o'keefe from project veritas can can you just talk to me for one minute ... ... can you talk to me about what you meant when you said that I had sent to why would you put it in the sort of religious terms not at not cannot go say words in the area so you had some good good luck well I would like you to comment about Desiree shoe the senior editor in your London office because you said that I had sand because I went after the so called junior person but then we had a senior editor at The New York Times saying the use the paper for political agenda is that what your paper's about have you been instructed not to say anything about this because we cut week week week we are actually found out the New York times a directory that Nick do it was taken okay Nick did it was taken off of the website or taking off the directory is he still working there and what do you what do you what actions we take because 2 weeks ago you said that you're gonna take action what what actions you take so you've made 2 statements about Nick Dudek the junior editor and not a single state in about Desiree shoe what what what what's gonna happen I'm not gonna say anything I not a single word so here we are with the executive editor of The New York Times who built its brand and its entire legacy on asking questions and both him and the man in the managing editor clear W. managing or Clifford leaving completely mute perhaps without the ability to engage in defamation and character assassinations these folks are simply rendered mute but is looking out for our cameraman so there you have it there you have it the executive editor of The New York Times not willing to say a single word to us about what's going on maybe that's because they know what's coming next although they did wish us good luck reporting from Greenwich Village New York City this is James o'keefe it project veritas //
"2017-10-27 16:25:14"
James O'Keefe Speaks at Rutgers University, Served Two Legal Filings During Q&A
\\so without further ado I'd like to welcome you to keep because I'm happy to be back ... I don't think they want me back but we'll talk about that in a minute so we talk about project veritas it's a lot you know it all started here at Rutgers University ... about 12 years ago actually 13 years ago and it all started on campus holding professors accountable and now it has turned into something incredible it has become a national undercover investigative journalism now that leads us to our most recent expose against the New York times this past week boldly going where no citizen journalist has ever gone the New York times the old gray lady all the news that's fit to print paper of record people would never dare investigating your ties because they want to work there well the weather book to be a best seller and this is what we caught on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah lying there so this editor at The New York Times who's responsible for the videos is talking about how he can apply his personal agenda to kill stories he doesn't like so we break the stories is this past week actually break the story managing editor of The New York Times responds and guess what they say you're seeing a pattern now right they say he's just a junior guy he's just a kid is what they said was a kid he's like 30 30 years old is responsible for any of it but he's just a junior so we think project veritas does next we released the senior editor at The New York Times I have a lot of ntelos Ricky also illiquid right about Ben folds like insanely crazy isn't it will not pass also thought that maybe people really get all it shows a senior editor at The New York Times talking about how they use their newspaper to alter election results I have a special treat for you ... ... I was on campus today James okay fear records university in for the daily targum the managing editor Catherine Moretti would not comment on what we found about the politically incorrect statement they also made some stuff about the laws need to go back to class in the the laws are but he used harsh terminology so there would just change those terms to make sure that they're politically based on will someone discussing today they said he was fired for for being quote politically incorrect so did you record that snow I doubt it because I'm pretty sure that's but I and what is a matter ask you to leave because these people were not notified of the room they were being what what is it matter whether or not this is it true that he was fired for what he said you know politically incorrect that's what was said why does it matter whether they knew their being recorded now it's not legal to record people and according to a law are you sure about that even if it's not I don't think it's fair that according thank you so you can do things like this you know you can do things like this it's not hard it's really not hard you just got expose these people for what they are what they believe and what they say I mean she is the managing editor of a newspaper and she doesn't you know the New Jersey consent laws I I I it's not illegal to record people in New Jersey you don't need to sign a waiver but more importantly now you know the rest of the story so thank you very much everyone and I'll be happy to answer any questions you what is this you serving me a lawsuit what is this about which lawsuit on what type of some include your name okay so we get it out I think we didn serving me my business the lawsuit federal court one of our investigations so this is a sign of success right here right //
"2017-10-27 14:46:58"
James O'Keefe Speaks at Rutgers University, Served Two Legal Filings During Q&A
\\ //
"2017-10-25 14:29:24"
O'Keefe Responds to "Not a Journalist" claim from NYT's Dean Baquet
\\dean Baquet executive editor of The New York Times responded a second time 2 undercover investigation into New York times and he clearly doesn't like us James if he if is a ... is a guy who happens to be conservative who goes out and tries to trick journalist into saying inappropriate things in any puts them on puts them on his website Tom I journalists has to have it is hard for her heart the desire to make society better all James a Keefe is trying to do is is hurt in dean Baquet since you've assigned motive to my heart let me actually speak to our motivation for us it's not about cliques but your paper and your business model is about cliques one of your senior editors was on tape saying as much saying it's about a truck bomb and it's about feeding the readers what they want to read so what should we know states yum your top Parsons since LW Nicole patrol lady from the chuckle //
"2017-10-19 12:57:09"
American Pravda, NYT Part IV: New York Times Company Culture Revealed: "Everyone hates Trump"
\\first how yeah here would anybody in your office noonday I'm really everyone way would you agree with me that they are fairly I agree work on like careful today I know I won't go over could be wrong these are the most dishonest they've got a couple of reporters in that newspaper who are so bad my world play fairly or not yeah I know with his job who here would like us to release undercover videos inside their holy grail The New York Times the big news New York times edition Tina our undercover investigation with part for into the New York times the first video showed Nicholas Dudek a so called junior editor talking about the papers activist editorial agenda part 2 showed Desiree shoe talking about the paper influencing electoral results the deputy managing editor responded first by saying the reviewing the situation the executive editor says he was going to be taking action now we continue with someone who hasn't worked the near Times for 6 months or 6 years but someone who's worked there for 20 years as an IT contractor and he more than anyone is exposed to the internal workings and the shenanigans at the New York times and you will be amazed at the things says could you are worried they're no I don't drum'n'bass save WNED they own 8 have you have you met any all of us like rare breed birds that I work with Dale I I can't believe you live longer no job move together he moving to Canada according to Gordon this is business as usual at the New York times and have you ever had anybody in your office Newsday go down is away like that way so I think we ought to use the gears and you for area and that one years you need him one person nearing tiles yeah yeah I'm not one on yeah I've asked to avoid what do you think not go according to Gordon the times does not have one voice of dissent if he's right how can the paper ever be trusted al-assad's what I mean by rail on your right fairly I agree 100 rarely report on them Gordon went on to explain the times lack of sourcing and how it affects the paper's coverage of the Russia story right it's all really hearsay rainn so 100 percent that's all alike right has has so you're right it's all here today when you hear it all hearsay I. E. anonymous sourcing in the fight against fake news this is been a major point of contention the New York times has a long history with unnamed unaccountable sources in 2015 the times had issued to front page attractions due to anonymous sourcing this prompted a policy change readers question whether anonymity allows unnamed people to skew a story in favor of their own agenda I like your whole day today no I won't go to Victor be thrown everywhere I go everywhere I go you're gonna give me lower this alien looking at near near where we were work Todd Gordon is a classic project veritas whistleblower he's unable and unwilling to speak about the abuses in public that he sees and private over the last couple weeks you've seen a paragon of American journalism The New York Times exposed for what it is and they have some questions that they still have to answer we tried catching up with the deputy managing editor yesterday in Brooklyn New York and he literally ran away from us stay tuned because our American probs investigation is far from finished the New York times isn't the only vaunted needy institution it came under our investigative magnifying glass in fact with people all throughout the country inside many different media establishments and worry expose them one by one brick by brick employee by employee maybe the fact that these people are running scared from us that they went to questions because they know there's more coming we have them scared stay tuned America they'll all be exposed usually they are these videos I make a request for financial support today and ask for something slightly different as you can see working on some of the most powerful sensitive investigations we have ever done we've been able to do this because the people on the inside who are cooperating with us if you're inside a Krupp mainstream media organization fake news organization Silicon Valley tighten or maybe you're one of us people inside the deep state we want you to reach out to us now your security is our biggest concern we will protect you I will personally go to jail to protect your identity but if you're an inside we want you to send us a tip veritas tips at proton we look forward to hearing from you ash //
"2017-10-18 16:01:24"
O'Keefe CONFRONTS NYT Dep Managing Editor Clifford Levy About Employment of Unethical Staffers
\\uhhuh Mr levy James okay project veritas is ... is Nick Drake still working in your time etcetera during the situation ... recheck he's no longer the directing your website any count about Desiree issue released yesterday she she's a senior editor and she said the same thing that he said you said that Nick was just a junior position number gluttony so wanted to say that our senior editor no comment you agree with us dean Baquet executive editor saying I'm a sinner yeah is avoiding us he's going into the coffee shop the deputy managing editor of The New York Times has ran into a coffee shop and is avoiding us a project or just do the same thing that they do ransom simple questions does their paper use their paper for editorial job Mister levy just the status of the investigation you're conducting because you are reviewing the situation can you please give us a call one comment I as you can see the Mister levy deputy managing editor of The New York Times when answer questions a lot of our new revelations your time you should do undercover work all the time they embraced undercover they used to do it they recently embraced an investigation into the all right and there is the mainstay media avoiding ability the great thing is we have more real the facts image up another video tomorrow stay tuned and let's see what the status of the investigation is these New York times employees James a keep reporting from Brooklyn New York //
"2017-10-17 20:12:20"
O'Keefe: Did NYT Fire Audience Strategy Editor Nick Dudich?
\\hello everyone this is James okay from project veritas if some breaking news it appears as though the New York times may have fired Nick Dudek Nick do equipped here in our video last week audience strategy editor for The New York Times revealed his bias and talked about how is bias may have influenced his work at the New York times now executive editor dean Baquet did respond saying quote I will deal with that and he said things that you know you know we're damaging and I will deal with that yes he committed a sin and I'll deal with that we think he has this was a call the place the New York times last week calling your time please the good name of the person or department to reach more say operator Nicholas do ditch are are very welcome I think it is that correct yes transferring to make it I can take not available not available now this is the call the replaced today how may I direct your call hi yes Nicholas do ditch D. U. D. I see H. pop it in the directory are you sure can you double check that for me and I I correct I'm sorry not direct your so somehow today the name was no longer listed in the directory the evidence suggests that do Dick does not work for the New York times anymore dean Baquet it seems we have fired Nick do Dick for telling the truth it seems as though telling lies get your promoted New York times what time the truth I fired cash how //
"2017-10-17 12:13:03"
American Pravda, NYT Part III – Senior Homepage Editor Reveals Biased Political Agenda at NYT
\\first let's begin offering NDEs harder to betray you for instance president in a unbiased through life words that are coming up well Homogenic toward whites uses I think Tom is a ntfc in here long planes like adjusting the Polybius it yeah who's not a well I think maybe first is extremely on us extremely religious it's similar to just I think one of the things that we journalistic he's also the only who write about homes like it seemed crazy isn't it will not pass also thought that maybe people read it like all rock like you should you can also these are most is on his name got a couple of reporters in that despite mu are so bad it's harder to train president and a on bias polytechnic toward like I think it is a sort of like it here this holiday really all who here would like us to release some videos inside their holy grail the New York time the big news New York times today our American prob investigation into the old gray lady can this time our insider hails from The New York Times is London headquarters she is an online editor who picks the top stories for the papers subscriber base her name Desiree shoe and as we dig deeper we get closer to who these people really are and what they believe in so I had a really great genius right alerts and also like motley socialites opera house in Surrey grows from me shoe was eager to tell our journalist about the internal culture of the New York times when I click on it real tight our longing to the election you know part of it yeah hard was because people who write like thing crazy isn't it will not than me already all as Xu describes the New York times crossed the line from journalism to advocacy in the reporting of candidate trump framing coverage to influence the election is a scary revelation the times ethical handbook clearly states quote journalists have no place on the playing fields of politics staff members are entitled to vote but they must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of the times unquote ... armies stories are close to be objective you know it's very difficult in the state needs to about why because when you ha ha we have something like the shots story harder brings president and a unbiased life words that are coming out of his mouth Homogenic toward whites uses which is what they were she went on to share her own feelings about the president I think Tom is a ntfc in here long planes like December Bolivia's it yeah her thoughts on vice president Mike pence striking NTSA president puts with no game well I think maybe most of course not I any difference in their hands yes I'm speaking offline white wine because he seems like unless his ex yeah you know similar I at 1.a lot a bill like this today comprises happy it's a collection to suggest that pence's religious faith makes him unfit to lead with attitudes like that it's no wonder why many see the times is biased and according to shoe this unfair reporting goes far beyond the papers politics as it turns out bias is great for the bottom line plainness space yum for the New York times like our subscriptions in his high rock since LW Nicole Petropoulos play it from the top of yeah this wasn't the first time we heard of the so called trump bump times audience strategy editor Nick do Dick made the exact same point Odyssey troubles threaten us more business invited us many times is failing me at a brisk subscribers yeah so I would have a place the bomb Israel abundantly clear by the time second quarter financials total revenues are up 9 percent from the same period last year including a 63 percent increase in digital subscriptions are you looking to see like not even gotten hard evidence the main objective yeah the way that you as print newspapers fade into oblivion subscriptions are the name of the game and the New York times'survival will be determined by the success of its online presence you got it so I is it about lakes unless the night well that's clearly because part is also you diplomatically brand you know companies right jets flew yeah so nobody you'll find it's not you know Mason then isn't it but now it feeling I well I think you're all wrong well at least I would love to be able to speak one of my faves uniquely about if I ever leave that's what it's all about let's put it this way yeah went on I mean there's some but and this is what I was trying to say honey Roscoe I'm I the better change the balance because of some I think that was the song itself is just by you know there's so much panic about what's in ... that you know what else what else is shoes points are actually quite reasonable called the news business for a reason journalism is a free market industry and the news is only worth what people are willing to pay but we wonder as the New York times'compromised its journalism for the sake of profits is the vaunted times pandering to its readers and potential subscribers is truth and honesty the victim how many are times is not I mean it's understood silly girl even cut American whose head was an awesome person playing this was to be just so didn't but the New York times and since my my wife good luck the New York times used to have a rock solid reputation to report unbiased truth but according to shoo it now wants to report the truth as accepted by the left she insists that bias is what subscribers want and the times one subscribers to be happy that's the conundrum is that this is a small you know this high school to have a personal look what you did NMAA respectful vendors liar ask you what what what he says I suppose it's telling our clients for her hi smoking one of the things we do have the times now is making sure that we're aware of our office that doesn't even really but it also doesn't mean the rooms before moving back I'm trying to hold it should see what you what you do message in the news see where the pieces fall super pickle Horiuchi syndrome won the reader's like most women liberals a lot of so I think the one I was they want to know about one of the more so let's go around you feel there isnt wants to give them one way or the other it's not just beating the man's the warriors lead wrote nnsl fotos nnsl shoe seems resigned to the reality at the new peers that money is just 2 important for those pulling the strings you know you said he was gonna be strutting I'm it isnt trust you and a lot of us you know picks up I mean if this however there's layers people like I'm here and that I have about feelers about the lady whose opinion matters more we place editor so we have a very fiery click here to this is where he is right we wonder if one of those high ranking she refers to might be executive editor dean Baquet he commented on the video we released last week about audience strategy editor Nick do Dick he caught a kid a guy in his twenties who I give United Hebrew they portray him as a very powerful figure in the New York times I'd never met him when did he start started 6 months ago Tom and he said he he he has a very entry level jobs at the New York okay Desiree issue is a senior editor on your paper what do you have to say about her statements that your paper has an editorial agenda turtles for a few 0 people who write about men about phones like it's a new then maybe people read all about it you know in another intriguing development perhaps in response to our reporting about bias of The New York Times the paper updated their social media guidelines for their employees late last week the key point in social media posts are journalist must not express partisan opinions promote political views endorse candidates make offensive comments or do anything that undercuts the times journalistic reputation it's almost like they're saying you can have your liberal bias just don't let anyone know about it if there's one thing we learned from our American prob investigation is that the mainstream media is not what it used to be objectivity takes a backseat to a political agenda journalism takes a backseat to fake news and the truth takes a backseat to money things are gonna change on the round people are gonna change of behavior unless they're exposed unless we shine a light on and we have people feel operating day and night and they've only just exposed tip of the iceberg just wait in 2 weeks bows the rest of it usually they are these videos I make a request for financial support today and ask for something slightly different as you can see working on some of the most powerful sensitive investigations we have ever done we've been able to do this because the people on the inside who are cooperating with us if you're inside a Krupp mainstream media organization fake news organization Silicon Valley tighten or maybe you're one of us people inside the deep state we want you to reach out to us now your security is our biggest concern we will protect you I will personally go to jail to protect your identity but if you're an inside we want you to send us a tip veritas tips at proton we look forward to hearing from you ash //
"2017-10-13 19:43:32"
O'Keefe Response: NYT Exec Editor Calls Him "despicable," Says Veritas Videos, "damaging"
\\first hello everyone this is James a key from project veritas we've some breaking news on this New York times investigation we got 2 more reactions from the New York times one last night when this morning from executive editor dean Baquet summer place some of his comments and then break down what it means really interesting developments I have a lot of thoughts about this Sam for those of you saw it it was a an undercover operation in which James o'keefe I think is a despicable ... person runs a despicable operation he is sensually tries to catch people from what he sees as the left wing media saying inappropriate things ... he caught a kid a guy in his twenties who I give you an idea he could they portray him as a very powerful figure in the New York times I'd never met him when did he start started 6 months ago ... and he said he he he has a very entry level job at the New York and he said things he shouldn't have said Tom and he said things that you know you know we're damaging and I will deal with that Tom but the greater San wasn't his it was theirs they sent a a young woman in 2000 as part of an undercover operation who essentially made him think that he was develop come developing a friendship he said really stupid stuff he said it was Jim Cummings godson he said he once worked undercover essentially you know he said stuff he shouldn't have said but his son was a scent of foolishness and violated our policies their sin was greater their sin was a scent of lying and subterfuge and just feel just awful for a purpose I mean for a purpose and meaning so lots one pack here you can tell a man's virtues by his adversaries as vices by his friends I think I can speak on behalf of everyone a project veritas that we can sleep really well at night knowing the executive editor of The New York Times thinks that we are despicable and I am despicable James o'keefe I think is a despicable ... person we don't know why the executive better than your times doesn't like us you should be thanking us because we helped clean up a shop we expose stuff that in his words were stupid foolish and damaging he said I would have to deal with it twice and he said things he shouldn't have said he said really stupid stuff Tom and he said things that you know you know we're damaging and I will deal with that and I'll deal with that know what's really interesting about this tape is the point about deception their sin was greater their sin was a scent of lying and subterfuge and just feel just awful for a purpose I mean or purpose and meaning now here's what's interesting ... their deception used to the people our perception is to gain access to certain subjects so we can tell the truth about them to the American people in other words we deceive our targets they deceive their audience that's a key distinction executive editor doesn't understand what would you see this deception when you see the actual undercover tape about Nick Dudek which the executive editor should be thanking us for exposing because Nick tunic brags about how he covers issues unfairly he brags about his bias we broadcasts that bias to the American when you're gonna be holding the times right I will be applied yeah lying there will be a we was his outrage from dean Baquet about the sins when the New York Times did a piece called undercover with the alt right this was last month you talked about the shocking revelations that the hidden camera and false pretenses revealed as you know undercover journalism is not a new technique it dates back to 19 sixties 19 seventies when many newspaper reporters were awarded Pulitzer prizes for doing things far more extreme than we have done some in fact purchased a bar posed as bartenders and using hidden cameras filmed local graft and corruption again this is not a new technique now this is a profound change for us normally that calls names only because criminals and ignore what we do there was a reaction earlier this week the deputy managing editor did say they're reviewing the situation there was a violation of the ethics policy this morning there was another reaction by the executive editor checked this headline social media guidelines guidelines for the 2 times newsroom and they said they're engaging responsibly on social media you need update and expand social media policies tells all the editors to read them closely and taken to heart and these bullet points include and social media posts are journalists must not express partisan opinions from a political views endorse candidates make offensive comments do anything that undercuts the times journalistic reputation it says the journal should be especially mindful of appearing to take sides on issues that the times is seeking to cover objectively and it says that these guidelines apply to everyone in every department of the newsroom what to say about these 2 reactions is that they're just not enough remember our investigation is ongoing we still have people inside their newsroom the American problem vested Haitian up in your times is ultimately about their culture how they what they do and what they say what they believe how that impacts the news coverage in the deception towards their audience label say James what's next all I can say is I love their reactions I love it when a plan comes together well I mean that stay tuned //
"2017-10-11 15:54:05"
American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News
\\first yeah yeah frequently a ICN spy he was given a substance like something ends up on a different page like your efforts out about it I know it's a friend security it is probably like one of the sort of the allies in Ireland prize for knowledge you to Gaza as a part for you cover was blown tenuously we are most dishonest they've got a couple of reporters in that newspaper who are so bad you keep going good for your business separate actions ho yeah very it is probably one of the almost anyone else I'm a gay what does annnnd saying the plan for next there's a lot of other media organizations close who here would like us to release on the cover videos side their holy grail The New York Times fake news New York times a day our latest American prob investigation has taken us down another unexpected road New York times video strategy editor Nick duty is back this time revealing insider secrets about how to manipulate the country's largest social media networks their latest meeting dude it makes a shocking admissions about the New York times and Facebook as an editor ICN gatekeepers I can choose what goes out doesn't go out and let's say wrote something about face negative video card a ICN spy I mean he was a story Duke is referring to a video released by the times on September 18 titled how Facebook is changing your internet it's a video that is critical of Facebook its editorial power and control over information the question is poos values are we following should we cater to the values of Facebook's algorithm and policies in order to be heard and while Facebook claims to be connecting they're doing it their way with their rules and you don't really have a say in that's because Facebook isn't a democracy business and their business interests are changing the few if your internet don't it claims to have buried the story because it portrayed Facebook in a negative light do X. bias treatment is a clear violation of his company's ethical handbook which states the goal of the New York times is to cover the news as impartially as possible and to treat readers new sources advertisers and others fairly and openly and to be seen to be doing so in covering Facebook unfairly do Dick actively worked against his own company the people are paying him he worked against the interests of the New York times so you really get some control like what comes in and then let's go out without them that's why the 6 strings it oscillate likely but that program that has reason for due to expropriate book agenda is personal due to his friends all over Silicon Valley friendships that are well worth protecting the new is slight cutting edge sub industries here like Michael's but that's that's just kind of true but I most stuff I November my brother you bet primary place you have connections with them we all started ministries that would be good for your business at connections with yeah very good very very when we first met do it he boasted about his connection in another online empire you to here he is describing to our undercover journalist how he gets times content to the front page but I mean my god they're not conflicts of interest is that others say I like it that's there is making me and I shut that makes those people have such schools like it's something of a your country's out about it on the my friend security right so it's like ... though the mystery job right to provide what you do is part of what it is YouTube claims to be an open video platform for the people their company mission statement emphasizes freedom of opportunity we believe everyone should have a chance to be discovered to build a business since seed on their own terms and that people not gatekeepers decide what's popular yet according to do Dick you tube how does gatekeepers gate keepers that can and have given preferential treatment to the New York times content we were instantly intrigued so we asked do Dick for names mmhm somebody to yeah all earnings are by hiding in Ernest petty is in charge of brand and diversity curation at you too Francine that does provide so you're not traveling quite similar issue like that okay what is I'm and the Cuban exiles are here also like we don't like the alpha certainly control everything just means that young girls it control reading that sometimes humans usually provide okay guys we will but god's yeah because and his you don't know about that meet you end up with like with horrible things hugely embarrassing questions talk about the algorithms he'd do something with that decision and stimulus of that only those who you like that's why the right that's what that does carry some kind of guys like it's supposed to search results so at the very least is that right re read this shelf of videos from his opponents fear is legitimate news with Leo that are I am without weights money decides when a school bus riding go by no it sounds well they were looking for him let's leave it at that algorithms troll you to according to petty team has the power to shape of those algorithms for Nick do take on the New York times connection is invaluable I think is probably right that one of the it was one of the allies in Ireland has more knowledge about it you 2 guys that are covered with almost anyone from what we've heard duty because more than just knowledge of YouTube he has access we wondered what exactly does a friendship with petty by The New York Times there are things that exist in my heart I will that money right are you actively optimized for news like we have fan mail and news channel needs that features news stories from use search for it's happening in the world when you search warrant then there is a shop of news videos that you tube is the second most trafficked website in the world behind only their parent company Google they may not write columns or attend press conferences but you tubes audience size makes them a power in the world of journalism they decide which news sources are promoted to the public with what petty calls the newest carousel we didn't have this news Paris officers made possible a year ago but now I request made the surgery you have dinner make their research results within their coffee only partial pats so let's give him a videos that we no to be the real issues New York times a one of those new partnership petty seems to acknowledge the times videos get preferential treatment specifically in the case of the James Comey hearings so I am his carefully he was telling me about yeah sessions or was it marketing but ... okay I I think I know what he's talking about but ... why would a man so maybe I maybe you know what I about in very rare cases no try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the trend offense very rare but in those cases we will some human intervention make sure that to encourage the thing to be there basically some come yeah the media began reporting on you tube is breaking news carousel in August in their story the verge wrote it's unclear whether Google is populating the section algorithmically or curating content by hand based upon petty's comments the process seems to be a combination of the 2 it's all about the algorithms created something with that to save has anyone else of that only those who really like that's what the right that's without news Carosone train of thought is silly it's a bug the search results snow at the very least we can say that right re read this shelter videos from his opponents fear is legitimate news with well you know that our treatments organizations and without weights money decides when a school bus riding go by no it sounds well they were looking for him lightly in Italian illegitimate news was that even mean who decides what is the and what is illegitimate why do they have the power to make some and the jet or illegitimate just because they don't like them is that really the environment the news environment do one living you know George Orwell wrote a book called 1984 and in that book he said the party told everyone to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears it was the final most essential command we finally have irrefutable proof type of thing is happening it's happening on platforms that have almost universal control over the information we have access to and honestly it's worrisome stay tuned for a look behind the scenes at the making of this American pop the series project derrotar watch the hour long documentary series true loosely on one America news network scribe away N. and never miss out on the real news of the day //
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James O'Keefe's Statement Regarding NYT Reaction to Project Veritas Video
\\hello everyone this is James o'keefe from project veritas we have some breaking news The New York Times has officially responded to our hidden camera undercover investigation into the New York times with a statement from the deputy managing editor Clifford levy for those of you who don't know what a deputy managing editor is a very at the New York time's very serious position and is a very serious statement listen to this he says based on what we see in the project that ... project veritas video it appears as though the employee quote violator ethical standards and miss role he also says that quote we are reviewing the situation now the deputy managing editor for The New York Times is reviewing the situation a very serious response and he's basing it off in this section soon you too and The New York Times article guidelines states journalist have no place on the playing field a politics and they can't do anything that might question their trolley so here's the deal we already have a statement we've only released one installment of this New York times investigation bear in mind at 10:00 PM eastern time tonight on one American news we have the behind the scenes backstory about how we obtain this information and of course there are plenty more shoes to drop in this in this very serious investigation now we're getting a very serious reaction of course now means for me will start covering it thank you for putting pressure on the New York times and please send our video number one to everyone you know and stay tuned for video to //
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American Pravda, NYT Part I – Slanting the News & A Bizarre Comey Connection
\\first but my voice is on every my imprints on every you're going to be held in the times where I will for one thing the typical thing so that meant that great how do you keep coming it's like working on the campaign ... no one of the types of I am not welcome here there was a sheet of I saw not every yeah I would not rule out of people these are most is on his name got a couple of reporters in that despite mu are so bad so is the gatekeeper malignant Ithaca New York times it's like make sure your message is heard didn't are you calling is it on Monday really I never thought I really okay well is coming your godfather then why did you say that the truck business card of bad people say Negro after next there's a lot of other media organizations phones who here would like us to release on the cover videos sought their holy grail the New York times big news when it comes to American journalism the gold standard the pinnacle the holy grail is the New York times they say that they're completely objective they have no political agenda that through the paper of record but maybe that just isn't so and while people have had their suspicions in this regard there's never been any proof we continue our American Pravda investigation with a tale that's so bizarre tale of deceit a tale of political bias inside the newsroom at the New York times I'd like you to meet Nick Dudek he is the gatekeeper for the times extensive online video content library when we met Dudek earlier this year he was full of stories I before joining the New York times do Dick worked for the presidential campaigns of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton well I would a lot about what about women media like I have that Clinton radio need someone to help them yeah well just recently out of direct politics do next talents are now shaping maybe even distorting political coverage at the old gray lady so is the gatekeeper acrylic video from the New York times do you get to like make sure that you like can make sure your messages heard well my voice is on every I imprints on every call so I like that do Dick says his role at the times comes with editorial responsibility yet he admits to having no interest in putting his political biases aside when you're gonna read all the other times where yeah yeah I will be applied yeah one there will be a yeah this is a minute it's been nearly a year since the Clinton campaign ended in disaster but dude its efforts to defeat president trump seem far from finished now he's at the New York times I targets businesses is down son Donald behavior and urge they're running trump the truck business part of that ... if people boycott going tells ... for god so loved the trump braids thing if you can really trust breath yeah a progression businesses are best in this business you start shutting it down hi ... he cares about his business was first cramped you resign or you watch out something incredibly after will promise me that it's just make sure you put that right now we always the times ethical handbook clearly states quote journalists have no place on the playing fields of politics staff members are entitled to vote but they must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of the times unquote influence you on your credibility will hear decision I'm not able to work for you no problem charity like Islamic online soon I think it makes it never been involved nuclear it all and I was able to share this with clean campaign in that so I end up in prison there listening because we got a square that so did you have to disclose that to them I had to leave my job at few so that was that was what yeah you know I saw the threat then you ms yeah I was threat and this and does not you know he's a threat to do X. blatant lack of objectivity is undeniable but there's more he also told our undercover journalist a bizarre story about a very personal connection to a very newsworthy person a story that if true is an undeniable conflict of interest for the times men but one thing that kept Elvis ... that meant that great are you coming it's like working the campaign ... god really how does that happen ... like that long pause I have here access yeah I don't that something no one you heard that right dude it claims to be the godson of controversial former FBI director James Comey the guy president trump fired in may yeah we got something wrong with their slick sessions hearing or only hearing my I am not welcome here there was I should have recused myself but not every yeah I would not release all of the people again from the times ethical handbook staff members may not write about people whom they are related by blood or marriage or with whom they have close personal relationships or edit material about such people or make news judgments about them it's so hot dog nnova tartan live 6 months even years off on father's day left 6 months ago you 3 months so you don yeah but it's August right now document here to months later James Comey signed a multi $0 book deal neck was not please Nnamdi stomach if the book deal but very beginning yeah right about that you know like that no I think it's but you can't say anything more everything else so it's just a money grab the Mike nder even though then he gets a book deal just with money due to consists that his deception must be kept secret or his job may be in jeopardy but neither side of the puck out did you get to talk about that sometimes you need to like be like that voice of reason wrong look at that line go Nick was pointing to the New York times'offices right up stairs do Dick also told us of a connection to the notorious extremist group anti for I disagree a momentum for ... did you guys go after I have told him not many of them knives well actually thrown it out cease to very good does could challenge living in northeast Florida pretty much southern Georgia ... body neo Nazis not a hypocrite yeah yeah I don't like to hit you I'm so excited dude exclaims became even more bizarre in our next conversation when it does come in nobody done this stuff it's about a tremor deny all of the questions that I which is do yeah may I ask ... and would you say what I did would you do I joined that stuff fit for them as an asset really so's intelligence gathering see if there were what their agenda was whether they're threatening to I think there are some what kind of threat mess of tears in we had our doubts about the komi connection we sent a journalist to scour church records we believe the duty had been baptized we sent undercover journalist the California New England Washington DC and a dude X. aunt's house in North Carolina I don't know who they picked for god parents probably his mom what it did that and my mom made my brother and his mother are devoid sh so I'm not quite sure arm hill I made you cry told me I'd be like well but it's been a long time hi he was the head of the F. beyond is that true now I don't yeah the I know I I don't know there are no that was him or not spoke with Nick's father in Washington DC was he not be I which not to the best of my knowledge how okay you told me it was James comer is god Sutton the star I heard that testimony shock hack it's just weird because the sun the you know that you guys were like friends but it that family economy Shia Isabella shame don't know why he would say that it's just not me an easy so I just want to know and I yet he's not change comes at 7 I don't even know James Comey it appeared to Dick story was crumbling beneath him in a phone call we asked him for the truth Creon a snack I ask your dad about only in the FBI and he told me it wasn't true so I mean how much of a college you lying to me about well what's going on why I mean why would you lie about that yeah but why would you lie about pony cook okay wall is coming your godfather is James Horner he's not then why did you say that we don't know the truth perhaps someone out there can lock it down one way or the other but the fact remains that Nick do Dick lies and he's a gate keeper at the New York time and that fact should be worrisome to the bosses the paper of record if the times can't sniff out people like Nick duty journalists with such questionable integrity and character who also the leading spread disinformation in their name or is this more systemic does the times lack journalistic integrity altogether on that point stay tuned there are plenty more shoes to drop as our investigation into the New York times digs deeper usually they are these videos I make a request for financial support today and ask for something slightly different as you can see working on some of the most powerful sensitive investigations we have ever done we've been able to do this because the people on the inside who are cooperating with us if you're inside a Krupp mainstream media organization fake news organization Silicon Valley tighten or maybe you're one of us people inside the deep state we want you to reach out to us now your security is our biggest concern we will protect you I will personally go to jail to protect your identity but if you're an inside we want you to send us a tip at veritas tips at proton we look forward to hearing from you for a look behind the scenes at the making of this American pop the series project parents are watch the hour long documentary series true loosely on one America news network scribe away N. and never miss out on the real news of the day //
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TЯUTH with James O'Keefe: Official Trailer
\\if you're gonna do what's right you're gonna be hated aloneness using natural by product of your work your nasty little power base what we do is right on the line gal dear if you're lying stealing or cheating or abusing your power if you're leading the people we will exposure like we don't have any the giant proof gonna make you an unwilling unwitting internet celebrity BR embedded we are inside their newsrooms find we will find you because truck video comes from project veritas James o'keefe logically what you do right now we changed history journal they would never believe this have it on //
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A Message From James O'Keefe: A Stack of Frivolous Lawsuits
\\hello everyone this is James of key from project veritas I got this letter ... shooting for labor day from someone name surely teacher you may recall surely tear was the person in a democracy partners investigation where Scott Vogel said that she was potentially one of one of their bird dog hers she was one of our activities she got her after that late into the evening train now just yesterday Wall Street journal tweeted out that surely tear filed complaint against us a lawsuit against us again we didn't say these things about truly teeter Scott full dead but in this letter surely tear demands that when I'm reading letter a formal quest the James o'keefe retract all these untrue and false statements I don't know why she's absent me I didn't make the statements she says that we must issue a formal apology to miss teeter and we must contact every single TV station and every single media out of the play the clip obviously not gonna do that more on that in a minute but that's not the only loss of remember creamer sued us during the summer cream was the guy who was and Hillary Clinton involvement during the election Hillary like is aware of the work you guys do I yeah gracefully and then they tell Hillary what's going on well knows yeah he has sued us for $1000000 we got another lawsuit from this official who when we did the common core investigation last year that's the one where they said we don't care about kids all about money one of the people in the book publishing industry has sued us I don't know why she suing us to shoot super cell he's the one who said what she said and she didn't deny another guy a teachers union guy from Kansas by the name of whence is suing us he's the guy who said in the into the hidden camera you really think I'm a mother jungle you just so it's done this more than one can I see but I guarantee I'm he's sued us again not sure why we're being sued by all these people right away but more on that in a minute and then we got this other threatening lawsuits situation by the organization called the league of conservation voters and this letter this league of conservation voters actually petitions the California Attorney General for a criminal investigation into us and he and and part of the reasoning is project or tossed does quote nothing to further legitimate political discourse I mean we should be in jail because they don't like our ideas and we have any more released a video yet yet maybe that's why they're filing all these lawsuits so we've got and and I think there's more but right now we've got creamer Korver when this the situation with teeter he quite doesn't make sense but we're kind of thinking here what's going on why is this happening right now obviously you don't get this flock unless you're over the target as the World War 2 bombers you to say but is there a conspiracy ... to what extent is cream were involved in this year's thing that's certainly interesting by the way if that's the case it will be exposed but to what extent is that happening ... into which so many things are so frivolous our lawyers are even worried about it privacy gonna deal with it ... it does affect us Republic of Texas in a positive way because raising more funds but this is happening I bet you didn't even know about it let me tell you what's about to happen the reason why I've been so quiet over the last few months is we have been working we've been focused in the coming weeks you're going to see one of the biggest investigations organizations ever done it's a continuation of our American province here is it's aimed at the media we're going after the holy grail we have tripled our journalists in the field they are not even here they're out there every day it's gonna be big it's going to be massive and if they think they can shut us down with this crap they're stolen mistaken because not only are people in the media probably gonna lose their jobs and be exposed for what they are this is gonna be exposed for what it is stay tuned lays in German fireworks are coming //
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C-SPAN interviews James O'Keefe about his book "Breakthrough"
\\so cute how did you get started project paradise I got started at Rutgers University in college I was surrounded by little correctness of people trying to shut others down and I it outraged me was ... was very ... upsetting and angered me there was a lack of freedom of thought and freedom special college campus now this is 10 years ago things got much worse but that this well I just got the Lynskey panel here and so it's a talk about that it is sort of contaminants and the anger of injustice and that's sort of what what got me started on on that record university was there a specific incident that sparked you getting the weather is starting at rockers they had these ... things called the grease trucks were they sold sandwiches and some of the sandwiches had offensive names on the I'm one of them was actually called the fact that she's right and they put duct tape over the names during the names of the sandwiches and there was this whole outcry so in in so that I tried to ban lucky charms the breakfast cereal on the grounds is racist against Irish people course it was just a joke it was satire with university officials took a seriously and then we we secretly recorded the encounter and the video sort what viral on him 2005 ... in 2010 your in New Orleans are yeah Warminster that's how you open your book breaks yes being arrested yes what have well there's a lot of summation about that I I was arrested I I showed my real driver's license I entered federal building ... I wasn't pretending to be something I wasn't I showed my real driver's license but I was arrested by the authorities and they were gonna let me go when they found out that I was James o'keefe who did the story about a corn the hidden cameras involving the Pimpin prostitute these these authorities conjured up a crime against me and it was just entering my false pretenses that would have been one conversation but they conjured up this felony but then it tamper with the phone system and the majority of the book talks about the abuse of power in the government all these prosecutors eventually resigned in disgrace they were leaking things they were blogging anonymously about me but it's really just an abuse of power and I'm anyways I'm grateful that have taught me I mean it's sort of like getting ... ... like a shot that prevents an illness a further illness by going through that experience taught me to be careful and ... this is the only thing that my adversaries have against me is that I was I pled guilty to a misdemeanor of being inside the federal building but this is a long story and it's hard to explain in few words but it was it was abuse of power by the federal government Louisiana why break through why that because so much of what we do is circumventing the mainstream media ... and sort of getting the news out and in front of people it is very hard to break through to the mainstream media these days which isn't as big story on C. N. N. it was hidden camera videos touch it C. N. N. didn't mention a word about it you know and and the notion of getting on the front page of The New York Times getting Anderson Cooper to talk about you we're getting the number one video on YouTube the number one trend Twitter these are we call breaking through and there's a chapter in breakthrough we talk about with this story and congressman James Moran son is talking about voting multiple times and the story is just Sean doing on Twitter its its its talked about on Facebook 1000000 people are tweeting about and it only at that point to the powers that be at the New York times side maybe we need to talk about this it's that it's that you need for the mainstream media to talk about something they don't wish about that's what we call a breakthrough Mr Keefe do you consider your politics server to have and where did you grow no I don't know minor things that motivates me is and just it's an existing it's it's sickness when Andrew Breitbart. this is all about exposing injustice and being a counter balance I I have always been and I and we the people on my team of always been notified motivated by severe injustice in our society and a lack of in journalism now if it's right wing expose abuse of power and fraud and corruption and and and government spending money they should then okay even call me names one it doesn't matter what you call us right they deal in characterizations innuendo I'm a criminal I'm a convict them a right winger on this summer that but does it really matter what you mean words you'd use to describe us Chicago sun times in the 19 seventies won Pulitzer prizes they won Pulitzer prizes for going with a hidden camera into a voting booth and exposing the ease in which people but voter fraud we've done that dozens of and and we're we've resigned to the fact that what we're never gonna win awards but we're just resurrecting a type of journalism that was done 4050 years ago the difference is the corporation of technology the means of distribution allows us to get the message to millions of people ... I wouldn't characterize myself as right wing I think we're trying not certain things were trying to revolutionize formation and get people reality can't change the nature of reality I can't colds or what I'm here I don't dealing characterizations of ideal exposing the world as it is you have been accused of selective added yeah but and and and though and if you actually look the criticisms not nothing significant Katie Couric actually did deceptively at her documentary sued for defamation The Washington Post has retracted headline about me I never had to make such a retraction these these these are all obfuscation an ad hominem there's nothing else for them to say that she released the wrong but in every case I mean I have gotten mainstream media print hundreds of corrections about me okay I've never in my career made a mistake that rises to the level that they've made mistake and by the way mainstream media uses anonymous sources I'm of a problem with using anonymous sources I can't only use anonymous sources to make your point you have to use them sparingly and you have to be credible and a lot of these and I I use the example of Paul Farid the Washington post who literally had to retract headline about me 3 weeks ago is headline was James o'keefe selectively edited this out in fact I did not selectively edit out the fact that question that Jon Bon feel the same producer is from Atlanta he retracted that why isn't everyone saying Paul fari selectively addicts he actually did retracted his article so if you actually and future look closely the fax I've never actually seen specifically made any specific added that is using that term as as a characterization ad hominem attack against me this is how they work and that's one of things I'm fighting Mr Keefe you mentioned solemn Lynskey were his tactics did they work they were enormously effective so I mean I just moderate a panel here in this ... free to fast between David Lansky who is the son of solid skills and Dinesh d'souza Sahlins he appealed to people self interest he was antagonistic he didn't appeal to people's sense of virtue his appeal to the Christian ethic he appealed to self interest why how are we gonna give power to these people and in many of the things he wrote rules for radicals were about taking power away from the have not ... they have the giving of the have nots I view our mission as very similar in so far as the mainstream media ... does not give you information George Stephanopoulos says the voter fraud does not exist it's not even possible to commit voter fraud so our mission is to sort of say well this is possible and true and in many ways I have to mobilize power to the citizens to get the information out exercising songs he was enormously effective I think he was ... appealing to sort of an anti stick sort of you know what's in your self interest pitting groups against one another you can say that that's left or right I don't think it's left or right I don't think it's dogmatic I think it's just a sort of ... is accepting the world as it is and the way the human pretty people on the church's I organized in the churches I think songs he wasn't a major contributing reason why a lot of these churches are now democratic voting blocs it is because that's my read on the situation so I think he was effective I don't think his dark matter is there any concern about filming people when they're not aware of that 0 unfairness there ... I don't believe so I think it's necessary I think need the information is stream public and right because when the spy our last big story which I think it will I think was earth shaking I think we we we caught CNN supervising producer on tape saying the CEO of C. N. N. Jeff Zucker told him that that to drop his investigative journalism at only focus on Russia and he said it was all about money now do we want to live in a world where people are secular court in elevators probably not but in some cases it's of extreme public interest to show this I will never going to someone's private bedroom we did do one story wrist work I was in a hotel room but he was an Attorney General of Maryland he was supposed to be a taxpayer for the conference I try to avoid the personal sexual nature of people's lives money we are talking about in matters of extreme public entry the hidden camera is they still won Pulitzer prizes and chicken Chicago for doing things they rented a bar in Chicago for a year was called the the M. arrive and they put hidden cameras for one year at this bar in 1970 of lead was 75 or 76 and they recorded a whole the sky our stations and they wrote about and they were got bribes and kickbacks in all these things so I think it's a it's a powerful tool and great power comes great responsibility we have to use it sparingly but if you wanna talk about deception and selective editing look no further than these anonymous sources I mean we don't even know what they're saying to the New York times we can't see what they're saying we can't read their intuition we don't know their intonation we don't know what they were but we have to trust the reliability of the institution and that has become corrupted in my opinion how many projects does Paraty sampling I can't I can't say that I can say that more than 10 yes we we our main target is the media and I will tell you and I will tell your audience that whenever I've made a prime I always delivered ice I told the inaugural ball deplorable in January that I was going to expose the mainstream media and we did and I usually feel more tapes coming here and I think ... I think they're gonna be real big they're going to be significant and the media is not doing its duty and they need to come to terms with what they have told us on the cover it's all about money it's all a profit it's laziness it's greed it's is a lack of courage these are the types of things that were going to be exposing and will be very significant whose Nadia who you write about I'm sorry Lewis Nadia do you write about break for this is an individual who ... was apparently working in something the political operation trying to ... sabotage me a very personal way I mean I people Humm a marked man people have really tried to set me up target me now the difference is Nadia you mention is all chapter about her you try to create this site ... false accusation in court and create evidence and the judge threw it out it was completely bogus but this is why people don't do what I do the good you get falsely accused the difference is is that we filmed the world as it is yes we use hidden cameras yes we pose a something or not we don't manufacture we don't create false the evidence I wish that Nadia film what happened that night because it would show that nothing happened but that's not how these people were they're still very Machiavellian and and you're right by me and your bright Bartman mentor told me that they've interest in not humanizing they don't want to have this conversation that we're having right now because to do so would be to humanize it would show that yes I'm passionate night care about justice tonight there's some things they don't want to do that they want to make me seem like a criminal like it evil person and I you know this is these are some of the battles I've learned in my life being arrested I've been targeted that death threats you know and and I think it's a deterrent to other people and if nothing else when I go to conferences like this to speak to people it's to try to give them some hoping to say you know listen let's join together and let's let's let's veritas is about bringing more journalist onboard ... they can't shut me down they won't shut us down and that's sort of the message a breakthrough house veritas fungus we're nonprofit so half our donations come from more than half of the nation's $510 $0 count we serve crowdsource funded no one has fiduciary control over me no one tells us what to do we just pursue stories that are of public interest if many of our stories lean to the right I would ask I would challenge you ask any of the anchors on these networks why their stories lean so heavily to the left they call us inserted activists why don't you call Rachel Maddow conservative activist unlike her I don't actually take a political position if you look closely in the book I don't actually say anything overtly political so that's our funded and that's what we stand for one would think given what you do that you know some of these death threats inside Iraq setups you might get a little paranoid well there's no need to there's no I mean paranoid you know just gonna keep well I understood well we certainly I used to be pretty good live about it and I really I I truly don't I didn't get into this worrying about safety I think any time you do this type of work if safety is our number one concern then you need a different occupation but I think we've we've taken certain precautions and I can't get into what those precautions are but they're significant and they're serious and we take it very seriously because there there are some people out there who wants to shut me down shut us down and they don't like what we're exposing it's that simple and we and we take I take it very seriously I just can't tell you what we're what we're doing as a precaution Mr o'keefe you have another book coming yes I can't get into the details because the publisher doesn't want me to yet but it'll be probably the end of this year and it is there some extraordinary information and in about I have coming out next probably after Labor Day as our next big bombshell on the mainstream media we have the tapes already were getting more the tapes are security and you'll see those come out and it'll it'll and and and the thing about this book next is one of the things it talks about is ... as our series is called American problem series is the video series were doing American problem it talks about all these networks that we had embargo the material on the stories despite the story spike means canceled at the last minute because they were afraid of retaliation by the government so he's mainstream media networks are free to report truisms for fear of the FCC revoking their license so this next book sort of tells this amazing story I I've my meetings with Donald Trump in these types of interactions I've had and and what it all means so stay tuned for that James o'keefe is the author of this book break through our guerrilla war to expose fraud and save democracy this is book TV on C. span to have freedom fest in Los //
"2017-08-16 15:37:15"
SNL Quotes Van Jones "Nothing Burger" From Veritas Video
\\nothing really you don't think that's a there you go Saturday Night Live all the news coverage surrounding the trump administration was negative this summer but here talk about some of the president's accomplishments are first sons Eric and Donald Trump junior you can comment on this ongoing investigation into you in the Russians there might collusion to worry is a nothing burger a what it's a cool new phrase everyone saying nothing for sure I think that nothing broke Marie is a you know for yeah nothing for nothing but it's a cool new phrase everyone saying nothing ever edited down //
"2017-07-27 14:51:59"
James O'Keefe at FreedomFest 2017
\\hello everyone nnova bit today about media right now we were crisis in Germany in the big drop ended you all parts of the speaker it's our responsibility returns we can expect them to be true we can expect of course there is going to be asking for her there's a power shift happening right now how she believed to be speeded towards the citizens and what not and this one who helped write say the there's a lot of other eras and and I want to do I want you to class first and and who here states in //
"2017-07-26 19:08:53"
More CNN Bias Exposed: Unbalanced Coverage of Transgender Issues
\\ash in some degree or those forces and giving them their crack this is a band that will facts at hand if carried through expel and block volunteers you know you can't just Claire in class of people is going to get disparate treatment that is the very definition of discrimination yeah I think it's abominable 3:00 hours with your wolf we've all said coming Chris mostly dresser right now our cover story you were able to our don't let backgrounds Singapore's bands I think it's to some degree those voices and giving them their cracked yeah so what usually happens is day asking questions there status something that was does he look people are guess who are against it I'm David there's an automatic buys you some research young people that are out there people out a view of the world it's just different than a lot of journalists I was like I //
"2017-07-25 17:22:25"
O'Keefe Moderates Saul Alinsky Panel w/ Dinesh D'Souza, David Alinsky, & Ralph Benko
\\nnova everyone my name is James o'keefe and ... we're gonna have a pen here with Dinesh d'souza Ralph Banco head of the Lynskey foundation and Mr David Lynskey son of Saul and ski so if he was a famous community organizer from Chicago and he started organizing in Chicago's a back of the yards neighborhood and he wrote a book called rules for radicals which I hope many view read I've read it many times ... and we're as Machiavelli's the prince was written on how to conserve power only skis rules for radicals was written on how to take power away he talked about tactics axe which human beings live with each other and deal with the world around them he talks about how to take from the haves and give to the have nots and he said the world is divided between the haves and have nots well made Lynskey is organizing abilities unique is he appealed to religious institutions by appealing to their self interest many of critter criticized Lynskey purveying antagonistic and even some people said he dedicated book to Lucifer I'm sure the 2 on the end there would say that was more of a humorous thing the Lynskey did Lynskey had enormous influence on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Hillary wrote a thesis about Lynskey Obama was a community organizer in fact worked for a corn as it as an attorney of course a bomb was forced to defund acorn after some hidden videos came out some like that or Dinesh d'souza you very much other things he then tells playboy in the interview interview he says you know he goes I really admired the way in which these gang members could shake down people and extract money and stuff out of them the only downside is that every now and then they got shot and then the Lynskey realize that crime is actually very similar to politics and so a Lynskey realized and again I'm not divulging a Lynskey use private thoughts ... Lynskey says a lot of the things that I applied to community organizing I learned from the mafia but this is typical Dinesh d'souza confabulation of Saul Lipsky's legacy so all of Lynskey was one of us he was a classical liberal in the British sense John Locke Adam Smith and the left has appropriated his identity and his work is it your su solely in providing a means a way of thinking and organizing for all people whether they be black or white yellow or brown American native American or any other any other group Clinton libertarians with no political power to gain for themselves any sufficiently meaningful measure a political influence that they could see a path forward to attain for themselves that measure of freedom if you're Indian independence at the haves have always exercised I have taken for granted as their birthright thank you everyone for participating in a heartfelt discussion I'll just end with this quote from Saul Lynskey which hangs in my office actually it's Thomas Paine solvency quoting Thomas Paine Lynskey not concerned about his reputation at all saying quote let them call me rebel and welcome I feel no concern from it but I would suffer the misery of devils right to make a horror of my soul so Lynskey thank you everyone for participating in this //
"2017-07-25 17:01:04"
FreedomFest 2017: O'Keefe Moderates Saul Alinsky Panel FULL
\\everyone my name is James o'keefe Tom we're gonna have a panel discussion here for about 4550 minutes with Dinesh d'souza and ... Ralph Penco head of the Lynskey foundation and Mr David Lynskey son of Saul and ski and this panel is entitled sol in ski radical progressive or freedom fighter and I'm Scott talk a little about ... we talk a little about his soloing scheme wise as well as some more specific introductory information for these guys so if he was a famous community organizer from Chicago now he started organizing in Chicago's a back of the yards neighborhood and he wrote a book called rules for radicals which I hope many you read I've read it many times ... and we're as Machiavelli's the prince was written on how to conserve power only skis rules for radicals was written on how to take power away you talked about tactics axe which human beings live with each other and deal with the world around them he talks about how to take from the haves and give to the have nots and he said the world is divided between the haves and have nots what made Lansky's organizing abilities unique is he appealed to religious institutions by appealing to their self interest many of critter recital Inskeep of being antagonistic and even satanic so people said he dedicated spoke to Lucifer I'm sure the 2 on the end there would say that was more of a humorous thing the Lynskey did Lynskey had enormous influence on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Hillary wrote a thesis about Lynskey Obama was a community organizer in fact work for a corn as it as an attorney of course a bomb was forced to defund acorn after some hidden videos came out some like that I'm some on the right and even the prisoners the Lynskey converted thought that these acts were horrifying they point to so called dedication to Lucifer arm they talk about the need for Christian virtue others say Lucifer dedication was just a sense of humor Lynskey was non dogmatic many on the right is actually appeal Galinsky Lila rose who founded the undercover group live action I work with her she said that ... moments he said so many good things into bright part was inspired by Lynskey even William F. Buckley said that the that what Lynskey did was not attempting and he was kicking some major butt so and now we have trump was a fighter and who's a little antagonistic when people have compared him to Lynskey so let me introduce the speakers we have ... first national Sousa who is the author of the forthcoming book the big lie he has produced and starred in Hillary's American Obama's America he has a 35 year career as a writer scholar and public intellectual a former policy analyst in the Reagan White House we have Ralph Banco from the Lynskey center our president Lynskey center has been called by a Washington post magazine columnist the second most conservative man the world for is widely recognized ... Agassi the gold standard no we have David Lynskey the song of Solomon skin the chairman of the Lynskey center famed architect of a new kind of political strategy so we'll start with the ... resolution only pulled up here resolve that saw Lynskey the famous community organizer was a revolution when it was revolutionary neo Marxist and many of America's problems today can be traced to the destructive legacy of stolen ski mentor to Obama Hillary and the so called thuggish wing of the Democratic Party and we'll start with the national Sousa 10 minutes for that resolution thank you very much always fun to be back at freedom fast and ... today I have my work cut out for me ... it's a very awkward topic for me to be debating because we're debating the Lynskey legacy and right here on the podium is the son of a Lynskey and also the head of the Lynskey foundations I kind of feel like I'm debating the legacy of don Corleone and here is Michael Corley on a up on the stage as well as the chief completely already of the Corleone family it's it's a little bit awkward I'll have to try to get get over that one at the first glance that would seem very difficult the debate to people who are so intimately familiar with the Lynskey what could I possibly know about a Lynskey that let's say it's own son what now I but I think that if we look very much of the example of the godfather itself you realize that very powerful people can have one public life and the completely different private life the dawn for example was himself a family man a very devoted to his wife very straight laced in matters of sax very devoted to his children and so my him my point is that being the son does give you a certain privileged position but you're also not going to see the man as he relates to the world no going to see the man as he relates to you and it's quite possible that a Lynskey was a lovely family man a devoted father while at the same time in public life being kind of a gangster and a crook now my my case under Lynskey really relies on 3 links in a chain and to defeat the case you have to break one or more of those links the first link in the chain is simply to say about Kalman experience tells us of the Democratic Party today is completely different from the Democratic Party of say 50 years ago in other words the Democratic Party today is not the party of let's say Harry Truman or John F. Kennedy or even Jimmy Carter the Democratic Party today is the party of Obama and Hillary to a lesser degree the party of Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren it's a different kind of party on something or someone made it that way now that's the first link in the chain the second life is simply to say what are the distinguishing features of this New Democratic Party the old democratic parties seem to be a patriotic party generally committed to the same goals as most of us in this room but be difference was over the means what to do with American prosperity for example how to share it or a yes America should be strong in the world but is it better for America to be more or less interventionist these were debates about means but agreeing on the ends the New Democratic Party I would say is characterized by 3 new features first it kind of rather systematic deployment of lawlessness in public policy and so for example the immigration laws say one thing but Obama does another thing the defense of Marriage Act says one thing but he does another thing Obama in a sense literally sees himself as above the law the law as a tool the second feature is a willingness to use the power of the state against your opponents in other words we live in a time where even the post office the bureau of land management all these places of swat teams and so for the first time I think this New Democratic Party uses the power of the government of the I. R. S. of the EPA to not only enforce its will but to bludgeon its opponents into submission you get on the wrong side of these guys they think nothing of of sending that the tax audit people after you this is the New Democratic Party and the third feature is enriching yourself by shaking down private corporations and the government Obama and Hillary are both sort of global specialists at this they figure out how to use leverage the public power to in a sense rent or sell public policy and they also figure out how to enrich themselves enormously in the process Obama was a community organizer but you won't find them on any poor people these days he's hobgoblin with the billionaire sat bill and Hillary came to Washington DC and despite having government jobs all their career they have a network of $300000000 even saw Lynskey died interestingly ends tellingly enough in Carmel on by the sea ... community organizer who lives by the beach and Bob you may say dice to the sound of the waves now this is the New Democratic Party how to get that way I think the simple answer is I got that way not entirely but largely through the influence of one man saw Lynskey and that though influence he exercised independently over Obama and over Hillary so another key link in my chain is that Hillary and Obama will both at a formative time of life shaped by Lynskey now Obama never New Orleans he never met the man Lynskey died in I believe 1972 but Obama kept going back to Chicago why to study under the Lynskey I'd see even became a kind of a Lynskey I'd instructor and so I'm suggesting that he learned his scanning techniques from the Lynskey way Hilary Madeline ski in high school our how to close relationship with the Lynskey brought him to Wellesley College where she was a student with later offered a job by Lynskey and so both Obama and Hillary I think at a key time of life imbibed you might say the Lynskey kool-aid now I want to talk a little bit about that a Lynskey Kool aid to see if it is recognizably the force behind a destructive force I would say behind the America we live in now most people think that the figure out a Lynskey you gotta go read the rules for radicals because GE there's the dedication to Lucifer on and and and one of the opening pages and that tells you all you need to know I think that that book actually tells you relatively little about a Lynskey first of all the dedication itself is highly problematic Lynskey was an atheist probably like a good many of you in this room he did believe in god I'm not sleeping believing Lucifer so why does the guy who does not believe in god or Lucifer dedicate a book to the guy he doesn't believe in clearly this is not about Lynskey saying I want to be the devil clearly something else is going on remember it Lynskey himself embraces Machiavelli and wanna Machiavelli's key pieces of advice is not to play our full hand up front and so you can be fairly safe in assuming that the Lynskey book it's not going to be the full and true window into a Lynskey you have to look someplace else normally we would have no place to look but I believe toward the very end of his life Lynskey gave a series of interviews this was in 19711972 really in concluding in the year he died one was to playboy magazine a very detailed interview and another one was sought to Harper's magazine I believe in any case in these interviews Lynskey basically side stuff that had never appeared in public or print before and they give you a real window into a Lynskey the first thing he says is that from a very young age I tried to figure out how I could get stuff for free without having to work for it I need describes with great relish a scam that he'll he developed at the university of Chicago for eating and dining halls without pain and not only now a normal guy would be like I pulled off the scam I'm very clever guy Lynskey and we see the Lynskey method kicking in right here if he said I've got to hold seminars around the university to instruct other students and how they could eat without paying for it in other words I think this was the birth of community organizing in the United States ... Lynskey then graduates from school he goes on to college you studies criminology very interestingly he then gets in with the with a series of gangs an Italian gang that he talks about our and then most significantly the Al Capone gang and you are Lynskey is very to sing because he talks about his interactions with the gang at 1.for example the Capone boys want to bring in an assassin from out of state I kill people and Alinsky far from objecting to the killing objects to the high price of bringing in ... an out of state assassin you don't feel limited tells the Capone guys why we high when the local guys they'll do it for less Olympic event tells playboy in the interview interview he says you know he goes I really admired the way in which these gang members could shake down people and extract money and stuff out of them the only downside is that every now and then they got shot they got knocked off so Lynskey goes it got me thinking about how I could pull off a similar scam without the risk of getting knocked off and then the Lynskey realize that crime is actually very similar to politics and so a Lynskey realized and again I'm not divulging a Lynskey use private thoughts ... Lynskey says a lot of the things that I applied to community organizing I learned from the mafia that is not a direct quote but it's a paraphrase of a direct quote so essentially a Lynskey took the mafia's shakedown tactics which is essentially up against the wall pay up we're going to get you and brought them into politics and here we have really the beginnings of Obama ism and Hillary is I'm I want to give us exempt a simple example of how this kind of a works about it since we're talking about obamacare so many people think obamacare was Obama colluding with the American people against the insurance companies that's the public face of it if a very a Lynskey ites gam let's pretend I'm on the side of the people fighting for the little guy against the big bad insurance companies now in reality something completely different is going on Obama is meeting behind closed doors with the same insurance companies and basically you think threats and incentives to bring them over to support obamacare the threats are obvious we're gonna be taking over the healthcare system and it's going to look very bad for you if you oppose it the incentive is more cunning Obama says the insurance companies we're going to be forcing millions of Americans including young people lots of people who don't want insurance don't want to buy insurance we're gonna make a buyer and that's hundreds of millions of dollars in profits for you so you have a carrot you have an economic incentive in backing my program so here's my point this was smoke and mirrors Obama is in fact in bed with the insurance companies establishing government control over the economy one sixth of the economy while pretending to be on the side of the little guy this was really a limb skis specialty Lynskey specialty was to indulge in the rhetoric of social justice while in fact being about what he even talks about in his book ultimately for him it's about power it's about power in this country today there is a great fight over whether or not the entrepreneur the creator of wealth the people who actually work can make stuff should they have the power or should an outside group of self anointed bureaucrats and experts who declare themselves to be programs have on the side of history on the side of the future do they get to kind of come in and take things over and deploy wealth ultimately for their own gain for their own private game this is the Democratic Party that we have now frankly if you don't like trump this is how we got trump the reason that we got from if the Democratic Party became a party of ruthless Olympiads the Republican Party is the party of bespectacled gentleman and these gentlemen were constantly being thrown up against the wall defenseless against the Lynskey ites and finally people said we need to have a little bit of a big Boston a little bit of a fog and a little bit of a guy who can throw you across the room on our side for a change remember how defensive poor Mitt Romney was about his wealth trump has far more wealth but no one even criticize them for it because you can't criticize import because the more you criticize them about it the more he both about having even more than you thought so we are now in a ... Lynskey I'd environment quite frankly I I admire Lynskey from a distance he was a very scheming clever man ... he was an interesting man and I think perhaps it is the accident of history because he had no way of knowing at that time but it's 2 proteges you know Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both of whom seem to have virtually nothing going for them at the time in fact had nothing going for them at the time would actually become reached the summits of power but they did and that's what would be a Lynskey I'd method into operation and it's a big legacy although I'm sorry to say a destructive legacy thank you very much ... Ralph and ... you know it's interesting because there's a little inspiration and trunk as well as Hillary but talk a little about why them why you think that that's not the case that that inspired the thuggish ness and also maybe some dogmatic things about the neo Marxism hi Ralph Banco wore my black cat just the case there was any dubious knows about how far right wing I am my biggest problem with did ashes you so far to my left when I turned his direction as I see pink and he certainly uses left wing victimized victimizing tactics in his shack and now shame on you Saul died in Carmel by the sea where he was taking care of his ex wife from whom he had had a friendly divorce not dabbling in the way not dabbling in the waves he had a heart attack or lose their caring for our but this is typical Dinesh d'souza confabulation of Saul Lipsky's legacy Barack Obama was 11 years old when Saul Alinsky died they never met I spoke to I interviewed a friend of mine Arnie Graff who took over the industrial area foundations and new mentor Barack Obama for about 2 days or week at a seminar rock was mostly interested in how Arnie was raising a racially mixed family because he himself came for a racially mixed family but ultimately he turned away definitively from the Lynskey message of community organizing to give power to the people against the government and the old look arcs telling Arnie I want to go into the system I want to become a powerful political figure a judge or a lawyer Hillary Clinton met soul Lynskey 2 or 3 times wrote her honors thesis about him turn down the opportunity to work with him because she said I think sol is magnificent but can't take this to scale I don't want to put pressure from the out from the community on the government carry out our well I want to become a powerful central planner she explicitly in her thesis which by the way is brilliant and I strongly recommend you go to the web and read it turned away from Saul Lynskey neither of them were sol wins keys acolytes both of them turned away from Saul Wolinsky so the Nash trying to hang the corruption of the modern laughed and the Democratic Party out soul and ski is Josh factually wrong you got one thing absolutely right and I hope everybody was paying attention so all of Lynskey was all about power taking power people think they know soul that she could be so they saw the wise guy Lucifer epigraph and by the way Lucifer according to Martin Luther and John Calvin was not Satan in Jewish theology and by the way Nash your wrong may make a misstatement sol Lansky was not an atheist he was an agnostic and a Jew to fill his dying day you say these things they're not factually based and you confuse people the left so all of Lynskey was one of ours he was a classical liberal in the British sense John Locke Adam Smith and the left has appropriated his identity and his work which I will summarize you with one paragraph for rules for radicals don't be fooled by the disk by that exert some rules don't be fooled by people who may or may not have read it borders that are circulating garbage it's not dedicated to Lucifer it was dedicated to his beloved then wife Irena Lynskey this was an epigram with an epigram which date will talk about sandwiched in with an epigram from rabbi Hillel and Thomas Paine maybe we'll talk about that he never said that the ends justify the means read the chapter he asks explicitly what ends justify what means it's very new ones and what did sol Lynskey really stand for live for spend his life dedicated to you live there open life to Nash there was no cover story of rules for radicals it was a summation of the way he lived which you could actually read about in let them call me rebel by sandy Horowitz who lays it out chapter and verse here's a man with no secrets and this is what he stands for this is what I stand for and this is what I pray you'll use your power do we learned when we respect the dignity of the people if they cannot be denied the elementary right to participate in the solutions to their own problems self respect arises only out of people who play an active role in solving their own crises and who are not helpless passive but like recipients private or public services to give people help while denying them a significant part of the action contributes nothing to the development of the individual in the deepest sense it is not giving but taking taking their dignity denial of the opportunity to participate is the denial of human dignity I yield the rest of my time to our chairman David Lynskey first of all your honor first of all let me also stopped for a moment and talk about the house in Carmel what's been made of this that house was blocked from mark for my father $35000 the house had what was known as a life protruding laws on a for those of you who are attorneys why fertility means that the order the former owner has the right to live in that house as long as he or she Charlie the live or choose to we bought that house without I did mine my mother gene died in that house of multiple sclerosis I'm sorry that I have talked there are a lot of things that were said today I don't have the time to go into all of them but I do want to talk about a few things there are 3 basic nests about my father for first of all let me also say that I'm not here to tell you amusing stories about our times around the dinner table or the times with our guests and friends I'm here to talk about the philosophy the theory of my father there are 3 basic myths about my father the first is the book is dedicated to Lucifer Ralph the fact of the matter is is that that page in the book if you look at it it's called a front disc there are 3 notations on that page one by rabbi Hillel who died in 110 you see a little while ago the second ms white Thomas Paine and third is Barbara father he talks about Lucifer alright who was Lucifer sterically is a metaphor for evil inclination Hebrew it's yet Sir how are that exists in every person temps them to do wrong genesis 65 if you want the word Satan comes from a Hebrew verb meaning to oppose to struck and he certainly intended to do that you oppose or obstruct the establishment the reference to loose refers not about doing evil but rather than rather opposing he accepted status quo of the haves at the expense of others the second method is it his philosophy of tactics was various biased toward the Democratic Party this is also not true well he uses the word Democrats were democratic the number of times the tax he never says that this is for Democrats this is for any organization any people in the group as a series of signposts on how to think about power politics and let's face it we are all involved one way or another in power politics if we agree with each other far we don't we're looking for ways to Vince or to otherwise obtain that power for the good of ourselves when good of our community for the good of our nation is it your su solely in providing a means a way of thinking and organizing for all people whether they be black or white yellow or brown American native American or any other any other group Clinton libertarians people regardless of color origin or politics with no political power to gain from themselves officially meaningful measure political influence I think I see a path forward to attend for themselves that measure of freedom purity and independence at the haves have always exercise I have taken for granted as their birthright certainly if is that he was a communist Marxist socialist capitalist Fabian god who never Chris sole mission in life was to destroy the Republic nothing could be further from the truth if anything it was a committee capitalist we believe that it was only through self interest that individuals and groups achieved anything why work hard he would say when you have a communist system working hard achieves nothing and that's only the party leaders who make our everyone else we're just swears anyway he would say I can never be a communist or socialist they don't have a sense of humor and that would be deadly you Sir say you would never join any organization not even a song but that's not exactly true he was a Jill he said I value my highlight my independence too highly but the organization he did belong to and supported was that of the Jewish faith he was a member of and supported our neighborhood temple all of his years I grew up in that temple he would never have sent me the Senate guard he had been anything less and when asked would say I'm Jewish that's what he would say I'm Jewish it's not exactly the sentiments I'm a god who it is Marx's there were a lot of things were said today I really don't have time to go into them but to say simply that what he believed them in the book rules for radicals that's his soul speak I will tell you one thing sitting in the in our apartment he would work long into the night struggling over each word each phrase 7 paragraph to find the essence of what he believed and what he wanted to work for and what he dedicated his life for he was a Democrat there's no question about that he was a lifelong Democrat however more than being a Democrat he believed in the Republic and the ability of people to organize for themselves regardless of their party regardless of their community regardless of their race creator caller you gain for themselves the individual and collective rights that our country our country provides very heartfelt statements were sort of running one long time here so we're gonna do a a quick response by the nastiest a few minutes may be responding to that and maybe a closing statement followed by a very brief 2 minute closing statement by Ralph if Dave is willing Lynskey arm was a complex man I think it's interesting that virtually none of what I said in my opening statement has been even really challenged by your bank or Mr Lynskey arm I guess the one equivalent out whether a Lynskey was an agnostic or atheist quite frankly I'll I'll concede on that point it was culturally a Jew he was not particularly religious he said so himself ... and maybe he wasn't strictly speaking an atheist he was merely a I don't know agnostic fair enough that's not the heart of the matter though the heart of the matter is is it true that a Lynskey really have this impact on Obama and Hillary we've seen a kind of we are defensive alliance his legacy by Mr Banco he seems to say that you can't call it Lynskey use legacy destructive because you don't really have a legacy at all neither Obama or Hillary pet any paid any attention to him really I think that's not true it is true that Obama and Hillary developed a serious shift from Olympia aid if you will they broke with the Lynskey at the end of but they broke with him on 1.and 1.alone essentially a Lynskey wasn't outside man in that sense my mafia analogy of controlling the street through intimidation is very out the Lynskey use the outsider shakedown technique Obama and Hillary went one better they said wait a minute we don't have to be outside threatening to bring the government to a halt threatening to shut down a corporation what if we run the corporation what if we run the government then we can use the weapons of the state which we otherwise wouldn't have against our enemies so yes Obama and Hillary you may say out a little skewed Lynskey and they use state power in a way Lynskey never dreamed was even possible that's the first point no with regard to whether or not a Lynskey was a leftist or a rightist let's just put it this way once you start talking about the haves and the have nots and you treat the haves as if their success their earnings they created wealth it's all somehow accidental in other words something that is merely power that rained like manna from heaven on their heads and they are ruthlessly trying to protect it and the have nots as the victims of social misfortune who now must organize and struggled to take from the haves we are now in a straight out Marxist class division of society between the haves and the have nots let's remember that the whole of the United States was invented as an alternative to this framework the United States was based on the idea that if you limit the size of the government you avoid the kind of oppression that was Carmen and systematic in feudal Europe and you allow something kind of new in the world which is wealth creation people work hard people come up with new ideas and patents and copyrights people invent things they create wealth I am I have or have not well when I came to America with $500 in my pocket I was most definitely I have not over time through effort by selling books giving speeches making movies I guess I'm now a member of the house so with is via is Dinesh now an oppressor where is the old Nash was a wonderful potential Lynskey ight what kind of shallow leftist way of dividing society never asking the question was this well stolen or created in the first place now to give a Lynskey credit he was a very ingenious man and he figured out very creative ways of making his point which essentially put the Republicans typically in a very bad light and one time a Lynskey for example was approached by a group of leftists who wanted to to protest the Republican Party by holding up posters saying the report Republican Party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan no other excuse a very smart guy he would have known for sure.but cook Klux Klan was for almost the entirety of its history and organized element of the Democratic Party the progressive historian Eric Foner says put 30 years the Klan was the domestic terrorists arm of the Democratic Party let's give you this but what advice of the Lynskey give these young left as he says listen don't have posters because that's the usual leftist claptrap he says all of you come dressed as Klansmen and then when the Republican speaker begins to speak you just jump up and down and she ... wildly so that you have created a media event that makes it sound like the Klan loves the Republicans so here is a classic example of straight out deception historically invalid in fact the opposite of the truth the big lie if you want to use the term of my new book but Lynskey had this uncanny ability to realize that you could use the big lie effectively to extract concessions even when they Lynskey would protest against private companies he'd find out that they're sponsoring for example a concert masterpiece theatre Lynskey would say alright let's play 500 guys to go in the theater and when the performance of classical music starts all of us will begin to cough and fart why could disrupt and destroy and ruin the performance the company will be so embarrassed of this but they will bend behind closed doors we don't even have to do the protests will just threatened to do it unveil payoffs off behind closed doors before the event even takes place so in conclusion if you see a tone of brutality incivility and timid they say I'm arm a a smoke and mirrors deceptive propaganda if all of this is now the regrettable features of our culture where on earth does it come from we can see the nucleus of this and it rules for radicals Lynskey didn't just do it he was actually proud of it thank you Ralph Clark 2 minutes Dinesh I didn't display again please leave your spell your premise because life is not long enough to dispel all of your innuendoes and misstatements and so all lived ski sealed carried a side arm because of death threats from the K. K. K. you continue to distort the message of Saul lids keep which doesn't bother me your a house cat yes sit on a pillow and your drink cream and you consider alley cats like Saul would skin me riffraff I gather and you earned it solace got nothing against earnings you're making all of this stuff up read the book if you don't agree I don't have enough minutes for this I have one minute to tell you the number is 56 not for you hitchhiker's guide for it hymns 42 watch translated the declaration of independence from just one more document and rules for radicals is cut from the exact same classical liberal cloth as the declaration of independence was 56 man who pledged their lives their fortunes and their sacred honor to the proposition that the creator has given us certain unalienable rights and it's the government's job to defend them there must be hundreds of people in this room and thousands of people in freedom fast there are people at freedom fest like mark scows wouldn't like Steve Forbes like George gilder who have pledged their lives and their fortunes and their sacred honor we need more of you to stand up and not criticize the government but take power now thank you very much died David if you'd like to make just above less than 2 minute closing statement challenged we're talking about here is means in their hands like I said before we were all involved one way or another powerful tips the question is if you are being oppressed for whatever reason from whatever source what are your means fighting back and what is the end you wish to attend immunities like at Rochester or the south side of Chicago in New York in Canada what do they have I didn't have the power they did have the political power they didn't have the money they didn't have the police they didn't have the laws what do they have they have themselves so you use what you have with what you've got Maria we all know this in our businesses and our lives you use what you have use what you've got so what do you have yeah people so he could send a couple 0 people to the Rochester symphony orchestra or you can send a couple 0 people to o'hare airport and that famous story use people was he working outside the system yes he was working outside the system how can you work inside the system they work in the system system was oppressing the people now they have to find a way if I means and then use what you have with what you've got it's as simple as thank you everyone for participating in a heartfelt discussion I'll just end with this quote from Saul in ski which hangs in my office actually it's Thomas Paine solvency quoting Thomas Paine Lynskey not concerned about his reputation at all saying quote let them call me rebel and welcome I feel no concern from it but I would suffer the misery of devils right to make a horror of my soul so Minsky thank you everyone for participating in this //
"2017-07-07 17:59:31"
O'Keefe Frames #FakeNews WaPo's RETRACTION
\\first hello everyone James Okie from project veritas here as you recall last week I stood in front of all of you and I was addressing Paul Farid the Washington post and I said that he would retract that piece in The Washington Post wasn't a question of if it was a question of when as you recall in that Washington post article the headline wrote that we left things out of our scene and videos it turns out we didn't leave and the information out acclaimed we left out and we ask a retraction and I stood there and so I would frame that retraction and put it proudly in our office when you attract not if Paul we're going to frame your retraction we're gonna make it real big I'm gonna put it in our wall of honor our wall of shame one of our supporters sent a note to pull for asking him to retract and Paul fori wrote quote apologize or drop dead unquote Paul Thiry even tweeted something out saying he would never retract he's not gonna retract the request to retract his fake news well guess what Sunday night very late in the dead of night The Washington Post issued a massive retraction on the store with a massive editor's note that went right under the headline so my team worked day and night this week to find just the frame to put this beautiful retraction in and I am so happy and so proud to show you that frame here today there is the Washington post's retraction editor's note the story's been updated to remove the assertion that the video in question did not say that supervising producer John Bonneville is based in Atlanta in fact video says quote I'd like to introduce you to see and supervising producer Jon Bon field in Atlanta it doesn't get more clear than that and will most beautiful parts about this frame is we actually put the email between me and Paul fari where I wrote what I said what he said clear contradiction in terms and Paul said quote editors have said no correction retraction necessary my story thanks Paul he also said sorry ... out a lot here and is a great lesson here Paul far the Washington post's is a great lesson for all Americans everything we do it veritatis turns out to be vindicated every video we do turns out to be authenticated even though they claim that we selectively edit it doesn't get more selective in deceptive the nests were the headline what the latest feel leaves out and the editor's note he didn't leave it out it's not that what we do is not that we report falsehoods it's that we actually port the truth and the more true it gets the worse it gets places like the Washington post CNN just have one question for Paul when you guys gonna wake up //
"2017-07-05 17:45:26"
CNN Producer Doubles Down on "Stupid as Sh*t" Comments About Voters
\\exhibit a long yeah I guess everything all high on James who keep a project there are times Jimmy Carson associate producer with C. N. N.'s morning show new day our releases about him and others last week expose scenes bias and radical fake news agenda in a subsequent meeting with car he doubled down about his statements and other anti trump comments I just can't leave the the arrogance of these people I have a moment I had a moment of panic because on Sunday night I met a lot of pride on Sunday night released a bunch of tapes and okay so that they're not fingerprint things from a guy secular quarters commerce please put it this is the right way as a kid yeah we've got it made synonymous approach on and wanted to expose lives and he had met a guy talk bouncing 46 and released and Sunday night and now we're all going holy shit house discusses telling saying explains even at CNN well I talked to couple guys are gone Friday afternoon so I think we wouldn't normally say the great I I would depend on the right downing exhibit all the guy that is going on it seems is talking let's say this is talking to a guy like this working at his phone voice from talking the talk Hey don't which is a little ridiculous police said well yeah I think it's over the top right now I mean that became the subject of 3 opening monologue box and the part of I nearly one I met more the great I I would depend on the right downing of Sydney paying all we all right where is the all of does not have we recognize that's a question selecting so in the end right what's she look like she's always looks caller also let it slip that he and his co workers are not exactly fans of their anchor Chris Cuomo I have a great I have it's Cuomo is Andrew Cuomo's brother the governor of New York after a video last week new day anchor Alyson Camerata sent an email to the panelists to she suspected leak the new audio of the selectively edited video scene and released you seem to be expressing some level of anger about the leak we believe that Jimmy Carr John Bonham field in van Jones are just telling the truth about what's going on inside C. N. N. news rooms across the country it's a toxic culture of anti trump bashing ratings grabbing and just plain lazy journalism and in light of today's CNN video blackmail scandal will have to raise their standards if they have any chance of regaining trust with the American people balance your journalism stop reporting fake news work a little harder and maybe maybe not a chance to save yourself //
"2017-06-30 09:52:25"
CNN Producer: Voters "Stupid as Sh*t"– American Pravda: CNN Part 3
\\first we all recognize here's background how good he is Larry's the unfunny qualify we need this and does not have we recognize if that's the question selecting you I'm about Russia story 3 but I correct and the not knowing is James not need are you about I I I it fake ends we continue our American Pravda investigations inside America's mainstream media with part 3 on CNN I'd like you to meet Jimmy Carter he's a producer for CNN's morning show new day unvarnished and hate filled opinion of president trump give us some insight and to help people at C. N. N. really think CNN any partial right they there was the view from in like putting meat media Sir so on the inside we all recognize years background yes where is the unknown unqualified you need this and it does not have your we recognize it's just I mean his look years ago this is hands on national public he doesn't believe and I think and demands on the start like records he for as his she doesn't hear about marriage he doesn't even really care about budget vitamins upping the US economy promised to the pro game knowledge or I do think I don't think it was our critics will say Jimmy car only speaks for himself but he told us in no uncertain terms that almost everyone at C. N. N. agrees with his sentiments 90 percent of us are on board with just with just the fact what you mean Lloyd said or what they did like I would with her I would say with Herbert just pick not acted no he said it might be like the rest car doesn't have a very high opinion of C. N. N.'s audience either yeah that's a question we I don't be rude catalog yeah you some all I ask that's a question in selecting 60 all his harsh words didn't stop there yeah and it was going to lighten up White House and we actually had a long who's historian right what's she look like she's always looks but she a call reiterated what we've heard from other CNN staffers that we found is John Bonneville from C. N. N.'s Atlanta headquarters did you the location this time Paul Farid the Washington post the my CNN constantly like Russia that's for sure that this is ratings because ratings a razor thing is just to give you some context president trump pulled out of the clan that accords for a day 0.5 covered the Clinton acquitted CEO of C. N. N. 7 aren't meeting he said good job everybody covering the climate accords but we're down with it let's get back to Russia we car reaffirms that C. N. N.'s brass that wants the Russia story because it's good for the ratings money its decisions made by people hired me they go wow you got your ratings slurring right now what to do if you use is Russia that's it Kerr says its ratings and CNN host and political commentator van Jones says the Russian story is fake news nothing really I don't think that's a it now seems pretty clear that C. N. N.'s bias and dishonesty is a plague in the once respected news organization this is a new day with Chris will now to succumb Jimmy Carter works for a new day C. N. N.'s morning show it's hosted by Allison Cammarata and Chris Cuomo who once said our methods can be quite effective James o'keefe is definitely someone who is identified with the right but are going to daughter isn't and she's the one who said that al is all about them she was caught on tape not knowing she was being videotaped so she would have sometimes that's one of the most I have well there you go funny enough we found further evidence of CNN's culture of malpractice in deception on new day itself on March 30 car show aired what looked to be a pretty routine political story featuring Cammarata and a panel of 6 trump voters so here we are 60 plus days into his presidency we want to get your grades and your impressions of how president trump is doing the wrong audio of the panel interview was leaked to us it lasted nearly an hour 0.5 cut down to only 8 minutes when it aired what's striking is not what car in his fellow producers chose to include what they chose to omit it's called selective editing let's look at this portion when panelist William bear is discussing the president's claim of voter fraud and what we don't know how that is for the votes in fraud and everything else in my my assumption is that he probably would have got elected by by noon a higher number than with the results actually showed but are you saying that you believe that there were 3 to 5000000 illegals who voted how I by noon why no that in New Hampshire I've seen I've seen but again I mean this is this is what we could come back to when you say you've seen it do you mean a dozen or do you mean 3000000 there's a terrible AVI said in his only 0 have people in New Hampshire site it's a 3000000 people on that the number said was 3 to 5000000 allow I was finally going to no he's a health strap waiting based on what I've seen with my own eyes busloads of people coming in whether they're illegal meaning they came into the country illegally or they're illegal voters they came over from Massachusetts and to help you know you sit with your that you've seen busloads or no I I have seen busloads Ike Ike yeah I guess I can't cite them the bustle that I've seen in where are seen them some Bucks on television I've seen it bear is painted as a conspiracy theorist look at the on screen Chiron quote trump voters on is unproven voter fraud claims unquote the implication no evidence of voter fraud whatsoever when Cammarata asks for proof the panelist has no answer or so it seems here's the raw audio from immediately after the edit I I have to buy clothes yeah I guess I can't citing dib the bustle that I've seen where seen them from and Tom I mean his has anybody looked into like they did with James of keeping someone he went undercover to these various polling places I I know but it will be when any basically was ready to vote as somebody else nobody asked for ID I've I've I was actually a poll watcher New Jersey and I sold was going on there your college students voting and there was no there was basically are you do you have that's right I use a provisional ballot it's never challenged they just put it right through I know this is this is common at the moment there is about to cite the evidence to support his claim C. N. N. ends the clip P. suggests that bear did not have a legitimate answer to Cammarata's question in actuality the answer was cut because it didn't fit their narrative this is a textbook lie of omission in the last week C. N. N.'s credibility as a news organization has been put in serious doubt we wondered what CEO Jeff Zucker would have to say about it promises are about to Russia story okay that was pretty cowardly there wasn't Zucker did not wish to talk to me it's not surprising his network has been exposed is not merely just biased but corrupting deeply dishonest his leadership now be in question in the final analysis there's about a conflict of visions between a dying legacy mainstream establishment media that seeks to characterize and interpret reality verses in American people that craves unfiltered raw real true information no more fitness ash a //
"2017-06-29 16:48:09"
CNN's Jeff Zucker Runs From O'Keefe–Afraid of the Truth?
\\this is Mr soccer's residents I'm 30 to 60 fourth street in New York City James o'keefe how are you about Russia story okay I was pretty cowardly there wasn't I was pretty catalytically that this guy usually comes out so I am right today day yeah stratus was someone Venice was out the guy on the way you saw what happened how would leann Howard I Horio that's on Gloria but now about Russia story back that's what I thought I was my mind you heard about this what do you think I think your point here on get here at 7:00 am every day east buildings 7 and 5 years stand outside the building and then the guy comes I will write more I want something right over says who are you what do you do in your sidelong as soon as he comes over so they had they had it planned this this method of avoiding are questioning honestly it's pretty Howard really is but some parents house is not give up so he's statins another video coming out since we can finish produced //
"2017-06-28 22:05:02"
Washington Post's Paul Farhi is "Very Fake News"
\\hello this is James o'keefe project veritas you broke the van Jones part 2 story but I want to talk with the Washington post and fake news yes sure Washington post ran the story stands Russia story about looking at the worst possible time they rode it 3:00 Clinton omitted our videos completely deceptively edited the videos out I tweeted this reporter Paul farmer uses name and today here Otis you were an actual article not not opinion piece a straightforward article and the article was about that nothing in the videos about quote what we left out and it was a terrible disgraceful article any got something wrong he says in this article he says that we did not include in the videos of the producer was when Lana and attacking me personally well that's just not true Paul because if you look at the video we clearly say that he's from Atlanta I want to introduce you to CNN supervising producer John Buffy over in Atlanta so usually I want the stuff get to me we get attacked by all these mainstream media people this is but this is a little bit different this is the Washington post and this is pretty disgraceful so I called Paul and to his credit he actually return my phone call Hey James they don't as Paul yeah thanks Paul a poll in your piece there's a there's a there's a factual error that says I did not mention that John was in ... ... you did not mention the job was based in Atlanta in my on camera in the video I clearly state that he could you know he's in his he's from Atlanta I say like confusion Java Lana can you can you publish a retraction on that ... let me look into it yes ... who got wrong we are wrong and will will correct you are going to correct and another thing we all right that I'd look into it and we will if I got it wrong and I wanna make sure you can make you look at right now are you on the phone at me no I can't I'm in the military but I will get to that is out there today but so it in like in the next 15 minutes you know I just sent me an email if and when you decide to do that otherwise we'll call you back okay okay great thank you so it by about so walk with me we're gonna walk over to this wall here and we're going to show you what we have we have frames here of all of the media coverage one of the things I'm most proud of is in 2010 the front page of The Washington Post was forced to retract to items one on the acorn thing this is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Caroline who made this attraction and one of the Louisiana thing amazing stuff so when you retract not if Paul we're gonna frame your retraction we're gonna make it real big and we're gonna put it in our wall of honor our wall of shame and and you know Paul it really really this is the reason why we're doing this this is the reason why we're holding me account one I I need to ask you to in front of my audience how do you know shame have you no shame //
"2017-06-28 16:59:20"
Van Jones: Russia is “Nothing burger”– American Pravda: CNN Part 2
\\first other presidents tried to say nice things about the Russians and other you know warm things in their heart and they loved not in the face of an active attack on the country they meant today we continue with our American Pravda investigations inside America's mainstream media with part 2 on C. N. N. fake news the Russians story you're about to see one of C. N. N.'s most prominent left leaning political commentators in total agreement with president trump I think this might be the first time this has ever happened maybe it's because he didn't realize he was gonna be on television and as Chris Cuomo said sometimes that's really the most honest they meant we met with palm springs few years at it yet yeah I even when I'm there but what he thinks gonna happen this week in a little less so because I think that the big up above really you don't think that I think that the big up above really you don't think that there you go yesterday you met supervising producer John Bonneville the more I see an end constantly like Russia that's for sure that this is ratings because ratings a razor credible right honestly behold Russia is just like people could be bullshit coming it's mostly bullshit right now like we don't have any the giant proof but Xena's response quote C. N. N. stands by our medical producer John Bonneville diversity of personal opinion is what makes the N. and strong we welcome it and embrace it unquote good because Barfield says he was not alone in his cynicism for the news visit van Jones agrees with him that the Russia story is bull so I love it I love to his business I find it so very cynical about it at the same time so are most might but it that's right not alone things that make up about your organization is really the president is posting headlines about our investigation and even mainstream media is paying attention White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a recommendation to all and there's a video circulating now whether it's accurate or not us I don't know but I would encourage everybody in this room and frankly everybody across the country to take a look at it so there you have it then Jones admits the Russia story is just a nothing burger Bonfield says it's all about ratings the White House is telling everyone to go watch the videos the media for years has gotten away with manufacturing consent people are fed up with with the emptiness in the order FISA pervades our media well tell you something change is coming with a C. N. N. like Sedona //
"2017-06-27 20:36:50"
James O'Keefe reacts to Sarah Huckabee Sanders' mention of Veritas video
\\so moments ago the deputy press secretary the White House just brought up our videos and encouraged everyone to watch them check this out from the White House and there's a video circulating now whether it's accurate or not us I don't know but I would encourage everybody in this room and frankly everybody across the country to take a look at it I I think if it is accurate I think it's a disgrace to all of media to all of journalism I think that we have gone to a place where ... if the media can't be trusted to report the news then that's a dangerous place for America and I think if that is the place a certain outlets are going particularly ... for the purpose of spiking ratings if that's coming directly from the top I think that's even more scary I and certainly more disgraceful and I hope that that's not the direction we're headed I hope that ... outlets that have continued to use either unnamed sources sometimes stories with no sources at all out we've been going on this Russia trump cloaks for the better part of a year now with no evidence of anything up things like that a success at the VA barely get covered they make it covered for an hour at a time but this story gets covered day in day out and I think America is frankly looking for something better they're looking for something more and I think they deserve something better from our news media //
"2017-06-27 20:03:03"
Sarah Huckabee-Sanders Encourages 'All to Watch' New CNN Video
\\nbae com deleted editors responsible fired well if the network apologized the target of one of the targets story Steffi apology the president went on yeah fate why isn't there the defense I I I don't know that it's that the response is it good enough for the price president I I think it's just the constant barrage of fake news directed at this president probably that ... has garnered a lot of his frustration I you point to that report and there are multiple other instances where I had that outlet that you referenced has been repeatedly wrong and had a point that out or be corrected ... there's a video circulating now whether it's accurate or not us I don't know but I would encourage everybody in this room and frankly everybody across the country to take a look at it I I think if it is accurate I think it's a disgrace to all of media to all of journalism I think that we have gone to a place where ... if the media can't be trusted to report the news then that's a dangerous place for America and I think if that is the place a certain outlets are going particularly ... for the purpose of spiking ratings if that's coming directly from the top I think that's even more scary I and certainly more disgraceful and I hope that that's not the direction we're headed I hope that ... outlets that have continued to use either unnamed sources sometimes stories with no sources at all out we've been going on this Russia trump cloaks for the better part of a year now with no evidence of anything up things like that a success at the VA barely get covered they make it covered for an hour at a time but this story gets covered day in day out and I think America is frankly looking for something better they're looking for something more and I think they deserve something better from our news media //
"2017-06-27 17:54:12"
American Pravda: CNN #1 Trending on YouTube
\\everyone James okay fear ... story huge success today on C. N. N. if you haven't seen it go to our website project or tossed a com American problem to series CNN producer saying that the Russian narrative is all bullshit he says a witch hunt against trump this is C. N. N. parking and I wanna point something out to you back in January I said we're going after media I'm going after the media events the first day of that series start today and we have more tomorrow in fact release in our second piece tomorrow on CNN if you go to you too and we're the number one trending video in the world on you to examine right there number one video on you too we're very proud of that here price for it as it quarters stay tuned with another one coming tomorrow //
"2017-06-27 05:02:30"
American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t"
\\ash how the more CNN constantly like Russia that's for sure that this is ratings those ratings arrays are at war and honestly if you think that whole brush her shirt it's just like people could we will sit on you it's mostly bullshit right now like we don't have any the giant proof I just feel like they don't they want to keep and so I think a president is probably right to say like look you are a witch hunt have no smoking gun no real from CEO of CNN said in our internal bleeding he said good job everybody covering the climate accords but we're down with it let's get back to Russia we lysine and constantly Russia that's for sure that 3 on Saint Russia mostly cancer right now like we don't have any John part of you know I've got to give you a question you stay ahead of you are faking news because the attack a fake news and changing it from friends doesn't that or very thing Archie even if Russia was trying election we tries when their election we heard about piracy I do watch fake news start our American problem deviations inside America's media part one C. N. N. our goal is to expose the real motivations behind the decision making process our dominant media corporations fake news one story has monopolized president trump's time in office like no other especially on C. N. N. Russia in fact since the inauguration CNN has mentioned Russia all their air nearly 16 0 times so we sent our undercover porters inside C. N. N. understand why and to determine if CNN even believes that the story is even real you're not gonna believe what you're about to hear or maybe you will I'd like to introduce you to CNN supervising producer John Buffy over in Atlanta so you like the Russian things a little crazy right even if Russia was trying to swing the election we try to sway their elections weird our CI a do which all the time we're out there trying to manipulate governments like you win because you know you you know the game that he played Sloane player the monsoon and constantly like Russia that's for sure that this is ratings because ratings a razor that warrant in the month of may C. N. N.'s ratings were significantly higher than they were the year before the Russia story and trunk have made C. N. N. millions because of a guy I so my boss my boss couple days yesterday we're having a discussion about the stencils because it's like I just want you know what we're up against here I think it's just to give you some context president trump pulled out of the climate accords for a day 0.5 covered the Clinton acquitted CEO of CNN said in our internal bleeding he said good job everybody covering the climate accords but we're down with it let's get back to Russia though the CBO mon so so even the claim that courts is like okay a day or so but we're we're moving back to Bonfield says C. N. N. CEO Jeff soccer demanded that his news channel get back to the ratings winner that Russia is for CNN was that an editorial call for a business call so I mean I understand all ratings right now it's on it's a business people look at media house like identical rhythms but organize see what I think that's the door well suited to learn all the Ashley cable you know it will be this year times and it's not even though it can be seen news it's it's I mean NBC news tell 20000000 dealers in a cable news is giving 1000000000 so they they got they got to do what they had to do to make their money they and so I love it I love to his business but I I find it so very cynical about at the same time so are most might good that's right not alone all the field has worked for CNN as a journalist and producer for nearly 15 years he not only gave us a tour of C. N. N.'s main newsroom to give us a window into the editorial bias anti trump agenda of the organization I think there are a lot of money liberal CNN viewers who want to see I I think if we would behave that way no one scrutinize them or anything is doing lives here's what we were right now I'm a sick all of our viewers are like soup I think I think so sometimes but for businesses and honestly the whole of Russia it's just like people could we will sit on you it's mostly bullshit right now like we don't have any the giant proof but then they say well they're so majestically showing pining away I've I know you're finding something here we go the way these leaks happen that weekend elite there was something really good newly and we're going before ... voted I would say rather than anything that stood out there when it came out alright the least we tear someone a great week since amazing I just refuse away very fast so they were really good like that that would be every day also I just feel like they don't have it that day they wanna keep taking and so I think that president is probably right to say look you are which something like I have no smoking gun Beth no real from from no real proof he says and that speaks volumes about today's mainstream media on a field says C. N. N. loves the Russia story not because it's true because people wanted to be true they're feeding their audience a false narrative in order to get ratings their enthusiasm to report false news is getting the better of them on Saturday CNN impose strict internal restrictions on all future Russia stories after they had to delete and retract a story that was poorly sourced and yesterday 3 C. N. N. stoppers resign victims of fake news so where does that leave us the American people are fed up with fake news and mainstream media they cannot trust corporate greed market pressures managers without integrity newsroom bosses without courage journalists we don't even leave their desks the very purpose of journalism is to expose the world for what it is not to create false political narratives in order to make money the American people are frustrated because they have nowhere left to go to get actual information this is just part one of the C. N. N. series we have so much more that we will bring it on video as our American profit investigations every dishonest television network newspaper and social media company is now on notice you're being watched we're coming after and while the whole broken rotten media machine may not come down maybe the wake up //
"2017-05-03 13:33:34"
Texas Citizen Journalist Unlawfully Removed by State Rep for Legally Filming
\\state law says that I have a right to be in there like that that announcement violates state law it violates my read right to be here and record with a video camera hot well I'm coming to your office because I mentioned knowing what happened on March 22 to Amy had to your committee hearing and why she was arrested I don't know why she would arrest it we didn't even know he was arrested in jail ... say it you know out already seconds okay hold on a sec I'm sorry who won the second seems like it only one yeah I'm very happy seems pretty we are sitting here outside in the hearing I we're waiting for the house to adjourn so we can Pauline Oregon's these bills are this is a nifty little sign the hearing room only those with little media credential we are going 3 new record is Amy had either in this the gossip if you're a top believes in creating a more ethical and Sidey I holding those in power account in March plan was to film a hearing in the house state affairs committee the chair is state representative Byron cook a Republican from Texas house district 8 state law says that open meetings you cannot prohibit attendees from recording in fact the Texas law is clear and gives everyone the right to film a person and tenants may record all or any part of an open meeting of a governmental body by means of a recorder video camera or other means of aural or visual reproduction this state law so that I have the right case up to record contracts you're going to break state law and remove where does the chairman have the right to be great state laws are getting no discussion so I have the right to stay and record with a video camera city county school district special district even though like if you remove me you want if you think I'm not going to linger I am because I am ex ... sizing reference I have the right to be here and I have the right to record you're doing DPS officers took Amy's camera and then removed her from the hearing room because she refused to leave the room in the building Amy was arrested I am not resisting I'm not when did you begin to swell and exit the building near the park do not leave the building credit risk approach has you'll be arresting me for having because your group you illegally removed me from a rendering asking to meet you illegally removing that brought me here and you feel awkward when we heard and saw Amy story we retreat we decided to visit the chairman of the committee representative Byron cook well I don't how much James o'keefe with the French paradox is seen here today ... so yeah realize what's up you got me well I think that's not thank you and have a great okay we were quickly ushered out of representative cook's office as soon as we got into the hallway we got a call from ms Tony Barcelona chairman cooks chief of staff I mean the love letter of the law makes it clear that you are in fact allow to record hearing so so my question for you did represent break the law by per filming on that day I have a all I hear anyone else from down in the yeah capital media credentials you you are allowed board and ... me again technique obligation on the right the house determine the world and they don't proceedings including the rooms of maybe repeating and the house Romanian plane that landed the role shall we gained on you know that the only requirement lining of the house representative our and here you know action do or tuition and notwithstanding firemen that expression Ganges why is this matters just your your issue such an important matter here well we've seen throughout history how governments always if they can control the narrative the control what people think they contracted they control what facts are available moments after we showed up at cook's office DPS officers were called it seems that representative cook didn't want project veritas asking questions you know what he stands by the way instead I'm I'm with Roger Parry time as we do that in the media organization just asking some represents a question is that okay they want to do it we find it ironic the chairman cook after banning Amy from his committee hearing then call the cops on us transparency doesn't seem to be his strong suit she was arrested by this office and is warning who made the decision to do that well I would say it's more listing my thing was just it'll if you're having an issue has no discussion so have the right to be here and I have the right to record or they're doing there is a criminal charge we some of these politicians think they are above the law and they can certainly be hypocrites as evidenced by the way they reacted we walked up to their office and tried to ask them some basic questions but any help you should allow the film not hearing any should not have been arrested which was willing to be arrested she was standing up for her rights she was standing up for the people in the state of Texas and Amy was standing up for all of us //
"2017-04-26 15:53:19"
James O'Keefe and Gavin McInnes Denied Entry At Tribeca Film Festival
\\so it's kind of the box office security guard who was outside recognize me said hello Mr o'keefe he would not let us get tickets he stopped rush on all the acorn movies told us talk to Trevecca Film Festival I'm just turning into a movie about me and our investigation and a corn at this festival they will not let me into a movie that is about me I cannot even buy a ticket yesterday but I take it they would let me another one of my ticket nmls the okay can live lives that that's what I was told I try to be disruptive them to try to watch the film and I can't get into the movie so they stop rush on all movies without filament how you Mister one sorry how are you he had you know my name yeah you'll know and I'm same with yeah I'll talk to you if you want to talk to me okay sure I don't mind whatever you're doing where my doing the right you're not doing anything right now account I was just writing sweet spirit oriel because he seen me and then suddenly there were no tickets left I just want to ask about that because it seems a lot right now mine did you spot is the only one engine so you spot him and then all of a sudden I saw you in a gentle the night even on and you can ask the gentleman I got into if you have a right you only need this much freedom why are they deny other theater goers really rest risk who made the decision to stop rush on the I would like to know who made the decision stop audience goes on Monday that decision I don't know but your action would be to drop the tribeca what irony occurred on any security last she'll we're in a see we can do come back tomorrow sitting in this movie //
"2017-04-25 13:05:29"
Haters at Tribeca yell F**k you and call O'Keefe racist
\\yeah NDA ticket can live lives that that's what I was told we're gonna try to do is sometimes they come out against let's go take us out so this is day one of the tribeca Film Festival he's saying they're saying that the whole investigation into a chorus fake so I'm passing out flyers saying nothing Obama I'm a journalist supposed facts about a corn and they were breaking the law and they make a movie about the thing that I did did thank you for doing that thank you mom I'm serious nothing there are a lot of people I do you know that said quote the most damning words mac appoint attorneys that's such a thing hurting them now that you're as you can see this is going to be a lot of fun yeah yeah here you raise some angry people here people are yeah they're only in sorry your time so it was a people very angry at the tree in reality so I think really come back tomorrow and the next day and the next day we are going to it's close //
"2017-04-24 19:38:06"
VIDEO: O'Keefe not welcome at ACORN movie premiere at Tribeca Film Festival
\\what's up everyone it's James okay a project parents oz there's a movie actually playing at the tribeca Film Festival right now about the acorn investigation so we're gonna go into the acorn movie right now and we're gonna see if we can ask a question about editing it would surprise me please wasn't it right here bonanza ... at this moment good little clears the to kick in kick you know what diverted large shows over I have a ticket can commend wanna you can't well I have a ticket pain comes running on fumes and I would like to it didn't get immunized and futility of the film wiring Gillman manager for that because it doesn't why why is that that's what I was told by who told you that I'm not being interviewed I'm sorry but I mean a place what's a place in a sense real which part which in a sense we we shall I'm sorry Photoshop I have a ticket on pain customer and the not and I try to do is sometimes they come out against think of stuff we have to deal with their project tass now we know that you will never tell us here and turn north all the all the entire event let's go kick us out guy at the door he's a dilemma mandolin many that's not that's not right online yeah well the people are gonna walk out here right can I talk to people they walk out the public sidewalk yet one of the other side was a hundreds of //
"2017-04-12 14:08:36"
James O'Keefe Weighs in on United Airlines Controversy
\\hello everyone this is James of key from project veritas I want to give an update first of all we have a number of long term investigations going on some of them are taking months and you see the fruits of those hopefully soon but I want to talk about this United flight video that's been circulating that's been top of the news last day or 2 this is the passenger that's been and escorted off the airplane forcefully I think you've all heard about it I will talk about what it means for citizen journalism has met tectonic shift ... last time I talked about this was the episode in Minnesota with the shooter now we have this episode with the airplane so I draw from this incident since veritas is trying to create an army of gorilla journalists we are creating an army of Greeley journalist trying to capture things on video that shock people the way this incident did is the question if a tree falls down the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound because for decades these things have been happening there's been no one there to hear it and the media obviously the monopoly on reality because we could only see what they showed us the bottom line now is things are changing rapidly the media has become a reactive institution in fact the broadcast all carried this top of the hour ... last night today here a couple broadcast here with Jake tapper C. N. N. ABC news for my with our money lead now flying the friendly skies United Airlines promises and when you parse that statement you realize they're saying that the skies are friendly they aren't necessarily saying that they are the chaotic scene unfolding a United flight in Chicago it is the video taking the world by storm this morning I get asked what what's going to happen would you predict happens what I predict will happen is that the broadcast media will be nothing more than a reactive institution to what citizens do this this carries their broadcast this forces its way into the national consciousness and we're trying to scale this by a factor of 1000 the seriousness citizen was in a place with no broadcaster can go and one day you're going to see the news just dominated only by incidents like this but it takes technology take citizens being on the front lines where the media can't go and that might seem obvious enough but let's talk about the historical context your because I wanna talk about something that's very interesting one of things that struck me is that the stock price for United fell 4 percent the stock plunged as a result of this video and 1 of things that was also interesting is it was reminded of a case in 1992 with ABC food lion with their stock price dropped 15 percent for ABC news people went undercover these to do this back in the day and they found this grocery store food line was repackaging need and they were packaging me taking it rebranding it ... putting bleach on it and re purposing its selling it to customers in these images were just shocking along the lines of the image you saw in that airplane they were just shocking ABC news got sued ABC news was the source material or the ones who went out and got the story and these producers in these executives in these media companies decided we're not going to do this because it's too risky to our bottom line it it hurts our profitability it's not work worth the risk and this is one of the reasons why investigative journalism decline but these days something very fascinating is happening if you look at the story something similar happened United's stock price went down some I think it was 4 percent plummeted we're talking $1000000000 in lost revenue but it wasn't a news corporation they did it wasn't executives the made the decision and there really isn't any corporation that that United can come after here CEO initially came out and said that the person was a problem said it was unruly many so the relaunch investigation eventually they apologized so what is happening is a profound change in where we get our information from and who is liable for delivering that information that's what I draw from this episode it's that you know I can't do anything they have to apologize and as we see the rise in citizen journalism and that power shift taking place what's going to happen is it's people gonna be held to account in a way they never were held who count before because we live in an environment where citizens can citizens of breaking stories sometimes anonymously on Twitter it is changing the game and what will happen is very toss will continue to build our guerrilla army to bring you the hidden camera stuff the stuff that takes months to do but ordinary people are going to be breaking the stories and I'm not gonna be held liable for United Airlines will be held liable for it in September we're gonna start pilot testing a program we not just do the undercover work long term but we we crowd sourced out the journalism using our cameras are special devices to the public and we hope this will hold both public and private institutions accountable //
"2017-03-22 19:57:10"
San Francisco Teachers Union Media Mashup
\\there were 11 tonight secretly recorded video has a San Francisco educator under investigation tonight the union representing all of San Francisco's educators is scrambling to explain a shocking undercover video or one of its top members admits he abused children during his days in the classroom San Francisco teacher who is on leave but currently working for the district's teachers union now under investigation San Francisco schools looking into some explosive sting video services go teacher is on administrative leave tonight after he bragged about hitting students and getting away with it jockey comments from a San Francisco teacher and union leader his words caught on hidden camera now he's in the hot seat to move our journalist went undercover here if you the undercover video shot by a group called project veritatis the years long investigation looks into several teachers unions nationally but this conversation with man kini is the centerpiece of it the video I'm 1.the main states he even quote clothes line the kid knocking him to the floor then I close I am to get a class one time you know and and push us to put it out I was pointing in the kids and the kids solving the equipment now he goes on to advise the person recording the video who he thinks is a teacher that quote elbows are awesome weapons to I can see pretty good at his locker motherhood they've done a few months what what he says is shocking so what do you say to the parents who may be I had their kids in his class we're going to get to the bottom of it we're deeply committed to student safety and will do well ... acted swiftly as we can my first concern as a parent ... and as an advocate for public schools is that every student is safe and well taught any doubts you is spokesperson for the nonprofit parents for public schools San Francisco school district officials say they are investigating and taking the allegations very seriously //
"2017-03-22 16:15:36"
CBS San Francisco Media Coverage of Teachers Union Video
\\a teacher's union rep admits he hit a student and got away with it his words caught on hidden camera now he's in the hot seat good evening I'm Elizabeth car and I can best meet a new if 5 KPIX fives Emily Turner is live at the same Cisco middle school where that men use to teach family can he taught here from 2007 until 2014 so for those 7 years he was in a classroom he hasn't been in a classroom sense but what he says happened while he was in one is shocking grabbing I can see pretty good at this locker //
"2017-03-21 13:29:29"
Union Official Admits He Hit Students: "Made It Look Like an Accident"
\\hi I'm James okay if you're on location for project veritas in San Francisco our latest investigation we expose an apparent culture of secrecy and cover up within the teachers unions and the lengths to which some union reps are going to go to protect their members it is of course any unions purpose when a member has come under fire for alleged wrongdoing to make sure their member guilty or not his afforded all the protections of due process guaranteed by law and given historical instance of wrongful accusations Martin try such protections are important for teachers what should such protections including creative advice on how to lie when the accused is known to be guilty and a case where a future privately admitted to raising his hand to a child how far with the union rep be willing to go defend the teacher and discredit the child expensive here's what with law enforcement China wasted as I tell them I can hurt you would never leave mark and I close my mechanic class one time you know and enforce those particular I was pointing in the kids and the kids solving the Kikwit now and that would still Love Me that's yeah because I trust line in I know I mean I may look like an accident and I don't know if this is but the send America might not maybe he really didn't hit on he walked in here yes I don't own a home there what go Natalie scandal sparked by a group known as project veritas in this case is so upsetting to the police chief it's not just the teachers are alleged behavior it's also the self described a muckraker who sponsored the state that I have to pay a blow at the house and whatever it is whatever it is when you are on the move FORSCOM words the propane fairways like well such a hypocrite because if he's doing drugs why you preaching to us tell anybody anything about the hit in the back of it on the back of the head with that don't tell anyone I'll give it a try had never really like us maybe come full to give him a he was 2 of our journalist went undercover here at the United educators of San Francisco the first posed as a friend of the teacher the second as the teacher himself I'm I mean is that if the teacher in that himself firms that it I mean but it was n't correct thing to keep in line with the Hudson thank you clearly I'm it would still but did you hear Peter grabbing forget yeah but then on a few months but I don't know striking gets pretty serious stuff you know this earth flattens one anyways Syria yeah there's the chest whatever you know that's it you know no one knows about it and a teacher okay innocence is well I there is a witnesses that you have heard of I am I there's a let me let us I will disallow any number of the governor's vision but you know it's your word against the kids now maybe you really didn't he walked in here there I don't know Robert yeah but if there are no this isn't just you know that you are building so maybe cooking is something I didn't do it and there's no scars marks tattoos are breezes from anything you know yeah no I didn't see so yeah forgot out from hit ... then you will be able to have that strategic sites or even more doubts I mean we don't work papers packs are we need each other you had actually go Prue and that that there's no bomb proof that day yeah he actually that they were still out of work yeah teachers there smack work yeah some never just a working 7 and people don't know about it like in terms of Kratzer authorities say anything about it yeah yeah and if it's out and if it does get out treat it like yeah visited schools have no proof so but Hey person fit together very well in our next meeting with Mister making any another of our journalists poses the teacher who had hit student okay but I think that I did cross the line probably so maybe I should so yes you can but it's kind of it's almost nobody does and you just kind of kind of you know his apartment was a swatch psoriatic that it didn't really hurt no no you'd be mistaken back by the more shocked him than anything to shock me Talia yeah so so just just just starting set on a much talked about it units yeah that was nothin yeah exhibition was if you were to anytime you just time that I mean you know right your I know you see a lot of this okay yeah how many ... does it happen have you seen some of things that have you just seem to go away and I think that that's my mind more than anything else ... luggage don't come forward with that it's how they're treated at home that states a psalm paper thing and are not secure color not of color doesn't really matter if they're still just kids and ... most time it just goes away but mostly the kids have a pet altercations with that became physical of some sort with the they hurt knee or then I course I used the restraint man kini then tells our journalist he knows the right way to hit a kid expensive here's what law enforcement's I know ways to as I tell them I can hurt you would never leave our my god I wish I knew how sometimes are a wish you knew elbows are awesome Wesson weapons to their artifice namely me yeah that's nice and stuff so will a bigger than there is truly no you know I can use the full force my wife was bigger than my force is bigger than yours on Michael's bigger than yours since Matt and I close and can class one time you know and and push those particular I was pointing in the kids and the kids solving the conflict out but all in all it was like he was to run and I kind of saw my provision but it you know we go over here and he ran the why aren't I mean he ran into my heart he was just in my class and of course the cover here he would go backwards flow and that would still Love Me that's yeah because I trust line if I know I mean I may look like an accident and I although it is but the Senate ratified not because he ran into the I didn't like reach over that did not come down you know he ran to me and our clothes on yeah so that those lines you have so from coast to coast we found teacher union reps who shocked us with their cavalier attitude when it came to protecting the behavior of bad teachers we know their duty is to protect the teachers but we wonder at what expense //
"2017-03-14 20:45:50"
NY Teachers Union Attorney Response to Student Rape Confession: "Was Trying to Impress a Girl"
\\it's it's it's army all right Sir I don't know what you're talking about but it's on videotape it's it's you said it twice and you use the same exact details twice sometimes people certain did you make the whole thing up yeah career maybe it was time compressed into I don't know I would have to take a look at the videotape project their it's on Twitter it's on you to bits trending right now it's all over the internet and and I I why am I doing this I'm an investigative reporter I expose waste fraud abuse corruption malfeasance ... views of power I the reason why I'm doing it is because I believe that ... exposing these types of things is extremely important particularly particularly with the teachers union and if this in fact true that this man is at large in his job was pretty 21 on I'm you're you're saying that it's true twice your attorney unitarians how you know what I think so what does it matter like one big big on the pickings are you saying something someone unofficially that that's not necessarily making trips or what you are you are you calling itself are you calling yourself a liar I I don't argued you will save the day pick 100 percent of the time I think you know me you know I would never lie cooperative allotted digitally but I I I don't know what you are ... thing he that's a startling if it's true that's all I'm saying but but let me let me ask you something seat you talk about the name of the Paris parents names PD you talk about the fact that he held a knife to kids throw you talk about the fact he passed a lie detector test you're saying that this was one massive hoax that you repeated twice on 2 separate occasions months in between here is that what you're saying this you've never defended this type of incident this is never been part one of your cases perhaps perhaps okay crap //
"2017-03-14 14:14:42"
New York Teacher Alleged to Have Sexually Assaulted Students With Knife–May Still Be at Large
\\we need to warn you that this story has graphic language and disturbing content and may not be suitable for minors I'm not the lyrics that he like invited students up to his house is a given load job putting a knife to the kids had to give the kids for a job he was the kids to give him a blow job when I that's what the choices I had to take lightly okay past the large also I don't believe you might address so I do I with all this circumstantial evidence that what the name of his marriage but yeah it's all that like you know you know again it's like a terrific lawyer you know what I each year no news on he's not that well known by no he was convicted he resigned we go now to a scandal sparked by a group known as project veritas in this case is so upsetting to the police chief it's not just the teachers alleged behavior it's also the self described a muckraker who sponsored the staying I have I have lowered the house at whatever whatever it would be cool and work and I was like wow such a hypocrite because if he's doing drugs why you preaching to us tell anybody anything about the hit in the back of it on the back of the head with that don't tell anybody get nmol more and I should but I guarantee I'm so even I don't play golf maybe come folks great Mitchell Rubenstein is the senior counsel for New York state United teachers our journalist madam in December of 2015 at a holiday party for the union that the teachers who like have sex in the kids because I okay but when your teacher if you can't get fired you like I get when most kids love jobs that our class yeah things like that let's make sure we know that we got the big but but I don't that's a lot pieces a mysterious island boats yeah you are and they had called her a you know the rich should tell us what the country is one that you heard about that like where they are definitely go out there and I are still teaching rear like that guys are background like a total scumbag and use it to be teaching them about a lot of them relative craziest a great you know I really like previous now back teacher bill like your drive by this blog here like it like that while teaching marinara that direct needs each are you I'm not the lyrics that he like invited students up to his house what the appearance of all note teacher elementary school teacher ... junior high speed you know located in the night first house it's like giving a blowjob yeah yeah I'm abuse gave it was yeah mail mail news mostly younger males need your loving man on the show are just words at the bottom of that this is what the students would be like to be really today mac yeah this is what he was charged with that he had taken night so that that to give them a blowjob okay so cutting a knife to the kids had to give the kids blow jobs if you yeah he was forcing the kids to give him a blow job when I well that's what the choices were going like rate plan Rubenstein works for the teachers union in New York City as a union lawyer he defends teachers no matter how reprehensible their crimes you the worst diet advice yeah the story shocked us but it got worse because Rubenstein told us the teacher got away with his outrageous sexual assault with little more than a slap on the wrist it is so bad it was good and then it was several Alan allegations like that and so it was the kids word against I had to take like we're very past the large so I don't believe you might address okay you might want to have like what's his name my name is Michael cabinet members list locate it's like that destiny said every time they asked me like tonight forced to have sex with the guy did it was it it wasn't what's will was voluntary so he is my belief that was a day this is this is voluntary many really what our guards are no and they were but that's how it gets the lie detector test because you get to know is that we ask you did you did you want to have sex with the kids and the answer was no and that was in his mouth true willow legally you're out here you can have that right now anyway you know Ted passes the lie detector test and then ... and so students he actually got a student come in and testify against them and then ... the student says he you know he has a parent's parent's names teeny this is okay Mike how the students know you get parents PT okay Mrs what is it you know kids like pets I used heads like a city you know motivation in in teaching everything so I tell my you know my my my pet his view so they you know use any is well you know the sound okay them you know we go on and on than the students ... to have your phone number this is some because you know I get the stuff written to me saying this is your cell number however have the cell number okay we are defining the teacher I'm always the new teacher okay yeah okay so how do they have the cell number we get discovery so this didn't think of this we have someone that students every cell number low I know I should give it to them but you know I helped the map to school to learn stuff so I guess I give them my cell number you know yeah and then it gets no love then with them when the students arrive his living room it's it's I guess not brown couch many has like a lot of pictures shipping is war you know some guys okay might do you have the brown couch and you have a picture you ship when you know on the way yeah I tell students I have this some of the spirit think they drop stuff the drop stop what for me okay added them yeah yeah pretty bad you know they're you know they're in the house well but that nobody they drop the drops the whomping leaked in our number and yes is large then I go to him do you know you could go to jail this goes bad like homeboy sex would like a minor issues like this word you know is is is yeah you notice that they are here in this folder believe it or not the only aspect of this is but the kid I was a high school kid pulled his girlfriend Mike's house so I'm like small number of the growth brings phone number says my now they have the girls phone number you know what I'm going I'm going to that broke down you got a problem yeah not resign when I died and I didn't even know you needed to me so I yeah all of this that's what I what the name of this marriage yeah it's you know but you know again on the attorney Gloria you know when I got each year no use no because no ... no he was convicted he resigned yeah that's it resigned she was found before sing students to form oral sex on him at the point of a knife and all that happens is he is forced to resign he resigned no no no union knows about this upgrade like they now hold like that don't mean I'm representing him and ... so if you got the worst but not a wire that's the worst that I see that the story shocked and sickened us we decided we needed to find this Mike to try and confirm the story and make sure he was no longer a threat to children obviously something the New York union in Mister Rubenstein didn't seem to care about we quickly determine we needed more information we had another journalist arrange another meeting with union lawyer Rubenstein view the story further convincing us of its veracity like documents and things there's Mr Parris Clendening meeting one great and all log apparently there well you this is what yeah home news date of this order maybe that's so that log yeah yeah where where you have to both in this is within I don't even remember you the large our goal yeah there I want to say you're right I want to share with believe it or not 2 years later leann you know meaning that what we need I never met and I don't get do you know I hope this day goes through we could be heard through the yeah the local Reuven give us a the more tired to private and so too with the ranking serve in New York City stance of John around court records an election files for names of so counsel can unfortunately we had a brick wall we need your help to solve this mystery we wanna find Mike and make sure he is not a threat to our children a very disturbing sex crime has been committed against a child and the system prevents that crime from ever being brought to light little in the perpetrators ever being brought to justice are the teachers union so powerful they can protect cover up and condone a crime committed against our children while in their care are the rights of the teachers union member so absolute that it can supersede the rights of a child not to be forced to have sex one knife is pointed at his throat what type of country are we living in where people are attacked and vilified for promoting reform by the media when the media should be exposing these atrocities to begin with perhaps as one columnist put it people inside the system have lost their minds as well as their souls //
"2017-02-28 18:55:27"
CNN's "dirty laundry" revealed #CNNLeaks
\\right calls well going on rejon it the new one well the probate Jakob near the branch number hill Helen Frank what's the word yeah //
"2017-02-24 19:39:26"
#CNNLeaks Manipulating quotes, "play with it."
\\you eat it anymore Ghannouchi water yeah I'm sorry yeah yeah yeah we we now unfortunately or right here you know never hold not more I moved us all off one smear gore I'm sorry dear yeah the Senate is so great you know how if so who do you know I'm not gonna somebody's already is yeah so I first it was very very heartless us you know you sit down and things like that so she sent me here exam doesn't you know the woman why are things all now yeah who so there among all these and more part one I know it you know in our you know you know most he comes home from her this //
"2017-02-23 14:44:45"
#CNNLeaks: Project Veritas Releases Over 100 Hours of Audio From Inside CNN
\\the night prior to president trump's inauguration I made a promise to the national Press Club in Washington DC I said the project veritas was going to investigate and expose the media particularly the mainstream media which seems to believe that the American people are utterly incapable of making informed decisions everyone saying we've gone out with us on inside right now make it public I'm going after the mediums the media's relationship with the establishment renders them incapable of challenging the number of order in our society while the media systematically targets in shames any independent media organization or citizen which attempts to ferret out real information so it's time for us to turn their tactics and rules against them it's time to expose what happens inside their newsrooms it's time for us to expose the media I do not get to give you a question you stay cattle you are fake news because the attack a fake news and and attacking our network that I just want to ask you Sir I'm changing it from fake news though that doesn't that under very effective I have good arch you it's a 2 part 2 week he begins the fake news media's going crazy with their conspiracy theory this month we had someone come forward and offer us more than 200 hours of tapes secretly recorded at CNN's Atlanta headquarters she sorry but she said no what well the tapes over 2009 more than a few years ago but as they say past is prologue without the lobbyists mentioning evidence in these tapes for example one of the employees who was a mid level editor is now CNN's senior editorial director we are releasing the raw unedited version of these tapes on our website but we need your help we don't of the time of the manpower to go through all the tapes so we'd like you to go through the tapes for us go through them listen to them transcribe see what you can discover this is secondary Tara left her leverage that right Amy a function and afflict the comfortable that's the voice of Richard Griffiths he is the vice president and senior editorial director when he says afflict the comfortable new I mean if that now applies to president trump what is our role as what is the fundamental role as a journalist for us to do lord don't tell a story tell me what's going on this is secondary Carla Carla reason that right they'd be a function of the fact the company so degree right that on our new David traditional ... it's actually one of the things I can be most proud of the job and we try to show the movie so we can do something it's hard very hard that issue climate change I mean sciences pretty much on board and there are few dissenters there's no it's just like yeah warning and saying there's a debate over creationism or that's Joe sterling when these tapes recorded he was the newsdesk editor for C. N. N.'s online venue the wire you can hear in the tapes his blatant bias against Republicans remember when these tapes recorded president Obama was still in office really look you listen you with regard to CNN polls both then and now maybe trump was right when he called C. N. N.'s poll numbers fake news Radice national that was taken on June 27 and 20 eighth and I know her the hearing for that case this arthritis case was on 29 little was not right Florida and those are still up or some shit were reporting so I asked someone in DC that does poll results about why we hadn't updated and I said that their appeal your polls from last week from the week before that CBS has gone arising simple reason we don't is nice and ... army Percy and I'm going to do another Polish were only using that we're not going to be doing other pool those are the results will be using so I don't see how that's according on a side because it's not possible for release and so Friday that yeah since childhood hall on behavior throughout Stein here it is 3 I agree I think yeah I think it's we are dishonest these are very information new if you show some committee their hands with glee record businesses are this release 2 weeks after release hello cancer not it NQA as least alright now how do you grade given the right wires yeah wires and for 40 cool people are saying this recently ratings are Wilbon I as he's I to see I a I mean who would I suddenly she in 2009 Paul Stein Houser was C. N. N.'s deputy political director C. N. N. likes to call on Donald Trump everyone else for their political incorrectness we found within scenes newsrooms they compete to politically incorrect perhaps they need some sensitivity training yeah because there's 2 guys order pa if you give me for right wash is the problem with Papa girl calling from Iran that's when the Krajina groaning what the crying girl summits class which I would say try to find that unusual right I'm Robert Thomas is determined to continue to expose malfeasance corruption and wrongdoing who want to become a destination where citizens can come forward work with us and make real impact that's why today we're announcing a $10000 award for anyone who comes forward with legally obtain materials exposing media malfeasance if you have hidden audio recordings video tapes of documents inside the newsroom where media institution and the material is good enough I will pay you $10000 I the //
"2017-02-03 19:10:08"
James O'Keefe's LMAO at Antifa Porn Presser
\\so tonight at the national Press Club in Washington like you are the funniest things that ever happened ... this anti 5 fascism group this disrupt a 20 group was trying to some big reveal on project or task even write a press release announcing their gonna release damaging information the names of my undercover porters etcetera so we're anticipating this press conference they get to the national Press Club and they're not let in security one that the men so they go to a nearby food court try to have a press conference and they they try to break it up so they go to this table and then bring reporters to the table anyone else Scott and also having the press conference they they're they're taking out the iPad 2 apparently not released to anything new but some photo from 6 years ago that has already been released there's point across there's pornographic images there's there's porn tabs they've left open on their iPad as they're trying to show host reporters so the article comes out and it's just talking about the porn that's on the right bed so are we've we've floated this psalm picture around at one where people are are dangerous and violent sometimes they're they unintentionally bring joy into my life I just want to say thank you Laurin Windsor and under current and anti fascists and Gerald Lamont Jenkins and all these people ... keep doing what you're doing I I I I I'm dying I I I think I laughed for a solid 10 minutes when I saw the article on a daily caller //
"2017-01-31 15:32:58"
Over-the-top anti-Trump protesters intimidate and harass young female journalist
\\during our investigation into the trump inauguration protests one of our journalists set up a meeting with Brian Clayton of Americans take action okay so sorry Mr Simon this is because what we do is hire to run through they're pretty much a volunteer talk to we come to town to get on the bus they come here and then you know some of those people beside part of what is they wanted you it's Joanne had shut down a break leading into the city because not all people from coming from Washington it's not something have you been able to successfully do stuff like that I mean on a bridge with different locations but like I said we're not the idea people so I don't think we're not going to suggest anything rocket come forward and I think he just you know like not our heads to whatever you do on so where's so is there a line for you or are you willing to cut go ahead yeah are you trying to hit me say we want to help me on a fun you had shutting out branch do never investigation there's that and by the end of this meeting it was obvious that we set up by Clayton yeah I would me leaving in our push for the truth we made a few enemies who don't appreciate us on covering their lies last October we caught Bob Kramer from democracy partners and his fellow colleagues admitting to inciting violence at trump rallies and they must still be better about it because of our journalist walked out of the meeting with Clayton Lauren Windsor a democracy partners associate was waiting you would pretend that he's right maybe even a very hard to I even your boyfriend away from what you're about to see is frightening abusive and totally without provocation Ryan Clayton and Lauren Windsor and several cohorts proceed to scream sexual allegations and general you verbally assault our young female reporter for 20 minutes following her down the streets in Washington DC what does it feel like to work for a convicted criminal a liar and analyze I didn't realize is that a good job I just want to know what's it like to work for a liar what is it like is it like good we don't know how like I'm in doubt I work for an alleged sexual life the like fun at 1.Clayton followed her into a cab uninvited after the young female reporter continuously asked to be left alone AMNH get in a taxi the there are so many people cameras following meeting they're like god Christian thing to do the lie about who you are I told you I actually have a beginning in the Texas milk again have you or any like things has that ever happened you know all of that happening what do you think about work for an alleged serial molester barren mind as you watch this the only thing I'll reporter did he show up to that dinner and ask questions which is the job of an investigative reporter Arizona say one thing to the person on the phone can you please robot translators regards think you know you're the best yeah and then last night running Clayton's anger and irrational behavior reared its ugly head again as you can see Ryan Clayton a friend of Bob creamer interrupted my talk at a private invitation only event screaming on the Mike and pushing people around attempting to as they say bird dog me or cause havoc Clayton was ejected from the restaurant and the police were called I confronted him outside as he was surrounded by NYPD about the ridiculous and libelous allegations violence agitation aggression these people are unhinged and dangerous are you running away sorry so many not all men is that you want to me I'm not good not gonna I'm not gonna I'm not gonna shake your hand doing a you know how the conversation now some given the speech and I say I'm gonna go downstairs to actually ask Lleyton question walked downstairs walk out on the streets of New York find Clayton standing there he looks fine but when you have a problem I asked him why you throw the spurious ridiculous allegations at me and then the next day online these images pop up of him in a brace well we don't play it gets better so what is this all about what is happening here what you have is a group of people Ryan Clayton Lauren Windsor others who are trying to disrupt us who are trying to wreak havoc upon project veritas intimidate us frighten these people at this private event which by the way these people in the first minute right to have a private event veritas embeds people we don't disrupt people we don't create violence situations we don't physically get in people's faces and grab microphones away from people in an aggressive way you have here is is is an attempt to Brandeis and create false media narrative in order to stop us veritas alone to stop people who want to show people for what they are want everyone to see what's going on these attempts to stop us in the stop anyone are not gonna work because we have the video and we have more video so Ryan Clayton give it your best shot buddy //
"2017-01-26 20:38:12"
Project Veritas Journalist Confronted By Feminists At Women's March
\\leann okay and like do you ever //
"2017-01-18 20:45:55"
Latest Developments in #DisruptJ20 Plot to Shutdown Presidential Inauguration
\\Hey there everyone this is James o'keefe project veritas ... after we released these few videos exposing disrupt J. 20 we have a couple updates for you first our attorney met with the ... terrorism task force detective this morning representative from the US attorney's office was also I'm going to be attending and our attorney reports to us that ... they're looking at the full footage they're investigating they're analyzing the tapes in the batches of emails we sent them so they contacted us last night looks like it's been some legal developments also US news and world reports reports that disrupted 20 has dramatically scaled back their plans to block the flow of traffic as results of the undercover videos this is this man in lead but cara for who was caught on tape talking about chaining down the metro trains which is clearly a terroristic act that's in addition to all the butyric acid they're gonna plan to put into the vent shafts of the national Press Club tomorrow night also the deplorable organizers have informed me that a couple of these people are actually signed up to be at the deplorable they have refunded their tickets and the file restraining orders civil charges against these organizes all happen in the last 2004 hours finally perhaps the most fascinating development is I just got the radio with Sean Hannity and the author of this Huffington post piece about the supposedly counter sting of one of our reporters a few weeks ago that had nothing to do with this I was expecting a hostile does a debate with this stuff in the post writer Ryan Graham Ryan endorsed project veritas and said that he thought we did great work with the J. 20 group shocking but not shocking to me because this was all very true the law enforcement says it's true now the Huffington post says that this is all true will CNN and fox news put on TV that's your job tweak this out tweet all the anchors and ask them to play this footage which is being reviewed by the FBI the secret service in counter terrorism as I speak it's on television try to protect people tomorrow and Friday yes //
"2017-01-17 19:17:00"
Part II: NEW Investigation Uncovers Plot to Chain the Trains & Shut Down DC During Inauguration
\\first so I will pay you check with weapons morning we're also hearing ... easier because I thought blockades ... we're gonna try to blockade all the major dressed points city narrative be going up are Nazis will only actually attack people if they are to have it be strongly outnumber them could not be there especially happy but yeah partner plunging it it's not a good thing plan ... never don't yeah you know he was looking never quite applicable facing show I was under cover about change up dropped and stop Washington metro rail line this is part 2 of our undercover investigation into the dark seedy underworld disrupt J. 20 a group that says openly they want to shut down the inauguration going well beyond peaceful civil disobedience 11 not to say one thing to the person on the phone garden for years we have worked well form no quarter and no water no mercy of any kind I like the idea of the goal being that they have to pull the outreach we prepared a healthy population I looked upon our investigation and duration protest took us to dozens and dozens and coast to coast a course of a few months groups like socialist alternative league of conservation voters workers world party smash races in DC anti fascist coalition all these groups operating under the umbrella of destructive 20 some planning peaceful activities some planning violent and illegal criminal activities a significant number of us up to but doesn that we're talking so Bartley's expressed interest in irascible actions of a disobedience ... but the agreement that we last Sunday out was we're not going to do that unless you pointed out it's actually effective it's actually it's not we're not just looking at her like that I'm not sure say got arrested we want to do it so we can have an impact it wasn't one of these meetings that we met like book Carrefour the disrupt J. 20 organizer so simultaneous check what it's morning we're also hearing I need your coffer talk like aids ... we're gonna try to blockade all the major dressed points city included couldn't put shutting down a major bridge is a highway access points as well shutting down ... measuring I'm so do not worry for the previous several teams island checkpoints I'm super even doing that ... ... we don't think these are the in nest early recollections what we're in the possibilities could be serve you better mind whatever dissipate last week Carrefour spoke to the Washington examiner and gave them an outline of the plans to try to block access to the city our infiltration efforts uncover the details and potentially criminal plots Nnamdi never again don't never quite eligible under based he had I just underbelly please and they're all close up the walk to and that's it every single disabling an act of terrorism under 18 United States code 1992 quote shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years or both and if the offence result in the death of any person shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life were subject to death so after receive this information we turned it over to the FBI secret service and the DC metro police we're able to find evidence that these individuals were hoping to shut down all metro train transit around the Washington DC area around inauguration these details weren't mentioned by cara for to the examiner and our journalist discovered other details that he neglected to make public so I'm the direct action ... we had talked about ... Sir rotating block if the goal is to delay disrupt shut down checkpoints we've been assigned a checkpoint as a group our checkpoint is at first in de so whoever you know where that is here it sounds like they're encouraging the demonstrators to pay homeless people to help stop traffic I don't want to encourage you all to give to the poor and the homeless goal right now executive VP ... health but there are cloud said they are vehicle traffic and that really fast going he'd get over it and photo table mood about whatever right there near thank you need the computer direction and helps the block traffic our journalist also infiltrated several groups operating under the main umbrella of disrupt J. 20 like the industrial workers of the world wise I socialist group the metropolitan anarchist coordinating council and refuse fascism are you all going to hope stuck out I like the big operation diet one thank you so be prepared a helpmate inauguration as I looked upon no we're not gonna well but like the works of the lots of marketing because against traffic a wonderfully creative not like are you aware now ... I guess yeah yeah yeah I've I've been like just like the song recorded thing tomorrow and then also the rides down yeah so yes it was essentially what I mentioned was was a the call in DC was that on the bridge near this like teigen-nude-dujour overtraining usually in the mornings and so the idea would be that like maybe like couple of times the groups are out there pretending to do like you know the ... disappointed in some way someone someone who tends to do yoga that's like part of the weather and eventually the groups like ... converge on the bridge take the bridge and then begin to lead a March toward the center of the town ... so that's essential hello what bridge record the city hall I think public comment right now they didn't get bigger in size and you get more ... okay via and the idea being start with a few 0 and you get a few 0 elitism anything streets that you know it's like they're they're constructing businesses usual than ever because while that's with I would be there too union like I literally it snowballs okay whom even that you could say Soviet biggest each night we do have a lot of like my her plan hobbit hole WTF people Pavelec are what I think the world let me not gonna be shutting down the natural law Sarah Byer item more ... probably a on a rehearsal maybe Bob but I think it's possible pot and uhhuh good we had a green planet more or less laid out about we just need people to act Bob let me have a plan for how to shut down ... metro we have a plan Harper had a barricaded greeted me like we have all the land well out of ... though if you're going to get those people for that we now have you these groups to be nothing without their volunteers we also spoke to the professional protesters who make these plans a reality they are in the but on your last all I really like it was just like came I I wrote standing rock with with you that's right there for over 3 months it's going to be about 3 yeah I'm looking for I've been looking I mean if you know this is if it's gonna happen like part well I mean I like the idea of the goal being that they have to pull the outreach and it seems like the you guys are just in for a fight until we began the program right here on the siding there's that was another thing is that on generally speaking are Nazis will only actually attack people if they aren't have if they strongly outnumbered them could not be there especially have ... so like if it's 3 of them and a homeless guy like they're going to be about it if one of them had like 6 other people they're going on the book away but yeah part of punching it private thing so until the more of the flooding generally but I actually have to talk to them ... they like I you encounter you or you in a group encounter a gripping obviously I like having a rally here being black rail out of their vehicles taught her how should you engage now I would say that's where you need yeah okay peaceful protest things protected under the first minute but these activities seem to be anything but peaceful after released our first investigation destructive 20 put out a press release saying that they were just playing along and counter stinging us but that did not appear to be true based on the mountain of emails and followed video that we have released it'll be interesting to see what they say next although again we advise them don't lie to the FBI she //
"2017-01-17 15:19:19"
James O'Keefe Responds to #DisruptJ20's Statement
\\so after released our first video showing that the anti fascist group was planning to release butyric acid into ventilation shafts instead of sprinkler systems they said they were just playing along and they knew they were being recorded well we have evidence now that shows that definitely is not true first they win for our story to come out before they refuted and our meeting at this dinner was over a month ago and then there's this video filmed in late December were Scott green continues to discuss the quote secret mission unquote at the deplorable almost 2 weeks after this enemy that harm the title arrival the I. outside I we can't decide on that tonight because there can be the people intimately involved with our our top secret plan I have to meet and know about that and it helped that finalized you know first ... which will happen as soon as possible another was the law enforcement aspect of this are turning went to law enforcement talked about this and they called him back immediately they took this extremely seriously our tournament with the FBI DC metro police the secret service they know more about these guys than we did then there are the emails this is probably the most incredible thing are journalists from December to January kept on getting emails from these organizers of their inside plans first there was the email on December 21 where Scott green sent out the recon email about casing the national Press Club were Tyler was see see their emails in January were Tyler was continuously CC thinking including this one on January 3 quote I think I've included everyone will be considered need to know quote unquote where Tyler was C. seed this is not the type of thing that would happen if they were suspect of our journalists well the last few hours we've seen that many media corporations are reluctant to report the story because they can't verify if the information is true based on this evidence we know the DC anti fascist organizations are lying but what they can't do he's lied to the FBI //
"2017-01-16 17:07:44"
Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration
\\first 3 very very smelly left time this is on the cover video potential criminal acts being planned these organizes activists are talking about setting off butyric acid into the ventilation system and setting off fire alarms sprinklers at a trump inaugural ball later this week what you're about to see is part one of our hidden camera investigation into the groups and organizations seek to cause havoc and violence the trump inauguration in Washington DC by Ronald Reagan I George Herbert Walker bush preserve protect and defend the constitution of the United States so help me god 11 Arizona say one thing to the person on the phone can you please well Bob tramways regard for years we have worked quite well and everything woman no quarter asked no quarter given no mercy of any kind from I like the idea of the goal being that they have to pull the outreach they're hoping inauguration I cluster bomb we're shortly after the election groups of derail president elect inauguration perhaps even trying to shut down the city of Washington DC various groups some old some new with gathered together under that disrupt J. 20 umbrella progress unity fun workers world party Americans take action answer coalition and many more today's investigation focuses on these guys from the D. C. anti fascist coalition America has made it yet we cannot recognize either if you try to close down we will how physically quite we will call for you early on one of our journalists was sent an email inviting them to a planning meeting discussion centered around disrupting the deplorable a big pro trump inaugural ball scheduled the night before the inauguration I would really top of out of wedlock it was at this meeting we met Scott green Luke crooned and Collin done they were very gung ho and clearly well versed in the dark arts of sabotage we are not when all their poor but we will be great for the winner were deplorable all at all they like that legacy case there are ya who's in there through emails another meeting was set up at the infamous comment ping pong pizza restaurant in northwest Washington DC I was really make it impossible to continue with their plan to make sure they get nothing accomplished the deplore ball is being held here at the national Press Club in downtown Washington DC the plan so off butyric acid stink bombs forcing everyone to evacuate the premises yeah wind up there at the at the hospital it's very very very leann during her we'll read there will yeah the meeting continued Colin Dansk get out the floorball is being held day may work better but we here's where the I don't know what the problem there's like that'll click with little make sure yeah but yes yes no no nor any collateral terminate the risks posed by this but crime a magnitude decided to alert lawn force last week our journalist met with agents from the FBI secret service and the DC metro police to report our findings we found that both the distraught J. twining in the DC anti fascist coalition were plotting to shut down some of the inaugural ball separate curry using your check absent shutting off sprinkler system so we're thankful that the FBI in the task force is looking into this and we hope that there will be charges brought suit just to be clear we do have a problem with people protesting peacefully your voice in the first minute rights that's protected by the constitution but in this case disrupt J. 20 says openly that their plan is to shut down the inauguration the question is where do these people draw the line these individuals and groups have any problem with what reporting here stay tuned because next we go deeper and deeper into the dangerous world of destructive 20 and we find out to is behind all the cash //
"2017-01-13 20:55:24"
Teaser Trailer: New Undercover Video MONDAY
\\I'm Ben bar and I represent project veritatis today we presented the FBI evidence of a criminal conspiracy we found evidence of criminal wrongdoing 2 organizations we took our footage in findings to the FBI the DC metro police secret service before it's too late Monday //
"2016-12-31 15:46:32"
2016 IMPACT: Results Really Count at Project Veritas
\\when I first started doing investigations with James ... project veritas was just an idea Tinian exist as an organization meaning that an office we were working out of jeans carriage house James o'keefe became a media sensation after he and a friend poses a path and a prostitute and secretly recorded acorn workers giving them advice on how to cheat on their taxes those videos led to a massive political backlash forcing acorn to shut down we are called to do this and we're going to devote our lives to incredible to see how far everything's progress we've grown from 3 of us to now a staff of nearly 38 full time employees with the success of vehicle investigation James was able to show the American public what he can accomplish and it's what gave him the idea and what do you think of the motivation to start both projects bad thoughts game project veritas action one of the great things about what we do which makes us different and most of the institutions here in Washington sees I do not tell you what to believe I cannot tell you what direction our country should go and we show you what's happening and you make the decision you make the call good description a good analogy would be to compare him to these shel for students this is not about me I'm creating a movement of investigative journalists across the country